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Turbos and Tuning
By Gatian Justice
Turbos and Tuning is a show for people who love automobiles and want to extract all the power and performance for the best price. Want to know more about the best modifications and tunes available for your current or future ride? Then tune in weekly to hear host, Gatian Justice, deep dive into the best performance modifications and cars of the past, present, and future. For more information please visit and remember to “Buckle Up, Drive Hard, but Drive Safe!”
How Van de Graaff Generators Work
By John C. Bean -
This podcast is drawn from the "Virtual Lab" of This Virtual Lab uses 3D virtual reality animations to explain electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnology. This podcast explains how Van de Graaff generators work by using a motor to separate charges.
BIFocal - Clarifying Business Intelligence
By John & Jason
For the past several years, Business Intelligence has been the #1 top ranked IT priority for CIOs and business leaders according to Gartner. It is a very exciting time to be in the BI space, with massive investments from Microsoft in their 2016 wave of products specifically focused on this area. Not only are there major product releases on the horizon, specifically SharePoint & SQL 2016, but Power BI continues to release updates, new features, and content packs on a very regular basis. Microsoft MVPs John White & Jason Himmelstein will attempt to keep you up to date on all of the latest and greatest BI changes every month. They will give some interesting tips & tricks, show fun features, bring on relevant guests, answer your questions, cover the News, and generally have a great time with this exciting topic.
LangueDeGeek -Chaine Youtube-
By Langue De Geek
Actualité high tech Ordinateur et mobiles, podcast autour de la technologie et du futur.
Making an Integrated Circuit
By John C. Bean -
This podcast is drawn from the "Virtual Lab" of This Virtual Lab uses 3D virtual reality animations to explain electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnology. This podcast explains how the transistors of an integrated circuit are made.
Buzzed Conversations
By Bafustago
In Buzzed Conversations, a couple of childhood pals welcome interesting guests and talk about some of the most interesting things life has to offer, ranging from serious to plain silly. What would make it even more fun? Drinking (responsibly, of course)!
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Indeterminate Podcast
By Alan and David
An (attempted) fortnightly podcast where David and Alan talk about a range of topics that interest us, fueled by Dave's love of film and television, and Alan's love of technology. You'll find both here, and more.
3D Sounds Podcast
By Mark
Recorded using 3D binaural audio equipment. For a truly unique experience, use headphones.
Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast (Video)
By Phil Hernandez and John Hoover
Geeky veterans talking about geeky stuff. In which a couple of military veterans discuss geek culture, weird news, and a range of other topics important to them.
Hello Heroes
By FroBro
Hello Heroes is a podcast made by the moderator team of r/FireEmblemHeroes, the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit, made for the community. In it members of the Mod team will discuss multiple faucets of the game such as new updates, the game's balance and their experiences with game, among each other and special guests
Biblio's Blood
By Matty Lawrence
A Christian dystopian romance SciFi serial novel. Could a conscious machine be born again? What if it were transgender? Set in Salt Lake City at the end of days with a cast of characters that includes a passing maniac, Super Hero wannabe, a baritone mainframe, repentant Terminator and a homicidal elevator.
Synthetic Native
By Synthetic Native
Exploring VR and other advanced user interface technologies.
By TechtalkRadio Network
The Long Form Radio On Show on Computers, Technology and the Internet with Entertainment and Pop Culture. Hosted by Andy Taylor, Slick and Justin Lemme. The Show features Call In Questions, Interviews, Games and News
The VoiceFirst Roundtable
By VoiceFirst.FM
The VoiceFirst Roundtable examines the emerging technology of voice-first computing, and its growing intersection with all facets of daily life. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.
MoZeus Tech Talks
By MoZeus Worldwide
MoZeus is your solutions-based technology partner. We support agencies and brands with live events, retail activations and online shopper marketing campaigns. We have worked with more than 500 brands worldwide to deliver top notch digital engagements to boost consumer-brand interaction and increase quality lead generation. We make every interaction count!
Conversation of Things Podcast
By Smarter Home Life
The Conversations of Things podcast series is hosted by Joe Dugandzic and features interesting guests from inside and outside the technology world, discussing everything from the smart home to general tech to all of the connected gadgets in our lives. Where is all of this technology taking us? Is it helpful or harmful in the long run? And, of course, discussions on recent tech news and the latest must-have devices.
Backmatter: The Leanpub Publishing Industry Podcast
By Leanpub
In this podcast, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp interviews people in the publishing industry about issues relevant to anyone in the book business, including past and present-day controversies, current affairs, cutting-edge innovation, and what the future of books and the industry might look like.
The TechBox
By David Rich , Richard Yates , James Honeyball
A podcast discussing all things tech. From phones and computers to general tech news this podcast has it all. With a core panel and guest correspondents let the TechBox be your tech podcast of choice. Published every two weeks please subscribe for your tech fix.
By 大王
《报告大王》每周持续更新,奇思妙想做科普,所想,所学,所用都与你分享。 Video
Сайт позитивного geek-комьюнити. Креативно про информационные технологии. Мы делаем самые крутые в мире видеообзоры гаджетов. Много про Apple и Android. Регулярные видеообзоры приложений для Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Еженедельный ИТ видеоблог, и разные интересные рубрики. Audio
Сайт позитивного geek-комьюнити. Креативно про информационные технологии. Мы делаем самые крутые в мире видеообзоры гаджетов. Много про Apple и Android. Регулярные видеообзоры приложений для Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Еженедельный ИТ видеоблог, и разные интересные рубрики.
You Don't Look Like A Runner
By Nick Moreton & Jon Hickman
Nick and Jon talk about running, weight training, and exercise tech from the perspective of two 30-somethings who spend way too much time coding, running, listening to podcasts, and talking about starting a podcast about running, weight training and equipment from the perspective of two 30 somethings who can terminate a recursion pretty neatly.
Illumination Cast
By Sathyajee and Malinda
Illumination is a weekly podcast dedicated to talk about science, technology and entertainment. විද්‍යාව, තාක්ෂණය සහ විනෝද මාධ්‍ය ගැන දන්න සිංහලෙන්.
Field Radio Podcast
By John W7DBO / Ham Radio 360
The Field Radio Podcast is dedicated to exploring the amateur radio hobby through the lens of getting you and your gear outdoors. Your host, John W7DBO, will explore what gear works best, how to deploy in the field, and most importantly how to have fun! The podcast will also explore what you can do with your gear once deployed. Including emergency communications, contesting, event support, and of course Field Day. Hope you join us on this adventure as we take Ham Radio outdoors! 73
Frame By Frame
By A Post New York Alliance Podcast.
Frame By Frame is a podcast series hosted by editor Isabel Sadurni, that introduces you to the most influential, respected and accomplished cinema post-production professionals working in New York today. Through intimate, informal discussions between collaborators about post-production craft, aesthetics, process and technique, we’ll recognize and celebrate the iconic films and people that have made New York film history as well as those contemporaries who continue to make important contributions to the art of filmmaking. In conversations anchored by the film editor, we’ll share the stories that define New York as an essential ongoing capital of the global film industry. Proudly presented by the Post New York Alliance and the Local 700 New York. Produced By Isabel Sadurni and Ben Baker.
By Relay FM
Query is like that one smart nerd in your family who gets stuck fixing everyone's computers and phones during holiday get-togethers. There's no reason to wait for help when tech goes wrong when there are experts ready to answer your questions. Hosted by Stephen Hackett and Serenity Caldwell.
Cosas de modernOS
By Yoyo Fernández
Un podcast donde tratamos de las modernidades tecnológicas que os gustan a los jóvenes. El Art Attack tecnológico. Somos antiguos pero modernos. Twitter: @CosasModernas
The TechCrunch Podcast
By TechCrunch
Welcome to the TechCrunch Podcast. Each week one of our editors or writers will take a deep dive into things you either want to know or have yet to discover or maybe you a little something about what is to come.
Not Just Gaming Podcast
By Not Just Gaming
The Not Just Gaming Podcast provides the essential news, discussions, and reviews for all things pop culture and gaming! Come join AJ, Bobby, and Ruez as they talk all things you want to hear.
The Artificial Entrepreneur
By Mark Coombs
A young lawyer leaves law practice to join an AI legal tech startup. The Artificial Entrepreneur is a podcast about my journey from practicing law to joining an AI tech startup that is influencing the future of the profession. I interview lawyers, AI experts, and other entrepreneurs to get their thoughts on the new future AI presents. I delve into the lives of my guests including their daily habits and tips on success. Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? This is a great podcast to learn about how people get into the area and how to be successful. Interested in law? This is a good resource to keep up to date on new developments in the profession. Generally interested in AI, legal practice or entrepreneurship? This podcast is for you!
People Vs Paranormal's podcast
By Ben Ring and Sam Louvitakis
We look into the world of the paranormal and discuss investigations, gear and techniques.
Enchufados Podcast
By Enchufados Podcast
Un podcast para dar a conocer la movilidad eléctrica y el transporte sostenible, desde nuestra experiencia como usuarios y conductores, y explicado de forma sencilla.
Die einzige regelmässig erscheinende Telespiele-Hördateiensammlung im gesamten deutschsprachigen Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetz
Inside Twitch
By Host: Harold Neak Co-Host Chris Jones
If your a fan of "Attack of the Show", you've come to the right place! Your source for all the latest trends in tech, gadgets, movies, web videos, and video games! Also a handful of helpful tips, advice's, and life lessons all jammed into "Inside Twitch Live Podcast" kick back, relax and join us live to interact with us on a personal level. All our shows are recorded live on Schedule : Wednesday-Thursday 6PM EST
Go Kart Brothers
By Brent, Jason, Shannon, & Steve
It’s all about gaming, gadgets, and geekery every episode with the Go Kart Brothers podcast. Join Brent, Jason, Shannon, and Steve as they discuss video games, tabletop games, movies, TV shows, and all of the pop/comic/geek culture that comes with them. These grown-up geeks talk about fitting in their devotion to various fandoms with the unavoidable adulting that life demands, all while enjoying a few adult beverages. GKB is your time for an amusing weekly unwind where hilarious tangents abound.
WJJB Tech News
By Joshua Friling
Time to talk Tech that matters! We discuss what is happening in the world of Tech that is important. Four friends who all have a passion for Technology, Games, and Nerdiness talk about what excites them! If you enjoy discussions on any of those topics, feel free to listen. Hosted by Joshua Friling, Deven Wilson, Joe Friling, and Benji Foote. Weekly Podcast released Wednesdays!
Dead Ends
By Jack Grimes
Dead Ends is an exploration of failed ideas, inventions, and technologies from across history. Why did these concepts fail? Maybe it was marketing, or culture, or maybe they were doomed from conception. On Dead Ends, we're dedicated to bringing these obscure failures into the spotlight they deserve.
Executive Interrupted
By Executive Interrupted
Hosts Sanjay Patel and Moneesh Arora discuss and debate timely topics that are both disruptive and innovative, often with some humor mixed in.
History Of The Internet
By History Of The Internet
The history of the internet is an exploration of the trends that started online - that now dominate the way we carry out our day to day lives. From hashtags to memes this series explores the cultural phenomenon that have given us a new way to grasp and move through the ever complicated world we live in. Listen from the start to hear the evolution hashtags, what makes stories go viral and even how the Internet of Things (whether your wifi kettle or contactless card) is going to change the way you lead your life...
The Car Show with Dale Donovan
By 55KRC
Car Talk, Saturdays 4-7pm 55KRC Cincinnati
EEs Talk Tech
By Daniel Bogdanoff, Mike Hoffman
Inspired by over-the-cubical-wall conversations about the changing world of electrical and electronics engineering, Daniel Bogdanoff and Mike Hoffman set out to create an electrical engineering podcast. Covering a broad range of topics from the basics of electrical engineering to the tough engineering problems of tomorrow’s technologies, Daniel & Mike bring in members of Keysight’s engineering team to provide their unique perspectives.
On That Though
By MicroMillenials
News from the tech industry, by people who spend too much time within it
By Chris and Will Curran
Our father-son duo periodically examines tech news and picks apart stories to see what's in store for us now and in the future.
USRobotics Podcasts
By USRobotics
USRobotics products and technology podcasts, in english
Podcast Spreaker de
By Xavi Fernandez
Al final traslade todo el contenido de spreaker a este nuevo canal. Ya que el tenerlo en spreaker perdía un poco el control todo muy automático y también un poco caro así que he decido se yo mismo quien aloje los audios en mi propia plataforma de podcast.
By Cultura VJ
Podcast sobre noticias, lanzamientos, y nuestras experiencias con los videojuegos!
3D Printer Chat Show - The 3D Printing Podcast
By Chris Garrett, Håkan Fägnell, Miles Scott
Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!
Mobile Tech Podcast - with tnkgrl, Myriam Joire
tnkgrl’s Mobile Tech Podcast is the place to hear the lowdown on the nitty gritty details of what’s happening the world of mobile technology – especially smartphones, personal gadgets and even car tech. tnkgrl (Myriam Joire) has been covering tech for over a decade and was previously Engadget’s Senior Mobile Editor, host of the Engadget Mobile Podcast, and co-host of TWiT’s All About Android.
Short Cuts (M4A Feed)
By Michael Schmid
Technik, Medien, Gadgets, Fotografie und Netzpolitik.
Unbox (HD)
By NEW Media Factory
Unbox the Video Podcast is a weekly Pinoy online gadget show! We talk about the latest and hottest tech that hits Philippine shores! Hosted by Carlo Ople of, Alora Guerrero of, and veteran tech/business journalist Paolo Montecillo. Airs every Monday 7PM (PH time).
UBM Radio
By UBM Radio
UBM Radio is the audio home of Interop, InformationWeek, Dark Reading, Network Computing, Bank Systems & Technology, EETimes, and more. Several times each week, the various channels of UBM Radio will present interviews and panel discussions with enterprise technology leaders and experts, all designed to help CIOs boost the efficiency of their IT operations and investments, freeing resources for innovation. Best of all, each show will feature live chat on the channel's home page, where you can ask questions and interact directly with our guests.
Unbox (mp3)
By NEW Media Factory
Unbox the Video Podcast is a weekly Pinoy online gadget show! We talk about the latest and hottest tech that hits Philippine shores! Hosted by Carlo Ople of, Alora Guerrero of, and veteran tech/business journalist Paolo Montecillo. Airs every Monday 7PM (PH time).
By UberTechTV
Technology and Science News from all over the web gets condensed into one episode starring Terron Vawter and Jen Paige. Each entertaining program features images, video, and commentary from your favorite online tech geeks. Airs live every Wednesday at 8:00PM E.S.T.
Ubox's Podcast
By Ubox
Secure and Reliable
Unbox (Mobile)
By NEW Media Factory
Unbox the Video Podcast is a weekly Pinoy online gadget show! We talk about the latest and hottest tech that hits Philippine shores! Hosted by Carlo Ople of, Alora Guerrero of, and veteran tech/business journalist Paolo Montecillo. Airs every Monday 7PM (PH time).
By Ben Rolfe
UnboxingReviews1997 has decided to make a podcast series on iTunes for people to download for free. Each podcast will include many segments about apple or other things to do with technology.
Uno Cero
By Ibero 90.9 FM
Los usos lógicos y alternativos de la tecnología al servicio del hombre, la manera humana de someter la técnica al espíritu. Lo que usualmente se denomina gadget no es más que un fenotipo que permanecerá mucho más tiempo que su creador, dando fe de su existencia y de su deseo de mejorar la trascendencia humana; físicamente este objeto, por sí mismo, ya cumple ese deseo.
Unsponsored Content
By Aaron Baker and Noah Kravitz
Aaron is in a boy band. Noah is the grumpy old manager.
UploadVR's GameCast
The official gaming podcast of
UploadVR's Presence Podcast
By Jason Evangelho & Joseph Knoop
A podcast about virtual reality, the people immersed in it, and the people creating it.
Earth 2 Review: Wonder Woman & Logan Review-plus more
By Tavare Hill & Bryan Ward
The ultimate review podcast. We review everything from films to the latest tech.
Super Hype Train
By Ultra Super Mega
Do you want to know all the info about the biggest and best upcoming games? Then this is the podcast for you! We have gathered some of the best AGPN hosts to take an in depth look at the games you should (or maybe shouldn't) be looking out for in the future. We will be looking at one game every week and working out what you need to know about them and if they are worth your attention.
Varvat : En Podcast Om Spel
By Varvat
En podcast om spel.
The Analytics Talk Podcast
By The Analytics Talk
Collective community of analytic professionals focused on helping each other and the profession grow.
Affen on Air
By affenblog - Deutschlands größter Blog über professionelles Bloggen
affen on air ist der Podcast von Deutschlands größtem Blog über professionelles Bloggen. Wir zeigen Bloggern, Coaches, Beratern und Trainern, wie du mit einem einfachen Blog mehr Kunden gewinnst. Klicke auf "Play" und los geht's!
CRM MVP Podcast
By Gus Gonzalez
Gus Gonzalez, a 5x Microsoft Business Solutions (CRM) MVP, covers subjects rarely discussed openly in the CRM Community. With 11 years of experience in the CRM world and hundreds of successful deployments around the world, Gus brings a real-world fact-based approach to these subjects and how they affect the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.
Far From The Tree
By Jeff Landsman
Do you like coffee? Do you like to know about tech but you're sick of hearing about it through a digital puddle of tech jargon? Every week Jeff Landsman sits down with a latte (or other coffee drink) to chat about the latest in technology. Far From the Tree launched with the idea of stripping back the 'insider chat' and having some fun covering Apple keynotes, apps, digital photography, filmmaking, tech tips, and so much more!
Lasers, Babies and Beer!
By Deena the laser ninja, Jon the beer geek
Lasers, Babies and Beer is full of Craft beer talk, with random tangents about lasers and occasional baby noises.
By Detecht Podcast
Detecht is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to technology that matters. Topics range from macOS, the web, video games and everything in between.
Try Hard
By The Eye Radio
We haven't been this excited to announce something since we lost our virginity!!! Brand new Tech, Gaming & Music show - 'TRY HARD with Tech Girl starting today! She's an Esports presenter & host, Founder of a very large technology and gaming blog and now has her own radio show! Yay!
2 Dropped Tables and a Microphone
By 2 Dropped Tables and a Microphone
IT Security and Privacy with a Canadian perspective. The only technology podcast with a three drink minimum.
Mindful Tech Coach
By Samuel G. Hedlund
Interviews and tips on using technology mindfully. What would it look like if going online brought out the best in your life? How can we stay human in the digital age? Join us asking some big questions and finding practical answers.
TheMakerz - Podnutz
All About 3d printing, CNC-ing and making of all sizes!
Una Cosa Más
By Podstar.FM
Una Cosa Más es el programa semanal de Podstar.FM sobre el mundo de la tecnología, centrada en Apple. Noticias, análisis, curiosidades y recomendaciones de la mano de Pedro Aznar y C.J. Navas
Home Assistant Podcast
By Home Assistant Podcast
News and more from the Home Assistant community
Beware The Geeks!
By Beware The Geeks!
Easy Cyber
By Steve Mair
My intention with this site is to provide some practical advice and guidance on cyber- and information- security, to debunk some of the myths in the industry and to clarify some of the buzzwords and trends around at the moment.
Engineering at Illinois
By Engineering at Illinois
Illinois Innovators spotlights research, technological advances, and entrepreneurial efforts of students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Illinois College of Engineering.
Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite
By Allison Sheridan
Chit Chat Across the Pond is a tech interview show that's part of the Podfeet Podcasts. This Lite version is the lighter, less "propeller beanie" episodes.
Our Place
By Angie And Steve Nutt
Here is where you will find the show notes for each episode of Our Place. This Podcast will consist of sound seeing tours, technology reviews, in fact, anything of interest audibly that we can find.
Mobile Cup of Joe Daily
By YourTechExplained
A brief, 15 to 20 minute podcast going over the latest news in the tech world. Published daily, Monday-Friday.
By Wecast
Kaistavahti puree terävällä hampaalla kiinni autosi takapuskuriin. Kylmää kyytiä saavat niin tehtaat, automerkit, jälleenmyyjien ketkut automyyjät kuin suomalainen liikennepolitiikkakin. Podcastin isäntänä on auto- ja liikennetoimittaja, sekä radiojuontajanakin tunnettu Arttu Toivonen.
By Relay FM
Roboism is a fortnightly show mostly about robots. We care about how robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are affecting our culture. Come explore the humanity behind the bots that are quickly becoming a part of every day life. Hosted by Savannah Million and Alex Cox.
The Digital Factory
By Formlabs
In honor of our conference on digital manufacturing, The Digital Factory, Formlabs is publishing a limited-run podcast! In this series, hosted by O’Reilly Media’s Jon Bruner, we’ll explore the future of the factory floor through conversations with experts who are changing the way things are made.
Espacio Drone
By FPV Max y Mundodron
¿Quieres conocer más acerca del hobby de los drones? Acércate a Espacio Drone, un podcast realizado por Jerónimo Márquez, de FPV Max, y Rafael Cruz, de Mundodron, para traerte las últimas novedades, consejos y charlas sobre el mundo de los drones en español.
Lighting is an ever increasing part of the integration industries offerings. From fixtures and cabinets to control and design a whole new opportunity is opening. James Bedell joins the podcasting family to bring his experience as a lighting designer and consultant in the commercial and theatrical spaces.
Tech em Português - Podcast
By Tech em Português
O melhor da tecnologia dia-a-dia e em Português!
Podcast – Juguetes y Letras
By Alexis López Abreu
Un podcast semanal en español hecho en Venezuela, que habla sobre temas de interés relacionados con tecnología, la literatura y la vida diaria. También ofrece consejos que te enseñarán a sacar el mejor provecho a tu PC, smartphone y tablet y te llevará información de interés para tu crecimiento personal y profesional.
HHA Sports Podcast
By Mike Avery
Welcome to the HHA Sports Podcast Page. HHA is the leader in movable pin sight technology. With HHA you can be a better archer. Hosted by Mike Avery. Click a button below to subscribe.
By NOSCast
The family takes you through all eight films of the Fast and Furious franchise. Kevin McWilliams runs each episode with Andy Kohnen and Ian Barczewski on as guests.
By Stefan Kühl
FPV-Podcast der erste Deutschsprachige Fpv Racing Podcast
Helo Life Podcast - MLM Direct Sales Network Marketing Work From Home 2017
By Amber Hamilton & Jonathan Hoke
Helo Life Podcast is here to introduce an amazing new product to the market that has a reach of the health, wellness, & lifestyle industries. Join the "Helo Life Podcast Team" and say hello the new Helo LX.
2017 NAB
By Bob Yen
Video Technology, incl VR (Virtual Reality) & 360 cameras
One Hour Family AC Podcast
By One Hour Family AC Podcast
Welcome to the One Hour Family AC podcast. A place for all things HVAC.
We are just a couple of geeks talking about the things we love. Mostly videogames but we will talk about cool tech, movies, tv shows, books, and other nerdy things that we're into form time to time as well.
Pot Kaas
By Peter De Voecht, Bart Nachtergaele, William Boeva, Julian de Backer, Thijs Bastiaens
Een podcast vol willekeurige nonsens die nonsensicaal bewijzen dat een gebrek aan willekeur niks te maken heeft met een pot kaas, QED.
Tangential Soup
By Alexander Carr, David Caddy
Alexander Carr & David Caddy talk about fitness, games development, life, work, whatever.