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Beware The Geeks!
By Beware The Geeks!
Easy Cyber
By Steve Mair
My intention with this site is to provide some practical advice and guidance on cyber- and information- security, to debunk some of the myths in the industry and to clarify some of the buzzwords and trends around at the moment.
Engineering at Illinois
By Engineering at Illinois
Illinois Innovators spotlights research, technological advances, and entrepreneurial efforts of students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Illinois College of Engineering.
Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite
By Allison Sheridan
Chit Chat Across the Pond is a tech interview show that's part of the Podfeet Podcasts. This Lite version is the lighter, less "propeller beanie" episodes.
Our Place
By Angie And Steve Nutt
Here is where you will find the show notes for each episode of Our Place. This Podcast will consist of sound seeing tours, technology reviews, in fact, anything of interest audibly that we can find.
Mobile Cup of Joe Daily
By YourTechExplained
A brief, 15 to 20 minute podcast going over the latest news in the tech world. Published daily, Monday-Friday.
By Wecast
Kaistavahti puree terävällä hampaalla kiinni autosi takapuskuriin. Kylmää kyytiä saavat niin tehtaat, automerkit, jälleenmyyjien ketkut automyyjät kuin suomalainen liikennepolitiikkakin. Podcastin isäntänä on auto- ja liikennetoimittaja, sekä radiojuontajanakin tunnettu Arttu Toivonen.
By Relay FM
Roboism is a fortnightly show mostly about robots. We care about how robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are affecting our culture. Come explore the humanity behind the bots that are quickly becoming a part of every day life. Hosted by Savannah Million and Alex Cox.
The Digital Factory
By Formlabs
In honor of our conference on digital manufacturing, The Digital Factory, Formlabs is publishing a limited-run podcast! In this series, hosted by O’Reilly Media’s Jon Bruner, we’ll explore the future of the factory floor through conversations with experts who are changing the way things are made.
Espacio Drone
By FPV Max y Mundodron
¿Quieres conocer más acerca del hobby de los drones? Acércate a Espacio Drone, un podcast realizado por Jerónimo Márquez, de FPV Max, y Rafael Cruz, de Mundodron, para traerte las últimas novedades, consejos y charlas sobre el mundo de los drones en español.
Lighting is an ever increasing part of the integration industries offerings. From fixtures and cabinets to control and design a whole new opportunity is opening. James Bedell joins the podcasting family to bring his experience as a lighting designer and consultant in the commercial and theatrical spaces.
Tech em Português - Podcast
By Tech em Português
O melhor da tecnologia dia-a-dia e em Português!
Podcast – Juguetes y Letras
By Alexis López Abreu
Un podcast semanal en español hecho en Venezuela, que habla sobre temas de interés relacionados con tecnología, la literatura y la vida diaria. También ofrece consejos que te enseñarán a sacar el mejor provecho a tu PC, smartphone y tablet y te llevará información de interés para tu crecimiento personal y profesional.
HHA Sports Podcast
By Mike Avery
Welcome to the HHA Sports Podcast Page. HHA is the leader in movable pin sight technology. With HHA you can be a better archer. Hosted by Mike Avery. Click a button below to subscribe.
By NOSCast
The family takes you through all eight films of the Fast and Furious franchise. Kevin McWilliams runs each episode with Andy Kohnen and Ian Barczewski on as guests.
By Stefan Kühl
FPV-Podcast der erste Deutschsprachige Fpv Racing Podcast
Helo Life Podcast - Direct Sales Network Marketing Wearable Technology MLM 2017
By Amber Hamilton & Jonathan Hoke
Helo Life Podcast is here to introduce an amazing new product to the market that has a reach of the health, wellness, & lifestyle industries. Join the "Helo Life Podcast Team" and say hello the new Helo LX.
2017 NAB
By Bob Yen
Video Technology, incl VR (Virtual Reality) & 360 cameras
One Hour Family AC Podcast
By One Hour Family AC Podcast
Welcome to the One Hour Family AC podcast. A place for all things HVAC.
We are just a couple of geeks talking about the things we love. Mostly videogames but we will talk about cool tech, movies, tv shows, books, and other nerdy things that we're into form time to time as well.
Pot Kaas
By Peter De Voecht, Bart Nachtergaele, William Boeva, Julian de Backer, Thijs Bastiaens
Een podcast vol willekeurige nonsens die nonsensicaal bewijzen dat een gebrek aan willekeur niks te maken heeft met een pot kaas, QED.
Tangential Soup
By Alexander Carr, David Caddy
Alexander Carr & David Caddy talk about fitness, games development, life, work, whatever.
Absolut Analog
By Chris Marquardt & Monika Andrae
Hallo, wir sind Monika Andrae und Chris Marquardt. Gemeinsam bewohnen wir die Viewfinder Villa und die analoge Fotografie ist mal sowas von unser Ding. So sehr, dass wir das Buch dazu geschrieben haben. Auf diesem Podcast betrachten wir die Film-Fotografie aus den unterschiedlichsten Blickwinkeln. Über euer Feedback freuen wir uns sehr.
Danny In The Valley
By The Sunday Times
After many years in London, Danny Fortson returns to Silicon Valley to meet the new wave of tech entrepreneurs hoping to disrupt our lives.
Developing Developers's show
By Developing Developers
Developing Developers is a show dedicated to introducing listeners to new topics in Computing and sharing the opinions of the hosts.
By AlexTDi
Podcast dedicado al mundo de la tecnología, Internet y videojuegos.
By Relay FM
What are the most important technology stories right now? From products and companies to services and trends, Download’s weekly panel of experts analyzes the biggest topics in tech … and a few you may have missed. Hosted by Jason Snell.
The DnD5e Podcast
By Wayne Brekke Freelife Media NE
A podcast all about 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Commentary, interviews, product spotlights, new products, D&D tech, and more. Host Wayne Brekke brings in a panel of guests each week that offer an entertaining and informative show about all things 5ed.
The Cue - A Show Control Podcast
By The Cue - A Show Control Podcast
A Podcast about Show Control. We cover everything related to show control, from QLab to TouchOSC. Our cast of experts will entertain and enlighten you about all the amazing possibilities. Visit for more info.
By Avpodcast
Applántida en un podcast donde no se habla de tecnología. O tal vez si porque @Madrillano te hablará de la tecnología que utiliza. Apps, servicios web, tiendas online y de algún gadget que le permita su reducido presupuesto.
Neural Implant podcast - the people behind Brain-Machine Interface revolutions
By Ladan Jiracek
This podcast's purpose is to bring together the field of neuroprosthetics / brain machine interfaces / brain implants in an understandable conversation about the current topics and breakthroughs. We hope to replace needing to read scientific papers on new research in an easy to digest way. Then people can share thoughts or ideas to facilitate 'idea sex' to make the field of brain implants a smaller and more personal space
My Apple Podcast
By Timothy Paul Brown
My Apple Podcast offers reviews and tutorials pertaining to Apple hardware and software, including third party applications for MacOS and iOS.
By Ewan McIntyre and Connor Embling
Two tech nerds talking about tech, news and other related subjects.
Transcending Sport with Rob Crews
By Complete Game LLC | Rob Crews
Join Rob Crews for a unique audio experience as he Transcends Sport with some of the most intriguing personalities in the world.
100 Sekunden
By Thomas Weibel
«100 Sekunden – das Hörlexikon» ist ein Podcast des Schweizer Journalisten Thomas Weibel. Die Episoden sind kleine, konzentrierte Wissensrationen für den Alltag. Am Anfang steht ein Stichwort, am Ende fundierte Erkenntnis – pointiert formuliert und zu hören in einer Minute und 40 Sekunden. Der Autor ist freier Journalist, Sachbuchautor und Professor an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur. Als selbständiger Multimediaproduzent lehrt Thomas Weibel multimediales Erzählen und konvergente Medienproduktion.
Bucle Infinito
By Matto Godoy
Un podcast grabado por frikis para frikis. Somos un grupo de informáticos y amantes de la tecnología que desde siempre mantenemos conversaciones interesantes. Un día se nos ocurrió grabarlas y aquí estamos.
Aussie Larrikin Podcast
By Tom and Chris
Tom and Chris give you their views on the world without taking anything to seriously.
Aviation News Talk podcast
By Max Trescott
General Aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches. 40 yrs experience flying general aviation aircraft. As an active flight instructor, I bring my daily experiences in the air to this show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I'm a Platinum Cirrus CSIP instructor and work with people who are thinking about buying a new or used SR20 or SR22. Go to for my contact information, or to click on Listener Questions, which lets you speak into your phone to leave a question you’d like answered on the show.
Elixir VR
By Elixirvr
ELIXIR VR will be launching game engine based narrative experiences on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Daydream. We are also building in social, so friends can watch and experience Elixir VR content together! Follow our ups and downs along the way as we push toward completion of Foreverse: Season 1! Hear from the producers and cast about their experiences as early Virtual Reality content creators.
Over The Bars - OTB
By Jeff Crutcher
Jeff Crutcher and Mike Garrison bring you the OTB podcast- something more about life than motocross.
Serious About Tech!
By Zachary Webb
Serious About Tech! is the podcast where we get down-and-dirty with technology in news, reviews, and discussions.
We Play Switch
By Jeremy Harvey
We Play Switch is a weekly Nintendo Switch podcast that is built around community. Each week we talk about the recent news and chat with our viewers about it as well as their comments and our weekly poll.
Growing Up Now – tggReviews
By tggEntertainment
This is a podcast, simply to put it, teens and kids recounting and reviewing their life in the modern age. We discuss many topics and events, like TV shows, games, and experiences as kids. Be sure to tune in, new podcasts and themes frequently!
By MacCast
Gadget podcast se zaměřením na Apple, Nintendo, EV a jiné
Computer and Technology Radio –
By Computer Technology
Computer and Technology Radio
Der Fotografie Podcast
By Jörg Siegwarth
Der Fotografie Podcast dreht sich rund um Fotografieren, Ausrüstung, Meinungen und Interviews
Platinum Explosion
By Explosion Podcast Network
A PlayStation podcast from an Australian perspective
By Alamat Ni Lola. K
Catch this fancy and tech savvy grand mom give you the lowdown on the latest gadgets in town!
Diez y cuarto
El podcast de entrevistas a podcasters, oyentes y público en general. Nos escuchamos a las diez y cuarto PM. Presentado por José Manuel Ramírez.
From The Ashes: Stories from life after rebirth.
By Becca Brewer: Storyteller | Traveler | Freedom Seeker
From the Ashes is a non-chronological, mostly autobiographical podcast series chronicling what it's like to leave friends, family, and a 12 year career behind. There will be tales of travel. Tales of common humanity. Tales of joy. Tales of struggle. And I absolutely guarantee there will be some sex stories along the way. I can't wait to share my stories with you. Thank you for your interest and your attention. -BB
Podcast – tggReviews
By tggEntertainment
This is tggTalks. A podcast about growing up in the turn of the century. Join Zac, and Nathan about tech, random stuff, and more. Be sure to subscribe, and listen for more!
By Harry Shipton and Oliver Dunk
A podcast about security and technology, on top of anything else on our minds.
Marc Litz
By Marc Litz
Der ganz normale Wahnsinn im Leben eines Filmemachers
Geared Up
By GeekWire
Geared Up is the weekly podcast and live video show from GeekWire and Gear Live. Hosted by veteran tech reviewer Andru Edwards and longtime tech journalist Todd Bishop, Geared Up features the latest news in consumer electronics and video games, plus hands-on time with the hottest tech gadgets and gear.
Apps in Law
By Brett Burney : Apps for Lawyers
There are millions of apps available for your mobile device but how do know which ones will be helpful in your practice? Brett Burney has helped hundreds of lawyers better integrate mobile devices into their practice and he posts short, helpful, video reviews on In each episode of this podcast, Brett interviews a lawyer or legal professional to learn about one (or more) apps that they use every day in their practice.
Podcast – Brain Brasileiro
By Alex Rodrigues
O podcast do BrainBrasileiro.Net, é um podcast que trata das novidades do mundo da tecnologia. Com uma linguagem de fácil entendimento e sem “tequiniquês”, passamos de uma forma descontraída notícias, reviews, entrevistas, ou seja, um bate papo de mesa de bar.
Life After Sight Loss Radio
By Derek Daniel
If you are a person who's life has been directly affected by physical sight loss, then this is the podcast for you! Whether you are the VIP (Visually Impaired Person) or a Sighted Supporter, LASLR is the place to find encouragement and information on discovering life after sight loss. Join host Derek Daniel as he shares his experience and insights from the last 15+ years of being visually impaired. This is more than just how to be is discovering life!
Giant Bombcast (Premium)
By Giant Bomb
It's like the other Bombcast, but without any ads!
Phoenix Surveillance
By Phoenix Security & Technology
A podcast brought to you by Phoenix Surveillance that showcases trends in security, surveillance and technology.
By The Collings Brothers
NeuroBabble is a new and exciting podcast that chronicles two brothers just trying to make sense of the world. The younger, a tech wizard, breaks computers for fun. The older, a filmmaker, compulsively looks for the "why" in mundane things. Listen up and you just might learn something. Probably not much, but something.
Levelmeister Podcast
By Christian Thieme
Levelmeister befasst sich mit Themen rund um Computerspiele, Hardware und alles was das Gamerherz höher schlagen lässt. Reinhören und Spaß haben.
In Touch with iOS
By David Ginsburg
Welcome to In Touch with iOS with David Ginsburg and Melissa Davis TheMacMommy. We talk about all things iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
By AppAffen
Der Podcast über die alltäglich Sachen zu Apps, Smartphones, IT, Gadgets, Automation und was uns noch so einfällt.
By Farid und Gordon
Wir quatschen über verschiedene Mac-Themen aus dem Alltag eines Anwenders. Schauen über den Tellerrand und haben vielleicht mal Gäste, die auch ihren Beitrag liefern.
By Dr Keith Grimes
Digital technology is radically transforming how we deliver healthcare. Join me, Dr Keith Grimes - Geek, Gamer, and General Practitioner, as I share the stories of the people I've met as I explore this incredible and vibrant new discipline in Medicine
O Opatabom é um podcast sobre jogos e tecnologia, onde Octhavio e Vickovisky, as vezes junto a convidados especiais, discutem questões sobre o mundo ao redor da cultura gamer e também tecnológica. Fazemos isso de maneira divertida e descontraída, sem qualquer compromisso jornalístico.
BrieflyObssesed Podcast
By BrieflyObsessed
Welcome to our podcast, where we try to hold ourselves accountable to our projects and passions.
Virtual Robots Revolt
By Billy Rigney
A Podcast about retro video games, computers, and other electronics. As well as some newer stuff. Also basically whatever my interests are as a 30 year old man with a deep love for anything involving old technology, science fiction, music, collecting, and many other hobbies. While offering knowledge to the people on the obscure skills and items. Enjoy!
By [email protected]
Grown dudes play radio like it's 1992 and they have a brand new cassette recorder. Listen to the hosts struggle to create an entertaining podcast while talking about stuff they're into.
Beyond the Headset
By Hayim Pinson
This is the podcast where we talk to experts, founders and researchers who are at the spearhead of Virtual and Augmented Reality developments in dozens of industries that are being most effected by the rise of VR and AR Industries such as gaming, entertainment, journalism, psychology, medical and many others.
Modern Everyday Man
The website for the Modern Everyday Man
By ¡Abuguet!
Conversaciones y crítica sobre la industria de los videojuegos y las vertientes que de ésta se desprenden. Conducido por Andrés “Boludo” Durán y Armando Razo.
Emilcar Podcast
By Emilcar FM
Podcast sobre Apple en el que comparto mis experiencias como usuario de Mac, iPod, iPhone y iPad, hablo sobre la historia de la compañía y trato temas de podcasting y tecnología en general, siempre en compañía del algún invitado.
Delphius Weekly Show
By Dimitri Gogelia
შეშლილი პროფესორის ჩანაწერებიდან
Beginner Audiophile | HiFi | Gear Reviews | Stereo | Hi-End Audio
By Michael O'Neal & Paul Anderson
Dr. Paul Anderson and Michael O'Neal bridge the gap between the clueless big box stores and the snobby stereo shops. Every show is filled with gear reviews, commentary, and interviews aimed to find out what makes a real world difference in your listening experience, how to get the most bang for your buck, and frankly, how to begin experiencing your music in the way it was intended.
The Walking Classroom Science Career Series
By Laura Fenn
The Walking Classroom has worked with some amazing people and organizations to create a new Career Series of podcasts. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to download these free podcasts and lesson plans. Walk, listen, and learn about various career possibilities. Enjoy!
Going Solar: The Evelar Experience
By Evelar Solar
Going Solar: The Evelar Experience Podcast is designed to help homeowners understand the process of going solar through interviews, in-depth analysis, and stories about the experiences of those who have gone solar and who are experiencing the benefits of solar power today.
Day of the Dad
By Keith Stuart and Ed Wood
Share in the joys, nightmares and sheer absurdities of parenting with two dads and bunch of special guests. Keith Stuart is the author of the Richard and Judy Book Club bestselling novel A Boy Made of Blocks, as well as games editor for the Guardian; Ed Wood is a book editor and former journalist. They both have autistic sons, they both like a chat about books, games and films, and they both have very little filter for talking nonsense about what it’s like to be a dad.
Compute This!
Compute This! is a call-in radio show that airs across Nebraska on 1110 KFAB and on 1240 KFOR. For two hours every weekend, Thor Schrock takes live calls and answers listener questions about computer problems, technology issues, or Schrock Innovations array of products and services. There are two separate radio shows each week. The KFOR show airs live on Saturday from 10-11 AM. The KFAB show is a completely different show and it airs on Sunday from 7-8 AM.
Tech Chat with David Cannon (Video Version)
By David Cannon
Tech Chat with David Cannon is a new technology podcast with news, reviews, tips and more. Each week, we'll talk about the latest tech. This is a video version of the original audio podcast. Please note that due to the large file size of each video file, our episodes might take a long time to download/load. If you are on a slow internet connection, you may have trouble downloading/playing our episodes. If you are having trouble watching this podcast, please use our YouTube channel Tech Chat with David Cannon instead.
The Tech Specs Podcast
By Tech Specs
A podcast covering a broad array of topics in consumer technology.
Tech Talk Y'all
By Sanjay Parekh & Adam Walker
Tech Talk Y'all is a bi-weekly show with your hosts Sanjay Parekh and Adam Walker. Sanjay and Adam dish about technology and often other seemingly random topics. Episodes are targeted to be about 30 minutes in length.
By Parth Patel & Landon Harris
Apple. Tech. Whiskey. And everything in between.
By Ryan Steinolfson
This show is here to help you grow your business or brand by leveraging the best live video strategies and tools.
Our Thoughts On
By Our Thoughts On
MrMcP and his good friend Marshall bark on an adventure into the world of podcasting. They will travel far across the land, talking about Technology, Gadgets, Gaming, News topics and anything they come across. Come along with them on the journey, you'll have fun!
Sharpen The Axe
By EnterTalk Radio
Wood. Metal. Circuitry. Speakers. The base components of the equipment that translates the melodies in your head and hands to the audience. From checking out the latest innovative designs to finding out the backstory behind legends and classics, join hosts Paul Berezetzky and Eric Lucero as they explore the ever-growing world of guitar and bass gear. They will review gear on-air and interview artists about the sounds that inspired them in the first place and how they created their signature tones, as well as the makers and leaders of the new brands changing the sonic landscape. In the community spirit they are here to share their knowledge with listeners and help you find the tone you’re looking for! Eric Lucero is an instrument and audio specialist whose expertise in audio gear stems from years of hands on experience. After years of wondering “How’d they get that sound?!” and amassing large amounts of ostensibly useless knowledge in pursuit of the answers, Eric remains fascinated with anything that can produce or manipulate sound and affect tonality. Paul Berezetsky is a guitarist who, after more than 20 years of playing, has achieved a level of world-class mediocrity. An obsessive tone snob, Paul always looks for the Goldilocks zone in every guitar, amp and effects pedal he comes across, constantly trying to walk the fine line between creating cool sounds and maintaining the raw organic quality of the guitar.
By Nicola Stefoni - Alessio Aymone
Ogni lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì mattina, all'interno del morning show di Radio International "State Comodi", Alessio Aymone e Nicola Stefoni propongono la rubrica "Attenti a quei due". ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ✓ Ogni lunedì alle 8:20 con "Capita anche a voi?". ✓ Ogni mercoledì alle 7:40 con "Gadget mania". ✓ Ogni venerdì alle 7:40 con "Pausa caffè". ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ "Capita anche a voi" è l'occasione per portare in radio i vostri problemi di tutti i giorni, dalla lite con il vicino al disservizio all'ufficio postale. "Gadget mania" è la rubrica dedicata a tutti quegli oggetti che possono migliorare la nostra vita di tutti i giorni. "Pausa caffè" è il momento di sfogo che tutti noi facciamo al lavoro davanti a un distributore automatico di bibite calde.
Nerdy Things Podcast
By Nerdy Things Podcast
A podcast about books, comics, movies, games, and pop culture. You know, Nerdy Things! Hosted by Kevin & Jules!
By Dennis Freitas
New to the Apple stuff? We create Step by Step Video tutorials. We want to help you better understand your new Mac, iPad & iphone.
Teen Tech Podcast
By Colin Ferris & Mike Lopez
A Podcast for Teens created by Teens.
Dot to Dot
By Robin Christopherson
These short top tips and skills for the Amazon Echo are for everyone who’s simply dotty about Alexa.
Actualidad iPhone - El podcast
By Actualidad iPad
El podcast de Actualidad iPad, tu web de referencia sobre el iPad de Apple.
GeekSansModeration le Podcast Animé par 3 fier et pur produits des Pyrénées, ce Podcast mensuel revient sur le flux de l'actu Geek et Tech dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Il abordera différents sujets de fonds, sans pour autant aller au bout du sujet et c'est là, l'énergie du podcast... avec son dosage également Des +1 serons distribués, des jeux serons testés, des œuvres serons critiqué !!! Alors venez découvrir le podcast Made In Pyrénées, élevé à l'air pur et affiné à l'ancienne. La Geek Altitude vous sera distillé par: @Asurmen @nthonyStark et 7even Le tout se trouve sur notre Blog: Ou notre Flux RSS:
The Linux Action Show! Video
By [email protected]
Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!
Man Cave Technology Show
By Joshua
The Man Cave Technology Show is dedicated to technology and those who love technology. We discuss everything from the latest Apple products to Microsoft products. We also talk about virtual reality, the HTC Vive and more. We love photography and filmmaking so topics centering around cameras including Canon, Sony, and Nikon will happen. We also enjoy gaming and will talk about the new Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, Play Station, etc. If you are looking for a technology podcast you are going to love this show!
Hidden Forces
By Demetri Kofinas
Host Demetri Kofinas interviews some of the most brilliant minds in science, technology, finance, politics and culture in an effort to uncover the underlying forces driving the most powerful changes we experience in the world.
FPV Life - Live YouTube Stream & Podcast
By Vek
FPV LIFE is a Live and Interactive YouTube stream and Podcast. Hosted on the Vek FPV YouTube channel, we discuss all things FPV; freestyle and racing drones, events and the community. We interview all the players in the FPV Scene... The best Pilots, tech Developers and most! Interact with the show by engaging in the live youtube chat to ask guests anything you want!
The Photo Flunky Show: Photography | Blogging | Creativity
By William Beem: Photographer, Blogger and Podcaster
Welcome to The Photo Flunky Show. Filled with issues and opinions, the Photo Flunky show tackles the subjects burning into the souls of photographers, bloggers and creative artists. Everything from education to ethical issues and the latest gear is fair game for discussion and review. If you're part of the photography industry or an avid amateur photographer, please check out The Photo Flunky Show with your hosts, William & Lee Beem