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By Grug / Anchor
Podcast de @Grug


By Lightning Jar
Covering topics at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing.

Bloom Your Biz Podcast

By Tena Moore & Patti Meyer
Helping Biz Owners Bloom, Grow, & Succeed

The Instagram Stories

By Daniel Hill -
I'm Daniel Hill at Currently based out of the NYC area, I live in NJ and enjoy helping people learn the basics of how to use Instagram! I look up to those who are creating their own content for the platform.


By WPTHEORY: Answering Your WordPress Questions Daily
The WPTheory Podcast is a daily podcast from Adam Clark and Matt Medeiros, focused exclusively on your WordPress questions. Every day we'll feature a new listener-submitted question and do our best to answer in detail. At 10-15 minutes, each episode is the perfect length to consume and level up your WordPress knowledge, whether technical or entrepreneurial.

Tech'd Out

By Corey Greenwald and Geoff Bass / Anchor
Demystify an increasingly technical world with two of Fullstack Academy's instructors: Corey Greenwald and Geoff Bass. Take a journey that provides high-level context to the many facets of web-development. This podcast begins with an overview of the World Wide Web and proliferation of JavaScript and continues into many other topics in technology.

Keysight 5G Cornerstone Panel Podcast

By Keysight
Some of Keysight's brightest minds offer interesting, innovative and timely perspectives on 5G, how it will develop and its ultimate impact on connectivity.

XojoTalk Podcast

Join Xojo Developer Evangelist Paul Lefebvre and Xojo community guests as they talk about Xojo, technology and more.

The Not-Boring Tech Writer

By Jacob Moses
This podcast gives you the tools to prove to your peers that you're a not-boring tech writer. With a new skill covered in each episode, you'll enhance your skill set, improve your marketability, diversify your career, and in turn, prove to the world that you're a not-boring tech writer.

The New Best Practices

By The New Best Practices
The New Best Practices is a podcast about the process of creating software.

The JavaScript for WordPress Show

By Zac Gordon
In this show, educator Zac Gordon talks with JavaScript Influencers inside and outside of the WordPress Community and asks them how they learn JavaScript and what their advice is for others who want to "Learn JavaScript Deeply"

The Driving For Dollars Podcast - Houseflipping Unfiltered! Learn Direct To Seller Marketing and How to get the Best Deals for your Houseflipping and Real Estate Investing Business!

By Tucker Merrihew
If you're new to Driving For Dollars for your House Flipping and Real Estate Investing Business and need tips, tricks and knowledge on how we do it, you're in the right place! We wrote the book on direct to seller marketing and developed our driving for dollars app for this exact strategy. Tune in and you will learn how to use the app to increase your lead flow and ultimately profit!

The Art of Software

By Martin M. Lacey
The Art of Software is a radio show that provides a look under the hood of software, how it is created and the software industry behind it. The show provides insights in software technologies and the methods used to author, eliciting an understanding of how business applications are designed and developed. We look at software conceptually from idea to adoption, and practically with Block-Chain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We delve into delivery with software as a service, ser...

Selling Plugins Podcast

Brian Hogg and Kyle Maurer host a podcast on marketing, supporting, building and running a premium WordPress plugin business

QualityHeroes - der Podcast über Softwarequalität für agile Köpfe

By QualityMinds - Part of QualityHub
Der deutschsprachige Podcast über Softwarequalität, Testen, Requirements Engineering und agile Entwicklung

Elixir Outlaws

By Elixir Outlaws
Panel discussions of topics in and around Elixir development

the nullcast

By Alfredo Gallegos
El podcast de programación por Alfredo Gallegos, computólogo en Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Y también platicamos sobre tecnología, cultura, música, videojuegos y noticias actuales.


By 赛博赛客
“让我们共同关注网络空间安全” 在这里,与大家分享网络安全知识,介绍网络安全背景故事

DFS Picks

By Draft Dashboard
DFS Picks for DraftKings and FanDuel. Daily Fantasy Tools for MLB, NBA and NFL:

Besser - der Podcast (MP3 Feed)

By Lorenz und Micha
Eine schöne Staffel über freie und dezentrale soziale Netzwerke.

Enterprise Monkey Show with Brandon Burns & Aamir Qutub

By Brandon Burns & Aamir Qutub
Join us to talk about all things Web Applications and software development. We help our audience better understand the world of applications, websites and how to get their app ideas off the ground.  Each week we talk to interesting people about their journey, whether it be start-up life, established businesses, industry professionals or leading innovators.  Find out all of the latest trends in the app market place and learn with us about this emerging technology!

Designing Interactive Systems II '18

By Prof. Jan Borchers
This course builds on the foundations of Designing Interactive Systems I, and provides an understanding of how interactive multimedia systems are built from a computer science point of view. It covers the principles of event-based operating systems, window system architectures, input and output device technology for multiple modalities, as well as User Interface Management Systems and UI development toolkits and their relative merits. In the labs, you will develop a minimalistic window system...

El Podcast de Aprende iOS

By Oscar Swanros
Oscar Swanros habla sobre noticias, código, marketing, y todo lo relacionado con ser un desarrollador de Aplicaciones iOS en 2017.

This Old App

By CTO Think
A podcast about learning, coding, smashing stuff together, breaking things apart, startups, failing, winning, and any other buzzwords we can think of.

The Forex Warrior

By The Forex Warrior
The Forex Warrior is all about using the experience and knowledge of the group to thrust yourself forward in record time. Why make all the same mistakes others have made when you can learn from them, distill their knowledge into your own, and craft your own master plan of forex trading success? That is the way of a true Forex Warrior...use every tool in your arsenal to reach your goals in a much faster and easier way.

Dave Doeppel Live

By Dave Doeppel
Weekly episodes talking about all things related to photography

El Podcast de Todoconta: Difundiendo información de negocios (Contable y Fiscal) en México

By El Podcast de Todoconta: Difundiendo información de negocios (Contable y Fiscal) en México
Israel Castro de trae para ti comentarios relacionados con los temas contable, fiscal y en general todo lo que tenga que ver con el mundo de los negocios y que te pueda ser de utilidad. Además aborda temas relacionados con la tecnología aplicada al home-office buscando siempre hacer la vida mas fácil de todo aquél que trabaja en oficina.

Secure Podcast

By Secure Podcast
Un intento de Podcast sobre InfoSec, hecho por y para la comunidad.

Laravel Newbie

By Tomasz Lotocki
In this podcast, I document the process of becoming a web programmer. If you know how frustrating it can be to get your head around basic ideas when everyone else seems to know what they are talking about and you still have no clue, then this podcast is for you. At the time of the first episode, I use Laravel, PHP, MYSQL, Docker, Linux and Swift. Please expect this podcast to be very opinionated and recognise that there are many ways to achieve an expected result in the programming world.

Web de Nutris

By Web de Nutris
Web de Nutris es un podcast donde hablaré de como crear, mejorar y potenciar tu web enfocada al mundo de la nutrición, la alimentación, las recetas y la salud. Un podcast especial para ti: dietista, nutricionista y profesional de la salud. ¡Bienvenida!

How to Play Siri Audio Briefs

By Apple Inc.
Did you know you can ask Siri to play you audio summaries of the latest headlines in news, business, sports, and music straight from your HomePod or iPhone? This podcast walks you through the steps. You’ll also hear samples of news briefs from our partners. These briefs are also available on Apple TV.

The Business Of eCommerce

By Charles Palleschi - Founder and CEO of Spark Shipping - eCommerce, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Shopify and Automation Expert
Tips, tricks, strategies and tactics to help new and experienced eCommerce retailers start, launch or grow their eCommerce Business. If you like eCommerceFuel, Shopify Master, Tropical MBA, Build My Online Store or eCommerce Momentum, you'll love The Business of eCommerce. Video version, full transcripts and show notes are available at


By Humberto Oliveira
Descomplicando o mundo do web design.

The Ask Leo! Podcast

By Leo A. Notenboom
I help people use technology more effectively by writing books and answering their questions at Ask Leo!. The Ask Leo! podcast is an audio-only version of the questions asked at Ask Leo! and their published answers. Ask your questions at

Enterprise Monkey Show with Brandon Burns & Aamir Qutub

By Brandon Burns & Aamir Qutub
Join us to talk about all things Web Applications and software development. We help our audience better understand the world of applications, websites and how to get their app ideas off the ground.  Each week we talk to interesting people about their journey, whether it be start-up life, established businesses, industry professionals or leading innovators.  Find out all of the latest trends in the app market place and learn with us about this emerging technology!

The Day One Podcast

By Day One
The Day One podcast brings you best practices, roadmap information, user and employee interviews, and how to get the most out of the app Day One.

Get Automated Podcast With Kelsey Bratcher

By Kelsey Bratcher
Wish you had more time? The Get Automated Podcast is a show about implementing systems and how to leverage automation to save time and grow your business. Get more done with less. Real world examples of how automation has changed the lives of small business owners and entrepreneurs. I interview real business owners to learn what works and what doesn't related to sales, marketing, and operations in the world of automation technology.

Οι Απέξω: Για ανθρώπους που κάνουν πράγματα

By Οι Απεξω: Μιχάλης Βογιατζής & Σπύρος Ζεβελάκης | Oi Apexo
Οι Απέξω (Oi Apexo) ειναι ενα μια νέα εκπομπη Podcast που αφορά ανθρώπους που θέλουν να κάνουν πράγματα. Είμαστε δυο από τους χιλιάδες Έλληνες που ζουν και εργάζονται στο εξωτερικό, και σκεφτόμαστε να μοιραστούμε κάποια πράγματα από τη ζωή και τις σκέψεις και εμπειρίες μας κυρίως επαγγελματικού χαρακτήρα. Μιλώντας για επιχειρηματικότητα, business, internet και δημιουργικότητα δίνουμε πρακτικές οδηγίες σε πράγματα που γνωρίζουμε και χρησιμοποιούμε. Γνωριστήκαμε σε ένα πολύ φιλόδοξο start...

0 to 100k Podcast

By Philip Kleudgen und Sebastina Siedlecki - Traffic Talk
Das ist der "Von 0 auf 100.000€“-Podcast - mit Philip Kleudgen und Sebastian Siedlecki - hier geht es um den Einstieg ins eigene Online-Business - neben dem Job! Und wie du es schaffst in weniger als 12 Monaten aus dem Hamsterrad zu entkommen. Mit vielen Tipps zum Thema Online Marketing, Funnel, Traffic und mehr.

Crypto Jerônimo's Musings: On Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies

By Crypto Jerônimo
Crypto Jerônimo's Musings is a podcast largely focusing on the nerdy aspects of latest developments in decentralization, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Go Hack Something - Where Education and Technology Meet

By William Bushee & Ross Wickman
A unique podcast focusing on technology education for kids and adults.

The Tony Cosentino Show

By Tony Cosentino - WordPress specialist and coffee roaster
This is a podcast about things that I have developed a passion / obession for and want to pass on the good stuff I have learnt about them to help others fast track their own journey on the subject. WordPress, photography, coffee roasting, cassettes, old mobiles, watches, ditching sugar, karate are just some of the things I will be sharing deeper insights into for your listening please. Special guests and co-hosts will drop in regularly to provide some other angles and in depth knowledge for ...

The SnapRetail Podcast

By SnapRetail
Welcome to the SnapRetail Podcast! These bite-sized episodes will give you the email, social media, and website marketing advice you need to market your small business and get the most out of SnapRetail. The information we present is delivered by our Customer Success Team, easy to understand, and Made for Main Street!


By Pro Docker Training

The Android Crew by COOL BLIND TECH

Join Android enthusiast Nelson Régo and The Android Crew with an entertaining look at technology. We take the fragmentation out of Android to make it accessible for everyone. Check out for all the best news and reviews for your favorite assistive tech.


By Sefa Tsegha / Anchor
This is the Fruitfulujah Podcast. It is your favorite podcast where we talk about the internet, your business and you. We simplify technology for everyday people, and help you build fruitful internet projects.

Beyond the Roadmap: Product Talk with AWH

Beyond the Roadmap: Product Talk with AWH is a podcast for product people, by product people. Join us as experts share their experiences and expertise to help you build great products.

Analog Revolution

By Analog Revolution
We are Analog Revolution. A magazine, a record label, and now a podcast! Expect old TV and Movies, new music, lots of tech, alternative economics, and weird politics.

React Round Up

A weekly discussion among React developers

Views on Vue

A weekly discussion among Vue developers about Vue and it's ecosystem.


By Luigui Delyer (elemencast)
Drops de conteúdo direto sobre diversos assuntos relacionados a Front-end, Javascript, CSS, SASS, Pug, HTML5, programação funcional, NodeJS, mapas e GIS, dentre outros

Touchdown - Australian technology stories

By Andrew Stuart
Touchdown "Australian technology stories." There's alot of fascinating software stories in Australia. Andrew Stuart talks to the people behind the technology to bring those stories to you. Do you know a person or company doing interesting things with technology in Australia? Let us know [email protected]

Podcast Hackers

By Castos
Podcast Hackers is the show all about podcasting. Each week we bring you stories of your fellow podcasters where they share what's working for them right now, what's making their shows successful, and how you can follow on that same path. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just getting started this is THE place to come for inspiration, education, and entertainment all about podcasting.

Podcast de la Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA

By Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA
Podcast de la Comunidad Hispanohablante de NVDA, Guías, tutoriales, ayuda con software específico y NVDA... todo lo que necesitas para manejar tu lector de pantalla. Más información sobre nosotros: Participa: [email protected]

MLM Automation Radio

By Jon Drew
How do entrepreneurs like us, who see the power and leverage of network marketing, maximize our efforts using the internet to AUTO-RECRUIT dream prospects and EXPLODE our incomes, without relying on family and friends or ruining relationships? This has long been the question of many hopeful entrepreneurs, and this podcast WILL give you the answers! My name is Jon Drew, and you are listening to MLM Automation Radio.

Thoughts on Functional Programming Podcast by Eric Normand

By Eric Normand
An off-the-cuff stream of Functional Programming ideas, skills, patterns, and news from Functional Programming expert Eric Normand.

The جييك Show

By Ahmed The Geek
الجييك شو هو بودكاست اسبوعي بيتكلم عن اخر اخبار ا…

The Social Customer podcasts

By Unknown
The future of CRM is here


By ZeroIQ
Разговоры участников чата Slack apple-russian о гаджетах, компьютерах и технологиях


By 大大大火球

The Personalization Podcast

By Dave Ingram
Hello and welcome to the Personalization Podcast, the show about understanding, planning, creating and analyzing personalized experiences. Personalization sits at the intersection of technology and the humanities, encompassing subjects as diverse as data science and machine learning, several branches of psychology, organizational structure and management, big data challenges, and various other technical and non-technical subjects, and we cover it all here.


By tap|QA - a Software Quality Assurance consulting firm based in Minnesota
tap|TALK is a software and technology podcast, hosted by tap|QA. We'll focus on hot topics in the software development industry, with a particular focus on Quality Assurance / QA, Test Automation, DevOps, and Continuous Integration. Along with our consultants, we will speak with many industry thought leaders.

The OMPodcast

By Outware Mobile
The OMPodcast covers mobile technology and app development from an insider's perspective. Brought to you by Outware Mobile, the Australian leaders in Mobile Software Design, UX, iOS and Android Development.

The Chatbot Marketing Show With Arun Varma | Facebook Messenger & Bot Marketing Strategy

By Arun Varma, CEO of Zixley - Chatbot Marketing Agency
The Chatbot marketing Show brings the latest news, views, tips, tricks, strategies & tactics in the chatbot marketing space. We feature industry thoughtleaders and practitioners to help you use chatbots to grow your business and community. The show covers: 1) Emerging trends and products in the chatbot marketing space. 2) Creative and technology strategies & tactics to grow businesses & audience using chatbot marketing. 3) Views from industry thoughleaders, CEOs & practition...

The IBM Hursley Innovation Centre Podcast

By John McNamara
The IBM Hursley Innovation Centre provides free technical skills, product and hardware resources to Business Partners. Here we talk about the fun work we do and the technical challenges we solve. A podcast by John McNamara (@j0nnymac)

The NetBeans Community Podcast

By NetBeans Team
Latest NetBeans development news, events and tips, and interviews with the NetBeans Team and the NetBeans Community.


By Mykhailo Radzievskyi
Подкаст в якому ми розглядаємо питання і способи як заробляти незалежно від криз і обставин які вас оточують. Живіть добре за будь яких обставин!

The Cat Ate My Source Code

By Collin Cierlak, Azam Abdulkadir, Ben Koch
Hosts Azam Abdulkadir, Collin Cierlak, and Ben Koch, software / data engineers at the computer vision company GumGum, discuss topics from prominent software engineering publications and explain how they can be applied to your daily workflow.

Software Defined Survival

By Patrick Murray
Software Defined Survival is a podcast that interviews the AV / IT Professionals that use software to reinvent themselves and the way they do business. We listen to their stories and ask for tactics and advice on how to survive and thrive in a software defined world.

Prosperar con Thrive

By Seve Luna
Podcast de emprendimiento, marketing online y desarrollo web en el que hablaremos de estrategias, casos de éxito, herramientas, implementaciones y mucho más. Todo ello alrededor de los productos de Thrive Themes.

Negotiate With IT: Learn to reduce your IT expenses

By Dan Kelly
In the Negotiate With IT Podcast, we take you behind the scenes on how to reduce your IT and software expenses through better contract negotiation. We take you behind the scenes on how these big vendors such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle and SAP negotiate. We also bring you expert interviews with other thought leaders in the industry.

Code and Supply Podcast

By Code and Supply
Code and Supply does many things: builds software communities, provides free educational lectures on software topics, runs a co-working space, produces conferences, and some other things. Now one more thing: A podcast. We'll talk about code, people who code, places to code, places to meet people who code and more.

Algo básico para crear Software

By Roberto Azrael Medina Díaz
El programa donde hablamos de manera informal sobre aspectos esenciales para el desarrollo de sistemas informáticos. Dirigido a personas interesadas que no tengan formación en Ingeniería de Software.

Soul Theory Podcast

By Kadeem Pardue / Anchor
This podcast is dedicated to entrepeneurs wanting to build better software businesses.

Small Talk Tech

By Small Talk Tech
Interviewing UX/UI Designers, Web Developers, DIY Electrical Engineers, Ethical Hackers, Computer Science students, and everyone in between. Small Talk Tech looks to uncover more similarities than differences in what makes people in tech tick.

Messenger Marketing Movement Podcast

By Frank Zo
Wanna know what happens when bots takeover? Hold on tight for the Messenger Marketing Movement podcast! A bot-fueled experience! Learn about the latest in messenger marketing from successful thought leaders. Join us and our guests as we talk about messenger sales funnels, chatbot mastery, artificial intelligence and much more.

Search Marketing SCOOP: Discussing SEO & Paid Search News

By SEMrush, hosted by David Bain with guests including Barry Schwartz, Aleyda Solis, Kevin Indig, Brad Geddes, Jim Banks, Purna Virji and more!
Get the latest PPC and SEO news that impacts your marketing strategy. Every two weeks David Bain, the host of Search Marketing Scoop, invites the leading industry experts to discuss all things digital - Google’s new updates, algorithm tweaks and new products. From organic search to paid advertising, the digital industry experts will reveal the latest news and help the digital crowd navigate through the rough digital waters. You can join us live on the SEMrush’s Facebook page to listen to th...

Gitcoin Community

Join the team -- Kevin, Vivek, Alisa, Mark, and Eric -- as we discuss our mission to Grow Open Source Software


By John Sundell & Gui Rambo
John Sundell and Gui Rambo discuss Apple news and rumors from a developer's perspective.

Fedora Project Podcast

By x3mboy
This Podcsast will feature interviews and talks with people who make the Fedora community awesome. These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora. Or they produce the distro itself. Some work on putting Fedora in the hands of users. There’s so much going on in Fedora, it takes a whole podcast series.

Weaver Radio

By Joe Workman & Greg Barchard
Show about web design with RapidWeaver hosted by Joe Workman and Greg Barchard.

Unhandled Exception Report

By UERcast
Using old stuff to do new stuff

Bounty0x Podcast

By Angelo Adam
Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty hunting platform. Go to to become a bounty hunter and earn rewards for completing bounties.

Guy R Cook

By Guy R Cook / Anchor
Welcome to The Guy R Cook Report, where amazing things happen.

Music Radio Creative - Season 4 - Audio Editing Live

By Mike Russell
Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative editing live in Adobe Audition, Logic Pro X and other audio editing software. Learn how to use Adobe Audition and other DAWs with Mike. Find out the best effects, production workflows, audio presets and more! This podcast compliments the daily YouTube live show which you may watch at

Cybersecurity Managed Show

By Fortify 24x7
Cybersecurity Managed features up to date insights and analysis by the Fortify 24x7 security professionals on the most important cybersecurity issues affecting your life today. Since the world of cyber security can be extremely complicated, Cybersecurity Managed explains highly technical subject matter in non-technical terms in order to educate local businesses and listeners.  We cover a range topics that are of vital interest to the cybersecurity professional and will also appeal to the novi...

Technically Living Podcast - Tips, Tricks, & Resources for Mastering Technology

By Ross Wickman
A podcast for those interested in getting better at technology in their everyday life. We discuss the best web services, tools, and applications for using the web, staying secure, keeping organized, and getting ahead of the curve.

DEF CON 23 [Audio] Speeches from the Hacker Convention

The DEF CON series of hacking conferences were started in 1993 to focus on both the technical and social trends in hacking, and has grown to be world known event. Video, audio and supporting materials from past conferences are available on our new media server at:

DEF CON 22 [Materials] Speeches from the Hacker Convention.

The DEF CON series of hacking conferences were started in 1993 to focus on both the technical and social trends in hacking, and has grown to be world known event. Video, audio and supporting materials from past conferences are available on our new media server at:


By Jonathan Gershater
Building a cloud with open source software and principles, focus on healthcare and telecommunications.

Los Andes

By Los Andes
Canal oficial de Podcast de Los Andes. Desde Mendoza, ofrecemos contenidos eadaptados a los nuevos tiempos, cuando todo es efímero. Noticias de tecnología, sociedad, política, economía, todo en un sólo lugar. Seguinos