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Fireside Swift
By Steven Berard and Zack Falgout
Two buddies just talking about a single programming concept each episode.
Taras Sheremeta's Podcast
By Taras Sheremeta
Розмови на цікаві для мене теми. Здебільшого говоримо про технології, ІТ, управління проектами та книги, але крім роботи є ще багато цікавинок навколо нас. То ж підписуйтесь та не пропускайте жодного випуску!
The Tyler McGinnis Podcast
By Tyler McGinnis
Tyler McGinnis is an educator and an open source engineer. In this podcast, he decodes the implementation details of successful Software Engineers.
Dose Extra
By Regis Tomkiel
Desenvolvimento web, design, mídias sociais, Software Livre e bastidores de uma produtora multimídia.
Impostor Syndrome
By @swyx
This is a weekly podcast where we explore impostor syndrome in people's own words. Season 0 covers people learning to code. It is raw, real, and hopefully a great reminder that we are all in this together. Website and follow @swyx on twitter
Don Developer
By Alfredo Giménez
Me decidí a hacer este podcast para explicar, desde cero, el proceso de creación de mi startup.Paso a paso iré relatando cada parte del camino, y analizando el porqué de las decisiones que me toque tomar, además de darle un repaso a algunas de las tecnologías que vaya empleando en el desarrollo. Todo esto desde el punto de vista de un programador web con 11 años de experiencia en el terreno digital. Si te apetece enterarte de como me salen las cosas, adelante.
Future of Coding
By Steve Krouse
The Future of Coding is a podcast and open-source research project by Steve Krouse towards democratizing computation and building the next generation of software development interfaces. @stevekrouse
SYSTRAN has been helping commercial, defense, and national security organizations capture mission-critical data for the last 49 years. We operate globally with locations in Americas, Europe, and Asia. As the first software company to introduce Neural Machine Translation technology, SYSTRAN is continuing to lead the innovation in language technologies. SYSTRAN’s brand new Purely Neural Machine Translation (PNMT) products utilize Neural Networks and Deep Learning algorithms to achieve unprecedented translation quality that is near human translation levels. For more information, visit
Ser Productivo en tu día a día
By Jesús Bédmar
Este canal, pretende AYUDAR A PERSONAS, no a máquinas, a utilizar herramientas informáticas ÚTILES DE VERDAD, relacionadas con la productividad. Te ayudo con GTD, Evernote, Trello, OneNote, gestionar tus proyectos, tus procesos de negocio, y otras herramientas, que hagan que ofrezcas a tus clientes, un producto Excelente. El objetivo es que ganes en eficacia, y sobre todo, en eficiencia en el día a día. Todos los audios se complementan con las entradas de los artículos del portal, en los que podrás ver vídeo tutoriales de cómo hacerlo... y todo disponible en el formato que más cómodo te resulte para consumir: escuchar, visionar, o leer. ¿Probamos? Todo el material disponible en
WP Conversations
By WP Conversations
Sharing experience from the WordPress Community
Journey to SaaS: Startups | Marketing | SEO | Growth
By Ajay Paghdal
Journey to SaaS documents one non-technical founder’s journey to building, launching and growing his SaaS. Frequent topics of discussion include SEO, content marketing, product market fit, email marketing, social media marketing and paid advertising.
Entreprogrammers -Wolfpack Team
By John Sonmez
Spin off team from This is a weekly podcast of the actual mastermind group of several software developers / entrepreneurs.
WordPress Developer Podcast
By Ian Rogers
A podcast for all things WordPress from a developer perspective.
5 THINGS: Simplifying Film, TV, and Media Technology
By Michael Kammes
5 THINGS: Simplifying Film, TV, and Media Technology, is a web series dedicated to answering the 5 burning tech questions you have about technologies and workflows in the media creation space. Tech stuff I dig, and how it’s used. With no product marketing shine.
5 Things - Simplifying Film, TV, and Media Technology - Audio Only
By Michael Kammes
5 Things : Simplifying Film, TV, and Media Technology, is a web series dedicated to answering the 5 burning tech questions you have about technologies and workflows in the media creation space. Tech stuff I dig, and how it’s used. With no product marketing shine.
Invictus Deus Ex Machina
By seeseekey
Der Podcast rund um Technik, Retro, Spiele, Softwareentwicklung, freie Software und weitere Themen aus seeseekeys Welt.
By JCrete®
Session recordings and material from the hottest Java unconference in the world.
Hambrientos y Alocados
By Hambrientos y Alocados
Podcast en el que tres emprendedores te cuentan sus intentos por mejorar la vida de las personas a través de aplicaciones. Te abren las puertas de la empresa, te cuentan sus ideas, problemas, aciertos y fallos. Sumate a este viaje!
Growth and Code: A Podcast by Measure Media - The Intersection of Marketing & Technology
By Ryan Riggin: Digital Media Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, Tech Guy
Each week we talk with Entrepreneurs, E-commerce Marketers, Startup Founders and Small Business Owners about the intersection of marketing and technology, and the stacks that they're using to build and grow their companies.
Recurring Revenue Radio
By Richard Chancy: Online Entrepreneur, Sales Strategist and Marketing Coach
Richard Chancy made the jump from selling high end consulting to building a business selling digital information products online. He did it by leveraging search engine optimization, paid marketing, affiliate marketing and webinars. In this podcast he'll share with you all of his online business and marketing strategies, shortcuts, and revolutionary ideas to help grow your business with digital products. Whether you’re just starting your online business and looking to make your first dollar, or you’ve got a traditional business and are looking for new ways to sell your existing product, you’re in the right place. Although Richard confesses he’s not one of the online business guru’s, he’s been supporting his family 100% for the last 5 years with income generated from his online businesses, easily earning six figures while working half as much as many of his peers. We'll cover search engine optimization, small business automation, outsourcing, & using social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We'll also dive in to building your email list using lead magnets like ebooks, webinars, infographics and email marketing sequences. Those are just of few of the skills we’ll discuss on this podcast. He’ll share with you what has worked (and what hasn’t worked) to help help you launch your digital products business online.
AnetaDuk : O wizualnych i internetowych aspektach brandingu
By Aneta Duk
Ten podcast jest cześcią bloga, na łamach którego publikuje materiały poruszające tamatykę brandingu, a dokładnie jego graficzno wizualne aspekty. Znajdziesz tam również sporo materiałów na temat wizerunku online Twojej działalności. Wyjaśniam wiele branżowych pojęć. Pomagam zrozumieć oferty. Przekazuje wiele informacji jak je czytać, porównywać i decydować, które są tak naprawdę lepsze i tańsze. Opowiadam o tym co warto robić samemu, a do czego konieczny jest specjalista.
Arquitectos Digitales
By Adrián Pajares
Podcast para arquitectos en el que hablaremos de marketing, productividad y desarrollo web. El podcast para arquitectos emprendedores que quieren potenciar o empezar su negocio.
Code Crush
By Julie and Kiana
Join professional developers Kiana and Julie as they dabble in new technologies, confess their development sins, and laugh at the awkward realities of life as a female developer.
The Tech Academy Podcast
By The Tech Academy
The Tech Academy Podcast is hosted by Erik Gross, experienced Software Developer and co-founder of The Tech Academy. Every week we sit down with fellow tech professionals and enthusiasts and talk all things tech. From how they got their start, to their vision of the future of tech, and everything in between— you'll get your daily dose of tech talk here! Featured at the end of each episode is Erik's co-founder, entrepreneur and business expert Jack Stanley, who shares with us quick tips and insights on how to succeed in the business and professional world. To learn more about the hosts and The Tech Academy visit
Purple Squad Security
By John Svazic
Information Security, InfoSec, CyberSec, Cyber, Security, whatever you call it, we talk about it! From mobiles and desktops to data centers and the cloud, Purple Squad Security is here to help and give back to our community of information security professionals.
Mendix Update Podcast
By Pim van der Noll
Podcast over ontwikkelingen rondom het Mendix Platform en cloud. We bespreken nieuwe releases, nieuwe widgets en modules, interessante blog- en forumposts. Daarnaast geven we een verslag van de Mendix Meetups die zijn geweest en interviewen we gasten die iets tofs te vertellen hebben.
Porozmawiajmy o IT
By Krzysztof & Jacek
Pokazujemy trendy, technologie i metodyki, które są obecnie stosowane w IT. Poprzez ten podcast chcemy docierać do ludzi z branży na różnym stopniu zaawansowania jak również ludzi spoza, którzy dopiero zastanawiają się nad wejściem lub myślą o wyborze tej ścieżki zawodowej.
Appa Sih Podcast
By bangtipen
Podcast dunia Apple, aplikasi iOS, dan MacOS yang terbit setiap minggu. Selain membahas berita terkini dari Apple, Appa Sih Podcast juga akan memberikan review dan rekomendasi aplikasi untuk membuat hidup kalian lebih produktif dan menyenangkan. Format diskusi di segmen Response juga akan memancing kalian untuk lebih interaktif dan mengundang komentar.
jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast
By Mike Howard
jpeg2RAW is a podcast targeted at the photographer looking to improve their photos and have a general discussion about photography. We interview amazing photographers and others in the photo industry. In addition, we not only broadcast live each week (, but we allow our live listeners to interact with the gust by asking questions in our chat room. Come to our live show and see for yourself.
iPad Pros
By Tim Chaten
A new podcast about being productive on the iPad. Hear from developers and iPad Pros who use the iPad in a professional setting to get their job done. Released every other Thursday at 5AM EST. Show notes and video extras are available at
MoZeus Tech Talks
By MoZeus Worldwide
MoZeus is your solutions-based technology partner. We support agencies and brands with live events, retail activations and online shopper marketing campaigns. We have worked with more than 500 brands worldwide to deliver top notch digital engagements to boost consumer-brand interaction and increase quality lead generation. We make every interaction count!
Productivity Hacks
By Casey Friday
After being medicated for ADD, this geek has taken his productivity to a whole new level!
Heads In The Cloud
By Star2Star Communications
Meet 2 telcom industry leaders who enjoy talking about tips & tricks in the Unified Communications space. Meet contemporary guests who share even more actionable takeaways.
Fleeting Pixels
By David Caddy
News and views from an independent iOS, Android & Mac developer.
By TalkScript
The JavaScript devs at SitePen talk about web app development with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, WebVR and more!
Infusioncast - Infusionsoft & Automated Marketing
By Jason Hartman
Discover the strategies small businesses use to make millions with their Infusionsoft all-in-one sales and marketing platform. Jason Hartman uncovers the automation secrets used to attract new customers, maximize profits and thrive. Guests include: Art Basmajian, Cheryl Hunt, Craig Jacobson, Daniel Kurt, Jarrod Morris, Piyush Parikh, Wes Schaeffer, and many more.
By Vehikl
Torqd examines the tools and concepts that developers use on the job. We talk web frameworks, career choices, community events, industry news, and anything else that keeps the engine running.
Path of Presence Podcast
By Evelyn Foreman
This podcast is for spirit-led, heart-centered, vision-based entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, womanpreneurs, solopreneurs, spiritual teachers, authors, bloggers and sojourners alike. In short, our podcast speaks to those who crave building a lifestyle business, enabling her to live anywhere in the world, to continue to serve and to build a tribe of like-minded, awakening and awakened individuals. Our podcast will help you hone in on the latest tools and tips for the various social media channels, bring you up to date news on the latest social media changes, and help you determine which social strategy would work best for your business. We will talk about choice: the spiritual path of building an online community, challenges (and ways to overcome them), the tools available, and (on a process level) how to foster and hold space in the new platform of today’s media and technology In staying present and mindful to the journey of becoming, we aim to inspire and uplift you, adding balance and focus to your personal and professional ambitions, all the while, helping you stay awake through this process … and more! Please submit your questions / requests for the show at: [email protected]
Macoun Konferenz HD
By Macoun GbR
Die Macoun ist die größte iOS- und OS X-Entwicklerkonferenz im deutschsprachigen Raum. Hier veröffentlichen wir Videos der Vorträge, die bei der Veranstaltung aufgezeichnet wurden. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich insbesondere an Entwickler, Programmierer und Programmautoren, die für Mac, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV und die Apple Watch entwickeln. Probleme mit dem Podcast bitte hier melden:
O Expert do Marketing Digital
By O Expert do Marketing Digital
As mais incríveis dicas sobre Marketing Digital. O que realmente funciona? Como aumentar os resultados do seu negócio com esta poderosa ferramenta? Aprenda tudo isso através de dicas rápidas e fáceis de consumir. Visite nosso site para conhecer os outros experts
Illumination Cast
By Sathyajee and Malinda
Illumination is a weekly podcast dedicated to talk about science, technology and entertainment. විද්‍යාව, තාක්ෂණය සහ විනෝද මාධ්‍ය ගැන දන්න සිංහලෙන්.
Integrated Marketing and Communications
By Harry Hawk
Marketers and Communicators have a reputation of being frenemies competing for budgets, and “turf.” The reality is that Integrated Marketing and Communications (MarcCom) provides better results, with greater efficiency and is more effective at building relationships. This podcast covers news, developments, and accomplishments of forward focused integrated Marketing and Communications and the fusion and integration of these teams into a single customer focused organization. Hosted by Harry Hawk.
By Relay FM
Query is like that one smart nerd in your family who gets stuck fixing everyone's computers and phones during holiday get-togethers. There's no reason to wait for help when tech goes wrong when there are experts ready to answer your questions. Hosted by Stephen Hackett and Serenity Caldwell.
Cosas de modernOS
By Yoyo Fernández
Un podcast donde tratamos de las modernidades tecnológicas que os gustan a los jóvenes. El Art Attack tecnológico. Somos antiguos pero modernos. Twitter: @CosasModernas
Devs Talking
By Kevin Hickey, James Spargo, James Thomas, David Nelson
A podcast about software development by some of us who do it every day. Join me, a couple guys named James, David and other friends as we discuss topics from languages to testing, hot topics and old school stories.
Stream Our Mistakes
By eddyizm and octon
A weekly video podcast archive of our live stream events showcasing live coding projects, user groups and step by step project building.
VIVR - Visually Impaired Virtual Reality
By ddblue0
VIVR (Visually Impaired Virtual Reality) is a weekly audio podcast which discusses VR experiences currently available for the HTC Vive. In addition to a general review of each VR experience, the podcast specifically addresses issues that low vision players may face when playing certain games, as well as different approaches to playing that may make it easier for low vision players to enjoy the game.
Recording Studio Podcast
By Tom Camp & Mark Barrie
Recording Studio Podcast is a podcast dedicated to sharing valuable insight to producers, engineers, and artists alike. Tom Camp is the founder of Digital Recording School and Mark Barrie has been a pro audio instructor for years. Get ready to take your recordings to the next level!
By Michael Döhler
Das PHPDevRadio erscheint alle 2 Wochen und ist ein Podcast der sich rund um PHP dreht. Wir verstehen PHP dabei weit mehr als nur die reine Sprache, sondern beleuchten auch immer wieder viele Tools, Methoden und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Gesamtökosystem. Die ständige Crew besteht aus Claudio, Ralf und Michael. Wir haben hin und wieder aber auch Gäste zu Besuch.
Die neue Abteilung
By Sebastian Clauß, Manuel Raimund
Die neue Abteilung ist verantwortlich für richtig gute Apps. Einmal die Woche schmeißen die beiden Chefs mit Aha-Momenten um sich. Endlich jemand mit Ahnung!
Pursuit Podcast
By Jessica Rose
The Pursuit Podcast is designed to offer advice and new perspectives on getting things done in tech. Want to learn to code? Land that great new job? Learn about how to manage your new reports? We've got you covered. With regular this podcast supplemented with exhaustively taken notes, supporting articles and regular webinars, we're aiming to help you be better prepared to get things done.
The Connected Engineer
Do you turn napkin sketches into reality? Then this podcast is made for you. Join our host, Gavin Quinlan, as he cuts thru the hype to talk truth with your fellow engineers, designers, evangelists, and innovators about the product development challenges they are facing today and the trends of tomorrow. It’s a fascinating moment in engineering, listen on to hear more.
WickedlySmart Conversations
By WickedlySmart Conversations
If you weren’t wickedly smart you wouldn’t be here—you want the technology tools, tips, trends and techniques that will grow your audience, build your brand, super-charge your startup, and accelerate building your app or service. Join us on WickedlySmart Conversations for intriguing interviews and commentary on the latest in online tech.
Sites: Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites
By StudioPress
With their new podcast Sites, Jerod Morris and the team from StudioPress and Copyblogger deliver weeklyy insight on the four pillars of a successful WordPress website: content, design, technology, and strategy.
VR Hermits
By Dave Ramsey, Joe Simpson
A podcast about virtual reality development
Serious Testing With Paul Colligan - How To Podcast In 2017 With The New iTunes Podcasting Options -...
By Paul Colligan - FlackPatukken King
All the new changes at iTunes certainly deserve some testing. Join Paul Colligan as he tests everything he can up against the new options - and shares his results. Also, ... FlacPatucen
ProHuddle, a Podcast about Enterprise IT, Software, Oracle, Databases and The Cloud
By Yalim K. Gerger
ProHuddle is a podcast about Enterprise IT. We cover topics related to Enterprise IT such as databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL etc..), Big Data (Hadoop, NoSQL etc..), streaming (Kafka), DevOps, Cloud, Virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and any other topic that is relevant to Enterprise IT. We also host live webinars. Please visit and register to be notified of our webinars.
By BuzzPlant
Join our social media experts as we share tips and tricks for making your social experience incredible.
Themeforest Sohbetleri
By 2035themes
Başta Themeforest olmak üzere Tasarım, Web ve Wordpress üzerine sohbetler.
Projektmanagement für Macher und Entscheider
By Maik Pfingsten, Troubleshooter a.D im Projektmanagement, Autor von 5 Büchern, hält Vorträge über Projektmanagement, Führung, Leadership, Systems Engineering, Agile, Lean. Interviewt u.a. Bernd Geropp, Ivan Blatter, Jörg Walter, Georg Jocham, Petra Koch.
Der Podcast für Entscheider, die maßgeblich komplexe Projekte gestalten. Fragen werden möglichst persönlich, unterhaltsam und auf gleicher Augenhöhe mit dem Hörer vermittelt. Maik Pfingsten gibt sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung aus über 12 Jahren als aktiver Troubleshooter im Projektmanagement. Damit du erfolgreich und stolz sein kannst auf dein Projekt. Entdecke, wie ihr mit pragmatischen Vorgehensweisen eure Projekte besser umsetzen und wirkungsvoll führen kannst. Agile, Scrum, Lean, Führung, Leadership, Projektmanagement, Lastenheft, Pflichtenheft, Requirements Engineering, Requirements Management, Mechatronik, Softwareentwicklung, Systemarchitektur und alles was hilft, um besser zu verstehen, wie ihr eure Projekte umsetzen könnt.
Learn With Us
By Ken Howard, Nikos Katsikanis
Software developers exploring learning and education in programming. Hosted by web developers and teachers Ken Howard and Nikos Katsikanis.
Tradecraft Security Weekly (Audio)
By Security Weekly
Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques? This is the show for you! We show you how to install, configure and use a wide variety of security tools for both offense and defense. Whether you are a penetration tester or defending enterprise networks, this show will help you!
Wanderer Podcast
By Wanderer
We play Wanderer weekly and record ourselves playing it. Wanderer is a customizable role-playing game (RPG) system that's browser and Android compatible.
Self-hosted Web
By Richard Hemmer
The podcast showcasing and discussing software to host on your own server or webspace, including interviews with creators and maintainers, tips and tricks and other fascinating tidbits.
UK App Developers - The Overpass App Development Podcast
By Eric Wroolie
I'm an App Developer in the UK with millions of downloads. I've been creating and shipping apps for years. . . but I continue to learn new things every day. In this video podcast, each week, address a new topic in the world of apps. And I try to keep it to a minute each time . . . but am rarely successful.
My JavaScript Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make JavaScript what it is.
Mastermind Joomla!
By Carlos Cámara y Javier Olivares
El podcast donde hablamos sobre cómo empezar, promocionar, y hacer crecer tu plataforma web en torno a la herramienta Joomla!®
Podcast Spreaker de
By Xavi Fernandez
Al final traslade todo el contenido de spreaker a este nuevo canal. Ya que el tenerlo en spreaker perdía un poco el control todo muy automático y también un poco caro así que he decido se yo mismo quien aloje los audios en mi propia plataforma de podcast.
AgilityCast for Business
By CA Technologies
Join business agility leaders in real-time discussions about how to deliver modern business value faster than your competition.
Raw Community Podcast
By Mario de Temple
Der Podcast richtet sich an Anfänger und ambitionierte Hobbyfotografen und bietet auch einen Blick über den Tellerrand!
3D Printer Chat Show - The 3D Printing Podcast
By Chris Garrett, Håkan Fägnell, Miles Scott
Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!
SAJID » Podcasts
By Sajid Javed
This is podcast of my blog where I share tips tricks and code snippets for my users.
Thomas - Nyheder indenfor Online Marketing
By Thomas Gajhede
De nyeste nyheder, rygter, funktioner m.m. indenfor online marketing. Thomas Gajhede vil fortælle dig de nyeste og vigtigste nyheder indenfor online marketing. Så arbejder du med Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Google AdWords, Konverteringsoptimering, eller generelt online strategi, så få de nyeste nyheder mens du er på farten
Podcast Blog
By Xavi
Podcast sobre tecnologia maquera, desde hace bastante que uso mac exactamente desde mac os 9 con mi imac DV 400 que ha ido evolucionando hasta el mac Blanco de 20" y el macbook pro 2011 que me acompaña a todo
Nerdery QA Podcast
By Nerdery
Nerdery QA Podcast:This Is the QA Podcast (TQAP) is a premier quality assurance podcast written, produced and recorded by The Nerdery's acclaimed QA team each month.
Nur eine App
By nur-eine-app
Im Nur eine App Podcast soll es, wie der Name schon sagt, um Smartphone Apps gehen. Zu diesem Thema gibt es wahrscheinlich unzählige Podcasts. Ich beschränke mich darauf regelmäßig von mir genutzte und getestete Apps umfassend vorzustellen. Die Besonderheit dabei ist, dass es sich erstens um iPhone Apps handelt und zweitens ausschließlich um Anwendungen, die von blinden Menschen, also mit Apples Sprachausgabe Voiceover genutzt werden können. Vielleicht entdeckt der eine oder andere hier eine App, die er noch nicht kennt, aber interessant findet. Wenn der Podcast ins Laufen gekommen ist, nehme ich auch gern Vorschläge entgegen, über Apps, die ich hier vorstellen soll. Nur eine App heißt der Podcast übrigens, weil es in jeder Episode ausschließlich um eine App gehen soll.
By Heike Stiegler
Podcast zum Thema Videos und Podcast aufnehmen, schneiden und verbreiten, ausschließlich mit dem Smartphone. Ein Podcast rund um Mobile-Reporting vor allem auch für Einsteiger, Privatpersonen, Klein- und Mittelständler und alle die Spaß dran haben, Videos selbst zu produzieren oder einen Podcast auf ganz einfach Weise aufzunehmen und ins Netz zu bringen.
By necomori LLC
Ubuntu Podcast für Einsteiger -
By Screencasting
PcBeirat unterwegs in der Mission Linux! Ubuntu ohne Vorkenntnisse lernen! Bist Du dabei? Gerne kannst Du auch auf eine Frage stellen oder Dich an der Diskussion beteiligen
Unauthorized Squarespace Show
By Alan Houser & Jason Barone
Unauthorized is hosted by Alan Houser and Jason Barone. It's a show where you, our loyal listener can glean tips, tricks and gems to help you in your day-to-day Squarespace workflow. If you’re a Designer, Developer, Marketer —or just a regular site-owner who loves Squarespace, then this is your show.
Under The Hood
By Crew @ Under The Hood
We talk about all things enterprise software & technology
UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence
By Richard Stiennon
An audio book of the best selling UP and to the RIGHT by Richard Stiennon. This is the only book that guides you through your interactions with the major analyst firms with a focus on your Magic Quadrant strategy. Highly acclaimed, including "must-read" recommendations from leading Gartner analysts.
By Manuel Wenk, Oliver Vogel, Thomas Krause
Drei freiberufliche Softwareentwickler, Autoren und Trainer Thomas Krause, Oliver Vogel und Manuel Wenk sprechen über die aktuelle Welt der Softwareentwicklung mit .NET, .NET Core, Azure, SQL Server und allen anderen Technologien die sie interessieren.
My Angular Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make Angular what it is.
Wrangler Dani Media Podcast
By Dani Nichols
Get inspired to take charge of your marketing, media, publishing and writing dreams. Learn the nuances of media work, how the publishing business really works and how you can succeed in it. This podcast is honest, informational, encouraging and focused on creative life and work. If you've ever dreamed of getting published, working as a copywriter, or if you just want DIY tips to market your business online, this is the podcast for you.
WordPress desde Zero
By WordPress desde Zero
WordPress desde Zero. En este podcast aprenderás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre WordPress, para crear y mantener un sitio web, para saber administrarlo y mantenerlo seguro. También aprenderás a hacer desarrollos en WordPress a medida y crear tus propios plugins y themes para WordPress. Como no puede ser de otro modo también hablaremos de Marketing Online, SEO, herramientas de productividad, Web Performance Opticization y cualquier otro termino relacionado con la herramienta WordPress. Todo ello siguiendo mi propia experiencia, mi nombre es Dani Serrano y en el podcast te cuento mi experiencia con WordPress, soy desarrollador web y te cuento como hago y como evoluciono con WordPress. En la web puedes encontrar tutoriales y videotutoriales, eventos de la comunidad y muchísimo más contenido del mundo WordPress. Aprendiendo a crear sitios web con WordPress.
The iPhreaks Show
The iOS Development Podcast
By Bill Debevc
A podcast sharing ideas and knowledge about the AEC industry. Bill Debevc, Carol Hagen and Carl Storms talk about technology from Bluebeam, Autodesk, and others. We discuss ideas and our thoughts on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.
By Belle B. Cooper, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly
Surviving in the muddy waters of the App Store as an indie isn’t easy. Belle B. Cooper, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly explore what it means to them, what they do to make it work, and how to claim your independence.
Unbeatable Developer Academy
By Tomas Vysniauskas
I teach and coach developers to maximise the value they create for the world. There are billions of people who want to have more freedom and ease in their lives. Developers are the most important people in the 21st century, because they have all the tools and knowledge to make this real. Yet too many developers lack power and ambition required to give exceptional value for our world. Let's change this together!
By Rebecca Gill helps smart business owners jumpstart their SEO strategy. Learn how small changes can make a big impact on your ability to rank in Google. Each week, Rebecca Gill takes her 15 years of real-world SEO experience and breaks it down into bite-size pieces.
Remotely Software
By Tony Winn
Conversations with remote software developers to discover how they and their team work effectively from different locations.
Tradecraft Security Weekly (Video)
By Security Weekly
Want to learn about all of the latest security tools and techniques? This is the show for you! We show you how to install, configure and use a wide variety of security tools for both offense and defense. Whether you are a penetration tester or defending enterprise networks, this show will help you
Adventures in Angular Only
Adventures in Angular is a weekly podcast about developments in the Angular community, tools, techniques, and ecosystem.
My Ruby Story
A weekly exploration into the people who make Ruby what it is.
Elevate Support Podcast
By Sarah Hatter, Colin Flanigan, Michael Labrecque-Jessen
A podcast by the people behind Elevate Summit, the best conference out there for support pros.
One More Story Games Podcast
By Blair Leggett
Join us for weekly production chats with the team at One More Story Games as we develop a library of interactive stories using the StoryStylus authoring system. We take you behind the curtain to show you the magic of creating interactive narratives. Follow along to learn how you can use StoryStylus to create, publish & play your own games. Join us for LIVE chats Fridays at 3pm EST at One More Story Games, where you can play narrative-driven story games or make your own using StoryStylus. Visit to play, or to create. What's your story?
Der Webmaster Podcast | Webdesign | SEO | Blogging | Social Media
By Phillip Laser: Webmaster, Webdesigner, SEO-Experte und Blogger
Der Webmaster Podcast hilft Dir, wie Du Deine eigene Website selbst erstellen, verbessern und optimieren kannst. Dabei gibt Dir der Webmaster Podcast Tipps & Tricks über Suchmaschinenoptimierung, erfolgreiches Bloggen und Webdesign. Zudem gibt es hilfreiche Insights über die Sozialen Medien, wie Facebook, Twitter und Co. Egal ob du Schüler, Student, Angestellter oder Unternehmer bist, zeigt Dir der Webmaster Podcast, wie Du richtig mit Deiner Website oder Deinem Blog durchstarten kannst.
How to Program with Java Podcast
By Best Java podcast on iTunes, learn about variables, control structures, collections, data types, design patterns, object oriented programming, classes and many more step by step Java tutorials
Learn how to program using the Java programming language. This podcast will teach you step by step how to use the Java programming language to create your own applications or web applications!
Learn Programming and Electronics with Arduino
By Programming Electronics Academy
Video lessons on learning programming and electronics with Arduino. This is part of our Arduino Crash Course and Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners. It's designed to take someone with little or no experience in programming and electronics and get them fast-tracked to learning the skills to prototype using Arduino.