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Der Podcast von RN Vision
By RN Vision
Podcast by RN Vision
Dead Ends
By Jack Grimes
Dead Ends is an exploration of failed ideas, inventions, and technologies from across history. Why did these concepts fail? Maybe it was marketing, or culture, or maybe they were doomed from conception. On Dead Ends, we're dedicated to bringing these obscure failures into the spotlight they deserve.
Executive Interrupted
By Executive Interrupted
Hosts Sanjay Patel and Moneesh Arora discuss and debate timely topics that are both disruptive and innovative, often with some humor mixed in.
Lukas In Ghana
By W!ZARD Radio Media, Lukas Hamilton
W!ZARD Radio Station presenter, Lukas Hamilton is spending the year abroad in Ghana. Each week he sends us an update about what he's been up to.
The Districts
By e.Republic/ Government Technology with AT&T
The Districts is a conversation with the leaders of Special Districts, 38,000 strong and growing. The podcast and the namesake program it supports are produced by Government Technology and sponsored by AT&T, which imagined a program for the 38K special districts to connect, share and learn about IT innovation. Join the conversation - at govtech.com/districts
By www.digitalactives.com
Soluciones Digitales para Empresas
Culture Crunch
By Sam Lazarev/Joel Ronson
Welcome to Culture Crunch! In Culture Crunch, Joel is delving into the New York music scene. He chats with artists from all over the spectrum of genre, and every episode includes musical performances from the guest, whoever that may be. CultureCrunchRadio.com Hosted by Joel Ronson Produced and Recorded by Sam Lazarev
Outsource to Kosovo
By Kosbit LLC
Outsource to Kosovo aims to provide industry news, leads, insights and resources to people involved in the IT outsourcing industry. Brought to you by Kosbit.net
High Contrast
By GoodStuff Broadcasting
Kyle and Chris talk about nerdy things that relate to a singular topic from two different perspectives.
Dôme aux techs
By Anthony de Domotek
Podcast by Anthony de Domotek
BGP Radio
By Brandon Gerald Productions LLC
Available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. How To Subscribe Via iTunes -- 1. Open iTunes 2. In the FILE menu, click SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST. 3. A dialogue box will come up that reads "URL". In that box, place...roductionsradio
Under utveckling
By TimeEdit AB
Under utveckling är en podd av och för utvecklare, skapad i soliga (nåja) Göteborg av oss som jobbar på TimeEdit.
Ether.Direct Podcast
By Ether.Direct
Welcome to the Ether.Direct Podcast! A bi-Weekly (weekly?) podcast about Ethereum, Ether, Crypto Currencies and just generally chatting our heads off. The Podcast is created by Sean Ottey and Zach Ottey, both amateur investors and EtherHeads. We aren't formal, we're just a couple of knuckleheads who know a bit about business and Crypto Currencies.
Episodes – Airccelerate
By Marco Brienza & Jeremie Wagner
Airccelerate.com est la plateforme digitale pour faire grandir vos idées: idées d’entreprise, idées disruptives, idées générant de la valeur partagée. En économie, ‘grandir’ se traduit par ‘croître’, d’où notre intention d’aborder la question de la croissance et comment l’accélérer. Ecoutez sur Airccelerate les interviews de celles & ceux qui font l’innovation au quotidien, ainsi que leurs recettes pour atteindre le succès. Un podcast produit par @WarcoBrienza & @JeremieWagner.
Josh Stockwell's IP Blog and Podcast
By Josh Stockwell's IP Blog and Podcast
A primer and discussion of latest topics on intellectual property, featuring patents, copyrights and trademarks, by Josh Stockwell, a patent attorney in Providence, RI.
Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks
By Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks 2017
Initiated by Patriksson Communication in collaboration with ASFB - Association of Swedish Fashion Brands
By Indie Creative Network
Where Pop Culture meets POC culture. Each week hosts Colton and Wize present the best of the week from their favorite online and offline outlets. Learn more about new products, shows to watch, apps to download and more from two content creators in NYC.
By StudioPress
With their new podcast Sites, Jerod Morris and the team from StudioPress and Copyblogger deliver weeklyy insight on the four pillars of a successful WordPress website: content, design, technology, and strategy.
Coin Mastery - Building Your Crypto Empire
By Carter Thomas
Coin Mastery is a place for anyone interested in profiting from the digital currency world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more. We share tips and strategies that help you leverage market movements so you can turn your hard earned cash into generational wealth. Join us!
Security On Air
By Security On Air
Podcast dedicado a tratar la actualidad en el ámbito de la ciberseguridad.
Podcasting monthly from the shores of the Delaware River in Trenton, New Jersey, Tech NJ brings you discussions and interviews on a variety of current technology issues, trends & topics with industry leaders and up and coming influencers. We will find where Technology Meets Public Service in New Jersey. These podcasts are powered by NJOIT, the NJ Office of Information Technology.
--force push
By Stefan Kanev
Conversations around technical things with the development team in ReceiptBank. Essentially, we talk about what we learn.
+rehabstudio Tech Talks
By +rehabstudio
+rehab is a creative technology company that helps global organisations revolutionise their brand through digital utility.
By Stipes Radio
Pentagonal is a show about privacy and security in the digital age. Each week Jacob and Cristian will talk about how folks can stay private and safe when everything seems to be intruding into our lives.
History Of The Internet
By History Of The Internet
The history of the internet is an exploration of the trends that started online - that now dominate the way we carry out our day to day lives. From hashtags to memes this series explores the cultural phenomenon that have given us a new way to grasp and move through the ever complicated world we live in. Listen from the start to hear the evolution hashtags, what makes stories go viral and even how the Internet of Things (whether your wifi kettle or contactless card) is going to change the way you lead your life...
By Hexenloft
Musik begeistere Hobby Musiker reden über ihr Hobby der Musik, Musikalische neu Entdeckungen, über Medien bezogene Themen, Technische Neuerungen, sowie alles was noch wichtig sein könnte im Internet.
Empowered Innovationᵀᴹ Podcast with Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq.
By Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq.
The Purpose of the Empowered Innovation Podcast is to inspire and empower innovators to pursue, realize, and monetize their ideas
Audio on Video
By Christopher Sharpe
Audio on Video explores the world of YouTube and internet video. Each week we’ll introduce you to some of the amazing creators who have used internet video to build businesses, distribute their work and even become celebrities. We'll explore what it means to be a creator in the "New Hollywood" a rapidly evolving industry where there are still very few gatekeepers. Hosted by Christopher Sharpe - producer of Hilah Cooking and Yoga With Adriene and author of the YouTube BlackBook.
VR Hermits
By Dave Ramsey, Joe Simpson
A podcast about virtual reality development
By OrionX.net
Shahin Khan, Dan Olds, and guests discuss big ideas across technology topics and share insights and revelations that can impact your investment decisions and change the technology options you might consider. Here at OrionX.net, we are fortunate to work with many tech leaders in nearly every part of the “stack”, from chips to apps. Doing this for many years has given us a unique perspective. The OrionX Download podcast/slidecast brings you the essence of that perspective.
Oddity Gaming
By Oddity Gaming
Gaming news and content!
KFAS Science Podcast
By سلام العبلاني
بودكاست مؤسسة الكويت للتقدم العلمي، بودكاست علمي منوع، دقائق قليل ومعلومات علمية قيمة، يقدمه الدكتور سلام العبلاني
Let's Talk Design
By Kristof Orts
A weekly show about the latest in design and product. Hosted by Kristof Orts.
By Felix Bahlinger, Julian Völzke
Podcast by Felix Bahlinger, Julian Völzke
By Mr.种草
By Microsoft / Gimlet Creative
The future isn’t random. It’s the result of the choices that we make now. We’ll be talking about technologies and industries that will define the next decade and beyond. Join our host Cristina Quinn, a science and technology reporter, as she dives into everything from Minecraft to cyber warfare. You can wait for the future to happen to you or engage with it right now and ahead of the curve on .future— a branded podcast from Microsoft, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.
The Car Show with Dale Donovan
By 55KRC
Car Talk, Saturdays 4-7pm 55KRC Cincinnati
Email Marketing Insiders- Discover Expert Email Strategies
By Mike Eyo & Jason Webb
Email Marketing Insiders is a weekly podcast hosted by Mike Eyo (Max Your Sales) and Jason Webb (Emailforce). The duo share cutting edge email marketing strategies that will grab your reader's attention and compel them to click...You will also hear from today's most successful online entrepreneurs, which means you can get ACTIONABLE ADVICE on what’s working RIGHT NOW. Each episode features golden nuggets of knowledge, internet resources, and action steps. Learn little-known email copywriting, list building and automation hacks that will transform your business today.
Big Bear's Den
By Jason
Big Bear's Den was once just a blog, for my random thoughts. Now its a blog and a podcast for my random thoughts, my short fiction, and anything else that I don't wish to pile into the other feeds. Plus generally Jen needs a break from wrangling me in, so here it is. Hope you enjoy.
Testing With Paul Colligan - How To Podcast With The New iTunes Podcasting Options
By Paul Colligan - FlackPatukken King
All the new changes at iTunes certainly deserve some testing. Join Paul Colligan as he tests everything he can up against the new options - and shares his results. Also, ... FlacPatucen
By Nick Slegel, Taryn Peppito, Ryan Carter & Co.
Colliding at the intersection of Nerd & Pop Culture, hosts Nick Slegel, Taryn "Peppy Pants" Peppito, and Ryan "Sloth" Carter - plus various guests: cover Comics, TV, Movies, Music, and more on this unfiltered podcast! Follow us on Twitter @GeekdPod
Aperta o Rec
By Tas
Tiago Augusto da Silva ou “Tas” como todos o conhece, é Radialista formado em Locução pela Rádioficina no ano de 2015 e vem desenvolvendo vários trabalhos no que se trata a comunicação. O Aperta o Rec é um canal versátil, um programa com sub-programações direcionadas a diversos segmentos, isso porque seu Host é radialista e também amante de podcast e com isso deseja usar essas ferramentas do rádio para propagar conteúdo na podosfera e assim unir o que há de melhor destes “dois mundos”. O projeto esta baseado e dividido da seguinte forma.Surge o “Aperta o Rec”, um podcast conteúdo através de programas que falam de web rádio, programas que são transmitidos pela web rádio Blessing Brasil com temas específicos, entrevistas, temas sociais e culturais e música gospel (até o momento). Os Programas que você ouve através do Aperta o Rec são: ·         Web Dial: Conteúdo que fala sobre web rádio e conversa com profissionais do segmento radiofônico e musical, produtores e amantes de rádio em geral;Período: Mensal; ·         Trocando Idéias: Um programa que faz parte da grade da Rádio Blessing Brasil, onde são abordados temas para debate e expor opiniões, com a finalidade de fazer com que os ouvintes pensem sobre determinados assuntos e como se posicionar como cristãos de forma inteligente diante a sociedade.  Período: Semanal; ·         Projeto Music Tape: Entrevistas e bate papo com músicos, bandas e produtores do segmento gospel;Período: Mensal; ·         No Word: No Word é um programa onde o foco é a questão social, como comunicador, ele procura trazer sempre uma reflexão sobre diversos assuntos, debates (sempre que possível). É um programa aberto e não segmentado ao publico cristão somente. Período: Quinzenal;  
Podcast Launchpad: The podcast to help plan, build, and improve your show
By Pat Krane
Join Pat Krane as he helps you plan, build and improve your own podcast with his tips and tricks, answering listener questions, and giving the tools you need to start and grow your show. Plus, Pat talks to established podcast producers about their personal journeys to give you some insight how others have found success.
Off The Record
By http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/audio/
CBS3's Jim Donovan and WPHT's Dawn Stensland Mendte catch up on the latest world news, entertainment and water cooler chatter in between his morning show and her afternoon one. 
LuZo Productions: The LuZoCast
The LuZoCast, where we discuss everything Nerdy this past week.
Podcasting for all
By Dominique Stansberry
You love Podcasts? So do we! Host one here.
Podcasting – Media Stable
Mediastable Experts Podcasts
Blog - Aspen Ridge Church
By The Electric Car Superstar
Get the latest news on electric cars hosted by The Electric Car Superstar featuring music from FLX Beats
Ember Weekend
By Chase McCarthy & Jonathan Jackson
Ember.js is a frontend JavaScript framework that has exciting applications. In this podcasts we share news, events, and some of our experiences.
Appian Industry Outlook
By Appian Corporation
Appian's Industry Outlook Podcast brings together industry subject matter experts to discuss digital transformation, innovation, and disruption.
Arcgate's Podcast
By Arcgate Inc
Our team of 1500+ data entry experts helps start-ups improve data precision and quality by enriching internal and external data sources at scale and low cost.
ProHuddle, a Podcast about Enterprise IT
By Yalim K. Gerger
ProHuddle is a podcast about Enterprise IT. We cover topics related to Enterprise IT such as databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL etc..), Big Data (Hadoop, NoSQL etc..), streaming (Kafka), DevOps, Cloud, Virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and any other topic that is relevant to Enterprise IT. We also host live webinars. Please visit www.prohuddle.com and register to be notified of our webinars.
What We Think About When We Think About Code
By Alex Kudlick
I interview software engineers to talk about how they think about code - what forms it takes in their minds, what mental techniques they use to manage the complexity, etc.
Welcome to the content that can finally be good for you.
HP News Express
By Samej
O HP News Express é um podcast sucinto, objetivo e com episódios relativamente frequentes e curtos, onde Samej Spenser e Marcos Phill, (juntos e/ou separados), abordam questões, temas e assuntos pertinentes ao estudo e à prática da (auto-)hipnose, PNL e demais tecnologias mentais.Acompanhe-nos nas redes sociais:Canal: @HPnews Telegram: @SamejSpenser Twitter: @HPratica Medium: Hipnose PráticaTelescope: @HPnews 
Visto de Otro Lado
By Radio Oasis Salamanca
Visto de Otro Lado es tu programa semanal de tecnología procedente de la plataforma de difusión sobre noticias y contenido tecnológico Visto de Otro Lado, los mejores análisis, coloquios, debates, secciones, colaboraciones...
Voice Guided Smite
By RidexOrxPie
We're talkin' Smite Here! Get your Smite here!
On Lâche Rien - OLR
By Collectif OLR
Ce podcast, c’est la continuité des streetcasts style de vie et techno. Il permet de revenir sur un thème, qui vous a interpellé et qui vous a inspiré à réagir. Que vous soyez générateur de podcast, streetcasteur ou auditeurs : bienvenue les copains ! Ce podcast, c’est le votre ! Et n’oubliez pas, on lâche rien.
The Tiff and Jules Show
By Julieanne O'Connor & Tiffany Phillips
2 Ladies living in LA, with 1 wise producer chiming in as a bonus. Sharing real world challenges on the life of actors, dating, marriage and more. Always candid and completely off the cuff. Tiff is an award winning Actress/Comedian, Writer/Producer and more. Jules is an award winning Actor, Author, TEDx Speaker, and more. Chay is an incredibly talented LA based music producer, musician and author. Tune-in for some fun, truth, insights and inspiration. Candid uncensored discussions about all things Los Angeles, Hollywood, California, Acting, Entertainment, Music, Dating, Relationships, Marriage and the raw truth about LIFE in LA. Comedy and some tears all mixed into one show with no pre-scripted material. To write into the show - contact Julieanne O'Connor, Tiffany Phillips or Producer Chay at [email protected]
Happier Hour
By Adithya, Erica, Jessy
Three students from different walks of life discuss their journey on being more productive, efficient, and happier people.
Not Without Merit Podcast
By Not Without Merit
Each Thursday, we gather to talk the games we’ve been playing, the latest gaming news, and our Top 5 of the week! Follow us on Twitter at @NWMPod!
By Neokaido
The podcast that lets you call shotgun.
By Andrew Hathaway, Julian Kay and Jordan Appleson
Every fortnight, hosts Andrew Hathaway, Julian Kay and Jordan Appleson discuss topics from pencils and paper, and each-others “weird quirks“ to the current and future of technology and whatever else they like.
Tonfilmer.de - Ein Podcast über Foto, Film und Audio
By Siegfried Fock
Der Foto- und Filmemacher-Podcast. Alles was es über Foto Film und Audio zu berichten gibt.
By BuzzPlant
Join our social media experts as we share tips and tricks for making your social experience incredible.
Themeforest Sohbetleri
By 2035themes
Başta Themeforest olmak üzere Tasarım, Web ve Wordpress üzerine sohbetler.
Projektmanagement für Macher und Game-Changer
By Maik Pfingsten, Troubleshooter a.D im Projektmanagement, Autor von 5 Büchern, hält Vorträge über Projektmanagement, Führung, Leadership, Systems Engineering, Agile, Lean. Interviewt u.a. Bernd Geropp, Ivan Blatter, Jörg Walter, Georg Jocham, Petra Koch.
Der Podcast für Entscheider, die maßgeblich komplexe Projekte gestalten. Fragen werden möglichst persönlich, unterhaltsam und auf gleicher Augenhöhe mit dem Hörer vermittelt. Maik Pfingsten gibt sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung aus über 12 Jahren als aktiver Troubleshooter im Projektmanagement. Damit du erfolgreich und stolz sein kannst auf dein Projekt. Entdecke, wie ihr mit pragmatischen Vorgehensweisen eure Projekte besser umsetzen und wirkungsvoll führen kannst. Agile, Scrum, Lean, Führung, Leadership, Projektmanagement, Lastenheft, Pflichtenheft, Requirements Engineering, Requirements Management, Mechatronik, Softwareentwicklung, Systemarchitektur und alles was hilft, um besser zu verstehen, wie ihr eure Projekte umsetzen könnt.
CTZNXT is a weekly podcast where Jay Oldaker sits down with artists, entrepreneurs, and other great thinkers to hear their experience in pursuing change, transformation and transcendence.
Stupid and Contagious
By Keystone Business Solutions, LLC
Stupid and Contagious is a podcast by the Keystone marketing team (https://www.wearekeystone.com/marketing) about the things we've seen, heard, or read that we can't stop thinking or talking about.
Deep Cuts
By Justin Chick & Charles Purnell
Deep Cuts is a weekly conversation hosted by Charles Purnell and Justin Chick
Indithought Podcast
By Indithought
By Indithought many amazing, talented and motivated people would be contributing , satires poems, real life tragedy's poems, social issues, and many more. Sometimes beyond content, the pain in the voice and the melancholy of the sound is what you need to keep going. Follow our podcasts for more episodes. Follow our website for amazing content as well : http://indithought.com/
Fail Better: Product Lessons From Startup CEOs and Great Product Leaders
By Andy Deemer
Every great Product Leader and Startup CEO has at least one outstanding failure to share. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're awful, sometimes they're truly spectacular... but they always produce better Product Owners in the end. Listen today, and learn to spot seductive product perils, and avoid them like a pro. After all, agile and scrum will only get you so far.
Leo Laporte on Demand
By KFI AM 640 (KFI-AM)
Tech guy Leo Laporte airs every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on KFI AM 640.
L’éclectique SHOW – Profduweb.com
Podcast sur le lifehacking en français. Trucs, astuces, mes humeurs et mon humour ! Par @profduweb
Special Guest Hosts
By CliffCentral.com
All other podcasts from cliffcentral.com, including shows with special guest presenters.
By Mike O'Connor
I'm an aging hippy radio, systems, Internet geezer type guy who's having a great time thinking about what I want to tell my unborn grandchildren in a podcast.
Changing Our Weighs
By Grant & Chantelle Fleming
This is a show about life as a Weight Loss Surgery patient. All the positives, negatives, achievements and journeys that make up this ever growing community.
Hehpi Jae Podcast
By Hehpi Jae
A podcast from the brain of the one they call Hehpi Jae. A man with no name, and even less of a filter
H4NS Podcast
In meinen Podcasts geht es immer um Spiele und deren Hardware. Vorzugsweise um Konsolen! Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X Twitch: http://twitch.h4ns.net YouTube: http://youtube.h4ns.net Webseite: http://h4ns.net
By Osqledaren
En podcast om vad en ingenjör gör och hur arbetslivet kan se ut för teknologer.
Are You Numb Yet?
By Don Murry
Dentistry gone weird, Are You Numb Yet? is a trip into the lives of dentists-- the good, bad, ugly, and funny. Sometimes funny. Good tunage, great guests, free CE. Fun for all afes!
Préndete Ahora
By Estudio Prende
Potenciate a tí y a tu negocio, para crear impacto positivo en el mundo
By Evan Kossman
The KossTalk is about success. Hosted by Evan Kossman, a recent university graduate who is trying to figure out what career path he wants to pursue. As an outlet to learn about others experiences, Evan has started the KossTalk podcast to understand what it takes to make it in this world. The weekly podcast will feature interviews with successful people, trying to provide insight into the stories on how they became established in their industries and how they figured it out for themselves. These people will come from a variety of trades since success comes in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, these will be stories on how people found the path that was right for them. Produced by Mitch Harris.
Lighting Shift Podcast
By Shift Lighting
Market trends, new LED products, interviews and other chatter from today's commercial lighting world
Learn With Us
By Ken Howard, Nikos Katsikanis
Software developers exploring learning and education in programming. Hosted by web developers and teachers Ken Howard and Nikos Katsikanis.
Leo Piccioli - Soy Solo
Podcast con entrevistas y preguntas del público sobre management, carreras, liderazgo, emprendimientos e innovación.
Learn Digital with Kim Maslin
By Kim Maslin
The go-to podcast for Australian teachers looking to better integrate ICT into their classrooms.
Reinventing Professionals
By Ari Kaplan
This podcast is designed to offer ideas, guidance, and perspectives on how to effectively navigate a perpetually shifting professional landscape, with a unique focus on the legal industry and the technology that is driving its evolution.
VitaminC | Your weekly boost of tech insights for execs
Your weekly boost of tech insights for execs from your host, Nestor Arellano, Associate Editor of IT in Canada Online.
By Chris Christensen and Leif Pettersen
News, commentary, and interviews from Chris Christensen and Leif Pettersen
Was soll das?
By Patrick Swanson & Michael Mayrhofer
Ein Interview-Podcast über die Welt im 21. Jahrhundert. Aufgenommen in einem Zimmer in Wien von Patrick Swanson und Michael Mayrhofer.
PastPorte: A Time Travelling Podcast
By PastPorte: A Time Travelling Podcast
Be sent tumbling back in time to experience some of the most crucial, compelling and misunderstood moments in history.
This New Economy
By Rocketship.fm
Exploring humanity through economics. A trip through the stories of today economy. Exploring humanity through the universal language of money. Brought to you by the team at Rocketship.fm
Station 13
By Dani Wright & Alex May
Dani Wright and Alex May used to make games together in Kyoto. Now they live continents apart. Join them as they meet once more at Station 13.
Geek Doublespeak
By Geek Doublespeak
Two guys talk everything geek and nerd. Comic books, video games, movies, TV and technology. Twitter: @geekdoublespeak Email: [email protected]
In diesem Podcast dreht sich alles nach dem Motto: It´s all about cars! Hier findet ihr die neusten Trends und Entwicklungen aus der Automobilbranche sowie Auto Bewertungen/Reviews. Dazu bekommt ihr regelmäßig Tipps&Tricks um euch das Thema Autos und die Faszination dahinter, noch näher zu bringen.
British Retail Consortium
By British Retail Consortium
The voice of British #retail.
BondCast - Berlim Ondemand
By Berlim Digital
Mais um programa da Berlim Digital! A missão do BondCast será trazer em seus programas temas atuais e envolvendo o mundo do digital, futurismo, inovação e discuti-los, isso tudo claro, com o jeitinho Berlim de ser. Tá esperando o que pra apertar o play?
By SomaliTech
SomaliTech is a technology program for the Somali people around the world. We cover topics related to computer programming, web design, graphic design and computer repairs.