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Beware The Geeks!
By Beware The Geeks!
The Mixer Podcast
By The Mixer Podcast
In this 8-part podcast to accompany his book The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics, from Route One to False Nines. Author, Guardian and ESPN journalist and editor of Zonal Marking, Michael Cox talks to Marcus Speller of The Football Ramble plus a guest panellist about the tactical development of the Premier League focusing on a key position each week.
By Gamecheck.TV: Gamingenthusiasten
LAN-Party ist der Podcast für Gamer und andere Menschen da draußen, die Lust darauf haben drei Vollblutgamern beim quatschen zuzuhören. Bei uns geht es hauptsächlich um den Bereich Gaming und wir reden über unsere eigenen Erfahrungen, oder völlig neue Themen. Hin und wieder haben wir auch mal einen Gast dabei, mit dem dann wunderbar diskutiert wird. Natürlich kann der geneigte Zuschauer auch gern Vorschläge und Ideen uns zukommen lassen über Twitter @GamergoTV. Wir wünschen euch noch einen schönen Tag und eine wunderbare Woche. Viele Grüße Das Gamecheck.TV-Team
By Hugo Pereira Chamorro
Con TECNOCAST te podrás informar semanalmente con las noticias tecnológicas más destacadas de la semana y entretenerte con la mejor selección musical. Podcast presentado por Hugo Pereira Chamorro. ¡Ponte los cascos y escucha TECNOCAST ;)!
Scratch Podcast
By Natàlia Pujades
Aprender Scratch Online
By 팝콘자동차
내차를 잘관리하고 잘타는 방법은?? 그동안 궁금했던 차관리에 대한 미스테리를 풀어주는곳, 내차를 부탁해
Podcast Help Desk
By Mike Dell - Podcaster
Helping you get setup to podcast, maintain your podcast website, help with iTunes, stitcher and other directories. Help with blubrry hosting and media statistics and more. Ask your questions and hear the answers on the show.
The Blockchain Show
By Steve Anderson, Ethan Kinderknecht, Sarah Hempfling
The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies and promotes widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.
Dead Creepy Podcast
By Claire Barrand
Light hearted Paranormal podcast hosted by sisters Claire Barrand and Linzi Smith from South Wales U.K. With many years experience in the field, Claire is a Researcher and Writer and Linzi is an investigator and experiencer. Together they will chat about the Paranormal, including features such as "Para-Paddy" ( who has kicked off int the community recently?) Para-News, Hilarious "Skeptics View" with Daryl Whitebottom and Ghost Story as well as special guest interviews.
Dank Tank
By Brandon Houlihan
Exploring the dankest product ideas
Gruver Solutions
By Gruver Solutions
I go and talk about using various aspects of technology in our everyday life, primarily focusing on the use of mobile technology. I will include review and my experience with using a number of different apps, gadgets, and services to help others know some of the ups and downs that I personally encounter.
Apple Pie
By www.applepie.fyi
Megumi and Eva do a podcast. Each week, we talk about how to balance ethics and hustle in a post-post-modern world. Have a question about how to get a job in data science or ux design? Email us at [email protected] We livestream our phone calls on Anchor every Tuesday. https://anchor.fm/s/a63b14 Inquiries: [email protected]
Easy Cyber
By Steve Mair
My intention with this site is to provide some practical advice and guidance on cyber- and information- security, to debunk some of the myths in the industry and to clarify some of the buzzwords and trends around at the moment.
Engineering at Illinois
By Engineering at Illinois
Illinois Innovators spotlights research, technological advances, and entrepreneurial efforts of students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Illinois College of Engineering.
FT Podcast
Football junkies share their opinions on Europe's top 5 leagues in an explicit-- sometimes insightful, sometimes laborious, and sometimes ignorant manner.
Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite
By Allison Sheridan
Chit Chat Across the Pond is a tech interview show that's part of the Podfeet Podcasts. This Lite version is the lighter, less "propeller beanie" episodes.
CollabTalk Podcast
By Christian Buckley
Podcast by Christian Buckley
Coursera Engineering Podcast
By Lewis Chung
Podcast by Lewis Chung
Exponential Minds Podcast
By Nikolas Badminton, Futurist
The Exponential Minds Podcast features experts from all fields around the world discussing how humanity is impacted by the exponential growth in technology and the thinking behind it. The host, Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that provides keynote speeches about the future of work, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. Nikolas is based in Vancouver, BC, and speaks across Canada, USA, UK, Asia, and Europe.
Flaktest Gaming eSports
By Flaktest Gaming eSports
This is Flaktest Gaming! We love eSports, gaming, tech, and we are massive nerds! New episodes when we make them, have a listen and a laugh.
Blue Collar Buddhism
By Blue Collar Buddhism
Blue Collar Buddhism will break down Buddhist topics into more digestible, easy to understand concepts.
Built in Pitt
By Pittsburgh's Startup Radio
Meet Pittsburgh's startups and innovators.
Beers with Talos Podcast
By Cisco Talos
Listen to Talos security experts as they dive into emerging threats, forcing the bad guys to innovate, hacking refrigerators, and other security issues, all with beer.
Incredible Adventures in Marketing
By Incredible Adventures in Marketing
Are you ready to venture into the Perilous Depths of Online Marketing? Join Philip and Liam as they explore the options, the challenges, the risks and the rewards of Online Marketing. Small business owners beware! This knowledge and these insights are not for the faint of heart...
Rolling Release
By Nerd on the Street
Linux is always changing and improving. Join our hosts as they cover the latest Linux news, plus weekly features about Linux on the desktop.
Our Place
By Angie And Steve Nutt
Here is where you will find the show notes for each episode of Our Place. This Podcast will consist of sound seeing tours, technology reviews, in fact, anything of interest audibly that we can find.
Opensanca Podcast
By OpenSanca
Podcast feito pelo pessoal do Opensanca para a comunidade.
Scificonnection's Podcast
Science Fiction Podcast about everything Sci Fi and Technology
SDX Studios Podcast
By SDX Studios Podcast
The SDX Studios flagship podcast is all the SDX goodness in audio form. The opinions/content of SDX Studios could simply not be contained in the written word. It must be spoken as well! Just kidding. This is an experiment/on going project of SDX Studios. This will evolve as time goes on. Feel free to listen and comment. Send hate mail, too. We love that.
Programming By Stealth
By Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan
A collaborative project between Bart Busschots and Allison Sheridan to sneak up on real programming in small easy steps, using the allure of the web as the carrot to entice people forward.
Pet Naturopath Podcast
By Pet Naturopath Podcast
The Pet Naturopath Podcast explores complementary and alternative, evidence-based, natural medicine and nutrition for dogs and cats. Taking an integrative approach to pet health and wellness, Petnaturopath.com Podcast shares theory and practice on a range of natural animal therapies from leading animal wellness experts. Whether your pet suffers allergies, chronic disease or is currently healthy, every individual animal’s needs are different. An integrative approach brings together the best of conventional and alternative therapies, to help animals thrive. From raw feeding to acupuncture, herbalism and dozens of other therapies, discover evidence-based natural medicine and natural feeding to improve the health of your pet, or animals you work with. Find petnaturopath.com on Instagram or visit petnaturopath.com; where you'll find show notes for each episode and a link to our private Facebook group, which you are invited to join. This is a space where you can connect with other owners and practitioners.
Maryland Humanities Podcast
Inspiring learning and sharing the joy and power of discovery - that's Maryland Humanities.
MacApple Users Podcast
By Nathan Lott
Apple News, Reviews, Group News
The Tech AM Power Drive Podcast
Tech AM Power Drive; Kurt Steele Discusses Technology News, Trends, and Information
Mobile Cup of Joe Daily
By YourTechExplained
A brief, 15 to 20 minute podcast going over the latest news in the tech world. Published daily, Monday-Friday.
Tekniskt sett
By Lovisa Annerwall
Tekniskt sett är en intervju-podcast som porträtterar inspirerande personer inom teknikbranschen samt diskuterar samhällsämnen i kombination med teknik, gjord av Lovisa Annerwall.
Test Podcast
New podcast weblog
By IDA tv
Hvordan indretter vi fremtiden? Techtopia er en ugentlig podcast om teknologi, startups og forskning. Om digitalisering, kunstig intelligens, nano, bio og den 4. industrielle revolution. Vært er Henrik Føhns.
Tech Explainers
By Tech Explainers
Tech topics explained in plain english for everyone to understand
The Tech Exec's Podcast
By Brian Schuster and Eric Clark
Common sense, no bull advice on how to adapt and adopt technology to make your business better.
Tech Talk by Config
By Config
A podcast channel for http://config.lk. Where we talk about Technology and other related stuff in Tamil.
By 8gigas.com
En 88 segundos revisamos las noticias más destacadas que publicamos en nuestro sitio web, 8gigas.com, para que estés al día de lo último en tecnología en Chile y el mundo. Un micropodcast para escuchar mientras sale el café.
Why This?
By Harry
Here we talk about how some products aren't the best and more or less why.
Medien und Menschen
By Markus Kaekenmeister
Regelmäßiger Podcast über Internetthemen, Social Media, Radio und TV.
Blank Over Booze
By Blank Over Booze
Another reason to get buzzed, blank over booze delivers continuous happy-hour style social commentary to help you get through your day. Join Sally, Erika, and Ashley (and their growlers) as they tackle adulting dilemmas in the city that gives them life, Austin TX, each providing a unique and sometimes offbeat perspective. Guaranteed to have you nodding in agreement or wondering WTF, they’ll be your new BFF’s before you know it. Cheers!
Chicago Made Podcast
By Elvis Garcia
A couple guys from Chicago decided to make a podcast...descriptive enough??
TechNow Weekly
By Mitch Blaser
No technophobes are welcome here, because on TechNow Weekly, we dive deep into Technology news, talk about how IE sucks, and rarely have an episode where the word "Apple" is not mentioned. Tune in to the live recording sessions on Sundays!
By Wecast
Kaistavahti puree terävällä hampaalla kiinni autosi takapuskuriin. Kylmää kyytiä saavat niin tehtaat, automerkit, jälleenmyyjien ketkut automyyjät kuin suomalainen liikennepolitiikkakin. Podcastin isäntänä on auto- ja liikennetoimittaja, sekä radiojuontajanakin tunnettu Arttu Toivonen.
Finders Keepers Podcast
By Joseph Baker Productions
The Finders Keepers Podcast is designed to help nonprofits find and keep donors!
Agile Weekly
By The Agile Weekly Crew
The Agile Podcast
Content Performance Podcast
By Fabian Jaeckert und Benjamin ODaniel
Alle investieren in Content. Aber was bringt wie viel? Welche Fehler sollte man vermeiden – und wie geht es besser? Darum geht es im Content Performance Podcast. Aus unserer 15-jährigen SEO- und Content-Expertise berichten wir über unsere Projekte und Erfahrungen. Jedes Unternehmen braucht exzellenten Content. Es ist die Basis, um Top-Positionen und hohe Konversionsraten zu erreichen. Ein Podcast für Online-Marketing-Führungskräfte. Gehören Sie dazu? Dann hören Sie jetzt rein.
Carbon Neutral Cities
By Jim Plouffe
The South Australian government has partnered with the City of Adelaide to make the capital of South Australia carbon neutral by 2050. We explore how this can happen.
By CoderCross
CoderCross is about web development, learning by teaching, moving past barriers, and not giving up on your dreams. Hosted by Lance Williams
React Native Radio
By Devchat.tv
React Native Radio Podcast
Bittyfreaks - Cryptocurrency & Blockchain School
By Ravinder Deol
Bittyfreaks brings you a dose of weekly cryptocurrency and blockchain training, from a certified bitcoin professional who is actively teaching over 20,000 people about all of the aspects of this technology, and now in this podcast is helping you to navigate this ecosystem successfully.
Y Combinator
By Y Combinator
We talk with people who are shaping the future. A show about technology in business, research, and art.
Handelskraft Digital Business Talk
By Handelskraft
Handelskraft.de Autor und Digital Evangelist Oliver Kling lädt zum Gespräch. Immer im Fokus stehen aktuelle Entwicklungen im Onlinehandel, egal ob Onlinemarketing, Onlinevertrieb oder Onlineservices. Handelskraft Digital Business Talk hilft Händlern und Herstellern mit technologischem und strategischem Know-how erfolgreich durch die raue See der digitalen Transformation zu navigieren.
Inspiration Inc.
By The Beat 92.5
Inspiration Inc. is the story of ten local business women who decided to transform their own lives and change the world. Work-life balance, sacrifices, ambitions, obstacles and further projects are only some chapters of their amazing stories. These brilliant women are going to open themselves up for a relevant, interesting, and most importantly, inspiring success story! The Beat Inspiration Inc. brought to you by The National Bank.
Impactful Careers in Finance
By Vassia Daskalakis
Join us as we interview former Investment Banking analysts who have forged successful careers in the impact investing space to help current analysts explore meaningful exit opportunities from finance and discover their passion.
What Do You Do and How Do You Do It?
By The Podbros Network
Have you ever looked at someone successful and asked yourself, "How did that person get there?" If so, this is the podcast for you! Join John as he talks with guests from all walks of life about what it is they do and what you can do to help achieve your goal.
Walter & Francis
By Walter & Francis
We're trying to learn more about videography, podcasting, and learning. We'll try to share the good stuff.
Shunya One
By Indus Vox Media
Every week Shiladitya M. brings together a couple of his techie friends to talk about whats happening in Indian tech. No Gadget reviews.
Screw it, Just do it | Virgin StartUp mentor Alex Chisnall chats with Ray Kelvin, Steven Bartlett, J...
By Alex Chisnall
"Screw it, Just do it" is a weekly podcast where Alex Chisnall chats with todays most successful entrepreneurs as well as the most exciting startups trying to emulate them. Ray Kelvin, Steven Bartlett, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn and Ollie Forsyth are just some of the interviews to date. Screw it, Just do ti was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Each episode features the stories from two entrepreneurs at different stages in their journeys who talk us through both their success and failures. You get to take on board all of the learnings and none of the failure.
SEO For Law Firms Podcast
By Casey Meraz
The SEO For Law Firms Podcast is a podcast dedicated to promoting online marketing techniques for law firms. In this podcast we will discuss proven marketing techniques your firm can use to get more business and sign more cases.
Gist.fm: Audible meets podcasting
By Gist.fm
Gist.fm peeks into the bookshelves of successful entrepreneurs and remarkable thinkers pulling out those ideas you wish you’d heard before and the ones you need to hear again. We pick timely and timeless pieces of nonfiction and boil them down to 20 minutes with the help of their authors and professional voice actors. Learn how FBI hostage negotiators handle difficult conversations; what a study of 80,000 managers tells us about hiring and motivating people; what most productivity hacks grossly underestimate; how to beat your competitors by underdoing them; and more. To get the full show notes, resources, transcripts and access previews, go to http://gist.fm/
By Noobcast
Um podcast sem compromisso com a informação e sem intimidade alguma com o bom senso. O objetivo dos episódios é extrair o que há de pior em cada um dos temas selecionados à dedo pelos integrantes. Prepare-se para não aprender muita coisa, se ofender em alguns momentos mas, o mais importante, para rir como se não houvesse amanhã!
It’s Bloody Sex – Horrorphilia
By Horrorphilia Network of Podcasts
Horror reviews, interviews and the best horror podcasts on the planet.
By Antti ja Matias
Olemme sitä mieltä, että autoilun pitää olla hauskaa ja arkiautokin voi olla kiinnostava. Etsimme auton vaihtoa suunnitteleville kuulijoillemme yllättäviä ja erilaisia autovaihtoehtoja. Kommentoimme myös autouutiset ja kerromme koeajamistamme autoista.
What's For Lunch
By ELU Project, Sam Acevedo, David Acevedo, Manny H
What's for lunch ... Where we feed you the perspective of 3 gamers who balance work and family life while trying to remain hardcore gamers
VORZOCKER - Gaming NewsCast
By Vorzocker
Jede Woche bequatscht das Vorzocker-Team aktuelle News aus der Gaming-Branche, kümmert sich im Community Corner um Fragen und Wünsche der Zuhörer und als Rausschmeißer wird besprochen, was aktuell in der Konsole rotiert. Das alles jeden Freitag mit Kevin, Cookie, Chris und Gästen!
Weekly Deliverables
By Weekly Deliverables
Weekly Deliverables is a podcast aimed at answering a slew of questions about what it takes to get starting in creative endeavors and independent development. We encourage listeners to send us any and all questions you may have about getting started in any creative field or projects. We will work our best to answer these questions. Hosts: Pedro Guerra - @pedwar2 Alex Batista - @alex_batista Mark Diaz - @coolmarkd Intro Song - "Sizzle con Carne" Composer - Jason Lord, Twitter - @_JasonLord_ Contact - [email protected] Website - www.jason-lord.com
More GCI
By John Moscillo - More GCI
Welcome to the More GCI Podcast. Here you will be able to listen to past episodes. Often we try to make follow a theme and reference to previous weeks. There is no sugar coating, no happy unicorns. It is real world content and topics which will help you avoid misery, mistakes and hardship while growing the foundation to your business and growing it to the levels you desire. Happy Selling!
Future of Sharing Podcast
By Reinvent Inc.
Reinvent gathers top innovators in deep conversations about how to fundamentally reinvent our world.
Finblog I el podcast de Bankingly
By Bankingly
Desde Bankingly compartimos en este podcast información y herramientas de utilidad para instituciones financieras. Bankingly es una empresa que desarrolla canales digitales financieros que se pagan por uso y con bajo time to market.
App Collective Podcast
By Lewis & Nick
A podcast by and for indie app developers. Each week Lewis & Nick discuss things they’ve learned, and what’s got them ranting or excited in the world of indie app development.
CISM 89.3 : Avez-vous du WIFI
By CISM 89.3
Avez-vous du WiFi?, ou comment vivre d’amour, d’eau fraîche et d’internet.
Mikrokontrolle – detektor.fm
By detektor.fm
Wir starten eine Podcast-Serie über digitale Souveränität und Minicomputer. Denn Computer und Programmcode machen unser Leben einfacher, spaßiger und manchmal frustrierend. Wir benutzen digitale Systeme, aber die meisten von uns sind ihren Tücken und Lücken ausgeliefert.
Moving from Squarespace 5 to Squarepsace 7
By Training Team
This Podcast provides directions for moving from the Squarespace 5 platform to the Squarespace 7 platform
By Dronelicious
Live Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm PDT with your hosts Zoe & Santiago! Juicy guests, fresh topics, and delicious giveaways from the FPV Drone Racing Industry every episode- get in on the discussion @ Twitch.tv/dronelicious
Dan Bullman Photography Podcast
By Dan Bullman Photography Podcast
The Dan Bullman Photography Podcast is a show dedicated to exploring the impact of photography and social media on 21st century culture and art. The podcast includes solo episodes as well as interviews with other photographers.
Gregarious Mammal
By Gregarious Mammal
Gregarious Mammal is a regular ramble that covers topics such as technology, robots, coding, IoT, current affairs, travels, writing and so much more. Show notes can be found at - gregariousmammal.com/podcast
Simplicity 2.0 podcast by Laserfiche
By Simplicity 2.0 podcast by Laserfiche
Simplicity 2.0 is where we examine the intricate and transitory world of technology—through a Laserfiche lens. By keeping an eye on larger trends, we aim to make software that’s relevant to modern day workers, rather than build technology for technology’s sake. If what we’re saying piques your interest, head over to Laserfiche.com where you’ll see how we apply the lessons learned on Simplicity 2.0 to our own processes, products and industry.
Tech Hero: Technology for IT Leaders | Security | Data Management
By Todd Gallina: VP Marketing at Trace3 - The Transformative IT Authority
Tech Hero is a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs and CIOs stay on the leading edge of the ever-evolving world of technology. Whether you’re trying to keep in front of the innovation curve, solve today’s most pressing IT problems, or just trying to navigate the new solutions from Silicon Valley, this podcast is designed to help you leverage the most advanced tools, technologies, and solutions in the industry. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader or practitioner, discussing topics like: emerging technology, cloud storage, DevOps, Data Intelligence, cyber security, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, IT infrastructure, data lifecycle management, data governance, and more.
By Relay FM
Roboism is a fortnightly show mostly about robots. We care about how robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are affecting our culture. Come explore the humanity behind the bots that are quickly becoming a part of every day life. Hosted by Savannah Million and Alex Cox.
Wrestle Line
By John Scott
Join John Scott and Matt Essex as they follow the paths of various pro-wrestlers within WWF/E, WCW, and ECW. With guests such as Diana Hart Smith, Sheldon Goldberg, Daniel Puder, RJ Singh and more.
Forum Vascular
By Forum Vascular
Forum de discussões de Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular para especialistas médicos.
Town Hall Seattle Science Series
By Town Hall Seattle
The Science series presents cutting-edge research about biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geology, astronomy, and more. These events appeal to many different levels of expertise, from grade school students to career scientists. With a range of relevant applications, including medicine, the environment, and technology, this series expands our thinking and our possibilities.
Origins: Stories on Creativity
By Bryan Aiello
Conversations on writing, publishing, art and content creation.
Real Talk with Minister Rodney
Biblically sound teaching of the Word of God, intended to motivate and compel Christians to spirit led action.
Twisted Bard Gaming Podcast
By Twisted Bard
Tyler, Ali & Rob put the gaming world to rights with a round up the more interesting gaming news stories bouncing around the interwebs
Bandwidth Marketing
By Bandwidth Marketing Group
IdeaPod. A born idea man, talking ideas, with idea people…. Like you. The PodCast which BWM will start to engage its audience with light-hearted creative content which gets their minds stirring. Creativity and ideas, in our opinion, is one of the best things about our day, so we want to share it with you… in our Ideapod.
Conversations on Courage
By RJ Jackson
Debt, fear, relationships, the children, your health, work - When you want to give up, and you need courage to continue, Take Heart and tune in to The Conversations on Courage Podcast as RJ Jackson writes her signature message on your heart - "You don't have to live where you are dying and you don't have to die where you are living." Every show is a guaranteed opportunity to be informed, inspired, and encouraged to find the courage you need to succeed at home, work, and in your business.
The Digital Factory
By Formlabs
In honor of our conference on digital manufacturing, The Digital Factory, Formlabs is publishing a limited-run podcast! In this series, hosted by O’Reilly Media’s Jon Bruner, we’ll explore the future of the factory floor through conversations with experts who are changing the way things are made.
By JohnDGardiner
A micro podcast about technology and the state of Connected.fm as well as personal stories and discussions with JohnDGardiner.
F Bombs and A Words
By Rob Granger
Are you bored? Need something to aimlessly listen to while you do chores? Tired of all the bullshit in your life? Want to hear two overly opinionated foul mouthed dudes, who don't always agree? Do you constantly find yourself wondering "Whats wrong with this generation?" If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the podcast for YOU! Come on in and prepare your mind for a metaphorical journey into the minds of two regular guys that get it and if given the opportunity, swear that they could fix everything.
Every Axis
By Freefly Systems
A podcast from Freefly Systems featuring stories about everything that inspires our team; from exclusive interviews with leading filmmakers and drone pilots to probing discussions into the tech that makes our work possible.
Attitude Consultant
By Attitude Consultant
Overcoming fear of rejection