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Contra Radio Network

By john jeffers
A podcast for the listeners and subscribers of Contra Radio Network focusing on the issues of Preppers and Patriots

Frederico Tales

By Frederico Tales
O Além da Fogueira é um podcast de storytelling que visa aliar a mídia do podcast com a beleza encantadora da boa escrita criativa

Betsy & Thomas: American Intelligence Media

By American Intelligence Media
Esteemed patriots Betsy & Thomas share politics, humour & love


By Harshit G
Navras is a podcast about human expression of emotions, especially, in a way that man knows best - through music. Join me in reviewing the music that we like and in discussing what it means for us.

Thinking with David

By David Smart
David explores various topics with friends and guests. Realms of discussion span meditation, spirituality, religion, psychology, self-help, society, culture, artistry, books, philosophy, thru-hiking and consciousness.

Psych for Today

Nate Webster of is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who produces this monthly podcast on the psychology behind current issues in our country and world. What is the psychological perspective on what is going on in our world today?

Openmedi miniPodcast

By Martin Hähnel
Was sind das eigentlich für Leute, die sich außerhalb klassischer wissenschaftlicher Institutionen mit Wissenschaft beschäftigen und wie kann man verstehen, was sie tun?

Humanity Podcast

By Thom Quine
A podcast about evolutionary philosophy, in which we discuss topics in philosophy through the lens of evolutionary theory

Ten Words

By Jeremy Waite
A weekly half-hour show full of BIG ideas, small words and short sentences, featuring people who have changed the world by making complicated things simple. From artists to astronauts, scientists to storytellers, preachers and poets, Ten Words looks at some of the world's most quotable people to discover what their words really meant. Part biography, part storytelling masterclass, Ten Words is a fun and fast-paced podcast for anyone interested in the power of words or improving their own com...

The Sauntering Mind

By Delio Pera
Typically a one-man show in which I discuss all manner of things, but focus on self improvement, philosophy, and religion.

The Kris Pavone Show - Live The Life You've Imagined

By Kris Pavone
Are you looking for more out of life?  Have you found your dreams, hopes and goals for the future keep getting pushed to the back burner?  The Kris Pavone Show is here to help.  My name is Kris Pavone and when I was a kid I had a dream to be a WWE (then called WWF) wrestler. As an adult, I achieved that dream and lived out a nearly 10-year career in pro wrestling, 5 of those being with the WWE. I then left the wrestling world to pursue a full-time teaching career, and I am excited about where...

Q2 - The Questions / Queries Podcast

By Sam Martin
A podcast focused on interviewing interesting New Zealanders.

Discovery Christian Church Podcast

By Discovery, A Christian Church
This podcasts includes sermons from Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, CO. For more information about our growing community of faith, please visit

Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti

By Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti
The Deep Dive podcast was born from a desire for critical thought, vulnerability and awareness. Your host Dana Falsetti, a thinker, a writer, a yoga teacher, an activist, and authenticity agent. Each month you’ll hear from Dana and her guests, ranging from iconic disruptors to everyday people, all candidly sharing their personal experiences on topics ranging from sexuality to social justice and consciousness to capitalism. Deep dive is a space to tackle hard-hitting questions and controversia...

Offshore Insights Podcast

By Evan Luth
The Offshore Insights podcast serves as a conduit for unity, by using water as the connecting thread to the stories and individuals we meet. Through this form of communication, we aim to break down social & cultural barriers between seemingly disparate groups, helping us to better understand one another and the world that we share. This podcast generates intelligent, thoughtful and in-depth conversations within the global surf and water-oriented communities. Through a wide range of subje...

Renew the Arts Podcast

By Renew the Arts
Liberate Christian Creativity

Better Hiker Podcast

By Arthur McMahon
Walkers, runners, hikers, and backpackers rejoice: this is the show for you! Better Hiker motivates hikers to improve themselves and the trails they walk through the adventurous tales of notable outdoor legends like John Muir, Gertrude Bell, and Henry David Thoreau. Join us as we study trail wisdom and philosophy, learn new skills, and become inspired by courageous real life stories of the women and men who explore wild lands.

Mojo Mondays with SwagSam | Inspiration | Motivation | Work Life Balance | TGIM | Monday | Mondays for the Win

By WhatUp Silicon Valley
SwagSam’s Mojo Mondays are designed to pump you up for the work week and get focused. Each week there is a new theme and SwagSam kicks off the week with energy and a plan to crush it over the next 5 days. WhatUp! Silicon Valley is a South Bay podcast for the innovators, creatives, and young professionals in this #hustlevalley. Started by self-professed “bros” Sam and Serg, Aubrie, Jess and Hannah joined the team in 2018, taking the podcast from a weekly show to a daily network format. WhatU...

My Take On It

By Your Angelic Karma
a show on relationships that is uncut, unsugar coated, direct, and straight to the point. not for the ears of the delicate or faint at heart. Listen as I "cross the lines and boundaries" fearlessly going into the ugliness of relationships to unmask what is covered up, ignored, or intentionally avoided. My intention is to shed light on what needs to be dealt with directly in order to save and/or create long lasting mutually nurturing healthy relationships. I'm going in!! **Check Me Out On...


By John Henry
This is the story of a man who was convicted and imprisoned for a sex crime

Sacred and Profane Love

By Sacred and Profane Love
Through wide ranging conversations with philosophers, literary critics, artists, and theologians, philosopher Jennifer A. Frey explores the nature of love and happiness as depicted in important works of literature, poetry, and film. Our project is supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation and housed at the University of Chicago.

It's a Utah Thing

By Alan Buys and Chrissy Webster
It's a Utah Thing is a podcast devoted to increasing understanding and perspective of Utah, LDS(Mormon), life and culture. It is cohosted by active Mormons, Alan Buys and Chrissy Webster, who are very serious and live in the Logan, Utah area.

Next Door Villain

By Joe Anderson
Each episode, we dive into the mind of a well-known fictional villain, discussing what makes them who they are and why they do what they do. It may sound silly, but empathy is a skill, and if we can practice it and perfect then we might just have a chance at understanding and connecting with the real life enemies we face in our everyday lives. At the end of each episode we share a literary piece (poem, short story, monologue) written about our villain. To submit your own literary piece, go to...


By BhaktiYogaInstitute
Philosophical Discussions


Una mirada filosófica a los problemas que nos plantea la cultura pop. Conduce Tomás Balmaceda. Un podcast original de Posta.


By Dawn Starks
Certified financial planner and teacher Dawn Starks discusses how to simplify everything in your life, including your finances.

Sirculate Podcast

By Gary Martin
The (5) Sirculate Principles: Be Virtuous: Remain virtuous in all things to become the best representation of yourself! Keep an Open Mind: Approach new ideas, points of view, cultures, and ways of life with intrigue and empathy! Practice Independent Thinking: Be proactive in seeking new opportunities to grow physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally! Be Bold: As you seek new experiences, build upon your point of view and proactively put forth your new ideas! Persevere: Be confident in w...

I Digress Massively

By David Anderson and Bil Burton
Surreal comedy by two eccentrics who apply faultless logic and mayhem to the plethora of nonsense through which they wade. Saturday.

Know Thyself

By Noel Armstrong
Resurrecting sense and meaning from the dust of a billion factoids. New episodes are released the first and third Monday of each month.


By Pablo Jimenez
Un podcast sobre predicación, liderazgo cristiano y teología pastoral, producido por el Dr. Pablo A. Jiménez, director de

Mere Liberty: Dare to Think & Flashes of Liberty

By Kerry Baldwin
To challenge and rethink our paradigms for understanding society, by applying reformed theology and philosophy to politics, religion, and culture, in order to encourage individual freedom and responsibility within our own spheres of influence. Mere Liberty is about liberty at its most fundamental core. It’s stripping away the rhetoric that we’ve become accustomed to hearing and challenging the paradigms that face us today. Mere Liberty is not about politics per se, rather it’s about the p...

Digital Survivor

By @holm_z6c, christoph,
Das Ministerium für Landnerdschaft präsentiert: Digital Survivor Christoph, Holm und Gäste unterhalten sich über technische Themen die sie betreffen oder interessieren. Nix für jedermanns Geschmack, dafür aber gerne auch mit Tiefgang. Unregelmäßig gibt es hier: * kurze "Tagebuch eines Admins"-Beiträge als DS-compact, alleine, zu zweit, mit mehreren, ... * längere Folgen in denen wir uns über aktuelle Geschehnisse in der IT Welt unterhalten * Auf ein bestimmtes Thema beschränkte Folgen, z.B. z...


By Hudson Gardner
Thoughts, recordings, and interviews by Hudson Gardner

Christ Community Church Batesburg-Leesville

By Christ Community Church Batesburg-Leesville
Located in Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina. "Christ Community Church exists to help people Know Jesus Christ and Serve the Community by Being the Church." Visit our Website:

The Adrift on Purpose Podcast

By Meghan Seawell & Lis Hubert
We are Lis Hubert & Meghan Seawell, and we started Adrift on Purpose because we’re both interested in what it means—and what it takes—to live a life of choice vs. a life of obligation. What does that look like, both for ourselves and for others? So, we want to interview people who have made interesting choices and crafted unique lives, to find out what challenges, decisions, and forms of guidance they’ve encountered along the way. What makes them all similar? What can we emulate? When we...

World We Long For with Caitriona Reed

By Caitriona Reed
There are hidden leaders among us –Disruptors, Creatives, Artists, Educators, and Entrepreneurs working quietly to transform the world from the inside out; touching the lives of others by stealth, by example, by riding the current just ahead of the wave. And there are others, recognized for their public voice, leaders in their own right, with unknown dimension beneath the surface of what they are best known for. Join us for this Podcast series of intimate encounters that illuminate what is hi...

Verdant Reflections

By Douglas Scofield / Anchor
Verdant Reflections keeps one foot in the present age while peering back into history to comprehend what enhances life (and what tends to drag down the 'good life').

Proud 2 Be Profane Podcast | Schism206

By Michael Joseph
A podcast where we rebel against the compass and stick to the square... ignorance is bliss. Joking aside, this show is simply to speak with some guests in the "truther" arena that I enjoy, and to have some decent conversations with them about our messed up world we live in. We may laugh, we may cry... but at least we aren't some godless unemotional A.I.

With Integrity

By Tate Linden
Sharing a better way to understand, achieve and maintain integrity for people and organizations

American Heretic

By Charlie McCallie
Conversations at the intersection of philosophy, theology, science, politics and life.

Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast

New Podcast about Sex, Relationships, Love and FuckBoys made for #Millennials by Millennials. Crafted for you by B+L

Unbreakable Links

By Kate Erlenbusch & Amy Somers
Unbreakable Links is a creative collaboration between two friends, Amy Somers and Kate Erlenbusch. The name itself comes from a line in Mary Oliver’s essay collection Upstream: "I would say that there exist a thousand unbreakable links between each of us and everything else, and that our dignity and our chances are one." Through the podcast we engage in conversations about what it means to live a connected life; how seemingly disparate ideas are interconnected; how ideologies either support...


Welcome, one and all. Through open-ended conversation with ongoing unique guests, on topics as broad as my days left on Earth will allow me to explore, I hope to; uncover and share new perspectives, find resonance through common understanding, build an extended community of people having conversations with one another, have fun talking to beautifully one-of-a-kind individuals about anything and everything, and finally, to expound on the complexities of being human in an insane and only partly...

Spooky Time on KPISS.FM

Funny Scary Stories w Chase Montavon

Mindful Notes

By Gina Stovall
Daily voice notes about mindfulness, minimalism and intentional living


Son impudicité politique donne des cauchemars aux théologiens de la tolérance et du bon goût. Peno est l'esprit gaulois et libre qui renverse les idoles d’une époque emmerdante.

BAD Podcast

By Brett Lally
It's BAD

Narrow Gate Podcast

By Benjamin Hoover, LMFT
Series where we will wrestle with and explore a wide range of topics from emotions, addictions, sex, the brain, faith/Christianity, to create discomfort, inspiration, and hope.

Weekly Dose Of Common Sense With Cory Bernardi

Australian Conservatives founder and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi takes a weekly look at politics from a conservative perspective

Every Day Live

By Ben Vizy & Ryan Scott
Every morning around 0730h MST, Ben Vizy and Ryan Scott greet the day with a song, a country, and a whole lot of assorted nonsense. Check out the weekly archive of the daily variety show!

Rational Enquirer

By Joseph Schreiber
This podcast will cover a range of topics that will cover religion, spirituality, music and the arts, science, technology, and philosophical ideas. My goal with this is to help you to grow in your own journey through life, and bring you new thoughts and ideas that will be challenging and entertaining.

Principle of Moment Broadcast

By Eric Chapman, Alvaro Garcia
The Principle of Moment Broadcast is a radio style mix series curated by Eric Chapman and Alvaro Garcia.


By Angelo Karageorgos / Anchor
Witnessing the Magical Emergence of Potentiality. Where the Path to Authenticity is Paved with Enthusiasm when you Embrace Life as a Whole

Love Lake Norman

By Love Lake Norman
To help people find and follow Jesus.


By The Salvation Army Australia - JUSTSalvos
The aim of our podcasts is to engage Salvos in meaningful and respectful discussion regarding controversial or 'hot topics'. The views or comments of those participating in the podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of The Salvation Army. This podcast was recorded on land for which Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation are the traditional owners and custodians. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging.

Kmeo - Le Podcast pour Multipotentiel / Slasheur / Scanneur

By Kmeo - Le Podcast pour Multipotentiel / Slasheur / Scanneur
Kmeo est un podcast pour personnes curieuses aux multiples passions, activités et compétences qui ne veulent pas à avoir à se spécialiser que dans un seul domaine car ils auraient la sensation d’avoir à abandonner leurs autres centres d’intérêt. Ces personnes sont généralement appelées multipotentiel, slasheur ou scanneur. Vous trouverez ici de nombreux témoignages, méthodes, exercices et réflexions qui vous aideront à vivre pleinement votre multipotentialité.

The DTPHD Podcast by David Tian, Ph.D., on Truth, Love, and The Good | Psychology | Philosophy | Relationships | Wealth | Entrepreneurship | Business | Success

By David Tian Ph.D.
Psychology, philosophy, love, truth, value, power, wealth, the good life, and the meaning of life — join David Tian on the “DTPHD Podcast” as we explore these and many other deep topics. The DTPHD Podcast is where success oriented people, just like you, come to learn about cutting edge research and developments in the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and technology and how they affect and can improve our day to day lives. This show will help you improve your relationships, giv...

Memes in the Morning

By Memes in the Morning
Replicating a visual medium through story telling and other fun stuff.

Faith Feedback

By Justin and Gabriel
We are a podcast dedicated to discuss real issues and pursue biblical answers to them. We grow and learn together in every conversation as Christ followers. He is our hope and foundation, and has given us all sufficient answers in the Word of God, He, in His sovereign grace, put together.

Conversations with a Wounded Healer

By Sarah Buino, Head/Heart Therapy
Who’s a wounded healer? It’s any one of us who works in a caring profession and is bravely doing their own work, while helping others. My goal is to share the parallel journey we as healers walk along with our clients and how we attend to our own humanity while caring for others. My podcast is about conversations and community building, what we can learn from each other, and how we can help heal each other. We’re cultivating a space where we celebrate vulnerability, authenticity and “showin...

Casting Hope

By Hope Presbyterian Church: Columbus, OH
A sermon podcast of Hope Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio.

Shifting The Paradigm

By Rian Bevan
We can't solve problems on the same level as how the problem was created. We need to change our reference and identification with the problem to solve it. Listen to me talk and speculate with people on different topics related to shifting our individual and collective thinking. "All the ones who don't have the same reality tunnel as us do not seem ignorant, or deliberately perverse, or lying, or hypnotized by some mad ideology, they just have a different reality tunnel. And every reality tunn...


By John Darkly
A deep dive into the under layer and workings of our collective realty using philosophy and science.

Let's Get Mystical

By Elle & Ali
Join lighthearted hosts and long-time friends, Elle and Ali, as they explore the unknown depths of our world and others!


By Sami Yusuf
'Reflections' is a search for meaning and understanding through a series of dialogues between Sami Yusuf and some of the most remarkable minds today as they explore the ideas and values that are shaping our world. Leading creative thinkers in topics ranging from culture, arts, spirituality, sciences, and much more, discuss underlying trends and ideas, in their full depth and subtlety.

Goddess Reflections with Sentia Yoga

By Sentia Yoga
Welcome! Sentia Yoga was named after a Roman Goddess, and in these podcasts we carry the goddess theme through all the varied content! You'll find meditations, readings, interviews, and ideas. See more of what Sentia Yoga is up to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sentiayoga or head to my website Thankyou and Namaste! x

Legends of the Craft

By Matias Cumsille
Masonic Myths, Legends and stories for Freemasons, Anti-Masons, and Non-Masons. These stories of heroism, courage and honor are for everyone. Brothers Bunge and Cumsille hope to remind the brethren of why they became freemasons in the first place. For you non-members perhaps this Podcast can shed some light on why freemasonry exists and it's mission in the world. Sorry folks, but no conspiracy theories or illuminati tales here, just inspirational, motivating legends of the cr...

Rising Minds

By Rising Minds
At Rising Minds, we believe that the future is formed where technology, business and culture collide. Each month, across the globe we hear from inspiring speakers exploring this space and publish what we learn right here. Learn more at

Introduction to the Catholic Life

By introduction to the catholic life
Introduction to The Catholic Life is a weekly podcast by four young Scottish Catholic men. We speak on topics regarding our Catholic faith, the Church and more.

Atheist Republic News

By Armin Navabi & Allie Jackson
Allie and Armin discuss the latest news on atheism, secularism, and religion from a global perspective.

Season One, Episode One: Imagining the End of Plastic with Portia Munson

By Joni Whitworth
Future Prairie Radio examines modern futurist art, design, and culture through the eyes of a diverse selection of artists, activists, photographers, policymakers, musicians, filmmakers, technologists, writers, and more. We go beyond AI, robotics, and new currencies to investigate the humanist and ethical values that intersect with contemporary life and technology.

Psychonaut Ballers

By Cife City

Synchronicities with Sam Squared

By Samantha Yancey & Samantha Zavala: Cousins, Energy workers & Light lovers
Two cousins share their thoughts on all things spiritual and energetic. With open hearts they bring you authentic, down to earth, Love & Light. Wherever you may be on your path, join in on the conversation and the movement to live in the flow. If you listen long enough you may notice more synchronicities in your life. Tune in to Synchronicities with Sam Squared as they reach out to all the light lovers weekly. Listen up #Lightlovers and get in sync!


By 张靖一
《开启你的高维智慧》是一把可以打开所有智慧系统天窗的金钥匙,当你能够自如掌握和使用这把钥匙的时候,你的人生可能从此就不同了。 《开启你的高维智慧》一书从求同存异到求同尊异,超越生命中的认知局限,从求同尊异到归同了异,提升你的意识维度并将其融合为万有归一,从归同了异到无同无异,唤醒生命的终极圆满。


By luke and scott
We are 2 guys talking about the paranormal and cryptid topics and things that are unexplained. Luke is a pararnormal investigator and scott just really enjoys the topics. join us as we talk about the mysteries in our world


By 张靖一
两性,爱欲,婚恋,离合,亲子——智慧禅者,慈悲佛心,为芸芸众生做最切身的点拨。 或问:禅者也谈男女?答曰:若有一事,禅不能及,那禅也就离道了。 性是人生的第 一大公案,爱是情感中最深刻的缘起,芸芸众生正在此迷思,但亦可由此返观,由此修行,由此超越。 变是本质,不变是迷思。所以禅说人生是:春天的花、夏天的鸟、秋天的枫、冬天的雪。识得此,每一阶段就有每一阶段的色彩,每一生命就有每一生命的风光。爱如此,性如此,亲子之间亦如此。


By Mark Moriarty
Created this playlist while giving Mathew Passy a demo of the site. Because I id3-tagged the audio before uploading, automatically mined the ID3 tags from the file so I didn't have to re-enter them.


By Quantization
Welcome to Quantization, a podcast from Arezoo Talebzadeh and Kaveh Ashourinia on inclusion. We are trying to increase awareness, and open conversation about inclusion and diversity. Each episode is based on a specific and different topics, and has one to three expert guests.

Quirks & Compulsions

By Anthony Colangelo, Patrick Marsceill, and Aura Seltzer
The show about overanalyzing the overlooked. Your hosts, Anthony Colangelo, Patrick Marsceill, and Aura Seltzer discuss their obsessions with life's minutiae.

Queer2TheT2 (Queer 2 The T) #2

By Queer2TheT2 (Queer 2 The T)
LGBTQIA Radio Station

Queen of Brains Podcast

By Queen of Brains Podcast
Queen of Brains is a podcast which explores “zombie culture” and the anthropology of the undead. The show examines the recent rise of corpses across various entertainment platforms and picks the brains of those with something to say on the subject of these beloved biters.

Quelques minutes avant la fin du monde...

By Lestempop
Bonheur, Hygiène, Sécurité !

Quantum Citizens

By UBN Radio
Spiritual and quantum knowledge.

Quandary 42

By Aqua Matt
nerdtalk and geek culture

Quarter Thought

By Northern Hills Church of Christ
Quarter Thought aims to give you insightful, provoking, & valuable thoughts about Scripture in 15 minutes.

Quantum Connection

By Andrew Goldan Hawkes
Quantum Connection podcast is about getting in touch with your inner wisdom and why. It tackles some of life's hardest questions and presents information in a way that allows the listener to leave with a sense of fulfilment whilst being uplifted. With a central premise of Love and Acceptance, it covers topics such as spiritual intuition and personal attraction, and how you are able to use those sort of topics to receive anything you truly desire. Quantum Connection is presented by Andrew Haw...

Queen City Poly

By BB & Coach Kaey
Queen City Poly is a podcast dedicated to connecting real people with real solutions for their relationship goals. Focused on communication, consent, and autonomy, we discuss polyamory and ethical non-monogamy as well as broader topics concerning open relationships of all structures and configurations (polyamorous and otherwise). We even call on monogamous friends and special guests to share their views on love, sex, family, psychology, sociology, and other tangents that spark our curious min...

Quinebaug River Church

By Joshua George
A compilation of the sermons delivered to Quinebaug River Church in Griswold CT. Visit us online at


By Richard Gatarski
Hörpunkter om den sköna konsten marknadsföring


By Beth Almond Ford & Leslie Shelor
Two mountain girls talk about knitting, handspinning, books, postcards and life in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Quirky Inspired

By Quirky Inspired
Talking about all the things that make life rock, finding your passions, and being a kick ass you.


By queer laundry
Queer laundry laverà panni sporchi in diretta ogni giovedi alle 14 sui 105.85 Fm di Radio Kairos Bologna streaming su

Queer 2 The T

By Queer 2 The T
LGBTQIA Arts and Culture, Nightlife, Politics and other Shenanigans!

Qué es el amor

En esta entrega se puede escucha un texto del filósofo italiano Pico della Mirandola, uno de los exponentes más representativos del periodo renacentista, el cual escribió “Comentario a una canción de amor”, glosa de un poema escrito por su amigo Giorolamo Benivieni, el cual a su vez se había inspirado en la obra de Marsilio Ficino intitulada ‘Sobre el amor’. De este modo, Della Mirandola presenta los fundamentos de su teoría del amor en el contexto de una interpretación neoplatónica, para dis...

Sermons from Faith Lutheran

By Pastor Ben Colahan
Weekly sermons recorded live most Sundays at Faith Lutheran Church in Chico, CA

Echo Chamber

By Ed Williams
ECHO CHAMBER is an interview series stemming from my sound installation ECHO ORGAN, which centers on grief and its relation to musical experiences. I’m documenting the experiences of other musicians to develop the question of music’s power to recall memories and incite deep emotions. Discussions are held with new artists and musicians and feature extracts of music as well as aphoristic fragments from text written by my dad, for whose death my grieving became the driving force of this project.

Crazy Wisdom

By Stewart Alsop
Stewart Alsop interviews creative people (artists, founders, engineers) about how their meditation, mindfulness, and yoga practices help them to reach creative flow. We dive deeply into how this search for self benefits us and those around us. We talk about ways to help anyone find their own creative flow through techniques or practices