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Society & Culture
Welcome to the Y on Earth Community’s “Stewardship & Sustainability” podcast series! Join author Aaron William Perry as he discusses hopeful information and actionable inspiration with community leaders, authors, and educators from diverse g...
Liminal Worlds explores emerging trends, movements, ideas, and events related to the arts, culture, and society. I'll be doing book and movie reviews, commentary, and interviewing people about their works and projects.
It's all about perspective...
The end may or may not be near, but I'll continue making useless content regardless.
A podcast about life, work, and the stuff that captures our attention.
This podcast is made up of uploads from our YouTube channel and other original audio sources. The main topics are the future, economics, technology, and cryptocurrency. Come hangout and enjoy the discussions.
Maria Johanna gives you inspiration on your journey to your inner Truth. We are all on our own journey to Self Realization. Everything that comes on our way is there to guide us. Life is happening for you and we are here to remember. Maria Johann...
Die Autorin und Gründerin des Blogs AnamRua macht nun auch einen Podcast! Es geht um den magischen und spirituellen Alltag, Tarot und andere spannende Dinge. Lisa ist außerdem eine moderne Großstadt-Hexe, Mitglied beim OBOD und Historikerin.
3 generations, 3 points of views, what we all have in common. Father/daughter team of Lauren Hutchins and Bob Hutchins interview guests from all walks of life and perspectives. Slasher Film director turned Rabbi, a leader in the Flat Earth movemen...
Multiplicity and philosophy: what it means to have several minds in one skull.
A psychologist, a philosopher, and an anthropologist walk into a Podcast. We hope to offend anyone that holds entrenched views, pop some bubbles, air out some echo chambers, see if we can tackle familiar controversies, and try and find a third wa...
Easy Talk to Get You Started

The Prose and Poesy Podcast

By Ernesto Mora : Poet, Author and Voice Talent
ThePOEMHOME Prose and Poesy Podcast, hosted by Ernesto Mora features his readings of dark poetry, poem inspirations, deep poetry discussion sessions and promoting releases of his poetry ebooks.
An ongoing conversation with Doctor Matthew Jacoby, author of the Thrive Bible Reading Guides, Teaching Pastor, And leader of the Psalmist band Sons of Korah. Join us as we go deeper into the Bible, discussing the passages as we read them to...
Let's start a conversation. In this podcast, I speak of the topics that no one wants to discuss. LGBTQ rights, female rights, racial equality, atheism, agnosticism, and any other current social and political topics. It' time to get real! Facebook...
Two skeptics, two bottles of wine, two hours, and too much mysterious stuff for just one conversation.
Psychotherapist & Author Ira Israel explicates his favorite quotes from philosophers, writers, musicians and artists regarding truth, love, consciousness, psychology, art and philosophy. New episodes every Monday and Thursday! Ira Israel is ...

A Day With Crime Podcast

By David and Geneva McClam: True Crime Enthusiast
A Father and Daughter podcast discussion on True Crime
Narcisse est depuis l'Antiquité le symbole de l'innocence, de l'éducation et de la métamorphose. Le dimanche de 12h à 12h30.
「ボイスメモを公開する。」は、後藤による、引きこもりラジオ。 後藤:創作グループ「頭痛派」代表。作家/批評家/ライター/ラジオパーソナリティー。
职场成长指南,心理学科普 这本书为大家提供了时间、选择、行动、学习、思维、才能、成功七个方面的精进路径,只要依循书中的方法反复磨练,便可以日益精进,成为一个很厉害的人,找到实现自我的那条成功之道。 这本书将帮助你—— ◎建立平衡的【时间】观,度过真正有质量的人生 ◎建立选择标准,解决【选择】中的两难困境,找到适合选项 ◎高效、即刻行动,在【行动】中增长智慧 ◎通过提问、解码、操练、融合,成为高段位的【学习】者 ◎了解潜意识特性,借助【思维】工具,突破大脑的限制 ◎优化个人资源,有策略地培养...
Watching Watchmen is the unofficial companion podcast to HBO's series, Watchmen. Join us every week as we discuss and dissect the latest episode. Follow us online to join the discussion! twitter @hbowatchmen | | wa...
Tom and Greg walk through the Bible and how theology influences our culture
常言道:“打工打工,两手空空”。相信很多人都有这样的一个困惑,为什么自己明明已经努力到无能为力了,然而几年下来事业依然毫无起色,前途渺茫? 本专辑每晚更新,只讲最干的网络暴利项目创业干货。帮助大家少走弯路。节约创业的时间成本和物质成本。手把手教会大家如何在一个人的情况下,利用3个月到半年的时间达到月赚5万+的收入。快速赚取人生的第一桶金。 更多创业思维和项目操作手法以及营销经验,加我V信:492939831备注:喜马拉雅免费领取《互联网暴利项目赚钱82招》 互联网时代,造就了一个又一个的神...
This show is about self discovery through traveling the world. I interview other travelers ranging from all parts of life. The goal is to share stories and experiences from all over the world to enrich your life. Sometimes the interview or talk wi...
Learning how people create progress through focus. Get "7 Steps To Focus": iTunes:
Shorcast es el podcast de temas interesantes con gente que sabe.  Después de meses de escuchar podcasts y no encontrar una buen alternativa en español. Decidí crear mi propio podcast con contenido original. Mi único objetivo es que crezcas despué...
Shows YouTube Playlist at Discussing LIFE's DIFFICULT Topics! Violence knows no boundaries with regard to age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic situation, or geography. Trauma can...
Dandelions are all around you. Disruptive alone; devastating together. Three parts prophetic curators, two parts manic creators, one part invasive weed. We are the arch-nemesis of your meticulously manicured lawns. Where others see weeds, WE SEE...


By Константин Сёмин
После завершения работы над фильмом «Последний звонок» мы решили продолжить свою работу по освещению важных общественных процессов и явлений. Так появилась идея создания интернет-проекта "По-живому", где мы общаемся с людьми, деятельность и взгляд...
Interviews and curious discussions with creative people about the stuff they make and why they make it. "Here I Made This" deconstructs a guest’s creative process and are challenged to dig deep and discuss how they push through their own self-doub...
Join us as we discuss life’s great distractions from an introspective and creative point of view. Each week we focus on a fresh and exciting topic and let the conversation flow! We hope that every episode leaves you with, if nothing else, somethin...


By Francesca Georgia & Gracie McNulty
We're Juvenile! A podcast all about discussing what it's really like being a teen nowadays. We're here to show everyone that even though we're young, we still have thoughts and opinions worth sharing. Co-hosts Fran and Gracie are here to start som...
Liberty empowers people just like you and me to "do their thing" in life, and The Do Your Thing Podcast exists to document and share their stories! By exploring the power and virtue of liberty in real life terms, this show seeks to advance liberty...
资深周易研究者江南易林带你深度解读易经为人处事的智慧。 可能很多人都曾尝试去读《周易》,结果多是茫无头绪:要么是不懂文言文,要么看懂了翻译出来的字面意思却不知道其内在含义,更别说如何运用了,于是最终会放弃阅读。其实,阅读《周易》是有技巧的,江南易林以后会用专门的系列来解说。 周易六十四卦,每个卦各自象征着某一事物、现象在特定背景中产生、发展、变化的规律,对应到人事方面,象征着人生(或一个团体、国家)在六十四种"特定背景"下应该如何作为的道理 。而这个"特定背景"就是周易上所说的卦时。周易六...
Tune in and join the conversation between our esoteric syndicate as we move through philosophy, mysticism, science, art, music,, comedy, and mind altering substances. Follow the Path!
We have endless resources of wisdom all around us. In very close proximity, but often unnoticed. 75+ women in our society don't get the recognition and opportunity to share their inspiring and magical life stories and lessons with us. This podcast...
A fortnightly podcast exploring queer and black identity️With your hosts: @sekaimachache and @duckfluffdill
Building Tomorrow explores the ways technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are creating a freer, wealthier, and more peaceful world.
Enjoy these archived radio broadcasts on the topics of prayer, awakening, revival, faith, and repentance going back as far as 2003 (A Word on Revival, 1-20), but mostly from 2015-present (A Call to Prayer). Originally broadcast on 99.1 FM The One ...
The reality is, if you just learn about wealth strategies but your life and relationships aren't well and you're not feeling fulfilled then no amount of money will matter. The Better Wealth podcast is based on principles of educating people today ...
Poetry prescriptions for cracking open hearts & minds, bodies & souls
A podcast with references to philosophical ideas including topics such as bullying, dating, exercise, bodybuilding, conspiracies, extra terrestrial beings, coffee, karma, meditation, spirituality, veganism and everything in between.

Firecracker Soul

By Carolyn Gill - life enthusiast, passionate, purposeful life, podcaster, firecracker soul
Firecracker Soul will Change Your Life. The decision to build and produce Firecracker Soul came about as a result of attending a weekend speaker summit in Seattle in September 2017! These words, "take your mess and make it your message", were l...
ポッドキャスト番組【緊急特番】今だからこそ「前横浜市長 中田宏に訊く!」をお聴きいただき、ありがとうございます。元横浜市長であった、中田宏氏が日本創新党代表幹事として日本のビジョンについて語ります。今回、中田氏は参院選で全国比例区にて出馬します。
Information & Inspiration to Save the Planet
We're Simon and Martina. We run a YouTube channel where we travel around Japan and the world. There are some stories we can't film. For those, we'll share our Tokyo Tales.
Getting people to look...easy. Getting people to care...not so easy.

Coffee Blend

By Kerstin Kögler und Alina Rimovetz
Coffee Blend ist eine bunte Mischung von Erzählungen aus dem alltäglichen Leben von Alina und Kerstin. Auf authentische Art diskutieren sie in ihrem Podcast aktuelle Themen im Leben von jungen Frauen.
Weekly messages from City Church Cincinnati. Pease enjoy the messages and visit us at
如果喜欢我的播讲,欢迎打赏哦^-^ 对于《思辨的禅趣:<坛经>视野下的世界秩序》这部作品,著者熊逸是这样阐释的:“本书从《坛经》入手,在梳理禅宗思想渊源的时候难免会由禅及佛,涉及印度佛教的学理纷争与中国佛教的传承演变--许多人认为禅宗是完全中国本土化的佛教,其实并不尽然,禅宗的许多思想都可以在印度佛教、乃至印度外道那里找到源头的。连带对一些许多人都知其然的东西--比如‘风动幡动’、‘空即是色’,也会尽量讲出个所以然来,毕竟这些说法既不是故弄玄虚的文字游戏,也不是不合逻辑的信口空...
Je vous parle de ce qui m'inspire tout en espérant vous inspirer également. Mais plus important encore... Je ne coupe rien. Ce podcast est 100% original. Balek Du Cut.
A collection of love inspired talks by poet/author Londrelle.
This is a project designed to build a resilient soul. It is equal parts book group, confessional, motivational workshop, and therapy session. We are here to grow, change, and have fun! We started this project for several reasons To inform and e...
Le podcast sans étiquette et sans concession.
Conversations about death, dying, life, love and anything in between.
Welcome to Outta our Minds!! where we talk about Ghosts, Anime, Comics, Movies, Games, Media, News, the paranormal, supernatural, myths, hauntings, unexplained and legends. Subscribe Here For My YT videos: ...
Black isn’t really a race. But if it were, who would win? KingKunta and B-Honest go Head to Head on today’s issues from two sides of the same coin. Nothing is black and white.
HERO AND ME is the podcast that celebrates exceptionalism, not as a thing that distinguishes notable figures of the past from our own times, but as an ideal that links us together and inspires us to be the very best that we can be.
Leading writers talk to editor and literary critic Ellah Wakatama Allfrey about their books and their lives.
A podcast that tries to delve into emotional and personal issues, Dear Ally is the expression of the author’s life and experiences. This podcast is a very one sided conversation between Elwen Farr and Ally which attempts to tackle everything from ...
Mit diesem Podcast will die Autorin Menschen inspirieren. Sie wagt stets einen Blick über den Tellerrand hinaus und will mit ihren Ideen anderen Menschen helfen, ein ausgefüllteres und schöneres Leben zu führen. Katharina Rosch nennt sich selbst ...
Stories inspired by GamerDude's Twitch stream. They're about gaming, growing up, family, relationships, food, music, movies; basically, stories about life.
Friends, colleagues, readers, critics, I believe a new wave of business leaders are rising amongst us. These are the leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers that I would like to share with you in this conversational series. Old world views of tyra...
Join us as we feature interviews with leading scholars on our cultural heritage and how we can think about our own times more insightfully.


By zak lioutas: Host, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer
Welcome to UFYM, I'm your host Zak Lioutas. This podcast is about healing the ego and awakening your spirit. You'll hear stories of peoples struggle to what they have done to becoming visionaries of a collection consciousness that is assisting hu...
Hosting space for deep dialogue and radical integration
Was ist Kreativität? Warum und wie können wir sie in allen Lebensbereichen nutzen? Innovationen geschehen nicht auf Knopfdruck oder durch intelligente Algorithmen. Da müssen wir schon selber ran. Das Interview erklärt auch, warum wir uns vom Mytho...
Two girls talking about real life stuff, ghosties and true crime! Tune in to hear us crack jokes at our own expense.
This is an archive show (Episode 301-600 only). For the newest episodes, subscribe to the regular podcast Optimal Finance Daily in your favorite podcast app!


By Remy Gilliland, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Partha Unnava
RAP UP is a hilarious podcast talking through the ins and outs of hip-hop music and recent albums, mixed with witty banter unique to friends who grew up together.
Classic stoner exploration with no clear intention
Is it time to live the extraordinary? Come listen to the muses as they muse about finding joy, an inspired life, and amazing dreams.
Reflexões e ações para uma vida com mais autoconsciência. Aqui se fala de mindfulness e vida interior. Neste mundo hiperconectado, reconecte-se com você mesmo!
Stell dir vor du würdest erkennen wenn du träumst, du hättest die volle Kontrolle. Du könntest Fliegen, Fremde Welten bereisen, gegen Voldemort kämpfen, Alpträume und Ängste besiegen und dir sogar vorstellen, dass Triluzid den Upload-plan einhält...


By Diana Zen, ZenMoon and ZenEnergy
The unification of the theoretical knowledge of Zen with real life application through compassion and wisdom.
Crack open a cold one and join me on the quest for truth!
Ever wanted to learn a little about Philosophy? Love Pop Culture? Then this is the place for you! Every week we will pick a current topic in Pop Culture and discuss the topic itself, and some philosophical ideas as they relate to that topic. Topic...
Derek Myers gives us his reactions to the selection of the ABC's daily news headlines.
Molly has been in the beauty industry for over a decade. Molly is real as fuck, and gives no fucks. In this podcast she strips down the layers of her life and is raw, real and ready to lay it all on the table. The brand she has built 'Her Mind Mat...
An inclusive and multidisciplinary journey through modern magic, initiation, social change and personal transformation.


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