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By Central Presbyterian Church
Central Presbyterian Church of New York City. Hymns, choir, and worship music.
CCF is a Christian campus ministry at Truman State University. These are recordings of the teachings given at our large worship gatherings.
By Reverend CoJo
In a practical way, Reverend CoJo walks you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in the most relatable way possible. The bible is supposed to be daily bread, how can it be daily bread if we don't even know how to digest it.
By Angie Cross
The #complexity podcast. Stories, interviews & casual conversations about the systems that shape our world and our work.
By The Sophisticates
The Sophisticates is a conversational podcast that pulls back the curtain on life’s most critical issues. Think NPR, but with conversations on hobos, punctuation and space travel. Brought to you by Rajan Mudambi, Ryan Pfister and Matt Patches
By Ryan Blake and Simon Rouse
Two guys talking Krap about Sci-Fi / Fantasy. We cover everything in pop culture from movies, tv, books, soundtracks and beyond. Tangents and removable sideburns guaranteed* *Sideburns not supplied, your facial hair may be at risk if you don't keep up payments on this or any other disposable facial hair.
By The LAVA Flow | Libertarian | Anarcho-capitalist | Voluntaryist | Agorist
Channeling the flow of information to the LAVA (Libertarian, Anarcho-capitalist, Voluntaryist, Agorist) Community. If you want more meat and less fluff in your libertarian podcast, this is the show for you. We talk libertarian philosophy, news from a libertarian perspective, and other topics is a short, punchy way to ensure your time is not wasted on hearing what my dogs are up to this week. I get in, give you the information you want and need, then I get out and leave you alone!
By Habitry
The bettercast is a weekly conversation with a real person about how they got better at something. Through these conversations, we explore what it means to be a better friend, boss, parter, and citizen of the world.
By Tomo and Minh
The Quantinuum Podcast is a place where two friends converse on the implications of science fiction ideas on society, earth, and the wider universe. Each podcast follows a theme of our choosing, and we delve into major questions that are pertinent to us. It's our hope that the podcast becomes a place for us to explore our own minds and come to broader and deeper understandings of reality.
By J.C. Martinez-Sifre
The story of mankind and history itself is often told by what tools we use and how we use them. There was the Stone age and then the Bronze and Iron Age - long spans of history that we recognize and define, not only by the great empires and and complex social structures of commerce and governance, but also by significant turning points in mankind's ability to fabricate his tools and engage the world through them. There was the advent of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry - a technology of sorts...
By Alica Gregg Blog US: LOVE. LISTEN. GET ANSWERS. Podcast
Alica Gregg Blog US: LOVE. LISTEN. GET ANSWERS. Is the Podcast to show you what is possible in life. I put all my effort, love and light into this podcast, may it be a light on your way. Live a life in freedom, happiness, love, trust and wealth – simple the life what you deserve to live. Set yourself free, become unstoppable to live for what you destined to be. I hope this Podcast is the answers to your questions. AlicaGreggBlogUS - This Is The Beginning Of Everything You Want.
By Sasha, founder of Sashastrology
Forget the astrology jargon - you don't need that to connect to cosmic energy! Just feel into the vibe ... what's the mood? We'll test the waters together every week with the stars, maybe some cards, and a whole lot of sass.
By Shane Arden
Don't you wish people would just say it like it is instead of always trying to play it safe? That is what The Outside Voice Show is all about - Living Out Loud Outside - letting it all out and sorting it out loud with other people, who may not always agree with our point of view. Join us each week as our host Shane Arden interviews some very interesting characters, inspiring leaders, and rowdy rebels about everything from life to love, music to hobbies, passion and faith for the purpose of t...
By Regis, a.k.a. FutureBiomedMan
This podcast is merely an initial attempt at assisting Mr. P. K. in his phenomenal company distribute his personal podcasts across the whole wide web.
By Funky Monkey MMA News
Providing you with the most interesting interviews around the world. Interviewing people of all nationalities and professions.
By Adam Kane
Are we really going to let thousands of years of Western culture and civilization go up in smoke? The treasures of the past are being replaced by a plastic, consumer-driven world. A lot of us are tired of modern life—the pace, the expectations on all of us, the insane politics, the confusing religious landscape, the degrading entertainment industry, and the overwhelming mess of information available every second at our fingertips. And many of us are asking, Where did we go wrong? Can we ever ...
By Jamie Weinstein
Political commentator Jamie Weinstein sits down with the most powerful names in politics, business and media to get a better understanding of how they got to where they are, and how they see the world. You'll learn about their biographies, their core beliefs and what they think about what is going on in the world today.
By Duncan Crary
A Small American City podcast is a project by author Duncan Crary. It aims to re-acquaint listeners with small city life in North America through the voices, stories, history and urban fabric of his home city of Troy, New York. The program features spoken-word essays and intimate conversations with a cast of characters who bring this unusual Hudson River settlement to life. This is not a news program. It is not a talk show. It is a passport into the lives of the people who inhabit a place. ...
By Teevee Aguirre - The Marketing Daddy
Teevee Aguirre! Action packed stories with lessons for all... including the host. Well, there may be no action. But definitely stories. Learn tips, tricks, hacks, and sometimes just long-term strategies to help you with your business, parenting, and management..... even some dating advice. Because it all relates.
By unspokenchurch
'Dangerous' Walker and Sir Tom take a look at the basics of Christianity, trying to strip away the years of traditions and rules that have built up around the faith to uncover a true, God centred faith.
By Michelle Villalobos | Superstar Activator, Speaker & Business Strategist
Tune in weekly to expand your mind with the “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” with Michelle Villalobos as she prods, pokes and probes a diverse mix of the planet’s most innovative minds in business, psychology, personal development and more for game-changing ideas, transformational stories, and entrepreneurial best practices. Listening to this show will help you create more freedom, more fortune, more fulfillment and more FUN in your business and life. Guaranteed.
This wasn't funny until somebody laughed.
By Jian & Pan
Jian & Pan will introduce the stuff about China you should know, to let you know the interesting things happening in China, to show you a real and live China.
By Dr. J. D. Watson
Welcome to the "Seek Him Early" podcast, featuring "Daily Devotional Studies on Knowing, Loving, and Serving Our Lord Jesus Christ." Each weekly program is from the book of that same title. Your host is Dr. J. D. Watson, author of the book, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Meeker, Colorado, and director of Sola Scriptura Publications. Each Monday we will post a new program featuring a reading from the book. It is our desire for God’s people to better know, love, and serve our Lord Jesus Chris...
By Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla
PaRDeS Primevalism ~ treeseeding our original common-sense on the Bible’s Creation Story 1:1-2:3; World ReConstitution, from Crisis City to PaRaDiSe Earth.
By Rebecca D. Costa
Rebecca D. Costa is a sociobiologist whose unique expertise is to spot and explain emerging trends in relationship to human evolution, global markets, and new technologies.
By Craig Mayville
This podcast's focus is for military veterans to tell the story of their life, specifically around the period of military-to-civilian transition, and all the excitement, fear and everything in between that we each experience.
By The Secure Line
The values Americans hold should shape how our country engages with the world. We bring complex issues back to the basic questions of how values affect policy and how the tricky problems of the world can challenge what we believe. Listeners dive deep into complicated topics, learn what’s important behind the headlines, and hear from a diverse set of security policy experts, on-the-ground practitioners with global experience, and political professionals. Together we will translate the noise of...
By Not Theology. Not pro this or anti that. Just how world history intersects with Christian history.
Not Theology. Not pro this or anti that. Just how world history intersects with Christian history.
By Loyal Books
The Social Contract outlines Rousseau’s views on political justice, explaining how a just and legitimate state is to be founded, organized and administered. Rousseau sets forth, in his characteristically brazen and iconoclastic manner, the case for direct democracy, while simultaneously casting every other form of government as illegitimate and tantamount to slavery. Often hailed as a revolutionary document which sparked the French Revolution, The Social Contract serves both to inculcate diss...
By Chuck Ochelli
The Ochelli Effect, hosted by Chuck Ochelli, A.K.A. The Blind J.F.K. Researcher, is a guest oriented, listener participation program, striving to bring you the truth the main stream media typically does not. Considered a conspiracy realist, Chuck covers a vast array of topics such as the assassinations of JFK, MLK & RFK, the 9-11 cover up, the police state and the multiple wars on terror just to name a few. Chucks unique style of interviewing guests makes for a...
By Pidgin
A Troublesome Thought explores the contemporary continental philosophical landscape in Australia. Hosts Dale Clisby and Marilyn Stendera will be joined by a guest philosopher each episode to discuss their journey into philosophy and how their work sheds light on the social, political, and cultural landscape.
By Loyal Books
The Symposium (Ancient Greek: Συμπόσιον) is a philosophical book written by Plato sometime after 385 BCE. On one level the book deals with the genealogy, nature and purpose of love, on another level the book deals with the topic of knowledge, specifically how does one know what one knows. The topic of love is taken up in the form of a group of speeches, given by a group of men at a symposium or a wine drinking party at the house of the tragedian Agathon at Athens. Plato constructed the Sympos...
This video is a preview lasting 3:55 Minutes. TO SEE THIS SHOW IN ITS ENTIRETY, PLEASE VISIT®eek® Travel to Greece and experience a wonderful, traditional Greek Islands village style wedding in Santorini. Follow the couple as they prepare for their special day. From the coordinator to the flowers, the photos, the food, the hotel, the church/venue, the reception and the donkey limousine! After their Destination Wedding, join t...
By Julie Davis, Scott Danielson
Two Catholics talking about books, movies, and the traces of "one Reality" they find there.
By ORF Radio Ö1
Die digitale Gesellschaft hat mit "Open Innovation" eine immer wichtiger werdende Leitidee: die systematische Öffnung der Innovation für möglichst viele Menschen. Wir machen mit. Machen Sie auch mit.
By The Adventurers
Sam Cowen shares the extraordinary tales of just a few remarkable South Africans who dared to chase their dreams.
By Fixed Point Foundation
Follow columnist, author, and cultural commentator Larry Alex Taunton into the fascinating world of ideas and their consequences. The official podcast of Fixed Point Foundation.
By Julian Charles
The Mind Renewed is hosted by Dr. Julian Charles (UK) and dedicated to understanding the world in which we live from a Christian worldview perspective. We are acutely conscious of propaganda in the mainstream media, and of the bewildering mass of information in the alternative media. We therefore seek to address matters of concern to people (whether they be 'people of faith' or none) in an unsensational and informed fashion, in the hope that truth will be uncovered and that bridges will be bu...
By | Lectures by Indradyumna Swami
Indradyumna Swami Media
By Zero Books
Publisher Douglas Lain (former podcaster behind Diet Soap) interviews authors from Zero Books and beyond. Zero Book authors include Eugene Thacker (In the Dust of This Planet), Nina Power (One Dimensional Woman), Dan Hind (Magic Kingdom), and many others. This is a literary podcast that aims at radical philosophy. You'll hear discussions about Marxist economics, critical theory, cultural criticism and feminism from some of the world's most opinionated writers.
By Oxford University
Under “David Hume”, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy begins with, “The most important philosopher ever to write in English”. His most formidable contemporary critic was the fellow Scot, Thomas Reid, the major architect of so-called Scottish Common Sense Philosophy. The most significant features of Hume’s work, as understood by Reid, are the representive theory of perception, the nature of causation and causal concepts, the nature of personal identity and the foundations of morality. ...
By Aidan Coughlan
Aidan Coughlan's inquisitive podcast examines history, current events and culture. What is happening in the world and how do we make sense of it? Aidan, assisted by expert guests from around the globe, is on a quest to find out. Why not join him?
By CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective
Welcome to the Ex-Worker: an audio strike against a monotone world! This twice-monthly podcast explores a wide range of anarchist ideas and action. In each episode, we take an in-depth look at a different topic, introducing various manifestations of the struggle for liberation, and round it off with news, reviews, profiles of current anarchist projects, upcoming events, and more. If you're curious about anarchist visions of freedom—or if you dream of a world off the clock—tune in!
By Canadian Journalism Foundation
The Canadian Journalism Foundation hosts monthly forums to discuss journalism issues in Canada.
By The Voice before the Void: Presenter of Poems, Stories, and Arcana
Presentations of Poems, Stories, and Arcana – Poetry is the most important thing in life; weird fiction is the most fun thing in life; esoterica is the most exciting thing in life. Divine the darkness.
By thinayr
The whirlpool said: "What's it like to be dead?" But the water which asked this had gone. As new water flowed in, it asked yet again, But it realized the question was wrong.
By The Great Everything / Anchor
Culture and philosophy for everyone. Lawyer-turned-philosophist Patrick Daniel explores the ideas, stories and culture that make us better humans. This podcast was created in Anchor. To interact with the host or hear more, visit
By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Fr, 23.06.2017 – So, 25.06.2017 ZKM_Medientheater Vom 23. bis 25. Juni 2017 findet am ZKM ein Symposion zu Ehren des 70. Geburtstags von Peter Sloterdijk in der ZKM Reihe »Philosophie und Kunst« statt. Das Symposion »Von Morgenröten, die noch nicht geleuchtet haben« wird nicht nur die philosophischen, sondern auch die literarischen, ökonomischen, ökologischen, kunsttheoretischen, politischen und religionsanalytischen Aspekte des außerordentlich umfangreichen Werkes von Peter Sloterdijk analy...
By 楠同学与外星任
By 它基金
iTunes Podcast 2015“年度精选”获奖作品。 它radio,国内第一档动物保护公益电台,由阿里巴巴公益资助播出。讲述真实的动物情感故事,帮助大家了解动物。关注微信公众号“它radio”获得音频节目文字版和精彩资讯。
By Brian Kim
Official recordings straight from Solid Rock Church youth group in Los Angeles, California.
By Guru Singh
Guru Singh
By Raymond Baxter and Rebecca Lemke
An Atheist and a Christian come together to discuss social issues in the world. We want to show everyone that a solitary belief does not make a person and that we are more alike than we think. No-holds barred, we talk about EVERYTHING, and we discuss topics from our entirely different backgrounds
By Renee Richards
Psychic Medium Renee Richards, brings readings, and discussion, and empowerment to the air waves.
By 追着善良奔跑的小北
成长不是变的人情冷漠,而是追着善良奔跑 公众微信BeichenFM 个人微信号同QQ:284067433 个人QQ群:249932508 投稿:[email protected]
By 清灵童学_郭强
By Sophie_夕云
想拥有一个播客,里面都是我的朋友,志同道合,偶尔相遇,便在这里扎根,一起分享各种作品,哲学,诗歌,散文,小说,电影等等~每天都有说不完的话题。如果你问我,为什么我们会在一起,因为我有一个愿望,想把这些美丽的文字变成动听的声音,做出一期又一期精彩同时却最真诚最质朴的播客,分享给大家听~我的快乐是有这么一群人,陪着我疯,陪着我傻,陪着我一起在文字与播客的世界里浪迹天涯~ 网友@希希评论:很不错,声音动听
By 鸿道部落
By 鄧試飛
By NJ米修
By Behind The Bridge
A show where two guys riff about the world as they see it. Two different views on the same planet.
A compilation of existential thoughts, product reviews and female sexuality. Subjects of interest to women (and men) with a hint of comedy
By 安哥拉垂耳兔
杜月笙是中国近代史上一个传奇性的人物。他从一个小瘪三混进十里洋场,成为上海最大的黑帮帮主,成为了现代实业家、社会名流与地方领袖,成为当时活跃的政治风云人物。 杜月笙有过人的投机沾营本领与玩弄权术的狡诈,对前清遗老、军阀政客、党国高层、社会名流,乃至金融工商巨子,无不执礼甚恭,倾力结交。而蒋氏高层如孔祥熙、宋子文、戴笠等,无不结为杜氏豪门密友。杜月笙心里一直对文化向往和敬畏,发迹后与文化界甚密,能在知识界、文化界也周旋得游刃有余。
By 王礼贤的国学课堂
上海师范大学古籍整理研究所退休教授 王礼贤 老师开设的国学经典课《甲骨文书法与国学经典》中的一个专题。感兴趣的听众也可以关注微信公众号《甲骨文书法与国学经典》,里面有本专辑的最新更新。还有其它书法和国学内容。
By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Die Ausstellung »Markus Lüpertz. Kunst, die im Wege steht« würdigt das Werk von Markus Lüpertz. Während seiner Zeit an der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (1974–1986) positionierte Lüpertz mit Malerkollegen wie beispielsweise Georg Baselitz oder Per Kirkeby Karlsruhe als ein herausragendes Zentrum der deutschen Malerei. Die im ZKM präsentierte Schau schlägt einen Bogen zu den Anfängen von Lüpertz’ künstlerischer Laufbahn: »Kunst, die im Wege steht« hieß 1966 eine seiner er...
By 上海加华国术馆邵长华
By 普賢長生
主讲人:台中师范大学 王财贵 教授 时 间:公元2001年7月24日 地 点:北京师范大学 今天,我之所以来这里就是要说明一件事情,请各位老师这一辈子务必要记住一件事:教育是非常简单的事,教育是非常轻松愉快的事,要培养人才是不费吹灰之力的事。 所谓的老师要有爱心、恒心、耐心,这些三心两意是不需要这么强调的,我们只要了解教育的本质。 本来,一个孩子他就是那样的纯真纯洁,他的品德我们只要不破坏他就很好了。本来一个孩子生下来潜能无穷,我们只要不障碍他就不错了。所以,有许多老师,有许多家长一直在残害,一直在障碍我们的孩子,所以使我们国家没有人才。从今以后不要再那么努力了,不要努力去障碍我们的孩子,千万千万,拜托拜托。 要知道怎么样做到这么样的愉快轻松,跟小朋友一起成长,我们今天有大概两个小时的讲座。在这两个小时之前我请大家先看一段录影带,这是六年前的带子。 (录像片) "前几个礼拜我们播送一代新儒学大师牟宗三专题,对牟先生一生为中国文化的贡献深感佩服。牟先生有感于中国文化对现在社会转向该是一贴良方,但是如何落实呢? 现在他的嫡传弟子王财贵就正在推动一项文化运动,从根救起我们未来的主人翁,...
By Kevin Caners
The Public is a program exploring arts & contemporary society through in-depth conversations with today’s most compelling thinkers, writers, artists and public personalities. Hosted by Kevin Caners for CIUT 89.5 FM, out of The University of Toronto.
By Loyal Books
Published in 1912, The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell is one of his most popular books. It renders philosophical issues and questions in a way in which they become relevant and accessible to the man or woman on the street, provoking them to devote time and effort into thinking about these aspects of life. Here, the great philosopher and humanist thinker Bertrand Russell examines the importance of empirical (that which can be verified by observation or experience rather than deduc...
By Meiji University
国際交流 [ International Exchange ] 明治大学は、「世界に開かれた大学、Open Minded University」の実現を掲げ、次の3点: ① 国際的な「知識基盤社会」の確立を目的に、国際的に卓越した研究を基軸に研究者・学生を海外から獲得すること、 ② 途上国・新興国に大学教育を通じてソフト面で支援することで国際社会に貢献すること、 ③ 日本の「知」の情報発信力を強めること、  に取り組んでおり、2009年には文部科学省から国際化拠点大学(グローバル30)の一つとして採択されました。 そして、これらを実現するために、世界的に著名な方々を積極的に招いて、講義などを行っています。ここでは、それらをご視聴いただくことができます。
By Leigh Martinuzzi Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Writer
The Hidden Why Podcast is all about helping you discovering your hidden why, your true calling in life in order for you live more in alignment with your truth and your deepest desires. Life is for living and when you can connect with your gifts and live a life by your design, one in which you are passionate about, life becomes more purposeful. When you live with passion and purpose life is much more grand, you become happier in every moment, you life is filled with greater joy, and you find...
By Castify LLC
Want to get started with Zen Habits, one of the most popular blogs on the Internet? Start with these 20 posts, chosen by the author, Leo Babauta as the best for getting started. If like these articles, we think you’ll love a subscription to the audio version of Zen Habits. You’ll get every new post on the blog delivered as audio.
By eRochefoucauld
eRochefoucauld (ee Rohsh-foo-koh) is a weekly podcast that cuts across many themes and ideas, like ethics and morality, religion and science, history and culture, and conflict and development. Hosted by Evan Thomsen, this ‘podcast with a hammer’ is built upon the classics, dedicated to the highest aim of the individual and society, and is a formal declaration of war against dogmatists and ideologues. The podcast will journey, like Voltaire, upon the steps by which we passed from barbarism to...
唔好以為得個講字, 廣東俗語,全部都有根有據、有得寫! 俗語再話齋 主持:彭志銘、鄭曦暉
隨著高鐵事件,生於八十、九十年代的一群「Y世代」備受社會關注,他們的言論、對社區事務的參與程度、生活的態度等,原來遠超社會大眾的一般理解與想像。這個群組成長於香港經濟穩定,大專學位急增的年代,他們擁有較高的學歷及生活條件,透過無遠弗界的互聯網與世界接觸,不少專家認為,Y世代接觸新事物的能力強,勇於發出自己認為是正確的聲音。 為了讓社會人士多了解這兩個群組的想法,《潮潮Y世代》特別為提供一個平台,讓他們透過抒發、辯論,表達對社會事物的感受與意見。節目將揀選多位不同背景的80、90後年輕人,討論與他們息息相關的題目,包括「80、90後被標籤化」、「世界盃」、「兩性關係」等,而一些社會熱門話題亦將會包括在內。 另一方面,節目將邀請不同學校參與,就討論的議題製作短片,作為激發討論的起點和擴闊討論平台;每集亦會邀請相關的嘉賓分享經驗,讓節目內容有更深刻的層次。本節目亦會注入年青人所熟悉的元素,包括潮語、漫畫及游戲等,務求節目充滿活力及朝氣。 主持:羅啟新、李小薇 Vivek、蒙為亮、凌梓維、李海瀅、何貝利、劉灝顯、李詩詠、黃鴻二 監製:李慶華
By 강승문,정원훈
싱가포르를 싸그리 파헤치는 방송. 강승문 정원훈의 "기냥 싱가포르"입니다.
By Oxford University
The Isaiah Berlin Lecture (Annual lecture in the History of Ideas) is held at Wolfson College, Oxford.
Precis som det uppstår friktion mellan två ytor inom fysiken uppstår det friktion mellan människor. Vi bär alla på vårt perspektiv på verkligheten. Olika svar känns olika för olika människor. När våra perspektiv på verkligheten tycks vara så olika att vi helt enkelt krockar istället för att mötas. Då vill vi aldrig sluta fråga varför och hur. Friktionspodden är podden där vi vrider och vänder på olika frågeställningar kopplat till situationer när det krockar mellan oss människor- hur självk...
By The Downtown Faith Discussion
There's something happening in Downtown Las Vegas and it's exciting. So many people are breathing life into a previously lifeless area. Jeremy and Martha Martin have moved their family to this city center to begin a conversation about life and faith. This podcast features Jeremy and the people he meets who live/work/play in the downtown district. Listen in as he asks awkward questions about what people really believe and how it affects their lives here. Join the discussion!
By Brandon Toliver
Recorded in a former medical center on the historical Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, FNGR Network presents a new way for the artistic youthful culture bubbling up in Sin City to document itself. Hosted by Brandon Toliver, the weekly episodes bring a different artistic personality to the microphone, aswell as topics that often transcend the surrounding Mojave Desert to be seen as a retrospect of millennials abroad.
By Camille Lendormy
Mentally Chill was created to provide a space for people to talk about: mental wellness, how it affects us and our society and what we can do to be kinder to, and more understanding of, those who are different from us.
By Kori Chen, Greg Mitchell
The Cheddar Check-In is a podcast about nothing and everything. Join us as two guys from the Bay Area try to figure it all out, staying based and positive through recorded conversations on life, love, art, and politics. What a time to be alive.
By Ian McKee
The Based Space was created to provide a platform for artists, friends, professionals and musicians to share their thoughts, experiences and insights on life. Episodes are open to any and all direction with an emphasis on creativity, life in the Bay Area CA, philosophy, music, self exploration, comedy and much more. The podcast’s host Ian Mckee, is a music producer with deep roots in the Bay Area music and art scene whose connections provide an ongoing spread of inspiring and entertaining g...
By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Discussion forum with Florian Cramer, Daniel Irrgang, Matteo Pasquinelli, Vesselin Popov, Peter Weibel and Siegried Zielinski In his analysis of western societies, media philosopher Vilém Flusser described a structural transitional phenomenon at the beginning of the 1980s: The mass-media power relations and their rigid opinion channels towards the public were in the process of being dissolved. On the horizon, a net company was emerging, in which dialog between equals establish an individual ...
By DJ As-Is
Musty Radio program is a show that appreciates and celebrates the funk in a way that is unique, passionate and humorous. Highlighting well known artists and songs and lesser known artists and songs equally. Selections that share a thing that binds the funk together THE ONE. That undefinable quality that makes The FUNK, Musty. Hosted by Uncle Cousin a man who pontificates on the meaning of certain songs (as he sees it) as well as particular aspects that he finds important enough to brie...
By The Black Juice and The Basketball Room
The Black Juice Podcast and The Basketball Room Podcast features the best in music, culture, social commentary and the best in basketball talk for the latter. Thought provoking and entertaining talk brought to you by TayJordan and other interesting guests. Be sure to tune in to this little known gem of a listening session and tell your friends!
By James R Brayshaw
Get ready to imagine things in a way most are to afraid to even consider. Hosted by the Author of four watershed books, this one-of-a-kind show gets to the bottom of a whole bunch of questions. James R. Brayshaw is a Canadian firefighter who has poured some cold water on Satan and the fire of Hell. Brayshaw heads up the assault on the idea of a supernatural Satan with scads of biblical reasoning. As the author of Imagine There's No Satan, Satan Christianity's Other God, and the much anticipat...
By Tiger Singleton (Tigmonk)
Join Tigmonk & Mira Sol as they casually and spontaneously offer up fear-shattering insight and wisdom that practically helps you discover your inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to rest in the Truth of what you already are.
By Anthony Marco
Three ne'er-do-wells and occasional bon vivants turn media past and present on its head with anecdotes, memories and pop culture callbacks.
By Ryan Lindsay
The Ryan Lindsay Show focuses on topics related to the past, the present and the future ( We discuss ALL Walks of life.... The Normal, the Paranormal, the Known and the Unknown. It focuses on the world we live in and new frontiers we have yet to explore.~~~~~~ Ryan Lindsay is a veteran of 13 years in Commercial Radiw. Ryan has worked at radio stations in Minnepolis as well as in Dubuque and Waterloo, IA. Ryan also worked in radio in Eau Claire and Wausau, Wisconsin. In...
By larsauswsw
Der Zwischen Tür und Angel Podcast beschäftigt sich mit Sprichworten und Redewendungen. Ich versuche ein wenig Licht ins Dunkel bringen und werde Herkunft und Bedeutung erklären.
By Barry Vickers
The podcast and feed of the Golden Book of Marcus Aurelius website, including readings of the Golden Book.
By Maya Mathias | Ingenious Strategist & Executive Coach | Inventive Links LLC
Global executive coach and leadership catalyst Maya Mathias hosts The Executive Book Club podcast, a meeting place for curious minds and battle-weary souls. Maya helps executives, business owners and non-profit leaders tap into the insights of leaders and critical thinkers who have come before us, and shares ways to integrate their practical wisdom, accelerate the soul-searching process and experience profound success amid the stresses and strains of executive life. Each episode of the Execut...
By The Bougie Black Show
Hosted by NYC author and cultural critic Stephen Earley Jordan II. Jordan has authored "Beyond Bougie" and "Cold, Black, and Hungry". He interviews and discusses issues of Race, Class, and Gender on this show. Join the Bougie Black Show on myspace. or email us at [email protected]
By Harlan Reece & Asani Charles
A weekly review/analysis of political, social and, cultural issues that are of particular interest to the African-American community.
By The Center for Artistic Activism
What happens when an academic, an activist, and an artist walk into a blockbuster? The Pop-Culture Salvage Expeditions! Who says cultural studies should be dull? Let's face it, a lot of what we enjoy in our leisure time is crap produced for profit, but we enjoy it because it strikes a chord. At the core of pop culture are dreams, desires, or fears that resonate with all of us. Once we've identified and understood these deep motivations we can salvage them, putting them to other, better, and ...
By Said Mohamed: Founder of Swahili Centre and Host of Swahili Talk Radio Show (Online Talk Radio Show)
Swahili Talk Radio (through Swahili Centre) is a Swahili cultural site featuring some aspects of Swahili culture from Swahili recipes, Swahili lessons, Swahili towns along the Eastern African coast to Swahili informative interviews conducted through our multimedia channels and broadcasted through our Online Talk Radio and other new media. Swahili Centre cultural policy is working to ensure all Swahili communities around the globe have opportunities to share, express and experience our cultur...
By The Big Scoop with Coop
The #1 show that will get the scoop on the guest appearing dealing with different topics and events.