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By Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT
This is a dharma talk I gave on August 8, 2017 at IMSB in Mountain View, Ca, on the topic of Skillfully Recognizing Empty Appearance. Though the Buddhist notion of emptiness can be quite challenging for Western Buddhist practitioners, the rich teachings on emptiness offer a clear path to apply wise view, wise action and skillful means in daily life.
Exploring My Strange Bible
By Tim Mackie | Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project
Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie, Pastor, Professor, Lead Theologian and Co-founder of The Bible Project, for free.
Lie to Me
By James Walker
Most people are pretty sure about what they believe. While busy pushing answers, perhaps we need to be asking ourselves better questions. Join me as I examine my own perspectives and face the fear that there could be things I am wrong about. Some things are too important not to talk about in a way that can be heard; some perspectives too important not to seek to be understood.
UnSacUrMental Podcast
By UnSacUrMental Podcast
A show looking to replace White Supremacy in Sac. Our aim is to give solutions to Melanoid people and their supporters to implement.
40oz Hemlock
Academia is the poison. We're the antidote. 40oz Hemlock is lively yet in-depth philosophical analysis of culture, politics, science, art, music, religion, and social issues. The host, Nick, was an award-winning Philosophy instructor with a unique ability to provide a view of such topics through the lens of philosophical analysis.
CosmoPublic Podcast
By Gordon Eisenach, junger Unternehmer, Kampfsportler, Cosmopolitan
CosmoPublic Podcast ist ein Podcast in Form einer längeren Konversation mit Jungunternehmer, vollblut Kampfsportler und Cosmopolitan Gordon Eisenach als Host der Sendung. Gordon interviewed und unterhält sich mit Gästen welche sich zu Sportlern, Influencern, Künstlern, YouTubern, Unternehmern und Autoren zählen. In CosmoPublicPodcast wird tief in die Materie zu Mindset, Sport, Wissenschaft, Unterhaltung und Kontroverse eingegangen. Folge #1 „What the hell ist CosmoPublic“ ist die kurze Erklärung zu CPP’s Prinzip. Zu jeder Folge besteht auf den Medienkanälen Facebook und YouTube eine sog. Snippet-Version – ein 3 Minuten Zusammenschnitt der Folge zum reinhören und testen.
Certified Clarity with Brian Keith
By Brian Keith
Finding Purpose, Community & Account+Ability
By Adam Kerstetter & Anderson Ohman
Generation Y, Generation Me, Generation Rent... All names for the most radically diverse and technologically advanced generation to date. Two guys try to breakdown the perception of the Millennial generation from a Christian worldview.
Surya Cast
By Suryavan Solar
Audios de Suryavan
Aboard The Caravel
By Rettward von Doernberg
Just like Columbus in times past, the composer Rettward von Doernberg is on a very personal, musical voyage of discovery. (More at
End of the Road
By Michael Kokal blogger, podcaster, lawyer
Exploring the Horizons we never touch, because we are already there....
James Ellias
By James Ellias
An exploration of fundamental philosophy to establish principles for a new enlightenment.
Improv Inspirations
By Jenikz
Artist/light-worker Jenikz and bass adventurist Mac Hunter come together weekly to inspire self-enrichment and peace of mind. Topics range from psychological to metaphysical. Come ride along on the journey of two light-hearted, passionate musicians, embarking on a new audio endeavour on the path of self-betterment.
Get Thinky
By Elizabeth Murphy
A philosophy discussion between a philosophy instructor and his not-a-philosophy-instructor wife. Each episode we explore a philosophical topic and try to both learn something and have fun along the way.
I Learned Nothing
By Pat Dean, Ben Cholok, Body Tape Intl.
Ben explains philosophical concepts to Pat in an attempt to get him to learn something.
Recktenwalds Essays
By Engelbert Recktenwald
Dieser Podcast bietet Essays über aktuelle und überzeitliche Themen aus Philosophie und Theologie aus katholischer Sicht. Dazu gehören kritische Analysen moderner Entwicklungen in Kirche und Gesellschaft sowie Einsichten aus Glaube, Vernunft und Offenbarung, von denen ich überzeugt bin, dass sie das nötige Hintergrundwissen abgeben, um sich ein zeitgeistunabhängiges Urteil bilden zu können.
Virtual Futures Podcast
By Virtual Futures
The Virtual Futures Podcast brings together artists, philosophers, cultural theorists, scientists, technologists and fiction writers to re-address the potential benefits of looking at our future through a techno-philosophical lens. Hosted by Luke Robert Mason.
By Josh Wilcox
Going way too deep in the weeds about stuff you never dreamed you'd ever dream of.
Not A Write Off
By Francis Harrington
A podcast about the altruistic deeds of local non profits, organizations and people doing small and extraordinary things. We look at how industries impact the issues, what groups are doing the big work, and how we can make ourselves more aware and involved.
4 Beer Philosophy
By 4 Beer Philosophy
Join us as we discuss different philosophy topics along with general discussion about life and beer.
Wholly Orders
By James Landes
Join James Landes, Ph.D., on Wholly Orders (, for an exploration of mindfulness from a Western philosophical perspective. This program takes a fresh approach to the Western tradition, with a strong nod toward Goethe and other philosophical, literary, scientific and contemplative thinkers whose approach to thought tends in a more holistic and dynamic direction than in the more dominant theory- and concept-based Western worldview in the culture at large. This is a program in which poetry, philosophy and science come together. While trying not to get too bogged down in academic jargon, it is also a place where terms like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘holistic thought’ are treated in the longstanding contemplative tradition (e.g. Meister Eckhart), as opposed to being saccharine buzzwords used in contemporary pop philosophy/spiritual movements. Here tradition is not equated with orthodoxy. The Western tradition is examined thoughtfully, and not through the lens of ideology or religion. Rooted in Western tradition and grounded (if indeed a bit underground at times) in the present, this program explores perspectives and ideas that have often been forgotten or overlooked, but which may serve us well to remember now. This program is dedicated to those interested in asking the important questions, rather than demanding easy answers, to those who are open-minded, but not so much that their brains are falling out, to those who can encounter new ideas and perspectives without becoming angry or offended, to those who find the notion of continual progress to be vaguely Orwellian, to those who can intelligently approach spirit and science without feeling conflicted. The presenter, trained in the intellectual history of the West, has a keen interest in promoting imagination and creativity by means of re-connecting with important ideas and thinkers in Western history. Here you will find no gurus or secret teachings, just musings on some of the often overlooked ideas that are freely available to us all, ideas that show the Western philosophical tradition to be very much alive and relevant to the present day. Sometimes it is not what we see, but how we see, that can make all of the difference.
Ed Wood Jesus Do?
By CinemAbysmal Radio
Welcome to Ed Wood Jesus Do? Your podcast home for all films cult, camp, and weird. Join hosts Nick, Ian, and Eric as they dissect and explore all of the creepiest, cringiest, and fantasticest films ever created.
EDGY Conversations
By The EDGY Empire
Radical help for people who want it. Join the movement at
Beyond Art of War Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
Exploring the great strategic minds, both military and civilian, among them Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, and John Boyd. Also exploring outlier organisations from business, and sports. Looking at how this can be understood from a Mental Models perspective, and how strategy, training, and learning can be taken to new levels by understanding how the mind works, and how team performance really are fundamentally determined by the speed of learning, and how useful the shared mental models are. The teams, both civilian, and military that understands this the best will have Almost Unfair advantages. The next generation of organisations, in sports, business, and military will need this understanding to be competitive.
On Life and Meaning
By Mark Peres
On Life and Meaning is a podcast about what matters most in our lives. We host conversations with compelling personalities about their lives and work. We explore human brilliance: our talents, endeavors, motivations and higher purposes. The show focuses on art, philosophy, leadership, literature, civic life and culture – seeking to inspire a more generative and humane world.
Heresy at Play
By Bryant Rodriguez & Dylan Thomas
Bryant Rodriguez and Dylan Thomas met in 2017. They promptly decided to try making a YouTube channel before realizing their combined self-awareness wasn't made for camera. Thankfully, Dylan owns fancy microphones and audio interfaces so they pivoted to online radio to host their dialogues about God, religion, spirituality, and whether it even matters.
Rebel With A Cause
By Eric Williams
I give the news of the week through the lens of libertarian philosophy.
By 白水玉川生
《千字文》为南朝梁武帝时期(502 —549 年),员外散骑侍郎周兴嗣奉皇命从王羲之书法中选取1000个字,编纂成文,是为《千字文》。 《千字文》乃四言长诗,精思巧构,知识丰瞻,音韵谐美,而且对仗工整,条理清晰,文采斐然,令人称绝。以“天地玄黄,宇宙洪荒”开头,“谓语助者,焉哉乎也”结尾。全文共250句,每四字一句,字不重复,句句押韵,前后贯通,内容有条不紊的介绍了天文、自然、修身养性、人伦道德、地理、历史、农耕、祭祀、园艺、饮食起居等各个方面。
Rという男 "The Man called R"
By Ryo Miyamoto
ニューヨークで暮らす坊主、Ryo Miyamotoが、時には熱く、大体ユルく、台本無しのぶっつけ本番でひたすら喋ります。ニューヨークで活動する日本人や、アメリカ人との対談もあるので、海外生活に興味のある方、リアルな英会話に興味がある方、無料配信なので、宜しくどうぞ!Rという男 "The Man called R" podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Ryo Miyamoto with his lovely friends and guests.
What is Purpose? - Tao Te Ching
By Open and Clear, Broadcasting
Additional Eye-Opening Programs @ - Tao Te Ching Originally by Lao-Tzu - Think of the (well miss understood) "Yin/Yang". Instead of Light & Dark, or Good & Evil, it is better understood as a state within ourselves of Resistance & Acceptance. Water can also be a powerful force, as it ACCEPTS it's plummeting down a mountain and "The Way" is better grasped as "Purpose" , a hard to understand aspect of ourselves, though very apparent in our everyday experience. Reinterpreted by eyes that have experienced beyond death. New insights come recognizing this speaks of purpose of existing, not about escaping. Join us beyond nature of the world, within nature of the Universe. - Artistic phone-wallpaper renditions of each verse is available at
Hacking Your Leadership
By Chris Stark & Lorenzo Flores
No role plays; just real. Chris & Lorenzo share four decades of combined experience to help you become a more effective leader. New episodes every Monday and Thursday. #HackingYourLeadership #StarkEngagementConsulting #LifeOfLozo #vaynerpodcasts #leadership
Cruzin With Steak
By Grimsteak
A show about nothing and everything. Conspiracy, consciousness, Esoteric, Paranormal, and anything fringe!
Coming Up For Air
By Buzz & Ben
Two curious friends ponder the world we live in.
M-Angel Says
By M-Angel
'M-Angel Says' is a safe space created by and for international and multi-ethnic milkshakes, where we talk philosophy, societal topics, and share our unique perspectives through personal anecdotes. There is also an abundance of foolishness and fun. The dream that fuels this podcast is to improve the world, even in the slightest. The mission is to create a community for the International and the multicultural. The content is fun, philosophical and story/opinion driven.
Squeak Attack
By Squeak Attack
Are you sick of biased op-ed hacks trying to control what you think? Are you tired of blatant lies polluting your airwaves, when you're so close to the truth? Are you done with political correctness, self-censorship, and being accused of "wrongspeak"? I sure am. Join Squeak Attack and his crew as we untangle this web of lies in search for the truth. Politics, news, culture--nothing is off limits.
SEDin - Julian_Sed und Gast
SEDin das "nicht" Interview Format vom I/SED Podcast. Wir präsentieren unser neues Format in dem wir uns mit verschiedenen Personen der Popkultur ausseinander setzen, Gespräche führen, Musik reviews durchführen und vieles mehr um Musik, Kunstfiguren der Popkultur und vieles mehr.
Patrick Gunville
By Patrick Gunville
I talk about health, wealth, philosophy, women and relationships, power and everything in between. It is a lifestyle blog, on how to better yourself and lead a more action-packed life. We're dedicated to self mastery here.
Sobre Vigília
Um podcast devocional sobre o cotidiano da Igreja.
Sermons from Hillsboro First Baptist Church
By Pastor Dave Fields
Sermons from the heart of scripture and our pastors at Hillsboro Frist Baptist Church. We seek to love God, love people, and make disciples all while following Jesus. Ministering in the downtown heart of Hillsboro, Oregon.
Pr. Marlon's Blog
By Marlon Seifert
I tend to study and present things that are on my heart. I hope my spiritual journey will impact yours in a positive way. You can find additional information on each episode on my blog
Preachers Not Preaching
By Central Florida Cross Network
Get ready to laugh and be inspired as you go behind the scenes with three young pastors who are doing life together. If one of them starts preaching, we rewind it and retake it.
Everything Weird & Wonderful
By Derek Luptak
An exploration into the weird and wonderful spiritual mystery of the Christian faith. Interweaving the Biblical story, the colorful characters of church history and the beliefs of mere Christianity.
Carlos Has an Opinion
By Carlos Dyonisio
Carlos is barely an expert on anything, but he is not afraid to question the opinions of the so-called experts and intellectuals of today while sharing his own opinion on a wide range of topics. His views and principles are mostly conservative, somewhat libertarian, definitely Christian, but he is more than happy to discuss divergent views at any point.
Voice of One Podcast
By Terrence Clark
Before becoming a podcast, Voice of One was a magazine. In the early days, founder Terrence Clark traveled up and down several states, visited multiple churches from various denominations and have come to know pastors and leaders from diverse denomination, races, and ethnicity. He has also interviewed missionaries and evangelists who have traveled throughout the world seeing, firsthand, the miraculous presence of God at work in lives of people in the nations abroad. The podcast is an extension of the magazine.
First Unitarian Portland Sunday Sermons
By First Unitarian Portland
Join us every Sunday for a sermon by a minister at First Unitarian Portland.
Temple Baptist - Great Falls, MT
By Temple Baptist - Great Falls, MT
Sermons and other useful media from Temple Baptist Church in Great Falls, Montana.
Warrior Mindset
By Wes Kennedy
Wes Kennedy is the world's leading coach for military and LEO men. In this show, he shares his thoughts, struggles, successes and 'aha' moments a a Special Forces Operator turned coach and men's leader. If you're committed to your fitness and leadership, if you're committed to asking yourself the tough questions, if you're committed to being the change you want to see in the world, this podcast is for you. Stay up to date with future episodes and surround yourself with like-minded warrior leaders by joining our Facebook group at To your continued success...
Outlier360 Perspectives Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
How Outliers have Almost Unfair Advantages. Outliers are often Extraordinary in certain areas. Their perspectives in the areas they excel are often very very different from the other people. Outliers see things others don't, and what they see, makes their actions obvious to them, but for the others who do not see what the Outliers see, their actions are often hard to understand. And to the Outlier, it is often equally hard to understand that not everyone else sees something that is so obvious to them. The Outlier360 Way is helping the curious to see what the Outliers see, in a whole range of areas. Why Outlier360? Because it is helping to show the structure, explain why, and show what Mental Models Outliers are using, AND Building from a foundation to give great chances, not only to be materially successful, but having real Meaningful Success, and a really Meaningful Life.
OutlierPhilosophy (Ancient & Cutting Edge Thinking, Unedited)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
OutlierStrategies, Plain & Simple. Cutting edge thinking, that is surprisingly closely connected to ancient wisdom... or maybe not that surprisingly...
Ruwando Podcast
By Ruwando
Trippy conversations on playing the game of life. Sex Transmutation, Relationships, Creativity, Mindfuckery and other fun topics.
An Bord der Karavelle
By Rettward von Doernberg
Wie damals Kolumbus, ist auch der Komponist Rettward von Doernberg auf einer ganz persönlichen, musikalischen Entdeckungsreise. Begleiten Sie ihn doch und kommen Sie an Bord der Karavelle! (Mehr unter
'Shut Up, Brain' Podcast
By Benjamin Schoeffler
Meditation, psychology, and practical neuroscience to help you change your brain and turn your mind into an ally.
4 Minute Podcast™
By 4 Minute Podcast™
Inspirational audio for successful individuals
8192 The Truth
By The Godfather and Brother Sin
Welcome to The Truth! Where you will get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Hear us give you the get down on everything that's important to you in the world of health and fitness, mma and pro sports, nutrition and supplementation and even politics and the business world! The Truth is out there...... and IT WILL SET YOU FREE!
By JCrete®
Session recordings and material from the hottest Java unconference in the world.
502cast's podcast
4 comedians trying to figure out what to do with this microphone sitting in front of them!
Alexander Knows Best
By Patrick Alexander & Rickey Alexander
Join Patrick & Rickey as they journey into pop culture and politics with a bit of flavor. No conversation is too big or too small for these two brothers to handle.
Ministry of Ideas
By Zachary Davis
A podcast about the way big ideas shape our lives.
Flurfunk Podcast
By Leonid Lezner
Podcast über Führung und Kommunikation
Get Lit!
By Derek Luptak
An unqualified reader explores classic literature for pleasure. Not meant to be an encyclopedic compendium, but it is meant to be somewhat edutaining. Possibly explicit, because some of it is saucy!
By Dschunaid Salam
Der Islam wird den Hörern von Muslimen vorgestellt und als ein Weg des friedlichen Miteinanders für die gesamte Menschheit empfohlen.
Combat and Classics Podcast
By Brian Wilson
Combat and Classics is a series of podcasts and free online seminars for active duty, reserve, and veteran U.S. military members, sponsored by St. John’s College. The podcasts and seminars encourage deep thought and reflection by leaders in the company of their peers. In the discussion-based seminars devoted to what a leader must be and know, participants study historical and fictional leaders from the great books of the western canon. We examine techniques and examples of persuasion and fundamental questions on the nature of man. When participants take the time to reflect, with their peers, on the principles of leadership, they find that they return to their lives and professional positions energized and focused, with a deeper understanding of the context of their decisions, decision-making processes, and leadership roles.
That Vegan Couple Podcast
By That Vegan Couple: Healthy Lifestyle Advocates, Minimalists and Travelers
YouTubers, social media influencers, eBook authors, healthy lifestyle advocates, and minimalists Natasha and Luca are That Vegan Couple. They've journeyed through a myriad of experiences that have taken them traveling around the world and diving deep within. Through discussing a range of topics, story telling, interviewing a variety of guests, and answering listener questions, they will inspire and empower you to live your full potential and create the life you want. Find out more at
Brève encyclopédie du monde, cosmos
By France Culture
Brève encyclopédie du monde, cosmos
By Tony & Buck
TFCO is a podcast created with the intentions of sharing our experiences and exploring the unknown. Topics and conversations may range from serious to childish and that’s okay. We have the ability to harness the serious conversations while remaining light hearted and never taking ourselves too seriously. As veterans we know the struggles that we’ve personally faced, and how we’ve been able to navigate through those issues while in the military and after. We may naturally connect more with veterans but our goal is to share our knowledge with anyone and to grow along with our listeners. If we can help someone by sharing our experiences and passing on a little knowledge, we will have succeeded. The show is like if Joe Rogan had a kid with Charles Bronson and that kid made love to the offspring of Cory Allen and Duncan Trussell, who had a kid who went to Nam in ’68 for the Tet Offensive, came back and joined a Buddhist monastery, smoked DMT, ate mushrooms, all while improving his ninja skills so he could retire in the mountains, just to have the CIA ask him to do one last mission for his country. Of course he reluctantly accepts then gets framed for an assassination attempt on the Dalia Lama and has to clear his name. Oh, and he drinks whiskey (a lot of it!) because he is the reincarnation Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche on an undercover black ops spiritual mission to rid the world of bullshit.
Chris De Vilbiss' Podcast
By Chris De Vilbiss
The science of communication, within and without. The language of our experience, our stories, and our dreams come to life in this always changing dialogue between Chris De Vilbiss, PhD ( and Arash Zepar Dibazar ( Call in to participate!
Juniper's Corner
By Juniper
A Lay person's little reflections
Just Paranormal Podcast
By Just Paranormal Podcast
Join paranormal investigators JP Doyal and Jon Gonzalez as they discuss all thing paranormal with a funny entertaining twist! We also have a great YouTube channel you have to checkout! Just Paranormal your number one source for all things paranormal!
By Micayla Harland and Tom Tortorich
How to save the world in six days.
Takenaka pod
By 竹中亮祐×長倉顕太
Reese Daniel Clark Podcast
By Reese Daniel Clark
Reese Daniel Clark unleashes his wrath on big government ideas.
By Hårdpodden med Robert Järnskoog & Markus Fernlund
Markus och Robert pratar om livet i stort och vardagslivet i synnerhet. När man börja undersöka de små sakerna så finns det ofta mer under ytan. Mjuka saker som är viktiga. Hur tramsiga eller djupa de än är. Oavsett hur hård man är.
Meditations With Zeppo
By The Incorrigible Mr Zeppo
A collection of original, brief, simple, direct, meditations guided by MrZeppo. Theme Music for Meditations w Zeppo Music: 11 strANGE Ls by Mark Neil
The Tiny House Listings Podcast
By Tiny House Listings
Welcome to the Tiny House Listings Podcast, hosted by the owner/operator of the popular Tiny House Listings website which a monthly reach of 15 million. On this podcast you’ll find a nice mix of different tiny house musings, rants, interviews, short insights, tiny house news and events, and things related to tiny houses that Steven feels will help you along your journey to live tiny and debt-free.
Super Normal
By Sam Sedlack
A new podcast diving into the lives of real people. We hope to examine exploited groups from the inside, showing real lives and real people. After all, we are all human.
Dr. E. Dewey Smith - Living Hope
By The House of Hope Atlanta
Welcome to the Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., Podcast. Dr. Smith is the Senior Pastor/Teacher of The House of Hope Atlanta, The House of Hope Macon and The House of Hope SouthPointe. Listen and gain INSIGHT and INSPIRATION that will IMPACT your life. Every podcast is designed to help you develop a closer walk with God and to experience a “better life” as a result. We are not focused on selling you products; rather, we are inviting you to be part of our community. We are a community of believers that realize that WITH GOD YOU CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE IN EVERY WAY, EVERY DAY. So, browse the podcasts and find the sermon that addresses the area of your life that you need God the most. We want to be part of your journey to know God better and to #LiveBetter. So, share your story, we want to hear from you. Welcome to the #LiveBetter Community!
Reason Together
By Thomas Balzamo & Daniel Fox
We love Bible study and reasoning about how to apply it to everything.
Desarrollo personal
By David Alfonso Parodi
Este es un podcast donde damos espacio al apasionante mundo del desarrollo y la transformación personal. Inmersos en una conversación casi personal desvelamos los secretos y estrategias que nos llevan a una vida más plena, feliz y próspera. Disfruta con nosotros!
Renegade Radio
By Without Boxes
Interviews with people from all walks of life about how they break the status quo. Listen, learn, and be inspired to take action in your own life!
Robin Sacredfire - Awakening
By Robin Sacredfire
Robin Sacredfire is a Bestselling Author and Researcher. Like his page at and find his books at
Plastic Faith Podcast
By Nick Fike & Leighton Dubbeld
This podcast takes an extremely unique approach to addressing questions within Christianity and life in general. Join hosts Nick Fike and Leighton Dubbeld as they dive deep into tough questions and address an array of topics.
Two Sides of the Same Coin
By Ethan Kotel
Welcome to Two Sides of the Same Coin, the podcast about viewpoint diversity and critical thinking in the modern age. Join us, Jesse and Ethan, as we flip a coin to determine who will argue which side of an issue, regardless of whether we believe it or not. Check in every Wednesday for a new exploration in thought!
At the intersection of society and culture, Rex and Traynham bring conversations ranging from the economics of the sex industry, musings on Twitter and the politics of the day.
Face the Void
By Andrew Lanhart, Ian Fee
Join us in our exploration of what and why we believe what we do. Including ideas from people of different creeds, codes, and backgrounds. We will agree, disagree, discuss, and grow. And together we will face the void
Raising Generosity
By Raising Generosity
Teaching the "art and science" of Raising Generosity to inspire biblical stewardship for Christian higher education in today's culture.
Society and the State | Life, Liberty, and Your Pursuit of Happiness
By Libertas Institute
Exciting interviews with famous and successful entrepreneurs, authors, activists, and others trying to make the world a better place. Join us for engaging conversation — you're guaranteed to learn something new.
Erschaffe dich neu - Der Podcast!
By Deniz Deke
Zeit, deine Geschichte zu schreiben! Hast du Angst... ...du selbst zu sein? ...auf Menschen zuzugehen? ...dein eigenes Leben zu leben? ...aus dir selbst rauszukommen? ...deinen Träumen zu folgen? Jeder hat Angst. Wir möchten dir zeigen, wie du die Angst zu deinem Freund machst! Wir möchten dir zeigen, wie du das Leben deiner Träume selbst gestaltest. Wir helfen dir dein Lifestyle, dein Leben, so zu gestalten, dass sich ein Leben lohnt. Dabei werden sämtliche Themen besprochen, von Angst bis hin zu deinen Zielen.
Les Leventhal Yoga | 200 Hour Teacher Training | Yoga Worskshops | International Yoga Teacher » Podc...
By Les Leventhal, Yoga Teacher
Yoga with Les is a Vinyasa/Flow practice. This podcast gives you an amazing opportunity to connect or reconnect and reclaim your body and spirit through yoga. Classes are accessible for all levels. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, all are welcome to explore their edge. If you lose balance or fall, that's fantastic. If you notice you're holding your breath - that's great - just start breathing. Together we have an opportunity to wake up, open up and offer up. Some classes will have music, some will not. Some classes will require props and some wall space. Some weeks we will focus on the physical practice (asanas) and other times we will chant or focus on the breath (pranayama). Most important, is that throughout each series we will have opportunities to touch and communicate with our bodies in ways that move us toward a deeper sense of healing and love and Karuna (compassion) towards ourselves and others. You can purchase each podcast as it comes out each week or subscribe monthly. There will be four each month. Sign up now and give the gift of yoga to a friend. If there's a topic or podcast that you would like to see Les do, please contact him through his contact page.
This Just Got Reel
By Kyle Martin
Join Kenny and Kyle as they discuss the parallels between movies and life. Being filmmakers, we've always be fascinated with how life imitates art and art imitates life. We delve into our personal lives and the lives of the characters we've watched on the silver screen. On episodes we discuss certain themes, director's, and take a second look at films we might not have liked on the first viewing. So please, sit back and listen to us ramble on.
Mastering Fulfillment Podcast
By Scott Berry Joshua Wenner
Mastering Fulfillment Podcast focuses on topics about bridging success with fulfillment in your personal, business & Spiritual life. Hosted by life, business and relationship coaches; Scott Berry & Joshua Wenner. Featuring interviews with industry experts, leaders and healers. It's about crafting a lifestyle that is specifically catered to each person and learning tools and philosophies to help get there.
Männer unter sich - Martinis Männer Podcast
By Martin Wolter
Der Podcast für Männer, die mehr wollen als Frauen einfach nur flachzulegen. Ein Podcast für Männer, die die natürliche Anziehung zwischen Mann und Frau wieder aufleben lassen wollen und damit die passenden Frauen ganz automatisch in ihr Leben ziehen. Ehrlich, menschlich, herzlich und humorvoll.
For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast
By Jen Hatmaker
"For the love" of...People. Home. Stories. Shoes. Family. Jesus. Community. TV. Travel. Food. Culture. The hilarious best-selling author and star of HGTV’s “My Big Family Renovation” invites you to drop by and catch up with her friends as they laugh and chat about all the things we love.
Not a Regular Empath Podcast with Tiffani Purdy
By Podcast – Tiffani Purdy
Hosted by Tiffani Purdy with her co-host Gina Lambert, the Not a Regular Empath Podcast is a space for fellow empaths, highly sensitive women, woo woo lovers, and intuitives to learn, grow, and laugh with us. We know that we have highly sensitive superpowers, and we are here to show you how to harness that power and use it to change the world for good. // Learn more at
Wolf Hall Debates
By James Shelley
Our aim is to create opportunities for our community to develop nuanced, critical, and informed perspectives on issues of national and global concern.
By Mikael Landby & Magnus Engvall
Micke & Mange killgissar högt och lågt om livets svårigheter och möjligheter i hopp om att lätta upp stämningen på kort sikt och vår förmåga att våga tänka högt på lång sikt. Ibland med en kunnig gäst, för någon som verkligen vet är alltid bäst.
Invincible Passion Talkshow | Success is about your passion, purpose and power NUMBERS
By Jaya MK | Transpirational Speaker, Author, Astro Numerologist, Podcaster
Invincible Passion features the conversation about success stories of top influencers, creators, entrepreneurs, Fortune companies, and much more, and how their life mirrors their pivotal moments, sheer grit, and lucky numbers. Each episode provides insights about spotlighted influencers lucky, power, and destiny numbers. Also on how numbers mirror their journey, failures, lightbulb moments, and how by using this numerology tool you can create your freedom lifestyle Right Now, Right Here! Each talk show includes easy tips & solutions for creating your success and insights from the successful influencers life and how you can take action to create your success NOW with your MONEY NUMBERS.
Union Of Egoists Podcasts
By Union Of Egoists
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