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Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell
By Thaddeus Russell
A show about what you're not supposed to say. Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States, interviews people who break the rules of conventional discourse and expand the realm of the possible.
Anatomy of Living
By Ashton Szabo: Yogi | Teacher | Storyteller
On this show, we will explore ideas, stories, traditions and practices that help us cultivate more health and happiness while living more skillfully in the world. We'll learn from ancient practices like yoga and shamanism as well as talk with modern revolutionaries who are changing the world through their work. To find out more, visit us at
An Extra Dose
By an extra dose
An Extra Dose podcast featuring Olivia Luko, Samantha Belbel, Alexis Belbel, where we talk about entrepreneurship, fashion, travel, and everyday life. Send your questions via message on Instagram to: @olivialuko, @samanthabelbel, @alexis.belbel
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
The Chicken Social
By Obes & Cha
A deeper look at society through the eyes of pop culture. This is The Chicken Social
Half Hour Liberty Hour
By Brett and Rob
A libertarian podcast from behind enemy lines in the People's Republic of Portland, Oregon. We discuss topics of liberty, politics, and philosophy all while drinking our livers into cirrhosis.
By Will Stockton & D. Gilson
Two guys’ journey to discover their actual beliefs. Full of friendly arguing, fervent narcissism, and abounding faggotry, each episode begins with one of us asking the other a question. A question about politics, culture, or whatever is on our mind. A question unbeknownst until the time of its asking.
By 语桐听艺术
【art】次元门市部 【语桐听艺术】制作声音类的艺术播报,艺术家、展览、机构、项目、市场、收藏......另有知名艺术家推荐的书籍,并录制成有声书,做完整的学术脉络贴。
Story Untold
By Story Untold
Everyone's got a story to tell. Join host Martin Bauman as he finds the ones worth telling.
GSD Entrepreneur
By GSD Entrepreneur
Running a successful business never comes without its challenges, but it also includes a lot of highs. In this GSD Entrepreneur podcast, we explore both. We dive into what it looks like when entrepreneurs are committed to Getting Sh!t Done. These are people who are pursuing their dreams, so we dig deep to understand just how they are doing it. Sit back, relax, maybe take a few notes... and enjoy the ride.
Mind of The Wandering Monk
By Random Nerds
Take a moment and stop. Stop fearing, and fussing, and wondering what's next. Take a moment to delight in the absurd and indulge in the present. Write a poem. Sing a song. If these are already your habits, share them with another, encourage the creation of art. This is a podcast framed by the sentimental, silly mind of a man who lives heart first and is forever curious. Above all, he is a poet and storyteller. His name is Alex, but his friends call him the wandering monk.
Warfare Fire
By Joseph Q.
Warfare Fire is a ministry focused on mind control, satanic ritual abuse/torture, alien/demonic abductions, military abductions, emotional healing, deprogramming, and the everlasting love of God Jesus Christ. Find more @
Mentalistas Estadão
By Estadão
Em um bate-papo inteligente e didático com os entrevistados, a jornalista e psicóloga Camila Tuchlinski apresenta o programa Mentalistas, que reúne especialistas renomados para discutir as principais questões comportamentais da atualidade.
Dream Boat Podcast
By Connor Dylan & Scott Hartman
Your Dreamboat captains Scott and Connor analyze dreams and explore the lives of our inner minds. Submit your dreams to [email protected]
Podcasts – The Socially Impaired Podcast
By Jamie S
I’m getting old, I’m single, I have a cat and the majority of people annoy me. For some reason I think I am funny but do have a “unique” perspective on life and living it
Live It Out! Podcast - 10/40 Connections - Chad and Leslie
By Chad and Leslie Segraves
Do you want more out of life...more joy, more vision, more peace, more purpose? The Live It Out podcast will expand your worldview and help you apply the Bible in practical ways both locally and globally.
Liberty Chronicles
Join host Dr. Anthony Comegna on a series of libertarian explorations into the past. Liberty Chronicles combines innovative libertarian thinking about history with specialist interviews, primary and secondary sources, and answers to listener questions.
The Catacombic Machine
By Josef Gustafsson
Home of catacombic theology, curated by Josef Gustafsson.
God Ain't Idiot
By Martin Lechowicz
Aren't you tired of people talking about God as if we were all idiots and he was the biggest of them all? I am.
Heron Center
By Heron Center
The Heron Center provides educational materials covering everything related to sustainable living. The podcast focuses primarily on the values behind sustainability. This includes a love for nature, sustainable life choices, and environmentally-friendly education. Brought to you on a weekly basis, the Heron Center podcast strives to encourage and inform you to live a sustainable lifestyle.
Self-Similar Cosmos: A Singular Discussion
By Travis Allen Brainerd
A dynamic discourse exposing the strange, personal riddle of how science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin.
When S**T Hits the Fan
By Deborah Sutter
If you find your face pushed into dirt, unable to breathe - what now? How do you ever get back up? Sometimes you can't just keep going. It seems, you won't ever get up again. You just can’t. And decide, from no on, you won’t take no more bulls**t. And then? How do you get back up? How can you start breathing again? How do you live a conscious life without avoiding uncomfortable stuff? Without bypassing it with some lame general statement as „everything happens for a reason“? How do you ever gain trust in life again? And what happens with your worldview, your beliefsystem? Your understanding of God, the Universe? Where does f***ing Karma enter the stage?
Renown Faith
By JR Darwin
On the Renown Faith Podcast, we explore Christian theology from a conservative prospective. Our goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with emphasis on restoration, revival, and reformation. The host, JR Darwin is an Ex-Pentecostal who shares what he has learned about speaking in tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the prosperity gospel, healing in the atonement and much more. JR Darwin presents a hard hitting commentary on the state of the American church and how the leaders of the Charismatic Movement are high-jacking Christianity.
By Liam Cardenas
A podcast about thinking.
Nick & Doug's Sound Explosion!
By The Hitmaker & Doug Sohn
Two middle-aged (and devilishly handsome) men discuss, ponder, confront, question, and rarely answer the glut of life's mysteries. . . . and also updates on Columbia University athletics (except soccer—Doug hates soccer). Starring Doug Sohn ("Hot Doug") and Nick Markos (The Hitmaker).
Mean and Sober
By Ethan Moore & John Gregory
John Gregory (a large bully) and Ethan Moore (a medium-size recovering addict) are comedians in Miami who are decidedly un-PC. They give you a no-holds-barred take on the dark underbelly of the entertainment world and life in America's Magic City.
Let the Bird Fly!
By Let the Bird Fly!
A podcast about Living Freely in a World Given Back to Us.
By Carlo Santagostino e Deodato Salafia
Condotto da Carlo Santagostino, con la presenza fondamentale di Deodato Salafia, questo show vuole cercare affrontare un viaggio multidirezionale nel mondo della teologia con un occhio attento e critico.
Kali - Mythen, Geschichten und Symbolik
By Sukadev Bretz
Lerne mehr über Kali, die Dunkle, die Geheimnisvolle Göttin. Lausche Geschichten aus der Hinduistischen Mythologie. Erfahre mehr über die Symbolik von Kali. Und verstehe mehr über die Verehrung der Göttlichen Mutter
6 Minutes With Brad Hirschfield: Politics and culture through a spiritual lens
By The Wisdom Daily
Join Rabbi Brad Hirschfield as he examines and elucidates the spiritual truths and realities behind the news, politics, and culture we experience every day. The guiding philosophy: there is something we can learn from everything in the world. Brad Hirschfield is the President of Clal and the Executive Editor of The Wisdom Daily.
My So Called Mates
By Jessie and Santino
A podcast show that will inform you, incite you, and be full of enough half-truths to have a somewhat informed water cooler conversation.
Gutted [Weekly Stories of Reclaiming Your Instinct]
By Allie Stark | Life Coach | Health Coach | Wellness
Stories of people losing touch with their instinct and how they found their way back home.
South Africans Doing Great Things
By Primedia Broadcasting
Each Friday evening edition of NightTalk exposes us to South Africans doing cool things - things you really should know about!
Be The Change
By Global Volunteers
Global Volunteers’ Be The Change Podcast is a conversation about the expected and the unexpected; the active and the passive; the exhilarating and the daunting – all change that deepens life’s journey. Join us as we explore with seekers and humanitarians the changes they’ve experienced as Global Volunteers around the world.
Kross Talk's Podcast
By Kross Talk
Description: A show that promises to engage listeners in objective conversations and share scriptural truths that transcend one’s emotions, personal opinions, and preferences- as a means to provide practical solutions and answers to real issues that affect real people; by discussing a variety of diverse topics and provide thought provoking answers to questions that we thought we knew the answers to
My Stogie Mystagogy
By Don Gonzalez and Mark Connolly
Two regular guys talking about cigars and the meaning of life from a Catholic perspective.
Lado a Lado | Bibotalk
By Bibotalk
O Lado a Lado analiza diversas facetas do comportamento humano a partir da cosmovisão cristã, tentando edificar a igreja através de um debate saudável sobre assuntos complexos, relevantes e emergentes!
Jasper First UMC Podcast
By Jasper First UMC
Audio Podcast of Jasper First UMC Sermons
Get A Grip On Lighting Podcasts
By Get A Grip Podcasts
Recognizing that there is a need in the lighting industry for a forum for people to get together to discuss many interesting subjects and issues, Get A Grip was born. Get A Grip On Lighting brings on industry experts to talk about real issues and focused on that subject matter. Get A Grip On Lighting Podcasts are hosted by Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich, who have over 30 years of combined experience in the lighting industry. Michael Colligan is an entrepreneur and inventor. He's a subject matter expert in commercial and industrial lighting supply, lighting retrofits, finding recycling streams for hard to recycle waste. Greg Ehrich, LC is the former President of the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) and owner of a progressive lighting distributorship. Our podcasts feature deep conversations with many industry experts to highlight some of the more pressing questions of today.
Geek Eire Podcast
By Sean Alpha
A anime and geek culture podcast where we discuss conventions poltics stupid people and whatever is happening this week. Our host is Sean Alpha a Irish American living in Ireland
Flow Show
By Mitchell Wilson
A podcast where we talk about peak performance, extreme sports, and mind expansion.
Die Sache ist die
By Christian Topnik & Daniel Kröger
Christian Topnik und Daniel Kröger unterhalten sich in jeder Folge über ein Thema, das die Gesellschaft bewegt. Abgeleitet von einer These versuchen Sie, auf unterhaltsame Art Gründe und Profiteure gesellschaftlicher Phänomene zu identifizieren.
Cold Cans
By The Overcast Room
A running list of the 100 best beers of all time.
Epic Ordinary Lives
By Aaron Burcham
Each week I talk to an ordinary person who's living an epic life.
Wake Up Beaumont
By Wake Up Beaumont
Wake Up Beaumont explores politics in Beaumont, Texas, a small community on the Texas-Louisiana border with big oil history.
By Jeff and Matt
Everyone's favorite home improvement advice comedy podcast. Join Jeff and Matt every week as we answer listener questions about their very real house repair and DIY projects with very real terrible advice.
Simone et les philosophes
By Simone et les philosophes
Apprendre à penser par soi-même... avec ceux qui pensent autrement
Stichwort: Medien
By Stichwort: Medien
Medienwissenschaft ist die Lehre von der Vermittlung von Informationen durch ein Drittes – das Medium. Grundannahme ist, dass jede Information, die von Adressat zu Adressant gelangt, im Laufe der Vermittlung verändert wird. Also nicht mehr so ankommt, wie sie ursprünglich mal verschickt wurde. Das Medium prägt die Information. Das kann beispielswiese die Veränderung von Schallschwingungen durch Luft, das Einsehen eines verschickten Briefes durch das Postamt, oder die politische Färbung einer Berichterstattung aus dem Nahen Osten sein – ein denkbar breites Feld, das wir in diesem Podcast in kompakter Variante zu beackern versuchen. Wir, das sind Finn und Tim. Gegenwärtig Studenten an der Uni Bayreuth im Studiengang Medienwissenschaft und -praxis. Unser Anlass für die Produktion dieses Podcast ist einfach erklärt: dieses breite Feld, von dem eben die Rede war, ist auch uns zu großen Teilen noch fremd – das wollen wir ändern, und Euch dabei mitnehmen. Fortschritt und Themenwahl passieren bei uns über die Textlektüre von medienwissenschaftlicher Literatur, da zeigt sich dann auch der in Ansätzen vorhandene geisteswissenschaftliche Anspruch, den wir in den Podcast mitbringen. Um uns zuzuhören müsst ihr davon aber nichts gelesen haben: ein weiterer Teil unseres Anspruchs ist, das Ganze für jeden einigermaßen verständlich erklärt zu bekommen. Schritt für Schritt erschließen wir uns und Euch damit die verschiedenen Bereiche, die die Medienwissenschaft hergibt, und die uns helfen den ganzen Trubel ein bisschen zu durchblicken. Die Basis des Podcast bildet vorerst unsere erste Episode, mit den weit gefassten Leitfragen: „Was ist eine Geisteswissenschaft?“ und „Was ist ein Medium?“, um die Grundlagen abzudecken. Natürlich ist es aber auch unsere Absicht, dass jede Episode für sich alleine stehen kann. Solltet ihr Gedanken zum Inhalt haben, sollte euch etwas stören, oder ist euch etwas positiv aufgefallen, dann freuen wir uns immer über euer Feedback. Kein Gedanke ist zu klein, als dass wir uns nicht mit ihm beschäftigen wollten.
Radio Giap Rebelde - l'audioteca di Wu Ming - Archivio 2017 - 2020
By Wu Ming
Audioteca e podcast: interviste, reading, collaborazioni musicali, radiodrammi, audiolibri, conferenze e presentazioni, periodo 2011 - 2016.
Powerful Questions with Jenner
By Jenner Linden
Hi I’m Jenner and I help people get what they want out of life. For the past 11 years, I have been pursuing my passion for personal transformational. Training with the world's top leaders and healers. Now that I'm a life coach I get to share the most powerful transformational tools with you. And I have a knack for asking the perfect question. This is the Powerful Questions podcast where each week I offer a question to shift your mindset and allow your light to shine through. The questions will provide clarity and lead you down a path where transformation is not only possible, it’s inevitable. To learn more about my work visit me a
The Stay Inspired Podcast | Create the Life that You Deserve
By Kongit Farrell | Therapist & Life Coach
The Stay Inspired Podcast is the only show that’s designed to keep kind-hearted women inspired while creating the lives that they deserve. Each episode focuses on a topic that’s been carefully selected to strengthen key life skills through insightful interviews with empowering guests. Filled with light, love, laughs, and many Ah-ha moments, The Stay Inspired Podcast gives women the encouragement they need to bring their dreams to life. Welcome!
The Body of Knowledge
By Kenny Kane & Andy Galpin
The Body of Knowledge is a serialized podcast featuring stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Each story is born in a conversation about quality of life and incubates until it can grow into actionable insight. The show is hosted by former comedian and lifelong human performance coach, Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin. The show is produced in volumes and the chapters of each volume are released weekly.
The Free Her Spirit Podcast
By Christine Petty
A space where feminism meets the divine and the mystical meets the mundane. We are here to celebrate the spiritual journeys of women and how they create sacred experiences and rituals in their daily lives.
Department of Creativity
By Derek Alan Rowe
The Department of Creativity is a collective dedicated to exploring conversations about what it means to be a creative in today's society and how that creativity changes and adapts with our growing landscape. We will have guests and group conversations on various topics, both in studio and at live events.
Audible Ethics
By Team Kenan
Audible Ethics, from the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, takes on interesting topics and asks relevant questions. Hosted by David Wohlever Sánchez, each episode explores a complex ethical question with the help of interesting professors.
To streker under svaret
By Rubicon
Petter Holthe Hanssen og Stian Andreassen inviterer en gjest for å finne svar på verdens ubesvarte spørsmål én gang for alle.
Сказочные истории рабби Нахмана.
By Шломо Радзинский
«Эти истории обладают чудесным свойством: они способны пробудить человека от духовной спячки – чтобы человек, не дай Б-г, не проспал попусту всю свою жизнь». (рабби Натан из Немирова)
Mordantly Comorbid: MoCo
By Daniel and Bethany Brown
Brother and sister duo explore having multiple diagnoses, both physical and mental. Discussion revolving around mood disorders, physical health and personal responsibility.
Drafthouse Ditherers
By Drafthouse Ditherers
A group of close friends meet over a few brews to discuss a hot topic.
Mind For Life
By Mind For Life
How you can develop better thinking for a better life.
Yoga Geschichten Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Lass dich inspirieren - durch Yoga Geschichten. Du findest hier Geschichten aus der indischen Mythologie, Geschichten aus den Upanishaden, moderne Anekdoten, Episoden aus dem Leben großer Meisterinnen und Meister. Yoga Geschichten sind oft amüsant, meist inspirierend, oft erhebend - und manchmal öffnen sie die Tiefe des Bewusstseins, lassen die Seele aufleuchten. Diese Geschichten sind meist erzählt von Sukadev Bretz, Gründer von Yoga Vidya
Inquiring the Moment, with Barbara
By Open and Clear, Broadcasting
More Programs @ - Join Barbara and Devan in applying the proper perception of right-minded thinking. The question isnt only who am I but who is asking themselves? Our hopes of escaping the dreams of the world, by freeing ourselves of what it has to offer.
Hakkame tegutsema
By Indrek Põldvee - Ole alati tänulik ja positiivne. Kuula lugusi ja jaga teistega.
Kuskilt tuleb alustada... Liitu minu teekonnaga ja saa tuttavaks inspireerivate ja põnevate Eesti inimetega. Sa ei pruugi teadagi, et nad üldse toimetavad Eestis, aga nende lood on uskumatud ja väga motiveerivad. Jaga seda saadet inimestega, kui tunned see saade võib neile huvi pakkuda või motiveerida. Kindlasti telli saade iTunest ja hinda saadet. Olen äärmiselt tänulik ja kirjuta mulle, kui sul küsimusi, arvad saan kasulik olla või on mõtteid kes võiks veel saatesse tulla. Rohkem infot
Friday Nights With Jeff and Joe
By Friday Nights With Jeff and Joe
All the Random Useless Info You Wanna Know
Lunch Love Live on ACIM Gather
By Open and Clear, Broadcasting
More Self-Realized Podcast @ - Brought to you by -Conscious Spirit-Coaching- A ONE-on-ONE Service of SHAMANIC direction, guidance, personal support & inspiration to eventually induce undeniable first-hand spiritual & multidimensional experiences on a consciously aware level. - - - - - - - - - Learn More @ - - - - - - - - - Recorded Live on "ACIM Gather" a chat-room for the public who loves the teachings of "A Course in Miracles". These teachings are not for the new to spirituality, only the advancing soul would recognize their truth. Anyone hoping to maintain the illusionary world, will find them hard to accept, and believe there is a justification to rejecting them.
[피사의학당] 삐딱한 학자들의 모임
By 학자
세상의 모든 관념, 관습, 편견, 고정된 지식을 삐딱한 시선으로 바라보는 삐뚤어진 학자들의 대담
Einsichten eines Clowns
By Rouven Huwald
Schau mal anders auf Dein Leben! Genieße den Perspektivwechsel, den Dir ein Clown hier bietet. Höre über Freude, Glück und Dankbarkeit, über Achtsamkeit und Bewusstsein. Höre über die Bestandteile des einfach guten Lebens. Komm mit auf die Bühne, die Dein Leben ist. Dein Leben ist Deine Bühne – Schau, wie schön es hier ist und genieße es!
The Equal Rights Institute Podcast
By Equal Rights Institute
This is the Equal Rights Institute podcast. It is focused on helping pro-life people to be more persuasive when they communicate with pro-choice people. The main feature of this podcast is a weekly episode of an ERI author reading his or her article, but will also include short clips from our Equipped for Life Course podcast, live speech audio, and ERI updates. Equal Rights Institute is an organization dedicated to training pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively.
Give It a Chance
By Give It a Chance
Sit down and strap in weekly to go on a journey that crosses reality, ideals & imagination to question life around us in an eccentric and entertaining way. Give It a Chance is a podcast filled with facts, flights of fancy & 100% ORIGINAL music and production. Brothers from other mothers - Jeff, a traveler and educator and Oleg, an international award winning composer and producer. So what are you waiting for? Give It a Chance!
JRR Talking
By JRR Talking
Retired Minister, Friend Of Reason, Lover Of Life
From Delusion to Truth
By Justin Casey
This podcast is dedicated to exploring and seeking truth, both within ourselves as human beings, as well as in the world around us.
The T.A.G. You're It! Podcast
By Dave and Ray Ray
A Christian Apologetical Podcast from the Presuppositional Minds of Dave and Ray Ray
Millennial Buddhist Podcast
By Marvin Cotton
I offer a voice for millennial Buddhists, spiritual seekers, or those who are just curious. The interviews include various people of different ages, nationalities, and religions. For anyone who considers themselves Buddhist or are curious about the spiritual path I welcome you. This is your home.
Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk
By Seasteading Today with Joe Quirk
Meet the pioneering minds of seasteading. The visionaries, the technologists, the entrepreneurs, the architects, the mariners, the engineers – the bold, forward thinking people who will improve humanity and the planet by establishing floating cities, where we are free to experiment with new means of living together on the blue frontier.
Revolutionary Left Radio
By Revolutionary Left Radio
Discussing political philosophy, current events, activism, and the inevitable historical downfall of capitalism from a revolutionary leftist perspective.
GUJPU_VOHX ગુજરાતી Gujarātī
By [email protected] (AWR)
Daily AWR Programs in Gujarati
Kids Court Podcast
By Distinct Wandering
After adjudicating thousands of cases over his 18 years as a parent, our Kid's Court judge brings his experience and his microphones inside this well-oiled household court, in order to shed light on the crimes and outrages occurring on a daily basis.
Kaleidoscope on Dubai Today
By Dubai Eye 103.8
Bringing you people, places and personal stories from the heart of the city.
Chasing Bodhi
By Chasing Bodhi Podcast
On a quest for the voice
One Offs
By One Offs
Dave Morris and Steven Ray Orr discuss storytelling, ideas, and life through the lens of a single episode of a television show. No Pilots – No Recaps – No Hate Watching
At the End of the Day w/Brian Keith
By At the End of the Day w-Brian Keith
From comedy to politics, health to the insanely weird, At the End of the Day w/Brian Keith explores relationships thru a different lens 2 promote community
Joining the Dots (Business, Life, Creativity, Spirituality)
By Amanda Kerin
Welcome to Joining the Dots - a podcast for driven and determined creative women who want to grow themselves as well as a business - think mind, body and spirit meets business. This podcast aims to inspire, encourage and empower you to build a business and make your new, incredible life happen to enable you to live a lifestyle and business you desire; through insights, stories, conversation, musings and guests. Amanda is a lifestyle & business coaching helping women achieve their dreams. Visit to receive a FREE 7 day course.
No Doubt
By Lisa Dale Miller, MFT
Fierce compassion and discerning wisdom are necessary for cutting through all forms of doubt which impede capacity to be a source of upliftment and awakening for ourselves and others. This talk is a follow-up to the talk I gave on fearlessness. Enjoy!
By Simon Dingle
The central question of all human existence is, "What should I do next?". This is the podcast that explores the possible answers.
AfroBrutality Radio
By AfroBrutality Crew
Join Syn Martinez and Stacey "Hoodie" Hood as they discuss popular and not-so-popular topics that intertwine between living your life to its greatest and the fitness world to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. AfroBrutality will have a wide variety of guests and features throughout the season.
Beer, Pizza and a Movie
By Harry Chappell and Ross Burton
Just your regular ol' podcast where each episode we review a film in 3 segments: What we expected, Spoiler free review, and then full on spoiler talk (that bit has a tendency to go on).
By Res/Edu: K Elliott and J Blannin
A Podcast about educational research: the bits that others leave out
By Nerdshow
Talking about technology, society, future and stuff with interesting people.
Jasper First UMC Podcast
By Jasper First UMC
Audio Podcast of Jasper First UMC Sermons
By Science.Coffee
Our Mission: Accelerate science literacy and critical thinking using coffee as a reference point. -- Science.Coffee will take you on a journey through the universe that exists within your cup. It was Michael Faraday who stated: “There is no more open door by which you can enter into the study of natural philosophy than by considering the physical phenomena of a candle.” The same statement can be made for coffee, a plant that we have cultivated across the world and brew into more than 587 million cups per day. Through coffee, we hope to inspire you with an engaging look at what lies beyond the familiar.
By Lucas Soriano
Abordando temas políticos, filosóficos, sociológicos, artísticos, musicais e tudo mais... Uma breve reflexão e ótimos assuntos combinam perfeitamente com café!
My Message of Aloha with Shelby Collinge
By Shelby Collinge
ALL things thought Shelby Collinge will CHANGE the way you think with my weekly message of Aloha. ALOHA means Love, Peace, Mercy, Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye. Join me weekly for the Spirit of Aloha and let it CHANGE you in wondrous ways!!
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
来源及版权:华藏净宗弘化网,狮子吼净土专修网。 净土宗,刘素云老师,老实念佛。 南无阿弥陀佛,祝您法喜充满^_^ ---------------------------------------------------------------- 以下摘自“百度百科”: 刘素云居士生于1945年3月22日,黑龙江双城县人,中共党员,佛教徒。 中文名 刘素云 国籍 中华人民共和国 出生地 黑龙江双城县 出生日期 1945年3月22日 职业 教师、公务员 信仰 佛教 代表作品 《觉海之舟》、《慧海拾贝》 [个人经历] 刘素云,1964年参加工作,曾从事教师行业,后在东安教育工作处工作,1984年在在黑龙江省政府经贸部任职。 [学佛心路] 刘素云居士 1999年不幸患红斑狼疮但其凭借坚定的信仰与精进的念佛克服了重病。在净空老法师的指导下,讲经说法长期在精进念佛。其交流心得的视频作品有《觉海之舟》、《慧海拾贝》、《我为净土鼓与呼》等系列。她平易近人、与世无争的形象鼓舞了无数人。
The Adventures of Memento Mori
By D.S. Moss
The Adventures of Memento Mori: A Cynic's Guide for Learning to Live by Remembering to Die is a bi-weekly, 30-minute podcast exploring death. Satirical and philosophical, the show follows host, D.S. Moss, as he attempts to reconcile his own impermanence and live a more meaningful existence. Problem is, life keeps getting in the way.
Irrationeel Ritueel
By Reinilde
In de Irrationeel Ritueel Podcast, Hoe zijn vrouwen te begrijpen? associëren vrijstudeerder Charlotte en kunstenaar Reinilde vrij over hoe de mens -de wereld en elkaar- in verschillende tijden proberen te begrijpen, en in bedwang proberen te houden. Ze gaan van de hak op de tak, van Conspiracy tot Europese gewoontes en geloven voor Roomse tijden, onze huidige Nederlandse identiteit, magie, sjamanisme en aan verhalen waar de mens niet zonder kan, en de keerzijde van ratio. Soms is het moeilijk voor te stellen dat andere werelden mogelijk zijn, dan waar wij in zijn opgegroeid, daarom laten we ons graag verrassen. Want soms hoeft een actie geen doel op zich hebben, behalve de actie.. dus zo, Irrationeel Ritueel.
Steve Farrar
By Steve Farrar
Mens Leadership
Naturalna Strona Życia Ewa Kozioł
By Ewa Kozioł
Naturalna Strona Życia to audycja mająca pokazać ci, że prostota i życie blisko natury daje Ci wolność. Rozmawiamy o ziołach, życiu w harmonii z sobą i naturą, naturalnych terapiach, minimalizmie i wolności.
Beyond The Box Set
By Harry Chappell & John Lucas
A podcast pitching the movie sequels that nobody asked for.