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By Slate
You think you know the story, or maybe you don’t. But Watergate was stranger, wilder, and more exciting than you can imagine. What did it feel like to live through the scandal that brought down President Nixon? Find out on this eight-episode podcast miniseries hosted by Leon Neyfakh. Made possible by Slate Plus members | Coming Nov. 28
By The Huntington
By Aaron Gulyas
The Saucer Life is a monthly podcast exploring the history and lore of flying saucer culture, running the gamut from Contactees to the Men In Black and from Underground Bases to Abductions.
By Alan Odinson
A den full of scallywags and marauders looking for a place to hang their axe and relax. Whether it's pirate culture, social issues, destruction of empires, barbaric self improvement or how to kill w/ a spoon; NOTHING is safe in this den of savagery!
By Michelle Boettcher & Jimmy Howard
Clemson University Masters students present a podcast about current issues facing the contempoary college student. Guided by Dr. Michelle Michelle L. Boettcher and Jimmy Howard for a class project, students use media, history, research, and student interviews to paint their perspective on students attending college today.
By oldjunkcountry
Absinth, 2 mins of drunkeness
By Matthew Lewis
The Richard III Podcast examines the life and times of King Richard III, offering details on aspects of this most controversial of English kings.
By Absurd History
We're two guys that love history and the absurdity of things people did that are often glossed over. We've had many outrageous discussions, so we thought why not record them and put it on the internet. Your hosts today are Zach Levy, and my friend Michael Brown. Let's get started.
By Chris Allen
On each episode, Chris Allen gets together with a local comedian and teaches them a story about our local history.
By Bruce Carlson
There are at least a dozen Ronald Reagans. In this cast, we look at all of them. The stalwart, the compromiser, the tax cutter and raiser, the communicator the quiet thinker, the leader, the delegater.
The BBC World Service's wide range of documentaries from 2009.
Will Gompertz enters the Royal Collection to examine some of the objects that have adorned, defined and described the story of a thousand years of the British monarchy.
By Manatū Taonga - Ministry for Culture and Heritage (NZ)
Podcast weblog for seminars presented at Manatū Taonga - the Ministry for Culture and Heritage
By Paul Conrad
A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai
By Dj King Killa, Curt G & e.Green - Pure Bred Hip-Hop Dudes
Elders of Hip Hop. Never frontin' on the culture. There's a lot of discussion going on about Hip Hop… Here's a show that's all inclusive. No frontin' allowed!
By Austin Pray
With helpful explanations, in depth discussion, and witty humor (at least we think so), this podcast's purpose is to restate and reinforce concepts taught in Mr. Conrad's AP World History class. We aim to provide a fun way for everybody to study, because previously “fun” and “study for AP World History” were not in any way related.
By Michael Grasso
Take a minute-by-minute journey into the glittery heart of the greatest (and only) glam rock movie of the 1990s, Velvet Goldmine. Who killed Brian Slade? What's with the Oscar Wilde obsession? Why did Bowie sue? Couldn't they afford sturdier trousers for Ewan McGregor? These, and many more questions will be answered by your hard-rocking hosts, Mike Grasso and Jenny Anckorn as we take on... THE WHOLE SHEBANG!
By Oxford University
An interdisciplinary research series hosted by Queen's College that brings together specialists and students working on manuscript and text cultures of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean (Greece and Rome), ancient East and South Asia, and medieval Europe.
By JP Burke
A podcast about the history of NASA human spaceflight. New episodes every other Thursday.
By The Weird History Eerie Tales
The Weird History Eerie Tales Podcast covers all things weird and eerie our world has to offer, from vampires and witches to conspiracy theories and haunted asylums. The Weird History Eerie Tales Podcast is sure to bring you informative episodes on all things weird and eerie.
By Loyal Books
The first book in Galsworthy’s trilogy, The Forsyte Saga, The Man of Property revolves around the lives of the Forsytes, a self-conceited and cold family, who place a high value on propagating money and rising from their yeoman roots. The novel chronicles the events that lead to their inevitable demise, which is instigated by the stuffy man of property, Soames Forsyte, as he pursues the ideals of the preceding generation, whilst maintaining his own obsession with ownership. At the same time,...
By Loyal Books
The Red Badge of Courage is a fiction that tells the story of a soldier named Henry Fleming during the American Civil War. The novel gained widespread praise from critics and was also a commercial success shortly after its release and made Stephen Crane an instant celebrity at the young age of 24. In the novel, Henry was one of the enlisted soldiers in the 304th New York Regiment. He flees from battle in one of the skirmishes they had against the Confederates and to hide his cowardice, he at...
By Christian Brady
Christian Brady’s podcast series “Prometheus Unbound,” featuring Lucan’s Pharsalia as a gateway into the Roman Empire. We’ll cover everything from political partisanship, war lit, family feuds of epic proportions, intertextuality, the macabre, remakes of Golden Age Latin epics, political resistance through art, atheism and much, much more! All while looking at ways the modern world can help inform us about what was going on with forays into Canadian PSAs and mashups of 80s action movies.
By Loyal Books
A novel that disturbs you 160 years after it first appeared in print, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, has so much relevance and resonance even today. Dorian Gray is a strikingly handsome young man whose beauty attracts a debauched aristocrat Sir Henry Wotton. Dorian's picture has been painted by a talented artist Basil Hallward and Sir Henry becomes desperate to meet Dorian, though Basil himself is against it. Sir Henry persuades Dorian to pose for a picture painted by Basil and...
By Adam Graham
Enjoy all 10 circulating U.S. Episodes of the Fat Man featuring J Scott Smart as Detective Brad Runyon. Hosted by Adam Graham.
By The Blue Spot
Open discussion of issues of the day. Call in and let your voice be heard.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
This unit explores the Holocaust, as the destruction of European Jewry is commonly known. The mass killing represented by the Holocaust raises many questions concerning the development of European civilisation during the twentieth century. This unit, therefore, covers essential ground if you wish to understand this development. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Publish...
By Loyal Books
“Few books make history and fewer still become the foundational texts for the movements and struggles of an entire people....” One such great work was The Souls of Black Folk by William EB Du Bois. Published in 1903, it is a powerful and hard-hitting view of sociology, race and American history. It became the cornerstone of the civil rights movement and when Du Bois attended the first National Negro Conference in 1909, he was already well-known as a proponent of full and unconditional equali...
By Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed
Largest Quran Audio MP3 Project
By Shawn Tompkins
Listen to Roots of Rock with Shawn Tompkins, as he traces the influences of the bands you love, featuring interviews, deep cuts and trivia along the way!
By Brandon Herbel & Parker Steele
Omaha talks features interviews with people who have shaped the city we love.
By Mary Kelly
Kaytlin Bailey and Wendi Starling are mouthy comedians and unapologetic former sex workers. Instead of shamefully hiding their pasts as pussy pedallers, these two broads are enthusiastically examining and celebrating the storied history of the world’s oldest profession and the heroic whores that had a hand (or at least a pinky finger) in shaping society as we know it today. Produced by Mary Kelly All music, unless otherwise noted, by Funky One Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under...
By Andrew Julow
One of the most famous philosophers of the enlightenment, Rousseau's Social Contract explores the foundation of society. Breaking with John Locke's belief in self-evident truths, Rouseau argues that society and law is the product of general will rather than enlightened reason. Read by Jason Douglas and presented by, new episodes will be released weekly.
By Loyal Books
Regarded as the one of the earliest examples of feminist philosophy, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is written as a direct response to Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, a French politician who delivered a report to the French National Assembly suggesting that women should only receive domestic education and additionally encourages women to stay clear of political affairs. In her treatise, Wollstonecraft avidly criticizes this inadequate perception of women as an inferior sex and ...
By Corey Ayers
Corey Ayers and Angela Spindle bring you their take on Oklahoma history and culture from the Oklahoma Historical Society. 🎙️
By The Drug Classroom
The Drug Classroom is an educational resource focused on drugs, drug policy, and related areas. We cover a range of topics, including neuroscience, pharmacology, and history. Since drugs are never going to leave society, it only makes sense to provide good information about them.
By Davin Sweeney
As a college admissions counselor, I think “The Crush” sums up the way most people feel about the college admissions process and the college experience itself. High school students fall into a deep infatuation with a potential future alma mater, maybe even many, and work themselves into ulcerous, sleepless fits trying to find a way to get noticed and give them a chance. And then there’s the other kind of crush. The physical weight of it all. The pressure of expectations for yourself, your par...
By The Scholars' Circle Interviews
The Scholars’ Circle seeks to connect the public to scholars and expose general audiences to the greater knowledge than they might obtain otherwise. It hopes that a high level of dialogue might deepen the public’s understanding about the issues facing us and hopes to counteract polarization that occurs on other outlets. The program offers voices, information and contexts that together are infrequently offered in most programs.
By Confabulas
Desenvolvido no final de 2017 e inaugurado no dia 1º de janeiro de 2018, o confabulas é um podcast sobre histórias e reflexões do nosso cotidiano e temas da nossa sociedade. A cada episódio, terão convidados de outros Podcasts ou pessoas sem ligação alguma com a podosfera, para uma sessão de bate papo bem amigável e íntima sobre qualquer tipo de assunto. No meio da conversa, podem surgir histórias engraçadas, tristes, emocionantes ou até mesmo assustadoras. Todo mundo tem histórias para conta...
By Jason V. Hewitt
"Behind the Brand" is a podcast that uncovers the history, myth, and legend behind today's big brands. Jason Hewitt combines his love of history and rich storytelling to bring light to the origin of the most prominent brands of our time.
By Peluzo
A group of friends that got together to talk about random subjects. We are not experts but we do exploring different points of views. Together we try to make sense of what life is in our interpretation of it. From different genders, ages, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Despite our differences and how we identify ourselves--we're able to come to an agreement...or not...
By Tanner Massey
A comedy review podcast that takes three people utterly unqualified to review anything and makes them review everything! Each week, we look at a little bit of everything and attempt to answer one question, "Do our opinions matter?" They don't.
By Josh Mason
This is a podcast series where we take you back in time to learn about the people, events, and themes that make up our history. But rather than just talking about trivia, we want to take a look in the past to see how we can make a better future. On the podcast is of course me, Josh Mason. Joining me is Camron Shawn Stockford, a social studies teacher with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History.
By Angelina Longo and Meg Howe
True Crime Podcast hosted by two Forensic Anthropology Students
By Cian Gill
Welcome to the Strange Ireland Podcast! Sit down and have a glass while we regale you with tales of mystery and history. Forgotten explorers, ghost-hunters, Gothic writers, lost cities - all things Irish and strange are liable to turn up in our stories. There are things in Irish history that are best left forgotten - and we're about to uncover them all.
By Ross A Alexander
Having created podcasts about pop-culture and games, I wanted to focus more on one aspect of games in particular - their music. Having played games since the early nineties, I've become enraptured by the way that music is used in games; not only to tell stories, but as a major facet of games design as well. I plan to cover both the careers and works of game music's most famous composers, as well as go into more detail about how game music is used when designing a game.
By The Sideliners Show
Each week on The Sideliners Show, hosts Chris LeBrun and Matt Orian take a unique look at the headlines across news and politics and use their special blend of humor and insight to bring context to what's happening in the world. In addition covering the headlines, The Sideliners Show also features special segments such as Locks, Shocks, and Jocks, Matt's weekly predictions about the NFL; award show recaps and other meaningless happenings in current event; and everyone's favorite segment, We...
By Warhorn Media
A podcast for American Christians about how we got here and what to do about it. Featuring Pastor Tim Bayly, and Jake Mentzel and Nathan Alberson of Warhorn Media.
By The National Podcasting Company
Each weekday morning, The Optimistic Almanac brings you some history of things and biographies of people that don't suck.
By James Wolner
Coming to you from the vast and windy plains near Hebron, North Dakota, this is an explorative journey into life in small towns and midwestern dreams of big time high school basketball. I'll bring you real stories from real people in small towns of North Dakota and South Dakota and the upper midwestern United States. Who are we in these small northern towns and what's this fascination with getting to the state tournament all about. Interviews, storytelling and more.
By Tim Scott and Chuck Walters
This podcast explores the lives of baseball players who died tragically young.
By Loose History
a podcast at the cutting edge of yesterday's technology
By Matt Rodriguez
Coldwell Banker Commercial Devonshire Realty has been servicing our clients for 40 years. Throughout those 40 years, we have worked with a plethora of interesting and successful people. This podcast is dedicated to them. Its purpose is to highlight and share the success stories of our successful and interesting clients that we have throughout our 40 years of service.
By Savage Security
Welcome to Eye of the Cyber, a cybersecurity podcast! Marcus Carey and Davi Ottenheimer came up with the idea for a podcast that would tackle political and other controversial content that other cybersecurity podcasts stay away from. It would be 'real talk', where it's okay to disagree. "I have never in my life learned anything from any man that agreed with me." --Dudley Field Malone Adrian Sanabria and Kyle Bubp offered to help coordinate, record and throw in their opinions. The music i...
By Rusty Quill
Historic Royal Palaces, in association with Rusty Quill present: Outliers - Stories from the Edges of History. Enjoy a selection of stories from award-winning contemporary writers as they reveal the people hiding in the shadows of real events at some of the greatest palaces ever built.
By Krista McCracken
Historical Reminiscents is dedicated to discussing public history and archival practice. Created and produced by Krista McCracken this weekly podcast discusses archival impulses, shares insight into the world of public historians, and tackles historical interpretations in Canada.
By History of Healthcare Podcast
An overview of the medicine our prehistoric ancestors used to survive for over 60,000 years.
By Sawyer Westbrook
A podcast about cemeteries, and the stories they tell.
By The Surgical Fiction Podcast
I am a brain surgeon. The surgical task and the writing craft are both goal directed, cerebral undertakings. But surgery is a concrete, "right now" kind of thing, and writing is a creative, "take your time" thing. Surgery requires a rote knowledge of anatomy; writing calls up an esoteric awareness of words and grammar. Surgery is relatively quick and mentally exhausting; writing is time consuming and brain building. Surgery is a team sport (no surgeon operates alone); writing may be one of th...
By Castle of Hope COM
The Castle of Hope for Lost Souls is my dream. I want to set up a drug rehab center in Detroit. I want to help the homeless. I want to help lost souls find t
By The Brothers Mysterium
Though these two brothers have never seen or experienced any firsthand proof of the supernatural, their minds have always remained open to the possibility. Unsatisfied with the so called "evidence" on television and the internet, they have chosen to take matters into their own hands and conduct their own interviews and research. This podcast brings their quest to you, as they hear the stories of these unexplainable events from those who lived them - no Hollywood effects or exaggerations and n...
By The Attention Span Recovery Project
On November 18 1978 Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple died in Jonestown in what is considered to be the largest mass suicide in modern history. Locked deep within an FBI vault, the tapes chronicling the history of Peoples Temple were finally made public after 20 years. From Jim Jones shady beginnings as a faith healer to that final tragic night that his loyal followers drank the Koolaide. Join us as we piece together the history of Peoples Temple and try to understand what led to their demise.
By Craig Baird
Diving into the unique world of Canadian history with a look at the strange and wonderful stories that define the country.
By The Lionel Gelber Prize - at the Munk School of Global Affairs
Founded in 1989 by Canadian diplomat Lionel Gelber and presented annually in partnership with Foreign Policy magazine and the Munk School of Global Affairs, the Lionel Gelber Prize is a literary award that seeks to deepen public debate on significant international issues. Enjoy fascinating conversations with the Prize Finalists and Robert Steiner, Director of the Fellowship in Global Journalism and Professor of Global Practice at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Spec...
By History in Film
Covering world history in 100 (or so) movies. From creation and cavemen to Facebook and modern culture--I'll talk about what they got right, what they got wrong, and just about the movies themselves. (includes links to my book Magic Carpet Ride).
By Heather Marshall
Chronicals of the missing and murdered in Canada
By Marble Orchard Podcast
Hosted by Prickly Pete and Faye Daniel, Marble Orchard Podcast is a podcast that explores murders and mysteries of the American Southwest.
A podcast about the South, told through conversations from people who grew up here, live here, and spend time thinking about how it shapes who they are and what they do.
By The Podcast Natework
True Crimecast is a podcast that adds a unique perspective to the true crime genre. John and Jamie dig into new cases and revisit old ones to try to get to the truth. Each episode takes on a different case and the hosts share both details and theories about what really happened.
By Rebecca Larson
Take a journey through time and discover the stories of the Tudor dynasty.
By tbs 교통방송
한 주간의 다양한 시사이슈와 세상의 크고 작은 이야기를 박혜진 아나운서의 시선으로 소개해드립니다.
By Alana M. Miller
Stories about how we get clean. A monthly podcast bringing you the the most obscure and opulent bath-time insights from across time and space.
By Jennifer Grayson
Hi! I’m Jennifer Grayson. Journey with me as we peel away the layers of urbanized, industrialized, technologized modern life, to uncover the core of how we were meant to live as human beings. We’ll examine a more meaningful existence that will help us restore balance to our imperiled planet, while reclaiming our original, inborn connection to the natural world. From food and conservation to reimagining urban landscapes and raising children, from self-reliance and simple living to building com...
By Toben and Vanessa
Join co-hosts Vanessa and Toben on a quest that began with one of the most pressing cinematic questions of our time: what's the best movie Blake Lively's ever been in? During volume one of this series, they will watch - in chronological order - every major motion picture featuring the actress Blake Lively. At the end of each episode, an updated ranking of Blake Lively movies will be determined. Subsequent volumes of this podcast will examine a different actor's filmography using a similarl...
By Diane Ladley, "America's Ghost Storyteller"
It's history's eeriest, true ghost stories, told by award-winning storyteller, Diane Ladley, "America's Ghost Storyteller"
By Leddy Set Go Productions
Matthew and George Leddy discuss Halloween, Jeffrey Dahmer, the environment, world affairs, nuclear armageddon... and also tell a few jokes!
By Nexus Centre
Nexus Centre podcasts are meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives at Memorial University, primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
By Tyler Mahan Coe
Cocaine & Rhinestones is a podcast about country music from before the year 2000. It's about the musicians and producers and songwriters and singers who made country music. It's about the DJs and record labels who found country music. It's about the music itself and it's about the lives these people lived in order to make it. From legendary superstars like George Jones and Ernest Tubb to criminally under-appreciated sidemen like Ralph Mooney, from the real reason Loretta Lynn kept gettin...
By Mixed Nuts Productions
Each week Kayle, Ben, Christian and Matt (plus the occasional guest) catch up to talk about someone who has had some pretty out there ideas and see how it turns out for them.
By A Mind Forever Wandering
Join Neil and Matt as they discuss cases from paranormal history, and the various colourful characters that inhabit them
By Zoë Kontes
On Looted: The Podcast, we uncover the hidden stories of ancient artifacts and their journeys in the illicit antiquities trade. I’m Zoë Kontes, and I’m an archaeologist. When we archaeologists dig, we carefully record what we find so we can make the best sense of the evidence. But go to any museum, auction house, or dealer with an antiquities collection and you’ll be sure to find objects that have been removed from the ground without this kind of proper excavation. Looting destroys the contex...
By Benno Zuiddam
This podcast helps to understand the Bible. It is designed for people who are not satisfied with cheap answers. Get answers to real questions and see how many things make sense after all. You will discover principles and truths that will open up the Bible and the history of Christianity in a meaningful way. Benno Alexander Zuiddam is a traditional Christian scholar with doctorates in Theology and Classics.
By Oxford University
Israel Studies Seminar: Perspectives on Israel. During this academic year, the Israel Studies Seminar will explore what it means to widen the horizons of conventional discourse about Israel by focusing on various perspectives of Israel. The seminar’s objective is to situate Israel within broader contexts, including thematic, theoretical, methodological, epistemological, and geo-strategical. Our speakers this year are invited to offer views of Israel from the socio-political or historical van...
By ThinkTech Hawaii
Kaui Lucas hosts Hawaii is my Main Land on the ThinkTech Hawaii network. Watch it recorded live Fridays at 3pm HST.
By Karen Atkinson & Megan Flanders
“How The Art World Works” is an inquiry into the logistics, values, ethics, expectations and operations of how an artist “makes it” in the art world. Unmarred by academic impetus and vocabulary, your hosts Karen Atkinson and Megan Flanders condense experiences commercial, academic and otherwise from their special guests, cut the sludge and get straight to the point: Can someone please tell us how the art world works?
By Mike Browne
Proudly and creepily Canadian, Dark Poutine is a podcast about myths, legends, notorious crimes, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.
By Emily Elias & Tom Wiggins
A podcast about condiments. Emily Elias and Tom Wiggins ask, if you were trapped on a desert island, which 5 dips would you take with you.
Ivan Carruthers combines his personal memories with excerpts from the book he co-authored, Memories of Smithville.
By Ivan Wise
Each week, a guest makes a series of recommendations of things which they think should be better known. Our recommendations include interesting people, places, objects, stories, experiences and ideas which our guest feels haven't had the exposure tha...
By OfMythAndMercy
The Of Myth and Mercy podcast releases episodes every other week primarily of true crime/mysteries (generally lesser-known/covered), grim conspiracies, urban legends, strange controversies and more. Hosted by lefty-leanin' ladies who dig into the dirty and deep details of every topic and case.
By Wondery
How did Charles Manson become an evil, cunning monster? In August 1969, the world is shocked by the savage murders of movie star Sharon Tate and four others at the sprawling Hollywood Hills estate she shares with film director Roman Polanski. When the following night another couple is brutally slaughtered, panic spreads among Los Angeles residents. Four months later, the mastermind behind these vicious crimes is arrested, and the public learns th...
By Wives' Tales Podcast
A podcast full of mystery
By Scandal Sheets with Caroline
Scandal Sheets is the podcast that exposes the secret, and not-so-secret, stories from days gone by. Before TV and social media, newspapers and "gossip rags" purveyed the juiciest tidbits of society's misdeeds. Affairs, divorce, political hanky panky...the scandalous history of the rich and famous is not your grandmother's history. So clutch your pearls and tune in weekly to Scandal Sheets. Available starting November 10, 2017.
By Slate Magazine
A free preview of Reconstruction, a Slate Academy series made exclusively for Slate Plus members. Learn more at
By Roast Mortem Cast
We've all been taught to venerate the dead, but where's the fun in that. No one can take all their rotten secrets to the grave. Humans are just trash monsters that make mistakes, rub together and make more human. So, let's grab some beers, bury inhibitions and dig up some dirt on history's most iconic departed.
By M. Swift
That Murder & Mystery Show--formerlySouthern Mystery SundaysandWalking Nightmares--goes into murders and mysteries throughout the Southern U.S You can also findTM2Sthrough the main Danger Zone '92 feed. Follow Swift on [email protected] Danger Zone '[email protected]
By UnNeutered
Barbershop talk that is based on critical thinking with unbiased fact based discussions for the betterment for the people.
By Ray Haberski, Andrew Hartman, Daniel Rinn
Two intellectual historians discuss politics, culture, and the history of ideas in the United States.
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