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By Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity
The Podcast for Cultural Reformation seeks to help listeners think about the nature of culture and our role and responsibility in shaping culture through the lens of God's eternal Word. Featuring book reviews, author interviews and expert commentary.
By Ron Mallett
A podcast that details the history of Tasmania utilizing personal genealogy as case studies.
By The Huntington
Bringing together international leaders in the field of medieval studies, this conference focuses interdisciplinary attention on the recent resurgence of interest in fifteenth-century texts and manuscripts and reshapes the dialogue about this decisive moment in English literary history. This conference was funded by The Huntington's Dorothy Collins Brown Endowment and The Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
A Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) award enabled Manuscripts and Special Collections to conserve, catalogue and provide access to the remains of the Collection. Access to the ten medieval manuscripts and 42 printed books had been limited both because of their fragile condition and the specialist nature of the manuscripts. The volumes include texts in Middle English, Old French and Anglo-Norman French as well as Latin. For more information on the project please visit
By Waiting for Rockets
A Disneyland trivia and history podcast celebrating everything that makes Disneyland a place of wonder and imagination. Produced by long time Disneyland Podcaster, Aaron Robbins, Waiting for Rockets focuses on short fun filled segments, little known stories and trivia about Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom.
In 1948, three black farmers decided they’d had enough. They were going to vote in rural South Georgia, where white supremacists held power by suppressing the black vote. Pulitzer-Prize winning author, journalist and Emory University professor Hank Klibanoff explores the mysteries and injustices of history through civil rights cases that few have seen. How far would white supremacists go -- on the streets, in the courtrooms, in the legislatures -- to preserve their racial dominanc...
By Seven Ages Research
The Seven Ages Audio Journal is a podcast that explores history through archaeological discoveries, scientific achievements, and cultural developments throughout time. Hosted by researchers Micah Hanks, Jason Pentrail, and James Waldo, the program features commentary and interviews with leading experts in the fields of history, archaeology, science, and other disciplines. Our aim is to unravel questions about ancient times, and explore areas of knowledge and culture from the past, to the pres...
Founders Ministries is committed to encouraging the recovery of the gospel and the biblical reformation of local churches.
By Prairie Rose
The Bit by a Fox Podcast is all about booze. Each week, host Prairie Rose, founder of the award winning spirits and cocktail blog Bit by a Fox, will talk cocktails, drinking culture, imbibing through history, and what’s trending today in the world of intoxicants. She’ll talk to the personalities behind the booze, experts in their field, and supercool people who are fun to drank with. They’ll chat about the trends, how we got here, and the ultimate cocktail party fodder - the hidden stories be...
By Places of Legend Podcast
The Places of Legend podcast offers listeners a unique way of exploring out-of-the-way and overlooked places with surprising stories to tell. Our aim is to turn history inside out—to enchant forgotten places and to peel back the legends from places that we’ve all heard about. Our background is in archaeology, history, and cultural heritage as it is usually understood. But in Places of Legend we aim to upend the normal relationship between past, present, and future: with an ever-evolving serie...
By Chris Campise
The podcast celebrating the life and work of Huell Howser and his hit show California's Gold.
By Annie Evans
This is a podcast by a very tired, but somehow energetic? college student all about true crime.I do all my own research, and I try to earn the title of detective by diving into the details of each case. Let's see how this goes. tweet at us here: @anniegolucky12
By Ben Wilson
“I am a true Roman Emperor; I am of the best race of the Caesars – those who are founders.” - Napoleon Bonaparte. Anyone who has achieved greatness has, in part, patterned themselves after those who came before. In How to Take Over the World, we analyze the lives of some of the greatest men and women to ever live. We take a look at their strategies, tactics, mindset, and work habits. You'll be informed, inspired, and entertained as you learn how to take over the world. Learn more by visiting ...
By Carolynn ni Lochlainn
The #1 job of family history research is to take ancestors from names on paper to multidimensional people who lived, breathed, loved, lost, and helped us to be who we are. In this work, I am all about best evidence and best practices. This podcast is an extension of my classroom, a hybrid teaching and chat session where you'll find the best ways to get the most out of online genealogy tools. I'll give you tips, tricks, and stories from my 37 years of research about mistakes and triumphs in ge...
By Abby Garner
EMO HOUR Podcast is dedicated to the unafraid and unashamed emo at heart. EMO HOUR is about sharing positivity, promoting creativity, and being open to feeling. Tune in every Monday for emo jamz.
By Dick Newman
This podcast is a linear telling of English History through the lives of each of their Monarchs. For lovers of historical fiction, it will fill in the gaps left by authors as well as explore the historical accuracy of those novels.
By M. Drewery
History For Your Story is a resource for writers. This Podcast uses historical events, people and items to inspire new fictional worlds and characters.
By Travis Storkson
Conspiracy theories presented in an unbiased, informative fashion.
By OHHAP Podcast
Out Here Having a Pint is a podcast about everything beer. Join us as Kevin, Kelsy and Rob dive into the brewing world one pint at a time!
By Cam Hill
The Texas Hillstory Podcast is podcast devoted to sharing knowledge and understanding of key concepts, figures and events in Texas History. This is Texas History from the point-of-view of a Texas History teacher.
By Richard Huffman
The regular podcast of, the top web site for information about the curiously specific subject of left-wing terrorism of the 1970s. Host Richard Huffman interviews people tangentially and directly related to the Baader-Meinhof era, including Oscar-winning filmmakers, Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, journalists, victims and witnesses of terrorist bombings, as well as interview with former terrorists.
By The Renaissance Times
The ultimate podcast about the Renaissance!
By WYPR Baltimore
Since 2002, "Your Maryland" hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past. Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled "Ten Bears" in the 1970's, the show covers nearly four centuries of heroes, scoundrels, floods, fires, riots, plots, athletes (two-and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. All of th...
By David Nicholson
Join David Nicholson as he conducts experiments in conversation with leading thinkers in areas that illuminate our past and shape our future. The Out of the Cave podcast is produced for those with a desire to know.
By Jamison Smallwood
Culture and Conversations is a weekly look at current cultural events with the occasional interview sprinkled in hosted by Jamison Smallwood
By Buster Jack
a description of the lives of a tenant farmer's family as they struggled to survive during the 50's & 60's in Arkansas. during this period they were not aware that their lifestyle was vanishing
By We Don't Talk About That
The Dark Side of New Zealand. True crime, disasters, and the supernatural
By Sheddy and Shabz
The Podcast that explores the possible true life events that inspire movies. From things such as the paranormal/supernatural, true crime and serial killers. There's a truth to be told behind the scenes... With your hosts Sheddy and Shabz
By iHeartRadio
SHIELDS HIGH: The Battles That Saved Western Civilization From nationally syndicated radio host Buck Sexton, a new podcast that looks at the epic struggles that- had they gone the other way- could have extinguished the western world as we know it. From the Persians of Xerxes to the Janissaries of the Ottoman Sultan, on many occasions vast and powerful forces nearly conquered the Western world before it ever could be realized. It was only through the valiant last stands of armies led by cha...
By Danielle, Daniel & Karla
A true crime podcast by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers, or for anyone that doesn't know what a Hoosier is...we sure as hell don't
By Learfield Communications
Join UMass Director of Athletics Ryan Bamford and various guests for exclusive discussion on current topics in college athletics, higher education and the intersection of college sports and business.
By National Life Stories
From its modest beginnings in 1987, National Life Stories has grown significantly and helped to create one of the largest oral history collections in the world – the British Library holds some 70,000 recordings of which nearly 3,000 are long, in-depth biographical interviews created by National Life Stories. Each episode of this podcast will bring you a conversation with someone else associated with National Life Stories – from interviewers, to curators, to listening service and technical sta...
By Manjot Bains
The Nameless Collective Podcast is hosted by Naveen Girn, Milan Singh & Paneet Singh - a trio of historians, researchers and explorers who travel to the archive every week to rediscover history, solve mysteries, and provide a space for the untold histories of Vancouver's South Asian community. A South Asian History and Vancouver History Podcast produced by
By Sean Goodman
What if you could take a class that analyzed Luke Skywalker the same way professors analyze Alexander the Great? What if Ned Stark was treated the same way historians treat Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand? Or if Harry Potter’s life was talked about the way we talk about George Washington? Prophessor S.T. Gillery answers these timeless questions and more with the Fantastical History Podcast.
By Cody Creech
A Weekly Audible Road Trip - Every week Cody Creech travels to a new small town with a unique story to tell. Quiet Town is a guide to lost history and local lore. Bringing back the golden age of road tripping.
By Daydrifter
The simple podcast. Explore nature, history and the world around you through short stories, tall tales & half truths. Presented by Daydrifter Magazine, and hosted by Ben Barrick
By Natalie Dardaris, Town of Onondaga Historian
A look into the rich history of the Town of Onondaga: Onondaga County, New York State.
By No You're History
No You're History! This is a podcast where we talk about things like history, religion, and social issues, while kicking back and having a beer. We present you facts from different sides of different ideologies. We discuss it and let you be the judge. We try to dissect everything from an unbiased point of view. So sit back and No You're History.
By Voluble Radio Podcast
Voluble Radio Podcast is a historical journey into what makes some of the world’s most favorite musical acts tick. Hosts Mike and Ryan, with producer Rich, research some of your favorite (and not so favorite) artists each and every week. Listen in for history, rumors, conspiracies, reviews and much more!
By Mitch REED
The Podcast page for No Dice, No Glory; the premier historical miniatures war gamer site!
By Ibraheem Menk – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By Saachi Sharma
This is a podcast series that highlights voices and the stories behind them in San Francisco. Over the years, I’ve found myself in the midst of people whose stories that are relatable, shocking, poignant, uncomfortable, and riveting all at the same time. They have pushed my reflex to snap judgement. The people that I’m going to bring on have lifestyles and careers I read about on the internet but I get frustrated because they don’t ask the right questions. But these are people that I actually...
By Men Biting Dogs Podcast
Two best friends set out to dive deep into all of our favorite topics, from cryptozoology and mythology to history's most epic mysteries, and back again. You may laugh, you may cry, you may become paranoid enough that you feel the need to change your identity. Buckle up and bring a bad attitude, a loose definition of humor, and a spare pair of underwear.
By Muhammad Abdul Jabbar – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By Tahir Wyatt – Muslim Central
Islamic Audio Lectures
By Amy Walker
Eccentric Earth is a brand new podcast where our host is joined by special guests each week to discuss some of the most bizarre and amazing stories from history.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Hamish Wilson takes you on a hazardous and not-to-be-imitated trip through the ages of MAN from caves, clubs, skins and flints, through the age of chivalry, knights and maidens fair, to heroic men of modern warfare, and finally to that curious creature of our day - the SNAGman. Watch this at your peril.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
The College was founded in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth I, at the request of a Welsh Lawyer and Clergyman, Hugh Price. It combines academic excellence in teaching and research with an informal, vibrant, and supportive community. We currently have 340 undergraduates, 190 graduates, 68 Fellows and 20 College lecturers. Our students as well as our tutors come from a very wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We select our students on achievement and potential, with a higher than average proportion ...
By Audios Maximus Media Network ([email protected]m)
A nostalgic podcast on urban ruins, abandoned & extinct amusement parks and attractions. Join us as we relive the excitement of the original amusement & theme parks that helped usher in the modern era of thrill rides and attractions. We'll take you on an audio journey as we explore parks and atractions around the United States and the world through the memories and archives of the people that helped run the parks and those who enjoyed them the most.
Each episode of TriPod: New Orleans at 300 is devoted to a single story or subjects from New Orleans’ rich history.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
In recent years, tattoos have become an accepted form of body art. In Europe, however, tattoos were long regarded as being typical of stigmatized fringe groups – although they originally referred to one of the central icons of Western culture, the Crucifixion of Christ. Barbara Vinken, Professor of Romance Languages and Literature, explains the background.
By The Guillotine
The Guillotine is a podcast covering global current events from a revolutionary communist and anarchist perspective.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Welcome to CAMS 45 Web on iTunes! This optional feature of the class provides the student with various course materials (mostly the audio portions of the lectures). You are welcome to download this material for study and review.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Presentations and lectures from the 1909 People's Budget Symposium, held in October, 2009 on Lloyd George's landmark budget in 1909, which gave way to significant social reforms.
ROCKDEEP ROGUE RADIO newcomer, JDilla is a modern pop culture expert: video games, the internet, movies, music and so much more so that she demands her own version of pop culture that we call: E-Pop. As a professional gamer on Twitch, JDilla will talking to other gamers, musicians, and other creative people in the "e-pop" world.
By Oxford University
The Humanities Division at Oxford has developed an exciting relationship with the National Trust, culminating in the Trusted Source Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Celebrating our collaboration, this interdisciplinary lecture series explores and interrogates the many challenges and opportunities facing the higher education and heritage sectors in the 21st century, and highlights the many points of connection between our two institutions from a number of p...
By Oxford University
The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses is fast approaching. The University of Oxford has begun preparations to mark this key event in European history, some of which are centred on the Taylor Institution’s collection of Lutheran pamphlets. This workshop focuses specifically on how women from all walks of life, and from across Europe and beyond, responded to the events of the Reformation. In particular, we are interested in exploring women’s cultural and written responses. We are d...
By jessie
Jessie and a friend talk about a cryptid for a while and learn about creepy critters from around the world
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
People from all walks of life and all parts of the world have been visiting us for nine centuries and we are delighted that via this site you are joining that long tradition. Oxford was the first University in the English-speaking world. Our aim is to remain at the forefront of centres of learning, teaching and research. The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, CH
By Muslim Central
Sheikh Muiz Bukhary is a scholar of Islam from Sri Lanka, who memorized the Noble Quran at the age of 14, and then spent 10 years specializing in fields of classical Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, and hadith (traditions of the Prophet). Currently he is the CEO of'Sakeenah Institute a first of it's kind in Colombo, which focuses on disseminating knowledge to students, offering schedules of classes feasible for people with different full-time commitments. He is also a teacher of the Arabic la...
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
The annual Oxford University Alumni Weekend aims to showcase the Collegiate University as a whole, giving prominence to a range of current research and its application to real world situations, as well as recognising the achievements of Oxford men and women. This series also includes podcasts from other alumni events including study days and the Oxford European Reunion. Past themes include "A Global Oxford" (2008), "Equal Citizenship" (2009) and "Shared Treasures" (2010).
By Painless Primary Docs
Primary historical documents edited so they are easier to understand.
By Dick Newman
Let's get on with it
By Chris Henrikson / Danny Sjursen
As Americans, we are proud of our military and the men and women that make it up, but how much do we really know about what happens in the military? Why is the war in Afghanistan still going on 17 years after 9/11? Are the budget increases proposed by President Trump needed for military readiness? Which MRE tastes the most like human food and which tastes like the inside of a rusted battery? These are simply a a few of the questions we aim to ask. Please join our hosts, Chris 'Henri' Hen...
By Jose Hurtado: podcast fanatic and Kuyayky's musical director
After many years of taking a hiatus from the spoken world, Kuyayky has retaken the development of Pacarina, a podcast that started when the Kuyayky members were kids in Jauja Peruas a radio show. In episode 1 of this podcast, they document the efforts taken by Jose Hurtado Sr. to research and transcribe the musical piece and lyrics of the Jerga Cumu in 1967. And discover the incredible challenges that it overcame to survive over 500 years. Después de muchos años, Kuyayky regresa a la radio, ...
By Stephen Carter
The show that gives you the names and history for the many weird, wacky, and traditional holidays. This show aims to entertain, inform, and create smiles and wonder.
By Huascar Robles
Unscrewing ourselves out of post-hurricane trauma
By Jordan Leonard
Highlights Music of the Black Experience and Pacific Northwest Artists
By Jeni Decker
Cold Case Homicide Studies in multi-episode, seasonal format.
By Loyal Books
The Last of the Mohicans is an epic novel by James Fenimore Cooper, first published in January 1826.It was one of the most popular English-language novels of its time, and helped establish Cooper as one of the first world-famous American writers.The story takes place in 1757 during the French and Indian War, when France and Great Britain battled for control of the American and Canadian colonies. During this war, the French often allied themselves with Native American tribes in order to gain a...
By ثقافة
أهلاً بكم في ثقافة، المكان الذي يوفرُ لكم مختلفَ المحتوياتِ العربيةِ المسموعةِ من شعرٍ وتاريخ وقصص. سنتناول معاً أجزاءَ غير معروفةٍ من تاريخنا العربي والإسلامي. كما سنتعرف سوياً على شخصيات عظيمة أهملت ونسيت مع الزمن. تعالوا نبحر معاً في محيط تاريخنا المجيد...
By Mike Adams
Conversations about life during the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, Page Arizona, and the filling of Lake Powell by one who was there!
By Laura Scafati
Your Irreverent Guide to the World of Cheese
By Dylan Juran
A show about dogs and the people who love them.
By Darwin Darling
What if I told you that everything you've been taught about the history of the world was a lie? Would you believe me? That history as we know it has been altered, controlled and revised in an effort to control your political views, beliefs, and morals. This is not a conspiracy theory. In fact, the history that is being taught in our elementary schools, high schools, and major the conspiracy. In this high production and action-packed show social commentator and editoriali...
By Matt Unsworth
Welcome to Heist Podcast. The Podcast all about heists. We discuss Heists in the news and deep dive into famous heists and the colorful characters that play a part in them. From the criminals to the investigators.
By Emily Duncan and Sarah Sabala
Hosts Emily Duncan and Sarah Sabala take a crack at your grandmother's recipes from those cookbooks in the back of the pantry.Trying old favorites like Steak Diane to things you wish you never heard of like Chopstick Tuna. In short, this IS your grandmother's cooking.
By 2SER 107.3FM
In 1917, Australia experienced one of its largest industrial conflicts, known as the Great Strike. At the height of the strike, strike breaker Reginald Wearne shot striker Mervyn Flanagan. One hundred years later, The Folded Lie uncovers the injustice that followed the shooting, and how it affected two families.
By Jess and Joe
Remember being bored in your high school history classroom? Remember memorizing useless fact after fact? Today's education system crams history standards into a booked curriculum to the point of absurdity. It's all usually pretty important stuff but important isn't the same thing as interesting. Because of the way schools are run, we have almost no time for the truly hilarious and engaging stories of the past. Let Jess and Joe, two high school teachers, introduce you to some of the outstandin...
By Scott Scheall
Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar is hosted by historians of economic thought Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Gerardo Serra, and Scott Scheall. Each month, the hosts discuss themes related to economics, its history and methodology, and its relevance to contemporary affairs.
By Elliot Matson
The name “James Bond” is synonymous with action, espionage, sex and swagger. While the man of mystery is truly one of a kind, his essence is a pastiche of Ian Flemming’s original literature and the eight men lucky enough to don the moniker in cinema. Join Rupert Carmichael and Mr. 007 himself, George Lazenby, in an eight-episode series investigating the Tux, Talk, Tech and ‘Tini of each legendary actor who once called himself Bond, James Bond.
By Steve Zalazowski, Sr.
Martial Artists are a unique breed. We study materials from around the globe. The AoM Podcast features martial artists of all styles and systems being interviewed about their Journeys and we learn about their unique perspectives. Like ripples in a pond, we learn something new with each interview. Those ripples become waves. And a large enough wave can move mountains. Come join the movement…let’s change the world positively. One person’s story at a time.
الحملة الانجليزية على مصر – الدكتور محمد موسى الشريف من برنامج التاريخ الحديث
الحملة الفرنسية على الجزائر - الدكتور محمد موسى الشريف
By Shea and Erin
A conversational true crime podcast hosted by Texas natives Erin and Shea. New episodes drop every Wednesday. Crime is bigger in Texas, ya'll.
By Peter Roberts
America was forged. From nothing came everything we believe in. But the America our grandparents once knew is not the America we now know. Pete Roberts explores how our ancestors used their minds, hands and daylight to build this great nation. Have you forgotten your history? Have you forgotten that you and me, men and women are the ones who drive true change. Have you forgotten that our independence was won through the sacrifice of our ancestors. That what we have is the sum of their works. ...
By Leigh Pfeffer
History is Gay is a podcast that examines the underappreciated and overlooked queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies that have always been there in the unexplored corners of history. Because history has never been as straight as you think. Follow us on social media! @historyisgaypod on twitter, historyisgaypodcast on tumblr, and subscribe to us wherever you listen to podcasts!
By Alexander Mikaberidze and Nika Khoperia
'Conversations on Napoleon" is the first Georgian language podcast dedicated to the Napoleonic Era. It explores not only the life of Napoleon Bonaparte but also major political, military, social and cultural developments in Europe and beyond between 1789 and 1815. პოდკასტი „საუბრები ნაპოლეონზე" შეეხება ნაპოლეონის ეპოქას, რომელიც მოიცავს ერას XVIII საუკუნის მეორე ნახევრიდან XIXსაუკუნის ოცდაათიან წლებამდე და ერთ-ერთი გარდამტეხ ისტორიულ პერიოდს წარმოადგენს არა მხოლოდ ევროპის, არამედ ზოგადად, მ...
By That One Sports Show
Released every Monday, John and Geoff of That One Sports Show cover a new sport, its history, rules, popularity, and whether or not they would play. From obscure sports like Dwile Flonking and Cheese Rolling to more mainstream sports like Olympic Curling and Footgolf, John and Geoff cover it all. If you've got a sport you'd like them to cover, contact them on
By Nathanael Morrison
The American Defence podcast where we discuss American liberty, virtue, and military mastery.
By Prairie Public Broadcasting
Stories of things that happened in North Dakota and vicinity. Sitting Bull to Phil Jackson, cattle to prairie dogs, knoefla to lefse. In partnership with the Historical Society of North Dakota, and funded by the North Dakota Humanities Council, a nonprofit, independent state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the program do not necessarily reflect those of the North Dakota Humanities Council or the National E...
By You're Not Safe Podcast
Every week we bring you the weird and horrific. Topics cover UFO's, ghosts, serial killers, cannibalism, time travel, demonic possession, mole people, conspiracies, and more.
By Unearthly Paranormal Stories
Unearthly Paranormal Stories takes real experiences from real people and re-tells them
By Matthew Clarkson
One Damned Thing After Another is a podcast about the history of the world, from the Big Bang to the modern age, for people who don’t know a lot about history but want an understanding of how everything fits together, and not just the historical highlights.
By Msbar Podcast
‏‏‏بودكاست يركز على رواية القصص بأسلوب شيق و ممتع في شتى أنواع المجالات تاريخ - علوم - جريمة -دراما -سيرة ذاتية StoryTelling Podcast
By Matt Greene
A short daily podcast covering tech events from this day in history.
By Jon Hagadorn
Where History Comes Alive! A fast-paced, well-researched weekly podcast covering a wide range of historical events, persons, places, legends, and mysteries, hosted by Jon Hagadorn. 1001 Heroes Podcast is a proud part of the 1001 Stories Podcast Network, which includes 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales Podcast and 1001 Stories For the Road Podcast. The network enjoyed over 5 million listens in the past year from a worldwide audience.
By Laura Pearson
The MomCast - A podcast for women and Moms. Real life, real talk, real fun!