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By Intractable Podcast
Intractable is a podcast about a well-covered, but often misunderstood, topic: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each episode takes on one subject—national identity, military culture, political extremism, historical memory, psychology, religion, and media coverage, among others—and investigates it through personal narratives and news stories. Through historical research and present-day interviews with people from myriad backgrounds, Intractable seeks to tell a complete and complicated story—...

I Don't Know Where to Start

By Kimmie Fox and Steph Pleasant
I Don't Know Where to Start is a podcast that discusses sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, and rape culture. Co-hosts Kimmie and Stephany discuss personal, anonymous, and media stories of harassment. Viewer discretion is advised.

Memories of Murder

By Arglit Boonyai
Host Arglit Boonyai (The History Channel’s Crimes That Shocked Asia) presents Memories of Murder: An Asian True-Crime Podcast. From the Jars Murders to the Korean Cannibal each episode will explore the history and context of some of the most shocking crimes from across Asia.


By Ryan Strandquist / Anchor
Ryan S Issac A Ava H

Immigration Studies

By aaa / Anchor
How immigration experiences vary?

What's Up With Our World (WUWOW)

By Taylor D. / Anchor
Civil, Human, and Women's Rights

Talking in Chairs

By Doug and Joe
Submit topics to Douglas and Joe and they will select one you submit and research and present it to you with their own special flair!


By Ellie / Anchor
Social Studies project about civil rights.

Civil Rights Podcast

By Jace Nguyen / Anchor
Civil Rights Movement and about the Civil rights

Little 'bout A Lot

By Trevor and Grayson McClure
This podcast is being created by two brothers, Trevor and Grayson McClure. We talk sports, music, and whatever else comes to mind. We aren't experts on anything, but we do know a little about a lot.

Oh Yes She Did!

The weekly podcast about badass women living life on their own terms.

Title Unknown

By the Bonus Hours
a paranmormal investigation and discussion podcast from the Bonus Hours


By Iliana Menendez, Max Pedroso, Doraluz Saldarriaga
Welcome to DailyFlashTV+, our new original series powered by the men and women employed here that work behind the scenes. In our 1st inaugural episode, we hear from our producers and technicians as they share their opinion on the FIU Bridge Collapse , who also recently graduated from FIU as well. This tragedy is magnified, as our studio is in such close proximity to the zone.


A podcast on all things Latin America and the Caribbean

Stories in Scripture

By Ryan Wekenman and Keith Garton
The Bible tells one story. It is the story of God's revelation to man through many personal, radical interactions. These stories aren't as simple as we sometimes think. They involve broken, hurting, and imperfect people experiencing the perfect love of God. God chose to reveal himself through stories and narratives, so we decided that we should explore the small moments in the big story that leads us to the God who created the universe.


By Kayla Deppen / Anchor
Aaron, Fionna, Ursa, Kayla

Notes from the Attic

By Notes from the Attic
Everyone has as story… what would yours say?

Nashville Retrospect

By Allen Forkum: Editor and Nashville history researcher
The official podcast of The Nashville Retrospect, the monthly newspaper devoted to the history of Nashville, Tenn.. Editor and host Allen Forkum discusses stories featured in the paper, interviews local historians and people who experienced the city’s history firsthand, and highlights audio artifacts from area archives.

Who's That?

By Who's That?
Who’s That? is a podcast about people from the past. A journey through history, with lots of detours on the way. Matt and Julia sit down over a glass (or bottle) of wine and tell one another about someone they each think was important, interesting, or just a bit fabulous. They try their best to stay on topic, but don’t often succeed. From artists to assassins, politicians to party-starters, scientists to seafarers, each episode introduces two people you’ll want to add to your dinner party ...

Red Raygun Ltd /

By Red Raygun Ltd /
Benji Clifford and Nicholas Briggs, famed for their appearances in the Big Finish Podcast, now have a brand new podcast in which they discuss all their favourite tangents, including TV nostalgia, sci-fi, movies, Spitfires, Field Marshal Montgomery, currant buns, you name it. Each week they have a specific subject to chat about which is always close to their hearts. You can email them to suggest topics for discussion, or simply join in with your comments at [email protected]


By Jennifer Pinto, Natalie Dominguez
Come one, come all!! Welcome to Synonyms4Scary a show that makes you question your own reality. We are a small Miami based podcast, the content on this podcast will cover a broad range of topics that can be categorized under one word: peculiar. We will be talking about concepts like aliens, conspiracies, the occult, and murder, solved and unsolved. We will be posting every Friday!! Feel free to reach out to us if you have a story or experience or any case you’d like for us to cover. As a dis...

Good Year! Podcast

By Good Year! Podcast
This is a History show controlled by a random number generator that picks a year in history for three friends to research and share stories from. They are not experts and use the internet and bicker and drink and are not to be trusted but enjoy.

Behind The Marquee | Ann Arbor District Library

By Ann Arbor District Library
The Michigan Theater Foundation's round-table discussion podcast that takes you behind the scenes of an independent Art House Cinema. Featuring discussions on what's new and interesting playing outside the megaplex theater, film festival roundups, and the general love of movies that drives us.

How's Your Mom?

By Trejon Dunkley
Host Trejon Dunkley meets with guests and asks them about their moms. It's sweet, it's awkward, it's overly friendly. Just like your mom.


a website and bi-weekly podcast for students and scholars of North Africa

A History of Fashion

By Megan Swansen
take a weekly look into the lives of the artists throughout history who still influence fashion today.

Dark Windows

By Kevin Carleton, Kevin Hier
Just a couple enthusiastic idiots talking about Paranormal, Cryptids, Serial Killers, and messed up stuff throughout history

Women Matter 2 History Podcast

By Liza Haymore / Anchor
In this podcast, we will focus on the rights that women were granted. Get ready to learn about how women impacted our world, and how they still do!

Speaking Freedom Radio

By Speaking Freedom Radio
Welcome to Speaking Freedom Radio, where we take Life Enhancement Coaching to the next level. We look forward to encouraging you through our show... This show is about the many issues of life ranging from parental relationship, marriage, dating, veteran issues, sex, business, and getting the most out of life to name a few topic. Speaking Freedom Radio caters to its listeners and social media following and platform so, if there is an issue or topic you would like to discuss let us know and our...

Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffet

By Sponge Audio
Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders by Warren Buffet. Letter are from 1977-2017. Audio was created by Sponge Audio.

Higher Education

Just a podcast where Me and my friends loosen up and we try and educate our listeners (friends and family) about history and we do it in a fun way.

The NBA Culture Podcast

By Harvey Banks
☕️ The NBA Culture Podcast is proudly presented by Harvey Banks & Friends. Any distribution or reproduction of this sh*t better be strictly for the culture. Adam Silver probably does *not approve of this message.

School of Poetry

By Loughborough University
‘School of Poetry’ is a podcast dedicated to discussing and analysing the good – and the not so good – within the world of poetry. With fresh poems and new themes to discuss in each episode, Loughborough University’s Dr Oli Tearle and other guest academics will bring their knowledge and expertise to this fun, yet educational, new show. Interact with Oli and guests on Twitter by following @LboroEnglish.

Behind the Rind: The Story & Science of Cheese

By Claire Enemark
Get ready to geek out about cheese! We'll explore complex aspects of cheese through the lens of history and science in this adorably short and entertaining podcast.

Know Thyself

By Noel Armstrong
Resurrecting sense and meaning from the dust of a billion factoids. New episodes are released the first and third Monday of each month.

New Books in the American West

By Marshall Poe
Interviews with Scholars of the American West about their New Books

Keystone Unknown Podcast

By Becky Finch
Each episode, I will take you to a new location in Pennsylvania and share with you stories or facts that were glossed over in your middle school civics class. You may think you know Pennsylvania but let’s explore the unknown.

Historic Headlines

Gaining historical insight by reading news articles from 50, 100 and 150 years ago this week.

Rugged American Podcast

By Kamichael Johnston
Join us as we discuss history, science and engineering, life and family and tag along as we occasionally travel down the conspiracy rabbit hole! Take part in this thought experiment and become a Rugged American!


By Critical Frequency
Every week there's a new outrageous story to react to, but whether it's election meddling, policy brutality, or #MeToo none of these things happened in a vacuum. In each season of Slant, journalist-hosts Maya Francis and Amy Westervelt dig into a long-standing issue that's fueling today's outrage.


Myth-Taken is a podcast about cryptozoological creatures throughout the world. We talk about them and their mythos, then rate them on the Yeti Scale!

Miss Murderess

By Deathaus Films
Join host Pandie Suicide @pandiesuicide as she talks female killers from real life, fiction, and somewhere in between.

Americans Move Westward

By Ashton Akers / Anchor
Inprovments in transportation in the first half of the 1800s helped make it easier to move people and goods in the expanding nation.

My Father's Wars

By Elaine Acworth
Elaine Acworth is a playwright and dramatist, this series of dramatic works is based on her personal journey of discovering and reconciling the image of Bill Acworth – her father, and soldier of the two world wars. My Father's Wars was funded by the Queensland Anzac Centenary Grants program. This podcast was launched as part of the Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation project.


By KatherinTorres / Anchor

History Deletes Itself

By Mercenary Ink
After 38 years of friendship, Ric Hickey and Blake Ross attempt to bottle a refracted glimpse of their rabbit hole rapport and twisted spin on every damn thing with HISTORY DELETES ITSELF - a podcast wherein two old friends discuss history, dissecting a decade one year at a time. Covering all the bases, they riff and rip on music, movies, TV shows, sports, pop culture, politics, headlines, big stories, trivia, little known facts and world events of every stripe. Your hosts focus on things the...


By Lori Randall Stradtman
Welcome! Happy to meet you. Why am I doing this? Because on October 1, 2017, I was staying on the 23rd floor of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, with a front row seat to the mass shooting unfolding below. It changed me and caused me to question what I’m doing with my life and how I’ve allowed fear and doubt to run the show more often than I care to admit. I’m Lori Randall Stradtman. I’m creating this podcast as an experiment. It’s an exploration, research, and true stories about how this H...


By DraftHouse Media
Moonstruck is a podcast about humans in space. Hear from astronauts, engineers, politicians, and space decision-makers as they tell their stories from the history of human spaceflight; sharing how their time at the edge of human understanding taught them about themselves and the rest of us on the ground.

Unity and Division

By Trenton / Anchor
Despite some tensions between different sections, the nation enjoyed an ¨era of good feelings¨ after the war of 1812

Shoulders of Giants

By Nick Romano and Travis Green
An amateur adventure into historical events and figures and what we can learn from them. Hosted by best friends Nick and Travis, we pick one historical subject each month and go off for at least an hour, probably more.

The F Word

By Fabio Fernandes
Insightful comments about Politics, Society and International Affairs.

Unity and Division

By Kaleb Becannon / Anchor
Despite some tensions between different sections, the nation enjoyed an "era of good feelings" after the war of 1812.


By Andrew King
Exploring Canada's hidden history, a past that lies in the shade of time.


BrainBox takes listeners on a deep dive into history, literature, ethics, philosophy, and other humanities fields to give context to the issues gripping American society.weblog

Americans move Westward

By frank kappler / Anchor
Improvements in transpertation in the first half of the 1800s helped makew it easier to move people and goods in the expanding the nation

Write on the Water

By Marlana Williams
Write on the Water is a new podcast, featuring stories and discussion about British Columbia, hosted and/or performed by author Marlana Williams. Marlana Williams began her writing career in radio and telecommunications in 1995. She has written audio dramas, newsletters, short stories, blogs, and has published two novels. As a British Columbian, Marlana feels connected to the past that includes famous accounts of gold seekers, explorers, and First Nations folk who have created the perfect t...

History Troll

By Under the Bridge Studios
Quirky trolls challenging "accepted" history. Each show features a troll, some support and a wrap up. Basically, uncommon takes on history tweaked to encourage a wee bit of critical thinking, the occasional grrr and a few smiles. If the troll hooks you, head over to, speak your mind and find out more about the topics. "Trollcasting" the fun back into history, this is History Troll.

Gruhn's Vault: Conversations With The Masters

By 650 AM WSM
In 1970 George Gruhn opened Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, his client list has grown to include the likes of Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, and many of the greatest performers of the last fifty years. Now, George sits with some of his famous friends to chat music, guitars and life.

Thursday – iState

By Paul Gordon
Lou Sander and Paul Gordon talk Shorter Leash, Longer Leash, and Off the Leash Thursdays 9;00P EST on the Liberty Principle Facebook Page.

Escalation 1985 Podcast

By Peter Bell
Indie game developers talk about their game Escalation 1985. It's a game that asks: What would have happened if WW3 broke out in 1985?

Immigration Studies

By michael kruas / Anchor
How and why immigration experiences vary


By Foreigncy
A podcast about Arabic and Hebrew language learning, linguistics, and Near Eastern archaeology and history.

Retrotronika Radio

Join us on our mind-bending journey through the past to soak in the sweet gravy of nostalgia we so desperately need!

Le Capitaine Bernier

By Catherine Couture
Une série en 10 épisodes sur le personnage historique de Joseph-Elzéar Bernier. Plongez dans l'univers des premiers arrivants francophones du Nunavut grâce à nos capsules réalisées en collaboration avec Stéphane Cloutier et les élèves de l'École des Trois-Soleils. Parmi les sujets abordés, la conquête du Pôle Nord, la course vers l'or, la Justice et la Santé dans l'Arctique, les rapports avec les Inuits et bien plus encore.

Black History Month 2018

By Yvonne LaRose / Anchor
A series of narrations from documents, speeches, and analyses of legislation that relate to the progression of events memorialized during the Black History Month observance at First United Methodist Church of Pasadena, CA. More of the content relating to the event can be found at "In Honor of Black History Month" at Episode 1 is a narrated excerpt of Benjamin Bannecker's letter to Thomas Jefferson in which Bannecker urges Jefferson t...

When We All Get to Heaven

By Lynne Gerber, Siri Colom, Ariana Nedelman
When We All Get to Heaven is a documentary podcast that tells the story of how one of the first gay-positive churches, the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco, faced the personal, social, and political trials of the AIDS epidemic, including the deaths of 500 of its members.

GlosTrad Folk Radio Podcast

By GlosTrad Folk Radio Podcast
GlosTrad is a digital collection of folk songs and tunes collected in the county of Gloucestershire. GlosTrad Folk Radio brings you the music and the stories. Where the songs come from? Who sang them? Why they were sung? Featuring leading folk musicians as well as field recordings.

Blue in the Face Podcast

By Blue in the Face Podcast
A podcast focusing on art, music, culture and food that in Alberta, Canada that is having a national and international impact.

Polis: A Show About Cities

By Subject Radio
Hosted by Benjamin Ulrey and Jon Roberts, Polis is a fortnightly discussion examining the impact of our urban environment on everything from politics and economics to our diets and health. Come join our conversation as we think through what we want from the cities we live in and the part they play in shaping each of us.

Armada Granger

Quatro mulheres falando sobre cultura pop pra lembrar que lugar de mulher é onde ela quiser. 💜 Episódios quinzenais!


A general lifestyle podcast aimed at the 20-30s crowd. GEN LYFE will cover topics of how to find your place in the world, what to do with your downtime and more.

Question & Ashton

By Ashton Kemerling
A weekly podcast where Ashton explains things.


By Quadrilado
Aqui vamos discutir tudo sobre o universo dos quadrinhos. Dentro e fora das páginas.


By Max, Zaky & Kudu
At Qouch we like to talk about everything from gender to race, mangoes, bats and pop culture to 90s rom coms. And we do it all from our couch!

Quick and Dirty History

By Patrick Brooks
Quick and Dirty History is the show about American history, on the go! Have a couple minutes to spare? Take the opportunity to learn about your American will be quick, and dirty.

QTalk America

By QTalk America
QTalk America is the gay talk media network for the LGBT community of the United States and beyond. Locally focused, but nationally connected into a web of interactive shows on topics as diverse as the community itself. We're talking, are you listening?

Queering Little Women

By Jo, Maggie, and Kyla
Queering Little Women takes you chapter by chapter through a queer and trans reading of Lou Alcott's classic, Little Women.

Qui's World Radio Show

By Quis World
Qui’s World Radio Show is the brain child of International recording artist/entertainer, QUI510 (key five ten). A fascinating & hilarious variety show w/ special Musical, Political, Theatrical and Ordinary Joes as guests Qui510, along with her co-host Precious Limits, discuss various topics discussing Life, Entertainment, Love, Sex, Politics, Current Affairs, and Religion. Whatever’s considered a “HOT TOPIC” we are talking about it! Funny, Intriguing, RisQue, Fresh and New is what “Qui’s ...

Quest for Liberty

By Jefferson Adams
Your dedicated servant, Jefferson Adams, hath made a podcast in 1765! 'Tis remarkable how the tyranny of HIS time resembles the tyranny of OUR time.

Colored Red

A podcast about the lesser known murders and crimes that have shaped the history of Colorado. Learn about dark tales from Denver and the murderous past of the Mile High City.

Why Is That Podcast

The Why Is That Podcast is a podcast that explores the origins of today's common occurrences from word etymology to holiday traditions and everywhere in between.

Chad Talks Law

By Chad Murray
Chad Murray (and friends) chat about the law, media, and whatever else comes to mind.

Those Happy Places

By Buddy Duquesne and Alice White
Those Happy Places is a podcast about Theme Park Rides, Attractions, and Lands. We focus on the stories they tell, how they tell them, and why it matters. Those Happy Places is produced by Alice White and edited by Buddy Duquesne. Our theme music is "Golden Gate" by The California Feetwarmers, featuring Phil Alvin. Buddy's Twitter: Alice's Twitter: The California Feetwarmers:

Politically Stupid

By Noah Tetzner
Politically Stupid follows the path of a typical American teenager as he seeks to provide information and answer questions about the important issues that define America.


By Unresolved
Hoax is an investigative podcast that takes a look at some of history's most famous (and infamous) hoaxes, exploring the people involved and any subsequent consequences.

Good Witches, Bad Bitches

By Hosts Hannah Fergesen and Deanna Greif | Produced by Benjamin Garst
A podcast about good witches and bad bitches, here and there, then and now.


By DC Brandenburg
True Stories. Urban Myths. Legendary Curses. Mysteries Abound.

Let's Go To Court!

By Kristin Pitts & Brandi Egan
The Let’s Go To Court podcast brings together two of the greatest legal minds of our time. Just kidding. We’re your hosts Brandi Egan and Kristin Pitts. What we lack in legal training we more than make up for in being completely obsessed with lawsuits. Every week, we discuss two juicy legal battles. Each episode is peppered with Brandi’s booming laugh and Kristin’s Olympic-level talent for putting the word “so” into every sentence. The podcast started in 2018, but we’ve been having these co...


By Critical Frequency
A podcast for serious women. Hosted by journalists Brittany Shoot and Amy Westervelt, Bearcat is a podcast celebrating women who are committed to leading by example, to benefiting their communities in ways big and small, to taking their lives and their impact on the world seriously.

Fairfax Folk Cast - Fairfax Historical Society, Fairfax, VT

By Members of the Fairfax Historical Society
Conversations captured with the Fairfax Historical Society in Fairfax, Vermont.

Cemetery Mixtape

By Cemetery Mixtape
Author and tour guide Adam Selzer digs deep into stories behind interesting graves around the country, with musicals guests adding original songs. In any given episode we really might solve a mystery of rewrite history.

Black Wrecellence

By Mind Games
Righteous Reg takes us on an exploration of the timeline of black wrestlers, past, present, and future.

The Doe Files

By The Doe Files
An investigative podcast on John and Jane Doe cases.

Adventures in VHS Too

The podcast dedicated to the 1980s returns, with a new look and a whole new purpose. Adventures in VHS Too plumbs the depths of the decade to ponder its wildest, most wonderful moments - and answer some of its most perplexing questions.