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Let's Talk 30

By Latesha and Tiana
A podcast hosted by 2 best friends with very different lives. We're talking about everything like dating, politics, current events, profession, travel, pop culture and more as it relates to 30-something women.

Ausgang Podcast (Die bunte Stunde)

By SeTo Productions
Interviews, Wochenhighlights und Reiseberichte. Abwechslungsreich und immer wieder mal etwas anderes.

Her Time Has Come

By Willow Taylor CY
Her Time Has Come is a podcast that tells stories of female leaders from different walks of life. Each episode of Her Time Has Come will interview a woman in a position of power from a different field and experience and ask her about her story of getting to the top.

Manhattan and a Milk

By Colin Morris
Field notes from a father + toddler ‍ navigating life without a car or a clue. Parenting is just life in difficult mode.

Moms of the Round Table

By Moms of the Round Table
Let's talk Mom Life~ Our Triumphs, our "Fails" and all the tears and giggles in between


By Tareq und Adrian
Tareq und Adrian reden, wie ihnen der Schnabel gewachsen ist. Sie haben hochkarätige Gäste und diskutieren über Identität, Politik, Gott und die Welt.

Tim's Random Audio

By Tim Bryan / Anchor
Sometimes, it's cool to have certain chunks of audio in a podcast format. This is for such chunks.

Peter Talk

By PeterTalk
Ici on aborde tout un tas de sujet aussi divers que variés, on réagit un peu à l'actualité, et on aborde la musique, la technologie, la culture en générale, le business et l'économie, les crypto-monnaies, la société, le lifestyle peut être un peu de littérature, ce podcast / streetcast a pour but de donné ma vision qui n'est pas figée.

Looking for Lindy

By Commodore James
In an effort to catch the eye of his celebrity crush, Commodore James discusses dating and being a hopeless romantic with a new guest each episode.

Blah, Blah, Blah Podcast

By Spicy Mayo
Blah, Blah, Blah is a podcast journey into creative millennial brains. It's a platform for candid chats about inspiration, imposter syndrome, how to make $$$ and how 106 & Park unintentionally ruined our lives.

Transform Your Life Today

By Alexander Laurin
Transform Your Life Today is to motivate you to think and consider that you are pure potential. You can succeed, change your habits, and be happy. Alexander Laurin is a Life & Career Coach, and also the world's first authentic Podcaster's Coach. You can reach him at [email protected]

American gypC

By American gypC / Anchor
American gypC is a show about the world from gypC's point of view. gypC is a pot-smoking web developer, traveller, music enthusiast and a foodie. This show will be cover all of the above and more.

Womedy Podcast

By Adrian Miller
Weekly conversations with women working in comedy.

One Interview One World

By Lanie Kay
Interviews with people from all walks of life, because everyone has a story to share, and we can all learn from each other.

TheChainBreakers podcast

By Jeff Wilson
Breaking the invisible chains that hold you back, debt, money and mindset. helping you identify and break the invisible chains holding you back.

Kill Switch

By Kill Switch
A podcast by women about motorcycle culture.

Key's Kompany

By The OAM Network
Key's Kompany is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Keke Love. Episodes can contain anything from interviews to group conversations to rants and so much more! Beauty? Fashion? Social Issues? Local Events & Businesses? All of that and so much more will be discussed. Now Keke is kind of exclusive but luckily you have been invited... so that makes you welcomed Kompany. #KekeLovezYou

Letters for our daughters

By Daniele Hager / Anchor
This is Letters for our Daughters, a podcast where we talk about life experiences and how we deal with them. It is a compilation of stories that we pass on to our daughters (and sons!) Featuring singer and teacher, Daniele Hager.

The Sartorial Geek Podcast

By Jordandene
The Sartorial Geek is a podcast for the geek in all of us. We focus on pop culture, girl power, and cool stories told by cool people. Brought to you by the team at Jordandene.

Brunch Teas

By Brunch Teas
Sippin' Tea and Servin' Truths. Brunch Teas will be a podcast for women and men alike. Just think of it like a gathering of all your close friends even family having brunch to talk about all things that life has served us and what we have offer.


As people of color in the music world how do we navigate and respond the contemporary issues of race, gender, sustainability, and mental health while still making a living doing what we love most? On Libations we introduce you to the POC (people of color) who are reinventing and redefining the independent music industry, the art of songwriting, sound sculpture, and audio production. Director and host of Libations; Jarrod Cann engages musicians that are all too worthy of our attention, yet oft...

Read And Comment

By Jeff Bogle and Jason Greene
Read and Comment is a podcast in which two friends talk, and sometimes fawn over, the blog posts, stories, and photographs that have cut through the noise to make an impact. Presented by Jeff Bogle and Jason Greene.

Slovenology: Life and Travel in Slovenia, the World's Best Country

By Noah Charney
This is Slovenology the podcast, hosted by Slovenia's most enthusiastic expat resident, American professor and best-selling author, Noah Charney. Everything you wanted to know about the world's best country, Slovenia--and a few things you didn't realize you wanted to know.

Conversations In The Word

By Chuck and Emily Hooten
Conversations in the Word is a conversation between Chuck and Emily Hooten (and sometimes special guests) about how the Bible is relevant and understandable for anyone who is willing to read and listen. The podcast exists to encourage the listener in the Word, while at the same time giving tools to go and have similar conversations with a friend, co-worker, or family member.

Who Killed Julie?

By Paul Sating
Julie Macklemore was killed in 2013 but her body wasn't found until 2015. The reason was kept secret until now. This is the story of Julie. This is the story of us.

Do Business On Your Own Terms®

By Bob Holdsworth
Let’s be honest with each other, you know that you should be doing certain things, but don’t, you know that you should be planning but aren’t, you know that you should be executing but keep hesitating and you know you should be marketing but are dragging your feet … it’s not enough to KNOW…it’s about making decisions and taking actions. Perhaps some straight advice and a strategically placed kick in the ass from someone who’s been in your shoes will help get you unstuck and back on track cre...

Comedically Hardheaded : The Broke Life (My Unemployed Struggle)

By Calvin Michaels
A run down of my first experiences after college. There was a year and a half long struggle where I wasn't able to find employment, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. To sum things up. My 2010 was the year from Hell. Get ready for a few laughs and wtf moments.

Words With KB

The random happenings of life through my eyes expressed through words


By Magdalena Rychlewska
Great conversations with fascinating people

Late Adopters

By Late Adopters
O Late Adopters é um podcast de tecnologia em que semanalmente os membros se reúnem para fazer ponderações sobre tecnologia, entretenimento e para que destino essas modernidades estão nos levando — levando em consideração para onde elas já nos levaram no passado.

Deeply Curious

By Cody & Sarah Jensen
Cody and Sarah are creative entrepreneurs and YouTubers living in New York City. They often find themselves deep in conversation about anything and everything - from culture or politics, to how to be a person in this world. The magic of living well happens through listening and learning from others, which after nine years of marriage they've had plenty of opportunity to put into practice. Don't expect to find the answers here, these conversations are all about asking the questions.

Y Podcast

By Y Podcast / Anchor
Y Podcast, always start with y - read: why?

Vicodin Vignettes

A podcast about drugs, sex, and everything else. Two friends talk about coming of age in suburbia and the drug-fueled horror stories that coincide with it. In mid-western PA, drugs and alcohol are considered especially fun. In this podcast, the dedicated detectives who investigate these antics are members of an elite squad known as the Special Podcasting Unit. These are their stories.

Resist to Exist: Stories from Occupied Palestine

By Amos Libby
First person narratives of the experiences of a volunteer educator and human rights activist through four years of extended visits to the West Bank with a focus on humanizing the Palestinian people as they struggle to survive under illegal Israeli military occupation.

Stories from the Center

By Bernie McKnight
yoga teacher conversations, and meditative invitations, and spiritual practice investigations, and reiki master observations, and a course in miracles and it's all totally made up.

Six Degrees NYC

By Six Degrees NYC
Playful, prying conversations with New Yorkers -- born, bred and embedded -- showcase a connected kaleidoscope of life in the greatest city on earth. Ben Goldstein, Alap Vora and Audrey Jaynes forcibly remind you why you came, or never left, and share a story for every floor of your walk up.

Humans of Long Island City

By Justin Finkelstein / Anchor
This is Humans of Long Island City, a podcast to feature amazing aspect of the people who touch our city and ideas that are birthed and impacted by our city.

Mighty Mothering

By Steph Duke
Mighty Mothering is a collection of stories of Motherhood. It is a safe haven and a gathering of voices. It is a place where you are so welcome to join the journey, to share in both the beautiful and the broken moments of being mum. Ultimately, it is where we weave our narratives together so that you never have to feel like you are travelling this road alone.

【Words for you】每日英诗信件选读,给热爱英音的你

By James每日英音


By Marcel Barascout
Podcast destinado para aquellas personas que quieren motivarse y escuchar de personas que están logrando metas propias, a pesar de adversidades y obstáculos. Estaré tratando de llevar la conversación por un camino donde las preguntas tengan respuestas con información valiosa y así al terminar de escuchar tendrás las herramientas necesarias para empezar a cumplir tus metas o motivarse a seguirlas cumpliendo. En MBPodcast no habrá intermedios con publicidad ni entrevistas planeadas, todo será u...

New Adults Podcast

By Ian & Anna
Hello there! We’re glad you’re here. We are Ian and Anna. We are a happy pair living life on the west coast with our triplets (two boys and one girl) and our pup, Mister. Ian is a board game fanatic, loves all sorts of music, and enjoys cooking and eating a good burger. Anna loves baking and making all sorts of tasty treats, taking photos, and making our house a happy place. We are making this podcast as a way to document the things we love and our lives as new adults. Maybe you’ll want to li...

BTS with CTV News Vancouver

By CTV News Vancouver
A behind-the-scenes look at the stories behind the stories from the CTV Vancouver newsroom. Penny Daflos discusses the stressful, inspiring, irritating and heartbreaking moments that never make it on TV in unfiltered conversations with her colleagues – including other reporters, anchors, videographers, technicians and producers who battle the clock each day to make deadline.

Impact Statement

By Impact Statement
When a crime ends in a conviction, the victims or their families are often allowed to give a statement to the court about the impact of the crime on their lives. But when these life altering events go unsolved, do not end in a conviction, or aren’t crimes at all, the victims and their families do not have this opportunity. The stories on this podcast are their Impact Statements.

TAB Talk: The Business of Being A Woman

By Tab Hawkins: Lifestyle Blogger, Digital Marketing Expert, & Entrepreneur
Join Tab weekly, as she talks candidly about what it means to be a millennial woman. She shares her experiences in Motherhood, Marriage, and Business — while tackling other topics that are relevant. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and occasionally — you just might walk away inspired!

Social Good Podcast - Founders Charities Non Profits Social Enterprises

By Rhys Morgan
A podcast to share stories, inspire others and grow impact with their work. Are you a Social Enterprise or charity doing inspiring things? Are you looking for inspiration, support, advice? Join our community of listeners.

Med Mentors Podcast

By Med Mentors
Welcome to the Med Mentors Podcast where we talk about our journeys through medicine, life and everything in between.

Epic Conversations

By Cantuna Productions / Anchor
Welcome to Epic Conversations! The show that gets deep, shallow, serious, funny, emotional, and quirky all in one conversation. We cover anything from family life, work, ministry, politics, theology, hobbies, and just life in general. We welcome you to be a part of our laid back EPIC conversation.

Love Yourz Podcast

By Rashaad Mayes
Love Yourz is a motivational podcast series featuring entrepreneurs and brandmakers who have achieved levels of success within their fields. These entrepreneurs are narrating their journey towards success while highlighting the pitfalls and struggles they've encountered to get there. Love Yourz wants to encourage that millennial who has dreams of taking that leap of faith, or the entrepreneur who has already started their journey and may need the extra motivation to keep pushing. We wan...

Game Flow: Essays About the Culture of Video Games

By Travis Arbon
Game Flow is a collection of audio essays about the culture of video games and experiences with gaming. If you have an audio essay that you’d like to submit to the podcast, send an email to [email protected] Music for this podcast comes courtesy of Sylendanna on Soundcloud.

Openmedi miniPodcast

By Martin Hähnel
Was sind das eigentlich für Leute, die sich außerhalb klassischer wissenschaftlicher Institutionen mit Wissenschaft beschäftigen und wie kann man verstehen, was sie tun?

Notes from the Attic

By Notes from the Attic
Everyone has as story… what would yours say?

On Life & Being Human

By Kathryn Colleen - Author | Musician | Artist
Testing the Fences of This Adventure We Call Life - Join me as I explore life and being human from the perspectives of science, art, music and philosophy and occasionally figure some things out.

Cereal Talks

By Danny Gonzales
The show that enjoys a good bowl of cereal, and great morning conversations. Join me as I share the topics that excite me, and share with you my journey towards becoming my own boss.

Q2 - The Questions / Queries Podcast

By Sam Martin
A podcast focused on interviewing interesting New Zealanders.

Old Guise

By Doc Trinaire
Welcome to Old Guise. I'm your host, Doc Trinaire - you can call me Doc. This series is for and about us old guys. These are stories about important stuff we think about….and things we do or things we’ve done and how we feel about things. You could think of this program as a cross between a "man-ual" and a memoir and maybe a little therapy thrown in. So…grab yourself a beverage of choice…get comfortable…and get a little older with me….thanks for comin’


By Hillary Rea
Rashomon is a podcast where one family tells every side of the same story. Hosted by Hillary Rea.

Dry Podcast

Conversations About Alcohol, Drinking & Addiction

Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti

By Deep Dive with Dana Falsetti
The Deep Dive podcast was born from a desire for critical thought, vulnerability and awareness. Your host Dana Falsetti is a thinker, a writer, a yoga teacher, an activist, and authenticity agent. Each month you’ll hear from Dana and her guests, ranging from iconic disruptors to everyday people, all candidly sharing their personal experiences on topics ranging from sexuality to social justice and consciousness to capitalism. Deep dive is a space to tackle hard-hitting questions and controvers...

How's Your Mom?

By Trejon Dunkley
Host Trejon Dunkley meets with guests and asks them about their moms. It's sweet, it's awkward, it's overly friendly. Just like your mom.

An Herbal Diary: Culinary Herbalism | Medicine Recipes

By Dina Ranade: Herbalist and Registered Dietitian
Explore the art and science of kitchen herbalism. Each episode delves into the fascinating world of botanical medicine - how it can enhance our lives and support our well-being. Build your own personal kitchen apothecary, a medicine cabinet stocked with all that is good for your families, friends and yourself.

BLISS (ブリス)

By Yumiko Sato (佐藤由美子)

The Priory Society - A Sexy Lifestyle Podcast

By Eros and Isis, Swingers and Podcasters
We're Eros and Isis, a happily married 30 something couple that shares our experiences in the swinging lifestyle. Curious newbies and seasoned swingers will both enjoy hearing about the silly situations we've been in & the mistakes that we've made as we explore our newfound sexual non-monogamy. We tell it all in juicy detail. We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swingers lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society. We keep our activities private from family and vani...

Quietly Ambitious

An Online Space For Bold Introverts

Noctámbulos, Historia de Una Noche

By Canal Once
Entre el atardecer y el alba, los noctámbulos recorren la oscuridad en busca del sustento o la aventura. Ante la cámara de reconocidos directores de cine, algunos de ellos, entre trabajadores nocturnos, científicos o artistas, permiten adentrarse en su intimidad y conocer sus historias, dramáticas o emotivas, todas reveladoras, de lo que sucede a lo largo del desvelo de una sola noche.

Sweet Home Silicon Valley w/ Aubrie Avina

By WhatUp Silicon Valley
Aubrie is, for all intents and purposes, a Silicon Valley native. She was born in Redwood City, grew up in the foothills of Yosemite, and returned to the Bay Area for college -- go UCSC Slugs! Aubrie is a super chatty, people-loving, outdoor enthusiast who is particularly passionate about real estate! So much so that before (and since) becoming a Realtor her favorite weekend hobby is driving around the Bay Area looking at homes and attending open houses – just for fun! As a result, she is inc...


By John Henry
This is the story of a man who was convicted and imprisoned for a sex crime


By Verena T., Vlora K.
Dein Podcast über die echten Themen zwischen 20 und 29 Jahren. Irgendwo mittendrin im Erwachsenwerden – nochmal austoben oder schon genau wissen was man will? Ganz egal wo du grade stehst: Wir haben die heißesten Themen rund um eure Zwanziger. Die erste Wohnung oder Leben in der WG? Auf der Suche nach sich selbst oder der Liebe? Der erste Job oder noch in der Ausbildung/im Studium oder was ganz anderes? Freut euch auf drängende Fragen und inspirierende Themen . Mit dabei: zwei TwentySomet...

Tough Conversations

By Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia
Tough has evolved. Join Henry Rollins road tripping around Australia, to discover what tough means. It’s honest, challenging, and sometimes intense. That’s what makes it a tough conversation. Come for the ride with Mercedes-Benz X-class and follow the journey at

Driving La Carrera

By Driving La Carrera
Two brothers tell the story of their journey to drive the last, great road rally, Mexico’s La Carrera Panamericana, in their vintage Volvo 122. Part personal journal and part how-to guide, Driving La Carrera is for everyone who dreams of racing one day.

Trevor Makes Stuff

By Trevor Hultner / Anchor
Hi, I'm Trevor Hultner, and this used to be Anarchy in Beach City. There are a lot of podcast projects that I've done - started and stopped, had ideas for and then discarded, worked on for a while and then lost - that I still have in the proverbial attic somewhere. This podcast is partially about that. It's also partially about doing new things - for myself and for others. I want this pod to be a place for collaboration, for inspiration and, occasionally, for laughing at how bad my "good" aud...

FitDad LIve

New podcast weblog


By Nyinyirpod / Anchor
Welcome to Nyinyir, where amazing things happen. Yes, nyinyir is amazing.

Poor to Rico: A show about personal growth from a Nuyorican 80s baby.

By Antonio Rivera
A weekly show that is all about personal growth and how you can make something out of nothing by stopping to appreciate the lessons and help from family, friends and sometimes strangers. I talk about my own experiences as a Puerto Rican growing up in the Bronx. I peel back the layers to see what these experiences taught me. I'll also feature guests ranging from my wife, in-laws, siblings, good friends, former teachers, ex-bosses, mentors, co-workers and some old classmates as well.

Micro Monday

Follow @monday on

In Loving Color

By Alec Speckenbach & Sierra Faulkner
Alec and Sierra are an interracial polyamorous duo living in Brooklyn, New York. Join them as they pursue acceptance and meaning as a modern day couple. Nothing is off the table as they dive into race/racism, dating and sex, societal expectations, and cultural nuance -- all through the lens of their relationship.

Lives / Disrupted Podcast

By Helene Clb
Listen to true stories of life-changing turning points

Fantastico Mundo dos Feedbacks

By Salada Cult
Programa de feedbacks de todos os podcasts lançados no SaladaCult, discussões sobre as notícias do mês e também dicas e recomendações.

Living Corporate

By Living Corporate, LLC
Living Corporate is a podcast that discusses topics relevant to black and brown people groups within the Corporate American context.

SH*T I'M 30! Podcast

By Carla & Dexty
Join your hosts Carla and Dexty on their weekly podcast cover all things Adulting. Carla and Dexty are two 30-somethings trying to figure out life in this millennial world where all the rules have changed. Each week they will share their unfiltered thoughts and experiences and no subject is off limits - parenting, career, relationships, sex, pop culture, and much more. [email protected]


Caroline Rey et Amélie Delacour, 28 ans, sont colocataires et meilleures amies depuis six ans, toutes deux issues du monde de la publicité et de la communication. Elles rêvent de créer leur propre marque de vêtement. "Commencer" raconte leur histoire, au jour le jour.

Hi Hello

By Darren & Jen
life, love, marriage, kids, wine, and all kinds of other great things


By Brombeerlabor
Die beiden alten Dampfrosse der gepflegten Podcastunterhaltung Jan Giessmann (Das Podlabor) und Daniel Biallas (Brombeerfalter) geben sich ein Stelldichein. Einmal im Monat reden sie über Alles außer Gott und die Welt.


By Melinda Fargo
The musings of midlife blogger, Melinda Fargo ('Mel'). A freelance writer, blogger, former columnist for the UK's largest regional newspaper, editor-in-chief of an online magazine for talented bloggers and writers aged 40+, photographer, social media maven and public speaker. Melinda is a mother of four young adults and remains a widow, but will marry Denzel Washington after the sudden and unexpected disappearance of any of his wives.

Samuel's Thoughts Mini

By Samuel Lewis / Anchor
The Random thoughts of Samuel Lewis in an extra podcast that doesn't come out in the regular format of the main show found at and focuses on current events while also talking about things going on with me.

Sometimes I talk to myself

By Cecily Wyatt / Anchor
I'm a woman with a lot to say! I love Jesus, my daughters, and homemade pancakes in that order, well....with some other stuff in between! I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois which is probably why its so hard for me to run from a fight. This has been a long time coming, but I'm here now!

New Gains

By New Gains
A fitness journey through weight lifting and nutrition brought to you by brothers who work a regular job and attempt to step up their game. Life isn't easy, running a business isn't easy, but staying healthy and feeling good gets increasingly harder every year and we are setting out to prove weight training is the answer to many of life's questions. Also, its just a lot of fun.


By itsdina.k
Do you need positive growth in your life? Do you feel lost and have hard time setting goals in your life? The host, Itsdina.K from is a positive lifestyle addict and YouTuber, will provide you tips on how to get the answers to your life questions via her podcast “My life my way”. In her weekly podcast episodes, Itsdina.k shares personal life stories and wonderful real-life experiences which guide you towards self-development, emotional stability, spiritual betterment, success...

The Table

By Cody Dueitt
Welcome to The Table! Here, you will find family friendly conversation that is both entertaining and informative. If you like candid conversation, interviews and laughter, this is the show for you. Come hang out with us!

Men of Iron

By Dr. Ed Osburn – Warrior | Online Business Mentor | Men of Iron Founder
Ed Osburn is a #1 rated Podcaster, Hyper-successful Online Business Entrepreneur, former Health professional and Mentor to hundreds of Health professionals. The mission and purpose of the Men of Iron is to have REAL and RAW discussions in the domains of Health, Fitness, Marriage, Mindset, and Money…to help men access more power in their life and business.


By Hudson Gardner
Thoughts, recordings, and interviews by Hudson Gardner

Digitally Intelligent Neohuman

By Greg Fazekas
Audio version of my daily blog episodes from Medium - with some refinements. :-)

NRI Woman

By Bettina Tauro & Ninorah Brookshire
Two friends. Same vision. To inspire and be inspired. NRI Woman is a chat-based show with inspiring NRI Women from across the globe. Each week we chat with a guest/s who share their story. Conversations cover topics ranging from family, marriage, career, kids to fashion and more. Grab your headphones. We promise not to bore you.


By 叶剑红律师