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Society & Culture
Trans people can be fun, happy, successful and confident
The Dark Fragment Podcast: Hosted by Ansir and Sophia Your monthly discussion of an array of topics including: the paranormal, occult, and the strange, with a mix of philosophy and psychology. - Follow the podcast on: Twitter
In November 1951 Time Magazine published an article by an unknown essayist, reflecting on its young adults (the millennials of the time), saying “It does not issue manifestoes, make speeches or carry posters. It has been called ‘The Silent Generat...
Eva Hermanns rausschmiss bei J. B. Kerner Blogflaschendrehen und vieles mehr - Enjoy it!
Einige Highlights meines Blogs in vertonter Form.

A World Without

By Peter Goffin, Yasmine Mathurin & Stephanie Werner
A World Without is an audio series about the things that have always been a part of our lives and how they’ve affected us… whether we knew it or not.
Dwelling inside the awkward situations of the person, love life, and the workforce. Not forgetting the gems that are dropped inside.
اتحدث عنك وعنها وعن نفسي وربما اكون مختلفا عن أولئك وهؤلاء أشياء تدور في خاطري عن حياتنا وكيف نتعامل الظروف وعن الاشياء التي تحيط بنا ومواضيع أخرى
Weekly Pop Culture Podcast. Hosted By Martin Joseph, Ella Kora and Becky Herszenhorn. Join 'The Real Brunch' every week for your weekly dose of Celeb Gossip and dating dilemmas. See who has made it Into 'The Royal Box' and follow along as three f...
Welcome to the Socially Influenced Podcast Each week we bring you influential guests who share unfiltered stories of their journey and who they are outside of their public persona. We to bring authenticity to a world of picture-perfect social ...
I'm going to be chatting about lots of different topics and along the way introduce you to some guest speakers
Stories and advice about dating, relationships, self-care, and more from the perspective of a melanted millenial woman.
Utah's Best Podcast Network.
A podcast about life, work, and the stuff that captures our attention.
Just My Thoughts as I make my way through this journey called life.
Get back on course. This self-inspiring podcast serves as your guide through the challenges of entrepreneurship and gets you back to where you belong: On Purpose.
From Green Barge Audio, this is Facing the Fear. I’m Tasha, 20 something, plus-sized, and with voice of a podcasting angel. I’ve appeared on nothing™, the 7:50 am train to Walsall and regularly feature in the morrisons’ hot deli counter. I also g...
You're listening to This Is Our Life podcast. A story of our family adventures over 20 years in the making. The highs and the lows and everything in between.
A Podcast Centering Joy and Pleasure
LGBT LGBTQA+ Queer Podcast about Queer issues from a queer perspective Gender Studies snoozefest
A podcast designed to empower millennials around the world.
Walking and talking at the same time. Topics vary.
“Not applicable” is a weekly podcast that highlights the people that create diversity in the creative industries. This podcast is about the deeply personal stories by creatives from varied backgrounds, families, and life paths. From virtual realit...
Du bist wunderbar! Glaubst du nicht? Ist aber so - ganz ehrlich. In meinem Podcast möchte ich dir helfen, eine gesunde innere Einstellung zu dir zu entwickeln. Wäre das nicht wunderbar, wenn du glücklich und zufrieden durchs Leben gehst? Ich bin ü...
You are an astronaut stranded alone at the farthest reaches of our solar system. With seven albums, and the void. Just Inside the Heliosphere…
The "SuperPowHer" Podcast is like a Powerhouse Testimony Service, but with Real-life Tools You Can Use! A real, fun, and safe space where Best-Selling Author, Superpower Life & Love Strategist Deya Direct gets real with Celebrities, Power Play...
Ein Küchentisch. Ein frisch gebrühter Kaffee. Ein Gesprächsthema. Das ist podkap. Nach getaner Arbeit brüht man sich in unserer Klosterküche gerne einen Kaffee auf. Da dieser in Gemeinschaft viel besser schmeckt, kommt es am Küchentisch immer wie...
Chloe and Heather, your friendly neighborhood single-Christian-millennial-podcast-hosts, are bringing voice to the muffled conversation around modern Christian dating. You'll hear us venting our frustrations, sharing dating stories, and attempting...

Sweet Inspiration

By Alvina Salemanesa: Podcaster, Blogger
Talofa Lava and welcome to Sweet Inspiration, my name is Alvina and thank you for joining me. No matter what stage of life you are in its never too late to change your path. Up until 12 months ago I have never been a go getter, the only thing I w...
Welcome to The Daily Life with Jocelyn and Alex where we talk about struggles in our life as college students and the daily life of us trying to know what we want to do with our life after school. Everyday there is something new to our life.
Plant the seed for your own transformation. Be enlightened and empowered to develop stronger leadership skills so you can Lead Like A Queen in every area of your life - at home, at work, in business, in school.
We believe that every story matters and can empower someone to greatness.
Learn and practice English with a Mid American Mom! This blog and podcasts discusses cultural topics and current events in slow English with simplified grammar.
This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources.
There is a crack in everything. That´s how the light gets in. Menschen mit Herz, Hirn und Haltung - interviewt von Lena Wittneben Interviews mit inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten zu ihren (Um)Wegen zum Erfolg, ihren Wünschen, Zielen und Wendepunkte...
We are creatives who are HUNGRY.
Stay up to date with the latest jokes.
Interview Paranormal investigators and mediums and people who want to share Ghosts stories and encounters

A Day With Crime Podcast

By David and Geneva McClam: True Crime Enthusiast
A Father and Daughter podcast discussion on True Crime
THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR RADIO SHOW RETURNS! (MONDAYS/6:30pm -7:30pm EST) GUEST CALL IN: (619) 924-9876 "A show that supports new up and coming artists business start-ups, and also provides you ...
「ボイスメモを公開する。」は、後藤による、引きこもりラジオ。 後藤:創作グループ「頭痛派」代表。作家/批評家/ライター/ラジオパーソナリティー。
The Yarn is a storytelling podcast made by Arkansans and featuring Arkansans. At The Yarn, we believe in the power of story to break down barriers, gain greater understanding of our neighbors and change hearts and minds. We want people to feel con...
An eclectic range of interviews with people from all walks of life to learn from their stories and the hope within.
Here’s The Setup is a 5 minute podcast by Kyle and Wade. Each week one of them will come up with a concept to pitch, and then they’ll spend a few minutes fleshing out the idea. Once the 5 minutes is up, that’s it: they eject the idea out into ethe...
Every week we chat to different people who have varied experiences of growing up with a parent or carer affected by mental illness, physical illness, addiction and other issues.
Welcome to AmirLive Podcast. This is a no-gossip, real talk zone about politics, music, the mental health stigma in the Black community and the corruption of the Department of Children and Families and their involvment in Parental Alienation.
A random, joyful, entertaining account of what happens in the mind of Kyle. Join him as he thoroughly interrogates his closest friends in hopes of prying out intimate and personal anecdotes.

Episodes – Adventures in Podyssey Frank Arin

By Adventures in Podyssey: Podcast Reviews, Podcast Recommendations
Podcasts worth the listen

Sci-Fi Hunt's SuperVillain Podcast

By Savage Tempest, America's Favorite Retired SuperVillain
Discover the best sci-fi and fantasy books with NYT non-bestselling sci-fi author, Savage Tempest. Hear sci-fi and fantasy authors read from their books fully-clothed! Listen to hot actors and actresses read from Savage Tempest’s books fully-cloth...
My mom just became a first-time author at 78 years old! This autobiography chronicles my mom's struggle in a 30 year physically and mentally abusive marriage.
早上好,欢迎收听D叔的早间分享。 听我哔哔,或是跟我聊聊。 关注D叔的私教健心房,让你每天开一个心眼,看人情、看世界。 D叔: 中国科学院心理研究所毕业,国家二级心理咨询师,精神分析师、团体和家庭治疗师。 系统的心理动力学研修背景,于中科院在汶川、玉树地震灾区工作站,深度参与长达18个月的心理援建。 曾供职于著名上市公司,一手创立并搭建了完整的企业集团员工心理帮助体系。 具有3000小时以上的个体咨询、家庭咨询、团体咨询和培训案例积累。接受了超过500小时的个人成长和督导。通过他的帮助,很...
Eclectic Interviews with interesting people, on anything from science to politics to sport to history. Hosted by Will Allsopp.
Every writer has to start somewhere—so where did your favorite writers and entrepreneurs begin? Host Elisa Doucette climbs into the minds of some of today's most popular authors and business people to learn that and much more about how they moved ...
Stories of Swinging and NonMonogamy.
Welcome! I create episodes where I discuss interesting topics, such as: Self-help, Psychology, Lifestyle, News, Relationships, Travel/Culture and other various topics :) Please subscribe and listen to whatever you find most fascinating!
Join host Clara Youtz as she talks to normal people about times in their lives when everything went wrong. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll find yourself. Buckle up and get ready to dive into some trash.
I’m Charlie O’Shields, and just three years ago, I started sketching and painting with watercolor and became so hooked that I created a little blog called Doodlewash. It’s since grown much larger over the years, featuring posts from hundreds of ar...
Life, Commentary, and Culture. The Brain Works Podcast is a weekly podcast. Each week one to two topics are picked and we riff about them. Also top 5 lists and listener email. Join the discussion
unter eins ist der Podcast der FEMALE FUTURE FORCE, dem digitalen Coaching-Programm des Online-Magazins EDITION F. Moderiert wird er von Redaktionsleiterin Silvia Follmann, die sich für jede Folge inspirierende Gäste einlädt, um gemeinsam darüber ...
Your Face Is Crooked...and other things that are true about everyone, but especially about you


By Francesca Georgia & Gracie McNulty
We're Juvenile! A podcast all about discussing what it's really like being a teen nowadays. We're here to show everyone that even though we're young, we still have thoughts and opinions worth sharing. Co-hosts Fran and Gracie are here to start som...
Storytelling from local curmudgeons on topics of character building, recorded on a Massachusetts porch or stoop. Air out your feeling, let’s practice some damp armchair psychology.
20 minutes of My day to day life experience as an aspiring Happy: Human, Dad, Artist and Entrepreneur
All that GRIT & GLAMOUR blog goodness, in audio form. Join me as I ponder life, food, fashion, crystals, spirituality, and more.
Does music make you feel things? Like, anything at all? If not, you might be a sociopath! If so, this might be the podcast for you! Join hosts Joel Spence and Deborah Tarica each week as they invite someone they think is very very fantastic, to pi...
The Women and Radio podcast hosted by Donna Cleveland combines real-life stories and scientific research to explore how the beliefs we hold shape women’s lives.
This Podcast is going to be about the thoughts at the time and place that i am at while working towards the plans i have for the future. People can take it to learn from or to get to know who i am & how i think.
This is Success!, a podcast by Nomy Lamm and Lisa Ganser, two non-binary queer disabled white anti-racist artists, living and loving and documenting our successes in these heartbreaking times. We sit at our little round dining room table and discu...
Juan Carlos de Rojo reúne las tardes del fin de semana historias sobre cultura, otras sociedades, música, ciencia y salud.
This project was born from the friendship of two yogis who found themselves in the midst of mid-twenties mayhem. And they wanted to talk about it. But because of their connection to yoga, their love of spiritual mysticism and their desire to fin...
Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot a...

HiveFive: Real-life stories, the struggles of adulting, and celebrating the small victories in life.

By HiveFive: Real-life stories, the struggles of adulting, and celebrating the small victories in life.
When the going gets rough… Well, you know how the saying goes. Sometimes things happen - life happens - and it’s not always our fault. In this podcast, we’ll feature real-life testimonials from people like you. From good times to bad - funny memor...
A podcast showcasing the inspirational people, organizations, spaces, and ideas transforming Miami from the inside out. Join Miami native, transformational life coach and intrepid host Jonathan Hermida as we embark on a journey to discover the c...
We have all heard stories of courage & wisdom from women we admire. Stories of loss, bravery, and stepping up into the women we were born to be. My name is Charli Wall and my story is one of loss, trauma, addictions, mental health, triumph &am...
We are talking about the journey of life with grace, class, and a little bit of trash.
The Shaking It Up with Shak Podcast is hosted by Shakira aka Shak. It’s a weekly podcast where thoughts in silence are spoken out loud. Listeners will have the pleasure of experiencing real life raw conversations crossing a variety of topics from ...
Wildflower Stories is about empowering women to pursue their calling from God without fear or comparison. These episodes will introduce you to women of all different backgrounds, ages and walks of life who talk about their stories and how God has ...
Revista eletrônica semanal.   A cada episódio um assunto diferente, sob um olhar masculino e moderno. Dicas de filmes, música e comportamento.
Join me every Tuesday morning for candid conversations over a few cups of coffee! Listen, there is no other way to start any day than with Truth (God's fortifying, powerful and life altering Word) and a cup of Coffee (a gift from heaven to us). Ev...
A podcast, hosted by two sisters, for girls navigating life in their 20's
Hosted by best friends Allie Monreale and Billy Bowe. Episodes are filled with a combination of games, weird news, and celebrity gossip. However, this isn't your ordinary pop culture podcast... Each show is guided by our hosts' bizarre life experi...
A podcast hosted by JaeLegendary featuring the legends of today hustling to reach their dreams.
Episodes 1-7 tell the back story of Tales of Tila, a one-woman historic musical set in Taos, New Mexico, USA through the first half of the 20th century. The Great War. The Spanish Flu Epidemic. The Great Depression. World War 2. The secret city o...
A storytelling/interview podcast that delves deep into the true stories of real, ordinary people.
Lizzie shares creative inspiration, encouragement and clear thinking from amongst the plants and animals on her allotment bench at Windmill Hill City Farm. If you are a big ideas person, and love refreshing your head and heart in natural spaces, t...
A Nerd Abroad follows Andrew J Clark's half year of travelling around the world, working remotely, and getting up to mischief.
Temas de hoy a la luz de las Escrituras
Ideas, tips, stories, and resources for parents who want to be happier. We explore happiness in the context of being parents, with all the challenges and opportunities for happiness and well-being that involves.
We're Simon and Martina. We run a YouTube channel where we travel around Japan and the world. There are some stories we can't film. For those, we'll share our Tokyo Tales.


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