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By Podcast – Frank Banter
Frank Banter is a podcast dedicated to getting to know people in NYC via conversations about random current topics. Each guest is directly connected to the host's (Frank Tirado) sphere of influence.
By Tanur Badgley
People of Purpose is a podcast of inspiring people whose stories help you see things differently, live with intentionality, elevate the way you participate in the world, and take the necessary leaps in your life to seek and find your passions. I sit down with people of all sorts of purposes and break down the who, what, when, where , why, and how they became a person of purpose. Join our conversation, become a part of our community, and come on this journey with us. People of Purpose podcast ...
By Kevin James Thornton
A show about a man chasing a dream. Musician, writer and comedian Kevin James Thornton attempts a wild new phase in his 25 year long career in entertainment
By Rosa Sparks
Join Rosa Sparks aka the Chocolate Columbo as she explores trending topics and explores them from a womanist, blerd perspective. Music, nerd culture, politics and social media trending topics will all get the 'dainty thug' treatment.
By Elise Gaston Chand
Despite its title, the Because of Horses podcast is actually about people -- people who have found a way to incorporate their passion into their every day lives, designing a meaningful existence unique to them, because of that passion. It just happens that, in this podcast, that passion is horses. Each week, we'll feature a fascinating guest who has created just such a life, hear about the ups and downs of their journey...and maybe learn more about how we each might craft our own, intentional...
By Claire Cameron
Are you an overwhelmed and anxious mum, sick of just getting through your days? Join Claire Cameron, blogger, mum-of-two & recovering overwhelmed mess, for adventures in decluttering, organising & simplifying life, with a little woo and a lot of love. We're on a quest to become the best and calmest version of ourselves. From laundry hacks to meditation, meal-planning to hypnotherapy, I'm exploring and sharing my experiences with you to help you slow down and start enjoying your days.
By Simon Tran
Join aspiring actor and writer Simon Tran as he invites his friends, diverse in race, background, and interests, to process social issues, identity and culture, post grad life, and all that important stuff.
By Tony B, Bash and Megan
San Diego's LGBT, pop-culture podcast. Just a few locals drinking, laughing and talking about whatever we want. Why? Because we're nobody of importance. Listen for laughs, mindless banter or just white noise to get you through your day.
By Michael W. Dean
Learn to block and delete idiots from your life. Remove addiction to bad people, drugs, alcohol, government and more (WITHOUT MEETINGS!) Then use your new-found time and energy to MAKE A LIVING DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, like the author does. A USER'S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE is a libertarian manifesto for getting healthy, getting brilliant, maximizing potential and changing the world. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS BOOK: "Part intellectual memoir, part self-help book. Michael W. Dea...
By Zen Runner & Steve Runner
Zen & Steve Runner catching up each week to talk about issues and ideas that interest them.
By Retro Mocha
The Retro Mocha Show is a conversation hosted by Shawn Baden and Brian Knapp. In 2010 Shawn and Brian founded a side project called Retro Mocha.
Welcome to the Shallow Gene Pool where we take a look at the support, development and examples of the shallow end of the human gene pool.
By the-manhattan-project
A 25 year old girl deals with shit in Manhattan. finance. self-worth. diet. ambition. fashion. weight loss. professional growth. romance. its all here, folks. * ED recovery; may be triggering
By Blake Bowen
A podcast about life.
By A Byte of the World
Podcast by A Byte of the World
By Zak Winnick
Sync in Progress is a microcast by podcast veteran Zak Winnick. In the cast, Zak talks about whatever is on his mind, which can be anything from the state of technology to electric vehicles (usually his Tesla Model S) to the coffee he drank that morning.
By Teevee Aguirre - The Marketing Daddy
Teevee Aguirre! Action packed stories with lessons for all... including the host. Well, there may be no action. But definitely stories. Learn tips, tricks, hacks, and sometimes just long-term strategies to help you with your business, parenting, and management..... even some dating advice. Because it all relates.
By The Q&A with A.P.C.
The Q & A with A. P. C. features conversations with artists, cultural figures, policy-makers, performers, and other innovators living in Virginia.
By Joey McIntyre
Moving - Everybody does it. And for different reasons. Let's "unpack" that.
By Paranormal | Haunted | True Crime | Supernatural | Mystery | Ghost Stories | Ghosts | Scary | Creepy| Unexplained | Horror | Lore | The X Podcast
The X Podcast is a brand new show that shares true stories of shadowy figures, moving objects, strange voices, and terrifying experiences that have stayed with people to this very day. Oh, and it's best to listen in the dark....and alone....if you dare. Hosted K-Town
By lafthapodcast
ويش هو لفته ؟ لفته هو بودكاست وإذا ما سمعت من قبل عن البودكاست فهو عبارة عن منصة للاستماع للراديو على الإنترنت ، تقدر تنزل حلقة البودكاست على تلفونك وتسمعه في أي مكان وقت ما تريد راح أتكلم عن التجارة والثقافة والترفيه والعلوم والقصصَ مثيرة والكثير من المواضيع الشيقة بالاضافة إلى إنكم راح تتعرفون على أشخاص مثيرين للاهتمام
By Radio24syv
D. 23. december 1989 klokken seks om morgenen kører Cecilies far frontalt ind i en kvinde på strækningen mellem Frederikssund og Ølstykke. I statistikken kaldes det ’en personpåkørsel’. Han er 24 år gammel og har kun kørt S-tog i lidt over et år. Hændelsen kommer til at få vidtrækkende konsekvenser for hans liv.
By Swell Story Media
Coming Soon!
By Bobby Falkenberg
Everyone's thinking it, Bobby's just saying it. From family stuff to the legal world to current events to toilet humor, you'll get a little bit of it all here. Like the fact that meatloaf is a casserole.
By Next Founders Inc
The grind, glory and sports talk
By Warhorn Media
This is a small show about the big things God does in the lives of ordinary people. Each week Katie and Michal of Warhorn Media interview a different woman about a turning point in her life, something she will always remember as God's work. Some of the stories are inspiring, some are heartbreaking, some are full of joy, but all are Monumental. Everyone has a story. What's yours?
By Marlon "Shymar" Molinos
The “Groove session” is a show that explores all aspects and matters of the heart. As someone who has never been in a relationship, I was fortunate enough to observe many different relationships throughout the years thanks to both friends and family. There were some good as well as bad sides to every situation I’ve seen. Watching these relationships unfold showed me that they are fragile and require a lot of work. I hope to provide my insight as to how to keep a relationship strong and provid...
Rebecka Kasto & Klara Warenmark med vänner tar med er på ett äventyr fyllt av viktigheter & oviktigheter! Välkomna att följa med på äventyret!
By Craig Mayville
This podcast's focus is for military veterans to tell the story of their life, specifically around the period of military-to-civilian transition, and all the excitement, fear and everything in between that we each experience.
By psychotic soliloquy
The following songs and stories come with a very bright flashing neon trigger warning. This series is not safe listening for children or for anyone sensitive to topics dealing with abuse or severe, traumatic mental health related issues. Honestly, if you’re someone who can’t read a Stephen King book due to overwhelming fear, or if you are deeply upset by or opposed to watching things like the show American Horror Story or Bates Motel, please know that this podcast will likely be very upsettin...
By Andrea Klunder: Creative Consultant, Media Producer, Entrepreneur
"Impostor syndrome." How does it show up for you - self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, competition? Or a little gremlin in your head that says, "Who do you think you are? You can't do THAT!" You have something to share with the world -- maybe it’s just the spark of a creative idea or an entire world of inspired vision! Andrea Klunder and guests show you how to be BOLD and take action, to put your creative work into the world, to have your voice be heard despite...
By Loyal Books
When you dive into Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemens’) The Innocents Abroad, you have to be ready to learn more about the unadorned, ungilded reality of 19th century “touring” than you might think you want to learn. This is a tough, literary journey. It was tough for Twain and his fellow “pilgrims”, both religious and otherwise. They set out, on a June day in 1867, to visit major tourist sites in Europe and the near east, including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, “the Holy Land”, and Egypt. What T...
By Ryan "Rizza" Sporer
Join me as i take a humorous approach to the daily issues of a working class Australian in modern society!
By Jade Farrar
Jade Farrar shares his unique perspective on life living as a disabled New Zealander working to make a positive difference to the lives of all people. The content is sometimes random, but refreshingly authentic. This is what it means to live with diverse ability. This is Jade Farrar
By Michele Boyer
Positive Action Creates A Positive Reaction. Start Today. Host Michele Boyer sits down for a "weekly conversation of inspiration and exploration" with truly rad people ardently pursuing their best lives while blazing paths in their careers. Lively discussions cover the guests journey's ~ where they have been, how they got where they are today and where they are headed. Extracting tidbits and takeaways to ignite and inspire your best life's pursuits. Are you ready? Let's get to this week's co...
By Brandy Mayes
Lets Take a Shot of Brandy and talk about Entertainment, Black Empowerment, Music, and other issues in the community.
By Loyal Books
If you've loved and cherished The Wind in The Willows, you'll be delighted to read The Golden Age. In this book of reminiscences by Kenneth Grahame, the much loved creator of Winnie The Pooh, readers are granted an insight into the writer's childhood. The opening lines of the Prologue provide a poignant reminder of Grahame's childhood. When he was just five, his mother died in childbirth and his father who had a long standing problem with alcoholism consigned his four children, including the...
By David Steinberg
The legendary comedian and director, David Steinberg, sits down with comedians, entertainers, and creators to discuss life, art, and comedy.
By Culture Lab Productions
Topical forum and Culturally Current vibe talk
By Jeff Neighbors
Every podcast will be on random different topics; just as is what happens in life. Only thing I can guarantee is that there will be a game in every episode.
By ORF Radio Ö1
Täglich informiert die Ö1 Club-Sendung über Produktionen der Ö1 Kulturpartner. Sie berichtet von Specials wie Sommerakademie und Wohlfühltagen. Immer wieder werden Karten der Ö1 Kulturpartner vergeben.
By Mary Beth Smith of The Nerdologues
MBS (Mary Beth Smith) and a friend cut the BS out of conversation by discussing a topic her guest loves. RSS Feed Subscribe on iTunes
By Fixed Point Foundation
Follow columnist, author, and cultural commentator Larry Alex Taunton into the fascinating world of ideas and their consequences. The official podcast of Fixed Point Foundation.
By ORF Radio Ö1
Franz Schuh und das Chaos, die neue Nick-Cave-CD, der Tod der Mode, Wiens erstes Opernkino, Lina Loos als Theaterautorin, Indie-Folk-Bands und DJ-Kultur: das und vieles mehr von Montag bis Freitag hier.
By with Dallas Penn & Chocolate Snowflake
The Newlyweds Podcast is Dallas Penn and Chocolate Snowflake, a married couple and song and dance team, speaking on current events, general news and relationship issues. Talk to us at
I mamapodden berättar kända, svenska mammor generöst och öppenhjärtigt om sina graviditeter, förlossningar och känslor kring mammaskapet.
Interviews with the Boulder community.
By Dr Karen Vizer
The Dr Karen Show is the umbrella for several radio shows hosted by Dr. Karen Vizer. On the First Wednesday of every month at 10 AM PT we are talking with Sunie Seventhheart and Shawnette Blank with our Shaman Central Show. On Thursdays at 11AM PT we offer mind shifts! Decrease friction and increase flow with Consciousness Shifting. Dr Karen is joined on Thursdays by special guests and we are opening the phone lines and offering energy shifts and mind shifts to our callers. Desert Treasu...
By The Josie Show
The Josie Show is a part of the Josie Network, LLC of brands. The Josie Show debuted in 2009 with host/owner, America's Radio Sweetheart, Josie Passantino at the young age of 14 years old. Josie is a multi-award winning host with multi-award winning brands under her full network. The show quickly gained popularity and grew into an award-winning talk show interviewing guest including new music artists, actors/actresses, songwriters, authors, celebrities, and legends. The Josie Show is live e...
By The Irish Times
Podcast by The Irish Times
By Jason Allan Scott
A weekly Podcast where we lift the velvet rope for inspiring entreprenuers - solopreneurs - wannaprenuers and eventreperenuers to help you live a PLANNED life. Inspiring people who have risen from hard situations and created lives they’re very proud of. Learn the practical action steps people take to make their lives better, what they’re working on right now, and get weekly inspiration and motivation to live your best story. Jason hopes to inspire with his sense of humor, genuineness and pas...
By Julie Watt
The Lark podcast embraces the dark side of the Great Mother archetype to balance and awaken the feminine divine. She is chaos. She is destroyer and creator. Stories of personal transformation are spoken here and they're not all pretty.
By Sean Boyle
A Pint With Seaniebee is an informal chat with creative folks who have lived, or are living brave, interesting and unconventional lives. We examine how their background and upbringing forged the path they went down; what decisions they took that made all the difference; what ideas they have to change the world in which we live; what life-wisdom they have garnered; and looking back, perhaps what they might change or what advice they might offer up to those following in their footsteps.
By abrocadopodcast
just a couple of avocadBros hanging with..... The Dragon
By Radio Nacional de Colombia
Este es un podcast sobre cultura. La idea es hablar de esas cosas que parecen lejanas, pero en realidad nacen de las motivaciones más simples.
By Cyprina
A teenage girl, who would much rather be living in Canada. "This podcast is even better then my daughters!"-Adam Curry "A teen podcast you won't fall asleep during."- Time "A fresh take on life as a teenage girl in the 21 centry." - The New York Times
By Boh Nellis
A weekly potcast that delves into the many facets of cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, bhang, grass -or whatever you call it! For beginners, seasoned tokers and interested non-partisans alike. Boh will discuss how to apply cannabis medicinally and recreationally, new products and trends, as well as industry and political ramblings. Hosted by Boh Nellis, who's not a doctor, so don't take these opinionated offerings as medical advice, mkay?
By NEW Media Factory
The Call Center Show is a one (1) hour, once a week informative discussion about the BPO industry in the eyes of call center supervisor, JM Cruz with the help co-hosts Ella Singh and Joms Fontanilla. An alternative no holds barred, no BS, no sugar coating hour about the call center culture in the Philippines tailored for CALL CENTER AGENTS. The show will focus on the lives of call center agents in the Philippines, their lifestyle, daily lives inside and outside of work, grievances, and how th...
By Albert Patrick
we talk about many different things, from interesting news, social topics, to what we did, and what we do. You know, stuff and junk.
By NEW Media Factory
The Girls of 28A talk about topics relevant & in-trend that are relatable to all viewers and listeners. Hang out with Tricia, Julia & Bianca (aka: T, J, B) to see them in their raw form and experience how funny, lovable and unique they are.
By 익산공공영상미디어센터
익산 지역에 거주하는 이주민들의 다양한 이야기들을 팟캐스트로 만납니다! 본 팟캐스트는 익산공공영상미디어센터가 익산노동자의 집, 농촌이민여성센터와 함께 하는 공동체 라디오교육을 통해 만들어집니다.
The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.
By Алекс Классик
я решил говорить в этом подкасте на любые, волнующие меня темы, но стараться ничего не говорить о всяких IT штучках. Впрочем - как получится...
By Игорь Меркури
Передача предназначена для широкой аудитории, обладающей чувством юмора и не брезгующей сатирой. Глупые, а порой до идиотизма тупые заметки и наблюдения за окружающим миром и жизнью, где-то в жопе вселенной.
By Around The World in 800 Days
The Overlanding Podcast is a series dedicated to self-reliant vehicle dependent travel. The road less travelled is one full of incredible stories. In each episode we’ll be meeting the adventurous people who have chosen to travel the world by bicycle, motorcycle, car and truck.
By The Powercast With Dayka Robinson
It's storytelling meets happy hour meets life coaching! In this engaging, funny + inspirational POWERcast, Interior Designer, blogger and philanthropist Dayka Robinson shares her personal stories--and talks to some incredibly interesting people--about making empowered choices, living with intention and why saying No is really saying Yes. Inspiration to live the life you've always wanted, one choice at a time!
By Gawoon Chung: Creative Co-Director, Project Planner, and Online Entrepreneur
Join Gawoon Chung in Dear Creators, a podcast that explores what it means to live a creative life. Each episode offers actionable advice on how to embrace your quirks, create meaningful work, and pursue your goals and ambitions.
By 杰先生James
聆听您的心语。这里是杰先生James的个人播客。杰子替叶子读书制成节目,分享心理学与个人成长感悟。个人博客;新浪围脖&微信公众号:叶话心语;联系邮箱:[email protected]
By 初声日语
【夜读书】在夜晚为你读一本好书,一篇好文,让你闭上眼睛随着我们的声音带到那书中的世界。   本专辑为大家读的是选自人气声优兼歌手兼人妻的坂本真绫老师的一本欧洲随行笔记【From Everywhere】 朗读者:初声教学部 Lemon。 译文:初声教学部 阿鲁 本节目音频及译文所有权属初声日语所有 日文版权归原作者所有 仅用于日语学习
By 雁天儿
欢迎收听Tina跟你一起瞎聊日语,节目中日双语使用,话题多种多样。希望通过聊天这样一种轻松愉快的方式跟大家一起感受日语,学习日语。另外,微信公众订阅号:xialiaoriyu 也会定期推送每期节目的文字解说以及音频链接,同时不定期地跟大家分享平时的有趣见闻!一个彻头彻尾的素人开始了一段抓瞎的旅程,我们的口号就是:跟着Tina一起瞎聊“瞎”学!それでは、どうぞよろしくお願いします!(节目音频及文稿信息,未经允许,请勿转载。)
By 艾莉日语
这里有曼妙的声音陪伴你走进日语的宫殿, 全网最专业日语知识讲解, 全网最深刻日漫解读, 全网最唯美日文朗读, 原来,你打开了一个新世界, 原来,我一直在这里等你, 我是日语老师,却不止是日语老师。
By 小苏虾聊
美国西海岸和荷兰的连线,两个90后女生和你分享她们看到的大千世界。一个只是想要分享生活经历+各种扯和瞎聊的播客 热烈欢迎听友关注我们的微博 和我们交流 @小苏虾聊 qq群398945859
By 情感主持人晨风
晨风 黑龙江广播电视台十佳主持人,主持情感节目20年,全国知名情感婚恋心理专家,音视频节目全网点击量过亿。 晨风广播节目:《晨风说》《心事了无痕》节目。 晨风电视节目:《大城小爱》节目。 喜马拉雅:晨风说 今日头条号:听晨风说。 微博:晨风说。 晨风 心事了无痕 晨风说 情感
By 读课文的老王
By 噗哟哟叔叔
By DJ小强
微信订阅号:XQLLFST或者搜索“小强来了”添加关注,参与互动、获取更多节目信息。 节目名称:《小强来了》 主持人:小强 播出时间:河北交通广播 每晚19:00——20:00...
By 明凯
共听好音乐,共品好文章。每周的一,三,五晚上《精彩美文》我们不见不散!投稿邮箱:[email protected]
By 阳光的X小姐
每个人都像蒲公英, 你不知道下一秒你会在哪里, 你不知道下一秒你会在干什么, 我是一个喜欢思考的家伙,我想在这里和你们分享生活的感悟 和X小姐一起聊聊生活吧 博客: 微博:@和X聊聊生活
By Miss_Tree小树
嘿,亲爱的你,展信佳。 关注微信公众号: howdoiloveu 这里每周一有你的信哦!
By 谁结账电台
By 枇杷和阿毒
两个无趣的人,一个有趣的电台。我们吃咸,我们扯淡,聊饮食,聊生活,聊理想,聊幻想。不求有用实际,但求有趣丰盛。期待另一个宇宙的你接收到我们的声波和脑电波。请关注同名微信公众号及主播微博@枇杷阿姨 @方头AI
By 苿莱ちゃん
By 小霖
By 小 武
By 小_贱人
主播:小Bitch~~~专门上传各种好笑录音 QQ:421256586 微信公众号:xjr12570 微博:哦叫小jian人
By 终结者陈
我是Andy,一名播音爱好者。 “听闻”会记录一些生活的点点滴滴,通过收集不同类型的文章整理后与各位听友分享。 “听闻”只是生活中的一些小感悟,小感动。希望通过这些小小的事情可以让各位听友也能感悟到什么。 如果有想说的话和要分享的故事可以到新浪微博:终结者陈,QQ:114230059
记忆,是生活一点一滴的沉淀,是某个午后躺在草坪上仰望的那片蓝天。记忆,是我们心底的那一片温暖。只希望能通过这些单调的音频信号,让你回忆起曾经属于自己的,绚烂的过去。 联系邮箱:[email protected] 新浪微博:@注定得不到幸福的某同学
By David Jiang
这是一档为慕尼黑华人服务的talk show广播节目。这里的主播和嘉宾和你一样在慕尼黑读书,工作,生活。来吧,来听听他们的生活,你会觉得好山好水也可以不无聊。Podcasts:德国慕华汇;新浪微博:德国慕华汇网络电台。
By 楠同学与外星任
By 贵公子vip
By 林雨天心
By 楠同学与外星任
By 月牙读书
By 大伟和他的朋友们
大伟,广播电台主持人、电视新闻记者。《大伟叔叔讲睡前故事》周一至周五每晚18:00更新,节目微信订阅号:balala3721 节目合作微信号:people2020
By 小迪阿姨讲故事
By Yoyo的笑
如果你喜欢我们的声音,欢迎打赏.边听故事也可以边逛我的小店: 狼赢天下-微商城 天狼之家-微小店 欢迎大家关注我的微信公众号: 狼赢天下 或者搜索 tianlangcai168