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The Bevs
By Ariana Madix and Meredith Kate
Ariana Madix and Meredith Kate are THE BEVS, podcasting with a special guest every Monday about current events and pop culture. On Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat at "wearethebevs", email us at [email protected], or call 424-352-2387.
Matilda's Podcast
By Do Talk to Strangers
'Do Talk to Strangers' is a podcast about the lives of all the people you pass on the street. Every week someone goes out with a microphone, finds a stranger and ask each other 36 of the most intimate questions imaginable. In the 90's physiologist Arthur Aron published a study claiming that these 36 questions could make two strangers fall in love. Whether it be love, friendship or just two people chatting in a park this podcast aims to document what happens when you stop and talk to all the people you would normally walk straight past.
Living In War
By Stewart Haddock
Welcome to “Living in War”, a series that focuses on people who lived during war, but were not combatants. They were citizens that continued to live their life lives as war went on around them. Their stories are different than most war stories and we want to try to gather and share these stories here.
Beyond Introductions
By Kirsten Mancosky
In a world that runs on screen-to-screen interactions rather than being face to face, we may know a lot about someone, but that is not the same as truly knowing them. Go beyond the safe zone of conversations and get to know the core of a person. With questions that expose people's values, experiences, ideas, and great minds, this is Beyond Introductions.
By Anders Adamson & Tomas Jennebo
Cykelpratarna är serie program där ett antal personer fått uppdraget att under en timme vardera, spela musik och berätta om livet på, omkring eller kanske tack vare, världens bästa uppfinning; cykeln. Cykelpratarna görs av Anders Adamson och Tomas Jennebo.
Holistic Divination
By holisticdivination
My experiences about divination, psychic phenomena, and anything that comes into my head
By stargazer
You Don't Have To Look Up To Find A Star
Streetcast Show
Retrouvez tous les streetcasts participants aux thèmes communs du Streetcast Show !
North Ridge Church - Video
By North Ridge Church | Marshfield
Weekly video podcasts from North Ridge Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
Davey J Podcasting About The Things Davey J Wants To Podcast About
By Davey J
After many failed attempts at podcasting, Davey J is back with the format that makes the most sense to him. Podcasting about whatever he feels like podcasting about…Each episode will bring interesting guests to the table with Davey J to discuss everything and anything Davey J wants to podcast about...
Age Defying Careers with Elise Stevens
By Age Defying Careers
Elise Stevens, founder of Age Defying Careers, interviews amazing women from all over the globe whose expertise is in various fields and environments. Topics vary each podcast, inc. personal branding, lifestyle, workplace environment, renewing your confidence, networking, social media, and much more - all created to assist women (especially those over 40) in their confidence and career success.
By こりんご
Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran
By Sheevaun Moran
This isn’t your average mindset podcast and she’s not your average host. This is Driving for Your Success with Sheevaun Moran. She will help you clear your mind, get rid of roadblocks and achieve ease and success on an open highway to your destination. Anything is possible when you have the mindset to get of your own way! Sheevaun is a business coach, energetic solutions thought leader…having struggled herself with more than her fair share of disappointments and even near death experiences, Sheevaun understands the value more than evern of clarity and simplicity. Sit back and let Sheevaun clear that misty, chaotic road while she helps you put the pedal to the metal and drive for your success.
By Arthouse of Who
Can business and art live in harmony? ArtistCEO is one woman's journey to become a new kind of CEO, an ArtistCEO who mixes her background in performance art and Zen Buddhist philosophy with running a Bay Area branding and naming agency. Along the way, hear from successful artists, executives and other people integrating their business and creative lives. Listen in and you might learn a thing or two about branding, the creative process, or the integration of your own professional and creative selves. An Arthouse of Who Production created by Shannon DeJong and Kerri Lowe.
Better Off Bald
By Andrea Wilson Woods
Better Off Bald is a serialized nonfiction podcast that chronicles the story of 15-year-old Adrienne Wilsons 147-day battle with primary liver cancer. As she lay dying, Adrienne taught others, including her older sister Andrea who raised her, how to live.
PAINOPOLIS: Prevailing over chronic pain, one defiant story at a time
By Painopolis
Welcome to Painopolis! It’s a new podcast for people with chronic pain. And also for everybody else. That’s because we bring you stories about people who confronted the worst hell imaginable, surmounted it, and are now ready to tell the rest of us how they did it. You’ve never heard stories like these. Stories straight from the trenches, brought to you by seasoned journalists who’ve made chronic pain their full-time beat. Prepare to be riveted. Painopolis. Relentlessly in search of what works, one defiant story at a time. Visit us at
Volume Speaker
A podcast of stories that are snacks for your ears by TQ
By 人生规划师Fiona
Phillow Talk
By phillow-talk
A late-night before-bed conversation between two husbands
Podcasts – Trucão Comunicacões
By Trucão Comunicações
Um programa dedicado ao transporte, especialmente ao rodoviário de cargas e com o objetivo de valorizar o profissional da estrada.
On-Farm: Conversations with Practical Farmers
By Practical Farmers of Iowa
Each week, we'll interview a different member of Practical Farmers of Iowa about their farm. We’ll hear practical information from all types of farmers: new and experienced; young and old; small and large; horticulture, livestock and row-crop farmers. We’ll talk with farmers about the issues most relevant to the farming community: the nitty gritty of growing and raising all sorts of plants and animals; on-farm research; protecting and improving soil and water quality; farm profitability; the challenges facing beginning farmers; building community in rural areas; and of course, food.
La Barcaccia
By RAI Radio3
Una selezione delle puntate andate in onda durante la settimana, con le rubriche di maggior successo. Il più amato, il più osannato, il solo e unico varietà operistico radiofonico quotidiano
The Survival Revolution Podcast
By Joe Prepper
Listen in as I discuss our homesteading adventures starting and maintaining a small 10 acre property. Follow along as we learn and put into practice the skills our family needs to survive and become more self sufficient. Join us on our Blog @ for some visuals on prepping, homesteading, edible gardening, permaculture, weapon and gear review and much much more.
It Just Gets Worse
By Chris Harris
It Just Gets Worse
By HuffPost
Infertility affects an estimated one in eight couples, and about one in five known pregnancies ends in miscarriage. These experiences can be lonely and isolating for people going through them, and bewildering for those who want to offer support but don’t know how. Join health reporter Anna Almendrala and comedy writer Simon Ganz as they share their journey toward parenthood with frank, humorous discussions on the humiliations and hilarity of infertility, miscarriage, and IVF.
Ignite your Legend
By Kyle Scully - interviews guests about quitting their job, escaping depression, finding inspiration, getting motivated, being happy and living their dream
Ignite your legend podcast will set you on fire and help you realise the true potential we all harness, to not only be happy, but to live the life we have always dreamed of. Kyle talks to influential and powerful game changers, who are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, that are inspiring positive change in others and the world. Each episode will captivate your soul with deeply moving, real life stories from our relatable legends, then empower you by delivering valuable information on tactics, habits and tools they used to escape the rat race, believe in themselves, chase their dream and live the life they have always dreamt of. Subscribe to join the tribe and receive free bi-weekly stories that will ignite your legend within! Find us @ to join the community and for all the show notes.
Neighborhood of Holy
By Matt Lipan
an intersection of faith & culture || join the conversation at
By Zach Valenti
an attention deficit audio adventure
Psychedelic Salon
By Lorenzo Hagerty
Since 2005, Lorenzo Hagerty has been podcasting interviews and talks concerning the use and benefits of psychoactive plants and chemicals, both in their natural settings and in medical research institutions. Past speakers include Sasha Shulgin, Annie Oak, Rick Doblin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Shonagh Home, Bruce Damer, Aldous Huxley and others. And there have been over 200 programs featuring talks by Terence McKenna. Also interviews with several of the now long gone elders, such as Gary Fisher, Myron Stolaroff, and Al Hubbard have also been featured.
Northern Hills Community Church
By northern-hills-community-church
NHCC is an independent, community church affiliated with the North American and International Mission Boards of the Southern Baptist Convention, which allows us to be obedient to Christ through the Great Commission and remain an independent church.
TWC – The Podcast Dispensary
Marty & Meliss talk about relationships and answer listener questions!
While I Poop
By while-i-poop
recording the random thoughts of a comedian on the toilet, dont worry i edit out all the plops
In The Lab Podcast Show
By Jared Watson
Join us #InTheLab as the creator of, Jared Watson, shares inspirational stories, insights, lessons, and questions to help educate, engage, and empower you on your life’s journey.
Rebel Matters Podcast
By Ainle Ó Cairealláin
Featuring personal stories, inspiration, and long form interviews from the streets of Cork City, and further afield! Topics of discussion include success, overcoming adversity, current affairs, health and nutrition, food, local business, and delving into the obscure from time to time. This podcast is presented by Belfast man, and owner of ACLAÍ, a Cork based personal training facility, Ainle Ó Cairealláin.
Turning Tragedies into Triumphs: Stories & Conversations with Torah Bontrager
By Torah Bontrager: Writer, Cultural Competency Advocate, Sexual Assault Survivor, Author of An Amish Girl in Manhattan: How to Turn Your Tragedies into Assets and Set Yourself Free by Breaking All the Rules (A Memoir)
“Turning Tragedies into Triumphs: Stories & Conversations with Torah Bontrager” is a weekly podcast that features amazing and courageous individuals who have come forward to share their stories with the world. The conversations between two fellow survivors take place over a virtual dining room table in a safe, judgment-free zone where we not only learn about accounts often never publicly disclosed before, but we also learn a little bit more about Torah along the way. A companion show to her memoir An Amish Girl in Manhattan, Torah created the podcast to emphasize that trauma (of all colors, shapes, and sizes-- not only sexual) knows no boundaries and that her story of repeat sexual assault, abandonment, parental rejection, identity crises, disastrously failed romantic relationships and trust issues are heartbreakingly universal in our national and global cultures. We are immensely grateful to and honored by all the women and men—and other genders—who are willing to speak out and let the world know that we are not alone, and not crazy. Please watch the episodes to be inspired and to know that you don’t have to be extraordinary to be Extraordinary. New episodes air each Wednesday. Questions that Torah injects into each conversation include: - In one sentence, why did you leave the Amish, your community or situation? - What were some of the challenges you faced navigating a foreign culture? - What is your guiding principal in life? - What is your understanding of forgiveness? - What is your definition of acceptance? - Why do bad things happen to good people? - Is there a God?
Allergies & Awkward Conversations
By Keegan & Sam
We're a talkshow style podcast delving into issues affecting the LGBT and Millennial communities.
KhodCast - خودکست
By خودمونی
Podcast by خودمونی
Keep It To Yourself
By keep-it-to-yourself
The most above average podcast ever to hit your earholes
Jag vill bara att allt ska bli bra
By Make a change
"Jag vill bara att allt ska bli bra" är en personlig podcast som lyfter mobbning, utanförskap och psykisk ohälsa bland barn, ungdomar och vuxna. Det är viktigt att våga dela med sig och hålla en öppen dialog kring detta växande problem i samhället. Programmet gästas av kända profiler och experter inom området men även drabbade i olika åldrar. Podcasten drivs av Christian Nordenström som är grundare av den ideella föreningen Make a Change. Make a Change arbetar mot mobbning bland barn, ungdomar och vuxna på nätet, i skolan, inom föreningslivet och på arbetsplatser. Den här podcasten är producerad av Fredagskänsla AB
Elin & Dandie's Podcast
By Elin & Dandie's Podcast
En melankolisk pod om lycka och vardagsliv, vuxet barn perspektiv och allt annat..
Biking In Color
By Triangle Bikeworks
a podcast about the intersection of bikes & youth of color and how the simple act of riding a bike can make a massive impact on their lives.
En podcast som tar upp tunga ämnen med en lättsam stämning!
Extra by No Boundaries
By No Boundaries
A new podcast that aims to shine a spotlight on the typically underreported people, communities and organizations that are working to break boundaries to make their communities stronger. The series is a hybrid of narrative and documentary, with each episode capturing a snapshot of someone’s life.
Something Someone Does Sometimes
By Geronimo Quimby
Sometimes it's fun to be silly with general nothingness. And to talk to yourself. So here we are.
Option B
By Louisa🍷
生活里永远有个Option B供你选择 在这里和你探讨幸福的样子 主播是个旅行和电影深度上瘾者,会定期分享自己的旅行经历并电影观后感 2017系列#30岁那一年#
There Might Be Cupcakes Podcast
By Carla Pettigrew Hufstedler
Carla is: a bookdrunkard. a 40-something with psychology and counseling degrees with post-grad work in grief/loss/trauma, sex crimes, and forensic anthropology. a woman who has lived in three haunted houses. a former freelance journalist and counselor, who is never bored. a disabled introvert who sees connections everywhere--like John Nash, only less math-y. a knitting fidget who loves horror movies with a skewed passion. Like one of her heroes, Harriet the Spy, she wants to learn everything and write in all down (more likely than not in her bullet journal). Join her (and sometimes her friends) in her strange library as she INFJs everything from unused angles. It’s going to get weird in the best way. Let’s play.
By Adam Tinkoff
It's no surprise that San Diego, California has always been a hot spot for stories of high strangeness and great beer. If this weird combination interests you (as it should) join host and podcasting pioneer, Adam Tinkoff for an entertaining ride into the world of high strangeness and really great craft beer - a match made in... well let's just say mostly from his new home San Diego, California.Cheers!
Mateus 5:3
By mateus-5-3
Primeiro episódio sobre o sermão de Jesus no monte.
North Ridge Church - Audio
By North Ridge Church | Marshfield
Weekly audio podcasts from North Ridge Church in Marshfield, Wisconsin.
NOT YOUR AVERAGE MIDDLE-CLASS PODCAST » Not Your Average Middle-Class Podcast
By RMars, Sidekick Sam, Ryan (To Be Named)
Kickback the Podcast
By Greatness Podcast Network
The Kickback is based on a laid back environment where we are all just chilling and engaging in on various topics which requires unfiltered thoughts and opinions to where nothing is held back. It's raunchy, real and funny. Every episode will be different so don't expect the same opinions you're used to each episode.
By Annemarie Zander
Der Podcast für Menschen, die auf der Suche nach dem Sinn in ihrem Job sind, sich neue Inspirationen wünschen oder wieder mehr träumen möchten. Interviews mit Menschen, die ihren eigenen Weg gehen und ihre durchschnittlich 29000 Tage so gestalten, wie sie es möchten und nicht, wie es ihnen vorgelebt wurde oder wie es die Gesellschaft erwartet.
You're Doing It
By Mary McMurray
Person and photographer, Mary McMurray, takes you through her life story filled with mental illness, covert abuse, and healing.
You, the People
By Greg Shapley
'You, the People' is the 'Where's Waldo' of podcasts. Every week we serve up answers to questions that are never asked, in a mosaic of voices from the street. Can you guess what we're talking about? If you've got a hunch what our question is please have a stab at it on our Facebook page - also called 'you the people'. If you've got a sponsorship inquiry, or want to suggest a question to take to the streets for a future week, please email [email protected]
Village Wisdom Podcast
By Village Wisdom
VWP is about expanding our sense of personal responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities, our country and our globe.
Vepsän käsikirja liftareille
By Markus Kuokkanen
Vepsän käsikirja liftareille on podcast-sarja liftaamisesta. Se etenee pitkin maanteitä Emma Vepsän jalanjäljissä ja avaa näkymiä liftauskulttuuriin maailmalla.
Veteran Living
By Harrison Swift
This podcast is created to provide a platform for Veterans and anyone that has been in or affected by the Military to tell their stories and help educate others. Please ask any questions or write to us to let us know you have a story you would like to tell.
WSHU-FM: David Bouchier : NPR
By WSHU Public Radio
David Bouchier’s weekly essays are full of unexpected observations and whimsical opinions. Listeners will relish his entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes exasperated commentaries on the routines that carry us through the year, the surreal rituals of politics, the unsettling experience of foreign travel, and the confusions and comedies of everyday suburban life.
Muleswriter Chronicles
By Craig Marlatt
Thought provoking stories from the unique and sometimes crazy life of the MulesWriter Craig Marlatt on his quest for the meaning of life. Sometimes funny, sometimes challenging, sometimes almost unbelievable, but always uniquely Craig Marlatt, the Muleswriter.
Empathi with Figs
By Figs O'Sullivan
Feel more connected in your relationship. Stop fighting. Communicate better. Snuggle more.
What Sustains Us
By What Sustains Us
What gives us a sense of meaning and purpose? Why is it that we do what we do? These questions, and more are addressed during stimulating conversations.
My Natural Beet Podcast
By Cookie
A podcast that inspires and encourages exploration of the world and of our minds, bodies, and spirits. Celebrating and connecting strong, confident individuals full of moxie from around the world one conversation at a time. Stories are exchanged, laughs are shared, and the contagious juju exudes. A vast array of topics are touched upon. They include but are not limited to: exploration of the world, fully embodying, embracing, and accepting our individual quirks, finding the pearl in personal struggles, and every day practices that contribute to being our most vibrant, healthiest, and happiest selves. Be courageous and speak your truth. It is my wish that these conversations spark each listener to walk to the tune of their “natural beet” and be wholeheartedly and unapologetically themselves. Visit for the show memo and more.
Room 396
By Daniel Hepperle
Join Daniel as he talks about anything and everything with special guests from time to time. Look for this podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
I'd Sooner Forget This
By Daryl Smith
Diaries, poems, stories, videos and art, there are some personal artefacts we never throw away, even if the idea of sharing them fill us with dread. Every week Daryl Smith interviews a guest about an embarrassing and revealing artefact from their past.
GHWAfterHours (GHWAfterHours Feed)
By GHWCommunity
Bis spät in die Nacht. Jeder ist willkommen, egal in welchem Zustand.
Our Own Rekkits
By Our Own Rekkits
We (Chrish and Jazz) have created a space to embrace, explore and challenge all of the layers of our complex identities and ultimately help us grow into the best versions of ourselves. Subscribe, follow and listen as we talk music, Jesus, Blackness, self-care and introspection and anything else that tickles our Black fancies.
Unsupervised Adulting
By Andrea Weaver
Welcome to the Unsupervised Adulting podcast, hosted by the bay area's own DreaMissLady. A no-nonsense approach to self-awareness and personal growth through laughter, hindsight, and practical advice. Get into your reality!
Yelling at concrete
By Graham Cooling
A bi-weekly discussion with Graham Cooling with coffee and conversation discussing the world at large with occasional guests.
JoshuALog Podcast
By Joshua David Ling
Joshua David Ling is a lot of things, a Christian, a Calvinist, a Presbyterian, A Homeschool Graduate, and a seriously creative dude who defies format and medium, choosing to create stories in multiple ways and places. His true passion is the art of story, both the telling and the craft. Join him along his journey to create stories that glorify God, and entertain the Lost and Found among humanity.
Unapologetically Me: Life Coaching with Ian White | Motivation | Inspiration | Alignment | Life Purp...
By Unapologetically Me: Life Coaching with Ian White | Motivation | Inspiration | Alignment | Life Purpose | Fulfillment
The “Unapologetically Me” podcast is geared towards helping you live a fulfilling and satisfying life, instead of living a life that you have simply tolerated up until now. No matter where you are on that journey to living a better life, whether it be; just waking-up to the possibilities of more; to knowing what you want; to being well along your path to fulfillment, Ian will be there to support you. Ian has made this transition for himself and although he hasn’t figured everything out yet. He is willing to share his journey, his successes, his miss steps and anything in between in an effort to help you live-into your fullest potential. Ian’s mission is to have a “Ripple Effect” on humanity where he can help as many people as possible to discover their purpose and then take the necessary steps to living in alignment with that purpose. Because when people do what they love, they show-up happier and more satisfied which has a positive cascading affect on anyone on their path, from family to friends to colleagues to employees to their children and beyond. So if you are looking for a better life, check out this podcast for stories, inspiration and practical tools that you can use in your day to day existence, to find your path, stay on your path or blaze your own trail. If you want to contact Ian directly about his coaching, programs, workshops or speaking engagements, please connect with him via his website at
Epiphany Midwife
By Brigid Hopkins/Sarah Belzile
Are you jonesin' for an epiphany? We are Brigid Hopkins and Sarah Belzile and we are addicted to witnessing epiphanies hatch, in ourselves and in others. We allow source and our own insatiable curiosity to guide us like flashlights into the sometimes shadowy, always quirky and deeply personal realm of the soul and the psyche, in search of those glistening gems of clarity and connection.
Tag Me In Podcast
By Tag Me In Podcast
A podcast with Bromance
Voices of the City
By Allen Green
Introducing Houston to great voices.
By hellolife
A bit of everything. This is life, man.
Hello, Past Selves!
By Jess Gray & Ryan Wilson
Welcome to "Hello, Past Selves!", a show where we reflect on our personal archives via Livejournal, Facebook, Myspace (or whatever passwords we can remember). It can be a little embarrassing, a little depressing, but always hilarious (we hope).
From Pastor to a Psych Ward
By Steve Austin
Abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt weren't the end of Steve Austin's story. In fact, a suicide attempt is where his life began. Steve Austin was a youth pastor in rural Alabama when he nearly died by suicide. This 13-episode serial podcast is the audio version of Steve's Amazon best-selling book.
Higher Octave: Homesteading Simply
By Lance Knoechel - Head Homesteader
Sharing our off-grid homesteading successes and failures to assist others who desire to live a similar lifestyle.
History at a distance
By Sarah Johnson
A podcast that explores the process of learning a new place through a variety of means. Traverse City, MI is a town of surprises old and new, and for Sarah and Badaweyah, it is also a town that brings them together in conversation. Listen in as these women share ideas, tidbits and a surprising amount of personal history while they discover Traverse City, Michigan. Sarah is a writer in St. Louis who learned about the bar that Badaweyah is managing via an article in The Traverse City Ticker. The two connected and quickly hit if off. They share stories from the past and present of this new-to-both-of-them place and discover unexpected common ground along the way. What can you see on the ground? What can you learn from online archives and where do those different storehouses of information intersect to make the world that people move through? Sarah and Badaweyah tackle all these issues and more, with a healthy dose of laughter and delight. Join us as we discover just how much we can learn about History at a Distance!
How To Live
By how-to-live
The How To Live podcast is a podcast where our host, Daniel Barnes shares the experiences he bases his life around and shares the way that he lives his life. Hopefully by listening, you can gain something that you can apply to your life. This is also a way for Daniel to lay out his thoughts so he'll be able to fully think out the thought process that makes him live.
How Was Your Weekend?
By Brian Kilby
Wendy and Brian worked together for more than three years. Early on, Wendy would begin each Monday morning with a friendly “How was your weekend?” After a few months of blank looks and non-answers from Brian, Wendy all but gave up. In the Summer of 2016, Wendy and Brian started planning a podcast together. It was decided that this podcast would be called “How Was Your Weekend?” because Wendy finally wanted to know how Brian spent his weekends. On How Was Your Weekend, Wendy and Brian will share what they did, but more importantly what they learned, this weekend.
Feeling Fabulous by Randi Crawford
By Randi Crawford
Get ready for change. Feeling Fabulous, hosted by Randi Crawford, will inspire and uplift you to start living outside of the “mommy bubble”. This show is for those who put their careers on hold to raise their family, who are now ready to dip their toe back into the world and find more meaning and purpose for their lives.
Do Good, Kern County
By Elizabeth Nelson
Welcome to Do Good, Kern County the show highlighting individuals in and around Bakersfield doing good things benefiting the entire community. Each episode shines a light on a constructive person or project with intent to celebrate the good going on around us.
Caleb and Kenny
By caleb-and-kenny
Just two friends talking about their interests and hobbies in life!
Flossing With No Furniture
By The Rat Pack
A collective of shit talking and outrageous stories from some familiar characters and some new faces - from a New York Perspective
Drawing Your Own Path
By John F Simon Jr
Since publishing "Drawing Your Own Path : 33 Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation" with Parallax Press in 2016, John Simon has begun organizing a community of creative contemplatives; people interested in exploring Art and Meditation. For this community podcast, he is recording discussions and interviews with contemporary artists and contemplatives about their personal experiences and lessons from their practices. Enjoy!
By Tiffany Ann Beverlin
Dreams Recycled lives recycled!
Deconstructing Dad Podcast
By Monkey Poo Studios
Two divorced dad's discussing fatherhood, while comically attempting to manage all of life's successes and failures. We're not professionally trained, we're just like you!
By Hüseyin Penbeoğlu
ArkiLOG bir mimarlık güncesidir. Haftalık yayınlanır. Mimarlığı merak edenler, mimarlık okuyanlar ve tabiki "mimarlar" için dinlemelik monoLOG ve diyaLOGlardan oluşur. Bu LOG'lar yapı ve kent gündemi, ofislerden haberler, yarışmalar ve bilimum görüşleri içerir. Hüseyin Penbeoğlu tarafından samimi ve eğlenceli bir dille kaydedilir. Keyifli dinlemeler.
Fortællinger fra mosen
By Ordered by Colour
Fortællinger fra mosen består af 9 lydfortællinger knyttet til bestemte områder af Utterslev mose - fortalt af de mennesker der aktivt tager del i den mangfoldige bynatur. Hør hvordan en meget stor isklump var med til at skabe mosen, gå i stenalderbondens fodspor og kig efter flint, hør om luftens akrobater eller om hvordan det var at fange gedder på størrelse med hunde i 1980’erne. Kort sagt, få en dybere forståelse af hvad Utterslev mose indeholder af dyre- og planteliv, samt naturhistoriske kvaliteter, som er værd at tage ud at opleve.
For The Culture Podcast
By J.Steele
Peace and Love family, You are now tuned in to the For The Culture Podcast. A podcast specifically created for those that love black culture, hip hop culture from the black perspective. This weekly podcast has a shot of ratchetness and plenty of righteousness with hint of consciousness. Tune in each Wednesday @ 12pm central time on the platform of your choice (Itunes, Soundcloud, YouTube) for new uploaded episodes about this weeks current events, hosted by yours truly J.Steele Peace, Life, and Wisdom
By NLCast Network
The audio journal of husband, father, podcaster and artist, James Kennison
Good Life School
By Amanda Sogge
The Good Life School Podcast is a place for unfiltered conversations about purpose, hope, happiness, motivation, confidence, and over-all health in our lives and our relationships. A space for recovering perfectionists, like me, to take a breather while pursuing our best life! We will cover topics such as spirituality, marriage, parenting, family life, and soul care.
Blindness no Barrier
By Blindness no Barrier
A nine part series of interviews covering the remarkable life of David Blyth, with a particular focus on his role in developing advocacy services for people who are blind and vision impaired.
Cornelius Quiring's Podcast
By Cornelius Quiring
I like to tell stories. Make Jokes. Talk nonsense. I think about things. Conversations with other humans are interesting. This is my podcast where I indulge the aforementioned.
Ausgang Podcast (Die Highlights der Woche)
By SeTo Produkctions
Interviews, Wochenhighlights und Reiseberichte. Abwechslungsreich und immer wieder mal etwas anderes.
Audio R W
By @arw
Various bits of audio
By Magellan J. Pfluke
A moment-by-moment reflection on life, art, and Richard Linklater's Boyhood. Every week, your host Magellan J. Pfluke watches and reviews 15 seconds of the hit, aforementioned independent film.
By Jon Levy
My name is Jon Levy, and I am a human behavioral scientist. The fundamental element that defines the quality of our lives are the people we surround ourselves with, and the conversations we have with them. Every episode of Influencers, we meet two inspiring and influential people who are shaping our culture and changing their industry. Together we will discover what lead to their success, and how you can impact yours. But there is a catch. The second interview is anonymous. And if you can figure out who it is before we reveal it in the following podcast, you can win a coveted invitation to the Influencers Salon. The winner will have an opportunity to spend an evening meeting the most important tastemakers and thought leaders in our culture. Now, prepare to be Influenced.
Insane In The Montaigne
By Montaigne
A podcast about making and performing music, by Montaigne, for the people.