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By 雁天儿
【柴米生活,文墨点滴】 一个故事,不止一份心情。 这里是柴米生活,和你分享,生命中那些平凡却美好的点滴。
By 183是我
奇闻异事,未解之谜,尽在《奇闻杂谈录》,大家好,我是183! 《奇闻杂谈录》每周五,周六 晚8:00更新~~~~
By Jamaipanese
jaPODCAST is a monthly podcast combing topics related to Japan and Jamaica. Through its various features, discussions, interviews and more the podcast aims to educate and entertain its listeners.
By Ilya Kolovsky
Здесь вас ничему не будут учить или что-то навязывать. Вы и так уже всё знаете и у вас уже есть всё для счастья. Просто вы об этом забыли. Здесь вам помогут это вспомнить, только и всего. В детстве было мало смыслов - всё было просто и было счастье. Теперь смыслов стало много, а счастья мало. Смыслы - это то значимое и ценное для нас, что потенциально может причинить боль и периодически её причиняет. Но нам ничего не может принадлежать. Когда-нибудь всё то, что мы привыкли считать своим, при...
By Chick McGee
Chick McGee from The Bob and Tom Radio Show leads a revealing discussion of life with four friends, each from a different decade.  And just like life, The Chick McGee Show is a genuine mess of emotion, humor, and honesty.
By Andrew Peacher Radio Hosts Guests & Volunteers Wanted for Internet Radio Station You Can Discuss Any Subject Free of charge No experience needed training given Volunteer from home. The subjects you can discuss are endless. email Andy [email protected] Skype freedomtalkradio1
By Robert Nielsen
Bangebuks er en podcast om at blive inspireret af mod. Vi hører ofte succeshistorierne om folk der satser alt og vinder. Bangebuks opsøger dem, der har kastet sig ud i livet, og ikke nødvendigvis er i mål endnu. Og Bangebuks er bange for, at han er for bange til at leve fuldt ud, vil derfor tage udfordringen op og forsøge at rette op på alt sit manglende mod.
By LaRie
I am a professional photographer with a degree in finance, Wife (with my husband almost 11 years)and the mother of 2 beautiful children. I am also a content creator, you can see my work at and watch my videos on I decided to start a podcast because I have been thinking about it and getting excited by the idea for so long that I had to take action! I love having discussions about relationships, travel, food, wine, being a creator of life. Moreover, I...
By Alexis Saunders & Trey Sherman
A podcast made by millennials, meant for everyone—this podcast pairs wine with conversation. We'll sit down and share a bottle with guests across industries, to hear their stories and discuss the issues they care about most.
By Stephanie Dallinger
Gehe mit mir gemeinsam den Weg zurück zu Dir Wir alle tragen ein individuelles Talent in uns, dass darauf wartet frei gelegt und gelebt zu werden. Um unsere Seelenaufgabe zu erfüllen, unser Talent zu leben und einen sinnvollen Beitrag zur Gesellschaft zu leisten, durchlaufen wir einen Entwicklungsprozess. Der meiner Meinung nach nur im Miteinander, im Erfahrungsaustausch und gemeinsamen Hinaustragen unseres inneren Lichts sinn- und lichtvoll in eine friedvolle Zukunft führt.
By Marty McDonald
Beer and Golf are social activities, then why are you struggling with Social Media Marketing. The Taps and Tees Show brings real marketing advice that is making an impact in Craft Beer and Golf World. Short Weekly conversations for people passionate about marketing, golf and beer!
By Marc Litz
Meine Gedanken zum Guten-Morgen-Kaffee. Aufgezeichnet wird gewöhnlich früh am Tage, zwischen 05 Uhr und 08 Uhr.
By Christoffer Bergmann
Vad händer när mor och dotter som är som yin och yang beslutar sig för att göra en podcast ihop? Awa och Ingela är två kvinnor, från två generationer som lever två skilda liv under ett och samma tak. I podden Me myself and mom bjuder Awa och Ingela in lyssnarna till härliga samtal och diskussioner fyllda av klokskap, galenskap och skratt.
By AK Varilla: Analyst, Creative Mind Coach from
How do we bring the best out of ourselves and others? In this podcast we'll explore ways on how we can do that. We'll analyze the steps one by one and we'll apply these to our daily lives. We'll look into stories which are inspiring and sometimes true. Let's face it, we could learn a lot from both real stories and fantastic ones.
By Laurra Warnke
Laurra Warnke is a professional intuitive and author of the blog Intuitive Journal. In this podcast I share my thoughts on spirituality, developing intuition, and energy healing. Other topics discussed include self-help, Akashic records, Astrology, Numerology, repeating number patterns, and other metaphysical and psychic related areas. Laurra works with the Akashic records to help you get clear on your soul level gifts and heal past life issues. She offers private individual readings and spir...
By K-Town
Join Kim and K-Town as they sit down every morning to discuss any and everything that comes to mind all in irreverent fashion.
By John Lee
Starting With A Story is a podcast that's dedicated to motivating and inspiring you to grow and connect with others each day through storytelling. The podcast will be delivered weekly on Monday mornings to help start your week off! I hope to bring you an intriguing short story and discuss the take aways and insights I get from the story. I'll then leave you with a challenge; something to focus on to better the quality of your day, your relationships, yourself, and your life! Go out there a...
By Adrian Barraza
The Talk Shop is a platform for individuals to talk about their jobs, hobbies, and passion projects. In this weeks episode of the Talk Shop we sit down with Diana and discuss her personal journey of going from a party girl to a Fitness Competition Contestant.
By Saga & Lova
"Har du tänkt på en sak?" är en podcast med oss, Saga och Lova, två bästa vänner som växt upp tillsammans. Vi pratar om livet och allt vad det innefattar.
By Aaron McGowan
Sharing your military experience out of context is tough. There are thousands of compelling stories that live within the veterans of the United States. This is a platform for their story.
By Dare to be Stupid
The greatest podcast with Dare and Stupid in the title, Andy and Ryan discuss any and all topics from their underground recording studio, with no regard for planning or protocol. Rants, raves, riots, and rhetoric; Dare to be Stupid couldn't care less about making sense or sounding intelligent. It's just two guys, a rotating supply of interns and several words, all attacking your ear holes and probably leaving you dumber, but at least mildly entertained.
By the get.
two mics. two sets of ovaries. too much fun. ... …
By Radio24syv
Et program af det udsatte Danmark. Zornigs Zone tager dig med ind bag parcelhusets ligusterhæk, ghettoens betonmur og landsbysamfundets overfladiske idyl. Fra nordkystens prostituerede til provinsens narkobander. Fra den incestramte familie på landet til det lukkede fængsel i forstaden. Vi taler med alle, som lever på kanten af vores samfund. Dem hvis liv er formet af misbrug, svigt, sygdom eller fattigdom, men også af kærlighed, drivkraft og håb om en bedre tilværelse.
By Kate Skiba
An unedited monologue style podcast from Kate about how she is spending her 38-day winter break. She's a fast talker who is trying to fix her whole life at once so it should be an interesting ride.
By Wake and Bake Podcast with Clay Pigeon and WFMU
A digest of radio pieces from WFMU's Morning Program. Host Clay Pigeon shares his inimitable production pieces, plus Wake and Bake Radio's weekly reports on cheese, hazardous waste, weird animals, listener phone calls, today in history, and more from Wake and Bake Radio, heard in its entirety Monday through Friday, 6-9am and online here:
By Tatiana Jimenez
A podcast that explores the brilliant accomplishments of everyday people.
By Zack Henkle
A sporadic, sophomoric, and not-at-all professional show reviewing the latest and greatest happenings in the world of the Blood Oath Dynasty League, going strong since 2012.
By Wel-Net 21
福祉探偵団は、福祉の現場の第一線で活動するパーソナリティが、福祉や介護に関する物事を分かりやすく、時にはポジティブに、時にはネガティブに紹介し、沢山の人に福祉について理解を深めてもらう事を目的に配信する教養型トーク番組です。 お便りはE-mailでお願いします。メールアドレスは [email protected] です。
By Dani Dutchi
This show is dedicated to pushing forward in the midst of life, adversity, and challenges. For the millennial, for the traditional but eclectic person who wants to push boundaries, and for the everyday alien tryna make things happen... Dream Deferred is about pursuing your passions and finding your purpose...
By Makeba and Krystal
Krystal and Makeba are two best friends new to Chicago. Divulging their dating lives and asking the men in their lives to share theirs. From bad tinder dates to pregnancy. No tea goes to waste.
By Louis Family
A Gathering of Stories
By Ana Rita de Melo Alves
Can a 22 year old create a successful record label by herself?
Inspirational short passages of poems, readings, stories and observations as a companion to the blog Credo
By <user-5085054>
Was als Schnapsidee begann, wurde eine Schnapsidee! Anna Zimt und Paula reden und lachen über Dating, Liebe, Sex und Unsinn. Anna Zimt, in offener Ehe verheiratet und Single Lady Paula, sind beste Freundinnen, doll und deutlich und lieben das Leben! Denn die Welt ist groß und wir alle wunderschön! Wenn Frauen über Männer reden, geht´s heiß her! Vor allem dann, wenn die eine verheiratet ist, aber auch mit anderen schläft und die andere durch die Singlewelt stolpert und die große Liebe sucht. I...
By Moo Podcasts
Jozi walks Brandon through a year of committed effort at improvement in 2018. He will learn web design, cooking skills, musical instruments, game programming, and more. He'll cap it off with a run at NaNoWriMo. From Moo Podcasts
By Andrea Klunder
Tea+Yoga is a meditation podcast including storytelling, music, mantra, guided techniques, self-care tools, a little bit of yoga and a delicious cup of tea. Hosted by meditation teacher, creativity consultant, media producer, musician and teaching artist, Andrea Klunder.
By OurAfrica.Africa
A podcast series about real South Africans who live extraordinary lives taking us into their confidence and purging themselves of their secrets. We do not judge. We do not condone. All we do is listen. Real people, real stories, and absolute honesty. Secrets keep us sick.
By Shannon Thomas
Figuring It Out! with Shanno &amp; Carlita. A podcast with a couple of girls who don't take life too seriously. We don't knock it 'til we try it! Oh and there's wine.
By Needmore Designs
A podcast about business, design, and life, from your friends Ray and Kandace of Needmore Designs.
By Fiorella Neira
The wedding and event entrepreneur podcast with education, training and advice to grow your wedding business and entrepreneurial style.
By Humans of Chapman
Everybody is somebody with a story. Our community brings all walks of life with voices to be heard. Humans of Chapman is a blog and podcast that showcases individual stories from students, faculty, and neighbors of the Chapman Community in Orange, CA. Weekly episodes highlight interviews surrounding themes of identity, struggles, gratitude, triumph, and much more. Every portrait, quote, and excerpt strives to portray each individual with heartfelt authenticity.
By Uncomforably Close to Dan & Kristin
Dan and Kristin talk about the news of the day whether that's the latest sex scandal or the new Star Wars movie. They hold an open and honest dialogue that's not politically correct, but not offensive. It's two friends trying to find their way while sharing their lives and stories with you.
By Jessica Dale
2018 for me? One stressful rollercoaster of a year from late night study, no free time, essay papers, SAC'S and EXAMS! I will be documenting how I'm dealing with my year 12 experience in my podcast throughout the year, so hopefully the listeners (you) will come to understand how year 12 operates and how It can impact a typical year 12 student. Love Jessica Dale
By markmeynell
Informal Conversations between Mark Meynell and people from different walks of life and experience, about life, the universe, and everything, and especially faith, creativity and the imagination.
매주 여러분의 감성을 충전해 드리겠습니다.
By Fire Pit Productions
The podcast inspired by chats while sitting around the fire pit. You never know what you'll hear or where the conversations will go in this general discussion show hosted by Huke, Kevin, Cristi and Kell
By Carlo Navato
Passionately curious and with a diverse range of interests, Carlo has a series of meandering and soulful conversations with an eclectic range of guests. Produced in association with the Do Lectures - the global encouragement network for those that love ideas, this podcast searches out and reveals a wide variety of inspiring stories and uncovers what's at the heart of those that share them.
By 怡乐电台
微信:yileradio 或搜索公众号“怡乐FM” 关注怡乐电台公众号:参与节目互动、第一时间收听最新节目,主播都在那里等你点名~!
By Behind the Sash
A fortnightly podcast where Elyse Hudson the 2017 and 2015 Newcastle Showgirl, will chat with current and previous Agricultural Showgirls from around NSW to hear their stories
Professional basketball player Boki Nachbar and his co-host Anze Tomic talk with guests about various topics: science, technology, history, current events, social &amp; cultural issues...and sometimes even sports!
By 鲍瑛琦
By Mary Silver MSW
Mary Silver MSW explores the power of positive psychology techniques, success skills, law of attraction, astrology, numerology, Universal laws, and all things that help you find your silver lining in love and life!
By Jan L. Bowen
Conversations with individuals from all walks of life contributing to the world in interesting ways. Why are they worth listening to? Because through living their daily routine with intention they are doing tremendous things. Things like healing hearts and bringing people together, empowering communities and providing individuals with needed skills, giving others tools and techniques to live the dreams they have, providing a language that translates and expresses someone’s inner desire. They ...
By <user-5080686>
A weekly show for aspiring writers, published authors and readers everywhere. Join Stephanie Rouse, Theresa Stoker, Heather Worsley , Linda Jack Werlein, Pat Woolfe &amp; Nicola Cairncross each week where they'll share guest readings and interviews, along with what they're reading, what they're writing, what it's really like to be a writer. You can join in the weekly "Name the Novel" quiz and find out "What's On The Bedside Table?". We hope you enjoy these first 3 "pre-launch" episodes. The n...
By Jasmine Dean
We hope to create a safe space to seek connection and unity as human beings while having conversations about difficult things and respecting one another! Each episode will discuss a topic or engage in a conversation with someone in order to learn from each other and foster connection within our communities.
By Peter Church
Oral histories of Myanmar
By Tony D.
Yo, I am Tony D.! This is my podcast!
By Bobby Klinck
Are you an online entrepreneur who is looking to become a thought leader in your space? The Online Genius Podcast can help. Harvard lawyer and online entrepreneur Bobby Klinck interviews marketing and sales experts to help you learn how to build, protect, and sell your expertise online. Sometimes you’ll laugh (we hope you won’t cry!), sometimes you’ll be surprised at what you find out, but you’ll always walk away with valuable tips and tricks about how to build and protect your online platfor...
By Lauren Eliz Love
This is the Badass Business Podcast by show host - me - Lauren Eliz Love. I'm the founder of What is Perfection LLC. And the Badass Business Tribe and I've dedicated my life to my souls purpose: helping people create a freedom life that brings them joy, freedom, and financial abundance. This podcast is a real raw open forum where I share my trainings, tips and growth lessons around building a multiple six figure business in the online space. Let's rock it! For more on Lauren you can vi...
By Infocalipsis
Infocalipsis es un programa sobre Cine, Libros, Cómics, Videojuegos y todo lo que caiga en las manos de nuestros Infocalistos: Javi, Rubén y Abel, lo Intentarán analizar desde el humor, y aportar toda la información de la que dispongan sobre ello.
By Ellalan
Experiences and insights of Tamizhan in America
By Baratunde Thurston
A humblebraggadocious digest from comedian and "How To Be Black" author, Baratunde Thurston as he tours the world of space and ideas
By IOM – UN Migration Agency
Sharing stories from migrants and refugees from across the world
By The Skype Recordings
The Skype Recordings brings you amazing interviews on a variety of topics—occasionally including comical relief from a few "special" individuals. Volumes regularly consist of two to three audio tracks, and we post them as they come. Nothing is scripted, and everything you hear is real. Based in Pacific Grove, California, and content pertains mainly to issues at Pacific Grove High School.
By the uncensored stripper
Welcome to my once-in-a-blue-moon podcast! 15 things to know about me... 1.  I was born in San Francisco. 2.   I was a stagehand for the legendary Bill Graham while he was still alive. 3.   I was a teenage carny. 4.   I’ve been on my own since the age of sixteen. 5.   I am a writer and photographer. 6.   I love cheese. (aged Amsterdam gouda, to be exact) 7.   I have a Maine Coon cat named Monkey.  8.   I lived in an underground missile base in Kansas. 9.   I hate roses and chocolat...
By Matown
Sound can tell
By Cat Johnson
The Coworking Out Loud Podcast is an exploration into storytelling, community and the art of marketing. Hosted by coworking insider Cat Johnson, the podcast bridges personal stories, insights into the coworking movement and marketing tips for coworking space operators.
By 柏涵
我读你听,好书“有声音”; 我教你读,指导“好妈妈”。 我们为您提供最专业、最简单易行的家庭语言课程; 孩子的语言能力,从好妈妈、好爸爸开始!
By Ariel Saffer
En este podcast narrativo, escucha las historias, esperanzas, suenos, y retos que enfrentan en su camino a la reinsercion social.
By Charles Desrochers
Two improvisors try to make eachother laugh with dumb bits about wrestling, weird news, impressions, and
By UPR Utah Public Radio
Utah Works is a new series of short stories about the way we work in Utah, told in participants’ own words.
By Donald Pendagast III
A self-described nerdy people-person, Donald talks regular guests about
By The World of Cinema
Celebrating Film Fanaticism in a Theatrical Setting
By Rhymes With Asia
Hearts Without Borders is the podcast about international long-distance relationships and friendships. As Peter and Rachel have been married since 2015 after an England-to-America immigration, Joe and Anneke begin their own USA-Canada process. Together, the foursome discusses the highs and lows of LDRs, what happened in their weeks, and any other topic they can think of. You can follow the show on social media @hwbpod and ask questions or other forms of contact at hwbpod(AT)gmail(DOT)com.
By Daniel Biallas
Alles, was nicht so recht in den Brombeerfalter passt, landet hier
By PodcastOne
Heart and lung surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp speaks with Australian women who have overcome challenges in their chosen fields - sport, media, business and academia. Each woman has delivered her own personal and professional results and rewards despite facing challenges related to sexism, workplace and cultural prejudices. The path isn't always straightforward and the interviews will leave you inspired to overcome barriers and achieve success in your own life. Dr Nikki Stamp is a Perth based cardi...
By Oliver Nabani
Una pequeña ventana para contar de forma directa cosas que se me van ocurriendo. Son temas que no encajarían con el canal de Youtube, pero que muchas veces me apetece contar.
By Zenmisfit
3 gentlemen (yep, I am going with gentlemen), review the best and worst of vaping's e-juices and chat about vaping news.
By Moa och Sanna
Moa och Sanna pratar om livet i Nashville. Våra pojkvänner spelar hockey i Nashville Predators, NHL - så vårt liv kretsar väldigt mycket runt hockey (vare sig vi vill eller inte) där av namnet och anledningen till att vi bor i just Nashville.
By GrowHouse NYC
Vanguard is the multimedia journal and newsletter of GrowHouse NYC, an arts and technology incubator and residency for non-traditional students of color.
By Melissa Li
Unreliable Narrator: Bad Movies Recapped Badlier. A new podcast featuring three snarky ladies recapping bad movies. Dialing in from three different cities across the US, the hosts cover everything from 90s favorites to modern flops, picking them apart with hilarious musings and socio-political commentary.
By Jami Rice
MURDERISH is a true crime podcast that brings you intriguing stories of murder, strange disappearances, serial killers and other creepy events. If you are fascinated by the mind of a killer, and are interested in knowing the details of their crimes, you're in the right spot. Don't worry, you're not a murderer, you're just MURDERISH.
By Lily Dulberg & Carly Feldman
Lily Dulberg and Carly Feldman are two young entrepreneurs who have a candid conversation that covers the different aspects of owning your own business, the successes and failures they've encountered thus far and how to live and adult on your own terms.
By Adam Ares
If you don't keep a journal or diary yourself, you probably know someone who does. But even as the "blank books" section of every book store vouches for the widespread popularity of journal-writing, this practice isn't talked about all that often. In many cases, even people who have known each other intimately for years--siblings, spouses, best friends--keep their journals private from each other. All of this led us to wonder--why? In each new episode of this podcast, co-hosts Adam Ares and B...
By Patrick Irvine
Lessons From the Screen is a Podcast that gives a review of Digital Documents and programs and some takeaways for building a better Black Community.
By colby smith
The Friend List Podcast with Colby Smith is an interview show designed to make friends. A show that brings us closer together in these divisive times. Everyone has a story to tell and we plan on making the world a better place one new friend and one story at a time. You know doubt have heard of the 6 degrees of separation theory, this podcast aims to prove this theory interviewing a friend, then a friend of a friend and so on until we all are connected. A show that uses friendship to unite.
By Ron Law: RideShare Ronny
Stories from a Gold Coast Ride-Share car! Remarkable tales of actual riders picked up on the Gold Coast of Australia. You will hear first hand lots of great sight seeing tips and money saving ideas for your visit to the Gold Coast, Queensland. Showcasing the best of Gold Coast accomodation and restaurants. Visit the Ride-Share Ronny website or see rideshare ronny on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See you on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.
By Bill Doty/Nicole Evans
Two broken people meet and immediately fall in love. Can they fix each other? What will they learn about the other each week that affects their new lives. Join their comedic journey together and see if true love really does exist.
By Stuart Williams
Exploring personal journeys through live chats with remarkable people.
By 예술하는척
영국 워홀러들의 방구석
By Вести ФМ
Программа об интересных профессиях. Ведущая - Алла Волохина. По будням короткий вариант, в прямом эфире в вс - крупный формат.
By 東京コピーライターズクラブ
By オマニエル
By Nena Moreno Show: Retro Beauty, Vintage Fashion & Lifestyle
Welcome to the Nena Moreno Show, hosted by Bilingual Retro/Vintage Blogger and Content Creator Nena Moreno. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of Beauty, Fashion, Product Reviews, Q&amp;As, segments from my weekly #VidaConNena video series and interviews with a retro/vintage twist. New English and Spanish episodes released every Sunday. | Find full show notes at ----------------------------------------- Bienvenidos al Nena Moreno Show, presentado por Bilingüe Retro/Vintage Blog...
By High Tea Creative ([email protected])
Samantha Sparrow and Leanne Rice are the feisty female duo on a collaborative mission to bring you girl-about-town adventure, hot gossip, hilarity, exclusive interviews, a dash of tuneage and, most importantly, more tea and cake than you can shake a stick at.
By Sam Sparrow & Lea Rice ([email protected])
The Unsorry Podcast is a weekly show for women (and men!) who are choosing themselves. We're on a mission to celebrate greatness, give the world what-for and be there for you during life’s best and worst bits. Every Monday your hosts Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice will tackle a new topic in the way only your best friend knows how to – honestly, and to the point. We'll help you navigate difficult issues, improve your mindset and support you to live your most unapologetic life.
By タナカ・ナリタ