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The Assignment Bureau Podcast
By The Assignment Bureau
Can creative assignments help solve people's problems? These true stories follow people who test out unusual methods to face challenges that have to do with love, dreams, or trying to make the world a more hospitable place. (Independent podcast.)
The Pink Caboodle: A Plus Size Podcast
By The Pink Caboodle
The Pink Caboodle is a Plus Size podcast focused on promoting Body Positivity and Confidence to women of all sizes. With topics on life, fashion, beauty, self-esteem, love, faith, and so much more, Host Maya Lane will inspire you to love who you are, confident and free!
Neighbor Me
By Kate Kneifel
The Neighbor Me podcast is an effort to make deeper connections with those we see everyday and maybe even those we only meet one time. Neighbor Me explores the need to both belong and branch out from the communities in which we live, play and work.
I Don't Understand That Reference
By idutrpodcast
Corky & Hannah present a podcast full of fangirling. Initially centered around our mutual love of the hit TV show 'Supernatural', we are ever-expanding into an all-encompassing fangirl appreciation podcast. We cover everything from DCOMs to OINTB to HP and everything in between! So grab your favorite Netflix binge worthy snacks and join us!! You might just leave understanding that reference after all. Find us on Twitter & Instagram @IDUTRpodcast
Interesting Minds Podcast
By Interesting Minds Podcast
Interesting Minds - YPO Entrepreneurs
By Christoph Grothe
Hier dreht sich alles um den Radverkehr: Infrastruktur, Lastenräder, Critical Mass, you name it! Lokal, Regional, Global. 100% Made in Wuppertal
Most people prefer to live in a fantasy world wherein their soulmates are flawless angels, gifts from the heavens, basking in perfection and kissed with glitter. Other people prefer to be honest and call their soulmates what they truly are…idiots. We are the latter.
5 & Under Mom
By 5 and Under Mom
Share the journey of parenting young children with hosts Laura Grenmyr and Becca Kempson. Listen in as they tackle the questions that every mama faces but may be afraid to ask: from the first exhilarating, exhausting days of breastfeeding a newborn to potty-training a toddler and beyond. They will always give you their honest, and sometimes differing, opinions on what has worked or not worked for them and their little ones. Tune in weekly to their judgment-free parenting discussions! They are sisters and moms of 6 children, combined (including 4 under the age of 5). Becca is a certified lactation specialist and registered nurse and Laura owns a brand management and marketing consultancy. 5 and Under Mom is brought to you by Mommy Knows Best. You can find their products online at, Amazon, Jet and Mommy Knows Best is the official show sponsor for 5 and Under Mom. The opinions offered on this podcast are expressly the views of the hosts and guests and do not reflect the opinions of Mommy Knows Best or any other companies involved. The opinions and statements in this podcast are accurate to the best of our knowledge although we may unintentionally have some errors, omissions or mistakes. The advice on this podcast is for informational purpose only and should not be used for medical, legal, or counseling purposes. Laura Grenmyr is not a medical or legal professional and Becca Kempson is a Certified Lactation Specialist and registered nurse; however, the opinions and advice from Becca are for informational purposes only and you should always consult your personal medical or legal professional for all advice. 5 and Under Mom reserves the rights to make edits to content at any time.
Das Sprechzimmer
By Sprechzimmer
Einmal wöchentlich treffen wir uns im Sprechzimmer und behandeln unterschiedlichste Themen aus der ganzen Welt. Das heißt wir behandeln nicht nur Technik-Themen, sondern auch alles andere was uns berührt und antreibt. Ein Podcast von und mit Manuel, Max, Robin und Tobi. Feedback, Fragen, Vorschläge oder willst du mal unser Gast sein? Schreib uns doch auf Twitter unter @sprechzimmer. Wir freuen uns auf dich!
Tuesday People
By Annie and Bronny
Two, tights as friends, almost twins. Full to pussy's bow with stories, things to discuss and many questions to ask. Annie and Bronny are interested in people's stories, wherever they may take them. There may be some ripper interviews that might start with 'What did your Mum always tell you? and sometimes, podcasts will include their funniest, wet your duds, moments. Its the poddy for everyone. Join them, on Tuesdays of course...the best day of the week
Dear Podcast
By Dear Podcast
Dear Podcast is three friends drunkenly discussing strangers' problems taken from Agony Aunt columns and dispensing their own bad advice.
Marginally Managerial
By Marginally Managerial
We are two managers with 10 years experience in retail and HR. We are here to talk about anything and everything when it comes to managing your people. If you have anything you want us to talk about email us at [email protected] or visit our website at
My Journey Fodcast
By Fadi Manuel
My Name Is Fadi Manuel and this my journey.
Old Man Brad
By Brad A. Hargis
Welcome to Old Man Brad. Each show is a new chapter into my world. Whether I'm talking new tech or music, book and movies I will always be having fun and also give a new random fact. Thanks for having a look into my world!
Youth Zone Interviews
By Otago Access Radio
Interviews run by Dunedin's young broadcasters on Otago Access Radio's Youth Zone. Full programme podcasts are available under the show name.
Dave's Coffee™ Daily
By Dave Lanning
Dave Lanning, host & CEO of Dave's Coffee, talks about all things coffee related and shares the day to day of establishing and growing a coffee brand.
Everyday Entrepreneurs
By David L. Harkins
David Harkins interviews everyday entrepreneurs and small business owner about their business, their challenges, and what they have learned as a business owner.
Now You're Engaged - Wedding Podcast
By Kenny Hopkins: Filmmaker & Wedding Professional you're engaged. What next? Here we explore curated questions for inquiring couples from a variety of the wedding industries top professionals.
On the Road - Sarah Taylor
By LIZ KEILY- roostersoverland, blogger, podcaster, photographer, writer
Join Liz Keily in conversations about women engaging in motorcycling. Listen to their stories, dream with them and dream for yourself.
Rという男 "The Man called R"
By Ryo Miyamoto
ニューヨークで暮らす坊主、Ryo Miyamotoが、時には熱く、大体ユルく、台本無しのぶっつけ本番でひたすら喋ります。ニューヨークで活動する日本人や、アメリカ人との対談もあるので、海外生活に興味のある方、リアルな英会話に興味がある方、無料配信なので、宜しくどうぞ!Rという男 "The Man called R" podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Ryo Miyamoto with his lovely friends and guests.
The Next Right Thing
By Emily P. Freeman: Writer, Listener, Creative Director
For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make everyday, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. If you're in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess or if you've ever searched "how to make a decision" on the internet, listen in.
No Title
By Geoff Little in Nashville, Tennessee
A local, personal podcast journal from Nashville, Tennessee, featuring interviews, monologues, comedic sojourns, original music -- basically all manner of telling stories and finding thereness.
Nothing Matters
By Nothing Matters
Podcast by Nothing Matters
Psychic Sleuth
By Psychic Sleuth
Join a Private Investigator and a well-established Psychic Detective as they explore cold cases where the traditional way of doing things have not worked.
Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast (Video)
By Phil Hernandez and John Hoover
Geeky veterans talking about geeky stuff. In which a couple of military veterans discuss geek culture, weird news, and a range of other topics important to them.
Back 2 School Podcast
By Aliyan Jafri & Daniyal Khan
Back 2 school is a brand new podcast starring Aliyan Jafri and Co-hosted W/ Rawan Hesham. This podcast focuses on the daily hustles of schools and gets various guests on from the casual student to cancer-fighting teachers. It has it all, the upside of high school, dark treatment and sound advice (which you’re advised not to follow) on how to get through school. New episode every Thursday.
By Bokacast
Un podcast personnel où je parle de mes centres d'intérêts bien trop nombreux ... et comment je les incluent dans ma vie.
SGMR Podcast
By AlienCG
In which I discuss current events, personal topics, science and tech, and a few other things.
Strong Opinions
By strong-opinions
It's been called the Fastest Growing New Podcast by Fakenews Media, Strong Opinions is a culture podcast where 2 random Florida guys give their hot takes on everything from food to movies to current events.
Summit PODsibilities eps1
By Summit Middle School
Book Talks by Students
Systrarna i Skärgårn
By Systrarna i Skärgårn
Ett ärligt samtal mellan två systrar - och du får följa med!
Surely, You Jest!
By DJ Starsage
the day to day life of sci-fi nerd, podcaster DJ Starsage
Dirty's Mind / Whole Lotta Girth
By @dirtydevoe
Podcast of @dirtydevoe and @MattInWinnipeg proud members of the Inspired Disorder Collective #IDC, Come listen to Dirty and Matt discuss life and the things that interest them. Disclaimer: This podcast is girthier than others, this has been known to stretch and break down the walls.
Der ratgesucht Podcast - Guter Rat muss nicht immer teuer sein
By ratgesucht
Der Ratgesucht Podcast entsteht parallel zum bereits existierenden Blog, den man unter findet. Es geht um gute Ratschläge, kurz gesagt, um Antworten auf Fragen aus allen erdenklichen Lebensbereichen.
Community Voices
By Link 2 Lee's Summit
A weekly introduction and conversation with interesting and newsworthy members of the community.
By Taapsi Ramchandani, Inga Treitler
AnthroTalks is an audio extravaganza on the magical mundaneness of everyday life. Designed by practicing anthropologists, Taapsi Ramchandani and Inga Treitler, this monthly podcast series brings you conversations and videos that speak to the dramatic and not-so-dramatic forces that shape our lives and livelihoods. To tell our stories, we experiment with the tools we carry with us every day in our minds and in our pockets, like our smartphones and Google Voice. And why not? When our lives can be on-the-go, shouldn’t podcasting? Enjoy the show, and stay curious!
Autism Mom Realness
By autism-mom-realness
Lisa & Eileen - 2 award winning autism mom bloggers keeping it real about autism, parenting and everything in between.
Bridefriends’ Guide to Destination Weddings Podcast - Destination Wedding Planning Advice for ALL De...
By BlackDesti & Bridefriends
Welcome to DESTI LAND!!! A land where we believe in having the time of your life, while planning the best days of your life! Hosted by destination wedding blogger, Miss Omi, better known as BlackDesti, you are cordially invited to book your first-class ticket to peek “behind the veil” of destination wedding planning! As a current destination wedding bride, BlackDesti knows firsthand, the planning struggle and shares her own experiences but recognizes that she is but only one Desti. So, she invites her diverse group of past brides and current vendor Bridefriends along for weekly interviews full of Honest, True and RAW advice on what to expect and everything that works (and doesn’t work) when budgeting, choosing vendors, fashion, beauty, and everything else under the rainbow. Step away from your Pinterest page for a minute and Subscribe now to join the Destis + Bridefriends Tribe!
Broken Area
By Dave Brodbeck and Isabelle Michaud
Two people from Canada who talk about things, stuff as well.
Can You Repeat That?
By Novia Ng
A couple of years ago I was working on a human-centred design project that required me to go and conduct long interviews with customers. I realised then that I loved listening to people talk open and honestly about themselves. People are full of stories that we never get to hear because we don't give ourselves the time to listen. On Can You Repeat That? we take a mic to those people and ask them to share those unheard stories.
Behind Closed Doors
By Alicia Aberley
Alicia Aberley is an International Women's Empowerment Coach with a strong passion towards guiding women through the art of putting themselves first so that they can design a life they love. She is an accredited NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist, Author, Speaker and Reiki Master who is passionate about helping women awaken to their own magnificence through mindset processes, body awareness and soul work. Each week Alicia interviews inspirational women who are walking their walk and are making a massive impact in the world. They are empowered women that stand up for truth, equality and freedom. Women who are catalysts for change. Women that are happy to share their stories and struggles so that other women feel inspired to do the same. The vision for this Podcast is that it inspires, educates and empowers other women to find their voice, to let go of their fears and judgements of self and others, and to begin to understand that all of us have a story worth sharing. To know more about Alicia, visit her website at
Carpe DM: Make Your Game
By Chris Hockabout, Meredith SK, Alexei Othenin-Girard
Learn To Run RPGs!
By 基督山伯爵之声
大家好,这里是“Billboard英文歌曲导聆”播客,这是一档聚焦美国Billboard排行榜当季英文歌曲的双周播语言、文化脱口秀节目。导是向导的导,聆是聆听的聆,大家可以通过喜马拉雅、蜻蜓、荔枝以及Apple iTunes搜索“billboard英文歌曲”找到我们。
Alltagsschmaus - Rezepte für jeden Tag
By alltagsschmaus
Im Alltagsschmaus Podcast stelle ich euch regelmäßig Rezepte vor, die ich selber koche und gerne esse. Wer die Rezepte nachlesen möchte, kann besuchen. Guten Appetit!
Chick Habit
By Ashly Dalene
Honest, raw conversations from women in the arts. This is the female perspective you've been looking for.
Bla Bla Blá Podcast
By Cris Mendoza
Del blog al audio: Cris Mendoza y sus invitados exploran diversos temas de la vida cotidiana. Recomendaciones, reflexiones y risas.
This is Happymess
By [email protected] (Brandon Gernux)
This is Happymess is a podcast about life, love, pain, and the pursuit of happiness and is a self-therapy method for me to help cope with my own anxiety and depression. Though the show will cover a wide range of topics, at its core is the human connection between one another, the building of stronger communication, and a desire to navigate through the happymess of life.
This program serves as a platform for dialogue between outstanding leaders of different generations who are either developed or grew up in the past two decades locally in Hong Kong, through which we wish to enhance mutual understanding and to inspire the audience to work up with their goals.
The Towel
By Dan Hamamura
The Towel is a podcast about following your dreams, and giving up (or not!) on them. Each episode features a conversation with people who are at various stages in their career and their life, as they talk about where they came from, what drives them, and what they may have given up in the process. Hosted by Dan Hamamura Theme Song: "Brightside" by Jason Arimoto
By Pe-ta
A podcast revising Spanish vocabulary and phrases learned in the Spanglish Vlog
Random Stuffs
By math-6
my journal
How To Manage A Small Group
By how-to-manage-a-small-group
A series of ten lectures re-viewing the literature on how to manage small groups, with an emphasis on imitation theory.
Humble Power
By Derek Wilson
Have you ever been told that in order to have a successful life you would have to sacrifice your values or morals? Maybe youve been told that the only reason why people that are wealthy is because theyve had to step on other people to get there. If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations youre normal. I was told these exact things as well. I was told that the "rich people" only became that way because they had fleeced the working class folks like "us." The people that have that great marriage? Yeah, they probably fight like cats and dogs when they are alone because no one has a relationship like that. I get it. There is bullshit and fake people everywhere. Especially now in the world of social media. Most people only post what they want you to see, not what is truth. We are all jaded to a certain degree because we all know people that act one way online and live completely different in real life. I formally invite you to join our Humble Power movement podcast. This will be a place to listen to people that have been able to have massive success in ALL areas of their life without having to sell their soul. I will also be giving you personal nuggets that I have learned by working with some of the most successful online business people in the world over the past decade as well as my own experiences. We will cover the difficult topics that I have personally struggled with as well as many of my clients; how to "have it all" when it comes to relationships, finances and even parenting. We will be on a weekly journey to prove once and for all that you CAN have a powerful life while still being yourself. Understand this, for years I struggled with the fact that I wouldnt be able to be a powerful person because the self-anointed powerful people that I would see acted nothing like me. Im not brash. Im not conceded. Im not overly confrontational. But I also knew that I didnt have to be. The issue is that most people never learn that. Again, I ask you to join us in this movement. Learn from the amazing people that I will be talking to. Implement these strategies that we will discuss in your life so you can have the things that you have always wanted but have never done because you didnt fit in their box.
Family Mysteries
By Family Mysteries
Searching America's closets for skeletons! Family Mysteries is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to telling the stories of unsolved mysteries in family histories. Created and hosted by Bryce Amburn, it's inspired by the disappearance of our own family member, Marcia Nolan.
Fat and Confused
By Katie Shepherd
A Podcast About the F-word
Fat Flower Potcast
By Milcah Halili, April Flores
The Fat Flower Potcast connects cannabis connoisseurs with craft cannabis. April Flores and Milcah Halili of FatFlower.Media cover the best organic medicine available in the West Coast and the people who cultivate them.
First Light
By Michael & Luila
Sometimes we wake up and record our conversation(s).
Fireside Chat Podcast with Ben Dionne
By Ben Dionne
An uncensored look at the things that make us Human. Our Mental Health, without the sugary coating. Uncensored love and compassion with a few expletives. We're sharing from the heart, to help heal the mind.
First of All
By First of All
First of All is a real, unfiltered conversation on career, family, love, & modern culture. Your host is actress/director/entrepreneur Minji Chang, who will bring in her friends & special guests from all walks of life to kick back in her virtual living room. Together we will laugh, drop whatever knowledge we have, & speak our truth on weekly featured topics plus a special advice segment called IMO (In My Opinion) addressing questions from listeners. Get ready for good times & all the feels.
Happy Hour with Kevin and Lizz
By Kevin Tran and Lizz Stolis
Have you ever wanted to know what a conversation between Kevin Tran and Lizz Stolis? No one asked for it but we are giving it to you anyways. Welcome to Happy Hour with Kevin and Lizz. A podcast where two college best friends from Minnesota talk about whatever they want. We will be talking about movies and tv, talking about the news, playing games and challenges, and discussing some weird stuff going on in the world. We are an open book and you are our listeners. Opinions are our own. Music: Johnny Mark
Free range food.
By free-range-food
Hunting, fishing and adventure conversation, stories and laughs from around the world.
Hew's Interviews
By Lachie Hewson
Join Lachie as he has in-depth conversations with Aussie actors, artists, performers and creatives. Discover what drives them, what influences them and how they got to where they are now.
Hooker Nation
By Hooker Nation
The Mission of this show is to support Ch-47 "Chinook" crew members (Hookers), veterans, veteran owned businesses and foundations around the world. Drinking, witty banter and entertainment are secondary but promised.
Honorable Rat
By Hayatt Shah
Every week, Honorable Rat releases some steam and shares about his life as an olive-skinned (sometimes beautiful dark brown, depending on the season) Singaporean foreigner in Japan. No topic will be left untouched, no noodle will be left unslurped and no tea will be left unsipped. Honesty is the best policy.
Hope You Ready Podcast
The podcast weblog
By Michael Berman
Podcast interviews with various people - all on the topic of pizza.
Planet Growth
By Graham Lichtner
A community of people centered around positivty and the never ending campaign to grow the mind, body, and spirit!
By Isabelle Michaud
Isabelle is an artist and a French prof, she shares her thoughts here.
I en tonårshjärna
By I en tonårshjärna
hej där
Images of Diana
By BBC Radio 5 live
Natasha Kaplinsky and guests examine unforgettable pictures of the Princess of Wales, discussing their memories of each image, and their meaning and impact on Diana's life
Interchangeable White Ladies Podcast
By Hope Teague-Bowling & Annie Jansen
We're launching the Interchangeable White Ladies podcast a show where we discuss education, culture, and local activism. We’re teachers so we have an essential question--How can white women use their privilege to deconstruct white culture, confront their own biases, be better allies, and be less basic? Listen to the Interchangeable White Ladies podcast to learn about all that and more!
By Introspektrum
Ich heisse Sarah Klein und habe die 40 Lebensjahre vor kurzem überschritten. Ich habe einen akademisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Bildungshintergrund und arbeite im öffentlichen Dienst. Zu meinen Hobbies zählen lesen, Sport treiben und Psychologie. Meine Autismusdiagnose habe ich im Alter von 37 Jahre erhalten.
By Mayanin & Dakota
Hello! Welcome to Frequent MD, where we talk about long distance relationships and what it's like to have one.
Lorraine 闲尾
By kaola.kaweh
Let's Hang
By let-s-hang
Extremely Honest Diary of a 20 Something Born & Raised in LA
Lunch Break Shots's Podcast
By Lunch Break Shots
A daily break from your weekly grind! I take 3-5 min from my lunch break to talk about my day, my lunch, and the things going on in the world. Narcissistic? Only if I expect people to listen!
My So-Called Whatever
By My So-Called Whatever
My So-Called Whatever is a weekly 80’s/90’s comedic nostalgia podcast based on awkward moments and experiences of two life-long friends and their listeners. From first crushes to favorite toys to NKOTB (yes, New Kids on the Block) - we’ll dive into those memories we want to remember forever - or maybe forget. We know you’ve got the right stuff - but are you ready to join THIS block party? Baby, I believe in you. We’ll be loving you FOREVER if you send us YOUR stories (no matter how twisted) and - click, click, click - send us those pictures by emailing us at [email protected] If we’re your favorite girls and you got the flavor - treat us right by sharing our podcast with your friends. We’re on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher - SO PLEASE like AND subscribe, you dirty dawgs! For full service, you can hang tough with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Website: Twitter: @socaledwhatev Facebook: Instagram: mysocalledwhatever iTunes:
By mammorsomtranar
Mammor som tränar. Podcast om hälsa, träning, barn och livsstil
Michael Michelini
Follow what Mike Michelini is up to as he travels and does international business.
By Jerry Borschowitz
No contemporary podcast is more than less important.
Ms. Black & Ms. Bougie
By Melanie & Regine
Melanie and Regine are black, bougie and more. Some people try to make them pick a category but these girls are checking all the damn boxes! Join them as they hilariously give it to you straight with a fresh perspective on current events, culture, gender, politics, explicit sexuality, and more.
My Favorite Coffee Story
By Aniko Somogyi, of Anikona Farm 100% Kona Coffee
The My Favorite Coffee Story Show is about the “stories” that define people’s lives and value system, often shared over a cup of coffee. If you have a treasured memory from your past, if you are a mom or daughter, friend, casual acquaintance or just like a moment alone in a beautiful setting where they share over a cup of anything, usually coffee, then our show is just for you! We will cover special one on one moments, coffee history, coffee health benefits, recipes, great coffee houses of the world, coffee movie moments and stories of how the coffee phenomena permeates all of our lives in some way. My Favorite Coffee Story is broadcast live every Tuesday at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.
My Peace Corps Story
By Tyler Lloyd
Since the establishment of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961, more than 225,000 Americans have served 141 countries. The My Peace Corps Story Podcast helps tell some of the many diverse and vibrant stories of Peace Corps Volunteers, in their own words. Hear the varied experiences had by generations of Americans when they devoted two or more years of their life to national service abroad. While often cited as a positive, life-changing experience, service in the Peace Corps is not easy. This show portrays Peace Corps service as it is, both the good and the bad. The host of the show, Tyler Lloyd, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso and would “gladly and proudly do it all again.” The difficulties and risks of serving abroad, however, should not be understated or taken lightly. My Peace Corps Story Podcast will captivate you with the personal stories of Americans working and living abroad. Each episode, we explore the cultures, communities, and people that make the Peace Corps an unparalleled experience, filled with stories worth telling. Every volunteer has a story. What’s yours?
WUNC Youth Podcast
By North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC
The 2017 WUNC Youth Podcast is the result of a summer long exploration of the question "What is News?"
What Up, World!
By Yacine Bara, Jamal Bara
What Up, World! tells the real-time story of two brothers from Winnipeg, Canada, exercising gratitude in pursuit of meaningful lives and livelihoods. Recording two timezones apart, budding social entrepreneur Yacine and passion-driven Jamal catch up weekly to compare notes on their respective journeys, finding fulfillment in giving their best to the world.
Retire Hoppy Podcast
By Ted Carr: Retirement Blogger and Podcaster
This is Ted Carr, founder of Retirement Journeys, welcoming you to the RetireHoppy podcast. Here is what the podcast is all about, Picture 2 retired guys hanging out over a couple of beers. That would be me and my co-host Roy Weinberg. We discuss a retirement topic that we ran across in a blog, magazine or website. Then we follow that with out take on the beer. How can you go wrong pairing beer with retirement?
Prison Letters with Dr. Mark Goulston
By Great Love Media
Dr. Mark Goulston has been getting letters from prisoners for over 30 years. They are scary, heart-wrenching, emotional,and oddly...relatable. Were it not for some crazy twist of fate, they could be any one of us, even you. Many crimes can be classified as "crimes of passion” — moments when after a buildup of some level of frustration or rage, something somehow just goes off the rails, and lands someone behind bars… Join this bestselling author, board certified psychiatrist, hostage negotiator, and former member of the OJ Simpson prosecution team as he reads the fascinating letters from inmates who are serving years to lifetimes for their crimes. Come inside...with Prison Letters.
Stories that Touch your Heart
By Barb Volbrecht, Podcaster and audio storyteller
Everyone has a story to tell, a challenge they’ve overcome or difficult situation they’ve made it through. These stories have a way of connecting us all, and perhaps teaching us life lessons as well. This podcast will share heartwarming stories from all kinds of people; it’s purpose is to help you on this journey called life and to touch your heart.
I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
By Stephen Adams
There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes. ~Pablo Picasso
By Maryam Safa
تجربه‌هامون رو به اشتراک می گذاریم
CF Podcast
By Tré LaRosa
I talk about life with Cystic Fibrosis
Desert Lady Diaries
By Dawn Davis Voiceover and Podcaster
Desert Lady Diaries is a weekly 30-minute interview with women who live in the desert. Find out why they came, what they do here and why they stay.
Fridays With Lakshmi » Podcasts
By Lakshmi Iyer
A weekly podcast on life, adoption and parenting.
Family Pedals
By Sarah Kopper
Listen as Sarah Kopper chats with families questioning the status quo and living life a little bit differently. From the bakfiets to the bike, families are finding ways to get around without a car and embracing active and alternative forms of transportation. Each episode will highlight one family's experience living car-free or car-lite.
Bear and Dear
By Samson & Dakota
Bear and Deer is a podcast between Sam and Dakota, two live in partners. Sometimes we tell entertaining stories, analyze our experiences, or just give their unwarranted opinions!
By Falk Schug und Der Storb
In monatlichen Zyklen sinnieren Falk Schug (Comedian, Sozialarbeiter) und der Storb (Comedian, Radiomoderator und Blender) über Themen, die die Welt nicht braucht. Begleitet sie und seid dabei wie die beiden ihr Leben zwischen Comedy, Radio, Sozialarbeit und Doppeldates in ihrem Podcast mit Ansage vor die Wand fahren.
Two Tenderfoot Tourists
By Two Tenderfoot Tourists
Welcome to Two Tenderfoot Tourists. If you have stumbled upon us, by accident, you are probably asking the question, "What is Two Tenderfoot Tourists all about?" Simply put, it is a family friendly, podcast.  It's perfect, both, for newcomers and for the seasoned traveler.  It's all about people that enjoy travel and want to share their experiences. Regardless of where you are in this life's adventure, whether you feel like a newcomer, aka "Tenderfoot", or instead are fully accustomed to the joys of travel, there is something for everyone. Share, with Steve and Sandy, the good, the bad, and the awesome on Two Tenderfoot Tourists podcast.  Each podcast, we will have a fun, hopefully, informative time, and, occasionally, we will even run down a few rabbit trails. Let's get started. It's time to introduce you to the joys of travel, while we teach you what we know, and invite you to learn with us. If you enjoy what you read or hear, click Like, Follow, and Share "Two Tenderfoot Tourists". Until next time.  Stay Tender
I Could Never Do That
By Carrie Barrett
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." How many times have you heard of a "dream job," an extraordinary athletic feat, or even a benevolent vocation that someone has and thought to yourself, "I Could NEVER Do That!" These people don't have superpowers, per se. These normal folks simply have a huge desire to do what it is they're doing and they ultimately have an unwavering faith that they can achieve their goals, no matter how big. Remember, courage isn't the absence of fear. Courage is "going in" in spite of your fears. These are the stories of people who have gone in and fought hard to achieve the unthinkable in spite of the fact that, yes, sometimes they are scared and do have some insecurities. Are you ready to go in? It's my hope that after hearing some of these interviews with thought leaders, artists, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs that maybe you too will go from, "I Could Never Do That" to, "I Could Do That."