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By 유인경
경향신문 최고참 여기자이자, 30년 가까운 직장 왕언니. 또한 20대 중반의 딸을 키우는 엄마이기도 한 유인경 기자의 직장 생활 내공과 각계각층 여성과의 만남을 바탕으로 한 고민 해결. 여러분의 고민과 사연들은 [email protected] 으로 보내주세요. 지금 해결하러 갑니다.
By Kyle Walker
3 NJ buds talk spuds on Potato: A Talkshow About Anything and Everything Potatoes. Each episode, friends Kyle, Cem, and Matt talk a different potato related topic, but typically only Cem knows that topic, forcing Kyle and Matt to do their research (or lack thereof) in roughly real time. Learn the history of the potato (and the nefarious sweet potato sometimes) and potato-related foods with recipes, nutrition facts, and near-endless tangents about nonsense.
By Pressure Cast
Who are the people building our better future and solving the world's leading problems? Pressure Cast is a show dedicated to the hilarious, amazing and inspiring stories and ideas from entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators re-envisioning our world through technology and startups hosted by me, Robert Simoes.
By Leeknowsbest / Anchor
The 411 on how to make this your best year and put you first in everything you do
By Random Badassery
These are the episode archive for the former conversational format of the Random Badassery podcast with Chad Hall & Lam Nguyen. Check out the new format: Creative Minds | A Random Badassery Podcast (https://creativeminds.fireside.fm) Archives of Chad's now-defunct solo podcast What I Wanna Talk About are also included as bonus episodes. Enjoy.
By Bri Simmons
Bri & Friends is a new podcast about nothing....and everything! Join me, Bri, every week as I sit down with different pals of mine while we chat about any and everything. Music, movies, games, pop culture, politics, recipes, life, love, etc. We've got it all!
By Create//Consume
Podcast by Create//Consume
By Mike Eckert- host
Gary, Mike and Nathan mix it up on a variety of topics like current news, politics, social issues, sports, music and more. We tell it like it is.
By Andrew Braxton / Anchor
My experiences
By Iced Coffee Confessions
That awkward moment when you realize that you're throwing your hands up with wild abandon in the club, when the DJ asks those of us that are 35 years old and over to oblige his request to rep your age set. Absolutely nothing can prepare you for life after 35. Join me and my guests as we explore "Adulting" from the old and saucy...excuse me grown and sexy...lens. It’s all about life...powered by coffee. Iced Coffee. These are my confessions... About Suezette: Northern born, Southern Raised, I...
By Rob / Anchor
Each week we discuss various topics and how they relate to our own experiences. Sex, politics, trending topics, and much more. Check us out on iTunes, SoundCloud, Facebook and YouTube! Call in each week to give your opinion on the topics and we will respond on the show!
By Just Talk / Anchor
Just Talk with Jenafer and Melissa
By Bloom Network
Featuring leadership voices from regenerative cultures around the world. Bloom Podcast is a production of Bloom Network, an international community working to educate and mobilize around regenerative solutions. Visit http://bloomnetwork.org to learn more, support, or get involved. -cover image by Jessica Perlstein
By Dame Taylor
AFTERSKOOL the Podcast
By 92.7 Blaze.Fm / Anchor
The station that gets it Fire !!! Blaze F M !!! Roll up ,relax and get stoned ! Tune in for HighTimes.
By Sermons at St Aidan's
South Wagga Wagga Church
By DDigital Solutions
Divorce for Men is a podcast from lawyer Carey Linde, known to some as "the god father of father’s rights".
By Kasey Kirven
Ever wonder what a 20 something is thinking? Well tune in to the weekly podcast - Random Thoughts of a 20 Something - where Kasey shares her random thought of the week. Everything from getting your dream job to random stories of road rage.
By jon agnew
By Jimmy och Clelia
Jimmy och Clelia här, vi hade tidigare en YouTube kanal tillsammans, men vi var sugna på att testa Podcast istället. Så här är vi!! I vår podd kommer vi att fokusera mycket på pop-kulturella händelser till intervjua våra Tinder experter aka våra vänner, musik och allt som vi tycker är värt att prata om. Mycket skratt och härliga samtalsämnen är minst lovat. In och lyssna på vårt första avsnitt som handlar om Grammis 2018!! Kärlek, Jimmy & Clelia
By Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk
Become a great business storyteller and build your repertoire of stories you can tell to engage, influence and inspire at work. Join Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk from Anecdote as they share great stories to tell, why they work and when to tell them.
By Taylor Dean C.S.A. Unedited / Anchor
Using common sense and truth to help people solve life, relationship and family issues.
By Margot and Kimberley
Leadership podcast for women of all ages and stages of life. Join us as we navigate this world, lift each other up and figure out how to lead better right where we are.
By a Podcast by Mario and Chloe
Do you like Mystery? Murder? Thingies??? Mario and Chloe are starting a podcast for people like you! Check back every week for new mysteries!
By Audioboom
Our podcast discusses toxic female friendships, how to deal and ditch your crappy friend, how to avoid making the same mistakes twice and how to create the kind of friendships that make life fun.
By VersionRadio
Versión "Diálogos contemporáneos sobre sociedad, comunicación y cultura", Es un espacio donde se desarrollan y discuten temas sobre comunicación, psicología y cultura en las versiones de los académicos y especialistas del Departamento de Educación y Comunicación de la división de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades de la UAM Xochimilco. Transmitido desde la CDMX por UAM Radio 94.1FM todos los jueves de 10:00 a 10:30 am y 9:00 a 9:30pm
By Buck Johnson
Death To Tyrants will discuss politics, current events and economics generally viewed through a libertarian and free market lens. Many episodes will feature interviews with leading minds in the world of liberty.
By Lauren Selfridge
Chronic illness and other health challenges can be a real bummer--but they don't have to be the end of joy and fulfillment. It turns out we can still have epic lives, even when our bodies have plans of their own. Join San Francisco psychotherapist Lauren Selfridge for honest, humorous, and inspiring conversations with people who get what it's like to live with health challenges. Whether you're in the car, on a walk, in the waiting room, or lying in bed, we'll be here to keep you company along...
By Melahni Ake
Everyday Leaders
By Tru FireElectric / Anchor
An exploration of the roles we play in our relationships and the consequences of "fitting in".
By Joel & Matt
Joel and Matt are best friends who love craft beer and talking about money! Joel has spent the past decade working as a producer for consumer advocate (and money genius) Clark Howard, while Matt has taken the entrepreneurial route and started a small photography business. They both have growing families and a small portfolio of investment properties in Atlanta. They both love finding interesting ways to cut costs and save for the future – and, of course, they enjoy drinking delicious beer alo...
By Michael Boyle
A show that brings you insights into hot topics, lifestyle design, and tactics for success.
By Tariq S. Dillard / Anchor
Raw, uncut, reality, culture, loving, REAL, life , entertainment
By Dr. Renita / Anchor
We all have room for refinement in some way. Here we talk about refinement and leadership in work, home, self, and spirit.
By L. Dupre / Anchor
Life is for living !!! Food, Traveling, and chasing nirvana. You only get one life.
By Jamal Lingham / Anchor
Solomon's Faculty is about breaking down the dynamics of the game of life in kaleidoscope form.🕯
By Raoulito
Ils sont nombreux à travailler gracieusement sur Red Universe, à vous offrir chaque semaine vos quelques minutes de plaisir. Ce sont des monteurs, des acteurs, des narrateurs, des compositeurs, des relecteurs... Comment vivent-ils cela ? Comment la production d'une telle épopée se passe-t-elle derrière l'écouteur ? Bienvenue dans les Coulisses de Red universe !
By Kevin, Craig, Ryan and Tyler - The Driscolls
Sunday mornings. 9 am. Bagels, coffee, chocolate milk, butter and cream cheese. Let the bull begin.
By Assan Bashir
Podcast by Assan Bashir
By What is New Legal Realism?
Why is law so slow to get what's really happening? Why is it often so far away from our real-world experiences? The New Legal Realism movement springs from this frustration. The social sciences study how law really works, using systematic methods. But lawyers and policymakers don't often use that social science knowledge. Law students are never taught about the full range of social science that they could draw on to solve legal problems. At best, our lawyers and judges grab at bits and ...
By Freedom : Le Podcast Sur La Liberté
Je m'appelle Vincent, si comme moi tu aimes la liberté tu es au bonne endroit.
By Doc & Company
A multimedia culture company exploring the ideas and habits of getting good at being human.
By Radio Francigena
Una trasmissione dedicata agli Itinerari Culturali del Consiglio d'Europa.
By Arun Krishnan
This podcast is hosted by Arun Krishnan. Arun is an immigrant who’s been in America for eighteen years. The podcast deals with issues people face when looking to get to a new city, a new country or simply just a new state of mind. Podcast episodes and transcripts are available at www.cuttingchai.com.
By Black & White Podden
Podcast by Black & White Podden
By Nate Staley
Off Baseline explores culture and current events through the various lenses of the social sciences. And with coping skills.
By Yamyo Monie
Check Out My Podcast! On SoundCloud and iTunes
By Viva La Culture
Welcome to Viva La Culture! A high energy podcast dedicated to everyday lifestyle, sports, entertainment, social media, science, religion, movies and politics, with a unique Christian perspective. Hosted by Kevin, a DC Fanatic and wannabe hipster, Diego, an arrogant know-it-all, and Jairo, a Star Wars fan picked up from the street.
By Fight For Our Freedom Network
Firearms Training
By Podcast by Kaia
Social media marketer that discusses memes, internet culture, social media, and other various topics.
By Justin Hall, Ashley Hall, and Kris Spell
A podcast that encourages open discussion about personal issues that our culture either does not want to talk about or simply does not know how to address. This podcast will consist of people sharing stories about difficult times in their lives. As a result we hope to gain a healthier perspective of sensitive issues and how to better serve others dealing with them.
Matt and Topher are two almost friends on a search to become full-fledged friends by talking about their nerdy, geeky, and sometimes embarrassing interests with one another and the world!
By Safe Neighbor
Harmonious ambiance, lo-fi music, and shameless suburban espionage. This is a variety show that will develop over time. Something to fall asleep to. Headphones recommended.
By Podcast Detroit
Sharing stories of the missing, the lost, the mysterious and the murdered.
By ABC Radio
Explore world history through the small things that have shaped it.
By Sam / Anchor
We talk about stuff
By ShiftInConsciousness / Anchor
Conversations designed to spread awareness and inspire positive change.
By Davon Hinnant / Anchor
This Station Is For People That Think Outside Of The Box (WARNING—>Explicit Language)
By Frederik Dirks Gottlieb
Fra tid til anden samles Serierådet for at vende alle de vigtigste serier, tv-programmer, podcasts, film og mediebranche-sladder. Alt kan ske, når de garvede tv-giganter Ane Cortzen og Anders Lund Madsen kolliderer med de to serie-nørder Frederik Dirks Gottlieb og Kasper Lundberg.
By Yappy Valley
Penn State students look at some of the University's lesser known places, perks, and problems.
By Coffee and Cream Podcast
Welcome to the Coffee and Cream podcast, where we are seeking to change the narrative on racial reconciliation one cup of coffee at a time. We'll be tackling some of the biggest hot-button issues related to race with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're located in St. Louis, MO, a microcosm of the racial divide that's currently embroiling our nation. Your hosts, Jake and Matt, will be sharing not only their thoughts on these topics but real-life applications that you can take into your community...
By Lia Murty
We talk a lot about things that matter. Politics, social issues, and more.
By RI79 / Anchor
An opportunity to break from your day, and hear NOT about what everyone else is talking about in society and culture.
By Fraser Valley Regional Library
Are you looking for something good to read? Or watch? Or listen to? Tune in to Fraser Valley Regional Library’s ReadRadio podcast for some great recommendations. In each episode we will highlight some of the library’s books, movies and TV shows that you might not know about. All reviewed materials are available for loan in the FVRL catalogue. ReadRadio will release a new episode every other Friday. Fraser Valley Regional Library is the largest public library system in British Columbia, with ...
By Chris Cox / Anchor
Topics ranging from weightlifting, sports, parenthood,growing up and all things that pop out my head. I enjoy talking and listening,now with the ability to reach out and share thoughts and ideas across a multitude of topics
By Angela “Myammee” Pitts / Anchor
Wide range of topics I find interesting 😎
By New York State of Mensa
The podcast for the Greater New York region of American Mensa.
By Have Fun Do Good
We're on a mission to get more people doing good! To do so, we're building a community of do-gooders and making volunteering more accessible and ultimately more fun. Check us out at: www.havefundogood.co
By Erika Kane / Anchor
In this podcast we’re going to delve in several topics from how to become a successful entrepreneur, to love and relationships, and happiness and what it means to you and how to achieve it as well as other topics and current events. Along journey together we’ll be joined by other happy, successful and loving black women from all walks of life who can give advice and insight on Being A Black Woman...so stay tuned for episodes to come.
By Nick Giacchè
Podcast delle chiaccherate informali sul nostro divano
By Moe Smith And Leah King / Anchor
A podcast for your good Judys...
By Toussaint Morrison
Listen to actors, educators and writers Toussaint and Joetta for their weekly podcast of current events, life in the audition room, and moments of double consciousness. Questioning authority (and sometimes reality) or biting tongues, the duo reports their lives as performers and how they navigate their way as artists. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN (a city and state with some of the highest racial disparity in education and law enforcement), Double Consciousness also explores the W.E.B. DuBois...
By Neely And Katy
Two girl friends talking about absolutely nothing! Making the most of their time in college and barely getting by.
By SassyRed / Anchor
SassyRed talks about real life, Poetry, The Universe, music, books, etc.
By Craig Howard
Earth is covered by oceans and surrounded by air, offering opportunities and challenges for humans since the beginning of our existence. Earth Is Blue explores the stories of humans interacting with water and air. Host Craig Howard is a pilot of many different aircraft, and has experience in the water from swimming to submarines. He's met countless people achieving fascinating things in the oceans, the air, and beyond, and unwraps their stories in casual conversations. Earth Is Blue. Join u...
By Mending Maria / Anchor
Various topics from a Christian woman’s point of view
By Mulezinha / Anchor
Somos três amigas que querem mostrar que girl power é muito mais do que se possa imaginar!
By Seeklosipher / Anchor
By TheGoodBehaviorCompany / Anchor
Lifestyles of the sweet and aimless! I’m just a gal clawing my way toward the light, one unforeseeable death trap at a time! Who Cares!? Well I’ll bet I used to! Tune in all the time or whenever , or don’t if you’d rather not- it’s whatever. I’m just an average 80’s baby, wife’n’mom, “wannabe” copy writer who is having a go because before we can have the mid life crisis ( which I’m closer to than EVER before btw) comes your clumsy fresh parenthood for instance, that’s some true grit . Let’s ...
By Stephen adams / Anchor
A weekly take on pop culture, fashion, music, and things that make you think
By ไปรเวท สทานสัตย์
นำเสนอเรื่องราวต่างๆทั้งภาษากลาง และ ภาษาใต้ จากคนตาบอดที่อยากคุยในเรื่องที่รู้ลึก ฟังง่าย ได้สาระ
By John B. Jamison - Storyteller
Join John's conversation about how to create better learning activities, write more engaging stories, improve a marketing program, facilitate change in an organization , survive personal life changes, how to survive raising a three-year-old, how to celebrate 47 years of marriage, and more. Just Good Stories is about more than simply how to tell stories. It's about how to use the power of "story" to connect and engage with others in ways that make the world a better place. Theirs and yours.
By Allt & Lite Till
Podcast by Allt & Lite Till
By Antoine Royale / Anchor
Logical POV that creates dialogue for a deeper understanding. Let's chat!!
By Abundant Love / Anchor
Lady Logics allows the unheard to be heard & the unseen to be seen. We are strong minded, graceful, detailed & determined to say the things that seem far fetched discussing our version of events on politics, fashion, news, gatherings, community events in the Saint Louis Mo.
By Ebunoluwa / Anchor
Podcast about my opinion and thoughts on diverse topics and issues.
By Pete D. Camarillo / Anchor
The hardest working creative who can't afford a Big Mac.
By Ervin Musabelliu / Anchor
Join me in this podcast as I share with you all the real, raw experience of what it’s really like to chase your dreams...or the journey from good to great! No scripts, no agenda just pure truth and 100%!transparency!
By Lexyp / Anchor
Hippy trip
By Patrick Kosmicki / Anchor
I am here to be the voice of the middle, I would like the people that listen to help by lending their voice to make this podcast amazing for the people that listen!
By Miss Parker Period / Anchor
Dedicated to current economic trends and independent lifestyles throughout the emerging global economy.
By Laurine / Anchor
MINICAST: Le vlog audio d'une apprentie Minimaliste
By Julian Tweedy 1 / Anchor
Unfiltered, black and white, straight forward, intelligence, and common sense | CommonLogic1 |
By Stew Breeze / Anchor
Welcome !!!
By Animal Justice
Canadian animal law, simplified. Hosts Peter Sankoff and Camille Labchuk discuss current issues in animal law, and the future of legal animal protection. Paw & Order is Canada's only animal law podcast.
KVOO Country Music Minute
By 813area Podcast
Podcast by 813area Podcast
By Bob LeDrew
Bob LeDrew talks to people about a moment in their life that affected all the subsequent moments. Death, life, hirings, firings, romance, breakups, and who knows what else -- we all have moments that change the course of our lives. The important moments. The moments that teach us lessons that stick. Hear those stories here.
Podcast by DAVID YANG
By The Africa Policy Journal @ Harvard Kennedy School
The Africa Policy Journal is a student-run publication of the Harvard Kennedy School. It is the only student-run scholarly journal in the United States dedicated to African policy. Its mission is to promote a rigorous, informed, and influential policy dialogue that is relevant to current and future issues of governance, economics, politics, and society on the African continent. APJ publishes thought-provoking content that provides fresh insights into the most significant opportunities and cha...