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By Matthew Lewis
The Richard III Podcast examines the life and times of King Richard III, offering details on aspects of this most controversial of English kings.
By Wiggly
Wiggly the Foul Mouthed Philosopher, Amateur Iconoclast, leader of the group Trap Door and Cabbage-A-Go-Go and Epicurean, podcaster of A Wiggly World, We Talk Games, voice in Super Meat Boy and other video game commercials, co-creator of CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go and all around happening inquirer gives a glimpse of his own wiggly world. Wiggly is also never a jerk all of the time. Observation is not everything, it is the only thing.
By Kate and Aaron Donaldson
The Alien Movie Project is a weekly podcast that examines the narrative and affective politics of alien movies. And sometimes we talk about plaid. AMP is hosted by Kate and Aaron Donaldson and produced by Matt Campbell.
By Meghan Jenkins
PODCAST https://www.facebook.com/TheMeghanJenkin…
By iNinetyPour
"Enjoy the people you're with more than the beer in your glass" iNinetyPour takes a look at the people in and around the beer industry through sit down interviews, round table discussions, games and segments.
By Brian Boros
A story where carriers, affected, family and friends come together to educate and inspire those living the LHON life!
By Fedora Outlier, LLC
Some are entrepreneurs, others educators, while even more are innovators and creators. But to us—they are all heroes, and the Delivering Access podcast is theirs. Spend some time hearing their stories and discover how they are using their talents, abilities and insights to radically impact those with disabilities. You'll meet our host, VaShaun Jones, president and managing partner of Fedora Outlier, LLC, as he introduces some of the brightest minds working to deliver access each and every day.
By Absurd History
We're two guys that love history and the absurdity of things people did that are often glossed over. We've had many outrageous discussions, so we thought why not record them and put it on the internet. Your hosts today are Zach Levy, and my friend Michael Brown. Let's get started.
Hvorfor nøjes med de seneste nyheder, hvis du kan få næste uges? P1s satiriske nyhedsvært, Andreas Bo, opdaterer lytterne på næste uges begivenheder og konfronterer politikere og meningsdannere med deres kommende udtalelser.
By Andy Nolch
Want to find out the truth about aliens and UFO’s? Flying Saucer Radio has in-depth interviews with UFO experts. Hear things that have never been heard before. Hosted by Andy Nolch. Available in most podcast apps and Youtube: www.youtube.com/andynolch I don’t want to believe, I want to know.
By Edward Cook Jr.
Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever been discouraged? Ever been mad at God? Or just wanted to know WHY or Why Me? Have you ever wanted to give up, cave in, or quit on this thing called life? Guess What? YOU ARE NOT ALONE Join us as every week we talk to people just like you. People when life punched them, they punched back and ar...
By Chris Allen
On each episode, Chris Allen gets together with a local comedian and teaches them a story about our local history.
By Lone Conservative
The stories of conservative students on college campuses, in podcast form. Hosted by Robert Sasso. Produced by Lone Conservative.
By Tim Watson
If you’re a stepdad looking for a place to go where you can have a real conversation about all the joys and challenges that come with your role, you’ve come to the right place. “The Six Minute Stepdad” podcast is here to offer you the support and answers you need from others who can identify with you. I’ll interview other stepdads with experience at each phase of the blended family journey. From those who have just stepped into this role to empty nesters, there will be support for all. And l...
By Andy Malafarina
Weekly podcast keeping you updated on every thing that's dope. TheDopeShowPodcast.com [email protected]
By Randy Slovacek
Tune in for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgende…
By William Douglas
A podcast that chronicles the history and growing impact of people of color in ice hockey - from pee wee to the pros.
By Cox Media Group Athens
Navigate through the crazy world of pop culture on Athens, Georgia's Power 100.1 Hot Mess Express. From celebrities to crazy new fashion trends, there is no topic that is off limits!
By marshall moose moore: Scientist, Educator, Online Productivity Coach, and Adventure Advocate
Tim Ferriss meets John Muir and Yvon Chouinard in a podcast. The Brave Monkeys are a passionate group of lifelong-learners and biohackers who believe that adventure is a source of knowledge, and that sometimes the riskiest choice you can make is playing it safe. This show includes inspiring interviews, lifestyle design tips, biohacking ideas, and adventures stories.
By Elijah Spader, Mirell Cohen
Every Sunday check in with the two best friends in the universe, Mirell and Elijah! They'll talk about everything from movies, to high school memories, to the meaning of life. What else do you want? This is the best podcast you'll ever listen to or else it's free!
By Bruce Carlson
There are at least a dozen Ronald Reagans. In this cast, we look at all of them. The stalwart, the compromiser, the tax cutter and raiser, the communicator the quiet thinker, the leader, the delegater.
By Outright Geekery
Every so often some podcasters from all around the Ouright Geekery Podcast Network get together to talk about recent geek news and beat up on each other. It's the Outright Geekery Super Fun Time Explosion Show. It's a no holds barred round-table discussion of anything we feel like talking about, we share our stupid, self-righteous opinions, and then beat up each other. It's all in good fun until someone starts crying. Speaking of which... Hosted by Outright Geekery's Head Geek in Charge Gau...
By brunch media
brunch (a podcast) is an original podcast series from Brunch Media focused on interviewing high-level performing millennials, hustling in various fields before they reach their prime. Hosted and Produced by Brunch Media Co-Founder Mike Davis. We welcome you to meet who's next. @brunchmedia
By JonSquared Media
The PDX Beat is a podcast that keeps a finger on the pulse of all things Portland, Ore. Hosted by Amado Lumba, our shows focus on food, drink, music, the arts, and local culture.
By Riddhi
Where are the poets and intellectuals of this time?? The innovative minds, the intelligentsia, those that are breaking down the barriers, choosing a bohemian existence, escaping from dreary suburban ideals and materialistic death traps. Where are these engaging people? The risk takers, the revolutionaries?? Those living apart from the big unrest, escaping the sterility of corporate junkies getting high on materialistic consumption.. Welcome to The Bohemian Beat - where we will journey beyo...
The BBC World Service's wide range of documentaries from 2009.
Will Gompertz enters the Royal Collection to examine some of the objects that have adorned, defined and described the story of a thousand years of the British monarchy.
Series exploring the world of words and the ways in which we use them
Radio 3's cabaret of the word, featuring the best poetry, new writing and performance
By Manatū Taonga - Ministry for Culture and Heritage (NZ)
Podcast weblog for seminars presented at Manatū Taonga - the Ministry for Culture and Heritage
By uluç ülgen
mürmur: noun \ˈmər-mər\ a: a conversation between two strangers. b: genuine; real.
Student newspaper for the Ankeny DMACC Campus
By Kevin Thompson
The LOGOS project presents global faith leaders offering their expertise on theological, practical and spiritual subjects.
By The Pod Couple
If there’s one thing award-winning ad giant John Immesoete and celebrated media journalist Barbara Lippert know, it’s media culture. Join them as they agree to disagree on the fascinating intersections between marketing, pop culture, entertainment and business.
By Five East
Events in a small Irish village after the arrival of English refugees, post-Brexit. A 12-part scripted comedy podcast. Starring Kelly Campbell, Jessica Carroll, Clint Dyer, David Ganly, Gary Lilburn, Deirdra Morris, Elizabeth Moynihan, Akemnji Ndifornyen, Saskia Reeves, Justin Salinger, Barry Ward, Jade Yourell. Written, directed and produced by Síofra Campbell. Recorded, mixed, designed by Dominic Rippel at Shelter Studio, London. www.thebritisharecoming.ie
By Nan Anderson and Barbara Hughes
Stories and music from the Shetland and Orkney Islands
By The Board of Directors
Authors of the book, The Makings of a Man, The Board of Directors are Jabari Price, Michael Holoman, and Gerard Droze. Together they formed The Board of Directors to focus on mentoring young men & clearly defining manhood as character, not material possessions. On their podcast "The Board Meeting", they talk about the every day lives of men and how to deal with the challenges that come. They also speak with men from various walks of life about their influences and views on manhood. It'...
By Doug Stewart
One half of the world famous duo the "2 Live Stews," Doug Stewart delivers the most different, most high energy and fun sports talk show in the world! (M-F 11a-1p Eastern) www.thedougstewartshow.com
By Ryan Ginard
Insights, inspiration and practical ways you can make a difference in your community through philanthropy.
Follow the journey of Mistress Simone, a Professional Dominatrix, on The Femme Domme Mystique. This is a show about the female dominant mystique, lifestyle and quandaries. All styles and topics concerning this aspect of our lifestyle may be securely and comfortably discussed. To submit a question or topic to the Mistress, please email her at [email protected]
By hdurrow
The top podcast about multiracial, multicultural, biracial & Mixed issues & experience. Interviews with artists, community leaders, scholars & regular folks. www.themixedexperience.com This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com
By The Infamous Podcast
The Infamous Podcast, hosted by Brian Tudor & Johnny Pottorf, is a podcast to help make all things geeky accessible to any fandom. They also like to talk about how comic books help make the best stories on TV and in Movies better.
By Fr John Zuhlsdorf
Once named: What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Commentary on Catholic issues & slavishly accurate liturgical translations - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬)
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
An introductory series by Marianne Talbot exploring bioethical theories and their philosophical foundations. These podcasts will explain key moral theories, common moral arguments, and some background logic. This series accompanies Bioethics: An Introduction (CUP, 2012) http://amzn.to/HZQwbS
By Rick Saez
Welcome to The Outdoor Biz Podcast. The Outdoor Biz Podcast is a once per week podcast where Rick Saez interviews leaders in the Outdoor Recreation Business to get their stories, tips, strategies, and ideas that you can apply and take your Outdoor career or business to the next level. Ready to hear some great stories and tips from Executives, Athletes, Designers, Retailers and other outdoor industry leaders? This podcast is the place to be if you are currently in or want to learn about the ou...
By The Dig Podcast
The Dig: A podcast about the politics of race, sexuality, class, and other things that matter. New and Noteworthy, 2015. Each week Alexis and Cory dissect heavy topics in unexpected and humorous ways. They are "Righteously Indignant" and love to laugh through the clenched teeth of their anger. New episodes released every Tuesday.
By The Wayne Dupree Show
The Wayne Dupree Show is hosted by Wayne Dupree, 2015 Conservative Blogger Of the Year, 2014 Podcast Of the Year. Dupree is a political commentator and activist
By Steven Picanza
Join Steven & Melissa [and sometimes Alan] on the TCH Podcast as they celebrate the creative entrepreneur lifestyle by taking a peek into how the most successful and creative badasses stay balanced while growing their businesses, traveling the world, and attempting to enjoy every moment of the journey.
By Carmen LaBerge
On The Reconnect, we seek to engage the culture in a way that honors Jesus and brings Him back into the conversation.
By Rival Podcast Club
Do you ever find yourself having discussions with people regarding what the best fictional sports team is? (Tune Squad!) Have you ever made power rankings of the Mount Rushmore presidents? (1. Lincoln 2. Washington 3. Jefferson 4. Roosevelt) Well we have the perfect podcast for you! We systematically rank anything and everything we can through top 5 lists, drafts, and brackets. Hosted by America's ranker-Ryan Balbi and self-admitted contrarian-Jacob Wilson, The Rankings Podcast is the best th...
By Dave Anderson
Being a game changer is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. Join author, speaker, and President of LearnToLead - Dave Anderson - in this energetic podcast based on his upcoming book, Unstoppable, as Dave reveals principles gained throughout his extensive career and conducts interviews with special guests from a variety of industries, all to help you: become more focused, stay energized, remain effective, and live The Game C...
By The Cocky Cockpit Podcast
The Cocky Cockpit Podcast is a the only Star Wars show on the internet intended for the wretched hive of Scum and Villainy! We are a Star Wars comedy discussion
By Dan Bublitz Jr
In "The Art of Bombing" podcast, aspiring comedian Dan Bublitz Jr sits down with comedians of all levels from across the country to discuss what can be learned from bad shows and bombing on stage.
By Sophie Murphy
Brooklyn Public Philosophers is a forum for philo…
By Hindi Urdu Flagship
In keeping with its mission to enhance Hindi-Urdu learning in the United States, the Hindi Urdu Flagship at The University of Texas at Austin frequently invites leading scholars and artists working in the Hindi-Urdu medium to speak and interact with Flagship students. In addition to seminars and performances, the series also features various workshops and classroom sessions with the speakers. We film each event and share each recording with the general public with the hope that learners and l...
By Tiffany
Q&Ace is a bi-weekly podcast on asexuality Hosted…
By Low Res
Creativity is a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. We’re here to debunk the myth that creativity is JUST for artists: it’s not, it’s for everyone. Each episode, through various interviews, discussions and performances, hosts Nathan Michael, Jonny Mendez, Jon Guerra, Valerie Guerra, and Dan Sumpter take you on a deep dive into the process of channeling your creativity to make a better life for yourself and the world around you.
By Sub Rosa
Applied Empathy is a monthly conversation series …
By Richard Lucas
Bringing you people with something to say.
By Tom Hill & Matthew Gallagher
People make a lot of stuff, but it often happens …
By The Veteran Woman™ Podcast
Empowering, inspiring, and encouraging women veterans and those who love them. Providing a platform for them to share their voices and stories. Providing a platform for advocacy and awareness without bureaucracy/red-tape. I welcome guests from all backgrounds – men, women, veterans and non-veterans. By the way, a veteran for me – by my definition is anyone who has ever served EVEN ONE day in the Armed Forces. I don’t care if you’ve been honorably discharged, dishonorably discharged, saw co...
By The Mouse Knows Best Podcast Crew
The Mouse Knows Best Podcast
By Dave Lisa Nick
The Disney Exchange is an unofficial Disney podcast hosted by 3 friends and Disney fanatics. The show is produced weekly and the topics cover all aspects of Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, & anything else Disney we can come up with. You can expect to be entertained and educated during each and every episode. With over 80 years of combined Disney parks and cruise line travel experience you are sure to get your questions answered and funny bone tickled. The Disney Exchang...
By Dan Hill
Welcome to The Melrose Place Podcast. Join Jenny & Dan Hill every week as they re-watch, recap and analyze every single episode of the hit 90's TV series Melrose Place! You can follow us On Facebook Twitter & Instagram - @MelrosePod .
Topical programme about the fast-changing media world
By Paul Conrad
A weekly discussion of current and upcoming events in Wargaming's World of Warships with Kelorn and Kamisamurai
By The Blog Snobs
The Blog Snobs, hosted by Robbin Everett & Joseph Everett of TPPC.tv, is a radio show about anything trendy and topical in the blogoshpere. No limits here!
By Dj King Killa, Curt G & e.Green - Pure Bred Hip-Hop Dudes
Elders of Hip Hop. Never frontin' on the culture. There's a lot of discussion going on about Hip Hop… Here's a show that's all inclusive. No frontin' allowed!
By Austin Pray
With helpful explanations, in depth discussion, and witty humor (at least we think so), this podcast's purpose is to restate and reinforce concepts taught in Mr. Conrad's AP World History class. We aim to provide a fun way for everybody to study, because previously “fun” and “study for AP World History” were not in any way related.
By the AP Collection ([email protected])
theapcollection.com// Everyone has a story to tell. I'm here to collect.
By Alex Pasco
We're three design geeks that love talking about Disney theme parks. There are lots of Disney podcasts out there, but we've streamlined ours. We talk only theme parks, from experience and design angles. No movies, pin trading, video games, or ESPN. And we try to keep it short: between 15 and 30 minutes. Join us!
By The Human Angle Podcast
We bring you conversations with the people whose …
By Chris Angle
The purpose of the Philosophical Angle is to examine the nature of the concepts being used in current media and compare the essence of the concept with the usage and circumstances in which the term is being used.
By Kevin Nguyen / Anchor
Bringing American men together to talk about lifestyle, fashion, hard-ships, crafts, hobbies and passions. Daily thoughts from great men on how to move through life gracefully and wisely.
By Derek Fletcher / Anchor
The Lotus Lounge is hosted by Derek Fletcher (a.k.a the Plant Powered Buddhist) He’ll be sharing thoughts and ruminations about meaning, joy and happiness as well as love, consciousness and human relations. Subscribe now and be lifted!
By The Rabbit Trail / Anchor
Join us as we discuss just about anything. Conversation is more fun when you take the Rabbit Trail!
By Jaywensday / Anchor
Where the coolest, smoothest & most crucial conversations of our generation are held but from a womans perspective. Everyone is welcomed as we touch on the struggles of life and relationships. There's an art to everything grab a seat at the table and let's see what we can create.
By Janice Plado Dalager / Anchor
It’s the THINKING that brings the THINGS! Abundance in all things comes from thinking abundantly, and for most of us, abundant thinking requires practice and constant awareness. Janice Plado Dalager invites you to join a practical conversation about becoming wealthy in all areas of life, including $
By Blue Heron Studios / Anchor
Join your Heroes on a quest of Adventure, Interconnectivity, and Empowerment.
By Chef Flyy / Anchor
By Mark Isero / Anchor
Great conversations on race, education, and culture about articles in The Highlighter newsletter.
By jimmy kipple sound
one hundred seconds every ten days / / / cheap concrete - contrived glitches - kipple sounds
By Shelley MacArthur, Shauna Montgomery & Whitney Lasky
Shelley MacArthur, Shauna Montgomery and Whitney Lasky are three friends living large, exciting lives. Smart, beautiful, creative, philanthropic and gutsy, these three dynamic women balance family and their own vocations to prove you really can have it all. If you’ve ever wondered what three such women talk about when they get together, tune in to this ground-breaking, weekly one-hour program. You’ll have a front row seat as these funny, insightful, and sometimes irreverent women discuss thei...
By Michael Grasso
Take a minute-by-minute journey into the glittery heart of the greatest (and only) glam rock movie of the 1990s, Velvet Goldmine. Who killed Brian Slade? What's with the Oscar Wilde obsession? Why did Bowie sue? Couldn't they afford sturdier trousers for Ewan McGregor? These, and many more questions will be answered by your hard-rocking hosts, Mike Grasso and Jenny Anckorn as we take on... THE WHOLE SHEBANG!
By Abe Felix
Welcome to the altBR podcast with Jacob Jolibois and Abe Felix! We’re going to be sitting down with the people of Baton Rouge, Louisiana who are in the trenches, helping to make this city a better place. From entrepreneurs, to designers, to musicians, to politicians, to chefs, to civil rights activists, join us as we listen to their stories of progress, hope and goodness in this city.
By Tamara Frankel
A critical examination of modern subversive culture, art, literature and philosophy examining various artists, writers, philosophers, cultural figures and movements and their role in culture and history. Hosted by Tamara Frankel.
By Derek Vollebregt
Tune in to The Global Shuffle each Tuesday to hea…
By Adrian Hon
Adrian Hon, Andrea Phillips, and Naomi Alderman talk about technology, books, publishing, games, science, religion, films, TV, politics, and how to live a good life.
By Ryan O'Connor / Anchor
Like Tim Ferris I want to explore what makes someone successful as well as explore their challenges! I'm also inspired by Daniel Doty from The Evryman Podcast and I want to get in touch with what defines people as an individual! I put a New Zealand number 8 wire mentality to podcasting!
By Leigh Stein and Lux Alptraum
The BinderCast is the only podcast exclusively devoted to women and gender non-conforming writers across genres and writing fields. In each episode, co-hosts Lux Alptraum and Leigh Stein tackle the essential questions of making it as a writer: when should you write for free? How do you balance your art with your day job? Who will give you permission to tell your story? The BinderCast is a production of Out of the Binders, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices in th...
By Hanif J Williams Show
Listeners are immediately impacted by messages of peace, love and success. Together we can reach the highest of heights. The Hanif J. Williams show focuses on
By Alexis G Zall
This is the podcast where Alexis G. Zall introduces you to cool young people & talk about the cool things they are accomplishing.
By PodcastOne
Welcome to The Chad Prather Show! Your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Over half a billion people have watched Chad's social media videos. Now listen as Chad gets real and personal with the names you know and people you love. Often called "the modern day Will Rogers" and a voice of "the every man," Chad has made numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and A&E. Now, he brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspira...
By PMQ Pizza Magazine
PMQ Podcast covers all the latest news and tips for pizza pros. Join us and learn how industry leaders get to the top and what they do to stay there.
By JS Kim-Wealth & Happiness Consultant
The Tao of SKWealthAcademy podcast covers a wide range of topics about how to attain comprehensive happiness in life, including important conversations about how society defines education, success and happiness, and whether or not we should embrace these definitions if we want to be happy (answer: we should not). We also cover a wide variety of topics that influence how we view the constructs of education, success and happiness, including cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, critical thi...
By Straight Talk with Red Hawk
Our show is designed to bring comfort to troubled hearts, souls and minds. I am a spiritual adviser and life-coach, by anointment and appointment.
By Oxford University
An interdisciplinary research series hosted by Queen's College that brings together specialists and students working on manuscript and text cultures of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean (Greece and Rome), ancient East and South Asia, and medieval Europe.
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