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NSSGA Podcast

By National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA)
News, updates, and much more from the National, Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA).

La sécurité routière aux passages à niveau, avec Réseau Ferré de France

By Réseau Ferré de France
Journée mondiale de sécurité routière aux passages à niveau ! Du 7 juin au 5 juillet, campagne nationale de prévention routière aux passages à niveau sur le thème : "Changeons nos comportements pour plus de sécurité aux passages à niveau". Rendez-vous le jeudi 5 juillet pour la Journée Nationale de prévention routière aux passages à niveau : des événements organisés sur 12 passages à niveau dans toute la France. Plus d'informations sur le site :

OAB/RS | Principais Notícias

Principais notícias da Advocacia Gaúcha | OAB/RS

Perguntar Não Ofende

By Daniel Oliveira
Perguntar Não Ofende — Conversas do Daniel Oliveira Que Não Faz Chorar. Todas as semanas, uma conversa com um convidado. Quase sempre sobre política, às vezes sobre coisas mais interessantes. Música de Mário Laginha e produção de João Martins.

The Strut Zone NWTF All Access

By Fred Bird, Jay Scott, NWTF, BOSPN Media
A digital campfire where the hosts and guest discuss topics, conservation, and tips and techniques to better your experiences afield. We pull the curtain back to give the audience a behind the scenes look at the NWTF, our partners, and our conservation efforts all aimed at the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage. The Official Podcast of the Nation Wild Turkey Federation


By 光影留声
党十九大部分修改,2017年10月24日通过 劲风播报。

The Medicare Muse

By Steve Russell: Medicare Expert & Consultant
Reviewing Medicare details and considering Medicare coverage options - Helping people put the pieces of Medicare together - fresh honest commentary on Medicare issues

The Principles of War - Lessons from Military History on Strategy, Tactics and Leadership.

By James Eling
Learn the lessons of military history by looking at the great battles through the lens of the Principles of War. Part of the enduring nature of war, all good Generals follow the 10 Principles of War. The great Generals of history have the ability to know which of the principles are most important at the decisive moments of the campaign. We study the great battles to draw the lessons on strategy, tactics and leadership.

neuwal podwal

By various journalists from
politik- und wahljournal - mit gesellschaft, bildung, kultur und arbeit in europa.

The Brian Nichols Show

By Brian Nichols
The Brian Nichols Show is a political show for anyone and everyone. Whether it's a discussion about climate change, gun rights, abortion, or big issues like discussing the fundamental role of government, Brian Nichols brings on guests from all forms of political thought to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about. Every show has one primary goal: to discuss the news objectively to help educate, enlighten, and inform our audience.

Credit Podcasts – Credit Repair Lawyers Of America

By Credit Podcasts – Credit Repair Lawyers Of America
This podcast was created to assist consumers who have errors on their credit reports, are being harassed by creditors, or are suffering from the ill effects of having their identity stolen. Credit reporting companies can be sued, and in many cases monetary judgement or settlements can be achieved. Follow our podcast to learn more about how you can stop credit reporting agencies from inflicting financial harm on you and your family.

Anthony Costello's Conversation

By Anthony Costello
Anthony Costello's Conversation at The Social Edge offers in depth conversation about big ideas and solutions for our health, wealth and sustainable future. If you’re interested in medicine, public health, nutrition or the environment this blog is for you. Or if you want to know more about the politics and economics of health and sustainable development. I shall give you evidence, discussion and the tools you need for your own success.

Full Free Audiobooks of Foreign Language Titles, German for You

By Listen to full audiobook for free on *** ***
Get a free audiobook of your choice from Let Us Tell You a Story. We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go. We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to? Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable. We've introduced p...

US Fish and Wildlife Service/National Conservation Training Center Human Dimensions in Conservation

By NCTC Podcasts
Getting human dimensions tools and resources into the hands of natural resources practitioners.

BBD Podcast: MoneyTalks For Young People

By BuyBlackDepot / Anchor
Economics, Finance, Education, and Society.

L'animal politique

Rendez-vous hebdomadaire du jeudi midi sur pour les curieux de l'actualité politique canadienne et québécoise. Les chroniqueurs vulgariseront l'impact de nouvelles politiques et discuteront de revendications avec un invité à chaque semaine. 

First World Manila

By Ramon Cuenca / Anchor
First World Manila Podcast - where we discuss economic and urban development policies that will increase the standard of living of Mañilenos and Filipinos in general. Hosted by Ramon Rodrigo Kalaw Cuenca, CFA, the founder and director of First World Manila. First World Manila - the brand that uses art, vlogging, and podcasting to make Philippine economic and urban development policies understandable to the broader Philippine public. Mabuhay! ¡Viva!

Medios Públicos - Encuentros Debates

By Radio Nacional Argentina
Radio Nacional Argentina auspicia el debate sobre el desafío de los Medios Públicos en el Siglo XXI, con la participación de académicos, educadores y profesionales de medios. Un ciclo de encuentros organizado por el Centro para la Información Ciudadana (Infociudadana) en el auditorio histórico de la emisora.

Extremely Deplorable

By Extremely Deplorable
The Extremely Deplorable podcast is a platform that will give conservatives a voice in the crowded world today. We are going to be interviewing people from all walks of life who believe in the Constitution and who are proud to be Americans. Join us every Tuesday & Thursday for new episodes!

Make a Difference with John Leary

By John Leary
Join John Leary, a leading advocacy professional and govtech entrepreneur, in a series about advocacy, public affairs, and public policy.

Freer Thinking Podcast

By Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Have you ever wondered how Buddhism and rock music relate? Do you think of an apocalypse when you gaze at a lush courtyard? Listen and learn to “think freer” about the Smithsonian’s museums of Asian art, our collections, and the big ideas they provoke.

The Pro Bono Podcast

By Studio O - PBSC Osgoode
Pro Bono Students Canada volunteers from Osgoode Hall Law School sit down with various guests to discuss salient issues in the legal world.

Україна у серці одна | Ukraine In The Heart Of Everyone

By Oksana Lernatovych / Anchor
Українська Радіо Програма Україна у серці одна. Tune in to WPIT- 730- AM , and 96,5 WPIT- FM Pittsburgh, PA every Sunday at 1:45pm (EST) or listen to the radio program on-line at For inquiries: [email protected] To support us go to:

IACAT Secretariat Podcast

By chow gatchallan
The online news & information bureau of the PHL Dept of Justice's Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking. Working together to stop modern-day slavery. You may follow us also on Twitter.

Critical Update

By Nextgov
Nextgov's Critical Update explores the future of government technology. Each episode, we dive into how the government is using the latest tech and more importantly, you’ll hear from some of the people who are trying to make change possible.

tbs 서울속으로 황원찬입니다

By tbs 교통방송
다양한 무료이용 정보, 일자리 정보, 그리고 누구에게 털어놓기 쉽지 않은 고민 상담까지.. 일상의 행복을 위해 필요한 정보를 제공합니다!

The Smart City Podcast

By Zoe Eather
The Smart City Podcast is where experts come together and share their knowledge and expertise in all things Smart City. Your host Zoe, is an engineer and a millennial with a passion for Smart City Technology. Not specifically just in the big cities, but using smart technology in any shape or form in a way that makes things more efficient and effective and in turn makes people’s lives better. On the Podcast she will interview exciting people from all around the world about all things Smart Cit...

Civic Duty

By Civic Duty Podcast
Professor Jeff Casper teaches comedian Heather McKinney the basics of AP US Government in a fun and engaging way

Silk Road Stories

By Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
The Freer and Sackler Galleries’ Silk Road Storytelling group is made up of volunteers from the Washington DC community who have cultural ties to various sites along the ancient Silk Road. They trained with professional storyteller Louise Omoto Kessel to learn to tell stories from their homelands including Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan. Here is a sample of their stories. We trust that listeners will experience...

Freer|Sackler Gallery Highlights

By Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Listen in as NPR's Robert Siegel guides you through our collection highlights.

Brand New Podcast

By Brand New Congress
The Brand New Podcast is a brand new podcast brought to you by the folks at Brand New Congress, an organization committed to advancing overdue policies for ALL people by electing working Americans for congressional seats nationwide.

The Smell of Victory Podcast by

By Bob Hein, Steve Leonard, and Phil Walter
In about an hour Bob Hein, Steve Leonard, and Phil Walter of, with occasional guests, discuss national security issues of the past, present, and future.

刘兰芳 |【经典】中华好人颂

By 刘兰芳百姓书场

The National Guide Podcast

The National Guide Podcast is a collaboration between the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO). In each episode, host Lauren Trask, NACCHO Implementation Officer and CQI expert, speaks to general practitioners and researchers on updates and changes in the third edition of the National Guide to a preventive health assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Listeners will hear abou...

Правовой понедельник

Вместе с юристами разбираемся в бытовых ситуациях и рассказываем о ваших правах - каждый понедельник в 15-00


By Sitra
Uudistuja-podcast antaa julkisen hallinnon uudistajille oivalluksia, ideoita ja käytännön työkaluja. Jokainen jakso ehdottaa yhtä tapaa tehdä asiat uudella tavalla ja kertoo, miten voit edistää muutosta jo tänään.


Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriön podcast käsittelee suuria digitaalisia mullistuksia Suomen ja suomalaisten näkökulmasta. Ohjelman vetäjänä toimii LVM:n viestintäjohtaja Susanna Niinivaara.

35th ADA's Equal Opportunity Minute

By 35th ADA Public Affairs
Podcast by 35th ADA Public Affairs

podcasts – Fundación ASTIC

Podcast mensual con noticias y comentarios de actualidad del sector de TI y de la Asociación del Cuerpo Superior de Sistemas y Tecnologías de la Información de la Administración del Estado (ASTIC)

The 2RRR Big Breakfast

By Ryde Regional Radio
Tune into The Big Breakfast every Monday - Friday from 6:00am - 9:00am for a mix of great music, talk and a few laughs. Here's some of the best (and worst) of the various hosts through the week. Listen LIVE at or through

The Day The Dollar Died

By Robert V Baynes
The Official 'The Day The Dollar Died' Book Read by the Author : Robert V. Baynes! Amazon : Website : Music : TeknoAXE

Viki-demokrātijas portāla tautasvara debates un viedokļi

Debates un viedokļi par Latvijas politikas jautājumiem no viki-demokrātijas portāla Videoblogs:


By Yahoo News
Unfiltered is a new Yahoo News interview series documenting unflinching and unapologetic voices of everyday Americans. Citizen vs. immigrant, uber-wealthy vs. working poor, alt-right vs. antifa, Republican vs. Democrat, gun rights vs. gun control… the U.S. seems more divided than ever. From a transgender individual serving in the armed forces to an alt-right activist living in a diverse community, we will highlight and celebrate differing viewpoints of some of the more polarizing issues we fa...

Malcolm X Assassination

By cameran / Anchor
Malcolm X assassination


By Sami Akli / Anchor
I am going to talk about racist people

Assata Shakur

By Taylor / Anchor
A woman breaks out of prison and escapes to Cuba because of wrongful treatment in the judicial system. She was falsely accused of killing a white state trooper and sentenced to life in prison.

Our Farms, Our Future

Our Farms, Our Future brings together the sustainable agriculture community for thought-provoking conversations about the state of agriculture, how we got here, and where we're headed. The series is produced by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. Learn more at

RNIB Conversations

By RNIB Connect Radio
RNIB Connect Radio is the UK radio station sharing stories of people living with sight loss. Listen to blind and partially sighted people talk about a wide range of topics of relevance to them and join the conversation yourself by emailing [email protected]


By Unpublished Media Inc.
Unpublished.Cafe, hosted by veteran radio journalist Ed Hand, provides an unfiltered prospective on Canadian current affairs free of bias and political partisanship. Unpublished.Cafe is the official podcast of

Ty's Cool News

By Tyler Rhodes / Anchor
Hello! I am a 14 year old who wants to talk about up and coming news or even old news that may need to be revisited! I hope you enjoy!

Drinks with Politicians

By Drinks with Politicians
Drinks with Politicians is a podcast for people who want their politicians to be human. On each DWP episode, we sit down with political leaders for no bullshit conversations that help listeners better understand our guests' personal stories, world views, and policy ideas. We record in front of a live audience and invite our guests to share a drink or two with us.

By Justizministerium des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
Podknast - wie es wirklich ist. Das Internet kennt keine Gitter: Jugendliche Straftäter erzählen unter aus dem Knast über ihr Leben "drinnen", die Vergangenheit und die Zukunft.

Are you DataSmart?

By DataSmart Consulting LLC
Are you Datasmart? Does your company focus on the right strategy, governance, and legal framework to ensure global data domination? Tune in each week to hear the Ward brothers and their guests dive into the most important issues facing data rights, GDPR preparedness, data privacy, and regulatory changes.

Blue Falcon Bros

By Robert Steagall
United States Army Veteran Podcast featuring guests as well as questions and answers. Discussions range from a broad view of topics and include our experiences before, during, and after military service.

CyPod Cafe

By CyPod Cafe
A podcast for US Military Cyberspace professionals.

My Cape York Life - Series Two

By Cape York Natural Resource Management
Cape York is an incredible place - around 137,000 square kilometres of diverse landscapes. The people who look after the land and sea are just as diverse and fascinating; amazing people in this amazing place. In 2016 Cape York Natural Resource Management and South Cape York Catchments met to discuss the best means of sharing the stories of Cape York's land managers. Our conclusion? Let them tell their own stories! And My Cape York Life was born. We hope you enjoy these stories as we tr...


By The Salvation Army Australia - JUSTSalvos
The aim of our podcasts is to engage Salvos in meaningful and respectful discussion regarding controversial or 'hot topics'. The views or comments of those participating in the podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of The Salvation Army. This podcast was recorded on land for which Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation are the traditional owners and custodians. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging.

Calvin, Colin, Jaden

By Calvin Sewell / Anchor

Party People

By Steve Pierce
Party People pulls back the curtain and introduces you to the people behind the politicians: the staffers and strategists that silently shape our politics from behind the scenes. Every episode, Democratic strategist Steve Pierce sits down with one of them for an intimate conversation to explore who they are, how they got here, and what inspires them to do what they do.

Lit Circle 3

By Thomas Berg / Anchor
We are discussing the book "The the Book of Unknown Americans".


Directgov is the UK government's digital service for people in England and Wales. It delivers information and practical advice about public services, bringing them all together in one place. You can access Directgov on the web or on your mobile

Deter, Detect, Defend - Avoid ID Theft

By Federal Trade Commission
Each year, millions of Americans have their identity stolen. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, wants you to have the information you need to protect yourself against identity theft. The video is a 10-minute educational program that provides an overview of identity theft and outlines the steps consumers can take

Dale Quist [The MindSurgeon]

By Dale Quist
The MindSurgeon who performs Mindsurgeries on the mind of people using God's original kingdom principles and precepts.

Dr. Lewis Podcast

By Dr. Lewis
Dr. Charles E. Lewis, Jr. is President of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy. He served as deputy chief of staff and communications director for former Congressman Edolphus “Ed” Towns and was the staff coordinator for the Congressional Social Work Caucus. He was a full-time faculty member at Howard University School of Social Work prior to joining Rep. Towns’ staff and now is an adjunct associate professor. As staff coordinator for the S...

Subliminally Correct

By Alex Dobranic & Taylor Sherman
Subliminally Correct is a bi-weekly podcast where two experts in subconscious messaging examine the intersection of politics, persuasion, and all the ways politicians and newsmakers are using psychological tactics to influence you every single day. The show is hosted by Alex Dobranic, Political Consultant and Certified Consulting Hypnotist; and Taylor Sherman, Executive Coach and Certified Hypnosis Instructor – experts in politics and subliminally persuasive tactics. Guests range from polit...

NASW Social Work Talks | National Association of Social Workers

By National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
NASW Social Work Talks seeks to inform, educate and inspire by talking with experts and exploring issues that social work professionals care about. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world.

Divided States of America w/JustaStereotype

By Justa Stereotype
Reflections of JustaStereotype and the Divided States of America...My goal is to get you to question your own idea's, challenges and beliefs that you hold dear and open your eyes to the stereotypes around you....

Results with Reason

By Results with Reason
Results With Reason has a mission: encourage, educate and entertain the hopeful--but skeptical--among us. Those of us who are not so discouraged as to have completely given up on one hand, or are benefitting so greatly from the status quo to defend it, regardless of the current insanities and, well, doublethink. We anchor ourselves in what we believe, and why we believe it. Some may believe, “Change your thinking, change your life.” We believe, “Change your thinking, change your actions, cha...

Open Book

By National Records of Scotland
Dr Alison Rosie delves into the NRS archives for a look at the people & history of St Kilda. This isolated island community in the Outer Hebrides survived a minimal diet, outbreaks of disease, the odd troublesome tourist and even an aristocratic kidnapping before the island was finally evacuated in 1930. Includes a look at the recently discovered Census of the island's population from 15 June 1764. Documents and photographs from Alison's talk can be viewed at the episode's web page, at...

Behind Closed Doors

By Washington Examiner
A Washington Examiner podcast hosted by David Drucker

Let's Talk Law with Chad Murray

By Chad Murray
Chad explains legal topics in plain English on a regular basis.

American Reformation Think Tank

By Gregroy Anderson
A think tank podcast

Parlons Blunt

By CFAK 88,3 FM
Parlons blunt vise principalement le partage de documentation en lien avec le cannabis, sa biologie, sa consommation, sa prévention, sa légalisation, etc. Le but de ces courtes capsules radio à CFAK 88,3 FM est de partager des informations sur la cannabis qui sont appuyées sur des études récentes et des sources fiables. Animé par Raphaëlle Lemelin.

52 Strong: USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage

By Utah Public Radio
Utah State University Assistant Professor of Global Communication Jason Gilmore with a group of college students traveled by bus to Selma, Alabama for the anniversary of Bloody Sunday . Along the way, the group of 52 stopped at sites important to the Civil Rights Movement. Gilmore sent UPR reports from the road.

Fresh Research, a NonProfit Times Podcast

By The NonProfit Times
A Podcast by The NonProfit Times: The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management

Let's Talk About Policy

By American Women's Party: Maya Contreras & Mia Brett
“Let’s Talk about Policy” is brought to you by The American Women’s Party. The American Women’s Party is an advocacy group fighting for equal representation, participation & policy development for women. Let’s Talk About Policy is a new podcast discussing domestic policy here in the United States that disproportionately affects women and marginalized groups. We’ll also give a brief history about the women and men who influenced and/or drafted the policy that affects lives in the U.S. an...

Tahmina Talks Immigration

By Tahmina Watson
Tahmina Talks Immigration is a talk show all about US immigration laws. Hosted by Tahmina Watson, founder of Watson Immigration Law, a Seattle-based law firm with immigration attorneys practicing exclusively in the area of United States Immigration and Naturalization law. Tahmira, a passionate immigration lawyer and immigration reform advocate, interviews ‘notable immigrants’ and ‘key professionals making an impact on immigration. Guests to date include Washington State Attorney General Bob F...

Unparliamentary Language

By TTSS Productions
Rob and Tom dissect the British political landscape.

ACTEC Trust & Estate Talk

By The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel | ACTEC
ACTEC Trust and Estate Talk offers professionals best practice advice, insights, and commentary on subjects that affect the profession and clients. ACTEC, a professional society of peer elected trust and estate lawyers, is passionate about estate and trust issues including elder law, estate planning, wealth management, probate law, wills, living wills, power of attorney, guardianship, medical power of attorney, trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, charitable trusts, trust funds, ...

Point 1 Policy

By Regan Eberding
Brothers discuss articles written on regarding BC and Federal policy. Focused on discussing impacts and explaining policies in an accessible manner

Brief History Podcast

By Andrew Knight
Brief History comprehensively packaged in under an hour, perfect for the commute, lunch break or in your spare time.

Inside Government with your Westchester County Legislators

By Westchester County Board of Legislators
INSIDE GOVERNMENT with your Westchester County Legislators, is a news and public affairs radio talk show where, each week, the format of the show will feature County legislators, journalists, government and elected officials, community leaders, stakeholders and representatives from nonprofit and civic organizations, give listeners an ‘insiders view’ of county government and feature interviews and commentary on a wide range of subjects that impact the lives of Westchester residents. INSIDE GOV...

2018 Taxes and Money

By KSL Newsradio
Utah's Morning News hosts Brian Martin and Amanda Dickson sit down with Susan Speirs, a CPA and board member of the Utah Association of Certified Public Accountants or UACPA, and Shane Stewart, a Certified Financial Planner with Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators or DMBA, to find out what changes in tax law you need to know in 2018 before you file your 2017 IRS returns.

Fractal Consciousness Radio (FCR)

By Wanyoung Lee-Kim
A bipartisan podcast that delves into cognitive neuroscience, economics, philosophy, critical theory and quantum physics to discuss the phenomena of consciousness. This podcast seeks to clarify events reported in the mainstream news. #AltWoke #altAltrecht

Loud & Queer

By SYN Media
Loud & Queer is a weekly live national radio show produced by and for queer youth. The show airs on SYN Nation every Sunday, at 4pm AEST (2pm AWST).

Unpublished Politics

By Unpublished Politics
Unpublished Politics is a bi-weekly podcast on news, media and politics from a mainly Canadian perspective. Our topics are as varied as the opinions of our guests. This isn’t your typical Canadian politics show where consensus is the watchword. We disagree often and have a fun time doing so. Join us in our ongoing conversations; we promise to never bore you!

JAG Talk

By Navy JAG Corps
JAG Talk is a podcast series featuring Navy JAG community experts. Listen to in-depth discussions about different legal fields and hear insights and lessons learned from practitioners across our enterprise.

Supreme Court decision syllabus (SCOTUS)

By RJ Dieken
Readings of the Supreme Court slip opinion syllabi. With no personal commentary. Decisions of the Supreme Court in mostly non legal language. occasionally reading the full decision for bigger cases.

Globalization Weekly

By Marcus
Globalization and immigration fans Marcus and Brian break down trends and news coverage of the transnational flow of people and ideas.

From Hostage To Hero

By Sari de la Motte
Sari de la Motte is the host of "From Hostage to Hero" and has been dubbed the "Attorney Whisperer" because of her unique ability to help attorneys communicate their real selves. Join us once a month as Sari shares tips that will help you up your game at trial and connect with your jurors.

Broken Justice

By Chris and Sean
With over 40 combined years of legal investigative experience, we believe we have a unique perspective and are excited to be able to share our thoughts with you. Along the way you may begin to understand just how arbitrary, imbalanced and unjust our justice system can be. To quote a US founding father, Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.


By Ryerson Planning Alumni Association
Listen to fellow Ryerson University Urban Planning Alumni answer fun questions about themselves, their work, and their memories at Rye High.

For The Movement

By National Urban League
For The Movement elevates and discusses persistent policy, social and civil rights issues affecting African Americans and communities of color.