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On the Docket -
On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center is a podcast series that explores problem-solving courts working to address substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders within the criminal justice system. These voluntary programs serve as a form of deferred adjudication that focuses on rehabilitation and treatment, rather than incarceration. This podcast and the National Drug Court Resource Center are brought to you by the Justice Programs Office, a center within the School of Public Affairs at American University, and in part by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which is housed under the Department of Justice. The ideas and thoughts expressed in this podcast do not directly reflect those of the Justice Programs Office, American University, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, or the Department of Justice. For more information, please visit: and Follow us on Twitter: @theNDCRC and @AU_JPO. | Produced, mixed, & edited by Anna Koozmin, Justice Programs Office at American University | Music by Peter Gresser (Song: "Skipping in the No Standing Zone")
Summary Judgment
By Alan Mygatt-Tauber
Summary Judgment is a podcast about the law. It aims to offer an easy-to-understand summary of major court decisions as they are decided. Law is often made to seem mysterious to the lay person and media coverage, except by specialists, tends to be inaccurate. This podcast is designed to offer an overview of the arguments on both sides of an issue and an explanation of the court's ruling. It should hopefully appeal to both lawyers and non-lawyers alike.
Remainiacs - The Brexit Podcast
By Remainiacs
REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won't be un morceau de gateau. We're not sick of experts and we won't shut up and get over it. Presented by Ian Dunt of, Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian and Peter Collins. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (!
Opinionated Podcast
By Music by Purple Planet
A show about opinions. We don't talk enough about why we think the way we do. We want to get the conversation started. so, let's talk about it.
Blind Pundit Podcast
By Linson Productions LLC
A podcast spreading the truth about politics through a non correct lens
J Loren Norris
By J Loren Norris
Daily leadership lessons for people who are faith, family and freedom minded presented by J Loren Norris, Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer - Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team.
Rocky Mountain National Podcast
By Rocky Mountain National Park
The official podcast of Rocky Mountain National Park. Get the inside scoop on what goes into making a national park work through on-site interviews with rangers, researchers, and visitors like you.
Black Women Talk Politics
By Black Women Talk Politics
Sheila Clark and Sabriya Willams host a podcast where these two Black women discuss national politics, provide a week in review, invite special guests, and give their listeners action items that anyone can do.
Democratic Campaigns
By Dan Johnson
Democratic Campaigns is for candidates, campaign managers, operatives, party leaders, staffers and the millions of volunteers working to elect Democrats. How can we win more elections? Dan Johnson (DNC delegate and local politician) is the host and discusses campaign techniques, lessons and war stories with Democrats from around the country to help spread around best practices to earn us more votes. Comments or suggestions for guests? Email [email protected] Sponsored by Campaign Filer, provider of campaign software for Democratic campaigns.
Master The NEC's Show
By Master The NEC
Listen as Nationally Recognized Experts interpret and explain in technical detail the various chapters, sections, parts and line items of the National Electrical Code.
Civil Fights
A podcast by the ACLU-WV about civil rights, the constitution, and how the law affects real peoples' lives. One nation, under pod.
By Kommissionen
Kommissionen finder løsninger på ugens største sager.
Retail Gets Real
By National Retail Federation
Retail impacts everyone, every day, everywhere. Join the National Retail Federation for authentic, insightful conversations with the industry's most interesting people. Hear retail executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs and influencers discuss trends, their career stories and the future of retail. Learn more at
By 检察日报
USFWS/NCTC Public Lecture Series
By [email protected]
Writers, Scientists, Conservationists, Historians Speak to the Public at NCTC. Meet the speakers.
By [email protected]
Where you find a variety of podcasts from the National Conservation Training Center
USFWS/NCTC Student Climate and Conservation Congress (SC3)
By [email protected]
100 of the Nation's top high school and rising college students joined together at the second annual Student Climate and Conservation Congress at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV during June 25-July 1, 2011.
Beg to Differ
By KSL Newsradio
What happens when a common sense conservative and a member of the liberal media sit down to discuss news and politics? Rep. Mike Winder is a Republican state representative and the former mayor of West Valley City. Bryan Schott is a journalist who has covered Utah politics for nearly two decades. Every week they break down the real motivations behind the top political stories from Salt Lake City to Washington, D.C. and speak with newsmakers from both sides of the aisle.
Eating Onions: Breaking Down The Layers Of Australian Politics
By The Talk Locker Network
Join Lachlan Hamilton, Patrick Muldrew and Nic Jeffries break down and attempt to make sense of the Australian Political landscape.
Economics in business
A PwC podcast series in which our economics experts discuss the UK and global macroeconomic outlook and what this means for businesses.
What Would Alice Paul Do?
By Melissa Currence and Amy Hjerstedt
You're inspired to do greatness! And we're inspired by you! This podcast demystifies what it means to be in League of Women Voters today. We are volunteers with the League of Women Voters, a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives. We share stories, tips and how-tos to make sure you are informed and can activity participate in government. Continue the conversation at
How to Fix U.S.
By How to Fix U.S.
The U.S. government seems broken. Luckily, the Founding Fathers designed America to change. Host Alex Schuman takes a look at the many ideas out there to solve problems facing America's political system.
[TBN한국교통방송]Koroad 3분쉼표(코로드3분쉼표)
By TBN한국교통방송
도로교통공단 소속 교통 전문가들이 알려주는 교통 관련 정보. 안전한 운전을 위해 운전자와 보행자가 꼭 지켜야할 내용을 알려드립니다. 운전자와 보행자가 함께 실천하는 교통안전 팁으로 생명도 살리고, 행복한 운전길도 만들어 보아요~^^ Koroad 3분쉼표는 TBN한국교통방송을 통해 매일 오전 6시 54분에서 57분까지 방송됩니다. 전국 주파는 홈페이지 www.tbn.or.kr로 들어오셔서 확인해주세요. 협찬캠페인은 [email protected] 문의 부탁드립니다.
Security Intelligence
By The Risk Advisory Group
Security Intelligence is a podcast series by The Risk Advisory Group, the leading independent global risk consultancy. In each episode our intelligence specialists provide insight and analysis of current global security and political risks for corporate security, intelligence and crisis response professionals. Expect to hear expert perspectives on the risk to businesses from terrorism and political violence, civil and international conflict and political instability around the world. Risk Advisory is the first choice for the world’s most discerning organisations when their seek help managing their competitor, integrity, political and security risks. To find out more about The Risk Advisory Group, please visit
Meet The Contenders
By Meet The Contenders
Meet progressives in key races.
Leia's Dead
By Rodney Allen Trice
In 2017, 40 years after many of us kids sat wide eyed in those cinemas everywhere, we face an end to the world we once knew. The death of Carrie Fisher was just one piece of a larger change in the world. A change that has left many of us old fans without any kind of certain future. But don't fear! We are in a wildly shifting period of history and we CAN and WILL be the rebel voices that lead the way into a future that is bright and exciting (even if it looks pretty grim now. )
NHS Employers
By NHS Employers
The voice of employers in the NHS, supporting them to put patients first.
Strive Now Magazine Weekly Podcast
By Tommy Hayes
Strive Now Magazine Weekly podcast is a weekly podcast show hosted by the controversial mind of Tommy Hayes who, holding no bars, discusses the everyday lives and current events effecting African Americans and the urban community.
Land Line Now
By Land Line Now News Team
"Land Line Now" is the first daily news and information program designed specifically for America's truck drivers.
By Total HIPAA Compliance
Most people know the HIPAA Law applies to healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists). Fewer people realize that HIPAA also applies to health insurance agents, employers who offer health benefits to their employees, and to business associates (shredding companies, IT vendors, etc.) who can access an individual’s Protected Health Information.
[TBN한국교통방송] 라디오 정비소
By 도로교통공단 TBN한국교통방송
자동차에 뭔가 문제가 있는 것 같은데, 원인이 뭔지 모르겠다? TBN 한국교통방송의 'TBN교통시대-라디오정비소'를 월,수 공유합니다.
Fossilfritt Sverige
By Fossilfritt Sverige
Fossilfritt Sverige är en plattform för dialog och samverkan för omställningen till ett samhälle fritt från fossila bränslen. Ambitionen är att göra Sverige till ett av världens första fossilfria välfärdsländer. Genom den här podden dokumenterar vi våra konferenser och workshopar.
Politics, As Usual
By Global Partners Governance
Despite wide-spread scepticism about politics and politicians, in every country around the world there are many representatives and officials driven by purpose and principle. Their stories are rarely heard, but talking to such individuals about how politics actually works in practice, and making change happen, is invariably interesting, insightful and enlightening. The purpose of this new podcast is to capture some of those stories from people working in and around politics, in some very different contexts, about what motivates them, why politics matters and what we might learn about the process of change. Politics, As Usual is a Global Partners Governance podcast. The book 'Politics, As Usual' by Greg Power, will be published later this year. Music: 'Ikeja Roads' by Tony Allen
Johnny Rowland Daily Show
By SJohnny Rowland
"Johnny Rowland News, Guns, and Motorsports" is a radio show and commentary about current events, guns and shooting and firearms issues, automotive and and motorsports features, and special music presentations.
Liberty's Lantern
By Libertys Lantern
Liberty's Lantern is a weekly talk show discussing issues concerning liberty and Libertarian ideals. We are not going to be afraid to address the issues. We encourage discussion both affirming and condemning what we are talking about. Please also note that these are the opinions solely of Liberty's Lantern and do not reflect the opinions of the Libertarian party or any of the Caucuses.
By WVIK, Quad Cities NPR
Dr. Christopher Whitt hosts "Margins," a WVIK podcast featuring conversations with change agents from around the Quad Cities area, as well as across the country. These discussions focus on groups of people who are marginalized politically and socially, and the people working to provide change for those communities. "We need to take the time to have these conversations so people can hear new perspectives — so people who are doing the hard work, who are leading, who are trying to push for change within the community as well as making a better world overall, can have a voice," Whitt says. "Margins" is produced by Lacy Scarmana.
Forecast International Roundtable
By Forecast International
Forecast Roundtable brings together expert analysts, industry professionals, and government officials to discuss the latest issues in the aerospace and defense markets.
라디오심시티 (Radio S.I.M. City)
By 서울혁신센터 사회혁신리서치랩
우리의 도시를 함께 상상합니다. 도시 디자인 팟캐스트 '라디오심시티(Radio Social Innovation Map City)' '격주 토요일에 업데이트 됩니다'
It's When Not If - 21st Century Resilience & Strategic Crisis Management
By Tom Chiginsky
It’s When Not If is the podcast for strategic crisis management for the 21st century. The world is a volatile place and we are all connected. We can no longer hope that a crisis will blow over without doing substantial damage. In a world of 24/7 news cycles, based on 140 character tweets and social media, if we are not prepared we are doomed to failure. Financial position and reputation are all at risk. In this podcast series, your host Tom Chiginsky, a veteran of over 50 large scale crisis simulations for the Fortune 500 and NGO’s, defines what it means to be prepared today. He will analyses past crises, current crises and talk over the lessons we should all learn. Organizations must all be on the same page, from the “board room to the lunch room” and understand the risks of being unprepared.
Business Travel Coalition Radio (BTC Radio)
By Kevin Mitchell
BTCRadio focuses on U.S. Open Skies policy and airline competition issues in support of the mission of Business Travel Coalition, founded in 1994, to interpret travel industry and government policies and practices and provide a platform for the managed travel community to influence issues of strategic importance to their organizations.
Karen Proud Army Mom
By Karen Brown
Domestic Preparedness and Homeland Security Audio Interviews
Presenting Audio Interviews with Federal, State and Local Homeland Security and Preparedness Professionals.
By 내가만드는복지국가
생생한 복지 현장 소식과 복지국가를 꿈구는 시민들의 희망을 전하는 방송
The National Security Law Podcast
By The National Security Law Podcast
The National Security Law Podcast (aka the NSL Podcast) is a weekly review of the latest legal controversies associated with the U.S. government’s national security activities and institutions, featuring Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas at Austin. They bring different perspectives to these issues, but always in a friendly spirit. The program is fast-paced but detail-rich, and is meant for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. If you’ve been looking for a thoughtful yet enjoyable way to keep up with and better understand these issues, the National Security Law Podcast is the show for you. To join the conversation, follow nslpodcast on Twitter (@nslpodcast).
Constitutional Reform Podcast
By The Heartland Institute
The Heartland Institute podcast about the Article V movement and other ways to amend the U.S. Constitution to reduce the power of government and increase individual liberty.
On the Road with Ian Capstick
By Ian Capstick
On the Road is a new podcast series hosted by MediaStyle founder and CBC analyst, Ian Capstick, that explores the personal side of politics. Join Ian as he speaks with the federal NDP leadership hopefuls and other elected officials (past and present) to get to know the people behind the politicians.
ערך מוסף
By Lior Tabori, Tal Wolfson
פודקאסט כלכלי של שני בוגרי משרד האוצר - ליאור תבורי | טל וולפסון
Vehicles in the Park
By Vehicles in the Park
Generation X-inflected takes on public policy, law, and culture
Open Session Podcasts - Social Leadership in the NHS
By Sea Salt Learning
In a series of Open Session Podcasts, your host Susie Boyle explores how Social Leadership themes relate to the National Health Service. Produced by Sam Westlake, Sea Salt Learning
NACo Podcasts
By National Association of Counties
NACo Podcasts offer a new way to learn about all the important issues to counties. The podcasts tell the stories of innovative counties, covers new local government best practices, and provide legislative and policy updates from NACo.
Blast Off! Politics with Seth Blair
By Seth Blair
Blast Off! Politics takes a quick look at today's politics and breaks it down from all the angles. Fast-paced and loaded with information, you'll hear directly from the people making headlines. Seth Blair hosts to help you better understand what's going on in the world, plus analysis and more!
Desperate Times
By Jerry Danielsen and Braddon Mendelson
Jerry Danielsen and Brad Mendelson present 30 minutes of progressive politics with some fun thrown in.
Emergency Management Australia Podcast
By Attorney-General's Department
The Emergency Management Australia Podcast is brought to you by the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department. The podcast covers the latest issues in emergency management from dealing with bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis, to complex policy development or program delivery issues. We'll speak to everyone from the Federal Minister to the volunteer at the end of the fire hose.
We The Blue
By We The Blue
We are a news organization that reports news, current events, and opinion and gives you a plan of action to take home with you. We are the Left's Tea Party. We hope to educate and inspire our generation to create the change we desire. Welcome to We The Blue.
Health Care Matters
By Leavitt Partners
The health care environment is continuous evolving on a day-to-day basis, or tweet-to-tweet basis these days, leaving many executives uncertain about where this turbulent market is headed. Follow Leavitt Partners Principal David Smith as he takes you into the minds of the industry leaders to provide insight into what the future of health care holds. Through this series, we will cover all aspects of the industry. From the “Future of HIT” to a “Post-ACA World,” each short episode will enable listeners to feel more confident about how to navigate the uncertainty present in an ever-changing market.
Radio Kipinä
By Puolustusvoimat
Radio Kipinän podcastit käsittelevät laajasti maanpuolustusta ja Puolustusvoimia. Podcastien tarkoitus on kertoa syvällisemmin maanpuolustuksen ratkaisuista, taustoista, puolustusjärjestelmää koskevista vaatimuksista ja reunaehdoista, sekä viestiä avoimesti puolustusvoimista ja sen toiminnasta. Podcasteissa esiintyvät Puolustusvoimien eri alojen parhaat asiantuntijat. Aiheet käsittelevät muun muassa tekniikkaa, sotataitoa, puolustusjärjestelmää ja puolustuksen periaatteita. Kuulijat voivat ehdottaa palautejärjestelmän kautta aiheita, jotka ovat juuri heille kiinnostavia. Palautekysely:
Rakt med Rakel
By FAR, Rakel Lennartsson
Ett par gånger i månaden tar Balans reporter Rakel Lennartsson - i programmet Rakt med Rakel - pulsen på olika makthavare med stort inflytande över aktuella frågor som berör revisions- och rådgivningsbranschen, exempelvis ministrar, riksdagsledamöter, EU-parlamentariker, forskare, näringslivsprofiler samt personer i branschen.
Radio Damascus English Program
By Radio Damascus
Radio Damascus English Program
Rasmus Nordqvist
By Nordqvist
Real Warriors, Real Advice
By Real Warriors Campaign
Real Warriors, Real Advice is a podcast series in which warriors, veterans and military families highlight the importance of seeking care for invisible wounds and offer tools and tips on building and maintaining psychological resilience. Access and download selected episodes here or subscribe to receive weekly updates automatically.
Regulatory Economics Podcast
By Rob Toal
This is a podcast focusing on the subject of regulatory economics. The podcast will include a series of interviews with senior figures involved in economic regulation in the UK. The inaugural edition features an interview with Dr Harry Bush, former Group Director of Economic Regulation at the CAA. The podcast is hosted by Rob Toal who is an experienced regulatory economist. He worked previously at the Civil Aviation Authority and the Office of Rail Regulation and now offers his services as an economic consultant on a freelance basis.
RMIT Guest Speakers
By RMIT University
RMIT University has strong links with industry, government and business both locally and globally. Guest speakers are often invited to speak to students or deliver public lectures.
Rádio Junior
By Český rozhlas
Pořady pro děti, které rozvíjejí představivost. A bez reklam.
Trade matters
Trade matters to the UK economy. And as we prepare for Brexit and to leave the single market and current customs union, it matters more than it has for a generation. In this series of podcasts our experts will be discussing all aspects of trade as the UK navigates its exit from the EU and moves to a new global trading environment.
By Nick and Kevin
A journalist and a lawyer team up to explain what the hell is happening with today's politics.
עושים פוליטיקה עם דפנה ליאל
By פודקאסט ישראל מדיה בע"מ
פודקאסט שבועי על מאחורי הקלעים של הפוליטיקה הישראלית: ראיונות עומק עם פוליטיקאים, פקידי ממשל ואנשי מקצוע, על האמיתות והעובדות שמאחורי הסיסמאות והקלישאות. מגישה - העיתונאית והכתבת דפנה ליאל.
By megapodden
Vad är Territorial Review Megaregion Western Scandinavia? För att få större kunskap om studien från OECD kan du lyssna på Megapodden, en podcast i fem avsnitt där Charlotte Beijer och Lars Karlsson från Västra Götalandsregionen, tillsammans med inbjudna gäster diskuterar de olika delarna. Megapodden är en podcast från Västra Götalandsregionen.
Forensic Transmissions
By Mikita Brottman
Compelling uninterrupted public domain audio from police interrogations, court proceedings and 911 dispatch calls.
Power of Sport podcast
By Laureus South Africa
Jean Smyth presents a regular podcast detailing the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation initiatives in South Africa and around the world.
AESJ-podcasts – Adaptive Enterprise Strategy Journey Management
By Rob Livingstone & Dr Asif Q. Gill
This podcast series forms the second part in a 3 part 'Read' - 'Explain' - 'Demonstrate' trilogy which covers a highly scalable and smart method for building adaptive enterprise capabilities for your business. It takes you beyond just reading the Adaptive Enterprise Strategy Journey Management book’s text and provides additional context and information that brings the book to life in audio format. To buy the book or subscribe to our newsletter, visit our book’s website
Start Hear
By Mr. Tripp Eldredge
Your go-to place to get a quick sample of some of our favorite national and local podcasts.
Restore Our American Republic - ROAR
By Mike Gemmell
As many Americans are aware, our nation that began as a constitutional republic has morphed into an unrecognizable entity where much of the power of the citizenry has been usurped by politicians and unelected bureaucrats. This unfortunate state of affairs has occurred because too many Americans have an inadequate understanding of individual rights as the fundamental principle from which all other rights flow. It is the mission of this organization to restore that foundation and in the process begin reversing the misguided policies, laws, and regulations regarding property rights, business, education, and other areas of our culture that have adversely affected our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
2017년 레주파의 L양장점
레주파(LEZPA)가 제작하는 레즈비언 맞춤 라디오 방송 L양장점♡ 으로 놀러오세요!
Hartz aber Fair ?!
By Felix Betzin
Herzlich willkommen bei Hartz aber Fair ?! - dem Podcast zum Thema Jobcenter! Moderator Felix Betzin ergründet zusammen mit Rechtsanwältin Karina Maier und weiteren Gästen die Irrwege des Hartz4-Systems. Unterstützt wird das ganze durch Hörspielelemente fiktiver Jobcenter-Schicksale, anhand derer sich die Teilnehmer thematisch orientieren.
Govern ... This!?
By CJ - Political Inquisitor
A political podcast for non-political people. Asking the simple & ignorant questions about our country (Canada) and government from a raw and accessible perspective.
Parliament Street Podcast
By Parliament Street Podcast
Your road into Westminster
By Jamie Caplan
USEHAZUS Podcasts are designed for a global audience with an interest in FEMA's Hazus Program. Many podcasts are recordings of technical presentations. Listening to the USEHAZUS Podcast will serve as a technical resource and help you stay current with the state-of-the-art Hazus Program.
Heightened Scrutiny
By Joe Dunman
An episodic podcast taking a closer look at landmark civil rights decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court. Host Joe Dunman walks listeners through the arguments and decisions of each case.
Leading Good
By Rod Arnold & Hugh Weber
Leading Good is a podcast platform with one simple purpose: To inspire and equip leaders of nonprofits, social enterprises and social impact brands with insights and expert advice - for greater Good. To learn more, visit
Idle Politics
By Cory Idle
A weekly political show that breaks down the story/stories that dominated the news week...with a fresh, explicit and a somewhat twisted point of view
code: SEVERE
By National Counter Terrorism Police HQ
Code Severe is a podcast series hosted by Mark Strong, revealing previously untold stories of terrorist attacks from the files of UK Counter Terrorism Police. Each story is told by detectives, counter terrorism officers, witnesses and the terrorists themselves. They are brought to you by National Counter Terrorism HQ and ACT.
WW1 Centennial News
By World War One Centennial Commission
A weekly Video Podcast about the centennial commemoration of WW1. It's about THEN - 100 years ago this week; It's about NOW - The Centennial Commemoration It is a fast, informative and easy way to track the WW1 Centennial
Materials Minute
By Damon Dozier
This is the podcast from the Government Affairs Office of the Materials Research Society
By Český rozhlas
Mluvené slovo pro celou rodinu. Rozhovory s osobnostmi, historické dokumenty i populární rozhlasové seriály.
돈이 궁금해?
By 서울금융복지상담센터
어렵게만 느껴졌던 재무설계, 파산, 면책, 신용회복 등 금융상담을 친절하고 쉽게 들려주는 공익방송입니다. 진행: 서울금융복지상담센터 상담사들
Grassroot Diplomat Talks
By Grassroot Diplomat
The team of diplomatic consultancy Grassroot Diplomat discuss innovative practices of diplomacy and international relations in today's modern world. Topics include leadership and self-development, networking, public diplomacy, personal branding and brand marketing, and digital diplomacy. Popular guests include: Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Sandra Francius, Cherisse Rao, Jeannette Viens, and Linford Andrews. Find out more:
Podcast – theEHP
By Mark Williams is an environmental health news and content site. We are dedicated to delivering environmental health related news and content in an easy to use format. The site has been designed so that anything you want to find is no more than a hover & click away. theEHP Podcast discusses current issues in environmental health.
Just Words
By 2SER 107.3FM
Just Words is an investigative series by 2SER 107.3FM, where we go behind the hype and headlines of our race laws and get the true stories from those who have used the Racial Discrimination Act and those that have had it used against them. Section 18C is the part of the Racial Discrimination Act that makes it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate someone because of their race. So will removing 18C really give people the right to be bigots? An original 2SER podcast launches Monday 27th February 2017. The seven part series is hosted by Nic Healey. New episodes are released each Monday.
This Stuff Really Matters podcast
By Dawn Willging
Please join Dawn Willging for some quick doses of US Democracy. Know your rights as a citizen. Learn about or renew your knowledge of how US Democracy works. Find out how to influence your government beyond just voting. Please listen and review on iTunes then give us feedback on what we get right, what we get wrong, and any question your have for future podcast topics.
정영진 최욱의 걱정말아요 서울
By 서울시청
잘 나가는 두 남자 정영진 최욱, 이번엔 서울시와 만났다
Leading Left with Lady Liberty
By Lady Liberty
This podcast is for those of us who love liberty, love the United States and love the Constitution! Raw and upfront, it comes to you from the wilds of the Western part of the U.S.
Sandy and Nora talk politics
By Sandy and Nora talk politics
Sandy and Nora talk politics, radical social change, what's currently wrong with the Left and what must happen to make it right.
By Chief Pete
A fun show with Retired US Navy Chief Petty Officers. The guys show true colors on a range and variety of topics associated with the US Navy, being a sailor and being a Chief Petty Officer.
Command Gouge Podcast
By Command Gouge Podcast
Command Gouge is meant to mentor current and future Commanders (primarily at the Squadron level, but could be used by leaders at any level) in the United States Air Force. If you're interested in how Commanders deal with maintaining good order/discipline, communication and organizational culture, this is the podcast for you. You can also check out for other resources and blogposts meant to spark discussion and critical thinking on Command. I hope you enjoy it. *Disclaimer* The opinions expressed in this podcast do not reflect the opinions of the Commanders of the host or interviewees, their MAJCOMs, the USAF, or the Department of Defense.
By Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt
Podkasten Ugradert gir deg et innblikk i den ugraderte forskningen ved Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI). Hvordan beveger menneskemengder som har middels panikk seg? Hvordan fungerer numerisk simulering? Hvorfor får noen hvite fingre? Slike spørsmål får du svar på her, i samtaler mellom forskere og FFIs forskningsjournalist. FFI er et statlig, tverrfaglig institutt med forskning innen de overordnede fagene matematikk, fysikk, informasjonsteknologi, kjemi, biologi, medisin, psykologi, statsvitenskap, sosialantropologi og økonomi. Instituttet gjennomfører hovedsakelig analyser og utviklingsprosjekter for Forsvarets behov, men har også forskningsprosjekter rettet mot det sivile samfunnet. Publiserte forskningsresultater finner du oftest i en FFI-rapport. Finn FFI-rapporter og les mer om FFI på
DH Podcast Hub
By Mike H
From the DH Project, tucked away a safe distance from Chicago, Jon, Mike and Alexandra pick apart the latest news, interrogate their guests and question just about everything. Topics from philosophy, science, religion, politics, society and culture are discussed with occasional deep insights and routine off color commentary. The show requires a thick skin, but will make you think, or say "F this s**t!", whichever comes first. What's said in the DH Podcast doesn't stay in the DH Podcast.
She's Running
By Emily Jackson
Women make up more than 50% of the U.S. population, but hold only 19.4% of the seats in Congress, 24.8% of the seats in state legislatures, 23.7% of state executive seats, and 20.7% of mayoral seats. Let's see if we can do something about that. She's Running talks to women who are running for office about what inspired them to take the leap, the process of running for office, and the challenges they’ve been facing. We will also feature about some of the resources that are out there for women who want to run for office, but aren’t sure where to begin.
By Riksantikvarieämbetet
Några av Riksantikvarieämbetets medarbetare väljer ett ämne och grottar sedan ner sig rejält i det. Det kan vara allt från uppstoppade hästar till runor, bemålad sten till riksintressen.