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SCACPA's Weekly Federal Tax Update

By SCACPA Lynn Nichols
Lynn Nichols has been explaining federal tax law to audiences since 1969. He is now partnering with SCACPA to launch a series of podcasts that answer questions stemming from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He’ll describe in each installment how the actions of the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court affect how you should interpret the tax code. Listen to each new episode, and you’ll better understand how the new tax laws work.

Weekly Weed News 2.0 w/Kief Preston

By Kief Preston
What's up everybody this is cannabis legalization crusador and Amazon bestselling author Kief Preston. Welcome to Weekly Weed News 2.0 the Podcast where I burn a cone and we recap some of the most important news about cannabis legalization, medical marijuana, 420-related issues and weed stuff in general. This podcast as well as my website was started as a way for me to reach out to as many people as possible to try to remind and motivate all cannabis reform supporters take ac...

Calvary Community Church Podcast

By Ben Henderson
Sermon archive from CC Church in Washington, IL

Stories of Faith and Hope

By Joel Sutherland
The podcast that inspires your faith and gives you reasons to hope.

Social Good Podcast - Founders Charities Non Profits Social Enterprises

By Rhys Morgan
A podcast to share stories, inspire others and grow impact with their work. Are you a Social Enterprise or charity doing inspiring things? Are you looking for inspiration, support, advice? Join our community of listeners.

How Curious

Oklahoma legends investigated. Heard something you're curious about? Submit questions and suggestions for future episodes to [email protected]

AMO ON Topic

By Association of Municipalities of Ontario
Welcome to AMO ON Topic, your source for things that matter to Ontario municipalities. Follow along with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for interviews and discussions with municipal leaders as we work together to build strong, sustainable communities.

TYRO Champion

By Blake Tijerina / Anchor
Helping People Create Strong Legacies.

First Peoples Disability Network (Australia)'s Mobcast

By First Peoples Disability Network (Australia)
First Peoples Disability Network (Australia) is a national organisation of and for Australia’s First Peoples with disability, their families and communities. Its purpose is to promote respect for human rights, secure social justice, and empower First Peoples with disability to participate in Australian society on an equal basis with others. We are the custodians of the narratives of First Peoples with disability, their families and communities and we recognise this important responsibility. B...

$7 Trillion Ideas (to Save the World)

By Nika Moeini
Welcome to the $7 Trillion Dollar Ideas Podcast, where we discuss how to close the gap in sustainable development financing with private sector funding, social finance, development financing, and other innovative projects. Hosted by Nika Moeini, Masters in International Affairs student at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.

Discovery Christian Church Podcast

By Discovery, A Christian Church
This podcasts includes sermons from Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, CO. For more information about our growing community of faith, please visit

Shalom Live Stories

By Rob Kaldor
Shalom Live Stories includes a diverse range of speakers, both young adults (20’s and 30’s) and Gen X (40+), who each have 7 minutes to tell a personal, true story around a given theme. Storytellers are a mix of professional and amateur speakers, from the spectrum of the Jewish community and beyond, who have in common the willingness to be vulnerable in telling their story – live and without notes, at an intimate bar in Sydney. Here are some highlights from our SOLD OUT events from 2017, with...

Big Small Biz

By Builtformore.FM: The Personal & Professional Growth Network
Big Small Biz is your how-to guide for running a small business with BIG profits. You’ll learn how to create sustainable, profitable success and position your company for growth. Join host, Shenica S. Nelson, as she simplifies the process of entrepreneurship by creating a road map that is easy to comprehend and execute.

Consumer Reports Podcast

By Consumer Reports
The Consumer Reports Podcast is a series of news and investigative audio programs from the independent, nonprofit member organization Consumer Reports. Each episode will dive deep into important issues facing consumers, who CR works side by side with for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. Together we are creating a fairer, safer, and healthier world.

Field Notes in Philanthropy

By Patrick Center
The word philanthropy is a derivative of the Greek word Philanthrōpía, meaning love for mankind. It describes the ecosystem of nonprofit workers, organizations, donors, foundations and volunteers who make up the social sector. Field Notes in Philanthropy will host conversations to explore the places where politics, current events and philanthropy intersect and their impact locally and globally. Hosted by Patrick Center, News and Public Affairs Director, WGVU Public Media, PBS & NPR Tory M...


Émission hors-programmation.   La mission de Radio-Dodo:Aider les enfants coincés en zones de guerre et les réfugiés canadiens à faire de beaux rêves en leur offrant un moment de trêve avant de s’endormir.       Coanimateurs: Bernard Derome, Marya Zarif Conteurs/Chroniqueurs: Wajdi Mouawad, Kim Thuy, Isabelle Maréchal, Louise Otis, Brigitte Alepin, Marie-Anne Alepin,  Sanaa Bendahmane, Annie Hudon-Friceau Coréalisateurs : Will Maurer, Brigitte Alepin (activiste fiscale et professeur ESG UQAM)...

Pastors for Oklahoma Kids

By Pastor Clark Frailey
Welcome to our short-form podcast where we talk about public schools, community, and how churches can advocate and serve Oklahoma's 700,000 public school kids.

People Processes

By Rhamy Alejeal
This podcast is for HR Professionals, Business Owners, and CEO's who want to learn and discuss the tools, tactics, and strategies that help us create a happier, more productive, employee workforce.

Group Against Smog and Pollution

By Group Against Smog and Pollution
Keeping everyone informed about air quality issues in Southwestern Pennsylvania--and what they can do about them!

Facing the Future

By The Concord Coalition
Learn more about how the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges -- and possible solutions -- impact current and future generations.

Messages on the hill

By Rev. Mauricio Rabino
Two minute devotionals weekly

Citizens in Training

By CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies
“Citizens in Training” is about the unlikely story of the United Arab Emirates’ national service program. It explores the UAE’s strategic thinking, the rise of new nationalism in the Gulf, and Arab society’s efforts to prepare for a post-oil future. Through interviews with prominent Gulf experts, the podcast will delve into what the UAE program tells us about the evolving relations between militaries and societies more broadly. The series will draw on context from the CSIS report, “Citizens...

Fountain of Youth with Garen Hudson

By Garen Hudson
Join host Garen Hudson as we explore it all: life, art, politics, activism, consciousness, all and any topic that can (hopefully) contribute to a new, fresh world. Looking to make any positive ripple we can.

Words to Live By Podcast

The Ronald Reagan Foundation Video Podcast

Blind Citizens Australia

By Blind Citizens Australia
Blind Citizens Australia is the united voice of Australians who are blind or vision impaired. New Horizons is our weekly radio programme and podcast. Soundabout is our regular audio magazine, and Blind Citizens News is our newsletter.

Sharing Your Faith Radio - Evangelism

By Lawrence DuBois
One hour program on evangelism. Show includes; teaching, Q & A, interviews, testimonies and more.

Christ Community Church Batesburg-Leesville

By Christ Community Church Batesburg-Leesville
Located in Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina. "Christ Community Church exists to help people Know Jesus Christ and Serve the Community by Being the Church." Visit our Website:

Transform Finance Investor Network Webinar Recordings

By Transform Finance Investor Network
These "podcasts" are the direct audio recordings of TFIN Webinars. As the original format was a video webinar, please excuse any brief technical difficulties and note that presenters may refer to slides. To watch the TFIN webinar recordings with their corresponding slide decks, please visit

Speeding the Word

By JAARS, Inc.
Take a new adventure every 60 seconds. Speeding the Word is a daily, 60-second radio program featuring stories of how JAARS and its partners are making Bible translation possible in some of the most remote and difficult places on earth. In just one minute, you can hear inspiring testimonies, compelling stories from overseas, and intriguing ways that new technologies are accelerating Bible translation—as well as exciting opportunities for getting involved in the work of JAARS.

My Cape York Life - Series Two

By Cape York Natural Resource Management
Cape York is an incredible place - around 137,000 square kilometres of diverse landscapes. The people who look after the land and sea are just as diverse and fascinating; amazing people in this amazing place. In 2016 Cape York Natural Resource Management and South Cape York Catchments met to discuss the best means of sharing the stories of Cape York's land managers. Our conclusion? Let them tell their own stories! And My Cape York Life was born. We hope you enjoy these stories as we tr...

Black Like Me

Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.

Microphone GAIN

By Jim Munroe / Anchor
The Game Arts International Network is hosting a number of online sessions to share information of interest to game arts organizers and curators. The format we're starting with will be a live discussion between two people, one with experience on a topic and one seeking more information on that topic, while anyone else who's interested can listen in. At the end this audience will be able to add their comments and ask questions. We will be recording these sessions and releasing them as a podcas...

Mud Talks

By Adobe in Action
Conversations with Adobe in Action Board President Quentin Wilson on building your own adobe home.

Pop Perceptions Podcast

By Bec McIntosh
Pop Perceptions is a career diversity stock photography platform, podcast and movement. We make it easier to celebrate diversity, telling the ordinary and inspirational stories of people in traditional and emerging careers not normally represented across age, ethnicity, gender and ability. Join Bec McIntosh in listening to real stories of real people with career hints and hurdles, highs and lows to inspire you to be what you can see.

The F Word

By Fabio Fernandes
Insightful comments about Politics, Society and International Affairs.

Thrive Podcast - Startup Canada

By Startup Canada: A Grassroots, Entrepreneur-led Movement to Bring Together, Celebrate, and Give a Voice to Canada’s Entrepreneurship Community.
The Thrive Podcast is a production of Startup Canada and is broadcast through the Startup Canada Podcast Network. On the podcast, award-winning serial entrepreneur, Startup Canada’s Women’s Ambassador and host Janice McDonald connects listeners with, and shares insights from, high profile experts on starting, operating, and scaling thriving business helping women to ‘own it’ in entrepreneurship.

Love Lake Norman

By Love Lake Norman
To help people find and follow Jesus.

Women's Week

By Renee Mayor / Anchor
Just a quick synopsis of what Women for Women International are up to this week (5th-8th March 2018), across Newcastle University and city. Listen to hear about our events, and to find more information add us on facebook-

Atmosphere.Church Audio Podcasts

By Jim Crews
Atmosphere Church is a new life-giving church located in the heart of Southern California. For more information, go to our official website at


By USC Radio Group
Underscore taps into an exciting space where the concert hall meets its boldest outer reaches. Our goal is to connect with curious listeners by presenting the works of modern composers and musicians blurring the lines between classical, electronic, ambient and beyond. Through podcasts, curated playlists and original content, we’ll discover a new soundtrack to our daily paces.

Grace Presbyterian Church

By Pastor Scott Parsons
Feeling tired, hopeless or trapped? Jesus offers rest for the weary, hope for the hopeless, and is the only way to find peace and joy in life. Join us as we pursue to know God deeper and to serve Him faithfully.

AFP Greater Toronto Chapter

By AFP Toronto
The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) represents 30,000 members in over 200 chapters in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and China working to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs. AFP believes that to guarantee human freedom and social creativity, people must have the right to freely and voluntarily form organizations to meet perceived needs, advocate causes, and seek funds to support these activities. To learn more about the...

Daily Podcasts of the summary from the daily press briefing at the Climate Change Conference in Bali. Provided by UNFCCC. More information from the meetings at

Provided by UNFCCC. Daily Podcasts of the summary from the daily press briefing at the Climate Change Conference in Bali. More information from the meetings at


By Dusty Elam Foundation
Here you will find videos of the Dusty Elam Foundation events and friends!


This is official DSCI podcast channel dedicated on cyber security and privacy.


Agora a Ordem DeMolay tem um Podcast! Um Podcast é um programa gravado com algumas pessoas, falando sobre determinado assunto, e depois colocando ele online para as outras pessoas ouvirem! No caso o nosso Podcast veio com o nome de DeMoCast, aonde tratamos assuntos mais voltados ao meio DeMolay! Esse projeto, é gerenciado por membros da Ordem DeMolay, acreditando esse ser um ótimo meio de comunicação com os nossos jovens! Essa ideia teve inicio no ano de 2012 pelos irmãos Thiago Bariani, Fabr...


DonorScape's Kat Banakis interviews Jonah Nigh about establishing a ticket buyer screening program at Columbia University's Miller Theater.

Dream Saver Podcast

By Tyler Schwab
Official podcast of Gifts of Grace. Bringing awareness to the cause of child sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Gifts of Grace mission to prevent child exploitation. Dedicated to promoting like minded organizations.

Dr. Joyce Aryee

By Dr. Joyce Aryee
Dr. Joyce R. Aryee, Founder and Chief Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries The Ministry aims at providing biblical counseling and intercessory prayers. As a devoted Christian, I see my role as that of an encourager and motivator and I continue to use the Ministry as a vehicle to bring many people to the knowledge of Christ and purpose of their being on earth. I am regularly consulted on many religious issues by many Christians and organizations.

Delta Lambda Phi

By Delta Lambda Phi
Social Fraternity for Gay, Bisexual, and Progressive Men

Development Works

By [email protected] (Doctors for Doctors & Nurses for Nurses)
The Podcast that asks experts: What actually works in International Development? What doesn't work? You won't learn any of this in a textbook! Anyone who's interested in learning more about the answers these questions is welcome! It's up close and personal stories from an expert in international development where we can learn what really helps the world.

Dallas County FIMR Information

By Dallas County FIMR
Podcasts from Dallas County FIMR Meetings and Information Sessions

Chorus Voices

By Chorus Australia
Chorus provides in-home and community support to more than 10,000 people across metro and regional WA. We support seniors, those living with disability or in mental health recovery to live the life they choose. The Chorus Voices Podcast is your direct line to our work on the ground across WA. Through Chorus Voices, we share stories and learnings that come from our workplace and our community. Tune in to hear about the people we support, how our organisation works, and the personal and profes...

NASW Social Work Talks | National Association of Social Workers

By National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
NASW Social Work Talks seeks to inform, educate and inspire by talking with experts and exploring issues that social work professionals care about. Brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world.

Blessed Radio UK

By Blessed Media UK / Anchor
We talk about the things of God; and God's word is our banner.

The Leader's Campfire Podcast

By PTC Media
A bi-monthly show hosted by Scouters talking about topics relevant to today’s leaders, including Leave No Trace, ADD/ADHD in Scouting, and Scout Discipline. We also do feedback shows and game shows to add a little fun!

The Ask

By KCI Philanthropy
Welcome to The Ask, a podcast from KCI (Ketchum Canada Inc) on fundraising and philanthropy in Canada. Featuring thought leaders from across the country, The Ask will endeavour to bring thought-provoking content and conversation to fundraising professionals and volunteers nationwide.

One Body

By Bethesda Lutheran Communities
One Body is a new podcast series from Bethesda Lutheran Communities that promotes inclusion and leadership opportunities within congregations for people with disabilities.


By Council 12572 Officers and Members
Official Podcast of the Knights of Columbus Council 12572 in Scranton PA

Radio EVA

By Equal Voice Action
Equal Voice Action is a national member-led organization that connects and builds power among poor and low-income families to influence policies that improve the economic and social well-being of all. Listen to social justice leaders, grassroots organizers, activists, and EVA community members share expertise, resources, case studies, and actionable insights for advancing equal voice and opportunity across the nation.

One Life Church Podcast

By One Life Church


The Modern Day Adoption Umbrella. | Modern Birth Mom (MBM) - Non-Profit Organization | A collective group of birth mothers & adoption advocates united to inspire birth mothers to live their best lives and help others do the same after placement. We are here to create support systems that empower birth mothers to reach their potential, and turn their life experiences into fuel to achieve their dreams. [email protected]

Praise Until Dawn

By Pat Rutherford
The Most Beautiful Music This Side of Heaven

Coworking Accelerator Network's Quality Coworking Podcast

By Claire Carpenter, David Stroud
Each episode, Claire and David speak with coworking business leaders across the globe to find out how they started and are growing their coworking businesses. Join the Coworking Accelerator Network to get the latest episodes as soon as they drop, at


By Chandler First Assembly of God
Sermons heard at CFA.

You Call This Yoga

By Howie Shareff
Welcome to the You Call This Yoga podcast with your host Howie Shareff, founder and executive director of the nonprofit You Call This Yoga based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. In these episodes, taken from their internet TV show, Howie will be joined by informative and inspiring yogis to discuss the many yoga practices that are accessible to all regardless of physical ability.

The Warriors Journey

By The Warriors Journey
Welcome to The Warriors Journey Podcast! This podcast is designed to inspire, encourage, and share the stories of members of our military, it's leaders, and our families. The Warriors Journey is an online resource that presents the message of faith as a path to finding wholeness in everyday life. In cooperation with other military partnerships, foundations and non-profits, The Warrior’s Journey is able to present a wide range of resources that cover the unique challenges that warriors and th...

The Go Higher Podcast

The HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program helps financially stressed students at Wayne State University reach their goal to graduate. The program provides resources for students-in-need, such as housing support, textbooks and other school supplies, clothing, transportation, and child-care assistance. The mission of the program is to ensure that no student abandons their dream of earning a degree solely because of housing or financial challenges.

Discovery Church

By Lorne Young
Discovery Church is a new life-giving church for Edmonton that exists to create a culture that seeks truth, helps people find Jesus and discover their purpose. Lead by Pastor Lorne and Shauna-Lee Young.

Team Give & Go

Hosted by Troy Jones & Team (T. Lynn, Shontell and Jason) - Team Give & Go sets out to deliver valuable information in the world of soccer to African-American parents with players on the pitch. Parent and players should expect to hear valuable information from coaches, professional and collegiate players, trainers, soccer officials, recruiters, etc. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

Young Feminists & Allies

By National Organization for Women's (NOW) Inaugural Virtual Chapter
Young Feminists and Allies (YFA) is the National Organization for Women's (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, specifically focused on the future of feminism. With the support of one of the most influential feminist organizations in history, we have free reign to take local and national action on issues that matter to feminists of all ages. One year ago, our nation endured a very painful reminder on why leaders should be elected democratically -- not appointed by a select few. We agree, whether ...

Higher Ground with Dane Alexandrian Jones

By Higher Ground Live
An informal conversation with invited guests about spirituality, current events and whatever else comes up

Nonprofit Answers

By Jeremy Reis
Nonprofit Answers Podcast helps you raise more money to help more people. Every week host Jeremy Reis answers your nonprofit marketing and fundraising questions so you can invest precious donor dollars wisely. Submit your questions at


By PeaceTechLabNL
PeaceTech combines technology, media and data to combat conflict around the globe. PeaceTechLabNL - the NL is for Netherlands - adds Dutch expertise in to the mix. The podcast looks at how Dutch PeaceTech is helping sustain peace by using expertise in water management and food security. Both water shortages and food shortages are major drivers of conflict - the clever use of technology can help reduce tensions. The podcast features stories of the solutions in action.

The Texas Veterans Podcast

By Texas Veterans Outdoors
Texas Veterans Outdoors is a support community for Veterans that believes in empowering its members to become more successful in their professional lives. We focus on Veterans who want to utilize their training from the military to better themselves and their communities.


By Living Word Christian Center
We are a foursquare fellowship of believers grounded and growing in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our mission is to reach the community of Buena Parkand beyond with the Gospel, and to equip believers through the teaching of the Word of God. In our services we focus on a personal relationship with God through worship, prayer, teaching and preaching of the Word of God. Sr Pastors Ruben & Stella Reyna

Airman For Life Podcast

AFA's podcast will feature interviews with aerospace experts and thought leaders on professional development. Topics will focus on Air Force and AFA updates.

Good Charity Bad Charity

By Good Charity Bad Charity
Covering the current talking points in the UK charity sector. Keith Davis, Camilla McGibbon and David Prest shake their tin at the giving business, and ask searching questions of those at the top.

Sex Talk Happy Hour

By NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault
Welcome to Sex Talk Happy Hour, a podcast hosted by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. We hope you'll subscribe and join us as we talk with amazing and brilliant people to talk about sex, sexuality, consent, violence, gender, gender norms, so on and so forth. Subcribe, and follow us on Instagram (@NYCAlliance) and/or on Twitter (@NYCAASA) and let us know what you want to hear about. Use our hashtag, #SexTalkHappyHour.

Liberty Baptist Church of Naples, Texas

By [email protected] (Pastor Shane Sibley)
Sermons from Liberty Baptist Church of Naples, Texas by Pastor Shane Sibley

Fresh Research, a NonProfit Times Podcast

By The NonProfit Times
A Podcast by The NonProfit Times: The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management

Meadow Park Church

By Meadow Park Church
A ministry of Meadow Park Church

ICC Pulse Podcast

By International Code Council: Non-profit, building codes
The ICC Pulse Podcast is a monthly podcast that offers listeners the inside scoop on the International Code Council and the building safety industry. Episodes of the ICC Pulse Podcast will feature interviews with leading industry experts where we will discuss a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies.

Ft. Bragg Stories Podcast

By North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC
The Ft. Bragg Stories podcast uses personal narratives to explore life on and around this country's largest military base. It's a collaboration between the Fayetteville Observer and WUNC's American Homefront Project.

The Third Sector with Dom Chambers

By Dom Chambers
A regular podcast with features and interviews for the community radio sector in the UK and beyond. Host Dom Chambers is a well known advocate of community media. Currently he runs Somer Valley FM and chairs the Radio Academy’s Affiliate Partners Group. This show can be heard on inRadio each lunchtime.

People Of Freedom

By Nathan Lain & Lyle Chastain
Living out a model of Christ centered community in worship.

Woodvale Pentecostal Church Podcast

By Woodvale Church
This church, located in the heart of Ottawa is a congregation of real people on a real journey with God.

Martyrs' Shrine

By Martyrs' Shrine
Martyrs’ Shrine is the National Shrine to the Canadian Martyrs. This holy and historic site honours the eight Jesuit Saints who lived, worked, and died here over 350 years ago.

Grow Your Non-Profit: Marketing and Technology

By Naomi Lantzman
The Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast helps inspired non-profits build and engage their communities so they can improve their online fundraising without tech overwhelm or marketing hype.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Sermons

By Cornerstone Baptist Church
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Cornerstone Baptist Church led by Pastor Dave Hattenfield. To learn more about our church visit:

Mission-Driven Marketing

By Marisa Flacks - Ethical Brand Strategist
This podcast explores creative marketing in the age of conscious consumerism, and aims to give you all the tools you need to successfully run your small business, social enterprise, or non-profit. On this show, you will hear from some of our industry’s most talented voices, whose businesses not only exemplify amazing ethical standards, but also incredible creative marketing.


The ‘Alonely’ show was a live theatre piece made up from reflections on isolation and loneliness of older people who live in the BS3 area in South Bristol, UK. In 2016 a group of older volunteers, trained in Community Research, interviewed a number of local older people who have been affected in one way or another. Their experiences and opinions were transcribed, mixed with a few thoughts from the interviewers and then reshuffled and refined by a local dramaturge, Adam Peck. They are performe...

Inside Our MIND

By MIND Research Institute
Inside Our MIND is the flagship podcast of MIND Research Institute. We are a neuroscience and education social impact organization whose mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. We are the creators of ST Math, a PreK-8 visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving. With each episode of Inside Our MIND, we take a look at issues an...

Kingdom Impact

By Kingdom Impact
Leanna Cinquanta is a motivational speaker for churches, conferences and mission groups. Her ministry provides an infusion of radical faith, global vision and out-of-the-box strategy. She mixes practical teaching with inspiring testimonies that draw listeners to the edge of their seats. Firmly founded on the Bible, her messages always point to Jesus. Her high-energy motivational speaking style is combined with thought-provoking questions and activities that get the audience on their feet part...


By 头条西安
两位95后主播佳一和子瑶与您聊聊发生在西安的大城小事。 节目通过娱乐视角讲述真实的故事与资讯。时刻关注大西安城市建设,追赶超越中所发生的民生话题,选取的素材以人情味较浓,社会性、趣味性较强,并体现一定服务性的新闻为主。其时政性要求不高,时效性限制不严,贴近生活,贴近现实,关注普通西安市民的生活和他们感兴趣的大小事。订阅《话说西安》,看西安城市发展。 节目播出形式:隔天播出。(周一、三、五、七、二、四、六)

The Risk Jockeys

By Melanie Lockwood Herman & Derek Symer
Tune in to The Risk Jockeys for risk management guidance relevant to nonprofit leaders. Learn from your hosts and nonprofit risk experts, Melanie Lockwood Herman of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, and Derek Symer of AHT Insurance.