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The Relay For Life Podcast
By American Cancer Society
The best and only podcast out there dedicated to all things Relay For Life! Melissa and Will share stories and ideas related to Relay twice every week to help you make your Relay event even better!
This Year & Beyond
By Kyle Kline
Join host and AmeriNerd Kyle Kline as he talks with AmeriCorps alumni about their service experience.
Diabetes Canada Podcast
By Diabetes Canada
This podcast is a 360° look at diabetes, from those affected by the disease to those working to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.
Talking Trade: Post-Brexit alternatives to the status quo
By Trade Justice Movement
The Trade Justice Movement, a UK-based coalition of trade unions, NGOs and fairtrade groups, brings you this podcast series that explores progressive, alternative approaches to trade as the UK gears up to leave the EU.
Vegan Police Podcast
By Cameron Blewett
Keep up to date with what is happening in the world of veganism and animal rights by tuning into the Vegan Police Podcast. This is an unapologetic no holds barred commentary on what his happening within the world of veganism and animal rights.
Greenpeace Greencast
By Martin Hausding
Der Greenpeace Greencast ist der Audio-Podcast von Greenpeace Berlin. Er ist der bekannteste grüne Audio-Podcast im deutschsprachigen Raum. Martin Hausding berichtet regelmäßig über aktuelle Themen sowie Aktionen und spricht mit vielen interessanten Gästen: Vom Karrotmob um die Ecke, über den Walschutz und Giften in Kleidung, bis zur Endlagerung von Atommüll.
New Road to New York
By Rama Shah
Welcome to New Road to New York Podcast. I am your host Rama. This podcast is focused towards Nepali Community and helping them assimilate in USA. Giving them peak of the culture here in United States, tips and networking. Hope you enjoy it.
GPSG Radio
By Rick Brewer
GPSG Radio is the podcast for Indiana University’s Graduate and Professional Student Government. From the latest assembly, programming, and funding news, to our interviews with graduate students, administrators, and local businesses, this podcast is a Hoosier’s guide for learning how to make a difference in the graduate-student community and navigate life in Bloomington. It’s a podcast for graduate students, by graduate students.
Not A Write Off
By Francis Harrington
A podcast about the altruistic deeds of local non profits, organizations and people doing small and extraordinary things. We look at how industries impact the issues, what groups are doing the big work, and how we can make ourselves more aware and involved.
Grow Your Group Show
By Mike Cooney
The Grow Your Group Show helps Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Rotary Clubs, Churches, Lions Clubs and other nonprofit organizations recruit new members, raise more money, run better programs, and have more fun doing it. Your host is Mike Cooney, who has 30 years in successful nonprofit organizations. Our guests are passionate, and they really know what they’re talking about. Subscribe today, or find out more at
Smash The Ceiling: Social Hiring
By St. Stephen's Community House
This podcast discusses social hiring practices, corporate citizenship, Canadian Labour law, disability and inclusion and hiring for diversity
Resilient Campus
By Dr. Saby Labor: Coach, Educator, Entrepreneur, Founder of Resilient Campus
Amplifying the voices of college inclusion innovators in higher education. The Resilient Campus Podcast is a weekly source of resilience, created in response to college professionals experiencing burnout and exhaustion doing college inclusion and social justice work. Host, Dr. Saby Labor, will interview coaches and influencers to strengthen our daily mindset so that we can sustain this work collectively. Whether you have diversity and inclusion in your professional responsibilities or you work in another functional area and build campus movements because that's just who you are - this podcast is for you.
Planet Haliburton
By Terry Moore and Greg Roe
Planet Haliburton is a radio show that focuses on environmental issues of Haliburton County.
Lost in Circulation
By Preble County District Library
We’re two guys who work in a library and spend way too much time watching movies and reading books. We’ll talk about those, how libraries continue to be awesome, and life, in no particular order.
By Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun
NGOpodcast is a media outlet that is serving as an intermediary between nongovernmental organizations and the public by getting the voice of NGOs from their immediate environment to the hearing of people around the world. In its simplicity, NGOpodcast craves; To be the voice of non-governmental organizations To Be an Advocate for Non-governmental organizations The sole aim of NGOpodcast is to bring the nongovernmental organizations to the limelight. NGOpodcast plans to achieve its goal by; Having an interview session with either the founder or team lead or representative of different NGOs around the world on each episode of the podcast. Like us on Facebook at Follow us on twitter: @ngopodcastshow
The Rule Book
By Tricksy Studio
Stories about the laws we make, and the many ways they can come unstuck.
The BVA Podcast
By Blinded Veterans Association
A national initiative by BVA to increase awareness among veterans and the general public about the organization itself and to empower and instill hope in blinded veterans during their personal quests to meet the challenges of vision loss.
Checking In
By National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Firefighters and EMS professionals and their families must have the resources to deal with the various complications that their jobs can bring to their lives, especially issues regarding emotional and psychological stress. This podcast series talks about the issues surrounding stress injury and PTSD with our first responders. Series hosted by Craig Luecke.
RCCS ChapelCast
By Kevin Thompson
Come and hear the great preaching that goes on each week at Rock County Christian School! These messages are taken from our junior high/high school campus.
Group Leader Tips
By Luc Jackson
This podcast is purposed to help equip Inland Group Leaders to better lead their groups. As the leader grows so the group will grow also. We will focus on the three foundations of any group at Inland: Growing-Communties-on Mission.
Mountainview Audio
By Mountainview Christian Church
Mountainview exists to bring real hope to all people all the time.
I Was Just Thinking with Stephen Adams
By Stephen Adams
There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes. ~Pablo Picasso
Catch The Fire London
By Catch The Fire London
Tune in to the CTF London Podcasts for the most recent messages from Catch The Fire London Church
High Point Church
By High Point Church
High Point Church exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local church, and are on a mission to see God's kingdom established across the earth.
Inland Leadership Development
By Luc Jackson
This podcast is purposed to help equip the ministry leaders at the Inland Vineyard Church to do the work of the ministry that they are called to. Leaders are made to produce other leaders.
Vertical Together
By Harvest Indy West, Harvest North Indy, Harvest Indy South
Vertical Together is the radio ministry of the Harvest Bible Chapels around Indianapolis. You can listen to Vertical Together on WGNR - Sundays at 9:30 AM.
Australian Water Association Podcast Series
By Australian Water Association
The Australian Water Association's Podcast Series brings you water industry information, projects and research from professionals working in Australia and abroad.
Another Round with PRI
By Pacific Research Institute
Pacific Research Institute interviews various scholars on topics of the day.
Loqules Podcast with Jai Al-Attas
By Loqules
On the Loqules Podcast we chat with thought leaders, tastemakers, creative visionaries and non-profit founders about 3 pivotal experiences that have shaped their lives. Hosted by Loqules co-founder and CEO Jai Al-Attas, whose mission it is to use experiences to improve people’s lives.
MVBC Sermons
By Pastors and Guests of MVBC
Relive the sermons of Mount Vernon Baptist each week through podcasting!
Sydney Story Factory 5th Birthday Podcasts
By Matt Roden
To celebrate our birthday, the staff at Sydney Story Factory have chosen some of their favourite stories from the past five years of workshops and created these podcasts. The stories are read by Bridie Connell, David Cunningham, Gen Fricker, Alex Lee, Zoe Norton Lodge, Russel Smith, Mark Sutton, and the students of Sydney Story Factory. Produced by Ben Jenkins with music by Benny Davis. For more information and accompanying resources head to
Listen At Your Own Risk
By Society of Actuaries
Hosted by Andy Ferris, FSA, FCA, MAAA, Listen at Your Own Risk, the SOA’s new podcast series, discusses thought-provoking, forward-thinking topics across the spectrum of risk and actuarial practice.
Changemaker Podcast
By Jackie Biederman
Changemaker is for dreamers with a passion to make the world better. Each episode is a collection of stories from social entrepreneurs and innovators about life, business, and lessons learned along the way. If we can learn from each other, we can make a greater impact. Learn more at
Heron Soundbites
By The Heron Foundation
Podcast by The Heron Foundation
Open Space Radio
By National Recreation and Park Association
Open Space Radio is the official podcast of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) — Because everyone deserves a park.
The African Sky Podcast (with host Adam Klein)
By Adam Klein
The African Sky Podcast with host Adam Klein - bridging the people of the US and Mali through music, history, collaboration, and conversation
Engagement Fundraising: How to Raise More Money at Lower Costs
By MarketSmart, LLC.
Generate more gifts with less money and reduced resources with Engagement Fundraising. Join Greg Warner as he cuts through the noisy and confusing echo chamber of fundraising philosophies to help you become more efficient and effective generating more major and legacy gifts. Presented by MarketSmart, LLC. Learn more at
Hero Radio: Stories Beyond The Music
By Melodic Connections
From the call to adventure, to the darkest moments of the abyss, to the triumphant return home, students from Melodic Connections use the story archetype of the hero’s journey to tell the stories of prominent musicians in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Musicians are interviewed by students at Melodic Connections, a music therapy studio for individuals with developmental disabilities, who use this podcast to journey with musicians they admire and make connections based on their shared love of music. Our students find common ground between their experiences in our community music therapy studio and the lives and stories of professional musicians. Whether you conduct a world class symphony, sing at a local hot spot, or are an avid music listener, this podcast will connect you with interesting musicians of all abilities.
Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities: The Chicago Rundown
By Othniel Tucker
A podcast where Dr Kirk E. Harris breaks down the challenges fathers in urban Chicago face and how to meet and overcome them. Co-hosted by Othniel Tucker, the podcast is aimed towards educating the general public on what can be done to create better communities through breaking the cycle by focusing on our Fathers, and their impact on their children and the greater society.
Brun Gonzalez's Podcast
By Brun Gonzalez
Budget and Tax News Podcast
By Heartland Institute
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring libertarian and conservative scholars who advocate for lower taxes, less spending, less regulation, more economic freedom, and vibrant free markets. Hosted by Jesse Hathaway.
Buckeye Justice League
By OAJustice
IBEW Henry Miller Museum
By Electrical Workers Historical Society
Finding ways to share the oral history of the IBEW through the contributions of our members!
The Fundraising Co-Pilot
By Marc Huber
The Fundraising Co-Pilot provides hands-on fundraising advice for nonprofits, professional fundraisers, board members, and fundraising volunteers. The podcast is hosted by Marc Huber, a fundraising professional for the past seventeen years who has worked with and for various mid-sized and national nonprofits, including the Rotary International Foundation, the American Library Association, and Indiana University.
The Defender Podcast
By Lifeline Children's Services
The Defender Podcast is a ministry of Lifeline Children's Services where we seek to equip the body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children and families. We hope this podcast will provide encouragement, inspiration, and ways to connect with others who have a heart for the orphan.
Bold Conversations on Philanthropy
By BolderGiving
This Podcast was created using
By Young Calibre
Our audio newsletter for Young Calibre, recorded by young students especially for Young Calibre members.
Biståndspodden | Biståndsbloggen
By Erikshjälpen
I Biståndspodden vrider och vänder vi på fenomen och frågor inom bistånd och vill ge en nyanserad bild till lyssnaren. Vi vänder oss till gemene man, inte bara den som redan är insatt i Erikshjälpens verksamhet.
Black Insight Media
By Brandon
Our goal is to share and spread positive content, images, and discussion on action through our podcasts and calls with other people in the black community.
Blind Sports Australia newsletters
By Blind Sports Australia
Newsletter of Blind Sports Australia - April 2014
Bloomerang TV
On Bloomerang TV, we sit down with leading experts in the nonprofit field for a 15 minute chat about the hot topics of the day.
By BonaResponds
This will be a semi-regular podcast about all things BonaResponds related. I hope you enjoy it!
BOSCooks's podcast
Baltimore Outreach Services or BOS (pronounced boss) was born 13 years ago when congregants of Christ Lutheran Church, in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Charm City, felt compelled to help homeless women and children. The members and leadership of the church, led by BOS Executive Director, Dr. Karen Adkins, developed a 40-bed shelter in the church's basement for women and their kids to live. Soon it became clear that the women and children needed more than shelter, but life-skills to help them become and remain self-sufficient. The program now includes transitional housing, health, education and job training opportunities. Enter Baltimore chef, former restaurant owner, and caterer, Connie Crabtree. Working with Dr. Adkins, Chef Crabtree created a program to teach culinary arts and food safety to the women living in the shelter. The program called, Essential Skills teaches basic skills that can open the door to the vast job opportunities in food services, even for those who have been previously unemployable. Many of these jobs provide life-altering income and benefits that have changed the course of dozens of families and their lives. You're listening to the first part of a multi-part series of audio casts. For more information, please visit or our brand new social media page here:
Brain Matter Podcast Weblog
The Brain Matters is Maine's resource for individuals with brain injury, their family members, clinicians, and professionals.
Breadwest's Podcast
By Breadwest
Staying in your Lane
By JudahNation Radio
Weekly Gospel Centered Conversation regarding today's most difficult subjects.
Flawed Clay with Ted Rodgers
By Ted Rodgers
Ted Jr and Kelly Rodgers (and Teddy III) Nicaragua Missionary Support - Arms Of Love International Ted Jr and Kelly have been serving in ministry in Nicaragua since 2009 and started serving at Arms of Love in May of 2011. They moved to Nicaragua to serve Arms of Love full time in April 2014. Ted was raised in the service industry, learned construction from his father, and followed his path. Kelly worked in the IT industry before receiving the call from God to pursue a master's degree in Counseling. Ted and Kelly were both raised in St. Louis, MO and have a son (Teddy). They have actively served in the local church since God saved them, and have a huge heart for community. Ted enjoys watching and playing sports, cooking, theology, and meeting new people. Kelly enjoys reading, running, and sharing time with her friends and family. Teddy enjoys baseball, soccer, building legos, and currently attends grade school at a bilingual school outside of Jinotepe.
Cornerstone Church - Perth
By Cornerstone Church Perth
A church where people find hope, follow Jesus and serve our community with love and compassion. Lifting the name of Jesus, Praying his kingdom come, Being part of his kingdom work and will on earth, meeting the needs of others, and one another. Living forgiveness, mercy and compassion because it first came to life for us through Jesus.
CJMP Podcast : 42Fish
By Powell River Community Radio Society
Featuring a selection of our live and local programs from Powell River Community Radio, CJMP 90.1FM.
By Barncancerfonden
I Barncancerfondens podcast pratar vi med forskare och andra personer som på något sätt är delaktiga i vår verksamhet. Syftet är att göra vår verksamhet tillgänglig och visa vad givarnas pengar går till. Den allra största delen av de pengar som Barncancerfonden samlar in går till att driva barncancerforskningen framåt, därför kommer störst fokus ligga på att träffa forskare och låta dem berätta om sitt arbete. Avsnitten är 10-12 minuter långa och målsättningen är att släppa minst ett nytt avsnitt varje månad.
B'nai B'rith International
By B'nai B'rith International
The B'nai B'rith International Podcast is a space to hold frank and interesting conversations with the organization's experts on staff. Topics discussed include B'nai B'rith's advocacy efforts, commitment to the nation’s seniors, humanitarian relief work and the organization’s history.
Balance Social
By Radio Universidad de Navarra
Balance Social es el espacio de responsabilidad social de Radio Universidad de Navarra, dirigido y presentado por Baroska Bravo.
Balaio Cultural
By Conselho Federal de Psicologia
Aqui o ouvinte encontrará, além de dicas sobre programações culturais e entretenimento, discussões sobre o universo cultural. Dicas de turismo nacional, curiosidades das regiões, comidas típicas e eventos voltados para a Psicologia também farão parte.
By Både Og
Barnebruden er en dokumentar om barneekteskap i Malawi. I et samfunn hvor alle andre institusjoner svikter dem har en gjeng lokale ungdommer, mange av dem tidligere barnebruder, tatt på seg en oppgave som egentlig ikke er deres: å stoppe barneekteskap. Det er også en dokumentar om den brutale virkeligheten til Aseka - en 15 år gammel jente i fare for å bli giftet bort.
A channel for nonprofit organizations around the world to share their stories and missions
Berks Nature and You!
By Berks Nature
Nature is essential to our quality of life. Berks Nature works hard every day to protect nature, and connect people to nature. Berks Nature is a 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organization that has been serving the Berks County community since 1974.
Live from Lord North Steet
A podcast from the Institute of Economic Affairs
Bertil Ohlininstitutet
By Bertil Ohlininstitutet
Här lägger vi upp podradio från evenemang som Ohlininstitutet arrangerat.
CICF's For Good
By Central Indiana Community Foundation
Each month, For Good focuses on a pressing issue facing Central Indiana, specifically Hamilton and Marion counties, and talks with the people and organizations that are working hard to make the community a better place for everybody, every day. For Good is a podcast created by Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) in partnership with WFYI that features new episodes on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Learn more or listen to past episodes at
By Wiebke Johanning
Protestbewegungen verändern die Gesellschaft. Die Bewegungsstiftung unterstützt sie mit Geld und Beratung. Wir sprechen mit Aktivist*Innen, Forscher*Innen und Förderer*Innen über Politik, soziale Bewegungen und wie man Geld strategisch für sozialen Wandel einsetzen kann.
Beyond the Home
By Habitat for Humanity of Kent County
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County’s look into the people, places, events, and stories that brings us together to build homes, communities, and hope.
Better World Radio
By TisBest Philanthropy
This is Better World Radio, a production of TisBest Philanthropy. We're a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits through our unique giving programs. TisBest Charity Gift Cards are the tools we use to turn anyone - no matter their age or economic status-into a philanthropist. Over the last 8 years we've worked with thousands of people who are giving their time, talent, and treasure to make this world a better place, and we've learned a lot about giving along the way. Every month we share some of what we've learned with you here on Better World Radio, along with stories from people who are doing their best to create a better world.
By Drammensbiblioteket
Vi anbefaler filmer, bøker, musikk og spill.
Burlington Humane Podcast
By Burlington Humane Society
Tune in and learn about the Burlington Humane Society.
Business of Ferrets
By Business of Ferrets
The Business of Ferrets podcast is put together by the team at investigative journalism cooperative
Climate Change Podcast
By Chima A. Nwala
What Climate Issues Are You Most Concerned With? Carbon emissions? Ozone layer depletion, deforestation? Ocean currents? Global temperature changes? SAPCO2 Podcast discusses trending climate issues while presenting novel solutions from innovative companies, labs and non-governmental entities.
Other People's Business
An entertaining talk with businesses in New Jersey, Other People's Business is a podcast from the New Jersey Business and Industry Association where we ask guests a series of questions that include ice breakers and business info that both educate and entertain.
PPAG Conversations
By PPAG Membership
Hosted by Dr. Bob John, a member of the PPAG Board of Directors, PPAG Conversations is the official Podcast of the Pediatric Pharmacy Association. PPAG Conversations highlights current topics in pediatric and neonatal critical care, general pediatrics, and hematology/oncology.
Filantropica Chihuahua
El podcast oficial de la casa hogar Filantropica Chihuahua de Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico.
F*** Cancer-podden
By Ung Cancer
F*** Cancer-podden är en podd av organisationen Ung Cancer. I podden möter Ung Cancers grundare Julia Mjörnstedt andra unga vuxna cancerdrabbade. Inga ämnen är tabu, inga frågor för läskiga att ställa.
Professionals in Animal Rescue
By Animal Rescue Professionals Association (ARPA)
The Animal Rescue Professionals Association (ARPA) is dedicated to the education, training, certification and support of the community of people focused on saving animals. Animal rescue professionals have many different backgrounds and experiences and work in rescues and shelters, as photographers and transporters, and even as vets, vet techs and attorneys. This podcast is focused on interviewing the professionals in the industry to provide you with real-world best practices, stories and examples of how you can be involved.
By Udenrigsministeriet
’Ambassadørerne’ er Udenrigsministeriets podcast, hvor skiftende ambassadører bliver interviewet om aktuelle emner. Analyser fra Danmarks udkigsposter i hele verden og et indblik i diplomatiets arbejde.
Face of Opportunity
By Opportunity House
Opportunity House is a multi-service organization improving the quality of life for children, families and adults who face various obstacles to independent living.
Family Policy Radio
By Director Joseph Backholm
Family Policy Radio brought to you by Family Policy Institute of Washington state rep for Focus on the family.
Family Promise of Spokane Podcast
By Family Promise
This podcast is created for the purpose of resourcing and encouraging volunteers as they help homeless families.
FAO ComDev's Podcast
By FAO ComDev
Sharing over 30 years of experience of FAO in applying Communication for Development methods and tools in agriculture and rural development
By Murray Kidd
A programme from the Manawatu Fire Service about fire safety.
First Baptist Church of Weatherford, TX Podcast
Thank you for listening to the sermon podcast for First Baptist Church in Weatherford, TX. You can find out more about us at our website
By Firesteel
Firesteel is a network of Washington YWCAs committed to ending homelessness through innovative advocacy. Spark change. End homelessness.
Flatting Today
By Kevin Reilly
A look at renting and rental housing from the Manawatu Tenants' Union
First 5 LA
By First 5 LA
Panels, Interviews, and more from First 5 LA
For Your Ears Only
By Calibre Audio Library
For Your Ears Only is Calibre's free, quarterly magazine for members who select a personal reading list. It introduces our latest books and suggests other that may be of interest to you.
Foster2Foster with Dr. Anissa McNeil
By UBN Radio
Foster 2 Foster Radio show is a positive uplifting show which discussed topics on foster youth. Each show is developed based on a question or topic from a foster child.
FPMC Podcast
By Frat Pack Movie Club
Frat Pack Movie Club sine podcaster, med nyheiter, konkurransar og musikk.