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Asia Abridged
By Asia Society
The most memorable moments from Asia Society’s acclaimed programming, delivered in 15 minutes or less. We choose the most enlightening, fascinating, and entertaining events and conversations and turn them in to easy-to-digest podcast episodes. If you have a passion for Asia — including arts, culture, current affairs, policy, Asian-American issues, and more — subscribe today.
Stop the Machine
By Philip Lymbery
Join Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming as he meets the philosophers and farmers, lobbyists and scientists behind the revolution in food that aims to bring an end to factory farming. Theme music by Jordan Bellamy from original music: Run by Ross Bugden ( Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 (
Social Good HQ Podcast
By Caroline McKenna -
Social Good HQ podcast was created to support you through your Charity/Social Enterprise Journey. I know from first hand experience how hard it is to juggle your workload and trying to prioritise feels really overwhelming sometimes! You will hear practical advice and tips from me, Caroline McKenna, Social Good HQ Founder and CEO of Dundee International Women's Centre, in addition I will bring along some guests to give you their advice and expertise. This podcast is designed to provide practical support and to help you focus on what will truly make the difference for your organisation in the long term.
That's All I Have To Say About That
By Africa Business Radio
Africa Business Radio provides insights and analysis into Africa Business landscape. We cover from emerging startup to macroeconomic stories across Africa with a unique focus on doing business in Africa.
On The Engender
By Engender
On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast. It is produced by Engender, and features experts from across the women's sector in Scotland.
Share Impact
By Kat Luckock
Listen to amazing female social entrepreneurs share their stories
Reading Downtown Improvement District
By Downtown Improvement District
The Reading Downtown Improvement District is focused on creating a vital, productive and commercially active environment in downtown Reading.
NonProfit Nuggets with Jennifer Yarbrough
By Jennifer Yarbrough
Are you a nonprofit leader who is looking for real insight into how to successfully startup, fundraise for, or successfully lead your nonprofit organization. If you answered yes, this podcast is for you. In this podcast you will discover: 1. What a nonprofit really is; 2. Grant tips; and, 3. Ways to raise money for your nonprofit I share with you how I have raised hundreds of millions of dollars stretching beyond traditional grants, and trained thousands of organizations across the globe. Sign up for my newsletter. Http://
On the Docket -
On the Docket with the National Drug Court Resource Center is a podcast series that explores problem-solving courts working to address substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders within the criminal justice system. These voluntary programs serve as a form of deferred adjudication that focuses on rehabilitation and treatment, rather than incarceration. This podcast and the National Drug Court Resource Center are brought to you by the Justice Programs Office, a center within the School of Public Affairs at American University, and in part by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, which is housed under the Department of Justice. The ideas and thoughts expressed in this podcast do not directly reflect those of the Justice Programs Office, American University, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, or the Department of Justice. For more information, please visit: and Follow us on Twitter: @theNDCRC and @AU_JPO. | Produced, mixed, & edited by Anna Koozmin, Justice Programs Office at American University | Music by Peter Gresser (Song: "Skipping in the No Standing Zone")
By LaQwonna Glaster
SOF TALKS is a podcast from Sisters Of Faith Women's Ministry Founder, LaQwonna Glaster. LaQwonna will be joined by women and sometimes men who have experienced adversity in life but God allowed them to make it through. LaQwonna's focus is on being better not bitter. Tune in, there might be someone you can really connect with, whose life can help you or someone you know.
Network Latino
By David Escobar
Network Latino ha sido creado para pastores y líderes,así sea que estas emprendiendo una iglesia o quieras llevar tu ministerio al siguiente nivel. Nuestra Misión es sencilla: "Extender el impacto de la iglesia local." La información aquí proporcionada es con fines de dar herramientas para ser mas eficientes en el trabajo de la iglesia local. Lo que te sirva, tómalo. Lo que no, deséchalo. Simplemente compartiremos información que nos ha ayudado en nuestra jornada de emprendimiento de la iglesia local.
Caring for the Caregivers Podcast: Domestic Violence Caregivers|Self-Care|Positive Psychology
By Indrani's Light Foundation: Indrani Goradia, Amy Jaffe, Jeremie Miller
Indrani's Light Foundation has a mission to improve the level of care for domestic violence survivors in Women's Shelters by supporting the front-line caregivers in reducing compassion fatigue and burnout. The Caring for the Caregivers Podcast has been created to support you, the Caregiver, in the amazing work you do every day to make a difference in the lives of your clients and their children. With a focus on setting boundaries, building shame resilience, and improving your self-care, Indrani, Amy, and Jeremie provide the tools and answers you need to deal with the challenging situations you are facing every day in both your work and personal life.
Released Into Captivity: Hope After the Cage
By Daniel Herron
A podcast for everyone affected by the justice system and incarceration. Released Into Captivity is a series of raw conversations about the struggle to assimilate into society after release and the tools for everyone affected to succeed.
50 Coffees in London
By OuiShare Radio
Bernie Mitchell is on a mission to connect 50 people in London around the collaborative economy!
Headstrong Podcast
We All Do Better
By Jimmy & Wyatt
Raw moments that will change the way you think about the nonprofit community. We sit down with leaders and do-gooders from Idaho to talk about what it takes to make a difference for others. And what keeps them up at night and what inspires them. Make sure to find talk with us on Facebook and at
New York City Bar Association Podcasts
By New York City Bar Association
Podcasts and event recordings from the New York City Bar Association
Silver & Gold
By Stacie Simpson
A place for Girl Scout adults to connect, grab great ideas, share cool stuff, and feel like you're never alone, because you've always got friends - new or old - silver and gold.
Giving Thought
By Giving Thought
Giving Thought is the think tank for doing good hosted within the Charities Aid Foundation's London office. We are experts on trends in global civil society and giving. Your hosts for the Giving Thought podcast, Rhodri Davies and Adam Pickering, take a theme each week from events in the news and the world of philanthropy and civil society and considers what it means for donors and charities around the world. For more in depth content from Giving Thought, please visit
Global Press Passport
By Global Press
The Global Press Passport podcast, explores pressing issues in international journalism and current global topics. New episodes are released once a month, featuring special guests and Global Press reporters and staff from around the world. Hosted by Kyana Moghadam.
Ignite 2 Impact Podcast
Conversations with leaders that are igniting their community, our nation and the world to be a better place. Be inspired and enlightened as we pull back the curtain and dive into intimate and energetic dialog with tips and tactics from achievers and doers with host and Master Leadership Strategist, Dr. Geneva Williams. Audiobooks
Free audio versions of original books from Press, on philosophy, history, economics, and more.
Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs
By Gene Cook, Jr. , Producer
This podcast discusses issues related to your legacy, military service, post traumatic stress and other challenges that life presents.
Miles for Meals: The Podcast
By Miles for Meals
Three 23-year-old friends from Cleveland, Ohio are bicycling across the United States from Myrtle Beach, SC to San Francisco, CA this summer while volunteering for the national hunger alleviation nonprofit Feeding America. Here they hope to capture the stories about the people they meet, and the places they visit. Visit for more info!
By Heather Petraszko
Interviews and conversations with PACE employees about PACE programs. PACE Talk highlights PACE programs (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.)
Planeta Sustentável – Áudios Novo Tempo
By Áudios Novo Tempo
Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre meio ambiente e preservação das espécies. Vai ao ar às terças-feiras às 05h, durante o programa Chamada Brasil.
Camp Awakening Leadership Podcast
By Camp Awakening
The Camp Awakening Leadership Podcast is a place to be equipped and trained as a leader to impact your local church! Camp Awakening is a spirit-filled youth camp dedicated to awakening the gifting and callings of God on the inside of every believer.
CCI-Toronto - CV+ Podcast, Special Edition June 2017
By CCI-Toronto and Area Chapter
CONDO VOICE (CV) is the award winning, quarterly publication of the Toronto & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). CV+ presents audio articles that complement each issue, providing readers with an opportunity to hear CONDO VOICE. Enjoy our free podcasts and visit for free access to the CONDO VOICE archive dating back to 2002. Thank you for supporting our non-profit organization. Podcast presenters, the Canadian Condominium Institute and its representatives will not be held liable in any respect whatsoever for any statement or advice presented herein. These audio presentations should not be relied upon as a professional opinion or as an authoritative or comprehensive answer in any case. Professional advice should be obtained after discussing all particulars applicable in the specific circumstances in order to obtain an opinion or report capable of absolving condominium directors from liability [under s. 37 (3) (b) of the Condominium Act, 1998]. Presenters' views expressed are not necessarily those of the Canadian Condominium Institute.
CCI-Toronto - CV+ Podcast, Summer 2017
By CCI-Toronto and Area Chapter
CONDO VOICE (CV) is the award winning, quarterly publication of the Toronto & Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). CV+ presents audio articles that complement each issue, providing readers with an opportunity to hear CONDO VOICE. Enjoy our free podcasts and visit for free access to the CONDO VOICE archive dating back to 2002. Thank you for supporting our non-profit organization. Podcast presenters, the Canadian Condominium Institute and its representatives will not be held liable in any respect whatsoever for any statement or advice presented herein. These audio presentations should not be relied upon as a professional opinion or as an authoritative or comprehensive answer in any case. Professional advice should be obtained after discussing all particulars applicable in the specific circumstances in order to obtain an opinion or report capable of absolving condominium directors from liability [under s. 37 (3) (b) of the Condominium Act, 1998]. Presenters' views expressed are not necessarily those of the Canadian Condominium Institute.
IRL: Online Life Is Real Life
By Mozilla
Our online life is real life. We walk, talk, work, LOL and even love on the Internet – but we don’t always treat it like real life. Host Veronica Belmont explores this disconnect with stories from the wilds of the Web – and gets to the bottom of online issues that affect us all. Whether it’s privacy breaches, closed platforms, hacking, fake news, or cyber bullying, we the people have the power to change the course of the Internet, keeping it healthy, weird, and wonderful for everyone.
Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast
By Stanford Social Innovation Review / SSIR
Audio talks and lectures by leaders of social change, brought to you by Social Innovation Conversations, co-hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review's Managing Editor Eric Nee.
St. Dunstan's San Diego Sermons
By Darin Marvin
Sermons given to parishioners and congregants at St. Dunstan's San Diego church. These are normally from the 10:30am service on Sundays, but may also include sermons given during special feast days and holy days. Sermons are often given by our head rector, The Very Reverent Kent Branstetter, but may also be given by our other clergy or officiating guests.
Three Distinct Knocks
By Wor. David Riley and Bro. Nicholas Harvey
*We believe that Freemasonry provides a genuine initiatory experience and a pathway to mature masculinity. The Gentle Craft brings together men who might have otherwise been divided by class, race, religion, or sectarian opinion and allows them to become friends and Brothers. It provides important moral instruction and non-dogmatic support for faith in the Divine. It gives men a sense of their place in society, in history, and in the universe. Freemasonry is not only relevant for men in our modern age, but essential.**We believe candidates should be provided the best possible experience in joining the Fraternity. The experience of being Entered, Passed and Raised should be deeply moving, impressive, and memorable. But these experiences are essential but insufficient for a truly good candidate experience. The traditional education for candidates consisting of memorization of catechisms or lectures provides an excellent opportunity to introduce candidates to the philosophy, history, and traditions of the Fraternity. Mere memorization isn’t education. It is imperative that candidates be provided with the opportunity to begin to develop a real understanding of the degrees and the Craft.***We believe in the tradition of making “daily progress in Freemasonry.” Freemasonry is a progressive science — that is to say, it is a body of knowledge that requires study and effort. Only through such study does a man progress in his understanding of the Mysteries of Masonry and begin to improve himself and, thereby, his community. It is our hope that as we build more resources on our website we can become a resource for those in the Craft seeking to make daily progress.– Worshipful Brother David Riley and Brother Nicholas Harvey
She Roars: Thought Leadership for Women in Social Change
By Vanessa Wakeman
Vanessa Wakeman is a bold visionary in the world of social change. Since launching The Wakeman Agency in 2003, she has been recognized as a champion for nonprofits and progressive organizations. Her deep knowledge about the politics of social change, and mastery at advancing the efforts of nonprofits, has made her a trusted advisor to organizations around the country. In 2016, as a natural extension of her years of PR coaching for nonprofit executives and leaders, Vanessa launched She Roars, the first thought leadership program for women in the social change sector. Through her writing, speaking, and leadership, she seeks to create a revolution that amplifies the voices of women working in the nonprofit world, with the goal of developing 2,020 female thought leaders by the year 2020. The She Roars podcast features interviews with groundbreaking female thought leaders, who are actively changing the world for the better through their impassioned work.
Equity Dialogues
By ALF Tacoma/Pierce County Class XXII
Diverse voices sharing their experiences and perspectives on equity.
Cottingham's Edge
Dante Cottingham's focused approach and willingness to ask tough, penetrating questions leads these Pod Cast Conversations to the Edge, exposing fellow Racinians true perspectives, feelings and insights on topics, social issues, problems and solutions that mean so much to the future of Racine County.
CCLM - Christus Centrum Limburg
By Christus Centrum Limburg
ACHTUNG! Der Podcast befindet sich gerade parallel zur neuen Website im Aufbau. Bitte haben Sie noch etwas Geduld. Hier erhalten Sie jeden Sonntag eine neue Predigt, die Ihren Glauben und die Beziehung mit Gott stärken wird. Sie sind Herzlich Willkommen einen unserer Gottesdienste, jeden Sonntag von 10 - 12 Uhr in Limburg a.d. Lahn zu besuchen. Sie können uns auch ganz einfach jeden Sonntag in unserem Live-Stream besuchen. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auch auf unserer Website unter
Radio Interviews for MyAegean | Community
By MyAegean
(This is a podcast of various interviews on local or web radio stations for MyAegean) MyAegean is a student initiative of the University of the Aegean. It has come to act as a springboard for creative collaboration and exchange of ideas, a vehicle which encourage and promote direct, collective and qualitative communication and information exchange, without geographical restrictions.
Living Word Oak Harbor
By Living Word Oak Harbor
Welcome to the weekly sermon podcast for Living Word Foursquare Church in Oak Harbor, WA. Our hope is that listening will encourage you in your relationship with God and to grow closer to Jesus. Visit us at
Stimmen der Bibliothek
By Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
“Stimmen der Bibliothek” ist eine Audioreise hinter die Kulissen der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Die Interviews unserer Auszubildenden mit Bibliotheksmitarbeiter*innen geben einen ungewohnten Eindruck vom Facettenreichtum der Bibliothek - seien es die Vielfalt der Bestände oder die Spannweite unserer Aufgaben. Der Podcast soll interessiertes Fachpublikum ansprechen, neugierige Einsteiger begeistern und jedem etwas Neues über die Bibliothek vermitteln.
R-ACT Theatre Productions Podcast
By The Social Voice Podcast Network
R-ACT Theatre Productions is a community of creative and motivated artists who work and play to keep the arts alive in Beaver County, Pennsylvania and beyond.
Sky Ranch Parent Camp
By Sky Ranch Parent Camp
The Official Parent Podcast of Sky Ranch Camps
RTP's Free Lunch Podcast
By The Federalist Society
The Regulatory Transparency Project seeks to combat the excesses of the administrative state in this country. All too often, over-regulation of the economy stifles innovation, productivity, opportunity and ultimately, the American Dream. We want people to look at regulations which are burdensome and extremely inefficient and not simply submit to them as the cost of doing business but, rather, look for real and concrete ways to change them for the better. The RTP is a years-long endeavor designed to reach and to educate a broad audience. The purpose, in part, is to illustrate that regulatory excess is not a partisan issue but, a good government issue. We believe that such an approach can lead to both immediate change and, more importantly, development of a healthy societal skepticism of regulation.
Radiant Christian Life Church Podcast
By RCL Staff
The weekly sermon Podcast of Radiant Christian Life Church. Join us each Sunday for weekly worship services and join us at for a roundup of events throughout the week.
John Nuzzo Leadership Podcast | A pastor's insights on leadership for the whole church
By Pastor John Nuzzo - Christian speaker and founder of Victory Family Church
Welcome to the John Nuzzo Leadership Podcast, a monthly discussion of essential church leadership skills including communication, delegation, creativity, and flexibility. The goal of this leadership podcast is to equip church leaders of all ages and positions (pastors, staff members, and volunteers) with the skills they need to impact the world for Christ. John Nuzzo is a pastor, communicator, and the founder of Victory Family Church in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. For additional information, visit
Helping Parents Succeed
By Helping Parents Succeed
The Helping Parents Succeed Podcast is designed for those on the front-lines of child welfare work. Parent Aides, Case Aides, Case Managers, Foster Parents, Attorneys, Therapists, and Peer Mentors... joining together to see families preserved and strengthened.
CBIC Podcasts
By Eric Preuss
(CBIC) is a voluntary autonomous multidisciplinary board that provides direction for and administers the certification process for professionals in infection control and applied epidemiology. The mission of CBIC is to protect the public by raising the standard of the infection prevention and control profession through the development, administration, and promotion of an accredited certification process.
Positively Roswell
By Tai Anderson
Spreading the positive stories of local leaders in Roswell, Georgia.
Civil Fights
A podcast by the ACLU-WV about civil rights, the constitution, and how the law affects real peoples' lives. One nation, under pod.
The Children's Lantern Podcast
By Adam and Alyssa Tracy
This Show is to help bring light to some very dark subjects. We help in Foster Care, Funding Adoptions, Freeing Trafficked Victims, and Missions work both internationally and domestic. Information coming your way on a weekly basis of what you can do to stand in the gap to help helpless children. This will also be information on what Children's Lantern does on a regular basis.
The Permanent Record
By Just City/OAM
The Permanent Record is a new podcast from Just City. It features conversations about the criminal justice system and how we can work together to make it smaller, fairer, and better for everyone.
By Immigrant Defense Project
Indefensible is a podcast series brought to you by the Immigrant Defense Project. Over five episodes, we'll bring you stories from people who are standing up and holding out; fighting to be with their families. They say they’re here to stay.
Finders Keepers Podcast
By Joseph Baker Productions
The Finders Keepers Podcast is designed to help nonprofits find and keep donors!
ExpandED Conversations Podcast
By Sherita Love
ExpandED Conversations connects with those who are changing the perception of what education is and what it can be.
Talking Home Care
By Patricia Kelleher
Home care is one of the fastest growing sectors of the health care industry. Each month, Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts executive director Patricia Kelleher talks with leaders and thinkers about the trends that affect every home care agency.
Brewer UMC - Brewer, MS
By Chad Bowen
Sermons from Brewer UMC
The Do Good Podcast
By The Do Good Podcast
The Do Good Podcast interviews leading social impact professionals to analyze some of the most pressing public policy challenges we face as a society. Hosted by Marc Berkman, an attorney and former senior Congressional advisor, and Dr. Shlomy Kattan, a non-profit executive and education expert, the Do Good Podcast focuses on professional do-gooders, the people on the ground working day-in and day-out to solve a specific policy problem, and gives them a platform to share their expertise. We have a no-fluff, no-spin policy. We dive deep to understand the policy nuances and tradeoffs inherent in the tough challenges we face today, and to examine why these problems persist.
The New American Veteran
By GallantFew
TNAV highlights veterans who have successfully transitioned, explores resources that help veterans, and raises awareness of veteran issues.
National Federation of the Blind Presidential Releases - Spanish
By National Federation of the Blind
For many years, our national president has disseminated information to our members across the United States by way of a short recording highlighting major events of the recent past and approaching future.
Bay Hills Community Church
By David Fasold
Weekly Sermons from Bay Hills Community Church in El Sobrante, Ca
Knowing Me Ministries broadcast
By Knowing Me Ministries
Knowing Me-Ministries is a husband and wife homeless outreach team focused on building relationships with our homeless neighbors. Knowing Me-Ministries began as an alternative approach to homelessness and as a belief that the best way to deal with those experiencing homelessness and the problems with homelessness in our society is through relationship. Knowing Me-Ministries podcasts focus on specific issues, topics and questions that people often have concerning homelessness. Our podcast will also showcase stories shared by our homeless neighbors throughout Portland, Oregon. Knowing Me-Ministries is working with Mary Anne Funk of Ailgif Media: to produce our weekly podcasts. We are just starting our podcast series. Please follow us for listening to our weekly topics and stories. We would love to hear from you to hear what you think about a particular podcast and to find out from you what topics you would like us to discuss pertaining to homelessness.
Biking In Color
By Triangle Bikeworks
a podcast about the intersection of bikes & youth of color and how the simple act of riding a bike can make a massive impact on their lives.
What Would Alice Paul Do?
By Melissa Currence and Amy Hjerstedt
You're inspired to do greatness! And we're inspired by you! This podcast demystifies what it means to be in League of Women Voters today. We are volunteers with the League of Women Voters, a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage all citizens in the decisions that impact their lives. We share stories, tips and how-tos to make sure you are informed and can activity participate in government. Continue the conversation at
By Södra
Skogen och framtiden är en podd för dig som är intresserad av just skogen och framtiden. Den görs av Marcus Svensson, näringspolitisk kommunikatör, Mats Blomberg, näringspolitisk samordnare och Göran Örlander, skogsstrateg. Tillsammans utgör de Södras näringspolitiska team.
Young Voices Podcast
By Young Voices
The Young Voices Podcast is your first stop for hearing opinion and political analysis from millennials across the world. Young people have a unique perspective on news & politics that impact everyday people's lives. At Young Voices we seek to find and amplify those young voices to media outlets and consumers of news around the globe.
Energy 360
By CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies
Energy 360 examines the energy landscape from the intersection of policy, markets, technologies, and geopolitics. With commentary from leading energy and CSIS experts, we provide context and perspective on the most critical issues shaping energy today. Hosted by the CSIS Energy and National Security Program.
GaySA Radio Podcasts
By GaySA Radio
The best interviews and shows from GaySA Radio's - Africa's only LGBTQ+ internet radio station.
Get Loud With Linda! Podcast
By Ontario Nurses' Association
Want to know what life-changing event got ONA President Linda Haslam-Stroud to become involved in her Union? Or what she wants you to GET LOUD about? Answers to these questions and many more are contained in Linda's first-ever podcast.
Healthy Relationship Talk Radio
By Daaiyah Cixx
Learn why relationships fall apart from some of the most simplest things. Also, learn how you can avoid wrecking your relationship by shifting your mind state about your partner. If you understood what role you played in your relationship, you can set the stage for success each time.
By SPF Seniorerna
En podd om allt det som är viktigt i livet för dig med livserfarenhet. Seniorpodden produceras av SPF Seniorerna. Vi jobbar hårt för att förbättra och göra en skillnad för de äldre i samhället. Programledare: Anders Lundblad
Prophetic Resistance Podcast
By Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews
The Prophetic Resistance Podcast travels the country to talk to our beloved community of freedom-fighters, justice-seekers and faith leaders. We are asking how - in this moment - leaders of faith and moral courage can cultivate prophetic resistance rooted in revolutionary love.
Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast
By The Social Voice Podcast Network
The Little Beaver Historical Society podcast celebrates and promotes the history and culture of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
Eight Fifty Three
By Phil Ybarrolaza
Eight Fifty Three is a podcast about labor issues that affect Northern California.
How Do We Make It Better
By Doug Abdiel
A Podcast where we explore how thoughtful people from Government, the Private Sector, Social Enterprise, and nonprofits are trying to make the world a better place. Listen to their case, and see if you want to help, if not, then just enjoy listening to someone with a very different perspective.
Stress-Less Fundraising Podcast
By Smith & Dale
Angie Smith and Deb Dale, CFRE, are fundraising consultants who’ve worn all the hats: development director, executive director, event volunteer, board member… and now, having worked with hundreds of nonprofits and funding organizations, they’ve seen it all! Learn why they want to share some of their stories ‘from the trenches’ with other industry professionals and volunteers ~ like you! Meet other folks who’ve been there, too ~ as fundraisers, funders, volunteers, and civic leaders ~ and learn from their perspectives, while having some fun.
NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Development
By Center for Specialized REALTOR® Education
NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Development podcast focuses on education in the real estate industry and is hosted by Monica Neubauer, an award-winning industry leader, speaker, and instructor based in Nashville, TN. The podcast discusses formal and informal sources of industry knowledge, including NAR education and credential programs. This podcast is for REALTORS®, REALTOR® associations, real estate and allied professionals, real estate educators, education providers such as schools, and consumers.
En podcast av Stockholms Elevkårer
Back To The Altar Leadership Podcast
By Glen Berteau: Pastor, Leader, and Teacher
Back to the Altar Leadership is a tool to train and equip you for leadership, specifically Christian ministry leadership. If you are currently, or if you desire to be a Pastor or leader in any capacity, as a career or as a volunteer, you need to hear this podcast!
Remedy City Church
By Teaching Team
Remedy City Church teaching and podcasts
Siloam Community Church
By Pursuing happiness in Christ
Sermons preached on Sundays at Siloam Community Church in Norcross, Georgia.
Girl Above
By Girl Above
Set Your Mind on Things Above
Calvary Chapel Portsmouth
By Barry Forder
This is our Podcast. We're a Bible believing Church meeting at Barncroft Primary School, Havant, Hampshire, UK
By Sola Mathew
Help Connecting Donors and Donees, NGOs and Volunteers.
Celebration of Life Church Bozeman
It is our desire at Celebration of Life Church to reach into Bozeman and the entire Gallatin Valley with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and impact it for the Kingdom of God; to go beyond the four walls of the church and touch people in our community with the love of God; and to share the goodness of God in such a way that it will draw all men into a loving relationship with the One True Living God. We also desire to train up in the Word of God and encourage them to take the Gospel message to our community through various outreaches and evangelism. Enjoy our podcast and feel free to visit us.
CPOP Radio: United Way of Greater Los Angeles
By United Way of Greater Los Angeles
Brought to you by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, CPOP Radio is home to the Creating Pathways out of Poverty Podcast. It’s LA’s number one source for all things non-profit, and we’re covering everything from financial literacy, to corporate giving, to eradicating homelessness. You’ll hear directly from the most engaging leaders in LA, on the issues that face our city today and in the years to come.
CMOS 51st Congress - Future Earth Interviews
By Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's 51st Congress (CMOS Congress) will be held from 4 June to 8 June, 2017 at the Downtown Hilton Toronto, Ontario. The theme of the congress is "Future Earth: Weather, Oceans, Climate". The congress will bring together over 600 scientists and other professionals from across Canada and other countries, with a focus on topics in atmospheric, ocean and earth sciences. Interviews, by Dr. Sarah Knight of the Congress Communications Team, with some of CMOS' top scientists, will be conducted and included here in the run-up to the Congress in June. With over 40 scientific sessions covering a range of highly relevant topics - many of which are essential research areas for the health of the planet and its inhabitants - the CMOS Congress is a crucial gathering for some of Canada's top environmental scientists. (
PGgrowth - Planned Giving podcast
By Ed Sluga, CFRE
Strategies, wisdom and insights into creating, operating and benefiting from a Planned Giving program at your charitable organization.
Aid for Aid Workers
By Torrey Peace | Uniting Aid Workers to Discover Better Ways of Leading
Join the search for better ways of leading and living with a podcast tailored to the unique challenges of international development.
Chaplaincy Alive!
By College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy
Chaplaincy Alive! is a new podcast production by the CPSP Communications Committee, featuring the work and expertise of the members of CPSP, as well as distinguished members of the broader clinical pastoral community and beyond.
The Lion's Roar: South Carolina State Library Podcast
By South Carolina State Library
The Lion's Roar is a biweekly news podcast highlighting what's happening in South Carolina's library world and is sponsored by the South Carolina State Library.
‘Libera la vita’, contro la schiavitù della prostituzione – Radio Voce della Speranza
By ‘Libera la vita’, contro la schiavitù della prostituzione – Radio Voce della Speranza
Una campagna radiofonica contro la riduzione in schiavitù di tante donne costrette a prostituirsi in Italia. Riflessioni e interviste a cura di Adelina e Roberto Vacca ad esponenti di associazioni e delle Forze dell’ordine, alle ragazze costrette a prostituirsi e ai loro “clienti”, a giornalisti, avvocati, religiosi, sul tema drammatico della prostituzione forzata.
Full Curl Podcast with Rachel Ahtila
By Rachel Ahtila | Hunter | Conservationist | Guide | Writer | Photographer
Welcome to the Full Curl Podcast! Join your host, Rachel Ahtila, where we not only cover topics about hunting some of the most elusive species in the world’s most prestigious landscapes, but also the conservation that goes into preserving our wild heritage. We will share tips and tactics, gear, hunting stories and knowledge from some of the great hunters of our time. We will talk with biologists, and prominent conservation spokespeople about the practices that are being carried out to ensure a great future for our wildlife. Join us every Friday morning for the next release of the Full Curl Podcast. Once you have listened to the show, follow up with our episode notes on the topics we covered.
Holocaust Educational Trust – Podcast Series
By Holocaust Educational Trust
A series of interviews and lectures from the Holocaust Educational Trust. The Trust works with schools, colleges and communities across the UK to educate about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance. This podcast series is just one of the ways that we promote education which helps to combat antisemitism, racism and prejudice in our society today and ensures the Holocaust has a permanent place in Britain’s collective memory.
Week in Review
By Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
test highlight for week of 07-06-2015
United Soybean Podcast
The United Soybean Board presents a weekly in-depth look at a topic important to soybean producers.
Nonprofit Optimist
By Molly MacCready - Nonprofit Founder, Executive Director, Podcast Host, Non-profit Collaborator and Supporter of Social Good
The Nonprofit Optimist podcast showcases positive change agents and talks through lessons that their small nonprofits have learned. With interviews of executive directors, founders, board members and staff leaders, we share practical advice based on real experiences working in the non-profit sector. Since most nonprofit professionals wear many hats, this is a great opportunity to learn how to grow your small nonprofit without needing to re-invent the wheel!
Bridgespan Group Audio Summaries
By The Bridgespan Group
What makes the best nonprofits, philanthropists and foundations so effective? Article summaries, interviews, group discussions and more to help mission-driven organizations of all types advance their learning and accelerate their impact.
On the Inside Track
Debbie Hazelton interviews many blind individuals who are well known for their unique personalities and successes.
Philanthropy Podcast: A Resource for Leaders and Development, Advancement, and Fundraising Professio...
By Sean MacCready, CFRE - Fundraiser, podcaster, philanthropy educator
Explore the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, and more to become a better development professional or volunteer. Find ideas to benefit the institutional advancement efforts of your non-profit, charity, or organization and submit your challenges to be featured in a show. Connect with industry experts for in-depth interviews, hear important topics discussed in depth, discover the latest in innovative ideas in philanthropy, and learn from reviews of conferences, books, and services in the field.