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By Library Love
Love reading? Want to find your next book and hear library secrets? Then listen to the Library Love podcast where share our love of books (and more) with you. From Falkirk Community Trust Libraries in Central Scotland. Contact us on the blog at or on Facebook (Falkirk Libraries) or on Twitter (@LibFalkirk)
By Charles Chandler
The podcast explores stories about organizations and their performance, as well as relationships between management theory and practice.
By The Maryland Crabs
Did the Governor pull a boneheaded move? Does a new national policy affect you? What are the best things to do in Annapolis? Who can stir the pot and who can calm it down? Tune into The Maryland Crabs and find out. Maryland's ESSENTIAL Podcast!
By EBCI Cherokee NOW
Talk show dedicated to sharing EBCI topics of interest.
By RightWisconsin
RightWisconsin Conversations is a series of interviews with the newsmakers that make Wisconsin conservative politics interesting.
The Local Food Report can be heard every Thursday on WCAI, the local NPR station for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the South Coast. From farmers markets to backyard gardens, wild forage to home kitchen recipes, the Local Food Report explores the Cape, Islands, and South Coast to find out what's in season and what to do with it.
By Peter Banjo
Despite an "international coalition of good intentions" hand-outs aka. 'aid' have not lived up to their promise but have become involved in maintaining a structure of illegitimate government and ugly mismanagement.
By Swell Story Media
Coming Soon!
By Susanna Lans
Om och från Uppsala. Tre trallande jäntor från lyfter, hyllar och funderar med utgångspunkt från staden vi älskar. Högt och ibland vanskligt lågt. Aldrig grinigt och ofta gapskrattandes ...
By Marc Gunn
Alabama will elect a new senator to fill Jeff Sessions seat in the Senate on December 12, 2017. There are two candidates currently vying for the position: Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Moore is corrupt beyond belief, but who is Doug Jones. This podcast will dig into Alabama politics, its place in U.S. politics and our one hope for an honest Congress, Doug Jones!
By DJ叶晓东
A podcast about our coworking space and its members in Bergen, Norway.
系列簡介   資訊科技發展一日千里,網上及科技發展為人類生活帶來方便,但亦有可能對私隱構成威脅。商業競爭劇烈,商家為爭取最大利潤,連客戶個人資料亦用以圖利。電子貨幣消費盛行,為消費者帶來極大方便,但消費之餘亦擔心資料被截引發金錢損失,臉書微博促進人際溝通,咫尺天涯24小時如影隨形,個人私隱行蹤會否被洩。   六集「私隱何價」透過戲劇與個案演繹,分別反映私隱被侵犯或非法盜取個人資料的各種情況。商業利益會否誘使個人私隱被侵犯;員工個人私隱與保障公司利益之間是否存在矛盾;私人機構、政府部門及公共機構處理個人資料時如何確保資料不會外洩;使用電子產品或進行各種網上活動會否存在洩密陷阱;如何平衡公眾利益與個人私隱。   播出時間:2012年9月26日起逢星期三晚上七時無綫電視翡翠台播出            演出 : 林嘉華、糖妹、狄易達、雨僑、Robynn & Kendy、凌梓維、蘇永康、        官恩娜、韋家雄、譚少英、鄭啟泰、李雨揚、陳麗雲、陳曼娜、楊愛瑾 、莊思敏、黃寶漳、         林耀聲、曾志豪、黃素歡、Ben @bro 5、梁漢文、李蘊、張致恆、田啟文、樊奕敏、胡...
By Preston Rezaee, Tyler Morgan, Mark Fierro
Vegas Legal Magazine (VLM) is a quarterly publication by Las Vegas Legal, LLC. Contrary to what our name implies, we are not just another legal publication for attorneys. Instead, Vegas Legal Magazine will cover exciting new topics affecting our city in the three areas of: law, business and lifestyle. Each issue of Vegas Legal Magazine features powerful and prominent figures in the State of Nevada. In short, Vegas Legal Magazine is the must-have publication for professionals who want to stay ...
By John Fisher
In law school, we're taught the basic principles of law, i.e., contracts, torts and constitutional law that we need to pass the bar exam. Fun and interesting? Well, maybe (and yes, we need this stuff to pass the bar exam), but our cranky old law school professors never bothered to teach us how to operate a law practice, get clients and make money. But it's too late to get your tuition back from law school, so what can you do? Just throw up your hands and just keep doing what all of the othe...
By Phil Leirness
Founded in 1925 by business leaders, entertainment figures and politicians, the Los Angeles Breakfast Club is the weekly gathering place for those seeking camaraderie and those who love the history and culture of Los Angeles. “The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR” is a tribute to the days of yesteryear when the LABC was a fixture on the radio and it's a monthly review and preview of happenings at the Democracy of Ham 'N Eggs. The show is hosted and produced by podcast veteran Phil Leirn...
By D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
The DISB Download is a podcast series covering financial services topics impacting D.C. and its residents. The department, known as DISB, regulates financial services businesses in the District. The department’s goal is to protect the interests of District of Columbia consumers from unfair and abusive practices, while providing an equitable business environment for the regulated entities operating in Washington, D.C. To learn more, visit
By Marc Hildebrand: Police Officer & Online Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Marc Hildebrand is a current police officer who struggled with losing weight while working our crazy and unpredictable careers. Since then, he has lost over 100 pounds and now has made it his mission to share his tips/tricks/strategies to live a healthier life as a First Responder. The support continues as Marc shares how he was able to create a successful online fitness business by making other people’s health related goals a priority. Discover how you too can focus on your health so that y...
By Jordan Beane
Check out the official podcast of San Diego City Council candidate Jordan Beane. Each episode Jordan will talk to local leaders, activists and entrepreneurs to talk about the big issues San Diego faces. With in-depth conversations, analysis on the latest from the campaign trail and more, this is your chance to join Jordan as he looks to turn District 2 blue in 2018.
Indian Child Welfare Act: What Caseworkers Need To Know
By City of Norfolk
See the city of Norfolk public hearings, resolutions, and all things that require a city council vote.
By cwills
Keep it Moving with Marsha Jews is a lively hour of interviews and commentary. It’s “hard-edged,” but not without a healthy dose of humor and education. This engaging forum is where listeners can amass information and listen to a passionate host who brings great conversation that surprises and educates a discerning audience.
By KSL Newsradio
You haven't heard the news until you've heard JayMac's take on the news. Commentary, politics, satire and more.
By Safe Berks
Safe Berks provides a safe haven and ongoing support system for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
ALFAスタッフのひどりがお送りする、埼玉中心の情報番組です。基本埼玉を応援しながら、気が向けば埼玉を飛び出します。パーソナリティは、ひどりがお送りします。 ◆お便り投稿先 [email protected] ◆
By megawave763
同人に関してダラダラ話しちゃう番組「music-D」。 岡山県津山市のコミュニティFM[megawave763]にて火曜日22時~放送中です!
By ABS秋田放送
フリーマガジン「のんびり」の編集長・藤本智士がゲストとのんびりトークを繰り広 げる。
By megawave763
By ゆづきちとポンカン
30代後半に差し掛かった大人2人が、日常会話を楽しむpodcastです。 ゆづきち:ガジェット大好きインターネット大好きゲーム少し好きな子育て真っ盛りです。 毎週 月曜・木曜にメイン回(二人の会話) 毎週 土曜に「ゆ回」(ゆづきち一人の話) を配信しています。
By 空想旅行部
毎回さまざまなテーマで作った日本地図を、みんなで広げながら、あれこれわいわい話をする番組です。 【番組の特徴】 ・旅行がちょっと楽しくなるかも? ・日本の多彩さを実感できる? ・地元がちょっとだけ好きになれるかも? ・雑談のネタに使えるかも?
By 二階堂@イス研ラジオ
By DJ MITSUの自爆ラジオ
神奈川県厚木市在住のパーソナリティ DJ MITSUによるラジオプログラム。自爆ラジオ。自爆とは「自虐」という意味ではなく、自ら人生爆発していこう!という意気込みからのネーミングである。 コーナーは夜のドライブ徘徊ルート。甘党MITSUによるドライブコースとB級グルメの紹介コーナーがある。
By 土逼No.4
四九城里聊着荒唐人生,三五知己看透人生百态。我们是土逼NO.4 微信公众平台请搜索tusiguangbo 每周四更新,花椒周四晚上七点半到八点直播,花椒账号50792665
By Trowel and Sword Enterprises, LLC.
A weekly podcast concerning America's education system from a Christian worldview.
By 2009 海生館
By Jerry Kratochvil
The talk of Midwest politics on local, state and national topics.
By Francesc Fort
Les millors entrevistes en profunditat de la ràdio valenciana de proximitat. Cada divendres una nova entrevista a Ràdio Godella i la Xarxa d'Emissores Municipals Valencianes
By Danny Daddon, Gal Schwartz, Enav Sallem
מתגלגלים בקמפוס היא תוכנית אקטואליה שבועית המשודרת ברדיו קול הכנרת (106fm) ומופקת במסגרת המחלקה ללימודי תקשורת במכללה האקדמית כנרת. מידי שבוע מתראיינים בתוכנית עיתונאים ופרשנים בנושאים שעל פרק היום. בנוסף, התוכנית מארחת פינות קבועות של אגודת הסטודנטים, פיקוד הצפון ופינת התרבות. התוכנית מוגשת על ידי גל שוורץ ועינב סלם. דני דדון הוא המפיק הראשי. אביב מנוח מגיש את פינת התרבות ועוזר הפקה.
By 徐州青年之声
徐州青年之声FM 传达新鲜声音,彰显年轻力量!
By Therese Wappsell
Hej på er! Funkispodden är en radiopodcast där jag, Therese Wappsell bjuder in olika gäster och diskuterar ämnen kring funktionshinder. Producerat av Radio Fyris
By Bostads AB Mimer
Vad är egentligen nyttan med allmännyttan? I den allmännyttiga podden går Bostads AB Mimer till botten med frågan. Tillsammans med spännande gäster bjuds lyssnaren på samtal och diskussioner om hur vårt samhälle, våra städer och våra stadsdelar kan utvecklas på bästa sätt. Programledare är Maria Eberhardsson och Anders Rastin.
By Kungsbacka kommun
By 龙岩学院广播电台
Japan is the world's second-largest economy: what happens in business here affects business all over the world. If you're interested in behind-the-scenes interviews with prominent foreign business people who are running large corporations in Japan, subscribe to the Nikkei Weekly Podcast. Every week, we'll bring you the movers and shakers of Japan's business scene - in English, along with headline news highlights, and more.
By Backyard Media
This eight episode series from Backyard Media will showcase the various candidates and issues surrounding the 2017 city council election in Cambridge, MA. We'll give you a firsthand look at the campaign as it unfolds, and help you understand and become engaged with the politics happening in your backyard.
By Miller Johnson
The Miller Johnson Real Estate Podcast is a twice monthly series hosted by attorneys involved in real estate transactions, disputes, and property use with clients. Join in on the conversation as a wide variety of pressing topics are covered from not only a legal position, but also economic, conservation, and sustainability perspectives. From buying and selling to commercial and residential development, our practice group breadth and depth offers a full range of insights and analysis of what n...
IT will explore the process of reimaging an urban community's public transit system.
By New in Lynchburg
Introducing the New in Lynchburg Podcast. This is a weekly show that’s dedicated to helping you get the most out of the Lynchburg area. You’ll get highlights on upcoming events, interviews with interesting people, you’ll learn more about local non-profits and we’ll keep you connected to all the new things going on in Lynchburg.
By Omar Sanchez
Stockton Get Involved is a show that takes a look at the Stockton communiy and highlights organizations, events and people that are making a positive difference. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
By Sacramento County
Providing and distributing programming of interest to residents that will inform, educate, and enlighten, as well as encourage participation in government services, activities, and decision-making. Expanding citizen awareness of government and its decision-making processes by exposing citizens to live and tape delayed government meetings. Enhancing existing public information materials and use cable television as a public information tool. Providing information about programs and services of...
By Matthew Scott
All things Policing and Crime in the UK. Regular interviews and discussion points about security matters and a better look at the role of PCC.
By Clint White
Join your host Clint as he dusts off the lesser known history of the state and investigates the people, events, and places that made the state what it is today.
By Tulsa Noted Podcast
From glass blowers to business owners, the Tulsa Noted Podcast sets out to put a spotlight on Tulsans who are making a difference in their community.
By From the Newsroom: SouthCoast Today
We drive by them every day – memorial signs at various traffic islands, overpasses or bridges, dedicated to the memory of a military hero. Join Linda Roy as she tells the stories behind the names on the signs.
By Luis Hernandez
There's no place anywhere else in the country quite like South Florida. From the Keys all the way up t​he​ Palm Beach​es​, WLRN's new daily program Sundial brings you the stories that make our home unique. Interviews about news, politics, music, sports, arts, and food, all with a local twist.
By Free Jordan
Orlando Road Dawg presents the Listen Orlando Podcast. Powerful Community Site and Mobile App Connecting us together in Orlando.. Put God 1st, Live Life and Visit Orlando - developed by Grace Jordan Studios
By Pipe Dream
Welcome to On the Record, Pipe Dream’s weekly roundup of the news affecting the Binghamton University community. We’ll take a deeper look at some of our headlines, and speak with individuals with stories from on and off campus. Each week you’ll hear from different members of our newsroom on what they’re working on within Pipe Dream.
A new podcast from the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library to keep you in the loop and on the same page about what's happening at your library.
By Mocking Bird Network
Absurd, bizarre, stressful and true, 610 News brings you the semi-latest of local politics and news. Featuring correspondents Brenda Valdivia, Daniel Cohen, Abhinav Kumar, Durrel Douglas, Evan O'Neil, and Dee Dee Waters. Updated weekly, 610 News tackles the the behind the scenes shamelessness of politics and strangeness of our city, Houston, TX. QUESTIONS? NEED ADVICE? EMAIL US at [email protected]
By Andrew Bornhoft: Hawthorne Neighborhood Housing Administrator
Weekly conversations hosted by Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Housing Administrator, Andrew Bornhoft, with Hawthorne Neighborhood influencers, residents, and community partners.
By Brian Plain
These are the stories of good people doing great things in Riverside, IL.
By The Downward Dog
Interviews with pupper people, DIYs just for dog owners, and more! See what we're doing this week!
By Retreat House
Every week I’ll invite a guest to the Retreat House table to talk about a given topic, tell their story or both.
By City Wide Media
Listen as panelists from City of St. Louis' civic, business, religious, non-profit, and journalism sectors discuss the most pressing issues St. Louis as a city faces every other week. #ThePod is recorded LIVE every other week. Visit for information on how to become part of the live audience.
A production of KUER in partnership with Nurture the Creative Mind, “Hear Me Now” hands over the microphone to a group of teens from Ogden, Utah, so they can have a conversation with someone about any topic that’s important to them. From family to local history, depression and diversity, each episode is guided by a teen journalist, asking questions they care about.
By Maryland Association of Counties
Podcast sponsored by the Maryland Association of Counties. The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that serves Maryland’s counties by articulating the needs of local government to the Maryland General Assembly.
By Berry Good Food Foundation
Food, Wellness & Fitness
By Anzac Podcast by Victoria Police
A podcast about Victoria Police members who fought as Anzacs.
By Arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning i Göteborgs Stad
En podcast om allt mellan himmel och jord som rör arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning. Detta är en podcast från Göteborgs Atad
Police Officers Association of Michigan, POAM, is a full service labor organization formed to provide every day labor related services from negotiations, grievance processing, legal and legislative representation to Act 312 arbitrations. Stay tuned for upcoming broadcasts from the POAM Podcast Radio Show to learn more about these issues!
Building New York, a lively conversation hosted by Michael Stoler, New York’s only Monthly television broadcast featuring local and national leaders responsible for real estate activities in the Metropolitan region. The program provides insight to the latest news, developments and economic trends.
The mission of NFM Media is to provide mortgage industry-related insight and analysis through the use of audio and video production by interviewing some of the top thought leaders in home lending.
By Jacob Templet
Host Jacob Templet takes a journey around Houston to visit with local business, bars, restaurants, and sights to see what makes the Bayou City go round.
By Radio Verulam
An exquisite collection of the best food programming from 92.6FM Radio Verulam. Including recipes, interviews and the highlights from our coverage of the St Albans Food and Drink Festival, brought to you by SA Law - #WeLoveLocal
By Kommunalvalgskandidaten
Den 21. november 2017 skal vi stemme til kommunalvalget. I denne podcastserie følger vi Mads S B Pedersen i kampen for at blive valgt ind i Københavns Borgerrepræsentation. Kom med på en rejse, hvor du vil få et blik ind i det politiske maskinrum og en fornemmelse af, hvad man gør, når man stiller op til et valg. Du kan nok ikke undgå at blive præsenteret for en masse politiske emner og holdninger, som du sikkert ikke selv er enige i - eller interesserer dig for, men forhåbningen er, at du ...
By Christian Erhardt
KOMMUNAL ist Europas größtes Magazin für Kommunalpolitiker, Bürgermeister und Entscheider in den Verwaltungen. Wir erscheinen monatlich in einer Auflage von über 100.000 Stück. Unsere Podcast-Serie vertieft aktuelle Themen aus dem Magazin mit Interviews, Reportagen und Nachrichten. Das Magazin gibt es als Probeabo kostenfrei unter
By Associazione Closer
Un podcast che racconta Venezia dal punto di vista dei veneziani e di chi vive e lavora in questa città. Fatto da Nicolò Porcelluzzi e Leonardo Nadali, prodotto da Associazione Closer.
By GateHouse Media
A Monday-through-Friday-morning feature at in which veteran reporter Nick Vlahos writes about a little bit of everything -- breaking news, sports, features, analysis and (he hopes) informed opinion, almost always with a Peoria-area slant.
By WVIK, Quad Cities NPR
Morning headlines from WVIK News.
By WVIK, Quad Cities NPR
Evening headlines from WVIK News
Ronnie M. Eldridge, articulate, outspoken, and passionate member of the New York City Council from 1989 to 2001, hosts this series which covers the issues and institutions, the people and politics of New York City.
City Talk is CUNY TV 's forum for politics and public affairs. City Talk presents lively discussion of New York City issues, with the people that help make this city function. City Talk is hosted by Professor Doug Muzzio, political commentator for WABC-TV New York, co-director of the Center for the Study of Leadership in Government and the founder and former director of the Baruch College Survey Research Unit, both at Baruch College's School of Public Affairs.
By Eye On Annapolis
A daily news, weather, and events briefing from Eye On Annapolis--Anne Arundel County's most trusted online resource.
By Radio Ukraine International
Ukrainian politics, economy, and culture viewed by newsmakers of the day.
By boom 99.7
You listen to them on the air, but here's your chance to hear what they say when the mic goes off. Join the announcers of boom 99.7 every week for their takes on the news, events happening around Ottawa, pop culture and more. Whatever interests them may just interest you.
By Plastic Repurpose
Hear from thought leaders in the waste revolution.
By Take  ピンサロで69    
ピンサロで69のことタケ。Podcast 『サーファーズ ラジオ ショウ』は人間の生き様をテーマに配信 出演希望、感想は専用[email protected]から→ もしくLINE IDは @iww3873z Twitter : ピンサロで69 @TakeTake0622
By 掌上根河电台
By David Levitus
Opening up on the conversation on the issues being debated in today’s Los Angeles. Featuring interviews with local social and environmental justice leaders, plus the kind of big-picture context you won’t find anywhere else. Hosted by David Levitus, Founder of LA Forward, and History Ph.D. with a focus on U.S. politics and urban studies.
By 菩提樹かなざわ 菩提樹とやま
By The Olympia Standard
A calm and reasoned discussion about politics in the city of Olympia. Hosted by Dani Madrone and Emmett O"Connell.