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» WonkCast
By Policy Perspectives
Policy matters. From under the radar regulations to innovations in social policy, the Trachtenberg WonkCast navigates the wonky world of policy so you don't get lost in the weeds. Nathan Rupp steers this roundtable discussion while regular contributors Haley Dunn, Adam Brooks, and Elizabeth Morehead offer their analyses of crucial policy topics served up by a range of special guests.
Nonprofit Optimist
By Molly MacCready - Nonprofit Founder, Executive Director, Podcast Host, Non-profit Collaborator and Supporter of Social Good
The Nonprofit Optimist podcast showcases positive change agents and talks through lessons that their small nonprofits have learned. With interviews of executive directors, founders, board members and staff leaders, we share practical advice based on real experiences working in the non-profit sector. Since most nonprofit professionals wear many hats, this is a great opportunity to learn how to grow your small nonprofit without needing to re-invent the wheel!
Bridgespan Group Audio Summaries
By The Bridgespan Group
What makes the best nonprofits, philanthropists and foundations so effective? Article summaries, interviews, group discussions and more to help mission-driven organizations of all types advance their learning and accelerate their impact.
HPD Reports
By HPD Public Affairs
HPD Reports keeps you up-to-date with the Houston Police Department's efforts to keep your city safe. Please subscribe!
Warrior Poet Society Podcast
By John Lovell
The Warrior Poet Society is a resource for like-minded protectors. Warrior Poets are those who are lovers of truth and lovers of people, and they are defenders of both. They are lions and lambs. Lovers and fighters. Warriors and poets. The warrior poet is someone of deep conviction, careful thought, and skill in violence.
The Native Waters on Arid Lands Podcast
By The Native Waters on Arid Lands Podcast
Native Waters on Arid Lands is a five-year program aimed at enhancing climate resiliency on tribal lands in the Great Basin and Southwestern United States. Learn more on our podcast, where we interview members of the project team about their work.
Illinois Local Government Law Podcast
By Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle
Illinois Local Government Law Podcast. An insightful discussion on topics concerning Illinois's municipalities, counties, and townships.
On the Inside Track
Debbie Hazelton interviews many blind individuals who are well known for their unique personalities and successes.
By Your Forests Your Future
Outlandish is a podcast started by the United States Forest Service as part of our "Your Forests Your Future." campaign. Through this podcast we will bring you interesting and relevant stories about what's happening out on your public lands right now!
Forecast International Roundtable
By Forecast International
Forecast Roundtable brings together expert analysts, industry professionals, and government officials to discuss the latest issues in the aerospace and defense markets.
The Philanthropy Podcast: A Resource for Leaders and Development, Advancement, and Fundraising Profe...
By Sean MacCready, CFRE - Fundraiser, podcaster, philanthropy educator
Explore the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, and more to become a better development professional or volunteer. Find ideas to benefit the institutional advancement efforts of your non-profit, charity, or organization and submit your challenges to be featured in a show. Connect with industry experts for in-depth interviews, hear important topics discussed in depth, discover the latest in innovative ideas in philanthropy, and learn from reviews of conferences, books, and services in the field.
Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of North Carolina
By Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of North Carolina
Chartered in 1771 by the Duke of Beaufort and reorganized in 1787, the Grand Lodge of North Carolina was formed to raise the moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual conscience of society by teaching the ancient and enduring philosophical tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, which are expressed outwardly through service to God, family, country, and self under the Fatherhood of God within the Brotherhood of Man.
The Florida Insurance Roundup from Lisa Miller & Associates
By The Florida Insurance Roundup from Lisa Miller & Associates
"The Florida Insurance Roundup" from Lisa Miller & Associates, is your program on the people, issues, and regulations shaping Florida’s Insurance Market. Lisa brings you the latest developments in Property & Casualty, Healthcare, Workers' Compensation, and Surplus Lines insurance from around the Sunshine State. Based in the state capital of Tallahassee, Lisa Miller & Associates provides its clients with focused, intelligent, and cost conscious solutions to their business development, government consulting, and public relations needs. On the web at www.LisaMillerAssociates.com or call 850-222-1041 or email at [email protected] Your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!
Health and Welfare
By City of Alexandria
Learn more about human services programs, health awareness, mentoring, gang prevention, and more.
The Roundtable
By WAMC Northeast Public Radio
WAMC's The Roundtable is an award-winning, nationally recognized eclectic talk program. The show airs from 9am to noon each weekday and features news, interviews, in-depth discussion, listener call-ins, music, and much (much) more!
라디오심시티 (Radio S.I.M. City)
By 서울혁신센터 사회혁신리서치랩
우리의 도시를 함께 상상합니다. 도시 디자인 팟캐스트 '라디오심시티(Radio Social Innovation Map City)' '격주 토요일에 업데이트 됩니다'
Half Hour Liberty Hour
By Brett and Rob
A libertarian podcast from behind enemy lines in the People's Republic of Portland, Oregon. We discuss topics of liberty, politics, and philosophy all while drinking our livers into cirrhosis.
Town Hall LA
By Town Hall LA
Greater LA's most established speaker's forum that provides insight on LA's timeliest issues through a variety of notable speakers.
It's When Not If - 21st Century Strategic Crisis Managment
By Tom Chiginsky
It’s When Not If is the podcast for strategic crisis management for the 21st century. The world is a volatile place and we are all connected. We can no longer hope that a crisis will blow over without doing substantial damage. In a world of 24/7 news cycles, based on 140 character tweets and social media, if we are not prepared we are doomed to failure. Financial position and reputation are all at risk. In this podcast series, your host Tom Chiginsky, a veteran of over 50 large scale crisis simulations for the Fortune 500 and NGO’s, defines what it means to be prepared today. He will analyses past crises, current crises and talk over the lessons we should all learn. Organizations must all be on the same page, from the “board room to the lunch room” and understand the risks of being unprepared.
The Legal Seagull: Law | Litigation | Self-Help | Legal History
By Neer Lerner
Join us as we explore the American legal system, litigation, and civil lawsuits. Learn how to protect your rights, be an effective advocate for your legal claims, and navigate the legal system. Whether you're a lawyer or have no legal background whatsoever, the Legal Seagull has something for everyone. www.thelegalseagull.com
Aga Khan Foundation Podcast
By Aga Khan Foundation
Reliable hospitals, schools and roads. Clean water and affordable energy. Flourishing economies. People working to shape their own futures. These are the cornerstones of all thriving societies. Without them, people remain locked in a cycle of poverty, clinging to inadequate services and dependent on short-lived aid. The Aga Khan Foundation is breaking the cycle. As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the world’s leading poverty solutions networks, the Aga Khan Foundation helps people build better futures. Working in partnership with community, business and government leaders, we make long-term investments in innovative programmes that improve quality of life, from bringing electricity to remote villages in Afghanistan, to training thousands of nurses across East Africa, to restoring the cultural treasures of the Silk Road. We invest in high-quality institutions such as clinics, banks and universities that anchor communities and equip people with the tools they need most, whether it’s access to health care, financial credit or quality education.
Seekers and Scholars
By The Mary Baker Eddy Library
Discover how seekers and scholars from a variety of disciplines have engaged with Mary Baker Eddy's life, ideas, and accomplishments.
Corporate Unplugged
By Vesna Lucca
Corporate Unplugged puts the light on impact makers in business. In an informal and seriously playful way, Vesna Lucca is talking to people transforming business – entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and other heroes from the business world, celebrities as well as hidden gems. It is a stripped-down dialogue with people from all over the world who share their dreams, experiences and what they would never give up. Listen, get inspired and share!
Liberty Chronicles
By Libertarianism.org
Join host Dr. Anthony Comegna on a series of libertarian explorations into the past. Liberty Chronicles combines innovative libertarian thinking about history with specialist interviews, primary and secondary sources, and answers to listener questions.
Raising Our City
By Youth INC
Youth INC, News Corp, and Algorhythm explore social emotional learning from their collaboration "The Art and Science of Creating Effective Youth Programs."
Better Together Podcast - A Christian Marriage and Family Show
By Micah and Rochelle
Husband and wife duo and hosts, Micah and Rochelle, discuss important topics that relate to developing a thriving marriage, while rearing happy kids. This Christian show is for couples who are looking to get married and those who know the joy of marriage and have added children to their family. An episode releases every Sunday.
22Lightbulbs: Humanitarian Entrepreneur Stories
By Stephanie Cox
For humanitarians, about humanitarians. In Chinese numerology, the number 22 is the destiny number of individuals who are builders and leaders. Each week, The Level Market's CEO, Stephanie Cox, interviews these master builders who are creating humanitarian products and technology that help people survive and thrive. We learn about their vision, lightbulb moments, and actions to make the world a brighter place. Learn how you can make a difference in this world too!
The Migrant Offshore Aid Station formed in 2014 and has been saving the lives of men, women and children making the perilous Mediterranean sea crossing ever since. This podcast wants to engage you in what MOAS does, to learn about why the people we save make the crossing and importantly, to hear from the people themselves.
Indigenous Hour with Oliver Loode
By Oliver Loode
Conversations with movers and shakers of the indigenous world - activists, experts, artists and more. Hosted by Oliver Loode - former Member of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), currently Head of Cultural Programmes at Minority Rights Group International, and Expert at Estonian Institute of Human Rights.
KAZU - Listen Local Podcast
By Listen Local
KAZU produced local news features.
Lost 'N Portland
By Chris Franklin
Getting lost in passion leads to purpose, where you unexpectedly find your authentic self. Each week Chris Franklin has conversations with local creatives and thought leaders about getting lost in the landscapes that inspire their work.
The Law and Taxation of Charitable Gift Planning
By MarketSmart, LLC.
A series of lectures covering everything there is to know about the law and tax aspects of charitable gift planning. Earn CFRE credits by taking the test (link included in final episode).
By Diagnostocracy
Have you had your dose of medical news today? Diagnostocracy is a health policy blogcast by medical students. Co-hosts Keifer Walsh and Ti Hoang, along with various guests and advocacy issue experts, help you digest health policy happenings. Available weekly through iTunes subscription or on www.diagnostocracy.com. Take as needed.
Homeland Security Training Institute Podcast
By College of DuPage
College of DuPage and the Homeland Security Training Institute bring you this series of discussions.
TAMU-C: The President's Perspective
By Jerrod Knight
The President's Perspective is a monthly half-hour chat with the president and CEO of Texas A&M University-Commerce, Dr. Dan Jones. Topics range from new and exciting developments for our students, faculty and staff at the University to State-wide higher education issues, to vacation plans for the Jones family.
By Kevin Mitchell
BTCRadio focuses on U.S. Open Skies policy and airline competition issues in support of the mission of Business Travel Coalition, founded in 1994, to interpret travel industry and government policies and practices and provide a platform for the managed travel community to influence issues of strategic importance to their organizations.
Who Made My Clothes
By Jackrabbit.FM
The global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week 2017 (April 24th - 30th) Fash Rev Australia/NZ and Jackrabbit.FM have teamed up to look closer at the brands, the people, the designers and the ideas behind some of Australia and New Zealand's most responsible fashion labels. In this special 7-part series you'll hear from some of our regions ethical fashion pioneers who answer the question of "who made my clothes?" Get involved over at http://www.fashionrevolution.org and be the change!
Beyond Prisons Podcast
By Beyond Prisons
Beyond Prisons is a podcast on justice, mass incarceration, and prison abolition. Hosted by @phillyprof03 & @bsonenstein
Fairly Political Podcast
By Fairly Political
A podcast for fair political discussion. Opinions are welcome, partisanship is not.
WUKY In-Depth News
In-depth stories from the WUKY news team.
Taking Flight
By Church Planting Online
Taking Flight, powered by NewThing.org, is a brand new Podcast launching April, 2017 at Exponential. Taking Flight will showcase the raw story of how church plants have gone from fumbles and failures to innovation and impact.
By Brooke Gittings
In 1996 Richard Nicolas was accused of and charged with the murder of his two year old daughter. He was convicted and is now spending the rest of his natural life in prison. The thing is - what if he didn't do it?
Point de vue – Canal M, la radio de Vues et Voix
By Canal M, la radio de Vues et Voix
La Fondation en vue de l’Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille, en collaboration avec Canal M, présente Point de vue, un nouveau magazine de service pour les personnes avec un handicap visuel et leurs proches, animé par Michel Poulin et Diane Fellice.
Curtains @ 8
[email protected] host Nick Lawrence welcomed a wide range of guests from the Central Kentucky arts community for 24 years on WUKY. We are archiving some highlights from the conversations and in-studio performances aired over the years.
Santa Fe Council on International Relations
The Santa Fe Council on International Relations opens a window to the world, engaging and educating people to be responsible global citizens
Karen Proud Army Mom
By Karen Brown
Domestic Preparedness and Homeland Security Audio Interviews
By DomesticPreparedness.com
Presenting Audio Interviews with Federal, State and Local Homeland Security and Preparedness Professionals.
By 내가만드는복지국가
생생한 복지 현장 소식과 복지국가를 꿈구는 시민들의 희망을 전하는 방송
Habitat for Humanity - Berks County, PA
By Habitat for Humanity Berks County, PA
Our new podcast series is called Building Homes, Building Hope and we invite you to listen to our stories as we continue on our journey of changing lives.
The National Security Law Podcast
By The National Security Law Podcast
The National Security Law Podcast (aka the NSL Podcast) is a weekly review of the latest legal controversies associated with the U.S. government’s national security activities and institutions, featuring Professors Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas at Austin. They bring different perspectives to these issues, but always in a friendly spirit. The program is fast-paced but detail-rich, and is meant for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. If you’ve been looking for a thoughtful yet enjoyable way to keep up with and better understand these issues, the National Security Law Podcast is the show for you. To join the conversation, follow nslpodcast on Twitter (@nslpodcast).
Goldsmith on Government from BFC
By Governing and e.Republic
Stephen Goldsmith, Professor of Government, Harvard Kennedy School, talks with mayors and muses about the state of American cities as he searches out key learnings in the way cities do the public's business
Today's Word of Hope
By Stephen Kaumba
Welcome to Today’s Word of Hope from BraveHeart Ministries. Every week, Stephen Kaumba is talking about knowing your identity in Christ. Many people rely on what other say or don’t say for their worth and value. They feed on how many hearts, likes or comments they get especially on social media or in their community, using these to validate themselves. Receiving too little of these equates failure, and it echoes, “You are not good enough”. Too much of this in your mind will result in frustration, unhappiness, and feeling unfulfilled. As you listen to today’s message, open your heart wide and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you who you truly are in Christ, and how precious and valuable you are to Him. Allow this Truth to sink deep in your heart and see for yourself how God will set you free, heal any brokenness in you and fill you with His amazing grace, unprecedented peace & overflowing joy. God bless you and enjoy today’s message.
ChattingWithRon's podcast
By Ron Bush
Interviews with leaders from business, organizations and government.
Flyover Folk Podcast
By RuralOrganizing.org
Exploring the progressive arts, culture, and politics of America's rural communities.
EM Weekly's Podcast
By Todd De Voe
EM Weekly is a podcast hosted by Todd De Voe that brings news, interviews, discusses trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.
The Bernie Sanders Show
By U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with leading activists, journalists, policymakers, artists, visionaries and revolutionaries, talk about the resistance, the political revolution and moving forward on a progressive agenda.
By The Communications Network
Podcast by The Communications Network
Constitutional Reform Podcast
By The Heartland Institute
The Heartland Institute podcast about the Article V movement and other ways to amend the U.S. Constitution to reduce the power of government and increase individual liberty.
Elevate Loudoun
By Loudoun Young Democrats
Elevate Loudoun is dedicated to covering the local impact of politics at every level. We dissect local and national news, and dig deep into key political topics. Our commentators cover everything from local school budgets, to national debates, to why conventions insist on using Robert's Rules of Order in a fun, engaging discussion format.
Aus-Indo in 30
By Samantha & Nurina
There is no doubt that Indonesia, with over 17,000 islands stretched across a vast archipelago, is a complex country. And not far away is Australia, a large continent equally rich in natural resources. But they say there are are no two neighbours in the world as different as Australia and Indonesia and we’d like to help bridge the gap. Join journalists Nurina Savitri and Samantha Yap for Aus-Indo in 30 to chat about a diverse range of topics that shape the politics, culture and society in Australia and Indonesia. Each week this podcast will present to you an in-depth discussions with two emerging leaders from all sectors from government, academia to social enterprise who have an in depth knowledge of Indonesia and Australia. This is a series by young people for young people. The host and guests in this series are a part of the growing CAUSINDY (originally the Conference of Australia and Indonesia Youth) alumni group. CAUSINDY is a bilateral youth organisation which aims to strengthen Australia and Indonesia ties.
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, week in review, state prisons
By MuniciPals
The intersection of cities and friendship. MuniciPals is a podcast hosted somewhere in the ether between New York and Washington, DC. Every month David, Dylan, and Brit pick a couple of topics to delve into around urban planning, policy, and design. Content Warning: This podcast contains dad jokes and rap air horns. Comments? Hit us up at [email protected]
Mission Partners
By Mission Partners
The Mission Forward podcast, hosted by Carrie Fox and Carolyn Berkowitz, explores how big ideas in social change take hold. Each episode features insights from innovative thinkers, makers and doers in social change. Listen in as we explore how foundations, philanthropists, corporate and community leaders are challenging the way “things get done” in order to move missions forward, in meaningful and memorable ways.
Talk At Nine with Karima Brown
By Talk At Nine
If you can't miss the revelations in the Sunday Papers, this is your essential Sunday evening listening!
Terra Nova
By Carolina Diotti
Espacio dedicado al cuidado y desarrollo del medio ambiente. Un abordaje simple y fresco sobre una temática que cada vez suma más interesados; y que a su vez se prepara para un crecimiento exponencial en nuestro país.
BrainTrust Philanthropy Podcast Powered by ViTreo
By ViTreo
Welcome to BrainTrust Philanthropy Powered by ViTreo! Bringing you free flowing conversations with top leaders in fundraising, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector so that you can become a bolder leader, build better relationships, and raise more money for your organization. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we share ideas that will transform your nonprofit.
Mastering Risk Management Podcast
By Anthony Wilson
This podcast is designed to bring together leading practitioners in risk management to share their knowledge and experiences. Each episode I'll cover off topical risk issues or interview a leader in the field, a practising CRO or other risk proponent. I'd welcome feedback on who you'd like to hear from and what subjects are of particular interest. I hope you enjoy! Audio track: 'Saturn' by Marsel Minga
Arbetsförmedlingens arbetsgivarpodd
Välkommen till Arbetsförmedlingens arbetsgivarpodd! Varannan vecka bjuder vi på avsnitt som ger inspiration och information till dig som är arbetsgivare. Förslag på ämne eller gäst? Mejla gärna [email protected]!
KHUM In-Depth
By Bayley Brown and Chuck Rogers
This monthly documentary series is produced and hosted by Bayley Brown and Chuck Rogers. It looks to chronicle topics relevant to Humboldt County. We'll take on issues like immigration, the environment, renewable energy, civil rights, health care, the marijuana industry, racism, and many more. Added value: we plan to outlive the Trump administration.
By Catherine Russell and Heidi Zajac
News, commentary, opinions and experiences in feminism and gender equality presented by Catherine Russell and Heidi Zajac with interesting guests tackling gender equality in their own ways, lives and professions.
On the Road with Ian Capstick
By Ian Capstick
On the Road is a new podcast series hosted by MediaStyle founder and CBC analyst, Ian Capstick, that explores the personal side of politics. Join Ian as he speaks with the federal NDP leadership hopefuls and other elected officials (past and present) to get to know the people behind the politicians.
Wake Up Beaumont
By Wake Up Beaumont
Wake Up Beaumont explores politics in Beaumont, Texas, a small community on the Texas-Louisiana border with big oil history.
Saving Stories
By Alan Lytle
Alan Lytle digs into the University of Kentucky's oral history archives with Louie B. Nunn Center Director Dr. Doug Boyd.
Cedars Church
By Cedars Church
Cedars Church Services Podcast
5 Minutes With Markie
By Markie Lindemulder
Markie spends 5 minutes with a defining figure from the Colorado LGBTQ Community
Excellence in Church Administration
Each episode Dan Busy and Michael Martin dive into the questions and best practices for Excellence in Church Administration.
The Bottom Line
By James Baumgartner
A weekly look at the business community in Rhode Island, with Dave Fallon & Mark Murphy.
The Influentialists
By The Influentialists
Together we are working toward a better understanding of what it takes to have the greatest impact on the community around us. We want to know the best ways to create change within a group of people and develop deep levels of commitment among organizations. Each episode we have the opportunity to sit a the table with an amazing individual who is dedicated to loving, supporting, caring, and challenging those around them. The guests are not here for an interview as much as they are here to ensure the conversation takes place. Each week we explore something new on our journey to become more knowledgeable about the inner workings of people and groups. Music credit goes to www.bensound.com
The Paperless Federalists
By The Paperless Federalists
Join Justin and Cary as they informally discuss each of the 85 Federalist Papers by ripping away the complex language to Monday morning quarterback Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. A podcast for American history buffs and armchair constitutional scholars. New episodes released every other Sunday.
You, Me, Us, Now with Mike McGinn
By MyNorthwest
'You, Me, Us, Now' is a podcast about people who try to change things. Who they are, how they became involved, and what they are working on. rnrnThere is a secret to the best way to organize. It's called the story of me, the story of you, the story of us, and the story of now. It's the way we share our histories, find our common dreams and act together on them.rnrnMy story - I became so consumed with the issue of climate change that I dropped everything to pursue political change, and ultimately became the mayor of Seattle. I worked hard and I was changed by the people I met and their stories. Now I want to bring some of their stories to you.
Eight More Miles - The Louisville Metro District 8 Podcast
By Brandon Coan/Kertis Creative
District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan talks with elected officials and other community leaders about how government works for its citizens, and issues that affect the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky.
ערך מוסף
By Lior Tabori, Tal Wolfson
פודקאסט כלכלי של שני בוגרי משרד האוצר - ליאור תבורי | טל וולפסון
Cidades Sustentáveis - Oded Grajew e Américo Sampaio
Soluções criativas para os problemas da metrópole.
Cidade Segura
O Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública discute temas como arrastões, roubos, violência policial, entre outros.
By Deanna Pitt Tharpe
DSAIA talks Down syndrome and DSAs with individuals in the Down syndrome community.
Carnegie Council Audio Podcast
By Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Listen to events at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Speakers and interviewees include distinguished authors, government and UN officials, economists, policymakers, and businesspeople. Topics range from the ethics of war and peace, to the place of religion in politics, to issues at the forefront of global social justice. To learn more about our work and to explore a wealth of related resources, please visit our website at http://www.carnegiecouncil.org.
U~T San Diego Community Spotlight – wsRadio.com
By Drew Schlosberg
U~T San Diego Community Spotlight
Vehicles in the Park
By Vehicles in the Park
Generation X-inflected takes on public policy, law, and culture
Freude, Glück und Liebe Podcast
By Sukadev Bretz
Erfahre mehr Freude, Glück und Liebe. Ratschläge, Tipps und Übungen für Zugang zur inneren Freude, für Liebe zu dir selbst und deinen Mitgeschöpfen. Sinnvoll leben, Freude erfahren, Liebe schenken - so erfährst du ein glückliches Leben. Eine glückliches Leben hat auch seine Schattenseiten. Du kannst aber lernen, mehr die Freude in den Vordergrund zu stellen. Dieser Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung verschiedener Podcasts von und mit Sukadev Bretz von https://www.yoga-vidya.de
Condomínio Legal - Marcio Rachkorsky
Tire suas dúvidas sobre disputa por vagas, infiltrações, atribuições do síndico e outros problemas que envolvem a convivência entre vizinhos.
Por dentro da Justiça - Wálter Maierovitch
Maierovitch traduz para os ouvintes e internautas os ritos, debates e votos na Câmara, no Senado e no STF.
Shabtabnews Radio
By Shabtabnews Team
Shabtabnews Radio is part of the shabtabnews.com network that works on delivering news with the aim of monitoring and reporting on the human rights violations along with excerpts from the activities of human rights organizations. Main focus of shabtabnews.com is on the situation of Iran on both national and international level.
Responsabilidade Social
O Instituto Ethos apresenta boas práticas de responsabilidade social.
Party Politics | Houston Public Media
By Brandon Rottinghaus, Jay Aiyer
A political podcast hosted by two political science professors, Brandon Rottinghaus from the University of Houston and Jay Aiyer from Texas Southern University. They’ll provide you with up-to-date politics and policy conversations for your next cocktail party and it’ll make you sound really smart!