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Learn and practice English with a Mid American Mom! This blog and podcasts discusses cultural topics and current events in slow English with simplified grammar.
Each episode here contains dialogue in Korean which focuses on only one or two grammar forms. ​The more you listen, the better you will be in Korean. website:koreantogosf.com
Would you like to be able to communicate better in English? Would you like to do what you really want to do in the English speaking country without worrying about the language barrier? Or would you like to have some tips for teaching English effec...
Love of Languages is a series exploring the fascinating world of language. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
It's a french lesson with the favourite and useful expressions
Englishflash On Fire Podcast is a podcast for the busy English language learners. It provides English speaking, listening, vocabulary, and grammar lessons weekly that are sent automatically to your listening devices when you subscribe. All for fre...
『【ポケット判】英語で言ってみたい「この一言」』ISBN978-4-87615-235-3(Charles Browne 著 + Yukari Browne 著)に対応した音声教材。Look at the time!(もうこんな時間だ!)、That’s a shame.(お困りでしょう)など、日常会話で頻繁に使われるフレーズを収集した口語表現集です。
Activate Your IELTS is a show that will help you develop the skills you need to pass the IELTS exam without a teacher! This is for students who are on a budget or who want to learn how to prepare for the IELTS exam on their own. In this show we...
Learn Thai in Context. No Grammar, just Real-Life Topics. Dive into fascinating topics by listening to your host Arirat, a Thai Language teacher. The speaking pace will be slightly slower than most real-life conversations in order to effectively i...
Use Legendando Life para melhorar a sua compreensão em inglês para poder melhor entender filmes, séries e outros vídeos! São lições divertidas nas quais você tem que criar as legendas EM INGLÊS! Depois, compare com a legenda original para ver o se...
In the Real Life Spanish podcast series you’ll learn how Spanish is used in real life conversations along with many of the idioms, expressions and language nuances you aren’t taught in the classroom.

The Origins of English Song: An Inaugural Lecture - Audio

By Professor Ardis Butterfield, with singer Angus Smith from The Orlando Consort
Songs can bring together music and words in powerful and lastingly memorable ways. Our records of song from the medieval period are tantalisingly incomplete, yet this does not prevent medieval song from captivating modern audiences and performers....
This is my podcast!
In this podcast series you’ll learn how to “Mexicanize” your Spanish. It discusses the idioms, expressions, slang and colloquial speech most commonly used by Mexicans.
Grabaciones de los seminarios web realizados por la Escuela de Administración Pública de Castilla y León. Cada seminario está realizado en función a diferentes niveles de conocimientos de la legua inglesa.
Speech, Voice & Personal Development
The Best Way To Speack Spanish
Episodes tagged with this keyword.
Episodes tagged with this keyword.
Episodes tagged with this keyword.
Bro Therapy is an open and honest discussion, tackling all of life's problems we're too embarrassed to unpack. Our mission is create a new normal in conversation, free from judgment or cynicism.
You won't need those boring textbooks here! The Easy English Eh to Zed podcast is for intermediate to advanced English language learners who are serious about learning English for daily life! Your host and Canadian English teacher Dana will help y...
Ngenjayinga Woorlabgajim Miriwoo-biny. This is radio in Miriwoong, a collaboration between Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring and Waringarri Radio. Visit us: www.mirima.org.au www.waringarriradio.com.au
KaKa Chinese Culture Show is a weekly talk show produced by KaKaChinese. We are going to talk about all about China and Chinese language. Check out our website for more content: https://www.kakachinese.com ...
Carlos and Simon talk about daily stuff. From fencing to how to learn a language faster... all in Spanish.
Learn Russian Vocabulary | Yazikist
The Jacob Teacher Podcast is for English language learners who are looking for something different. Improve your English listening skills and have fun doing it.
Andrew Ambrosius invites you to The Art of Business English (AOBE). The premier podcast for Spanish speakers who wish to improve their business English skills and confidence. Listen in as Andrew provides useful relevant information and lessons for...
A weekly podcast about a day in the life of an Italian living in Wales
Raising Bilingual Children
Audio stories that start in English and end in a different language
Listen to English and learn English with fullenglishexperience.com
Welcome to our podcast! At Travels in Chinese, we'll be learning the language through traveling to famous historical landmarks and cities, and not just the Great Wall, either! We will visit UNESCO sites, temples, lakes, palaces and everything in b...
Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild (1839-1898) filled his home at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, with a sizable collection of eighteenth century French art and associated ephemera from the Revolution in 1789 through to the July, or Second French, Re...
This podcast is brought to you by LingQ.com where you can learn languages from the best podcasts on the web. The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories written by Rudyard Kipling. The tales in the book are fables, using...

Travel Hacks

By Jodi Kraushar and Jenni Cullen
A travel and errors podcast by Jenni Cullen and Jodi Kraushar, two American English teachers living abroad in Germany. We're ex-pats, not experts.
Learn ANY Language
Leading Resources and Tools to Make Your Experience Positive and Profitable.
한국어로 설명해주는 원어민의 영어 표현 강의! 한국과 미국의 아름다운 장소를 배경으로 꼭 필요한 영어 표현을 배웁시다!
인간은 날개가 없어서 날 수가 없습니다. 그러나 새가 나는 원리를 비행기로 구현하여 날 수도 있고, 심지어 수 백톤의 쇠덩이를 공중에 띄워서 수 백키로를 이동 시킬 수도 있습니다. 우리는 아기가 아니어서 아기처럼 언어를 쉽게 습득할 수 없습니다. 그러나 아기가 언어를 습득하는 원리를 알게 되면 아기처럼 쉽게 언어를 습득할 수 있게 됩니다. 김샘영어는 아기가 언어를 쉽게 습득하는 이유를 알려드립니다. 그리고 이것은 수천 년간 베일에 쌓여 ...
Take Your Business English to the NEXT LEVEL!
Free IELTS help, mainly live IELTS Writing discussions on how to get ideas, structure your writing and give the examiner what they want.
In this Podcast the students at BSN are practicing their German, showing off their Speaking skills and teaching you beginner German.
Toto je podcast pro všechny, co se učí česky. Jedná se o autentický podcast, který je nahráván rodilým mluvčím v češtině. V podcastu se naučíte slovní zásobu na zvolená témata. Moderátor si také čas od času do svého pořadu zve hosty.
My name is Zdenek and I am a qualified English teacher from the Czech Republic. Back in 2013 I started this podcast to help myself achieve C2 level in speaking. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and now has its appreciative audience. On t...
Actual Fluency Extra is for all the content that did not fit into the main show. Each week Kris dives into a variety of segments related to with particular focus on progress and continued focus on learning. He also answers questions and comments ...
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Each week the team from Wangki Yupurnanapuru Radio in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, travel around the Fitzroy Valley to collect recordings, stories & song in local Aboriginal languages.
This is Spanish for Beginners where you will learn the basics of this Romance language.
Conversations about professional interpretation with the best in the field.
A podcast in English for and by university students, which began in Japan. Podcasts cover a wide range of themes and topics, including academic subjects such as finance and Japanese culture and history.
The show aims to support anyone who teaches languages to children up to the age of 13. You will find out about Nathalie's own experiences in the classroom, learn new ideas to support language teaching and listen to interviews with other languages ...
Welcome English Language Learners! I am English Teacher Matthew! In each episode of this podcast I will answer some of the most asked questions which English language learners like you have! So sit back, relax and listen to my helpful tips! Tha...
English podcasts for listening practice. English listening practice podcasts on Spain, the world and language. Elementary to lower intermediate level. Escuchar, aprender y practicar inglés con estos podcasts en un inglés básico a intermedio bajo.
Let us read books and articles together, walk in the mountains, hang out over coffee. I will sing for you, read you bedtime stories and wish you a great new day when you wake up in the morning. All in slow and relaxed Norwegian language. Let my vo...
毎週、ホストのカズとビリーとともに様々なトピックスを聞きながら勉強しましょう。聞いた後でWebサイトにある聞き取り練習の質問に答えてください。自分自身やお子さんの英語の勉強方法、異文化などについての疑問、質問、何でも気楽に質問してください! 「侍の町」名古屋の生活について語りましょう!愛知県民限定、これが我々のpodcast! 聞き取り練習・復習の質問はこちら:www.cosmoradio.info カズとビリーに答えてほしい質問は:[email protected] Join ...
Already having a personal development podcast, Arsenio takes to the ESL world to get as much material as he can to his thousands of academic studying listeners around the world. My goal is to get every accent in the world on my podcast, so for tho...
Conversation with my good friend Nic about teaching English in Quy Nhon.
http://arabic101.podhoster.com is a simplified version of http://arabic.podhoster.com. I noticed that the latter which, is at the paragraph level is a little bit difficult for some students. For this reason, I decided to drop from the paragraph le...
Academia online de español a través de video tutoriales.
The best place to get training for PTE Academic. We provide you the most authentic materials and the best strategies to practise them.
Get all the latest practice materials, tips, tricks and much more about PTE Academic
Podcast for angelica and a class divided project
My passions The stuff that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. A music review, a movie that I have just watched, a sporting event that was exciting, an English learning post or just plain current news
TPRS Russian – Effortless Russian Podcast is simple, fun, and effective! It’s based on an absolutely unique language learning method known since the early 1990s — teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling (TPRS). How does it work? You ...
English in the Pocket is an interactive learning platform where people get together to exchange their ideas and by doing so, take their English skills to next level, with purpose and meaning. Join the community and SIGN UP FREE NOW @ www.englishin...
Welcome to Pain in the Class, a podcast all about life as an English language assistant in Spain.
Aprender un nuevo idioma una conversación al vez
Learn English with Adriana in The #UsingEnglishTP podcast! Do you have time... make time to improve your English! Hi, my name is Adriana, your English speaking coach. The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast is where I answer your questions as to how to bec...
My podcast is about discrimination.
This is the project
Treine seu inglês todos os dias com uma fonte de qualidade, 5 minutos por vez! A ideia é simples você ouviu Episódio todo dia de manhã e participar da discussão no nosso grupo no WhatsApp! Para entrar em contato http://engagesolutions.strikingly...
Discussion about my opinion of discrimination and also of the video of For Angela and A Class Divided.
This is my podcast!
Today I'm going to speak about discrimnation and help you learn more about.
I'm gonna be talking about my opinion on the two videos and discrimination
I am going to answer the questions following the videos of For Angela and A Class Divided.
just answering some questions for an english project just please ignore unless you're the teacher
Sooooo I'm going to answer these questions: 1. What is your definition of discrimination? 2. What did you learn from the two videos we watched in class? 3. Did anything surprise you? If not, why were you not surprised? 4. Do you think it is pos...
Welcome to English podcasts 2018, where amazing things happen.
An educational showcase for students all around the world to wow us with their amazing knowledge and research. Contact us at learnspace.live if you would like to submit an article or audio file.
We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program – G.U.T.S. (Get Up To Speed) a course designed for those who already have some knowledge of Spanish but, for whatever reason, feel stuck. Not quite a beginner but not quite ready for the next ...
Voices from the Shanghai United International School's Gubei Campus provide a fresh perspective on all aspects of teaching and learning from the unique lens in one of the most quickly progressing cities in the world.
Welcome to Speaking of English..., the official podcast of English Language Learning at Bridgewater State University. In every episode, we'll review the current column from our Facebook page, and we'll discuss issues in English language learning r...
Learn English in bite-sized pieces. With each daily episode, Matt will take you through a large variety of topics to help improve your listening and speaking bit by bit. Each episode will also feature some small goal or homework so you can apply t...
yip yip Hooray!! Featuring swiggity Trent, Jiggly Jelly Jack, and out leader, commonly known as Diggity Dog Dylan
A podcast about Arabic and Hebrew language learning, linguistics, and Near Eastern archaeology and history.
Improve your vocabulary with poetry

Let's Learn Turkish

By Meltem Naz Kaso Corral Sánchez / Anchor
My name is Meltem and I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. My Spanish partner Lázaro wants to learn Turkish so to help him, I am now creating material that is both entertaining and approachable for beginners. Anyone who is interested in learning...


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