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Get up to speed with Spanish

By Linguistica 360
We proudly present a one-of-a kind educational program – G.U.T.S. (Get Up To Speed) a course designed for those who already have some knowledge of Spanish but, for whatever reason, feel stuck. Not quite a beginner but not quite ready for the next level either.

Lightening in a Bottle

By Phil Chiaro
Voices from the Shanghai United International School's Gubei Campus provide a fresh perspective on all aspects of teaching and learning from the unique lens in one of the most quickly progressing cities in the world.

Gallery Teachers - How to Teach English

By Gallery Teachers
Your ELT Connection

Speaking of English...

By Derek Leuenberger / Anchor
Welcome to Speaking of English..., the official podcast of English Language Learning at Bridgewater State University. In every episode, we'll review the current column from our Facebook page, and we'll discuss issues in English language learning related to that.

Bite-sized English

By Mathew Rideout / Anchor
Learn English in bite-sized pieces. With each daily episode, Matt will take you through a large variety of topics to help improve your listening and speaking bit by bit. Each episode will also feature some small goal or homework so you can apply the material in your day to day life.

Graded Discussion

By Diggity Dog / Anchor
yip yip Hooray!! Featuring swiggity Trent, Jiggly Jelly Jack, and out leader, commonly known as Diggity Dog Dylan


By Foreigncy
A podcast about Arabic and Hebrew language learning, linguistics, and Near Eastern archaeology and history.

Better English Through Poetry

By Better English Through Poetry
Improve your vocabulary with poetry

JP Pod

By JP Mathes & Fiddling Leona
These episodes feature JP (The Tokyo Hillbilly) from Tennessee & the lovely Fiddling Leona from Tokyo. They talk about living in TOKYO, Tennessee (Appalachian Mountains) USA, Music, Food, and much more. This show is bi-lingual in English (Hillbilly English) and Japanese.

Let's Learn Turkish

By Meltem Naz Kaso Corral Sánchez / Anchor
My name is Meltem and I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. My Spanish partner Lázaro wants to learn Turkish so to help him, I am now creating material that is both entertaining and approachable for beginners. Anyone who is interested in learning Turkish is welcomed to join us! (Only in weekdays)

All About Spanish Verbs

By All About Spanish Verbs
In this podcast we examine the most essential Spanish verbs and learn the most common uses of them in everyday speech through practical examples.

Language Buffalo

By Joey and Dada / Anchor
This is Language Buffalo, a podcast where Joey and his dad discuss various languages, scripts, and alphabets around the world.

News - Japanese immersion

By japanese / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Today’s French – French Hour

By Today’s French – French Hour
Everyday French Every Day - Find a new exercise to improve your French every day on FRENCH HOUR

Anime - Japanese immersion

By Anime - Japanese immersion / Anchor
Anime - Japanese immersion

Board Gaming with English

By Dustin Staats and Rich Hill
"Board Gaming with English" uses tabletop games as a way to help English language learners improve their English. Each episode is structured like a lesson plan with a learning objective for the listener. As a student of the English language, you will learn different grammar structures, vocabulary, and key phrases needed to play the game. As a teacher, you will learn how to use these games in your classroom.

Japanese Talk

By Anibros Creative
Japanese Talk is a podcast that has Jennifer's own experience and advice for people learning Japanese. It focuses on inspiring and enabling people to learn on their own and in their own way.

Play It by Ear

English Listening practice through scripted stories

Creolio Spanish Travel

By Jon Knebel
Learn Spanish while following my adventures throughout Latin America. Some episodes will be just focused on my experiences. Others will incorporate a special type of Spanglish that is both easy to understand, and introduces new words. Learn on the fly while enjoying all kinds of topics.

English Listening Intermediate

This podcast is a series of English listening classes for intermediate students, based on the most interesting subjects in the world. Our teachers talk about everything from psychology to love, economics to cosmology. Listen to Rokeby cry about Donald Trump, cry over Brexit and worry about the future of democracy. Listen to Jack complain about his ex-wife and the lack of progress on light-speed travel at NASA. In short, this podcast is fun, intelligent and it now to le...

Learn Taishanese Daily

By InspirLang
Learn a little Cantonese every day! Visit for more Taishanese lessons or join our group discussion InspirLang on Facebook. We offer group lessons and one-on-one lessons. Visit us on or

2018 CCCC Podcasts

By CCCC Podcasts
The 2018 CCCC Podcast shares stories of writing teachers and scholars, about their work and getting involved with groups in the Cs organization. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast. We'll be releasing and airing episodes the week of the conference. Our first episode goes live on March 13, and we'll have daily episodes to accompany the conference, March 14-17.

Arabic Language & Culture

if you want to learn or improve your Arabic language, give this a try.

I will teach you Brazilian Portuguese

By I will teach you Brazilian Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese tips and shortcuts. The podcasts range from songs to grammar & culture.

Base Code

Season 1: Looking under the influence of language to determine the common drivers of thought and interaction

Speaking of Language

By Language Resource Center, Cornell University
Speaking of Language is a podcast recorded at the Language Resource Center at Cornell University. Each week, we explore a topic relating to language pedagogy and second language acquisition.

Invigor8ion Nation Podcast

By Mr. McAlpine
This podcast was created as a part of the ENG 2D1 curriculum at Mary Ward CSS. Our program is dedicated to addressing the topics of interest of the students in our school community on both a local and international level. We hope that you enjoy it.

Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies. India style.

Learn Hindi. Real Life Situations. Real Time Songs. Experience India. Bollywood Style. Transcripts of the Hindi to English translations and links to music and movies are available at

The Big Slang Theory

By Kevin from Ingles Ninja
In this podcast I explain all the commonly used expressions, phrasal verbs and slang from a Big Bang episode.

Chinese Mandarin Cafe

By Amy Lin: Online 1-1 Language Tutor and Language Learner
Hello! I am Amy Lin. I am an online 1-1 language teacher and a language learner 😀 I got into teaching by accident in 2013. I love teaching. It is amazing and fun meeting people from all over the world, and I love helping them with their Mandarin journey. Through this podcast, I hope to help more people get started with their Mandarin journey. I love making my lessons fun so occasionally you might have to deal with my not so funny jokes hehe.

Lynn KISS IELTS: IELTS Example Essays_Daily Lessons 雅思写作每日范文

记得订阅,右下角的youtube 频道 微信公众号:雅思Lynn 注册免费课程

Romanian in Easy News

By Româna Fluent
Româna Fluent is created by two romanians passionate about foreign languages. Here you will find slow and easy news which with constant listening will help you acquire Romanian. You can also access Româna Fluent Youtube Channel where you can learn Romanian in 100 short lessons. If you like Româna Fluent please support it on Patreon:

Along Came English Podcast

By Alena Lien
This podcast is a companion to your English learning. As a native English speaker, I ramble on about a wide variety of topics and provide listening materials where you can pick up vocabulary, phrases and English references that will be beneficial to your learning experience. Enjoy!

English Menu

By English Menu
English Menu is a podcast designed to help the needs of intermediate English students. There are many resources for beginner English students but few for intermediate students.

맥코웰 MCCOWELL 영어 강의 TipTalk 팁톡 Happy Listening Book 1

본문에 나오는 단어를 생생한 플래시 애니메이션으로 예습할 수 있어요. 그림 -> 단어 -> 문장 과 함께 제시되는 원어민의 음성을 따라 하다 보면 자연스럽게 단어와 문장을 익힐 수 있습니다.

Speaking American English

By Jackie Johnson
Looking to build your fluency, pronunciation, and gain confidence in speaking American English? This is the podcast for you!

Opportunity in China Podcast

By Beringia Consulting - MC Miller
Opportunity in China brings listeners not only the latest news and analysis of current events stemming from China, and foreigners relationship to China, its market and people, while guests and hosts also share insightful stories on a variety of topics that we trust will be of value.

Magoosh IELTS

By Naomi Tepper
Listen to the Magoosh IELTS podcast and learn the English vocabulary words you need to know to get a higher IELTS band score.


Japan's only public broadcaster NHK provides this reliable Japanese language course with free podcast. You can easily start learning basic grammar and vocabulary by listening to the story of Anna, who studies Japanese at a university in Tokyo.

The Authentic German Learning Podcast: Deutsch lernen wie ein Baby | Learn German online | Personal Development

By Marco Rösler: deutscher Muttersprachler & Deutschlehrer, Genießer des Lebens und Philosoph
Learn German like a baby would by listening to the language and getting a "feel" for it. We're not only learning German here though: We are passionate about personal development of all kinds. Our motto: Improve your German. Improve your life. Listen to the podcast and let the German language wash over you, like music. Lerne Deutsch wie ein Baby, indem du der Sprache zuhörst und ein "Gefühl" für sie bekommst. Wir lernen hier aber nicht nur Deutsch: Persönliche Entwicklung jeder Art ist unsere ...

freetalk Podcast

By Alan Hernández
The show to help you learn English the fun and simple way. Weekly episodes with discussions on many topics, at a normal speed and with content generated by you. Take your English to the next level.

Authentic English Podcast

By Marcia Paik
Authentic English Podcast is a weekly show where education meets recreation. It is aired every Monday to all of you English lovers and learners who make the most of your time to become more proficient and fluent in the language. Marcia Paik, who is an English teacher with 20 years plus of teaching experience, gives you hints, tips, and lessons about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to improve your English and take it to the next level. Her podcast and video podcast focus on teaching rea...

Peas in a Pod| American Culture| Learning English

By Peas in a Pod| American Culture| Learning English
Cultural awareness. Without it, we feel awkward and uncomfortable in America. But with it, doors open. You find meaningful relationships and enjoy wonderful moments. I want to help develop your American cultural knowledge so that you can have meaningful English conversations and build connections here in America. Peas Love Culture!

One Minute Czech

By Coffee Break Languages
Learn Czech in minutes! How would you like to be able to use the basics of Czech confidently and accurately? With One Minute Czech you can learn to do just that in short, easy-to-follow video lessons. You’ll learn just enough Czech to express yourself in a variety of situations, and the course is the perfect starting point to get a taste of this wonderful language.

One Minute Slovak

By Coffee Break Languages
Learn Slovak in minutes! How would you like to be able to use the basics of Slovak confidently and accurately? With One Minute Slovak you can learn to do just that in short, easy-to-follow video lessons. You’ll learn just enough Slovak to express yourself in a variety of situations, and the course is the perfect starting point to get a taste of this wonderful language.

One Minute Icelandic

By Coffee Break Languages
Learn Icelandic in minutes! How would you like to be able to use the basics of Icelandic confidently and accurately? With One Minute Icelandic you can learn to do just that in short, easy-to-follow video lessons. You’ll learn just enough Icelandic to express yourself in a variety of situations, and the course is the perfect starting point to get a taste of this wonderful language.

One Minute Latvian

By Coffee Break Languages
Learn Latvian in minutes! How would you like to be able to use the basics of Latvian confidently and accurately? With One Minute Latvian you can learn to do just that in short, easy-to-follow video lessons. You’ll learn just enough Latvian to express yourself in a variety of situations, and the course is the perfect starting point to get a taste of this wonderful language.

Listening and Answering Quickly in English

By Carol Barrett
Give your English listening skills a great workout and have fun at the same time in a game show style format.

angielska wymowa

By Sebastian Romaszko
nauka wymowy angielskiej dla początkujących

Talk To Me In Korean - Core Grammar Lessons Only

By Talk To Me In Korean
Learn to speak Korean with bite-sized Korean lessons with Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun from! Start from Level 1 if you are an absolute beginner, and start from whichever level that fits your current Korean level and start learning for free! You can get accompanying textbooks, workbooks and e-books on our website at !

Plain English Podcast | Learn English | Practice English with Current Events at the Right Speed for Learners

By Jeff B. | Language Learner & Editor,
Do you want to practice English but think many speakers go too fast? Do you want to improve your listening and reading skills at the same time? Plain English is a weekly audio program spoken at the right speed for English language learners—just a little bit slower than native speed. Each episode features a selection of news stories or current events from around the world, followed by a discussion of the English vocabulary and English phrases used in the episode. Each episode has full transc...

One Minute Hungarian

By Coffee Break Languages
Learn Czech in minutes! How would you like to be able to use the basics of Czech confidently and accurately? With One Minute Czech you can learn to do just that in short, easy-to-follow video lessons. You’ll learn just enough Czech to express yourself in a variety of situations, and the course is the perfect starting point to get a taste of this wonderful language.

learn english

By the dabster
this podcast aims at improving your basic english language skills

The Seventh Draft |

By The Seventh Draft |
Writer Jon Armstrong and Editor Juliet Ulman analyze, hash, debate, and overthink writing, rewriting, and editing. From First Lines, to Plot. From Character Development to overuse of the word Said.


By 尔大夫


By James van der Moezel
Audio for the Kaffeetrinken short stories on Kindle.

Business German Podcast

By Peter H Bloecker
This Podcast focusses on Business German and is related to my courses on the Udemy Platform: Master Your German and Basic German. Two courses are under construction ar present Business German Intermediate German - reaching out for Level B1

Taylored to perfection (The English English Podcas

By taylorschool
Fun, informative listening praqctice for B1 to C1 English learners. It's conversation, expanation and games by English teachers at Taylor School in Oviedo, Spain. We talk about a different topic each time.

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.


By Uniradioen
Du skal lytte til den her podcast hvis: - Du gerne vil blive klogere... - ...Også på hvad andre studerende lærer på deres studier - Hvis du gerne vil blive inspireret af andres gode opgaver (men ikke gider bruge 5 timer på at læse en andens bachelor). Vi er to humanister, der er nysgerrige på, hvad de lærer på andre uddannelser. Hvis du også er nysgerrig, synes vi, at du skal tage med på rejsen. Så lyt med, når vi inviterer studerende fra hele Danmark ind, til at gøre os klogere på en masse...

Pola Retradio en Esperanto

By Redakcia teamo: Barbara PIETRZAK / Gabriela KOSIARSKA / Milada SZWEDO / Maciej JASKOT / Krystyna GROCHOCKA / Tomasz MILLER / Saliĥ ZAKIROV / Bruce CRISP
Pola Retradio en Esperanto estas la daŭrigo de la radio-programoj de la iama Esperanto-redakcio de la publika (t.e. ŝtata) radiofonio de Pollando.

A Word A Week

By Marco the German
Hi, I'm Marco the German. I have been studying the English language for more than 10 years. Over the years I have stumbled across some very interesting words, which I want to share with you. I will be presenting mostly words that I myself did not know a couple of years ago, thereby trying to give you content that I would have very much liked to have listened to then. This podcast is not only for beginners! Even advanced learners or native speakers may learn a lot from this podcast! My E-Ma...

The Mega Minute!

For all learners and teachers of English and lovers of this crazy language! Short educational snippets of interest and amusement from the Unique Hotch Potch English language learning web site, created by Sab Will. Our goal is to finally offer you with a language learning solution for busy professionals and stressed students alike. You have never seen an English language learning web site like Hotch Potch English before. Have fun learning with us, and May Your English FLY!

중국경영세미나 원어시사강의 (진리교수)

By 김형환
영상원본파일과 스크립트파일 구매문의 (02-5259671)

iAnswer uAsk

By 앤드류 & 다혜
영어와 관련된 어떤 질문이라도 다 받습니다! 망설이지 마시고 어떤 질문이라도 던져주시기 바랍니다!

영작으로 배우는 영어회화

By John S. Kim
아무리 노력해도 더 이상 늘지 않는 회화! 영작으로 한방에 해결한다! 단 8번의 강의로 하고 싶은 말이 술술!

영어의 난도질

By John Fernando Kim
영어는 한국어에서 부터!

김미어픽쳐 플리즈! 코치재원과 함께 영어의 핵을 만들자!

By 코치재원
영어 울렁증에 시달리던 수줍음 많던 20대 청춘 영어 스피킹 코치로 변신하다! 영어 말하기 때문에 고민하는 20대 마음을 누구보다 잘 아는 코치재원이 20대 사회초년생을 위한 가장 현실적인 스피킹 초보 탈출 솔루션. 눈 딱 감고 몇 개월 투자해서 모든 것을 빨아들이는 언어의 블랙홀을 만들어 보자!

자동암기 중국어 1

By 길벗 이지톡
플레이 버튼만 누르면 성조,병음 걱정 해결! 듣기만 해도 귀가 열리고 입이 트인다!.

영어회화 마스터 1000 플러스 시리즈

By (주)넥서스
왕초보도 3초면 문장 완성! 하루 10개 표현(chunk)으로 한 달에 1,000문장을 말한다!

어렵지 않아요! 무따무따 여행 일본어

일본어에 자신 없어도 ok! 이 순간을 즐기고 싶은 여행자들을 위한 여행 일본어 회화!

전대건의 영어한문장

By 전대건
매일 매일, 이 말은 영어로 어떻게 할까, 저 말은 어떻게 영어로 표현할까 라는 질문에서부터 시작됩니다. 월요일부터 금요일까지 출퇴근길은 '전대건의 영어한문장' 과 함께~! 자매품으로 현재 '전대건의 쑥쑥영단어' 가 있습니다.

미국 현지 영어회화 무작정 따라하기

By 길벗 이지톡
미국 여행, 출장, 유학, 이민까지 모두 통하는 맞춤 영어회화! [미국 현지 영어회화 무작정 따라하기]음성강의입니다.

블루워터의 영어한마디

By (주)넥서스
2천만이 공감한 기초 생활영어 회화! 를 방문하세요!

메이슨의 세토막 영어회화

By 마스터 메이슨
왕초보도 하고 싶은 영어, 세토막이면 충분하다!!

최원규의 십장생 영어

By 차정인
매일매일 스마트폰으로 쏟아지는 글로벌 뉴스! 영상만으로는 무슨 내용인지 알아듣기가 힘드시죠? KBS가 준비한 ‘십장생 영어’가 여러분들의 답답한 마음을 해결해 드립니다. 십분만 활용하면 장소를 불문하고 생생한 영어 강의를 들을 수 있습니다. 매주 1회! 최원규의 ‘십장생 영어’가 당신의 모바일 속으로 찾아갑니다!

영어 발음의 신

By (주)넥서스
영어 발음은 특허 받은 발음칩과 Stop Sound로 해결하자!

코리안 잉글리쉬 영어회화

By Daniel Kim
코리안 잉글리쉬 팟캐스트는 호스트 Daniel Kim 이 진행하는 영어회화 학습, 훈련 프로그램입니다. 한국인의 일상에 꼭 필요한 영어회화를 익히고 훈련할 수 있도록 기획되었으며, 영어 학습에 대한 다양한 팁을 제공합니다.

영어회화 키포인트 200

By (주)넥서스
인기 강사 샤이니 선생님과 함께 하는 영어회화 키포인트 200!

전대건의 쑥쑥영단어

By 전대건
'전대건의 영어한문장'에서 준비한 야심작! 어짜피 해야 할 단어공부라면 이렇게 해야 되지 않을까? 라는 생각에서 부터 시작합니다. 꼭 한번만 우선 들어보시고 판단해주세요~! 감사합니다.

Fairytales in German

By James van der Moezel
Learn German by listening to these familiar fairytales.


By Ecommunication