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Journey Principles Radio: Video Podcast
By The Journey Principles Institute
Journey Principles Radio show is about life TRANSFORMATION. Master Life Strategist Stephen Scoggins is an author, professional speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Journey Principles Institute – an organization built to help others overcome obstacles, ignite their passions and live the life they were designed to lead. Every week Stephen and host, Josh Bledsoe, get real with guests such as John Lee Dumas and J.V. Crum III or have real life strategy sessions with Stephen himself. It’s Journey Principles Radio Show’s mission to empower each of the listeners to become the hero of their own story. Real People. Real Experiences. Real Transformation. #JPNation #JPRadio
Interesting Minds Podcast
By Interesting Minds Podcast
Interesting Minds - YPO Entrepreneurs
Surya Cast
By Suryavan Solar
Audios de Suryavan
LanzaPodcast - Lanzamientos de Marketing Online - ConYeco Internet Marketing | Review en Español de ...
LanzaPodcast es El Podcast sobre Lanzamientos de Marketing Online, dirigido a Emprendedores Digitales. Esta es la Web de LanzaPodcast Aquí descubrirás los nuevos y más grandes lanzamientos a nivel mundial de Software, Aplicaciones Web e Infoproductos relacionados con los Negocios en Internet. Los Grandes Lanzamientos vienen en idioma inglés, y aquí los explicaremos en español. Además, en LanzaPodcast te daremos grandes Bonos, muchos de ellos con Derechos de Desarrollador (Developers Rights), con Derechos de Reventa (Reseller Rights), e incluso con Derechos de Etiqueta Blanca (Whitelabel Rights). Suscríbete a LanzaPodcast de CONYECO: Si te suscribes a LanzaPodcast podrás recibir en tu correo electrónico las novedades, los precios early birds y los cupones de descuento durante el período de lanzamiento de las grandes aplicaciones y software para marketing digital y negocios en internet de todo el mundo.
OnTheGo Learning
By Jason E. Norris, founder of OnTheGo.FM
Your learners have gone mobile, but you can still reach them with your message. This show explores the concept of on-the-go learning, providing insight into how people learn and ways to teach them through mobile technology.
Homework Help with Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
By Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Stress-Free Homework, Better Grades, and an Improved Relationship with Your Kids
E3 Firearms Association Podcast
By E3 firearms Association
The BEST prepared person… is a WELL-TRAINED person! We Empower YOU To Discover, Improve and Enjoy Your Best Firearms Lifestyle. E3 is the ULTIMATE in your online, offline and live, firearms world experience. WELCOME HOME… Unlike old, dated programs and DVD series, our membership never ends. The world is constantly changing… fluctuating laws, new technology and equipment, and continuously better ways of doing things, therefore we are always on the leading edge delivering updated news, content, information, and training that evolves with the times. Our members should never have to leave us, because they know and trust we are the “one place all firearms.” Every month we deliver stellar training and information and constantly update our programs to be the best they can be. And, unlike many programs that are dangerous and confusing, we deploy best practices and proven processes in our curriculum to give our members a sense of clarity and satisfaction and to enlighten them to the highest level so they can make the right decisions for themselves.
K2 Leadership Podcast
Today's top leaders are interviewed, where they share their knowledge, expertise and passion.
By Jane Jackson
Kickstart YOUR CAREER - a FREE course to get you started on your journey to find your Dream Job and create a satisfying and financially rewarding career. ✩ Are you feeling stuck? ✩ Are you a graduate and looking for your first job? ✩ Are you in-between jobs? ✩ Are you just fed up with your current job and want a change but don't know what to do? ✩ Kickstart YOUR CAREER will help you to understand what you need to do to find your Dream Job. Start with Episode 1 and enjoy each episode - they are only 5-10 minutes each. ✩ Understand the importance of your mindset, confidence, and self-reliance, what really makes you tick and what you need to know to get out there and secure your Dream Job. Be brave and take that first step with Kickstart YOUR CAREER today! ✩ After you've completed this series of podcasts, for ongoing support and accountablity join the KICKSTART YOUR CAREER Facebook Support Group here: ✩ Jane Jackson is a career management coach, Author of #1 Amazon bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads and Host of Your Career Podcast on iTunes. Jane has helped thousands of her clients around the world to find and follow their true career passion and direction. She can do that for you too. Visit for personalized career coaching support, webinars and group workshops. For more online courses for your career success, visit
I Got Fired | Lost Job | Unfairly Fired | Fired Without Cause | Unemployed | Employee Rights
By Attorney Tom Spiggle
If you just got fired, or are about to be fired, there are some things you may want to be aware of. Attorney Tom Spiggle shares practical advice for that can help you, in the event that you are fired from your job. Being fired can be a devastating and life-changing event, so being well informed during this time can help you minimize the disruption to your life and your income. Although Tom is a lawyer and deals with legal issues surrounding the loss of a job, this podcast is not intended to take the place of legal advice. As always, if you feel that you need legal representation, please contact an attorney.
EDGY Conversations
By The EDGY Empire
Radical help for people who want it. Join the movement at
Junior Money Makers: Financial Mentorship for Young Entrepreneurs
By Junior Money Makers
The Junior Money Makers Podcast is all about helping kids ages 8-18 learn how to make money by following their passions and using skills that they already have! We want to help plant seeds that will help kids grow up, go to college, and start their lives debt free and ready to run their own businesses! Episodes are designed to be short and packed full of practical ideas that can be implemented right away! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and don't forget to connect over at!
Grow Your Group Show
By Mike Cooney
The Grow Your Group Show helps Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Rotary Clubs, Churches, Lions Clubs and other nonprofit organizations recruit new members, raise more money, run better programs, and have more fun doing it. Your host is Mike Cooney, who has 30 years in successful nonprofit organizations. Our guests are passionate, and they really know what they’re talking about. Subscribe today, or find out more at
EMS Office Hours
By Jim Hoffman
Weekly EMS podcast for paramedics and EMT's. Jim Hoffman is the host with invited guests from the EMS industry discussing hot EMS topics important to the paramedic and EMT field provider.
Real Little Giant
By Real Little Giant
The Real Little Giant is hosted by 4'10 Little motivational man who encourages his listeners to overcome the odds by never giving up. The Real Little Giant offers inspirational truths from his personal life experiences as a man of short stature. Gabriel Padilla is The Real Little Giant, he was born with a rare bone condition called "Rickets". He has had to face countless struggles as a Little Man. But he has not allowed his disability to affect his ABILITY. This podcast was created to inspire, motivate and help you think and act more positively.
Real Talk Real Estate Show
By David Huffman
After personally selling over 1,000 homes and over 4,000 coaching calls, David Huffman has perfected an easier way for agents to conduct their real estate business. He has helped numerous agents grow their business to over $500,000 in yearly net profit. David has perfected formulas to help agents choose the right lead generators no matter their marketing budget. David is known for his more fresh and modern-day approach to what most agents currently see as frustrating and impossible. If you are a real estate agent and looking for simple yet powerful strategies to run your real estate business then this show is for you. RealPERTS Coaching and Training was founded by David Huffman to give today's real estate agents a more practical approach to their business by focusing ONLY on what really matters, your personal net income. With all the fluff in our industry of people giving advice, yet not all advice is good depending on each agent's unique situation. You can learn more about David's coaching company called RealPERTS Coaching and Training at or by calling 800-916-7325.
Rapid Real Estate Radio
By Gavin McCaleb, Real Estate Investing Coach
Rapid Real Estate Radio features expert interviews, real life anecdotes, case studies, and pro-tips. All designed to help you get started in real estate investing as fast as possible. Hosted by industry leading speaker, trainer, and coach, Gavin McCaleb.
By Lee Woodward
Auctions are an ever-popular method of selling property in Australia. In Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra more than one third of all listings are taken to auction. Mastering auctions is like completing a masters degree in real estate. With an auction you can't get it right over a 10 week period, you have to get it right from the get go in a four week time frame. As one of Australia's most successful auction agents, Danny Grant has indeed conquered auctions. In the is audio program he will cover many aspects of Buyer & Vendor Management through the campaign.
Your Money Over Coffee: The daily best in personal finance, investing, minimalism
By Robert Graham
Bringing you the audio for the best articles and features in personal finance, minimalism, and investing with some added context and reactions. Listen to a great article each to to stay connected to different perspectives on finance and investing while climbing your own financial mountain. Make your financial life better with an episode and a cup of coffee at a time.
Under One Roof with RHAWA
By Rental Housing Association of WA
Under One Roof with RHAWA is the official podcast for the Rental Housing Association of Washington. We talk about property investment, being a landlord, local advocacy for property owners in Washington and association news.
Unlock Your Potential
By Dr. Laura Gallaher
Dr. Laura Gallaher was hired by NASA Kennedy Space Center, working to change the culture following the 2003 Columbia Shuttle disaster. After 8 years with NASA leaders at all levels, Laura was hired by The Walt Disney Company to help them radically change their performance management approach which was focused on developing leaders as coaches for their employees. In 2013, Laura founded Key Talent Solutions, and helped her first client, an Orlando tech company, go from lay-offs to a $36M acquisition in under 18 months. Laura helps executive teams be more aware, more aligned, and more accountable by helping them have conversations they didn’t even know they needed to have.
UpBound's Small Biz Bites
By UpBound
We get it - it’s just you, your business and your dream. We also get everything in between - you’re one person wearing a bajillion hats, just trying to get this thing off the ground everyday. And we also know that digital marketing is something that keeps rearing it’s confusing head more & more frequently - it’s big, bizarre, constantly changing and you have no idea where to start. And that’s where we want to help. We’re creating bite-sized episodes that, one at a time, show you the many areas of today’s marketing world in a way that not only make sense, but gives you an idea of how you can apply it to your business. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, confusing or vague - it just has to be smart. Let us show you how to get there.
Fuse Chamber
By Fuse Chamber
A place for artists and entrepreneurs to build the elite skills you need to live the life you want. It's not about what winners do, it's about who they become. Learn the secrets that successful people know, but nobody will teach you in school. Come here for weekly inspiration, motivation and coaching so you can start living your life without compromise.
Więcej niż język angielski
By Ewa Ostarek
Więcej niż język angielski to seria stworzona dla kobiet, aby pomóc im rozwinąć językowe skrzydła i sprawić, że język angielski stanie się przyjemny. Ewa Ostarek, doświadczony trener języka angielskiego, opowiada o interesujących sposobach dotyczących nie tylko nauki języka, ale także o roli nastawiania językowego, motywacji, e-learningu, ciekawych zasobach internetowych. Te nagrania to nie tylko konkretna dawna językowych wskazówek, ale także droga do tego, aby odkryć i pogłębić w sobie pasję do języka angielskiego.
By AirMango
本课程提供了(可能是)中国国际航空公司的客舱广播词,适合于在培或在职空乘日常演练。 (关键词:国航,国际航空,广播词,CA)
The Nick Bare Show
Life provides opportunity to learn lessons through failures and successes. Nick highlights the insights through his military experience, business branding and physical fitness.
Find a Way Daily Podcast
By David Keesee- Head Coach of The League
In this podcast, you will hear the lessons, ideas, strategies and stories that Head Coach of The League David Keesee has learned over the past 2 decades to become a professional athlete, help build multiple multi-million dollar businesses and help the members of The League to increase their personal incomes by 10 fold while living amazing lives. Listen as David coaches you on what it takes to win in business and life today.
Freelance Universiteit | Train To Freedom
By Erik Train To Freedom
Freelance universiteit is een podcast voor mensen die de stap willen maken om te gaan freelancen. Deze podcast wordt gemaakt door Train To Freedom. Als je meer informatie wilt over hoe je het beste kunt gaan freelancen, ga dan naar
Fit By Science
By Paul Merten
Erfahre mit Paul von Fit By Science alles zum Thema Fitness. Egal ob Du an Muskelaufbau, Abnehmen, Motivation, Ausdauertraining, Sportgeräte oder Ernährung interessiert bist. Dein Host Paul redet und diskutiert mit führenden Experten und verbindet für Dich Wissenschaft und Praxis, so dass Du dein Training auf ein neues Level heben kannst. Ohne gefährliches Halbwissen und Bla Bla.
Golf Tips from Your Car with Tyler Dice Golf​
By Tyler Dice
Golf Tips from Your Car is a golf podcast designed for you to get all your golf information in the short time (or long time) you spend in your car. Tyler from Tyler Dice Golf presents this weekly podcast to the avid golf community covering the latest golf news, weighing in on the recent events in golf, giving you the best golf tips to use for your own game & bringing you a fresh, unique voice to evolving game of golf. You won't be disappointed!
Face To Face Mentoring
By Jayme Hull
Face To Face Mentoring Podcast hosted by Jayme Hull.Whether you have a mentor, can't seem to find one, or haven't even thought to look for one, this Podcast is for you. Each week will include two episodes: One show with teaching tips from Jayme and the second show presenting honest conversations with guests sharing inspirational stories from their mentoring experiences. The show will dig into relevant topics. No topic is off limits because mentoring relationships need to be gut-honest and transparent. Subscribe to the show and be equipped and encouraged as you learn, launch and lead in your faith. And tell everyone you know to join us in the mentoring movement.
Drawn to Discover
By Drawn to Discover
The Online Video Curriculum that Manifests Creativity, through cognitive development.
Dicas Suplenas
By Mauricio Ruiz e Sandra Nakkoud
Conheça o Canal de Dicas Suplenas. Os Treinadores Internacionais do Supleno, trazem frequentemente, dicas e conteúdo de Mudança de Vida, Hipnose, PNL Programação Neurolinguística, Coaching, Comportamento e Neurociência para ajudar sua transformação!
Dejando de fumar
By Dejando de fumar
En este Podcast explico como estoy dejando de fumar poco a poco, sin ayuda de medicamentos o productos para dejar de fumar y sin querer pasarlo mal. Cada día me voy a platear un reto para poco a poco disminuir el consumo y acabar de dejar de fumar. Si eres fumador y te gustaría acabar con este mal habito, nos podemos ayudar mutuamente. Pásate por y escríbeme un correo. Espero que sea de ayuda a todos los que pasáis por esto.
I am Happy Podcast | Parenting, Health, Relationships, Personal Development
By Stacy Anderson: Entrepreneur, Founder of Lil Leona I am Happy
We all want to be happy! We want to have it all, but somedays it feels just out of our grasp. Let’s be real now. Everyday, I feel like I can hardly keep it together – between taking care of my family, and running a business, life can get a bit overwhelming. I’m no expert, but on this podcast, we are bringing in the experts – experts to help us be balanced, improve our health, find time for ourselves, and better take care of our kids. In the end, no one is perfect, but we can all improve our lives, just a little bit each day. So, let’s have fun, laugh a little, and make this world a better place.
Grief Massage Conversations
By Aimee Joy Taylor
The Grief Massage Conversations podcast is a place for you to listen and learn about the relationship between grief and the body, how Grief Massage and other forms of bodywork may be a support during times of loss, and how massage therapists and other healers can learn to create and hold safe space for those who are grieving. This show is hosted by Aimee Joy Taylor, creator of the Grief Massage modality and founder of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. Each week, Aimee will share commentary and stories from her own Grief Massage journey, or she will feature interviews with guests who have important perspectives on grief, the body, and how loss is currently treated in our culture. This podcast will empower and inspire you to help create a world that is kinder and gentler toward grieving people. Lets get started.
George Balek's Podcast
By George Balek
Quote For Today!
Women in the Middle: Loving Life After 50
By Suzy Rosenstein | Actionable life coaching for women in their 50s, designed to help with career boredom, career change, midlife crisis, transition and empty nest issues.
Women in the Middle is a podcast for women in their 50s who don’t want to let life pass them by. You’ll learn from someone who knows what it’s like to be stuck in a midlife funk and want to change but not know what to do. Master Certified Life Coach Suzy Rosenstein shares the mindfulness skills, tools and perspective you need to live intentionally, learn how to dream again, and create a life you love. Download a free guide to help you start living a life without regrets at
OutlierLearning Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
OutlierLearners have Almost Unfair Advantages thanks to their abilities to learn extremely fast.
It is one of the only competitive advantages that you really can trust in a changing world. Come along and explore how the OutlierLearners do it.
How they learn new things, refine their understandings, quickly discard flawed beliefs, and find out about their Mindsets, beliefs, and Mental Models.
NLP und Hypnose mit Dr. Ender Aysal
By Dr. Ender Aysal
NLP, Hypnose und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung sind die Leidenschaft von Dr. Ender Aysal, NLP-Trainer und Hypnose Coach. Mit diesem Podcast will er Dir helfen, Dich weiter zu entwickeln und einfach ein besseres und glücklicheres Leben zu leben.
Johnny Del Valle | The Power of Inspiration
By Johnny Del Valle : life consultant mentor and spicer
The search for success is a journey that everyone expires to take. If you have been applying methods and philosophies trying to manifest your desires in life. Then you understand it takes more than just having a goal and a plan it takes commitment. Johnny Del Valle percents a new approach to inspiration the most powerful element necessary to develop commitment. In this Podcasts you will hear The powerful truth of spirituality and personal development so you could have the freedom you need to develop an authentic satisfaction to life.
Distilling Craft
By Devin Mills
Aspects of distillery design are reviewed as ways to improve a craft distillery plus interviews with distillery owners and distilling process experts from across the US and around the world.
Adulthood Is...
By Jayson Lynn
Adulthood Is... Hosted by Jayson C. Lynn is a podcast that explores what it means to adult. Through interviews with professors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and self-proclaimed adulting experts, we try to work together to dig up the valuable insights of growing-up in this day-and-age.
Ask The Stoner Mom
By The Stoner Mom
Call in to leave your questions 720-739-1533 Listen daily as The Stoner Mom answers your questions. Send your questions to
By Sonosparks
#1 Sonography Podcast - Covering everything from ultrasounds tips to innovations. Podcast created by a sonographer for the sonographer.
ASCA Viewpoints Podcast
By Association for Student Conduct Administration - ASCA
This is the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) official podcast for student conduct in higher education.
SimplyForDogs|Franklin Medina discusses the latest dog tips, dog strategies, dog training, and eve...
By Franklin Medina/Author/Blogger/Marketer
Welcome to the podcast..Where we cover the best dogs tips, strategies and stories to help you become the best dog owner in the world.
PRVRB Podcast
By Kwaku Amuti
The PRVRB Podcast was created to highlight issues that affect men of color. These conversations are meant to enlighten, encourage thought, and start a dialogue on various topics that affect us as men. The goal is for men of color to learn and grow from these thought-provoking conversations and become better men.
Lakas Filipino Martial Arts Podcast
By Guro Joe Marana
The mission of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is to educate, preserve and honor the martial arts from the Philippines as well as those fighting systems born from the Filipino American experience. This vision of this podcast is to capture and share the stories of teachers, instructors and mentors that have not only contributed their life and spirit to martial art, but have helped paint the portrait of who I am today, and what Lakas Filipino Martial Arts continues to develop to be.
Personal Freedom Trainer
By Brenden Lowe | Personal Freedom Trainer
How to build freedom in life, business, finance, and make drastic changes by building a business around your passion and taking massive action. In this podcast you'll listen to my journey of how I've built Personal Freedom Trainer from scratch, as well as how I'm continuing to improve the business. You'll also get consistent motivation, inspiration and business tips and actionable advice to quit your 9-5 and make drastic changes in your life to achieve freedom in any area you wish.
Lemonade - A Podcast Dedicated To Individuals Committed To Personal Improvement And Achievement.
By Keith Sconiers
The Quest For Lemonade is dedicated to helping individuals improve their lives and help them convert life's lemons into lemonade.
Mythical Money Podcast
By James Tribbitt
A culture built on borrowing money, overwhelmed by advertisements about financing, credit, and consumption, trained to want things now, go into debt, and convinced it's how life works. Our banking system is built on the premise of making money off interest you pay, by selling you products of debt. In the Mythical Money Podcast, James Tribbitt exposes the truth, and leads you into the mindset of living a life in control of your money, not dependent on credit, but independent and truly free! James coaches and guides you through the treacherous world of money, taking you on a clear path to financial success and accomplishing your life goals.
Masters in Fitness Business Podcast
By Jim Adams (Trainer Jim)
Designed for trainers who want to or are making the leap to studio ownership. Interviews with successful studio owners discussing what produces success and failure. How to make money in the business of fitness.
Life Bonds™ Podcast
By Dr. Melanie Ross Mills
Dr Melanie Ross Mills offers insight and strategies on life topics worth contemplating.
Balloon Market Podcast
By Balloon Market Podcast
Balloon Market Blog
Training and Development in the Emergency Services
By Brio Consulting
Learners deserve training that promotes active learning and successfully prepares them for the roles they are to undertake. We believe the people who can best facilitate this training are those who are passionate and experienced, who challenge and inspire. This means ensuring trainers and assessors have access to support and development that promotes their own thinking and learning! These podcasts shine a light on people from within the Public Safety Sector who have ideas and stories that may support, challenge and inspire others to continue being passionate trainers and life long learners.
The Tradesman
By Zack Psioda
The Tradesman is a podcast started by HVAC tech and podcast host Zack Psioda. Zack will talk about issues concerning the skilled trades and business ownership.
By Dobson, Hatcher, Troche, and Voorhies
A Firefighter podcast by Firefighters. Honest and unedited. We start with a question about the fire service and see where the conversation goes.
By The Training, Learning, and Development Community
This podcast is the audio-only version of TLDChat, an every weekday livestream that takes place at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern. Some of the audio content is edited for brevity.
By Peter Elvidge
Peter Elvidge CEO of The Perseverance Network. The Perseverance Network is a multi online platform network full of incredible content in hopes to motivate educate and inspire its viewers. Twitter @peterelvidge @PERSEVERANCENET @PE_NETWORKS Facebook PERSEVERANCE NETWORK Perseverance Network News Perseverance Entertainment Network Perseverance Network Promotions Instagram @pete.2010 @peterelvidge TONI QUEST, MAED/AET, BFA Artist, Author, Educator, Life Coach Toni Quest refers to herself as an entrepreneurial artist and a Law of Attraction Life Coach, specializing in coaching artists about the business of their art She seeks to   integrate her many gifts, talents and unique experiences she has been blessed with. In her recently published memoir, Actualized, a Life in Progress, she candidly tells the stories within the story of her life. Actualized is based on the instructional plan she wrote in graduate school. The plan, Self-actualizing Portraiture ©  earned her an MAED in adult learning theory.     Email [email protected] . Facebook [email protected], Twitter @TQTALKER Website Linkedin Toni Quest
Growth and Code: A Podcast by Measure Media - The Intersection of Marketing & Technology
By Ryan Riggin: Digital Media Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, Tech Guy
Each week we talk with Entrepreneurs, E-commerce Marketers, Startup Founders and Small Business Owners about the intersection of marketing and technology, and the stacks that they're using to build and grow their companies.
Personal Trainer Podcast | Online Trainers Podcast | Fitness Pro
By Online Personal Training | Fitness Professional | FitPro | Online Coach
Welcome to the FitPro Masterclass Podcast! Discover our latest content to get proven, practical strategies and advice for planning, building and growing a successful online fitness business. Get value-packed weekly podcast episodes with advice and tips for fitness pros, and regular interviews with trainers that have been through the same struggles as you. Get your free Online Trainers Success Toolkit over at
Power Selling Radio
By Colin Tedards
Power Selling Radio is all about making money online. From affiliate marketing to selling on Amazon & eBay I've tried just about everything. I share with you my tips on creating websites that make money with Adsense, eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates. I also discuss selling products on Amazon using FBA - and on eBay.
By Jan Schleifer, PR-Fachmann & Tom Oberbichler, Buchmentor
Der Public-Relations-Podcast für Solopreneure Was dir PR als Solopreneur bringt Wofür brauchst du als Solopreneur oder Gründerin Public Relations? Was hast du als Einzelunternehmerin und Einzelunternehmer von PR? Was bringt dir Öffentlichkeitsarbeit überhaupt? Obwohl aktuell immer mehr über PR gesprochen wird, sind diese Disziplin und die mit ihr verbunden Chancen noch wenig bekannt. In 8 Folgen zu deinem PR-Aktionsplan In den acht Folgen des Solopreneur-PR Podcast gehen Jan Schleifer, Kommunikationscoach und PR-Fachmann, und Tom Oberbichler, Buchmentor, den wichtigsten Fragen der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit auf den Grund und lüften die Nebel für dich. Immer mehr Einzelunternehmerinnen und Einzelunternehmer bemerken, dass Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram und Co. – Social Media – alleine nicht ausreichen, um ein stabiles Business aufzubauen und Kontakt zur Zielgruppe zu etablieren und aufrecht zu erhalten. Wenn du selbst schon überlegst, wie du deine Zielgruppe erweiterst, wie du mit neuen Menschen, Medien, Influencerinnen und Multiplikatoren in Kontakt kommst, also mehr und neue Menschen erreichst, könnte PR ein richtiger Weg für dich sein. Die wichtigsten Grundlagen für deine Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Wir zeigen dir im Solopreneur-PR-Podcast, was du für erfolgreiche PR und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit benötigst und wie du dir die wichtigsten Grundlagen erarbeitest. Du lernst, was PR – Öffentlichkeitsarbeit – alles bewirken kann, was die Grundvoraussetzung ist, um dein Unternehmen, deine Dienstleistungen und Produkte einer größeren Öffentlichkeit bekannter und zugänglich zu machen und dich als anerkannte Marke zu positionieren. Wir zeigen dir auch, welche Fettnäpfchen du WIE mit einfachen Tricks und Strategien umgehen kannst. Dein Einstieg in die PR Wir haben für dich acht Podcast-Folgen als Einstieg in die PR zusammengestellt. Du lernst die Medien und Kanäle kennen, die du für deine Unternehmenskommunikation brauchst. Du bekommst praktische Hinweise, die dir helfen, dich zu organisieren und deine PR zu planen. Wir verraten dir ebenso, wie du mit Medienvertretern und Journalistinnen ins Gespräch kommst, zeigen dir, worauf es bei einer klassischen Pressemitteilung ankommt und stellen ausgewählte Möglichkeiten vor, mit denen du dich nachhaltig als Expertin oder Experte in deiner Nische positionierst. Arbeitsblätter als Ergänzung zu den Podcast-Folgen Wir haben dir zu den einzelnen Folgen Arbeitsblätter vorbereitet, die dich bei der praktischen Umsetzung unterstützen – alles ohne Kosten für dich. Hör dir das an und starte mit uns in deine PR! Wir freuen uns auf dich, Jan & Tom – Der PR-Podcast für Solopreneure
Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs
By Bernadette Schwerdt
Discover the secrets for how Australia’s top online entrepreneurs built their start-ups. Based on her best-selling book Bernadette interviews Australia’s top internet superstars to reveal the detailed strategies behind their success. If you have an online business and want practical advice based on real-world experience, a heads-up on what the ‘next big thing is’ and the inside scoop on what not to do with your online business, this podcast is for you.
Recurring Revenue Radio
By Richard Chancy: Online Entrepreneur, Sales Strategist and Marketing Coach
Richard Chancy made the jump from selling high end consulting to building a business selling digital information products online. He did it by leveraging search engine optimization, paid marketing, affiliate marketing and webinars. In this podcast he'll share with you all of his online business and marketing strategies, shortcuts, and revolutionary ideas to help grow your business with digital products. Whether you’re just starting your online business and looking to make your first dollar, or you’ve got a traditional business and are looking for new ways to sell your existing product, you’re in the right place. Although Richard confesses he’s not one of the online business guru’s, he’s been supporting his family 100% for the last 5 years with income generated from his online businesses, easily earning six figures while working half as much as many of his peers. We'll cover search engine optimization, small business automation, outsourcing, & using social media like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We'll also dive in to building your email list using lead magnets like ebooks, webinars, infographics and email marketing sequences. Those are just of few of the skills we’ll discuss on this podcast. He’ll share with you what has worked (and what hasn’t worked) to help help you launch your digital products business online.
Restaurant Focus Podcast
By Trish Papoulias
The Restaurant FOCUS Podcast is a show dedicated to helping Independent Restaurant Owners stay FOCUSED on Increasing Sales and Improving Profitability. . Listen weekly to get motivation and inspiration, Strategies and Solutions. It’s time to Get Restaurant Focused.
S.A.L.E.S. is Simple©
By Tamahn Jamison
The S.A.L.E.S. is Simple© system was created by the host of this podcast to discuss the profession of selling without being “sleazy”. Each episode deals with how sales techniques are necessary in all facets of our lives, especially to business owners and those in the sales industry. You will receive practical tips that can be applied immediately in order to take your personal or professional life to the next level.
Farmer Up Hawaii Podcast : Talking Farm Startup w/ Successful Farmers & More...
By Peter Angeleo: Wannabe Farmer, Brand-new Blogger/Podcaster, Father and Combat Veteran
Farmer Up Hawaii is an interview style podcast focused on getting together with successful farmers and industry leaders in Hawaii to gain their insights and knowledge. Starting a farm business is hard and going through that process requires mentors to ensure success. Whether you're just starting out or up and running, there is value for you here.
Conversations for Research Rockstars
By Kathryn Korostoff
Conversations & guest lectures on market research methods, analysis optimization, career trends, and anything else related to advancing customer insights. Hosted weekly by Kathryn Korostoff.
Business Breakdown by Paul Potratz
By Paul Potratz
7 Minute Business Consulting with Paul Potratz and Samantha C Zawilinski
Balanço Focado
By Fernando Sobrinho
A vida é mais que do que simplesmente trabalhar e pagar as contas. Para balancear as outras coisas boas da vida, precisamos saber focar e assim aproveitar de forma plena essa experiência que é ser humano.
Backyard Millionaires
By Jen Wherrell
Jen and Chris are living the ultimate American dream of entrepreneurship, which started in their backyard shed. Business, family, and faith are their keys to happiness and success. Just like their “notebook” relationship that started on a beach as kids, this couple is the ultimate business team. Listen in to find out how this couple took a single fitness location and franchisee’d it into 10 different states in less then 2 years. Oh yeah, they have three kids to raise as well.
By GaggleAMP
AMPlify is the companion podcast to AMPlify: The Employee Advocacy & Engagement Conference. The AMPlify podcast provides conversations with the leading practitioners and thought leaders around employee advocacy and engagement. Employee advocacy and engagement is essential to any successful corporate marketing effort. In this podcast, you will learn about best practices, trends and strategies that have made impact in the companies currently engaged in these efforts. The AMPlify Podcast and Conference are produced by GaggleAMP Inc.
MBA ASAP Podcast
By John Cousins
MBA ASAP is dedicated teaching tools for wealth creation and empowering people to pursue their dreams through economic independence. Learn skillsets that will make you more valuable at your job, help you launch a side hustle ...or let you quit and start your own business.
Love Leads
By Charisma Podcast Network
Listen as Dr. Steve Greene's leadership podcast comes alive with stories, teachings, and guests who lead with love.
Presentation Professor Podcast with Diane Wolf
By Diane Wolf
As a former university business professor and professional speaker, I have helped thousands of people go from dread to delight when developing and delivering presentations! YOU have a voice that deserves to be heard, and you can become a confident and dynamic communicator too!
Strike A Pose Photo Booths Podcast
Advice and information to help photo booth owners succeed in and grow their photo booth business. Entrepreneurial insights, technical information, life-experience stories, delivered by Strike A Pose tech manager Jim and occasional guests.
Enacting Impact: The Integral Coaching Podcast
By Andrew Leonard & Chela Davison || Integral Coaching Canada
Presented by Integral Coaching Canada, Enacting Impact explores the stories of integral development and change within individuals, organizations, communities, and the globe. We’ve got a vested interest in delivering deep and deliberate narratives of development to like minded individuals; to people who are working to insert themselves with clarity and mindful action as they seek to untangle these complex times that we’re living in. This is a show about unpacking perspectives of change, of dialoguing about embodiment, of advancing ideas. And, in the same way we view everything else in this beautiful universe we share with the stars, this is a show that’s in development itself. Enacting Impact is a show that will grow, change, and evolve as the stories we explore and the lives we lead move with it. Got questions, comments, or feedback? We’d love to hear it, either at or on iTunes. Thank you for being here.
Entrepreneur Making An Impact Podcast
By Charles George
Today we live in amazing times! We are living in a digital revolution that is giving more people more opportunity to choose the lifestyle of their choice than any other time throughout history. At no other time have we been able to connect with and make a bigger impact in people's lives all around the globe than today. On the podcast we talk about how to build your influence, so you can have a greater impact on people's lives in today's digital world.
AnetaDuk : O wizualnych i internetowych aspektach brandingu
By Aneta Duk
Ten podcast jest cześcią bloga, na łamach którego publikuje materiały poruszające tamatykę brandingu, a dokładnie jego graficzno wizualne aspekty. Znajdziesz tam również sporo materiałów na temat wizerunku online Twojej działalności. Wyjaśniam wiele branżowych pojęć. Pomagam zrozumieć oferty. Przekazuje wiele informacji jak je czytać, porównywać i decydować, które są tak naprawdę lepsze i tańsze. Opowiadam o tym co warto robić samemu, a do czego konieczny jest specjalista.
Arquitectos Digitales
By Adrián Pajares
Podcast para arquitectos en el que hablaremos de marketing, productividad y desarrollo web. El podcast para arquitectos emprendedores que quieren potenciar o empezar su negocio.
Words and Writers Podcast
By Words and Writers Podcast
Welcome the Words and Writers podcast! W and W is a podcast dedicated to bringing all things dealing with writing and words to our audience. Hosted by Arleen Barreiros, John Dixon of Winterwolf Press and former co-host, Wendy Scott, we bring you a unique perspective of small press publishing and self- publishing with tips, advice and interviews week to week.
Tax Law Today
By Steven Hogan
This podcast dives into the gray areas of state and federal tax law. Your host, Steve Hogan, is a tax lawyer based in Tallahassee, Florida. Find out more about Steve, and get the full show notes for every episode, at
Papillion-La Vista Advice Givers | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Interviewing Our Community's Br...
By By Chris Coleman: Entrepreneur | Interviewing Papillion's Brightest Minds
Chris Coleman. Host of the Papillion-La Vista Advice Givers Podcast, as a business owner himself, had an interest in meeting other smart business owners and fascinating entrepreneurs. When he started to reach out to these people, and started talking to them, he realized others needed to hear their stories too. These were experts in their respective fields, smart and intelligent, not to mention, many had discovered unique ways to impact the lives of their customers, clients and patients. So he asked, “Why not share these stories? Why not interview these people? Create a Podcast? Why not create a site where they could be posted and listened to?” With that, the concept for Papillion Advice Givers was born. For more, visit:
Sassy Flower Talk
By Jerry Williamson: Floral Designer and Speaker
Whether you are a floral designer, an apprentice in the floral industry or a Do-It-Yourselfer ... we will share some of the most exciting stories about the floral industry. Go with us as we interview some of the top floral designers from around the world to help you understand the art of floral design.
Small Business Hiring presented by with Brad Owens, the Culture Coach
By Brad Owens, the Culture Coach | Brought to you by
Small Business Hiring is the first podcast dedicated exclusively to helping small businesses attract, hire and retain their teams. On this podcast, Brad Owens (The Culture Coach) seeks out successful leaders and businesses that have been through the same difficulties building their teams as you may be going through right now. Every Tuesday you get to hear their stories and strategies around hiring and learn what you can do to build a thriving culture in your own business. On Thursdays, you'll get to hear our Q&A episodes. Every Thursday at 1pm ET, Brad will be live at taking your questions LIVE on YouTube. If you'd like to get your questions submitted, you can send those in to [email protected] For more resources, tips and free downloads, visit
Papo de Líder
By Allan
Liderança, gestão, autodesenvolvimento, empreendedorismo, protagonismo e otras cositas más.Semanalmente uma sacada rápida e de impacto e quinzenalmente um papo com um líder para nos inspirar a evoluir!Com Allan Pimenta
Abe's Ukulele Podcast Episode 1
By Abe's Ukulele Podcast Episode 1
In this episode I talk about what you can expect from this podcast, as well as my own beginnings with the instrument. I also talk a little bit about beginning to teach and what instruments are good to look out for when just starting out. I only cover everything briefly, since every topic can be talked about to no end. My vision for this podcast is to be short, fun, and informative.
By Trey Lewellen
Welcome to the Mr On It Podcast with Trey Lewellen! Where we teach you how to build a sustainable online business. No hype! Just real people with real stories! If you are ready for consistent, long-term cash flow then this is the Podcast for you!
Tiertraining TALK
By Tiertraining TALK
Wir freuen uns total auf dieses Podcast-Projekt. Ihr werdet hier wöchentlich gedanklichen Input zu ganz unterschiedlichen Themen von den besten Tiertrainern der deutschsprachigen Länder erhalten. Verpasst auf keinen Fall die neuen Trends im Bereich Hundesport & Tier-Equipment, Infos zur Gesundheit, neue Trainingstools und vieles mehr! Die Moderatorin Pia Gröning leitet im Kreis Recklinghausen (NRW) die Pfotenakademie Ruhrgebiet. Hier hat sie einerseits etliche Experten zu Gast und andererseits ist sie in den deutschsprachigen Ländern als Dozentin unterwegs und verfügt über unzählige Kontakte und Einblicke in die Tier-Trainingswelt. Dieser Podcast ist ein gemeinsames Projekt von und Impressum: Kontakt: [email protected]
Talking About Horses
By Patrick King and special guests
Presented by Patrick King Horsemanship, TALKING ABOUT HORSES is is a great source for access to some of the best horsemen and thought leaders in the equine industry. Listen along at home, at work, in the car, or in the saddle as Patrick and his guests bring you interviews, insights, stories, and tips.
The Elite Advisor Blueprint ®: The Podcast for World-Class Financial Advisors
By Brad Johnson - VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel / Financial Advisor Coach / Marketing / Appointment Process / Leadership & Team Building / Branding / Past guests: Michael Hyatt, Ron Carson, Alan Moore, Dan Sullivan, Steve Sanduski, David Bach, & Pete Matthew
The Elite Advisor Blueprint is a podcast dedicated to sharing the "blueprint for success" in the independent financial advising world. Based on Brad's decade of experience consulting the top advisors in the US, that could mean doubling your revenue, doubling your vacation, or BOTH! Continuing the successful formula of idea sharing that led Advisors Excel to be the #1 player in its industry, Brad distills the best advice from top thought leaders and applies it to the world of independent financial advising. Interviews with top thought leaders and industry experts, including Michael Hyatt, Ron Carson, Dan Sullivan, Donald Miller, Joey Coleman, Aaron Klein, John Ruhlin, Cameron Herold, Tucker Max and many more! Brad Johnson is VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel and mentors a small group of the country’s most elite financial advisors. This group captured close to $1B of new assets last year and relies on Brad and his team to help them maximize their marketing ROI, streamline their client acquisition process, and run their business like a CEO - not a salesperson. It's very difficult to outperform the core group of associations you surround yourself with and the simple formula of focusing on the biggest and brightest financial advisors in the country and facilitating the ease of how ideas are shared among them has led to industry leading results.
The Communication Diva Podcast: Get the Job, Love Your Work, Advance Your Career
By Jenn Swanson: author, speaker, coach and online teacher (and church minister too!)
My name is Jenn (aka The Communication Diva...fully tongue-in-cheek!) I started podcasting as a hobby in 2012 on the broad topic of communication. At the time, I was teaching Human Relation Skills to college students in the healthcare field, and realized that what used to be "common sense" is not really all that common anymore, because communication skills are not intentionally taught much anymore. I didn't have enough class time to cover very much in depth, and so decided I needed a platform on which to expand what I wanted to share with people. So, Communication Diva was born. My early episodes are quite general, and then once I got to Episode 100 and beyond, I began to focus mainly on workplace, job search and self-improvement topics that help you to succeed in the workplace (and in life!) through great and more effective communication. This show is sometimes just me, waxing eloquent...(haha!) and more often, I interview fascinating guests from all around the globe who offer actionable ways you can improve your communication skills, reach those goals you have set and live out YOUR passion. I hope you find something that resonates here and invite you to join the conversation!
The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers Podcast
By Pat Petrini
Powerful interviews with some of the top earning network marketing professionals in the world, as well as rising stars experiencing tremendous growth. On this podcast, we explore the daily rituals, techniques and strategies that have propelled these pros to the top! Tried all the network marketing tricks without results? It's time to transform your daily routine to break through your current ceiling! You've heard all the podcasts and read all the books on sales techniques, generating leads, and closing, but you aren't making the progress you'd hoped for. What if you could make a few simple changes to increase your income, reduce your stress, take your network marketing business to the next level, and send your fulfillment through the roof? Start the next chapter of your career with a system that's been time tested by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers uses Hal Elrod's global phenomenon to give you the strategies, mindset, and daily rituals that match the top 1% of all network marketers, so you can grow yourself and your business faster than you ever thought possible. The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers is your key to making immediate and profound changes on the path to a bigger team and the life of your dreams. Discover the "not-so-obvious secrets" so that you can Grow Yourself FIRST to Grow Your Network Marketing Business FAST!
Executive Breakthroughs Podcast
By Jason Treu
Executive Breakthroughs Podcast is where self-motivated executives, entrepreneurs, and rising stars, just like you, come to learn from their business heroes on how to make your unique mark on the world, maximize leadership and performance, create a culture of rockstar talent, and more. HINT: It takes more than bean bag chairs, a waffle bar, and all those perks on “Silicon Valley.” We’ll talk visionary leadership, bold entrepreneurship, and winning management styles. Wild creativity paired with disciplined productivity. Embracing fear, and stamping out impostor syndrome. Tiny missteps, and epic misfires. Mistakes you can skip, and strategies you can steal. (Because stealing pens and Post-it notes is for amateurs.) This show will make you a better leader, manager, networker, investor and -- most important -- a better thinker and problem-solver.
By 微智先峰
众所周知,光电仪器+医美项目效果,远大于普通的医美手段特别是多种仪器综合运用,合理布局不止在在祛皱、祛痘、紧致、细嫩、美白、补水等方面效果显著即使对一些复杂的综合性问题也可以系统治疗。微智先峰光电医美课堂,主要针对美容行业人士培训光电医美技术知识为主,想要专业全面深入了解光电医美知识可以加入先峰会光电医美社群!详细私信我! 先峰会社群2017年会员入会正式报名,先峰会社群最重要的价值除了市场远见之外,还有平台,全国超过1000名美业各界会员会是你最好的老师和合伙伙伴,先峰会主要以:光电医美、面相美学、手机号吉凶风水为培训内容,对于更多美业人士有操作的价值。先峰会不承诺什么让你交钱就能发财之类的调调,只要你努力执行加方向正确,赚钱是不难的。没想好不了解就不要加入,光想不执行不付出的会员意义也很小。
Launch Life with Jeff Walker
By Jeff Walker - Creator Of Product Launch Formula
I’m Jeff Walker, the creator of – a system that’s been used by thousands of entrepreneurs in hundreds of different niches and markets. My students and clients have done well over $500 million in product launches. I’ve helped so many regular folks quit their jobs and grow serious businesses, and now I want to help guide you through building the business and the life of your dreams. This podcast is all about getting you off the 12+ hour days/7 days a week treadmill and helping you build a business and life you love.