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By Janette Freeman
Each podcast is created to inspire, uplift, and transform through meditation, internal processes and inspirational messages from Dr. Janette or other guests. Each session is designed to be a full experience of heart opening transformation.
By James Fenwick
What will we mostly talk about? Hmmm... We literally have no idea, BUT, it's basically an adventure into the world through our eyes, discussing training, coaching, travel, food, lots of food and other stuff that we find interesting. Or not. Beats listening to the person next to you on the train.
By Core Academy, LLC
Core Academy's podcast invites the listener into our conversations about relevant topics surrounding rehabilitation and health care professionals.
Welcome to Habit Hackers Rebel Radio! We are here to add real practically to entrepreneurship. We want the actions we can take NOW to affect our future. We interview people on their path to success and learn what habits they make a ritual shortcutting our own success. Lets begin...
This is The One Legacy Podcast and every single week Danny brings you the knowing so you can get the growing into a rising and thriving personal legacy. The goal is to help you develop the essential ingredients for personal success by giving you the tools to be the greatest version of YOURSELF! From personal development to business development and everything in between Danny has you covered. Find out more at
By Crista Samaras
Are you paralyzed by fear? Are you terrified of failure? Do you wish you were more confident? Brave Your Fear shares the stories of people who have fought through all types of the scary stuff of life and have made it to the other side. Our guests get candid about the stuff that scares— the deep stuff, the true stuff, the real stuff and the big stuff. This podcast will not teach you how to be fearless—we don’t believe in that word. It’s meant to teach you how to be brave in the face of inev...
By Jonathan James Roberts
Jon Roberts and Michael Draper get together every week to discuss education, building a career as a millennial, social issues, personal development, technology, anything really.
By Luke J. Menkes
Luke has made and lost a million dollars, twice! The second time around he was a single dad and almost became homeless as a result. After literally losing almost everything he had, he went on to obtain his real estate sales license, and then his broker’s license, and has doubled his sales volume every year for 4 years straight. In 2016, Luke was selected to appear as a contestant for 9 episodes on the reality TV show, Seller’s Market. In September 2017 Luke appeared on the Canada-wide real es...
By Adam Klesh and Bradley Rose
Adam Klesh and Bradley Rose talk with a guest and/or each other about Magic: the Gathering design. Join us each week for news on the Great Designer Search 3, a weekly design challenge and design philosophy discussion. Music used with permission, by daleculp:
By Martine Ellis
The Teaching Space is a weekly podcast for teachers and trainers interested in teaching, tools, tips and technology.
By Cliff J. Ravenscraft
The Podcast Report is a podcast devoted to bringing you news and updates related to the podcasting track of NMX (New Media Expo). We'll use this podcast to let you know what sessions are being offered at the conference, what speakers will be presenting and to provide you advice on how to get the most out of your NMX experience. Subscribe today to stay informed about what is happening in the world of podcasting.
By Rod Menzel and Steve Wein: Dedicated to Helping Roofing Contractors and Improving the Roofing Industry
Our show will give you a competitive edge for your roofing business. Ideas and insight to help you get ahead. We feature advice from real business owners and roofing contractors and information on real problems solved and obstacles overcome. All with the goal of helping you grow your business today.
By The Mediator's Table
Interviews, information and inspiration for mediators and mediation support people.
Tips to get you through your day! Rock your health and find ways to bust the status quo and reach your potential. Ideas to improve your income and live your dreams. Find ways and hear stories to make a difference in your world.
By Tony Guerra
The Pharmacy Leaders Podcast, with your host, Tony Guerra, has interviews and advice on building your professional brand, network, and a purposeful second income. The Pharmacy Leaders Podcast is part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network
By John Skiba, Esq.
The Consumer Warrior Podcast is about helping consumers navigate difficult debt problems like debt collection lawsuits, repossession, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and providing valuable strategies and tips on managing your credit report and budgeting. Consumer protection attorney John Skiba provides insights and tactics gained in helping thousands of consumers in his law practice.
By Brandon Watson
Brandon Watson on truth, the Bible, honesty, life, discipleship, community, learning and leadership with guests that will share their stories and wisdom. Listen in as we laugh and learn together.
By Ad Tips for Ad Pros
Ad Tips for Ad Pros is a podcast for marketers and entrepreneurs driven to grow their business with paid advertising. The host of this podcast is Nehal Kazim, the CEO of Amplifii Corporation, one of the leading Facebook advertising agencies.
By Karriere-Einsichten
Wir beleuchten die verschiedensten Aspekte, Ansätze und Ideologien rund ums Thema Karriere. Mit unseren Reportagen, Berichten und Interviews, Ratgebern wie Buchauszügen: Werteorientiert. Meinungsstark. Crossmedial. Mehr unter
By Gary Creely
This is a podcast for the knife enthusiast, collector, and maker. We will cover a range of topics and types of knives. Fixed blade, folder, kitchen cutlery, production, and customs will be discussed. Each episode we will spotlight a particular knife maker and a particular blade steel.
By Hayley Hobson
Did you know that 85,000 thoughts go through a woman’s mind on a daily basis? And for men, that number is said to be around 65,000. What are we doing with all of those thoughts? Ignoring them? Reacting to them? Are we even consciously awake to the majority of them? ‘Cause here's the thing—if we’re not aware, we will be constantly reacting or non-reacting in ways that may not be serving us. You’ve heard it before—we still live in that old story we think we are stuck in. Is that what you want...
By Robert Flury
Welcome to the New Consciousness Spiritual Training with your host, Robert Flury, personal development trainer and coach, founder of New Consciousness. The objective of this show is to help those of you who are inspiring to go to a higher level of spiritual awareness, understand and integrate key spiritual concepts, to experience a more creative, intentional and joyful life.
By Andres Quintana
We would like to create value for our listeners by helping them extend the range of their professional network. Our favorite way to get business referrals is to first give them. This podcast will teach the skill of tapping into the power of your brand by building and maintaining relationships.
By Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser
The "Latin Guys" discuss all aspects of Latin language pedagogy, including very specific topics (e.g., how to teach declensions and conjugations most effectively) and broader approaches to teaching the language (oral Latin, conversational Latin, visual aids, Latin for students with learning differences, etc.).
By Adam Hayley & Akash Vaghela
Listen in as Adam Hayley and Akash Vaghela discuss all topics relating to muscle growth and fat loss. Whether discussing the nuances between themselves, or opening the floor up to other well respected coaches in the body composition industry, they cover it all. If your ultimate goal is to simply improve how you look - this podcast isn't to be missed. For more information, please check
By Anke Niemeyer
Entschleunigung tut gut. Bewusster leben und unser Leben genießen: Mit kleinen Schritten kommen wir ans Ziel. Ob ein paar Minuten am Morgen, auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, in der Mittagspause, bei der Freizeit oder vor dem Schlafengehen, ob im Sitzen, Stehen, Gehen oder Liegen: Dieser Moment des Tages gehört dir! Du wählst deinen eigenen Weg. Mach was draus! * Zur Entstehung des Podcasts: Vor neun Jahren startete ich den Podcast "Geführte Meditationen". Dieser wird bis heute aktiv von Interessierte...
By Maxwell Arthur
The place to find out all about your hometown and the wonders that lie hidden there.
By Jeremy Lee Pennington, M.A., L.P.I.
The Private Investigator Thought Experiment, a podcast encouraging innovation among private investigators. "The elephant in the room for everyone is…. What does the future hold for private investigators? Where are we going as a profession and as a business enterprise? Moreover, is the profession experiencing innovation and if so just what does this innovation look like and offer society at large?" -- Jeremy Lee Pennington, M.A., L.P.I.
By Cross Cultural Seminer
By Muriel Böttger
Der Podcast 'Share & Grow' trägt die Aufgabe die wunderbare Wissenschaft der Positiven Psychologie für jeden zugänglich zu machen, ohne sich ewig durch Forschungsartikel oder Bücher arbeiten zu müssen. Kurze und knackige Details über interessante Theorien, die im Alltag eines Jeden Anwendung finden können. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch spannende Exkurse zum Thema persönliche Weiterentwicklung. Stets nach dem Motto Share & Grow! Viel Spaß beim Zuhören, Fragen stellen und Teilen. Vi...
By Joe McCall
Real Estate Tech Show brings together two real estate investing experts to talk through the technology they use to grow and run their businesses. Tune in each week as Cory Boatright and Joe McCall share insights, tips and tricks for what's working in Real Estate Investing Tech today.
Call-In Series of the Global Alliance for Early Prevention and Intervention of Borderline Personality Disorder with a focus on youth. The episodes consist of one hour presentations that discuss the latest research and clinical issues.
By Reggie Brittian
Being on Stage gives you the Motivation, Inspiration, and Confidence to get you on stage and grow into the entertainer you dream about being. Turn your audience into fans with the help of the renowned Entertainment and Live Performance Coach, Reggie Daughson.
By Darren Hourigan
Darren from reveals all the best information a man needs to be successful by providing a platform and community for men who are vegan or who are thinking about it to come and learn and get support, Providing epic information and motivation for men, interviewing people who are at the top of their game and giving you the inside look on how they achieved that success. Some of the topics discussed are fear, family, relationships, fitness, travel, business, futurism, optimis...
By Fiorella Neira
The wedding and event entrepreneur podcast with education, training and advice to grow your wedding business and entrepreneurial style.
By LittleApple
LittleApple For Test
Todos tenemos objetivos, metas o sueños en los diferentes ámbitos de nuestras vidas. El lograrlos depende enteramente de cada uno de nosotros, pero esto es difícil y en muchas ocasiones no lo logramos o a veces ni siquiera lo intentamos. La misión de este podcast es ayudarlos en ese proceso y darles herramientas que puedan aprovechar para que pasen directamente a la ejecución. Lo que buscamos es acompañarlos, instruirlos o incluso entrenarlos y que al final, esas metas y sueños, se puedan cum...
By Jessica Blehm, Christian Blehm
Herzlich willkommen zum Podcast Lebe mit Leidenschaft! Wir nehmen dich mit auf eine Reise zu deinem eigenen Vorbild. Du kreierst dich selber und fängst an die Person zu werden, die du schon immer sein wolltest. Du wirst anfangen deiner Leidenschaft nachzugehen und dich trauen deine Träume zu leben. Du wirst in der Lage sein den Gefühlszustand herbeizuführen, den du haben möchtest und kannst in jedem Moment glücklich sein. Du wirst lernen die Kraft deiner Gedanken zu nutzen und aus deinem Lebe...
By Brandon S. Hire
This podcast is for beginners, intermediates, and professionals who are producing rock and metal recordings! We share tips on how to get the best out of many different studio types, from the studio-in-a-box hobby studio to the ga-gillion dollars per hour studios.
By South Beach Church
The book of Ephesians is a Prison Epistle (letter written while in prison). Paul wrote it about 60-62 A.D. The key personalities of Ephesians are the Apostle Paul and Tychicus. It was written to encourage believers to walk as fruitful followers of Christ and to serve in unity and love in the midst of persecution. Join us here at South Beach Church as we study through The Book of Ephesians.
By Berry Lodge Surveyors
A topical and informative podcast on Property Surveying.
By JC Moreno
Una breve meditación sobre las lecturas de la misa de cada domingo para ayudarte a vivir el mensaje que Dios tiene para ti.
By Sandi Rogers
Assistance and support for Herbal Medicine students at NCTM.
By Duane Cofield
We focus on Ex-Drug dealers who have achieved massive success using the skills they learned in the streets and applied them to business.
By Bad * Charts
Risk and money management protocols applied through classical charting principles.
By Matthew L. Kreitzer
Virginia lawyer invites attorneys from around the United States to discuss the state of legal ethics.
By Wired Roots Podcast
Surviving and thriving in today's complex world fundamentaly depends on one question: how well can you learn, adapt, and evolve in a rapidly changing environment? This podcast brings together perspectives, stories, and tools from innovative thought leaders to help you increase your ability - and/or your organization's ability - to learn and embrace an emerging future that will require new skills, new ways of thinking and new approaches to working in the world.
By Amye M. Still
The Sisterhood of Awesome is a dynamic community of Christian female entrepreneurs who are building a business and life they love. Business and Brand Strategist Amye M. Still reveals tips, tricks, and strategies to help you navigate the tough areas of business startup. She interviews women in industries such as bloggers, authors, creatives, coaches, handmade makers, and corporate and nonprofit entrepreneurs. Discover ways to gain confidence around your business idea, create clear business str...
Join Jed Taufer as he hosts conversations with your favorite photographers and creatives covering topics of all shapes and sizes.
By Amanda Chavis
Real talk on how to build a purposeful career as artists and creatives. Your passion. Your rules. Your creative life.
By Ryan Lowery
Fat Chat Podcast is hosted by cutting-edge researcher and author of The Ketogenic Bible, Ryan Lowery, Ph.D. (c).  Tune in to hear to discover tools for living the low carb lifestyle and hear from top experts in the field of ketogenic diets, biohacking, and optimal human performance  Visit
By Work The Change (
I am really excited to announce that the Workplace Culture Change podcast series has launched! Each episode will be a collection of thoughts and actions you can take with you each day to change the way you feel about work; how you can build better work-life-balance; and how to find that magical gift you have inside. To be a leader, one must have followers. To create followers, focus on doing what you love and do it often!
By 柏涵
我读你听,好书“有声音”; 我教你读,指导“好妈妈”。 我们为您提供最专业、最简单易行的家庭语言课程; 孩子的语言能力,从好妈妈、好爸爸开始!
By Benjamin Jay
The Hair Loft, Ltd. salon owner Benjamin Jay shares knowledge to grow your salon business confidence.
Join Dr. Steve Anderson as he chats with leaders within the physical therapy world.
By Softwareforen Leipzig GmbH
Wir bieten Ihnen regelmäßig neue Audiobeiträge zu verschiedenen IT-basierten Themenschwerpunkten. Hierfür haben wir uns mit Spezialisten aus unterschiedlichsten Bereichen der IT-Branche unterhalten. Dem entsprechend variieren die Themen von Agiler Unternehmensführung mit Scrum und Kanban bis Zero Downtime.
By Till Carlos and Tom Libelt
By Tom Libelt and Till Carlos | World-Class Online Course Creators For Authors, Speakers, Coaches and Experts The Online Course Creation Podcast is THE ULTIMATE SHOW for the latest on Creating, marketing and selling online courses. It is packed with tips, news, interviews, ideas and case studies hosted by Tom Libelt and Till Carlos. They share all their wins and failures that come out of working with some of the biggest authors, speakers & experts in the world. Learn how to best teach on...
By 深沢真太郎/丸山久美子/西澤ロイ
By Martin Reader
It is time to do something about inactive populations. From Physical literacy to policy change to youth sport and education development, what we are doing isn't working and it is time to take a stand. Through this podcast we will interview all expert members of the collective to share their expertise and amplify their message. Visti us at or email inquiries to [email protected]
By 月曜日の朝 ポッドキャスト
Monday Morning は Motify がお届けする新しいPodcastです。 仕事場でのポジティブなエネルギーを作り、仕事を楽しいものにするため、これを聞いて会社の組織、環境向上に繋げてみてはいかがですか? 会社の組織、人間関係などのトピックが多く会社経営・社員の方、誰でも楽しみながら勉強できる内容です!
By 映画工房カルフのように
By 松松创客帮
猪都能听得懂的互联网创业实战课程。 专注于互联网创业,打造成功的互联网创业系统。全球第一家教授风水赚钱术的培训机构。. 松松老师:松松教育创始人兼CEO 互联网创业系统化运作第一人 个人成长导师 松松教育的使命:让天下没有难创的业 松松教育的愿景:创业让生命变得更美好 松松教育的价值观:学员赚钱第一、成长第二 2010年创办松松创客帮品牌至今,经过7年的发展,松松教育已经为无数个有着创业梦想、想改变自己家族命运的互联网小白、草根者通过互联网这个载体打造了一套成功的创业系统,彻底的改变了自己的草根阶级,改变了自己和家族的命运。
By Increase: Achievement | Success | Happiness
The Increasing Life is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you improve different aspects of your life, and live a continuously increasing life. This Podcast will help you achieve more of whatever good you are seeking in your life, whether it be success, happiness, health or material wealth. Here, you will learn the science of achievement and the philosophy of success.
By Axel Hombach
Dr John Butler is the director of the HTI, the 'Hypnotherapy Training International', founded by the legendary hypnotherapist Gil Boyne about 60 years ago, who developed Transforming Therapy™, as a seminal approach to clinical analytical hypnotherapy and hypnosis in general. Dr John Butler was Gil Boyne's co-teacher for over 10 years. He and Axel Hombach explore this method that has influenced countless hypnotists around the globe and is still the method taught at very successful schools.
SFCT presents a selection of talks about using solution-focused practice in a variety of fields including management, coaching and therapy
By Carlos San Segundo
Podcast für Musiker und Bands im Homestudio oder professionellem Tonstudio. Hier gibt es die besten Tipps & Tricks für Musikproduzenten zu Musikbusiness und Musikproduktion. Alle Themen rund um das Musikmachen sind hier Bestandteil und alles wird kontrovers diskutiert. Wie gewohnt bleibt hier keine Technik und kein Trick unerwähnt, den Du auf der Bühne oder im Studio umsetzen kannst. Also klick rein & hör zu!
By Henry Kresse - delamar.FM
Die Sendung für Gitarristen: Erfahre alles zum Gitarre kaufen, die verschiedenen Gitarre Arten, welche Modelle sich für wen eignen, der Aufbau einer Gitarre sowie Gitarrenakkorde. In illustrer Expertenrunde geht es um abgefahrene Gitarrenakkorde, den besten Gitarrenunterricht und welcher Gitarrenständer sich am besten für deine Klampfe mit Nitrolack eignet. Schalte jetzt bei delamar Guitar - die Gitarre und ihre Saitensprünge ein!
By El Arte de Presentar: presentaciones, comunicación, PowerPoint, Keynote, hablar en público, oratoria
Descubre las claves de la comunicación persuasiva y memorable con Gonzalo Álvarez y el equipo de El Arte de Presentar. Este programa es para personas que quieren aprender a hablar en público sin miedo, para profesionales que desean influir con sus presentaciones de negocios, y para emprendedores que aspiran a atraer a inversores a sus proyectos empresariales. Con el método original desarrollado por El Arte de Presentar aprenderás a influir en tus audiencias ofreciendo presentaciones memorable...
By Karsten Simon - delamar.FM
In diesem Musiker Podcast geht es um geilere Gigs für deine Bands. Erfahre, wie Du mehr Auftritte auftreibst, welche PA-Anlage wie eingestellt werden musst, wie Du Licht beim Gig richtig einsetzt und alles, was für Bands und Musiker rund um die Bühne und die Stage Performance.
By Dina Taji AlFarouki
Mrs. Dina Taji Al Farouki known as Dinas TV on social media is a pioneer in the Fitness, Nutrition , Fashion, and Lifestyle industry who has embarked on an ambitious goal to share her story and expertise to help people get fit , build confidence and live a healthier lifestyle they can sustain . She will be uploading 2 podcast episodes per week with bonus motivtivational episodes in between that will help transform your body body and your life ! She believes fitness and beauty are not simp...
By WehnerEd
The web's most comprehensive online education resource for those looking to level-up their skills and empower their lives to reach new levels of success.
By K9 Trainer Talk
How to use a clicker or an auditory marker for when your dog does something correctly. When and how to use a negative marker "Uh Oh That's Not What I asked For, Think Again!" as well as learning about timing for using all of these tools when training your dog. Simple & Straight forward. Real Dog Training for the Real World. #CVDOGCLUB #GOODDOG
By Rigel Walshe
Rigel Walshe interviews a collection of interesting characters about turning what you enjoy into your income stream and navigating a post work world
Designing for Sustainability is the show that profiles outstanding Green Architects, Designers and organizations from all over the world and the projects they are involved with that exemplify building green. The show is hosted by renowned architect, planner, and designer Ken Filarski. Ken is no stranger when it comes to building and creating eco-smart projects. He is the founder and principal of FILARSKI/ARCHITECTURE+PLANNING+RESEARCH, an award-winning, integrated ecology studio and research...
By Alan Nunez from & Greg Merrilees from
The Real Magic Design Podcast is where we try and unpack our experience to help designers and business owners understand how to create amazing designs and work together to make design that is profitable. With decades of creative and business experience Greg and Alan try and bridge the gap between designer, clients and the world of profitable business. If you are a designer they give you killer tips and ideas that that are used in their own successful businesses. They never forget the busines...
By Todd & Linda Mitchell: Authors | Entrepreneurs | Story Tellers | Life-Long Learners
Have you ever wondered about starting your own business? Do you have a burning desire within that there is something more for you in the world? Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you operated at your full potential? Well, we had all these same questions too! Fast forward 5 years later and now we own multiple businesses, are passionate life-long learners and committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves, each and every day. The power of other people's stories have been...
By Patricia Díaz
Un programa destinado a los emprendedores que desean hacer crecer su negocio
By Paul Park
'코칭coaching'은 한 개인의 내적 변화를 유도해, 자신의 삶을 스스로 책임지고, 탁월하고, 만족스럽고, 행복한 삶을 살게 돕습니다.
By 微智先峰
必备的美容院经营管理常识,每家美容院都有各自的经营管理方法和自己所定的各种规章制度。虽然这些管理方法和规章制度不可能完全相同,但是它们都是遵循着相同的原则。作为美容院的管理者,这些经营管理原则是必须掌握并加于运用的。 以了解和掌握美容市场的实际情况,并从美容院、店务管理和化妆品公司的经营渠道及模式两个版块分别重点讲解,其中店务管理中涉及拓客、营销、战略、顾客管理、绩效考核、销售培训、财务管理等内容,以及针对化妆品公司产—供—销三环节深入剖析,以增强学习者对美容行业知识面的扩展和综合能力的提高,成为知识与实践相结合的复合型人才。 通过学习,以满足日益发展的美容行业的人才需求,使行业人士对美容行业有深入的理解、大胆的创新,以及具备自我决策能力、适应环境能力、实操等能力的高素质、高质量的人才,以使美业人士能够把握美容市场的趋势、定位和在变革中探索新的盈利模式,谋求新的突破之路。 更多更专业的全面深入学习可进入先峰会美业社群学习,详细私信我! 先峰会社群2017年会员入会正式报名,先峰会社群最重要的价值除了市场远见之外,还有平台,全国超过1000名美业各界会员会是你最好的老师和合伙伙伴,...
By Uniradioen
Du skal lytte til den her podcast hvis: - Du gerne vil blive klogere... - ...Også på hvad andre studerende lærer på deres studier - Hvis du gerne vil blive inspireret af andres gode opgaver (men ikke gider bruge 5 timer på at læse en andens bachelor). Vi er to humanister, der er nysgerrige på, hvad de lærer på andre uddannelser. Hvis du også er nysgerrig, synes vi, at du skal tage med på rejsen. Så lyt med, når vi inviterer studerende fra hele Danmark ind, til at gøre os klogere på en masse...
By Clint Locklear: : Libertarian Permaculture Enthusiast
We will focus on design, growing, ecological permaculture systems, building soil with regenerative practices and building revenue streams.
By Barry Moore & Tom Galeski
Have you ever heard of digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and buzzwords like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining? Don’t know what it all means or how to get started? Well, at Let's Talk Crypto we break it all down in easy to understand terms and help you learn and earn in the age of cryptocurrencies. So welcome to the Let’s Talk Crypto show, brought to you by, with your hosts Barry Moore and Tom Galeski
By Gopal Gantayat: Investor, Portfolio Manager, Analyst, Entrepreneur, Wisdom from Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and more !
Gopal Gantayat shows the power of having a business-owner’s mindset when investing in stocks for long-term. We explore the virtue of ignoring the day to day noises and learning to invest for the long-term like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch by focusing on businesses, not stock prices. Discussion topics range from understanding different businesses, cognitive biases, common myths about investing, how to value a company, and lesson from great investing and business books.
By Владимир Никонов
Цель аудио-заметок «Для ума» — показать на личном примере, чего может достичь человек, занимающийся саморазвитием. Всего, что пожелает. Автор (Владимир Никонов) прошел путь от студента технического вуза до миллионера. Создал сайты (, ставшие интернет-порталами №1 в своей области — их посещает более 1,5 миллионов человек в месяц. Успешно женат. Воспитывает двух дочерей.
By Julia Khadartseva
Подкаст о деньгах, самооценке и престиже!
By Samantha Ryser
Samantha Ryser teaches how to leverage the power of passive income and build the life you deserve. Learn to free yourself from the fear of money and learn how to put money to work, so you don't have to!
By Loyal Books
A collection of articles from Good Housekeeping magazine, The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book focuses on the subject of marriage. With instructions and advice from courtship to raising children, this collection aims to assist those with questions and concerns surrounding marriage and the ensuing relationship. Published in 1938.
By Shireen Smith
Business and Intellectual Property are intertwined in our digital economy. IP is relevant to every business when starting, growing or exiting. Through a series of IP focused podcasts and interviews, the show demonstrates IP in action. IP is not just a “legal” topic aimed at special businesses with patents or trade marks to protect. It needs to be considered by every business to build value and strong foundations. This is fundamental to licensing and franchising.
By HDiQ Dental
Listen to our podcasts
By Mike Kennedy: Careers & Business Strategist, Assessment Centre Guru and Blogger
Mike Kennedy spent the last 15 years working and recruiting for some of the biggest corporate employers in the UK (including BSkyB, UniLever, the BBC & News International) before launching his website to share expert advice and secret techniques for interview and assessment centre success. Mike's site and podcast quickly gained a reputation for high quality content and are considered 'essential' by many UK job-hunters, university graduates and promotion-seekers look...
Just another site
By 市川隆久の国際不動産投資成功塾
不動産業界歴30年超のIPC(国際不動産コンサルタント)市川隆久が、世界の不動産のことをさまざまな切り口から語ります。 皆さんからの質問にお答えします。
By Luc Belanger
Église 21 distribue du contenu audio régulièrement par l'entremise de ce podcast, incluant des discours, des enseignements et quelques événements spéciaux. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur nous en visitant notre site web (
By birkenbihl-akademie
Die Birkenbihl-Akademie. Worum geht es? Unser Ziel ist es, kleine, übersichtliche Module anzubieten. Dies hat enorme Vorteile für Sie: Erstens können Sie erste Erfahrungen sammeln, zweitens werden Sie nicht gleich mit einem voluminösen Lehrbuch erschlagen (das womöglich schon nach kurzer Zeit auf dem Regal verstaubt), drittens können Sie bei Gefallen einfach weitermachen, ganz nach dem modularen Baukasten-Prinzip. Die Birkenbihl-Akademie bietet zwei große Bereiche, einen SPRACHLERN- und ei...
By The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life
Stories of trying, failing and learning from some of the world's top business experts and entrepreneurs. With powerful episodes featuring some of the brightest minds in business, learn how they were able to conquer their fears, embrace failure, overcome obstacles to create the life of their dreams. You will walk away with actionable items that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, take action immediately in order to build momentum in your new creative project or business. Featu...
By Louis Naude: Business Owner, Stock and Real Estate Investor, Business Coach
The Financial Freedom Map Podcast is a Comprehensive Framework to firstly guide you to Financial Freedom, and then onwards to the Wealth that you deserve. Most Financial Programs teach you how to get out of debt, how to Budget, how to Save a portion of your Income and how to manage your Savings. The Financial Freedom Map goes beyond that. Your most precious Resource is your Time. Currently you need to sell your Time for Money, skimp enough for long enough to create enough Savings, and ultimat...
By ビジネスマン119 Podcast Station
『会話がとぎれない話し方』『結果が出る!超一流の伝え方』著者の野口敏が直接回答! ビジネスにおけるコミュニケーション上の困りごとを、ドクター野口が痛快に処方いたします。 不愛想な上司、説明が下手な部下、感情的になりやすい同僚、クレームの多い取引先…ああビジネスマンって辛い。 しかし善良なビジネスマンほど、トラブルに真面目に向き合い自分を責め、体を苛めています。 ストレスの吹き溜まりのような会社生活の中で、誰にも相談できず一人孤独を強いられている方、どうぞドクター野口の処方箋を受け取りにお越しくださいませ。
By Dr. Vinny & Mr. Mario: Optometrist Practice Management and Optometry Business Strategists.
Weekly interviews of successful optometrists expose the mystery behind building hugely profitable private practice and businesses as an optometrist. We dig deep into the entrepreneurial journey of different leaders in the optometry community. Our guests reveal how they went from a wide – eyed new optometry school grad to their first jobs and eventually to business owners. This podcast focuses on the knowledge gap that exists between finishing optometry school and starting your own practice...
By Dr Sunil Sharma
Self-Help podcasts to improve leadership, success and personal effectiveness, while reducing stress. Learn how to find clarity, strength and peace through the art and science of self-awareness.
By Petr Mára
Petr Mára a jeho hosté...