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K-12 Podcasts

Welcome to The S.T.E.M. Teacher Podcast! I live, teach, and coach in Kingsford which is located in Michigan's BEAUTIFUL upper peninsula. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_JVD
Our primary objective is to synthesize the research on the brain and learning and provide applicable strategies answering the question, "What does this mean in my classroom or home?"
Highland Rim Academy's Podagogy is your podcast home for all you want and need to know about Classical Christian Education and all things HRA!

KindSight 101

By Morgane Michael: Small Act Big Impact
This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG impac...
Homeschooling Outside the Box is the podcast that encourages and equips moms who homeschool an outside-the-box child. Join the host, Cindy Rinna, as she talks autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Charlotte Mason's philosophy, great books, healing therapies, sp...
A Podcast by and for members of United Teachers of Lowell.
The major concepts of the AP European History curriculum simplified so that you can excel. Robert Lynde has been teaching various courses of European History for over twenty years and he has helped over a thousand students pass their AP Tests.
Wassup World! Wassup World News presents the Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up where we rebreak stories that impact our planets flora and fauna. Every Wednesday we will be rebreaking news regarding Water, Air, Soil, Urban Spaces, Power and People.
For Canadian Homeschoolers, this podcast will feature interviews with home educators, resource suppliers, group organizers, all from a Canadian perspective.
Conversation with Lynn Swaner PhD and other leaders in Christian Education
5th Grade students and teachers discuss their week at school.
The future is a scary thought, especially for people who are clueless with what they want to do for their future career. Unknown Knowledge host, Nick Arhakos, will help your journey of finding your future job by bringing guests on that have experi...
This is Mrs. Johnson, are you ready to take the challenge?
This is a podcast dedicated to exploring how technology can be utilized by teachers as tools to support and improve instruction and learning.
Задача этого проекта – не просто развлечь ребенка чтением вслух, а научить его по-настоящему понимать и любить книги. Поможет нам в этом Владимир Натанович Шацев – учитель литературы и кандидат филологических наук. Почти сорок лет в школах и вузах...
爱家网播客是爱家网旗下推出的播客(Podcast)节目,通过 iTunes Podcast 进行推送。节目内容为爱家网举办的微信讲座和对在自己的领域中有所建树亦愿意帮助他人的生活达人们的采访录音。我们也欢迎听众朋友们自荐,成为下一期的采访嘉宾。
The Content Generation podcast is focused on inviting, influencing and inspiring a generation of content creators.
Learn and practice English with a Mid American Mom! This blog and podcasts discusses cultural topics and current events in slow English with simplified grammar.
This podcast will help people implement Podcasting in their K-12 classrooms.
听财税,学知识!财税广播,帮您将各类与财政、税收相关的法律条文和业务知识转化为音频符号,让您随时、随地、随心倾听您需要的知识! 审计法是调整审计关系的法律规范的总称。审计关系是一种经济监督关系,发生于审计主体与被审计单位之间。《中华人民共和国审计法》是审计工作的基本法律依据。它以法律的形式确定了审计工作的地位、任务和作用,规定了审计工作的基本准则。审计法属于经济体系的一个组成部分。 1994年8月31日第八届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第九次会议通过。
What does differentiation in the classroom look like? Why should educators be invested in this practice? How can educators effectively use this practice in the classroom? Grab a comfy chair and some coffee, and pull into the differentiation statio...
Folens Modern Foreign Language (MFL) for Junior Certificate (Irish State Exam) Students. Bienvenue en France Book 2 - French Language Audio to accompany the textbook
Folens Modern Foreign Language (MFL) for Junior Certificate (Irish State Exam) Students. ¡Aprendemos! Book 2 - Spanish Language Audio to accompany the textbook
Let the arrows fly is a podcast that talks about homeschooling and Christian parenting.
Are you black? Muslim? A woman? Does it matter? STEM can overlook or marginalize any minority. Urscience Minority is about my journey, the journey of a young, black, Muslim woman (yes, a trifecta) who switched from the humanities to neuroscience a...

Hearts Of Gold

By Sheryl Robinson Girl Scout Gold Award Mentor
Girl Scout Gold Award recipients share stories related to Gold Award projects: identifying what to do, challenges experienced, and personal connections, outcomes, and special moments.
Chicago's original gang violence intervention agency. Now in your earbuds. Saving lives since '69.

Yearbook Chat with Jim

By Walsworth Yearbooks with host Jim Jordan
Behind every yearbook is a great story, and Jim Jordan is exploring those stories. Join Jim as he interviews the people behind the yearbook in Yearbook Chat with Jim, part of the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN). From new advisers who ju...
Podclass is my new comedy show about education. It’s going to have interviews and games with people from all walks of life (oh yes…there will be games)! We’ll also have topical discussions on education. So if Betsy Devos so much as farts near a ch...
Managing a classroom can be challenging. Whether you are a recent college graduate with an education degree, a second career educator, or a seasoned teacher or administrator, chances are you might have lacked quality training and professional dev...
The Built by Bethlehem Podcast is produced by the Bethlehem Area School District in Pennsylvania. The Podcast is hosted by BASD Superintendent Joseph J. Roy, who interviews students, teachers, faculty and community members on a variety of topics.
This is the Lions & the Mayans Podcast 2018.
Welcome to Teaching with CLASS®, a podcast for all your CLASS questions, concerns, and stories.
Welcome to AA for Teachers, a podcast for educators by educators. Amber & Amber (AA) will be your support group to discuss all the important topics that affect teachers every single day. Come join the conversation. https://www.aaforteachers.com
The is a podcast about science education and hopefully will walk you through different science lessons.
A quick glimpse into some interesting things in history from a non-adult point of view.
Listen to gameplay and audio from top sports!
A Correction is an economics podcast that seeks to demystify the economy and make economics accessible.
Ty Cook (aka Cook_in_the_Classroom) shares his experience in Education.
Tessaku (iron fence) is a collection of stories from the Japanese American incarceration during WWII. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States went into a state of shock and with poor political leadership, forcibly removed all ...
The climbing podcast for kids of all ages. Augustine (13), Anastasia (11), and Magdalen (9), talk to climbers about growing up and the good ol' days. The podcast also includes little mini-episodes with features on different crags.
A collection of eighth grade students at Barrington Middle School sharing their personal writing narratives through an unedited broadcast.
Professionalism, Experience, Commitment, Teamwork Local 66, AFT Massachusetts, AFL-CIO
Homeschool Enrichment Classes, Tutoring, Support and Inspiration
An education show designed to support students, parents and teachers through their educational journey
错综复杂的世界,一枚八卦就可诠释。《易经》将世界抽象为“乾、坤、离、坎、震、巽、艮、兑”几个意象,配以五行、时空,生出无穷变化。“天地定位,山泽通气,雷风相薄。”《易经》里的“变”大气磅礴,无处不在。事无常,但有理,把握了规律,就掌握了事态发展的方向。 南先生的解读深入浅出,趣味十足。“要找一个人坐轿子,慢慢抬他,蛮有意思的,抬到最后大家都成功了。” 。“人在跌倒时,就原来跌倒的姿势,在地上稍停一下,一点都不要动,静一下后,慢慢起来,生命的本能恢复了,不会受伤。”。“马喜欢走逆风,牛喜欢走...
Host, Cindy Koch explores theological topics through family conversation. Joined by her children, this show aims to explore essential questions in a way that is not only theologically satisfying but accessible to the whole family.
You found the podcast feed for the University of Illinois Writing Project 2018 Summer Institute. This feed will only last a few months, so download the episodes while you can! Enjoy!
Join historian Wes Callihan (of the Old Western Culture series) and Andrew Kern, (author of Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America and President of the CiRCE Institute) for an ongoing and contemplative conversation about Homer, Homer, ...
A podcast equipping adults to empower Gen Z to contribute to their world.
The Ed Narrative hosts long-form discussions with educators as a way to dig deeper into what we do, as well as how and why we do it.
You’ve started using PBL in your classroom, and you are committed to doing it. You’re even on the lookout for ways to improve your PBL practice and engage your students. However, you’re probably facing some barriers and obstacles in moving forward...
Welcome to Parenting & Teaching with Richie Huffman! I'm Richie Huffman, President & CEO of Celebree Preschools. On these podcasts we'll be talking to real parents and teachers about what's going on at home, in the classroom and everythin...
Inspirational Elementary School teacher Joe Dombrowski, aka Mr.D, interviews interesting people about their interesting lives. Often getting guests views on education and its place in today’s world. We hear a lot about having a work/life balance. ...
Hey Emma! highlights the issues of being a teenager. The hosts are Emma and her father who are an intelligent, fun-loving pair that experiences everyday struggles and stressors and report back to you on their successes and failures. They strive t...
ぶっ飛んだ人 ぶっ飛べない人突き抜けた人 突き抜けられない人常識をくつがえす人 常識で囲む人当たり前がわからない人 当たり前を生きる人想定外を歩く人 想定内を立てる人そんなまゆみんとフカキヨの二種類の二人が非常識な新常識を世の中に発信します!
Have you ever wondered why your stomach rumbles or why your teeth fall out at a certain age? Surgery ABCs has the answers! Welcome to our podcast for kids which explores the mysteries and wonders of the human body. This podcast is brought to you b...
Changing our world by empowering it.
The Black Scholars Podcast is a community for Black educators where educators can candidly discuss issues pertaining to minorities in the profession.
Join Les, Matthew and Sarah as they got through catechisms and discuss the Lord.
A Jeffco Schools podcast for sharing inspirational stories about teaching.
This is my podcast!
Books for Kids is a podcast dedicated to helping Moms and Teachers find the perfect kids books to match their kids’ varied needs. Kids books aren’t labeled for their best audience, inappropriate ones don’t have “inappropriate” on the cover.  Get t...
La Historia de Esta Semana (This Weeks's Story) revive la Historia Americana y la Biblia a través de inspiradoras historias cortas presentadas en audio y en escrito para ser leídas.
L'École numérique est une revue de référence destinée à l'appropriation des TICE dans la communauté éducative.

A SnapShot 7 - Teen Approved Books

By Coulee Kids - Mrs. Halderson's Literature Class
Not your typical book list! This podcast is a collection of “snap shots” or short reviews of excellent teen reads. It is created by real readers, both seventh grade kids and adults, who have actually read and approved the books reviewed here. W...
召集各位新手家長﹗ 照顧幼兒成長,是一個奇妙且難忘的過程,但面對現實中接踵而至的問題,加上來自四面八方的意見,家長們有時亦難免感到無所適從,難以抉擇。 從幼兒身心成長、社交與溝通能力發展,到教育問題、行為管教,統統是學問,也是經驗。 一連13集,專家學者帶你探討0 - 6歲幼兒家長面對的問題,更有資深教育人員及家長闡釋觀點及分享經驗。 邀請你加入新手家長學堂,與孩子一同學習、成長。
Join me as we listen to life stories that inspire and encourage us to live a brave, abundant life
A way to stay connected any time to the talented students of Eastwood.
The All in a Homeschool Day podcast helps you let go of the "should's" so you can focus on the best for your homeschool and your family. It's difficult to juggle it all as a homeschool mom. Don't go it alone! Join us as we talk about Charlotte Mas...
Build in Progress is part of Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s mission to share. In season 1 we are exploring intersections of Science, Engineering, Art, and Design. You can always find show notes, video content, and other cool stuff on our ...
Kind, brave & awesome 4th graders in Seattle, curious about the world and eager to make connections.
How can we better equip students with the skills, competencies, and knowledge in order to better prepare and give them a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing landscape? Outside The Bubble interviews thought leaders, industry leaders and ...
Two liberal high school seniors in South Louisiana discuss politics, social issues, school, and the struggle of not quite fitting in. Follow us on Twitter @podaccepted and Like us on FB.
The #1 Global Podcast for High School Success
Need to sharpen your yearbook skills? Ask Mike! In season one of this podcast from the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN), Mike Taylor explores what it takes to tell a great story with your yearbook, with a few laughs along the way. Mike e...
That High School Life is a podcast hosted by Joe Ticar. It’s a podcast about, you guessed it, high school. Joe is a high school teacher at an international school in Vietnam, and guests to this podcast include a variety of interesting characters...

Teachers Need Teachers

By Kim Lepre: Beginning Teacher Mentor at Teachers Need Teachers
Are you a new or beginning teacher? This podcast is JUST for you! I want to help you navigate through those crazy first years of teaching while maintaining your sanity AND personal life. Teachers Need Teachers is inspired by the questions beginn...
Conversations about great teaching and amazing schools.
A Podcast dedicated to discussing real topics and issues that everyday teachers tackle in public education.
Welcome to 'Happy Teachers' a podcast by Southland Education. Here we stop and chat for 5 minutes each week to take a fresh, real and raw look at Primary Teaching in Australia. Reconnect with why you started teaching today and join us as we cove...
The Beyond Transcripts Podcast is for school administrators and homeschooling parents who want to know more about transcripts and education best practices. From tips about transcripts to tricks for productivity, we help you simplify the education ...
A podcast where we talk all things TCS

The MakkahCentric Education Podcast

By Zahra Osman: Islamic pedagogy and teacher training consultant
Muslim & Islamic School Teachers Podcast
The CoffeeEdu podcast is a place where Alice and Holly will bring the unconference experience to a podcast.We call it an ‘unpodcast,’ and in it you will hear short, thought-provoking conversations to get you thinking about some of the most excitin...
A podcast sharing information, examples, and resources to empower parents to find the best way for their children to learn whether that's in school, homeschool, or no school.Explore "outside the lines" learning methods and ideas with Ann Ryan, mom...
Two high school seniors and one Columbia freshman explore the black box that is the college application process.
Join PC as he speaks with rock stars from the world of education as they share their experiences with educational leadership, establishing and maintaining a positive school culture and climate, and other educational musings. Consider this your bac...
Join us for conversations with the experts. Every episode will focus on a classic: an imaginative or expository text that was a standout in its time and one that exhibits enduring worth.
This is our first play podcast. It is a work in progress, and we are uploading a test run live - how frightening! We hope to have our first story scripted and complete in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Meanwhile, what we are uploading in this...
Check out my weekly podcast where I share my thoughts and interview amazing individuals in creative industries to share with educators and students how they too can ideate, embrace failure, and develop unconventional solutions to solve interesting...
婷婷唱古文 一听钟情。 江湖人称“背诗神器”,“婷婷诗教”的秘密宝器。 每一首古诗的谱曲都源自古诗本身的意境,朗朗上口,边唱边学,轻松背古诗,不经意间让孩子变得更加多才多艺。 每周一更新新古文歌 主播介绍 婷婷姐姐,现代诗教先行者,“婷婷唱古文”和《婷婷诗教》创始人。 孩子为什么学诗词 好奇心 认识诗中的天地、山川、草木、鱼虫、鸟兽,保留孩子对世界纯真的好奇。 好审美 学习和感受唐诗的韵律、形式、辞藻、意境之美,培养孩子的美感。 好习惯 选择适合孩子的古诗,和孩子一起学习,养成学习的好习惯...
RISE UP! is a free after-school character development program for elementary aged children held in local public schools with the purpose of teaching students how to apply relevant Biblical truths in their everyday lives. RISE UP! provides a creati...


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