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Educators 2 Educators
By Carrie Conover
Carrie Conover is a passionate educator that has visited hundreds of classrooms across the nation. In this podcast, she and one guest educator discuss transforming teaching and learning. Each podcast will share 3 concepts you can bring back to your school or classroom to create an innovative and engaging environment for students.
GSD Podcast
By Dina Fesler
GSD (Global Student Dynamic) takes global education to a whole new level as Dina Fesler's enlightening series of mind-expanding adventures, ideas, and musings bring world news stories into the classroom in a fun new way. With Dina as their intrepid-yet-offbeat guide, teens uncover the larger world around them, dig deeper into issues that affect them, and begin to discover new solutions to old conundrums. Listen for yourself and find out why GSD doesn't just teach students, it trains leaders.
Learn This
By Ngaire Linde
Learn this will loosely follow some high school curriculum so you can get in on the ground level for the 1st or 2nd time. Starting with science.
Homework Help with Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
By Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Stress-Free Homework, Better Grades, and an Improved Relationship with Your Kids
By Jonathan LeMaster and Martin Reisert
This podcast offers uplifting dialogue to inspire and recharge classroom teachers. The practical strategies we discuss will help teachers create safe, positive and student led classrooms. The inspiration for EDURecharge stems from a passion for helping new and veteran teachers be the best versions of themselves.
By AVpodcast
El Programa de Educación de AVpodcast, para Todos: Padres, Alumnos y Profesores. Somos Parte de la Comunidad Educativa
Red Barn Podcast
By Red Barn
The Rural Educators Podcast! An international team talks about the challenges and joys of being an educator in the most remote parts of the country.
Relevance Redux
By Inez Odom
What is the relevance between what we learn in school and our life's work? Relevance Redux seeks to bridge that connection through conversation and reflection with experts in their fields.
Teacher Pants Radio
By Erica M Dean
You are welcome to listen to my thoughts as an educator with over 14 years of experience in the urban setting. Radio companion to my book, “Teacher Pants: Reflections of a Career Built by Faith”. Classics and new stuff all mixed together for one great program. Thanks for listening.
Knookerdoodle Radio & Podcasts
By Laura Henderson
Every week at the Knook Studio, Goldilocks brings you the latest chapter of the Knookerdoodle Adventure series. It’s a delight for the whole family, full of laughter and fun. Send us a note and let us know what you think about it! Until next week.... Knook Studio
LPOSD School Zone Podcast
By Matt Brass
Welcome to the new LPOSD School Zone radio show. We're on 1400am and 1450am every other Friday at 12:10pm to 1:00pm. We talk about all the cool things going on the Lake Pend Oreille School District. See you on the air!
By 白水玉川生
《声律启蒙》是清朝康熙年间车万育所作的,训练儿童应对、掌握声韵格律的启蒙读物,分为上下卷。按韵分编,包罗天文、地理、花木、鸟兽、人物、器物等的虚实应对。从单字对到双字对,三字对、五字对、七字对到十一字对,声韵协调,琅琅上口,从中得到语音、词汇、修辞的训练。从单字到多字的层层属对,读起来,如唱歌般。较之其它全用三言、四言句式更见韵味。这类读物,在启蒙读物中独具一格,经久不衰。明清以来,如《训蒙骈句》、《笠翁对韵》等书,都是采用这种方式编写,并得以广泛流传。 作者:车万育(1632~1705年),字双亭,号鹤田,湖南邵阳人。康熙甲辰进士,官至兵科给事中。康熙二年(一六六三),与兄万备同举湖广乡试,明年成进士,选庶吉士。性刚直,直声震天下,至性纯笃,学问赅博。善书法,所藏明代墨迹最富,有萤照堂明代法书石刻十卷。——《宝庆府志》
By 白水玉川生
《千字文》为南朝梁武帝时期(502 —549 年),员外散骑侍郎周兴嗣奉皇命从王羲之书法中选取1000个字,编纂成文,是为《千字文》。 《千字文》乃四言长诗,精思巧构,知识丰瞻,音韵谐美,而且对仗工整,条理清晰,文采斐然,令人称绝。以“天地玄黄,宇宙洪荒”开头,“谓语助者,焉哉乎也”结尾。全文共250句,每四字一句,字不重复,句句押韵,前后贯通,内容有条不紊的介绍了天文、自然、修身养性、人伦道德、地理、历史、农耕、祭祀、园艺、饮食起居等各个方面。
Countries for Kids
By Karyn Collett
Bring to life your study of history, geography, culture and foreign lands with our Countries for Kids Podcast from CASE OF ADVENTURE with free printable packs on CASEOFADVENTURE.COM
Charlotte Mason Poetry
By Charlotte Mason Poetry
Charlotte Mason Poetry is dedicated to promoting Charlotte Mason's living ideas. We strive to share an authentic interpretation of Mason’s life work through a combination of original and vintage articles by a wide variety of authors. Our team draws from and transcribes many rare and wonderful documents from the PNEU many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the web.
Everyday Art Room
By Cassie Stephens
Everyday Art Room, with Cassie Stephens, is a look into the world of elementary art, offering advice, stories, and ideas to improve your teaching.
By BBallHaps Editorial Staff
Hey want to get your never ending updates about basketball? Welcome to the BBallHaps Podcast. In-depth analysis of basketball updates pre-season, post-season and everything else in-between!
RCCS ChapelCast
By Kevin Thompson
Come and hear the great preaching that goes on each week at Rock County Christian School! These messages are taken from our junior high/high school campus.
Bella and Me
By Frank Sasso
Bella and Me is a podcast for children. It's about an adventure seeking Jack Russell terrier named Bella and her "Daddy-O". Bella often finds herself in sticky moral situations and must choose to do the right thing or not. It's not always heavy though, most of the time, she exhausts Daddy-O with her inconsistent stories of her time in the Bayou, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.
Drawn to Discover
By Drawn to Discover
The Online Video Curriculum that Manifests Creativity, through cognitive development.
By 夏语无声
诗三百,一言以蔽之,思无邪。 微信公众号:夏语无声
This Regarded Opinion
By Stephen Hwang & Modus Studio
Each month, producer and host Stephen Hwang interviews high school students about the highs and lows of the modern high school experience.
By Meta Dest
En podd som tar upp specialpedagogiska frågor kopplade till förskola och grundskola. Det kommer att vara teman i avsnitten såsom ex inkludering, utvecklingsstörning och handlingsplan/åtgärdsprogram. Det är också en pod där ni har möjlighet att ställa frågor och ventilera funderingar, så är du verksam i förskola/skola eller är förälder så är det bara att maila in era frågor till [email protected]
Sydney Story Factory 5th Birthday Podcasts
By Matt Roden
To celebrate our birthday, the staff at Sydney Story Factory have chosen some of their favourite stories from the past five years of workshops and created these podcasts. The stories are read by Bridie Connell, David Cunningham, Gen Fricker, Alex Lee, Zoe Norton Lodge, Russel Smith, Mark Sutton, and the students of Sydney Story Factory. Produced by Ben Jenkins with music by Benny Davis. For more information and accompanying resources head to
What's Your Story? from BHS
By Mark J. Davis
Everyone has a great personal story that should be told. Sophomores at Barrington High School in Rhode Island have participated in an annual project titled "What's Your Story?" Students share a brief personal narrative addressing a deep personal impact on their lives. The stories are developed through a pitch process, peer critiquing, and rehearsals. This podcast represents the culmination of the best stories, selected by their peers, told before a live audience without notes or edits. Each story is certain to entertain, captivate, and enlighten listeners. Please subscribe to hear additional episodes released each Wednesday. Share with your friends and be sure to leave us your comments to help us learn and grow!
The Student-Centered Learning Podcast
By Arthur E Baraf
This is a podcast for anyone interested in Student-Centered Learning. Listen to expert interviews, book reviews and more. Host: Arthur Eduardo Baraf
Homeschooling In The North Woods: a homeschooling podcast
By Alisha Brignall & Amanda Krajniak
Homeschooling in the North Woods is a homeschool podcast where Alisha (Canadian) and Amanda (American) have real conversations about the topics that matter to you, a homeschooling parent. Amanda & Alisha are both secular homeschoolers so a lot of their discussions come from a secular homeschooling view. They hope that you are encouraged and inspired each time you have a listen secular or not. Along with the podcast Homeschooling in the Northwoods is also a website full of resources. Check it out at
Time Turners: A History Podcast
By Eric Jaffe
Join 11-year-old scientist Lottie Turner and her robot pal Gif on a fun-filled journey through history.
The Path to Higher Ed: Improve Your College Readiness Program, Expand College Access and Send more o...
By SchooLinks
We’re talking to the educators utterly smashing college readiness. Hear what’s working for them, what’s not working, and learn how you can send more of your students to college. Presented by SchooLinks; the online college readiness platform streamlining college planning for high school districts. Incorporating personality and career discovery with AI-driven college matching on an automated platform. The easy-to-use solution keeps students, counselors and parents engaged through the college planning process. Get the show notes at
The Dig
Submit your questions about volleyball, and you'll hear them answered here. Visit for more.
The VCE PE Hub Podcast by Connect Education
By Connect Education
We are excited to offer VCE Physical Education podcasts to students! Our podcasts offer in-depth discussion of areas covered in the VCAA Physical Education study design. Listeners are welcome to suggest improvements to the podcasts or ask specific questions to be answered in the upcoming podcast by contacting us.
I Teach and I Know Things
By I Teach and I Know Things
In this podcast, Caty Dearing talks all things education: classroom environment, literacy strategies, crazy happenings, you name it!
LeadUpTeach LeadUpNow
By Elisabeth Bostwick, Laura Gilchrist, Heidi Veal
LeadUpTeach was born out of a desire to inspire educators and ignite innovation. At the heart of LeadupTeach is a commitment to dive deep into the instructional practices of today’s edleaders. By leveraging social media, Elisabeth Bostwick, Heidi Veal, and Laura Gilchrist strive to support educators by providing resources to strengthen their practice and develop a community of connected educators who can rely on one another as a PLN. We are passionate about collaborative leadership and amplifying teacher voice. LeadUpTeach is committed to highlighting innovative practices that promote student growth.
The Urban & Educating Podcast: Classroom Management | Student Engagement | Educator Lifestyle
By Dr. Shaun Woodly: Education Professor and K-12 Staff Development Expert
Flourish in the classroom! That’s the goal of this podcast, to help you as an educator absolutely flourish in the classroom. Award-winning educator and professor, Dr. Shaun Woodly of is sharing the research-based strategies of master educators to help you create the optimal learning environment in your classroom. Classroom management, student engagement, teacher lifestyle hacks, and everything else that works (and doesn’t work) to help you be the best teacher you can be! This podcast is fun, engaging, and insightful; it's basically your favorite sitcom, college professor, and classroom strategist all rolled into one! It’s truly the staff development you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know existed until now! Welcome to the Urban & Educating Podcast.
Early Childhood Journeys
By Marissa Calderon
Join host and Early Childhood Consultant, Marissa Calderón as she captures the zen journeys of educators through interviews and discussions on best practices in the field. For more about Early Childhood Journeys visit: www.earlychildhoodjourneys.comFollow us on Social Media:Twitter: track is called Lemon Tea from GYVUS provided by Chillhop Music, a platform dedicated to finding and sharing the bet chilled hiphop, jazzhop and triphop music and connecting people.More by Chillhop: - Weekend: on Spotify:
By Remarkable Chatter
We believe that education should be about authentic preparation for life in a real-world environment. To be ready for life, students need to practice life. They want to learn by practicing the skills, ideas, and habit they need to thrive in life beyond the test, beyond high school, and beyond college. We want students engaged in learning by doing and actively participating in their own education. This is the very foundation of this podcast. Join us to hear from real teachers practicing real PBL today.
The Teachers' Lounge w/ Mrs. G.
By Mrs. G
Each week, host and first grade teacher Mrs. G. interviews her teacher friends who share stories of their journey into teaching, their favorite tricks of the trade, and what interests they have outside of the classroom. Have you ever wondered what happens in the Teacher's Lounge? Here's your chance to find out.
Wie Du ein Sprachgenie wirst
By Sven Frank
Der Podcast für Menschen, die in acht Wochen eine Sprache lernen möchten.
Mammoth Science
By Michael Horton
Mammoth Science is a podcast by the students at the Western Center Academy, a highly acclaimed STEM school in Hemet, CA. Students summarize cutting edge research and interview researchers about their work.
Special Education With Mr. Durham
By Mr. Durham
This podcast breaks down the confusing world of Special Education and Disability into understandable chunks. If you work with students with disabilities in any way, this podcast is for you.
P.U.R.E. Moments
By Najah Haskins
P.U.R.E. Moments is a weekly podcast that motivates, inspires, and empowers girls to live a FEARLESS life. My purpose is to help girls identify how Phenomenal, Unique, Remarkable and Exquisite they truly are!
Mommin' Around
By Explorations Early Learning
Two Moms talk Mothering.
Matthew's Math Podcast
By Matthew
Learning is Open Podcast
By Learning is Open
Regular conversations with people involved in learning inside and outside of the classroom.
Detective Mathema's Maths Puzzles for Kids
By Fun Kids
The Adventures of Detective Mathema tell the story of Algebrus Mathema, the most famous mathematical detective in the world. Whether it’s sequences or time, weights or algebra, Detective Mathema has the power to solve the puzzles.
21 Most Powerful Educational Concepts, Technologies, and Practices for Learning in the 21st Century
By MindTreeX
MindTreeX presents the 21 most powerful educational concepts, technologies, and practices for learning in the 21st Century. These include Enrichment as exemplified by "The Ice Cream Cone of Learning: The Brain, Learning and the Power of Audiobooks" Optimal Productivity as exemplified by the Parable of Opti vs. Max Khan Academy the ultimate manifestation of Mastery Learning using Computer technologies. For a More "enriched" experience please visit for infographic and textual content increase sensory inputs and thereby increase learning and retention!
How to Be An Artist
By Wendy Aracich
Every artist has a story. Share yours, and inspire a new generation of artists. How to Be An Artist is a bi-weekly interview podcast dedicated to documenting the unique stories of how artists became artists. High school Art Teacher Wendy Aracich will be traveling the U.S., meeting artists and learning more about the many ways aspiring artists can build a career in the arts. This podcast is not-for-profit and partially funded by a grant from Fund for Teachers.
The Educator's Room Podcast
By The Educator's Room
An education podcast that discusses REAL topics with REAL teachers. We believe we can conquer the world one conversation at a time.
The Rock Star Principals' Podcast
By Dr. Nicholas Indeglio and Mr. Jonathan Ross
Join your hosts, "The Boss" Jon Ross and "The Doctor of Proctors" Nick Indeglio as they discuss everything and anything related to the Principal-ship and Edu-Leadership in K-12 education. The podcast features special guests with prominent roles relevant to principals all over the world. With a unique blend of humor, timely topics, and "real" talk, the "Odd Couple" of Jon Ross and Nick Indeglio "bring it" each episode. Rock out with "twisted steel and school appeal!"
Call Me Watkins
By Joanne Watkins
A podcast about English literature texts for senior high students. I am a teacher of senior English and Literature in Melbourne, Australia but have also taught at schools in New South Wales and in Oxford in the UK. If you're wondering about the title of the podcast, it's a reference to my name, Mrs Watkins and what many regard as the best opening line to a book: "Call me Ishmael" from Herman Melville's "Moby Dick".
Victory Over Adversity
By Heather Laurie
Host of this podcast is Heather Laurie, a veteran special needs homeschooling momma to 5 wonderful children, offering practical encouragement and support to special needs families and families that are going through a rough patch. Get your preferred cuppa and find a place to relax for a few minutes with me as we learn to find Victory over Adversity.Going through trials and adversity is part of life. It’s how we handle them and work through the storms that show our love of the Lord and character to the little eyes that are watching. Let me help you, sharing my experience as a caregiver and chronically ill mom.
Friendly Disruption
By Craig Barnum
The Friendly Disruption Podcast is targeted to educators looking to improve their practice. Our conversations and guest will focus on digital tools, particularly assistive technology and creating personalized learning environments.
How 'Bout Them Apples!?
By Max Summers
On “How ‘Bout Them Apples!?” Max Summers and his fellow teachers give a comedic look into what it’s truly like to be a teacher in today’s schools. These are real teachers with real stories and will give you, the listeners, an uncensored look into their lives. Education is a serious topic, but these teachers will talk about personal experiences with their own brand of humor.
Iris Mountain Top's Podcast
By Iris Mountain Top
Welcome to our podcast! We are excited to share our learning with you!
Justice for Sergio
By Trinity Advocacy Apprentices
On February 19, 2017, eighteen-year-old Sergio Reyes was shot fourteen times and killed by police officers in his neighborhood. On June 28, 2017, the day he would have graduated, seven of Sergio's classmates launched the first episode of a three-part podcast to honor their friend and explore the narratives and social forces surrounding the events that lead to his death. This podcast began as a documentary theatre piece written and performed by Sergio's classmates, and based on interviews with his friends, teachers, law enforcement, media, and New York City community.
The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast | Education
By Betsy Potash: Education Blogger + Curriculum Designer
This podcast is full of creative teaching strategies, classroom ideas, and inspiration for middle and high school English teachers. Betsy Potash from Spark Creativity presents new ideas for immediate classroom use, making it that much easier for teachers to stay creative in the midst of their busy lives. Show notes and further inspiration await at
Mind of a Football Coach
By Zach Davis
Mind of a Football Coach is about football, philosophy and winning at life! Please check out my blog:
Barn Chatter
By Aaron Fisher
Barn Chatter is a series focused on the Indiana 4-H Animal Science Projects. Inviting special guests, host Aaron Fisher interviews practitioners, faculty, volunteers, and Indiana 4-H members to share valuable perspectives and information that influence Indiana 4-H animal agriculture. Barn Chatter aims to answer commonly asked questions, provide helpful tips and practices, and keep listeners up to date on best practices and policies regarding Indiana 4-H Animal Science. Join us for Barn Chatter: Sharing the truth of animal science learning and getting past all the chatter.
Jessica Klepack Podcast
By Jessica Klepack
The Jessica Klepack Podcast gives you simple steps you can implement today and help become a better, happier version of yourself. I hope to create a virtual community of like-minded people together to help make a difference in the world. This podcast is about fit life coaching, personal development, personal growth, priorities, productivity, and of course family.
Purple Rocket Podcast
By Greg Webb
Original audio adventures that teach kids about the world around them. For accompanying lessons and more episodes visit
Radio Ulis, radio du collège Saint Hélier de Rennes
By Radio Ulis, radio du collège Saint Hélier de Rennes
La radio des élèves du Collège Saint Hélier de Rennes
Learn Digital with Kim Maslin
By Kim Maslin
The go-to podcast for Australian teachers looking to better integrate ICT into their classrooms.
By MyloWrites
Tune into our conversations with learning specialists, support teachers and educational pioneers empowering students for the 21st century classroom.
Issues in Education
By Joshua Harnwell
My thoughts on current trends in teaching and learning. Views are my own.
By Middlebury College
In his book Writing to Be Read and in thousands of interactions with teachers and writers, Bread Loaf Professor Ken Macrorie shared his conviction that writing read orally is writing brought alive. With this series of podcasts, the Bread Loaf Teacher Network invites listeners to enjoy pieces developed in Bread Loaf contexts. We invite you to comment, and to submit your own writing to be read.
By JCast Network
Parenting is the hardest, bestest job that anyone could have. While no expert, podcast host Darone Ruskay has a lot of ideas about the struggles and successes of being a parent... from an Abba's perspective
Tanya For Teens Series with Rabbi Manis Friedman
By Rabbi Manis Friedman
Tanya For Teens Series with Rabbi Manis Friedman Centuries before society realized the importance of the mind to healthy living, chapter 26 of Tanya had already turned itself to understanding its many struggles. Utilizing the authentic text and traditional Jewish learning methods, you’ll see the interplay between mental and spiritual health through the lens of Torah– and its path of healing for those who suffer.
Oclef Podcast
By Julian Toha: music educator, former concert pianist, tech nerd and podcaster
On this show we interview experts who help children to develop their talents. These experts can be in music, arts education, sports or an academic teacher. Basically anyone who works regularly with children or develops programs for them. On this show we are looking to share the strategies, secrets and processes that these experts use everyday to help kids become great.
Class Dismissed
By Ortego Communications
Educators may have the most important yet challenging jobs in modern society. Class Dismissed Podcast is here to inspire educators through story and keep them up-to-date with news that affects them directly. So relax and enjoy the lighthearted 30 minute episodes, while working around the house or commuting to work. Plus, we'll leave you with a big idea in education that you can apply in your community. The weekly podcast is hosted by Teacher- Lissa Pruett, Education Expert-Russ Davis, and Journalist- Nick Ortego We would love to hear from you! If you would like to write the show, email us at [email protected]
Stories for Children and their Parents
By Jessica Laurel Kane
Entertaining, heartwarming stories written and performed by Jessica Laurel Kane. Visit for illustrations and more!
Andrea Bazemore
By Andrea Bazemore
The Black Apple is a podcast for educators who are passionate about enacting social justice practices in their classrooms.
官网: 都可从官网下载到高音频文件
Homeschool News Today
By John Wilkerson
News to Encourage, Equip, and Entertain Homeschoolers.
Homeschool Eh
By Lauren
I am an RN turned Homeschooling Mom of two young girls. We live in Ontario. I am proud to be Canadian and am trying to find all the information I can for those of us Homeschooling.
Democracy’s College: Research and Leadership in Educational Equity, Justice, and Excellence
By Office of Community College Research and Leadership, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This monthly podcast focuses on P-20 education pathways with a focus on research and leadership that promotes educational equity, justice, and excellence for all students. This podcast is a product of the Office of Community College Research and Leadership or OCCRL at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Learn more about OCCRL at
Brave Hearts Bold Minds
By The Scots College
A weekly podcast providing a regular source of practical information, encouragement and inspiration for parents of school-aged boys hosted by veteran journalist and news anchor, Leigh Hatcher. “The Brave Hearts Bold Minds podcast series uncovers practical tools with which parents of school age boys can engage, encourage and challenge their sons for wisdom and compassion” Leigh Hatcher
By Dr. Raul Escarpio
Every week we sit down and speak to Catholic leaders, parents, and students about the importance of special education in Catholic schools and their role in helping achieve that vision.
Mindful Education
By Daniel Rechtschaffen: Mindfulness Education Creator and Educator
Join Founder and Director Daniel Rechtschaffen as he explores mindfulness and social-emotional learning tools, techniques, and philosophies for students and teachers. If you are a teacher interested in bringing the gift of mindfulness to your students, this podcast is for you!
Moms on a Mission
By Moms on a Mission
Moms On a Mission to help other moms succeed!
Sad Songs Say So Much: A Look at Songs about Disasters
By ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy Center's Digital Learning Project
Today if you want to talk about a tragedy, there are plenty of ways to do it. But in the past, one way people would pass along news was through songs. For more, visit
By Betsy Foldes Meiman
Formerly The Greatest MEND Podcast, Connectopod is growing! Youth reporters from all over the map connect to each other, their communities, and the world at large to bring you stories from a unique perspective.Turn needing into leading.
Baby, You're Much Too Fast: A Look at Songs About Cars
By ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy Center's Digital Learning Project
People write songs about a lot of things, mostly things that mean a lot to us. We write songs about desire, songs about loneliness, about heartbreak, love, and for some reason, we also write lots and lots of songs about cars. For more, visit
Technically Educated podcast
By Brian Foutty
Technically Educated is a conversation between educators about professional learning ideas, thoughts, and experiences with a special emphasis on classroom implications for practice and instruction delivery. It is hosted by Trumbull Career and Technical Center teachers, but is for everyone!
Alpine Valley School Podcast
By Alpine Valley School, a K-12
Alpine Valley School is a K-12 school in Wheat Ridge CO founded in 1997. We are a non-profit, independent school that follows the Sudbury Model of education. This podcast features interviews with graduates of our school, plus discussions of our unique philosophy, and ways to get involved.
Hey, Watch This! A Look at the Music Behind TV Theme Songs
By ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy Center's Digital Learning Project
Over the years, they’ve been some of the most popular songs in the country. They are TV Theme songs, something as old as TV. For more, visit
Happy Clams Podcast » HCP
By Kelly Pattison
I am searching for how people create joy. I want to know what outlets people seek to bring happiness to their everyday lives. Each guest is asked to fill in this blank. Their episode is how they answer the question. "I feel happy when ___________."
Class Dismissed
By Fulcrum Education Solutions
Counting down the days until the end of the year? Escape the stress of school with Class Dismissed, a podcast designed for educators by educators. Each week, we swap real stories - funny and heartbreaking - from our daily lives in school and beyond. Join us to hear lively debate on policy issues, questions from listeners seeking advice, and ridiculous stories from a day in the life of an educator. In a profession that is all-consuming, we need a place to discuss the good and the bad - without censorship or judgement. Tune in on the drive home. These are the conversations that need to be had...after the kids leave. Class Dismissed is hosted by Cristin Kelly, Andy Schmitz, & Cal Wysocki. Follow the show @ClassDismissedu.
TpT Talk: An Inspiring Teachers Pay Teachers Podcast
By Rachel Davis
TpT Talk features Inspiring discussions about Teachers pay Teachers success and best practices. Hear discussions with some of the most successful sellers about how they got started and what keeps them motivated. TpT Talk is a podcast designed to inspire TpT sellers to maximize the effectiveness and quality of their store.
STEM Roundtable
A podcast for educators to learn all about STEM and STEAM, learn about new activities, and news related to STEM and STEAM.
Kid Stories
By Phil Bechtel
An exciting collection of original stories crafted for a younger audience.
Wieso nicht? | Deutsch lernen | Deutsche Welle
By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle
Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene: Beziehungskrisen, Zahnarztbesuche, Wohngemeinschaften und Supermärkte: Zwanzig Hörszenen führen mitten ins Leben. Der Audiokurs festigt und erweitert bereits vorhandene Deutschkenntnisse. - Podcast
Randall Black works as a Technology Systems Specialist for Putnam County Schools in West Virginia. He is a former classroom teacher and Technology Integration Specialist. He tries to stay on the forefront of educational technology and share that information with teachers and other educational professionals.
National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards Program - Podcasts
By National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards Program
Founded in 1982 by U.S. Secretary of Education Terrel Bell, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors exemplary public and private American schools. Each year, elementary, middle, and high schools across the country are recognized for the exemplary academic performance of their students or for making significant improvements in their students’ levels of academic performance.
Teaching, Brewed
By Teaching, Brewed Teaching, brewed. This is a series of conversations between passionate educators. We talk about teaching, learning and ed tech issues that are relevant to the teacher’s world. Sometimes the conversations will lean on at one group of teachers, like specialists. Sometimes it will be about everyone, including administrators. We’re doing this to: Provoke conversation Reflect on our own practice Discover something new that we can use in our lessons Contribute, and not just Consume The hosts are both teachers with 10 yrs experience, both Google Trainers and Certified Innovators and both are international workshop leaders.
Kids Like You And Me
By Kids Like You And Me
A unique and nurturing place to hear stories from children about how it feels to be excluded, mocked, and bullied because you’re different, in color or ability – or how it feels to be accepted despite those differences.
Goodnight Boom
By Jacob Stradcutter
Need something for your kids to listen to in the car or before bed? This podcast consists of children's stories being read by one cool dad, Jacob Stradcutter!
Planning Period Podcast
By Brad Shreffler
Planning Period Podcast features Instructional Technology Coach Brad Shreffler interviewing teachers and other school stakeholders. As a podcast, he is focused on making a guest centered education podcast, not necessarily talking to experts in any field, or focusing the discussions on one topic, but instead having a natural, comfortable conversation with a teacher and seeing where that discussion takes them.
By Kristin Narr
Im Podcast JugendNarrative von Kristin Narr sind Jugendlichen und junge Menschen die Gesprächspartner*innen. Den Rahmen bilden die Themen Bildung und Digitales, die öfter mit einem Schwerpunkt, über das sie sich im Speziellen unterhalten, versehen wird. Die Inhalten sind ihre eigenen Meinungen, Erfahrungen und Vorstellungen. Das Ziel dahinter: Kristin möchte die Sichtweisen und Ideen Jugendlicher kennenlernen und hörbar machen, was sie denken, brauchen und wollen!