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Listen Learn Lead
By Andrew Fenstermaker and Scott Stimmel
Listen Learn Lead is a podcast by educators and for educators. It is hosted by Andrew Fenstermaker and Scott Stimmel from the Iowa City Community School District. Contact the hosts by email at [email protected] and explore show notes at
Jobs in a Nutshell
By Megumi Takeda
Jobs in a Nutshell aims to shed light on what jobs entail in the real world and how to prepare for them. Each episode focuses on a profession or a career-related topic discussing facts, research, and interviews.
Scottsdale Christian Academy | EagleCast
By Scottsdale Christian Academy
Scottsdale Christian Academy informational podcast.
Teaching While White Podcast
By Teaching While White
Over 80% of teachers in the U.S. are white. But most don’t know that their whiteness matters. TWW seeks to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom. Because "white" does not mean a blank slate. It is a set of assumptions that is the baseline from which everything is judged; it is what passes for normal. This means if you are not white or don’t adhere to those assumptions, you are abnormal or less than. TWW wants to have conversations about those assumptions: what they are, how they impact our students, and how we can confront our assumptions to promote racial literacy.
Punk Rock Preschool Podcast
By Jarred Geller, Punk Rock Preschool
Welcome to the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast where we are changing the world one classroom at a time; that your classroom! Together, we are going to design the perfect classroom to inspire your students and make school a rockin' place because in the Age of Information, teachers can have an impact that changes the world! Think about it: in today's world, a child with a passion and a love of learning can grow up to be anyone and anything they want to be. Imagine how much a passionate child can learn with the knowledge available on the internet. Imagine how much a passionate child can accomplish with direction and purpose at a young age. And imagine how much a passionate child can change the world with a head start on finding what they love. The possibilities are limitless! On the Punk Rock Preschool podcast, we will work together to design the perfect classroom where students are banging down your door every morning and leaving with a FOMO for school every afternoon! It all centers around three big ideas -- to imagine, to inspire, and to empower. 1) IMAGINE – Now is the time to dream big! Imagine new potentials and possibilities for all of your students. If you can dream it, they can do it. Their potential is as infinite as their imaginations! 2) INSPIRE – Inspire kids to pursue their biggest & wildest dreams. Tell them they can do anything they set their minds to! By working hard in school and never giving up, nothing is out of their reach! 3) EMPOWER – Give your students the tools and strategies to achieve their dreams! Empower your students with knowledge, stories, tools, passions, mindsets, habits, and much more to make their big & wild ambitions comes true. A child's potential is unlimited. If students are sponges, it’s time to help them absorb all they can. On the Punk Rock Preschool podcast, get the most unique perspectives on rethinking preschool, pre-k, ECE, Kindergarten, etc. to challenge and excite your classroom. Early Childhood Education should aim to inspire passions and make the greatest first impression of school. Join me on this adventure as we rethink preschool together!
By Communications Office
GraniteCast is the podcast for Granite School District employees where we learn more about each other and what we do.
HeadThoughts - growing school leadership
By Arthur Preston
Ideas, thoughts, interviews and growth for school leaders. If you are a school principal and are looking to grow your leadership skills, then this is a podcast you want to subscribe to! Curriculum, staff matters, change management, leading innovation and building a great school culture are just some of the topics covered. Grow your leadership for greatest impact in your school - listen to this podcast today.
Coach 360: A Podcast for High School Coaches
By Stephen Mackey and James Carbary: Character Development Advocates
Coach 360 is a podcast dedicated to helping high school coaches take their leadership to the next level. In each episode, we'll talk to high school coaches and athletic directors about topics like: developing culture, locker room management, character development, hiring staff, mental toughness, anger management, practice and preparation techniques, and more.
Millennial Commute
By Ben Peters
Every week join host and Ivy League grad Ben Peters for conversations regarding college admissions, academic success, and career development. Great podcast for those aged 16-30, and parents of students.
Nerd Farmer Podcast
By Nate Bowling
A podcast about education, civics, economics, life, and shade in the South Sound. Hosted by Nate Bowling, 2016 Washington State Teacher of the Year.
Sisters Homeschooling
By Yaaseen
Educating, Motivating, and Connecting Muslim Homeschooler
By 艺休哥
儿童成语故事。 本专辑主要以中国成语故事为主调,从成语释义出发,融入国学、历史等背景知识,个性化编排故事内容,解说清晰,播讲自然,让孩子深入了解成语背后的故事,对成语产生浓厚的兴趣,是了解成语故事的不二选择,跟着艺休哥快乐学成语吧。 艺休哥,一个聪明的化身,多才多艺,会美术,会音乐,会舞蹈,多才多艺的艺休哥,是艺术的好老师,是生活的好朋友。
Clint Thomas's Podcast
By Clint Thomas
Acclaimed speaker, communicator, and author, Clint Thomas is committed to positively impacting teens. With over twenty years of experience working with America’s young people, Clint has been featured on NBC news, online, and in print through newspapers, journals and books. He is an expert in juvenile challenges, media consumption, and violence/bullying awareness. - See more at:
Hacked Leadership: Innovation Acceleration
By Christine McCormick-Liddle
Hacked Leadership provides insights, tools, and interviews to help accelerate innovation. To be successful in the Creative Age, we need to innovate and create building upon fast-paced technology. Learn how to achieve more and maximize your time and effort.
Thinkscape Podcast
By Rachel Padget
Where parents, teachers, and leaders discuss how they use stories to instill specific values in the next generation.
The Full Voice Podcast With Nikki Loney
By Voice Teacher and author of the FULL VOICE Workbook series, Nikki Loney talks with talented Voice Professionals about issues and challenges voice teachers and choral directors face when working with young singers.
Podcast by Voice Teacher and author of the FULL VOICE Workbook series, Nikki Loney talks with talented Voice Professionals about issues and challenges voice teachers and choral directors face when working with young singers.
The College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions
By Ethan Sawyer
Your source for up-to-date, practical interviews with experts in getting high school students to college.
The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World!
By Susan Mulcaire
This series of podcast programs provides the independent learner — at home or at school — with the opportunity to learn good basic organizational skills and strategies for success in middle school. In ten lessons that interact with "The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World!" textbook, students are entertained and educated as they follow along with the chronically disorganized kids of U.B. Smart Middle School. The podcasts are also a great way to supplement your school's in-class SOS instruction.
Tutor Ted Talks College Admissions
By Ted Dorsey, M.A.
Applying to college is competitive, anxiety-provoking, and potentially the most rewarding part of high school. Since 2000, Tutor Ted has been on the front lines of getting into college through his ACT and SAT prep students, and really, since he applied to Princeton himself. In this podcast, Ted talks with admissions officers, college counselors, test prep tutors, and former clients to hear their perspective on best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and more than anything, staying sane while navigating the college admissions process. Ted promises to stick to his policy of keeping it “non-boring” too, so hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.
Pounding Erasers
By Pounding Erasers
Pounding Erasers is a short narrative podcast about school. It is written, hosted, and scored by Nathan Howe. Visit for transcripts and more info.
How To Raise A Maverick
By By Emily Gaudreau: Writer, Speaker and Parent
How to Raise a Maverick is a weekly Podcast where Emily Gaudreau gets right to the nitty gritty interviewing top parenting and family experts. How to Raise a Maverick is for anyone with kids in their life that wants to see them grow into happy, resilient people that work their butts off and do the right thing regardless of the consequences. This Podcast was created for YOU, if you’re co parenting, a single parent, a foster parent, a mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, counselor or youth pastor. If you’re looking for simple actionable advice for really difficult situations while you drive, work-out or take a break Emily will have it for you. Each episode gives you unique tools and resources that will no doubt change the way you engage with your kids. Listening to How to Raise a Maverick will prepare you for ANYTHING kids can throw at you. Parenting is a crazy job don’t do it without the experts.
History of Color
By Core Temp Arts
Allegra Alvarado and Friends will have an easily digestible discussion of non-fiction books, biographical films, documentaries, and news interviews centered around people of color and minorities that have been sidelined in our history education. Find all podcast episodes at
By 艺休哥
You Are There
By Dennis Humphrey
You Are There is a great early radio program that not only entertained but educated the listener. Reported in first person the show places you the listener back into history to experience history as it unfolded. Reported live you will hear history take place in exciting recreations of histories greatest moments.
Raising Arrows Podcast
By Amy Roberts
Raising Arrows Podcast is a place for overwhelmed moms to find encouragement, refreshment, vision and hope in the every day management of their homes and homeschools. Amy Roberts, author, speaker, blogger, and homeschooling mom of 10, offers practical tips, organization and scheduling ideas, and helpful hacks for simplifying the big things so you can enjoy the little things in life.
Real Talk for Teachers
By Chris Morris
Striving to be a breath of fresh air for teachers, giving you a positive perspective to get you through each day.
Mr. Court EDU podcast
By Mike Courtright
I created the Mr. Court EDU podcast to share my experiences as an educator in the modern day classroom to help teachers, coaches and those looking to increase their knowledge. This podcast is more about the day-to-day focus of being a teacher and the triumphs and struggles we face: Grading, times of year and students react, using educational technology to enhance the learning environment
The Educators
By BBC Radio 4
Sarah Montague interviews the people whose ideas are challenging the future of education.
Time Space Education
By Sam Sherratt, Chad Walsh, Cathy Brown & Frank Hua
The Time Space Education Podcast is a regular recording of conversations about education between our consultants - Sam Sherratt, Chad Walsh, Cathy Brown and Frank Hua - as well as guest participants. The focus for conversations is based on the big idea of "revolutionizing school" and how educators can redefine the school experience for everybody involved in education.
How Do You Know?
By Matthew J. Taylor, PhD
Drs Matthew Taylor and Cade Charlton discuss the hottest educational topics - describe and review relevant research studies - and provide the audience with a deep understanding of the research that informs local to national school policy and practice.
Wyndham Vale Primary School News
By Wyndham Vale Primary School News
This program is made by Wyndham Vale Primary School students to update our community on all of the latest events that have been happening.
TASB Talks
By Texas Association of School Boards
TASB Talks is regular podcast produced by the Texas Association of School Boards. Each episode we talk with subject-matter experts on important education-related issues.
Teuton Talks
By Teuton Talks
Teuton Talks is a podcast created by students in central Kansas. Topics, hosts and interviews vary by show, but you'll totally dig what we're doing! Give us a shot and see what is relevant to students living in rural Kansas.
Not Just Cute, the Podcast: Intentional Whole Child Development for Parents and Teachers of Young Ch...
By Amanda Morgan
Not Just Cute, the Podcast is like listening to a conversation with your nerdy best friend. Who happens to be obsessed with child development. Each episode covers a different topic related to parenting, early childhood education, and healthy, whole child development in order to support teachers and parents in serving young children.
The Answer Key: Learning and Leadership in the K-12 World
By Fairfax Network, Fairfax County Public Schools
Learning and leadership evolve but what remains constant are school professionals who believe in student success. As Stephen Covey and Bud Spillane often said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” In a school setting, that means kids. This podcast journey is an opportunity to meet educators who love what they do and affect positive change in their school community.
How To for The Early Years
By Amanda Speer
Charlotte Mason advocated no formal education for children under age 6, so what do we do for kids younger than that? This podcast focuses on educating your child at home using the Charlotte Mason style.
Woodend Primary School Radio
By Woodend Primary School Students
The students of Woodend Primary School bring the school to you, the listener. They present school news as well as perform radio plays for your pleasure. Each week they feature an interview with a special guest from the school or a local member of the community. We also have our resident scientists who will share interesting facts from what they have been learning in the classroom.
The Essence Of Teaching Podcast
By Queenie Tan : Early Childhood Education Specialist
Dedicated to ECE, this podcast aims to provide Inspiring Content that Drives Professional Development and Teacher Training of Early Childhood Educators, Daycare Providers, and Teachers in Nurseries, Playgroups and Kindergartens.
Simply Wholehearted Podcast
By Amy Wicks
Simply Wholehearted is where you can expect to be inspired to live more unplugged, purposeful and intentional lives. Every week we will have a new episode sharing stories, ideas and helpful tools to empower you to live wholeheartedly.
Pablo E Diaz Show
By Pablo E Diaz: Education Technology Specialist, Blogger and Vlogger presents the Pablo E Diaz show. This podcast is dedicated to the latest trends in education technology, bringing you interviews, reviews, how-tos, stories and the latest practices in the area of education.
Midnight Writer News
By S.T. Patrick, Midnight Writer News
Midnight Writer News is a podcast and website hosted by Editor-in-Chief S.T. Patrick. Midnight Writer News challenges the mainstream historical and political establishment in search of truth. Many of today's best alternative writers, speakers, and researchers will join S.T. Patrick in this ongoing search for truth in alternative history, conspiracy theories, contrarian thought, and new theories on classic tales.
Your American Heritage
By Working Star Networks, Inc.
A weekly collection of video shorts traveling through the important milestones of Your American Heritage. A serious, yet often whimsical review of important historical events from Washington’s inaugural to the civil rights movement that tie us all together as Americans. Originally intended as a teacher’s aid and now released for the enjoyment of all.
Teacher, Treat Yourself
By Paige & Kari
Teaching is a work of heart. It is some of the hardest work out there & we believe you need to take time to treat yourself & take care of yourself. Our podcast are about going the distance with teaching.
Family/Education/School Choice/In Support of Families/K-12/Parenting
By Emmalou Penrod
Parent, educator and author, Emmalou Penrod, shares experience of raising a family and over 23 years as a teacher in traditional public schools, a charter school and a private school to support parents, especially parents of special needs children, in the challenging task of navigating our educational system to get the best for their children.
ChangED: Changing Education for our Future
By Pat Flynn
There’s been a lot of discussion lately about education in the United States. ChangED host, Pat Flynn, is here to research what’s broken, and how we might be able to fix it. From pre-school to elementary school, high school and college, students are being educated in a way that isn’t best suited for the kind of life we live in today. You’ll hear guests that have had a massive impact in education, and those who are on their way. You (and Pat) will both discover new findings and discuss research for the purpose of hopefully, one day, finding a solution so we can prepare our children, and our world, for a better future.
Swift Teacher
By Brian Foutty
Swift Teachers is an international discussion of teachers who use the Swift language to teach programming and basic computer science topics to students ranging from primary school to high school and university. Teachers share their insights on the why, how, and what of teaching Swift one lesson at a time toward Swift World Domination.
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
欢迎加入“常春藤口语从头学书友群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“口语从头学入群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。购书链接: 《赖世雄社交口语从头学》由中国英语十大名师赖世雄教授及其亲传弟子 Johnny 吴纪维老师,亲自操刀主编。有鉴于《赖世雄美语从头学》系列丛书已经突破百万销售量,并嘉惠了海峡两岸上亿读者,我们特此推出《赖世雄口语从头学》系列丛书,期望帮助所有英语学习者打破哑巴英语的窘境。 想了解并购买更多正版常春藤系列书籍,欢迎前往常春藤官网 进行选购。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
欢迎加入“常春藤口语从头学书友群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“口语从头学入群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。购书链接: 《赖世雄职场口语从头学》由中国英语十大名师赖世雄教授及其亲传弟子 Johnny 吴纪维老师,亲自操刀主编。有鉴于《赖世雄美语从头学》系列丛书已经突破百万销售量,并嘉惠了海峡两岸上亿读者,我们特此推出《赖世雄口语从头学》系列丛书,期望帮助所有英语学习者打破哑巴英语的窘境。 想了解并购买更多正版常春藤系列书籍,欢迎前往常春藤官网 进行选购
Riverdale Baptist School Podcast
By Riverdale Baptist School
Selected sermons from RBS's Middle and High School chapel services.
Reading With Your Kids Podcast
By Jedlie Circus Productions, Inc
Reading With Your Kids is all about encouraging parents to read with their kids, and cook with their kids, and do activities with their kids, and experience tv, movies and music together. In other words, our podcast is all about helping parents build stronger relationships with their kids.
The Tub: An Educational Podcast by JayEitner
By Jay Eitner
There has been more change in education in the past 6 years than 60. Join the National Superintendent of the Year as he discusses a myriad of topics, reviewing everything from the latest tech trends to tips that you can turnkey in your position. Warning: it's a North-Jersey podcast; if you can't take some ribbing, go back to NPR.
Mitt barn i skolan
By Säters kommun
Mitt barn i skolan är Säters kommuns podd om livet i skolorna i kommunen. Vi går på djupet med det som är viktigt för barns skolgång, och pratar med föräldrar, elever, lärare och annan personal.
By Joseph Clark
The ClarksRoom podcast is the unedited version of me. They are short snippets of my thoughts. I do not edit the content after recording them. They are thoughts from my brain to yours.
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材请上网购买: 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材内容请上网购买: 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材内容请上网购买: 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材内容请上网购买 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材内容请上网购买: 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
教材内容请上网购买: 欢迎加入“常春藤美式口语群”,与我们一起交流学习心得哟。可加微信 ivyenglish_SP2 并备注认证申请消息“申请加入口语群” ,通过认证后,即可入群学习哦。
Stand Up v. Teach
By Matthew MacCallum
A teacher tries to convince a comic that their jobs are the same and that the two can learn from each other; which side are you on? Preview/pitch for Podquest 2016
By Explorations Early Learning
MANscaping unpacks the stereotypes used in early education settings around men and male educators.
Alexandria Country Day School
By Alexandria Country Day School
Coeducational K-8 School in Alexandria, VA
Teaching With The Body In Mind
By Explorations Early Learning
Dedicated to supporting the incorporation of whole body, sensory rich, and active playful learning experiences into the lives of young children.
By Lothar Bodingbauer
Themen der Schule, Themen des Unterrichts. Offene Planung. Lehrer/innen sprechen miteinander und entwickeln themenorientierte Schule. Wöchentlicher Podcast aus dem Abendgymnasium Wien.
Around the County Podcast
By Scott Webb
Take a look around the Bradley County School system with the Around the County Podcast. Each month, in conjunction with the Director's View newsletter, the podcast will focus on a theme and how the school system embodies that theme.
The Deeper Learning Podcast
By The Deeper Learning Podcast
Learning is at the center of human life. We seek to understand. We want to go deep and live meaningful lives. We’re wired to ask questions like these: Why are we here? What does it mean to live a good life? How can we make the world a better place? Often in our lives, we are caught up in daily urgent demands and neglect these deeper questions. The same happens in education. Still, we long to understand and engage life and learning at a deeper level. This is a podcast for people who want to think about life, learning, and education at a deeper level. In each episode, you’ll hear stories about people who have pursued and experienced deeper learning in their lives, often against great odds, people who can point us in the direction of deeper learning and richer meaning in our own lives. Produced by the Orange County Department of Education.
Sustainable Teaching (mp3)
By Tom Mullaney
Tom Mullaney has worked with students in grades 4 through 12 in urban, suburban, and rural schools during his more than thirteen years in education. On Sustainable Teaching, he talks with fellow educators about making the profession sustainable and the school day exciting for students.
School Daze with Jovan Miles
By Jovan Miles
This is a podcast about inner city education from a career educator. I write at, Tweet @JovanDM, live in Jonesboro, GA, and work in Atlanta.
The Sawmill Inside Stephen F. Austin Sports
By Isaac Niedrauer
A long time coming and a couple trial runs later, The Sawmill's feature podcast is finally here. Introducing Purple Lights with Richard and Isaac. The show will be hosted by Richard Boyer and Isaac Niedrauer, with Mark Friedman (of Dallas-Ft. Worth sports talk radio fame) in the studio. Get your Lumberjacks sports fix with discussions, interviews, and fun weekly features. The show will be accessible soon through the iTunes store as well as our website. Stay tuned as we roll out the first full episode - and in the meantime, click the image below to enjoy a preview as Richard and Isaac talk the weekend's baseball and basketball festivities at SFA:
Idea Farm
By Benjamin Light and Kell Simpson
Chat With Teachers » Podcasts
By Jennifer Khadir
A collection of teacher talks and best practices meant to inspire and initiate conversation in the education community.
AFYW Raven Podcast
By Academy for Young Writers
A podcast by and for the Academy for Young Writers community. AFYW is a 6-12 public school in East New York, Brooklyn.
Broadcasts from Westgate High School
By radiophile
Intermittent transmissions received from the night skywave on my Grundig Satellit at approximately 6058 khz concerning the uncanny and frightening events at a mysterious high school. I have not been able to verify the authenticity or location of the source. Recordings made on my Mac with a Blue Snowflake microphone.
Only Junior
By Only Junior
Only Junior
Dad Gone Wild » Education
By TC Weber
A continuation of the Dad Gone Wild Blog. Focusing on educational issues on the local, state, and national level through public education parents eyes.
Tiger Talk Podcast
By Tiger Talk Podcast
Welcome to TIGER TALK My name is Blade Schneider(’24) I am a 5th grader at Holy Cross and a 4th generation at the school. My father Brett ‘BJ’ Schneider (’85) and I will be managing the site and the accompanying podcast. Wedo a weekly show that’s about 10 minutes or so, where we discuss whats happening at the school……scores, events, and fun facts. We also want to highlight alumni from over the years.
Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
By Kara Wilkinson
The official podcast of Mrs. Wilkinson's 6th grade Technology class at Canyon Vista Middle School. Each class interviews a special guest on both the current state of technology, as well as their personal history with it.
Talking Mom 2 Mom Podcast – Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network
By Richele McFarlin and Lindsey Stomberg
Talking Mom2Mom is a rest stop for moms traveling the homeschool road. Your hosts, Richele McFarlin and Lindsey Stomberg, are two homeschool moms in different seasons of life. Join them as they share their trials, victories, and all the laughs in between. Listen in for topics ranging from managing your home and homeschool with multiple ages, marriage over the years, raising Godly young girls and boys, leaning on the Lord at all times, and so much more!
Perspectives In Education
By Justin McKean and Mike Rocco
Each month we will provide you with a different perspective on education. Our goal is to offer you a platform to hear stories that will inspire you, open your eyes to new ideas, and remind you why we joined the profession. Education is the best profession in the world. Educators build the foundation of learning, foster growth and self-awareness, and shape the future. Through the art of storytelling, we can all learn and become better educators that we were yesterday. Join us to celebrate and cherish different Perspectives in Education!
Shawnee Mission School District Board Meetings Podcast
By SMSD Board of Education
Audio from the Shawnee Mission School District Board of Eductation meetings.
A Ginger and a Canadian Walk into a Bar
By A Ginger and a Canadian
It’s like Disneyworld for adults! Also, ramblings of the great kind!
By Mayra Rodriguez & Lennie Machuca- Madres homeschoolers veteranas dedicadas a orientar sobre la educacion en el hogar
Un podcast en español sobre el homeschooling y crianza donde Mayra Rodriguez (Estilo Familiar) y Lennie Machuca (Aprendizaje Divertido) orientan a las familias hispanas sobre todos los aspectos de la educación en el hogar. Si te interesa la educación en casa, ven y únete a esa comunidad de madres, padres y familias homeschoolers donde se cubren temas desde cómo comenzar el homeschool hasta cómo llevar a nuestros hijos a la universidad. Además, Mayra y Lennie te traerán entrevistas, recomendarán recursos y hablarán de las vivencias de las familias educadoras en el hogar. Visita el website para más información y síguelas como @madreshs en los canales sociales.
Know It All
By Riley Walz
Did you ever wonder how the heck your "know it all" friend ever learned that Nepal is the only country that has a rectangular flag, or that a group of 12 cows is called a flink? The Know It All podcast is now the one minute show that makes you smarter than your friend, who seems to know everything. Each week, we will talk about an intriguing story of how one "random fact" came to be.
Real Talk Intervention
By Sarah Underbrink and Stefanie Garcia
Secondary educators discuss how to implement response to intervention in content classrooms
The Business of Giving
By DocentYouth
The Business of Giving is a podcast series about what it’s really like to run a nonprofit. Students from the program are interviewed about their experience working for the nonprofit, DocentYouth, and how that has impacted their outlook on college and career readiness. Educators and professionals in the Bay Area are also interviewed about the tech industry and the public sector.
Green Up Kids
By C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl®
Are you passionate about the longevity of our planet and its animals? If so, here is your chance to join other youth from around the globe that share your desire for change and improving our world. More and more youth are wanting to have a positive impact on their world. They have ideas for starting school gardens, boycotting the use of pesticides to help save bees, creating and selling products made from recycled and up cycled materials, eliminating the use of plastic shopping bags, protecting the water supply in their communities, and so much more. Here is your chance to join other youth in becoming Master Change-Makers and get inspired to launch your own purpose-driven projects. Your host C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl guides you on a series of episodes that provide fun ways to protect our planet, one project at a time.
AT Parenting Survival Podcast: Parenting | Child Anxiety | Motherhood | Kids & Family
By Natasha Daniels: Child Therapist, Child Anxiety Expert and Parenting Coach
The truth is we are all surviving parenting one day at a time. Whether you are dealing with tantrums, potty training, discipline or child anxiety, parenting can be overwhelming at times! On The AT Parenting Survival Podcast your host Natasha Daniels will ride the Parental roller coaster with you. She will teach you wacky parenting approaches, give you a new perspective on common parenting problems and will re-invigorate your sparkle for parenting.
ECHO's Voices of Webster
By Page Kimzey, editor; Sean Mullins, introduction; Caleb Bolin, anchor; Andy Kimball and Elise Keller, reporters.
This week’s ECHO Podcast is introduced by Sean Mullins with stories by Andy Kimball about the Black Friday March and by Elise Keller about the Women’s March on Washington. Page Kimzey is editor, and Caleb Bolin is anchor. Music is “Poppers and Prosecco” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Kannada textbook chapters - synthesised audiobooks
By Kannada Pustaka Initiative
Kannada Pustaka is a voluntary initiative that pools together speech synthesised audio books. These books are for educational purpose only. The Unicode text content used to generate these audio textbooks was created adopting a distributed proofreading model
Afternoons with Tom, Tiff & Jerry
Educational discussions about APUSH and AP Gov strategies and more!
Biology by Science Sauce
By A. Nixon
Regular revision and learning videos for biology students.
Modern Learners
By Modern Learners
Education is at a crossroads, and it’s becoming more and more clear that a full reimagination of school is now needed to best prepare our children for a fast-changing, globally-networked world of learning, work, and life. We discuss how these principles can provide a framework for educational change in your school.
Teacher Ollie's Takeaways
By Ollie Lovell: Secondary school teacher and lover of learning who is passionate about all things eduction. @ollie_lovell
Teacher Ollie's Takeaways is the weekly podcast in which Ollie summarises his key takeaways from twitter, blogs, research papers, conversations, and his own classroom from the week just past. With a particular focus on the science of learning, this teaching and learning educational podcast is suitable for any teacher or educator who would like a weekly dose of education brainfood and inspiration.
Book Club for Kids
By Kitty Felde
The place where young readers meet to talk about books. The show includes a celebrity reader and an interview with the author. The host is award winning public radio journalist Kitty Felde. Book Club won the Literacy in Media Award.
School Of Jazz
By KNKX Public Radio
The Northwest jazz scene is enhanced by some of the finest high school bands in the country, including Garfield and Roosevelt who are perennial finalists in the national Essentially Ellington Competition. Jazz has a tradition of teaching, learning and sharing and for KNKX, jazz education and performance is vital to the music’s future. Listen to student DJs and live studio performances from some of the best upcoming jazz musicians. School Of Jazz sponsors include, Integrative Family Law, BECU, Beacon Plumbing and Half Price Books.
Dumb it Down
By Bo Mabry
Are you brilliant? Okay, then explain your genius to a 12-year-old. Bo Mabry takes a year off of school (6th grade exactly) to interview geniuses, er, pepper them with questions, until he can understand what they do. Sure, you can make smart grown-ups understand what you do... but can you Dumb it Down?
The Music Ed Podcast
Quick and easy tips for band teachers.
Bildung Speciaal
By Paul Scheulderman
Een serie podcasts als onderdeel van Bildung Speciaal.
Raising Good Humans
By Heather Murray
As parents of future generations we are responsible for raising good humans, but that isn't always an easy task. Join me in this great life mission as I share practical tips and strategies that you can use to be today's parents of tomorrow's great humans!
Then and Now History Podcast: Global History and Culture
By David Arendale
Then and Now is a project with students in an introductory global history and culture course at the University of Minnesota. The podcast titles reflects the relationship between today's events with the history forces from the past. Topics in the podcast include a review of history topics, special music episodes connecting a country's culture with its artistic production through music, special interview episodes with voices of students and community members as they were part of historical events, and other topics. Every episode features some of the best independent music artists from a website that makes available podcast-approved songs. Share comments about the podcast with the course instructor, David Arendale, [email protected]