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By EC Stanton Community School
We are a small democratic school in Texas. These podcasts are put together by students and staff. Currently our students are all twelve and under, so the quality will represent that. These are meant to be short, non-boring glimpses into our life here.
By Peter Hill
A mix of expert analysis and quirky fun that might just give you a fresh view and a new angle.
By Roland Aichele
Students share out the learning that took place this week in Mr. Aichele's Humanities classes at Westlake Charter School in Sacramento, CA.
By Roland Aichele
Students share out the learning that took place each week in Mr. Aichele's Humanities classes at Westlake Charter School in Sacramento, CA.
By Education Post | Hosted by Ikhlas Saleem and Lane Wright
Voices4Ed is an Education Post podcast where we bring in voices of students, parents, and teachers to talk about what’s really happening in our public schools. It’s a different conversation about public education.
By Grant Baciocco & Doug Price - Morning Media
The Official Video Podcast of The Adventures Of Dr. Floyd - - Family Friendly and, at times, Educational! The creators of the web's first Family Friendly Audio Podcast...GO VIDEO!
By Gregory Herron
informative videos from all aspects of Asian life, kindergarten, real estate, travel, tourism, technology, shopping deals, internet how-to, and society in general. A touch of spiritual content on the side.
By Larry Graykin
The Kingdom of Diddorol is a fictional kingdom that serves as the setting for all English Language Arts activities in Barrington (NH) Middle School's Room 244. It is the geographical component of the storyline of a game overlay, which presents and contextualizes all the usual ELA content in an alternative way. Each of the six provinces in Diddorol have a corresponding area in the classroom. Each province also symbolizes one of the Six Traits of Writing, and has a "mythology" of its own. In t...
By Medieval Archives
The Vikings Podcast is dedicated to HISTORY's TV series Vikings. Vikings is based on the life and adventures of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. Along with a recap and review of the show, we'll also examine the historical accuracy of the events and characters. You are invited to share your thoughts and comments. Send feedback to [email protected] or leave a message on our listener voicemail line at 720.722.1066 The Vikings Podcast is not affiliated with the HISTORY c...
By Duke TIP
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization that supports academically talented students in grades four through twelve. Join our hosts Tracy, Katy, and Michael as they talk to experts in the field of gifted education and share their love of learning.
By Andrew Scott
These podcasts are aimed at Unit 3/4 VCE Psychology Students, they can be also be found in the itunes store. See my website for access along with other eresources for Psychology students:
By Kedou
The Kedou Adventures is a series of fun and madcap (mis)adventures of a tiny bear, told with stories set to music. It's an adventure in life -- fun, outrageous, happy, wistful and sometimes, plain scary! Come visit Kedou at
By Eve Chuttleson
From the mind of Eve Chuttleson emerge tales of woe, mystery and mayhem for young and old alike.
By Sally Rafson
Enjoy the student work from Ms; Rafson's 4th grade classroom.
By Liberation Foods
Liberation Nuts, the first and only 100% fair-trade nut company has created a series of educational podcasts to celebrate the upcoming celebration of the naming of London as a fair trade city on the 23rd of October as well as its Annual General Meeting on the 28th of September, 2008. The event will bring together the Nut Growers that directly own Liberation in Kerala. The series highlights how being part of Liberation helps improve the lives of the nut farmers in the poorer parts of the wor...
By Wingwindy
《你的1岁孩子》 副标题:可爱又难缠的年龄,培养安全感不可错过这一年 原作名:Your One-Year-Old: The Fun-Loving, Fussy 12-To 24-Month-Old 作者:路易斯·埃姆斯 (Louise Bates Ames, PH.D.) / 弗兰西斯·伊尔克 (Frances L.Ilg, M.D.) / 卡罗尔·哈柏 (Carol Chase Haber, M.A.) 译者:崔运帷 出版社:江西科学技术出版社 页数:200 字数:120000 定价:25.00元 ISBN: 9787539045016 版本:2012年10月第2版 / 2015年1月第6次印刷 中国版本图书馆CIP数据核字 (2011) 第235790号 / G78 当孩子表现出教养的困难和麻烦时,如果父母知道这不是个别行为,而是这个年龄阶段孩子共有的暂时现象,心里就会踏实很多。同样,对于大多数父母而言,如果了解孩子在某个年龄阶段的特点,就可以减少在教育孩子过程中的盲目性。为了告诉父母孩子在成长各个阶段的发展和行为,美国吉赛尔人类发展中心在耶鲁大学对数...
By Jess and Jamie Rhodes
A podcast hosted by two parents who are feeling a little indecisive. Each season Jess and Jamie will (hopefully!) come to a decision on major life choices. For example, will they homeschool, send their kids to public school or some other alternative? Is it best for their family to stay in their starter home, move back to the city or relocate to a new state entirely? This podcast is for you if you and your spouse are also feeling a little indecisive while trying to make the best decisions for...
By 春天姐姐
By Medienpädagogik osradio 104,8
osradio ist ein Bürgerrundfunksender für die Region Osnabrück und engagiert sich in der Medienpädagogik. Die Kinderredaktion Mikrowellen und die Jugendredaktion Teen Spirit erarbeiten Themen für ihre zweiwöchtentlichen Sendungen. Hier findet ihr eine Auswahl an Beiträgen.
By Jeffrey D. Bradbury (TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network)
Welcome to the TeacherCast Podcasting Network. Join host Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) and the worlds finest educators and educational technology creators as we discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy. Our goal is to help you find and use the right educational technology for your classroom. Subscribe today!
By 絵本の時間
The Ultimate College Planning Podcast is dedicated to helping students and families through the competitive college planning and admissions process. Through our extensive college planning experience, diverse and rich educational background, and proven track record of success, we have helped thousands of students get into the college of their choice. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and most importantly, we know those factors college admissions officer look for when choosing a successfu...
By Dr. Nancy Berk & Lian Dolan
Advice for Parents on the college admissions process. Hosted by expert/psychologist Dr. Nancy berk and broadcaster Lian Dolan. Information, advice and empathy.
By Robert Glass
Hello! Welcome to the Debater Cast! This is going to be a podcast focusing on competitive High School and Collegiate Debate, interviewing coaches and experts for their thoughts on debate and updating on current events and how they effect the debate community.
By Microsoft Education & Jeff Bradbury (TeacherCast)
Welcome to the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Spotlight Series Podcast.  If you are an educator looking to learn how to leverage the power of innovative teaching with technology in your classroom, this is the podcast for you.  Each episode of the MIE Spotlight Series features a dynamic teacher, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, showcasing how they are transforming their classrooms through creative lessons and 21st century teaching styles.  This podcast is hosted by educator Jeff Bradbury ...
By Tim Loreman
The Scholarship of Inclusive Education Podcast is a series of succinct interviews on important research, theoretical, or philosophical contributions to inclusive education featuring the scholars who made those contributions.
By The PHYSEDagogy Podcast
A collaborative project by Matt Pomeroy, Naomi Hartl, Collin Brooks, and Jonathan Jones. We are looking to showcase some of the best teaching practices, lesson ideas, and epic events that #physed and #pegeeks across the world are doing at their schools. We will be interviewing teachers and they will be sharing the story about their lesson. They will also share materials so you can implement the idea into your physical education classroom.
By Steven Bauer: Educator, Education Specialist, Educational Strategist, and Blogger
The Edvice podcast is a candid, yet research based conversation with the purpose of providing advice and guidance to those interested in education. Whether you are an aspiring educator or a seasoned veteran, The Edvice Podcast will try to help in any way possible. We are in no way self-proclaimed "experts". However, we are educators looking to become the most efficient teachers possible using a "student-centered" approach and conversing with other professionals. We look forward to hearing...
By Trowel and Sword Enterprises, LLC.
A weekly podcast concerning America's education system from a Christian worldview.
By Jonathan Royce
You're not alone out there in your journey to greatness. There are pitfalls and detours all along the way. If you're swamped with meetings, have an office full of students sent there to be disciplined, have a culture of punitive punishments, seem to have too many disgruntled and dissatisfied parents, have a resistant staff and you're looking to make positive changes, then this is a perfect place to come hang out. The goal here, at The Principal Entrepreneur, is to consistently support educ...
By Rebecca Bohman
If you want to learn more about changing the current paradigm of education, then listen to The Luminous Mind podcast. You will hear everything from the everyday homeschooler's experiences to interviews with national and international thought leaders in education and business.
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
【来源及版权】 台南极乐寺网站 感恩分享,阿弥陀佛^_^ 【《千字文》简介(来自百度百科)】 千字文 (中国传统蒙学三大读物之一) 千字文,由南北朝时期梁朝散骑侍郎、给事中周兴嗣编纂、一千个汉字组成的韵文(在隋唐之前,不押韵、不对仗的文字,被称为“笔”,而非“文”)。梁武帝(502—549年)命人从王羲之书法作品中选取1000个不重复汉字,命员外散骑侍郎周兴嗣编纂成文。全文为四字句,对仗工整,条理清晰,文采斐然。《千字文》语句平白如话,易诵易记,并译有英文版、法文版、拉丁文版、意大利文版,是中国影响很大的儿童启蒙读物。 【张清泉(Chang Ching-Chuan)教授简介】 最高學歷:台湾政治大學中國文學博士 經歷:彰化師範大學國文系教授 研究專長:佛學、儒學、詩詞吟唱、書法
By Rodney Thomas
This podcast is for all levels of education and features an educator discussing their best strategies for learning.
By Diane and Catherine of
Methods and Motivation for Teaching French, Spanish, and ESL
By [email protected] (Dr. Daniel Winters & Guests)
We discuss the essentials of learning from Transitionary Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Topics include teacher instruction, technology, curriculum design, innovation, and 21st century skills
By MsLReads
The Power of Story, a podcast for readers, teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to get lost in middle grade or YA stories.
By פודקאסט ישראל - רכס פרוייקטים חינוכיים
בגרות דרך האוזניים הוא פרויקט משותף של רכס פרויקטים חינוכיים ושל פודקאסט ישראל מדיה בע"מ. הפודקאסט מיועד לתלמידים הניגשים לבחינות הבגרות בתנ"ך.
ילדים בראש: הפודקאסט לסופר סקרנים הוא הפודקאסט הישראלי הראשון שמכוון כולו לילדים ונוער ועוסק במדע, טכנולוגיה, אפליקציות, סרטים וטלוויזיה וכל נושא אחר שמעניין אותם. התוכנית בנויה מפינות קצרות שמוגשות בצורה קלילה בגובה העיניים של המאזינים. מגישים את הפודקאסט אב ובנותיו בהשתתפות מגישים אורחים.
By 张口澳洲
平视澳洲----张口就说 千千万万新移民中的一位,-----在这里存在,在这里生活,是先驱者,也是奋斗者,为自由而努力,将梦想付诸与现实,为了更美好的明天!
By 影子兵
欢迎添加~ 主播Q群:536352229 主播微信公众号:影子兵 微信公号有专属节目、笑笑的早安音乐、以及主播全网所有有声书链接 每个著名企业家都有其独步天下的“秘技”,这也是其最耀眼的闪光点。李书福以其敢想敢做的冒险精神立足汽车领域。从120元创业起家、在冰箱行业赚到第一桶金、在海南地产热中摔过大跟头,到投身汽车制造业,创办吉利集团,李书福缔造了一个草根创业的神话。2009年成功收购沃尔沃,让李书福和他的吉利成为举世瞩目的焦点。企业家李书福如何经营吉利这家民营汽车企业,并成功做大做强?
小寶寶(1985) 主持人與小朋友分享生活常識及閱讀小故事。
By 万象历史
让孩子读靠谱的历史。全部来自专业正史,绝不戏说。 孩子学历史的好处: 1、积累历史知识,宝贵的人生借鉴 2、培养独立思考,认识复杂社会 3、培养多元角度,理解他人 4、培养擅讲故事,说服他人 做一个胸怀宽广,有见识的中国人,应该要懂一些中国历史!
By 好买商学院
名人成功故事汇,财富积累自由说。 关注微信公众号:“好买商学院”,图文版资讯随时看。
By 青年好声音
【具体内容】: 《普通话考试与训练》 所有字、词、作品资料 《普通话 百日训练》 100个专题音频、文本 《语音发声班》 系统课程音频、视频 《语言表达技巧、朗诵艺术班》 系统课程音频、视频 小军老师《每日说话技巧》 所有音频(包括将持续更新的) 《有声训练宝典》每页都有二维码! 宝典在手,随时随地,扫一扫,用手机就能练好普通话!! 每天10分钟, 轻松学好普通话,练出好声音! 微信公众号【青年好声音】 互联网最大的声音社群,众多名师等你来! 辅导训练交流QQ群:242677533 【青年好声音】跟你一起,每天10分钟,练出好声音! 普通话,朗诵,演讲口才-爱好者在这里聚集。 添加助手老师微信:398345984 免费进群交流学习! 相关书籍链接:
By 小二tp
By 安吉老师
吟诗而不背诗,谈我对诗的感受而不讲解其所谓含义。 诗不是用来讲解的,是用来感受的! 诗不是用来背诵的,是用来吟诵的! 每天一首古诗词,圆自己儿时的梦,也给女儿做个榜样。 如果你愿意,可以和我一起读诗给孩子听。
By 社内杂货店
喜马拉雅FM儿童主题播客节目精选。【 [email protected]
مواعظ و مختارات للشيخ محمد المختار الشنقيطي
By FM甜甜圈
小留学生美啦啦睡前在这里分享她在澳洲的留学生活故事,这里将成为她的第一本有声日记本,记录她在澳洲的每一天学习生活玩耍、她的喜怒哀乐;当然,最后依然是甜甜圈给美啦啦讲睡前故事。 如果您想了解真实的澳洲,还可收听FM甜甜圈的《甜甜圈在澳洲》,这是一本澳洲生活的红宝书! +甜甜圈为微信好友【fmtiantianquan】, 原汁原味的《美啦啦留学日记》、原创儿童大百科《妈妈带你看世界》、《澳洲说·甜甜圈在澳洲》宠坏你和孩子的耳朵。
By 陈府公子Childe
请在【微信】搜索关注“英腔雅调”查看更多英文资料。 雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!雅思口语900句所有的单词都配有发音,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步!雅思口语900句是国内信息最全的一本雅思口语备考手册。它包括: 1.最全面的雅思口语话题:75个话题,包含近5年所有雅思口语考试常见题目和每次考试必考话题。 2.最权威的雅思话题分类:8大类别,涵盖人物、物品、喜好、事件、空间、媒体、动物与环境、学习工作8大类话题。 3.最万能的雅思口语句子:句子琅琅上口,拿起来就背,拿起来就用,立竿见影! 4.最典型“自杀性口语”分析:这样的错误每个人每天都在犯,努力去改正它们吧,你的口语一定可以提高至少1分。 雅思 英音 口语
By 女巫丁丁
By New Heights Show with Briana
Our show has moved to SoundCloud. You can find all previous and future episodes:
By 斯塾
斯塾并不是一个组织,而是一个群体。具体说,它是一个小小的、民间的文化课堂,由一个完全志愿、完全义务的讲授者群体共同支撑,纯公益性质。始于2004年8月。 倡扬国风 不辞绵薄 欢迎搜索“斯塾”关注微信公众号
By Katie Stone
Enriching, educating, enlightening and entertaining radio for kids of all ages. For archive episodes, visit the program page for The Childrens Hour at
By 宝宝听故事精选
By ccpaging
做给孩子听的数学学习之声!用纯粹的数学思想带领孩子们在数学花园中漫步。精心挑选和设置的生活情景,引导孩子们自主探索,获得灵光乍现的惊喜,爱上数学!欢迎关注主播帐号:ccpaging,让您的孩子在线收听!也欢迎您加入亲子数学社 QQ群 226166807 分享孩子聆听的感受,CC老师将在群中即时回应(不保证哦)。
By 苑妈妈讲给宝宝听
By 戴思教育Uncle Joe邹炜烽
邹炜烽,戴思教育,Just Studio创始人。曾任佛山电视台新闻记者,主持人,口译,中英粤三语配音,新东方名师,亚运大运中英主持、播音
By ARTSEDGE: The Kennedy Center's Arts Education Network
From countries including Mozart’s Austria, to Grieg’s Norway, to Shostakovich’s Russia, a world of music can be experienced through a tour of Europe. Along the way, you will learn about how composers use tools like pitch, rhythm, key, and more! This multi-part audio series, hosted by NPR correspondent Scott Simon and National Symphony Orchestra Assistant Conductor Ankush Kumar Bahl, is part of the NSO’s Young People’s Concert: A World of Music at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing...
By wls英语实验室
作者:李笑来 录音:王赞赞 后制:尚全伟/于宏飞 本音频版由作者授权录制。 感谢收听,喜欢的话请点击左上方“订阅专辑”按钮,第一时间获得最新的节目动态。欢迎关注【wls英语实验室】更多精彩,与你相约!感谢您的打赏激励,我们会做的更好 :-)
By 多维互动儿童英语
By 爱画画的英语老师Luna
By 石川晶康
By wls英语实验室
新生大学写作实践书 作者:王赞赞 录音:王赞赞 /叶青 后制:于宏飞 | 感谢收听,喜欢的话请点击左上方“订阅专辑”按钮,第一时间获得最新的节目动态。欢迎关注【wls英语实验室】更多精彩,与你相约!感谢您的打赏激励,我们会做的更好 :-)
By 育儿修行记
开开心心听故事,轻轻松松学英语。关注微信号“育儿修行记”,可找到 相关视频及绘本资源。
By Centre national des Arts du Canada
Joignez-vous à Marjolaine Fournier, musicienne de l'Orchestre du Centre national des Arts, et à Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer, journaliste parmi les plus connus de la scène musicale au Canada, dans leur exploration de l'univers symphonique, de Haydn à Chostakovitch.
By 博雅小学堂
By 白云出岫
《小学生必背古诗75+80首》,由白云出岫、蓝色百合录制 关于赞助 喜马拉雅最近搞了个主播等级评定,我目前是11级,距离12级,差1.7亿的播放量,或者是11万的收益。 显然,对评级影响大的,其实是收益。你赞助1元钱,相当于贡献1500次播放,而1500次播放,平均来说,至少需要200小时(我共有14000个音频,换算为时长是12万分钟)。在这个平台,播放量少的音频,是会拉低评分的,我那14000个音频里,90%是低播放量的十三经、诸子之类,占用了平台的资源,又不带来收益。所以,为了让这个播客不被平台嫌弃,建议大家多使用“赞助”按钮。 “中国古典文学全文朗读”的听众,多数是理性听众,没有付费的习惯,并且觉得,反正白云老师也不靠这个平台吃饭,赞不赞助无所谓。我不靠平台吃饭,但平台要靠大家吃饭,平台如果做不好,我们用什么发布音频呢?老话叫“皮之不存,毛将焉附”。
By 网趣宝贝
說聽故事,補習歷史;香港電台文教組及香港中華文化發展聯合會合辦,全港40隊小學生 攜手 聲演中國歷史故事 。
By 杰小米_Stride
很多美国人常用的日常英语,老师都不会在课堂上教你,但是生活中却常常遇到,影响你跟歪果仁的交流,然后你就会怀疑自己: 学了辣么多年英语,难道我英语还不够好吗? 杰小米接下来定期给你分享20个最最常用的美国生活俚语,让你搞懂外国人的日常对话,走遍美国不用愁。
By 英语故事课堂
英语故事 每天更新 简单有趣 帮你摆脱哑巴英语 微信公众号搜索“英语故事课堂”
By 笨笨口语
By Michael-Lee
初衷:服务于爱刷题的高三党和雅思党,保证他们天天有题刷、刷完有人讲 内容:词汇、语法、完形、阅读、七选五、写作、听力 特色:主要针对非学霸,讲解亲民、随意(请同行多多包容)
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
每日练习一句简单的英语句子, 从发音到熟记, 少就是多,慢就是快!
By 育儿修行记
By 蝈子
By 大逗
By 靓妈1信1画给孩子
By 吕兵老师
By James Winovich: ex-ALT, Freelancer, Fun Enthusiast and Blogger
The ALT Insider Podcast is the only podcast on the internet telling you the true inside information about what working in Japan is really like, and how you can have the most fun possible while performing your duties in the way you want. From Lesson Plan ideas to step by step strategies for conquering your home sickness, it's all you need to get the most out of your experience in Japan. Whether you're still considering the career, a rookie with JET or are a long term IT programmer in Tokyo, th...
By Mr. Merke's Class
Sixth grade students from Bernotas Middle School discuss the ancient civilizations of Europe and Asia.
By bulbul大婶儿
By ~大麦
有人会唱不会说,说多了嗓子累,而我是说得比唱的好听些。本台开播,让各种说话飘撒在云端:朗读吟诵、播音主持、配音解说、授课演讲、发言谈话……嘚吧嘚,嘚吧嘚…… 这里,专门探讨说话发声的学问。欢迎交流!
By 花英语
下午的时光,怎可浪费? 邀请您一起品尝花哥哥的午后英语茶来学习英语口语吧。喜欢我们就关注微信公众号:北美好无聊。 我们的网站
By O园园O
By 李波教育频道
By 灵_惑
闲暇时的一点自娱而已,各位听客请自行挑选~~~很业余,各位不要吝啬偶尔的一下点评哦(•̀⌄•́) P.S 欢迎催更。催更的请走微博:Maraca_19x4
By 才智小天地
By 乖果果讲故事
青蛙弗洛格的成长故事 用心讲好听的故事,伴随小宝贝儿们快乐成长。蹲下来,和孩子一样高,从孩子的角度,用孩子的眼光去看,去想。
By 亚明哥哥讲故事
著名少儿节目主持人 资深儿童语言培训师 全国妇联中国妇女发展基金会爱心大使 全国妇联心系系列活动爱心大使 工作邮箱:[email protected]
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
喜马拉雅FM常春藤赖世雄英语官方频道自上线以来,得到了广大英语爱好者的喜爱与支持,为给广大英语学习爱好者提供一个内容更丰富更全面,效果更佳的学习体验。 从4月10日起,《赖世雄零起点英语》更新频率将由过去的每两日一更新,改为每周一更新。与此同时,将会在近期重磅推出赖老师与Birdie, Collette, Tammy老师携手联播的全新英语专辑《生活口语从头学》,内容包罗万象, 精彩可期, 请大家持续关注我们, 跟着常春藤一起把英语学得棒棒哒! 《零起点英语》系列书籍正在筹备编辑当中,暂时还未出售,请大家多多关注微信公众号“常春藤英语集团”,获取更及时的信息哦。喜欢赖世雄零起点英语的小伙伴们,欢迎加入“常春藤零起点英语交流群”,跟同学们一起交流互动,练习口语。随时可获得常春藤英语的最新消息,包括零起点英语教材的最新动态和出版时程等。 可添加微信“ivyenglish_SP3”(常春藤英语小熊3号),并备注认证申请消息“零起点英语”,通过认证后。工作人员会拉您入群,谢谢。 如果您觉得想从头学英语, 从最简单的发音开始改善起, 慢慢由浅入深, 跟著我一起学习就对了!更多学习信息请上常春...
By 亲宝儿歌
By FMT8可乐姐姐
宝宝睡前故事推出连载系列专辑之《姐姐讲故事》。 用我们温柔的声音讲述出每一个美妙的童话故事 ,带给孩子一个快乐多彩的童年,每一个夜晚都有我们陪伴。
By 晚安妈妈
By Douglas McNamara
Get to Know the Bending Oaks Senior Class of 2018, in our first ever podcast series.