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By TheCount
The Belfry is a gathering place for dark culture and those who find a home within. Here you will discover podcasts, blogs, and videos catering to the darker side of life.
By Petra Jones talks education|inspiration and growth for mumpreneur
The Mumpreneur Show is focused on highly motivated mumpreneurs who are willing to share their tips and knowledge of their working journey as well as the joys and challenges of being a Mum. Petra Jones, the host of this show recognised there is a constant and continuing search amongst the mums in business for better solutions around business start up, online business or being a mompreneur. On this show, Petra Jones interviews business mums who are entrepreneurs, bloggers, makers of handmade ...
By Lone Conservative
The stories of conservative students on college campuses, in podcast form. Hosted by Robert Sasso. Produced by Lone Conservative.
By Transport
By College Covered
Feeling nervous about college applications? College Covered is a podcast brought to you by Discover Student Loans, and it tackles the ins and outs that all high schoolers, parents and counselors need to know about getting into college.
By Andy Morton) (Boatwright Memorial Library / Lucretia McCulley
Interviews from Faculty Authors at the University of Richmond.
By OLC Technology Test Kitchen
The Podcast Pantry is a pop up podcast production place within the TTK at the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate conference.
By JS Kim-Wealth & Happiness Consultant
The Tao of SKWealthAcademy podcast covers a wide range of topics about how to attain comprehensive happiness in life, including important conversations about how society defines education, success and happiness, and whether or not we should embrace these definitions if we want to be happy (answer: we should not). We also cover a wide variety of topics that influence how we view the constructs of education, success and happiness, including cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, critical thi...
By Oxford University
An interdisciplinary research series hosted by Queen's College that brings together specialists and students working on manuscript and text cultures of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean (Greece and Rome), ancient East and South Asia, and medieval Europe.
By Jamie Miles
Learn how to study more effectively by having your study challenge questions answered by Oxford and Cambridge graduates.
By susancooper
notes/lectures from critical sections in math020
By Jordan Hill, Gina Santiago
The Western Canon ​is a monthly podcast dedicated to examining the timeless stories, ideas, and thinkers of the Western literary tradition. Working chronologically through "the great conversation of history," each episode focuses on a distinct canonical work, set of works, or intellectual period. Featuring lively summary, literary analysis, philosophical discussion, and guest commentary, the show also tackles social and political issues related to Western civilization, the modern university, ...
By Russ Shouldice
Heritage College and Seminary is a theological institution in Ontario, Canada. Each school year we host a number of special conferences and events. These events include world-class speakers and are attended by hundreds of theology students.
By Ben Hommerding
Technology for Education and Life Explained
By Open and Clear, Broadcasting
These are the readings of a short to-the-point, quote book "Speak Only when Spoken Through" by the voice-personality; Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne, Intermingled with the short 365 Lessons of "A Course in Miracles". - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Want more out of these? Listen to an in-depth discussions of each of these lessons on "I AM: A Course in Miracles - ACIM" and NEW in 2018; "The ACIM Intensive" and a daily conversation: "The Journey to Miraculousness" All these Videos &amp...
By Shane Bergin, Jane Chadwick & Bureau
101 is a show about the ways we learn. Each episode follows someone learning a new thing, and explores how their brain makes learning possible.
By William T Dugas
These presentations will focus on the role of the Mass Media in the development of both "popular" and "personal" culture. By studying how the Media influences us, we will be able to make decisions about our lives independent of outside media influence.
By Davin Sweeney
As a college admissions counselor, I think “The Crush” sums up the way most people feel about the college admissions process and the college experience itself. High school students fall into a deep infatuation with a potential future alma mater, maybe even many, and work themselves into ulcerous, sleepless fits trying to find a way to get noticed and give them a chance. And then there’s the other kind of crush. The physical weight of it all. The pressure of expectations for yourself, your par...
By Justin Cohen and Chris Stewart
The Beard Brothers Dope Show is a muscular and witty podcast covering the public education wars. Hosts Justin Cohen and Chris Stewart regale both of their listeners with charm, wit, and the occasional rendition of "Ebony and Ivory."
By Dr. Michael Bays & Dr. Patrick Bays
The Hollow Tube is a hotline to the answers you've been searching for and the questions you have yet to ask. The Hollow Tube is a phone call to your big brother, your favorite uncle or a wise elder. The Hollow Tube is a wake-up call from the past, the future, and your ultimate self. Join Dr. Patrick and Dr. Michael Bays on this fantastic journey of transformation. You can trust us- we're doctors. Subscribe today.
By Scott Hawksworth
Explore degree and careers options as Scott Hawksworth interviews professors and other experts in academia about their work, advise for students and more. Whether you're thinking about going back to school, interested in applying for a specific program, or just exploring your educational and career options, YesCollege has you covered. Visit for more information on schools and degrees, as well as tips and advice for financial aid, admissions, and more.
By Spencer Wright
Spawned from The Prepared's well-read manufacturing newsletter, The Prepared Podcast contains interviews with engineers, and entrepreneurs, and operators working in manufacturing.
A Pirate’s Life for Me! is half-hour radio show that features interviews with noteworthy East Carolina alumni. This program is sponsored by Liberty Mutual. A Pirate’s Life For Me! airs Saturday mornings from 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. in eastern North Carolina on Pirate Radio 1250 and 930 AM or worldwide on Pirate Radio is owned and operated by two East Carolina alumni and is considered to be the home of East Carolina University athletics.
By Patrick O'Shea
This is a podcast dedicated to sharing and exploring the nature of immersive learning.
By Daily Learning Systems LTD
The Daily English Podcast is a show designed to help you improve your English listening comprehension and speaking ability. Presented by Chris Parker and Teacher David, the show offers you native English conversations designed specifically for learners. Learn the most authentic English vocabulary, boost your vocabulary and gain confidence in spoken English through material released every single day, and have so much fun, you won't even feel like you're learning!
By John King
Join author John King for eclectic interviews with writers from a variety of genres, including fiction writing, poetry, memoirs, and journalism. From literature to genre writing to the movies, all writing is up for discussion. In particular, The Drunken Odyssey features discussion of all aspects of the writing process—not just the published manuscript, pristinely presented to the entire literate world, but also the scrawled notes and tortured drafts that lead writers there. In long-form in...
By Christopher Gardner
Waxing Rhapsodic with the innovative fringe of Humanity.
By David Yosifon
Ideas about the proper role of corporations in our society.
Dr. Louden has worked on political campaigns as a consultant and is a commentator for TV and newspapers during election cycles. He recently directed the US State Department grant for the Ben Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Program. His latest book was Navigating Opportunity: Policy Debate in the 21st Century. Most often he is accompanied on campus by his “still teen” Golden Retriever Glacier.
By Dentistry For Millennials
Dentistry for Millennials is a Podcast hosted by dental advocate, author and documentarian Gary Kadi. Gary discusses the ever-changing landscape of dentistry and the effect that age gap can have in your practice. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or a Millennial, you’ll learn the most effective ways to bridge that gap and give your team, yourself & your patients the ultimate dental experience.
By Purdue University Polytechnic Anderson Student Media Club
Weekly Podcast developed by Purdue Polytechnic Anderson students focusing on trends in technology, innovation and science, and student life.
By Katherine Bergeron, President of Connecticut College
Think.Do.Lead. is a podcast about where creative ideas come from and where they lead. Host Katherine Bergeron, President of Connecticut College, holds conversations with inspiring minds from a variety of fields, from advocates who know how to put their ideas into action and innovators who are working to find inventive solutions to age old problems to educators who are shaping a new generation of thinkers, doers, and leaders.
By Erika Brennan
An audio experience for coaches, administrators, and student-atheletes at the college level. We dive in to relevant topics that go beyond sport tactics via interviews, audible blog style content and narration to help you buck the status quo, own your brilliance and LEAD BEYOND SPORT!
By Krista McCracken
Historical Reminiscents is dedicated to discussing public history and archival practice. Created and produced by Krista McCracken this weekly podcast discusses archival impulses, shares insight into the world of public historians, and tackles historical interpretations in Canada.
By Sarah Amiri & Kelsey Bisson
A science radioshow covering our coast, outer space, and all that's in between. The hosts are oceanographers at UCSB.
By SIT: School for International Training
Experts from SIT offer insight on critical global issues, from arts and media to human rights and climate change.
By Alejandro Enriquez
Unlocking the mysteries of the human body, one podcast at a time!
By Bob Hoffman
The purpose and intent of our podcasts are to educate, empower and engage doctors of chiropractic, chiropractic assistants and students of chiropractic. We will deliver a variety of powerful and practical information on how to attract endless new patients, build world class compliance and retention, run a more profitable business, assemble an all-star team, improve communication skills, cutting edge trends, leadership training and the mindset of success and service.
By Steve Pearlman
The Critical Thinking Initiative podcast is a response to the low critical thinking outcomes among U.S. students across all levels of education. Each episode dispels myths about teaching critical thinking education and discusses cutting-edge, research-supported ways to actually improve critical thinking in any discipline.
By The Grind Media, Marc Casale, Warren Langford
It's not your parents' career advice. The Grind Podcast brings you real talk about navigating the today's working world. We're launching in Fall 2017 but you can listen to our trailer now.
By QFG Research Foundation
Welcome to the podcast of the QFG Research Foundation Continued Medical Education program. This podcast highlights current research in fertility and reproduction, in addition to interviews and reviews targeted to medical specialists. The podcast is hosted by A/Prof Anusch Yazdani, the Director of Research and Education of the Queensland Fertility Group (QFG).
By Sean Eaton, FP-C, CCP-C: Critical Care Flight Paramedic, EMS Educator
I’m Sean Eaton, Flight Paramedic and EMS educator in Colorado. You may know me from my website and blog, FlightCrit, which I started in 2013 to help translate the complex world of Critical Care Medicine into practical information for the Prehospital Emergency and Critical Care Transport provider. I love hearing from those in my community, and boy do they love sending me questions. That’s why I created the “TIPSfromCRIT” podcast. “TIPSfromCRIT” is a brand new micro-FOAMed podcast I starte...
By Human Interaction Laboratory
The Bayes Factor is a podcast about the people behind Bayesian statistics and other hot methodological issues in psychological research.
A podcast designed to meet the needs of OMS's during board study.
By Aaron Blackwelder
Interested in going gradeless in your teaching practice? Join us as we interview other intrepid educators who have taken steps toward a future of growth not grades. Here we hope to provide the rationale, knowledge, and inspiration to grade less or eliminate grades altogether. Find out more at
By Denis O'Brien
Denis and Katie interview inspiring people on topics around wealth, investing, financing and debt that we all should know. Building wealth is a fundamental principle where there is not enough knowledge - follow them on their journey to pay back all Katie's debt and learn from the masters themselves! Episodes 5 days a week, which are perfect for your commute, teach you actionable ways to build your financial life and achieve your dreams. During the episodes, we touch on questions that unlo...
By Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada Podcast
As an extension of the Caribbean Students to Atlantic Canada (CS2AC) blog, the CS2AC podcast acts a resource guide for students from the Caribbean who are contemplating a huge step in life - deciding where to go to college. We specifically feature school in the provinces of Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island). We share the experiences of past and present students from the Caribbean who have attended college and university throughout Canada’s Ea...
By Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson interviews authors in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies.
By thatcareerman
Are you a PhD student? Do you want to get a job? Then this is the podcast for you! Through monthly episodes we'll tackle all sorts of questions PhDs have about employability, from overqualification to success in academia to starting your own business. By working with careers experts, former PhDs and employers we're able to give you some targeted and useful advice for employability.
By Southern Utah University
Solutions for Higher Education dives into hot topics in the world of colleges and universities. Sometimes it tackles controversies in education, sometimes it looks at current events, sometimes it's innovations and fun. Brought to you by Southern Utah University, but geared toward anyone with an interest in the subjects, episodes are hosted by SUU's President Scott L Wyatt and Professor Steve Meredith.
By Oxford University
The region of Latin America and the Caribbean has long demonstrated hospitality towards those fleeing conflict and persecution within the region and from further afield. Faced with newer causes of displacement, such as the violence of organised criminal gangs and the adverse effects of climate change, Latin American and Caribbean countries are continuing to expand and adapt their protection laws and mechanisms in order to address these and other situations of displacement and to meet the diff...
By Harvard Business School Student Association
We are HBS gets in-depth with the most important component of our community: our people. We get the real story of what our students did before they stepped foot on campus and how their experiences shaped them into what they are today. We are HBS is sponsored and supported by the Harvard Business School Student Association
By Nexus Centre
Nexus Centre podcasts are meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives at Memorial University, primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
By Obed Silva
East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Writers Society students, as well as artists from surrounding communities, share their creative works with host Obed Silva. The East Side Rose Podcast is a companion production to the literary journal of the same name, and is produced by Gregory Mena. Find out more at
By McGraw-Hill Education
An audio podcast series dedicated to the sharing of ideas, best practices, teaching tips, educational solutions, and other exciting topics in Anatomy and Physiology.
By God Mode
Once a month, I talk to someone working in the field of religion and popular culture
By The Educator's School Safety Network
Educators and parents need to stay updated on the latest in school safety news – and here’s the place to do it. Join mother/daughter school safety experts and educators Dr. Amy Klinger and Amanda Klinger, Esq. for School Safety News podcasts, featuring discussion, analysis, and advice that springs from the most current school safety-related events.
By Oxford University
Post-war commemoration, reconstruction and reconciliation.
By Podcast – Wheat & Small Grains
CAHNRS & WSU Extension
By Oxford University
A series of lectures given on each Prime Minister's relationship with Europe since Margaret Thatcher by an individual who worked very closely with that leader. The series of lectures was recorded in Autumn 2017 at the Weston Library hosted by Will Hutton, the Principal of Hertford College, in conjunction with Lord Adonis.
By Oxford University
Israel Studies Seminar: Perspectives on Israel. During this academic year, the Israel Studies Seminar will explore what it means to widen the horizons of conventional discourse about Israel by focusing on various perspectives of Israel. The seminar’s objective is to situate Israel within broader contexts, including thematic, theoretical, methodological, epistemological, and geo-strategical. Our speakers this year are invited to offer views of Israel from the socio-political or historical van...
By Robert Clark
Counter Culture Podcast about being a tattooed Believer in Christ. Featuring interviews with Preachers, Evangelists, Worship Leaders and non-believers
By WVCW Radio
Headline news by WVCW Radio, student radio at Virginia Commonwealth University, covering VCU, local and national news each weekday.
By Brendan Carmel and Mark Simpson
Veterinary Education/Entertainment Talk. Current topics in veterinary medicine and surgery. News, Questions and Answers, case reports and more. For veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses.
By Continuing Dental Education from The University of Minnesota
CDE Anytime is a podcast from the Continuing Dental Education team at the University of Minnesota's School of Dentistry. We provide you with one continuing dental education credit in slightly less than an hour.
By Jennifer Doorey, MD, MS
Pimped-Ob/Gyn is a podcast aimed at medical, PA, and NP students who are entering their clinical rotation in Ob/Gyn.  It covers topics including Your Ob/Gyn Survival Guide-Tips and Tricks, Labor and Delivery, Vaginal deliveries, C-sections, Hysterectomies and more.   Each podcast walks you through a portion of what you’ll experience during your clinical rotations, gives you tips for excelling, preps you for the Pimping that’ll occur and sets you up to overall Honor the rotation!
By NorthShore Friends
Northshore Friends Church is the place for you if you are looking for an authentic church community. Where Christ is served, community is real, and appearances is not primary. If a small, intimate worship setting is what your heart yearns for.
By APP Topics
Advanced Practice Professionals (Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedics, etc) need to be continually learning. This podcast is my way of sharing a bit of what I’ve learned In 25 years as a Physician Assistant in an ER.
By Chris Harris
A range of weekly podcasts designed to offer revision material for AS and A Level Chemistry. These will be ideal if you are studying or thinking about studying A Level Chemistry and can be downloaded to create your own library of revision sound bites.
By Université Lyon 2
Expositions et conférences à Lyon Mohammed KHADDA est une figure emblématique de la peinture dans son expression abstraite. Il cherche dans le signe de l'abstraction un paysage conceptuel qui ouvre vers l'universel. Précurseur de la peinture moderne, Mohammed KHADDA constitue la pierre angulaire de la peinture algérienne contemporaine qui offre aux générations futures la liberté de porter sur l'univers esthétique un regard mobile et subversif qui s'ouvre à l'énigme du réel.
By Ryan Gray, MD of Meded Media
The Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A podcast is an "almost daily" audio version of the Facebook Live videos that Dr. Gray does on the Medical School Headquarters Facebook page. If you can't watch the videos, or like audio more, this is for you! Dr. Gray covers everything under the sun, answering your questions. Call them in to 617-410-6747.
By Penn Bioengineering Podcast
Updates and interviews from the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania
By MSU Learning Hub
Connecting people. Designing opportunity. Facilitating innovation.
By North Carolina A&T State University
Higher education perspective and news from North Carolina A&T State University and Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr.
By UBC School of Music
How does music work? What can music tell us about ourselves and the world? On That Note is a monthly deep-dive into the music that you love — and music you’ve never heard of. Join host Graham MacDonald and musicians and scholars from the UBC School of Music as they investigate everything from Beyoncé to Bach to Balinese Gamelan.
By Katy Oliveira
Collegehood Advice is a podcast for college students who want to get the most value from their college experience. Each week we share simple strategies, inspiring stories, and expert advice so you can clarify your goals, improve performance, and take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities your college offers. For more free resources and college advice and coaching visit
By The Organization of American Historians
During the sesquicentennial of the Civil War (spring 2011 through spring 2015), the Organization of American Historians is committed to bringing the best current thinking on this complex era to a wide audience. In keeping with our mission to promote excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of all American history, we aim to explore the war from its beginnings through its aftermath, especially mindful of the needs of history teachers and students, the challenges faced by publi...
By Dude Grows
The Dude Grows Show brings you marijuana grow knowledge, news, and culture. Every episode is packed with information on teaching you how to grow marijuana indoors and out.
By Oxford University
Informal interviews with physics alumni at events, lectures and other alumni related activities.
By Henley Business Radio
During this Henley Business Radio feature, we get answers to your most burning and important questions from the best and brightest in their fields - specialists and experts who have put their 10 000+ hours in and can help us get things right the first time.
By The College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute
Why Science is a podcast about behavioral and emotional health research at Virginia Commonwealth University. During each episode we welcome a new guest from VCU to discuss their work ranging from substance use to stress, mindfulness to empathy and everything in between.
By Constance Van Horne
Weekly podcast featuring interviews with entrepreneurs from the Greater Saint John region on the East Coast of Canada. Tune in to be informed, inspired and entertained. Originally broadcast on Local 107.3 FM in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
By The Oxford Comment
Oxford University Press staff speak with authors, composers, editors, and others on the latest academic news and insights.
The South African Association of Health Educationalists is a community of academics, researchers, teachers, and clinicians with an interest in developing health professions education and educational research. The SAAHE podcast is an initiative to highlight the work of local and international health professions educators who have either completed PhD research or who are doing innovative work in teaching and learning. For more information on SAAHE, visit our website at
By Adrienne Torda
This is a podcast designed for medical students focussing on topics suggested by the students themselves. It will incorporate a wide range of medical ethics topics, but also practice related and clinical topics.  
By John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare
An informal discussion of innovative and effective practices in teaching and learning. This podcast series is hosted by John Kane (an economist) and Rebecca Mushtare (a graphic designer). Together we run the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the State University of New York at Oswego.
By John M. Denis
So, you’re finishing school or you’ve signed a contract. While other new band directors are just trying to survive that first year, what can you do to thrive? Each episode will give you direct, usable information based on actual experiences relevant to your needs as a future or beginning band directors. So grab your earbuds or turn up the car stereo, and let me give you some great program notes for success. Episodes release the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
By Kaylee Wells & Melissa Brown
Between the Gels was started by Kaylee and Melissa, two Ph.D. students at UMass Boston, to share their experiences in biology and those of their colleagues and professors. By introducing these biologists to you, their hope is to help budding biologists learn how to make the most of their educations, so that they can acheive their career goals.
By The Business Called You
Olympian Jon Edwards set out to interview the people who had inspired him in business, high performance, health, and wellness. These were the people who wrote the books who lined his shelves, whose podcasts he listened to and whose courses he attended. In an effort to be the rising tide that raises all ships Jonathan wanted to put himself in a situation where he wasn't the smartest guy in the room and could help spread the message of those he knew, liked, trusted and was inspired by. That t...
By Oxford University
This series is host to episodes created by the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, one of the longest-established Computer Science departments in the country. The series reflects this department's world-class research and teaching by providing talks that encompass topics such as computational biology, quantum computing, computational linguistics, information systems, software verification, and software engineering.
By Sarah Spear
The Parentalist is where parents who love their business and love their family share tips on how to go to the next level in all aspects of life. Hear from top people like Rod Drury, Joshua Becker, Kristen Rutherford and Pete Williams. From Business to Family holidays to uplifting stories, you'll hear from like-minded parents from all over the world.
By The Multimedia Center
Check out the latest news and lectures from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
By Paul Etheridge
Value Added Leadership, hosted by Paul Etheridge, is a "must listen to" podcast for those who want to improve their lives, both in the professional and personal realms. The premise of the show is simple: interviewing leaders who bring value to other people's lives. The stories shared in Paul's podcast will have you thinking. At this day and age, it's critical to bring leadership to the spotlight consistently. The great leaders, great speakers, and great minds are out there. Paul interviews th...
By Indiana State University
There might be a million ways to make money as an artist, but it's helpful to get some details on a few. In this podcast, hosted by Meredith Lynn and Jodi McCoy, we interview artists and designers who have used their arts degrees to pursue a range of careers. We'll have the kinds of straightforward conversations about money, social media, branding, and building a career that you didnt hear in art school.
By Madeleine D'Este | interviewing writers and authors about their writing craft
A podcast interviewing all different types of writers and asking one key question 'what's the one thing that elevated your writing to the next level?' Perfect for writers who want to learn how to improve their craft. Thanks for listening and if you like what you hear, please subscribe.
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