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Koffee and Weed

By Roach and The Dread
Classic stoner exploration with no clear intention

Gradual Podcast

Gradual podcast: a series that explores the big questions and challenges that many students will face. In each episode, we share unfiltered stories from creative graduates ‘who make a living doing what they love.’ Brought to you by UAL, Careers and Employability team.

WISCAPE Now in Higher Ed

Featuring interviews with faculty members, graduate students, and postsecondary education institutional staff and administrators, WISCAPE Now in Higher Ed covers some of the latest issues and research in the world of postsecondary education. WISCAPE Now in Higher Ed is based out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE).


By University of Oregon
Listeners is a show about the craft and power of listening. We talk with media and communication experts, thought leaders, doers and innovators whose ideas can amplify the quality of our dialogue and interactions.

Perspectives Journal

By Perspectives Journal
A Journal of Reformed Thought

World Cup Data Hub Podcast

By Patrick English
Podcast following the 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup, looking at all the stats and data from the University of Sheffield's World Cup Data Hub:


By Animalia
All about animals and the weird and interesting things they do

the 15 Minute Mindset Podcast

By Gregg Sugerman
The mindset obsessed self-development podcast for people who just don’t have time for hour long podcasts. Success leaves clues, and this podcast is a way for me to get a look into the mindset, habits, and routines of super successful people from all walks of life…and share all that with you.

Shadow Factory Chats - Discuss VR, AR, Tech news and trends

By Shadow Factory
Dive deep and have fun as the team at Shadow Factory as well as special guests talk about trends in virtual reality, augmented reality, and all sorts of fun tech news

KCC 133

By Christopher Flanigan and Rachel Daugherty
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About DELO But Were Afraid To Ask!


By 周忆清
访问学者、留学移民、立足美国、遨游世界。这里是为您高端定制的《美国思维》 精品节目。


By 一诺老师
▌一诺老师简介 改变世界商学院·创始人 东方企业商学院·联合创始人 天天向上幼教集团·董事 《猪买单》著作权人和商标持有人 《猪买单》APP创始人 作家.教育家.思想家 从事教育行业18年经验,能够系统拆解古今中外企业家成功案例,并将总结的商业模式深入浅出的穿插在教学中。 ▌一诺老师与德国总统伍尔夫 2017年11月27日,全球中小企业联盟大会在上海胜利召开,一诺老师应邀出席会议。 席间德国前总统伍尔夫亲自会见了一诺老师,高度赞扬一诺老师对全球中小企业做出的杰出贡献,并肯定了【改变世界商学院】世界企业家摇篮的地位和权威性! 一诺老师盛情邀请伍尔夫先生出席改变世界商学院举办的论坛嘉宾,伍尔夫先生欣然答应并表示期待。 ▌一诺老师签约许绍雄(香港著名影星) 鲁迅的侄子——许绍雄(Hui Siu Hung),1948年出生于香港,中国香港男演员,代表作有:使徒行者、使徒行者2、暗战、暗战2、新扎师妹、龙凤斗、云海玉弓缘,在结识一诺老师后,被一诺老师改变世界的决心所感召,出任改变世界商学院形象大使! ▌一诺老师签约许总裁(悉尼证卷交易所) 一诺老师与悉尼证券交易所(主板)许总裁 正式签约合...


By 中学生に伝える仁義
Just another WordPress site

First Bite

By SpeechPOD
Do you have more questions than answers when it comes to treating your medically complex/fragile pediatric patients? If so… then join Michelle Dawson, as she offers her own unique insights and interviews colleagues that are experts in their respective fields… with the goal of inspiring and illuminating all aspects of diagnosing and treating this unique population.


By University Of Melbourne
What happens after you leave university? Will you end up doing exactly what you trained for, or something else entirely? In the 3010 podcast, we meet University of Melbourne alumni on career paths that have taken them to interesting – and sometimes unexpected – places. The companion podcast to 3010, the University’s magazine for alumni and friends.


By Dr Timothy Lewis
Critical Study of Matthew and Masculinity. In this series, I'll be navigating the world of Matthean research, by: identifying assumptions, connecting old and new interpretations, including questions and perspectives previously overlooked or undervalued. There's a whole world of research that awaits. Are you ready? [email protected]

Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development

By Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development
Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development.

9:31 Growing the Church in Canada

By Keith Edwards
Welcome to 9:31 Growing the Church in Canada, a podcast about church revitalization and hosted by Keith Edwards from Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, ON. Join us as we explore, with Canadian leaders, strategic topics related to church revitalization.

JCMS: Author Interviews (Listen and earn CME credit)

By Dr. Kirk Barber
Engaging conversations with authors of articles from the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. JCMS is the peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

Field, Lab, Earth

Field, Lab, Earth is the podcast all about past and present advances in the fields of agronomic, crop, soil, and environmental sciences. A joint production of the Tri-Societies, the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Soil Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, it features interviews with authors published in our journals, books, and magazines. Opinions and conclusions expressed by authors are their own and are not considered as those of the American Society of Agr...

Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

By Justin Gordon
In your lifetime, you’ll spend about 80,000 hours working, which means one thing - what you do for work matters. On Just Go Grind, host Justin Gordon, an MBA student in the class of 2020 at the USC Marshall School of Business, explores the topic of work. Whether you want to change careers, start your own business, or become more successful at work, Justin will guide you, drawing from personal experiences and the experiences of other top performers in different industries to help you build a c...

Bar hop

By Sahar Elias / Anchor
A toolbox for those writing the bar exam.

Hensley Henson Lectures 2018 - Thomas Cromwell: Enterprising Reformation

By Oxford University
The Hensley Henson lectures for 2017-18 are based on Prof. MacCulloch's six-year-long project of writing a new life of Thomas Cromwell. Grounded in a new examination of Cromwell's vast and complex archive, they reassess the religion and religious policies of the man at the heart of the revolution in the early Tudor Church. They scrutinise his complex relationship with his King and the personal agendas that he pursued as the only Vice-Gerent in Spirituals in the history of the kingdom. There...

CareerCast by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

By The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
CareerCast is a monthly podcast from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business that answers your most pressing career questions. Join us for discussions with leading business experts and authors. Discover how you can define your personal brand, bounce back from a career setback, grow your leadership skills, and more.

EMP StaySharp Client Marketing Series

By EMP StaySharp Client Marketing Series
The Enrollment Marketing Platform

Glückerfüllt - Ganzheitliche Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

By Samira & Dominik
Das unschlagbare Duo Samira und Dominik arbeiten mit Leidenschaft und Herzblut daran, Menschen dabei zu unterstützen, ihr volles Potenzial zu entfalten. Sie zeigen dir einen Weg, wie du trotz anspruchsvoller Umstände deine Hürden und Blockaden überwindest. Du kannst zwar nicht beeinflussen, was dir passiert, wie du damit umgehst aber schon.

CIQS Podcast – Knowledge Counts – Construction Professional Development on the Go

By Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
The CIQS Podcast from the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors featuring one-on-one interviews, presentations, and informative discussions from construction industry economists, influencers, and experts.

Good Morning Miss J

By Aidan & Maia
Good Morning Miss J is a weekly podcast discussing all things teaching & learning. Discussions range from philosophy to pedagogy, and everything in between! The discussions take place between... Maia, a year 4-5 teacher in outback Australia using teaching through Project Based Learning, and Aidan, an education researcher undertaking a PhD on teaching pressure with a combined 15 years of education experience!

The Rock Chalk Talk Podcast

By Rock Chalk Talk
Podcast Host Andy Mitts is joined by other members of the staff at Rock Chalk Talk, the SB Nation website devoted to the Kansas Jayhawks. We talk all Kansas Athletics, with a main focus on football, basketball and volleyball. Special guests include Jesse Newell, Carrington Harrison, and more.

Question of the Week - From the Naked Scientists, iTunesU

By Dr Chris Smith
Each week we set out to solve one of the world's weirdest, wackiest, funniest and funkiest scientific puzzles. And along with the answer there's a brand new question to think about for next time... iTunesU

The Physics of Fine-Tuning

By Oxford University
How fragile is our world? What physics led to the existence of life, and how likely --or unlikely-- were these conditions to come about? In this video series we assemble top researchers and approach this question for all angles, with a strong focus on the physics involved. Our talks accessibly discuss how the laws of physics, the initial conditions of the universe, and features of our local world work together to produce the sort of medium-scale world we live in, and assess how likely this wo...

The MBA Jam

By Avinash Bajaj: Online Entrepreneur, Product Manager, MBA
Stories & Insights from the world's best MBA Programmes

iTunes – On Purpose Magazine

By JW Najarian
Inspiring, Educational, Enlightening and Entertaining Content of Value

Vuelo 616: Comic Airlines – La tecnologería

By La Tecnologería
Un viaje para conocer los entresijos del mundo del cómic, en especial del universo Marvel

Friday Afternoon at the Bratby

The University of Birmingham's Friday Afternoon at the Bratby Podcast

UNH School of Law Podcast

By University of New Hampshire School of Law
University of New Hampshire School of Law's expert faculty give legal insight on important news topics.

Rural Futures with Dr. Connie

By Futurist & Guests Discuss Intersections of Technology, Leadership & Rural-Urban Collaboration
Exploring the intersections of technology and what it means to be human. A podcast for achievers to expand their perspective for social justice, economic growth and leadership through the lenses of exponential change, disruptive leadership and the evolution of humanity. Guests include futurists, business innovators, mavericks and researchers who are smashing barriers for the sake of a thriving rural-urban future. Hosted by Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild, associate executive director & chief futu...

A Long Look: Slow Art at the National Gallery

By Karen Jackson
A podcast about a different way of looking at art

برنامج السرد المجود | صحيح مسلم | الشيخ صالح العصيمي

By صالح العصيمي
برنامج السرد المجود في سنته السادسة - رمضان ١٤٣٩ ھ الكتاب السادس - صحيح مسلم بعد صلاة الفجر في المسجد النبوي للشيخ د. صالح بن عبد الله بن حمد العصيمي وفقه الله الطبعة المعتمدة: طبعة العامرة أوصى الشيخ بالطبعة التركية، وقال بأن أحسن نسخة لها: اعتناء د. زهير الناصر • نسخة مصورة من الكتاب 📖 للقراءة 📲 للتحميل (PDF)

Theopoetics Podcast

By ARC & T.D. Burnette
An interview-based show focused on conversation with people whose work is about art, experience, and the body as a source of religious reflection.

Anlassbezogene Aufnahmen

By Moritz Klenk
Produktionen, Gelegenheitsaufnahmen, Konferenzen

Your Momma Goes to College

By Your Momma Goes to College
navigating grad school like a mother...

Brandman Speaks

By Cindy M ODell
Brandman Speaks! Podcasts series draws on the expertise of faculty, students and alumni from Brandman University to explore subjects relevant to today. Brandman University is a multi-campus, private, nonprofit institution with a history of innovation and strong support services designed for students with busy schedules. The short subject matter podcasts are hosted by the Communications Department.


By Dr Martine Marich
LawLife is a Podcast and lifestyle channel that reports on the factors which contribute to longevity and resilience in a career in law, hosted by Dr Martine Marich. Martine is an experienced criminal trial lawyer, law researcher and lecturer at Melbourne’s Monash Univeristy. Martine is assisted by Jake Morrison and Maurice Stuckey, who are both completing postgraduate law degrees at Melbourne’s Monash University. Our focus is on three factors which the literature tells us promote resilience: ...

David Hume: Celebrating Connections (audio)

By The University of Edinburgh
Join us for a series of lectures to celebrate the legacy of David Hume. 2011 marks the tercentenary of the birth of philosopher David Hume, one of our most distinguished alumni. Throughout the year, distinguished speakers will explore the impact of Hume across a wide range of disciplines. David Hume was born in Edinburgh in 1711, attended the University of Edinburgh from 1723, and died in Edinburgh in 1776, having meanwhile achieved worldwide fame as an historian and philosopher. Hume and his...

Speak Up! with CONNECT

Tune in for a new episode every other Tuesday to hear our honest conversations with young entrepreneurs, community innovators, mentors and CEOs who are making big things happen in smaller communities. Our mission is to constantly reach new individuals and bring them to the table to share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. These conversations are designed to provide us the tools we need to power our careers and personal life as we transition from our twenties and thirties. At...

Decade Navigator Podcast

By John W. Crane
Graduated from college or high-school and don't know what is next? Schools teach us all sorts of stuff, but they don't teach us HOW to do life after school. If you're between the ages of 18 and 34-years old and are feeling frustrated, scared or don't know how to get started with this 'adult' life everyone keeps telling you about: this Podcast can help. John Crane shares lessons from his journey from the bottom of his high-school graduating class to a top income earner and small business o...

Bird Banter with Boreal Bruce

By Boreal Bruce
A chatty low key podcast on the reflections of Boreal Bruce a bird bander in Northern Eastern Ontario. Most of my ramblings relate to banding and birding at the Hilliardton Marsh Research and Education Center. This podcast focuses on the birds and people

The Plants We Eat

By UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
The Plants We Eat is a podcast about the history, culture, and biology of the plants we eat.

Of Myths & Men

By Of Myths & Men
Our podcast brings together three unknowledgeable individuals who spend a day pretending to be experts on mythology and discuss a new mythic god or creature each week.

On the Waitlist

An Unconventional Premed Podcast...

We Don't Know What We're Talking About

By And Brandon Connor
Podcast by And Brandon Connor

Gifford Lectures (audio)

For over a century, the Gifford Lectures have enabled international scholars to contribute to the advancement of theological and philosophical thought. The Gifford Lectureships, which are held at the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and St. Andrews, were established under the will of Adam Lord Gifford, a Senator of the College of Justice, who died in 1887. The 2012 Edinburgh Gifford lectures is a series of six lectures delivered by Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, The University of ...

Adjunct Journal Podcast

By Professor Art Goldberg, MFA - Podcaster, Webcaster, Digital Archivist
Conversations among Adjunct College Professors about their struggles to earn a living as part-time, underpaid instructors. Issues include the effort to unionize and the effort to determine the future of higher education. Additional topics include Future of On Line Education, Student Debt Crisis, Advances in Computer Technology to Assist Learning, the Debate Over Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom,

MWC Free Methodist Church

Messages from Dr. Clint Roberts and/or other pastors / staff members.

Black, Woke, & Bougie

By Red Ali
Black, Woke, & Bougie is a podcast centering around college-aged, black creatives navigating New York City and its university namesake. Using personal narrative, political commentary, and positive outlook we will be discussing various topics. Your hosts: Red Ama Ali, Imani Monet, & Jendayi Omowale. Three young black college students.

The Educated Hunter

By Matthew Gibson and Kuran Ireland
Hunting stories, conversations, and ideas. Join us as we talk to a wide range of New Zealand and international guests who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Hunting, gathering, conservation, firearms, archery, pest control and politics. Expand your knowledge about hunting, why we hunt, and what we can do to enhance the environment as a community.

Клиническая психиатрия

By Журнал для всех
Курс Игнатия Журавлева, прочитанный на Факультете психологии Московского Университета


WORK it OUT is a podcast created for young adults & school leavers by WorldSkills Australia. The WorldSkills podcast takes a look at different career pathways. On the podcast we will be speaking to people in different stages of their career, from industry experts and business owners to students and apprentices. We will discuss the journey they are on and introduce the listener to new ideas and new possibilities.


By Sac City College – HSI SAGE / Anchor
Insights and stories from Sac City College's HSI SAGE Program.


Cada semana vemos un nuevo episodio de emprendimiento, donde encontraremos herramientas, tips y consejos para emprender y hacer tu camino hacia el éxito mas corto.

On Call With Dr. Rishi Kumar

By Dr. Rishi Kumar, MD
"On Call" is a podcast dedicated to all aspects of medical training - from admissions and clinical pearls to philosophies about medicine and team-based, patient-centered care, Dr. Rishi Kumar uses his experience as a former admissions committee member, board certified anesthesiologist and combined critical care/cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow to delve into the realities of life as a physician.

The Montana Minute

By University of Montana--Center for Children, Families and Workforce Development
The Center for Children, Families, and Workforce Development at the University of Montana has developed the following podcasts featuring experienced professionals who provide information and suggestions for working with children and families. This on the go learning is a great way to hear tips and information from professionals across the state of Montana. The wide range of topics covered provide perspectives from different agencies working to improve the lives of children, youth, and famil...

SLC BizTalk

A dynamic outlet where discussions are created by business students and professionals. Discussions are built around a variety of business topics, education, student culture, and society.

The Deductionist Podcast

By ben cardall
A podcast dedicated to The Art of Deduction by Ben Cardall

The Beacon

By Oxford International Relations Society
A weekly podcast examining the current issues of international affairs, featuring special guests.

Value School | Ahorro, finanzas personales, economía, inversión y value investing

By Value School
Bienvenido al podcast de Value School, un proyecto educativo y de divulgación con el que aprenderás a ahorrar y a invertir de forma reflexiva e informada. Visita para acceder a todos nuestros recursos gratuitos e informarte sobre nuestros cursos y conferencias sobre finanzas personales y value investing. Descubre los principios de las finanzas personales responsables y conviértete en un inversor consciente.

The MBA Candidate

By Adam Miller
How hard is it to get accepted into a top 25 business school? Where do these wonderkids come from? Well, in The MBA Candidate Podcast, your host Adam Miller will interview his friends currently attending top business schools -- including HBS, Booth, GSB, Wharton, Kellogg, Haas, Fuqua, Tuck, SOM, Sloan, Ross, Johnson, Columbia, and Darden. Obviously they’ll talk about the GMAT… but they’ll also break down how their experiences in undergrad and their first jobs set them up for success. Plus, th...

The Physio Student

By Simon Lewis
Study tips, career advice, insights into the physio profession are all covered and more in this podcast by a physiotherapy student, for other physiotherapy students. Explore all this through engaging interviews and reflective tidbits from my journey becoming a physiotherapist. If there is a particular topic you would like covered or person interviewed please let me know at [email protected] Music by


By 猫熊在线
传统的机器学习(Machine Learning)是否out到可以退出历史舞台,在未来被当作数学物理之类的基础学科?本期简单梳理一下经典机器学习的史料与原理,以供听众自行定论。

Chaivory Tower

By Chaivory Tower
Chaivory Tower is a podcast by Sidra and Zainab, two South Asian Muslim women navigating graduate school and being Brown in America. We came together because of Twitter and our resident anxiety about existing on earth. Join us as we discuss public policy, urban planning, how to not be completely destroyed by capitalism, Neymar (both the soccer player and Zainab's cat), media and representation, the best snacks to pair with chai, and more.


By 人相食

Élections américaines : the day after

By Université Lyon 2
Une soirée post-électorale sous le signe de la convivialité Les dernières élections pour la Présidence des États-Unis ont passionné le monde entier et Lyon 2 s'est également mise à l'heure américaine ! Notre Université s'est ainsi mobilisée en organisant une grande soirée post-électorale, le 5 novembre dernier. Le principe de cette manifestation "Élections américaines : the day after" ? réunir des spécialistes pour analyser et réagir aux résultats du scrutin.

instituto cpfl - café filosófico

By instituto cpfl
palestras do instituto cpfl, que incluem o programa café filosófico.

Mastering Nursing

By Nursing Degree Database
Welcome to Mastering Nursing, the show where we cover all aspects of the nursing profession through interviews with experts in the field. From bedside manner to drawing blood… from advancing your career through earning degrees like an RN, MSN, or DNP to starting your own nurse practitioner practice… we cover it all!

Forsyth Tech Horticulture

By Forsyth Tech Horticulture / Anchor
This is my podcast for posting lectures from the classroom.

Psych Segments

By Psych Segments
Welcome to the Psych Segments - all kinds of psychology knowledge in tiny segments. It’s like having Psych 101 to go. Hosted by your personal psychology professor and made for curious minds. A podcast even your mom would approve of...just ask Freud.

EPFL Extension School Podcast

By EPFL Extension School Podcast
The EPFL Extension School Podcast is a weekly encounter on the world of digital, the world of online education, of lifelong learning, and, of course, the EPFL Extension School. We'll talk about what the Extension School is about; of the courses and programs that we offer; and of the people behind it who create those courses and programs.

Tales from the Reuther Library

By Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University
Stories on labor history, Detroit, and Wayne State University

Thileban Nagarasa

By Thileban Nagarasa / Anchor
Hi! My name is Thileban.I am an Engineering Student. If you are like me, then you get upset when you are stuck in a homework question, you grab your computer to ask the almighty google, to find that the google Gods have no idea how to solve your problem. Well, I decided to stream my homework online, at least nobody will ever get stuck in the homework exercises I got stuck! Enjoy the channel! You can now officially become my student at This channel contains ...

MaxPodCoach - Giovani talenti per cambiare il mondo

By Massimiliano Freddi
Massimiliano Freddi: consulente, sviluppatore di parchi a tema, coach per Seth Godin's altMBA e docente universitario di soft skill ed experience design. Pod: come podcast e come baccello, quello da cui uscire per disegnare il proprio futuro. Coach: quello in cui ognuno di noi, a qualsiasi età, si può trasformare nel sognare e impegnarsi a realizzare un mondo migliore. Troppo spesso chi sta ancora studiando si è sentito ripetere che c'è la crisi, che non troverà mai lavoro, che se ha una pos...

Insights with Seitz

By Chris Seitz
The Symphony of Scripture

The Syria crisis (Forced Migration Review 47)

By Oxford University
The 6.45 million displaced people inside Syria make this the largest IDP crisis in the world, with possibly also the largest number of people who are ‘trapped’. In addition, the number of refugees from Syria continues to increase. The international community has an opportunity to set up, from now, an effective response to what will clearly become protracted displacement. These 20 articles discuss how to increase protection for the displaced and how to shape assistance to both the displaced an...

Folder for Sharing

We're Upgrading Panopto! Saturday, June 9, 2018, 7pm EDT Your Panopto site is temporarily offline for a scheduled update. See for more details. ...

Edge Hill University Podcast

By Nick Lodge
Our academics like to talk, especially when it comes to their areas of expertise, which ranges from Eurovision, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to the NHS ambulance service and innovation in organisations. Each episode we put their knowledge to the test. They've proved themselves to be up to the far.

الشيخ عبدالله الشهراني

By abdulaziz alhammadi
سلسلة وقفات تربوية وإيمانية للشيخ عبدالله بن محمد الشهراني رحمه الله

A Rhetorical Education » Seeking Understanding

By Jonathan Evans
Taking On and Reducing Misunderstanding One Podcast at a Time

ITS-Panopto Support and Demos

This folder is for the Panopto support and testing team

Agronomy and Farm Management

By Ohio State University Extension
Stay on top of what is happening in the field and the farm office as Amanda Douridas and Elizabeth Hawkins interview experts in agronomy and farm management. Hosted by Ohio State University Extension, this podcast takes a bi-monthly dive into specific issues that impact agriculture, such as: weather, land value, policies, commodity outlooks, and more. For more information on agronomy and farm management visit and

Podcast Papo de Educador

By Podcast Papo de Educador
Um lugar amigável para discutir inovação escolar, novas metodologias e educação

Media @ Risk

By The Center for Media @ Risk
Hosted by the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for Media @ Risk offers the chance to strategize in response to threatening political conditions. Knowing how media practitioners work under authoritarian regimes and circumstances of creeping authoritarianism can help free/defend/empower/protect/save the media. The Media @ Risk Podcast gives voice to these practitioners and the dilemmas they face when political threat undermines their activity. Its...

Community College Voice Podcast

By American Association of Community Colleges
Community College Voice is the only podcast about the power of the nation's community colleges. The show is produced and created by the American Association of Community Colleges.

Bruce's Making Meaning

By Bruce Loveless / Anchor
This is a series of audio files I recorded and put together for a PhD course at the University of San Diego focused on the intersection of developmental psychology and leadership. It was a great course, maybe one of the most impactful educational experiences I've ever had.  In preparation for the final Socratic exam for the course, I made this series of recordings in lieu of writing one additional essay for the course. I had fun doing it and it helped me prepare and apply the course material...

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

By University College Dublin
The creators of the audiobook for UCD's digital multimedia edition of 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' have considerable expertise in bringing James Joyce's voice to life. University College Dublin Professor Gerardine Meaney and Athena Media previously collaborated with Barry McGovern, the well-known Irish actor, on the podcast series and an iPhone app based on 'The Dead'. In 2016, Sam McGovern joined this team to create a full-length audio version of Joyce's first novel. Rather than...