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Optimal Living Daily: Relationships - Dating | Marriage | Parenting | Advice
By Joc Marie with Optimal Living Daily Narrates Relationship Blogs
I read you the best content on relationships, including dating, marriage, parenting, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily: Relationships as an audioblog or blogcast. :) Optimal Living Daily is a podcast created for those looking to improve their life one step at a time: lifelong learners, life hackers, and life optimizers. Joc Marie brings you the best content from blogs and other resources and reads it to you, so that you don't have to waste your time finding and reading blogs yourself--listen during your commute, workout, regular routines, or during your down time 7 days a week and improve your life one step at a time. Each episode brings you a reading from a popular blog post or resource--practical and actionable information that has been proven to be worthy of large audiences. Current sites and authors include: - Leo Babauta - Marc & Angel Chernoff - Mark Manson - Steve Pavlina - Mary Jaksch and more being added! Subscribe now--your optimal life awaits! *Optimal Living Daily has received permission from the original authors to read content on this show.
The Philanthropy Podcast: A Resource for Leaders and Development, Advancement, and Fundraising Profe...
By Sean MacCready, CFRE - Fundraiser, podcaster, philanthropy educator
Explore the fields of philanthropy, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, and more to become a better development professional or volunteer. Find ideas to benefit the institutional advancement efforts of your non-profit, charity, or organization and submit your challenges to be featured in a show. Connect with industry experts for in-depth interviews, hear important topics discussed in depth, discover the latest in innovative ideas in philanthropy, and learn from reviews of conferences, books, and services in the field.
The Roundtable
By WAMC Northeast Public Radio
WAMC's The Roundtable is an award-winning, nationally recognized eclectic talk program. The show airs from 9am to noon each weekday and features news, interviews, in-depth discussion, listener call-ins, music, and much (much) more!
By Will Stockton & D. Gilson
Two guys’ journey to discover their actual beliefs. Full of friendly arguing, fervent narcissism, and abounding faggotry, each episode begins with one of us asking the other a question. A question about politics, culture, or whatever is on our mind. A question unbeknownst until the time of its asking.
The Legal Seagull: Law | Litigation | Self-Help | Legal History
By Neer Lerner
Join us as we explore the American legal system, litigation, and civil lawsuits. Learn how to protect your rights, be an effective advocate for your legal claims, and navigate the legal system. Whether you're a lawyer or have no legal background whatsoever, the Legal Seagull has something for everyone.
Artists On Art
By Metrick Podcasts
Talking about art with artists
Board Rounds | Medical School Headquarters | Prep for USMLE and COMLEX
By Ryan Gray, MD of Meded Media
A collaboration between the Medical School Headquarters and MedQuest, Board Rounds for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 is here to make sure you are as prepared as possible when you walk into to take your board exam. This test can make or break your residency dreams and we want to make sure you do as well as you can. We'll provide the information and motivation that you need, to help you get the score you deserve.
Greg's Travel Podcast / For Travelers and Fans of Knowledge
By Lou Pobjecky / Interviewing Greg Jones about his travels around the world and highlighting culture, food and entertainment from such places as Peru, Canada and Mexico, to name a few.
Greg's Travel Podcast is an interview-based show that includes sound effects and professional recording/editing, while adding a little humor and knowledge about world traveling. Thank you for subscribing!
Homeland Security Training Institute Podcast
By College of DuPage
College of DuPage and the Homeland Security Training Institute bring you this series of discussions.
Hillpress Audio
Listen as we sit down with current Hillcrest seniors to discuss their time in the dorm.
Self-Similar Cosmos: A Singular Discussion
By Travis Allen Brainerd
A dynamic discourse exposing the strange, personal riddle of how science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin.
Ag Law in the Field
By Tiffany Lashmet
Welcome to Ag Law in the Field! This is the inaugural episode of a new podcast designed to discuss all things agricultural law. Tiffany Lashmet, Extension Ag Law Specialist with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, will serve as your host and has a variety of great guests lined up. From law students to seasoned attorneys, to lawyers with experience in international firms, to folks who hung out their own shingle in Small Town America...we plan to visit with them all and discuss their thoughts, experiences, and interests related to agricultural law.
The Student Affairs Spectacular
By The Student Affairs Collective
Welcome to The Student Affairs Spectacular! The weekly podcast giving you a front row seat to the greatest student affairs show on earth! On the show, hosts Tom Krieglstein and Dustin Ramsdell interview noteworthy individuals to talk about the top issues in student affairs and higher education. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun!
Graduates Anonymous
Join us every week on Friday @ 10am EST as we attempt to give advice, answer questions, discuss research, and provide a candid look into the world of graduate school through the eyes of two 1st year (circa 2016) PhD students and their guests. If you'd like to send us a question or come on the show to talk about a something send us a message on our website or on twitter @gradanon
TDKtalks SpeakCast
By Terry D Kozlyk
TDKtalks are educational podcasts for those who want to develop their speaking and leadership skills. Tips, tricks techniques, interviews and more. Hear from speakers who developed their speaking and leadership talents, sharing their perspectives, ideas and journey. These episodes are ideal for the general public who need to speak and lead with confidence. Designed and delivered in a practical manner to nurture the best out of YOU, the up-and-coming speaker and leader. Your best personal investment in 15 mins
Santa Fe Council on International Relations
The Santa Fe Council on International Relations opens a window to the world, engaging and educating people to be responsible global citizens
UK Perspectives
Tom Godell interviews leading faculty, staff and students at the University of Kentucky. Topics range from the fine arts, to cutting edge scientific research, medicine, and sports. New UK President Dr. Eli Capilouto is a regular guest on the program.
The Impact Entrepreneur | How Modern Entrepreneurs Are Making An Impact In the Lives of Others
By Mike Flynn
Your host Mike Flynn takes you behind closed doors and invites you into his conversations with game changing entrepreneurs. These conversations go beyond success and failure, beyond product or service or platform, to uncover what is really behind the decisions these entrepreneurs make and what IMPACT they hope to have in the world.
The Midnight Charette
By Bruce Mar and Emma Pascal
The Midnight Charette is a weekly podcast featuring New York architectural designers Bruce Mar and Emma Pascal who share their stories and thoughts about design, people and more.
By Cloud云深教育FM
Millennial Commute
By Ben Peters
Every week join host and Ivy League grad Ben Peters for conversations regarding college admissions, academic success, and career development. Great podcast for those aged 16-30, and parents of students.
Talking Stock Podcast
By Douglas Harvey
Talking Stock is a podcast from the Institute for Faculty Development at Stockton University. It is meant to be a space for faculty colleagues to discuss topics related to teaching, scholarship and service.
Specialties In Medicine
By Specialties In Medicine
Specialties in Medicine Podcast, or SIM podcast for short, aims to be a source of personal journeys and first-hand accounts of various paths through medicine. Our goal is to provide a human aspect of physician perspectives, to medical students and undergrads across the world learning about medicine. Each episode will be dedicated to a one specialty, in which we interview a physician to develop an understanding of how they ultimately chose their respective field. How did they choose medicine and subsequently their specialty? What were their priorities going into the decision? How do they view their field today and where do they see it going in the future? It is through these individuals’ stories that allow us to be informed about the circumstances our careers may bring. Specialties in Medicine Podcast plans to become one of the top resources where students can gain a “personal” account on what is like to be a physician in their specialty of interest.
Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast
By Dave Karlsgodt
In each episode, we will talk with leading campus professionals, thought leaders, engineers and innovators addressing the unique challenges and opportunities facing higher ed. and corporate campuses. Our discussions will range from energy conservation and efficiency to planning and finance, from building science to social science from energy systems to food systems. We hope you are ready to learn, share and ultimately accelerate your institution towards solutions.
By Dermacast
O Dermacast é o podcast do estudante de Dermatologia! São programas do Dermacast: -"Tópicos em Dermatologia": Resumo mensal dos artigos científicos recentemente publicados em revistas de Dermatologia brasileiras ou internacionais. Os artigos são selecionados mensalmente, escolhidos por: acessibilidade ao paper pelos colegas, interesse para prática médica e possibilidade de acrescentar conceitos no estudo da dermatologia, principalmente, para residentes. Os artigos são citados em formato de resenhas, sendo disponibilizadas as referências bibliográficas do artigo original. Em suma, o “Tópicos” tem por objetivo principal estimular a busca ativa pela atualização científica em dermatologia nas fontes primárias de conhecimento. -"Resuderma, picuinhas & afins": São episódios mais descontraídos em que são feitos resumos, com pequenas explicações conceituais, de assuntos dermatológicos que podem ser alvo de questões de concursos, além de temas-chave para permitir melhor compreensão de conceitos durante o estudo de livro-texto de dermatologia. Não se estuda por resumos, mas resumos abrem a mente para melhor compreensão de assuntos estudados, como é explicado no livro “Os 10 segredos que você deve saber antes de começar a estudar para o vestibular”. -"Ecos do Meeting": São apresentadas resenhas dos temas abordados no encontro anual da Academia Americana de Dermatologia e em outros eventos acadêmicos e científicos internacionais. Os “Ecos” visam estimular a busca do estudante de dermatologia brasileiro por novas fontes de conhecimento além das disponibilizadas nacionalmente. A dermatologia brasileira é de qualidade ímpar, elogiada no mundo todo, inclusive, sempre se destacando com grandes representantes e nomes nacionais em congressos internacionais. A SBD endossa apenas eventos de elevada qualidade técnico-científica, porém, “navegar é preciso" e descobrir novos pontos de vista, de outras culturas, sempre amplia nossa consciência das matérias, sejam elas quais forem, incluindo a dermatologia. Todo episódio do Dermacast é feito com todo carinho do mundo por eternos estudantes e curiosos. Esperamos, sinceramente, que o Dermacast possa ajudar nos estudos e que seja um estímulo para troca de experiências no estudo da dermatologia. Não queremos, em hipótese alguma, discutir casos/condutas/terapêutica. Queremos discutir e aprender a ciência dermatológica, que é a paixão número 1 dos integrantes da equipe do Dermacast.
Clint Thomas's Podcast
By Clint Thomas
Acclaimed speaker, communicator, and author, Clint Thomas is committed to positively impacting teens. With over twenty years of experience working with America’s young people, Clint has been featured on NBC news, online, and in print through newspapers, journals and books. He is an expert in juvenile challenges, media consumption, and violence/bullying awareness. - See more at:
By Doreen
AdorableEnglish的主讲人Doreen 认为学习英语不是一个suffering的过程,更不能一蹴而就,要循序渐进,慢慢让英语 “招人喜欢”。Doreen 会帮你把英语和日常生活,文化相关层面联系起来,让你学习的不止是干枯的英语,而是它作为一门有活力的语言,带给你的实用与灵动。
Adam Moore's Podcast
By Adam Moore
GOVT 492-D01
Locust Pocus
By The Daily Pennsylvanian
Locust Pocus, hosted by Lauren Sorantino, Virginia Rodowsky and Claire Schmidt, takes a humorous look into Penn's history. New episodes come out every other Thursday.
LSE IQ podcast
By London School of Economics and Political Science
LSE IQ is a monthly podcast from the London School of Economics and Political Science in which we ask some of the smartest social scientists - and other experts - to answer a pressing question about economics, politics or society. #LSEIQ
CAST IT (video)
By IT University of Copenhagen
A new podcast Cast IT is launced. Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
Series in Complexity
By Ross Upshur
In these podcasts we try to introduce health care challenges, especially the ones dealing with the care of patients living with complex chronic conditions. Moreover, we try to discuss the policies we need to adopt to make patient care experience more realistic.
The College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions
By Ethan Sawyer
Your source for up-to-date, practical interviews with experts in getting high school students to college.
Et historisk podcast
By Et historisk podcast
Du får historier, men sandheden er aldrig givet. Vi har en holdning, men kilderne ryger altid op på så du kan tjekke efter selv. Kritisk lyd.
Boston College STM Online: Encore Podcast
By Boston College STM Online: Encore Podcast
For nearly ten years, our continuing education staff have been recording and archiving the lectures in theology and ministry that we have hosted on campus. We call this collection “STM Online: Encore.” Find stimulating perspectives on spirituality, ministry practices, scripture scholarship, and the relevance of theology in contemporary culture.
Getting Into Nursing School Podcast by NRSNG
By Jon Haws RN CCRN Nursing School Mentor
Finally, everything you need to know to get into nursing school. With admission rates dropping and waitlists growing we decided it was time to create a resource to help prospective nursing student navigate the stressful time with ease. We've even created a free webinar to that provides a step by step process for applying to and getting into nursing school. Sign up for free at
Art Connections
By Metrick Podcasts
Conversations between Drake students and renowned artists.
The Educators
By BBC Radio 4
Sarah Montague interviews the people whose ideas are challenging the future of education.
We Teach Languages
By Stacey Margarita Johnson
a podcast about language teaching from the diverse perspectives of real teachers
Marx and Capital: The Concept, The Book, The History (audio)
By David Harvey
A Series of Six Video Lectures in Political Economy by David Harvey
Matt Mosley's Growl Towel Podcast
By Mark Friedman
Former 103.3 FM afternoon host Matt Mosley, a Baylor alum, hosts a weekly Baylor podcast featuring guests such as Baylor head basketball coach Scott Drew and head football coach Matt Rhule. Matt's father, John, played football at Baylor in the late 60s. Matt's lived and mostly died with the Bears for the past 40 years. Matt has written for the Dallas Morning News and He now writes for both the DMN and Texas Monthly Magazine. He's hosting the podcast from the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange studios and this is a production of FriedoNation. FriedoNation is longtime local radio personality Mark "Friedo" Friedman's production company.
Die Pegelstudienzeit
Jannik und Manuel, beide Studenten der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen reden hier regelmäßig mit wechselnden Gesprächspartner über den ganz normalen Wahnsinn des Studentenlebens, den Uni-Alltag und was den beiden sonst noch so einfällt.
Black Millennials
By bob
to start a conversation of knowledge, consciousness, and enlightenment to empower our People.
Ghostwriter Gesucht
By Essayhilfe
Wir wollen ein Podkast über die Ghostwriter-Suche vorstellen. Hier können Sie die wichtigste Merkmale der Ghostwriter-Suche erforschen und die richtige Entscheidung treffen.
How Do You Know?
By Matthew J. Taylor, PhD
Drs Matthew Taylor and Cade Charlton discuss the hottest educational topics - describe and review relevant research studies - and provide the audience with a deep understanding of the research that informs local to national school policy and practice.
Smileys Anatomy
By James D Smiley
A regional approach to human anatomy is explored through case studies.
Widener Law Commonwealth's Podcast
By Widener University Commonwealth Law School
Learn the real issues behind the headlines of legal hot topics with internationally-known faculty at Widener Law Commonwealth. Legal scholars break-down complex legal issues and provide insight about immigration, business law, and sustainability. Looking to go to law school? Valuable tips on topics ranging from law school admissions to financial aid and bar exam preparation will be given by our team of dedicated administrative staff. Visit for more information.
Smartest Guys in Marketing
By Taylor Welch and Chris Evans
The smartest guys in marketing is the best show on the planet for client businesses to learn about traffic, funnels, sales, conversions, and marketing coolness. Chris and Taylor are the founders of Traffic and Funnels, a digital marketing consultancy helping you get paid clients from cold traffic, daily.
The Street Where You Live
By Scott Hutcheson
The Street Where You Live celebrates civic life, challenges our ideas of living in community and presents new ideas to help our cities, towns and neighborhoods presented monthly.
Study South of the Border
By EducationUSA Canada
The most important admissions questions answered for Canadians interested in studying in the United States.
Open the Doors (ETEA)
By Education and Training Employees' Association
In this episode Dan and Graeme from the Education and Employees' Association discuss post-secondary education in BC and their work to restore funding cuts to universities and colleges. They review some of the recent funding cuts and talk about their previous and current campaigns.
Thinking Out Loud
By Concordia University
Big ideas, smart conversations – the Thinking Out Loud (TOL) podcast connects emerging research with topics of public interest. Recorded live and in studio, TOL episodes feature Concordia researchers in conversation with thought leaders. Unscripted, provocative – this is TOL.
Hedgeye Risk Management
By Hedgeye Risk Management
Hedgeye Risk Management is a leading independent provider of real-time investment research. Focused exclusively on generating and delivering investment ideas, the firm combines quantitative, bottom-up and macro analysis with an emphasis on timing. The Hedgeye team features some of the world's most regarded research analysts - united around a vision of independent, uncompromised real-time investment research as a service.
By Res/Edu: K Elliott and J Blannin
A Podcast about educational research: the bits that others leave out
Student Views
By cvavrina
Life at UMD from a Different Perspective with UMD student host Pavel Arkhipenkov. You can subscribe to the podcast at and hear it on 103.3FM Mondays at 8am on Northland Morning.
Podcast DIOE (mp3)
By Martin Gasteiner
Der FWF Spezialforschungsbereich (SFB) „Deutsch in Österreich. Variation – Kontakt – Perzeption” (F 60) beschäftigt sich mit der Vielfalt und dem Wandel der deutschen Sprache in Österreich. Die drei thematischen Säulen des Projekts sind Variation, Kontakt und Perzeption. Das heißt: Der SFB behandelt den Gebrauch und die subjektive Wahrnehmung von deutscher Sprache in Österreich und zeigt Einflüsse durch Kontaktsprachen auf. Unser Ziel ist es, die Forschungsansätze und -ergebnisse einem möglichst breiten Publikum einfach und frei zugänglich zu machen. Dieser Podcast stellt die AkteurInnen des Forschungsbereichs vor und versucht einen Einblick in die Struktur und Fragestellungen des Projekts zu geben.
Erik Marshall's WET Podcast: Writing, Education, Technology
By Erik Marshall, film scholar, writer, education guru, DIY sort of guy.
Erik Marshall interviews people in the fields of Writing, Education and Technology.
Création artistique (2016-2017)
By Philippe Manoury
Né à Tulle en 1952, Philippe Manoury jouit non seulement d’une reconnaissance incontestée en tant que compositeur mais est aussi considéré comme l’un des pionniers dans la recherche et le développement de la musique avec électronique en temps réel. Malgré sa formation complète de pianiste et de compositeur (il étudie à l’École normale de Musique et au CNSMDP, avec Max Deutsch – élève de Schönberg, Gérard Condé, Michel Philippot et Ivo Malec), il se dit autodidacte. Ainsi, c’est parallèlement à ses études musicales qu’il fait ses premiers essais sur le terrain de la composition et participe dès l’âge de 19 ans aux principaux festivals et concerts de musique contemporaine. La création de son œuvre pour piano Cryptophonos par Claude Helffer le fera connaître au public en 1974. Son intérêt pour la musique électronique le conduit à l’Ircam, après deux années d’activités d’enseignement au Brésil : à partir de 1981, il y participe activement au développement de MAX-MSP, un langage informatique pour électronique interactive en temps réel avec le mathématicien Miller Puckette.
Cast IT
By ITU Channel
A popular science podcast about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
Make A Splash
By Splash Effect
Make A Splash, a Splash Effect podcast, discusses all things dealing with agency life. From the struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurship to the hottest trends in marketing. Hamza Khan and Kareem Rahaman take you on a voyage with each episode diving deeper into the matters that affect the industry and bringing some shipmates along for some different perspectives along the way.
By Uniradioen
Filosofikum produceres af Emma Inge Hansen, Katrine Høghøj, Rebekka Casco Skadhede og Rosa Skytt Burr. Musikken er komponeret af Andreas Murga og Joachim Kollerup. Billedsiden er lavet af Natasha Post Penaguião og Sophie Karrasch
بودكاست ايش بتسوي؟ | Eish BTSWI
By The Mstdfr Network
إيش بتسوي برنامج نتكلم فيه عن التخصصات و المهن ونستضيف فيه خبراء و مختصين. حنسألهم عن الجانب الدراسي والجانب المهني عشان نقرب المسافة بين المهتمين في هذه المجالات وبين أصحاب الخبرة. المستضيفين هم عبدالحميد الصبان، أشرف فادن، و محمد حماده. Hear and learn about different careers and professions from the people in the field. They tell us about their journey and how they got there. Biweekly with new episodes every friday
White Coat Coaching | The Orthopedic Podcast
By White Coat Coaching
The White Coat Coaching Orthopedic Podcast is the show developed for up and coming orthopedic surgeons. Come along with your coaches Dr. Emily Tan and Dr. Andy Malarkey as they speak with orthopedic surgeons in all stages of their careers. Listen in as we talk to leaders in the field, program directors, and residents about orthopedic education and beyond. Along the way, learn tips and tricks on how to successfully match into this competitive field. Find out more at:
SDSU Sports MBA Podcast
Distribution Matters
By Lucy Martirosyan, Jessica Eklund, and Josh Braun
A series of informal interviews with presenters at the upcoming Distribution Matters pre-conference event, to be held this May at the International Communication Association's annual meeting in San Diego.
This Graduate Life
By This Graduate Life
This is a podcast about our experiences as graduate students. We talk about issues that we have encountered and how we dealt with them. We look for advice and strategies to cope with different challenges and we share it all with you.
Life Inside
By Alex Gonzalez, Luisa Frasson Nori, Jenny Changnon, Maddie Stambler
Rooted in conversation, the Life Inside team hopes to spark a dialogue amongst the student body about relevant issues that form our campus culture.
Kundenwachstum mit System
By Christian Seigwasser
Herzlich Willlkommen im Podcast Kundenwachstum mit System wo Du heute einige hilfreiche Tipps dafür bekommst - Wie Du direkt Deine Wunschkunden erreichst! Dieser ist gesprochen von Christian Seigwasser er ist selbst Unternehmer und außerdem Gründer der Akademie für Kundenwachstum. In diesem Podcast bekommst Du die ersten Schritte für Dein automtaisiertes Marketing- und Verkaufssystem, womit Du Deine Kundennachfrage regeln und steuern kannst wie ein Thermostat an der Heizung.
Oregon State Science Pub
By David Baker
Every month, Oregon State University brings a world-class scientist to a local pub or brewery to talk about the latest in science, technology and research. The result is the university's most popular ongoing outreach program, the Corvallis Science Pub, brought to you each month through a collaboration of the Downtown Corvallis Association, OSU's Terra Magazine and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Theology in Dialogue
By Jacob Given
The Graduate Students at Villanova University discuss Hagiography and Religious Truth.
ChangED: Changing Education for our Future
By Pat Flynn
There’s been a lot of discussion lately about education in the United States. ChangED host, Pat Flynn, is here to research what’s broken, and how we might be able to fix it. From pre-school to elementary school, high school and college, students are being educated in a way that isn’t best suited for the kind of life we live in today. You’ll hear guests that have had a massive impact in education, and those who are on their way. You (and Pat) will both discover new findings and discuss research for the purpose of hopefully, one day, finding a solution so we can prepare our children, and our world, for a better future.
Vi pratar lite on studier och val av högskola och universitet. Detta avsnitt tar vi upp Affärshögskolan i Örebro och Mälardalens högskola i Västerås.
By Heidi Knoblauch
The story of an academic who moved home to Troy, NY to start an oyster bar.
Crush the CPA Exam - Study Smarter, Pass Faster
By Bryce Welker
Learn all the tricks, tips and tactics I used to pass the CPA Exam on my first try! This is THE PODCAST that I wish I had before taking the CPA exam, and I'm dedicated to helping YOU pass! I was fortunate to pass all 4 sections on my first try while working full time and I want to share what I learned in the process. If you're looking to start a career in accounting, this is the podcast for you! Beyond passing the exam, I'll introduce you to what I learned about the Big 4 recruiting process (Deloitte, KPMG, EY & KPMG) and how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. Make sure to also check out my latest tips and tricks on my site to make sure you're fully prepared! So let's get started and CRUSH it!
Decode the News
By M. E. Zurn, PhD
Breaking down this week's major news stories on a critical level, and giving you cutting edge sociological tools to better help you critically consume the media.
Radio Volda
By Radio Volda
En podcast av programmer fra praksis ved journalistutdanningen ved Høgskulen i Volda.
By Kansas State University
Perspective is a weekly public affairs program hosted by Richard Baker, communications professor at Kansas State University. Perspective has been continuously produced for public radio stations by K-State since the mid-1970s and has included interviews with dignitaries, authors and thought leaders from around the world. Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to [email protected]
This Is Skidmore
By Skidmore College
With its relatively small size and student-faculty ratio, the College is a close-knit academic community. Listen to the stories of Skidmore students, faculty, staff, and alumni and discover why Creative Thought Matters at Skidmore. Thanks to Emma Giles '16 for our logo, and Renato Dornelas '18 and Ian Bakerman '15 for our music.
Life at ITU (video)
By ITU Channel
Stay up to date with all the fun things that are happening at IT University of Copenhagen. This podcast will serve you various videos with accounts from actual students at the IT University and give you a glimpse into their lives.
The Professional Adjunct Podcast | Instructional Strategies for Teaching in Nontraditional Higher Ed...
By Jim and Beth Harger: Adjunct Faculty, Trainer, Coach, and Mentor
The Professional Adjunct Podcast is a place where we share ideas and strategies with instructors who teach students in nontraditional higher education. Weekly episodes contain reflections and interviews with educators on current topics and trends, along with best practices. The podcast is produced and hosted by Jim and Beth Harger.
Example Podcast RSS XML Code
By Praksis radio
Beskrivelse oppsumering
Heavy Meta with Mantor
Kelly and Bryce discuss the goings on at Mantor, as well as everything from pop culture to author interviews.
Aprendizaje & Instrucción
By Jimmy Zambrano R.
Un espacio para compartir los avances de las ciencias del aprendizaje y la instrucción. Se destacan teorías, investigaciones y aplicaciones relevantes de la literatura científica para mejorar los procesos y resultados de aprendizaje. A place to share the advances of the learning and instruction sciences. It highlights relevant theories, research, and applications from scientific literature to improve the processes and outcomes of learning.
World PolitiCast
By Martin Senn | Institut für Politikwissenschaft | Universität Innsbruck
In diesem Podcast berichtet Martin Senn über aktuelle Forschungsarbeiten, die sich mit Fragen der Weltpolitik beschäftigen. Auf Twitter können Sie dem Podcast unter @WorldPolitiCast oder Martin Senn unter @SennMartin folgen. Weitere Informationen zur Forschungs- und Lehrtätigkeit von Martin Senn an der Universität Innsbruck finden Sie unter
By 常春藤赖世雄英语
UPIKE Athletics Podcasts
By Dan White
Various podcasts around UPIKE Athletics, featuring the UPIKE Sports, No Sports Podcast
The Bible as Literature
By The Ephesus School
Each week, Dr. Richard Benton, Fr. Marc Boulos and guests discuss the content of the Bible as literature.
Lectures in Jewish History and Thought
By Henry Abramson, PhD
Academic but accessible lectures in Jewish history and thought by Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean at Touro College in the holy city of Brooklyn, NY.
The Isaac Morehouse Podcast: A Weekly Exploration of Education, Entrepreneurship, Big Ideas, and Fre...
By Isaac Morehouse: Education Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of Praxis. Guests like Penelope Trunk, Bryan Caplan, Thaddeus Russell, Michael Malice, Jeffrey Tucker, Blake Boles, Jerry Brito, TK Coleman, and more!
Podcast by Isaac Morehouse: Education Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of Praxis. Guests like Penelope Trunk, Bryan Caplan, Thaddeus Russell, Michael Malice, Jeffrey Tucker, Blake Boles, Jerry Brito, TK Coleman, and more!
By Lothar Bodingbauer
Themen der Schule, Themen des Unterrichts. Offene Planung. Lehrer/innen sprechen miteinander und entwickeln themenorientierte Schule. Wöchentlicher Podcast aus dem Abendgymnasium Wien.
By Aarhus Studenterradio
Feedback er en podcast på Aarhus Studenterradio, hvor chefredaktionen giver radioens programmer konstruktiv kritik, så alle kontinuerligt er i bevægelse. Det er veldokumenteret, at feedback er en effektfuld faktor i en læringsproces, og det er vores intention, at feedbacken skal være med til at udvikle og italesætte, hvad der kan gøres bedre, men især sætte ord på, hvad der fungerer godt. Aarhus Studenterradios chefredaktion består af Kaspar Ottosen, Alice Sahinkuye, Jørgen Jensen, Lasse Yde Hegnet & Rasmus Askman.
University of Rochester's QuadCast
By UR Communications
QuadCast is the official podcast of the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. Its content is conceived and created by members of the faculty, staff, and student body. The opinions and ideas expressed in the QuadCast, while likely entertaining and brilliant, do not necessarily reflect the opinions and ideas of the University.
Vems agenda?
By CSR Sweden
CSR Sweden´s podcast om Agenda2030, hållbarhetsmålen, och även kallat de globala målen. Människorättsjuristen Parul Sharma är värd under 17 tillfällen med gäster från alla samhällssektorer. 17 mål och 17 tillfällen. Vad betyder Agendan för gemene man och kvinna? Vi vill skapa förändring, men hur förändringsbenägna är vi? Vad betyder målen och delmålen för det Svenska sammanhanget?
Straight A Nursing
By Straight A Nursing
Get useful tips, clinical wisdom, nursing inspiration and exploration of key topics from Join Nurse Mo and the occasional guest to discuss everything from the basics of nursing care to complicated cases seen in the ICU.
Embrace your Lazy
By Pranav Mutatkar
For the Smart, Lazy, and Ambitious. This podcast will turn your dreams into reality by helping you realize that we are lazy imperfect human beings and by teaching you habits to use laziness to your advantage. We will do this with: 1. Audio Essays of things I have learned and lazy habits I have incorporated. Those include how I learned to love the journey, why observing mundane bits of beauty will make life more meaningful and the secret to creating happiness in your life. 2. Interviews with burgeoning experts who will be successful in 5-10 years. They are closer to the ground, so you can learn the art of starting, making your first 1000 dollars, and creating your first piece of art.
Husker du?
By Radio Revolt
Podkast fra Radio Revolt
In Your Business with UMSL | Business
By University Missouri St. Louis School of Business
In Your Business with UMSL | Business The “In Your Business” podcast series is all about how UMSL faculty, staff, alumni, board members and current students are positively impacting business in and around the St. Louis region.
Ask Dr. Rockove
By Dr. Shammai Rockove of The Center for Men's and Women's Urology (
Ask Dr. Rockove! is a video series featuring Dr. Shammai Rockove of The Center for Men's and Women's Urology in Gresham, Oregon, USA
Reframe with Duane
By Duane Rohrbacher
Who are you is a podcast about how businesses, products, and services shape the way that we think, and how we can reframe how we think to take back control of our lives.