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By Oxford University
The annual Simonyi Lecture is the highlight of Oxford University's programme to bring the excitement of science to the public. Held each year at the Oxford Playhouse, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Marcus du Sautoy, invites an eminent scientist to talk about cutting edge science and it’s impact on society. More details about the lectures can be found at:
By Oxford University
A series of lectures for the Sutton Trust Chemistry Summer School, which gives Year 12 students a great opportunity to see what university life is really like.
By Oxford University
The Oxford Loebel Lectures and Research Programme (OLLRP) were established in 2013 with the generous support of J. Pierre Loebel, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, and Felice Loebel. The purpose of OLLRP is to address the shortcomings of a unilinear approach to mental illness that arise from focusing uniquely on biological, psychological or social factors. OLLRP will work towards delineating the nature and magnitude of biopsycho...
This is an effort to help our people to learn the HOW TO STAND IN A A COLOR OF LAW SYSTEM NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT - NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL If you are, or are affiliated with: a Monarchy/Government/Officer/Agency/Employee, foreign or domestic, CFR, UN, the BAR, the Vatican, The Rothschilds/The Rockefellers/J.P. Morgan Chase/ The Warburgs, the IMF, World Bank, and or The Press or in any way affiliated and or in concert with any of the above, the following pertain...
By Chris and Kevin's Bedside Chats
A series podcasts designed by residents, for residents, in order to tackle the challenging scenarios you encounter on the wards.
By Cynthia Nevins
A series of conversations of current interest taking place at Hart House at the University of Toronto.
By Instytut Anglistyki UW
Podcast Instytutu Anglistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
By Let's Talk About School
Let's Talk About School is all about education and how we can improve our our education system. Hosts Ben and Eryn will take you through a variety of topics in the education world.
By Katie Linder
A seasonal podcast with tools, tactics, and strategies for current and future academic creatives, freelancers, & entrepreneurs hosted by Drs. Katie Linder and Sara Langworthy.
By Warpwire Demo Server
Why should cats have all of the fun? This is a podcast all about our other four legged friends!
By Daniel Ludwinski
This group of podcasts was put together by the students of Colgate University's Public Economics course as a final project.
Tnc is cool
By Duke University
There is no description available for this podcast.
By Jo Guldi
The Landscape Studies Podcast brings together scholarship that documents the relationship between personal and political boundaries worked out in space. Scholars from history, sociology, geography, and architecture offer synopses of the best recent work in the field.
By Touran Waters
Michael J. Feuer, Dean of the George Washington University's Graduate School of Education and Human Development, talks with researchers, practitioners, and policymakers about effective strategies and ideas for improving our schools and colleges. He explores ways to connect their worlds to take on some of education’s most complex issues. Education is the greatest contributor to ​​our nation's economic and social progress. It requires knowledge, agility, and optimism ​from many sources. ​Fro...
By FirePitHuke
The Fire Pit crew discuss Faith and the Bible and encourage the listener to Stay Lit for Christ between Sundays.
By Foodfolder
**Tre sommelierer som alltid söker nya smakupplevelser.** En podcast där Mat & Dryck är till för att sätt guldkant på vardagen! Hitta alla drycker och recept på
By Studentradion 98,9
Kandidatprogrammet är ett samhällsprogram om hälso-och sjukvård ur läkarstudenters perspektiv. Programmet sänds tisdagar kl 15.00 och görs av Anton Ericsson och Kaj Henriksson.
By WVCW Radio
WVCW's weekly news show covering breaking news, current affairs and local happenings. We read the telegram so you don't have to.
By Dr. Alex Bevan
Each episode chooses one “cool” design or media technology trend that is popularly tied to the digital era and traces that trend back in time as far as we can go. This project is created by Dr. Alex Bevan from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia
By Jordan Bass
Conversations with alumni, students, and friends of the Sport Management program at the University of Kansas
By Vértice
XXXI Congreso de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural
By Daniel Short
A podcast that helps teachers and students find ways to make the future more sustainable. Finding solutions to what I am calling the Sustainability Puzzle is one of the most important challenges we all face in modern life. You'll hear stories of both successes and failures of people taking action to find what works for them in the real world for real people.
By Tom Salitsky
Scranton Shorts is a podcast about The University of Scranton community.
By Andrew Rezmer
Conscious Living Radio is a program that explores alternative paradigms emerging in psychology, health, various sciences, community building, education, and various philosophies that challenge the modernist outlook and the institutional forms that express it.
By Kate Meeks
English Language and Literature GCSE Revision
By Oxford University
The Emden Lecture is an annual event at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, given by a guest historian and pitched at a non-specialist audience. It is named in honour of A.B. Emden, a distinguished medievalist and historian of universities who was Principal of St Edmund Hall from 1929 to 1951.
By WODU Studios
Innovation, the space frontier, mind blowing science, and traits of a successful person are just some of the many podcast topics on AquaBlack podcast. The podcast is hosted by AquaBlack and co-host Kweku Asefu. The podcast followers two college students talking about a wide variety of topics ranging from net neutrality to Elon Musk.
By Roberto Rocco
Podcast of the Spatial Planning and Strategy Section, Department of Urbanism, Delft University of Technology
おとなになっても進路に悩む。就職、転職、結婚、退職・・・・・・。 この番組では、30代後半で大きな転職をし、いまも自分らしい生き方を模索する パーソナリティの山田ズーニーが、 多彩なゲストを呼んで、「おとなの進路」を考える。 すでに成功してしまった人のありがたい話を聞くのではない。 まさに今、自分を生きようともがいている人の、 現在進行形の悩み、問題意識、ブレイクスルーの鍵を 聞くところに面白さがある。 リスナーは、聞きながら、自分の思いや問題意識が引き出され、 ついつい自分の進路について考えてしまうことうけあい。 自分らしい生き方をしようとする人を応援する! 週に20分聞きながら「考える習慣」がついてくる! 新感覚、ラジオ番組の登場だ。 【番組メールアドレス】[email protected]
By William Teem
Professor Teem's lectures from class to assist those who miss class and to help all prepare for exams
By $uccessfully Broke
Welcome to $uccessfully Broke, a work in progress hosted by Creative Entrepreneur Bryan Brock. This podcast is your step-by-step guide to building a brand through real-time shared experiences. You’ll get a mix of exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, episodes, speeches, interviews and more!
By Rabbi Ben Newman
Podcast by Rabbi Ben Newman
By Barstool Alabama
Ryan Liedel and Nick Gleason keep you plugged in about all things related to the University of Alabama. Presented by Barstool Alabama.
By Macmillan Holdings, LLC
As summer draws to a close, there's one question on everyone's mind: Are you ready to head back to school? The Quick and Dirty Tips hosts have compiled their best tips to help you and your kids go back to school in one handy guide. You'll get tricks for studying, saving money on school supplies, and getting organized, as well as quick refreshers on basic math, science, and grammar concepts to help you and your kids succeed right off the bat. Visit for more e...
The Briar Patch is a podcast from that uses Star Trek as a springboard for the discussion of socioeconomics. Hosts Guinevere Liberty Nell and Patrick Devlin take you into the exploration of societies, political theory, economics, and more through a Star Trek lens.
By Dogukan Ozgen I Discussing what and how to learn for busy people with experts like Alberto Cairo
Learning On the Side, plays and discuss with learning key stuff for making right decision and investments in life, business, career and education. It also informs you on new stuff, methodologies and things all around. Thank you for subscribing. We look forward to seeing you in the community
By Julie Subrin
Year One: Making an MD pulls back the curtain on med school. Along with host Julie Subrin, we follow four students from the 2017 entering class of the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell as they navigate their first year in an infamously long and arduous, ever evolving course of professional training that seeks to turn people into doctors.
By Andreas Förster
Der Podcast für junge Leute, Studenten und Absolventen mit Life Hacks, spannenden Interviews & coolen Tipps, wie Du Deinen Weg findest. Lass Dich inspirieren, erweitere Deinen Horizont und lerne Neues auf eine spaßige und positive Art. Unsere Interviewgäste sprechen Klartext und sagen, wie es wirklich ist. Wir de-mystifizieren Trends und Strategien und machen alles für Dich so einfach und erlernbar wie möglich.
By Professor Leslie Garfield Tenzer
Law To Fact is a podcast that helps law students learn the law for law school. Each (super brief) episode reviews a discreet area of the law, like battery in torts or consideration in contracts, and provides both an explanation of the law and a method for discussing the law on an exam. A great exam prep tool!
By Oxford University
A series of four lectures delivered by Prof. Victoria Kahn in October 2017, arguing that literature in the Reformation is one vehicle by which religious belief was itself transformed into a human artifact, whether we understand this as a poetic artifact or a mental fiction. This transformation in turn helped produce the eighteenth-century discipline of aesthetics, with its emphasis on our experience of non-cognitive pleasure in the work of art, and the modern formalist definition of literatur...
By Oxford University
The Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade aims to provide an international hub for interdisciplinary research on the illegal wildlife trade, and foster strong partnerships across sectors, particularly through its Wildlife Trade Symposia. Evolving Perspectives on the Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products is our first symposium to be held in Oxford, on the 25th-27th September 2017. The illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade is a major and growing threat to biodiversity, contri...
By Electric Text
The Electric Text is a podcast from and about the university. It approaches a range of topics starting from the discipline of English, and considers them in a manner that uses our skills as graduate students.  The academic world already contains a wide range of verbal forms, that function within specific institutional contexts. We are hoping to transmit some of these verbal/audio forms to a digital format, through the podcast, and bring them to a wider audience.
By Louisiana Law Review
Here at The Legal Ease, we bring you the latest l…
By WehnerEd
The web's most comprehensive online education resource for those looking to level-up their skills and empower their lives to reach new levels of success.
By Mike Metcalfe
System Thinking is used to think about redesigning problematic systems like poverty, equality, leadership, education and climate change.
By ホッと一息 古橋和久の「まなびCafe」
子育てしていると教育の悩みは尽きませんよね。 「学校で勉強についていけてるかしら」 「今の勉強のままで大丈夫かしら?」 「中学受験ってなにをどうしたらいいの?」 「自分の気持ちを聞いてもらいたくても周りで相談できる人がいない…」などなど 教育について日常会話が繰り広げられる「まなびCafe」。 ここの常連客であるまなび研究所の塾長古橋が、みなさんのお悩みについて考えます。 みなさんもご一緒に会話に加わってくださいね。何か気づきがあるといいな。 毎週金曜『まなびCafe』で塾長古橋とホッと一息つきませんか?
By ラジオ関西 558KHz
By Informationsstelle OER
In jeder Episode spricht Gastgeber Jöran Muuß-Merholz mit Gesprächspartnern aus Wissenschaft, Praxis und Zivilgesellschaft über Themenfelder, aktuelle Fragen und Projekte rund um frei lizenzierte Lehr-Lern-Materialien. Die Podcast-Reihe ist ein Projekt von – Informationsstelle OER. Hintergründe und Linklisten zu jedem Podcast gibt es unter
By Jacob Tober
A short weekly conversation about all things strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, sporting performance, nutrition, athletic development, sports psychology, and high performance. Episodes every Thursday or Friday on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.
By Sandra Mareike Lang
Im Lerncoaching-Podcast bekommst Du Anregungen, Tipps, Strategien und Motivation für das erfolgreiche Lernen in Deinem Studium. Prüfungsängste und Aufschieberitis (Prokrastination) besiegen, Konzentration, effizient lernen, den inneren Schweinehund an die Leine nehmen, verabreicht in leichten Portionen to go auf die Ohren. Du hörst Interviews mit Kollegen, Lerntechniken und erwirbst wertvolles Know-How aus meiner Erfahrung als Lerncoach und Lerntrainerin (ILE). Es gibt Praxisbeispiele und Too...
By Iriss presents lectures, discussions and debate on current topics of interest in the social services, Social Work and Social Care. It's a forum where all involved in social services may share opinion, knowledge and experience. We aim to promote engagem
By Gretchen Lindell, EdM: Educator, Faculty Developer, and Student Success Motivator
Gretchen Lindell, EdM, from The Art of Good Teaching connects with professionals from across the field of education to reveal best practices that take a teacher from good to great. Discover how you can lead your students to success utilizing the techniques and resources shared on this show. Although Gretchen admits that she is not an expert in any and all things in terms of education, she seeks to speak with the people who are and to share their insights with you. Gretchen has seen the bes...
By Ray Nardelli
Undergraduate Voices is a podcast project by students in Professor Suzanne Holland's bioethics class in the fall of 2009. The podcasts in this series represent the research and thinking of undergraduates studying bioethics at the eight of the debates about how to reform the American health care system. While nearly everyone, it seems, has been asked to weigh in on what to do about health care reform—from tea party participants to pundits and politicians, no one seems to have asked college s...
By Uniradioen
Du skal lytte til den her podcast hvis: - Du gerne vil blive klogere... - ...Også på hvad andre studerende lærer på deres studier - Hvis du gerne vil blive inspireret af andres gode opgaver (men ikke gider bruge 5 timer på at læse en andens bachelor). Vi er to humanister, der er nysgerrige på, hvad de lærer på andre uddannelser. Hvis du også er nysgerrig, synes vi, at du skal tage med på rejsen. Så lyt med, når vi inviterer studerende fra hele Danmark ind, til at gøre os klogere på en masse...
By Oxford University
Short talks on Alzheimer's, Dementia, current treatments and latest research, recorded at the Academic Centre, JR Hospital, Oxford
By Nate Cubs
The show where we spread positivity, knowledge and passion like herpes. Please support at
By MJ Wu
In the world of tension, clashing ideals, deadlines, and responsibilities, we seem to be always busy doing something. In this seemingly endless marathon towards whatever we aspire for, we often time find ourselves too busy to think for ourselves. Before you continue to work, med school, or to take that next big step, here is some food for thoughts.
By JS Kim-SKWeatlhAcademy Creator
The Tao of SKWealthAcademy podcast is an exploration and discussion of the societal constructs of success, intellect and wealth that fail to encourage us to fulfill our mission and purpose in life and our creative potential. We discuss how we want to revolutionize and expand these definitions to include emotional IQ, love, compassion, happiness, physical health, meditation and mindfulness, so these definitions emphasize humanitarian, compassionate values instead of narcissistic ones. We expl...
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By Dennis Brown
Rounder's Radio is an online poker radio station that offers great pro interviews, poker talk, contests, awesome music and more. Check us out at
By 柏村真至
大学受験を志す受験生のためのブログです。南極流でセンター試験(英語)で圧倒的な得点を取りたい方はぜひご覧ください。 大学受験塾ミスターステップアップ→
By 村田昭彦
センター数学を解くために必要なこと。 それは条件の翻訳。 このブログではセンター数学の得点を上がるためには 必要なお話をしていきます。
By 慶應義塾大学 教養研究センター
本講演会は,情報処理の分野で活躍されているゲスト講師をお迎えし,身近な話題を題材にして,教養としての情報処理について教職員・学生がともに考えてゆく機会を持つことを目的として,開催されています。是非,ご覧になって,ご意見・ご感想をお聞かせください。 ホームページ: ツイッター:
By James Wilson Institute
The James Wilson Institute
By 职得伊听
By NMP Network
Rob White, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, will teach you about identity theft from the basics to how to prevent it and recover from it after it happens! Visit for more details or call (501)640-1959 and have Rob call you personally! This Podcast was created using
By 政见
政见 CNPolitics 举办的沙龙、讲座、访谈精彩内容,原声呈现,如临现场。
By オーストラリア留学コンサルタント Fumi
「留学道しるべ」(りゅうみち)のポッドキャストは、主にオーストラリアも留学も初めてという人を対象に、オーストラリア留学に関連する色々なことについて、パース在住の留学コンサルタントFumiが隔週配信でお届けしています。感想、コメント、質問は、Go Australia Podcast のホームページ から送ってください。
By 政见
打开这本声音词典,花几分钟时间,轻松了解新鲜词汇和概念。政见 CNPolitics 出品。
News, analysis, and commentary on LGBT rights, atheism, religious privilege, higher education, student affairs, and related social justice issues.
By UCL Public Engagement Unit
This intellectual comedy podcast is anchored by Steve Cross, who is joined every week by a star from the world of comedy, and a researcher from UCL, London's Global University. Together they tackle the really big questions, like: Are there penguins on Saturn's moons? Who was the randiest archaeologist of all time? Does owning your own laser make you more attractive to women?
By 科学技術コミュニケーター養成ユニット
By TheHBCUNation
Podcast by TheHBCUNation
By Sonia Lewis
The Student Loan Doctor LLC is a business geared toward helping individuals understand and create a plan to conquer their student loan debt! Receive helpful tips, strategy, and motivation.
By 摂南大学 理工学部
摂南大学 工学部 電気電子工学科 表面物性工学研究室から表面物性工学に関連する映像をお届けします。
By 人相食
《续资治通鉴》二百二十卷,清毕沅撰。   此书付刻未及半,毕沅生前仅初刻一○三卷,毕家因贪污遭籍没而止,书稿散佚,桐乡冯集梧买得全稿补刻成二百二十卷。《续资治通鉴》跟《资治通鉴》有不少出入,续通鉴大量引用旧史原文,叙事详而不芜;仅有取舍剪裁,而无类似温公的改写熔炼,亦无“毕沅曰”等各家史论。《续资治通鉴》作者虽挂名毕沅,然名家钱大昕、邵晋涵、章学诚、洪亮吉、黄仲则等均参预其事,此书实成于众人之手。梁启超对该书评价极高,认为“有毕《鉴》则各家续《鉴》皆可废也”。
By 名古屋大学リレーセミナー 自然・社会環境と衣・食・住
私たちをとりまく自然や社会環境は今、急速に変化しています。そしてその変化は、衣・食・住という私たちに身近なところで実感されることが多くなってきました。自然や社会環境の変化は、私たちに豊かさや利便性をあたえてくれる一方で、時に私たちが予期しなかった結果や問題を引き起こすことがあります。また、新しい人工物環境やネットワークの拡大は、自然と人、そして人と人の関係性に変容をもたらしています。 私たちは新たな自然や社会環境のなかで、変化に適応する対処法を模索しますが、おそらくさらに重要なことは、関係性の変化にともなう新たな倫理の構築ではないでしょうか。つまり、経験の蓄積がない諸問題に対して、私たちは自分自身の態度や行動が、将来的に周囲の自然や社会環境に与える影響を未来予測しながら、生活することが求められているのです。 本講座では、私たちをとりまく自然や社会環境について、衣・食・住という身近な観点から、もう一度、見つめなおします。そして、私たちの身のまわりでいま何が起こっているのか、変化する環境のなかで私たちに何が求められているのか、いま必要とされる新しい倫理とは何か。こうした問題について共...
By 武田康
皆さん初めまして、タングステンやっしと申します。 高校三年生の冬に、難関国立対応模試の化学でぶっちぎりの全国一位を取って、難関国立大に進学し、ついには理学博士まで授かっています。
By 名古屋大学リレーセミナー 夢見た今と夢見る未来
20世紀に生まれ育った私たちにとって、21世紀は夢の世界でした。鉄腕アトムのようなロボット、宇宙旅行、スーパーカー、癌の撲滅などバラ色の世界を予想していました。実際、少し前には夢のように思われていたことが実現し、私たちの暮らしを大きく変えたものもあります。たとえば、小型の携帯電話で世界中に旅行しても電話ができるといったことは今では当たり前のことになりましたが、全国のどこへでも電話交換手を使わないで電話できるようになったのは、1979年のことでした。ごくわずかのうちに、社会は大きく変わりました。夢に向かっての科学者や技術者たちの努力が形になってきたわけです。 ただ、夢見たはずの21世紀に入ってすでに10年がたちましたが、日本はもちろん、世界各国も様々な問題に苦しんでいます。そのため、多くの人たちが将来への夢を失っているようです。たとえば、内閣府が実施している世論調査では、「将来の生活が良くなる」と楽観的な見方をしている人は、1970年ごろには40%近くだったのに、今や10%を切っています。逆に悲観的な見方をする人は、かつては10%以下だったのが、今は40%近くになっています。 ...
محاضرات ودروس الشيخ الأستاذ حيدر حب الله
La mayor parte de los seres vivos que han poblado la Tierra han desaparecido para siempre. Quincenalmente, Germán Fernández Sánchez les ofrece en Zoo de Fósiles la posibilidad de conocer la vida de algunas de las más extraordinarias criaturas que vivieron en el pasado y que han llegado hasta nosotros a través de sus fósiles.
By The Valley Church
Simply put, we are an imperfect church, serving a perfect Savior. We love Jesus and we want to make him known. The "Sermon on the Valley" podcast series is a regular listing of the teachings heard at The Valley Church in Norwood, Ohio. You can learn more about us online by searching The Valley Church Norwood.
풀러신학대학원 한인목회학박사원에서 주최한 특강 녹음 방송
By UNR Writing Center
Words on Words is about writing in all forms. The consultants at the University of Nevada, Reno Writing Center provide commentary on a variety of topics, all with the goal of helping students understand and better their writing throughout their college career.
By CJSW 90.9 FM
Stay up-to-date with news and events at the University of Calgary!
A podcast made by a pharmacy student, for pharmacy students. Host and creator, Alex, will go over various disease states and topics, focusing on the pharmacotherapy and key points. This is intended to be used as a supplemental study aid and is not a replacement for pharmacy school lectures, guidelines or reading the primary literature. The information in the episodes reflect the host's understanding of subjects, from school, self-studying, etc. and may not be completely accurate. To contact A...
By Jon Moore: Fraternity Advisor, Program Facilitator
Greek Life Today is on a mission to elevate the fraternity and sorority community by sharing inspiring stories from chapters across North America. Join host Jon Moore as he learns what high-performing fraternities and sororities are doing in the areas of philanthropy & community service, social life, alumni relations, recruitment, risk management and more, and learn how you can bring these best practices to your college or university. It's time for a new generation of Greek Life leaders t...