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By Old Fox Young Fox
Tune in as we talk through business issues we all face. Hear experts explain how each topic impacts your business. And enjoy two worlds colliding over what it all means.
By Christophe Jelinski
Weekly episodes where I interview professional magicians to learn from them.
Mam na imię Piotr i wciąż pamiętam radę mojej mamy:„Słuchaj wszystkich, ale rób po swojemu. To jest Twoje dziecko, ale ma swoją własną osobowość, do wszystkiego będziecie dochodzić >wspólnie<.” W swoich audycjach dzielę się właśnie tym ciągłym dorastaniem do roli dobrego taty. Do rozmowy zapraszam też innych rodziców.
By The Business of Online Teaching
Make a living teaching on Udemy. We interview Udemy instructors and learn their successes and failures, their strategies to make a sustainable business from teaching online. If you already are an instructor or you are considering making courses, this podcast is for you.
By Danielle Knight
Welcome to all the teachers using technology in their classroom! Teachers are changing the way they used to teach and providing students with the learning tools that will take them into the 21st century. Join Danielle Knight in the evolution of teaching everywhere. Blended learning might be better, so let's talk about why and how to make it happen. Grades K-12. Not on a "paper diet?" That's okay, neither am I!
By Heroes Academy ([email protected])
At Heroes, our mission is to inspire each child that enters our doors to find a calling and change the world. This podcast explains how we do it.
By Kingsley Grant
This show is designed to help middle-income professionals who aspire to start a business online from home overcome the overwhelm, gain clarity, and confidently take a low-risk step towards their overall goal. The problem is that they are feeling very overwhelmed, not knowing how, where, or when to start. Their ultimate goal is to attain financial independence and time freedom. However, in the meantime, they are looking for a way to do what they truly love, make money from it without jeopardiz...
By Think On! Productions ([email protected])
A daily dose of practical wit and wisdom with a professional educator and trainer, amazon best-selling author, United States Marine, Television, and Radio host, Paul G. Markel. Each episode will focus on positive and productive ways to strengthen your mindset and help you improve your relationships, career goals, and overall well-being. To get show notes, submit a topic request, and for more from your host, Paul G. Markel, visit Please leave a review for this pod...
By Damian Whitehouse
Damian Whitehouse's recent posts to
By Betsy Furler
Do you love apps and technology? Or are you a little intimidated by them? Your App Lady is here to help! This podcast delivers easy to digest, small chunks of tech information and incredibly usable apps that will improve your life. Betsy Furler, AKA Your App Lady, wants you to love tech as much as she does!
The Research Briefs podcast aims to expand the boundaries of engineering education research by exploring new frameworks, new methods, and new findings with the researchers who created them. Research Briefs is hosted by Ruth Streveler and produced by TJ Wharry
By Susie Neds
A podcast covering all things poppin' in pop culture + new in the news.
By Nineb Lamassu
This is the official podcast of ܟܢܘܬܐ ܕܠܫܢܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ
Vad är det som driver kvinnliga entreprenörer? Det här är podcasten som fokuserar på kvinnliga startup-profiler och deras resa. Av Kamilla Rexestrand och Camilla Bergström.
By Esosa Agbonwaneten
Hear moving stories from people from different circumstances in their life discuss their journey towards God.
By Alison Meloserdoff
The Stay Classy Podcast is your source for an inside look at what’s actually happening in classrooms today. It's a space for educators to connect, laugh, and develop as professionals in a fun and engaging way! Join us as we try to "stay classy" in the midst of the chaotic world of teaching.
By Colin Robertson
I interview TED Experts from all over the world on how to use their advice to make a meaningful difference in your life.
By Nausheen Punjani
Plantastic Events podcast will teach you the fundamentals of event planning and event managing for all event professionals. If you organize live music events, parties, conferences, or just want to learn, this podcast is for you! Be sure to subscribe and rate us! Visit us at for more information.
By Aqeel Camal
In this podcast the conversations we have with some of the worlds most successful and fulfilled young people is all about exploring different pathways to success, and discussing pressing issues youth face into the future. We want you to explore your passions, understand the depth of pathways available and choose those that resonate with you. We want to empower you to relentlessly pursue the path of execution that actually gets you to your goal.
By Robert & Seth
Robert and Seth cover the Dragon Ball Super Anime/ Manga while giving incite and entertainment! As well as news, updates, rumor smashing, referencing, reviews and so much more! Join us on our adventure through he Dragon Ball world!
By Kevin Culpepper
Each of the podcast/vidcast that are available for viewing or download are to demonstrate the ease of creating interactive presentations within a classroom and/or group setting.
By Adam Schneider
Test Test Sample Sample
By On The Rise DJ Academy
The DJ Knowledge Crate is a new podcast aimed at any level of DJ from those learning to DJ to more advanced DJ techniques, or those simply interested in more tech side of DJ culture in general. Hosted by Bazza Ranks (Dirty Dubsters) with DJ tech gurus Jay Cunningham & Terry Ryan from On The Rise DJ Academy, this new podcast will fill a much needed void for those looking to keep up with the latest in DJ technology and evolution. Each month the lads will bring you discussions, news, tips ...
By Carol Barrett
Give your English listening skills a great workout and have fun at the same time in a game show style format.
By Anthony Franck
Does your business need more recommendations and referrals on a mass scale... Or would your local business go BOOM if everyone in town knew about you and what you do? It's time for you to be the Authority! Leave Us a 5 Star Review on iTunes We'll discuss topics including: Influence, Marketing, Expertise, Sharing, Community Building, Creating Content, Podcasts, Being Seen and Featured on Media Outlets and Making More Sales for Entrepreneurs. This is the Authority Maker Podcast where we share...
By Diana Todd-Banks
Mature Preneurs Talk Podcasts connects near or over 50’s, 60's, 70's guests, who’ve created a new enterprise with an audience who are keen to do the same. The guests are a dynamic group of inspirational people with extremely diverse ventures. During the 15-20 minute interview, host Diana Todd-Banks shines the spotlight on this cavalcade of entrepreneurs who chat how they changed their life by starting a new venture, much needed community group or business; they also discuss how they did...
Hier veröffentlicht Markus Fischer, Geschäftsführer der Beratungsfirma "Kultur wandeln - Mensch und Wirtschaft im Einklang". Auf diesem Kanal teile ich mein Know-How aus 20 Jahren Erfahrung als Berater und Trainer. Wir beraten im Organsiationswandel hin zu Führung und Zusammenarbeit auf Augenhöhe, klären in Konflikten und trainieren und coachen Führungskräfte.
By Bjo Ern allows you to host your Podcast for free. This little Podcast is a brief Tutorial that will help you to get started.
By audioBoom
Do you want to know what the future will look like? Open your mind and hear how researchers at Australia’s University of Wollongong SMART Infrastructure Facility are preparing for it.
By Jonathan James Roberts
Jon Roberts and Jessica Schultz met while working in South Korea and have been sharing notes on self-improvement, skill development, entrepreneurship, and living abroad ever since. NTL discusses what they’ve learned and goes in depth on how and why we work, live and learn.
By Heather Kaiser Ed.D.
Heather Kaiser Ed.D. shares ​20 years of experience integrating technology into education in a bi-weekly podcast.
SAPmasterminds: This audio blog is for SAP IT consultants.This show will be twice a week, where Muralidharan connects with top SAP IT consultants in the consulting network to know what it takes to become a successful SAP consultant.Lessons learned, tips and advice can help you to take the next step systematically and living the professional dream.Ready to be an advanced SAP consultant in your professional life?This podcast helps consultants to plan their career ahead
By Let's Talk About School
Let's Talk About School is all about education and how we can improve our our education system. Hosts Ben and Eryn will take you through a variety of topics in the education world.
By Martine Ellis
The Teaching Space is a weekly podcast for teachers and trainers interested in teaching, tools, tips and technology.
By Paul E. Bellah
Natural World Education
From newbs to pros, this show is dedicated to new folks getting learning about and getting involved in crypto. No question too dumb, as long as you're willing to do some reading, we're here to help you learn about and stay up to date with crypto.
By Thomas Faller
My coding journey from BASIC to Front-End Developer. This is how it starts! I'm Thomas Faller, a self-taught Front-End Developer with an eye for UX design and a taste for polished pages. I love to craft meaningful browsing experiences. I help businesses and entrepreneurs making the best possible sites and apps with the simplest possible code.
By Public House Media
The word disability gets a pretty bad wrap. Speaker, advocate and media journalist, Nicole Kelly, lives with a disability and is very proud of it. Join Nicole for her weekly show as she talks to experts in the disability community about topics we all need to know about. The show will broadcast LIVE on Public House Media's Facebook page on Monday nights at 8:30 pm CT and released as a podcast shortly after.
By Thomas Faller
Mon periple dans l'apprentissage de la programmatic de BASIC au development Front-End. Voila comment tout commence! Je m'appelle Thomas et je suis un développeur autodidacte!
By Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic)
Let's Talk ETC! provides timely news about ETC (Ethereum Classic) and related technologies including: Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchains and more.
By Jason Grant
#WirelessTuesday is a monthly podcast hosted by Cisco's Global Wireless Sales Team. We bring in some of he best and brightest minds in the industry. An episode guide and post-event question-and-response documents are at
By Entrust Datacard
A Podcast all about secure authentication in banking
By The Learning Hook
We’re on a mission to create learning experiences that have a measurable impact, that resonate, motivate… and are a little bit of fun too. Join us as we chat about the work inspires us and ideas for creating better learning experiences; from tech to design, we’re always on the hunt for the best learning hooks.
By KSL News Radio
KSL NewsRadio's Teacher Feature recognizes outstanding teachers in the Utah community. Each teacher is presented each week by a different KSL NewsRadio personality who talks about how they make a difference in the lives of the children they teach. Each winning teacher is honored with a plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful Roof Restaurant at Temple Square and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater! All winne...
By Sam Fishman
We discuss the use of drum samples in hard rock music.
By Hustle180 | Owen Soba ([email protected])
The Hustle 180 Podcast shows how regular everyday people with existing careers, family, spouses, and children make it in the business world. From the hottest online businesses to the local mom and pop shops. Our Chief Hustler, Owen Soba is an experienced entrepreneur himself since age 12, interviews the hottest entrepreneurs in super fast paced episodes that have a "New York Attitude" for no nonsense and getting to the point in just three to five minutes each. At Hustle 180 we know "success" ...
個別指導学院TOCOは「勉強は、実は、楽しい」を掲げ、2000年に東京の東久留米市からスタートした塾は、東京都練馬区、埼玉県和光市にも展開する地域密着型のプロが指導する個別指導塾です。 信田貴仁について、都立西高校卒業後、慶應義塾大学商学部に入学。大学在学中は、ゼミでの社会保障の研究と家庭教師・塾講師としての仕事に没頭した。卒業後は厚生省に入省するも、理想と現実とのギャップに悩み退省。その後、プロ家庭教師に転身。それがきっかけとなって、個別指導塾を設立した。幅広い見識と英語力を磨くため、2010年からオーストラリアで学ぶ。そして、2013年にBOND-BBT(MBA)取得。信田は、「知性を深め、感性を磨き、学びと遊びを喜びに変え、社会を活性化する要になる」というビジョンを描いている。 何百人ものお子さん親御さんと1対1で関わってくる中で、学習方法、進路、将来展望など、ありとあらゆる質問を受けてきました。TOCOで学んで実によかったと言ってもらえるように、リスナーの皆さんの疑問にお答えします。
By Shireen Smith
Business and Intellectual Property are intertwined in our digital economy. IP is relevant to every business when starting, growing or exiting. Through a series of IP focused podcasts and interviews, the show demonstrates IP in action. IP is not just a “legal” topic aimed at special businesses with patents or trade marks to protect. It needs to be considered by every business to build value and strong foundations. This is fundamental to licensing and franchising.
By Ariel Schudson
A collection of voices gathered from the world of the lesser represented or marginalized populations in media or media preservation. These voices are women’s voices, queer voices, trans voices, non-binary voices and voices of color. These are native voices and the voices of the differently abled. These voices are the voices that need to be heard because they haven’t been. Archivist’s Alley is a safe conversational space designed for casual and lively discussions about how to preserve our work...
By FinalsiteFM
Finalsite founder and CEO Jon Moser talks about trends he's seeing on school sites and shares updates to Finalsite's products and services.
By Yann ilunga: Podcast Consulting & Podcasting Experimenter
The Podcaster Lab is a show that provides you with podcasting advice and strategies for both new and seasoned podcasters. Join Podcast Success Academy founder Yann ilunga as he runs a series of experiments on podcasting-related topics like community-building, audience and email list growth and podcast marketing. Every episode discusses a different aspect of podcasting that's going to help you master the art of podcasting. Yann also interviews top podcasters and podcasting experts such as '...
By Dr. Ali R. Jalali
Baladodiffusions d'Anatomie enregistrées par Dr Alireza Jalali, Université d'Ottawa, Canada.
By Bob Doyle
Every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon Eastern at, Bob Doyle, from "The Secret" discusses Law of Attraction topics and takes your questions live. No registration is required. Just show up!
مدونة تهتم بالتاريخ الاسلامي
By Sab Will
For all learners and teachers of English and lovers of this crazy language! Short educational snippets of interest and amusement from the Unique Hotch Potch English language learning web site, created by Sab Will. Our goal is to finally offer you with a language learning solution for busy professionals and stressed students alike. You have never seen an English language learning web site like Hotch Potch English before. Have fun learning with us, and May Your English FLY!
By Susana Manresa
Guionistas Dorianos es un grupo de siete escritores de guiones: Ana González, Daniel Bernal, Carlos Doria, Liteo Deliro, Iñaki Sánchez, Dani de la Camara y Palomares. En este podcast encontrarán ayuda sobre cómo escribir guiones.
By Aaron LeBauer
The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast with Aaron LeBauer. Have you considered starting a cash practice but have doubts or were told it’s a bad idea? Join Aaron LeBauer as he explores how leading cash-based practice owners have achieved success, how leading physical therapists market their practice and what’s possible in a physical therapy cash-based practice. Learn more:
By Craig Waters
vCatchups are a series of audio/video interviews with members of the virtualisation/cloud, VMware/VMUG community based locally in ANZ but with a global reach.
By Eric Keith: The Plumbing Marketing Guy, Plumbing SEO Expert
Eric Keith, from The Plumbing Marketing Guy, reveals all of his online marketing tips and strategies so you can be ahead of the fierce plumbing competition out there. Discover how you can have multiple marketing streams that produce incoming plumbing service calls. This will help you make your business run smoothly and abundantly which will in turn give you time and freedom to do what you love, whether it’s traveling the world, or just living in a comfortable home. He will show you how you ca...
By Mike Laverick
In this podcast your host, Mike Laverick interviews folks and vendors focused on the virtualisation community, datacenter and cloud technologies
By Université Lyon 2
Enseignement d'épistémologie de madame P. Mercader à l'Université Lyon2 à destination des étudiants de L3
By Jodie Taylor
Ever wanted to hear what the ‘character’ from your favourite documentary really thought of the process of having their every moment filmed, scrutinised and edited into a version of reality for an audience? And what questions they would ask their filmmaker if the tables were turned? In each episode of The Sixth Wall a different documentary character takes the reigns in leading a conversation with their filmmaker… about the film they made together, the dynamics of their relationship, and the v...
By 차승은
매주 목요일 오전 11시에 지식라디오에서 들으실 수 있습니다.
Just another site
By Jeremy Montoya ([email protected])
Grow your podcast audience. Expand your email list. Jeremy is a serial podcaster and life-long entrepreneur. Straight, raw, and to the point, this show stands to tell you how to go from podcast host to business owner without the 'fluff' accustom to the internet marketing world.
By Matt Schneidman & Glen Zollman
In Fishing for Answers, we discuss educational topics primarily but not exclusively focused on the analysis and implementation of data for school districts, ESAs, and state Department's of Ed across the country.
By Daley Robinson and Steve Norman
The EdTech Hour is a UK based podcast with a global perspective that gives disruptive educators and passionate edtech evangelists a platform to share their story. We search out insights from some of the brightest people in the edtech world, going deep into their experiences in education and reflecting on how technology has impacted on their life journey.
By Zachary Baker
A podcast exploring the intersection of Education, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation hosted by Zack Baker and Pete Freeman
By Mike Hind
Stories, investigations and guest discussions around the issues of disinformation and computational propaganda.
By Chase Harmer
This Podcast is conversations with the top 2% of Entrepreneurs and business leaders who are sharing their insights to help you become more successful. For more, visit
By Social Media Club Detroit
Don't let the name fool you. Social Media Club is…
By Mr. Barlow
Mr. Barlow talks about the latest interesting developments in science.
By The Chewonki Foundation
A podcast series sponsored by the Chewonki Foundation, exploring renewable energy and sustainable living. Covering the renewable energy systems which we showcase here locally, as well as the latest in green technology innovation.
By علوي الحبشي
تعلم برنامج Adobe Flash CS5 بطريقة بسيطة جداً وسهلة، والدورة متوفرة في قناة علمني التدريبية على موقع Youtube
By ND United
If you’re a teacher or a student, we’ve developed a podcast just for you. It’s an exciting and important time in education in North Dakota. The door is wide open for innovative ideas to better equip our children for the future. What needs to done to prepare the next generation of students and teachers? And what does innovative education look like in action? Our conversations will include Governor Doug Burgum. We’ll also hear from key decision makers and most importantly teachers and studen...
By Ben Hommerding
Technology for Education and Life Explained
By Andrew Baldacci
Every Monday, Pat Bhava brings you interviews with everyone from Superintendents to Safety Officers to well-regarded thought leaders who share actionable advice to help your district thrive. We cover the latest trends in education to make sure you and your district stay ahead of the curve and also share battle-tested strategies from superintendents who have been through it all. If you’re tired of hearing advice that is long on theory and short on practical, hands-on tips, then you’re in the r...
By Niels and Mervin
Niels and Mervin, two 14 years old guys from the Netherlands talk about interesting topics, much like Hello Internet or the Unmade podcast.
By Mariana Fávero Bonesso
Por que fazemos as coisas que fazemos? Por que aàs vezes parece que força de vontade não é suficiente para mudar algum comportamento? Nesse podcast vamos falar sobre essas forças que nos levam constantemente a fazer coisas que muitas vezes não conseguimos compreender. Vem comigo! Cover design by Canva Song Attribution Album coporate and motivational music Advertisement by Scott Holmes
By Moe Ghias
Getting the best brains in fitness and other areas to share their wisdom and knowledge
By Reconceived
A podcast where every week or so, Ben or Leonard tells the other about something neat.
By Chanel Klein
(Vancouver, Canada) DOPE HAUS has you on the guest list to the hottest underground raves and music festivals. Go behind the scenes with Chico Mendez, learn from record label experts, promoters, artist managers and headlining DJs about how to make it in the nightlife music business. DOPE HAUS broadcasts live every second Saturday night on CJSF 90.1FM.
By chad tischhauser
By David Orban
David Orban's podcast, talking about technology and its implications for society.
By Speech Science
Overwhelmed by technology in special education? Check us out for news, tips, and interviews about the latest and greatest in assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication, and educational technology generally from Lucas Steuber, Rachel Madel, and Chris Bugaj.
By Matthew Serrano
By Dr Jeffrey Persson and Dr Emma Bouton
Dr Jeffrey Persson is one of Australia's leading IVF and infertility experts. In this podcast he talks with Dr Emma Boulton, Medical Director of Clinic 66 which is Australias top women's health clinic in Sydney. In this episode you will hear how about controversial topics from vasectomy reversal, right through to how a women can go through menopause and still achieve a pregnancy and become a mother through IVF.
By shelts
These are recordings made by year 8 students on the topic of Data Security
By Kyle Ram
I'm on a mission to empower young Dyslexics to get motivated and inspired to use their Dyslexia to their advantage with the power of Entrepreneurship.
By Mike Morrison
Join Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys for advice, tips and insight on planning, running and growing a successful membership website
By Blaine Moore
The Modern Publishing Podcast is _the_ definitive source for motivating stories and cutting edge strategies for finishing and selling *your* latest book! Everybody has a book inside them, and we are going to help you bring your book to the world.
By Louka Parry
The Educhange Podcast is for the doers in schools, people who are coming up with ideas to make things better for kids
By Tom King
Topical discussions on educational technology and elearning for technically-minded educators and training professionals. Hosted by Avron Barr and Tom King.
By Rick Nielsen
Explore a systems approach to training, educating and updating employees, customers, suppliers, prospects or any other critical group.
By Conceive Please
Trying to get pregnant ? You must listen to this podcast which explains how you can access a comprehensive pregnancy planning kit with the essential information and tools you will need to optimise your chances of conceiving naturally. This podcast will detail the 4 essential steps for trying to conceive naturally, and give full and detailed information regarding the contents of the Conceive Please fertility kit.
By Chris DeLeon
The mission of Gamkedo Community is to share the personal stories and ways of thinking from developers with a wide range of experience levels, to convey a broader picture of what making games is like. Intro and outro music is by Danny Baranowsky, used with permission.
By 系統管理員