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By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Discussion forum with Florian Cramer, Daniel Irrgang, Matteo Pasquinelli, Vesselin Popov, Peter Weibel and Siegried Zielinski In his analysis of western societies, media philosopher Vilém Flusser described a structural transitional phenomenon at the beginning of the 1980s: The mass-media power relations and their rigid opinion channels towards the public were in the process of being dissolved. On the horizon, a net company was emerging, in which dialog between equals establish an individual ...
By Josephine Chang
Recap of the week at the studio, and/or music things that have been in the air over the past week
By 菩提学子
By Mike Laverick
In this podcast your host, Mike Laverick interviews folks and vendors focused on the virtualisation community, datacenter and cloud technologies
By Justin & Christian
Two dudes talking about their lives and things they learn.
By 小凤
小凤media网络电台是一个以广播为主、文字为辅,服务于全球华人的网络电台。盼望通过语音,透过现象寻根求源,活得真实明白,找到建立幸福生活的秘诀。敬业的主持人,来自世界各地的嘉宾们,愿意在这里用智慧、知识、经验、时间、精力、爱华人同胞的诚挚之心,为您真诚奉献。 《智慧心语》 探索生命奥秘,把握人生机遇,解答生活困惑,以全新的触角带您寻找智慧源头。《智慧心语》为您提供探求真理、找到人生出路的平台。帮您开阔思想视野,站在客观角度,了解人性,活出智慧人生! 《幸福家庭》 结婚容易,保持难;生孩子容易,养育孩子难;婚姻要经营,吵架须艺术;小事不忽略,大事不发生;幸福生活有秘诀。《幸福家庭》为您找到问题根源,案例分析解决婚姻、亲子、各种家庭关系最实际的问题。 《突破教育》 突破实用,进入人文、审美;突破考分,进入兴趣,以人为本;突破填鸭,进入群飞教学;突破题海,进入高超解题快艇。《突破教育》翻转您的教育理念,让您的孩子在轻松愉快中全方位发展,带给他们健康快乐的人生。
The First Draft features discussions about higher education, digital humanities, technology, games, and learning. Hosted by Elijah Meeks, Jason Heppler and Paul Zenke.
Discussion of issues in library instruction, information literacy and emerging technology
By Capture Higher Ed
Beer. Enrollment Management. Data. In that order. Hosted by Thom Golden, Ph.D. & Brad Weiner, Ph.D. with the Data Science team at Capture Higher Ed.
By heron stone
eliminating linguistic obstacles to waking up from the age-old trance humans call "reality" *** you've been hypnotized... hijacked by your own language machine * you believe that the voice in your head is who/what you really are... your so-called "self" * you live in the illusion that you actually know what reality REALLY is * you don't * i don't * nobody knows * it's time to wake up ******** THIS IS NOT TALK RADIO AND I'M NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN YOU * actually, it's just the opposite * i'm he...
By Timothy Aguilar
Welcome to The Future of Education Podcast brought to you by Education Energy! Education Energy is a revolution, where a team of social entrepreneurs, forward thinking futurists, mad scientists, and game changing designers have come together to recreate the education system! We studied the education system using the scientific method and made a break through discovery- The problem is not the system, but rather the way we use it! Now, Education Energy, is on a mission to share a tool that wil...
By royaltreatment
Discussions with and for educators, education tech leaders, and education marketplace experts.
By MASK Tactical
Ian "Primal" Talbert, the owner of MASK Tactical & The Warrior Tribe shares his thoughts on Warrior Culture, Mindset, Survival, Bushcraft, and all things preparedness. From prepping to self defense, fitness, and gear talk. If it's related to being a prepared or optimized individual it will be talked about on this show.
By cHristian negre i walczak
formació i educació més enllà de les aules, un recull de documents sonors didàctics.
By IDC Radio
גיל מרקוביץ' וד"ר בועז בן דוד מושיבים שירים ישראלים מוכרים ואהובים על ספת הטיפולים ומבצעים בהם ניתוח פסיכולוגי לאוזניי הקהל
By IDC Radio
גיל מרקוביץ ופרופ' יואב יאיר מביאים ממצאים חדשים ומפתיעים ממערכת השמש, עונים על שאלות שמטרידות את היקום כולו ועוסקים בביתנו שבחלל – כוכב הלכת ארץ
By e-Oppi Oy
e-Oppi Oy on vuonna 2011 perustettu painetun oppikirjan korvaavan sähköisen oppimateriaalin tuotantoon keskittyvä kustannusosakeyhtiö. Materiaalimme ovat oppilasta itsenäiseen tiedonhankintaan innostavia, opettajan työtä helpottavia ja hinnaltaan edullisia. Valmistamamme sähköiset oppimateriaalikokonaisuudet ovat yhteensopivia kaikkien päätelaitteiden kanssa eivätkä vaadi erillisiä ohjelmistoasennuksia.
By 臺北醫學大學
臺北醫學大學 歡迎收播!
By 葉士昇老師(微學習)
By 臺北醫學大學
By 葉士昇老師(微學習)
By 系統管理
By 葉士昇老師(微學習)
By TPET-阿剛老師
By 會議管理
By 自然大学
By 育達課外組
By jake duncan
@kenya75 and @duncanbilingual chat about everything cutting edge in education. Thanks to DJ BitBurner on SoundCloud for allowing us to use his music!
我和加拿大朋友跟你轻轻松松聊地道的英语 微信:jialijiawai2016
By Griffin Earle and Matt Black
Japan is the world's second-largest economy: what happens in business here affects business all over the world. If you're interested in behind-the-scenes interviews with prominent foreign business people who are running large corporations in Japan, subscribe to the Nikkei Weekly Podcast. Every week, we'll bring you the movers and shakers of Japan's business scene - in English, along with headline news highlights, and more.
By 龙飞虎(原名:Chris Lonsdale)
龙飞虎(英文名:Chris Lonsdale),心理学家、语言学家、教育家, 6个月学会任何一种外语方法创始人。功夫英语自学课程体系设计师。 功夫英语拥有独创的“6个月长好英语DNA”课程系统,这个系统将帮助您: 1)掌握8000多英语高频词; 2)掌握6000多词组及短句; 3)解决98%以上日常生活、工作、商务最重要的沟通需要。 更多了解功夫英语,请关注: 微信公号:功夫英语 新浪微博:@功夫英语自学汇 腾讯微博:@功夫英语 学习问题咨询:[email protected] 国内报名功夫英语:400-8938-696 国际报名功夫英语:+86-755-8882 0630 功夫英语官网 “学习外语的过程中,方法和思路是影响人的学习速度及学习结果的关键性影响因 素。”龙飞虎说。为了帮助中国人彻底解决英语学习的苦恼,使用科学准 确的方法,有效率有效果的提高自己的英语水平,龙飞虎决定用《龙飞虎讲功夫英语》视频广播,从思路和观点上帮助大家跨越自己快速学习的一切阻碍因素。 在这个 视频广播中,无论你的需要是:英语 学英语 ...
By 昌乐法师
By David Kelly
Seis Hermanos is a group of Instructional Technology Coaches and lead teachers from Berkeley County School District in South Carolina. We are focusing on instructional strategies for integrating technology in the classroom.
By Marc Lezwijn
This (student) guitar music and guitar lessons are available as sheetmusic at If you're complete starter, take a look at the Guitarmoves E-book(also for iPad) and DVD guitarcourse.
By Peel21st
Forum for teachers in #peel21st (PDSB) to discuss their innovative teaching and assessment practices that empower students. Episodes will focus on various topics but always connect to the six innovative elements: learning environments, learning culture, models of learning, informative assessment, 21st century competencies and access to technology.
By Kris Murray
Early learning leaders around the globe are breaking through challenges, leading the way in innovation, testing new best practices, and impacting children and families in a much more powerful and positive way than ever before. Each week, tune in to top child care business guru Kris Murray on the Child Care Rockstar Radio podcast for interviews with early childhood leaders and experts that will leave you inspired to get to the next level of success, whatever that means for you. Kris Murray...
By Adam Cann's classes
This podcast presents short introductions to marketing topics. Each episode is designed, recorded, and edited by intro to marketing students.
By brings together podcasts about education from Australian producers working in the field.
By Allison Pease
Interviews with professors, staff and students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY on teaching and learning in a community committed to educating for justice.
By Adrien Harrison - Echo Studio
Welcome to Echo Radio! Where we go over the most effective ways of running an online business so you can work smart and live free. This is THE podcast for entrepreneurs who want to create, launch, and run an online business WITHOUT years of trial and error.  Hosted by me, Adrien Harrison.
By Ethan Mann & Ryan Sciamanna
If you are thinking about starting a lawn care and landscaping company, just got started, or are trying to grow your business, this is the place for you. We will go into great detail on how to build a successful lawn care and landscaping business. We will break down each aspect of running a lawn care business and let you know what worked for us and what didn’t. You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did! Get the knowledge we gained from over a decade of combined experience to help you be...
By DailyHeatChecc
This is a collection of tutorials show casing my skills in Logic Pro X, and helping others create at a high level, I this playlist we will be Chopping Samples, Time Stretching, Mixing & Mastering from scratch. I will also will be showing you technics that the pros use, and other useful tips and tricks that will help your music production get better. #DailyHeatChecc Listen To My Beats Here Subscribe To Our Podcast Here: https://itu...
By Andy Fry, Cat Lam
You'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the IT consulting industry.
By Shashank
Machine Learning is boring? Complex? This show will focus on the ins and outs of ML and the innovative ways its being applied all over the globe
By Gabe Colors
Coloring Crypto sheds light on the world of Cryptocurrency. Host Gabe Colors talks with with people from all walks of the crypto world, diving into the risks, opportunities and mysteries of this technology. With topics that include Blockchains, ICO’s, and altcoins, it’s a brave new world that needs a little color-commentating while informing and entertaining people of all crypto backgrounds! Let’s add a little color to crypto and enlighten this picture. If you’d like to ask a question to ...
By Vito Villani
Brevi audiolezioni facilitate di geografia
By Camanche Middle School (Erin Montgomery)
Join us as we sit down and talk with the many people involved in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We will be interviewing mushers, volunteers, wives, parents, even an athlete who has biked the trail, and many more. Our show is broken down into segments; Who Inspires You? Q&A, and Musher Mount Rushmore. Sit back, relax, and learn about the Iditarod from the people who experience the race firsthand.
By Phillip Lanos
Learn to monetize content and adopt systems from successful authors, bloggers and social influencers.
Financial Strategies for First Responders
By Humans of KIPP Austin Obras
Today, we hear from three KIPPsters who are protected by DACA.
By Adam Bellow
eduTecherTV is an educational podcast that shows teachers and students how to use Webtools and better integrate various technologies into their academic life.
By Chris Maguire
Hi, my name's Chris! I am a digital technologies specialist teacher. To support my Masters of Ed. studies, l decided to record my conversations and reflections. These conversations are a contribution for fellow educators who are also... Lifelong Learners!
By Magnus Erlandsson
Journalisten Magnus Erlandsson träffar en spännande forskare och reder ut vetenskapliga mysterier.
By David Platt
Covina High School GenYes students talking tech, events, and tech tips
By Learn Spanish with Español Argento
Learn Spanish with Español Argento
By Jennifer Cronk
This show is all about functioning in an ever increasing digital world with learning disabilities. Created by Jennifer Cronk who is dyslexic and has executive dysfunction, this show is designed to empower students, teachers, and parents to assist learning for all students.
By vito villani
podcast di storia
By Vito Villani
Lezioni di didattica semplificata
By Robert Rozema
A series of young adult book talks, produced by English Education students at Grand Valley State University
Some podcasts from the best class in the school
By Mr. Barlow
This podcast is for students studying Year 9 Science, with each episode covering one discreet topic of study. Great to listen to a specific episode before a test, yet concise enough to listen to an entire semester before an exam.
By 김용현
용인대학교 컴퓨터정보학과
Bienvenidos a ¡YO AHORRO!, un espacio con la información que te ayuda a hacer un excelente uso de tu dinero y de tus opciones de crédito, para que construyas tu futuro hoy. Presentado por la Cooperativa Capital Humano SADM.
By Centre audiovisuel Saint-Luc
La série d'enregistrements proposée sur cette page illustre quelques uns des usages pédagogiques envisageables dans le cadre de la diffusion “ video-podcast ”. Les outils et les moyens de captation varient selon les contextes de production : • enregistrement direct par l’utilisateur à l'aide d'un enregistreur numérique pendant un cours, staff, ... ; • captation à partir d'un ordinateur et d'un logiciel adapté disponible au Centre Audiovisuel ; • réalisation professionnelle dans le cad...
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By CU Web Development
Advice and insight into consumer financial decisions and matters.
By Rock Lessing
Hurlyvale Primary School is LIVE on their Revolutionary new Online Radio Station. Updates, news, music, interviews & much more!!!
By 106 JACKfm Oxfordshire
106 JACKfm, working in partnership with OxTreeGen, have been looking into how we can all help preserve the future of Oxfordshire from an environmental point of view. In these podcast episodes we hear from experts and find out what we can do to be that bit greener here in Oxfordshire!
By Peter Elvidge & Toni Quest
Peter Elvidge CEO of The Perseverance Network. The Perseverance Network is a multi online platform network full of incredible content in hopes to motivate educate and inspire its viewers. Twitter @peterelvidge @PERSEVERANCENET @PE_NETWORKS Facebook PERSEVERANCE NETWORK Perseverance Network News Perseverance Entertainment Network Perseverance Network Promotions Instagram @pete.2010 @peterelvidge TONI QUEST, MAED/AET, BFA Artist, Author, Educator, Life C...
By Max Pears
The Level Design Lobby, breaks down game and level design techniques, showing how they are used within games, as well as how we can improve upon them. It also shares reading material to its audience, while providing interviews with industry professionals. Please Subscribe ---- Twitter: Website:
By The Membership Guys
Join Callie Willows from The Membership Guys for no-hype and no-fluff discussions with membership site owners about the highs, lows and day to day realities of running a paid membership website. Real people, real stories, real memberships.
By Keiner Chará
Metricool es la herramienta de medición para redes sociales que hace el trabajo de social media más sencillo, ahorra tiempo y apoya cualquier estrategia en canales sociales. El canal de Metricool, entrenamiento en Marketing digital para social media, es una escuela virtual para formar y enseñar a profesionales y amateurs en el maravilloso mundo de las redes sociales, marketing online y emprendedores.
By Keiner Chará
Podcast de semanal de Marketing Digital para Emprendedores. Aquí hablaremos de todas las estrategias, técnicas y tácticas del Marketing en Internet. A través de entrevistas con Emprendedores aprenderás que herramientas, métodos y tips son adecuados para potenciar tu marca. Yo soy Keiner Chará, Comunicador Social, Emprendedor Digital, Podcaster y YouTuber. ¡Vamos a hacer que tu marca sea rentable!
By Jason Swenk
SwenkToday is a daily show that documents the entrepreneur journey of building another multimillion dollar business, where he share the latest strategies, and answers the most burning questions agencies & entrepreneurs have.
By Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
Discussions about making the Tech industry in Africa more effective and rewarding
By Universidad Anahuac Mayab
Concentra los contenidos referentes a la areas tematicas: Mecatronica, Sistemas, Tecnologias de la Informacion, Ingenieria Civil, Ingenieria Industrial.
By Foreningen Argument
OutLawz handler om jura, tech og hvordan fremtiden ser ud. Vi ønsker at give lytteren et indblik i, hvad der er af spændende tendenser indenfor den juridiske branche, og tale med dem som har bevæget sig ud i ukendt farvand.
By Dr Andrew Kan
There are many misunderstandings and myths around donating eggs or sperm in Australia. IVF expert Dr Andrew Kan explains the most common questions he is asked in his practice working as an IVF Specialist for IVF Australia.
By 考研小助手
@考研小助手 出品 【微信:kaoyanxzs】 每周1~2期,分享最有价值的考研干货,和研友聊聊天!!
By 曹老师的高中数学课
By Welding
From the heart of The Motor City comes a podcast dedicated to welding, the blue collar trades and building the American work force. Join host Jimmy McKnight as he discusses hot topic subjects of industry as well as interviewing welders and welding educators, blue collar entrepreneurs & the occasional celebrity guest. 
By A.J. Juliani
I'm A.J. Juliani. As a father of four crazy kids, author, and a public school teacher turned Director of Innovation I'm sharing strategies, resources, interviews, rants, and practical ways to innovate right now. We look at all the innovative solutions you wish they taught you in grad school, and how to bring back creativity into our schools today (oh, and we definitely have fun while doing it!).
By Dr. Ryan Straight
A weekly podcast by Dr. Ryan Straight, an assistant professor of Educational Technology at the University of Arizona, on geeking out while navigating the changing landscape of higher education.
By Moodle, LMS, EdTech
Listen to a summary of the most important news from the Moodleverse over the past week. This is the official podcast of, the most comprehensive privately operated resource for news, information and resources related to Moodle, the world's most popular learning management system.
By Plano, Texas
Learn about the great people that make up the Christie Elementary family in Plano, Texas!
By Grant Sanderson, Ben Eater, Ben Stenhaug
A podcast by Grant Sanderson, Ben Eater and Ben Stenhaug about education, technology, and whatever else comes to mind.
Come and listen to dental practice management expert, and CEO of NextLevel Practice, Gary Kadi talk about the dental industry and how it's changing in today's day and age.
By Ashutosh Nandeshwar
A show about how data and technology are shaping our world every day with your host Ashutosh Nandeshwar, PhD. Most popular topics: data, machine learning, AI, start up, success, career, advice, storytelling. Learn more about the host at
By Adontaus Frazier Presents True Opinion Podcast
True Opinion Podcast is Intelligent, witty, honest, we’re giving you the raw opinion on relationships, politics, celebrities, religion, hair, kids, food, everything is up for grabs and no one is safe! Welcome to the home of the True Opinion Podcast.
By Chris O’Connell, MEd, MSN, RN
A Professional Development podcast for nurses.
By Aaron Golematis
Questionable Audio talks about who they are, and what they want B)>+ reach out to them on facebook at and @QuestionableAUD on Twitter email your questions to [email protected]
By Eli Mazour
Eli started Clause 8 because he loves talking about intellectual property issues, finding out people's stories, and asking questions. Eli hopes to share his conversations with the most interesting people in the intellectual property community through Clause 8.
By Carrie Conover
Carrie Conover is a passionate educator that has visited hundreds of classrooms across the nation. In this podcast, she and one guest educator discuss transforming teaching and learning. Each podcast will share 3 concepts you can bring back to your school or classroom to create an innovative and engaging environment for students.
By Tyler McGinnis
Tyler McGinnis is an educator and an open source engineer. In this podcast, he decodes the implementation details of successful Software Engineers.