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By Angela Kelly Robeck
The Empowered Principal is designed to offer tools and strategies that no other elementary principal resource provides - exercises that strengthen your emotional fitness as an educational leader. Former teacher, principal, district administrator, and Certified Life Coach Angela Kelly Robeck discusses why elementary principals feel complete overwhelm, ways to approach the issue of time, how to build authentic relationships with staff, parents, students, and district officials, and how to enjo...
By WAMC Northeast Public Radio
Every day, faculty members at schools and universities throughout the world are making discoveries that shape our ways of thinking and redefine our understanding of today's knowledge-driven society. Since 1990, The Best of Our Knowledge has highlighted breakthroughs across disciplines and across the globe, putting you in touch with the men and women at the forefront of their fields. Each week this program examines some of the issues unique to college campuses, looks at the latest research, an...
By Francis Yu
This is podcast is about documenting the journey of an poor person to try to make his first million in the business world and want to share the journey and difficulty that he faces. He will share different ideas and strategies that he learns from different mentors and he would put it into work to see if the advice works.
By Lärbyrån Digicy
Sedan vi startade Lärbyrån Digicy har vi varje vecka lagt en timme tillsammans där vi spånar kring idéer och nyheter inom digitalt lärande. Vi kallar det för lärbyråtid. För oss, som konsulter och utbildningsentreprenörer, är det ett viktigt sätt att hålla oss uppdaterade och att dela erfarenheter och tankar kring en bransch som är i ständig förändring. Hösten 2017 öppnade vi upp våra samtal för allmänheten genom den här podden. Välkommen med i samtalen!
By Marc Lladó
Podcast en el que os hablaré de historias, anécdotas y experiencias de mi día a día, que podrían ser de cualquiera de vosotros, y las relacionaremos con el marketing online y el diseño web.
By Kyle Walker
3 NJ buds talk spuds on Potato: A Talkshow About Anything and Everything Potatoes. Each episode, friends Kyle, Cem, and Matt talk a different potato related topic, but typically only Cem knows that topic, forcing Kyle and Matt to do their research (or lack thereof) in roughly real time. Learn the history of the potato (and the nefarious sweet potato sometimes) and potato-related foods with recipes, nutrition facts, and near-endless tangents about nonsense.
By administrator
Le soufisme est répandu dans le monde islamique. Les gens, à son égard, sont divisés en deux parties : la première l’approuve tandis que l’autre le désapprouve. À quelle partie le vrai musulman doit-il adhérer ? Doit-il s’attacher à ses partisans, ou bien doit-il s’en éloigner ? Quels sont les fondements du soufisme ? Comment les soufis adorent-ils Allah ? Suivent-ils réellement la sounna du Prophète ? Le soufisme est-il la voie de la paix et du salut ? Le prophète de l’Islam était-il soufi ?...
By Scott McKenna
A podcast about Business, Cinematography, Photography, Tech and just about everything else.
By Random Badassery
These are the episode archive for the former conversational format of the Random Badassery podcast with Chad Hall & Lam Nguyen. Check out the new format: Creative Minds | A Random Badassery Podcast (https://creativeminds.fireside.fm) Archives of Chad's now-defunct solo podcast What I Wanna Talk About are also included as bonus episodes. Enjoy.
By 重塑心灵心理康复中心
By Millennial Trader Podcast
We are two guys who trade stocks, We are millennials and we want to track our progress together.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
O quinto reitor da Universidade de Vigo, Salustiano Mato, tomou este venres posesión do seu cargo nun acto no que os agradecementos e ás referencias ao financiamento do sistema universitario protagonizaron os discursos tanto do novo reitor, como do seu antecesor no cargo, Alberto Gago e do presidente da Xunta Alberto Núñez Feijóo.
By Antoinette / Anchor
I found what I was most passionate about when I ventured outside of the forensic lab and discovered community outreach. I was born and raised in Philly with 17 years experience working as a forensic scientist. Connect with me on #womeninforensics
By Jeffrey A. Aman
Florida lawyer Jeff Aman, empowering you with the legal information you need to be happier and more successful in just 7 minutes. Jeff offers friendly, helpful information about Florida Law.
By Korbin Voss
Join Korbin Voss, ghost writer of over 100 ebooks, entrepreneur, and now author himself, as he takes you on the journey of becoming a published author and discusses writing and the industry along the way!
By Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk
Become a great business storyteller and build your repertoire of stories you can tell to engage, influence and inspire at work. Join Shawn Callahan and Mark Schenk from Anecdote as they share great stories to tell, why they work and when to tell them.
By Lou and Leah
We are educators and parents whose children attend public school. Our goal is to bring the perspectives of educators and the community together so we can all reach a better understanding of one another.
By Kimberly Daniel
Bridging the gap between school and home through communication and collaboration.
By Ukrainian Moms in Toronto
Podcast by Ukrainian Moms in Toronto
By Fight For Our Freedom Network
Who our Legacy is bestowed upon.
By Fight For Our Freedom Network
Our goal is to Educate about the American Militia
By Jennaye Fennell
Welcome to Fennell Adventures, a show about, "Living life to the fullest!" You should listen because you will be inspired!
By Femi Ajose
Femi answers a few questions from his social media following and talks about his upbringing,who inspires him, Forging your own path, and more.
By Rubino & Liang
Just Don’t Lose the Money is the Greater Boston area’s leading radio talk show devoted entirely to the needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement. Each week, we discuss issues and challenges that matter most to those planning for retirement or who are already retired. Tune into Rubino and Liang’s Just Don’t Lose the Money radio show for a weekly rundown on retirement planning.
By MoneyMoeFamous / Anchor
My podcast it’s about relationships life how to become a better person day in the life
By Nxsive
A master mind podcast for the cryptocurrency enthusiast. News, tips and trends with some of the brightest minds in the game.
By Orange Media Network
Inspiration Dissemination is an award-winning radio program that occurs Sunday nights at 7PM Pacific on KBVR Corvallis, 88.7FM. Each week on the program, we host a different graduate student worker from Oregon State University to talk about their lives and passion for research here at the university. By presenting these stories, we can present the diverse, human element of graduate research that is often hidden from the public view.
By Mamaroneck Associated Press
Podcast by Mamaroneck Associated Press
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Acto académico celefrado na ETSE Industrial con motivo da celebrtación de San Xosé, patrón da escola. Ó acto acudiron numerosas personalidades e na que o Doutor Enxeñeiro Industrial D. Guillermo Lusa Monforte deu unha conferencia sobre "150 anos de Enxeñaría Industrial en España". No acto fixose entrega tamén dos diplomas a docentes e estudantes que estan a piques de ffinalizar a carreira.
Ink and Brain Monsters is a twice a month podcast bringing mental health into the light. We talk to creatives in a wide range of field about managing health, struggles and triumphs and remind us all that we're not alone with our monsters. 
By Phil Strunk
Taking you through the victories and challenges of teaching middle school social studies. Follow me on Twitter @MrPStrunk
By administrator
Il convient au musulman sincère de connaître son Seigneur. Ceci est fondamental et mérite toute l’attention du croyant. En effet, qui d’entre nous ne souhaite pas connaître son Créateur ? Si vous aimez quelqu’un, vous chercherez à connaître tout sur lui. Qu’est-ce que nous savons réellement d’Allah ? Nous affirmons aimer personne d’autre autant qu’Allah, mais le connaissons-nous vraiment ? Le Coran et la sunna soulignent l’importance pour les croyants d’avoir le cœur illuminé par le souvenir ...
By DRMikkelsen / Anchor
My podcast is still be about whatever I'm thinking about, into, doing, etc.
By John B. Jamison - Storyteller
Join John's conversation about how to create better learning activities, write more engaging stories, improve a marketing program, facilitate change in an organization , survive personal life changes, how to survive raising a three-year-old, how to celebrate 47 years of marriage, and more. Just Good Stories is about more than simply how to tell stories. It's about how to use the power of "story" to connect and engage with others in ways that make the world a better place. Theirs and yours.
By Diluted Confusion Podcast
Diluted Confusion is all about getting a better understanding of topics that society don't really openly talk about. My name's Jas and this is my journey to broaden my mind... if you feel that you need the same kind of goal, you can come along too.
By Western Connecticut State University
Podcast by Western Connecticut State University
By Colorado Bar Association CLE
Colorado CLE Podcast programs produced by Colorado Bar Association CLE
By Gary A. Crow, Ph.D.
Do you ever have to work with people who absolutely, totally, and unequivocally drive you up the wall? Do you sometimes feel like climbing the wall all by yourself as the quickest way to escape from those people? Are there those days when you struggle with the nearly irresistible impulse to turn into a ranting, raving maniac? Is there that one person who gets you so uptight that you don't know whether to throw your office key in his face and walk out or just sit down and cry? If you are sayin...
By Afeez Kay
Hate electric cars? Think they’re glorified golf carts that only a tree-huggin’ vegan would be seen dead in? Well, here’s the news: everyone started there, but you’ve gotta be blind not to see that electric cars right now are taking over the world. They’re super-car fast, micro-car frugal, and best of all, they’re dolphin-friendly. If you love saving the planet, you’ll love It’s Electric, the web’s most highly-charged electric car podcast.
By Hablemos Merca
Hablamos sobre mercadotecnia
By Spencer “Lion Heart” Dearing / Anchor
LHL EmpoweRadio will dig deep into subjects and topics that may expand your mind. With sprinkles of comedy on top. 💥Episodes will be mainly dedicated to Self-Empowerment which will help YOU understand Self-Awareness and The Three Pillars of Power: Functional Medicine, Functional Fitness, Spirituality.
By Waldemar Ramos Junior
Vídeos e dicas jurídicas relacionadas com o direito processual civil, trabalhista e previdenciário. Abordamos os principais procedimentos com linguagem simples e acessível. Abordamos, ainda, os procedimentos administrativos do INSS.
By Waldemar Ramos Junior
Vídeos e dicas jurídicas relacionadas aos benefícios do Regime Geral de Previdência Social INSS, Reforma da Previdência, aposentadoria por invalidez, idade, tempo de contribuição e pensão por morte.
By Waldemar Ramos Junior
Vídeos e dicas jurídicas relacionadas aos principais direitos do trabalhador, tais como: rescisão do contrato do trabalho, demissão com ou sem justa causa, trabalho intermitente, reforma trabalhista, processo trabalhista, dentre outros temas.
By Waldemar Ramos Junior
Vídeos e dicas sobre os aspectos jurídicos do casamento, divórcio, guarda de menores, interdição, união estável, regime de bens no casamento e responsabilidade civil no âmbito da família.
Med amelias podd JOBBLIV vill vi inspirera och stärka kvinnor om allt från karriär, utbildning, starta eget till kontroll över sin tid och sin ekonomi. Varannan vecka intervjuar vi en kvinna med en gripande och angelägen historia som många kan relatera till. Till varje historia kopplas tips och råd, som också återfinns i våra andra kanaler.
By Justin M. Jacobs
A college history of East Asia, minus debt, dorms, and diplomas. Hosted by Justin M. Jacobs, professor of history at American University.
By Premier Dance Network
Welcome to On Pointe with Robyn Jutsum! Listen in as Robyn describes and discusses life as a millennial professional dancer. The show will focus on the transition from student to professional and what life is like for the modern day ballerina starting out in New York City. In this introduction, you will learn a little about Robyn herself and what to expect from the show moving forward.
By Jean / Anchor
It abut Self improvement, how to discipline yourself to start doing the thing that u need to do
By Christine Backhaus
#MACKENFREI - Dein Podcast für KARRIERE UND BEZIEHUNG IM DIALOG verbindet Wissen und Inspiration für erfolgreiche Menschen, die sich manchmal "selbst im Wege stehen”. Ich helfe Dir dabei, Dein Potenzial und Deine Persönlichkeit voll zu entfalten. Mit Tipps, Geschichten aus dem wahren Leben und Experteninterviews bringst Du Deine PS auf die Straße... was immer das für jeden hier bedeuten mag. Christine Backhaus ist KARRIERE- und BEZIEHUNGSEXPERTIN und Vollblutunternehmerin für psycholog...
By Michel Mélinot
Bienvenue dans l'émission remplie d'idées pour te créer une vie sur mesure : si toi aussi tu veux vivre pour tes projets à toi au lieu de suivre une voie toute tracée.
By Gunnar Brehme
In diesem Podcast erfährst du, wie du das Beste aus deinem Leben machst und deinen Platz findest. Du bekommst ehrliche Erfahrungen von einem Familienvater mitten aus dem Leben.
By EY Ireland
The EY Academy Podcast is designed for third level students. It is a platform to provide further insight from a business perspective on what you are learning in the classroom. Professors and Lectures from colleges around the country submit questions and experts within our business answer them. Its casual, in a relaxed format and hopefully really informative. Coming soon – The EY Career Hub where we advise students on everything from what a graduate programme is to how to perform great at in...
By Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
Readings and commentary on the book "The Island" by Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro given by Ajahn Amaro during the 2017 Amaravati Winter Retreat.
By John Leh
In today's rapidly changing business environment, the most successful organizations understand the value of learning. So how can your organization gain a competitive edge by making the most of modern learning systems? Join John Leh, Lead Analyst and Founder of Talented Learning, on his mission to help organizations everywhere transform learning programs for employees, customers, channel partners and others across the extended enterprise value chain. Along the way, John interviews the world's...
By Power of Families
The Power of Families is an online community of purposeful parents working towards peace, order and joy in their personal lives and in their homes while helping their children develop the positive character traits and values that will bring them happiness and success in life.
By Joe Mueller
The real estate investment world is filled with late night infomericals, free seminars hosted by Reality TV show stars that lead to weekend boot camps and eventually empty wallets. The Investor Empowerment Radio Show was created as the host's outlet to provide free educational information intending to motivate and inspire the listener. You'll hear from the host and the show's guests years of experience to help guide you on your path to a successful real estate investment business!
By Jill Angie
The Not Your Average Runner Podcast teaches plus-size, mid-life women practical ways to start running in the body they have right now. Certified Running & Life Coach Jill Angie combines her real-life experience and coaching wisdom to help women find joy in learning to run in a way that honors their unique size, shape, speed or age. You’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy running when you know how to do it! Download a free one-week jumpstart plan to get started today at www.notyourav...
By Wisconsin Worship Summit
The Wisconsin Worship Summit is a one day event to equip, train, resource, grow, and network those who lead worship ministries and those who serve in them. This podcast hopes to introduce leaders and their teams to session speakers before they arrive at the summits as well as dialogue about those subjects most important to us all. Find out more info at wisconsinworshipsummit.org
By Ross Kaplan-Winn: Podcasting & Marketing Educator
Learn how to podcast... and a lot more. We'll be focused on learning how to podcast, but you'll also learn SEO, marketing, online advertising, and the business of podcasting. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now
By Dennis Humphrey
History told by The Cavalcade of America is a well-done, factual show, and is a wonderful resource for all those who are interested in historical highlights and lesser-known episodes. Famed historians and writers worked on the show, and the actors were many of the best from the stage, screen and radio. equivalent to the current A&E Biography channel, and History channel's offerings. It can be a wonderful show to listen to with grade schoolers, or the entire family gathered 'round, like i...
By Dr Dottie Hager
Listen in with your host Dr. Dottie Hager as we explore new models of aging to see what is possible during this new and exciting time of our lives.
By Educators for Excellence
For educators, by educators, Teacher Voice is the only podcast that sits down with real educators to discuss the policies and issues that are affecting their classrooms, profession, and most importantly their students.
By InitiativeWorks Pty Ltd
Are you working on projects, change initiatives or in portfolio management? PMO Fireside is a weekly program that delivers valuable insights and ideas for anyone that is working on a change initiative or within a project group. Organisations know the importance of ensuring staff work effectively together to achieve maximum results. When staff work together in a functional manner, the organisational goals and visions become a reality. PMO Fireside is an informal chat show that looks at how...
By Alex Cheek
Podcast by Alex Cheek
By Stacey Cogswell & Justice Sikikane
Stories of Salesforce Trailblazers including SME's, Thought Leaders, Admins, Developers, and Evangelists in the Salesforce Ecosystem discussing their journeys with Trailhead.
By Danielle Knight
Welcome to all the teachers using technology in their classroom! Teachers are changing the way they used to teach and providing students with the learning tools that will take them into the 21st century. Join Danielle Knight in the evolution of teaching everywhere. Blended learning might be better, so let's talk about why and how to make it happen. Grades K-12. Not on a "paper diet?" That's okay, neither am I!
By Charles Sturt University Library
Podcasts containing up to date information about the Charles Sturt University Library.
By Tanya Stevenson
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, get all the information and the latest updates, tips, and tricks from The Park Avenue Properties Team - your professional Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents.
By Triad CUSD 2
A podcast brought to you by Triad Community Unit School District #2 in Troy, IL about what your kids are learning, how they're learning, and ideas on how to strengthen the school-home partnership.
By Vrine Canon
Respectons ensemble la Réglementation Sanitaire !
By crosscitychurch.org
Gathering in Historic German Village. Living for Jesus in all of Columbus.
By Vivien Boyibanga
Entrepreneur, Consultant Business et Funnel et conférencier ici pour aider les autres à vivre leur passion et à découvrir leurs vies idéales.
By Laura Yamin and Clara jackson
What to Read Next Podcast is hosted by Laura Yamin and Clara Jackson. We are two friends who are passionate about books and love to share our favorite book recommendations.
By Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia
O Estúdio CBR é um programa transmitido ao vivo pelo Workplace, no grupo Acontece CBR, toda quintas-feiras, às 19h e todas às sextas-feiras no Soundcloud, no qual especialistas debatem os mais variados assuntos relacionados à área radiológica e dá aos espectadores a oportunidade de fazer comentários e tirar dúvidas com os convidados sobre os tópicos abordados durante a transmissão. O programa já foi dedicado a temas como inteligência artificial, defesa profissional, impressão 3D, aspectos at...
By Miami University College of Education, Health & Society
Podcast by Miami University College of Education, Health & Society
By Kate Meeks
'Your Favourite Teacher' is a companion for Secondary students. These podcasts are made to aid in the revision for students sitting GCSE Maths
By Household Tips Podcast
Have you ever wondered why things like making your bed seem like a drag? Try listening to this great podcast to help you out around your house and save time and money. email: [email protected] email: [email protected]
By Just The 4 of Us
A Pod Cast about everyday things we perhaps don't give too much thought to.
By Art dramatique 231
Chaine des élèves de Sylvain Desautels en art dramatique de l'Académie Lafontaine, St-Jérôme, Québec, Canada. Canal de diffusion des critiques théâtrales.
By Deirdre Rose Sabo
Equestrian Life Coaching Tips, tricks, hacks, and exercises
By Manga Sensei / Anchor
Learn Japanese 365 days a year with easy to understand grammar explanations, language hacks, and tips and tricks from the pros.
By Soul Of S.O.L.E. / Anchor
S.O.L.E.=Self Organized Learning Environments. We ask Big Questions and have our global community of youths discover possible answers. Join the community to pose Big Qs and/or jump in to the fun of uncovering answers.
Using empirical data to better lead your sales team.
By Lessen van het paard - PODCAST
Podcast over de lessen die ik leer van de paarden om mij heen en de inspiratie die ze mij geven. Connectie & Communicatie ⭐️ Biomechanica & Gezond Gymnastiseren ⭐️ Rijden, Grondwerk & Werken aan de hand ⭐️ van Veulen tot Piaffe
By Bosma Enterprises
Podcast by Bosma Enterprises
By Penn State Teach Ag
Podcast by Penn State Teach Ag
By Chris Cantwell
An education podcast featuring interviews with dedicated and reflective educators to tap into their wisdom, share their best ideas, and try to make better sense of the modern state and purpose of teaching.
By Ethan Weitz
Homeschool Talks is an informative podcast about all things homeschooling. We feature exciting interviews with homeschoolers from all walks of life as well as leaders and influencers in the homeschool movement. Each episode is packed with practical tips, inspiring stories, and more.
Der Kultur- und Medienpodcast aus und um München. Gäste erzählen in längeren Takes über ihre Projekte, Ausstellungen, Konzerte. Der Moderator moderiert.
By Christina Harbak
A podcast about composting, recycling, waste reduction, the 3 R's and philosophy about waste. Hosted by Christina in the context of Edmonton, Alberta (or YEG for short), which is home to one of the world's most advanced waste management facilities. YEG Trash Talk will explore the basic actions everyday citizens can take on, philosophies around waste and waste reduction, and discuss news and exciting advances in the world of waste.
By FluentRussia
Channel dedicated to English Language learning. Word of the day, idioms, random facts, professional English, and how to practise speaking English.
By Apartment 5
Podcast by Apartment 5
By Art dramatique 232
Chaine des élèves de Sylvain Desautels en art dramatique de l'Académie Lafontaine, St-Jérôme, Québec, Canada. Canal de diffusion des critiques théâtrales.
By Stig Seberg & Søren Lassen
Podcast by Stig Seberg & Søren Lassen