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By bulubulu / Anchor
17years in China

Journey with Christ

By Ama Dzifa Ahiable / Anchor
Welcome to the Journey with Christ podcast. Let’s all share our various journeys

Get Famous

By Logan Tyler Nelson / Anchor
Be Your Ideas is about building your brand. Marketing tactics, lead generation, social media, business and relationship building.

Keep Smiling

By Janis Weninger / Anchor
Willkommen bei meinen Podcasts, hier wird es um die verschiedensten Themen gehen, von Selbstdisziplin, über Selbstfindung und achtsamkeit, naturwissenschaften, der Numerologie und Astrologie bis hin zu Verhaltens- und Denkmustern.

Penny Wise

By Constantine J Kitrinos / Anchor
Penny Wise is a financial literacy segment designed to provide insight and education on all things financial.

Reframing History

By Julian C. Chambliss / Anchor
A critical reflection on community, power, and identity in the New South.

Lets Talk Horses

By Tanja Kraus / Anchor
Welcome to our Let's Talk Horses Podcast! We will be talking all things horses, for all people, all horses, all disciplines.


Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Tim Rayne talks about Personal Injury, Insurance and Litigation topics.

Stoic Sessions: A Commercial Real Estate Conversation

By James Moreno
A show dedicated to exploring top Commercial producers and hands on training in the field.

Wiser Future

By Kenneth Lee
Father and Son Coming Together To Bridge The Gap Between Young And Older Thinking! Important Convo That Need To be Had From A Father And Son. Sharing Wisdom And New Perspective! All To Create A WISER FUTURE!

Moler’s Musings

By Moler’s Musings / Anchor
This podcast series is an extension of my blog: Moler’s Musings. In the last 2 years, my "why" for teaching has changed drastically. I went from content driven to relationship driven. This podcast offers me a way to share the changes, inspirations, and happenings taking place in Room 303.

Progress Daily Show

By John Hill
Practical tips on finding your direction and solving the world's biggest issues

Buy or Sell, What The Hell?!

By Podcast by BlockEdge Capital
A Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency podcast that is focused on trading and investing. Hosts interview guests and discuss the latest news in the markets. Follow us for bi-weekly market updates and conversation!

Christian Apologetics Project

By Paul Derengowski, PhD
Always Ready

Sexology Institute

By Sexology Institute
The Sexology Institute in San Antonio, Texas is a destination for connoisseurs of the sensual. Its comprehensive services include sex coaching, licensed relationship counseling, adult sex education, an intimacy boutique, and a variety of public and private events. Our podcast contains stories by our staff, interviews with those in the sexological community, and just about everything we can think of that's within our sexual purview.

Game Changers GIM Institute

By Global Innovation Management Institute
Podcast by Global Innovation Management Institute

MSSM Conversations

By Maine School of Science and Mathematics
The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) is a tuition-free, public, residential high school that enrolls students from across the state and serves over 500 students each year through its academic and summer offerings. In 2017, U.S.News and World Report ranked the Maine School of Science and Mathematics the 19th best high school out of nearly 22,000 public high schools nationwide, and the 6th best magnet school.


By Joanne静由心生
错综复杂的世界,一枚八卦就可诠释。《易经》将世界抽象为“乾、坤、离、坎、震、巽、艮、兑”几个意象,配以五行、时空,生出无穷变化。“天地定位,山泽通气,雷风相薄。”《易经》里的“变”大气磅礴,无处不在。事无常,但有理,把握了规律,就掌握了事态发展的方向。 南先生的解读深入浅出,趣味十足。“要找一个人坐轿子,慢慢抬他,蛮有意思的,抬到最后大家都成功了。” 。“人在跌倒时,就原来跌倒的姿势,在地上稍停一下,一点都不要动,静一下后,慢慢起来,生命的本能恢复了,不会受伤。”。“马喜欢走逆风,牛喜欢走顺水”。


By Joseph L Santry
Podcast by Joseph L Santry

Village Mama

By Char Lekx
Village Mama podcast is all about exploring motherhood. We talk about the journey of motherhood, the lessons we’ve learned and what techniques we’ve implemented that have resonated well with our children. Deep connection and honest story sharing…dude, this is the kind of stuff that brings me joy. So, I wanted to create a space where I can lift up and promote the voices of moms I know (and know of) who are doing their very best. Village Mama aims to explore the lives of mothers like you and ...

DRWCH Marketing Podcast

By Feras Darwich
Wir werden Euch wöchentlich über unserem Alltag am Laufenden halten, Euch kostenfreien Content zur Verfügung stellen und Tipps und Hacks verraten. DRWCH MARKETING ist eine Content Manufaktur aus Dresden mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Socials und Emotions.

Family Style Theology

By 1517 Podcasts
Host, Cindy Koch explores theological topics through family conversation. Joined by her children, this show aims to explore essential questions in a way that is not only theologically satisfying but accessible to the whole family.


By Grace4Dyslexia
Podcasts of Christian Encouragement

Mase Abroad Podcast

By Mason Stewart
People from all over world sharing their experiences teaching and traveling abroad.

Connected Roots

By Humane Education Coalition
The Humane Education Coalition's podcast, Connected Roots, is an acclaimed venue for humane news, insights, education tips, resources, and more. Connected Roots features inspiring interviews and stories from experts in the field of humane education.

Sometimes Music Just Happens

By Meltybrains?
Inspired by our love of podcasts that take apart music, and discuss it in great detail, we decided to do one of our own. 'Sometimes Music Just Happens' is a podcast where we discuss the writing and recording and influences of Meltybrains? music! Want to know how a Meltybrains? song is written?! This is the podcast for you! This is an in depth Podcast on the writing and recording of Meltybrains? music.

Pete Wells Sensory Stories Podcast

By Pete Wells
Welcome to this brand new podcast which will delve into the wonderful world of Sensory Stories with your illegible host, Pete Wells! Each episode, there will be chat, tips news and terrible jokes all about the wonderful world of sensory stories. Most importantly, each episode will feature a sensory story to share with your very special listeners. After the story, Pete will deconstruct each part of the story, explaining why and how certain props are used, the educational benefits of them and ...

Why I Bike

By Jim Fullerton
Bicycle tourist, traveler, adventurer - there are many titles for people who get on a bike and pedal for hundreds and thousands of miles. Be it weeks, months , or years, those people who take up riding a bicycle for adventure are fascinating individuals. Why I Bike Podcast tracks down these people, during their adventure or in between, and asks them, "Why do you bike?"

Moments of Messiah

By Dr. Sheldon John
Endangered : A Father's Fate Malachi 41:1-6 Genesis 2:18-23


By BrainStorm9000
Welcome to the world of BrainStorm9000! Join hosts Dr. Shalts and Master McMaster as they navigate the most pressing issues in our modern world and how they affect our brains, our lives, and our happiness.

KCC 133

By Christopher Flanigan and Rachel Daugherty
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About DELO But Were Afraid To Ask!

So, You Got A Scholarship?

By SYGS Podcast
The Highs and Lows of Academia

Des Expériences d'Ecole

By Charlotte et Bapeuh
Des expériences d’école part d’un constat simple : on ne parle jamais de l’école dès qu’on en sort. Un ami pense que c’est parce que c’est un sujet tabou en France. D’autres pensent que c’est simplement parce que nous n’en avons pas le temps ou l’envie. Nous pensons plutôt que c’est parce que nous n’accordons aucune place aux enfants dans nos conversations d’adulte. Pas même à l’enfant que nous avons été. Nous avons créés ce podcast car nous croyons intensément en la puissance des lieux d’app...

Camilo Moreano Coach

By Camilo Moreano
Sobre Camilo Moreano ... Negociador Internacional, especialista en Marketing Digital, Growth hacker y experto en metodologías de capacitación, entrenamiento y motivación de fuerzas de ventas de todos los sectores. Coach de habilidades comerciales y de negociación.

Back to Africa

By La Tribu des Talents
Bienvenue sur Back to Africa, le podcast qui donne la parole à ces talents qui ont fait le choix de l'Afrique.Chaque épisode vous fera entrer dans l’intimité de personnalités authentiques aux parcours inspirants.Notre objectif ? Vous présenter une Afrique urbaine, cosmopolite, créative, entreprenante et responsable. Et pourquoi pas vous inspirer ?Pour rejoindre notre tribu : ABONNEZ VOUS !

Talking Taboo: Season 1

By Paul Schulz, Tej Joshi, Portia Baudisch
Treat yourself to an unconventional serving of controversy with a side of humor. Paul Schulz, Portia Baudisch and Tej Joshi are trailblazing an uncanny meal known as Talking Taboo that will leave you starving for more. Season 1 is jam-packed with hours of discussion on topics that stray into unorthodox territory and with the help of expert guests every week, our hosts will ask the questions you want the answers to.

From Scratch

By From Scratch
Nigel is a former chief learning officer and now teaches, consults and writes books on leadership, learning and people development. Martin is a journalist, editor, curator and publisher.

Papo Cético – Mitografias

By Mitografias
Mitologias, lendas, religião, história, psicologia e pensamento científico.

Care to Learn Podcast

By Care to Learn Podcast
Ausmed Education Corporate Website

Pardon My Ignorance

By Lukas Pesa
Podcast by Lukas Pesa

Freedom By Friday

By Joel Maly
Freedom By Friday is the premier personal development podcast for young professionals and entrepreneurs. Each episode will bring you inspiration that leads to action, such that you create more FUN, more FREEDOM, and more FULFILLMENT in your life.

Morbid and Maniacal

By Stephanie Garza
This podcast is meant to bring to you some of the haunted places and objects in history, demented murder cases, morbid facts, paranormal activities, and even just plain weird occurrences. The drink of choice is always a mystery. Will we be mellow or high on sugar? Listen to find out!

NWP - Champaign

By Stephen Stanger
You found the podcast feed for the University of Illinois Writing Project 2018 Summer Institute. This feed will only last a few months, so download the episodes while you can! Enjoy!

I Choose Cannabis PodCast

By Todd Mitchem Companies
We are I Choose Cannabis, a weekly Podcast and talk format show that tackles cannabis education, government discussion and in general works to educate consumers, parents, officials and all people about cannabis. We seek to inform and educate. [email protected]

Worst of the Week Podcast

By Worst of the Week
Worst of the Week is a weekly podcast looking into some of the worst events that occurred through the previous week in history.


By Chris Richardson and Ellie Mackay
WonderLabs is a science and tech podcast brought to you by science communicators Chris Richardson and Ellie Mackay. Each episode explores the work of academics from different fields, bringing them out of the lab to talk about how their research is changing the world.

Simple Science Podcast

By Simple Podcasts
Тус подкаст нь баримт судалгаанд тулгуурласан, шинжлэх ухааны ямарваа нэгэн сэдвийн талаар та бүхэнтэй ярилцах болно. Мөн сүүлийн үеийн Трэнд сэдвийн талаар хүргэнэ. with Simple Podcasts

Intuitive Intelligence

By Lynn M. Bunch
Every week, we sit down with Intuitive Educator, Lynn M. Bunch and guest speakers to discuss how to develop your intuition, connection to spirit and accelerate your career, life, health and relationships.

Joyful Life Solutions

By Joyful Life Solutions
The Authentic Connection Chronicles relates real life stories of courage, vulnerability and failure, and why misconceptions of these hold many from achieving their greatest goals.

Newburgh Futures

By David Gallagher
Power of Story to Build Community and Imagine Futures


By Foundation for Economic Education
The Foundation for Economic Education proudly presents our weekly show FEEcast, a lively and intelligent exploration of today’s most interesting stories and issues through the clarifying lens of economic thinking.

Controlled Aggression

By Jerry Bradshaw
Want to learn about K9 obedience, police dog training, learning theory and more? Jerry Bradshaw has been a sports competitor and police dog trainer for 25 years, and as the executive director of the Protection Sports Association he's been around the world competing and training K9s. Welcome to the Controlled Aggression podcast.

Abenteuer. Mann. Sein. - Der Männer-Podcast mit Tobias Niewöhner

By Abenteuer. Mann. Sein. - Tobias Niewöhner
Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann? Was braucht Mann in unserer modernen und komplexen Welt? In dem Abenteuer. Mann. Sein. Podcast geht es darum das eigenen Mann-Sein als Abenteuer zu begreifen und sich auf die Reise zu begeben. Mehr für dein Abenteuer-Mann-Sein findest du auf

kari's Podcast

By kari
Read along about how firefighters help our community and the tools they use to help them do their job.


By 青瑞学院
专辑简介 本套专辑属于电子商务专业的必修课,是电子商务行为模块中必不可少的一部分。 本课程介绍的基本原理、开发技术和企业应用,可以与ERP、SCM结合,成为企业适应竞争环境变化、保持长久竞争优势的重要工具和手段。 课程目标 让听众了解CRM的基本原理及在电子商务中的作用!熟悉企业在实施客户关系管理过程中的理论和方法,包括企业如何提高其自身的客户关系管理能力、企业实施客户关系管理的主要管理方面。 课程内容 第一个活动,主要说明为什么产生客户关系管理,以及产生的背景; 第二个活动阐述了客户关系管理最基本的理论和发展的过程; 第三个活动讲授客户关系管理系统、软件开发、CRM系统的设计,以及实现与ERP、SCM的集成; 第四个活动,主要讲客户关系管理的主要支撑技术; 第五个活动讲述围绕着如何在企业中实现客户关系管理的思路展开; 第六个活动从实际出发,阐述客户关系管理的具体实施。


By 漏斗英语
英语一对一对话的突发性,即时性和不可预测性,会造成我们巨大的紧张感,如果我们对英语会话中常用的套话不熟悉,对话难免“卡壳”。这时候如果不能够快速化解,尴尬就会出现,对话也会变得无趣甚至陷入僵局。。。。。 熟练掌握英语对话常用的句法套话小话就是给我们一个支点,一个喘息的机会,一堵防火墙,一个从容应对英语交流的桥头堡和滩头阵地,使我们不至于被一棍子打懵而自乱阵脚和溃不成军。 本节目致力于3分钟碎片时间的不断学习与积累,快速高效地使大家掌握英语对话中不可或缺的八股句和套话,通过这个杠杆,使大家重拾对自己英语能力的自信,并在实际会话中超水平发挥。短平快飚英语不是梦!

The School Success Formula with Lucy Parsons

By The School Success Formula with Lucy Parsons
Empowering 15-18 year olds to academic success

The Money Pit Minute

By Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete
The Money Pit Minute with Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete delivers quick, insightful how-to tips on home improvement, remodeling, décor and home maintenance projects.

A Perpetual Feast

By CiRCE Institute Podcast Network
Join historian Wes Callihan (of the Old Western Culture series) and Andrew Kern, (author of Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America and President of the CiRCE Institute) for an ongoing and contemplative conversation about Homer, Homer, and all the things Homer makes them think about.

Let's Talk Flying Podcast

By Kevin Strieter
Welcome to the Let’s Talk Flying Podcast a show that will continue to teach not only the aviators of today but will educate and influence the aviators of tomorrow. We talk about Flight Instruction, Aviation Safety, Aviation Education and the Aviation industry as a whole. We will have guest co-host from different walks a life in the industry, Everywhere from a flight school to an airline ramp agent all the way up to an airline pilot and more. We will always try to keep you up on the industry, ...

MyLeanCoach Podcasts

By adam cardinal
Podcasts about lean and six sigma in different industries, helping people to understand how they might use the methodologies and what mistakes to avoid.

Don't Sleep On It

By Kavit Haria
Kavit Haria’s DON’T SLEEP ON IT! podcast series builds on the success of his first book, Don't Sleep On It: Turn Your Passion and Expertise into a Profitable Online Business, where Kavit draws on years of experience to share a proven process for turning what you know into a meaningful and profitable business online. Wherever you are in your life, Kavit believes you can create a valuable difference in the world. This is not the time to sleep on it. If you want to feel fulfilled in life, becom...

Todd Cohen's Sales Culture "Toddcast!"

By Todd Cohen
TODD COHEN IS THE NATION’S LEADING VOICE ON BUILDING SALES CULTURE. A dynamic, engaging and motivational keynote speaker, Todd’s message is relevant to any organization striving to increase revenue, strengthen relationships and improve client satisfaction. Using humor and real-life examples, Todd demonstrates how every conversation is a “selling moment” and how everyone can contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization. Averaging 90 appearances per year, Todd’s audiences ran...

Tú decides cómo quieres ser

By Mercedes Cobo
Aquí tienes herramientas de Coaching emocional para tomar las riendas de tu vida. Si no te gusta como eres o no te sientes feliz, con este podcast conseguirás una autoestima saludable y lograrás descubrir lo que vales, resolver tu dependencia emocional, superar tus miedos o tu ansiedad, y hacer que tu soledad o tus fracasos dejen de ser un problema. Te hablaré de proyecto de vida, autonomía, bienestar, sentirte libre, respetarte y conocerte mejor… todo lo que necesites para sentirte orgulloso...

Adulthood Academy

By Lyssa Jackson
The Adulthood Academy is a podcast for those ready for all the perks of adulting.


By Brandon Tatum
A podcast equipping adults to empower Gen Z to contribute to their world.

Pioneers Show with André de Albuquerque

By André de Albuquerque
The Pioneers Show is a podcast that displays real conversations with innovators, entrepreneurs, makers, thinkers about how to develop the best life one can have.Learn about different career paths, different industries, technologies, and try to take some of the blurry information that there is out there about these topics.

Troubles and Problems

By Jonnathan Alcantara / Anchor
Let's try to understand why we give ourselves all of these Troubles and Problems. Then maybe next time we can do it right.

The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie

By The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
For The Industrial Professional

دعلم حديث مرتبه

By ابو عمر عبد العزيز
په دي ماده کښي د علم حديث مرتبه په ښکلي طريقې سره بيان شويدي واوره

podcast | 声が変われば人生が変わる

By コウタロー

הגיע זמן חינוך

By EduNow
מאמרים מעולים על חינוך, מעכשיו גם בפודקאסט.


By 周忆清
访问学者、留学移民、立足美国、遨游世界。这里是为您高端定制的《美国思维》 精品节目。


By 一诺老师
▌一诺老师简介 改变世界商学院·创始人 东方企业商学院·联合创始人 天天向上幼教集团·董事 《猪买单》著作权人和商标持有人 《猪买单》APP创始人 作家.教育家.思想家 从事教育行业18年经验,能够系统拆解古今中外企业家成功案例,并将总结的商业模式深入浅出的穿插在教学中。 ▌一诺老师与德国总统伍尔夫 2017年11月27日,全球中小企业联盟大会在上海胜利召开,一诺老师应邀出席会议。 席间德国前总统伍尔夫亲自会见了一诺老师,高度赞扬一诺老师对全球中小企业做出的杰出贡献,并肯定了【改变世界商学院】世界企业家摇篮的地位和权威性! 一诺老师盛情邀请伍尔夫先生出席改变世界商学院举办的论坛嘉宾,伍尔夫先生欣然答应并表示期待。 ▌一诺老师签约许绍雄(香港著名影星) 鲁迅的侄子——许绍雄(Hui Siu Hung),1948年出生于香港,中国香港男演员,代表作有:使徒行者、使徒行者2、暗战、暗战2、新扎师妹、龙凤斗、云海玉弓缘,在结识一诺老师后,被一诺老师改变世界的决心所感召,出任改变世界商学院形象大使! ▌一诺老师签约许总裁(悉尼证卷交易所) 一诺老师与悉尼证券交易所(主板)许总裁 正式签约合...

The Smart Money

By Nest Wealth
On the Smart Money podcast host Randy Cass unpacks everyday beliefs about personal finance to see if they make sense in real life. Helping you separate financial facts from fiction, so you can be smarter with your money.

The Uncommon Life Project

By Uncommon Wealth Partners
Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.

The LSAT Relationship

The LSAT Relationship podcast is for those on this LSAT journey, like I am currently, or for those just interested in listening.

مسائل في القضاء والقدر

By عبد الرحمن بن صالح المحمود
سلسلة محاضرات صوتية بجودة عالية بتقنية [ Mp3 192 Kb ] للدكتور عبد الرحمن المحمود - أثابه الله - بين فيها معنى القضاء والقدر ومدلولهما، وبعض المسائل المتعلقة بالقضاء والقدر.

المصحف المرتل للقارئ مفتاح محمد السلطني برواية ابن ذكوان عن ابن عامر

By مفتاح محمد السلطني
المصحف المرتل للقارئ مفتاح محمد يونس السلطني برواية ابن ذكوان عن ابن عامر، والذي يمتاز بجودة صوتية عالية بتقنية Mp3 128 kbps.

Women For Greatness Podcast

By Sarena Hess / Anchor
Welcome to the Women For Greatness Podcast, where I share inspiring interviews and stories with women and for women to be empowered to pursue their goals in life.

Spring så fort du kan

By Thea Johansson / Anchor
Welcome to the Spring så fort du kan podcast, where amazing things happen.

The McQueenie Method

By Glenn McQueenie
Real Estate coaching and advice for growth-minded agents.

Studeo Games

By Studeo Games / Anchor
English project

Medieval ovens

By Luccio / Anchor
Medieval ovens

What Makes A Teacher Great?

By Chelsea Presley / Anchor
In my podcast, we will look at a few qualities of a great teacher. We will also discuss personal accounts of teachers I feel fit these roles. My goal of this podcast is to figure out some qualities that would make myself and others great teachers.

Distinctive Voices

By Distinctive Voices
A program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine which presents innovations, discoveries, and emerging issues in an exciting public forum.

Abyzee's Podcast

By Abyzee / Anchor
A podcast to achieve the ultimate goal - Financial Freedom

Today's Home Inspector - In The House

By Gary Smith
Learn from the professional home inspectors as we support the home inspection profession. We showcase new vendors, offer tips/advice for home maintenance/upkeep and bring you news and events from our real estate industry colleagues. Follow Today's Home Inspector - we're "In The House"!

Busy Dictator: Tips andTricks

By Sean Hiland
Busy Dictator: Tips and Tricks for Tyrants on the Go! is a podcast that uses the power of political science to keep dictators on top. If you rule or aspire to rule with an iron fist then this is the podcast for you. If you are one of the common people, then ignore this podcast - you might learn more than is good for you.

The TEN Podcast

By Tsebo Education Network / Anchor
The TEN Podcast shares educational and interesting audio experiences from across the internet.

Edward now

By Eduardo Teopanican Gonzalez / Anchor
Life and health


By AJ Rolin / Anchor
My thoughts

Matthew Reid

By Matt Reid / Anchor
A bit of information on some cool stuff that your teachers might have left out

Dr. Janet Clary With A Moment To Ponder

By Janet Clary / Anchor
Welcome To Dr. Janet Clary With A Moment To Ponder. Where Things Are Happening. This Is The Hour Of The Pivotal Shift, God is Shifting Things That You Have Long Awaited To Be Manufested.

Trust Us, We're Experts

By Infinity International
This is the best Podcast you're ever going to listen to in the continental world. Lizardpeephole

Not Just BOOKS

By Lizardo Moreno
Elementary Dual Language Teacher

My Japanese Lesson

By Adam Johnston
Japanese lessons with Adam and various teachers, spoken in 95% Japanese language.

Social LEADia: Making a Difference on & offline

By Jennifer Casa-Todd / Anchor
This is Social LEADia, the podcast where we celebrate kids and adults who are making a positive difference on and offline and are changing conversations around using social media for GOOD!