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The Cognitive Bias Podcast

By David Dylan Thomas
The Cognitive Bias podcast explores the world of things we do that don't make any rational sense, one bias at a time.

محاضرات منوعة

By الشيخ حسن بخاري
محاضرات منوعة لفضيلة الشيخ حسن بخاري


By 韩语老师_李先生LEO


By 韩语老师_李先生LEO


By 韩语老师_李先生LEO
누구든지 쉽게 듣고 이해할 수 있는 문법! 이선생과 같이 합시다.

Øljen - Les maths en finesse

By Olivier Geneste
Chaque jour, je partage avec toi mon expérience de professeur de mathématiques en classes préparatoires dans l'espoir de rendre ta vie plus agréable. Si tu étudies les mathématiques ou si tu souhaites le faire, ce podcast est pour toi.

The Narrative - Unsuppressed Gun Talk Radio

By The Narrative - Unsuppressed Gun Talk Radio
Brought to you by The BrassTacs digital media. We get down to business with anything pertaining to our 2A lifestyle. We have industry leaders, personalities and

До и после полёта

By Вести ФМ
Через тернии к звёздам: о космосе, космонавтах и не только. По воскресеньям после 12 часов

The Devil's in the Details

By PFT Media
Hosted by Pedro Lima and Dan Parrella, The Devil's in the Details is a irreverent and informative podcast that takes complicated, complex or misunderstood topics, concepts and events and sets the record straight, letting everyone know the full picture by getting into the details without getting lost in the weeds.


By StreetToVictory
I'm focusing on realesing Podcast's and my Series "11 Questions". We got the keys! Instagram:

Conversations with Cavario

By Cavaro The Mind Plug / Anchor
Welcome to the Conversations with Cavario podcast, the purpose of which is to encourage a more critical mental process.

PetCorps Professional Pet Care Pawdcast

By Jason Smith
The PetCorps Professional Pet Care Pawdcast is designed for first time pet owners. Join host Jason Smith as he interviews subject matter experts who help answer some of the most frequently asked questions new pet owners have. In the process, you'll become your pet's champion caregiver and know exactly what to do to improve life for your family and pets.

Your Travel Coach

By Andrés Jara / Anchor
Transform your journey, your emotions and actions to get different results.

Called To INSPIRE!

By Bam Santiago / Anchor
Follow this Podcast for Inspiration, Motivation, Education and a whole lot of FUN while learning! My name is Bam, and I help people expand personal awareness. This is your audio reminder to Choose to Live an Inspiring and Encouraging life👍


By Linh Luong
Podcast by Linh Luong

Mr. Anderson_Harp

By Mr. Anderson Harp / Anchor
Explorer, designer, humanist at heart. 🏳️‍🌈 Advocate #humanrights #mlearning #CS

Sad Podcast

By Sad Podcast / Anchor
Giving you confidence and details from my stories about life!

Sanchez Vivo

By Sanchez Vivo / Anchor
Welcome to the Sanchez vivo podcast where amazing things happen.

School In The Wild

By The Platt Family / Anchor
Home school using the Charlotte Mason method. We are the Platt Family: Danita, De’Maryo, Gabriel and Michael.


By 豫东秦郎


By 张启飞老师

ما وراء اللغة / Arabic Podcast

By Alex Strick / Lina Obeidat
بودكاست للطلاب المتوسطين حلقات عن الأدب الكلاسيكي والعامية الأردنية

The STRU Podcast

By Richard Fertig
Hey there I'm Richard. I'm a father, entrepreneur and former Wall Street Hedgefunder. I've owned a small portfolio of real estate investments since 1998 and traditionally I generated rental income through long-term rentals. About 4 years ago a buddy of mine mentioned Airbnb hosting for short term rentals. It sounded crazy at first, but I was willing to give it a shot. Happy to say in 2016 I generated over $500,000 in rental income which is 2-3 times what I would've generated long-term. Now ...

A Man of Letters

Free weekly fifteen-minute readings from world literature. For more information see

شرح معارج القبول

By عبد الله بن عبد العزيز العنقري
شرح كتاب معارج القبول، والكتاب شرح مطول لأرجوزة المصنف في أصول الدين بعنوان : « سلم الوصول »، وهي تتناول توحيد الله، والإيمان به، وأسماء الله وصفاته، وملائكته، وكتبه، ورسله، واليوم الآخر، والقدر خيره وشره، وأركان الإسلام، والكلام على رسالة نبينا محمد - صلى الله عليه وسلم -، وما يتعلق بها، وقد تعرض الكتاب - أيضًا - لاختلاف الفرق الإسلامية، وذكر أمورًا يفعلها العامة منها ما هو شرك، وحقيقة السحر، وحكم الساحر، وغير ذلك.


By 俊萤

El Manifiesto de Estudiante de Idioma

By LingQ_Support
This podcast is brought to you by where you can learn languages from the best podcasts on the web. El secreto del éxito en el aprendizaje de idiomas. Lo que usted tiene que saber.

The EasyPTE Preparation Podcast

Leading Resources and Tools to Make Your Experience Positive and Profitable.

How To Download Audiobooks in Kids, Ages 8-10 - Any Audiobook in 5 Mins Flat!

By You Get 1 Full Audiobook Free By Starting a 30-Day Free Trial. Go to *** ***
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story. We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go. We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to? Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable. We've intr...


Здравствуйте, меня зовут Инна Блейзер. Добро пожаловать в подкаст Мой Путь. Медицина. Подкаст «Мой путь. Медицина» посвящен израильской медицине- ее успехам, достижениям и трудностям. А так же врачам и другим специалистам, связавшим свою профессиональную жизнь с медициной».

The Enrollment Spectrum Podcast

By Peter Baron, Chief Member Relations Officer, EMA & Hans Mundahl, Head of School
Welcome to The Enrollment Management Association's podcast series, "The Enrollment Spectrum." In each episode, hosts Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl will explore the central tenets of enrollment management strategy, focusing on the components embodying the spectrum. Join us as we unpack and explore what the strategy of enrollment management means for K-12 independent and private schools and their communities.


By David R. Hagen, Esq.
As a bankruptcy attorney for over 30 years and also a United States Bankruptcy Trustee, David Hagen has experienced how people's lives have been thwarted due to student debt, credit card debt, unnecessarily high mortgage payments, unnecessary expenditures, and so on. As Dave's way of giving back to the community, he has decided to give free advice through his The Financial Wellness Podcast. His main objective is to help those in need, become a shoulder to lean on, and help answer any questi...

The Mental Cast

By 717 Soul
A podcast dedicated to mental performance topics in the sport, performing arts, and business world.

The Wellness Way Audio Experience

By The Wellness Way
Welcome to The Wellness Way Podcast. Each episode we strive to share important health related topics in hopes of providing quality information that allows you, the listener, take the next step on your road to wellness. We have no other agenda the show is all about you. We finish off every episode with a 2 minute "Lightning Round" consisting of the most commonly asked health questions. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy each episode!

Made For knowledge

By Masters
Here is all about Made for knowledge. you would make your better knowledge to listening this show. also if you have any question regarding your business, just contact us Amsecrets .net.......

Prozessmaler Podcast

By Bernd Ruffing
Business Process Management (BPM) ist eigentlich dazu gedacht, Dinge einfacher und besser zu machen. Dokumentierte Prozesse sorgen für ganzheitliche Transparenz. Dadurch können Prozesse z.B. optimiert und automatisiert werden. Als Ergebnis erhält man schlanke Prozesse, die Fehler und Kosten minimieren und zu effektiverem und effizienterem Arbeiten führen. Welches Unternehmen träumt nicht von solchen Resultaten? Leider jedoch liegen Theorie und Praxis oft weit auseinander, so dass viele der e...

Studienscheiss BlogCast – Tipps und Tricks für ein glückliches und erfolgreiches Studium

By Tim Reichel | Studienscheiss Verlag
Hey, ich bin Tim und ich zeige dir, wie du dein Studium zur schönsten Zeit deines Lebens machst. Möchtest du produktiver studieren, bessere Noten bekommen und gleichzeitig mehr Freizeit neben deinem Studium haben? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Ich helfe dir dabei, dein Studentenleben in den Griff zu bekommen und dein Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen, ohne dass du dich dabei ausbeuten musst. Ja, das geht – und zwar so: In diesem BlogCast bekommst du kostenlose Tipps und Anleitungen in den Kateg...

Comm Class

By Vacd Comm / Anchor
Intriguing interviews

The Cashflow Couple Podcast

By The Cashflow Couple
Lighting the way to financial freedom. Join John and Wynde on their journey to financial freedom by investing in cashflowing assets with a focus on real estate.

The Sir Harry History GCSE Podcast

By Darryl Tomlin
A podcast for teachers and students studying the new Edexcel GCSE History 9-1 specification. This podcast will aim to cover Medicine in Britain 1250-present first, and will then cover Anglo-Saxon and Norman England next.


By 张启飞老师
《剑桥国际英语教程》是专为非英语国家的学习者编写的大型英语教程,是国际上最受欢迎,最有影响的英语教材之一。 教程的内容包括听、说、读、写四种技能。同时进行语言训练和词汇扩展,尤其强调听说技能和英语交际能力的培养。 本书主要使用美国英语,但是其内容并不局限于某个国家、地区或文化,而是反应了英语作为国际交流用语的丰富性和多元。 剑桥国际英语入门级,单词学习,语法重点,口语训练,听力练习,写作训练。所有课程,免费学习。如需辅导,请联系老师,免费1对1辅导。 老师简介: 张启飞(Daniel)2005年毕业于贵州民族大学外国语学院,毕业后一直从事教育培训工作,至2015年,期间教过课程有:《许国璋英语》、《新概念英语》、《李阳疯狂英语》、《外贸商务英语》、《剑桥国际英语教程》等。如需辅导,请联系老师(微信/QQ:366852028),免费1对1辅导。

Et han

By Et han / Anchor
Welcome to the Et han podcast, where amazing things happen.

OAB/RS | Principais Notícias

Principais notícias da Advocacia Gaúcha | OAB/RS

Lion of Judah

By Congregation Lion of Judah
Lion of Judah strongly believes in a global calling. Watch Sunday Services live online on Sundays, or watch the recording whenever works best for you each week.

Digging Deeper

By Dr. Heather Lynn
Digging Deeper, explores a variety of thought-provoking and unusual subjects including history, archaeology, the occult, Gnosticism, paranormal phenomena, extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, Illuminati, and more. Part story-telling, part lecture; Digging Deeper challenges you to go beyond the accepted narrative to push the boundaries of what you think you know. Using legitimate academic sources, author, historian, and renegade archaeologist, Dr. Heather Lynn, builds a solid framework to ...

Cloth Diapers Made Easy

By Spray Pal
Cloth Diapers made easy is an educational podcast all about cloth diapers. Join Jen and Dave Aprea, owners of Spray Pal - the diaper sprayer accessory invented to make cloth diapering easier for everyone - as we talk all things cloth diapers, natural parenting, and more! Cloth diapers are better for your baby, better for the Earth, and better for your savings account. Plus, they're so cute and surprisingly easier than you'd think! We'll make starting your cloth diapering journey super simple ...

Les Clorisseaux

By Nathalie / Anchor
Welcome to Les Clorisseaux, where amazing things happen.

Goal setting for your life

By Ranesh Senanayake / Anchor
Welcome to the Goal setting for your life podcast, where it explains how to take control of your life through settings goals for your life on your own terms. Enjoy

Bishal Limbu

By Bishal Limbu / Anchor
Bishal Limbu

Maori Initiatives

By Steven Hutana
Each week guest speakers are invited to share influencing factors that contributed to te ira tangata in their lives, whanau and mahi. How have you learned to deal with and overcome negative noa, mate maori issues on your hikoi through life.

Francisco Ochoa Sexual assault and rape

By Francisco / Anchor
Welcome to the Francisco Ochoa Sexual assault and rape discussion

VCE Business Management

By Sonya Musgrave
Podcast by Sonya Musgrave


By shahab darougheha / Anchor
welcome to The EMS LANGUAGE CENTRE. Hosted by International marketing and sales manger, Shahab Darougheha. In this pod cast you will find a mix episodes of testimonials and ideas from international students whom are living far from their family to improve their English language. Hope these episodes could help you to make better choices in your life.

Kyle Ryman

By Kyle Ryman / Anchor
Boring legal outlines from law courses

Et hundeliv

By AniCura, klinikker og sykehus for dyr.
AniCuras veterinærer deler tips til hvordan du får en sunn og lykkelig hund. For flere råd:


By Karla / Anchor
Welcome to Karla, where amazing things happen.

Biraj Joshi

By Kilbeboy Joshi / Anchor
I hope my podcast's will help you on how to deal with problems in your life. I want to motivate my listeners so that they'll achieve great things in their everyday life. Thankyou

Manal's Podcast

By Manal Idbali
Nous sommes de plus en plus nombreux à vouloir vivre une vie qui a plus de sens. À vouloir nous créer une vie sur mesure qui respecte nos valeurs. Dans ce Podcast, et notamment grâce à ma célèbre émission Mindset Morning, je vous partage l'état d'esprit gagnant à adopter pour vous aider à vivre votre idéal de vie.

Wall Street Wonk

By The Wall Street Wonk
The Wall Street Wonk is a podcast about investing, basic stock analysis, the stock market and money.

CS Joseph Podcast

By CS Joseph
Social Engineer specializing in Jungian Analytical Psychology

Oro With In

By Robbie Rene / Anchor
Let's see what gold we find today

Your Beautiful House

By Sally Marbry: Interior Designer and Podcaster
A dynamic monologue series on Home Improvement power packed to cover all aspects of home maintenance and design. A bit of History is added to bring an entertaining perspective on basic design development and a stream of Tips, Stories and Inspiration nudge you to create the home you desire. Subscribe to the whole series!

Legend Williams

By Legend Williams / Anchor
Legend Williams

Easysimplify Podcast

By Easysimplify Podcast
Every day we will be talking about a different topic. Either me alone or with a guest. I always wanted to share new stories and new ideas. This podcast forces me to get a more disciplined, successful and happy human. Don´t we all want that?

Writers Read by Litracey

By Writers Read by Litracey
Welcome to The Writers Read podcast - getting THAT book in children's hands. This episode in- troduces a new podcast by Tracey Grice and features established authors who talk with Tracey about their reading life. Each au- thor reads a passage from one of their novels, enticing students to get THAT book in their hands.

Valerie Voiceover

By Valerie Ashline
A podcast dedicated to newcomers of the voiceover industry! I am starting my career and want to help others like me. I start with my journey thus far and then will do research every week about relevant topics and report my findings.

Laraib Khan

By Laraib Khan / Anchor

Winning At Work with Alex Wood

By PodcastOne
Winning At Work is the podcast that makes you more productive, happier, and so much more... at work! Whether you're working at a startup or a corporation, learn from the smartest people in the business. This podcast was sponsored by Barclays. For more on innovative entrepreneurs, see Barclays Entrepreneurs.

Fresh Talk OSU

By Fresh Talk OSU / Anchor
Welcome to Fresh Talk @ OSU, where current Freshman at Ohio State University give advise to in-coming Freshman. Created by a First Year Writing class, these podcast episodes explore issues the students wished they had known more about before they started at OSU.

It's Just Ted Podcast

By It's Just Ted / Anchor
Welcome to the It's Just Ted Podcast! This is the Journal of my journey in hopes of helping you with yours.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make

By Fitness Made Simple
Podcast by Fitness Made Simple

León de Judá

By Congregacion León de Judá
Ven tal y como eres a León de Judá

[email protected]

Welcome to the [email protected] podcast, where amazing things happen.


By GFHA-2011-CCH

Real Estate

By Corwyn J. Melette
Podcast by Corwyn J. Melette

♥. 玲聽

By ♥. 玲聽
Lynn Media

The G.O.A.T. Show

By Mike Arce
Welcome to The G.O.A.T. Show! Hosted by Mike Arce, this video podcast interviews guests who are arguably the Greatest Of All Time at what they do. We bring on industry leaders like Lewis Howes, Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Rand Fishkin, John Lee Dumas, Verne Harnish, and many more. Listen or watch for top insight and advice from people who are #1 at what they do, including sales, marketing, business, branding, social media, SEO, funnel hacking, scaling, and more.

The Voiceover Gurus Podcast

By Voiceover Gurus
Join Voice Actress, Linda Bruno as she talks about "Talking" with her Industry VO friends.

shiftkey's podcast

By Eduro Learning Podcast Network
Hosted by Kim Cofino, The Shift Key is a podcast about learning with a global perspective. Featuring educators and students from around the world, we talk about technology its impact on education today. From social media tools that influence and shape our relationships to the value of developing critical literacy skills, our Eduro Learning Advisory Board members share their perspectives on the changes we are seeing in public and private schools from the US to Europe to Asia.

iTunes Lightroom 5

By vincent.croos
Basic Lightroom 5 tutorials for travelers.

The LovHER Show

By The Matchmaking DUO
Certified Relationship Coaches and Professional Matchmakers, Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore, own one of the most sought after Matchmaking Agencies in the U.S., Fisher Gilmore Inc. Affectionately known throughout the industry as “The Matchmaking DUO!,” their mission is to help successful women and men find balance with their busy lives by helping them find and attract a loving, long-term committed relationship and eventually marriage through coaching, empowerment, and heart-hunting on their be...

The Dr. Lip Podcast

By Jeff Lip
Welcome to the podcast that talks about Counseling, Careers, Relationships, and Education. Please connect with Dr. Lip at [email protected] or at


By ししお
ししおと申します。 Podcastは、急速に進化するインターネット社会に残された最後の楽園です。 私は頬杖の窓辺から、浮かんでは忘れてしまうような想いを、ただ淡々と録音してはアップ、録音してはアップして、忘れないように努力をしてみようと思います。 この音声ブログは属性で言うと「哀しみ」属性なので、「明るく楽しく、聴いてくれた人たちを元気づけてハッピーにするような番組」ではありません。 ですが正直に大真面目に綴っていきたいと思います。 あと頭の中を整理するために、強引にカテゴライズするのも好きです

Legal Aid NSW. Law for Community Workers on the go

By Legal Aid NSW CLE (Community Legal Education) Branch
Keeping community workers up-to-date with legal topics and changes to the law.

Underdog Empowerment

By Zachary Babcock
Welcome to the Underdog Empowerment podcast! This show is for underdog entrepreneurs specifically, or anyone else that has a goal and all the odds stacked against them who want to learn how to achieve goals so they can rise up, break free, and dominate life. Learn from Zachary Babcock, a 6 time convicted felon who spent over 5 years of his life in prison, then transformed his life, and had to find a way to win as a underdog entrepreneur. Zachary shares all of his biggest "a-ha moments" in ...

Harcourts Auctions

By Harcourts Auctions / Anchor
We are not getting rid of traditional real estate, rather we are providing a new innovative personalized solution. Learn how to best communicate with your clients to ensure your success with an auction listing. Listen to Ben Brady discuss scenarios and provide scripts to common objections, questions and concerns. Episodes range from 5minutes to 20minutes. Submit any topics you would like the team to talk on. #AuctionsWork #RethinkRealEstate

Our Mission for the Podcast

By James Cameron
James Cameron and David Howey discuss the mission of the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) and the intent of the podcast. For questions, suggestions, or feedback, write us at [email protected] No DoD or U.S. ARMY ENDORSEMENT IMPLIED. Any references to commercially available products or works are used for research and educational purposes only. Mention of any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or othe...


By Enhance
Podcast by Enhance

리차드의 프랑스어 산책

By 장승혁
실생활에서 사용되는 다양한 프랑스어 표현들을 알려드립니다. 책에서는 다루지 않는 살아있는 표현들은 물론, 그 안에담긴 문화도 배울 수 있는 본격 프랑스어 팟캐스트!!