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By Oxford University
The annual Simonyi Lecture is the highlight of Oxford University's programme to bring the excitement of science to the public. Held each year at the Oxford Playhouse, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Marcus du Sautoy, invites an eminent scientist to talk about cutting edge science and it’s impact on society. More details about the lectures can be found at: https://www.simonyi.ox.ac.uk/about-marcus/the-oxford-simonyi-professor-for-the-public-understanding-of-scie...
By Oxford University
A series of lectures for the Sutton Trust Chemistry Summer School, which gives Year 12 students a great opportunity to see what university life is really like.
By Oxford University
The Oxford Loebel Lectures and Research Programme (OLLRP) were established in 2013 with the generous support of J. Pierre Loebel, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, and Felice Loebel. The purpose of OLLRP is to address the shortcomings of a unilinear approach to mental illness that arise from focusing uniquely on biological, psychological or social factors. OLLRP will work towards delineating the nature and magnitude of biopsycho...
This is an effort to help our people to learn the HOW TO STAND IN A A COLOR OF LAW SYSTEM NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT - NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL If you are, or are affiliated with: a Monarchy/Government/Officer/Agency/Employee, foreign or domestic, CFR, UN, the BAR, the Vatican, The Rothschilds/The Rockefellers/J.P. Morgan Chase/ The Warburgs, the IMF, World Bank, and or The Press or in any way affiliated and or in concert with any of the above, the following pertain...
By Aspie Trainers
Since You're ASC-ing is a podcast by Aspie Traine…
By Joyce and Laura Matalone
We are coffee and conversation addicts, so we decided to create something out of what we do best, which is chatting. We are a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo, who happen to get along famously! Share in our conversations, which will go down many paths. You will be surprised at where we might go, but it will always be interesting!
By California Groundbreakers
We're a civic-minded, community-focused organizat…
By 5th graders discussing what's on their mind!
We are a 5th grade class from Terryville Road Ele…
By Bjo Ern
CastBox.fm allows you to host your Podcast for free. This little Podcast is a brief Tutorial that will help you to get started.
By That's Horse Puckey
Podcast by That's Horse Puckey
By NEA New Hampshire
We believe in a society made stronger through world class public education. These podcasts are designed to keep members and supporters up-to-date on the latest legislative, professional development, and member benefit news.
By Radiopower UA
ZEE & KAY Start the Maiden Edition of Power Relationship Talk with the topic relationship & social media & going on discussed the appropriate time to start dating, the audience weren't left out as well !!!
By Kundalini Yoga School
Your online guide to a daily Kundalini Yoga & Med…
By Tony Moze / Anchor
Tony Moze is an educator, entertainer and entrepreneur. He combines his passion of music and education by making RHYMING Book Reviews, Book summaries and advertisements of books in musical and theatrical form. The podcast is composed of interviews with New York Times, Wall Street, and Pulitzer Prize winning authors, CEOs and other talented and well known figures in society. You can also listen to him make How-Tos and Rants via personal anecdotes and empirical evidence. You can find him at: 1...
By audioBoom
Do you want to know what the future will look like? Open your mind and hear how researchers at Australia’s University of Wollongong SMART Infrastructure Facility are preparing for it.
By Kevin Teran / Anchor
Membantu membahas informasi terkini dan pengetahuan umum.
By The Australian
Six objects. Six stories. The Weekend Australian Magazine's Trent Dalton explores some lesser known chapters of Australia's history.
By Janette Freeman
Each podcast is created to inspire, uplift, and transform through meditation, internal processes and inspirational messages from Dr. Janette or other guests. Each session is designed to be a full experience of heart opening transformation.
By Chris and Kevin's Bedside Chats
A series podcasts designed by residents, for residents, in order to tackle the challenging scenarios you encounter on the wards.
By James Fenwick
What will we mostly talk about? Hmmm... We literally have no idea, BUT, it's basically an adventure into the world through our eyes, discussing training, coaching, travel, food, lots of food and other stuff that we find interesting. Or not. Beats listening to the person next to you on the train.
By Inläsningstjänst
ILT Inläsningstjänst utvecklar digitala tjänster för att kunna ge barn och elever likvärdiga förutsättningar att ta till sig kunskap i skolan. Är du pedagog och tycker att dessa frågor är lika viktiga som vi? Eller är du förälder och vill få mer kännedom om pedagogiska verktyg? Lyssna på ILT talks! Vi bjuder in intressanta gäster som bland annat pratar om läs- och skrivsvårigheter, studiestöd på modersmål, språkutveckling i förskolan, och digitala läromedel. ILT talks är en podcast som är pro...
Dramatic readings, book reviews, and music.
By Jeremy H. / Anchor
P. D. means more from individuals who have been in the classroom.
By Nate Punzalan / Anchor
Really just my thoughts on stuff.
By Jen Antill
Join Jen in weekly mini-podcast episodes to help you navigate your inner world of emotions. Each week, Jen answers a question from a listener to guide you in your journey of emotional awakening.
By Core Academy, LLC
Core Academy's podcast invites the listener into our conversations about relevant topics surrounding rehabilitation and health care professionals.
By Jason Keech
Pastors from The Crossing Church host a weekly discussion. Topics include everything from news stories to family issues and much more. We tend to have a lot of fun and are anything but religious.
Welcome to Habit Hackers Rebel Radio! We are here to add real practically to entrepreneurship. We want the actions we can take NOW to affect our future. We interview people on their path to success and learn what habits they make a ritual shortcutting our own success. Lets begin...
This is The One Legacy Podcast and every single week Danny brings you the knowing so you can get the growing into a rising and thriving personal legacy. The goal is to help you develop the essential ingredients for personal success by giving you the tools to be the greatest version of YOURSELF! From personal development to business development and everything in between Danny has you covered. Find out more at Dannyrigo.com
By Man Vs Fire
Preparing you for ALL the fires you face.
By Jonathan James Roberts
Jon Roberts and Jessica Schultz met while working in South Korea and have been sharing notes on self-improvement, skill development, entrepreneurship, and living abroad ever since. NTL discusses what they’ve learned and goes in depth on how and why we work, live and learn.
By Kim Walsh-Phillips
Morning Coffee Marketer gives you a jolt of more leads and sales hacks to jump start your day. Join the direct response digital marketing super star team of Kim Walsh Phillips, Kelly LeMay and Mike Stodola, when they are at their best, fueled up with caffeine to get fyour ROI fix.
By Hanna Schaer
The Nanny Podcast is exactly what it sounds like. We talk about everything Nanny and Childcare, we talk to nannies, governesses, maternity nurses, families, child psychologists, recruitment professionals and more. Brought to you by Riviera Nannies The Nanny Podcast is a platform where we can talk freely about all the great and not so awesome things about working as a nanny and working with a nanny.
By David Jupijn
Follow David Jupijn on his journey towards financial freedom. He interviews people that are also on this journey and he tries to get as much actionable tips and tricks so we can all learn from their financial experiences. Want ideas on how to get more income? Want to know what the best side-hustles are? Want tips and tricks on how to keep more money in your pocket? Want to become financially free? Listen to this podcast every week and find out!
By Cardiff University
We are an ambitious and innovative university wit…
By Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Israel Today Podcast, hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, president of Israel Today Ministries. Teaching the Church about Israel, and Israel about their Messiah! For additional resources: israeltodayministries.org
By Mradio
Mradio 全國廣播全線節目最精選,盡在Mradio 全國廣播的Podcast!
TOKYO FM 毎週土曜日7:30~7:55 放送中の「アース製薬 presents Dream Shot」。 番組には毎週現役のツアートッププロから、2020年にLPGAでの活躍が期待される新人まで、夢に向かって頑張る女子プロゴルファーを毎週番組にお迎えしています。 Video Podcastでは女子プロによるワンポイントアドバイス、ゴルフクリニックをVideo Podcastにて毎週無料配信!あなたもラウンド前に、レッスン場での練習で見て、試してみてね!
By 尔大夫
By administrator
المصحف المرتل بصوت القارئ عبد الرشيد صوفي برواية أبي الحارث عن الكسائي، والذي يمتاز بجودة صوتية عالية بتقنية [ Mp3 128 Kb ].
By Rebecca Robertson
Host Rebecca Robertson and her guests discuss wealth creation, financial planning, maximising money, creating financial success in areas of property, investments, business cashflow, estate planning, money mind set, tax, budgeting and all things money!
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
L'École numérique est une revue de référence destinée à l'appropriation des TICE dans la communauté éducative.
By Crista Samaras
Are you paralyzed by fear? Are you terrified of failure? Do you wish you were more confident? Brave Your Fear shares the stories of people who have fought through all types of the scary stuff of life and have made it to the other side. Our guests get candid about the stuff that scares— the deep stuff, the true stuff, the real stuff and the big stuff. This podcast will not teach you how to be fearless—we don’t believe in that word. It’s meant to teach you how to be brave in the face of inev...
By Jonathan James Roberts
Jon Roberts and Michael Draper get together every week to discuss education, building a career as a millennial, social issues, personal development, technology, anything really.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Professor Peter Mobbs on teaching and learning in a research-intensive university, and how UCL on iTunes U will further the student experience.
ICMIF is the only global representative body of the cooperative and mutual insurance sector. It provides unique services and activities and delivers enduring value to its members which cannot be found elsewhere.
By Josh Bonzheim and Andrew Hudson
We do stuff and talk about it!
By Mr. T / Anchor
This is a podcast about all things Central Valley High School while celebrating our amazing students!
By Aiuto Bitcoin
Che cos'è Bitcoin? Proviamo a spiegartelo da zero, come se fossi alle elementari ed è la prima lezione di matematica. Partiremo dalle basi per poi salire, piano piano ad argomenti sempre più complessi. Non possiamo spiegarti le derivate se prima non sai fare un'addizione.
By NorQuest College
NorQuest College and the Canadian Army Reserves launched a joint podcast in the fall of 2017, which covers topics that are relevant to the values of the NorQuest College and topics of interest to the Canadian Reserves. Promising not to shy away from difficult discussions, the episodes will challenge listeners to think critically about the issues that affect us every day.
By Trinity Talks Science
For all the people who have a passion for Science or Trinity College, for those who got the brains but lack the knowledge. Specially for your eardrums, we will tackle the work of one lecturer, PHD or another scientist on campus and bring it to you in the form of an interview. Our team of researchers will also demystify the most interesting incidents, events and discoveries in science from around the globe and their implications for the future of their discipline as well as the way we live our...
By Antonio Jose - ICN Writer
Aprenda inglês através de um bate papo descontraído e interessante sobre fatos da atualidade.
By Luke J. Menkes
Luke has made and lost a million dollars, twice! The second time around he was a single dad and almost became homeless as a result. After literally losing almost everything he had, he went on to obtain his real estate sales license, and then his broker’s license, and has doubled his sales volume every year for 4 years straight. In 2016, Luke was selected to appear as a contestant for 9 episodes on the reality TV show, Seller’s Market. In September 2017 Luke appeared on the Canada-wide real es...
By CJUC Audio Art Immersion
Podcast by CJUC Audio Art Immersion
By Whole Care Network
Bonnie Friedman is a passionate crusader for getting the best hospital care for your loved ones. Hospital Warrior: Advocates and Experts is the show for and about health care advocates. Tune in and listen to the voices of experience talk about the issues that advocates want and need to hear.
By Egill Karlsson
Podcast by Egill Karlsson
By Whole Care Network
Approximately one-third of adults age 65 years or older fall in their home each year, resulting in injury, long-term disability and premature institutionalization. Age Safe America was created in an effort to help reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs by promoting the necessity of making preparations NOW to ensure ongoing freedom and independence for all.
By O Rico Cristão
Bem vindo ao PodCast do O Rico Cristão, aqui você vai aprender princípios Bíblicos que são vitais para ter uma vida prospera. Além de técnicas, conceitos e informações que irão contribuir com sua mentalidade para de fato sair do vermelho e ter uma vida financeira equilibrada.
By Odds and Evenings
Playing around with maths and puzzles was something that the two hosts spent their time at university doing together. Now in their late 20s with proper grown up jobs, Alaric and Alex carve out the occasional evening to sit back and smell the numbers. Not all of the mathematics is entry level, but they envisioned this podcast for those people whose science degrees may be long behind them, but who still get a kick out of recreational numbering.
By yeonggi jeong
아플 때 나에게 힘을 주는 이야기 아픔을 피할 수 있게 나를 이끌어 주는 이야기 정영기의 눈으로 본 세상 이야기 한의사 정영기 온라인
By Mach's aus dem FF!
Podcast by Mach's aus dem FF!
By Heather Kaiser Ed.D.
Heather Kaiser Ed.D. shares ​20 years of experience integrating technology into education in a bi-weekly podcast.
By Jan Schümann
In diesem Podcast erkläre ich Euch meinen Autismus. Das mache ich nicht alleine. In der Regel habe ich Mailk Aziz zu Gast.
By Louisa Willcox
Grizzly Times is a voice for imperiled grizzly be…
By Kyle Erwin, Ed.D.
Harnessing the Power of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Storytelling. Applied Heroics is the art of using epic stories of heroes and heroines as a tool to improve everyday lives. Stories of the amazing reflect our own heroic journeys. They can provide insight, inspiration, and even healing. By exploring stories of the fantastic, we gain special knowledge that can help in countless ways. Hosted by Kyle Erwin, Ed.D. (LMFT #98507), The Applied Heroics Podcast examines the many ways science fiction...
By Evonna McDonald, Holistic Success Strategist
The Rise Queen Podcast is a self-help platform to empower millennial women of color to reach holistic success through personal development, business and entrepreneurship. Evonna McDonald, a digital marketer, brand manager & entrepreneur shares personal insights from her own experience balancing a full-time job and side businesses and interviews guest on the show sharing their journey to success. Join us as we discuss tips and life hacks for navigating career, relationships and the journey...
By O Rato do Marketing
Podcast com episodios todas as sextas-feiras fala…
By GrowthRun
Podcast by GrowthRun
By RadiopowerUA
A New Online Radio Station Air's 24/7 all Genre o…
By Cynthia Nevins
A series of conversations of current interest taking place at Hart House at the University of Toronto.
By Genius Child / Anchor
It’s Just My Philosophy
SAPmasterminds: This audio blog is for SAP IT consultants.This show will be twice a week, where Muralidharan connects with top SAP IT consultants in the consulting network to know what it takes to become a successful SAP consultant.Lessons learned, tips and advice can help you to take the next step systematically and living the professional dream.Ready to be an advanced SAP consultant in your professional life?This podcast helps consultants to plan their career ahead
Weekly English Shadowing
By Instytut Anglistyki UW
Podcast Instytutu Anglistyki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
By Let's Talk About School
Let's Talk About School is all about education and how we can improve our our education system. Hosts Ben and Eryn will take you through a variety of topics in the education world.
By National Review
Reality Check is about anything and everything having to do with education. Hosted by the Center for Education Reform's Founder and CEO, Jeanne Allen, this series aims to be the center of thoughtful dialogue and challenging debate on the state of education today, teaching the real and compelling reasons that launched the education reform movement, and discussing the new ideas and innovation that lay ahead as we strive to prepare students to meet the challenges of a globally competitive future...
By Katie Linder
A seasonal podcast with tools, tactics, and strategies for current and future academic creatives, freelancers, & entrepreneurs hosted by Drs. Katie Linder and Sara Langworthy.
By Roland Demian
Gedanken zum Leben, Dating, Männer und Partnerschaft. Erfahre außerdem mehr zum Thema Männer und wie Du es schaffst, dass dein Wunschpartner, sich magnetisch zu dir angezogen fühlt und er mit Dir eine langfristige Beziehung eingehen will. Wende das Blatt in deinem Leben, um deine Wunschbeziehung zu bekommen, die beste Version deines Selbst zu leben und damit das idealste Leben deiner Vorstellungen zu führen.
By Upgreatable
Personal development and transformation
By Peter Mangiaracina / Anchor
Tips and short talks on effective communication for students of English as a second language.
Conversations with experts hosted by kids. Students at Rocky Hill School interview leaders and innovators across all industries who are creating impact in a variety of fields. Using 5 questions guests will reveal and and celebrate how they best support our next generation of leaders.
By Steve Burgess
By Warpwire Demo Server
Why should cats have all of the fun? This is a podcast all about our other four legged friends!
By SFU Faculty of Education
Research in Focus is a new series hosted by the F…
By UW-Green Bay, Indented
Podcast by UW-Green Bay, Indented
By Indian Man
An Indian Man just want a western lady. Please listen for good tips about getting that lovely woman.
By Chris Weary / Anchor
Listen on where and why to buy precious metals at wholesale pricing and how you can also earn commissions while you are collecting
By Daniel Ludwinski
This group of podcasts was put together by the students of Colgate University's Public Economics course as a final project.
By Adam Klesh and Bradley Rose
Adam Klesh and Bradley Rose talk with a guest and/or each other about Magic: the Gathering design. Join us each week for news on the Great Designer Search 3, a weekly design challenge and design philosophy discussion. Music used with permission, by daleculp: https://www.youtube.com/user/daleculp
By Future Classroom Podcast English
Podcast by Future Classroom Podcast English
By Jesse Johnson
Each episode, I interview people who are, in some…
By Vanessa Melo
Um canal que vai favorecer a minha MISSÃO: a de t…
By Tanja Mazurek
Hier findest du spannende Beiträge und Interviews, die dich in deiner Persönlichkeitsentwicklung nachhaltig weiterbringen.
Tnc is cool
By Adam Diament
Learn the steps of how to patent your invention, from initial concept to issued patent. Host and registered patent attorney, Adam L. Diament, J.D., Ph.D., founder and owner of Diament Patent Law, guides you through the complicated process of patenting your invention. This podcast starts from the beginning of what to do when you first have an idea, all the way through the steps that will hopefully lead to an issued patent. Other intellectual property areas will also be covered, such as trade...