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The Minnesota BeerCast
By Andrew Schmitt
Minnesota craft beer news, events, and interviews with Andrew Lee of Twin Cities News Talk & Andrew Schmitt of Minnesota Beer Activists.
Photographs, Pistols & Parasols
By Lee McIntyre
It's 1860, you're a landscape photographer, and the dazzling sunlight is playing havoc with the photo you're trying to take. Without photography accessories shops around, you improvise and use your fashionable parasol as an improvised lens shade. Problem solved. ... It's 1895, you're an itinerant photographer travelling dangerous backroads alone. You're not worried, though: a man's hat hides that you're a woman and besides, you've always got your pistol at the ready. ...Those are but two of the many intrepid women who found success as professional artisan photographers, pursuing careers in photography shortly after it began in 1839. These women were successful entrepreneurs who ran thriving photography businesses and produced high-quality photos with the ever-changing technology, but unfortunately their accomplishments are too often marginalized or left out of the history books altogether. Join host Lee McIntyre twice a month as she introduces you to the captivating stories of talented women who started their professional photography careers between 1840-1930.
Bronsteins Erben
By Tobias Raff
Dieser Podcast von Tobias Raff dreht sich um die Themen Politik, Gesellschaft und Umwelt. Hier werden aktuelle Themen analysiert und bewertet. Von Zeit zu Zeit kommen Experten verschiedener Fachgebiete zu Wort. Berichte von spezifischen Events sind ebenfalls fester Bestandteil dieses Podcasts. Viel Spaß beim Hören!
CyborgMan.com - The Future is now
By Aaron Wilson PhD
Become a member of the Elite. Help support this broadcast by making a donation via PayPal - The email for donations is [email protected] using the send money option. This podcast continues the 7 years so far, of broadcasts by Aaron Wilson PhD in the AltMedia paradigmn.
BSchool Radio
By Studio 3
This is the World's first podcast channel for BSchool grads, it provides talk shows on career guidance, placement advice and recruitment drives by industry experts.
Barn Chatter
By Aaron Fisher
Barn Chatter is a series focused on the Indiana 4-H Animal Science Projects. Inviting special guests, host Aaron Fisher interviews practitioners, faculty, volunteers, and Indiana 4-H members to share valuable perspectives and information that influence Indiana 4-H animal agriculture. Barn Chatter aims to answer commonly asked questions, provide helpful tips and practices, and keep listeners up to date on best practices and policies regarding Indiana 4-H Animal Science. Join us for Barn Chatter: Sharing the truth of animal science learning and getting past all the chatter.
By Anders
tThe Office of Career Planning and Professional Development supports the Graduate Center’s students in reaching their career goals. The office offers individual career counseling to students, including advice on CVs, resumes, and other job search materials; assistance with preparing for interviews; and discussions on career planning strategies. In partnership with other Graduate Center offices and programs, we endeavor to help students develop a multidisciplinary skill set, to provide opportunities for training in current research tools, and to encourage students in their pursuit of outside funding opportunities.
Melhore Seu inglês PODCAST
By Newton Rocha
A podcast focused to help ESL students to improve their English Skills. Discussions, Vocabulary, Grammar Tips, Study Tips and much more, by Professors Érika and Newton, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching English in Brazil.
Short English Stories for A1
By BookEffect
Learn English with funny short stories.
Po sledeh lisjaka
By Po sledeh lisjaka
Zabava za vso družino z veliko smešnih pustolovskih postaj.
Real Estate Investing Made Easy
By Jose Flores
How do I start a Real Estate Business? How do I close 5 to 10 deals every month? How do I sell more and grow faster? These are just some of the big questions that leading real estate investor, Jose Flores, digs into on the top-ranked Real Estate Investing Made Easy Podcast. Featuring mini real estate investing masterclasses and step-by-step guides, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important strategies for starting, scaling and automating your real estate business. Jose s specialty is getting into the trenches with you. Thinking about wholesaling houses? Want to find off market properties? Need help with your marketing? Discover why hundreds of real estate investors turn to Jose Flores to generate more profits and to make sense of the real estate investing space, implement the strategies that really get results, and turn that side hustle into a business that lasts.
Jessica Klepack Podcast
By Jessica Klepack
The Jessica Klepack Podcast gives you simple steps you can implement today and help become a better, happier version of yourself. I hope to create a virtual community of like-minded people together to help make a difference in the world. This podcast is about fit life coaching, personal development, personal growth, priorities, productivity, and of course family.
By Christian Konglund
Historien er full av store hendelser vi har lært på skolen, lest i en bok, eller sett på film. Dette er stedet for alle de små historiene som druknet i mengden - om oppdageren som kun oppdaget at det ikke var noe å oppdage, om en helgen som fikk generasjoner av jenter til å bli anorektiske, og den grufulle historien bak et helt passe koselig bilde.
Liwanag Podcast
By Glen Inocencio
The Liwanag crew discuss why we came together to build this podcast for Filipino Americans
Erlebnis-Photographie Podcast
By Erlebnis-Photographie Podcast
Wie nochmal ein Fotopodcast? Ja Leute! Ich denke ich habe eine Marktlücke entdeckt: Wir machen einen Fotopodcast. Es gibt nämlich noch keinen! Ich habe in letzter Zeit viele Podcasts konsumiert. Angefangen von Calvin Hollywood, Michael Omori Kirchner, Jonas Peterson, Nina Schnitzenbaumer, Frank Fischer, Jan Kocovski und viele mehr. Deshalb wird sich dieser Fotopodcast sich nicht mit Dingen, wie Marketing beschäftigen. Auch nicht mit Kaufempfehlungen von irgendwelchen neuen Kameramodelle, sondern mit fotografischen Hardfacts und Basics. Wusstet Ihr zum Beispiel, dass die Fotografie möglicherweise schon über 40.000 Jahre alt ist? Wolltet ihr schon immer einmal den Unterschied zwischen Schärfentiefe und Tiefenschärfe kennenlernen? Dann seid ihr bei uns genau richtig. Wir machen Fotografie hörbar. Einfach und verständlich. Zu den Basics gehören bei uns nicht nur die Bedeutung von Blende und Belichtungszeit - also die Technik - sondern auch die Geschichte der Fotografie oder die Arbeit und der Stil bekannter Fotografen.
Daily Learning Online Podcast
By Daily Learning Online Podcast
Welkom bij de Podcast van Daily Learning Online. Het is mijn missie om een positieve bijdrage te leveren aan jouw groei en geluk. Luister naar onze Podcast en laat je inspireren om het maximale uit jezelf te halen!
Mixed In PodCast
By Mixed In
Talking for the fun of it.
Black and Blue:The Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement
By Alex P. Bidwell
Podcast by Alex P. Bidwell
Wisdom in the Nations with Rob Bryant
By Rob Byrant
Wisdom in the Nations with Rob Bryant Emunah (Faith) for the Nations. Learning Hitbodedut - the art of conversation with Hashem. The focus of this channel is to promote the teachings of Rabbi Nachman , especially Emunah , bitachon , and clear Hitbodedut . With the help of HaShem you will be inspired and elevated in your faith
Dr. Regina Hernandez's show
By Regina Hernandez
Dr. Regina Hernandez provides a platform to support teachers and to showcase educators from diverse backgrounds in an engaging and authentic dialogue about public education.
WISERD Podcasts
Podcast by WISERD
Changemaker Education
By Ashoka Start Empathy with Innovate Podcast
What if our schools prioritized empathy as much as they did reading and math? What if young people were given regular opportunities to apply empathy as changemakers in their schools and communities? This podcast gives us a window into what education for a changing word looks like. Join us for a podcast featuring insights from social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and educators as they share their inspiring stories, challenges, and learnings. Produced by Ashoka in collaboration with Innovate Podcast.
Chase Greatness
By Its Marvy Marv
Join Marv for a 100% unfiltered, real and truthful discussion on what it takes to succeed in the barbering industry and in life! In each episode Marv will give you straight to the point, truthful and honest advice, to help you reach your goals in the fastest way possible! This ain't just another motivational podcast. Motivation isn't what you need. You need resources! And that's exactly what Marv provides! Real, practical tools that you can take with you into the real world, and apply to your everyday life.
Chasing Earhart Podcast
By ChasingEarhart
Podcast by ChasingEarhart
Speaking of Homes
By Speaking of Homes
Tune in Saturdays at 8am to listen to Speaking of Homes!
Startup Data Science
By Edderic Ugaddan, Apurva Naik, Alex Au
Startup Data Science is the podcast where you learn startup-ready data science with programming basics. We discuss how to bootstrap data science techniques and understand their underlying mechanics by discussing open-source learning materials. Startup Data Science helps forward-thinking entrepreneurs, novice programmers, and seasoned software engineers to use Data Science to make a bigger impact.
Jess Valadez Podcast
By Jessica Valadez
Lifestyle Vlogger turned Podcaster
Elder Talk
By Cordell Planning Partners
In planning for your future, you run into complications with long-term care, estate planning, health, probate, and so much more. Join Attorney-CPA Joseph Cordell on Elder Talk, a show dedicated to providing smart strategies for seniors and older adults, continuing the conversation regarding the important questions about their future. Listen in from 11 a.m. to noon Saturday mornings on 1380 KXFN-AM.
Under utveckling
By TimeEdit AB
Under utveckling är en podd av och för utvecklare, skapad i soliga (nåja) Göteborg av oss som jobbar på TimeEdit.
Something Amazing
By Matt Saraceni & Amberly Cull
Each week Matt Saraceni and Amberly Cull tell each other Something Amazing that they've discovered. It could be a fact, could be a story, could be a recipe for flan. Anything! With the one rule: it must be - Something Amazing! Artwork by: Stacy Gougoulis
Josh Stockwell's IP Blog and Podcast
By Josh Stockwell's IP Blog and Podcast
A primer and discussion of latest topics on intellectual property, featuring patents, copyrights and trademarks, by Josh Stockwell, a patent attorney in Providence, RI.
Palliationspoddens podcast
By Betaniastiftelsen
Äntligen en podcast om palliativ vård på svenska. Nu behöver du inte sitta framför datorn för att lära dig om vård i livet slutskede. Lyssna på din telefon när du sitter på bussen eller är ute och går. I podcastavsnitten samtalar vi med kunniga personer om olika ämnen som rör palliativ vård och vi kommer också svara på lyssnarfrågor.
Money In The Bank
By Money In The Bank Podcast
Financial Podcast For The Average Joe
Young & Legendary
By Max Matassov
Du interessierst dich für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Unternehmertum? Bist noch Schüler oder Student und hast kein Bock auf den beruflichen Weg, den alle gehen? Oder du interessierst dich sehr für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung? Dann bist du genau hier richtig! Lerne junge, großartige Persönlichkeiten kennen, die bereits in ihrem jungen Alter einiges erreicht haben. Du bist der Durchschnitt der 5 Menschen, mit denen du die meiste Zeit verbringst, heißt es ja so schön. Dieser Podcast bietet dir die Möglichkeit, neue Menschen kennenzulernen, dich mit neuen Menschen auszutauschen und vielleicht sogar neue Freundschaften schließen zu können, mit Jugendlichen, die die gleichen Interessen haben wie du! Genial, oder?
By Alejandro Pooley
Intencionales es un Podcast dedicado a entregar herramientas, ideas e inspiración a discípulos de Jesús que son líderes y que desean vivir una vida y misión más intencional. Intencionales.
Total Greatness with Sam Barry | Interviewing World Class Guests in Health, Wealth & Spirituality
By Sam Barry, The Coach - Interviewing Game Changers Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Art of Charm, Onnit, Abel James, Preston Smiles, Foundr Nathan Chan & Andy Frisella.
Sam Barry is an Entrepreneur, Influencer and sought after Business and Life Coach. Imagine living the life of your dreams. Imagine having it all. Health, Wealth, Love and Spirituality. We can have it all when we make it our intention to live a life of Total Greatness. Are you ready to take your life to the next level? More at: TotalGreatness.com
The Thinker's Podcast
By Vivek Nigam
The Thinker’s Podcast is a weekly podcast I do, sometimes solo and sometimes with a guest. In this podcast, I usually explore topics which are abstract and sometimes about life phenomenon we all experience. I try to think of them and try to encourage my listeners to think them in a different perspective.
De Pop-Up Show
By Pascal Snijder
Podcast by Pascal Snijder
Gal Einal with Rabbi Yiztchak Ginsburgh
In Hebrew “Gal Einai” means: “open my eyes.” This name was adopted from the verse: “Open my eyes that I may behold wonders from your Torah” (Psalms 119:18)–thereby expressing the institute’s commitment to rendering the hidden, inner dimension of Torah, a source of wonder, inspiration and insight for all. Under the leadership of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, our goal is to open the world’s eyes to Divine consciousness, spreading G-d’s good light to every household, classroom, and community on earth.
Alumni Aloud Podcast
By Alumni Aloud Podcast
The CUNY Graduate Center's Office of Career & Professional Development new podcast to help alumni navigate the intricacies and challenges of career planning.
Agriculture Today - from Kansas State University
By K-State Research and Extension
Podcast by K-State Research and Extension
Educated Machine
By Educated Machine
Podcast by Educated Machine
Holistic Songwriting Podcast
By Holistic Songwriting Podcast
The podcast for modern songwriters & producers, featuring bestselling author Friedemann Findeisen, the man behind Holistic Songwriting and the Artists Series.
West Thoughts
By West Thoughts
Student of History, Cultural Insight and Motivational Speaker.
Decoding Industry
By GE Australia
Digital technologies have transformed our lives as consumers and now they’re transforming the way every industry works. From the personal to the industrial, GE is working with customers to power the evolution of digital productivity globally. The event Decoding Industry explored how companies are evolving, adapting, and driving change to build this new age of industry. This series is a live recording from the event.
Social Good HQ Podcast
By Caroline McKenna - SocialGoodHQ.com
Social Good HQ podcast was created to support you through your Charity/Social Enterprise Journey. I know from first hand experience how hard it is to juggle your workload and trying to prioritise feels really overwhelming sometimes! You will hear practical advice and tips from me, Caroline McKenna, Social Good HQ Founder and CEO of Dundee International Women's Centre, in addition I will bring along some guests to give you their advice and expertise. This podcast is designed to provide practical support and to help you focus on what will truly make the difference for your organisation in the long term.
Voice of Bold Business Radio
By Jessica Dewell
The Voice of Bold Business Radio talks about skills to ask better questions, solve problems and take action. The result is effectively handling: tough situations; changing culture; adding new products or markets; setting goals; reviewing people; evaluating business; setting priorities; building strategy; and more.
By Mr.种草
The Good Dog's Q&A Saturday!
By The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation - Sean O'Shea
Sean O'Shea and Laura Morgan from the Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation answer your burning dog training questions every Saturday! Sean O'Shea is a Los Angeles and New Orleans dog trainer, and the owner of The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation. Sean is internationally-recognized as a leading dog behavior expert, specializing in aggressive dog training. In 2013, Sean was personally hired by Cesar Millan (The "Dog Whisperer") to teach and train students alongside Cesar for his highly-acclaimed seminar Training Cesar's Way in Santa Clarita, California. Sean and The Good Dog released their first very successful prong collar foundational DVD in 2014, and will release an E-Collar basics DVD in mid-2015. He's a regular guest on Jeff Gellman's widely-heard and highly rated dog training radio show "What Would Jeff Do?", and authors the popular blog The Good Dog Life Blog. He trains rescue/shelter workers how to more successfully rehab shelter dogs, and travels the U.S. training other dog trainers who are eager to learn his unique approach, techniques, and philosophy, through his and Jeff Gellman's T3: Train The Trainers program. www.thegooddog.net www.thegooddogway.com www.trainthetrainerswithjeffandsean.com
PhD Trekkers
By PhD Trekkers
Join us, Mari, a Latina soil scientist from Massachusetts, and Yan, an Asian chemist from California, on our trek towards a Ph.D. A podcast on the interface of science, socio-political discourse, activism, and intimate life journeys.
Global Real Estate School Podcast
By John D. Mayfield - The Real Estate Tech Guy
Helping students prepare and pass the pre-license real estate exam for both salespersons and brokers licenses around the U.S.
Fox Trail
By Fox Trail
Fun for the whole family with many fun adventure stations.
Find Your Tribe
By Annie Weller
Find Your Tribe Podcast is a conversation addressing all aspects of what makes our businesses and personal lives unique. We will balance traditions with new methods, while respecting the past and acknowledging the need to embrace new methods and technologies. Find Your Tribe Podcast uncovers the personalities behind the businesses, the leaders who paved the way and the essential heart of what makes our Tribes run.
Finish To Win
By Performance Solutions
Podcast by Performance Solutions
Around the Home
By Around the Home
Every Saturday morning Greg Crawford, of Crawford Brothers Remodeling, talks about the latest in home construction. Call in at (269) 382-4280.
Audio libro "Diez años de juventud"
By Audio libro "Diez años de juventud"
“Rosario Sansores nos presenta una serie de relatos protagonizados por diferentes mujeres. En ellos describe un país aparentemente tranquilo y recogió cultura, costumbres casi desaparecidas, atuendos, decoraciones y hasta platillos y bebidas; sin descuidar la igualdad entre los sexos.”
Audio libro Canek
By Audio libro Canek
“”Canek” es la historia (de la que el autor escribió y publicó dos versiones diferentes) de un indio maya sabio y amoroso, magistral poeta y guerrero, que inicia su vida acasillado en alguna hacienda de Yucatán, a donde llegan un niño triste, huérfano, sobrino del patrón, y la enigmática niña maya Exa. Las amarguras y alegrías que Canek vive lo llevan al aislamiento para construir su doctrina basada en el humanismo occidental y en el pensamiento maya. La guerra que pierde más su sacrificio, convierten al personaje en héroe literario cuya estatura inspiradora crece año con año desde la primera publicación y traducción a diversos idiomas, a partir de 1940.”
CSO Radio is Marymount Manhattan College's career podcast. Listen to students and staff talk about career planning, hopes, dreams, jazz hands, and donuts. The podcast is hosted by Paul Maniaci, Assistant Director/Internship Coordinator.
Creating Opportunities for Teens & Adults with Special Needs
By Kim Albrecht
The special needs adult population has limited options. Many families struggle after leaving the school system due to loosing supports. Further down the line, housing becomes a concern as aging parents care for aging adult children. Your host, Kim Albrecht, has a teenage daughter with severe autism. She is happy, mild-mannered, non-verbal, in diapers, loves to swim, and will require 24/7 care the rest of her life. The LOMAH podcast and community is a place to gather information to make smart choices for our children as they transition into adulthood. We will also digest doses of inspiration and encouragement moving forward in faith, hope, (and touches of humor) rather than fear.
Clearly Sustainable
By Clearly Sustainable
Clearly Sustainable is a series of podcasts which explores the use of English language words and terms used when discussing sustainability. This series is not a dictionary but is a spoken journey through how terms are used and some of the common misunderstandings or wrong uses of such terms. The series is not academic in style but is more conversational and engaging, aimed at improving your use of English and giving you clarity and insight into the whole topic of sustainability.
Clear Lens Movement
By Clear Lens Movement
Clear Lens is a podcast that interviews guests that inspire and educate others to have a more fulfilling life. I interview guests with perspectives in Health and Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology, Social Science, Leadership, and Killer Life Experience that can inspire others to have a more fulfilling life.
Cannabis Restored
By Forrest Hurd
A podcast that aims to help repair the damage prohibition has done to one of the most beneficial plants on the planet through conversation. Join us as we discuss all aspects of how cannabis works and how it can be integrated into our lives.
Cannabis Can
By Dustin Lawrence , Advocate of the Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Movement
The Cannabis Can Podcast explores the many benefits that the incredible Cannabis Plant provides including medicine, paper , fuel and more. Join us as we share stories covering patients of all ages using medical marijuana to heal their physical challenges, from cancer to chronic pain plus many other afflictions .. Learn grow tips & listen to interviews with the people that are shaping the cannabis and medical marijuana movement ... Cannabis Can Save The World !!!
Gradlife Podcast
By Mark Maxwell
This Podcast is for anyone in their twenties - working or studying - who wants to learn more about what jobs are out there, what they will like and what they'll be good at, and who is open to being inspired by the remarkable achievements and adventures of other people the same age as you who face the exact same opportunities and challenges as you do. Check it out!
By Imaginary studio
Podcasten som tar for seg Grundervirksomheter og drivkraften som står bak det å være en entreprenør. Har du store drømmer om å starte din egen bedrift, eller kanskje du allerede har startet din egen virksomhet, men trenger litt inspirasjon fra andre som har gått veien før deg, da har du kommet til riktig podcast. Imaginary studio holder til hos 657 Oslo
MBA Bound Podcast
By MBA Bound
Podcast by MBA Bound
Mindful Entrepreneur
By Tati Jimenez & Gerry Jimenez are Mindful Entrepreneurs interested in Mindset, Productivity & Lifestyle
Listen as we interview innovative, leading changemakers, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs with Soul. Come with us as we discover what keeps them inspired, the lessons learned and how they managed to stay on top of their game & enjoy long-term success. Walk away with how to implement these practical insights and have a positive impact on your business & life! Find out more at http://methriving.com
My things to listen to...
By Alexander Chernyakevich
Some things that I need to listen to. Various interesting materials for education and social evolving. FILTERED
OneCore HR Connections
By Denise Nixon
This podcast features news and trends in human resources and recruiting talented candidates for great businesses. It will also feature interviews with business owners and successful entrepreneurs and will share information and resources about community events, inspirational stories, and strategies for success.
Basement Bunker Podcast
By Jason "Jason James" TenEyck
Garage, Basement, Man Cave, Bath, or broke down car out back. It's the place where we all go to get away from it all and think what we want to think and say what we want to say. Off the grid and not available safe place we all need to recharge.
TubapeopleTV Podcast
By Mike Grose
Mike Grose and guests discuss the teachings of Arnold Jacobs.
This is Vanderbilt Business
By This is Vanderbilt Business
Podcast by This is Vanderbilt Business
By Alfredo Gorga
First and only Uruguayan podcast for learning spanish. Learn Spanish and learn about Uruguay. Visit http://urupod.com/ for episodes transcriptions, translations into Spanish, notes, and to comment. Hosted by Spanish conversation tutor Alfredo Gorga.
Parents At Work - The Spiggle Law Firm Podcast
By Tom Spiggle, Owner of The Spiggle Law Firm
A podcast for Parents At Work presented by The Spiggle Law Firm, featuring the best techniques for parents in cultivating a healthy work-life balance. Techniques for parents in dealing with everything from sleep deprivation and managing work-life issues, to help you excel at work while trying to raise your family.
Panel Power Podcast
By Panel Power Podcast
A weekly audio podcast for beinging and experience comic creators alike! Hosted by Kat and Rachel, Panel Power dives into a variety of topics important for illustrators, writers, and novice creators.
Purple Rocket Podcast
By Greg Webb
Original audio adventures that teach kids about the world around them. For accompanying lessons and more episodes visit www.PurpleRocketPodcast.com
The Angry Mama Show
By GoZen! Transformational Entertainment
We all get angry, it's natural. What we do with it, that's a different story. The Angry Mama Show is the world’s first ever anger transformation show. If you're a parent, a teacher, a teen or young adult who deals with anger, angry people or angry situations in your life, this show is for you. Every week we drop knowledge and mad skills; uniting real-life practical tools, creative solutions, practices and comedy to transform anger into a positive catalyst for change. Your hosts are Positive Psychology and Resiliency Expert Renee Jain and Emmy Winning Writer/Comedian Ed Crasnick.
Market Like A Pro Podcast
By Cory Huddleston
Welcome to Market Like a Pro with Cory Huddleston. When it comes to digital marketing, where do you even begin? You've worked hard to build a company, and marketing it has come with it's own unique set of challenges. Truth is there's no end to the list of things you can do, so what should you do? These are the questions. This podcast is your answer. Be a part of the conversation as we explore traditional and new digital marketing strategies and platforms that will help you learn to make sense of it all and learn to market like a pro.
Marketing Bites
By Emily Foster • GlowingPotential.com
DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals with your host, Emily Foster, RD. If you're at the stage where you're walking past doctors practices screaming "refer to me", like an insane person, this Podcast is for you. You're a one-woman/man band and even thinking about marketing gives you the heebie-jeebies. Humour me and give my Podcast a listen.
Podcasting for all
By Dominique Stansberry
You love Podcasts? So do we! Host one here.
Babalú Blog
By Babalú Blog
...an island on the net without a bearded dictator
Business English Club
By Teacher Amy : English Teacher and Business English Course Creator
The Business English Club Podcast is for intermediate Business English learners. The show includes short talks on business topics with a focus on Business English vocabulary, grammar and business expressions. Recommended for TOEIC test takers.
Baton Rouge Real Estate Podcast with Darren James
By Darren James
If you're looking to buy or sell a home, get all the latest tips, tricks, and information from Darren James & Associates, your professional Baton Rouge Real Estate Agents
By Funkverkehr
Drei Typen, drei Mikros, ein Mischpult! Herzlich Willkommen zu Funkverkehr auf Radio afkmax. Jede Woche picken wir uns ein Hauptthema raus und quatschen dann bisschen über die Hintergründe. Einfach so, frei von der Leber weg.
By Hira Ali
About The Podcast 8 Minutes of Learning With Hira Ali are self-development podcasts hosted by me. In this brief podcast I hope to inspire and motivate you and share with you, tips, techniques, and strategies along with many other tools which will help you in overcoming personal & professional challenges and in advancing your potential. In each podcast, I will talk about a new topic. Some of the topics I wish to cover include; Leadership, Self-Help, Emotional Intelligence, along with inspirational; book reviews. I will also be conducting interviews with people who have inspired me or impacted my career positively and that of others around me. So watch out for this space! Hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy putting this together for you About The Podcaster Hi. I am Hira and founder of 3 different brands; ed Management Consulting, Advancing Your Potential & Revitalize and Rise. I am a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Professional Coach & Licensed NLP Practitioner Over the past decade I have had the privilege of training & coaching hundreds of people belonging to various professions, cadres, ethnicities and across a range of wide of industries with a 98% above average rating review. From teachers to students, from corporates to police officials, from business owners to stay at home parents, my target audience has been quite diverse. I attribute my success in training and professional coaching to my intense belief in infinite human potential and the ability to adapt and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds at an intellectual and emotional level. Genuine interest in people complemented by live-heartedness and candor enables me to reach out to people and impact them positively. An accredited member of the International Coach Federation and Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming, my Leadership & Coaching articles have been widely read and liked, shared & tweeted and have been featured in The International Coach Federation, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global as well as Ellevate Network. I have also been lucky to be featured in several podcast interviews for the work I do. These interviews have inspired millions of listeners worldwide and are available on my website.
Noi siamo per la farfalla
By Antonella Cateni
Pensieri e racconti dei bambini e delle bambine della 3A della scuola primaria G.Ghizzi
Northern Lives
By Northern Lights Public Schools
Podcast by Northern Lights Public Schools
Neuzeit II - Philososphiegeschichte
By Vorleseinitiative HfPh
Podcast by Vorleseinitiative HfPh
New Focus Education
By New Focus Education
"Helping you think through change, by changing the way you think." New Focus Education is dedicated to improving education for all and to enhance how we educate one another and our children in the 21st century. We seek to discuss and debate key issues within education with the aim of re-thinking and re-shaping education with a New Focus. email: [email protected] twitter: @newfocused
NEXT LEVEL INTERVIEW ved Flemming Christensen
By Flemming Christensen
Bliv inspireret til at lære mere om dig selv og dem omkring dig, så du står stærkere i dine relationer.Bliv inspireret til at lære mere om dig selv og dem omkring dig, så du står stærkere i dine relationer.
Princeton Theological Seminary
By Princeton Seminary
Founded in 1812, Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve as faithful Christian leaders in the church, the academy, and the world.
Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast
By Dr. Berry: Physician, Health Educator, Blogger, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Online Entrepreneur
The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is designed to simplify health care so the common person can learn how to take back control. Through weekly educational lessons Dr. Berry Pierre will be taking the most complex medical issues and teaching it in a way that you will wonder why your own personal physician never explained it to you in such a fashion before. If you have ever went to your doctor’s appointment and left there more confused and frustrated then when you came in then this podcast is the one for you. Dr. Berry Pierre prides himself on being able to educate his patients and make them feel comfortable in their most trying times. Dr. Berry Pierre is a Board Certified Internist who is the Program Director for an Internal Medicine Residency Program but is also a Best Selling Author and the Founder of DrPierresBlog.com, whose uses his unique skills of teaching and social media engagement allow him to educate the community worldwide. He has transformed himself from just a regular clinic physician who focused on one person at a time to being able to teach the masses.
Life After Death - World Of Debate Podcast
By MetricateGames
Podcast by MetricateGames
Listen & Repeat Business English
By Listen & Repeat Business English
Useful expressions for business English to listen and repeat. Visit www.amandagrey.com for worksheet.
Happier Hour
By Adithya, Erica, Jessy
Three students from different walks of life discuss their journey on being more productive, efficient, and happier people.
HOME with The Cousins
By by Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri
HOME with The Cousins is going to cover anything under your roof, and sometimes out in the yard. We will be sharing our knowledge from many a past construction project in the hopes of helping you save time, money, and heartache when it comes to your own project. Talking home tech and gadgets, maintenance, design, and everything in-between. As with all things we do, we will be taking a light hearted approach and encouraging conversation along the way. We will also be bringing in some well known designers and contractors to add their points of view and wealth of knowledge to what we are hoping will be a fun, entertaining, and educational conversation.
Resus Nurse Podcast
By Yun Cee Dirsa, RN
Elevating Emergency Nursing Practice. One episode at a time. My name is Yun Cee Dirsa, RN, and your host. This podcast will help you practice at the highest level in order to achieve the best outcome for your patients - no matter what the situation presents. Learn how to apply critical care techniques to your patients in your ED and reduce their morbidity and mortality. Not an ED or Resus RN? Listen in! Critical care techniques can be applied across the board. If your patient decompensates suddenly, you’ll be ready! Find show notes at resusnurse.com
What Does Life Expect from YOU?
By Linda Patterson:What Does Life Expect From YOU?
The podcast is about What Does Life Expect from You? YOU and YOUR characteristics-blood type, personality type, pecking order, and knowing YOU is YOUR number 1 GOAL so that you will live a healthy life and die healthy. The more YOU know YOU that better you can age healthy and not die of any diseases.