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By Radio Wellness
#Salute in onda su Radio Wellness tutti i Martedì e Giovedì dalle 12.00 alle 13.00 in diretta ed in replica gli stessi giorni dalle 14.00 alle 15.00 e dalle 21.00 alle 22.00; la domenica dalle 15.00 alle 17.00. Lo spirito della trasmissione è parlare di salute e benessere partendo dal vissuto delle persone senza essere didattici ma offrendo spunti di riflessione. Non si consigliano cure o rimedi, perché ogni consiglio va personalizzato. Il primo programma che si interroga su temi di salute e...

Metamorphus - Mental Health

By Mark Metry
21st Century approach instilling positive habits, routines, and morals to improve mental, physical, and emotional health via podcast. Metamorphus is a 21st organization dedicated to helping people using modern day tools in a world that's always changing. Our goal is to provide a free and accessible resource to those suffering from mental health worldwide. - Daily Lifestyle Challenges - Introspective Interviews with Leading Professionals - Healthy Living Tips & Advice - Personal Mental ...

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
The Sports Doctor is in. Join Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports and is the host of The Sports Doctor radio show. Dr. Bob was on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years and has written articles for many newspapers. He is a frequent contributor to both The Naperville Sun and The Aurora Beacon. The Sports Doctor is a frequent guest on other networks. Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for impo...

EatYourWaytoWellness's Podcast

By EatYourWaytoWellness
If you like food, listen in! Jessica is a physician assistant and Megan is a dietitian. Together they are laughing a lot while chatting about food, tips, nutrition, fad diets, and realistic goals. They are also reviewing products at the end of each Podcast. Learn, Laugh, and GET HUNGRY!

Podcast of ExBEM

By Donald W. Crowe, MD
Contrarian ideas and commentary on important topics in emergency medicine drawn from the experience of 35 years of practice as an emergency physician. Published monthly, the lessons discussed will be controversial and relevant to the practicing clinician.

ADHD Focus with David Pomeroy, MD

By David Pomeroy
The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.


By Dr. med. Christoph Schenk
Ich bin seit über 20 Jahren als Notarzt unterwegs. Mein jüngerer Sohn fragt immer mal wieder "Vadda, is was Spannendes im Dienst passiert?". So entstand meine Idee ihn sozusagen zur Blaulichtfahrt mitzunehmen. Auf dem Papier... Zum Inhalt: Der Podcast zum Buch! Die aussergewöhnlichen Notarztfälle bleiben im Gedächtnis. Alles Geschilderte ist ziemlich genau so passiert. Oder ähnlich. Namen, Zeiten und Orte sind geändert. Ähnlichkeiten sind rein zufällig. Viel Vergnügen.

The Brow of Justice

By Mitochondrial Eve
This podcast is a healthcare based series with a strong element of life experience from author Mitochondrial Eve, ICU RN and mother of five. I speak passionately about self care, patient care and upholding the belief that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

Bright Spark

By Alec Dunn and Erin Yanke
Bright Spark is a podcast about harm reduction. In this podcast series we interview people doing the bold, innovative, and necessary work that is saving lives and fighting against the stigmatization of drug use and drug users.

Atlantis Podcast

The Atlantis Podcast is designed to cut through the mountain of information available to students interested in pre-health professions and present the most important information in a way that’s easy to understand. Our focus mostly for pre-med students, but we’ll also discuss different options like DO, PA, nursing, and public health. And it’s not just for Fellows! Share this with all your friends to get tips on how to be a competitive applicant, decide which pre-health track is right for you, ...

Voices of Dentistry

By Drs. Alan Mead, Jason Lipscomb, Mark Costes and Justin Moody
The Voices of Dentistry Podcast Summit was established in January of 2017. It was founded and conceptualized by Alan Mead, Jason Lipscomb, Mark Costes and Shawn Van De Vyver. The world’s first dental podcast summit was such a hit that we decided to make it an annual event! The first event was held in Nashville, TN. Fast forward to 2018, the event will be hosted once again by Alan Mead, Jason Lipscomb, Mark Costes and, freshly onboard, Justin Moody. Our purpose is to bring your favorite dental...

Take Control Radio

Take Control Radio powered by Forge-Rx focuses on a contemporary discussion of fitness and nutrition and its impact on your health, healthcare, wellness, longevity, and quality of life. Co-hosted by millennial Evan, personal trainer and nutrition coach, and his baby boomer physician father, Dr. Joe, who will bring you their lifestyle views from their age relevant perspectives. Get ready to be educated, entertained, inspired, and motivated, along with occasional guests, to navigate today's co...

Holistic Medicine – San Antonio Podcast

By Holistic Medicine – San Antonio
Get ready for reliable, cutting edge health & wellness information from a holistic and functional medicine perspective with Dr. Louis Esquivel and the Holistic Medicine San Antonio podcast. Dr. Esquivel conducts expert interviews, shares ideas about alternative health and healing options, and answer questions you didn't even know to ask. Listen to the Holistic Medicine San Antonio Radio show every Saturday morning at 10am CST on Freedom 1160 AM.


By Hurt Locka / Anchor
A Podcast about Medicine in the Body of a Podcast about Sports. Brought to you by the Good Folks at DOC-A-FELLA Records & Medicine ReMixed.

Perfecting Your Practice: Optimize Your Business Finances & Outreach

In the series “Perfecting Your Practice: Optimize Your Business Finances & Outreach,” learn how to improve your practice from experts at Bankers Healthcare Group. Discover the most important factors of medical practice finance, find out how much your practice is really worth, hear about four easy ways to boost marketing for your practice, and more! Get started today and see how you can take your practice to the next level. Provided in partnership with:  

American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry Podcast

Hear the latest podcasts from The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry -- the authoritative source of information for the rapidly developing field of geriatric psychiatry. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on the diagnosis and classification of psychiatric disorders of later life, epidemiological and biological correlates of mental health of older adults, and psychopharmacology and other somatic treatments.

InsideTheBoards Study Smarter Series | USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1

By Inside The Boards
The InsideTheBoards Study Smarter Series for the USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1 is a free, high-yield, on-the-go resource for medical students preparing for their board exams.

Lebe deine Wahre Liebe

By Axel Neo Palzer
Im "Lebe deine Wahre Liebe" Podcast geht es um dein inneres Wachstum und die Fragestellung, wie ich von einem Gefühl für meine Integrität zu einem Ausdruck und Leben meiner eigenen Wahrheit komme. Ein Leben lang holte ich mir "blutige Nasen", durchwanderte Wiederholungsschleifen oder kapitulierte vor meinen Fragezeichen. Es dauerte sehr lange bis mir klar wurde, das der einzige Ausweg eine tiefere innere Verbundenheit zu mir selbst war. Dieser Podcast möchte zur eigenen Selbstforschung inspi...


By Robert Spence / Anchor
Emergency Medicine Audio of Note

Clinical Conversations on Continuous Monitoring

In this series, EarlySense CMO Dr. Michael DeVita takes a closer look at the importance of continuous monitoring with an array of guest speakers.

Denis Tran 'On Now'

By Denis Tran
Des gens passionnés aux histoires (souvent) étonnantes. Des techniques de soins en Qi-rurgie, qigong, acupression que je partage également avec vous.

Talking Tendons

By Auscast Network
This podcast will delve deep into the best and most clinically relevant new studies on tendinopathy. The focus is what questions the researchers tried to answer and why, how they did it, what they found, and very importantly, the so what factor. That is, how can it be applied to the clinic and to individual tendinopathy patients.

This rss has been deleted

By Drauzio Varella
Entrementes é o podcast da rede Drauzio Varella sobre questões psiquiátricas, criado para abordar um universo cercado de estigmas de forma transparente.

Starshine Health

Starshine Health discusses topics related to health and wellbeing with a special emphasis on women with ADHD.

EMScapades: OFF DUTY

A weekly podcast starring Clincy, the writer/artist/comedian and creator of the popular EMS themed comic strip, “EMScapades”! Covering topics from EMS to just about anything else, this podcast is also interactive! Listeners and readers can submit questions and comments through our social media pages, and even have their voices featured on-air using recordings from a call in hotline! Join the conversation!


By Raul Piedra Castro
Médicos y residentes de Atención Primaria por la divulgación de noticias médicas y hábitos de vida saludable. Desde el Centro de Salud de Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara, España.

The Medic Assessment

A podcast created by paramedics for everyone! Tune in weekly for our episodes and listen to life relatable issues! We also discuss medical theory, EMS humor, education, and all things EMS. Full disclaimer for the show can be found at the beginning of each episode. Like and subscribe!


By 徐辉鹏资深物理治疗师

Canadian Journal of Cardiology (Summary - Audio)

By Canadian Journal of Cardiology
CJC Podcast offers lively discussions on cutting-edge research. Want to gain context and insights into cutting-edge research published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJC)? Be sure to tune into the CJC's monthly podcast for author interviews, research highlights and lively discussions on recent articles that are important, innovative or impactful for the cardiovascular community.


A podcast about how doctors think. Presented by Figure 1, the knowledge-sharing app for healthcare. Learn more at

Practice Made Perfect

C. Michael Valentine, MD, FACC, hosts this series from the American College of Cardiology dedicated to clinician career and leadership development through in-depth discussions on non-clinical competencies, skills, and best practices.

Breaking Biotech

By Matthew Lepoire
Matt goes in-depth on various biotechnology companies to find good quality trading opportunities.

Arvind Canchi's interview in Kannada on blood in the urine.

By Arvind Canchi
An All India Radio interview with Dr C Arvind on the symptom of blood in the Urine or hematuria and its management. Language - Kannada.

National Foundation of Emergency Medicine

By National Foundation of Emergency Medicine
Paradigm Shifts is a podcast series hosted by the National Foundation of Emergency Medicine (NFEM) and focused on critical Emergency Medicine issues. The podcasts are developed and presented by NFEM Scholars as well as other invited experts in Emergency Medicine.


By Thu-Minh Ngo
Hallo und schön, dass du da bist. Du hörst hier den Podcast SMILE AND SHINE. Den Podcast für ein zahngesundes Leben und für ein ganzheitliches Wohlbefinden. Mein Name ist Minh, ich bin Zahnmedizinstudentin und mache es mir zur Aufgabe, dir zu helfen mehr Eigenverantwortung für deine Gesundheit und für die eigenen Zähne zu übernehmen. Mit meinem Podcast möchte ich deine Gesundheit nämlich auf die nächste Stufe bringen und zeige dir, wie du deine Zähne ganzheitlich gesund erhältst. Viel Spaß!

Beyond The Stethoscope

By Angela Demaree: Solutions Driven Veteran, Veterinarian
The podcast for veterinarians, healthcare providers and busy professionals who want actionable, implementable solutions surrounding work-life balance, accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.

Heart Rhythm Center » Podcasts

By Dr. Jeffrey L. Williams, MD, MS, FACC, FHRS, CPE
Thousands of patients every year are admitted to hospitals because of irregular, fast, or strong heartbeats. Each year at least one in 4 Americans is diagnosed with heart condition. And at that point there are some very important decisions to make for your future. The harsh reality is - your doctor will not have enough time to go over them in detail. This is where Heart Rhythm Center Podcast can help! We are your “what, why, and how” of palpitations, heart rhythm disorders, pacemakers, and de...

The Nocturnists

By The Nocturnists
Caring for patients can be a transformative experience. On The Nocturnists, doctors share stories of joy, sorrow, and self-discovery. Based on the live storytelling event of the same name, and hosted by physician Emily Silverman, this podcast is animated by a deep-seated curiosity about mortality, human connection, and how best to care for each other.

Rethinking Migraine

Migraine is a debilitating neurological disorder afflicting over 39 million people in the U.S. and approximately 1 billion people worldwide. As the leading cause of disability among all neurologic conditions, migraine headaches significantly diminish patient quality of life while placing tremendous health care burdens on society. Rethinking Migraine explores the latest avenues of patient assessment, communication, and care for this disorder. From recognizing the severe impact of episodic migr...

ArmyRHC-Atlantic: Regional Health Report Podcast

By Regional Health Command Atlantic
It's All About Health. The Regional Health Report is your monthly view into the world of military medicine in the Army's largest regional medical command. Produced by the Regional Health Command-Atlantic, RHR showcases our commitment to supporting America's military through interviews with the professionals and patients on the frontlines of health care. Regional Health Command-Atlantic provides medical, dental and public health support to Soldiers, retirees and their families at Army medica...

Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Research Focus Biology of Genomes SD

By Center for Advanced Studies LMU
The Research Focus "Biology of Genomes" addresses current issues of genomic research and its various implications for society. In recent years biological research has entered the postgenomic era.

Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Research Focus Biology of Genomes HD

By Center for Advanced Studies LMU
The Research Focus "Biology of Genomes" addresses current issues of genomic research and its various implications for society. In recent years biological research has entered the postgenomic era.

Positively Deviant Emergency Medicine

By Positively Deviant Emergency Medicine
This podcast aims to interview successful mid and late career emergency physicians to explore the tactics and strategies they use to get through the bumps in their lives. The primary target audience is early career physicians to help them learn what isn't part of the typical residency curriculum. We also hope others in the practice find it interesting, such as other physicians, advanced practice clinicians and nurses who seek to build their resilience, compassion and joy in their 'day' job an...

Real Life Pharmacology - Pharmacology Education for Health Care Professionals

By Eric Christianson, PharmD; Pharmacology Expert and Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmacology is one of the most challenge topics you will encounter as a healthcare professional, but it can be the most rewarding with a good understanding. Whether you are preparing to be a nurse, physician, physician assistant, pharmacist, dentist, nurse practitioner, pharmacy technician, pharmacologist, or other healthcare professional, this podcast will help you better understand pharmacology. In addition to giving you the basics like mechanism of action, side effects, drug interactions...

Real Life experience

By Ajit Katte
Hello all, this is my First Podcast.

Medipreneur Podcast

By Mathias Müller - Mediziner, Podcaster, Digital Marketing Enthusiast
Der Medipreneur Podcast mit Mathias Müller. Höre spannende Interviews mit Ärzten und Medizinunternehmern, die nicht klassischen 9-5 Weg gegangen sind. Inspirierende Gespräche mit dem Fokus auf niedergelassenen Ärzten, Mediziner, die unternehmerisch tätig sind, Online Marketing im Gesundheitswesen, Life-Hacks, Motivation, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und alles, was auch dich in deinem beruflichen und persönlichen Lebensweg weiterbringt!

Pedia Pain Focus

By Dr. Anjana Kundu
Pedia Pain Focus podcast provides education, and tools for healthcare professionals dealing with children affected by pain. Dr. Anjana Kundu, founder of Proactive Pain Solutions, is an experienced, integrative pediatric pain and palliative care doc who brings you renowned experts from the field of pediatric pain, healthcare technology and business, policy makers, healthcare advocates and more to share their innovations, expertise, and experience in addition to sharing her own expertise in the...

Mimosas N’ Massage

By Lady Reeses
Bodywork Specialist Monique better known as Lady Reeses gives her take on health and wellness, holistic and alternative care, along with massage therapy tips you can do at home for self-love, self-improvement and most importantly self-care. She also shares her amazingly delicious mimosas recipes, essential oils to keep your mood smelling right and Words of wisdom quotes to keep you inspired & motivated throughout your week.

Geriatrics Quick Consult

By Woody Chang, Karthik Kota
This podcast is designed to teach medical professionals the basics of geriatrics in short 10-15 minute podcasts.

CURE Talks Cancer

By CURE Talks Cancer
A weekly podcast on what CURE magazine ( does best: provide Cancer Updates Research and Education. Each week, you'll hear from patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates or health care professionals regarding the entire cancer continuum - ranging from specific cancer types to side effects to the psychological strains a cancer diagnosis can have on an individual and their loved ones. As the largest consumer magazine in the United States for patient, survivors and care...

Courage 2 Overcome

By BBM Talk Radio
"Courage to Overcome" will feature families or persons who have shown courage to overcome disability challenges and go beyond what the medical personnel or others thought they could do. It will be addressing autism, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disorders, and other medical challenges that are difficult for families to deal with. Cheryl will be addressing some of the problems families face and offer some solutions to make life easier. There is an incredible line-up of people who wi...


By Jersey Girls Productions
GUSH is a forum hosted by two urban suburban moms eager to gather and share news about health, well-being, lifestyle and family. Karen Martin, an Emmy nominated producer and Dr. Felicia Stoler, America's Health and Wellness expert have produced a podcast thats digs deep to give listeners the tools to strengthen body and mind.

Eu, Psicóloga

By Debora Oliveira
Podcast sobre assuntos de Psicologia da atualidade.

EMGuidewire's podcast

By EMGuideWire Team - From the J. Lee Garvey Innovation Studio at the Carolinas Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine
Join the faculty and residents of Carolinas Emergency Medicine Residency Program, one of the oldest programs in the country, as they explore some of the Core Concepts of Emergency Medicine as well as many of the niche environments of this important arena of specialty care.

Brooklyn Health Reports Test

By SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn Health Reports

CRICO Insider

By CRICO Communications
Listen to new podcast just for CRIO Employees! Profiles, news, fun.


By Jonathan Zenti
In people’s everyday life, there’s a wall between their ideas, dreams and desires and the real world: our body. A cage for the human behaviour made by flesh and bones that affects the way we interact with the rest of the world: the sound of our voice, the line of our movements, the space we take up on a bus because of our weight, the dominant or submissive position we are forced to take when we argue with someone because of our height: our reality is a costant argument between what we have in...

PA Study Sesh

By PA Study Sesh
Short & Sweet PANCE/PANRE Review

Life After The Letters

By Dr Amile & Dr Suba
Amile & Suba met whilst working their first ever doctor jobs in a hospital just outside of London. They have since lived together, become friends & supported each other through the highs and lows of working life. Listen as they chat through the stories and challenges that face junior doctors every single day.

Millennial Physician Podcast

By Millennial Physician Network
A monthly to bi-monthly podcast that will explore topics spanning across medicine from education to research and finance. We hope to focus on topics of interest to young physicians and medical students, to help them as they transition into full fledged attendings.

Foods To Eat For Brain Health

By Alternative Food Network
No matter your age, it’s never too early or too late to start eating to support your brain function. In this podcast, Dr. Carol Greenwood, Ph.D., joins Dr. Audrey Sasson, ND, to discuss what foods we should be eating for brain health, at what age should we start and whether we can actually repair our brains by changing our diet.

Excella-Bio Cancer Research

By Excella-Bio
Learn about the latest in oncology research from Excella-Bio researchers

Good Bad Habits

Podcast about good and bad habits. At the beginning of each month I will choose one habit and next 30 days try to develop if it's healthy habit or try to get rid of if it's a bad one. At the end of the month, I will share the results of my personal experience, including the techniques, methodologies and best practices which I used. Join the race.

Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr X

By The University of Sheffield
On Saturday 22 January 2000, two men found a small holdall, abandoned on an industrial estate in the north of Sheffield. Upon opening the bag they made a gruesome discovery. A badly decomposed body. Who was this person? Why did they die? Where had the body been stored all of this time? In this collection, you’ll learn alongside the experts who worked to determine the identity of Mr. X. You’ll discover the forensic science techniques that were used to identify the body and understand the circ...


By Jean Carlos Cruz
Opinion, Commentary and Objective Analysis about the Chiropractic Profession and health issues.

Esther's Everyday Meditation

By Esther M Palmer
Corny as it may sound, I want you to use this podcast to build a daily meditation habit that will help you stay *true* to yourself (the kick-a** you inside). I share a new meditation every day. Check out the weekly Q+A to learn more about meditation, the techniques I teach (Q: what's a kriya?! A: tune in to find out), and how to build a daily habit. Want more How To right now? Get my Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide at


By Bill Monroe
A Generation X stroke survivor explores rehab, recovery, the frontiers of neuroscience, and one-handed banana peeling.


By Dr. med. Christoph Schenk
Ich bin seit über 20 Jahren als Notarzt unterwegs. Mein jüngerer Sohn fragt immer mal wieder "Vadda, is was Spannendes im Dienst passiert?". So entstand meine Idee ihn sozusagen zur Blaulichtfahrt mitzunehmen. Auf dem Papier... Zum Inhalt: Der Podcast zum Buch! Die aussergewöhnlichen Notarztfälle bleiben im Gedächtnis. Alles Geschilderte ist ziemlich genau so passiert. Oder ähnlich. Namen, Zeiten und Orte sind geändert. Ähnlichkeiten sind rein zufällig. Viel Vergnügen.

Mental Health Congo English

By Mental Health Congo
You’re listening to the Mental Health Congo Podcast. My goal is to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of mental health policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Presentación do Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria ((Universidade de Vigo-SERGAS)

Sesión de presentación do Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (UVigo-SERGAS)celebrado no Hospital Meixoeiro, nas que participou o Gerente do CHUVI, a Directora de Investigación do Instituto e Ángel R. de Lera, Director da Área de Política de I+D da Universidade de Vigo para dar a coñecer o Instituto, as tarefas realizadas e a ubicación do mesmo.

KGI: Innovation in Applied Life Sciences & Healthcare

By Keck Graduate Institute
Join our Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) community as we share behind-the-scenes insights on the innovation and collaboration taking place on campus. On this podcast, we share weekly conversations with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other guests. Visit our website at and follow us on social media @KeckGrad.

Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon™

By Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS @beautybydrkay
The hot new location for all your beauty needs. Learn how to stay beautiful on the inside and out with advice from Kay Durairaj, MD, a top plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, California. This podcast will feature the inside scoop on trends in plastic surgery, botox, fillers, beauty, and wellness. Guest stars will include influencers, entrepreneurs, and other top plastic surgeons across the country. Stay tuned for Beauty Bytes, and follow us on Instagram @beautybydrkay.

Aging in the Willamette Valley

By GetShowHelp
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Parenthetical Science

By Natalie Newell and Chad Hayes, MD
Being a parent is tough. It's sometimes hard to keep kids alive, much less turn them into decent human beings. But frequently, parents stress more than they need to. Hidden among the passionate disagreements, we can often find evidence that helps us make rational decisions (or even realize that the thing we worried about isn't all that important, after all). In this podcast, we discuss a variety of topics, examining the evidence and discussing them with experts in each area. Look, you're not...

Mind Flipping Podcast

By Rick Paddock
Join us in Mind Flipping and build a better life for yourself and your community. Through conversations with world-class experts in meditation, neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, coaching and more you will learn to understand and access the power and natural abilities of your mind. Listen as these experts share their favorite tools, tips, stories and strategies for building better lives, in an inspiring, informational, and entertaining way. Each episode offers you the opportunity to learn time-...

Los SuperLunes

Comienza la semana con una frase motivadora que te ayude a enfocarte en tus metas.

Inside Out

By Alexander Brand
To be a chiropractor means to be on a journey. It means to challenge the status quo, be different and help the world to be a better place. This podcast will help you to find yourself with chiropractic and inspire you to live a life that matters. We introduce new leaders of our profession and ask the questions that no one asks.

MD for Moms

By BBM Talk Radio
Welcome to MD for Moms with your host Dr Carly Snyder.  Traditional psychiatry, integrative medicine or just some to talk to; Dr Carly is here to provide Moms with personal solutions so that they may experience whole body, mind and well-being at this most extraordinary and cherishing time of Motherhood.  Join us each week for answers to the many challenging issues moms face today on the next episode of Dr Carly’s MD for Moms on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

Chiropraticamente Parlando

By ChiroSport Ancona
Chiropraticamente Parlando di Chiropratica, Salute, Benessere, Italia e California.

Common Sense Medicine

By Shree Nadkarni - Common Sense Medic
Modern knowledge workers in the healthcare industry are inundated with big questions. Just check in with a determined pre-medical student, who’s trying to sift through the noise and determine his place in the medical world.

Doctor Anna's Imaginarium Podcast

By Doctor Anna's Imaginarium Podcast
This is the podcast from Doctor Anna's Imaginarium. Doctor Anna is a Ph.D. biologist with degrees from world-renowned institutions such as Cambridge University and Max-Planck Institute. She is joined by opera singer Joa Helgesson in a bizarre quest for the truth behind "scientific" claims... Sci Hard!

Leucocitos isotópicos - El podcast de Medicina

By Luis Francisco Cordero - Docente de Medicina
Contenido de interés para estudiantes de Medicina y otras carreras afines a ella. Aprende Medicina en tus momentos libres, de una manera amena y diferente. Aquí es donde descansas de leer, sin dejar de aprender.

The V Word

By Dr. Jenn & Dr. Erica
Lady bit talks by lady docs. Two badass gynecologists tackling relevant women's health and reproductive policy issues. Vagina, vagina, vagina. DISCLAIMER: This show is not meant to substitute actual medical advice.


By ADHD-laboratoriet
ADHD-laboratoriet er en non-profit og uafhængig podcastserie, der med et videnskabeligt afsæt undersøger de mange spændende aspekter af diagnoserne ADHD og ADD. Podcasten er optaget og blandet i mit hjemmelaboratorie. Jeg hedder Jais Christensen, og jeg har selv diagnosen ADHD. I hver episode af podcasten hiver jeg kolberne og måleglassene frem og undersøger emner relateret til ADHD - hver gang i samarbejde med relevante eksperter, pårørende eller fagpersoner, jeg har inviteret med ind i lab...

Maladie Mentale Congo Francais

By Mental Health Congo
Vous écoutez le podcast sur la santé mentale au Congo. Mon objectif est d'améliorer la conception, la mise en œuvre et l'évaluation des politiques de santé mentale dans la République démocratique du Congo.

Ed Patrick: Comedians' Surgery

By Ed Patrick
Welcome to the Comedians' Surgery. Take your seat, we'll be with you shortly. Ed Patrick brings a brand new show coming to a waiting room near you: comedians talking health. Expect frank tales, hilarious experiences and stellar guests from the comedy world who had to book an appointment six months ago.

TobiTalks- A Nursing Career Guide For Millennials

By Tobi Taj- Nursing podcaster and blogger
Tobi Talks offers engaging dialogues for nurses and aspiring nurses who are looking for advice, in-depth nursing career reviews and encouragement on being a bold millennial in the vast changing world of health care.

Alex Lemelin

By True North Yoga
I am a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher at True North Yoga in Kingman, Arizona. I love to teach Restorative Yin and All Levels Vinyasa yoga classes. I have been teaching for over 3 years and am excited to share through this podcast.

Brown Emergency Medicine

By Brown Emergency Medicine Residency
Welcome to the official podcast series of the Brown Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

Bold Medicine

By Ovid Therapeutics
Ovid Therapeutics is a company focused exclusively on developing impactful medicines for patients and families living with rare neurological disorders. Hosted by Amit Rakhit, MD, MBA, this is our podcast. This is Bold Medicine.

Soul Care House Podcast

By Elaine Hamilton
Located in San Diego, The Soul Care House is a community of therapists working alongside one another to create transformation in people's lives and relationships. Elaine Hamilton, Founder Of The Soul Care House will be hosting the podcast and interviewing members of her team and other special guests. The podcast will tackle common issues we regularly address in our therapy practice. Our approach is to offer our listeners straight forward and candid conversations around tough topics like con...

Inside Angle

By 3M Health Information Systems
Conversations at the heart of moving health care forward

MDEdge Daily News

By MDedge
The latest medical news for physicians from MDEdge, delivered every weekday.

Sporting Good Fitness

By Frank Marghella
Join Coach Marghella (Dr. Frank Marghella, chiropractor in Franklin TN) with guests and tips, tricks and hacks to getting to your optimum level of fitness no matter what level of game you play. From soccer star to soccer mom, there is something for everyone from amateur to pro level. Let Coach Marghella help you achieve your ideal. Presented by Ideal Health and Wellness Center in Franklin, TN.

Humanangels ~ Glückliches Menschsein

By Humanangels ~ Für mehr glücklichsein
Seele, Emotionen, Wunder, Gott, Bewusstsein, Sensitivität, Heilung.... Humanangels unterstützt bei allen emotionalen und energetischen Herausforderungen sowie Zielsetzungen zu erreichen und verleiht dem eigenen glücklich~sein Flügel. Wir sind Menschen, die eine unglaubliche Kraft und Power in uns tragen, wir dürfen diese nutzen und wieder~mehr~beleben. Es braucht unsere Menschlichkeit (Human) und all das wundervolle was in uns ist (Angel+Soul) um einen wundervollen erfüllten Alltag zu erlebe...

Case Files from Rural Alberta

A medical education podcast featuring learning points centred around interesting cases encountered by residents and preceptors of the Rural Alberta South Family Medicine Residency Program.

Bella & Duke

By Bella and Duke
A show by humans who love their dogs for humans who love their dogs. Easy ways to radically improve your dogs health and help it to lead a longer healthier happier life . Raw dog food made easy.

Daily Sober

By Daily Sober
Daily Sober is a recovery blog and podcast that is focused on gratitude in sobriety. We feature a daily post covering physical wellness, spiritual fitness and mental health to encourage addicts to achieve a daily balance while recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.