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Mastering Nursing

By Nursing Degree Database
Welcome to Mastering Nursing, the show where we cover all aspects of the nursing profession through interviews with experts in the field. From bedside manner to drawing blood… from advancing your career through earning degrees like an RN, MSN, or DNP to starting your own nurse practitioner practice… we cover it all!


By PulmCC
--Deep Ramachandran, M.D.

InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: A Video Podcast Series

By Gotham Podcast Studios
Check in for a dose of stigma-break, humor-filling, empowerment building life hacks and motivation for all the “medically-adult-ish” young people. The InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: A Video Podcast Series, is part of InvisiYouth Charity. This international nonprofit helps teens and young adults with various chronic illnesses and disabilities gain the right lifestyle programs, empowerment and fun events to learn how to keep living life. Twice a month, our founder, Dominique Viel, will bring guest ...


By PHS - Physician Health Services
The first season of MedPEP, the Medical Professionals Empowerment Program, stars Dr. Marie Curious, a physician, physician's wife and mother of toddlers, who is attempting to douse the flames of physician burnout. Listen as Marie and her guide, Dr. Les Schwab, interact with experts with the wisdom and experience to help anyone who is overwhelmed by the stresses and pressures of a nearly impossible job.


By 罗宾大叔

Talk Mental Health With Logan Noone

By Logan Noone
I'm a second year medical student who lives with bipolar disorder. The mission of this podcast is to make listeners feel more comfortable discussing mental health. I'll share my own experiences and thoughts, but also interview other mental health advocates that have influenced my life. My life is easier living openly about my mental health, and I want to convince you to live the same way.

Current Location

Current Location allows you to experience any space. You can listen to it on your own or invite other people to join.

MEDICAL FACTS di Roberto Burioni

Dal virologo che ha rivoluzionato la comunicazione scientifica e trovato un linguaggio contemporaneo per comunicare i grandi temi, una serie di podcast per conoscere da vicino i pericoli della cattiva informazione, confutare le leggende metropolitane più mi voga in rete e ristabilire la centralità della Scienza.

How The Body Works

By Dr Mike Todorovic
Dr. Matt & Dr. Mike discuss how the Human Body works with ABC Brisbane Evening host Kelly Higgins-Devine.


By Melissa Parker
RescuMed offers listeners education in trauma management as it pertains to different types of rescue. Rope rescue emergencies, confined space, hazardous materials, auto extrication, swift or flood water rescue, trench, structural collapse, and more.

The Better Dentistry Podcast with Dr. Bryan Stimmler DDS & Dr. Goldwyn Jequinto DDS

By Dr. Bryan Stimmler DDS & Dr. Goldwyn Jequinto DDS
Helping dentists become better in all facets of the industry through intelligent discussions concerning the challenges and failures we all deal with.


By NHPCO's NCHPP Physician and Advanced Practice Provider section
HPM TALK is the podcast of NHPCO's National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals’ (NCHPP’s) Physician and Advanced Practice Provider section. This podcast connects you with leaders in the field to discuss issues pertinent to our practice and to bring you the voices of other physicians and advanced practice providers who will share their experiences in the field. A rotating team of hosts will address topics of interest to the hospice medical director, hospice physician, advanced pra...


By 微信营销之微营销微商


Pharmacomedy explores the humorous side of pharmacy and healthcare

정현&윤중식의 솔직한 약국

By demasian
건강하고 솔직한 약, 건강 이야기

rbb Praxis | Inforadio - Besser informiert.

By Inforadio, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany
Im Ratgeber "rbb PRAXIS" geht es um Gesundheitsvorsorge, medizinische Entwicklungen und neue Therapieformen. Außerdem greift die Sendung Fragen auf, die Fernsehzuschauer nach der "rbb PRAXIS" gestellt haben.


By Nathan Eckel
Interviews with leading physicians, physician authors, and physician speakers on topics related to wellness, harmony and fulfillment.

Einstein-Montefiore Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) held an all-day symposium entitled "Bridging the Translational Divides," which featured presentations and keynote speeches by invited national leaders in translational research and some of the leading faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The ICTR will re-engineer clinical and translational research, reorganize research facilities, transform training and educational programs, and expand the pool of young investigators. Th...

Konopka Institute

By Konopka Institute
University of Minnesota - The Konopka Institute is built on a foundation of research that articulates what has been demonstrated to be effective in healthy youth development. Strategies based on the interrelatedness of youth health problems‚ a commitment to programs that work (“best practices”) or show promise of doing so (“best bets”)‚ and an understanding that adolescents must be viewed in the context of their families and their families in the context of neighborhoods and communities‚ are ...

Your Health in Your Hands - PHBs - for iPod/iPhone

By The Open University
What are Personal Health Budgets, how do they work and how will they affect you? Personal Health Budgets or PHBs are the next major step towards personalising healthcare. They’ve been designed to allow people more choice and control over the money spent on meeting their healthcare and wellbeing needs. With the introduction of Personal Health Budgets in 2014 billions of pounds of NHS funding will be devolved to patients to purchase their own health services. This has the potential to revolut...

Bench To Bedside

By University of Chicago Medical Center
A weekly roundup of research and medical news from the University of Chicago Medical Center.

RED MED Podcast

By Chris Gibson & Chris Sharpe
RED MED is a platform for healthcare professionals working in or aspiring to join Rescue, Expedition & Disaster Response teams. On this podcast we share information, ideas and experiences, course information and connect likeminded members of the RED MED community Hosted by: Chris Gibson FAWM (Flight Paramedic, Director of SOS Medical Services) and Chris Sharpe (Flight Paramedic & Senior Crew Chief at SOS)

Nursing 412 Vanderloop Childbearing Practices

By Patricia Vanderloop Fall 2011
This course reviews families, pregnancy, birth and potential complications. (Caution Adult content may be considered explicit to some audiences.)


By K / Anchor
PointWellness will talk about mind, soul, body and alternative health

Nursing Assistant Podcast

Get ready to advance your medical career. Learn about the educational, training, and job opportunities available to CNAs and medical assistants with the Nursing Assistant Podcast. After listening, head over to to access in-depth guides and recommended training programs that will help advance your medical career.

a medical case a day

By mat long
educational medical program

Midwifing America

By Angie Chisholm, Kate Bowen, Katie Robins, Emily Yeast
A new podcast for conversations that re-imagine maternity and women’s health care. Brought to you by the Oregon Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, with the help of Thacher Grant funding.

Bio211 - Dilkes - Human Anatomy

By David Dilkes - Spring 2011
A study of the fundamental structure and organization of the organs and systems of the human body. Prerequisite: "C" or better in Biology 105 or equivalent. (Primarily for physical education and nursing students).

Heath Bites

Health Bites is a Podcast dedicated to all things health related.

MPN Chronicles

By David Wallace
This Podcast will cover many elements of my Polycythemia Vera (PV) journey, from the day of diagnosis til present. Interviews with Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN) specialists and patients. Hopefully you will find scenarios in my journey that you can relate to and pick up some tips along the way. The Podcast is not to be construed as medical advice, only sharing my PV story. See an MPN specialist to help you on your unique treatment.

Community Life

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Explore community life at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Faculty Interviews

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Faculty Interviews

Graduation 2010

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Allen M. Spiegel, M.D., the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean, presents M.D. diplomas. Graduates are called to the stage in alphabetical order at Einstein's 2010 Commencement ceremonies at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.

Postdoctoral Fellow Interviews

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow Interviews

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2011

This awards event series recognises the work of University of Auckland Alumni who have gone on to become leaders in their particular fields of research and practice.

Graduation 2009

By Albert Einstein College of Medicine
At the June 2, 2009 graduation ceremony at Avery Fisher Hall, Albert Einstein College of Medicine conferred 181 M.D. degrees, 59 Ph.D. degrees and 10 M.S. degrees. Fourteen graduates will received both an M.D. and a Ph.D.

Antrittsvorlesung: Von der Synapse zum Verhalten (Audio)

By Prof. Dr. Christian Alzheimer
Mit hoch auflösenden neurophysiologischen Methoden untersucht das Labor von Prof. Alzheimer die Funktion und Regulation von Ionenkanälen und Synapsen, deren komplexes Zusammenspiel die Grundlage der Informationsverarbeitung im Gehirn darstellt. Ziel ist es, elementare neuronale Prozesse zu verstehen, die für kognitive Leistungen, aber auch für emotionales Erleben maßgeblich sind, und deren pathologische Entgleisung zu neuropsychiatrischen Erkrankungen führen kann.

Distinguished Alumni Lectures 2008

This public lecture series crosses disciplines and national boundaries by highlighting the work of University of Auckland Alumni who have gone on to become leaders in their particular fields of research and practice.

The Propofology Podcast

By Unknown provides education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine. Follow us on Twitter @Gas_Craic.

The Mind Deconstructed: Mental Health and Wellness

By Dr. Kaz and George
Dr. Kaz Nelson, a psychiatrist at the University of Minnesota, along with host, George, serve as translators between the psychiatric field and the non-medical community. Podcast goals: Dispel myths, address listener questions, talk directly about serious topics, such as suicide, and inform the public about what they need to know to maintain mental health and a life worth living.

Sounds of Science

By Charles River Labs
Sounds of Science is a monthly podcast about beginnings—how a molecule becomes a drug, how a rodent elucidates a disease pathway, how a horseshoe crab morphs into an infection fighter. The podcast is produced by Eureka, the scientific blog of Charles River, a contract research organization for drug discovery and development. Tune in and begin the journey.

Quarks und Co 2013

By Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Quarks und Co ist das Wissenschaftsmagazin des WDR Fernsehens und einer der beliebtesten TV-Podcasts. Jede Woche ein Thema, in 45 Minuten gruendlich und verstanndlich erklaert. Mit hochwertigen Filmen und Grafiken und spannenden Experimenten, praesentiert von Ranga Yogeshwar. Immer dienstags um 21 Uhr im WDR Fernsehen.

ergopraxis - geht ins Ohr

By Thieme Verlagsgruppe
Ergotherapeuten kommen jetzt auch akustisch auf ihre Kosten. ergopraxis gibt es nämlich nicht mehr nur als Zeitschrift, sondern auch als Podcast. Hören Sie ausgewählte Beiträge und tauchen Sie ein in die facettenreiche Welt der Ergotherapie.

Iron Lounge Radio

By Dan Allison
Iron Lounge Radio is the official podcast of the Iron Lounge Coaches Coalition. We are a professional development and networking group based out of the Inflow Wellness Academy in Plymouth, MI. Our goal is to empower strength coaches, trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, essentially all "performance professionals" and aspiring students. Join us for some informational yet fun episodes that'll leave you feeling motivated, educated and inspired! If you like what y...

Quarks und Co 2012

By Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Quarks und Co ist das Wissenschaftsmagazin des WDR Fernsehens und einer der beliebtesten TV-Podcasts. Jede Woche ein Thema, in 45 Minuten gruendlich und verstanndlich erklaert. Mit hochwertigen Filmen und Grafiken und spannenden Experimenten, praesentiert von Ranga Yogeshwar. Immer dienstags um 21 Uhr im WDR Fernsehen.

Leonardo September 2013

By Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Aktuell, verständlich, kritisch - und unterhaltsam. So spannend kann Wissenschaft sein! Leonardo -Wissenschaft und mehr - zu hören bei WDR 5, Montag bis Freitag von 16.05 bis 17.00 und von 22.05 bis 23.00.

The Thrive Podcast

By Dara Kurtz and Garth Callaghan
Getting a cancer diagnosis isn’t a death sentence. Garth and Dara are here to teach you everything you need to move forward with your life, whatever challenges you’re facing. You can learn more at their websites: Garth’s website: Dara’s website:

The Halls of Anubis

By Judith Baylin-Stern
How do people perceive the meaning of human existence? Judith Baylin-Stern, M.A. and Donna Jensen, M.A. are the creators and co-interviewers of The Halls of Anubis podcast.

Growing Dermatologist

By Growing Dermatologist
Marketing Podcasts for Dermatologists

The Paradocs Podcast

By Eric Larson
The Paradocs is a fun and lively discussion with a couple of docs on the practice of medicine. Occasionally serious, other times lighthearted, and accidentally informative. A show for physicians to learn more about what is going on and a great place for them to direct their friends and family to better understand the challenges they face.

MDedge Psychcast

By MDedge
Episode 1: Dr. Lorenzo Norris interviews Dr. Henry Nasrallah about recent advances in understanding schizophrenia.

The Lab Medicine Podcast

By Oxford University Press
Podcasts on all areas of laboratory medicine

The Retina Channel Podcast

By Keyvan Koushan, MD, FRCSC
A journal club to review recent journal articles in the field of retina. The target audience are retina specialists and other healthcare professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest publications in the field of retina.

Mind Body Medic

Flight paramedic and educator passionate about investing in others and creating a positive future for EMS. We will talk about everything from cutting edge science and medicine to ways to develop yourself as a professional!

The Physician's Road

By Eric S. Tait M.D., MBA
Create Your Life In Medicine, On Your Own Terms


By Matthew Dull / Anchor
Welcome to Ribcasts, the official podcast of the Chest Wall Injury Society. We hope that you find these episodes educational and interesting. For more information on rib fixation or the CWIS please see our website at

Otolaryngologic Clinics Clinics (Elsevier)

By Otolaryngologic Clinics
Elsevier's Otolaryngologic Clinics Podcast, hosted by Consulting Editor Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, features in-depth discussions and commentary on the articles in each issue by the guest editors themselves. Articles can be accessed on the following platforms:,, and For subscription info visit:

Dr. John's Neighborhood

Thank you for listening to my radio show! My name is Dr. John D Rich, Jr. I am an educational psychologist, former United Methodist minister, and associate professor of Psychology at Delaware State University, with expertise in effective parenting and teaching. My goal for this radio show is to explore all of the ways that psychology can help us become better people, and build a better society. I am actively seeking guests from different walks of life, who are interested in engaging in conver...

Curiostand Podcast

By Cierra Spacebaby Lopez
A morbid, obscure learning network. A place for kids. If those kids are ghosts from the 1800's. Let's get spooky!

Von Schweinen und Menschen

By Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Der LMU-Tiermediziner Eckhard Wolf und seine Mitarbeiter haben ein genetisch modifiziertes Schwein geklont, das an Diabetes mellitus leidet. Mit dem Tier-Modell lassen sich neue diagnostische und therapeutische Verfahren in die klinische Praxis übertragen. Das Schwein als Brücke zwischen Maus und Mensch soll helfen, mehr und bessere Medikamente auf den Markt zu bringen.

Behind the Bump

By SCL Health
Behind the Bump is a podcast produced by SCL Health aimed at taking future and expectant mothers beyond their regular OB-GYN check-ups, and discussing the more taboo - or personal - aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery. What are the questions and conversations about pregnancy and labor that you are interested in learning more about, but haven't had the chance to ask yet? What are the aspects of pregnancy and labor that give you pause or concern? Are there issues you feel might be specific...

ThriveRx Live Podcast

By ThriveRx
Join our speakers as they explore issues that individuals on total parenteral and enteral nutrition and their caregivers face.

Von Schweinen und Menschen

By Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Der LMU-Tiermediziner Eckhard Wolf und seine Mitarbeiter haben ein genetisch modifiziertes Schwein geklont, das an Diabetes mellitus leidet. Mit dem Tier-Modell lassen sich neue diagnostische und therapeutische Verfahren in die klinische Praxis übertragen. Das Schwein als Brücke zwischen Maus und Mensch soll helfen, mehr und bessere Medikamente auf den Markt zu bringen.

Kannst Du mich hören?

By Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Kinder, die mit einem Hörschaden auf die Welt kommen, werden mittlerweile durch ein Neugeborenen-Hörscreening meist früh identifiziert. Doch wie können sie optimal gefördert werden, dass sie sich gut in eine hörende Umgebung einleben? Die LMU-Forscherin Professor Annette Leonhardt untersucht, was wichtig ist, damit eine Integration hörgeschädigter Kinder gelingt.

Knöchel-Arm-Index (Lehrfilm) - SD

By Thomas Brendel und Thomas Bischoff
Die Berechnung des Knöchel-Arm-Index ist eine nicht-invasive, einfach durchzuführende und aussagekräftige Methode zur zuverlässigen Diagnose einer peripheren arteriellen Verschlusskrankheit. In diesem Film zeigen wir Ihnen, wie sie diese Untersuchung korrekt durchführen und den Knöchel-Arm-Index richtig berechnen und interpretieren.

Ethos Athletes Podcast

By Dr. Matthew Hernandez - Ethos Integrative Medicine
The Ethos Athletes Podcast is a show created for functional fitness members wanting to gain knowledge on fitness, health, and performance. Host Dr. Matthew Hernandez, from Ethos Integrative Medicine, brings in experts to delve into the questions he receives while working with CrossFit athletes.

Daily Run Africa

By Dr. Yemisi Bokinni
A health and wellness show hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni, where we discuss scientifically proven tips on how to use lifestyle medicine and sound nutrition to prevent, manage and reverse many of the common diseases we face today.  Got questions? Visit our website at, click on the relevant post, hit record, and send your audio message through. We’ll do our best to answer at the end of the show next week. 

NEJM Resident 360 - Curbside Consults Podcast

By NEJM Resident 360 - Curbside Consults Podcast
Curbside Consults take a deep dive into key topics with expert clinicians and educators. As we explore the details of pathophysiology and critique the evidence behind clinical practice, these conversations are intended to give you better understanding of the topic and greater confidence when treating your patients.

Achieve Balance Podcast with Dr. Arminta

By Discussions with Health and Wellness Experts such as Dr. Billy DeMoss, Dr. Jack Wolfson, Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joe Mercola every week.
Welcome to Achieve Balance Podcast with Dr. Arminta. Tune in weekly for expert advice on how we can learn to be proactive about our health. By learning how to eat , think and move properly we can take control of our own well-being. Find out why Chiropractic is a fundamental part of having a properly functioning nervous system. Get the latest information on GMO's, vaccines and glyphosate. Educate yourself on holistic alternatives such as CBD, Reiki, and Sound Healing along with much much ...

Terry Talks Podcast

By MMTR Physiotherapy
Terry Moore is the creator of MyoWorx treatment and the founder and president of MMTR Physiotherapy in Guelph, Ontario. In the 30 years Terry has been treating people with chronic pain and concussions, MyoWorx has become internationally recognized and sought after. As a neuromuscular and cardiovascular physiologist, Terry has a unique approach to treating chronic pain symptoms by targeting their source. This podcast will give you some insight into Terry's history, philosophy and general op...

Terapias Cognitivas

By Phytotherapi
Para lograr cambios en nuestro estado fisico hay que cambiar nuestro estilo de vida. Típicamente cuando pensamos en cambios en nuestro estilo de vida pensamos en cosas físicas, entre ellos la nutrición, el ejercicio las horas en que dormimos, etc. Aunque cada uno de esos aspectos de nuestra vida son importantes, hay otra área que juega un papel de sumamente importancia – la parte cognitiva, o sea la forma en que pensamos. Nuestros pensamientos tienen mucho poder - no solamente a lo que conc...

Slice of Healthcare

By Slice of Healthcare / Anchor
The go-to site for healthcare executive/provider interviews, technology updates, and industry news.

From the Trenches

By American Thoracic Society
Every pulmonologist interacts, avoids, or becomes a division chief. This series addresses topics & challenges for chiefs. Hosted by the Association of Pulmonary, Critical care, & Sleep Division Chiefs. Opinions are our own.

A Medical Life

By Al Spinner
A Medical Life is a podcast series that highlights some of the incredible jobs doctors do. Health, justice, equality.

GBHWC - Community Base Services

By Benny A. Pinaula
An outpatient department or outpatient clinic is the part of a hospital designed for the treatment of outpatients, people with health problems who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not at this time require a bed or to be admitted for overnight care. Modern outpatient departments offer a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and minor surgical procedures.

Doctor John Medicine Man

By Dr. John Medicine Man
Medical & Pharmaceutical Education Show

Sports Medicine Weekly

Informative, engaging and authoritative content on sports injury, fitness and nutrition from 670 The Score's sports medicine authority Dr. Brian Cole

Therapy Hour with Rusty Lozano

By HC Universal Network
Tune into AM 1190 on Sundays from 12-1pm to hear Rusty's Radio show, The Therapy Hour. On the show Rusty discusses a variety of issues facing people today and gives expert advice on dealing with those issues, with new guests each week! The Therapy Hour with Rusty Lozano is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts.

Let me bore you to sleep - Jason Newland

By Jason Newland
Fall asleep to Jason Newland's exceedingly boring voice.

Verwachtingen in je relatie

By Samen naar Maarten
Vandaag bespreekt Maarten, relatietherapeut, het onderwerp verwachtingen in een relatie. Hoe werkt dat en hoe houd je het gezond?

The Collective Podcast

By The Collective
The team from The Collective in podcast form. Discussions and updates on retrieval and prehospital medicine.

The OFID Podcast

By Oxford University Press
Open Forum Infectious Diseases provides free podcast interviews with experts in the field, keeping you up to date with the latest research on your computer or on the go.

Bipolar Style

By John “Emotions”
Bipolar Style™ talks pop culture and politics from a Bipolar perspective. We also cover things like psych meds, mental health therapy, and peer support groups. John "Emotions" hosts the show from California every month. You are not alone. The listening community meets on #Slack via Join us.

Mal être au travail

By Mal être au travail
Le partage du bien-être! Retrouvez toutes les astuces et les informations sur le stress, les angoisses, la dépression... Vous y trouverez tous mes conseils afin d'être porté vers plus de bien-être et éviter, ou sortir, d'une dépression, d'un burnout, d'un mal-être. Ainsi que plusieurs articles / podcasts / vidéos où les conseils de professionnels seront la pour vous aider ! Voici quelques titres de mes articles : - 7 jours sans stress ! - Pourquoi méditer contre la dépression ? - Comment sort...

Mindfulness con il dr. Gamba

By Enrico Gamba
Una serie di mp3 di Mindfulness pensati per iniziare la pratica di consapevolezza. Gli mp3 sono un utile strumento per comprendere come praticare. Si consiglia di usarli solo all'inizio per poi divenire sempre più autonomi nel riportare l'attenzione al presente.

Subtle Medicine

By InnerSpark
Your leading resource for all things holistic health, natural living, conscious relating, and spiritual awakening steeped in Earth wisdom. Hosted by the amazing duo Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and Michael Battaglia. We empower people to transmute pain and suffering into purpose. Through healing our subtle layers, our gross experience gets to be exactly what we deserve. We bring a unique approach complete with Western science and ancient metaphysical wisdom for the ultimate experience to ...

Joseph Murray

The pioneering surgeon Dr. Joseph Murray received the 1990 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his accomplishments in transplant surgery, including the first transplant of a human kidney from a living donor, an event that opened the door to the entire field of transplantation surgery. He was first inspired to become a surgeon by his childhood experience with a family doctor. He graduated from Harvard Medical School, but his residency was interrupted by service in World War II. During the war, ...


By Relevant Sh*t Podcast
Three friends recording a basement podcast centered around current events, their opinions, and sh*t they find relevant! New Episodes every Wednesday.

By Jerry Fahrni, Pharm.D.
Podcast focusing primarily on pharmacy automation and technology, with other things occasionally sprinkled in.


By 扁二的声音日记
【众望之声·健康学堂】 播出时间:每星期一至星期五清晨7:00~7:45; 团队阵容:拥有经验丰富、训练有素的数名专业及业余播音主持人,超过50名来自各大医院以及国家注册营养师和健康管理师; 宗旨:为听众提供科学、专业的健康知识和常识,指导人们健康地生活。

The Gifted Life: Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation Podcast

By The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency
Improve your knowledge about organ, tissue and eye donation as your hosts Lori Steele, Sally Gentry and Joey Boudreaux have entertaining and informative conversations about donation. We address donation in the news, myths about donation, what's new in the community, new technologies, special guest interviews and much more.