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Insights in IPF

By Boehringer-Ingelheim, Inc.
Insights in IPF

IRT Spotlight: Best Practices

By Matt Lowrie
Join Matt Lowrie, your host for each episode of the Spotlight on IRT podcast, where he will answer your questions, discuss common pain points, and talk to industry leaders to help you drive efficiencies and prevent unnecessary risks.

Short Relaxation Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
Short Relaxation Hypnosis Course

Probology: Let's talk pharma

By Omar Midani
Probology is an educational medical channel, that will help you ace your way throughout medical school.

Dr. Michelle’s Vital Edge

By Dr. Michelle Mattingly
The official health podcast to optimize your body, brain and soul

The Methuselah 300 Podcast

By Rod Wheaton: Writer, Podcaster
Podcast highlighting amazing gains in bio-engineering sciences that will change the way people live, from engineering human tissue to 3-D printing human organs.

Vertical Vet Podcast

By Verticalvet
Vertical Vet has aligned the essential products, services, savings, and education programs needed to help you grow your practice.

The Girl Neurosurgeon Podcast

By Girl Neurosurgeon: Promoting Egalitarianism and Equanimity in Medicine and All Professions
Promoting egalitarianism and equanimity in medicine and beyond

First Bite

By Michelle L.W. Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP
Do you have more questions than answers when it comes to treating your medically complex/fragile pediatric patients? If so… then join Michelle Dawson, as she offers her own unique insights and interviews colleagues that are experts in their respective fields… with the goal of inspiring and illuminating all aspects of diagnosing and treating this unique population.

Short Pain Relief Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
Short Pain Relief Hypnosis Course

VEIN Magazine with Dr. Steve Elias

By VEIN Magazine
Real discussions on venous disease and treatment. Hosted by Dr. Steve Elias, The VEIN Magazine podcast brings together leaders in the venous treatment world to talk about the latest developments, events and discoveries in vein care. If you're involved in vein care, then this is the podcast for you.

News For the Heart: Laurie Huston

By Major Radio
News for the Heart is dedicated to helping you give a voice to your own Soul. Our hearts have the power to free us from pain and the struggle that keep us from awakening to our true essence. Join us as we delve into our Heart and Soul to find the path that will open us to the possibilities and lead us to the life we will LOVE to live. Join Laurie as she discusses all types of relationships, contemplating our connections whether they are intimate, friends, family or work. How our relationships...

Jane Wilkens Michael Better Than Before

By Major Radio
Through her books and nationally syndicated beauty, health and fitness columns, Jane Wilkens Michael has helped change the lives of millions of readers who have experienced a life-altering event by encouraging them to become Better Than Before. Now Jane’s experience and expertise can be heard on talk radio. On their journey, her listeners will learn simple steps to relax, replenish and rejuvenate — to become Better Than Before. www. or

Relaxation course

By Jason Newland
Relaxation course

Fearless Aging

By Rico Caveglia
Fearless Aging is about why and how to live a long healthy, fit, energetic and vital life and never be OLD at any age! My guests and I will offer you mind/body/spiritual proven tips and strategies that we guarantee will help you resolve most health challenges and age fearlessly and never be old.

Reduce Your Chronic Pain

By Jason Newland
Reduce Your Chronic Pain

RadioGraphics Podcasts | RSNA

By Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
A podcast devoted to diagnostic radiology, imaging physics, and radiation oncology, owned and published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

RCGP Podcast

By RCGP Podcast
The Royal College of General Practitioners is the professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and overseas. This podcast features conversations with our Clinical Champions and others as we deliver a wide portfolio of projects to raise the profile of clinical areas in primary care.

Live Relaxation Streams

By Jason Newland
Live Relaxation Streams

Let me bore your PAIN AWAY

By Jason Newland
Let me bore your PAIN AWAY

JCMS: Author Interviews (Listen and earn CME credit)

By Dr. Kirk Barber
Engaging conversations with authors of articles from the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. JCMS is the peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian Dermatology Association.

In Bed With Jason

By Jason Newland
In Bed With Jason

Drive Your Practice With Dental Implants

By Driven Dental Implant Marketing
Step by step strategies dentists can use to attract and convert high value dental implant patients. | Drive Your Practice With Dental Implants delivers specific actionable strategies to help dental practices stand out in a competitive marketplace to attract and convert patients actively seeking dental implant treatment. We bring the best and brightest minds in the dental industry and apply their knowledge in dental marketing, dental practice management, phone skills, case presentation, den...

Surgery ABCs

By The Surgery 101 Team
Have you ever wondered why your stomach rumbles or why your teeth fall out at a certain age? Surgery ABCs has the answers! Welcome to our podcast for kids which explores the mysteries and wonders of the human body. This podcast is brought to you by the creators of Surgery 101 and was created with help from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

Resident Talk

By Alfredo Iardino, MD and Orlando Garner, MD
Weekly discussion of educational topics via an interview format with clinician-educator faculty, targeting a resident and medical student audience.

A Grateful Life with Dr Lauren Tober

By Dr Lauren Tober
A Grateful Life Podcast with Dr Lauren Tober. Conversations of life, gratitude and spirituality.

Cody Creelman, Cow Vet

By Cody Creelman / Anchor
Veterinarian and vlogger, Cody Creelman, dives deep into the topics he's passionate about.

Sleep Insomnia Hypnosis

By Jason Newland
Sleep Insomnia Hypnosis

Destination Waist Length

By munya Magande
Welcome! Destination Waist Length is a life discovery podcast focusing on natural hair. You have been wanting to grow your natural hair but feel you are not getting to your goal. Well lets focus on the lessons you learn along the way. People say its complicated, let's focus on the fact that its teaching you how to be dedicated. You dont get support from people around you. Let's focus on the fact that you can join a group of women who are already on this journey you will make friends. Join me ...

Mansion Hill Vets

By Mansion Hill Vets
Professional care, personal service

Mental Rillness

By Mental Rillness
Mental Rillness is a podcast that explores a wide range of topics related to mental health through humor and real people's experiences. Every episode follows a general topic and features guests speaking about their history with mental illness, oftentimes illnesses that are either rarely discussed in media or relatively unheard of in general.

DNA Wellness: Health Talk with The Mott's

By DNA Wellness
Health Talk with the Mott's is an empowering health podcast of education. We are passionate about helping couples and families finding wellness and living above the wellness line. Get easy and practical tips on how to live just a bit better today!

Hypnotic pain relief

By Jason Newland
Hypnotic pain relief


By 接好孕


By 接好孕


By 蒲荷孕育


By 丁友夏
职场宝典 成功者将工作当成生活,不成功者将工作和生活严格区分开来。 把职业干成事业就是成功。 百分之二十的人干的事,就是事业。百分之八十的人干的事,就是职业。 职业就是你八小时之内干的工作,事业是你八小时之内和八小时之外都在干的工作。 成功者将工作当成生活,不成功者将工作和生活严格区分开来。 把职业干成事业就是成功。 百分之二十的人干的事,就是事业。百分之八十的人干的事,就是职业。 职业就是你八小时之内干的工作,事业是你八小时之内和八小时之外都在干的工作。

The Medical School Podcast

By Danny Sullivan / Anchor
The path to becoming a physician can be daunting and intimidating. In this podcast, I interview people who have excelled in medical school, pre-med, and residency. We dive deep into their story, and I ask what they know now that they wish they would have known during pre-med, medical school, and residency. Their personal stories will inspire you, and their advice will help you dominate medical school, pre-med, and residency.


By 小林医生
墨易医学英语团队主要由澳洲的华人医生及医学生组成,致力于帮助大家提高在临床环境下的医学英语,操练医学英语,提高在实战环境中的临床医学英语。本专辑适合医生、护士、医学生。特别是针对接诊外籍病人,出国培训和参加国际会议的医疗人士提供专业性的指导和培训。我们每周二、四、六会在这个平台定时与大家分享包括医学词汇、文章讲解及案例讨论等内容。请关注“墨易医学英语微信”公众号: MOYIchnaus

Health Stories

By Nicole Defenbaugh
In this podcast we invite you to listen in on the real-life stories of clinicians and patients. In these interviews, our guests reflect on their experiences and share with all of us their insights and suggestions for how to navigate our complex U.S. healthcare system

Lying in State: The Life Esidimeni Tragedy

By Eyewitness News
Eyewitness News goes inside the truth to help you understand how the Gauteng Health Department and its then MEC Qedani Mahlangu set in motion a chain of events which would see over 140 people killed after government cancelled its mental healthcare contract with Life Esidimeni.

What The Health

By Allred Media
A forum for Healthcare thought leadership where major healthcare questions and topics are up for debate.

The PA Way

By The PA Way
Online Board Review

NEJM Resident 360 - A Day in the Life Podcast

By NEJM Resident 360 - A Day in the Life Podcast
A Day in the Life is a podcast for medical students, by medical students. Interviews with attendings about daily life and training may help you explore a range of specialties.

Go Beyond with SciFest

By Otago Access Radio
From July 6th to July 15th, the New Zealand International Science Festival will showcase the latest scientific discoveries, inventions and advancements, exploring how science will influence the future. Scifest features a hugely diverse and exciting range of public events, with local and visiting experts sharing their knowledge and their passion with you. Listen to hear more about it

Fall asleep with Jason

By Jason Newland
Fall asleep with Jason

Fall asleep Counting sheep

By Jason Newland
Fall asleep Counting sheep


By Shane Meyer
A four-part season of self-esteem discussions. Exercises included in the podcast for those who are sick of being sick and tired. Self-Esteem is a common area of struggle. We gain understanding of self-esteem and provide practical steps to develop a sense of self -not just to define it

Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis

By Jason Newland
Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis

Подкаст о скрытых лицах (Скрытые лица)

By Arkvision Pro
В этом подкасте Владимир Марковский делится своим взглядом на вещи, которые окружают нас в повседневной жизни. Рассуждает о том, что мы подчас делаем автоматически, не погружаясь глубже, не тратя свое время на более тщательный анализ. Будь то бег, приготовление пищи, игры или лечение. Он находит интересные факты там, где на них не принято обращать внимания. Его интересуют научные обоснования привычных для нас вещей. Он делится собственным опытом, дает рекомендации, применимые в обычной жизни...

Human Faces

By Human Faces
Exploring the psychology behind the face and how it has the power to change our lives.

Chronic Pain Tuesday

By Jason Newland
Chronic Pain Tuesday

Your Momma Goes to College

By Your Momma Goes to College
navigating grad school like a mother...

History Medicine

By josh,tommy and carsyn / Anchor
we will be talking about the history of medicine in the civil war

Charged: Stories from the Women Leading Health Care

By Mass General
How do you truly connect with others and lead with empathy? Why is heart disease different for women? What can we do to make addiction treatment more accessible and more successful? How can you maintain the balance between rising in your field and taking care of your family? Charged, a new podcast from Mass General, is devoted to answering these questions and many more. We’ll be uncovering the stories of the relentless daily pursuit to break boundaries and provide exceptional care. In each ep...

Оптические тренды/бренды

By ГТРК "Псков"
Программа выходит на радио "Маяк-Псков".

Chronic Pain Relief Hypnosis

By Jason Newland
Chronic Pain Relief Hypnosis - Jason Newland

Bon Secours Provider Podcast

By Bon Secours Health System Inc.
Welcome to the Bon Secours Provider Podcast! This podcast was launched to provide a portable and convenient method of communicating important clinical, non-clinical, and administrative information to our busy primary and specialty providers. It is our hope that the podcasts will provide you with need to know and critical updates specific to Bon Secours’ commitment to the quadruple aim.

CMU College of Medicine Podcast

By Jade Johnson
The College of Medicine presents the Diversity and Inclusion Podcast. Our objective is to provide updates about diversity and inclusion initiatives at the CMU College of Medicine, as well as opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to share unique perspectives.

Endocrine News Podcast

By Endocrine Society
The Endocrine News Podcast, a free service of the Endocrine Society, features interviews with experts addressing the latest research and trends in the field of endocrinology. Let us know what you’d like to hear about in a future episode at [email protected]

Self-Help & Self-Development Hypnosis

By Jason Newland
Self-Help & Self-Development Hypnosis

RELAXATION Hypnosis Podcast

By Jason Newland
Hypnotist Jason Newland has been recording these FREE Relaxation audios, since 2006. Each Relaxation Hypnosis session is different and varies in length, There are short ones & very long ones. Every time Jason Newland produces a new Relaxation session, it will be added to this FREE Podcast.

Beyond Medicine

By Dr. Rami wehbi, DO
With the abundance of medical expertise and knowledge we have available, I thought I would put to use my own holistic perspective and help relay solid information on Medicine, Health, Wellness and more from the worlds Dr.'s, experts and thought leaders. Join me as I try to bring you value each and every week!

Sigmund - Der Podcast

By BLINDzelnMedia (Cord Koenig)
Der Sigmund-Podcast von BLINDzeln beleuchtet gemeinsam mit der gleichnamigen Mailingliste der Internetplattform die psychologischen Aspekte fortschreitender Erblindung. Während die Sigmund-Mailingliste vor allem Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe bietet, und Kommunikation und Erfahrungsaustausch ermöglichen soll, informieren wir begleitend über diesen Podcast Sehbehinderte, Blinde und ihre Angehörigen, geben Einblicke in Fachliteratur und beantworten Text- und Audiobeiträge unserer Hörer...


By Cheryl S Turner, EdD, RT, (R)(T)
Real Talk. For RAD People. By RAD People.

Innovation technologique Liliane Bettencourt

By José-Alain Sahel
José-Alain Sahel a étudié à la faculté de médecine de l'université de Paris et a effectué son internat en ophtalmologie à Paris et Strasbourg. Après un fellowship et un visiting scholarship à l'Université de Harvard (Cambridge, Boston, État-Unis), il a été nommé Professeur à l'université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg. Il est Professeur d'Ophtalmologie à la faculté de médecine de l'université Pierre et Marie Curie, titulaire de la chaire Cumberlege de Sciences biomédicales à l'Institut d'ophtalm...

RSM Medicine Unwrapped

By The Royal Society of Medicine
RSM Medicine Unwrapped is a regular podcast series which looks at the science behind a medical condition which is gaining prominent coverage in the media. Visit more.

Let me BORE you to SLEEP - zzzzzzzzz

By Jason Newland
This hypnosis podcast is produce by hypnotist Jason Newland. Each recording is different and is aimed at boring your mind into just letting go and drifting off into a gentle, healing sleep. Jason tells some pointless stories and also focuses on stimulating that part of your brain that leads to natural tiredness. These sleep hypnosis podcast is updated regularly.

Medical Detectives (audio)

By The University of Edinburgh
A series of lectures, inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will highlight the University of Edinburgh’s internationally acclaimed medical research and show that keen detective work is still essential for 21st century doctors. Conan Doyle drew inspiration for Sherlock Holmes when he was a medical student at Edinburgh and based his character on the Professor of Medicine Joseph Bell, who was known for his meticulous attention to detail. The lectures will show that, just like Sherlock Holmes, to...

The Honest Vet Tech

By The Honest Vet Tech
A weekly podcast that features Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Caitlyn Amaral, as she gives advice on pet health, provides tips to keep your pets safe, dispells common myths and answers listener questions.

Page The PA Podcast

By Stephen Benton from The Colorado PA
Under construction!

Stress, Anxiety & Panic Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
This is a 34 day Hypnosis Course focusing on helping with Relaxation, Stress relief & Panic attacks. These Free Hypnosis Sessions were recorded by Hypnotist Jason Newland in 2017.

Hypnotic Buffet (every Monday)

By Jason Newland
This hypnosis Podcast is a all about IDEAS. It's called a Hypnotic Buffet, because Jason Newland talks about different things and offers some ideas that you may choose to try for yourself. Listening to these weekly Hypnosis Podcasts may change your life in an immensely Positive & Transformational way. A new Hypnotic Buffet recording is released every Monday. Most sessions are over an hour long. Enjoy.

Please Excuse Our Issues

By Jo Isley, Shelley Simon
Podcast about raising special needs children and the challenges that brings.

ASA's Anesthesia SimSTAT podcast

By American Society of Anesthesiologists
This podcast is a resource for everything related to the Anesthesia SimSTAT product suite, developed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists and CAE Healthcare.

On Call With Dr. Rishi Kumar

By Dr. Rishi Kumar, MD
"On Call" is a podcast dedicated to all aspects of medical training - from admissions and clinical pearls to philosophies about medicine and team-based, patient-centered care, Dr. Rishi Kumar uses his experience as a former admissions committee member, board certified anesthesiologist and combined critical care/cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow to delve into the realities of life as a physician.

Dead But Not Gone

By Bold Brave Media Talk Radio
In 1982, Toby Evans, The host of Dead, But Not Gone, began to dialogue with the unseen realms when the voice of her Higher Self broke through the sound barrier of her ordinary reality. Life as she knew it, began to change. She transitioned from a public school Art teacher to a modern day, shamanic, Earth Steward creating one of the largest seven-circuit labyrinths in the United States. As “Keeper” of The Prairie Labyrinth, she transformed a five-acre field of native g...

Steve Mack

By Steve Mack / Anchor
Welcome to Steve Mack, where amazing things happen.

Insomnia Cure Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
This Hypnosis Course for Insomnia was produced by Hypnotist Jason Newland, in 2011. There are 7 individual sessions to listen to, leading you to feeling more relaxed at night and much more able to completely let go and sleep deeply.

Relaxation Plan Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
Jason Newland's Relaxation Hypnosis Course. This Free Hypnosis Course lasts for 30 days.

All About Nursing

By Bold Brave Media Talk Radio
All About Nursing explains how nurses play a significant role in providing healthcare in multiple care settings. You will be able to hear from some of these key nurses who work in practice, academia and other practice settings. There are many different kinds of roles nurses have to choose from which makes it a great profession to work in. Additionally you will hear about challenges nurses are engaged in as healthcare continues to experience an unprecedented need to decrease costs and impr...

Overheard from Overlake

By Overlake Medical Center
A series of stories about the history, the innovations and the patient‐centered care provided by Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington.

I SAVE That Podcast

By Association for Vascular Access
I SAVE That Podcast is broadcast by the Association for Vascular Access, which has been at the forefront of protecting and saving lives through best practices and patient advocacy since 1985. AVA advances research, provides professional and public education to shape practice and enhance patient outcomes and partners with the device manufacturing community to bring about evidence-based innovations in vascular access. The podcast serves as one of AVA's platforms for discussing research, emergin...

Tiffany, Turned On

By Tiffany, Turned ON
Tiffany, Turned On podcast is hosted by sex and intimacy expert Tiffany Anton. She addresses current topics related to relationships and sex in a fun, educational manner, helping you to turn on to life, inspire healthy relationships and create a great sex life. Tune In to Turn On.

Advancing Dentistry: A Dental Podcast

By AdDent, Inc.
Every episode features an interview with a key opinion leader in the dental field conducted by Kira Dineen. Our first few episodes will include topics such as pediatric dentistry, dentists and dental hygienist work relationships, minimally invasive dentistry, curing composite and more!

Peak Functional Nutrition

By Peak Functional Nutrition
Our nutrition coaching approach was founded upon giving everyday people and athletes a way to navigate ways of implementing strategic, yet simple practices that add up to long-term changes and results. We hope to share evidence-based research and experience to help you improve how you feel, perform, recover, and relate to your food and life in general.

Edouard Gilles: Unlimited Power Interviews

By Edouard Gilles
NEW INTERVIEW EVERY Tuesday ! The Unlimited Power show aims to spark the unlimited power within all of us by urging you to chase our passion. These interviews are with people in the process of becoming greater and those who have achieved a certain level of greatness. The purpose of these interviews is to urge you to chase and find your passion.

Not Exactly Rocket Science

By Duncan and Dominic
In each episode, Duncan and Dominic talk to a medical researcher about what they do, and believe us, if we can understand this stuff then so can you.

Traumatología Clínica

By Traumatología Clínica
Espacio dedicado a examinar la historia de campo de la psicotraumatología, los conceptos básicos y teorías fundamentales que explican los mecanismos neurobiológicos y psicológicos del proceso de traumatización.

Sex Ed with Dr. Mike

By Dr. Michael Zahalsky
Tap into the mind of Dr. Mike Zahalsky, a fellowship trained urologist from Parkland, FL, as he tackles some of the craziest issues that every BODY deals with!

Midwifing America

By Angie Chisholm, Kate Bowen, Katie Robins, Emily Yeast
A new podcast for national conversations about maternity and women’s health care, Midwifing America highlights stories from providers and the women they serve to illustrate the state of maternity care. There is mounting evidence that we have a maternal health crisis in our country as we spend more, and have poorer outcomes, than other developed countries. Join us as we Reimagine Women's Healthcare. Sponsored by the Oregon Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, with the help of T...

Atypical Presentation

By Hannah Pruzinsky
Exploring the nuances in medicine and the human psyche from a feminine, millennial perspective

Michigan Medicine News Break

By Michigan Medicine Department of Communication
Michigan Medicine News is your destination for news and stories about the future of healthcare. Our daily briefing gives an insider’s perspective on cutting-edge research news, practical health information, and inspiring stories of survival and overcoming incredible odds with the help of the Leaders & Best at Michigan Medicine, one of the nation’s best hospitals and the academic medical center of the University of Michigan.All News Break content including health news, best practices and r...

The DoctorGoals Podcast

By Dr. Alana Trotter
Many people want to be a doctor at some point in their life but few are actually successful. How did they do it? What secrets do they know that you don't? And why are they even doing it? The journey to becoming a doctor will cost you numerous years, countless dollars, and more time than you can imagine. So *why* do so many people want to become a doctor? Dr. Alana Trotter (Dr. Trot) is a former collegiate athlete, current resident physician, and entrepreneur determined to defy the odds and s...

neuroscienceCME - Child ADHD: Exploring Complexities of Care, Part 1 of 3

By CME Outfitters
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects 8% of school age children. It presents with symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity/impulsivity, or both. Currently, three subtypes of ADHD are defined: ADHD inattentive (ADHD/I), ADHD hyperactive/impulsive (ADHD/H) and ADHD combined (ADHD/C). However, in the last decade heated debate has emerged that questions how this disorder should be conceptualized, defined, and categorized. Key questions have been: Is it a category or a continuum? a...

Flux PalliPodcast

Le PalliPodcast est une nouvelle série de capsules audio de formation continue qui s'adresse aux médecins et aux autres intervenants en soins palliatifs. Dans chacun des épisodes d'une vingtaine de minutes, nous aborderons des sujets médicaux et sociaux en soins palliatifs. Les capsules se dérouleront sous forme d'entrevue avec un expert.

Transplant Links Community

By Transplant Links Community
Transplanting Skills, For Life