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By University of Washington
This UW Medicine series from the University of Washington addresses a variety of challenges surrounding the care of the aging and degenerative spine. Since an unprecedented general life expectancy has been achieved in this country, the spine has become a focus due to its propensity towards degeneration and reflecting diseases of other organ systems.
By Oxford University
As part of the Curiosity Carnival (Fri 29 Sept 2017) we challenged five researchers to work with songwriter, Jonny Berliner, to create songs about their research and these are the results. Hear research as you've never heard it before as we look at literature from the 18th century to Mars landers. You can listen to the music and explore the topics or check back soon for interviews with the researchers.
By Journal of Zoology
Listen to the Journal of Zoology podcast, creating discussions around some of the best research published in the Journal in 2010, featuring interviews with authors of those papers. Each episode also includes links to the full-text articles which are all free to read online.
By SIT TV Production Unit
A hands-on practical series about basic animal care that will equip you for any challenge that having a pet may throw at you.
By ErrorFM
The International Experience Alan K.Lohr (BuddhaMan) has been in the Broadcasting Industry for over 35 Years. BuddhaMan has interviewed such luminaries as Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Bill Bruford (Genesis, King Crimson, YES), Journey, Blue Oyster Cult and many others. BuddhaMan has also Produced shows for KPFK, KCRW, KGIL, KIEV, KFOX. Produced and hosted THE THIRD EYE. A metaphysical Program that explored the Space, time and the Mind. Alan has done Voiceovers for...
Advice on finding a new career or advancing in your field. Powered by UC San Diego Extension, The Career Channel is an unbiased provider of information, tools and experts to help people at all stages of their career journey. Visit:
By The Doctor's Life Podcast
The Doctor's Life Podcast dives into the lifestyle of physicians. Taking a look at topics such as the current job outlook and gaining a new job (plus moving a family) , dealing with contract reviews and mounds of student debt, and making your way in the financial world with a growing salary, The Doctor's Life Podcast covers everything going through a physician's mind. Regardless of the point you're currently at in your career as a physician, The Doctor's Life Podcast will help you take contro...
By Landon Roussel
The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Podcast is a podcast series about this new and innovative model of primary care. Once thought to be a practice arrangement only for the wealthy, this insurance-free model has expanded as an outgrowth of concierge medicine as a feasible and sustainable model of primary care for everyone. As primary care doctors leave the traditional insurance model in droves, DPC has only picked up in momentum. This podcast hopes to empower those interested DPC to do their part to...
By personal stories of mental struggle and growth from academia and medicine
demystifying stories of mental health
By Dr. Fabienne Hübener -
Journalist & neuroscientist Dr. Fabienne Hübener interviews experts in the field of public health.
By Duane Osterlind, LMFT | Understanding Addiction Research, Treatment And Recovery
The Addicted Mind Podcast is about understanding addiction from a research and treatment perspective. We will dive into what drives the addictive process, explore the latest research on addiction, and talk about the latest addiction treatment options. We will also explore what recovery from addiction looks like from a variety of different people. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction then The Addicted Mind Podcast can help.
By The InBound Podcasting Network
Welcome to The InForm Fitness Podcast, 20 minutes with New York Times, best-selling author, Adam Zickerman and Friends. Inform Fitness offers life-changing, personal training with several locations across the U.S. Reboot your metabolism and experience the revolutionary Power of 10, the high intensity, slow motion, strength training system that’s so effective, you’ll get a week’s worth of exercise in just one 20-minute session, (which by no coincidence is about the length of this podcast). ...
By CME Outfitters
Evolving research in the field of sleep-wake medicine has offered insights regarding the linkage between sleep disturbances and adverse consequences related to performance, mood, behavior, and medical illness. Unremitting symptoms of excessive sleepiness related to sleep disordered breathing or circadian misalignment can have a significant impact on overall health and quality of life. As developments in the science of sleep-wake medicine emerge, there is a need to understand the implications ...
By Sean P. Dent
The Change of Shift Podcast hosted by Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, veteran Blogger and all around social media maven Sean P. Dent. We all learn the hard way that Nursing is not easy. Each episode Sean helps Nurses fight through the fringes of Nursing by hearing from fellow Nurses, students, educators, and professional influencers who have learned to survive the real-world of Nursing and its big brother the health care community at-large. They dissect successes, share survival tips and ...
By Professor Philip Schofield and Dr Michael Quinn (UCL Bentham Project)
The philosopher, jurist and social scientist Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) is considered UCL's spiritual father, and wrote widely on sex, population growth and wellbeing. Writing around the time of the UK's demographic transition, this symposium explores Bentham's changing views on population growth, and how he influenced the discourse on population in the 1820's, as well as exploring Bentham's work on sex. How are Bentham's seminal writings on sex important not only for the history of sex, but ...
By ICGEB - Trieste, Italy
Topics in basic research in all branches of virology, including the viruses of vertebrates and invertebrates, plants, bacteria, and yeasts/fungi.
By ICGEB - Trieste, Italy
Topics relating to biomedical science and the physiological functioning and diseases of the immune system.
By ICGEB - Trieste, Italy
Specialized presentations on cancer - the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.
By Case Center for Reducing Health Disparities
News and thought on the topic of Health Disparities.
By The Helix Center
The primary objective of The Helix Center for Interdisciplinary Investigation is not to obtain knowledge, per se, but to aspire to an unhurried search for wisdom, emphasizing the centrality of a sense of wonder in this endeavor. Philosophically, we stand against the trivialization of thought and the balkanization within and between the sciences and the arts. Fundamental to our promotion of these views is our roundtable format of open, spontaneous discourse, one facilitating novel encounters ...
By Alan Schnur
Alan Schnur is a former WHO staff member. Following his work in the smallpox eradication programme in Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Geneva, he worked in the Expanded Programme on Immunization units in two WHO regional offices: South-East Asia and the Western Pacific. He was a member of the Polio Eradication Task Force at the Regional Office for the Western Pacific that successfully guided countries to achieve the goal of zero polio cases in the region. During his assignment at the ...
By Raul A Dominguez
Preparacion para el USMLE, ECFMG, Match, Step 1, Step 2CK, Step 2 CS, Step 3, Especializacion en Estados Unidos, Residencias, Medicina Interna, Cirugia, Obstetricia, Pediatria, Medicos Latinoamericanos, España, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Portugal, Brasil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba, Republica Dominicana, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Kaplan, Fellows, Ginecologia, Psiquiatria, Medicina Familiar, Médico
By The Lancet USA
The Lancet USA Podcast
By 白云出岫
By 青年网络
By 徐辉鹏资深物理治疗师
By The Lancet
The Lancet News is a weekly podcast brought to you by The Lancet. Our editors, Tim Dehnel and Dara Mohammadi, report on important, interesting, and sometimes quirky health-related happenings from around the world, while providing a rundown of the latest news from The Lancet, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Lancet Neurology, and The Lancet Oncology.
By Dr. K
iMedicalSchool is dedicated to creating free educational content to help up and coming health care providers, including medical students, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to name a few, become the best clinicians they can be. Along the way we will provide advice and highlight key points that will help you ace your Steps, NCLEX, NBOME, etc. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Also check out our other free educational content at our YouTub...
By Radio Nacional Argentina
Diana Costanzo conduce este nuevo ciclo de Radio Nacional en el que cada semana se abordan temas relacionados con la salud y la ciencia.
By Uvigo-TV
Pontevedra acogió a más de 400 profesionales de las ciencias del deporte en el II Congreso Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte y IV Seminario Nacional de Nutrición, Medicina y Rendimiento en el Nuevo Deportista, un evento que pretende ser un foro de difusión de conocimiento científicos, técnicos y culturales relativos a la actividad física. La iniciativa, organizada por el ayubtamiento de Pontevedra, la Universidad de Vigo y el Grupo HI10 de investigación del Área de Educación Física y Depo...
By LOVE FM 76.1MHz
By 臺北醫學大學
By なんであのとき放送局
なんであのとき放送局は同級生の中年三人でやっている放送局ごっこ遊びです。 いくつかの番組が存在しますが、それぞれの過去回がホームページにて視聴できるようになっております。
By 藤野真人(ふじのまさと)
By 于良
By 北京广播电视大学
By Professor Bencie Woll (UCL Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences – Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre)
There are many myths surrounding British Sign Language (BSL) – the third most widely used indigenous language in the UK. In this lecture, Professor Woll will try to dispel some of them by introducing BSL, explaining how it works and exploring the community it has created.
By Servei de Comunicació i Promoció
Apropa’t i coneix la UPC, la Universitat de l’Arquitectura, les Ciències i l’Enginyeria
By Lillà Lionetti
Il corso di Valutazione dello stato nutrizionale è rivolto agli studenti di Biologia Generale ed Applicata indirizzo Nutrizione e fornirà le conoscenze teorico-pratiche per valutare lo stato nutrizionale di un singolo individuo o di una popolazione. Nella prima parte del corso sarà data la definizione teorica e pratica di stato nutrizionale e si analizzeranno i modelli utili per la valutazione della composizione corporea (modello a 5 livelli di Wang, modello bicompartimentale e pentacompartim...
By Domenico Fulgione
Sistematica e classificazione. Concetto di specie e speciazione. Teorie evolutive. Principi del comportamento animale. Parassitismo, Bioluminescenza Mimetismo. Biodiversità: organizzazione e caratteristiche distintive dei principali phyla animali. Protozoi ed evoluzione della pluricelluraità. Poriferi, Cnidari, Cteneforii Platelminti Nematodi Propostomi, Anellidi, Molluschi, Chelicerati, Insetti, Crostacei, Deuterostomi Echinodermi Cordati. Zoologia morfofunzionale: livelli di organizzazion...
VUmc KNO/Hoofd-Halschirugie
By 健心
現代都市人生活繁重,工作壓力大,加上飲食作息不定時,又缺乏運動,縱使醫療科技日益發達,但工作及生活長期得不到適當的協調,自然會導致身體產生各類問題。   本輯節目以雜誌形式,介紹各類因生活或工作引起的疾病及醫療方法,包括:筋鍵勞損、腎、肝、肺、胃酸倒流、視力問題、睡眠窒息,呼吸道及精神問題等。另外「醫 +人」環節在醫院內尋找較少觸及的人和事,介紹各類醫療團隊及部門,以人物為單位,為觀眾帶來不同角度的醫療資訊。 「新醫新藥」中更會探討各醫學院的最新醫療研究、保健知識及醫療常識百科等。   節目播映: 本輯節目共十四集,2014年4月15日起,逢星期二晚上7時 至 7時30分, 亞視本港台播出。
By 爱牙APP
By La Trobe University
Podcasts about public health and welfare.
By Oxford University
Translational research in NDM has a truly worldwide impact, with scientists and clinicians investigating epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of disease on a global scale. Our podcasts on Global Health illuminate this work, and discuss research conducted in Oxford and around the world to better understand and manage emerging and endemic diseases.
By Oxford University
The goal of the Global Health Clinical Trials Programme is to promote and make easier the conduct of non-commercial clinical research across all diseases in resource-poor settings. We present a series of short lectures to provide an introduction to clinical trials and explore some of the challenges facing clinical trialists in resource-limited settings.
By The European Society of Cardiology
A podcast from one of the world’s top cardiology journals that includes highlights from the current issue
By Simon Carley
The St.Emlyn's podcast from the team at Prof. Simon Carley, Dr Iain Beardsell, Dr Richard Body, Dr Natalie May and chums ramble on about all matters EM. Supposedly a podcast on all matters relating to academic emergency medicine in the lovely world of #FOAM and #FOAMed, but mostly just sharing the love of the best job in the world. Visit us at
By Oxford University
This podcast series examines cancer in the developing world, and the research and work being done by Oxford University and spin-out organisations such as AfrOx and IndOx to improve cancer prevention and treatment.
By Dr. David Wessner
In this podcast, students of Davidson College and I will explore the biology of HIV/AIDS, its history, and review the latest scientific advances related to this pandemic.
By 青橘中医
By Glidewell Laboratories
글라이드왤 치과기공소에서는 치과 의사분들이 환자분들에게 추천하는 치료들 그리고 치과 보철 상품들과 관련된 혜택들에대해 무료로 비디오들을 시청하실 수 있게 준비하였습니다.
Learn from our renowned Chefs as they take you on a culinary tour through Korean Cuisine.
By Açık Radyo 94.9
By 可瘦可乐
更多内容请加微信:yizhishou01. 减肥脱口秀:搞笑我们是可以减肥的,减肥我们是快乐的。 想减肥,莫紧张,我们一起可瘦可乐。 伊直瘦,让您一直瘦下去
By Oxford University
The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford is the largest university library system in the United Kingdom. It includes the principal University library - the Bodleian Library - which has been a legal deposit library for 400 years; as well as 28 other libraries across Oxford including major research libraries and faculty, department and institute libraries. Together, the Libraries hold more than 12 million printed items, over 80,000 e-journals and outstanding special collections includ...
By Kyoto University
This symposium aims to explore the ways in which the efforts of research uniiversities can best contribute to the recovery process in the wale of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11, 2011, and the subsequent nuclear disaster at the Fukushima 1(Daiichi) Nuclear Power Plant. The Symposium is organized by Kyoto Universit in association with RU 11, a consortium of elevens of Japan's leading research universities.
By 婚礼策划培训主持王晖
点击“婚礼策划培训主持王晖”,QQ群:601637802 郭德纲最新相声 加群请注明“来自喜马拉雅” 王晖原创播讲,自认为胆子够大,请看看窗内是什么。汇集了从短篇到长篇的精选恐怖小说,配以能够深入骨髓的恐怖音乐,引领听众不知不觉中融入恐怖气氛中……恐怖与现实,你自认在哪个维度!?请推窗一探究竟……
By 就那个老王
曾经的《自由性话题》播客,我又低调的回来了。 新老朋友加我的微信:phoneeye。 或者关注新浪微博:sexfreetopic。 也可以关注微信订阅号:天堂鸟传媒 每期聊一段性话题,我是老王!
By 正安文化
By 一生素食
佛祖拈花 迦叶笑 微信公众号:一生素食 欢迎关注
By 刘老湿的贱康课
By 南方医科大学广播站
By 一分钟中医
By 正安文化
关注时事,洞察未来,拨开养生迷雾,破解健康密码,医眼看天下,轻松学中医。中医麻辣酷评——《中医祁谈》。 主播介绍: 祁营洲,正安文化特约讲师,正安医馆特邀坐诊医师,前伊朗国家男篮随队医生兼中国区英文翻译,新东方集团级优秀英语教师。
By Oxford University
Research in Medicine needs to ultimately translate into better treatment of patients. Researchers at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, collaborate to develop better care and improved preventive measures. Findings in the laboratory are translated into changes in clinical practice, from Bench to Bedside.
By Dr. Terry Kraus
Dr. Terry Kraus is a board-certified oncologist with more than four decades of experience treating and researching cancer. "I Hate Cancer" is a podcast for people who want to understand cancer—what are the different types of cancer, what are the risk factors, what are the treatment options? In each episode, Dr. Kraus dives into a different cancer-related topic to explain the complicated science and art of medicine in an accessible and easy-to-understand way.
By Serta® Canada
Serta® believes in Real Sleep Care. That's why we created the Sleep Responsively™ podcast. Each episode is designed to help guide you into a state of deep relaxation, preparing you for real sleep.
By Serta® Canada
Serta® croit aux véritables soins du sommeil. C'est pourquoi nous avons créé le podcast Dormez sur vos deux oreilles. Chaque épisode est conçu pour vous guider vers un état de profonde relaxation, et vous préparer pour un véritable sommeil.
By Radio Rehab
In esclusiva nazionale una collaborazione con Alice Onlus Uno show radiofonico innovativo dai contenuti psicologici e terapeutici. Dedicato a 2 categorie del genere umano da sempre sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi Teenager e famiglie.
By Lady Science
Each month, the editors of Lady Science Magazine and guests take a deep dive into women and gender in the history and popular culture of science.
By Pharmascope
Capsules d’une trentaine de minutes sur différents sujets reliés à la pharmacothérapie et la médecine fondée sur les preuves. Les hôtes et les invités discuteront de façon interactive dans chacun des épisodes des meilleures pratiques à adopter selon les preuves existantes dans la littérature et exposeront les risques et les bienfaits d’une conduite clinique dans un sujet donné.
A series of episodes from the BEME Committee
By Dental Outliers
Creating content that educates, inspires, and connects the listeners by traversing the habits, thoughts, ideas and philosophies of the dental outlier. Dental Outlier: a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set
By Fertility Chats
Fertility Experts of Australia interviewed.
By Oxford University
The Oxford Vaccinology Programme provides state-of-the-art teaching in both veterinary and human vaccinology, drawing on the experience of Oxford University, the world-renowned Jenner Institute, based in Oxford, and the Institute for Animal Health (IAH). We work with the world's leading vaccinology specialists from industry and academia to provide short course training in areas related to vaccine design and construction, including immunology and molecular biology, manufacturing, clinical tria...
By Seamus Kirst, Lily Stav Gildor
Mental Health Hangouts is a weekly podcast where we have honest, open and safe conversations about mental health treatment, mental illness, addiction, etc.Each week the hosts, Seamus Kirst and Lily Stav Gildor, will talk with a millennial guest about his or her own mental health experiences. The show aims to identify and combat stigma and encourage vulnerable conversations.
By ICGEB - Trieste, Italy
Looking at the basic biology of diseases that are caused by pathogenic microorganisms and possible therapies.
By NEJM Catalyst
One-on-one interviews with leaders in health care, providing perspectives on what’s working in the industry, what’s not, and why.
Explore medical programs aimed at physicians, nurses and other health care professionals who wish to expand their knowledge base, keep current on the latest research. Visit
By Zach Taillie
This podcast is dedicated to knowledge concerning sports rehab, prehab, and performance. You might just get the occasional sprinkle of business knowledge concerning cash based physical therapy clinics as well.
The Pharmacy Inspection podcast is a show dedicated to discussing issues and topics related to sterile and non-sterile pharmacy compounding and compliance with industry standards.
By Bad Patient
Malpractice makes perfect! Two non-medical non-experts dive into today's health news. Follow us on Twitter @thebadpatient.
By BBH Faculty and Staff
These are recordings of noon conference presentations given by faculty and staff at Princeton Baptist Hospital and Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, AL.
By Neurohacker Collective
Collective Insights is a voyage through topics and technologies revolutionizing human wellbeing.
By MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
Podcast by MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
By Dr Fleur Cattrall
Dr Fleur Cattrall has been helping women fall pregnant for over ten years. Dr Cattrall shares her expert opinion on when it may be time to turn to IVF.
By Jameel Pugh
Her Health First is committed to a community that prioritizes women’s health care, specifically for women of color. Our support programs provide women invaluable resources during three key stages of life: adolescence, pregnancy, and motherhood. Strong and healthy communities begin with strong and healthy women!
By Martin Conzelmann
In diesem Podcast werden Ihnen Moeglichkeiten aufgezeigt, wie Sie Ihre Schlafstoerungen effektiv in den Griff bekommen. Die Folgen enthalten viele effektive Tipps und Methoden, dieses Problem auf professionelle Weise anzugehen. Der Autor Martin Conzelmann ist Co-Therapeut an einer Klinik für Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie und absoluter Experte auf diesem Gebiet.
By Dr Geoff
Understanding Childhood Cancer with Dr Geoff.
Public iphone files from the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
Underlivscancer drabbar årligen cirka 2000 svenska kvinnor. En starkt bidragande orsak är HPV, humant papillomvirus, som mer än femtio procent av befolkningen har eller har haft - det tillhör välrdens vanligaste sexuellt överförbara infektion. Om detta berättar Ewa-Maria van der Kwast, som själv drabbats av cancer, och läkaren och forskaren Gunnel Lindell. Arrangör: 1,6 miljonerklubben.
Att skära sig för att man mår dåligt är något de flesta har hört talas om. Men att döva smärtan med sex? Att sälja sig eller att göra saker man egentligen inte vill - det är ämnet för Tjejzonens heldagskonferens om sex som självdestruktivt beteende.
By University of Mississippi Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine
Poscasts for Attending Physicians, Residents, Students, Nurses, Medics, & others interested in emergency medicine
Ungdomar har svårare än vuxna att hantera alkohol och se följderna av sitt drickande. Hur påverkar alkoholen den unga hjärnan? Och vad kan man göra för att minska ungdomars drickande? Arrangör: Uppsala universitet. Inspelat 29 mars 2012.
By Servei de Comunicació i Promoció
La passió per la recerca explicada, en primera persona, pels nostres joves investigadors i investigadores 
By WEvolve with Dana Shafir
Dana Shafir, PhD, LPC and her husband, Dave, talk about life, love, health, nutrition, fitness, diet, lifestyle, kids, parenting, eating disorders, psychology, travel, Israel, Ireland, Texas, poker, beer, alcohol...and anything else that strikes their fancy.
By Nicole Jardim & Natalie Kringoudis
The Period Party is what happens when you get two women’s health experts unscripted, uncensored, and on the air! Think of it as girl talk gone menstrual!