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By Jacob Martinez
A weekly mini mindfulness experience show.
Amazing things happen when girls discover Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – yet according to the University of Washington's I-LABS, girls can start believing that certain activities are for boys as early as the second grade. To show off the true potential of tomorrow’s brightest STEAM minds, Slate Studios brings you Life on the Fast Track: a documentary podcast series that goes behind the scenes of the second-annual Girls’ Fast Track Races, powered by Ford. Join our host, Fawn...
By The Whole Care Network
Are you worried about an aging loved-one's safe driving abilities? Do you think mom's driving skills might be slipping as a result of the natural aging process? Does dad's driving cause you to worry? Are your children afraid to get in the car with grandma? Then you've come to the right place! The Beyond Driving With Dignity podcast will help you work through all these concerns. Listen in as Matt Gurwell and his national team of Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals work ...
By Jacob Mchangama
Why have kings, emperors, and governments killed and imprisoned people to shut them up? And why have countless people risked death and imprisonment to express their beliefs? Jacob Mchangama guides you through the history of free speech from the trial of Socrates to the Great Firewall.
By World Extreme Medicine
World Extreme Medicine is the world’s leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses for medical professionals. Each year over a thousand medical professionals from over 30 different countries attend the WEM Conference, held in the Edinburgh. The weekend is run as a not for profit event and is a platform for inspiring medical minds to meet, share experiences and promote cross-disciplinary working. The conference stimulates new thinking, extends professional re...
By George Niceley
What happens when you put two women with mental health experiences in front of a microphone, the What Are They Thinking Podcast. Join Rachel Mann and Julie Hendren, two 20 something women in the American south, as they explore the psychology of mental health diagnoses, why people do the things they do, and how they manage life with their own mental health hurdles. Striving to help end the stigma associated with mental health while making its audience laugh, What Are They Thinking offers a uni...
By Sarah Beckwith
A podcast about the mind-body connection, with personal stories and practical advice for strengthening your body and your mind.
By Ryan Salmond
Our usual explanations for behaviour fail us when we need them most. People often act in ways that seem frustratingly illogical. For the most part, we get so used to this that we forget that it’s strange. But what if these anomalies weren’t just coincidences?
By More Banana Productions
Introducing Welcome To My Vagina, hosted by Jessy Caron and Rebekah Frank. Destroying the taboo of sex and shutting down misogyny via the black hole of the vagina. A laugh til you queef adventure in sex education made up on the spot, but probably (definitely) researched. Check out for videos, posts, and more! Follow the show and ladies at @welcometomyvag on Instagram.
By Dr Lucy Maddox
Let's Talk About CBT is a podcast about cognitive behavioural therapy: what it is, what it's not and how it can be useful. Dr Lucy Maddox interviews experts in the field including people who have experienced CBT for themselves.  A mix of interviews, myth-busting and CBT jargon explained, this accessible podcast is brought to you by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.
By Jackie Phillips
The show where we get metacognitive about language by looking at the intersections of language, culture, and identity.
By Brain Buzz Podcast
Brain buzz makes research accessible and engaging. Join Drake and Kyle as they host talented researchers, exploring new and exciting topics in ways that will make your brain buzz!
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By Oxford University
The Harmsworth Professorship was established by the 1st Viscount Rothermere in memory of his son Vyvyan, who died in the First World War. The Professorship makes Oxford unique among British universities by every year enabling a distinguished American historian to spend a year in Oxford teaching, researching and leading seminars. Inaugurated in 1922, the Professorship has been held by many of America's most eminent historians and is tenable on a year-long basis. Since 2001, Professors have bee...
By Poddium
PMJ (Podcast Malam Jum’at) adalah proyek bersenang-senang Saudari Fahri dan Saudari Octa. Membicarakan tentang hal-hal menarik yang diambil dari TEDx, jurnal, dan dunia di luar sana (baca: internet). Diunggah setiap malam Jum’at untuk kegembiraan mendengar SPMJ (Sobat PMJ) sekalian.
By Travis Storkson
Conspiracy theories presented in an unbiased, informative fashion.
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This series focuses on the work of The Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE) - an economic research centre within the Department of Economics at Oxford University. These short talks look at specific research topics within the CSAE and are aimed at people who are interested in learning more about African and other world Economies such as Latin America. CSAE researchers often use unique data which give them unrivaled insight into the underlying issues. The resulting policy recommenda...
By Gary A. Crow, Ph.D.
The Ecological Human Services Management Podcast is a companion to Ecological Human Services Management: An Organic Model For Practice, a Kindle e-book and paperback book available in the Kindle store on Each episode of the podcast includes an excerpt from the book or a related article using an audio format. Ecological Human Services Management has a limited and focused purpose: to initiate, implement, and manage human services. The practice model is explicated through the establ...
By Daniel Weiss
Get the edge. Improve your health, reclaim your energy, perform mentally and physically. FB: Dan Weiss
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By Angelique Morris
TICDA is about all the things you that would be discussed over a few glasses of wine: dating, relationships, family, body issues and mental health. These topics are explored from the perspective of the African American woman (and men too!) We want to give a voice to things that you think but may not see or things that are just not talked about. Hit subscribe, like and share! A new season is set to air in 2018.
By Spencer Coffman
Learn how to read people and detect deception by spotting the signs of deception and deceit. This podcast will take you through 101 signs of deception that you can use to tell if someone is lying.
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The Workshop in Comparative Methods took place at the Oxford Institute of Social Policy on 12-14 January 2012; it provided an overview of and introduction into various comparative methods. The workshop presentations were based on the research project 'Integrating macro and micro perspectives in cross-national comparison: Dynamic policy structures and individual outcomes', which is funded as one of the four projects within the ESRC Methods for Comparative Cross-National Research Initiative.
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By Oxford University
Find out more about the range of programmes we run within the Department for Continuing Education. From creative writing to archaeology to political theory, there is something for everyone at Continuing Education.
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The OII Bellwether Lectures bring world-leading intellectuals to Oxford to lecture on the social implications of the Internet, and its role in shaping our economic, political, and social future.
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‘Post-socialist punk’ is a historically and spatially comparative study of punk in Eastern Europe conducted by an international, collaborative team of researchers from the UK, Russia, Estonia and Croatia. The project aims to reassess the dominant understanding of punk in the West - as an aesthetic articulation of late capitalist social relations - based on the challenges posed by the socialist and post-socialist punk experience. By situating punk in a different political context, the reading ...
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By Huascar Robles
Unscrewing ourselves out of post-hurricane trauma
By Michael Todd Fink
Psychological insights from art, science and spirituality for personal balance and widening our circle of compassion to embrace all life including our own. Learn more at
By Tim Fleming
Better Outcomes is a podcast about the underrepresented, minority side of healthcare, featuring stories from both patients and healthcare providers, with the goal of making healthcare more equitable for more people. By giving pre-med and med school students firsthand accounts of how the U.S. health care system interacts with people of various identities, Better Outcomes works to shorten the gap between patients and health care providers of different backgrounds and helps them communicate mor...
By Jan's Legacy
Jan Cox was an American secular Mystic, a Teacher, in the spiritual and philosophical sense of the word. This podcast is being brought to you by the people who were present when Jan began his years of teaching, the ones who received the tidal wave of talks, maps and tasks Jan directed their way.
By Cengage
Neuro transmission Podcast Series
By Jeremy Goldman & Kiran Chetry
Welcome to FUTUREPROOF. We're the podcast that delves into the future. From Augmented Reality to Artificial Intelligence to Smart Cities to Internet of Things to Virtual Reality, we speak with some of the sharpest minds to better help you understand what the next few years may look like. Brought to you by author Jeremy Goldman (Going Social, Getting to Like) & Former CNN & Fox News anchor Kiran Chetry. The future: it's a scary thing, but it doesn't have to be.
By Pat Beaupre Becker
It’s Never Too Late to Lose Weight is a podcast for women approaching 60 who have been successful at everything but reaching their weight-loss goals. Using the latest in neuroscience, and obesity and health research, your host, Certified Weight and Life Coach, Pat Beaupre Becker, teaches you about the properties of food and how they affect your appetite, your desire, your mood and your brain. Tune in each week for tools and strategies to free yourself from constantly thinking about your weigh...
By Scott Scheall
Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar is hosted by historians of economic thought Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Gerardo Serra, and Scott Scheall. Each month, the hosts discuss themes related to economics, its history and methodology, and its relevance to contemporary affairs.
Vi synar psykiatrin utifrån det viktigaste perspektivet, nämligen patientens.
By ZKM | Karlsruhe
As part of the exhibition »Radical Software. The Raindance Foundation, Media Ecology and Video Art«, the ZKM is hosting the »Raindance. Research and Development in Video Art and Media Ecology« Symposium on Saturday 1 July 2017. It will reunite the former members of the Raindance Foundation – video artists Frank Gillette, Beryl Korot and Ira Schneider as well as Hollywood producer Michael Shamberg – for the first time in a joint discussion group and will present lectures by renowned media theo...
By Lolita Aufmuth
Vision United World is a non-profit organisation which is committed to expanding human consciousness and to creating artificial intelligence in harmony with human ethics in order to create a unified world in freedom, peace and dignity for all. The Awakened Humanity Podcast provides information and inspiration, asks critical questions, raises awareness and is passionately dedicated to the good of humanity. Get ready for the future.
By Podfriends
SO DREAMY is a podcast (or better yet, an "earsnack"!) made BY people who love talking about dreams, FOR people who love talking about dreams. If you don't have someone in your life who LOVES to listen to your sleepy brain adventures and tell you about theirs, then this is the earsnack for you! If you do have someone in your life like that, then you're lucky, and this is still the earsnack for you! Rachel and Hannah will read or play audio clips of their and others' dreams and sleep walkin...
By audioBoom
Crime and Dine is a true crime Podcast where murder meets Mukbang. In this series we'll eat a whole lot and examine the link between true crime and food. Join us as we delve into some well known, and some not so well known crimes that have a connection to the thing we all need to survive. We'll eat our way through each episode so we can make a connection with the crimes, the victims and the perpetrators to gain a deeper understanding into each story.
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By <user-5091779>
Our Strange Skies is a biweekly podcast that explores the UFO events, incidents, and myths that make up the American identity. Your host, Rob Kristoffersen, delves into the famous UFO events of the past, and some of the not so famous incidents, in an attempt to get some answers about what those objects in the sky are trying to tell us!
By Oxford University
The annual Simonyi Lecture is the highlight of Oxford University's programme to bring the excitement of science to the public. Held each year at the Oxford Playhouse, the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Marcus du Sautoy, invites an eminent scientist to talk about cutting edge science and it’s impact on society. More details about the lectures can be found at:
By Allan Wang and Gerald Liu
Allan and Gerald are childhood friends stumbling their way to better versions of themselves. In order to get there, they must overcome obstacles like their own personal biases and economic and social systems.
By Crista Samaras
Are you paralyzed by fear? Are you terrified of failure? Do you wish you were more confident? Brave Your Fear shares the stories of people who have fought through all types of the scary stuff of life and have made it to the other side. Our guests get candid about the stuff that scares— the deep stuff, the true stuff, the real stuff and the big stuff. This podcast will not teach you how to be fearless—we don’t believe in that word. It’s meant to teach you how to be brave in the face of inev...
By Tom Barbalet
Tom Barbalet explores a variety of topics in a longer format.
By Dr. Maroon
The Greatest Podcast of All Time - or Today. Either way you'll love it here.
By Paul Gibbons
THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER presents the 21st century’s leading scientists, philosophers, public intellectuals, and business and political leaders as they discuss the most important issues of today. Join your host Paul Gibbons and his guests as they explore themes such as: progress and technology, reason and emotions, ethics and business leadership, science and health, media and society, politics and education, pseudoscience and marketing hype, neuroscience and decision making. To request a t...
By Kevin Green
We are a Comedy Podcast that covers Monsters, Murders, Mysteries and more! Hang with the Brothers, have a drink and have a laugh! Be good, stay safe and laugh at the dark stuff.
By Deconstructing This
Host Frank Bennardo takes a unique look at intriguing experiences by combining engineering curiosities with life events. Listen to this original podcast brought to you by Engineering Express, leaders in national component engineering designs.
By Erin Sappio
Doc and Coach offer current research in a topic of Positive Psychology in the Brain Boost section, interview a professional to hear how he/she integrates this topic, and then close out with a Pro Tip to give ideas of incorporating the topic into daily life.
By Jennifer Lopez
Celebrating the modern, creative, and authentic woman who fearlessly leads with love. Meditation Affirmations
By Peter Falker
A podcast about living with meaning, purpose, and a heightened sense of present-moment awareness in the pursuit of wisdom.
By Jimmy Apple
AN APPLE A DAY is not only a podcast but also a resource and a community. It's a place to share your experiences and learn from others as we overcome barriers and learn to live a happy and healthy life with a disability.
By Erin Sweeny Studio
Shelter is an ongoing conversation about house, home, and refuge: from where we find it and how we choose it—or perhaps how it chooses us—to how and where it is lost, and why it is a fundamental human need. Hosted by Erin Sweeny, this podcast looks beyond structures to explore more complex ideas related to our lives in a society that is more mobile and fluid, but arguably less rooted. In discussing great freedoms to stark realities, these conversations aim to shed light on issues related to a...
By UPR Utah Public Radio
This 11-episode radio series, aired between Oct. 11 - Dec. 20 2016, showcased the people and programs empowering Utah women and girls. Support for the program comes from the Utah Women's Giving Circle, a grassroots community with everyday philanthropists raising the questions and raising the funds to empower Utah women and girls. Information here.
By Vatsal Surti
Author Vatsal Surti discusses universal philosophical questions about life and its meaning. Vatsal Surti writes about the interconnections of humans. He is the author of a novel, 20, a novella, To Desire, and a collection of short works, On Love.
By Aaron Mills
Life after addiction requires new ways of thinking, new tools, and a new outlook. Join us as we discuss sobriety, addiction, society, and living clean.
By Iriss presents lectures, discussions and debate on current topics of interest in the social services, Social Work and Social Care. It's a forum where all involved in social services may share opinion, knowledge and experience. We aim to promote engagem
By GrowthReader
The best content on personal development read out loud in your language.
By PodcastOne
The future of tech: the next one billion seconds are the most important in human history as technology transforms the way we live and work. The rate of change we will experience will be the fastest humanity has ever seen. Mark Pesce is an inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster whose work and global connections in all things internet and tech extend back to the early days of the web. He speaks to the brightest minds shaping this new world and creating the future via smart...
By Adventure Theater
It's time for real adventure! Join the crew of the Airship Peregrine as they circle the globe combatting the forces of chaos and tyranny that threatened to rewrite history!
By The Anonymous Anthropologist
I'm a lefty, liberal, secular, progressive anthropologist who teaches in a conservative place. The blog and podcast are my sanity. Follow me on Twitter @AnonymousAnthro or read the blog at
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Politics is studied at the University of Plymouth with opportunities including International Relations, Criminal Justice Studies and History. Students studying a social science are integrated into the lively research culture of the University.
By travon anugwom
A Show about Boxing, Fitness, and Sociology. We bring out everything within the GreyArea and set it on fire.
By Casey Price
The Stressed Out Caregiver podcast provides tips, tricks and a sense of community to everyone caring for an elderly loved one. We strive to turn stressed out caregivers into confident caregivers and help all caregivers provide the best care possible to their elderly loved ones. You can reach Casey by e-mail at [email protected] Feel free to submit questions, feedback and comments. Also, if you liked the show please be sure to provide a rating and a comment to share what y...
By Dan Safavi
A creative, holistic approach to developing social intelligence. Some episodes will be more artistic (for example, exploring social issues through the eyes of fictional characters). Other episodes will be more scientific (for example, reviewing literature on a particular topic in social psychology)
By Teres Hallman
This podcast is dedicated to exploring and the great explorers of the world. Archives are the big sources of knowledge and inspiration in this podcast. We will visit museums, archives, libraries and other places where interesting people reside so that our insatible curiosity can be pleased for at least a moment.
By ACMEScience
The Other Half is an exploration of the the other half of bunch of things. First, Anna and Annie want to take you on a tour of the other half of math — the fun half you might be missing when you learn math in school, the half that helps you makes sense of your own life. Undoubtedly you’ve struggled with math at some point and asked yourself, “what would I ever use this for?” They hope to give you some compelling and unexpected answers to that question. And on the flip side of that equation, ...
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Understanding Chinese Society traces the social changes that have affected all sections of the Chinese society, with particular attention paid to the Chinese peasantry and urban dwellers. You should use iBooks app to view this course. Supported devices include iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
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Sociology provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly changing nature of contemporary society. With a core theme studied at Plymouth of inequalities, difference and diversity, students gain a critical perspective on a variety of social issues.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
By XLR Network
The Citizen es un micropodcast enfocado a la información flash de ciencia y tecnología, hablando de artículos, noticias, comentarios, Grabado directamente en medio de la Ciudad de Mexico, donde el locutor ajetreado por el movimiento acelerado de la ciudad nos brindará sus puntos de vista y opiniones no como experto, si no como un observador y usuario de la tecnología en la utilidad de su vida diaria como ciudadano. Estudio Geek esta en:
By 박성미, 홍문기. 류인경
고려대학교 문화 및 사회 심리학 석사 졸업 후 서로 다른 직업 영역에서 활동하고 있는 세 사람이 모여 심리학의 렌즈를 통해 세상을 바라봅니다.
By Keith McIntosh
In Finding The Words, sociologist Keith McIntosh interviews creative thinkers to better understand the most vexing problems of the day. In a world with infinite facts but little common sense, Keith tries to sort out what to believe. Join in as he attempts to find the words through fascinating and ranging conversation.
By The Mstdfr Network
يقوم البودكاست بمناقشة القضايا المتعلقة بالطلاق في المجتمع السعودي، و ذلك عن طريق سرد قصص واقعية للمطلقات و مناقشتها مع خبير مختلف في كل حلقة.
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Nobel prize winning economist and philosopher, Professor Amartya Sen is widely regarded as one of the most influential public thinkers of our time, his interest and impact ranging across the key questions facing all societies: how can we promote economic well being, fairness and justice and how do we tackle deprivation and injustice. In this album, he talks about economics, welfare and his most recent book 'The Idea of Justice'. The ideas in this album can be studied further in The Open Unive...
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Podcasts from the Oxford Study of Children's Communications Impairments particularly focusing on Professor Dorothy Bishop's research. The primary aim of it is to increase our understanding of why some children have specific language impairment (SLI), a condition diagnosed when the child has unusual difficulty in language acquisition, despite normal development in other areas. "The approach taken in this programme is to obtain convergent evidence using a range of methods and populations. The ...
By The Wheeler Centre
Catch up with the best discussions and reflections from The Interrobang: a new festival driven entirely by your questions, from the Wheeler Centre.
By Nadim Bakhshov
This podcast pursues paths marked out by the book 'Against Capitalist Education', published by Zero Books. The podcast explores themes of a spiritual science, art, mathematics, economics, politics and society. Depending on the guest the topics may roam more freely than the book. There is no explicit theoretical orientation, no philosophical affiliation or religious perspective that dominates. Here are some quotes from the book which help set the context of discussion: - Schooling indoctrinat...
By Sam Willis
Fresh off the acclaimed 3-part documentary series for the BBC - 'The Silk Road', Sam Willis takes us behind the scenes, interviewing the people that make the TV programmes and gives us an insight into the life of a TV historian. Dr Sam Willis is an archaeologist and broadcaster. He is one of the world's leading authorities on maritime and naval history, he also plays the guitar rather well. Follow Sam on Twitter: @DrSamWillis Producer: Dan Morelle
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Perspectives on everything legal, from constitutional issues to human rights.