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  Science & Medicine · Social Sciences | “En los bordes del Congreso" Reseñas sobre la Conversación Clínica del Observatorio de Género, biopolítica y transexualidad.

En el marco del XI congreso de la AMP, el Observatorio de Género, Biopolítica y Transexualidad de la FAPOL, realizó un encuentro de trabajo sobre la práctica que nos impone la época. La actividad contó con los comentarios de François Ansermet y estuvo animada por los responsables del observatorio Patricio Álvarez (EOL), Blanca Musachi (EBP) y Paola Cornú (NEL). Compartimos con ustedes tres reseñas realizadas en portugués por Blanca Musachi, en francés por Eugenia Varela Navarro y en español ...

Think 100% Show

By Think 100% Show
Establish the culture and practice of voting as part of a desired civic lifestyle through integration of non-partisan election work, issue work, and culture work in a continuous cycle.

総合政策学の創造 2010

By 國領 二郎、竹中 平蔵、廣瀬 陽子
総合政策学は、21世紀の世界が直面する「問題の発見」と「問題の解決」をめざした新しい研究体系として、SFCから生まれた実践の知である。 本講義の目的は、この「実践知」としてのSFC総合政策学の最前線をあきらかにし、諸君が自らの問題を発見し、解決に取りくむ入口を示すことにある。そのため、まず、1990年、SFC開設時に描かれた総合政策学の構想がどのようなものであったのかをひもとき、実際に最先端の領域で取りくまれてきた問題解決の実践例を学び、現在進行形で行なわれている若手教員による新たな挑戦を紹介する。 こうしたレクチャーに加え、この講義では履修者全員による実践のプログラムを実施する。座学と実践、この両面からのアプローチを通じて、自らの問題を発見し、解決に取り組む決意を高めていってほしい。


By 犯トラ制作チーム


By 鑫子FM心悦台
秘密:改变千万人命运的潜能读本、世界上最神奇的潜能开发训练。100多年来,所有掌握这个“秘密”的人都取得了极大的成功! 《秘密全集》讲述的是一套卓有成效的潜能开发系统,其主旨是通过激发人的精神潜能,由愉及外,重塑一个人的习惯、态度和行为,从而帮助人们实现自己的人生目标 ——幸福、健康和财富!历史上,有许多伟人不仅知晓这一秘密,而且极力推崇并加以应用:苏格拉底、牛顿、柏拉图、爱默生、歌德、雨果等大师,则在阐述道理和著述时与人分享这一伟大的秘密。“我能获得现今的成就。。。。极大部分要归功于本书的教导。”——拿破仑.希尔 本书经典三合一: 秘密 失落的世纪致富经典 世界上最神奇的24堂课

Divine Sisters of Vision with Katrina Thomas, Mary Baugh and Pamela Sullivan

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
We are fighting against abusive Relationships and Families, and we desire the empowerment of woman and men!

The Lots of Watts Podcast

By Sam Loch
Sam Loch rants about deadlifitng, fasting and the illuminati.

The Vocal Fries

By Halftone Audio
The podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people's speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk. To join our email list and get updates on new episodes and announcements, click here

The Sigma Mind

Train yourself to have higher cognition, deeper perception and an unmatched approach to strategy in all facets of life. The Sigma Mind breaks things down and makes a science out of thought and behavior.


By Unknown
Un canale italiano che parla di Freud, delle sue scoperte, dell'interpretazione dei sogni, e di filosofia. Con lettura di brevi estratti da opere psicoanalitiche e filosofiche.

Quando la mafia si interessa di ambiente: societa e istituzioni - contributi diversi per una lotta comune [Video]

By TV.Unimore
Quando la mafia si interessa di ambiente: societa e istituzioni - contributi diversi per una lotta comune. Dibattito svoltosi lunedì 13 Settembre 2010 - Aula Magna Pietro Manodori (RE) [File video in formato MP4]

Pangburn Philosophy

By Travis Pangburn
We promote art and science in the community. We do this by finding ways to inspire groups, businesses, communities and individuals with artistic and scientific experiences. Having art and science as your fundamental source of inspiration will begin your path to a more fruitful life. Art & Science will satisfy your required needs for inspirational pleasure with positive and unharmful experiences, yielding real world results. This will better serve yourself, our planet and the future of hum...

National Child Welfare Workforce Institute

Hear firsthand best practices and stories about innovate child welfare workforce initiatives happening across the country. | Ecos del Congreso de Barcelona

En el marco del XI Congreso AMP-BCN 2018, nuestro colega Alejandro Velázquez entrevista a Vilma Coccoz, presidenta del último plenario del congreso junto con Graciela Brodsky. El mismo llevó por título “Delirios, debilidades, creencias (Ciencia, política, religión) y Vilma Coccoz nos brinda una generosa y excelente reseña para compartir con nuestros oyentes. A su vez nuestro colega Fabio Paes Barreto entrevista a Jesus Santiago, en un amplio y generoso recorrido histórico del las psicosis or... | Foro Internacional sobre Autismo “Después de la infancia. Autismo y Política”.

Finalizado el onceavo Congreso de la AMP en Barcelona, se llevó a cabo, el 7 de abril de 2018, el Foro internacional sobre autismo "Después de la infancia. Autismo y Política". Fue una jornada con más de 700 suscriptos, en la que se puso en el centro de la conversación, quién se ocupa del destino del autismo en la adolescencia y en la vida adulta. Un foro de excelencia, bajo la dirección de Neus Carbonell e Iván Ruíz, que contó con la participación de colegas de todo el mundo, de institucion...

Patient Stories from Grey Genetics

By Grey Genetics
Genetics isn’t always black and white. And the emotions and decisions surrounding genetic testing can be even more complex. Hosted by genetic counselor Eleanor Griffith, the show brings you the personal experiences of patients and genetic counselors.

Mind the thoughts

By Darlene Mew, "Therapist, health, life and relationship coach"
The way we do relationships are directly connected to the blueprint that was laid down in the first two years of our lives. It is possible to change the blueprint when we are adults by first becoming aware of what it looks like and then consciously reprogramming problematic 'code'.

Light Life Podcast

By Dipl.-Psychologin Ulrike Duke
Im Light Life Podcast teile ich mit Dir die effektivsten Methoden, für ein leichtes und gelassenes Leben. Als Diplom Psychologin bin ich immer wieder auf der Suche nach den effektivsten Tricks, die unser Leben lebenswerter, freier und fröhlicher machen. Und diese möchte ich hier mit Dir teilen! Auf meiner Reise und in meiner Praxis habe ich gemerkt, dass hierbei vor allem Bewusstsein, Achtsamkeit und Akzeptanz wichtig sind. Wie Du bewusster und gelassener wirst lernst Du in den kommenden Epis...

Glückslabor-Coaching - Der Podcast

By Alexandra Kuptz - Glueckslabor-Coaching - regelmäßige Inhalte rund ums Thema Glück, Visionsentwicklung, Beziehungsgestaltung, Selbstliebe
Psychologisch, praktisch, gut! In diesem Podcast möchte ich, Alexandra Kuptz (Positive Psychologin und Coach), dir erzählen was Glück bedeutet, was das mit dir, deiner Einstellung zum Leben, deiner Beziehung zu dir und anderen zu tun hat, wie du deine Visionen herausfinden und leben kannst. Gleichzeitig will ich dich dazu ermutigen auch mal unangenehme Gefühle zuzulassen. Auch die haben eine wichtige Daseinsberechtigung. Wie du das machst und was das bringt erfährst du hier. Hör selbst...

Anthony Costello's Conversation

By Anthony Costello
Anthony Costello's Conversation at The Social Edge offers in depth conversation about big ideas and solutions for our health, wealth and sustainable future. If you’re interested in medicine, public health, nutrition or the environment this blog is for you. Or if you want to know more about the politics and economics of health and sustainable development. I shall give you evidence, discussion and the tools you need for your own success.


By Unlock Broadcasting
シリコンバレー在住・謎の美人アーティストakikoと、岩手在住の元バックパッカーryoki。 旅好きの2人が訪れた国は合計80カ国以上。 人生を変えたいなら、旅をしよう! 2人があなたを人生を変えるかもしれない旅へと誘う【旅ラジオ】。 ※この番組を聞いて会社を辞めたくなっても、番組は一切責任を負いません(笑)

Extracting The Hive

By Extracting The Hive
Comically diving deep into the psyche of online dating and the behavioral patterns of the emotionally unavailable. These are based on true encounters! | II Coloquio internacional del TYA “Enganches y Desenganches en las Toxicomanias y Adicciones”.

En el marco de las actividades del XI Congreso de la AMP-BCN 2018, “Las psicosis ordinarias y las otras, bajo transferencia”, se llevaron a cabo una serie de Coloquios y Jornadas que acompañan este mega evento. Los colaboradores de Radio Lacan, Carolina Dagnino y Nelson Feldman, nos acercan una crónica del II ColoquioInternacional del TYA, que llevó por título “Enganches y Desenganches en las Toxicomanias y Adicciones” -que se inició con el homenaje a quien fuera la presidente del Campo Freud...

Очевидное и приятное

By Радио "Комсомольская правда"
О сексе можно и нужно говорить по-научному! Вы не поверите, но его тоже изучают ученые и проводят целые исследования. А мы готовы рассказать о их результатах вам всё, о чем вы хотели знать, но стеснялись спросить. На ночь глядя, в интимной обстановке - обсуждаем как на духу в эфире Радио "Комсомольская правда". | "En los bordes del Congreso": Auditorí Forúm: “Cita con el pase”.

En el marco de las actividades del XI Congreso de la AMP-BCN 2018, “Las psicosis ordinarias y las otras, bajo transferencia”, se organizó una actividad sobre el pase, exclusiva para sus miembros. Nuestros colegas María Cristina Aguirre, Eduardo Scarone, Lilany Pacheco, Laura Rizzo y Ruth Gorenberg, nos acercan una reseña para los oyentes de Redio Lacan sobre esta actividad de excelencia, rigurosidad y actualización.

ACT for Police

By Frank J. Gallo, Ph.D.
The ACT for Police podcast is dedicated to providing police officers with pre-exposure preparation training and education to live life with more purpose and vitality, guided by their values at work, home, or wherever they are in life. More broadly, other uniformed service professionals such as firefighters, service members, veterans, correctional officers, paramedics, and EMTs may benefit from the training and education. To learn more, visit ACT for Police online at


By Uvigo-TV
EGREPA 2007. XIth International Conference Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Aging. Realizado del 18 al 20 de octubre de 2007 en Pontevedra, España.

En el fuego cruzado

By Uvigo-TV
Conferencia organizada por Intermón Oxfam y dada por D. Ali Mahamat. Realizada el 9 de noviembre de 2007 en la facultad de traducción. Universidad de Vigo.


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By Alina&Stacey
Its time to get brained! Feed your brain, by exploring the mind. Check out “BRAIN.ED”, our new podcast that looks at ordinary life from a psychological perspective. Co-hosted by a professional psychologist and inquiring artist, “BRAIN.ED” explores how the mind works as it encounters topics such as technology, sex, pop-culture, art, food. In our first season, we have planned: -interactive surveys and experiments to help understand why we make the decisions we do; -interviews with counselo...

Coping with Creativity

By Jesse Lawson
Coping with Creativity (CWC) is a podcast for creative people about coping with the unrelenting need to create. In this weekly show, I discuss mental and physical tools used by serial creators to work through self-imposed obstacles to our creative needs. My mission is to provide motivation, inspiration, and validation to people coping with creativity and all the mental health challenges that come with it. To accomplish this mission, I've set the following objectives: 1) Reach out to arti...

MetaThinking with Toby Groves, PhD

By Toby Groves, PhD
MetaThinking with Toby Groves, PhD MetaThinking explores small changes in thinking that have the power to transform understanding. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective.


By FortyTwo the Podcast
A podcast about the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything from the perspective of two average guys drinking beer. What does it mean to be human? What does it look like to be a decent human? We sit down and talk over a cold one about these and many other topics on FortyTwo. Fred and Ben are good friends living, working, and enjoying the outdoors in beautiful Idaho.

Improving (life&relationships) cu Irina Doiciu

By Irina Doiciu / Anchor
Relații de cuplu, motivații pentru care facem ceea ce facem și nu ceea ce ne-am dori. Despre schimbare de comportament și viața la care visezi!

You Need to Shut Up

By Dr Jacqui Hoepner
You Need to Shut Up is a podcast created by me, Dr Jacqui Hoepner. I’m a researcher, writer, science communicator and policy analyst from Canberra, Australia. YNTSU came out of my PhD research, in which I interviewed academics whose work had been attacked, silenced or constrained in some way. I wanted to know why their work was considered so dangerous, particularly as they thought they’d done ‘all the right things.’ They’d ticked all the boxes: ethics clearance, funding applications, peer re...


By Schmidt-Gérome-Darreau
Un podcast où l’on parle de transformation digitale de l’économie sociale et solidaire, mais aussi de tech for good, de startups à impact, et des nouvelles formes d’entrepreneuriat social.


By corne weeda
The dream is to create a society founded on true leaders who are voluntarily followed by enthusiastic fulfilled hard working people. A world where there is no need for war, where we instead help, motivate or challenge each other to create a better tomorrow. A world where everyone grows up equal. A world where we aren’t punished for the things that we do wrong but where we are promoted by the things we do well and helped to do better next time when things go wrong. A world where everyone can g...

The Socio-Criminologist

By The Socio-Criminologist
An introduction about me, credentials and where I can be found. Topics will be focused on social and criminal justice issues. All of my opinions are based on credible scholarly research.

PONARS Eurasia Podcast

PONARS Eurasia is an international network of scholars advancing new approaches to research on security, politics, economics, and society in Russia and Eurasia. The program is located at IERES at George Washington University.


By Tory Foulk, Mikah Sargent
A sleep science and dream interpretation podcast hosted by Tory Foulk and Mikah Sargent. We listen to your dreams so your friends don't have to.

PNAS Science Sessions

By The National Academies
Listen to brief, 5-minute, nontechnical conversations with cutting-edge researchers, Academy members, and policy makers as they discuss topics relevant to today's scientific community. Learn the behind-the-scenes story of work published in PNAS, plus a broad range of scientific news about discoveries that affect the world around us.

Say Know Podcast

By Matt Ingrouille
The Say Know Podcast works to bridge the gap between academic research and knowledge earned from the street; in the areas of drugs and addiction. We interview policymakers, researchers and people with lived experience. Our host, Matt Ingrouille, has been a cop for the last 12 years and uses his knowledge and experience to pull interesting, hilarious and often heart wrenching stories from our guests. The Say Know Podcast will give you insight on what is happening on the streets and what we ca...

The Psychology Behind with Dr Linda Papadopoulos

By audioBoom
In this weekly podcast, Dr Linda Papadopoulos explores the many sides of human psychology. From the psychology behind anxiety, dealing with grief, body confidence and attitudes in the workplace to everything in between; Dr Linda provides insight and actionable tips to help you tackle these issues head on.

El movimiento romántico en Inglaterra

Hernán Lara Zavala (Ciudad de México, 1946). Licenciado en Letras Inglesas y maestro en Letras Hispánicas por la UNAM, así como maestro en “Estudios sobre la novela” de la Universidad de East Anglia, en Inglaterra. Cuenta con una amplia trayectoria como profesor universitario, editor, coordinador de talleres literarios, difusor de la cultura, traductor y escritor. Sus inicios en la literatura fueron con Juan José Arreola, su maestro en el Taller de Creación Literaria en la Facultad de Fil...

Kellogg College

By Oxford University
Podcasts from Kellogg College, one of Oxford University's largest and most international graduate colleges.

Bewusst online sein

By Jan Rein
»Bewusst online sein« ist der Podcast für ein besseres Leben im digitalen Zeitalter. Das Internet bietet so viele Chancen – wir müssen sie bloß nutzen. Und darauf achten, dass wir unser echtes Leben nicht verpassen. In diesem Podcast geht es um Chancen und Risiken des Internets. Um Lärm und Stille. Um Social Media und ›echte‹ soziale Netzwerke. Und darum, wie du die Balance zwischen Online und Offline findest. Außerdem nimmt Jan Rein als ehemaliger Influencer gerade ein Jahr Auszeit von Faceb...

Gleichmut, Gelassenheit, Vertrauen

By Sukadev Bretz - Gleichmut und Zufriedenheit
Tugenden und Tipps zu Gleichmut, Gelassenheit, Vertrauen und stoischer Zufriedenheit. Kultiviere Innere Ruhe inmitten einer hektischen Welt. Coolness statt Hitzköpfigkeit gibt dir Unabhängigkeit und Freiheit. Ein Podcast von und mit Sukadev Bretz, Gründer von Yoga Vidya.

Murderific True Crime Podcast

Just a girl with a serious love for true crime. Various guests and new podcasts every 2-3 weeks. Topics include serial killers, spree killers, killer couples, etc.

Home and Place Podcast

By Nichole Kain
Home and Place Podcast: creating cross-discipline conversations about aging and the importance of place.

Estrogen Bombs

By Bailey & Susan
Our goal is to try new things, challenge current thinking and process life's experiences in an effort to grow personally and positively influence others!


By 曹益伟
《六祖坛经》分三部份,第一部份即是在大梵寺开示“摩诃般若波罗蜜法”。第二部分,回曹溪山后,传授“无相戒”,故法海于书名补上“兼授无相戒”。第三部分,是六祖与弟子之间的问答。 《六祖坛经》是一部以惠能讲经为核心、经惠能弟子以及其他僧俗在200多年间集体完成的著作。《六祖坛经》是惠能一生说法的记录,六祖文化的思想文化内涵集中体现了在他讲述的《六祖坛经》之中。《六祖坛经》的中心思想强调人们在现实生活中的觉悟解脱,其核心是“直指人心,见性成佛”。 《六祖坛经》常见的版本有两个:一是法海本。全名《南宗顿教最上大乘摩诃般若波罗蜜经六祖惠能大师于韶州大梵寺施法坛经》,一卷,约12000字。二是宗宝本。元世祖至元二十八年前后,僧人宗宝改编。一卷十品,约20000字,题名《六祖大师法宝坛经》。在法海本未发现前,宗宝本为最常见的流通本。 《六祖坛经》对《金刚经》的理解和阐释,显示出中国人对般若“假有性空”思想的基本把握。其中对“应无所住而生其心”的理解,是对般若思想的一次集中阐释。 在一天夜里,弘忍向慧能秘传佛法,当讲到“应无所住而生其心”的时候,慧能言下大悟,他说:“一切万法,不离自性。何期自性,...

Comunicare in Meglio

By Giuseppe Franco
Strategie semplici per comunicare meglio, con particolare attenzione al Public Speaking. Gli audio dei video di Giuseppe Franco | Seminario “Anudamientos”; en Ginebra, hacia el XVI° Congreso de la NLS "La transferencia en todos sus estados": Conferencia “La transferencia salvaje en psicoanálisis y en política”.

El sábado 24 de marzo de 2018 en el Nuevo Anfiteatro del Hospital pediátrico de Ginebra, Suiza, tuvo lugar el Seminario Anudamientos hacia el XVI° Congreso de la NLS "La transferencia en todos sus estados". Réginald Blanchet pronunció una conferencia de apertura con el titulo “La transferencia salvaje en psicoanálisis y en política”. La presentación estuvo a cargo de Nelson Feldman, presidente de ASREEP-NLS. | Conferencia de Marie-Hélène Brousse en Turín: “¡Dominación! ¿Qué sucede hoy entre hombres y mujeres?”

El dia 23 marzo de 2018, en el Circolo dei Lettori, organizada por la Secretaría de Turín de la SLP, ha tenido lugar la Conferencia, de Marie-Hélène Brousse, “¡Dominación! ¿Qué sucede hoy entre hombres y mujeres?”. A través de un recorrido fascinante, a partir de algunas referencias de Lacan acerca de la relación/no-relaciòn entre hombres y mujeres, pero también a partir de algunas referencias históricas, sociales, filosóficas, Marie-Hélène Brousse nos ha hecho percibir cómo, aquello que ocur...

양원석의 복지생각

By 양원석
사회사업가(사회복지사) 양원석이 자유롭게 올리는 사회사업, 복지사업실천 이야기

SEEKING EXCELLENCE: Conversations with leaders working to be their best

By Brett Pinegar: Leadership Coach and Strategist
SEEKING EXCELLENCE offers a fresh take on business leadership featuring in-depth interviews with leaders who are striving to become their best – to live and lead with excellence. Guests get vulnerable about their journey, the experiences they have had, and how they have changed and developed as a leader. We also learn from world-class experts who share compelling insights from their research on the practices of people and teams that are performing at their peak.

The Smart City Podcast

By Zoe Eather
The Smart City Podcast is where experts come together and share their knowledge and expertise in all things Smart City. Your host Zoe, is an engineer and a millennial with a passion for Smart City Technology. Not specifically just in the big cities, but using smart technology in any shape or form in a way that makes things more efficient and effective and in turn makes people’s lives better. On the Podcast she will interview exciting people from all around the world about all things Smart Cit...

El Método

By Luis Quevedo / CUONDA
Conversaciones desde el mundo de la ciencia y el pensamiento crítico

Прожектор восприятия

By Скрытые лица
В этом подкасте Владимир Марковский делится своим взглядом на вещи, которые окружают нас в повседневной жизни. Рассуждает о том, что мы подчас делаем автоматически, не погружаясь глубже, не тратя свое время на более тщательный анализ. Будь то бег, приготовление пищи, игры или лечение. Он находит интересные факты там, где на них не принято обращать внимания. Его интересуют научные обоснования привычных для нас вещей. Он делится собственным опытом, дает рекомендации, применимые в обычной жизни,...

Let's Talk Risk

By Society for Risk Analysis
Let’s Talk Risk with the Society for Risk Analysis, the world’s leading authority on risk science and its applications, helps bring clarity to the world of risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Visit for more information on the topics discussed in these episodes and for more studies found in Risk Analysis: An International Journal

Pensar o Cinema II

By Uvigo-TV
O seminario persegue fomentar a discución crítica de problemas actuais relacionados cos dereitos humanos utilizando como motivación a proxección de narracións audiovisuais(cinematográficas ou televisivas).


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Emotional Badass: Where Moxie meets Mindful - Meditations, Self Care, Motivation Mindset, Holistic Recovery, & Life Coaching

By Nikki Eisenhauer
Badasses are survivors, thrivers, seekers, and healers! Expand and awaken to your higher purpose, be more present and authentic, find strength in spirituality, quiet the monkey mind of modern society with meditation, and connect deeply with yourself and safe others. We let go of what doesn't serve us to heal old wounds, find our voice guilt-free, and learn to be the hero in our own story, embrace guerrilla self care, and laugh with lightness on the self development path. This show is designed...

True and Real

By True and Real
The True and Real podcast is a dynamic conversation platform dedicated to cultivating insight and awareness in the digital world. Peter Salerno and cohost Lisa Bailer explore and discuss a range of topics within their respective fields of psychology and psychiatry as well as broader issues related to philosophy, society, and culture.

Low-Key with Thash Mose

By Thash Mose
Low-Key is a talk show about strategy and social science - shot in low-key lightning.

Diana Valeria

By Diana Valeria
El concepto de salud ha sido intensamente tergiversado a lo largo de los tiempos. En estas publicaciones nos proponemos recuperar la idea de que la salud es vida. Es una cuestión que desde el ámbito personal se expande al ámbito colectivo. En la medida de que cada uno nos hacemos responsables de la propia salud y de la propia vida, la salud pública mejora.

Hybrothetical Thinking: a semi-informative podcast

By Hybros & Co.
Hybrothetical Thinking is a semi-informative podcast that explores the journey from probability to possibility. Hosts Jonny, Nick and Taylor guide listeners through a series of facts before bringing them to several controversial hypotheticals that are aimed to change the way you think.


By 女神嗯精的午夜飞行
春天的季节到来,爱情的萌芽滋生。在海量信息目不暇接的时代,我们很容易就能获取到各种把妹技巧或撩汉技巧,让他人被你吸引或者更喜欢你。有了互联网,我们似乎能认识更多的人,可以与更多的人建立吸引关系,然而,一个事实也正在发生:与几十年前相比,搬家、独自生活、离婚等等现象使得亲密而持久的感情关系正在减少,看看80后的离婚率高达50%就应该知道事情的严重性了。我相信大部分的人们,在开启一段亲密关系时都是希望获得长久幸福的,那是什么让我们实现了这个目标?而又是什么让我们不得不结束了一段关系呢?我猜你应该也想知道这其中的奥秘。 那么接下来,在我们即将一起学习的这本书中,你会找到答案。《吸引和亲密》是心理学经典教科书——《社会心理学》一书中第11章的内容。用科学严谨的态度,思辨世界上最不适合讲道理的事物——人的感情。让我们了解吸引与亲密关系到底是如何产生的,是什么造就了我们的友谊或吸引到他人?是什么帮助我们与他人建立持续而亲密的关系?哪些因素促进了亲密关系?而我们的亲密关系又是如何结束的?阅读完这本书,了解了人与人之间的心理动态,也许你将不再轻易被一些公众号文章所迷惑,不再混沌纠结于“他爱你或不...


By 曹益伟

The University of Liverpool Podcast

By University of Liverpool
In depth conversations that explore cutting edge research and analysis from the University of Liverpool. From cancer smelling machines, to nano-medicine, to the Beatles, this podcast explores the frontiers of science and culture.

El Alfa De La Manada

By 8 y Media
El Alfa de la Manada.Soy Renán Medina El Alfa de la Manada!Nuestro programa es un espacio que nos va a enseñar todo lo que queremos saber de nuestros amigos peludos. Vamos a tocar temas que van de lo simple a lo complejo y vamos a profundizar tanto en situaciones del estudio de la conducta canina, como en temas médicos que nos interesan a todos.En una sociedad en la que todos los días se incrementa el número de perros en nuestros hogares, lo mejor que podemos hacer es estar informados y prepa...

The Strong Minds Podcast

By Will Schiller | Performance Coach | Entrepreneur | Podcast Host
Helping you discover the mindset and fitness tools you need to unlock your greatest body and life is performance coach and entrepreneur, Will Schiller. The host of the Strong Minds Podcast and owner of Schiller Fitness.  In this podcast, Will brings the real and raw truth about the mental framework you need to take action and enhance your life. Will brings on inspiring guests who are experts in health, fitness and personal development. Subscribe to the podcast and join Will every week on St...

The Olderhood Podcast Series

Going through the Retirement Door Successfully. The transition from the work world to the retirement world can be challenging. This Olderhood Podcast Series addresses the issues and the emotions of the journey into the golden years.

Говорящая голова

By Глаголев FM
Как проиграть душу в покер, сколько весит кусочек свежего мозга, кто именно ведёт за нами слежку и зачем конфеты толстому дяде, который живёт в домике на крыше? Бывший криминальный репортер и действующий частный сыщик Вадим Головин рассказывает реальные истории из своей практики. Музыка – Федя Балашов

Психология сексуальности с Vera Filatova

By filatova
Вера Филатова - автор специальной программы по женскому магнитизму и сексуальности. Восстановлению душевного равновесия после последствий любовных разочарований. Автор программы по сохранению любовной феерии на длительный срок. Проект "Психология сексуальности с Верой Филатовой" - создан для глубоких, думающих людей, для людей ищущих себя и обладающих пытливым умом. Желающих реализовать свою особенную, индивидуальную сексуальность. Проект будет полезен и для замужних девушек и для свободн...


By RadioUncleChun

FloState Podcast

By Andres Muniz
Where extreme focus and extreme creativity converge. Breaking down psychological flow, consciousness, and altered states in athletics, business, the arts and much more. | Seminario en la sede de la NEL Guayaquil. Hacia el XI Congreso de la AMP “Las psicosis ordinarias y las otras bajo transferencia”

El 14 de marzo de 2018, Guillermo Belaga dictó un seminario en la sede de la NEL de la ciudad de Guayaquil, Ecuador, como una actividad dirigida hacia el XI Congreso de la AMP. Un seminario, en el que estableció una relación entre las Neurosis de Carácter y las Psicosis Ordinaria, alertándonos acerca de la importancia de diferenciarlas, y que enriquece nuestros esfuerzos para ponernos a la altura de la subjetividad de la época. Radio Lacan agradece la grabación a Ana Ricaurte. | Conferencia en el CLIPP- ICF de San Pablo: “Voz y psicosis”

El 5 de marzo de 2018, nuestra colega Ruth Gorenberg, fue invitada por la Clínica Lacaniana de Atendimiento y Pesquisas en Psicoanálisis (CLIPP), para dictar la Conferencia de apertura del Curso de Psicoanálisis “Os casos clínicos de Freud e o ensino de Lacan”, a la que tituló “Voz y psicosis”. La presentación estuvo a cargo de Marizilda de Oliveira Paulino. Radio Lacan agradece por la grabación del audio a Carmen Silvia Cervelatti y a Marizilda de Oliveira Paulino. | Reseña de la 2ª Jornada de estudio de la FIPA (Federación de Instituciones de Psicoanálisis Aplicado) “Paradojas de la demanda”.

El 17 de marzo de 2018 tuvo lugar la 2a Jornada de estudio de la FIPA en el Convento de los Jacobinos Palacio de congresos de Rennes (Francia). La FIPA es un enjambre de instituciones compuesta hoy por 16 CPCT (Centros Psicoanalíticos de Consultación y de Tratamiento) y 17 iniciativas espontáneas inspiradas por ellos sin formar parte de ellos. Dispares en su funcionamiento, esas instituciones tienen una referencia común: el psicoanálisis lacaniano transmitido por la École de la Cause freudien... | Seminario de Formación Lacaniana: “Sinthoma y psicosis ordinaria II”

El 19 de marzo de 2018, tuvo lugar una nueva sesión del Seminario de Formación Lacaniana de la NEL, en el marco del cual, Ram Mandil brindó una conferencia que llevó por título “Sinthoma y psicosis ordinaria II”. La introducción y la coordinación estuvieron a cargo de Raquel Cors y Clara María Holguín.

国際日本学部 - School of Global Japanese Studies

By Meiji University
【 国際日本学部 [ School of Global Japanese Studies ] 】  The School of Global Japanese Studies focuses on Japanese studies from a global perspective. In addition to traditional Japanese culture, the school provides education and research on contemporary Japanese culture, an area of studies that is attracting worldwide attention today. The school also focuses on Japanese social systems, including aspects of business, industry and society. The school further emphasizes intensive English languag...

Psychotherapy Stories

By David G. Markham
Describes the process, experience, and frames of reference I use in practicing psychotherapy.


By 栾峰_France
所有的生命都知道生命之花。全生命都明白它是創化的圖騰──是進入與離開的方法。靈性用這個圖騰創造了我們。你明白它的真實,它就寫在你的體內,在我們每個人的身體中……但我們的頭腦無法了解實相,除非與心連結!──德隆瓦洛(Drunvalo Melchizedek) 德隆瓦洛在加州大學柏克萊分校主修物理系、副修數學,就在畢業前夕、僅剩1.25個學分就能拿到學位時,一些物理學家讓他感覺到物理並不能算是一門科學;儘管教授、同學都認為他瘋了,他還是放棄了物理學位,寧可多花兩年改修藝術。畢業後,他與妻子到加拿大鄉間過著與世隔絕的生活,全心投入靈修,因而開啟了他與生命的本源──生命之花的相遇。 靈修期間有兩位天使引領德隆瓦洛接近七十位老師,教導他神聖幾何和各種事物。十二年後,一個名為圖特(埃及的智慧之神)的存有,在作者的生命中出現長達數年,幾乎每天與作者對話,並以心電感應將全數知識傾囊相授。德隆瓦洛從而明瞭個人、世界與意識的本質,為世人揭開生命之花的古老祕密。 原來,我們的體內藏有神聖幾何,連細胞裡也有生命之花的密碼。所有的生命都是幾何圖案,從可見的原子到不可見的星體,從兩眼瞳孔的距離到花瓣的數目,...

Les Conférences de France Inter

By France Inter
Les Conférences de France Inter

Einer von Vielen

Politik, Gesellschaft & der Wandel der Zeit

Everyday Neuro: Psychology and Neuroscience Podcast Series

By Dr Janine Cooper: Cognitive Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Neuropsychology, Researcher and Podcaster
The Everyday Neuro podcast series with Dr Janine Cooper provides knowledge and inspiration to everyone and anyone interested in the fascinating fields of neuroscience, neuropsychology and the human brain. Developed to incorporate information and interviews with experts in the field, the podcasts cover a diverse range of topics from memory and cognition to trauma, brain injury and wellbeing. Janine will guide you through the current research and help you to develop greater understanding of th...

The Human Show: Innovation through Social Science

If you want to understand how social scientists study human behaviour, how design specialists innovate or want to know more about how they can successfully work together and enhance each other, then you have come to the right place! Join Corina and Angel as they engage with anthropologists, other researchers and industry specialists from all over the world. The discussions will be about their specific work in understanding people and how they apply that understanding to advance business and/o...

Civil Rights Podcast

By Ethan Loucks/ Jack Reid / Anchor
This is the Civil Rights Podcast, we will be talking about the Civil Rights Movement

Live A Conscious Life

By Cameron Airen
helping you get more free in your mind, body and spirit, and create and embody justice in your everyday life

In Eventu

By In Eventu (Florian Prischl/Christian Schöller)
“In eventu” ist lateinisch und bedeutet so viel wie “im Eventualfall”, “subsidiär” oder “hilfsweise”. Im rechtlichen Bereich wird die Phrase “in eventu” sehr häufig verwendet, um Argumente hierarchisch zu verknüpfen. So wird ein Argument für den eigenen Standpunkt vorgebracht und für den Fall, dass dieses erste Argument nicht hält, ein weiteres “in eventu” nachgeschickt. Solches Vorbringen “in eventu” – also nur “für den Fall” – ist für uns Ausdruck juristischer Argumentation. In jeder Folg...