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By Mr. Justin Brown Atlantic Canada's ONLY paranormal/expanding consciousness/ufological radio broadcast welcomes you to tune in and discover the brave new world. From Stan Friedman to Stan Romanek, we speak with the world's foremost experts and guests in the fields of Ufology, Exopolitics and all areas of the paranormal. Only the highest echelon of guests join us here at the edge of the known universe, where one more step means the end of the old world and the start of the new. Right h...
By The Conspiracy Power Hour
Stephen and Brent struggle each episode to explore all sides of a chosen popular conspiratorial topic while adamantly consuming a shot of alcoholic brewage every minute for one hour straight.
By The Open University
Whether it's literature, television or film, crime has always been a popular genre with wide-appeal; but why is this source of fear such a fascinating subject to us? This four track audio album strives to answer this question through interviews with key figures such as criminologists and crime authors, with members of the general public also offering their definitions of crime. This material forms part of The Open University course T214 Understanding systems: making sense of complexity.
By Dan Griffin
Live with intention. Build connection. Create a more meaningful life. Host Dan Griffin shows you how, through funny and insightful conversations about The Man Rules — those often-unconscious expectations that shape what it means to be a “real man" in the 21st century. It’s a must-listen for anyone seeking to live a more authentic life.
By Adam & Brian
Zengineering Podcast is for everyone who loves Science & Technology and also cares deeply about Life's Big Questions. We (Adam & Brian) are obsessed with the spot where modern Science, Technology & Engineering meet Philosophy & Spirituality. As proud wearers of lifetime nerd badges, we have found this to be the place where the most interesting questions are both formulated and discussed. Through Zengineering Podcast we discuss lots of tech, dive deeply into science and engineering, and go on...
By Oxford University
Podcasts from the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. The School is renowned for its contributions to anthropological theory, its commitment to long-term ethnographic fieldwork, and its association with the Pitt Rivers Museum and the anthropology of visual and material culture. Home to over forty academic staff, over a hundred doctoral students, twelve Master’s programmes, and two undergraduate degrees (Human Sciences; Archaeology and Anthropology), Oxford anthropology is one of th...
By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Research Conference: Friday 14-20.30h, Saturday 10-19h Film Screening ART WAR and Artist Talk: Saturday, 21-23h / Activist Summit: Sunday, 10-19h The major ZKM exhibition global aCtIVISm will be accompanied by a symposium in the ZKM_Lecture Hall from January 24–26, 2014. Thirty participants from all over the world — researchers, artists, and activists — will meet to discuss how the form and sociopolitical significance of civic engagement has evolved in the twenty-first century influenced by ...
By The Helix Center
The primary objective of The Helix Center for Interdisciplinary Investigation is not to obtain knowledge, per se, but to aspire to an unhurried search for wisdom, emphasizing the centrality of a sense of wonder in this endeavor. Philosophically, we stand against the trivialization of thought and the balkanization within and between the sciences and the arts. Fundamental to our promotion of these views is our roundtable format of open, spontaneous discourse, one facilitating novel encounters ...
By La Trobe University
Podcasts concerned with the study of social life and human behaviour - the structural arrangements and cultural patterns which shape behaviour at every level of social action, whether personal, local, national or global. It examines how we are shaped by the world around us but also how we also shape and construct the social and cultural world within which we live.
By Amber Beam: Professional and Personal Development Enthusiast
More of What Matters Most: Find the Work You Love
By 燕珂律师
《法律茶座》——让普通人听得懂的法律。 以燕珂律师领衔的《法律茶座》团队,都毕业于西南政法大学,均为法学硕士或博士,全部拥有法律职业资格证书。 欢迎关注微信公众号“法律茶座”。 法律茶座QQ群:102021853
By Hutchison Solutions
Ancient Solutions. Modern Consequences. Join three business geeks and history junkies as they explore the twisty and unexpected history of business. From midwives in Colonial America to percussion manufacturers in modern Japan, from KFC to African empires, and from the Epic of Gilgamesh to modern irrigation systems in Peru — we’ll explore together how ancient solutions have modern consequences for anyone willing to see them. Join your hosts: Dr. Frank E. Hutchison, CQM/OE; Meredith Hutchiso...
By Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
Michael Goldstein and Daniel Krawisz of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute discuss Bitcoin, economics, and cryptography.
By Sozialwissenschaftler und Sozialarbeiter, Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus Theorie und Praxis, geben Einblicke in die Soziale Arbeit, aktuelle Sozialpolitische Themen und aktuelle Themen aus Forschung und Wissenschaft. ist ein Podcast-Projekt von @matthiaspalm . Inhaltlich beschäftigt sich mit Themen rund um Theorie und Praxis der Sozialen Arbeit. Es geht um aktuelle Sozialpolitik, die sich direkt oder indirekt auf Sozialen Arbeit auswirkt, Methoden und Theorien der Sozialen Arbeit, verschiedene Arbeitsfelder, das Selbstverständnis von SozialarbeiterInnen und verschiedene Beratungs- und interventionsformen.
Ahmed Best interviews artistis, futurists, technologists, scientists,media professionals and anyone in between who are creating the world of tomorrow today.
By The Research Guild
The Research Guild podcast is a (mostly) reasonable conversation about video games, science and health. Topics include the two elephants in the room (video game addiction and violence & video games) as well as my personal obsession: separating the high-quality science from the absolute nonsense.
By トリカゴ放送
By LIsa Dale Miller, MFT
Listen to the second of two talks I delivered at Marin Sangha in May 2016 on Delusion and Non-delusion. This second talk covers the Buddhist psychological description of how non-delusion manifests in human perception and practical steps for cultivating non-delusion in daily life.
By The Open University
The language used to describe poverty in the UK has a vital bearing on how welfare policy is implemented, and how policies are perceived by the wider population. The strivers versus skivers debate has framed much of the Government's current discussion, and this is part of a process of demonisation of the working classes that has been evolving over the last 75 years. In addition, the stereotyping of class away from a purely economic definition has masked the obvious social divisions which are ...
By 政见
知识就像爱与美食,不可或缺,不能辜负。我们把最新的时事和最有意思的知识结合,为你送上新鲜的干货。政见 CNPolitics 出品。
By Oxford University
Archaeology is primarily a visual, social and cultural subject; in these interviews archaeologists discuss their lives in archaeology and their particular fields of interest. The interviews convey the excitement felt by teaching staff and students from the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford as they reflect upon the multifaceted nature of the study of archaeology today.
By IDC Radio
שיחה אקדמית אחד על אחד עם אקדמאים מהמרכז הבינתחומי ומחוצה לו בשלל נושאים
By דפנה שיזף
הכוורת היא תוכנית ראיונות חודשית שעוסקת ברעיונות. בכל תוכנית אני נפגשת עם איש או אישה בעלי ידע, דעות, הבנה ועניין בתחום מסוים, ומבקשת מהם לקחת אותי לביקור בעולמם. הכוורת בפייסבוק: -- אתר הכוורת:
By יהודית כץ
כולנו רוצים להיות מאושרים יותר. לרוע המזל, מסתובבות בחוץ לא מעט עצות ממש גרועות לחיים טובים. במקרה הטוב הן מיועדות למישהו מסוים (שהוא לא אתם). במקרה הרע הן שטויות במיץ עגבניות. אבל יש גם עצות טובות ומבוססות של אנשי מדע. אחת לשבועיים אפגש עם האנשים האלה - חוקרים או מיישמים של פסיכולוגיה חיובית, מדעי המוח ופרקטיקות שינוי הרגלים - וביחד נציע דברים שעובדים שכל אחד יכול ליישם בחיים שלו. מקווה שתיהנו!
By 上海律师杜继业
微信号:ad80805 主播:上海杜继业律师 《法律微讲堂》旨在用通俗的语言,讲解常见的法律难题,为朋友们学法用法,依法维权提供帮助。
By 赛光信息
Izobraževalno - glasbeni variete »Zofijini ljubimci«
By Hypoteettinen Podcast
tämä on podcast yhteiskunnallisista ilmiöistä ja niiden aiheuttamista tunnekuohuista
By 仰望星空_kabalah
此专辑全部内容来源于本站所有资料由国际卡巴拉研究中心提供,以改正世界与改善人生为目标。 卡巴拉智慧是研究精神世界的科学工具。我们研究和利用自然科学,如物理、化学和生物学等来探索我们的物质世界,但自然科学研究只能针对我们的5种自然感官所感知到的物质世界。而要完全了解我们生活的世界,则还需要一个能探索我们的感官感受不到的隐秘领域的工具。 而这个工具就是卡巴拉智慧。 根据卡巴拉智慧,现实包括两种力量或者特性:一种是去接受的愿望,一种是去给予的愿望。 因为给予的愿望想要给予,所以它创造了一个去接受他想给予的东西的愿望, 这个给予的愿望通常被称为“创造者”,上帝或者自然。因此,整个创造物,包括我们,都是那个被创造的接受的愿望的表现形式。 借助卡巴拉智慧,我们能够为自己的利益去操控控制着整个现实的这两种基本力量——接受与给予。 卡巴拉不只教给我们整个创造的设计蓝图是什么,而且还教我们如何能够成为创造的共同设计者,即变得如同现实的原始设计者——创造者——一样全能,全知和全觉。
Feed for Persoonlijke effectiviteit course.
By 有凤来仪3065
让枯燥有滋味,经济学的通俗了解,不错的读书分享。 于江:资深读书人,北大兼职讲师,爱好读书分享,人文,经济,历史,哲学领域见长。倡导用碎片的时间学习完整的知识。第一时间收听分享,请关注他的个人公众号: 于少伯
Feed for Projectmanagement course.
Feed for Projectmanagement course.
By 健心
By 歪椅
多伦多最有趣有料的移动电台 添加订阅号(waiyixiezhuo) 阅读更多内容 我是歪椅 你是斜桌 换个姿势看世界
微信公众号:心动RADIO 聊天不越位,男女无疆界。 无“性”别轰炸,说你好奇的,聊你不敢说的。 他和她的谈话,被你听见了……
By 婊酱
微信公众号 婊酱FM 倡导女性独立、情欲自主,三观超"正"的谈性播客(不正无法通过审核啊)。 正或不正,见仁见智,三位主播够"正"就好啦! 我们的播客关注与女人的性和情感相关的超“婊”话题,为“婊”去污名。
統計人生 主持:何永煊 何永煊是專業統計師,在香港政府統計處工作了三十四年。於二零零五年退休之前,曾擔任處長一職十三年半。任職政府統計處期間,見證了香港統計工作的重大發展。 透過統計,可以客觀並且深入地認識社會和經濟情況,對參與討論公共政策和提出有建設性的意見和建議很重要。統計教育,可以視為公民教育及通識教育的其中一項。統計可能在一些人的心目中是較為沉悶的東西,但其實也有輕鬆的一面。「統計人生」何永煊會幫你加深認識統計。 ﹝節目播出日期:2012年4月15日至2012年10月7日﹞
By 政见
政见 CNPolitics 出品的聊天节目。我们正常说话,轻松聊天,把那些不说人话的深奥理论用简单的语言解释给你听。
By 有声有响
听好玩的故事, 说新鲜的情节, 让您乘上回溯历史的快车, 穿越时间的长河, 体验不一样的历史今天, 穿越365-用评书的方式给你讲故事。 《穿越365》,每天1期。是一档关于记忆的栏目,栏目的主题是阅古析今。这是一档摘录昨天的故事的节目,编者以之奉献给今天的人们。这是一档可以经常回顾的节目,尤其是在你生命中那些重要的日子里。
By 阿弥陀佛身金色
来源及版权:华藏净宗弘化网,土豆网,优酷网,央视网,凤凰网等。 以下摘自“曲阜孔子国学院”网站、“中国国学文化促进会”网站: 聂振弢,南阳师范学院教授,韩国京畿大学客座教授,国际儒学联合会会员,中国冯友兰研究所所长,中国冯友兰研究会常务理事,河南省孔子学会副会长,中国国际诸葛亮研究会副会长,中国音韵学研究会理事。 他是《诗经》研究专家,儒学名家。
By Vacharapat Mettanant
วงสนทนาแลกเปลี่ยนความรู้ความบันเทิง กับชาวเมี่ยงผู้สนใจความเป็นไปของเทคโนโลยีและเรื่องรอบตัว ฟังเพลิน ๆ อาจได้ของดี ๆ อัพเกรดชีวิต สมาชิก: ทอป ฮัก โน้ต เขม อู๋ Credits: Music by Tristan Lohengrin :
By 李泽惠儿童教育
李老师原创卡通人物凸凸虎儿童益智逻辑训练故事 欢迎关注微信公众号tutuhu888与李老师进行互动~
By Max Serjeant
The Latin American History Podcast aims to tell the story of Spanish and Portuguese America from its very beginnings up until the present day. Latin America’s history is home to some of the most exciting and unbelievable stories of adventure and exploration, and this podcast will tell these stories in all their glory. It will examine colonial society, slavery, and what life was like for the region’s inhabitants during this period. We will look at what caused the wars of independence, how the...
By 呵壁问天
史上最权威的公务员知识库小说,当官技术全在其中,囊括官场平衡术、阳谋、斗争技巧、升迁密码等终极为官艺术,网络点击率达一亿人次的超人气作品,从基层公务员到省委书记的升迁之路,历时19年,18次调动,176次政治较量,418位各级官员,7大顶级权贵世家势力支点,铺垫一条升迁之路! 多了12年前瞻性优势的夏想重新站在大学毕业的路口,回味错过的人生,珍惜眼前的时机,他要自己规划自己的人生,于是,从县委书记秘书起步,以一种奇怪的起飞的姿势,跑步进入了官场……十年后,所有认识他的人都称他为官神。 为官者达到举重若轻、点石成金、出神入化的境界,是为官神! 慧眼看红尘,做官如有神!
Governing China is a political science course, which covers sections of the country's political history, political culture, political system and process, its post-Mao reform, its relations with Hong Kong and Taiwan, and its relations with the major powers.
By 木十九 - 八脚水族
By 诺城Jiwei
By 小海催眠
欢迎大家关注非大型催眠类主题脱口秀节目! 本节目由听到就放松,多听多健康的荔枝催眠频道特约播出。 新浪微博 @小海催眠 直播频道微信 LZXHCM 【广告合作请联系荔枝FM声价计划 QQ3413533775】
By 手铲FM
By 崔森
以法学为源点,探索无限可能。若您现在或曾经接受过法学教育,若您有任何有意思的经历,不一样的体验,欢迎与我分享,一同帮助法学生更好地做出规划与选择!邮箱:[email protected];微信:the_law_student;微博:法学生播客
By 格魯之音
By 星座巫女:莫染
傲娇系星座小巫莫染 以柚子蜜茶的声音治癒你的心 情感分析 獨家調侃 星座分析 12星座总论已更完,在星座科普里找。星区剖析未完·待续 街燈晚餐 为您情感之旅充充电。 【新浪微博:莫染BB】
By Alice挽回爱情
By aiai夜话
By 心理开花
和你聊聊各式各样的心理学问题,让我们的心理乐开花~。官方微博: @心理开花
By Dr. Hal Baumchen
Journey to Recovery Podcast is a weekly series of expert guided discussions centered around topics for the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Join Dr. Hal, along with co-hosts Tim Bode and Gaylen Morse as they talk through this week's topics.
By Oxford University
Podcasts from the Department of Experimental Psychology. Psychology at Oxford is taught as a scientific discipline, involving substantial amounts of practical work and experimentation at undergraduate level as well as a strong philosophical component. Courses include Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Neuroscience, Perception, Memory, Attention and Information Processing, Language and Cognition, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology and Individual Differences and Psychological Disorders.
By Marian Zefferer
Wie werde ich Gestalter meines eigenen Lebens? Ob es darum geht "Nein" zu sagen, abzunehmen, ein (langfristig) erfolgreiches Business zu starten oder einfach mit dem Hier und Jetzt glücklich zu sein, all dies benötigt die Fähigkeit der Selbstbeeinflussung. Themen von diesem Podcast sind u.a. emotionale Selbstbeeinflussung, Fokus, Selbstdisziplin, Erfolg, Motivation, Gruppendynamik, Psychologie der Selbstwirksamkeit, Umgang mit Scheiter-Erlebnissen, ... Oft wird auf wissenschaftliche Studien ...
By Joel and Chantal
Two academics from New Jersey walk into a bar. By bar, we mean Joe Giudice's wine cellar. We're reviewing every episode of season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, bringing you lessons about love, crime, family, and friendship. Namaste, bitches.
By Ceteris non Paribus
Ceteris non Paribus: The History of Economic Thought Podcast covers diverse topics from the history of economics, economic thought, and economic ideas such as new research and methodological questions.
Leslie 'Lee' Kasumba, one of Africa’s top radio and TV personalities, presents Africa State on Mind. This weekly podcast features both mainstream icons and esoteric talents from the worlds of art, entertainment and pop culture. Expect the list of celebrated guests to reveal their fears and inspirations, what makes them tick - in a frank, uncensored fashion. Africa State of Mind's guest will share how they are representing the African continent in a positive light – and how we could all be d...
By MeTime Podcast
We are 2 friends who, after having some pretty stellar conversations, decided to sit down and record one and post it online. We noticed that life and interactions now a days tend to be a bit superficial so we wanted to make a change in the discussions that we have. We aim to have enlightening discussions about many different topics, but still have fun, laugh, relax and generally enjoy some me time.
By Jester Radio Network
Essay Questions is the podcast in which your hosts, Joe & Josh, read an essay that's interesting to them and/or of historical importance, and then talk about it. Pretty simple, right? Well, we like to think we're using these essays as a starting point for conversations that end up going in strange and surprising directions. Nothing makes us happier than dragging luminaries like Mencken, Orwell, Adorno, and Didion into our own long-standing obsessions with conspiracy theories, the National S...
By Alex Michaud
Mindful + Married is a podcast dedicated to bringing more mindfulness to your relationship. We cover the positive ways to include mindfulness in your relationship and the obstacles that create disconnection.
By David "StarrTouch" Anderson Ph.D.(c)
Positive Talk helps you stay positive and grounded in hope. Challenging mental health stigmas, discussing current events and how to use positive psychology to rise above the heavy and depressing media.
By Ben Page
Bounce Works creates digitally connected products which genuinely help improve the emotional wellbeing of children and parents, and which children and parents actually want to use.
The Ajnahuasca podcast features 2 childhood friends, "JC & JT" who experienced their "spiritual awakenings" and have created a discussion about spirituality from a "western mindset" perspective.
By Alica Gregg: Love. Listen. Get Answers.
LOVE. LISTEN. GET ANSWERS. ist dein Podcast der dich unterstützt dein Leben zu verändern und es zu verstehen. Ich schreibe in meinen Alica Gregg Blog Posts über alle Themenbereiche des Lebens, wie Geld, Liebe, Beziehungen, Vertrauen, Universum und Quantenphysik. Diese Podcast Serie soll eine Erweiterung meiner Blogs sein und noch mehr in die Tiefe gehen. Ich wünsche mir, dass du deine Ketten brechen kannst und dir das Leben erschaffst das du dir vorstellst. Ich für meinen Teil möchte dir sovi...
Feed for Projectmanagement course.
By Pelle Lind
October 1, 2017 I detta första avsnitt diskuterar vi Freuds duala driftteori, den om Eros - livsdriften och den om Tanatos - dödsdriften. Ni möter även en modern forskares rön kring samma frågor nämligen psykologen Jaak Panksepp.
By The Douche and the Dweeb
Monster Move Podcast is your outsider perspectives podcast on all things spooky, strange, and supernatural! Listen to your hosts, Andrew "The Dweeb", and Garett "The Douche". as they talk about all sorts of strange ideas, events, and encounters, and the theories behind them. Each episode, Andrew tells Garett about something fortean that he has never heard of before. Enjoy as Garett scoffs and mocks all of Andrew's, and others, ideas on all things paranormal! Two opposing minds discuss and deb...
By Jeff Denis
Bienvenue sur la page iTunes du blog www.decodebrand. Ici vous apprendrez à: Booster votre réputation Maîtriser votre image de marque Créer et optimiser votre réseau professionnel et personnel Améliorer vos compétences et vos performances Penser différemment Devenir exceptionnel
By Jameel Pugh
Her Health First is committed to a community that prioritizes women’s health care, specifically for women of color. Our support programs provide women invaluable resources during three key stages of life: adolescence, pregnancy, and motherhood. Strong and healthy communities begin with strong and healthy women!
By Noah Glick
The Looking In Lifecast is about examining the feelings, emotions and experiences that we all share, those things that are universally human—from anger and jealousy to excitement and love. Hosted by Noah Glick, each episode focuses on a different theme, a unique experience, and includes personal essays, stories, jokes, and all those other things humans like to share with each other.
Hong Kong Society introduces you to the cultural outlook and value orientations of the Hong Kong people, as well as the features of and changes in the key social institutions.
By Siri Abrahamsen
En podcast om verdier, følelser, gleding, relasjoner og alt annet som er viktig for at vi kan mestre livet og være rimelig lykkelige.
Feed for Uitgeverij Thema PO en psychologie course.
By Right In The Head
TAPwrap is a podcast for threat assessment professionals and related fields, such as forensic psychology, criminal law, workplace health & safety, and corporate security. It covers practices, research, developments and personalities in targeted violence, stalking and fixated threats, counter-terrorism & close protection, with a strong focus on cybercrime and online interpersonal violence.
By Sukadev Bretz - praktische Tipps für mehr Gelassenheit
Wie kannst du mit Verlusten, Tod und Enttäuschungen umgehen? Tipps für Trauer, Trauerarbeit, Umgang mit Niedergeschlagenheit und Depressivität. Dieser Trauerarbeit Podcast ist eine Zusammenstellung von verschiedenen kürzeren und längeren Vorträgen von und mit Sukadev Bretz von
By Alex P Wilson
The TRAPADEMIC podcast with Alex P Wilson
Understanding Chinese Society traces the social changes that have affected all sections of the Chinese society, with particular attention paid to the Chinese peasantry and urban dwellers.
By The Open University
Who are we? What shapes us into the people we are? Over the last 50 years advances in society and technology has meant that we can be whoever we want to be. Infertile couples have the chance of conceiving a child; a man can become a woman; if an organ fails, you can get a new one. But is it all for the greater good? There are people in today's society who wouldn't think twice about putting a patent on our biological and genetic heritage. The tracks on this album discuss issues such as identi...
By The Open University
At the beginning of the 21st century, more than half the world’s population live in cities. Issues about governance, intensification of social relationships, the impact of globalisation, and the way green spaces are utilised become ever more pressing concerns. The tracks on this album explore some of the challenges faced across the world as citizens and administrators adapt to ever increasing pressures on city spaces and resources. The material forms part of the course DD304, Understanding ...
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Here you will explore how different families have different ideas about how work in the home should be divided. You will also investigate the diversity of families. We will see how any discussion of the division of labour has to recognise that families differ in terms of shape and size. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Published in ePub 2.0.1 format, some feature such...
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Change, diversity and uncertainty are unavoidable features of modern life. Collectively, we may be living through a major transformation in society and the traditions that hold it together. Individually, we may face increasing barriers to taking responsibility for our own destinies, exercising power and making our own decisions. The tracks on this album focus on these and other big issues in the contemporary world. The past and the future - the Welfare State through to Globalisation. The mate...
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Kylie Minogue, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman are all prominent celebrities, but how has the media created their status and how does what we read in the press influence our opinion? This unit will teach you how to analyse media texts and look at celebrity in a new light. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Published in ePub 2.0.1 format, some feature such as audio, video ...
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Margaret Thatcher famously declared that there is no such thing as society. Her successor David Cameron has asserted that the concept of ‘The Big Society’ is a central plank of his administration’s agenda. Universities have found it easy to take a distanced view of the rhetoric of government, but the current Conservative government has also insisted that this concept of ‘The Big Society’ must determine a significant proportion of research funding. ‘Society’ is one of the most contested term...
Gruppen unga som varken arbetar eller studerar växer. Det diskuteras av Tor Hatlevoll från Sveriges kommuner och landsting, Eva Franzén från socialdepartementet samt Lidija Kolouh och Oscar Svensson från Temagruppen Unga i Arbetslivet. Arrangör: Europeiska Socialfonden.