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By Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT
This is a dharma talk I gave on August 8, 2017 at IMSB in Mountain View, Ca, on the topic of Skillfully Recognizing Empty Appearance. Though the Buddhist notion of emptiness can be quite challenging for Western Buddhist practitioners, the rich teachings on emptiness offer a clear path to apply wise view, wise action and skillful means in daily life.
Mi Lugar de Trabajo
By Mi Lugar de Trabajo
Buscamos promover espacios de trabajo saludable, mediante una serie de podcast donde se hablará de temas relacionados al ámbito laboral desde la perspectiva de la psicología industrial organizacional.
Talking Trade: Post-Brexit alternatives to the status quo
By Trade Justice Movement
The Trade Justice Movement, a UK-based coalition of trade unions, NGOs and fairtrade groups, brings you this podcast series that explores progressive, alternative approaches to trade as the UK gears up to leave the EU.
Shan & Gail Save the World
By Shan & Gail Save the World
Shan and Gail Save the world, the podcast that makes it easy on you. We tackle problems we see in the world and give one easy step to make a change. We give actionable ideas for sustainability and talk about things we may think are good for the world, but may not be. Tune into our podcast and let's save the world together!
Mean Old World
By Good Pointe Media
Mean Old World is a storytelling podcast covering the stories that history wants to hide. Cults, Killers, Massacres, Mysteries. Every month we explore more of this Mean Old World we call home. Join us, stay safe, and don't become a story.
OnTheGo Learning
By Jason E. Norris, founder of OnTheGo.FM
Your learners have gone mobile, but you can still reach them with your message. This show explores the concept of on-the-go learning, providing insight into how people learn and ways to teach them through mobile technology.
IWMM (Irgendwas mit Menschen)
By Benedikt Geyer
Der Podcast Rund um die Bereiche "Soziale Arbeit" und "Medien".
Virtual Futures Podcast
By Virtual Futures
The Virtual Futures Podcast brings together artists, philosophers, cultural theorists, scientists, technologists and fiction writers to re-address the potential benefits of looking at our future through a techno-philosophical lens. Hosted by Luke Robert Mason.
By Josh Wilcox
Going way too deep in the weeds about stuff you never dreamed you'd ever dream of.
3D Sounds Podcast
By Mark
Recorded using 3D binaural audio equipment. For a truly unique experience, use headphones.
On Life and Meaning
By Mark Peres
On Life and Meaning is a podcast about what matters most in our lives. We host conversations with compelling personalities about their lives and work. We explore human brilliance: our talents, endeavors, motivations and higher purposes. The show focuses on art, philosophy, leadership, literature, civic life and culture – seeking to inspire a more generative and humane world.
Watching ID
By Tiegrabber Podcasts Jill & Dick
First couple of true crime podcasting, Jill & Dick, talk about recent Investigation Discovery shows and the crimes featured.
Thinking Clearly
By Bob Froehlich-Retired Chemist, Counselor, Psychology Professor and Julia Minton-Technology Consultant
In this age of fake news, alternative facts and information overload, this podcast offers cognitive self-defense strategies and topics that will help you understand and master critical thinking in forming your claims beliefs and opinions.
Candidate ME
By Tom Bullock
This podcast will not only bring you the latest news on the 2017 races, but we're also going to go past the crafted messages and public face of campaigns to show you the art, science and, yes, shenanigans of campaigning. The stuff behind the scenes. This is Candidate ME, a hypothetical campaign to be Charlotte's mayor.
By Taapsi Ramchandani, Inga Treitler
AnthroTalks is an audio extravaganza on the magical mundaneness of everyday life. Designed by practicing anthropologists, Taapsi Ramchandani and Inga Treitler, this monthly podcast series brings you conversations and videos that speak to the dramatic and not-so-dramatic forces that shape our lives and livelihoods. To tell our stories, we experiment with the tools we carry with us every day in our minds and in our pockets, like our smartphones and Google Voice. And why not? When our lives can be on-the-go, shouldn’t podcasting? Enjoy the show, and stay curious!
By Pharmatopia
Pharmatopia is a podcast about drug law, history, and culture which gives in-depth analysis into the amazing and sometimes strange stories that make up the world’s black and not-so-black market. Hosted by Benjamin Turley, every episode is a narrative journey as special guests give insight into an environment often cast aside by society.
Dream Meanings
By Dream Meanings
The Podcast all about dream meanings and dream interpretation! Dreams can be confusing, exciting, scary, amazing or just downright strange! No matter what your dream, we want to hear it!! On the Dream Meanings podcast, Tony Brueski takes your calls, reads your dream accounts gives insight as to what they might mean. From nightmares, good dreams, fantasy to visits from deceased loved ones, we talk about it all! Call in your dream at 1-800-606-7193 or submit your dream at
By Maryam Safa
تجربه‌هامون رو به اشتراک می گذاریم
Go Friend Your Self with Dr. Baker
By Dr. Baker
Go friend your self! Clinical psychologist, Dr. Baker, shares information and inspiration to help people own who the are so they can thrive. This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Wahre Stärke kommt von oben
By Emanuel Erk
Wahre Stärke kommt von oben - Dein himmlischer Podcast verbindet Persönlichkeitsentwicklung mit christlichem Glauben. Es erwarten dich Themen rund um persönliche Weiterentwicklung, Beziehungen, Spiritualität, Religion und ein wirklich glückliches Leben. Ich gebe dir meine Coaching-Tipps weiter, teile mit dir mein Wissen und die Erfahrungen aus meinem eigenen Leben. | Conferencia de Ernesto Sinatra: Asuntos de familia sus enredos en la práctica, del ...
Los días 7 y 8 julio de 2017 tuvieron lugar las Jornadas de Carteles e intercambios de la EBP-Minas y en ese marco, Ernesto Sinatra brindó una conferencia referida al tema del Vlll ENAPOL, que llevó por título “Asuntos de familia sus enredos en la práctica” (Tema del VIII ENAPOL). La Mesa estuvo coordinada por la Directora de la Sección Minas, Fernanda Otoni-Brisset, y el comentario a cargo de Ana Lydia Santiago. Radio Lacan agradece a Fernanda Otoni- Brisset por la grabación, y por el permiso de su transmisión. | Ecos de Kyoto: Entrevista a Yoshiki Kobayashi
Silvia Tendlarz entrevista al Dr. Yoshiki Kobayashi, durante su visita a la ciudad Kyoto, en Japón. El Dr. Kobayashi es el autor de las traducciones comentadas, al japonés y al coreano, de la entrevista de Jacques Lacan a Gérard Primeau, durante la presentación de enfermos en el Hospital Sainte-Anne conocida como "Una psicosis lacaniana". | Ecos de PIPOL 8. El acontecimiento autismo, actualidad clínica y política
En el marco de PIPOL 8 "La clínica fuera de las normas", fue organizada una mesa dedicada al autismo con la presencia de Marta Serra, Daniel Roy e Yves Vanderveken y discusiones propuestas por Vilma Coccoz, Bruno de Halleux e Iván Ruiz, con intervenciones de Mariana Alba De Luna (Ile-de-France), Neus Carbonell (Catalunya), Regina Menéndez (Catalunya), Ana Plaza Morales (Catalunya), Annie Stammler (Ile-de-France), Claudine Valette-Damase (Centre-Auvergne) y Gracia Viscasillas (Aragón). Compartimos con nuestros oyentes algunos ecos, de esta secuencia excepcional. | Emisión Especial. Seminario de Política Lacaniana. Conferencia de Jacques-Alain Mil...
El 8 de julio del 2017 en la ciudad de Turín, en la Accademia Torinese dell'inatteso, se ha llevado a cabo el Tercer "Seminario de Política Lacaniana", prosiguiendo al curso de Jacques-Alain Miller que se inscribe en el Año Cero del Campo Freudiano. El comienzo del Seminario ha estado a cargo de Jacques-Alain Miller, quien ha dictado la segunda parte de la conferencia "Los heréticos". La presentación fue realizada por Rosa Elena Manzetti y la traducción simultánea a cargo de Paola Bolgiani Presidente de la SLP. Radio Lacan ofrece seguidamente a sus oyentes paso a paso los momentos sucesivos del Seminario. * | Hacia el VIII ENAPOL- Asuntos de familia, sus enredos en la práctica: Entrevistas ...
Los días 14 y 15 de septiembre de 2017, tendrá lugar en Buenos Aires el VIII Encuentro Americano de Psicoanálisis de Orientación Lacaniana, ENAPOL que lleva por titulo: “Asuntos de familia, sus enredos en la práctica". Radio Lacan a través de la responsable de prensa del evento, Nora Cappelletti, entrevistó a sus directoras Viviana Mozzi y Alejandra Glaze y a la presidenta de la FAPOL, Flory Kruger. | Lacanian Compass: Entrevista a Thomas Svolos
Liliana Kruszel entrevistó a Thomas Svolos sobre su nuevo libro "Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis" ("Psicoanálisis en el siglo veintiuno"). Este evento, organizado por "Lacanian Compass", estuvo abierto al público en general. Cualquier persona interesada ha podido participar así como también realizar preguntas sobre el final de la entrevista. | Radio Lacan en PIPOL 8. Resonancias del 4º Congreso Europeo de Psicoanálisis: La cl...
Radio Lacan recoge las voces de los colegas presentes en el 4° Congreso Europeo de Psicoanálisis "La clínica fuera de las normas" que tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Bruselas, Bélgica, los días 1 y 2 de julio de 2017. Fue la oportunidad de escuchar un vasto número de trabajos clínicos, políticos y epistémicos y también participar del Foro titulado "El ascenso del populismo en Europa: ¿qué respuesta de los políticos, de los intelectuales y de los psicoanalistas?" que estuvo animado por Jacques-Alain Miller. | Resonancias del “Seminario de Política Lacaniana” de Jacques-Alain Miller en Turín
El 8 de julio de 2017 en la ciudad de Turín se llevó a cabo el "Seminario de Política Lacaniana", impulsado por Jacques-Alain Miller y coordinado junto a Rosa Elena Manzetti. El Seminario sigue a la conferencia "Los Heréticos" y se inscribe en el Año Cero del Campo Freudiano. El programa continuó con las “Puntuaciones lacanianas a la política en Dante, Petrarca, Leopardi y Gramsci” coordinadas por Jacques-Alain Miller en un clima de gaio sapere que atraversò toda la Jornada. La segunda mesa bajo su coordinaciòn vio “cuatro impasses de nuestra civilización: Dinero / Autoridad/ Sexo / Locura”. Ambos debates fueron conducidos por Jacques-Alain Miller. En la segunda sesión de la tarde, fue presentada “La política de Freud” mesa dirigida por Rosa Elena Manzetti que ha presentado al respecto el Freud “che no se abandona” en la declinación de distintas intervenciones de nuestros colegas de Torino y que ha visto la conclusión de la Jornada con un debate. Radio Lacan tiene el gusto de presentar a su auditorio las resonancias que anticipan los efectos de esta nueva apuesta a través de las voces de algunos de sus protagonistas.
Social Work Conversations
By University of Kentucky College of Social Work
From the University of Kentucky College of Social Work Hosted by Dr. Blake Jones Produced by Jason Johnston Here we explore the intersection of social work research, practice and education. Our goal is to showcase once a month the amazing people associated with our college and give our listeners practical tools they can use to change the world. Each month we have a conversation with a social work practitioner, researcher, educator or speaker to learn more about their life and work. This podcast is intended to be instructive and helpful as we explore social issues and challenges faced by the modern day social worker. Twitter: @swconversations Facebook: Feedback, comments or show suggestions: [email protected] Credits Web master: Jordan Johnson Theme music: “Fingerdance” by Bill McLaughlin, used by permission. Learn more about Billy’s music and his amazing story here:
Daughters of Divorce Interview Series
By Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW
Hosted by Terry Gaspard, author of Daughters of Divorce and relationship expert, this monthly podcast is a series of interviews of daughters of divorce who share their wisdom about how you can make peace with your past and find lasting love. She explains that to be ready for love you must become what you are seeking. Real love starts with you. The more you know and understand what makes you tick the better prepared you’ll be to invite a partner into your life to create a successful relationship. Terry interviews real women who explain how to understand your past, learn to love yourself, and trust yourself and others by embracing vulnerability. Join us on our journey to love and acceptance and learn the tools to overcome the past and build a happy, long-lasting marriage.
Heal, Grow, Evolve with Kim
By Heal Grow Evolve with Kim
Your host, Kim Saeed takes you on a journey toward recovery and transformation following narcissistic abuse.
Chasing the Mind
By Dr. Angela Johnson & Dr. Stephanie Schwartz
Psychology is a discipline that is both art and science. The role of the mind is central to how we think about ourselves and the ways in which we interact with our world. Chasing the Mind with Dr. Angela Johnson and Dr. Stephanie R. Schwartz is a podcast dedicated to sharing the science and stories of who we are, how we live, and how we experience self-growth and change.
seX & whY
By Dr. Jeannette Wolfe
seX & whY explores how biological sex and gender influence our brain, body, and behavior. Dr. Jeannette Wolfe showcases some of this fascinating science to help us better understand ourselves and each other.
The Session with Dr. Bin Goldman
By Bin Goldman, PsyD
Straight talk about mental health issues in the frum community and psychological perspectives on Torah and Jewish life. Featuring leading professionals and community leaders. Dr. Bin Goldman is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice and Visiting Scholar/Clinical Psychology Supervisor in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City.
The Brain & Brand Show
Presented by Timothy Maurice, who is a four-time bestselling author. The show that delves deep into the roots of human and brand behaviour. Why do we do what we do and what are the drivers of human behaviour that society is afraid to speak about? We explore how brands make consumers irrational, and how this irrational behaviour leads to bizarre social consequences. What are the best ideas and how are the boldest thinkers bridging this divide? Ultimately, this philosophy is about creating using the best values and ideas to create influential stories and brands that shape society in a positive way. In the spirit CliffCentral was created, we will dig deep but explore with integrity, efficiency and diligence.
The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
By The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
The Sensibly Speaking Podcast is a weekly show, posting a new episode each Saturday, covering current events and topics from a skeptical, humanist and critical thinking approach. Join Chris Shelton, the Critical Thinker at Large, as he goes over varied topics from critical thinking to science to talking in detail about hot topics in the news . Tired of just hearing the mainstream media's interpretation of events? Want some sensible talk? Then join me here each Saturday!
Casual Loops
By Carl Sinclair & Darren Wearmouth
Casual Loops is a podcast by best-selling science fiction authors Darren Wearmouth and Carl Sinclair. They have fun discussing everything sci-fi, weird, paranormal, and speculative in our world. An occasional bit of food discussion and sports banter is to be expected.
Emerging: Post-Shift Conversations By New Emergency Doctors
By Stephen Cooper & RJ Sontag
A podcast with fresh perspectives of medical topics not typically discussed on the airways.
By McAfee
We see lots of movies and TV shows where hackers can infiltrate our lives with just a few keystrokes. But is it real? We’re here to find out. Malicious cat photos, sketchy Wi-Fi networks, rogue rental cars, and all-knowing webcams - those are just a few topics we tackle in our new podcast, Hackable?, where we let our hackers shed light on just how secure we really are.
Full PreFrontal
By Sucheta Kamath
Are you Interested in understanding how mental health, physical health, school readiness, and job success are inextricably linked? Curious about how training your brain can impact your quality of life? Want to know more about how to improve your focus, organization, working memory, decision-making, or self-control? Welcome to my podcast, Full PreFrontal: Exposing the the Mysteries of Executive Funcrion! You are tuning into my conversations with researchers, neuroscientist, learning experts and thought leaders. Some have expertise in cognitive/educational/social psychology, social anthropology, learning and education, psychiatry, neurology, behavior economics, special education, while others are noted professionals in the field of leadership development and motivational speaking. The Podcast is my effort to address the challenge and complexities of organizing one’s life. Life’s success is an intricate balance of orchestrating talent and effort. However, failing to uncover or to mobilize your inner tools and strategies can get you off the path. Self-doubt presents itself and you begin to question your own capacity. How do I learn more about me? How do I objectively investigate myself? or How do I tweak my thoughts, habits and attitudes to enhance my future thinking? What missing pieces of the puzzle, when properly placed, will connect the life successes I see in others to help me succeed in my own journey? We are not just in charge of our own life but are responsible for lives of many. Guiding others in hopes to see change in them is how we mentor others but what should we do when that doesn’t work? Is there a secrete sauce to help others strive for excellence? Life has many moving parts; some create utter chaos while other bring sheer joy. To keep up with the moving parts make listening to my Podcast a new habit! Life won't be a puzzle anymore! | Grandes Conferencias de la ACF-MP: Una práctica no consensual
Extractos de la conferencia de Gil Caroz en Toulouse el 10 de junio, en el marco del Colegio Clínico de Toulouse y de la Asociación de la Causa Freudiana de la región Midi-Pyrénées, con el título "Una práctica no consensual". | Conmemoración del 50º Aniversario de la Proposición del 9 de octubre de 1967 sobre ...
La comunidad de Cataluña de la ELP conmemora el 50º aniversario de la "Proposición del 9 de octubre de 1967 sobre el psicoanalista de la Escuela", interrogando el texto con la pregunta precisa por la garantía que la Escuela puede aportar de que un analista provenga de su formación. Parte para ello de la imposibilidad de discutir el Pase sin la referencia a la Escuela, y por otro lado, de la elaboración sobre el final del análisis que Jacques-Alain Miller ha elaborado en los últimos treinta años. Para ello se han organizado dos encuentros previos a la conmemoración, y este audio corresponde al segundo de ellos. Presenta el espacio Neus Carbonell, actual directora de la Comunidad de Cataluña de la ELP, y el trabajo de elaboración está a cargo de Eugenio Díaz. | Ecos de Nápoles: “The Young Pope”
“The Young Pope” es una serie de televisión italiana-francesa-española creada y dirigida por Paolo Sorrentino. "Juguetonamente serio, cómicamente grave, cínico y una fiesta para los ojos", con este veredicto ha entrado en el Top 20, de las mejores series de TV del año de “Variety”. Radio Lacan retoma los comentarios de series de televisión, ventanas a nuestra época, hoy, de la mano de nuestro colega Fulvio Sorge. The Young Pope
Day One
By Harris Public Policy
Day One features thought-provoking conversations with policy experts at Harris Public Policy. Let our faculty, students and guests guide you beyond the headlines with hard evidence and sharp analysis, as they share their groundbreaking work in politics, health, economics, crime, science, education, and much more.
Union Of Egoists Podcasts
By Union Of Egoists
Blake + DeCasseres + Marsden + Redbeard + Seklew + Stirner + Stand Alone Journal + Der Geist Journal
The Will to Believe
By Ryan Morrow
A psychology podcast about the science's historical roots, examining its place in society, its role in popular culture, and its effects on all of us today.
Enthusiasmus und Begeisterung - verhaftungslos
By Sukadev Bretz
Wie kann man enthusiastisch und verhaftungslos zugleich leben? Langfristige Begeisterung bedarf auch des Loslassens. Intensiv leben - und dabei mit Niederlagen umgehen - das ist die Kunst eines Lebens voller Enthusiasmus. Diese Podcastreihe ist der Mitschnitt eines Wochenendseminars von und mit Sukadev Bretz von Yoga Vidya.
Mind Forum
By Mind Forum
Skamlöst är en podcast som inte räds att prata om det som är skamfyllt. Få saker genererar så mycket skam som psykisk ohälsa. Hur vi drabbas av skammen och hur den begränsar oss pratar vi om i vår podcast. Vi utforskar vad som hade behövts för att vi ska slippa skämmas över att vi mår dåligt. Vilka normer och strukturer skapar skam och hur mycket tid ägnar vi egentligen åt att skämmas? Programledarna Saga Becker och Selene Cortes träffar olika gäster och pratar om det de skäms mest över.
True Crime Podcast
By Hendrik Meyerhof
Deutschsprachiger True Crime Podcast über wahre Kriminalfälle, Serienkiller, rätselhafte Verbrechen und mysteriöse Ereignisse aus aller Welt.
MotherDaughter Podcast
By Emer Pond Feeney and Esse Luna Maple
Mother Emer Pond Feeney and daughter Esse Luna Maple talk about mothers and daughters: the bad, the good, the ugly, the awesome. From famous mother/daughter duos to infamous mother/daughter nightmares to pop psychology theories, they talk about all of it. Sometimes they disagree about stuff. And that's okay. | Seminario Abierto del ICLO-NLS: La angustia -en la vida humana- Una lectura lacania...
El 27 de enero de 2017 Alan Rowan dictó un Seminario en el que nos ofrece una breve reseña sobre “la angustia en la vida humana”, yendo de la filosofía a Freud, para llegar, finalmente, a lo que Lacan tenía para decir sobre el tema, y por lo que su invención del concepto de "objeto a" es central. Lacan muestra, no solo que la angustia es ahora sin objeto, sino también, que es del orden de lo Real y, por ende, más allá de la matriz simbólico-imaginaria, a la vez nos define y toma la forma de un partenaire más íntimo, que “no miente”. | Resonancias sobre las XXVI Jornadas Anuales de la EOL sección Córdoba. Virilidades ...
Los dias 23 y 24 de junio de 2017, se llevaron a cabo las XXVIº Jornadas Anuales de la EOL sección Córdoba, tituladas "Virilidades e Inconsciente. Usos, ficciones, gustos”. En un clima de excelente trabajo se contó con la presencia de colegas de las secciones de la EOL de Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Rosario y La Plata. | Ecos de Lima-Perú: Autismo. Entrevista a Elida Ganoza.
Nuestra colega y colaboradora de Radio Lacan, Heidi Gehler entrevista a propósito del trabajo sobre autismo que se desarrolla en algunas de las Sedes de la NEL, como parte de una serie de entrevistas que dará cuenta de las actividades que se realizan, los desafíos y los resultados. Elida Ganoza es la responsable del Grupo de Investigación de Psicoanálisis y Autismo de la NEL-Lima y miembro del Observatorio de autismo de la NEL. | Noche de Biblioteca EOL: Ulises: el regreso Algunas claves sobre la obra de Joyce.
El Jueves 15 de junio de 2017, se llevó a cabo en el auditorio de la EOL, la presentación de la Noche de Biblioteca titulada “Ulises: el regreso. Algunas claves sobre la obra de Joyce”. Se eligió esa fecha como manera de iniciar la celebracion del Bloomsday en la EOL y se contó con la participacion de Carlos Gamerro escritor, crítico y traductor y de nuestro colega Luis Salamone. La noche estuvo coordinada por Elsa Maluenda . La actividad se inició con la lectura de fragmentos de las cartas de amor que Joyce le escribió a Nora. Las voces que se escuchan son de algunos de los colaboradores de la Comisión de la Biblioteca de la EOL: Graciela Allende, Paula Husni, Paula Iglesias Genta, Mónica Lax, Elsa Maluenda, Marcela Molinari, Virginia Notenson, Silvina Rojas, Claudio Spivak y Claudia Zampaglione.
Don't Go There
By Dr. Brenda Gesell
Welcome to the Don't Go There podcast. We are four psychotherapists going toward mental health issues that aren't often discussed. And our podcast may go to psychological places that are both scary and exciting. We hope to inspire authenticity and vulnerability. We want to go there. And we hope you go there with us!
Cinema and the Psyche
By Matthew J Morreale
‘Cinema and the Psyche’ is a personal exploration into the nature of cinema, the psyche, and how they interrelate. From the pure magic of motion reproduced, to the addition of motion capture and CGI, the cinematic medium has always been more mystery than revelation to the filmmaker and viewer. This podcast is for discovering what cinema is, and by doing so, we may just uncover what it can be; not in art installations or museums, but in our multiplexes and independent cinemas. | Entrevista a Mario Izcovich sobre su libro: Ser padres, ser hijos. Los desafíos de ...
Alejandro Velázquez entrevista a Mario Izcovich, quien, el 16 de marzo de 2017, presentó su libro “Ser padres, ser hijos. Los desafíos de la adolescencia”, en una importante librería de la Ciudad Condal. El evento fue organizado por la Biblioteca del Campo Freudiano de Barcelona.
By Karen Wickiam, Retired ER RN, Medical History Nerd, Podcaster
This podcast is about strange medicine. I will use my experience as an ER nurse to explore the world of medicine. True Crime, coroners cases, medical mysteries, bizarre treatments from around the world, scary diseases and medical breakthroughs. Real life stories from the Emergency Room. Sometimes it's the cure that kills you! | Seminario de la ASREEP-NLS sobre El sinthome, Libro 23, de Jacques Lacan.
El 7 de marzo de 2017, tuvo lugar en Ginebra, Suiza, un Seminario de la ASREEP-NLS, sobre “El sinthome, Libro 23, de Jacques Lacan” animado por Jean-Louis Gault La organización de este seminario, con la participación activa de los miembros asistentes de la ASREEP-NLS, fue coordinada por Inma Guignard-Luz. Agradecemos a nuestra colega Inma Guignard- Luz, habernos enviado el audio de esta clase y su amplia colaboración para su difusión. | Seminario de Formación Lacaniana de la NEL: Segunda Conferencia: Impasses del Uno.
El18 de junio de 2017, en el marco del Seminario de Formación Lacaniana de la NEL Ronald Portillo brindó una conferencia, con el título "Impasses del Uno".
Socialtjänst i världsklass
By Socialförvaltningen i Eskilstuna kommun
Podden Socialtjänst i världsklass produceras av socialförvaltningen i Eskilstuna kommun.
Anthropologist On The Street
By Carie Little Hersh: Teaching Professor, Blogger, Podcaster
Anthropologist On The Street's Dr. Carie Little Hersh interviews anthropologists, social scientists, and cultural experts to explore human diversity, cultural controversies, and why anthropology is crucial to understanding everyday life. | Bullying. Entrevista a Mario Goldenberg
Nuestra colega y colaboradora de Radio Lacan, Laura Rizzo, encuentra a Mario Goldenberg y conversa con él a propósito de su último libro titulado “Bullying”: "un libro que declina el tema como un mirador de nuestra contemporaneidad".
Answers With Joe Podcast
By Joe Scott
The official podcast of the YouTube channel Answers With Joe, hosted by Joe Scott
“The Sausage of Science Podcast with Cara & Chris”
By Christopher Lynn
Welcome to the “The Sausage of Science,” the new Human Biology Association podcast hosted by Cara Ocobock and Chris Lynn. “The Sausage of Science” combines interviews and lectures with and by new researchers and research in science writ large and that applies to those interested in the field of human biology.
By Gedankenwege
Hier reden wir über Sprache, vergessene Worte und Themen rund um unsere Kommunikation. Erkennt die Ironie, die aussem Ruhrpott tun ma über Sprache reden. Episoden erscheinen unregelmäßig und im Wechsel mit dem Original Gedankenwege-Podcast (
Barn Chatter
By Aaron Fisher
Barn Chatter is a series focused on the Indiana 4-H Animal Science Projects. Inviting special guests, host Aaron Fisher interviews practitioners, faculty, volunteers, and Indiana 4-H members to share valuable perspectives and information that influence Indiana 4-H animal agriculture. Barn Chatter aims to answer commonly asked questions, provide helpful tips and practices, and keep listeners up to date on best practices and policies regarding Indiana 4-H Animal Science. Join us for Barn Chatter: Sharing the truth of animal science learning and getting past all the chatter.
Cognitive Gamer
By Stephen Blessing
I examine how cognitive psychology can help explain and inform how we play games. Each episode looks at how a particular cognitive phenomenon affects game playing. All types of games are considered, from board games to video games to games of chance. Check out for more information.
Carbon Neutral Adelaide
By Jim Plouffe
We meet the people helping Adelaide work toward the goal of carbon neutrality and discuss the issues, opportunities and learnings. Adelaide is a clean, green Smart City striving to be the first truly carbon neutral city in the world. There is lots to do and we jump on for the journey.
MLJ - Movimento de Liderança Jovem
By A Revelação
Esse Podcast foi criado com a missão de trazer o jovem para um universo mágico onde ele tem o poder de realizar as suas metas e conquistar seus objetivos conscientemente. Aqui, a gente dá várias dicas com base nos ensinamentos da ciência da Escola A Revelação. Explicamos com uma linguagem simples sobre as frequências energéticas e como elas influenciam e são influenciadas por você. Trazemos o autoconhecimento através da meditação e muitas outras práticas para que você possa despertar essa consciência e consiga ter o controle do seu universo pessoal. Você sabia que você tem o controle da sua própria vida? E que com prática e comprometimento você pode materializar o futuro que deseja? Seja líder do seu próprio futuro. Desperte sua consciência para uma vida mais completa e plena. Faça parte deste movimento. Apresentado por Leo Ishiy, Marta Mantovanelli, Paula Mantovanelli, Rita Oliveira e Talita Iacovella. Fale com a gente! email: [email protected] Instagram: mlj.arevelacao | London Society de la NLS: Conferencia - Puntuación y Divisón: Sexuación, el Sinthom...
El 22 de abril de 2017, la “London Society” de la NLS invitó a Adrian R. Price, traductor al inglés de los Seminarios 10 y 23 de Jacques Lacan, a dar una conferencia que llevó por título “Puntuación y Divisón”, en la que tomó elementos del pasaje de El Seminario 19, "O Peor", a El Seminario 23, "El Sinthome", pasando por la lógica de la sexuación.
We Digress...
By Randeep Sami
Fortnightly podcast where we try to apply philosophical arguments and social science theories to current events, in an attempt to understand why the worlds as crazy as it is.
By Luigi Frezza
Discorsi di psicologia per migliorare le storie della tua vita. Riflessioni e idee sulla psicologia, in un'ottica postmoderna. A cura di Luigi Frezza
By 楠同学与外星任
By Katie Saxton
A podcast that attempts to teach you more about yourself and those around you.
이상한 청년들의 고급진 상식
By 청년담론
'현실'보다 '이상'을 꿈꾸는 청년들이 인문학과 사회문제를 쉽고 고급지게 이야기하는 팟캐스트 | Ecos de Río y Buenos Aires: Entrevistas a Lêda Guimarães y a Luis Darío Salamone a...
Gleuza Salomon y Miriam Pais entrevistan a Lêda Guimarães y a Luis Darío Salamone sobre el reciente libro bilingüe, de sus co-autorías, titulado"Una mujer y un hombre -después del análisis". El prólogo es del presidente de la AMP, Miquel Bassols.
Overthinking Conflict
By Amanda Semenoff and C.D. Saint
Join us weekly as we explore the interesting corners of mediation, conflict resolution and peacemaking. We speak with experienced practitioners, innovators, pioneers and boundary pushers to tackle some of the controversial and difficult topics in our field while finding ways to grow our practices and implement new ideas. | Tercera Noche de los Observatorios de la FAPOL - Observatorio: Legislación, derecho...
El Bureau de la Federación Americana de Psicoanálisis de la Orientación Lacaniana ha creado Observatorios que hacen un trabajo de investigación sobre problemáticas consideradas claves en la actualidad y que conciernen al Psicoanálisis en los diversos contextos socio-políticos americanos en los que sus miembros desarrollan su práctica. En la Noche del 8 de junio de 2017, el Observatorio que tiene como título de su investigación: Legislación, Derechos, Subjetividades Contemporáneas y Psicoanálisis y cuyo responsable es Guillermo Belaga, ha presentado su estado de trabajo en la EOL, dando participación también a invitados de distintas instituciones y disciplinas: Américo Cristófalo (Profesor de Literatura Europea del Siglo XIX. Ex – Director de la Carrera de Letras. Vicedecano de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires), Fabiana Rousseaux (Psicoanalista. Trabaja en clínica con víctimas de violaciones a los DDHH. Ex – Directora del Centro Fernando Ulloa de la Secretaría de Derechos Humanos de la Nación, Coordina Territorios Clínicos de la Memoria), Horacio Vommaro (Ex – Presidente de Asociación de Psiquiatras Argentinos (APSA), Director del Postgrado de Psiquiatría con orientación en Neurociencias de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Director de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental del Instituto de Neurociencias Buenos Aires). También estaban presentes la Presidenta de la FAPOL Flory Kruger y los coordinadores de la Comisión de Observatorios, por la EOL, Daniel Millas y Marcelo Marotta.
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Feedback Junkies
By Ryan Siemer & Dr. Brandon L. Young
Feedback Junkies is a channel dedicated to the proliferation of meaningful dialogue. Our conversations center around the psychology of work, nurturing productive behaviors in the workplace, and the promotion of ideas that encourage the open-sharing of feedback in organizations.
Money Skills (Video)
By Marginal Revolution University
Unsure of how to invest your money? Whether to rent or buy? Or which career path is right for you? We've all asked ourselves these questions, and it seems that everywhere you turn — the TV, radio, financial advisors, friends, and family — someone has an answer. In this course we turn down the noise to bring you sound advice. With two seasoned economists as your guides, you’ll walk through what everyone needs to know about personal finance. The course is divided up into "bite-size" chunks (average 5 minutes) that you can watch at your leisure. Practice materials at DATING SHOW FOR MEN
By thedean
This show is to help men (married or single) understand the ins and outs of meeting dating and marrying women. Its time to man up and take the hill. Get your balls out her bag and Man the F up! | Conferencia de Clausura de la Jornada de l’Envers de Paris: Afectos y Pasiones del ...
El 10 de junio de 2017, tuvo lugar, en la Universidad “Pierre et Marie Curie”, la Jornada de l’Envers de Paris, "Las nuevas caras de la segregación: qué dice el psicoanálisis”. Compartimos con los oyentes de Radio Lacan, la conferencia de clausura pronunciada por Éric Laurent, que llevó por titulo "Afectos y pasiones del cuerpo social". | Reseña de la Conferencia dictada por María Cristina Giraldo en Guatemala: La famili...
Nuestra colega Lorena Greñas realiza una reseña de la conferencia que dictara María Cristina Giraldo, en la sede de la ciudad de Guatemala de la NEL, el 8 de junio de 2017, con el título “La familia y la verdad mentirosa”. Dicha conferencia forma parte de las actividades organizadas por la Biblioteca de la NEL-Guatemala.
By Steintofu
Ruehrcast - das queer-feministische, trans* und vieles mehr Podcast.
Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast
By Stanford Social Innovation Review / SSIR
Audio talks and lectures by leaders of social change, brought to you by Social Innovation Conversations, co-hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review's Managing Editor Eric Nee.
By hosted by Doug
Do you want to learn how to have better conversations with people of other religions or with atheists? On the PineCreek podcast, Doug, a former fundamentalist Christian of 30+ years and now an agnostic atheist, conducts cordial interviews with believers of all kinds. You’ll also find enlightening critiques of popular apologists from the agnostic atheist perspective along the way. In an uncertain world, certainty can lead to arrogance and violence. On the PineCreek podcast , Doug looks to show that both humility and compassion can arise from viewing doubt as a virtue. | Presentación del libro: Jacques Lacan. El Psicoanálisis y su aporte a la cultura co...
El 3 de mayo de 2017, tuvo lugar, en la Biblioteca de Orientación Lacaniana de la Sede de la Comunidad de Madrid de la ELP, la presentación del libro “Jacques Lacan. El Psicoanálisis y su aporte a la cultura contemporanea", publicado por Fondo de Cultura Económica. La presentación estuvo a cargo de José Alberto Raymondi y Vicente Palomera. En el debate participan también los editores del libro, Miriam Chorne y Gustavo Dessal.
Logbuch Digitalien
By Markus Hörster und Christian Cordes
Der Podcast über unsere digitale Lebens- und Arbeitswelt mit Markus Hörster und Christian Cordes. Alle vier Wochen dienstags um 19.00 Uhr im Radio auf Radio Okerwelle (UKW 104,6 in der Region Braunschweig, Stream: und nach der Ausstrahlung als Podcast. Wir beschäftigen uns mit allen Themen, die etwas mit Digitalien zu tun haben und sind immer offen für Themenvorschläge oder interessante Gäste. Folgt uns bei Facebook, Twitter und Instagram und besucht unseren Blog unter | Acontecimiento Extraordinario. Ecos de #MillerEnMadrid. Conferencia y Debate Abiert...
El 13 de mayo de 2017, se llevó a cabo en Madrid un acontecimiento del Psicoanálisis de la Orientación Lacaniana que tuvo como voz principal a Jacques-Alain Miller, y del que participó también el presidente de la AMP, Miquel Bassols. Con el título “La victoria contra Le Pen en Francia y sus consecuencias en la política internacional del psicoanálisis”, Jacques-Alain Miller brindó una conferencia y participó de un debate abierto organizado por la Asociación POROS (ICF) y la Revista H (París), y coordinado por Rosa López y Andrés Borderías. Fue un evento inédito, transmitido desde el Palacio de la Prensa de Madrid, en directo por Radio Lacan y a través de videoconferencia a treinta y seis de las distintas sedes de las Escuelas de la AMP. Como introducción a la conferencia, se organizó una mesa con el título “El acto venezolano" en la que participaron Miquel Bassols, Rosa López, Raquel Cors Ulloa y Susana Pieter. Luego de la alocución de Jacques -Alain Miller, se dio lugar al debate con las intervenciones de algunos de los colegas presentes en la sala, como Jorge Alemán, Juan Pundik, Juan Carlos Tazedjián, Santiago Castellanos, Guy Briole y Ana Castaño, y de los oyentes que enviaron sus preguntas, vía Twitter y a una dirección de mail creada por la ELP exclusivamente para la ocasión. En esta serie Radio Lacan suma las opiniones de algunos colegas que escucharon y participaron del evento. Agradecemos la gentileza de Jacques-Alain Miller de permitirnos compartir con los oyentes de Radio Lacan este acontecimiento del Psicoanálisis de la Orientación Lacaniana. | Edición especial: Elogio de los heréticos. Conferencia de Jacques-Alain Miller en e...
Su "Elogio de los heréticos", que sigue a corta distancia al anuncio, dado en Madrid, del nacimiento de la revista HERETICO, se convirtió en su plural en Turín. "Heréticos" ha sido el núcleo de estos dos días. "Creemos, queremos, nosotros, psicoanalistas lacanianos, estudiosos de Lacan, ser heréticos", dijo Jacques-Alain Miller en su conferencia "y, de hecho, somos discípulos de un analista que fue excomulgado por sus pares." (Extracto de la introducción de Paola Bolgiani, actual presidente de la SLP). Radio Lacan difunde algunos momentos de esta conferencia, "sin par". | El análisis, resuelve problemas?
Presentación realizada en el marco de la Serie de Seminariosde ICLO-NLS: “Espacio formación del analista y su Escuela”, que tuvo lugar en Dublin el 12 de Mayo de 2017.
Sistahpreneurs' Sprint
By Sistahpreneurs Business Coaching
Rapid improvement tips and stories for the Black female entrepreneur.
High Strangeness
By Dorran Yoder
Two guys. Two microphones. A whole lotta strange.
What Makes a Leader
By Key Step Media
Through in-depth interviews with thought leaders in the realm of psychology, research, and organizational development, we aim to deliver strategies and approaches that elevate leadership at any level. Ideas shared here are geared to help you become a better leader through greater self-awareness, focus, and conscious decision-making.
Dangerous Ideas
By Dangerous Ideas
Dangerous Ideas is a show dedicated to challenging widely held beliefs and popular ideology. We believe you should question everything. We tackle religion, politics, current events, science, sexuality, popular myths and more! We believe in open-mindedness and objective world views. Thank you for listening!
Principles of Macroeconomics (Video)
By Marginal Revolution University
We’ll cover fundamental questions such as: Why do some countries grow rich while others remain poor? How important is a country’s banking system — and what happened during the recent financial crisis? How did Zimbabwe end up with an inflation rate that rose into the quadrillions? We’ll also cover important topics like the Federal Reserve, monetary policy, fiscal policy, the Solow Growth Model, institutional analysis, the “economics of ideas,” and more. The course is divided up into "bite-size" chunks (average 5 minutes) that you can watch at your leisure. Ask questions, chat with the professors and earn a certificate at
United Safety Technologies's Podcast
By United Safety Technologies
This podcast is about safety, not the everyday safety, but real safety. We talk about how we as humans get into trouble because of mental constructs that lead us to error. The safety systems of today are full of rules and regulations. That is not safety, that's law and regulation. And people tend to knowingly and unknowingly break the law.
Satsang with G with GP Walsh
By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
Satsang with G - Discussing Spirituality, Non Duality, Happiness, Prosperity and All the Stuff That Matters To question is to live. To abandon assumptions and discover the truth is to live forever. It is a deep exploration of the things that matter most to us all. Sometimes when we don’t even know it. What if every single thing you have ever experienced or will ever experience, all the happiness or pain you have or will have in your life is a direct result of the image you hold of yourself? What would you do with that tidbit or information? Satsang is a place to question, to explore, to contemplate. Not superficially but deeply. Each we we discuss and answer the questions that most matter to us all. Questions we must answer: - What am I? - What is this all about? - What happens when I die? - What happened before I was born? - Why is the world so messed up? - Can I do anything about it? - How can I lead a spiritual life in a materialistic world? - Do I matter? - Do I deserve love - How do I find real self-acceptance? Whether the question is as mundane as money or as profound as the meaning of life, I can assure you, “Satsang with G” will give you a new perspective that makes an immediate, transformative difference in your life. So, are you concerned about health, money, romance, success, the future of the world? Every question has at its roots a set of beliefs that you hold about yourself. Beliefs that have simply never been questioned. G invites you to bring your questions about whatever matters to you. Just don’t be surprised that the answer takes you deep into the heart of your true self. Visit to be notified of upcoming shows Visit for an archive of past shows