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Davey's Dialogue

By Daveys Dialogue
A podcast hosted by Dave Gumba, a human from Earth.

Credit Hour

By University of South Dakota
Welcome to Credit Hour, a weekly, thought-provoking conversation with the brightest minds from the University of South Dakota. They get the credit – we ask the questions. This is Credit Hour.

Grade 10 Science- Radioisotopes

By Deepti Rajeev / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Clitoria's Secrets

By Ronja und Katrin
Natürlich geht es nicht nur um die sagenumwobenen Secrets der Clitoria. Der Podcast soll über medizinische Themen aufklären, welche im Internet oder bei Fachärzten leider oft zu kurz kommen. Dabei geht es heiter & lustig zu, zumindest empfinden wir das eindeutig so. Hinter Clitoria’s Secrets stehen Katrin und Ronja. Katrin ist Ronjas Freundin und Gynäkologin. Und wieso sollten nicht auch Leute von ihrem Wissen profitieren, die keine Frauenärztin zur Freudin haben? Katrin hat jetzt eben et...

SDMS Annual Conference Preview

By Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) is a professional membership organization founded in 1970 to promote, advance, and educate its members and the medical community in the science of diagnostic medical sonography. The SDMS is the largest association of sonographers and sonography students in the world.

Smalltalk Anatomy

By Smalltalk Anatomy
Dr. Higgs will give you tips on how to get out of annoying smalltalk situations using a topic most people think they know a lot about, but really don't - the human body. You'll be surprised by how many small interesting facts about the body are out there that no one bothered to teach about in school, and because few people know, or rather few people paid attention in class, you can look like a cool kid when you drop some interesting facts about the human body as you slowly back away from tha...

TheBerryCast by Adam Berry

By TheBerryCast by Adam Berry / Anchor
TheBerryCast by Adam Berry is your Daily Check In on Fitness, Fat Loss and Fun! Sharp, sweet and to the point. Available every weekday! If you want to find out how to start Building Muscle and Dropping some Body Fat...then head here RIGHT NOW:

Topical: The Dermatology Podcast

By Kristina Liu
Kris Liu and Arash Mostaghimi talk candidly about what it takes and what it's like on the road to becoming dermatologists.


By Fabian Link
Bei regelmäßigen Gesprächen mit jungen Nachwuchswissenschaftlern bekommen wir einen tieferen Einblick in die aktuelle Forschung. Dabei kommen diejenigen zu Wort, die sonst "unter dem Radar" arbeiten: der wissenschaftliche Nachwuchs.


By OCTO / Anchor
An oceanic news and literature podcast. Find out what's happening in our oceans with us: Nick, Allie, and Raye!


By Toshiki Nakashige
Scientist is a podcast about people who do science. We'll talk about science, and we'll not talk about science. Hosted and produced by Toshiki Nakashige.

Mindful Matters w Chris Griffin, LPC

By Chris Griffin, LPC & Griffin Counseling Services, LLC
Mindful Matters is a podcast dedicated to educating, supporting and informing the public about the practice of mindfulness. Your host is Chris Griffin, LPC who conducts interviews and conversations with people at the forefront of the mindful movement including educators, wellness professionals and artists. Chris also explores essential concepts of mindfulness and its practice in solo episodes, which can help those who train others in mindfulness, or those who wish to begin and deepen their ...

The Spark: Igniting Your Best Life

By Stephanie James and Chris Lanphear
The Spark is a guide to living your best life. Created out of a desire to help people, each week we'll delve into interesting topics in the fields of psychology, health and wellness, motivation, and other concepts to give you tools to help spark new ideas and create a more fulfilling life. New episodes air Wednesdays at 7pm Mountain on KRFC Fort Collins 88.9, and podcast episodes are released the same day. Host Stephanie James is a practicing psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Work...

A Nasa Nerd Podcast

By Space Nerd Shawn
A podcast talking all things NASA.


By The Both& Crew
Welcome to Both&, a podcast for those of us interested in just about everything! Here we seek beauty and truth with a posture of wonder and gravity by discussing a diverse range of topics. Find us on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Facebook: Both& Podcast Twitter: @bothampersand Instagram: @bothampersand E-mail: [email protected]

Corso di Terapia Genica e Cellulare

By ICGEB Trieste
Il Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche, Chirurgiche e della Salute dell'Università degli Studi di Trieste in collaborazione con il Centro Internazionale di Ingegneria Genetica e Biotecnologie - ICGEB di Trieste, presentano una serie di lezioni che illustrano lo stato dell’arte della terapia genica e cellulare. Vengono descritti gli obiettivi della terapia genica, i diversi tipi di acidi nucleici con funzione terapeutica e le diverse metodologie per il trasferimento genico. Ampia parte del Corso f...

BOOM: Biomechanics on our Minds

By International Society of Biomechanics
Podcast by International Society of Biomechanics

Apocalypse HOW?!

By Apocalypse HOW?!
A scientist and a comedian discuss scientifically plausible end-of-the-world scenarios. Join neuroscientist Dr James Cooke (PhD, MSc, BA Oxon) and comedian Rory O'Keeffe ("may not be up to the task of real life" Fest ★★★★) as they embark on an informative journey through what James calls "Human Existential Risk" or what Rory calls “it all going to shit in a big way”.

MemomdadandParkinson's podcast

Stories of my ,mom, dad and I of how we manage and deal with my dad's Parkinson's. I share what we have learned.

Only People Can

By Cassandra LaPorte - Sustainability Student
Every week, Only People Can delivers fresh and fun ideas in the world of sustainability. For business, and for your home, making changes that have a positive impact on the environment can also have a positive impact on health and productivity.

Medical Musings

By Medical Musings
We are three students at the Georgia Institute of Technology: Megen Wittling, Ann Johnson, and Jessie Morris. After taking a course called Health, Genes, and Society by Dr. Greg Gibson, we wanted to address some of these issues discussed in the course - personalized medicine and the field of quantified self. As our world enters a future with increased technology and information, we found it important to delve into the implications behind it and have created podcasts on several topics as a res...


By Matth de Cezaro
Biologia Humana, Bioquímica, Lifestyle, Corpo, Mente e Espírito.

Yes Chef, with Chad Kubanoff

By Chad Kubanoff Chef
A podcast for chefs by chefs, Interviews with top chefs, farmers, foragers, food scientists and food producers. Hear the real struggles that other chefs have gone through and are going through. Learn about the experiences had with zoning, codes and city hall when opening a restaurant. No sugar coating it, just honest conversations with hard working people.

Something Fishy

By Michealene Corlett
It's a podcast about fish!

Counselor Toolbox - Addiction, Counseling, and Mental Health Continuing Education | Recovery | Relationships | Clinical | Psychology | Family | Social Work | Mindfulness | CEUs | AllCEUs | By Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

By Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes
Counselors, coaches and sober companions help hundreds of thousands of people affected by Addictions and Mental Health issues each year. Learn about the current research and practical counseling tools to improve your skills and provide the best possible services. Counselor Toolbox targets counselors, coaches and companions, but can also provide useful counseling self-help tools for persons struggling with these issues and their loved ones. AllCEUs is an approved counseling continuing educa...

Featured Creatures

By Featured Creatures
The hosts Alan, Alex, and Garrett read some "news" and talk about a monster

Gross BODcast

By Jessyca Murphy & Katie Rismondo
Gross BODcast is weekly podcast hosted by Katie Rismondo & Jessyca Murphy.

Basic Medcast

By Basic Medcast
A podcast for medical students & professionals to learn about the basic sciences behind clinical cases.

أطياف من المجتمع السعودي | Spectrums of Saudi Society Podcast

By The Mstdfr Network
معكم أ.د. ابتسام عبد الرحمن حلواني أستاذة متقاعدة من كلية الاقتصاد والإدارة بجامعة الملك عبد العزيز بجدة .. أستعرض في هذا البودكاست مقالات نشرتها في 4 كتب قبل سنوات عدة حيث أختار منها مايتناسب مع الوضع اليوم وأسعى مع السادة المستمعين لمقارنة الحال بين الأمس واليوم


By 上山之声
【上山之声荣誉出品】 全新推理侦破节目,想知道答案吗?听完故事,可通过关注微信公众号:上山之声,输入节目尾声公布的“关键字”,揭开谜底!来吧,烧脑运动,现在开始。谁是大侦探?等你来破案!

The Hypochondriac's Guide

By The fascinating (and terrifying) world of human disease
Podcast by The fascinating (and terrifying) world of human disease

Jungla de Asfalto

By esRadio
Animales y plantas de la mano de Miguel del Pino y el Padre Mundina que dan los mejores consejos para cuidarlos.

Mrs Amber Milano

By Amber Milano / Anchor
Welcome to my podcast where we will chat all things Business, Family, and then some...

3DMetrica | Rilievi e Topografia

By Paolo Corradeghini
3DMetrica è il primo podcast italiano di Topografia. Ti parlo di strumenti e tecniche di rilievo, sfotware e applicazioni, geomatica e cartografia, droni, GIS e CAD. Condivido la mia esperienza sul campo ed intervisto professionisti del settore per informazioni, notizie, suggerimenti ed approfondimenti.

Criminal Broads

By Tori Telfer
Criminal Broads is a true crime + history podcast about wild women who’ve ended up on the wrong side of the law, whether for leading a cult, serially murdering their husbands, swindling billionaires, or faking ectoplasm. The podcast is hosted by Tori Telfer, author of “Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History.”


By MostlyScience
MostlyScience Webcast, We pull the curtain back and take a look behind the science in the headlines and take a peek at the what and why of the world around us. Each episode we are joined by a special guest to explore a new topic and learn something new.

ASCO University Weekly Podcasts

By ASCO University
The ASCO University Weekly Podcast is a weekly series offered exclusively to Essentials subscribers and those enrolled in ASCO'S Education Essentials for Oncology Fellows (EEOF). Episodes focus on recent ASCO Guidelines, with discussion of the guideline's purpose, methods, results, and recommendations; newly approved drugs in oncology, outlining the drug uses, the type(s) of cancer the drug has been approved to to treat, how the drug is used, and any relevant clinical trials information; and ...


By Nachtgedanken Podcast
Ein Experiment, ob Podcasten was für mich ist. Ein festes Thema gibt es nicht - schließlich kann man sich auch nicht aussuchen, was nachts für Gedanken kommen. Aber ich vermute mal, alles von Meinungen, über Gefühle und noch eine Prise Lustig sollten ein paar Geschmäcker treffen. Twitter @nchtgdnknpdcst Neue Folgen idealerweise immer Dienstags

Influencers Cafe

By Nikos Katsikanis
This is the show that takes you a journey with todays influencers. How they think operate and why the love what they do. Expect the unexpected. We will have a such a great variety of influencers lined up from all walks of life.

Hernia U Podcast

By Hernia U Podcast
Doctors from around the world talk about there experiences in and out of the operating room


By zebulon_泽布伦
从神农第一次品尝草药,从炼金者第一次从植物中蒸馏出精油,人类与植物的故事就这样缓缓拉开了序幕。 在随后的数千年里,薰衣草、薄荷、柠檬草、茶树、玫瑰……植物们散发着各自的芬芳,默默推动着人类的历史,凝结出一个又一个令人动容的美妙史诗。当人类享受着现代生活的便利和高效时,是否会突然回眸,去发现脚边的星星点点原来曾是那样的伟大。

Private Practice Success Stories

By Jena Castro-Casbon
My name is Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP (of The Independent Clinician and The Private Practice Solution).I am part of a group of private practitioners who have taken client care into our own hands.We are skilled clinicians who pride ourselves on providing high-quality care to our clients and their families.We are fighting against productivity requirements, administrative red tape and unnecessary restrictions.We started our own private practices to take control of our professional and person...

Sacred Rage Podcast

By Erica Prather
Sacred Rage is an environmentalist podcast that doesn't shy away from difficult dialogue. It is defined by three pillars: warrior, wonder, worship. Who are the people, across the globe, who exemplify these pillars? The podcast is published every three weeks. These are not cover stories about the sickest summit, the cleanest line, the triple crown. These are stories of people who use their gifts, channel their sacred rage in profound, provocative ways that instigate substantial action, who...

Ser Iguales

By Radio Nacional Argentina
Una mirada distinta sobre la discapacidad que transita un camino diferente. Para que entre todos repensemos la vida con discapacidad y la inclusión. Con Cintia Fritz.

Einstein Perspectives

By Einstein Healthcare Network
Timely health and medical news and information from the experts at Einstein Healthcare Network.

Urge Fix: Strategies & Support for Recovering Addicts and People Who Love Them

By Cyntrell Crawford MD: Addiction habits exposed and recovery strategies from prior addicts, experts and other urge fixers
Are you in active recovery? Have a family member who struggles with addiction? Are you drifting dangerously close to an addiction? Urge Fix is the show that meets an individual where he or she stands on the recovery path from addiction back to vitality. Host Dr. Cyntrell Crawford listens to your darkest urges, and, just in time, provides the assistance you need to bypass the temptation and get back on the path that leads to a great life. Move from the messed up lifestyle of a user to clean a... | “En los bordes del Congreso" Reseñas sobre la Conversación Clínica del Observatorio de Género, biopolítica y transexualidad.

En el marco del XI congreso de la AMP, el Observatorio de Género, Biopolítica y Transexualidad de la FAPOL, realizó un encuentro de trabajo sobre la práctica que nos impone la época. La actividad contó con los comentarios de François Ansermet y estuvo animada por los responsables del observatorio Patricio Álvarez (EOL), Blanca Musachi (EBP) y Paola Cornú (NEL). Compartimos con ustedes tres reseñas realizadas en portugués por Blanca Musachi, en francés por Eugenia Varela Navarro y en español ...

Keeper Chat

By Flora & Fauna
Two zookeepers talk weird animals. Informative, irreverent, and sometimes funny. Learn about animals in a way you never have before, with all the dirty details from two people who aren't afraid to call animals out on their shit.

The Pain Cave

By Jason Friedman
The Pain Cave is a free-flowing conversation with a wide variety of guests from the worlds of running and exercise science.  We talk about physiology, sports science, politics, music, beer, and occasionally running.

The Exam Room

By Bryan Vartabedian, MD & Touch•Point Media
Exploring the boundaries of medicine, technology, and culture, The Exam Room will put a lens on the forces reshaping medicine. One of the core threads running through the program will be the idea of technologically mediated change and its effect on the work of healthcare professionals.

Think 100% Show

By Think 100% Show
Establish the culture and practice of voting as part of a desired civic lifestyle through integration of non-partisan election work, issue work, and culture work in a continuous cycle.

Arjun's Arrow

By Arjun Collins
Our aim is to provide the perspective of peoples whose humanity has been disestablished through indoctrination and establish a humanity that is aligned with all. To do so we must find the mind, a process that requires realizing our own humanity, the root of it and the obstacles in front of realization. Arjun's Arrow means to provide a platform for the conscious revival of ancestral knowledge and the retrieval of knowledge lost. Finding, requires recognition that the institutionalized way of...

Memory Consolidation and Reconsolidation

By Robert / Anchor
Welcome to the Memory Consolidation and Reconsolidation podcast, where amazing things happen.

Conversations and Meditations

By Virgil Verax
Our approach, through both humor and facts, is meant to disarm common controversies of today. We present to you Conversations and Meditations. A thought experiment to help explore ideas, worldviews, and emotions that make us human. Through this exploration we hope that you as a listener are able to solidify your convictions according to empirical evidence, logic, facts, and reason. Our goal is to focus on the facts, articulate what is meaningful, and to encourage you to seek truth and find w...

Heart Rythm English Podcasts

By Various
English podcasts description.

Healthcare Pulse

By Studer Group
Pulse: a central point of energy, a beat or rhythm. In healthcare, we know that to find the pulse is to confirm life, continuation. We know that there’s nothing stronger, more powerful, than feeling the thud of progress. Welcome to the Healthcare Pulse podcast. This is a show that brings the heart and mind of healthcare together to look beyond the challenges of care delivery to a world of possibilities. Hosted by Rich Bluni with guest appearances by industry experts, we share their knowledg...

The PAWEDcast

By Bulger Veterinary Hospital
Two veterinarians from a large 24-hr specialty and referral hospital - Dr. Krista Vernaleken and Dr. Lindsay Renzullo - dive into conversations and controversies within the veterinary industry including: hot topics, pet care, how to's and what if's, behind the scenes information and more. The doctors are joined periodically by experts in their field to offer more insights for you and your pets. Members of The PAWEDcast: Dr. Krista Vernalaken, VMD - Show host Dr. Lindsay Renzullo, DVM - Show ...

The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson

By Discussions with successful doctors such as Dr. James Cox, Dr. Kurt Olding, Dr. Dean Greenwood and Dr. Ted Siciliano.
The Back Doctors podcast is weekly conversations with doctors from around the world sharing patient stories as they inform, educate, and offer hope for the millions of people who have back pain.

The Chiropractic Lawyer Podcast

By Guy DiMartino: Chiropractor Lawyer
The chiropractic lawyer is a podcast for healthcare providers, patients and lawyers that discusses all things at the intersection of law of medicine.

総合政策学の創造 2010

By 國領 二郎、竹中 平蔵、廣瀬 陽子
総合政策学は、21世紀の世界が直面する「問題の発見」と「問題の解決」をめざした新しい研究体系として、SFCから生まれた実践の知である。 本講義の目的は、この「実践知」としてのSFC総合政策学の最前線をあきらかにし、諸君が自らの問題を発見し、解決に取りくむ入口を示すことにある。そのため、まず、1990年、SFC開設時に描かれた総合政策学の構想がどのようなものであったのかをひもとき、実際に最先端の領域で取りくまれてきた問題解決の実践例を学び、現在進行形で行なわれている若手教員による新たな挑戦を紹介する。 こうしたレクチャーに加え、この講義では履修者全員による実践のプログラムを実施する。座学と実践、この両面からのアプローチを通じて、自らの問題を発見し、解決に取り組む決意を高めていってほしい。


By Klimakorrespondenten
Klimakorrespondenten holder en uforudset pause, men vender snart tilbage. Klimakorrespondenten er en podcast, der undersøger, hvordan vi kan leve mere klimavenligt, hvilke andre gevinster vi kan få ved at omlægge vores liv til mere klimavenlige liv, og hvilke dilemmaer vi kan finde os selv i, hvis vi gør det. Intet af indholdet er sponsoreret, og jeg modtager hverken penge eller gaver fra de virksomheder og personer, der bliver omtalt på Facebooksiden og i Podcasten. Find også Klimakorrespon...


By 犯トラ制作チーム

State of Minds Podcast

Interviews with the best minds in Neuroscience today


By 鑫子FM心悦台
秘密:改变千万人命运的潜能读本、世界上最神奇的潜能开发训练。100多年来,所有掌握这个“秘密”的人都取得了极大的成功! 《秘密全集》讲述的是一套卓有成效的潜能开发系统,其主旨是通过激发人的精神潜能,由愉及外,重塑一个人的习惯、态度和行为,从而帮助人们实现自己的人生目标 ——幸福、健康和财富!历史上,有许多伟人不仅知晓这一秘密,而且极力推崇并加以应用:苏格拉底、牛顿、柏拉图、爱默生、歌德、雨果等大师,则在阐述道理和著述时与人分享这一伟大的秘密。“我能获得现今的成就。。。。极大部分要归功于本书的教导。”——拿破仑.希尔 本书经典三合一: 秘密 失落的世纪致富经典 世界上最神奇的24堂课

Research Insights, a Society of Actuaries Podcast

By Research Insights
Research Insights highlights Society of Actuaries (SOA) research, including recently released research reports, research competitions, research featured at SOA meetings, and other items related items produced by SOA research.

Weather Geeks

By Weather Group Television
Hosted by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, a professor and former president of the American Meteorological Society, Weather Geeks looks at how weather intersects with technology, pop culture, industry--and everything in between. Each week, Dr. Shepherd interviews guests to bring you closer to weather than ever before. From the people behind The Weather Channel TV network.

Antenna Abduzz

By Antenna Abduzz
As aventuras de Velho Pássaro e JãoDromeda nas encruzilhadas do universo, enquanto escutam as melhores músicas para as mais inusitadas situações intergalácticas.

Jak się dogadać

Wszystko, co dobre w życiu – świetny interes, serdeczna relacja, potężny ruch społeczny – zaczyna się od rozmowy. Wierzę, że ludzie chcą i mogą się lepiej rozumieć, tylko często nie wiedzą jak to zrobić, bo nie mają narzędzi. Jak się dogadać (JSD) to podcast dzięki któremu dowiesz się jak nawet małe zmiany w sposobie komunikacji doprowadzą Cię do ogromnych różnic w relacjach, czy to w pracy czy w rodzinie. Podcast prowadzi Ela Cwynar-Budzińska, która od 2009 roku pracuje jako trenerka biznesu...

The PanFuture Society Podcast

By Sean Gill
Technology, science, and culture news and discussion covering topics from around the corner and across centuries. We aim to encourage long-term thinking and educate people on cutting edge developments happening now as well as dream about what might be far in the future.

Divine Sisters of Vision with Katrina Thomas, Mary Baugh and Pamela Sullivan

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
We are fighting against abusive Relationships and Families, and we desire the empowerment of woman and men!

A Canadian Celiac Podcast

By Sue Jennett: gluten free baker and podcaster
A Canadian Celiac Podcast will explore information, research, lifestyle issues and personal stories of individuals who have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The host, Sue Jennett has access to some of the prominent minds and personalities in the celiac/gluten free community in Canada. You will learn about new initiatives of the Canadian Celiac Association and how they can benefit you. Sue counts more than 20 years since both she and her daughter have been diagnosed with cel...

The Body Mechanic

By Ryan Borck, PT, DPT, OCS
The Body Mechanic was created to help you learn how your body was made to be used, so you can live better. What if your body had an instruction manual? What if there were simple things you could change about your habits, diet, or movement patterns which could make your life better...and you didn't know it? In the same way in which your car needs regular maintenance, your body is a complex machine with some simple ways to make it work better. Be well, -Ryan Borck, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Surfin Waves

By Andy H / Anchor
Each episode will form a catalog of contemporary oral histories from our nation’s particular drug epidemic of the moment. The goal is to compile as many stories as possible with whoever wants to speak up. Holla at me!

Voices of Veterinary Medicine

By Voices of Veterinary Medicine
The Voices of Veterinary Medicine Podcast gives future veterinarians a broader perspective on the field of veterinary medicine so they can more proactively steer their own careers. Listeners get to hear personal stories, struggles and triumphs of a variety of people working in veterinary medicine so they can learn from, and be inspired by, the experiences of others. Occasionally, people with helpful perspectives from outside the field of veterinary medicine will be interviewed.

The Zac Cupples Show

By Zac Cupples
A show where we discuss all things rehabilitation, training, performance, health, nutrition, sleep, stress management, learning, and many more.

ZEIT Wissen – Dr. Max erklärt die Welt

By ZEIT Wissen
Wie löscht man einen Weihnachtsbaum? Wohin wandert der Nordpol? Was nutzt High-Tech-Mehl? Fragen wie diese beantwortet ZEIT Wissen-Redakteur Max Rauner im Gespräch mit Experten. Alle zwei Monate neu.

kulturradio vom rbb | Wissen

By Kulturradio (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Aktuelle Themen aus Gesellschaft, Wissenschaft, Kunst, Geschichte und anderen Bereichen.


By 阿步百科

The Genome Podcast

By Genome
Conversations with participants in and observers of the worlds of science and medicine from the creators of Genome magazine.

The Lots of Watts Podcast

By Sam Loch
Sam Loch rants about deadlifitng, fasting and the illuminati.


By 松村医院 松村真司

The Fighting Farmer Podcast with Terrell Spencer

By Terrell Spencer
Join Spence the Fighting Farmer for weekly episodes giving an honest peak behind the scenes at Across the Creek Farm, a first-generation full-time sustainable pastured poultry farm located in the hill & hollers of NW Arkansas that Spence started after coming home from war.

The Chiropractic Authority / Coaching / Leadership / Weight Loss /

By Dr Aaron Tressler & Dr Kyle Muir
Weekly coaching tips and strategies to help chiropractors attract weight loss clients, convert them to raving chiropractic patients while teaching the principles of health to grow their business and expand chiropractic.

The Vocal Fries

By Halftone Audio
The podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people's speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk. To join our email list and get updates on new episodes and announcements, click here

The Sigma Mind

Train yourself to have higher cognition, deeper perception and an unmatched approach to strategy in all facets of life. The Sigma Mind breaks things down and makes a science out of thought and behavior.

The Chris Knott Podcast

By chris knott
The pursuit of strength, muscle and excellence