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ashwaeii || عشوائي

By ashwaeii || عشوائي
بودكاست عشوائي .. بودكاست يهتم لتعزيز المحتوي ا…

Clinician Cast: Youth Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Network Podcast

By Capitalize for Kids
This is Clinician Cast, the Youth Mental Health & Addictions Treatment Network podcast. In each episode, experts in child and adolescent mental health and addictions share best practices and answer questions about a specific topic. This podcast is a collaborative project between the IWK Health Centre in Halifax and Capitalize for Kids to improve health outcomes for children and families across Canada.


By SquaMates
A totally serious herpetological podcast | Ecos de Gante: Entrevista a Els Van Compernolle, presidenta de la “Kring voor Psychoanalyse van de NLS”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis. | Conferencia de Philippe Lacadée en Cahors “Mi más bella obra de arte, ¿sería mi vida?”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis. | Entrevista a Marcelo Veras sobre su libro “Selfie, luego existo”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis. | Jorge Forbes en la UNESCO: Reflexiones sobre la inteligencia artificial. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis.

Audio Story Lab

By This Wachter
Im Audio Story Lab-Podcast stelle ich in unregelmässiger Folge Artefakte aus meinem Labor vor, die für mich oder für andere entstanden sind. Wer experimentiert, lässt sich von Anderen inspirieren. Deshalb werde ich zudem hin und wieder mit Menschen sprechen, die in der Audiowelt Neues wagen.

Upright Health: Think Well, Feel Well, Move Well

By Upright Health: Think Well, Feel Well, Move Well
San Francisco Bay Area's Training, Prehab, and Postrehab Specialists

Oral Cancer Answers

By Brian Hill
Welcome to Oral Cancer Answers, a prodution of the Oral Cancer Foundation, where we discuss disease related issues of interest to patients, survivors, advocates, and medical and dental professionals. Our guests are drawn from a large body of knowledgable OCF collaborators and thought leaders on oral cancer, from fields and backgrounds as diverse as research, education, medical and dental professionals, and survivors. If you would like us to consider a particular subject matter in future podca...

Increase Confidence (Jason Newland)

By Jason Newland
Increase Confidence (Jason Newland)

Physics World Weekly Podcast

By Physics World
Physics World Weekly offers a unique insight into the latest news, breakthroughs and innovations from the global scientific community. Our award-winning journalists reveal what has captured their imaginations about the stories in the news this week, which might span anything from quantum physics and astronomy through to materials science, environmental research and policy, and biomedical science and technology. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World webs...

Un Coach in cucina - Salute & Benessere

By Un Coach in Cucina
C’era proprio bisogno di un Coach in cucina? La mia risposta è si. Schiariamoci le idee. Facciamo la giusta informazione in questo mare di confusione e fake news. Da Giugno, ogni mercoledì, il podcast con Antonella Ricco, Chef Nutrizionista, direttamente da New York. Intervisterò professionisti ed esperti in America e in Italia. Toccheremo gli argomenti e le problematiche di salute più comuni. Forniremo suggerimenti e consigli utili anche in cucina sulla base degli argomenti trattati. Un coac...

Death, et seq.

By Tanya D. Marsh
Death, et seq. literally means "Death and what follows." This podcast addresses all aspects of death care in the United States -- options for funerals and disposition, the ways in which "traditions" are being disrupted, and where death care is headed. A broad range of experts within the funeral industry and various reform communities are invited to share their views. Listeners are invited to actively participate by submitting questions and topics of interest.

Vital Points

By Bold Brave Media Talk Radio
What does well-being truly mean, and once we achieve it what’s next? There are a multitude of tools and paths we may use on our journey to complete wellness. Whether you’re using acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, or meditation, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Let’s have a conversation and share stories of healing in order to make connections and reach higher levels of understanding. Foti Sardelis is the owner of Anthos Acupuncture & Herbal clinic in Birmingham Alabama founded in ...

Broken to Unbroken Podcast

By Nick Askey
The Broken to Unbroken Podcast is where we discover how to eliminate pain and continue to train.

5 tipos de Colágeno

By Andre Alves da Silva
Explico as principais características dos diferentes tipos de colágeno. Pode-se destacar: colágeno nativo, desnaturado, colágeno hidrolisado, entre outros. Desenvolvido o conteúdo com uma linguagem simples e objetiva para que o leitor entenda da melhor forma. Gostou? Entre em nosso blog.

Metagenics - Your Health Guide

By Metagenics - Your Health Guide
Podcast by Metagenics - Your Health Guide

From Cloud to Cab

By From Cloud to Cab
From Cloud to Cab is a podcast series for farmers on the Delmarva Peninsula and in the Mid-Atlantic Region, offering timely conversations with scientists, policymakers, agribusinesses, conservationists and other farmers. The goal is to offer news, updates and different perspectives in a fresh and accessible format, especially when our listeners don’t have the time to sit down and read an article! From Cloud to Cab is hosted by Josh Bollinger with the University of Maryland Harry R. Hughes Cen...

Weather Wise

By First Warning Weather on Erie News Now
Weather and science talk with John Stehlin.

Butt Naked Truth

By Langstyn Avery
"Butt Naked Truth" is a platform for truth hosted by comic Langstyn Avery. This idea was created from a thought that people need to be more truthful with themselves and with others as well. While sitting ass naked on the couch recording a 1 min snippet for instagram Langstyn decided to elevate this idea and transform his platform into a podcast. Various segments will include solo talks about current events as well as random rants by Langstyn, as well as, guest coming to share things they beli...

Goat Talk with the Goat Doc

By Cara Shepard
Dr Cara Sammons-Shepard, DVM is a practicing veterinarian in Maine and New Hampshire, and when on the road, the majority of her patients are goats. She and her husband have owned and operated a commercial farmstead creamery since 2009. In this podcast, Dr Shepard discusses different topics related to goat medicine and husbandry.

Peak Environment

Environmental stewardship, sustainable living and enlightened public policy in the Pikes Peak Region.

Boomer Venture Podcast with Mary Furlong

By Mary Furlong
Serial entrepreneur and longevity economy pioneer Mary Furlong interviews the legends and leaders in this booming market segment.


By @4curiosospod
Podcast by @4curiosospod

Heredity Podcast - science feeds

By Springer Nature
An official journal of the Genetics Society, Heredity publishes high-quality articles describing original research and theoretical insights in all areas of genetics. Research papers are complimented by News & Commentary articles and reviews, keeping researchers and students abreast of hot topics in the field.The Heredity podcast with James Burgon features interviews with the people behind the journal, the science and a digest of breaking news.


By Vinicius Felix
Telefonemas. Um podcast de entrevistas.

Refresher Courses in Anesthesiology

By American Society of Anesthesiologists
This online program includes peer-reviewed lectures selected from the ASA Refresher Courses presented at ANESTHESIOLOGY® Annual Meeting. Each module contains the author’s manuscript, a pre-test and post-test. Plus, select modules contain author interviews in a podcast format.

Dealing with Anger (Jason Newland)

By Jason Newland
Hypnosis for Anger (Jason Newland)

The Horse With Wings Podcast

By Kristin Galbraith Huntsinger
The wellness podcast for equines and equestrians alike.

Purr Podcast

By Jolle Kirpensteijn
This is an awesome podcast for veterinary healthcare providers about everything feline. Famous author Dr. Susan Little and surgeon, Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn will discuss medical en surgical issues of cats highlighting simple and practical solutions. If you like cats, you will love this podcast!

Mind Matters

By Mind Matters
On the Mind Matters podcast, Discovery Institute’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence considers the implications and misconceptions, the opportunities and limitations, and the applications and challenges presented by intelligent agents and their algorithms.

Yhelda Felicio - Cirurgia Plástica

By Yhelda Felicio
Mestre em Cirurgia pela Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC Formada pela Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal do Ceará em 1974. Registrada no Conselho Regional de Medicina do Estado do Ceará - CREMEC, com o número: 1709. Cursou duas Residências Médicas: 1 - Residência em Cirurgia Geral, pela Universidade Federal do Ceará no período de: 1975 a 1976. 2 - Residência em Cirurgia Plástica, no Hospital Geral do INAMPS - Previdência Social, no período de 1977 a1979, esta última atravé...

Stop Smoking Sessions - Jason Newland

By Jason Newland
Stop Smoking Sessions - Jason Newland

Foods to Increase Sex Drive

By Alternative Food Network
Let’s cut to the chase – how’s your sex drive? Have you been wondering, “How do I get my sex life back on track?” Science shows it’s common for libido to decrease as one ages. Food has often been used to increase performance and sexual desire in both men and women and in this podcast, Dr. Audrey talks about ten aphrodisiac foods and why they are natural libido boosters.

Try Not To Blink

By James Deom OD & Roya Habibi OD
Try Not To Blink is a podcast about the ups and downs, ins and outs, news, tips and tricks of those who live the optometry lifestyle.


By Wanderly
The Happy Traveler provides content for traveling healthcare professionals

The Farmer and The Vet

By Halley Fobes and David Jones
David Jones is a dairy farmer. Halley Fobes is a large animal veterinarian. These two gather around the table over coffee or a cocktail and talk shop once a week.

Colágeno tipo II: Alívio nas dores.

By Andre Alves da Silva
Você provavelmente já ouviu falar sobre colágeno, aquela substância naturalmente produzida pelo corpo humano que é responsável pela firmeza e elasticidade da pele, unhas e cabelo. No entanto, conhece o colágeno tipo II? Sabia que esse composto pode auxiliar no combate às dores articulares? Quer saber quando repor essa substância no seu organismo? Continue ouvindo este PODCAST e saiba mais sobre todos os benefícios que esse suplemento proporciona para nosso bem-estar!

Behind Closed Doors

By Dr. Kate Balestrieri
Licensed psychologist Dr. Kate Balestrieri and licensed psychotherapist Lauren Dummit are hosting a radio show called Behind Closed Doors on 790 KABC in Los Angeles. Dr. Balestrieri and Dr. Dummit, both Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT), focus their radio show on critical and timely topics such as sex, dating, relationships, addiction, sexual harassment, mental health and getting healthy. The live show is on 790 KABC in Los Angeles from 6pm to 7pm every Saturday and the new podcasts a...


By Animalia
All about animals and the weird and interesting things they do

HSCT for MS & other Autoimmune Diseases

By HSCT for MS & other Autoimmune Diseases
Spreading the word about HSCT as a treatment, one blog at a time.

Making Hepatitis C History

By Hepatitis Australia
Making Hepatitis C History is a collection of podcasts that explores people’s experiences of being cured by the direct acting antivirals. Treatments have changed. Hepatitis C elimination is now in sight. More and more people are coming forward to get cured. You will hear about the powerful impacts of the cure on family, health and peace of mind. What are you waiting for?

Cancer Can

By Christopher Sis
Conversations for cancer patients and survivors. How do I become an A+ patient and survivor? That is, how can I do everything in my control to live as long as I can with the best quality of life? What do I read? Who do I listen to? How do I lose the least from this setback and gain the most from it? How do I make the best treatment decisions and then prepare for and execute each step of that treatment? How do I best mitigate and recover from the physical, emotional, and mental burdens? How...

Dicas para aumentar a sua disposição

By Andre Alves da Silva
Neste podcast, vamos apresentar à você algumas dicas para um aumento da disposição física diária. São dicas por exemplo: consumir alimentos ricos em energia no café da manhã (alimentação leve e energética); incorporar a caminhada na rotina; reforçar o consumo de vitaminas do complexo "B"; ter momentos de lazer de qualidade; desenvolver o hábito de praticar atividade física (reforçar a importância para a diminuição do estresse e aumento da qualidade do sono); dentre outros. fonte: blog.orionla...

The Physicians for Ancestral Health Podcast

By Physicians for Ancestral Health
Brought to you by Physicians for Ancestral health and hosted by Drs. Tommy Wood and Josh Turknett, the Physicians for Ancestral Health podcast is devoted to exploring how we can integrate ancestral health principles into modern medical care to sustain health and wellness and prevent and treat chronic disease.

The Peter Attia Drive

By Peter Attia, MD
The Peter Attia Drive will feature guests and experts that will offer advice and insight to help you optimize performance, health, longevity, critical thinking, and life. It’s hosted by Stanford M.D., TED speaker, and longevity expert Dr. Peter Attia, founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice with offices in San Diego and New York City.

28 day Stop Smoking Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
28 day Stop Smoking Hypnosis Course - Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis Service

Comical Start

By Mark and Grant
Mark and Grant are two good friends. Each episode they find a comic to share, leading to a deeper conversation.

Harvard Medical Labcast

By Harvard Medical School
HMS scientists tackle a variety of important questions, ranging from how your neurons work to which genes play a role in particular diseases. Our podcast gives you the scoop on some of this work, providing context and highlighting the latest trends in medical education and biomedical research.

Sleep hypnosis with music

By Jason Newland
sleep hypnosis with music

Sheild information

By Samual Peters / Anchor
info about medieval sheids

PreMed Mondays

By Dale Okorodudu, MD (Dr. Dale): Premedical student mentor & Co-Founder of
Start every week with the same mentorship that has helped countless premeds gain admission to medical school. Dr. Dale is the co-founder of, the author of How to Raise a Doctor, and the author of PreMed Mondays. Every Monday, he releases a new mentorship podcast on a specific topic to get premeds ready to take on the week!

Sleep Hypnosis Weekly

By Jason Newland
Sleep Hypnosis Weekly

The Ripple Effect

By Fitzroy Basin Association
Listen to the work taking place in the world of natural resource management. The Ripple Effect is Fitzroy Basin Association’s exclusive podcast. In season 1, we take to the skies to see how helicopters are a part of pest control, travel to watery depths in Yeppoon to reassess marine debris and discover a native sanctuary hiding in amongst industry in Gladstone.

How Surprise Events Secretly Change Your Beliefs

By Michael Rousell
-SURPRISECAST is a captivating journey into how your brain secretly changes your beliefs during moments of surprise. -Using current neurological and cognitive research, Dr. Michael Rousell identifies and maps the consequences of surprise as a trigger for instant belief formation, one of the brain’s greatest survival tools. -You’ll learn how to craft moments of surprise intentionally and strategically, to be the creator of richer lives.

JNC/ASNC Podcast

By American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
The Journal of Nuclear Cardiology has selected published articles for podcasts. These audio interviews, hosted by the Journal editor and article author(s), are a summary of the study, new information, clinical implications, study limitations and what we should do in the future.

The Positive Pants Podcast

By Fran Excell: Mindset and personal development coach, recovering pessimist, positive pant wearer
Fran Excell is a certified Mindset coach who works with female entrepreneurs who are struggling with self a negative loop of knowing what to do but not taking action due to negative thoughts and beliefs and accepting it part of who they are and as the way it is. It isn't...I help break through what’s holding you back and get out your own way by showing you how to let go of negative thinking and limiting beliefs so you finally have the confidence to fulfil your full potential an...

Road To Resilience

By Mount Sinai Health System
Welcome to Road to Resilience, a podcast series that features thought-provoking insight from renowned experts as they explain the science behind resilience. They will detail how everyday people can learn to be resilient and become stronger in times of hardship. This monthly series identifies simple steps that people can apply to their own lives to respond to stress, grief and trauma in healthy ways. Listen to the series to discover what it takes to become resilient and bounce back when you...

Meta & The Mindblowers

By Karina Kjær & Anders Jensen
The science podcast for all curious minds who do not necessarily have an academic background. We try to bring it all down to Earth, by keeping our conversation in a plain and understandable language… Professors in astro physics are welcome, but so is everyone else! We hope you will like it!

Insights in IPF

By Boehringer-Ingelheim, Inc.
Insights in IPF


By Unfiltered by Hydroviv
Unfiltered is a podcast brought to you by Hydroviv. We don't have to express the importance of water in your and your family's life. So our goal is to make water quality make sense.

IRT Spotlight: Best Practices

By Matt Lowrie
Join Matt Lowrie, your host for each episode of the Spotlight on IRT podcast, where he will answer your questions, discuss common pain points, and talk to industry leaders to help you drive efficiencies and prevent unnecessary risks.

Grow Street Journal

By Grow Street Journal
Sharing stories about cannabis is important. It helps us to gain perspective on the many lives that Cannabis improves and saves. The Grow Street Journal Podcast gives a voice to those all over the world, from all walks of life, that believe cannabis should be available as a medicine to all who could benefit from it.


By BrainStorm9000
Welcome to the world of BrainStorm9000! Join hosts Dr. Shalts and Master McMaster as they navigate the most pressing issues in our modern world and how they affect our brains, our lives, and our happiness.

Are You Feeling Funny?

By Snipper Nixon
Hear fascinating insights and revealing anecdotes from top comedians as they discuss health and well-being with a Harley street doctor.Love the show?Become a Patron and unlock exclusive bonus content: FeelingFunnyPodcastTweet us @FeelingFunnyPod About us


By Bishop Sand
Experience emotions and cognitive mechanisms and then understand them.

Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda

By Alan Alda
Clear and Vivid is a series of Alan Alda’s spirited conversations with people who know how hard it is, and yet how good it feels, to really connect with other people – whether it’s one person, an audience or a whole country. You'll know many of the people in these conversations – they are luminaries in our culture. Some you may not know. But what links them all is their powerful ability to relate and communicate. With his unique blend of humor and insight, Alda explores the ways we can...


By Chris Richardson and Ellie Mackay
WonderLabs is a science and tech podcast brought to you by science communicators Chris Richardson and Ellie Mackay. Each episode explores the work of academics from different fields, bringing them out of the lab to talk about how their research is changing the world.


News, interviews, investigations, comment and campaigns. Animal welfare, environmental issues, human rights, & social justice. Editor: Eduardo Goncalves

Cognitio Podcast

By Cognitio Podcast
A brand new scicomm podcast by two neuroscientists, talking about grad school, life as scientists and the latest science news! Twitter: @CognitioPodcast Email: [email protected]

Arash Dibazar's Podcast

By Arash Dibazar
Welcome to The Arash Dibazar podcast, hosted by the #1 dating coach and relationship guru, Arash Zepar Dibazar. This podcast will be all about subjects that affect the human condition and helps people overcome their insecurities and weaknesses to become stronger, more confident, more accomplished, and more fulfilled individuals.


By ”ふるふる”ラジオ
Just another WordPress site

Short Relaxation Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
Short Relaxation Hypnosis Course

Probology: Let's talk pharma

By Omar Midani
Probology is an educational medical channel, that will help you ace your way throughout medical school.

Dr. Michelle’s Vital Edge

By Dr. Michelle Mattingly
The official health podcast to optimize your body, brain and soul

The Synced Life Podcast

By Kristen Manieri
Human connection is the multivitamin we all need more of. On a cellular level, we are wired to connect and the extent to which we sync with others, even strangers, has a huge impact on our lives, inside and out. Imagine if our lives could be exponentially upgraded just by bringing more intention and presence to the way we connect with others. That’s living The Synced Life.

The Methuselah 300 Podcast

By Rod Wheaton: Writer, Podcaster
Podcast highlighting amazing gains in bio-engineering sciences that will change the way people live, from engineering human tissue to 3-D printing human organs.

No Title

By Maxwi
Jeder denkt, dass der Klimwandel von Menschen ausgelöst ist und gestoppt werden muss, doch das muss nicht sein.

University of Vermont Medical Center - Nursing Podcast

A Monthly Podcast created by Nurses for Nurses to keep them updated on things happening at the University of Vermont Medical Center

Vertical Vet Podcast

By Verticalvet
Vertical Vet has aligned the essential products, services, savings, and education programs needed to help you grow your practice.

Authenticity: The Art of Learning | Living

By Cameron M. Thompson / Anchor
The Art of Learning | The Art of Living. Practical exercises for you to develop new skills and habits for a more fulfilling life. Subscribe now for your daily dose of personal development. Hosted by Cameron & Katie, the authors of the DSJ (

The Girl Neurosurgeon Podcast

By Girl Neurosurgeon: Promoting Egalitarianism and Equanimity in Medicine and All Professions
Promoting egalitarianism and equanimity in medicine and beyond

First Bite

By SpeechPOD
Do you have more questions than answers when it comes to treating your medically complex/fragile pediatric patients? If so… then join Michelle Dawson, as she offers her own unique insights and interviews colleagues that are experts in their respective fields… with the goal of inspiring and illuminating all aspects of diagnosing and treating this unique population.

Short Pain Relief Hypnosis Course

By Jason Newland
Short Pain Relief Hypnosis Course

Love, Style & Touring

By Graham Breitenstein
LS&T is a raw, hilarious, behind-the-glamor discussion of love, sex, and style from the perspective of various high profile entertainment professionals

Conservation Today

By Francis Eatherington
We interview people in Douglas County, Oregon, about our environment. Interviews are played every Sunday on the Umpqua Watersheds community radio, KQUA

VEIN Magazine with Dr. Steve Elias

By VEIN Magazine
Real discussions on venous disease and treatment. Hosted by Dr. Steve Elias, The VEIN Magazine podcast brings together leaders in the venous treatment world to talk about the latest developments, events and discoveries in vein care. If you're involved in vein care, then this is the podcast for you.

Leading Ideas

By PodcastOne
Ideas are the currency of the future. From Robotic farming to 3d printing, solar paint and green buildings – innovations are coming from every sector and in more ways than we can imagine. Host Dr Graham Phillips goes on a search to discover innovation that is redefining the workforce.


By Hysterics
Welcome to Hysterics, a podcast about what it means to be ill in a body outside the "norm." In this podcast I will be interviewing female and gender nonconforming friends, family and activists about their experiences living with chronic illness and disability. | Entrevista a Andrés Borderías acerca de la Primera Jornada de la FCPOL - Madrid “La soledad y el vínculo”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis. | Conferencia de Bruno de Halleux en Creta “¿Y si hablamos sobre el amor?”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis. | Entrevista a Juan-Pablo Lucchelli sobre su libro “¿Autismo: qué lugar para el psicoanálisis?”. es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis.

News For the Heart: Laurie Huston

By Major Radio
News for the Heart is dedicated to helping you give a voice to your own Soul. Our hearts have the power to free us from pain and the struggle that keep us from awakening to our true essence. Join us as we delve into our Heart and Soul to find the path that will open us to the possibilities and lead us to the life we will LOVE to live. Join Laurie as she discusses all types of relationships, contemplating our connections whether they are intimate, friends, family or work. How our relationships...

Jane Wilkens Michael Better Than Before

By Major Radio
Through her books and nationally syndicated beauty, health and fitness columns, Jane Wilkens Michael has helped change the lives of millions of readers who have experienced a life-altering event by encouraging them to become Better Than Before. Now Jane’s experience and expertise can be heard on talk radio. On their journey, her listeners will learn simple steps to relax, replenish and rejuvenate — to become Better Than Before. www. or | Presentación del libro "La interpretación en acción. Leer Lacan con Ponge". es el sitio de audios y conferencias de la Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis.

Relaxation course

By Jason Newland
Relaxation course