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By Ashley Ahearn
Coming May 2, 2017 terrestrial explores the choices we make in a world we have changed. Host Ashley Ahearn travels the country — from ranches in Oregon to churches in Colorado — to bring listeners stories about people making personal choices in the face of environmental change. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts.
Tea Time with T. Kid
Hosted by Abdullah Saeed [A.K.A. "T. Kid"], Tea Time brings together notable weed enthusiasts to discuss herbs, herb, and all things green.
Science Solved It
A deep dive into the world's greatest mysteries that were solved by science. Brought to you by Motherboard and staff writer Kaleigh Rogers.
The Mike Nowak Show Podcasts
By Mike Nowak
Mike Nowak, co-host Peggy Malecki and members of the show's green team discuss important gardening and environment topics with authorities in the field.
Somewhere in the Skies
By Ryan Sprague: Author, Podcaster, UFO Journalist
Somewhere in the Skies is a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing UFOs, the paranormal, and just plain weird. Hosted by author and UFO journalist, Ryan Sprague, the show features current UFO events from around the world, audio docs, and special guests. Join Ryan as he asks new questions, and perhaps even finds some answers to the mysteries that lay somewhere in the skies. New episodes every Monday. Learn more at www.somewhereintheskies.com
The Gift of Respect
By The Gift of Respect
Hear celebrities, experts, and thought-leaders discuss RESPECT with Mike Domitrz, Founder of The DATE SAFE Project. Be INSPIRED through powerful insights, stories, and lessons.
Expect Miracles Podcast
By Dr. Kevin Pecca
This podcast highlights unique people that bring something positive to the world, have a passion for living, healing, and doing what they love to do. People with the most incredible and inspiring life stories, that have hit rock bottom, lost hope, and made their lives beautiful again even when they were told it was impossible. Because there is a passion inside of these people that made them keep trying and keep pushing for a better life, through all the hardships, and broken dreams, and they prevailed to make their lives into something beautiful. I am here to expose these qualities in people, because they are beautiful traits to have, are all to rare, and the world needs to hear about these miracles. These guests have been specially hand picked, because when you hear their stories it changes something inside of you. This is the Expect Miracles Podcast.
The Alan Mead Experience
By Alan Mead
Alan Mead is a dentist with too much time on his hands and too much recording equipment in his basement! Each week he brings you entertaining and informative content featuring interesting dental people and the stories behind them. You'll hear "Dental School Horror stories," take a ride in the "Single Use Time Machine" and hear his co-hosts give you the "90 Second Perfect Pitch." It's all good fun for dentists and the people that love them!
Mind Your Body
By Orit Greenberger
How can we use "body knowledge" into patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling? Can we facilitate harmony within each individual and with society as a whole? Mind Your Body is a podcast that aims to inform listeners about the inner-workings of the human body as a vehicle for improved consciousness of thoughts and actions using principles and concepts from dance/movement therapy, the psychotherapeutic use of movement that furthers the emotional, physical, and intellectual integration of an individual. We will explore popular social, emotional, behavioral, and political topics from this perspective. Tune in and find out as your host, Orit Greenberger, shares her interviews with dance/movement therapists and other experts who have a unique perspective on the subject.
Outside In丨科学泛心理
By 冰枫_psychology
这是一档“心理学泛科普”节目, 带你了解真正的“心理学”作为一门“科学” —— Psychology as a Science! 每一种行为的背后,都伴随着大脑的跃动; 每一次情感的体验,都记录着心灵的触碰。 Outside In,探索大脑,理解内心。 主播:冰枫——喜欢研究大脑的心理学爱好者
The Ironman Executive
By Daniel Stickler, M.D.
Dr. Daniel Stickler, MD brings you weekly episodes of The Ironman Executive. We explore the world of enhancing human function and performance through advances in science, medicine, and technology. Upgrade your human operating system to Human 2.0 and live the epic life you desire.
The Energy Blueprint Podcast
By The Energy Blueprint
The go-to source for the latest cutting-edge science on overcoming fatigue and increasing your energy. The Energy Blueprint podcast brings together the world's leading researchers, doctors, and nutrition and lifestyle experts on the subject of fatigue and energy to help you get your energy back.
Durchstarten mit Führung
By Gregor Heise
Durchstarten mit Führung Der Podcast für deinen Führungserfolg Hallo und herzlich willkommen bei meinem Podcast "Durchstarten mit Führung". Der Podcast für deinen Führungserfolg. Hier bist du richtig, wenn du den Wechsel in eine Führungsposition erfolgreich bewältigen möchtest. Ganz egal, ob der Wechsel in die Führungsposition erst vor dir liegt oder ob du schon seit einiger Zeit in dieser Position bist, wirst du von diesem Podcast profitieren. Es erwarten dich spannende Episoden vollgepackt mit Führungswissen und inspirierende Interviews mit Gesprächspartnern, die das Thema Führung aus faszinierenden Blickwinkeln beleuchten. Mein Podcast will dich in leicht verdaulichen Portionen mit hilfreichem Wissen versorgen und dir Impulse zum Nachdenken und zu deiner Persönlichkeitsentwicklung geben. Du sollst dich bei dem was du tust sicher fühlen und dein Handeln auf eine solide Grundlage stellen. Ich vermittle dir relevantes Praxiswissen, dass dir weiterhilft. Ich bin Gregor Heise, seit mehr als 20 Jahren erfolgreicher Trainer und Mentor für Führungskräfte. Mein Wissen gebe ich dir gerne weiter, denn ich möchte, dass du erfolgreich bist.
The Project Nurse Podcast
By Daniel Diaz RN, BSN: Nurse Entrepreneur, Nursing Podcast Host, Lifestyle Design
Daniel Diaz is a nurse, blogger, entrepreneur, and the Chief Operating Officer of Clipboard Health, a Startup Company focused on helping nurses get more out of their career and their lives. Clipboard Health is backed by top investors in Silicon Valley, including YCombinator. Daniel started the Project Nurse Podcast to interview top nurses, doctors, educators and technologists to share their knowledge and inspire Student Nurses, RNs, CNAs, LVNs, APRNs, to achieve their dreams.
Inside Sports Medicine
By Dr. T.O. Souryal
Dr. Souryal is the Medical Director at Texas Sports Medicine and former director of the Sports Injury Clinic at Southern Methodist University. Dr. Souryal is internationally renown for his work on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries and ACL Surgery.
Podcast - test
By Léa, Rox et Justine
Podcast by Léa, Rox et Justine
RadioLacan.com | Segunda noche del VIII ENAPOL: Locuras familiares
El 5 de abril de 2017, se presentó en la sede de la EOL en Buenos Aires, la Segunda Noche dedicada a la preparación del VIII ENAPOL, con el título “Locuras Familiares”, con la participación de Graciela Brodsky, Mónica Torres y Ernesto Derezensky , y la coordinación a cargo de Ernesto Sinatra.
RadioLacan.com | Seminario de la NEL en Cali, Colombia: La práctica analítica, una invención singula...
Heidi Gehler entrevista a Clara María Holguín, presidente de la NEL, en ocasión de su participación en el Seminario de la NEL “La práctica analítica, una invención singular”, que tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Cali, Colombia el 1º de abril de 2017, conmemorando el XV aniversario de la NEL-Cali.
RadioLacan.com | Conferencia de Jorge Assef en el CUNY: Miedo: detalles clínicos de una epidemia sil...
El 5 de Abril de 2017 Jorge Assef fue invitado por Lacanian Compass, para dar una conferencia en inglés, en el CUNY Center, en Nueva York. La conferencia llevó como título: “Miedo: detalles clínicos de una epidemia silenciosa” y fue transmitida on line y en vivo a través de Webex.
RadioLacan.com | Ecos de testimonios: Entrevistas a Fabián Fajnwaks y Silvia Nieto
En Tel Aviv, Marco Mauas, coordinador de la sección clínica Dor-a, entrevistó a Fabián Fajnwaks, después de haber dado su testimonio del Pase como invitado del GIEP-NLS. Fabián Fajnwaks presentó un trabajo titulado "El lugar de la escritura en la experiencia analítica" como invitado de Dor-a en un seminario del Campo Freudiano. En Valencia, Patricia Tassara entrevistó a Silvia Nieto, aprovechando su viaje a la comunidad valenciana de la ELP para presentar su testimonio en el espacio “Enseñanzas del Pase” y le preguntó sobre algunos momentos de su análisis, la autorización como analista y el nombramiento como pasadora.
RadioLacan.com | Entrevista a Miquel Bassols en la RPA (Radio del principado de Asturias)
El lunes 10 de abril de 2017 Miquel Bassols fue entrevistado por Montse Martinez en el programa radial El tren de RPA, que se emite diariamente de 13 a 14 hs por la RPA (Radio del principado de Asturias). En esta entrevista, el presidente de la AMP habla entre otras cosas, del comunicado "Por el estado de derecho en Venezuela".
RadioLacan.com | La ECF en la ACF-VLB: Ciclo de Conferencias: Pasiones Adolescentes
El 25 de marzo de 2017, Philippe Lacadée participó en el Ciclo de Conferencias "Pasiones Adolescentes", que tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Angers con una ponencia que llevó por título "La Fuente Pulsional de la Pasión". El evento fue presentado por Nathalie Morinière. Agradecemos la grabación a Emmanuelle Rouyer.
Squaring the Strange
By Pascual Romero and Ben Radford
Not just another “skeptical” podcast, it’s a show about critical thinking and evidence-based analysis, using science and critical thinking to examine the world around us, from the mysterious and paranormal to the mundane.
Swain Sinus Show
By Dr. Ron Swain, Jr,
A physician and patient discussion on how to better manage and treat mild to serious sinus issues and conditions with diagnosis, treatment, home remedies, and surgery. Host, Stacy Wellborn, and Dr. Ron Swain, Jr., talk about improving your quality of life, breathing easier, and feeling better. Let's take control over our sinuses and allergies, so they don't control us.
Dark Science Radio
By Jason and Jake
Science With an Edge
Board Rounds | Medical School Headquarters | Prep for USMLE and COMLEX
By Ryan Gray, MD of Meded Media
A collaboration between the Medical School Headquarters and MedQuest, Board Rounds for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 is here to make sure you are as prepared as possible when you walk into to take your board exam. This test can make or break your residency dreams and we want to make sure you do as well as you can. We'll provide the information and motivation that you need, to help you get the score you deserve.
Inventing Health
By John D. Couris
Available in a straight-to-the-point short format, Inventing Health with John Couris offers listeners front row seats to some of the most exciting conversations in health care.
Polar Eyes
By Students On Ice
Polar Eyes is a podcast where alumni, experts and educators of the Students On Ice Foundation share experiences and insights from across the polar regions.
NZMSA Focus podcast
Podcast by NZMSA
ISER Podcast Series
By Institute for Social & Economic Research
The Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex is home to a world-class team of survey and research experts who specialise in the production and analysis of longitudinal data – evidence which tracks changes in the lives of the same people over time. ISER enjoys an international profile for its cutting-edge socio-economic research, which is used by academics and researchers, policy makers, other influential bodies, charitable organisations and journalists involved in ongoing debates about society. It is also one of the leading centres in the world for research into how surveys are carried out. The ISER podcast series showcases some of ISER's research in easy-to-listen-to 5-6 minute interviews, in which researchers talk about the background to their work, how they got their information, their key findings and what they mean.
HonorHealth Emergency Medical Services
By HonorHealth Emergency Medical Services
Podcast by HonorHealth Emergency Medical Services
End of Life Podcast from Benton Hospice Service
By Benton Hospice Service
End of Life is a podcast series produced by Benton Hospice Service in Corvallis, OR. It aims to share the many voices and perspectives related to all aspects of hospice and end of life care.
Talk Universe
By Charles W Shults
podcast about physics, AI, advanced technology, and the Singularity
By Diagnostocracy
Have you had your dose of medical news today? Diagnostocracy is a health policy blogcast by medical students. Co-hosts Keifer Walsh and Ti Hoang, along with various guests and advocacy issue experts, help you digest health policy happenings. Available weekly through iTunes subscription or on www.diagnostocracy.com. Take as needed.
PittCSUR Radio
By Pitt - Center for Social & Urban Research
The Center for Social and Urban Research was established in 1972 at the University of Pittsburgh to serve as a resource for researchers and educators interested in the basic and applied social and behavioral sciences. Our center works collaboratively to conduct interdisciplinary research that improves communities and addresses social, economic, health, and policy issues most relevant to society. We carry out this mission by (1) providing research support infrastructure and training; (2) conducting original research in a few focused areas, including urban impact analysis; survey methodology; and psycho-social aspects of aging; and (3) enhancing access to local and national policy-relevant data. Please visit our website at http://ucsur.pitt.edu.
Sex, Drugs, and Healthcare
By FundRx
The stories of scientific discoveries and healthcare innovations, told by those responsible for them. Hosted by Kirsi Goldynia and brought to you by FundRx.
PositivaMente con Margarita Tarragona
By Margarita Tarragona
La Psicología Positiva estudia científicamente la felicidad y el bienestar. En este podcast, Margarita Tarragona lleva los hallazgos de investigación a la práctica y te invita a explorar cómo aplicar la psicología positiva en la vida cotidiana. A través de charlas, entrevistas con especialistas y tips prácticos, este podcast te ayuda a descubrir lo mejor de ti y de los demás para construir una vida plena en lo personal, la escuela y el trabajo.
Davide Munaro - Psicoterapeuta
By Davide Munaro
La mia Psicoterapia si avvale di interventi brevi finalizzati al cambiamento del comportamento e delle strutture di pensiero disfunzionale.
Pso Over It
Follow me as I try different diets, exercises and medications to heal my psoriasis from the inside out.
Podcast for the Recently Deceased
By Podcast for the Recently Deceased
Paranormal comedy podcast, covering weird and unusual stories ranging from the paranormal to ufos and conspiracies.
Heron Center
By Heron Center
The Heron Center provides educational materials covering everything related to sustainable living. The podcast focuses primarily on the values behind sustainability. This includes a love for nature, sustainable life choices, and environmentally-friendly education. Brought to you on a weekly basis, the Heron Center podcast strives to encourage and inform you to live a sustainable lifestyle.
Ag Law in the Field
By Tiffany Lashmet
Welcome to Ag Law in the Field! This is the inaugural episode of a new podcast designed to discuss all things agricultural law. Tiffany Lashmet, Extension Ag Law Specialist with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, will serve as your host and has a variety of great guests lined up. From law students to seasoned attorneys, to lawyers with experience in international firms, to folks who hung out their own shingle in Small Town America...we plan to visit with them all and discuss their thoughts, experiences, and interests related to agricultural law.
Neural Implant podcast - the people behind Brain-Machine Interface revolutions
By Ladan Jiracek
This podcast's purpose is to bring together the field of neuroprosthetics / brain machine interfaces / brain implants in an understandable conversation about the current topics and breakthroughs. We hope to replace needing to read scientific papers on new research in an easy to digest way. Then people can share thoughts or ideas to facilitate 'idea sex' to make the field of brain implants a smaller and more personal space
Limax Maximus
By Limax Maximus
A biweekly podcast delving into the strange and fascinating world of animal reproduction.
Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine
Dr. Greg Davis interviews a host of medical professionals about health issues in Central Kentucky and beyond.
Hashtag Science
By Jason Sckrabulis
Two scientists and old friends talk to each other about the latest science, no matter the field, and invite other scientists to learn us a thing or two about what they do and why.
ABB Power Talk
By ABB High Voltage Academy
ABB Power Talk is a podcast from High Voltage Academy. Here we share our knowledge about power products and systems. Host is Marie Dahlblom.
Graduates Anonymous
Join us every week on Friday @ 10am EST as we attempt to give advice, answer questions, discuss research, and provide a candid look into the world of graduate school through the eyes of two 1st year (circa 2016) PhD students and their guests. If you'd like to send us a question or come on the show to talk about a something send us a message on our website https://gradanon.fireside.fm or on twitter @gradanon
Körperkunde - Der Podcast für deine Gesundheit
By Gesundheits-Trainerin, Physiotherapeutin und Heilpraktikerin (Physiotherapie) Lisa Mestars
Körperkunde ist der Podcast, der sich mit Leidenschaft um Körper und Gesundheit kümmert. Als Physiotherapeutin, Heilpraktikerin für Physiotherapie, Gesundheitstrainerin und Medizin-Dozentin zeige Ich dir den Weg zu einem gesunden, kraftvollen Körper, Selbstliebe und Wohlbefinden. Egal ob Rückenschmerzen, Arthrose, Kopfschmerzen, Tinitus, Abgeschlagenheit, Depressionen oder Allergien, dieser Podcast bietet dir Verständnis und spannende Lösungsansätze für diese und noch viel mehr Gesundheitsthemen. Interviews mit Ärzten, Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten und anderen Gesundheit-Experten bringen Dich deiner Gesundheit jedes Mal ein Stückchen näher. http://www.lisamestars.com
Science of the Lambs
By Danny Riordan & Mark Kennedy
Danny and Mark (plus the occasional guest) go diving in the deep, dark ocean of human knowledge. Join them as they try to steal golden coins from under the slumbering kraken of modern science and bring back glistening, podcast-sized pearls of information.
Mind over Matters
By Dr. Jason Gregg
G'day, I’m Jason Gregg, Director of Research for Dreamwater, the makers of the amazing Dreampod floatation tank. Having said though, this podcast is definitely not about pushing float tanks, or merely about floating, far from it. I'll cover a wide range of mind altering topics including diet, supplements, exercise, lifestyle choices, hypnosis, meditation, colors and sounds, and I'll show you how to use these as powerful tools for self-change. You’ll definitely get some self-opinionated commentary, I’ll toss in some unique ways you can change things without pills or professionals and I’ll throw in some life-changing tips I've gained from over 50 years of tracking down ways to use the human mind for self-improvement. Mostly though, I’ll be exploring some really unique ways to amp up your brain power, and put some control back into your life through the simple use of your imagination.
Go Wild with Wild Dunedin Festival
By Otago Access Radio
Go wild in Dunedin this April. On Go Wild with Wild Dunedin Festival, we hear from event organisers and special guests about the second Wild Dunedin nature festival, celebrating our beautiful landscapes, night skies and wonderful animals and plants. Wild Dunedin offers you many ways to discover and explore the unique nature of our city, from the high lands to the high seas. Wild Dunedin Festival starts on Friday the 21st of April, and ends on Tuesday - Anzac Day.
The Abortion Broadcast
By The Abortion Broadcast
The Abortion Broadcast is a podcast that elevates the voices of abortion providers. These are their stories. Each episode is an interview with a different abortion provider. Some are doctors, some are nurses, some are counselors, and all are compassionate healthcare providers.
The Gray Brain and the Golden Soul with Blake Rubie RSS Feed
By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
The Gray Brain and the Golden Soul with Blake Rubie We are here on earth to develop spiritually. We came from Heaven and will return to Heaven, eventually. As the brain is to the body, so the soul is to the spirit. As spirits of light, the Creator has created darkness to help us learn from the darkness and increase our light. In this book, there is much to learn about spirituality. The subjects range from the creation, the Original Creator, Co-Creator Gods of Solar Systems and Galaxies, reincarnation, the nature of our spirits, planets throughout the universe, near-death experiences, extraterrestrial intervention in our past, angels, who Jesus really was and more! Blake Rubie was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 1954 and became a US Citizen in 1988. His parents were English and passed away in 1999. He lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife Jacqui, his stepdaughter, Eva and three grandchildren Malik, Endya and Maliya. He has a son, Bryce who is 22 and lives in Los Angeles working to become a famous actor! His sister Eleanor lives in Seattle. His hobbies include singing/Karaoke, walking, dancing and watching movies. His noteworthy accomplishments are he served 22 years active duty in the Army, has a BS in Liberal Arts, a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is fluent in Spanish! Author: The Gray Brain and the Golden Soul - find it on Amazon Kindle
FOX5 The Big Think with Mac King
By The Big Think with Mac King
Expand your mind as Mac King sits down with guests well versed in the areas of science, technology and the environment. The Big Think is a conversation on how we as humans get along in this world and could transport ourselves to other worlds in the near future. What’s out there? Who are we? How can we make our world better? All great questions deserving of a Big Think.
100 Sekunden
By Thomas Weibel
«100 Sekunden – das Hörlexikon» ist ein Podcast des Schweizer Journalisten Thomas Weibel. Die Episoden sind kleine, konzentrierte Wissensrationen für den Alltag. Am Anfang steht ein Stichwort, am Ende fundierte Erkenntnis – pointiert formuliert und zu hören in einer Minute und 40 Sekunden. Der Autor ist freier Journalist, Sachbuchautor und Professor an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur. Als selbständiger Multimediaproduzent lehrt Thomas Weibel multimediales Erzählen und konvergente Medienproduktion.
Citizen Science Podcast
By Brian Seay and Dr. Karla McCain
Citizen Science is a Science literacy podcast. We discuss topics in a way that helps ordinary people understand the world around them better. Join Co-hosts Brian Seay and Dr. Karla Mccain for some useful learning.
Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio
By Vic Cundiff
They're known by many names; Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Almas and the list goes on. For centuries, eyewitnesses have reported seeing them in forests all over the world. You might wonder what's it like to have an encounter with a Sasquatch. Well, listen to the show and you'll hear eyewitnesses tell you what it was like for them when they encountered a Sasquatch.
MAPS Podcast
The intent of the podcast is to bring you the listener an easily accessible resource for a variety of topics all related to psychedelic research. There is a lot to learn about new research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and marijuana. Over the years, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has amassed an incredible treasure trove of audio archives sourced from the amazing talks, presentations and panels that have taken place at past Psychedelic Science conferences and other unique events. By selecting some of that content and then bringing it to you in a podcast we hope to create a centralized location for the greater MAPS community. If you're a researcher, scientist, medical professional or just a curiosity seeker we hope that you'll find this content a valuable resource tool. Please visit the MAPS website at www.maps.org The MAPS Podcast is hosted by Zach Leary. Zach is also the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast, a blogger/writer, futurist, spiritualist, connected technology consultant and socio-cultural theorist. Please visit Zach's site at www.zachleary.com
By Moralistene
Moralistene.no er en fagformidlingsblogg og podcast ved Universitetet i Oslo drevet av Marius, Ole Martin og Aksel. Her anvender vi filosofiens verktøykasse for å tenke klarere om vanskelige og følsomme problemstillinger. Bloggen er tilknyttet forskningsprosjektet «What should not be bought and sold?», som er finansiert av Norges forskningsråd. Les mer på moralistene.no
Medical Examination
By Pontus Karlsson
Medical Examination is a medical podcast about non-medical things in which the abnormal, strange and horrible parts of the human body are examinated from a medical stand-point.
Life on the Inside Podcast
By Changing the way we think about our health with Elizabeth Mucci
Changing the way we think about our bodies with integrative health expert Elizabeth Mucci.
By Arbitror
This is Arbitror's weekly podcast on policy matters and current events happening around the globe. Arbitror contributors and staff meet weekly to discuss both trending and more obscure global issues. Arbitror is a publication which turns a critical lens onto the world’s leading governments with the mission of keeping those governments accountable to their citizens and promoting sound policy worldwide.
Transmission Podcast
By Ian Garrett
Transmission is a distributed mixed reality podcast and performance series premiering in Edinburgh in 2017. This companion Podcast speculates on the possibility of life on Proxima b - the closest planet outside of our solar system that has the potential to support life - and whether civilizations like our own could live there. What if we received their television and radio broadcasts? How would we listen in? Could we translate them? How could we communicate back?
Science Friction - ABC RN
By ABC Radio National
Science, culture and everything in between. Feel the heat. All species welcome.
Science is the Best Medicine
By Duke Clinical Research Institute
Podcast by Duke Clinical Research Institute
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Perspectives
By ReachMD
As research in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) advances, the landscape is rapidly evolving; requiring reinforcement of the most important and clinically relevant data. This educational series will provide the latest information on research, treatments, and management of IBD with a focus on the most pressing and relevant topics identified by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's National Scientific Advisory Committee on Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. With 1.6 million Americans living with IBD, which includes Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and approximately 70,000 new cases diagnosed annually, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is dedicated to developing and cultivating IBD healthcare providers through continued education and creation of valuable resources that directly impact the standard-of-care and everyday clinical practices in IBD. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is the only national organization dedicated to driving efforts in IBD research, education and support for patients, caregivers, and professionals.  The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation is building initiatives to address high priority areas, and developing the tools, including this educational series, to educate healthcare professionals and meet patients’ needs.   In Collaboration with  
Vape and Run
By Simon Bauer
Vape and Run - Rennen statt Rauchen. Du bist E-Zigaretten Dampfer und Ausdauersportler? Oder bist du Raucher und überlegst umzusteigen aufs Dampfen weil du nicht vernünftig Luft bekommst? Ich habe 23 Jahre Kette geraucht, habe erst mit der E-Zigarette den Ausstieg geschafft und jetzt wo ich wieder Luft bekomme habe ich das Laufen für mich entdeckt. Vom Kettenraucher zum Ausdauerläufer. Mit diesem Podcast möchte ich euch an meinen Erfahrungen und Einsichten auf eben diesem Weg teilhaben lassen. Der Postcast ist eine "Auskopplung" meines Youtube Kanals Vape Scene Investigation. Vorsicht für empfindliche Gemüter: Genau wie dort wird die Ausdrucksweise im Podcast bisweilen recht "farbenfroh" ;)
Specialties In Medicine
By Specialties In Medicine
Specialties in Medicine Podcast, or SIM podcast for short, aims to be a source of personal journeys and first-hand accounts of various paths through medicine. Our goal is to provide a human aspect of physician perspectives, to medical students and undergrads across the world learning about medicine. Each episode will be dedicated to a one specialty, in which we interview a physician to develop an understanding of how they ultimately chose their respective field. How did they choose medicine and subsequently their specialty? What were their priorities going into the decision? How do they view their field today and where do they see it going in the future? It is through these individuals’ stories that allow us to be informed about the circumstances our careers may bring. Specialties in Medicine Podcast plans to become one of the top resources where students can gain a “personal” account on what is like to be a physician in their specialty of interest.
Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast
By Dave Karlsgodt
In each episode, we will talk with leading campus professionals, thought leaders, engineers and innovators addressing the unique challenges and opportunities facing higher ed. and corporate campuses. Our discussions will range from energy conservation and efficiency to planning and finance, from building science to social science from energy systems to food systems. We hope you are ready to learn, share and ultimately accelerate your institution towards solutions.
RadioLacan.com | Seminario Latino de Paris-Envers de Paris Psicoanálisis, Clínica y Política: Prese...
El 22 de marzo de 2017, en el marco del Seminario Latino de Paris- Envers de Paris, en la “ Maison de L’Amérique Latine” en París, tuvo lugar la presentación del libro de Éric Laurent, “El reverso de la biopolítica” con la participación del autor y de Enric Berenguer, traductor al español del libro, y Oscar Ventura. La introducción estuvo a cargo de Eugenia Varela.
RadioLacan.com | Conferencia de Fabián Fajnwaks en Atenas: Amor y deseo en el Siglo XXI
El 10 de marzo de 2017, Fabián Fajnwaks dictó una conferencia titulada “Amor y deseo en el Siglo XXI”, organizada por el Centro de Investigaciones Psicoanalíticas de Atenas y con el auspicio de la Municipalidad de Atenas, en el Anfiteatro "Antonis Tritsis" del Centro Comunitario de la Municipalidad de Atenas. La presentación y la coordinación estuvieron a cargo de Marina Frangiadaki y Dimitris Vergeti.
RadioLacan.com | Congreso Internacional en la Universidad de Padua: La repetición y la sorpresa en l...
El 25 de marzo de 2017, en la Universidad de Padua, promovido entre otras prestigiosas instituciones, por la SLP y el “Istituto Freudiano”, se llevó a cabo un Congreso Internacional con el título "La repetición y la sorpresa en la clínica. La continuidad y la discontinuidad entre las neurociencias y el psicoanálisis". Nuestra colega Silvia Cimarelli conversa con François Ansermet, invitado especial y con el Director del Congreso, Alberto Turolla.
RadioLacan.com | Noches de la EOL: Presentación del libro: El reverso de la biopolítica, de Éric Lau...
El 28 de marzo del 2017 se llevó a cabo en la sede de la EOL en Buenos Aires, la presentación del libro “El reverso de la biopolítica” de Éric Laurent. La misma estuvo a cargo de Graciela Brodsky y Flory Kruger, bajo la coordinación de Débora Nitzcaner.
Waiting for Babies
By Steven Mavros
Waiting for Babies explores what happens when the one thing we're biologically driven to do doesn't seem to be working. We interview couples and individuals who've struggled with bringing a child into their lives and the many roads they take to get there. Through telling their stories, regardless of outcome, we strive to take away the taboo of infertility, from IVF to egg donation to adoption, and provide hope and comfort to many others who are still waiting.
Green Heart Effect: A Modern Guide To Sustainable Living
By Mary and Pamela Rockhill
Pamela and Mary help you make sustainable choices in our modern world by providing you with information, tips and personal experiences.
Therapy for Black Girls
By Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D. |Mental Health|Personal Development|Psychology|
The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Join your host, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, as she offers practical tips and strategies to improve your mental health, discusses the latest news and trends in mental health, pulls back the curtain on what happens in therapy sessions, and answers your listener questions.
Radio iRemedy
By Tony Paquin
Always interesting, sometime controversial, talks with healthcare CEO’s, physicians and other important healthcare industry leaders on the development and impact of new medical products and technologies.
The Transect
By Kody, Sean, and Ian
Three archaeologists talk shop, host guests, get serious, get silly, and record it all!
CAST IT (video)
By IT University of Copenhagen
A new podcast Cast IT is launced. Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
By Luke Woolley, Zander Woolley
Science, Culture, and Curiosity
Tech & Green's Greenified Podcast
By David D. Oliver
The number one blog site helping more people make greener decisions in ways they never thought of before. Saving the earth by highlighting the technology of being green.
Series in Complexity
By Ross Upshur
In these podcasts we try to introduce health care challenges, especially the ones dealing with the care of patients living with complex chronic conditions. Moreover, we try to discuss the policies we need to adopt to make patient care experience more realistic.
Smarter Cars
By Michele Kyrouz
Smarter Cars is a podcast about autonomous vehicles. We’ll be interviewing experts about the challenges of bringing autonomous vehicles to market, including current thinking about deep learning, policy/regulation, business models, ethics, and the impact on social welfare, economics, cities and the future of how we live and work.
Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur
By Isaac Arthur
Podcast by Isaac Arthur
Science Fantastic with Dr. Kaku
By Talk Radio Network
Dr. Michio Kaku is the host of Science Fantastic. He also is one of the world's leading experts in theoretical physics, and according to New York Magazine, one of the “10 Smartest People in New York.” Listeners from all walks of life tune in to hear Dr. Kaku discuss today's hottest and most relevant scientific/cultural topics covering everything from black holes and parallel universes to hip, provocative discussions on philosophy and the latest technology.
By En podkast fra Sosiologisk poliklinikk
Norges eneste sosiologiske podkast, produsert av Sosiologisk poliklinikk i Trondheim.
Champions For Care on Pet Life Radio (PetLifeRadio.com)
By Dr. Courtney Campbell
Champions for Care is a pet parenting show dedicated to educating pet parents about ways to keep their pets healthy and happy. MyPet Radio is hosted by celebrity vet, Dr. Courtney Campbell, who is also a co-host of Nat Geo’s Pet Talk and a regular guest on programs such as The Doctors, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, and YouTube’s Pet Collective. Each episode of Champions for Care features topics on pet health with interviews of veterinary and also pet care experts. Tune in to Champions for Care with Dr. Courtney Campbell and learn about pet diseases and simple ways to prevent them.
Best of the WWEST
By Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology
Welcome to Best of the WWEST (Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology), where we believe providing role models for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) can change the world. Come along with us as we talk to incredible women in STEM about their lives, careers, and everything in between.
Chesapeake Conservancy
By Chesapeake Conservancy
We are a nonprofit based in Annapolis, MD focused on putting the power of technology toward Chesapeake conservation and restoration, and connecting people to the Bay through the John Smith Chesapeake Trail.
By Département de Chirurgie de l'Université de Montréal
Apprendre la chirurgie en podcastinant!
EastMeetsWest's podcast
By Tom Rolley and TJ Frank
Covering the similarities and differences Tom and TJ break down the features that make a diagnosis in both Western and Eastern medicine. The show continues with treatment options for the diseases covered. The show concludes with both practitioners reflecting on the material and bringing through options for best management for patients. This show is for educational purposes only and should not be used for self diagnosis or treatment. Please see your regular licensed health practitioner for your diagnosis and management.
Lucid Dreaming with Tim Post
By Tim Post
Snoozon.com offers courses in lucid dreaming. We train men and women from around the world to awaken in their dreams and creatively guide their dreams towards more inspirational, life-changing dream experiences. On this podcast, Tim Post, founder of Snoozon and an expert lucid dreamer, answers the questions of lucid dream practitioners about the science and practice of lucid dreaming. Each episode is an audio recording of Tim's daily live streams on Snoozon's Facebook Page. Visit facebook.com/turnlucid today to ask him any of your lucid dream related questions.
Risktopic Podcast
By Martin Rooke
Risk dictates modern society. How we interact with one another and technology is mediated through clashes of ideas and personalities across the media landscape. The Risktopic Podcast is an exploration of some of these issues, underpinned by observations from a PhD student studying Risk reporting.
Random Musings From The Clinical Trials Guru
By Dan Sfera
Dan Sfera aka "The Clinical Trials Guru" shares his thoughts on the clinical research industry, business, entrepreneurship, sports and really just about anything he feels like at the moment
By Ciaran Fairman
Being a cancer survivor brings its own set of challenges that can affect every aspect of your life. Join Ciaran Fairman, alongside leading researchers, doctors, health professionals and cancer survivors themselves, as they bring you the latest in exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviors to reduce cancer risk and improve survivorship.
Redes (Emisiones Anteriores)
By Kinetae
El audio de emisiones antiguas de Redes, el programa de entrevistas de ciencia y divulgación de Eduard Punset.
New Beginnings
By Primedia Broadcasting
CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson chats to inspiring individuals who have recently embarked on a new experience, changed their life for the better, or adopted a radical new approach to some new aspect of their life.
Midwestern Geek In Cali
By Dan Stafford - Midwestern Geek In Cali
This podcast in general will talk about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, and more. We'll also discuss differences between the West Coast (So-Cal) and the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. The Universe is vast. So will be our discussions.
Please Be as Weird as Me
By Awkward AF
Funny true stories told by a socially awkward guy trying to fit into a normal and trusted profession. "Please be as weird as me" is what goes through my head before every social interaction I have to endure. I'll do a few episodes per week. Oh, and I swear a little bit. Facebook - http://bit.ly/2oGAiFy Twitter - @BeWeirdAs Instagram - @pleasebeasweirdasme