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Elisa Pasquini Operatrice Del Benessere
By Elisa Pasquini
Benessere e pillole di consapevolezza
Eine kleine Nachtphysik
By Dominik Hauser
Ein Podcast über die Physik-Nobelpreise. Für Nicht-Physiker.
Blood Advances Talks
By Blood Advances Talks
Blood Advances, a Journal of the American Society of Hematology, provides an open international forum for the publication of original articles describing basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in hematology and related sciences. Music for Blood Advances Talks is preformed by the Art Topilow Trio
Doktor Blund
By Anders Sillén
Det är jag som är Doktor Blund, eller Anders Sillén som jag egentligen heter. Jag är en svensk narkosläkare som för närvarande arbetar som intensivist i Abu Dhabi. Detta är en podd/blogg som kommer att handla om saker jag är intresserad av. Mest blir det anestesi och intensivvård, men det kan också bli en del mer perifera ämnen. Utbildning är också något jag brinner för, så det lär bli ett återkommande tema. Varför? Det här gör jag för min egen skull. Jag kände att behövde någonstans att samla mina tankar och funderingar. Med inspiration av alla utmärkta medicinska poddar och bloggar som jag följer, tänkte jag göra ett eget försök. Om någon annan skulle ha glädje av det jag samlar här, vore det förstås jätteroligt. Nivån kommer förmodligen att passa den som håller på att lära sig hur man tar hand om de svårast sjuka patienterna. En del av materialet är gamla föreläsningar som jag dammat av, annat är egna tankar och funderingar - ungefär sådant som diskuteras på ronden eller i fikarummet.
Karmic Evolution, Astrologically Speaking with Sheri Horn Hasan
By CTR Network
Interested in astrology and how it really works? Want to know the truth about astrology & your soul’s karmic evolution? Karmic Evolution seeks to inform us all—through astrological insight—how we may better our relationships, ascertain our true values, & find the courage to be who we truly came here to be...after all, isn’t that what life is really all about?
Animal Chat with Dr. Matt
By John Williams & Dr. Matthew Holden
Dr. Matthew Holden of Oxford Hills Veterinary Clinic joins John Williams in the studio every week to discuss health issues and how to take care of your household pets as well as farm animals.
By Luke Humphlett & Alec Werthman.
Cheese the great provider. But what is it? How is it made? In this weeks episode we talk about all that and more. In this lovely episode we talk about Cheesemaking, Old cheese, Cheese jokes, Cheeseheads, Cheese consumption, Cheese and wine pairing, Top 10 ten cheese list and much more! We also get into the nitty gritty world of debating, and answer the age old question, Tacos or Burritos? We also solve a couple of problems along the way. So buckle up and get ready to enjoy the Joy Ride that is Duality. This Episode was brought to you by Dependable Ken Tech Support. Call 352-327-8778 and tell them Duality sent you for 10% OFF your first hour of remote tech support. And if you prefer, you can email them at [email protected] All you have to do is put DUALITY, D-U-A-L-I-T-Y. In the subject line of your email for 10% OFF your first hour of remote tech support. : You can also check out Dependable Ken at dependableken.com and facebook.com/dependableken. Dependable Ken Tech Support: Reliable, Honest, Affordable, Professional.
Why We Do What We Do
By The WWDWWD Crew
Create an enjoyable listener experience about psychological concepts that anyone can easily consume.
Regular Infantry Guy's Podcast
By Gennaro Ringley, Ric Hannon
Two veterans discuss what it was like transitioning out of military service and going to college.
Fisio na Pauta Podcast
By Fisio na Pauta
O Fisio na Pauta Podcast é um canal independente criado por fisioterapeutas que acreditam que a informação e o conhecimento devem ser compartilhados. O conteúdo é destinado aos profissionais da área da saúde, fisioterapeutas, estudantes de Fisioterapia e ao paciente em reabilitação. Os podcasts publicados nesse canal expressarão apenas as opiniões de profissionais que atuam na prática clínica e na produção científica. A intenção é discutir se a prática está de acordo com o conhecimento atual.
EKG Interpretation (How to Interpret ECGs) by NRSNG
By Jon Haws RN & Kati Kleber RN (NCLEX & Nursing School Mentor, EKG/ECG tutor)
Learn how to identify the most common EKG rhythms. In this podcast by NRSNG, we cover EKG (ECG) interpretation and teach you how to recognize, identify, and treat those heart rhythms you will see most often. For a free chart covering the 10 most common heart rhythms, visit: www.nrsng.com/ekgchart Full disclaimer information at NRSNG.com
Gluten-free School & Camp Lunches
By Alternative Food Network
Help! My child can’t have gluten. This episode discusses what is gluten and what it can do to the body if a person is sensitive to gluten or has celiac disease. Alternative Food Network's guest Dr. Audrey Sasson, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, presents great substitution ideas for child-friendly gluten-free school and camp lunches.
Heartseed Health Podcast
By Noah K. Goldstein, L.Ac. MSOM
Together we'll learn to cultivate deep health of body, mind, and spirit. We explore medicine rooted in spirit and grounded in science and strive to help healthy individuals create healthier communities. In this podcast We explore topics from mental-emotional health and relationships to diet, lifestyle, and exercise always seeking to include multiple perspectives. We'll talk about integrative and holistic health practices and philosophies and leave you with tangible and useful takeways. Ultimately, as we will cultivate health and promote more connectivity and awareness about beautiful health-inspiring events, people, projects, and organizations.
RMD Open: Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases
By BMJ Group
RMD Open is an online only Open Access journal that publishes high-quality peer-reviewed original research covering the full spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatism and connective tissue diseases, including osteoporosis, spine and rehabilitation. Clinical and epidemiological research, basic and translational medicine, interesting clinical cases, and smaller studies that add to the literature are all considered. RMD Open is co-owned by EULAR and BMJ. http://rmdopen.bmj.com/
Summit Mindfulness, LLC Guided Meditations
By Alpesh Parikh
Join Alpesh Parikh in Summit Mindfulness, LLC Guided Meditations, as we explore the mind and body, and empower you to transform your life through the practice of mindfulness. The guided meditations we provide are essentially “bare-bones,” in the sense that they have very little instructions in them. For more information, visit summitmindfulness.com
One Third of Life
By That's Not Canon Productions
One Third of Life is the podcast to listen to when you cannot sleep; when you are so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you cannot unwind. This will be the companion to talk you to sleep.
Two Shrinks Pod
By Dr Hunter Mulcare & Amy Donaldson
Two therapists talking about psychology. We cover common psychological disorders and problems, interesting research and share experiences of being a therapist. Interesting and accessible psychology talk for all. Hunter works with medically unwell people (mainly cancer patients) and Amy works predominantly with young people and has an interest in working with traumatised populations.
Watershed Wellness podcast
By Eric Grey and the Watershed Wellness Team
In this creative and informational podcast, you'll hear interviews with practitioners, conversations between practitioners about healthcare topics, discussions with clients and other members of the public about their wellness journeys and a variety of street and nature soundscapes and other fun stuff to enjoy. Founded in 2017, we're just getting our footing, and look forward to listener interaction so we can learn what you like best and want most!
Better Off Bald
By Andrea Wilson Woods
Better Off Bald is a serialized nonfiction podcast that chronicles the story of 15-year-old Adrienne Wilsons 147-day battle with primary liver cancer. As she lay dying, Adrienne taught others, including her older sister Andrea who raised her, how to live.
Nutritious School & Camp Lunches
By Alternative Food Network
Are you struggling making lunches for your kids? What should kids have for lunch and snacks to have a well-balanced diet? How do you get your picky eater to eat? How bad are sugar sweetened drinks for kids? What are alternatives to white sugar for baking? Tune in to find out some great information and tips to assist you with your preparation of school and camp lunches.
More Research Required
By More Research Required
More Research Required is a biweekly podcast where two liberal arts college grads design all the research studies that no one will pay them to do. Updates every other Thursday.
NLP Highlights
By Recent papers discussed by Matt and Waleed
Discussing recent and interesting work related to natural language processing. Matt Gardner and Waleed Ammar, research scientists at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, give short discussions of papers, and occasionally interview authors about their work.
ZMFS - Zahnmedizinisches Fachzentrum am Savignyplatz
Dr. Johannes Czerwinski und seine Kollegen vom Zahnmedizinischen Fachzentrum am Savignyplatz erklären im Interview mit Sven Oswald leicht verständlich die moderne Zahnmedizin.
The Discovery Files
By National Science Foundation
An upbeat, entertaining look at the latest advances in science and engineering. Often fun and always fascinating, each episode covers a project funded by NSF -- federally sponsored research, brought to you by you!
Go For Launch
Launch alerts, launch details, and live recorded audio of rocket launches from Florida’s Space Coast. What’s going up, where it’s going, and details and first hand accounts on where to see them. SpaceX, ULA, NASA, and everything still yet to come.
JAAPA Podcast
The podcast for the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Tweet of the Week
By BBC Radio 4
Weekly podcast in which five stories of birds and birdsong are told by the people inspired by them.
By John Greiss
Talks with John Greiss
By Marco Dirscherl
Für Neugierige und die, die es bleiben wollen.
Learn Me Something
By Hologram Radio
Learn Me Something is a podcast that celebrates our ignorance as the beginning of the search for truth. Every week we select diverse subjects outside our normal neurosphere and set out to teach/learn something about them. The intent is to learn/teach something, for all of us. We attempt to find the truth as far as we know it, recognizing the evolving world we live in, our end goal is to learn/teach critical thinking strategies to help enable us to see past the bullshit.
Questioning Medicine
By Questioning Medicine
Joe and Andrew discuss and often QUESTion topics in medicine.
The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse podcast
By Michael Bakich
The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse podcast
Forum Vascular
By Forum Vascular
Forum de discussões de Cirurgia Vascular e Endovascular para especialistas médicos.
By HuffPost
Infertility affects an estimated one in eight couples, and about one in five known pregnancies ends in miscarriage. These experiences can be lonely and isolating for people going through them, and bewildering for those who want to offer support but don’t know how. Join health reporter Anna Almendrala and comedy writer Simon Ganz as they share their journey toward parenthood with frank, humorous discussions on the humiliations and hilarity of infertility, miscarriage, and IVF.
RadioLacan.com | Seminario de Investigación sobre la Práctica Analítica. SIPA: La Transferencia: ent...
El 6 de mayo de 2017, tuvo lugar el Seminario de Investigación sobre la Práctica Analítica. SIPA: “La Transferencia: entre repetición y pulsión”, que es el seminario virtual de la NEL, dictado por Gustavo Stiglitz, con la participación de María Cristina Giraldo
RadioLacan.com | Seminario anual de Introducción al Psicoanálisis de la Orientación Lacaniana de la ...
El 8 de mayo de 2017, Véronique Voruz dictó una conferencia, en la Universidad de Ginebra con el título “El inconsciente a la letra”. El evento se dio en el marco del Seminario anual de Introducción al Psicoanálisis de la Orientación Lacaniana "¿Dónde fue a parar el inconsciente hoy?" organizado por la ASREEP- NLS, y cuyos responsables son Sofía Guaraguara, Ludovic Bornand, Anne Edan y Beatriz Premazzi.
RadioLacan.com | Conferencia Pública en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina: ¿Por qué anal...
En el marco del Seminario Internacional del CIEC (Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Córdoba) perteneciente al Instituto del Campo Freudiano, se presentó en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Xavier Esqué para dictar una conferencia titulada "¿Por qué analizarse hoy". El evento contó con la coordinación de Jorge Agüero.
RadioLacan.com | Ecos de Minas Gerais: Entrevista a Oscar Ventura en el marco del XIIº Congreso de l...
Blanca Musachi entrevista a Oscar Ventura, acerca de la mesa de Presentación del Seminario 6, “Deseo e Interpretación”, su testimonio de pase y su participacion en la conversacion sobre la “Proposición del 9 de octubre... “ en la ocasión del XIIº Congreso de la EBP, que tuvo lugar entre los días 27 y 30 abril, con el título “Deseo y Autorización” en Inhotim, Minas Gerais, Brasil.
RadioLacan.com | Hacia VIII Enapol APP Familias
En el marco del Seminario Internacional del CIEC “Jóvenes 2017. Inhibiciones, síntomas y angustia”, tuvo lugar la presentación del VIII ENAPOL, por Fabián Naparstek y Ana Simonetti. La coordinación estuvo a cargo de Hilda Vittar.
RadioLacan.com | La ECF en Toulouse: Las grandes Conferencias de la ACF Midi-Pyrénées
El 29 de abril de 2017, Bernard Lecoeur, invitado de la ACF MP, intervino bajo el título “’Nacer’en el buen cuerpo”. Agradecemos la grabación a Victor Rodriguez.
Love and Courage
By Ruairí McKiernan
The Love and Courage podcast features interviews with inspirational people who are making a real difference in the world today. Guests are typically people passionate about social justice, and who have demonstrated courage and conviction in their lives. Ruairí McKiernan is a multi award winning Irish social innovator, campaigner, writer and public speaker. He is the founder of the pioneering SpunOut youth organization, and helped set-up the Uplift and the A Lust For Life non-profits. In 2012 the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins appointed Ruairí to the Council of State, a constitutional advisory body whose members include all former leaders of the country. Ruairí is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Fulbright fellowship, and he contributes regularly to the media on youth, health, community and social justice issues.
By DallasEM: The Emergency Medicine Residents at Parkland Memorial Hospital
“P-Land” is a podcast about the Emergency Medicine residents who work at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX. We are proud to showcase our podcast, “P-Land,” as it is the first Emergency Medicine podcast run solely by the residents. Please tune in each month as we share thoughts about topics in the field of emergency medicine. Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this podcast reflect our personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of our faculty or our affiliated institutions.
Soybean Pest Podcast
By Matt O'Neal and Erin Hodgson
Drs. Matt O’Neal and Erin Hodgson created a podcast to promote IPM concepts, like identification, sampling, economic thresholds, and insecticide efficacy. They also talk about updates on invasive pests and regulatory news, and translate new research relative to insects in agriculture.
Town Hall Seattle Science Series
By Town Hall Seattle
The Science series presents cutting-edge research about biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geology, astronomy, and more. These events appeal to many different levels of expertise, from grade school students to career scientists. With a range of relevant applications, including medicine, the environment, and technology, this series expands our thinking and our possibilities.
USFWS/NCTC Public Lecture Series
By [email protected]
Writers, Scientists, Conservationists, Historians Speak to the Public at NCTC. Meet the speakers.
Psychedelic Salon
By Lorenzo Hagerty
Since 2005, Lorenzo Hagerty has been podcasting interviews and talks concerning the use and benefits of psychoactive plants and chemicals, both in their natural settings and in medical research institutions. Past speakers include Sasha Shulgin, Annie Oak, Rick Doblin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Shonagh Home, Bruce Damer, Aldous Huxley and others. And there have been over 200 programs featuring talks by Terence McKenna. Also interviews with several of the now long gone elders, such as Gary Fisher, Myron Stolaroff, and Al Hubbard have also been featured.
The Working Therapist With Haden Boliek
By Haden Boliek
Pediatric Developmental Therapy (PDT) was founded by Haden Boliek with a mission focused on providing quality speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy to children. As part of our mission, Haden here provides tools and strategies to help therapists and parents to develop and carry over therapy principles to the home.
ClimbSci - Climbing Science for Climbers
By ClimbSci - Brian Rigby & Tom Herbert
ClimbSci is an evidence-based webcast covering scientific topics related to climbing and climbers, notably nutrition, training, recovery, and performance. Hosted by Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), and Tom Herbert (usefulcoach).
Pensiero Rinnovabile
By Pensiero rinnovabile
La rivoluzione sostenibile è già qui. Il primo podcast italiano sullo sviluppo tecnologico delle energie rinnovabili, in Italia e nel Mondo.
Nøglen til din hjerne
By EmpowerMind Podcast
I "Nøglen til din hjerne" tilbyder Mentaltræner Jørgen Svenstrup fra EmpowerMind, svar på spørgsmål, indenfor alle aspekter af personlig udvikling, og kommer med helt konkrete anvisninger til hvordan du kan komme godt ud af udfordrende situationer. Podcastserien øger derfor din bevidsthed og styrker dit mentale immunforsvar, så du bliver bedre rustet til mødet med virkeligheden. Du er velkommen til at skrive til [email protected] og stille spørgsmål til Jørgen, som han vil besvare i de følgende programmer. Ny episode hver torsdag kl. 21.00.
Chiki & Bella Podcast
By chiki&bella
Listen to this files, if you got a little time.
By Onlightened
Online enlightenment is tricky.
Healthcare Raw Podcast
By Dov Marcus
Healthcare Raw is the first truly patient centered podcast. It is made with the goal of making healthcare better for everyone: patients, family, and workers alike. Join us for lively and personal discussions on healthcare, purpose, spirituality, all with a positive and truthful outlook. Dov Marcus is a Registered Nurse, Rabbi, husband and dad. He has a passion for public speaking and healthcare. Visit http://healthcareraw.com
Chagrin & Tonic Podcast
By Dr. Anthony G. Jay
Dr. Jay is a husband, father, scientist, author, speaker, bare-foot runner, and hard-core outdoorsman. He has a gift for simplifying even the most difficult cutting-edge health science research to make it relevant to everyone and that’s his mission in the Chagrin and Tonic Podcast. Watch for new video episodes on YouTube every single week and Dr. Jay’s Chagrin and Tonic Podcast compilation episodes every 5th week.
Heart Warrior Medicine
By Cody Wiggs LPC
Licensed therapist, mindfulness coach, yoga instructor, and embodiment practitioner Cody Wiggs shares interviews and stories of healing, trauma, spirituality, and psychedelic/entheogenic experiences and assisted therapy. This podcast is informed by the intentions of vulnerability, reciprocity, warriorship, and embodiment with the hope of creating a more compassionate world through story telling.
Thalamed Podcast
By Thalamed
Dr. Sebastian Winkler, Thalamed's founder, discusses the process doctors go through when looking for ultrasound equipment.
DaVita Medical Insights
By DaVita, Inc.
DaVita Medical Insights is place for conversation among physicians regarding kidney care, dialysis treatment, and delivering excellent-quality healthcare in a dignified and compassionate manner. This podcast is brought to you by DaVita, Inc.
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IT 얘기를 담담하게 풀어나갑니다.
La tête au carré
By France Inter
Le magazine de l'actualité de toutes les sciences
By 1ACast Media
Each week, hosts Michelle Ray & Kenny Hitt explore the latest news from the world of technology, media, computing, security and economic innovation. From big hacks to 3D printers to cord-cutting, new inventions, retro tech and much, much more.
05-01-2017 - 05-07-2017 - Trump - Spicer - Others
By chiki&bella
*Dr Stephanie Seneff presentation on harmful effects of glyphosate audio English *05-01-2017 - President Trump Speech at the Independent Community Banker Association audio English *05-01-2017 - VP Mike Pence remarks at the National Small Business Week Awards program audio English *05-01-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Conference audio English *05-02-2017 - President Trump Participates in the U.S. Air Force Academy Commander-in-Chief Trophy Presentation audio English *05-02-2017 - Sean Spicer, John Kelly _ Mick Mulvaney Press Briefing Conference - Sean Spicer Press Briefing audio English *05-02-2017 - Mike Pence - Israel Independence Day At The White House audio English *05-03-2017 - President Trump and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Hold Press Conference audio English *05-03-2017 - President Trump Stops By a School Choice Event With VP Mike Pence and Sec Betsy Devos audio English *05-03-2017 - Rex Tillerson Addresses State Department Employees - The State of the World audio English *05-04-2017 - President Trump Signs Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty audio English *05-03-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing audio English *05-04-2017 - President Trump Delivers a Statement - revised GOP health care bill audio English *05-03-2017 - James Comey FBI Oversigh - part 01 audio English *05-03-2017 - James Comey FBI Oversigh - part 02 audio English *05-04-2017 - President Trump Gives Remarks Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea audio English *05-05-2017 - POTUS Trump - Weekly Address audio English *05-03-2017 - James Comey FBI Oversigh - part 03 audio English *05-03-2017 - James Comey FBI Oversigh - part 04 audio English *05-05-2017 - Sebastian Gorka Speech On ISIS and the Caliphate! Awesome! audio English
05-07-2017 - 05-13-2017 Trump - Spicer - Others
By chiki&bella
*How Herbicides are Killing Us Dr Seneff Part 1 and 2 audio English *05-08-2017 - Trump Secretary Sean Spicer Press Briefing on Flynn, Russia, Sally Yates audio English *05-09-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Conference audio English *05-10-2018 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds daily White House news briefing audio English *05-10-2017 - Lavrov holds Q_A session after meeting Tillerson and Trump in DC audio English
15 Credibility Street
By Sharon Hill
A sharp-eyed view of questionable claims. Evidence-based critique of news of the paranormal, pseudoscience, health claims, and anomalies. Official Podcast of Doubtful News.
U Radio
By U Radio
U Radio er programmet som retter fokuset på de litt mindre kjente navnene innenfor nyere norsk indiemusikk. Programleder Eivind Kirkeby snakker med spennende band og artister som ikke så lett slipper til i media. Vi hører deres filosofi, deres historie, og ikke minst deres musikk. Av og til får vi også eksklusive akustiske live sessions fra gjestene i studio.
Darwins moordbekentenis
By Johan Braeckman
Darwins moordbekentenis. De ontwikkeling van het denken van Charles Darwin. Door: Johan Braeckman
Constellation Radio
By Shayne Riordan
Constellation Radio: with your host, Shayne Riordan
Cemuse Radio
By Studentradion 98,9
Cemuse Radio: is a program dedicated to asking the big questions – or the small questions with big consequences – related to the health of our society and the environment we live in! For one hour every week, live from your FM radio or via the internet, we will ask the questions you may or may not have wanted to ask yourself about the way we live. Using the resources available to us from Uppsala University's vibrant academic and student community we will do our best to answer those tough questions. With high profile guests and via an enthusiastic team of hosts, determined reporters and your own contributions; this is the show for anyone wanting to understand how they can make a difference. Never stop asking The Mijlo Dollar Questions!
Die Panda Die
By Liz & Maddie
Follow two geeks with otherwise-worthless biology degrees as they use evolution, development, and animal behavior to explore the weirdest aspects of the natural world and our own
Acres U.S.A.
By Acres USA
From your friends at Acres U.S.A., Tractor Time is a conversation between farmers, authors, advocates and legendary voices in the world of eco-agriculture.
Bad Medicine Podcast
By Bad Medicine Podcast
Podcast by Bad Medicine Podcast
By Marcjer
Présentation des dinosaures et des autres animaux du mesozoique ainsi que du monde où ils vivaient, des découvertes les concernant et de leurs caractéristiques biologiques.
BWH BEI's Podcast
By Brigham Education Institute
These short medical education article reviews provide a summary of the Brigham Education Institute's journal club discussions, with a goal to better understand how medical education research is performed and what information it is providing.
Advances Podcast
By Advances Podcast
Podcast by Advances Podcast
ASDad - Autism Spectrum Dad
By ASDad - Autism Spectrum Dad
ASDad is a podcast and community for fathers with children on the Autism Spectrum. My name is David Williams and I have a son, David IV with severe autism and a high functioning daughter on the spectrum, Soleil, 10. They are my joy and inspiration, but also bring challenges that parents of “neurotypical” children just don’t understand. The ASDad podcast and private community give the Dads a space space to share, vent, and support.
Energy 360
By CSIS | Center for Strategic and International Studies
Energy 360 examines the energy landscape from the intersection of policy, markets, technologies, and geopolitics. With commentary from leading energy and CSIS experts, we provide context and perspective on the most critical issues shaping energy today. Hosted by the CSIS Energy and National Security Program.
Doktor Schlaf
By Doktor Schlaf
Podcast by Doktor Schlaf
By Steve Rimmer
Daily tips on how we can all help save the planet - from saving the coral reefs and cleaning up litter to minimising our digital carbon footprint and using nature to help our kids develop.
AISTS Sports Medicine Podcasts
By Discover the world of sports management through our MAS class
With the International Olympic Committee as one of our founding members, the AISTS provides post-graduate Sports Management education, applied research and an engaging platform of connections. Discover the world of sports management through our exclusive podcasts focusing on Sports Medicine, featuring interviews with leading experts, professionals and academics. This podcast series was created by AISTS Head of Sports Medicine, Dr Boris Gojanavic (@DrSportSante) and are entirely scripted, recorded and produced by participants of the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology programme (MAS).
All the Animals with Rick and Branson
By All The Animals Podcast
'All the Animals with Rick and Branson' is America's number one animal-listing podcast. Join hosts and animal-name enthusiasts Rick Andrews and Branson Reese as they run through the common name of every single animal on earth--that we know of! Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles--even fish! Follow us on twitter @AlltheAnimalsPodcast1 and on facebook/AlltheAnimalsPodcast for bonus content, previews of upcoming animals and much much more. The fun doesn't stop until we name All The Animals...with Rick and Branson.
Let's Talk About The Weather
By Ashley Mazanec
Let's Talk About The Weather podcast explores creative approaches to global problems through ecoart, music, writing, and other media. In discussing the connections between humans and their environment through the eyes of artists, we find a fresh perspective on ecology and new ways to thrive on our favorite planet.
Listening in on LEEP
By Listening in on LEEP
You are "Listening in on LEEP" Forward Pediatric Development Clinic and therapeutic preschool and transitional kindergarten team of experts talking about topics parents and teachers care about.  LEEP Forward has experts in the fields of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Social Work, Developmental Therapy and Early Intervention.
TreeTop Talks
By Andy Sherwood
Horticultural talks about trees and other plants. Jay Holasek and Andy Sherwood discuss various topics in relation to trees. Join us to learn about trees!
Tu comunidad de medicina deportiva
By DeporteDoc
Podcast by DeporteDoc
Robots Only
By Danny Vega
Technology has changed all of our lives. But this party is just getting started. We sit at the dawn of the AI revolution. What do robots mean for relationships, business, economies, and happiness? Is a robot a person? Would a robot use three rhetorical questions in a row? I hope not. This is a smart yet cheeky podcast about the future of technology, the singularity, fear, and maybe even love of robots. I'm Danny Vega and I'll hope you'll join me on my journey to learn more about Ray Kurzweil, AI, automation, economics, and the impact of smart machines in our daily lives! New Episodes every Monday at 7AM EST
Steve Pavlina
By Steve Pavlina
Steve Pavlina talks about life purpose, income generation, subjective reality, and more. This is the audio from Steve's recent YouTube videos.
By Louise Dyregaard Nielsen & Troels Lund Laursen
Stjerneklart er en Podcast om astronomi og rum(ud)forskning. Nye afsnit udkommer hver 14. dag.
Semi-Intellectual Musings
By Matt Sanderson & Phil Primeau
Podcast on social sciences, humanities and arts. Join Matt and Phil as they embark on Semi-Intellectual Musings from social theory to how to cook with wine.
Swindon GP Education
By Dr Jo Swallow
These audio podcasts are designed to be used by GPs and GP trainees as a learning tool. They are intended to be relevant, accurate and accessible. The aim is to address the clinical and ethical queries which GPs have on a daily basis. The answers are the speakers opinions and not necessarily representative of all GPs. There is rarely one best management alone. The discussions generally refer to options and choices rather than single correct paths. As there are regional variations in first line prescription choices for some medical conditions, it is important to check your local formulary. Where applicable we have endeavoured to explain that the guidance being discussed is true for Swindon PCT but may vary in other areas. With regard to discussed practice, that quoted is the speakers practice at the time of publishing, guidance can change and the podcasts could go out of date. For this reason, each podcast is labelled with a published date. If you have an idea or even a question which you would like discussed then please get in touch via www.swindongpeducation.co.uk These podcasts and references to other sites provide general information for educational purposes only. They are intended for healthcare professionals. The target audience includes established GP's and GP trainees. The aim is to explore management options for common presentations or challenges in General Practice, this is done using interviews, cases and summaries. The podcasts are not designed to and do not provide patients with medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services. If you believe you have any other health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider. Never disregard medical or professional advice, or delay seeking it, because of something you heard on this site or a linked website. You should also ask your physician or other healthcare provider to assist you in interpreting any information in this Site or in the linked websites, or in applying the information to your individual case. There are often several valid approaches to medical cases in General practice and the outlined recordings aim to represent the general approach which may be taken rather than exclusive or exhaustive management options. Guidance and approaches to medicine may change over time and whilst every effort is made to provide up to date, current information at the time of recording, Dr Swallow and other contributors are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you pursue following hearing these recordings. Reliance on any information provided on this Site or any linked websites is solely at your own risk. Dr Swallow and the producers do not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products, procedures, opinions or other information that may be provided on the linked websites.
Skaana | Orcas and Oceans Podcast
By Mark Leiren-Young | Discussing Oceans and Orcas with Guests like David Suzuki, Elizabeth May, and Rob Stewart
Mark Leiren-Young, author of The Killer Whale Who Changed the World and the inventor of “eco-comedy”, meets the people who are making waves to save our oceans, orcas and environment. Find out how you can make waves too. You can use the affiliate links below to support the pod. Join the Pod…… https://www.patreon.com/mobydoll Skaana home….. https://www.skaana.org Facebook……….. https://www.facebook.com/skaanapod/ Twitter…………... @leirenyoung
By The PIPCast Team
PIPCast is a podcast for ODPs and the operating department in general. We look at news in the ODP world as well as interviewing practitioners old and new.
Psychopath In Your Life
By Psychopath In Your Life
Psychopath In Your Life Podcast will give you insight into the mind of the everyday psychopath, the one for whom you may work, the one whom you may run into in the grocery store or at the gym, or possibly the one with whom you live. The purpose of the podcast is to give you a unique way to identify and how to deal with psychopaths.
Po Ta Mendosh
By Albion
Kërkime, experimente, studime në fushën e ekonomisë dhe psikologjisë. Të bazojme sjelljen, vendimet e idete tona ne prova e jo ne intuita. Të mundohemi e të jemi me skepikë !
Tema 2015: Klimatmötet
By Sveriges Radio
Sveriges Radios rapportering om klimatförändringarna inför toppmötet i Paris. Ansvarig utgivare: Olle Zachrison
Nature Finds A Way
By Nature Finds A Way
Join your host, Sara, on a journey through many fictional ecosystems from the worlds of film, television, books, and more
Theoretical Nonsense
By Six Squirrel Studios
Theoretical Nonsense hosted by James 'Candi' DiPinto aka "The White Panda" and Jonathan 'Champagne' Varnet aka "The Irish CoCo". Two tinfoil hat wearing American nutjobs spreading the truth about what's going on today. No topic is too far out-of-bounds or with out some sort of opinion. From current events to pop culture, science to politics, beer, music, the Illuminati, and everything inbetween. Opening the eyes and minds of the non-believers and making our way onto government watchlists one listener at a time.
Podcasts on Urban Green Infrastructure
By Dusty Gedge
This series follows Dusty Gedge on his adventures in green infrastructure. Travelling the world to conferences and congresses, each episode features a fellow professional delivering green roofs, green walls and ground level urban green infrastructure.
Montgomery County Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
By Lone Star Community Radio
The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension staff consists of five professional county extension agents and one program assistant trained in the agriculture/natural resources, horticulture, family and consumer sciences, and youth development, as well as support staff who are available to meet your educational needs and requests. Specific areas of program emphasis includes: Water Quality and Conservation, Quality of Life, Resource and Emergency Management, Urban Youth Development, Youth Education, and Nutrition and Wellness. So tune in every FRIDAY at 1PM to hear from your local Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Services.
More Than Medicine with Dr. Simone
By Dr. Simone Josey
Witty, practical, real-life survival tips for healthcare professionals
TMRO:Space is a weekly, live show about exploration of the cosmos. We have updates on rocket launches, new technology being developed to get humans off-world and comments from inside and outside the industry. Recorded live every Saturday at 18:00 UTC!