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By Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT
This is a dharma talk I gave on August 8, 2017 at IMSB in Mountain View, Ca, on the topic of Skillfully Recognizing Empty Appearance. Though the Buddhist notion of emptiness can be quite challenging for Western Buddhist practitioners, the rich teachings on emptiness offer a clear path to apply wise view, wise action and skillful means in daily life.
Mi Lugar de Trabajo
By Mi Lugar de Trabajo
Buscamos promover espacios de trabajo saludable, mediante una serie de podcast donde se hablará de temas relacionados al ámbito laboral desde la perspectiva de la psicología industrial organizacional.
Kimberley Wilson's Food and Psych Podcast
By Kimberley Wilson
Welcome to the Food and Psych Podcast where I'll be bringing you the latest in Functional Psychology, Nutritional Neuroscience, the psychology of food and our relationship with it, and everything in between. Food isn't just fuel; it shapes our minds, culture and the world around us.
Antics from the Fourth Floor
By Chris Gallon
Antics from the Fourth Floor is a podcast where three friends in the faculty of Physics get together every week to discuss interesting topics in Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, general Science, Science Communication and of course, nonsense. This podcast is not for kids.
Blueprint Genetics Podcast
By Blueprint Genetics
Blueprint Genetics is a genetic diagnostics company providing comprehensive genetic testing services for clinicians worldwide. With help from our advisors and partners, Blueprint Genetics shares deep conversations and insight into the trending topics of genetic diagnostics.
Evrim Ağacı
By Evrim Ağacı
Evrim Ağacı'nın YouTube üzerindeki tüm videolarının podcast versiyonudur.
Talking Trade: Post-Brexit alternatives to the status quo
By Trade Justice Movement
The Trade Justice Movement, a UK-based coalition of trade unions, NGOs and fairtrade groups, brings you this podcast series that explores progressive, alternative approaches to trade as the UK gears up to leave the EU.
Shan & Gail Save the World
By Shan & Gail Save the World
Shan and Gail Save the world, the podcast that makes it easy on you. We tackle problems we see in the world and give one easy step to make a change. We give actionable ideas for sustainability and talk about things we may think are good for the world, but may not be. Tune into our podcast and let's save the world together!
Shan Boody Sex and Love
By Shan Boody / Anchor
Shan Boody gives unfiltered sex advice, recommends the perfect song and gives everyone homework- every day
CosmoPublic Podcast
By Gordon Eisenach, junger Unternehmer, Kampfsportler, Cosmopolitan
CosmoPublic Podcast ist ein Podcast in Form einer längeren Konversation mit Jungunternehmer, vollblut Kampfsportler und Cosmopolitan Gordon Eisenach als Host der Sendung. Gordon interviewed und unterhält sich mit Gästen welche sich zu Sportlern, Influencern, Künstlern, YouTubern, Unternehmern und Autoren zählen. In CosmoPublicPodcast wird tief in die Materie zu Mindset, Sport, Wissenschaft, Unterhaltung und Kontroverse eingegangen. Folge #1 „What the hell ist CosmoPublic“ ist die kurze Erklärung zu CPP’s Prinzip. Zu jeder Folge besteht auf den Medienkanälen Facebook und YouTube eine sog. Snippet-Version – ein 3 Minuten Zusammenschnitt der Folge zum reinhören und testen.
Got Science?
By Union of Concerned Scientists
Get your science on with the new podcast from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Our hosts take on technology, attacks on science, climate change, and more, as they channel the power of science to make the world a better place.
Plant Talk Podcast
By Plant Talk Radio
Plant Talk is a live interactive hour long radio gardening show. Hosted by “The Ohio Nurseryman,” Fred Hower has over 50 years experience as a horticultural consultant, certified arborist and landscape designer. Fred is a walking encyclopedia of horticulture information and he answers listener questions in a friendly and entertaining way. The show is not only educational; it’s fun!
Mean Old World
By Good Pointe Media
Mean Old World is a storytelling podcast covering the stories that history wants to hide. Cults, Killers, Massacres, Mysteries. Every month we explore more of this Mean Old World we call home. Join us, stay safe, and don't become a story.
OnTheGo Learning
By Jason E. Norris, founder of OnTheGo.FM
Your learners have gone mobile, but you can still reach them with your message. This show explores the concept of on-the-go learning, providing insight into how people learn and ways to teach them through mobile technology.
IWMM (Irgendwas mit Menschen)
By Benedikt Geyer
Der Podcast Rund um die Bereiche "Soziale Arbeit" und "Medien".
Get Jake to Space
By Jake
Every episode Jake takes a deep dive into why he's the perfect human specimen to be the next human to go to space. Or he invites a friend on and they just talk about whatever.
SciComm 🔬
By Dr. Mike / Anchor
A place to talk about Science 🔬
Virtual Futures Podcast
By Virtual Futures
The Virtual Futures Podcast brings together artists, philosophers, cultural theorists, scientists, technologists and fiction writers to re-address the potential benefits of looking at our future through a techno-philosophical lens. Hosted by Luke Robert Mason.
By Josh Wilcox
Going way too deep in the weeds about stuff you never dreamed you'd ever dream of.
By Axiome
Thibaut et Lê parlent de leurs passions communes : les maths, la philo et YouTube.
Anatomy Education Podcast
By Dr James Pickering
The Anatomy Education Podcast - News, views and opinions on anatomy education from around the world. Follow: @AnatEducPodcast; #AnatPodcast; visit: anatomypodcast.co.uk.
Ask a Ranger Podcast
By Jessica Phillips
How far can a jumping spider jump? DOES a woodchuck chuck wood? What does a Park Ranger do all day? All these questions and any you may have will be answered through this podcast series! So come, join us, listen and write Ranger Crystal and Ranger Jess all your questions about North Carolina State Parks!
By AT-läkarna
En podd som riktar sig till läkare. På ett lättsamt sätt diskuterar vi konkret handläggning, jobbångest och läkaryrket med olika specialister.
All This Science
By Dr C
All This Science - entertaining Science explanations in five minutes !
3D Sounds Podcast
By Mark
Recorded using 3D binaural audio equipment. For a truly unique experience, use headphones.
On Life and Meaning
By Mark Peres
On Life and Meaning is a podcast about what matters most in our lives. We host conversations with compelling personalities about their lives and work. We explore human brilliance: our talents, endeavors, motivations and higher purposes. The show focuses on art, philosophy, leadership, literature, civic life and culture – seeking to inspire a more generative and humane world.
Mens Health Matters
By Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health
Podcast by Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health
By Michaela Voth
Nachgefragt-Podcast ist ein kostenloser Podcast über Wissenschaftskommunikation, skeptische Themen und Pseudowissenschaften.
Naked Science
By Naked Science
Подкаст от Naked Science – C точки зрения науки с главными новостями науки.
L’été des animaux
By Yolaine De La Bigne
Chant d’oiseaux extraordinaires, danse de chevreuils, drague de grillons qui invitent les femelles sur leur terrasse privée…. l’été est une bonne occasion pour découvrir les talents de nos amis les animaux)
By Robin Evers & Thilo Kaupisch
Dies ist Marsorama, ein Infotainment Podcast über die Besiedlung des Mars durch die Menschheit. Intro und Jingles von www.freitonspiel.de Youtube-Kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGXR1dO9Ivqw10i1Z4qJpA/
Med School Phys
By Med School Phys
The Med School Phys podcast discusses topics in human physiology. Our primary aim is to help medical students learn/review high yield material for their classes and board exams. Hopefully listeners find that this alternative audio-based learning format works for them. This podcast is intended to be educational and all the information shared herein is publicly available through the internet. Med School Phys is an independent project and currently shares no affiliation with other organizations, companies, or academic institutions. You can email me questions or constructive feedback at [email protected] Check out our Fun Facts tweets and new episode announcements: @medschoolphys Financially support the podcast through our Patreon page, half of all proceeds will go to Oxfam America: https://www.patreon.com/medschoolphys You can share a link to our episodes via Spreaker or encourage others to listen on their podcasting app of choice: https://www.spreaker.com/user/medschoolphys DISCLAIMER: All information, content, and materials published by the Med School Phys podcast are for informational purposes only and are NOT intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding personal medical decisions.
Neurofriends Podcast
By Sarah Hillenbrand
A podcast about the brain, hosted by Stanford students. We invite brainy people for science show and tell. Come geek out with us.
NIEHS Superfund Research Program - Research Brief Podcasts
By NIEHS Superfund Research Program
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Superfund Research Program (SRP) produces a monthly Research Brief Podcast that highlights the research of SRP grantees. The SRP is a network of university grants that seek solutions to the complex health and environmental issues associated with the nation's hazardous waste sites. The research conducted by the SRP is a coordinated effort with the Environmental Protection Agency, which is the federal entity charged with cleaning up the worst hazardous waste sites in the country. For information on how NIEHS interacts with its online visitors, check out its Web Policies - http://www.niehs.nih.gov/about/od/ocpl/policies/
Everyday Behavior Sci
By Ryan O'Donnell / Anchor
A Creative Behavioral Scientist helping you understand Why We Do What We Do! Hosted by Ryan O'Donnell
Evolução, o Podcast
By Biologia Evolutiva
Cada episódio desse podcast aborda um grande tema em evolução, com explicações cientificamente precisas, mas voltadas para o público em geral. Também entrevistamos pesquisadores que trabalham direta ou indiretamente com o tema abordado. Podcast produzido pelos alunos da disciplina de Biologia Evolutiva da Universidade Federal de Goiás.
EWV Radio Network
By Extreme Weather Videos / Anchor
Official podcast of Extreme Weather Videos. Your source of weather news, information, outlooks, and other great weather content. Experience the Extreme with Extreme Weather Videos. #EWVLive
Cast Nine
By Cast Nine
Every episode we discuss science and critical thinking with a flare for the poetic!
Chasing Zebras
By Tom Gutteridge
A podcast where veterinarians share their stories
CSI: Reality Check
By Jordan and Paige
Criminalists Jordan and Night Shift Paige talk about the show CSI. We discuss the science used to solve cases and all the character drama you can handle.
CTSI Science Cafés
By CTSI of Southeast Wisconsin
The very first Science Café (also know as Café Scientifique) was held in Leeds in the United Kingdom in 1998. The founder of this grassroots movement, Duncan Dallas, describes a Café as “a place where, for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, people meet to discuss the latest ideas of science and technology which are changing our lives.” Since then, the Science Cafés have popped up all over the globe, with over 200 worldwide in more than 40 countries and at least 50 in the United States alone. Our Science Café series is the first in Southeast Wisconsin. For our Cafés, the primary focus will be on translational science. We will be able to utilize translational scientists affiliated with the CTSI partner institutions, which affords us a very wide range of topics.
Climate Conversations
By ClimateX
Climate Conversations is the weekly podcast from ClimateX, an online community focused on climate action. Visit us at climatex.mit.edu
Watching ID
By Tiegrabber Podcasts Jill & Dick
First couple of true crime podcasting, Jill & Dick, talk about recent Investigation Discovery shows and the crimes featured.
Latest Brain News with Experts
By Cerebrum Health Centers
From concussions to zika virus to how sleep deprivation can eat your brain, hear world renowned doctors weigh in on the latest in brain news!
Lay waste
By thesamico_test
Les coulisses du Zoo Parc de Beauval FB Touraine
By France Bleu
Les coulisses du Zoo Parc de Beauval. Découvrez le Zoo Parc de beauval avec les soigneurs et les acteurs du parc, la face cachée du Zoo Parc de Beauval sur France Bleu Touraine
Bad Astronomy
By bad-astronomy
This is "Bad Astronomy", the show about 2 schmucks who think they know about astronomy, but sometimes screw it up. Seriously though, we are amateur astronomers who stargaze from our backyards and like to occasionally talk about the universe and all the cool stuff about it.
Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast
By Down the Hatch - The Swallowing Podcast
Deglutition talk with Ianessa A. Humbert and Alicia K. Vose
Dr. Hotze's Wellness Revolution
By Dr. Steven Hotze
Rising healthcare costs, increasing insurance premiums, and decreasing care - this is the current state of our healthcare system. The pharmaceutical industry continues to make empty promises by masking patients symptoms and providing a false sense of hope. "Dr. Hotze's Wellness Revolution" is a paradigm shift in the way we look at modern medicine and gives listeners hope to get to the root cause of their symptoms, naturally. Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Hotze Pharmacy. His goal is to change the way women and men are treated in midlife. Dr. Hotze has helped thousands of individuals to get on a path of health and wellness and enjoy a better quality of life, naturally. Dr. Hotze is the best-selling author of Hormones, Health, and Happiness" and "Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the nation, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, CBS' "The Morning Show" and The Biography Channel. He is also a regular guest on the KHOU Channel 11 morning program, "Great Day Houston" as well as radio talk shows across the country. Dr. Hotze is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and is former president of the Pan American Allergy Society. Join Dr. Hotze, his colleagues, and insightful experts from around the world as they get you on a path to health and wellness naturally. "Dr. Hotze's Wellness Revolution" airs weekdays at 1 p.m. on KPRC AM 950 and iHeartRadio.
Dr. Eli's Miraculous Brain Tonic
By Eli Nolan Cook
A penetrating exploration into the human mind, both its genius and madness, by Dr. Eli Zufrain, a man who isn’t a doctor, but is planning on purchasing his degree very soon. Early episodes include how Serena Williams' multiple personality disorder helps her dominate white European women, and a provocative comparison between the seductive narcissists Kayne West and the Prophet Mohammad.
High, Mom!
By High, Mom!
Parenting can be stressful, especially when your kids are growing like weeds and you're struggling through the haze of the day-to-day. But where there are lows, there are highs. So many highs. Join High, Mom! as she dispels the myth of the lazy stoner, talks with real people about their choice to use cannabis, and shines a light on the most overlooked market in legal cannabis history - Suburban mothers.
EMS Office Hours
By Jim Hoffman
Weekly EMS podcast for paramedics and EMT's. Jim Hoffman is the host with invited guests from the EMS industry discussing hot EMS topics important to the paramedic and EMT field provider.
Bundle of Hers
By The Scope Radio, University of Utah Health
We are four diverse female medical students at the University of Utah, talking about topics that are underrepresented to keep the conversations real and thought-provoking. We're discussing the challenges of medical school, and how our background influences our everyday lives.
Esoteric Oddities
Every week on Esoteric Oddities, hosts Jonathan and Cerra dive into all things macabre and mysterious. Serial Killers, medical mysteries, and ghostly encounters and much more await.
By Kristin Avery and Katie Brittle
Sci-Fi2K is a podcast hosted by Kristin Avery and Katie Brittle. This is where Science-Fiction meets real life science! Join us as we discuss Science-Fiction movies, tv shows, books and more throughout the ages and how these shows relate to science today! Check us out on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SciFi2K/ Or on other social media @Sci_Fi2k New Episodes Every Other Week!
Study travel
By Илья Верязов
Подкаст про образование и возможности заграницей. Здесь эксперты и практики делятся своим опытом. Рассказывают, как преодолели трудные задачи и сломали стереотипы устоявшиеся в обществе. Как поступили в зарубежный ВУЗ, и что было необходимо для этого сделать. Как получили грант на образование, творческий или свой бизнес проект. Что сделали, чтобы пройти стажировку мечты заграницей. Обо всем этом в подкасте "Study travel". Летом будем вещать про США. Преврати мечту в цель и достигни ее.
Science Rundown
By Science Rundown / Anchor
Daily health tips and the latest science news from Professor Flores, MAS, PhDs. | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit https://anchor.fm/sciencerundown
ProHEALTH Podcast
By Lawrence Shulman
This is the first, introductory, mini-episode for ProHEALTH's podcast. More episodes will follow in the next weeks.
Sustainable Me
By Sustainable Me
This is a series with 6 x 22-minute episodes plus podcasts, YouTube clips, social media and website on living sustainability for the engaged millennial. With an eye on environmentalism, we examine a whole new way of thinking about our lives, our community and our world.
Superwomen in Science
By Superwomen in Science
Welcome to the Superwomen in Science Podcast, hosted by Nicole George and Cordon Purcell! We will be discussing the past, present and future of women in science, highlighting a wide variety of scientific endeavours as well as issues facing women in science.
PsyJournals Live
By Psyjournals
Подкаст портала психологических изданий PsyJournals - авторы рассказывают об идеях и перспективах своих исследований, которые нашли отражения в публикациях научных журналов.
Talk to Your Pharmacist
By by Pharmacy Advisory Group
Talk to Your Pharmacist is a podcast for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and others across the country to hear from industry leaders about current healthcare topics and their leadership stories. The Talk to Your Pharmacist podcast was started by pharmacist, Hillary Blackburn, who serves as the Director of Pharmaceutical Services at Dispensary of Hope. During these interviews, Hillary talks with leaders from the pharmaceutical industry who share their stories of success from across the continuum of care.
Pod Save the Bees
By Luke / Anchor
A science-centric commentary on today's environmental issues.
Podcast | ice age farmer
By Ice Age Farmer, iceagefarmer.com
Only podcast dedicated not just to the Grand Solar Minimum and the changing climate, but how we can move every day towards self-sufficiency, and ultimately build resilient communities, so that we can prosper in the times ahead: Grand Solar Minimum / Mini Ice Age.
Transsexualitet, Sexualitet & PMS
By André Sturesson
Två fantastiska intervjuer om transsexualitet, sexualitet, mens och PMS. Ett måste för alla intresserade av vetenskap.
TV Nupes
A TV NUPES é um canal bilíngue de divulgação científica, que tem o objetivo de produzir e compartilhar conteúdos audiovisuais de qualidade, acessível a estudantes, pesquisadores e todos os interessados na interface ciência, saúde e espiritualidade. Semanalmente, a TV NUPES publica conteúdos que estão relacionados com as pesquisas desenvolvidas nessa área.
Pondering Nerdcast
By Pondering Nerds
Feed your nerd with the Pondering Nerdcast. Where talk about everything nerd under the sun. Now In video format.
TSRA Podcast
TSRA Podcast is an educational tool for training cardiothoracic surgeons.
Two Brad For You
By Bradley van Paridon
Brad and Brad, the saviours of modern media, are here to breakdown the odd and fascinating science/tech stories of the day, with humour, grace and razor sharp wit. Take notes and impress your friends at the pub or just listen to better prepare yourself for the weird future we are all headed for. Check us out @TwoBradForYou and shout out to the friends who helped us: Music by Freak Motif (@FreakMotif) Logo by Sebastian Abboud (@s_abboud) Technical Help Meterroom Productions (https://meterroomproductions.wordpress.com/)
Poultry Health Today
By Poultry Health Today
Poultry Health Today is the world’s only news website and magazine focused exclusively on flock health and welfare. Our podcasts feature interviews with top avian-health experts discussing the latest research, trends and ideas for vaccination management, responsible antibiotic use, alternative therapies, housing, animal welfare, food safety and more.
Thinking Clearly
By Bob Froehlich-Retired Chemist, Counselor, Psychology Professor and Julia Minton-Technology Consultant
In this age of fake news, alternative facts and information overload, this podcast offers cognitive self-defense strategies and topics that will help you understand and master critical thinking in forming your claims beliefs and opinions.
By Brooke Borel
Methods is about how we know what we know. Each week, Brooke Borel, author of The Chicago Guilde to Fact-Checking, interviews someone who examines facts for a living, including journalists, scientists, historians, judges, translators, and more. Picking one of the guest’s projects—an investigative article, a book, a scientific discovery—we’ll dig into how they did it. What was their process? How did they investigate the evidence? What stories, pitfalls, and dead ends didn’t make it into the published work? How sure are they? And what level of uncertainty should we all be comfortable with when it comes to calling something a fact?
Chau Time
By Brian Chau
Chau Time brings you seasonal experiences for your ears, curating subject matters around food from science to literature and politics to religion. The vast world of food has a lot of coverage and Chau Time aims to deliver it all on a series of plates.
By 白水玉川生
《声律启蒙》是清朝康熙年间车万育所作的,训练儿童应对、掌握声韵格律的启蒙读物,分为上下卷。按韵分编,包罗天文、地理、花木、鸟兽、人物、器物等的虚实应对。从单字对到双字对,三字对、五字对、七字对到十一字对,声韵协调,琅琅上口,从中得到语音、词汇、修辞的训练。从单字到多字的层层属对,读起来,如唱歌般。较之其它全用三言、四言句式更见韵味。这类读物,在启蒙读物中独具一格,经久不衰。明清以来,如《训蒙骈句》、《笠翁对韵》等书,都是采用这种方式编写,并得以广泛流传。 作者:车万育(1632~1705年),字双亭,号鹤田,湖南邵阳人。康熙甲辰进士,官至兵科给事中。康熙二年(一六六三),与兄万备同举湖广乡试,明年成进士,选庶吉士。性刚直,直声震天下,至性纯笃,学问赅博。善书法,所藏明代墨迹最富,有萤照堂明代法书石刻十卷。——《宝庆府志》
Lets Make it Weird
By Lets Make it Weird
Matt and a rotating band of hosts try their best to walk you through the world of the weird. From aliens trying to use Hippie magic to heal our auras to Bigfoot being a secret Black Budget government agent designed to keep us out of our forests we try and tackle it all. We give you that weird feeling you don't like.
By Cogitate
The show where we research the researchers to bring you the inside story of the fascinating research taking place in and around the University of Melbourne. Listen to interviews with Professors, Phd's and Postdocs as they explain their research and why they find it so compelling.
By Sophia Martin and Aileen Wolf
Join your hosts Sophia Martin and Aileen Wolf as they learn about a new creepy crawly animal every week, delving into the history, biology, and everything in-between.  They're not entomologists, and their only credentials are an extreme love and enthusiasm for rodents, bugs, and anything that goes bump in the night.
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN)
By American Society of Nephrology
Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) publishes high quality research relevant to clinical nephrology. Now one of the most widely-read and referenced kidney journals, physicians read CJASN to learn about the most important advances in clinical and translational research in nephrology.
Candidate ME
By Tom Bullock
This podcast will not only bring you the latest news on the 2017 races, but we're also going to go past the crafted messages and public face of campaigns to show you the art, science and, yes, shenanigans of campaigning. The stuff behind the scenes. This is Candidate ME, a hypothetical campaign to be Charlotte's mayor.
By Avinash Bhikha
Two college grads started a company with the goal of promoting sustainable products and a sustainable lifestyle. They talk about their journey and what they learn on their way.
Always Grumpy Podcast
By Вечно недовольный
Вечно недовольный подкаст обо всем и ни о чем
Press X To Science
By Megan Pusey, Tim Young & Phill English
Welcome to Press X To Science, a podcast where we bring you the most exciting intersections of the science and video game worlds.
Moon Law
By Alan Blanco & Kris Harris
Alan has a Law Degree. Kris has a wild imagination. They share an interest in science fiction and a fascination with space. Every week they discuss different aspects of the history and potential future of space exploration and commercialization, with a focus on legal and ethical issues.
By Taapsi Ramchandani, Inga Treitler
AnthroTalks is an audio extravaganza on the magical mundaneness of everyday life. Designed by practicing anthropologists, Taapsi Ramchandani and Inga Treitler, this monthly podcast series brings you conversations and videos that speak to the dramatic and not-so-dramatic forces that shape our lives and livelihoods. To tell our stories, we experiment with the tools we carry with us every day in our minds and in our pockets, like our smartphones and Google Voice. And why not? When our lives can be on-the-go, shouldn’t podcasting? Enjoy the show, and stay curious!
Fat Flower Potcast
By Milcah Halili, April Flores
The Fat Flower Potcast connects cannabis connoisseurs with craft cannabis. April Flores and Milcah Halili of FatFlower.Media cover the best organic medicine available in the West Coast and the people who cultivate them.
By Pharmatopia
Pharmatopia is a podcast about drug law, history, and culture which gives in-depth analysis into the amazing and sometimes strange stories that make up the world’s black and not-so-black market. Hosted by Benjamin Turley, every episode is a narrative journey as special guests give insight into an environment often cast aside by society.
Matty's Paradigm
By Matty's Lawrence
What is Matty’s Paradigm? A Scientific Theory of Creation | A Bible-based complete plugin replacement for the theoretical foundation of modern science | Geocentrospheric Devolutionary Creation.
Answers NOT in Genesis
By Gary and Austin
Join Gary and Austin as they discuss science in a fun and comical way. Come for the science and stay for the puns!
Sustainable Style
By Allie Frownie
Talking with real-life professionals about sustainability fashion, business, and all the things in between. Hosted by Allie Frownfelter who runs alliefrownie.com and the clothing brand Bottle Thread.
Dream Meanings
By Dream Meanings
The Podcast all about dream meanings and dream interpretation! Dreams can be confusing, exciting, scary, amazing or just downright strange! No matter what your dream, we want to hear it!! On the Dream Meanings podcast, Tony Brueski takes your calls, reads your dream accounts gives insight as to what they might mean. From nightmares, good dreams, fantasy to visits from deceased loved ones, we talk about it all! Call in your dream at 1-800-606-7193 or submit your dream at http://www.dreamingradio.com
By Maryam Safa
تجربه‌هامون رو به اشتراک می گذاریم
Departure Delayed
By Brian Gangel
your host is Brian Gangel – Holistic Health Professional, Owner / Founder of New Millennium Living Limited and Canada’s QRA Expert. QRA is advanced applied kinesiological Muscle Testing for the most rapid assessments of nutrition imbalances in the body.
CF Podcast
By Tré LaRosa
I talk about life with Cystic Fibrosis
By Cooper/Smith
Insider insights into the wave of health and international development data sweeping the globe! Official podcast of Cooper/Smith (coopersmith.org).
BMJ Best Practice Podcast
By BMJ Group
The BMJ Best Practice podcast publishes interviews with clinical experts aimed at healthcare professionals and students with an interest in keeping up to date with the latest scientific developments, evidence-based medicine and guidelines. BMJ Best Practice is ranked one of the best clinical decision support tools for health professionals worldwide.* Structured around the clinical workflow and updated daily, BMJ Best Practice uses the latest evidence-based research, guidelines and expert opinion to offer step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention. bestpractice.bmj.com Podcasts are hosted by Dr Shiela Feit, Senior Clinical Lead at BMJ. To see who we are interviewing next please visit: facebook.com/BMJBestPractice Sign up to a free 7 day trial of BMJ Best Practice**: bestpractice.bmj.com/info/subscribe/free-trial/ *Kwag KH, González-Lorenzo M, Banzi R, Bonovas S, Moja L. Providing Doctors With High-Quality Information: An Updated Evaluation of Web-Based Point-of-Care Information Summaries **Please note that free personal trials and personal subscriptions are not available in North America. _ The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice and it is not intended to function as a substitute for a healthcare practitioner’s judgement, patient care or treatment. The views expressed by contributors are those of the speakers. BMJ does not endorse any views or recommendations discussed or expressed on this podcast. Listeners should also be aware that professionals in the field may have different opinions. By listening to this podcast, listeners agree not to use its content as the basis for their own medical treatment or for the medical treatment of others.
Listen to The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health
By The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health
With a strong clinical focus, The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health will be an independent journal with an international perspective. The monthly journal will present the most influential and innovative practice-changing original research, as well as authoritative reviews and insightful opinion pieces to promote the health of the whole child, from the fetal period through to young adulthood.
I Volunteer to Live
By Pauly
This beautiful Personal Advocacy Podcast focuses on facing cancer with Hope and living life by your terms. On Sundays our weekly program is Living Life. Through this show you can join Shawn White a person living with cancer in his journey of personal advocacy.
Happy Hour
By Chris McDonald
Happy Hour is the place to go if you are looking to hear how real growers are achieving their yields and goals. We ask them about their grow room setup, difficulties, equipment & nutrients, environment, strains and more. Your hosts are Chris from happyhydro.com and Mr.Grow It from the Just Grow It youtube channel. Their mission is to bring you valuable knowledge that you can use to grow better. Information is widely available on the internet but it's difficult to know what applies to your specific growing method and location. By interviewing successful growers of all walks of life you can learn strategies for growing in specific situations so you don't end up making a mistake because you were following information that worked for someone in a different situation than you. So, enjoy the show!
Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn
By Empower Radio
Dr. Kahn fights for your health every week with his unique brand of eastern and western medicine focusing on wellness of mind, body and spirit. Each month he will interview a Health Hero and how their journey can help you find wellness, discuss with a leader in heart disease how to reverse heart disease, talk to leaders in the food movement for health, and review the science that can take you to a new level. He is known internationally as the heart doctor not afraid to take on the giants and expose lies, follies, and confusion so you know the path to feeling better, looking better, and living better.