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خالد السبيعي

By المنشد خالد السبيعي
القناة الرسمية للمنشد خالد السبيعي

مسموع الكتب

By لصاحب الصوت
لنشر الكتب الصوتية

SIGGRAPH 2013 E-Tech | Mobile: Arabic

By ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources
(recorded by Diana Malkosh, produced by Sandro Alberti and Tomasz Bednarz) Interact with the latest systems before they become hot topics in mainstream media and blogs. Emerging Technologies presents innovative technologies and applications in several fields, from displays and input devices to collaborative environments and robotics, and technologies that apply to film and game production. The Emerging Technologies gallery was coordinated and supervised by Dylan Moore. The SIGGRAPH Mobile pro...