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just one poem

I read you one poem and tell you why I love it so much.

The Golden Goose Book by L. Leslie Brooke

By Loyal Books
A charming little book full of the most gorgeous illustrations. We see a number of stories in which kindness is rewarded and selfishness is punished but Brooke squeezes a number of intriguing and quite bizarre twists and turns into the story so it is not nearly so predictable as you might imagine. Victorian moral fairy tales from a delightfully inventive mind.

Bookscreenz Podcast

By Annabelle and Karin Greenberg
A teenage girl, Annabelle, and her (librarian) mom, Karin, discuss books and their movie adaptations.

Bestselling Author Studio

Authors, are you getting marketing advice that actually works? Or do you feel like a fiction cog stuck in a nonfiction wheel? In these ten-minute broadcasts, editor and marketing expert Lara Helmling gives you the most important do's and don'ts in book marketing today. Discover how to use your gift to find your tribe and sell your books. Learn more at Music by

Two Beers and a Book

By Two Beers Production
Listen as the worlds great literature is discussed over two beers

The Funky Writer

By The Funky Writer
All About The FUNK of Writing!

Tell You What! the Podcast

By Mike Clabby
Tell You What! is a series of discussions with young songwriters. We discuss the craft of songwriting, the live music experience, and the related interactions.

Knight Writer Podcast

By Sean D Knight
The Knight Writer Podcast is a weekly show that follows the journey of one aspiring author from the start of writing his book to the eventual goal of self-publishing it. Listen as he pitches idea after idea, discusses the things he learns during the process, explains the reasons for what he does, and divulges most of the plot and conceptions for his current work-in-progress. From time-to-time he will also bring in other aspiring and published authors to talk about writing books in Fantasy, Sc...


By SelfPortrait

The Shadow Trap

By Rosie and Bob
Catching fiction's worst monsters in film and folklore.


By ギャン・ジャバン

Touch the Wonder

By Tony McMillen
Author and artist Tony McMillen provides droll vivisections of various pop culture (insert third word which begins with the letter "V.")

Spoilers Ahead

By Heidi Turner and Rory Delaney
Join Heidi and Rory while they talk about 3 favorites (book, movie/tv show, music, and sometimes something else) and whatever tangents they encounter along the way. All their picks are at least 6 months old, so warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Resistimos na Literatura

By Naiara Cremasco / Anchor
Podcast sobre literatura feminista que explora, através de histórias de amor, dor, luta, revolução e denúncia, a força que as mulheres podem ter mesmo em tempos tão conturbados. Produzido por Naiara Cremasco.

From Cover to Reel

By Alicia Maruri
A podcast where we talk about books and their movie counterparts in order to answer the question of which is better: the book or the movie.

Continuous.Voyage: Tall Tales & Short Subjects

By Craig Moreschini: Photographer and New Media Storyteller
tall tales & short subjects

La Puerta Alfa

By Silcom
Podcast de literatura en el que cada mes hablaré sobre un libro. Hablare de su autor, y la historia que narra el libro así como de sus personajes. Cada mes os propondré leer un libro y al mes siguiente hablaré sobre él.

The Word Weaver Podcast

By Louise Johnson
A podcast dedicated to the powerful web words weave and the deep layers they uncover. In each episode (or "chapter") you'll find a compilation of tips, tricks, and words of wisdom from writers, authors, creatives, and entrepreneurs - and how they've used words as weapons of mass creation and inspiration.

Il Fu Mattia Pascal by Luigi Pirandello

By Loyal Books
Il fu Mattia Pascal è un celebre romanzo di Luigi Pirandello che apparve dapprima a puntate sulla rivista "Nuova Antologia" nel 1904 e pubblicato, nello stesso anno, in volume. Fu il primo grande successo di Pirandello, scritto in un momento difficile della sua vita... (Wikipedia)

Book YeAh Podcast

By Book YeAh
We put the YA in yeah, because it's all we read. A Podcast based in Atlanta dedicated to all things Young Adult Lit! We talk books, authors, trends in YA, and more.

Several Stories High

By Nathaniel David Knox
A narrative podcast featuring stories from a vast array of styles and subject matter. Fiction, fact, or perhaps somewhere in between. Created and hosted by Nathaniel David Knox.

Power of Storytelling

By Michelle Henderson
Discovering the inspirations of stories written by independent authors.

Blessed Books

By Blessed Books
In this podcast, we will turn to some of our favorite novels as sources of sacred wisdom, truth, and insight for our lives today. We will read these books using sacred reading practices, such as Lectio Divina and Floralegium. The purpose of this show is to help us encounter the divine in the everyday, and explore how language and storytelling can shape our realities.

Stories I Tell on Dates

By Paul Shirley
Paul Shirley traveled the world chasing a basketball career that landed him on 17 different teams scattered across the globe. He played in Spain. He played in Greece. He played in Russia. And he played in the NBA. But Paul isn't just a basketball player; he's also a kid from a small town in Kansas--a kid searching for love just like the rest of us. In Stories I Tell On Dates, Paul tells the stories he tells his dates: vulnerable stories about middle school dances, stories about Sex Ed, and st...

Married With Comics

By Maggie and Jon Schaefer-Hames: Podcasters
A lovable pair of newlyweds faces the challenges of married life as they paraphrase panels, explain exposition, and comment on all their favorite comics.

Weird Times Fly

By Jake Hutchinson
This is a podcast about weird stories with weird people. It features a lot of Jewishness and complaining, which are basically the same thing.

Medieval Podcast

By eden skflkdg / Anchor
We are gonna talk about the medieval manuscript

The Hollow Needle: Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin by Maurice Leblanc

By Loyal Books
Arsène Lupin returns in a wonderful story of disguises, love, and of course treasure. Once again, Lupin crosses paths with the famous Holmlock Shears. But this time Arsène matches wits with Isidore Beautrelet, Sixth-form Schoolboy. Every step that Lupin takes has Beautrelet right on his heels. Has Lupin finally met his match? Will Beautrelet discover the secret of the Hollow Needle? And has the gentleman burglar met another match as well, one who will lead him away from his life of crime fore...

All the Bookish People

By Victoria Fullard / Anchor
Readers, writers, book sellers, book bloggers, book nerds—this podcast is for you. In each episode, I talk with a guest about, you guessed it, books: what books mean to them, why they matter, what they love to read, and how they got hooked on the written word.

Creepypasta (Deutsch)

By OhDerAlex
Schaurige Geschichten und düstere Welten. Schreckliche Fantasien und unheimliche Kreaturen. Erzählungen, die dich Nachts unter die Bettdecke kriechen lassen und dir schlaflose Nächte bescheren sollen. Ich lese vor und unterhalte. Ich lade Euch ein auf dunkle Reisen durch die Creepypasta-Welt.

Life In 10 Minutes Podcast

By Ben Krumwiede, Valley Haggard
Listen to stories written in ten minutes by people from all walks of life

Better Books

By Todd Sattersten
In this podcast, business book expert Todd Sattersten highlights great books to read, talks with experts in book publishing and explores the best ways to make a book successful.

Esta noche va a ser muy larga

By Esta noche va a ser muy larga
Cultura popular y opiniones idiotas. El primer viernes de cada mes a las 21:00 horas en Onda Fuenlabrada (89.40 FM), o cuando quieras en Onda Fuenlabrada

Writing on Air (2)

By Writing on Air (2)
About Writers, For Writers


By Tati & Daniel
Tati von und Daniel quatschen hier über Bücher

Indian Noir

By Nikesh Murali
Indian Noir is the home of fast-paced, edge of your seat thrillers set in India. Each season will feature a new story where heroes will fight against all odds and race against a ticking clock to save the day and blow your mind. These plot-heavy audio stories will have enough back-story and characterisation to deliver memorable heroes and allies and villains, but the focus will always be on delivering a roller-coaster ride of action and explosions. Indian Noir is written, narrated and produced...

Winterfell and I Can't Get Up

By Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop
In this Game of Thrones podcast, host Candice Huber discusses the Song of Ice and Fire series along with her mom, Gail, who is reading it for the first time and has absolutely no knowledge of Game of Thrones. Read along, listen along, and follow Gail's journey through the series chapter by chapter as she discovers for the first time just how brutal it can be. When you read Game of Thrones with your mom, you win or you die (laughing).

Three Minute Book Review

A series of short reviews on a variety of different books.

فصل اول پادکست کتابخوان

By Danyal Tayyeb
در پادکست کتاب‌خوان به کمک دوستانمون و باهم کتاب می‌خوانیم.

A Perpetual Feast

By CiRCE Institute Podcast Network
Join historian Wes Callihan (of the Old Western Culture series) and Andrew Kern, (author of Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America and President of the CiRCE Institute) for an ongoing and contemplative conversation about Homer, Homer, and all the things Homer makes them think about.

Slow Burn

By Nikesh Murali | Author of Indian romance and love stories
Slow Burn is aural pleasure in the form of Indian romance and love stories. Each season will feature a new love story in one of the many sub-genres of romance - contemporary, historical, paranormal, futuristic etc set in India, featuring Indian characters. Slow Burn is written, narrated and produced by Commonwealth Short Story Prize and DWL Story Prize winning writer Nikesh Murali. Nikesh has received honourable mentions for the Katha Short Story Prize twice and has been nominated twice for T...

Podcast – Solphia

By Podcast – Solphia
Wisdom of the Universe

MWA: Muggles With Attitude

By Alice Sullivan, Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake
We're reading the Harry Potter novels and podcasting about them! Join us as we walk down the halls of memory and of Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts! We are Alice Sullivan (@alicemsullivan), Micah Sparkman, and Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake).

The Dynamic Manager's Guide To Marketing: How To Create And Nurture Your Best Customers

To grow your business, add “People” to Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, the classic elements of marketing. Dave Donelson will show you how to attract their attention, persuade them to buy, and ensure their satisfaction with people skills--the heart of successful marketing. Learn what makes your customers tick, why they buy from you or your competitors, and how to make them customers for life.


「文采」------出自司馬遷《報任安書》「鄙陋沒世,而文采不表於後世也」,指鮮麗色澤,引指有價值的文詞著述,或留予後世的文化遺產。 「飛揚」------出自漢高祖劉邦的詩句「大風起兮雲飛揚」 節目以生動活潑的方式,介紹語言文學。使聽眾在悠閒而有品味的文化空間之中,靜靜細聽古今傑出不朽的文學作品。 逢星期六晚8:30pm - 9pm,香港電台第五台、香港電台網站rthk.hk同步播出 主持︰ 朱少璋 香港電台文教組製作

Fanboy Comics podcast

By DelfinPod
Join super nerd Clayton as he and a guest deep dive into the newest comic books and discuss some hidden treasures!

A New World Order

By That's Not Canon Productions
THE WORLD IS A MESS! BUT WHO CAN WE TURN TO TO FIX IT!? THE UNITED NATIONS? THE DALAI LAMA? THE LONG-LOST HEIR OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE!? Frankly, all of those options would probably be better than listening to three white guys from Australia wax lyrical about how everything in the world would be better if they were the one and only supreme dictator. And yet, here we are.

The Indelicates » The Indelicates Live Jukebox Podcast

By The Indelicates
Julia, Simon and Guests will chat, fiddle about, play stuff, read stuff out and try to remember how to play any song that you cue up on their live acoustic jukebox. Plays cost £1.50 and you can request any song at all from the Indelicates back catalogue.

The WoTchers Podcast

By Hank Garner
Discussing Robert Jordan and The Wheel of Time

The Potterhead Podcast

By The Potterheads
The official podcast of The Potterhead Place

El Jardin Sonoro de Miranda Locadelamaceta

By Miranda Locadelamaceta
Cultivo letras, voz, y otras plantas de interior.

Camp Murderface

By Saundra Mitchell & Josh Berk / Anchor
This is Camp Murderface: weird and creepy tales by the campfire, with Josh "Kittenface" Berk & Saundra Mitchell.

Suck My Fic

By Suck My Fic
Austin and Cameron ruin your favorite fictional characters by reading their awful reimaginations courtesy of the Internet. Join us as we dive into the dark world of bad fanfiction and discover things we never wanted to read.

The Blitzed Book Club

By Karri Allen
Welcome to The Blitzed Book Club! We are a group of friends who love books, booze, and chatting the night away. We read a new book every month and answer discussion questions about it....while progressively getting drunk AF! We will feature a drink each episode based on the book we are discussing and provide you with the recipe so you can try it at home! Come join our club!

Ear Crush

By Stephen Campbell

Thom Boulton

Thom Boulton is the Poet Laureate for Plymouth, UK. This channel is the home for his works as well as The Mouth (a poetry showcase for South West poets).

The Words

By The Words
The new podcast from Simon & Schuster UK

Podcast sur Césarine

By Maxime Reny / Anchor
Ceci est mon podcast sur Césarine

Cloak and Daggercast - A Cloak and Dagger TV Podcast

By Electric Streams Media
Adam and Darrell discuss the new Marvel Television Series, Cloak and Dagger which premiered this summer on FreeForm. The series stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph as Tandy Bowen / Dagger and Tyrone Johnson / Cloak, two teenagers who acquire superpowers and form a romantic relationship.

23rd Century: Live Forever Season One

By Carroll Grabham
Have sex with your favourite dead legend. Spend your entire life addicted to hyperreal home entertainment. Never talk to anyone real. No friends, no family. So what. A life spent tripping on smart acid means that nobody really cares any more. But a revolution is coming. And They will save humanity from an extinction of the mundane. This world without childhoods; post nuclear London Town underground, 23rd Century VoQue ephemera obsession. Don't talk to real people, Alexandra Brontay. Don't g...

Living in the Stacks

By Gumbie Cat Networks
Join hosts Melody, Max, Dexter, Diana, and Jon every two weeks for this audio book club we like to call Living in the Stacks.

Vango podcast

By Derek Morin / Anchor
On va choisir une chanson pour décrire un événement ou personnage de Vango (4 personnage et 4 chanson pour chaque)

Podcast (comme ci, comme ça)

By ??? / Anchor
Lieu ou je mets des podcasts. Qui suis-je?

No Thanks We're Booked

Looking at life through a bookish lens, internet-turned-IRL friends, Katie and Mollie, swap stories about the books they're currently loving and the life they're currently living. Grab a cup of tea (or a Moscow Mule) as we chat about the intersection of books, faith, family, friendship, personality, and culture.

Césarine podcast

By Justine Cléroux / Anchor
Dans le podcast de Césarine, vous allez pouvoir en apprendre plus sur le personnage de Césarine du livre « les Autodafeurs ».

Projet podcast - Auguste

By Mylène Alix / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Vango et Ethel

By Joëlle Bossé / Anchor
Ce podcast parle d'une aventure incroyable vécu par Vango et suivi de son amie Ethel.

Vango/Mazetta/Nazim Naimi 211

By Nazim Naimi / Anchor
This is my podcast!


By 半岛网络频道

A Writer's Journey: From Blank Page to Published

By A Writer's Journey: From Blank Page to Published
Writing podcast with tips about drafting, editing, publishing and marketing your books.

The Writer's Journey with Michael La Ronn

By Michael La Ronn
Join Michael La Ronn as he documents his personal journey from nobody to bestselling science fiction & fantasy author. Eavesdrop on the secret life of a working writer who publishes 10-12 books per year.


By Nicolas Prud'homme / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Ethel Vango

By agathe fleury / Anchor
Ce podcast vous présente le personnage Ethel du livre Vango.

Richard Ziwani Vango

By Richard Ziwani / Anchor
Je vais parler de traits de personalité sur vango, sur des émotions qu'il a ressentie dans l'histoire, sa quête et une de ses relations avec d'autres personnages

That Moment

By Shawn Taylor
That Moment is a podcast dedicated to discussing particular moments in an artist’s work. A panel in a comic book, a decision to create a piece of work, an actor’s look or the angle of the camera in a film, a joke in an overall set, or a vocal inflection during a speech are all fair game for exploration. #1InchWide5MilesDeep

Marc DeVergy

By Antoine Boland / Anchor
Ce podcast porte sur le sujet un Marc DeVergy un personnage clé dans le livre "les autodafeurs". Nons allons explorer ses traits de caractère ainsi que des chansons qui vont bien avec.

Geeky Gab

By Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons
GeekyGab is the podcast where everything goes according to fan! Authors Melissa Koons and Thomas A. Fowler dive into the franchises they love weekly to dissect the latest movies, books, television shows, comics, and video games.

City Life podcast XS Manchester

By XS Manchester
Join Matt White and Simon Binns every week for your ultimate 'What's On' guide to Manchester.

The Rough Writers Podcast

By The Rough Writers Podcast
Two authors, doing it the hard way so you don’t have to.

Kay Mack Reads

By Kay Mack
I read stuff out loud.


By 韩冰马球
等级是什么?为什么约翰·肯尼迪在电视上看到理查德·尼克松时一脸吃惊地冲他的朋友说:“这家伙一点没档次”? 等级是刻意忽视也无法否认的现实存在,不仅体现在容貌、衣着、职业、住房、餐桌举止、休闲方式、谈吐上,也不仅仅是有多少钱或者能挣多少钱。等级是一系列细微事物的组合,很难说清楚,但正是这些细微的品质确立了你在这个世界上的位置。评判等级的标准绝非只有财富一项,风范、品味和认知水平同样重要。 通过独特视角、敏锐的观察、鞭辟入里的分析、机智幽默的文笔,将美国社会中的社会等级现象描绘得淋漓尽致,对三六九等人的品味作了细致入微的对比,引人发笑又富于启发性。书中对美国社会的诸多描述无不折射出当下中国的众生百态。


By 韩冰马球
和往年夏天一样,森崎夫妇邀请亲友到山庄避暑。 不了,平静在第二天凌晨被打破。 两个持枪的男人闯入山庄,将在场八人劫持。 众人不断设法自救:利用极短的外出时间写下求救信号,用定时器控制电闸造成短路……却都因有人暗地捣鬼而失败。 第三天早上,一名任职被发现倒在血泊中,而凶手不可能是绑匪。 众人意识到,比绑匪更可怕的人就在他们当中。 在《假面山庄》中,东野圭吾娴熟地运用了推理小说的一种经典模式“暴风雪山庄”——所有在场者与外界失去联系,孤立无援,无法逃离,必须尝试解谜并自救。同时,东野圭吾又将一条隐藏的故事线加进这一模式中,让案情更加扑朔迷离的同时让烧脑的故事更有温度,将悬念一直延续到全书的结尾。


By 韩冰马球
纽约格林尼治村一名妓女被刺死在床上,整张床成了血海。她同住的同性恋男孩,浑身是血冲上街头,被当作凶犯抓了起来。而继父找到了马修斯卡德,希望了解自己的女儿到底是什么人,为什么招来杀身之祸。 我是私家侦探,但没有执照,我爱漂亮女人,更爱烈酒波本,我不是正义的化身,更不想当救世主,我总会把用血换来的钱捐给教堂,但上帝始终把我抛弃,酒店关门之后,我无家可归,我叫马修,我是个酒鬼,今天,我无话可说。 劳伦斯·布洛克(Lawrence Block),1938年生于纽约州水牛城,现居纽约。他是享誉世界的美国侦探小说大师,当代硬汉派侦探小说最杰出的代表,他的小说不仅在美国备受推崇,还跨越大西洋,完全征服了自诩为侦探小说故乡的欧洲。


매주 (화) 오후 4시 / 저녁 8시 O tvN 방송 매주 현실감 있는 한 가지 이슈를 선정, 이에 걸 맞는 책을 단원들이 추천하고 책에서 비롯된 다양한 정보와 의견을 자유롭게 이야기하는 본격 북 토크 쇼! 문학과 지성을 전면에 내세운 순수문학, 철학서는 물론 어린 시절 읽었던 동화, 만화, 잡지까지 색다른 형식으로 책 이야기를 풀어낸다.

CapRadio Reads

By Capital Public Radio
Feed your curiosity and explore fresh perspectives with CapRadio Reads—our online, on-air and on demand resource for discovering your next great read.


By Christian and Eric
Hosts Christian Zyp and Eric Newby weave a fine yarn tapestry of pop-culture history. By connecting poignant points of cultural history, they go full-circle starting with one band, movie, song, you name it - and end up right back where they started.


By 秋素槿
身在烟火人间,心中诗意田园。 人生,承担。 心头,平淡。 喜欢深秋,喜欢清茶素语的人生

Minds at Yeerk

By Minds at Yeerk Podcast
Every other week, three people who read Animorphs as kids and one who didn't read and discuss another book in the series.

CALM+COZY | Grown-Up Bedtime Stories

By Beth Wyatt
By popular demand, Beth Wyatt, host of the CALM+COZY Insomnia Podcast, reads short stories, poetry, and classic literature over calming meditative music. Listen in the evening while you prepare to sleep, or while you're in bed. (All works read are copyright-free.)

The Writing Process podcast – Christopher Wink

By The Writing Process podcast – Christopher Wink
Technically Media Publisher and CEO: I write about media, cities, entrepreneurship and share my writing and speaking.

Bald Man Stories

By Sean Tate / Anchor
Welcome to Bald Man Stories, a collection of surreal tales about the overlooked aspects of life.

Cervello Quantico

By PiuChePuoi
Ogni settimana, l'appuntamento con Italo Pentimalli alla scoperta del Potere del Cervello Quantico e di come puoi usarlo per cambiare in meglio la tua vita. Un viaggio assieme all'autore del libro "Il Potere del Cervello Quantico" e fondatore di Piuchepuoi, la più grande community italiana dedicata allo studio del Cervello Quantico e come puoi usarlo nella tua vita. Risposte, storie e spiegazioni per scoprire "un modo diverso di vedere le cose".

That Book

By Hannah Weaver and Michael Goldsmith
That Book is your guide to terrible good books and good terrible books. You know that book: the one you see everyone reading on the subway, the one gathering dust on your stepmom’s nightstand, and the one that the library has twenty untouched copies of. Hosted by Hannah Weaver and Michael Goldsmith, readers with high expectations and low standards.