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Unassigned Reading

By Unassigned Reading
We talk about the books you're never going to talk about in English class.

Utopolis aus Sicht der KI

By Nonowe
Scripted Podcast: Kurze Geschichten, Sound-Experimente, Künstliche Intelligenz

La muerte de Dios

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), filósofo alemán. Durante su infancia fue educado en un entorno religioso debido a que su padre y abuelo eran pastores protestantes. Después de abandonar el interés por la teología, se dedicó a estudiar arduamente hasta obtener la cátedra de Filología Griega en la Universidad de Basilea, con tan solo 24 años de edad. Influenciado por el filósofo alemán Arthur Schopenhauer, su obra se caracterizó por la radicalidad y la provocación en sus planteamientos tanto...


By 孟海音


By 三乐大掌柜

A Gentle Thief

By Amanda Dickson
A Gentle Thief is a fictional podcast, written and performed by Amanda Dickson, inspired by real events involving the death of a young girl and her parents' desperate and relentless attempt to have her death certificate changed from suicide to homicide. Attorney Sophie Brownlie is given the case her first week with the law firm of Day Openshaw. She becomes passionate in her attempt to help the family prove that their daughter did not kill herself. But if she didn't, who did? Her ex-husband?...

huntfishforages podcast

By Jake Franklin
Hunt, Fish and Forages is a podcast that explores outdoor activities year round. Topics include, but are not limited to, hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking your wild game. The hosts, Jake, Chris, Don and Jerry, are a group of working outdoorsmen from across the Midwest. They discuss different topics and include expert guests to make the show both entertaining and informative with a focus on keeping the show down to earth, fun and information packed. Listen and grab some tips for y...


By Martyn Currill and Greg Fazekas
Two indie writers talk about the craft, business, and lifestyle of writing.


By Arktos
Discussions on literature, philosophy, and metapolitics, from the time between orders. (NEW CHANNEL)

Tales from the Aletheian Society

By The Aletheian Society
A comedy podcast about occultists set in Victorian Glasgow.

& then write

By Stacy Walsh
Have you ever wished you had a group of friends you could chat with every few weeks about all things writing? Well, now you do. The & then write podcast is for writers who have a deep passion for their craft and process. Writers who are looking for a healthy dose of motivation and inspiration. And those wanting to connect with other writers. Welcome, you’ve found your tribe. Visit for more info about the podcast, and for instructions on how to join the podcast discu...

X – den sista platsen

By John Ajvide Lindqvist/Word Audio Publishing
X – den sista platsen är tredje delen i John Ajvide Lindqvists serie Platserna »Under hösten 2016 drog en självmordsvåg genom Stockholms undre värld.« Så inleds John Ajvide Lindqvists roman X : Den sista platsen, den avslutande delen i trilogin som inleddes med Himmelstrand och Rörelsen. En gång var kriminaljournalisten Tommy T hela Sveriges älskling, men på senare år har hans stjärna dalat. Undersökningen av självmorden ska bli hans upprättelse. Tillsammans med sin hund Hagge nosar han sig d...

The Orbital Sword

By The Orbital Sword
A book review podcast looking at books in the SciFi & Fantasy Genres

Zumalacárregui by PéREZ GALDóS, Benito

By LibriVox
El primer episodio de la tercera serie presenta la España desgarrada por la Primera Guerra Carlista y la Regencia de María Cristina. La Primera Guerra Carlista se desarrolló entre 1833 y 1840 entre los partidarios del infante Carlos María Isidro de Borbón, conocidos como carlistas y de un régimen absolutista, y los de Isabel II, denominados cristinos por apoyar a la regente María Cristina de Borbón, cuyo gobierno fue originalmente absolutista moderado, y acabó convirtiéndose en liberal para o...

Shakespearean Theory and Art

By Ashleigh Huerta / Anchor
Welcome to the podcast on Shakespearean Theory and Art, where new worlds in literature are created.

Storytime With Rex

By Rex McKenzie / Anchor
What if there was way to read a book without looking at the pages? Na, what am I thinking. That can't be done.

English Podcast

By Abi Benavides / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Stories From The Oliverse

By Oliver Kennett
Welcome to The Oliverse. Regular short stories read for you by the author, Oliver Kennett, for your listening pleasure. Open your mind...

Creep or Sleep

By PodBeard Network
Narrating stories of the haunted! New episodes every Friday!

ean Sexton

By ean sexton / Anchor
This is my podcast!

The Invisible Stage

By The Icebox Radio Theater
All the world’s a stage, even if you can’t see it. In ‘The Invisible Stage’ the Icebox Radio Theater offers up it’s best dramatic offerings from suspense to romance and everything in between.

The Diarist Podcast

By Donna Barrow-Green
The Diarist is a serialized audio fiction podcast. In 15 episodes The Diarist immerses listeners into the 1950s world of Madison Avenue Advertising and leads them through the bizarre and often frightening inner worlds of the characters.   After completing Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Andrea Davies takes a position at a large New York Advertising firm, admittedly there to find a husband and secure a life as a well-to-do, country club socialite.Andrea becomes increasingly drawn into her ...

黑质三部曲 魔法神刀【英文】

By 耗子英语故事陪读
留英博士纯正英语带您一起共读英语经典原版小说~ 耗子精心选的英语小说难度适中,适合正在学习英语的中小学生、大学生或想提高听力的任何人,虽然故事是儿童读物,但情节幽默有趣,适合所有年龄阶段,非常适合磨耳朵。 读故事纯属个人爱好,虽然有官方版本,但喜欢您能喜欢这个“平民版”,有任何疑问都欢迎留言交流 若想看更多英语读物推荐,详情请见微信公众号:抱着喵的耗子 如果你喜欢哈利波特,如果你喜欢指环王,那么,这是一套站在他们俩中间不可不读的第三个系列!这个系列没有哈利波特那么长,是个三部曲。如果你喜欢奇幻类的小说,或许能猜到:英国作家Phillip Pullman的 His Dark Materials,三部曲分别为: Northern Lights (1995年出版); The Subtle Knife (1997年出版); The Amber Spyglass (2000年出版)。

Bibliothèques anonymes

By Phangere
Petite ou grande, garnie ou accueillante, discrète ou imposante, une bibliothèque n'est pas qu'un amas de livres ; c'est aussi une trace de ce qu'on a été, de ce qu'on est aujourd'hui, de ce qu'on aimé, détesté, des personnes cotoyées, des souvenirs de goûts et dégoûts. Une bibliothèque, c'est aussi une histoire de fantômes : certains livres qui manquent à l'appel, perdu pour toujours ; d'autres inextricablement liés à sa famille, à ses amis, à ses amours. Des livres atteris ici par hasard, e...


By Teyuna Trynea Darris
A podcast featuring literature from the present and the past.

Le Trio de la culture

By CFAK 88,3 FM Radio universitaire
Chaque semaine, nos trois animatrices vont présenter/critiquer un livre, un film et un CD de musique.

RumbleFic: The Realtime Fiction Podcast

By RumbleFic
Get your boners ready, fiction fans: every week Lach and Tito build a story from (almost) scratch in 20 minutes or less. For these guys, fiction's a full-contact sport.

Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature

By Jordan West
Various Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature

30 Minutes

By Amanda Shauger
30 Minutes is a Tucson-based public affairs radio program featuring local, national and international guests and issues produced at 91.3 KXCI Community Radio. Since 2005, Producer/Host Amanda Shauger and other station contributors conduct interviews and record panel discussions on the arts, literature, social justice, on both timely and timeless topics.

So Here's What Happened

By LaNeysha C. & Carolyn H.
A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things!Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don't hold back and get into it all.Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and rev...

Castle Rock Zone Podcast

By Golden Spiral Media
A fan podcast dedicated to the Hulu series, Castle Rock


By Forsyth County Public Library
The official Forsyth County Public Library podcast for news, upcoming programs, and recommendations.

Alberto y Raquel

By Alberto y Raquel / Anchor
Escritura, libros, descubrimientos. Y gatos (si ellos quieren). En español, por Alberto Chimal y Raquel Castro, escritores mexicanos. Contiene versiones en audio de videos transmitidos en vivo y algunos episodios especiales.


By 娓娓老师@语文社区
有趣的娓娓讲故事,走心的语文教育! 娓娓讲故事(中国神话故事、民间传说)——有趣的成长故事,走心的语文教育: 中国神话是我国上古时期的传统神话,不依托于任何宗教,反映了早期华夏儿女淳朴的思想以及古代人们对自然现象及社会生活的原始幻想,并通过超自然的形象和幻想的形式来表现的故事和传说,是“通过人民的幻想用一种不自觉的艺术方式加工的自然和社会形式本身”。 神话通过以神为主人公,它们包括各种自然神和神化了的英雄人物。神话的情节一般表现为变化、神力。神话的意义通常显示为对某种自然和社会现象的解释;有的表达了先民征服自然、变革社会的愿望。 【娓娓老师:小语资深教师、教学能手......; 全国现场课例比赛特等奖获得者; 省教学观摩活动特等奖获得者; 市大型活动及庆典晚会主持人......】 这是以亲子伴读为主题的免费学习社区! 拥有“娓娓学语文”“娓娓讲故事”“娓娓读拼音”三大名牌栏目! 除了跟名师学课文,还可以听故事、猜谜语、对对联、学成语...... 【在历史和文化故事中轻轻松松学语文】 2岁开始就可以听睡前亲子故事啦^_^ ——娓娓学语文开始啦!语文从未如此有趣!

El ruiseñor y la rosa

Oscar Wilde (Dublín, 1854 – París, 1900). Escritor y dramaturgo. Se distinguió por poseer un sentido del humor mordaz y crítico que gustaba de exponer los excesos de la sociedad victoriana. Escribió cuentos, novelas y teatro y entre sus títulos más reconocidos se pueden nombrar El príncipe feliz, El retrato de Dorian Gray, La importancia de llamarse Ernesto y Salomé. En 1895 fue condenado a dos años de prisión debido a que se le acusó de “indecente”. Una vez en libertad, se mudó a Francia,...


By Michael Ebert-Hanke
Gespräche über Sprache & Text

Writers for Freedom

By ZKM|Karlsruhe
Writers for Freedom The Global Fight for Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and is considered to be one of the most important indicators of democratic rule. Nevertheless, around 800 authors, journalists, editors and publishers worldwide are currently in fear of reprisals from exerting their right to free speech – they are being persecuted, threatened, placed under house arrest, imprisoned, tortured and even murdered. To make a definite stand against rogue regimes sil...


By David Adler
The living memoir of author Warren Adler. As novelist with 50 works and major movies including War of The Roses, Adler has a memory that takes him back to age 3.

Underground Writing

By Matt Malyon
Underground Writing was founded in 2015. We conducted our first creative writing workshop on July 8, 2015 with four students in Skagit County Juvenile Detention. We are a literature-based creative writing program serving migrant, incarcerated, recovery, and other at-risk communities in Northern Washington through literary engagement and personal restoration. We facilitate generative encounters with literature spanning the tradition—from ancient texts to those written in our workshops. Ho...


By たかひろ・あすた

Marital Issues: A Podcast about Comics

By The French-Patels
A married couple discuss comics and films and television shows and games and anything else that comes to mind...

Passion Project.

By Words For Weirdos
Guests come by to tell us about their passions.

The Cinema Murder by Edward Phillips Oppenheim

By Loyal Books
Phillip Romilly is a poor art teacher in London. He finds out that his wealthy cousin Douglas has been seeing his girl friend Beatrice behind his back. He strangles Douglas, throws him in the canal, and assumes his identity. Douglas had booked passage to America for the next day, so after a pleasant sea voyage Phillip arrives at the Waldorf Hotel in New York as Douglas Romilly. An hour after checking in he disappears again, and assumes yet another identity, one that his cousin had set up for ...

Story of a Sexless Marriage - Dirty Rabbit Hole

By M. Forman
Are you part of sexless marriage? What happens when the bedroom turns cold? Can it be warmed again? Listen now!

World Stealers

By More Banana Productions
Your fave fandoms, ruined by us. Or made better. Depends on the week, really. Hosted by Cait Moldenhauer and Liz Clarkin-Breslin, fan fictions are written and read from random choices and resourced by Fan-Wiki’s expansive database.

Adventures of Wee Wesley

By Kori Stephens
The Adventures of Wee Wesley are a collection of whimsical tales of an extraordinary boy in an ordinary world. Each episode is inspired, written or co-narrated by my son Wee Wesley. Have you ever looked out the window and seen a heap of gorilla fur in the middle of your yard? Or maybe you were on a bug hunt but were only finding flying sea monsters? Seeing the world through this magical lens makes for great stories and that’s exactly what we’re going to do on this podcast. You can listen to t...

What the Fic

By What the Fic / Anchor
A writing podcast where we take random lists of words, use them as writing prompts, and try to make sense out of the nonsense

Realistic Fiction Novel

By Emily Schlabach / Anchor
This is my podcast!

TSC Reads Podcast

By Shawneda
TSC Readers gathers Trendy Sexy Cool book lovers to discuss our favorite topics, including books that should be movies, books turned into movies, and books. Reading is trendy. Readers are sexy. Books are cool.

Intellect Initiated

By Wesley A. G. Ford
This podcast is for those who are open to the possibility that we're on the verge of shifting the paradigm of all of human knowledge. Somebody will have to tear down the foundation, or build right along side it, but regardless, something new and beautiful will take its place.

Silent Knight: The Cassandra Cain Podcast

By Mike Staley
Mike Staley takes you issue by issue through the comic book history of Gotham's silent knight.

Folding Leroy

By Daniel Mandel
Folding Leroy is a storytelling podcast.

Ministry of Stories

By Ministry of Stories: A writing and mentoring space for young people in East London
Join the Ministry of Stories on unique adventures through lands of fire and dragons. Meet greedy unicorns and pig presidents and help us hunt for missing emojis and doughnuts. Each episode features a short story written and read by children who attend out of school clubs at the Ministry of Stories. Created with the generous support of Matt Hill and Penguin Random House Audio.

Audio Drama by ToldbyJo

By Josephine Halbert
Original drama and stories created for the world of audio by Josephine Halbert, an artist and filmmaker. Brought to you by Told In Pictures. Imagination is free.

Marcus Marcus & the Hurting Heart

By Rab Fulton
Confronted by a an act of supernatural violence, a broken hero begins a trans dimensional journey seeking the soul of his dead traitor wife. A must for fans of sci-fi, comedy, horror, dark fantasy and political thrillers


By Daniel Barragan / Anchor
Welcome to the Dap podcast. The speakers are Daniel, Anel, And Paulina. Nosotros vamos a leer sobre las leyendas de miedo del origen de Mexico. We will be reading about scary legends that have been passed on through out the years.


By Dahmia / Anchor
A well-known book.

The Brothers Karamazov and Friends

By Albert Watkins
The Brothers Karamazov and Friends is an audiobook disguised as a podcast, in which our host Phil Malcom invites one friend every week to spend an hour reading through the greatest novel ever written. Why? Because the only thing better than a Russian novel is a Russian novel podcast. There are only three rules: 1. There are no re-do's. 2. No help with pronunciation. 3. You have to do voices for the characters. It's the Brothers Karamazov and Friends! Lower your expectations, and you won't b...


By Der Literatursnob / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Des Voix Sourdes

By Aurore Serra
Chaque semaine découvrez un extrait de roman.

Hilke und der Fluch der Weser-Wut

By Marco Dzebro
Hilke, ein kleines, pfiffiges Kerlchen mit niedlicher Strubbelfrisur, findet in seinem Baumhaus ein rätselhaftes Buch. Es führt ihn geradewegs in eine Stadt, die auf Abenteuern gebaut wurde und dringend seine Hilfe braucht: Gemeinsam mit den Bre-Men, schrulligen Typen, die sich für Beschützer dieser Stadt halten, versucht er einen unheimlichen Piratenfluch abzuwenden. Und dabei geht es nicht nur ums Überleben.

Writer's Diary

By Writer's Diary
Children's Author & Storyteller

Eroi da Pub

Storie di grandi perdenti che sono, al tempo stesso, monito e allegoria ma anche fratelli e sorelle dello sportivo amatoriale, uniti nel dolore e nella rabbia della sconfitta eppure consapevoli che proprio lì, e non nella vittoria, sta la possibilità di riscatto e di apprendere una lezione determinante per la vita.

D&S Studios

By Sophie / Anchor
A podcast that talks about books.

À la une, à la deux

By Bibliothèque Sonore Romande
Revue de presse mensuelle proposée par Sergio Belluz et la Bibliothèque Sonore Romande.

The Mr B's Podcast

By Mr B's
We invite you to turn your laptop/tablet/phone on, plug in your earphones, and spend half an hour in the company of books and the Mr B’s Team. Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights is an independent bookshop in Bath, named one of the top ten independent bookshops in the world by the Guardian in 2015.

The B&N YA Podcast

By Barnes & Noble
Explore the stories behind the young adult books you love with the B&N YA Podcast. Join host Melissa Albert, editor of the B&N Teen Blog and bestselling author of The Hazel Wood, as she sits down with fellow YA authors to talk about books, life, their teen years, their pop cultural obsessions, and how they came up with the stories that keep us up at night. Subscribe to listen in on fascinating new conversations every other week.

Literary Latte with Lynda Bouchard

By Lynda Bouchard - BookingAuthorsInk
Your jolt of inspiration and outside-the-book ideas with publishing industry insiders. This show is about and for writers (ergo readers). Each episode is fueled by quirky conversations with authors and publishing industry pros. Guests share personal back-stories of failure, rejection and awkwardness on their way to success. Each episode is inspired, informed and infused with real-world advice on the craft and business of writing. Hosted by Lynda Bouchard. Powered by crazy ideas.


By Colecionador de Sacis
Poranduba é um podcast sobre as histórias fantásticas do folclore brasileiro. Produzido, apresentado e editado por Andriolli Costa, do site O Colecionador de Sacis, o programa busca estabelecer este diálogo entre os saberes tradicionais, culturas ancestrais,   mitos e lendas, com a cultura pop, a literatura, o cinema e o contemporâneo. Mostrando assim que folclore não está "lá", mas aqui. Que faz parte de nosso dia a dia, inspirando narrativas incríveis que podem tocar a todos nós.

WDR 3 Hörspiel: TYLL von Daniel Kehlmann

By Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Tyll Ulenspiegel, berühmter Gaukler und Hofnarr, begegnet den Wirren des Dreißigjährigen Krieges. Er trifft die Mächtigen ebenso wie das einfache Volk. Mal hält er den Spiegel vor, mal muss er ums Überleben kämpfen. Ein pralles Hörspiel europäischer Geschichte - nach dem Bestseller von Daniel Kehlmann.

Chapter Readings

By Be Aware
Chapter Readings are a series of events celebrating the beauty and significance of the written word, spoken aloud. Each month, an artist or a group of artists will design a literature-inspired reading created from a single theme or idea at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. The project is developed and curated by Be Aware Productions as part of Chapter’s Associate Artist Programme, Peliot.

Among The Betrayed Podcast

By Madeline Schrader / Anchor
This Among the Betrayed podcast will give you an insight on what happens in the book. Along with reviews a little bit on the other, and some connections we made throughout the book.


By Hammertales
One Heathen's Mildly Confused Journey

Writing Rainbows

By Writing Rainbows / Anchor
This is Writing Rainbows a podcast from the creative writing group at The Rainbow Project based in the Foyle LGBT Centre #lgbtawarenessweek #lgbtwriters #poetry #prose #storytelling #creativewriting #zine

El Rincón del Poeta Olvidado

By El Rincón del Poeta Olvidado
Grandes poemas de autores inolvidables.

Barbershop Books

By Barbershop Books / Anchor
Welcome to Barbershop Books, as Noah and Owen talk about books and the story there is always music!

Children's Book

By Samu Harrisu / Anchor
This is a reading of a story that I made simply because I felt that it should be something kids need to hear. Tolerance is key in this day and age.

Echidna's House's

By Erika Christie
Short Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories about monsters and other things that go boom in the dark.

Storytel Hindi Audiobook Podcast

By Storytel Hindi Audiobook Podcast
A Hindi podcast about Audiobooks and books. Where every once in a while, we will be talking about everything that is on Storytel in Hindi Language, potentially could be on Storytel or just in general. It will feature author interviews, voice artist interviews, book lovers and more. We hope you join us and discuss with us. Tell us what you want to hear.

Tachyon Signal / Trash TV

By Matthew St. Cyr
This message is being broadcast from the future.....this is not a dream......


By The Equinox Society & Nevertheless Media
I’m an occultist living in a haunted brownstone. I want to tell you, dear strangers, why I’m here and what I encountered. The three-winged pigeon. My cynical doppelganger. The loneliness and marvels and confusions of the house. And most importantly the ghost living in my bedroom. She was everything I’d hoped to find, but she was secretive and lost in her sad, hopeless limbo. I helped her with experiments, rituals, and spells until I realized if they worked—if we succeeded—I would lose her.

History Time

By History Time
Travel back in time with me to some of the most fascinating moments in human history. Witness colossal sea battles involving tens of thousands of men, take part in pagan blood rituals in the mysterious forests of Northern Europe and engage in highly orchestrated tribal warfare within Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. All this and more from the comfort of your own living room/bus to work/toilet throne

Geek Critique

By Chris Fennessy
Do you frequently geek out over Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Hunger Games? If so, join us as we take an unexpected look at nerdy properties through the lens of a different powerful theme each week.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

By University College Dublin
The creators of the audiobook for UCD's digital multimedia edition of 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' have considerable expertise in bringing James Joyce's voice to life. University College Dublin Professor Gerardine Meaney and Athena Media previously collaborated with Barry McGovern, the well-known Irish actor, on the podcast series and an iPhone app based on 'The Dead'. In 2016, Sam McGovern joined this team to create a full-length audio version of Joyce's first novel. Rather than...

kulturradio vom rbb | Kurz und gut

By Kulturradio (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Das kulturradio-Gedicht der Woche - Dichter von heute lesen radiophone Gedichte. Und vermitteln unseren Hörern damit eine Wochenration Reim, Rhythmus und Wohlklang. Komische, merkwürdige, musikalische und elegische Gedichte von Nora Gomringer und Bas Böttcher bis Thomas Gsella und Wiglaf Droste. Kurz und dicht statt lang und verlabert.

Steve Medcroft

By Steve Medcroft / Anchor
Welcome to the Short Fiction podcast, with weekly short fiction by Steve Medcroft and (soon) friends.


By Ereika & Rashanii
Storytellers is the brainchild of Rashanii and Ereika and consists of one-part improv and one-part interpretation. Four people take turns, each telling part of a single story, up to 5 minutes. The catch? Each person only hears the part of the story that came right before it, and the stories themselves are randomly chosen through storytelling cards. At the end, the four gather around to listen to the tale together while offering their unguarded responses, praise, critiques, and questions as t...

Plus or Minus: A Fudge RPG podcast

By Troy Truchon
Game Master Troy will discuss all aspects of running and playing the Fudge Role-playing Game from Grey Ghost Games, and derivatives like Fate and Icons. From hacking the rules to fit different settings and play styles, to general world-building, to reviews and interviews relevant to your interests. Strap in your ears Fudge Nation, we are going for a wild ride.

One minute Storytime

By Sisko Johnson / Anchor
One minute storytime! Get a Story In one minute Or Less!

Story Corner

I'm your reader, Arden Falls, and this is Story Corner, the read-aloud podcast with original short fiction for the bookworm in all of us.

F You Very Much

By Danny Wallace
You're not imagining it. People are getting ruder. And this is a serious problem. Join Danny Wallace, Marc Haynes and guests from around the world, as they share stories, science, opinions and uncover the very surprising truth about why people are so rude.

Exhibit Q podcast

By Exhibit Q
Exhibit Q is a podcast from two dorks who "grew up" together in the 80’s and 90’s. Each episode we’ll discuss current events and pop culture. Expect randomness, hilarity, and feminism.

Archivos de Gilead

By IndaHaus Producciones
Archivos de Gilead es nuestro podcast sobre Stephen King. Paso a paso, obra por obra, nos hacemos camino a traves de mundos que se cruzan. Hasta llegar al campo de rosas.

Like The Wolfe - A Nero Wolfe Podcast

By Jeff & Reyna
Like The Wolfe is a Nero Wolfe podcast. We're reading the Nero Wolfe canon and talking about each novel in order.

Woke Girls Don't Date

By Carnita Burnett
Red pill. Blue pill. ~ Whether or not a woman is in a meaningful relationship in this day & age really comes down to how conscious she is on what a relationship should be about and if she's discovered her inner peace. "You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." - Morpheus, from the movie The Matrix. Woke Girls have taken the red pill a...


By 万小姐的城市旅行
重庆,成都,上海,香港,北京,台北,南京,昆明,武汉,杭州。如果只给你一天时间,你会看到这些城市的哪一面?怎样的一条路线,才能触碰到这座城市最温暖的肌肤? 十座城,十个城市之旅,十个故事主人,为你讲述他们眼前的,还有记忆中的老城是怎样的,一砖一瓦的背后又曾经发生过怎样的故事。 喜欢请关注,毕竟在每座城市都被雷同的钢筋铁骨包裹的现在,想看到这些城市的独特性格太难了。 OneDay陪你,穿越穿越朝堂巷弄,听遍宇宙繁星。 跟着故事主人走吧,她在等你。 关注微信公众号:GapDay旅行,联系我们。

Booyakka Studios

By John Hutchinson / Anchor
This is Booyakka, a book podcast, but not like the kind you’re used to! Hosted by John Townsend

2 Logical Idiots' Podcast

By Dicky Lefevre and Kent Wayne
Brothers and Sisters, We are deeply grateful that you’ve chosen to listen to our podcast. Join us as we follow our hearts and pursue our passion: talking out of our asses and into your ears. We hope you bask in our ignorance as if it was scorched-earth flatulence. We lack the intellectual capacity of Sam Harris, the comedic acumen of Joe Rogan, and the lethal badassery of Jocko Willink. We have mastered mediocrity in all its forms. We are not particularly strong, accomplished, or hygie...