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Literary Canon Ball
By Literary Canon Ball
Literary Canon Ball is a podcast for anyone who wants a fun and feisty conversation about books.
Stefan Zweig: Kaleidoskop. Noveller (lydbog)
Stefan Zweig nævnes ofte som romanbiografiernes mester, men sit kunstneriske gennembrud fik Zweig med sine noveller. En blanding af elegant sprog og dybdeborende psykologi karakteriserer skildringerne af de vidt forskellige menneskeskæbner, og i Kaleidoskop er ti af de bedste noveller samlet.
Giacomo Leopardi Opere
By quartaradio
Messa in voce di scritti, canti, poesie e dialoghi di Giacomo Leopardi. Drammaturgia del suone e voce di Gaetano Marino.
By Book Riot
An audio documentary series about books, reading, and language.
Just آية
By Just آية
أنت وحدك هنا، معي
Ghost City Comics Podcast
By Ghost City Comics
Giving indie creators a behind-the-scenes look into the comic industry.
Answers for Real Men
By Answers for Real Men
Answers For Real Men is a show about real men who have real challenges and struggles in their lives. This first episode is about Coach Arnie Fonseca, Jr and about his journey to this point in his life. As a man in his fifties Arnie has overcome many of life's challenges and he has learned that doing life alone as a Man is a losing proposition. In this episode Arnie not only explains what Answers For Real Men is all about but he goes deep into his own life including the struggles with is Dad. Arnie now knows that life is a team sport and by locking arms with other strong grounded men we can and will be better men. For more great information please check us out at
The Tolkien Heads
By Richard Hronek, Christopher Stohs, Nathan Germain, and Matthew Boutilier
Join us as we read through J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings." Each week we work with a different chapter and explore various themes both in the novel and in our lives.
Steven Hoefer's Reader's Room Podcast
By Steven Hoefer
Science/Fiction author Steven Hoefer discusses the best speculative fiction and science in this weekly show. Regularly features book recommendations, groundbreaking science, original fiction, essays, and more.
Turn Of Phrases
By Turn Of Phrases
Here at Turn of Phrases I explore common idioms, old wives tales, metaphors, superstitions, and more. As I make my way through these phrases I look for their origins and see if I can find any truth in these little tall tales. Come along with me as I turn some phrases.
Big Bear's Den
By Jason
Big Bear's Den was once just a blog, for my random thoughts. Now its a blog and a podcast for my random thoughts, my short fiction, and anything else that I don't wish to pile into the other feeds. Plus generally Jen needs a break from wrangling me in, so here it is. Hope you enjoy.
Darkliy Lit Podcast
By Kaela Berry & Jesse Reyes
Each month we delve into a different example of horror literature. Encouraging listeners to read and send in their own comments and questions to discuss on the podcast.
Online Warriors
By The Online Warriors Hosting Group
The Online Warriors is a new multi-subject podcast that strives to keep you entertained. Our main interests lie in the realm of technology, video games, movies and books. Every episode, we'll have in depth discussions on some of our favorite titles or some of the latest news in the industry. Stay tuned!
Fun With Books
By Melissa Barbosa, Marcus Brito
Melissa e Marcus conversam sobre livros de todos os tipos e outras nerdices.
Book Talk Radio Club
By Book Talk Radio Club
Listen to interviews with upcoming writers talking about their books and the inspiration for writing them. ​ Discover new and exciting books in all genres.
Feral Badger Table Read
By Cameron Gray
The Feral Badger Table Read podcast is here for amateur screenwriters to send in their work and have it put out into the world in audio format! Have you got a short script just sitting there gathering dust? Drop us an email at [email protected] and if it passes the smell test we'll get it online and out into the ears of the general public.
Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast
By Andrew Tate
Let's Not Meet is a podcast about true horror stories submitted to the letsnotmeet forum at Told in the form of a campfire narrative, these are stories of real life encounters with sick and twisted humans. It's a podcast which sets out to prove that the real monsters are not that of science fiction novels and horror movies. Join Andrew Tate every Sunday for new episodes.
By Mark Tullius
Dark fiction and MMA author, Mark Tullius teams up with Anthony Johnson, a Marine, yogi, and martial artist. Join them as they explore pursuing passion and creating the perfect day.
By Corrado Russo
Recitations of Latin literature
Lire sous la lune
By Hylyirio
Les chroniques littéraires d'Hylyirio
Creating Tag
By Selim and Manuel - Comic Creators
This is a podcast about two guys who are creating a graphic novel. We talk about the creative process and how it is intimately tied to our lives and the world around us. As kids we dreamed of one day showcasing our stories to the world through books, TV, movies or video games, but we never knew how. Now, as adults with jobs and children, we want to rekindle that youthful creative spirit to do something extraordinary. Join me, Manuel Perea, and Selim Nurudeen, childhood friends and creators of the graphic novel Tag, as we pick up where we left off as kids, and chase our dreams.
Get to Work Hurley!
By Get to Work Hurley!
The GET TO WORK HURLEY podcast is a monthly discussion about the pro writing life for professional novelists, freelancers, and wordsmiths of all kinds.
Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction
By Zachary Bartels
Two serialized stories, one true, one not.
Readers Initiative
By Rafał Jasiński & Michał Sobieszek
Podcast poświęcony literaturze i czytaniu
By R N Bittencourt
R.N Bittencourt tem uma longa experiência como diretor de espetáculos e life coach. Napocast, Viajando com Napoleão é um convite para a criatividade. Através de entrevistas e viagens por diversos países, Ricardo nos transporta para os melhores lugares que estão guardados em nossa memória. O objetivo é inspirar, motivar e criar melhores caminhos na vida. Original em português e também a versão em inglês. R.N Bittencourt has a long experience as a director of shows and life coach. Napocast, Traveling with Napoleon is an invitation to creativity. Through interviews and travels in different countries, Ricardo transports us to the best places that are stored in our memory. The goal is to inspire, motivate and create better paths in life. Original in Portuguese and also the English version.
LibrAmore Podcast
Könyvek, írók papíron, álló- és mozgóképen, irodalmi és kulturális pogramok, trendek.
By Poetry Foundation
The VS podcast is a bi-weekly series where poets confront the ideas that move them. Hosted by poets Danez Smith and Franny Choi, produced by Daniel Kisslinger, and presented by the Poetry Foundation and Postloudness.
Steampunk Dollhouse
By Bluestocking
Hosted by Library-Agent Bluestocking and broadcasting from deep within the Library, Steampunk Dollhouse is a podcast for deep-dives into steampunk literature and how it relates to colonialism and postcolonial societies, intersectional theory and the damage technology can do when we don't understand its potential.
Sweet Valley Why Podcast
By Sweet Valley Why Podcast
Sweet Valley Why: the podcast that relives Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Saga so you don't have to! Join us for burgers and milkshakes at the Moon Beach Cafe as Hayley and Sali journey through the many, many books of the Sweet Valley Saga and discover how Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield both enhanced and ruined their lives. Hosted by Hayley (@fatherbananas) and Sali (@magenta_galaxy).
Bibliophile | a book podcast by Golden Hare Books
By Golden Hare Books
Bibliophile is a new, monthly podcast by Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland - and it's all about books! Hosted by bookshop manager Julie Danskin and senior bookseller Annie Rutherford and featuring a rotating cast of guests. Each episode is broken up into three sections: a different 'big topic' from the world of books; answering a question from one of our listeners; introducing new and notable books coming up for the month and what we're currently excited about.
Bibliocracy Radio
By Bibliocracy Radio
KPFK radio's weekly books show, Tuesdays at noon on 90.7 FM or streaming live at
Bliss's Podcast
By Bliss
Bliss Floccare is a Durham NC artist. On this podcast she will speak with interesting people around the world, always while drinking Rose.
Awesome Truth: A Wrestling Book Club
By Steve Cimino and Walt Schwenk
Welcome to Awesome Truth, a wrestling book club in podcast form. Every episode, your hosts Steve Cimino and Walt Schwenk will dissect a classic piece of wrestling literature. Join them as they dive into the oft-seamy underbelly of professional wrestling's written word.
Ink & Artifacts
By EJ Spurrell
From the shelves of comic book stores to the methods of expert marketers, narratives played an integral part of forming culture and perception throughout human history. Join independent author EJ Spurrell as he delves into the history, meaning, importance and applicability of storytelling throughout the ages.
Leopard Lit Podcast
By Kyle and Nicole Bedeau
Interview authors, bloggers and readers about writing.
By Neil White
A crime writer's journey from the bedroom to the bookshelf
Vox: Short audio from the RLF
By Royal Literary Fund
Short audio series where RLF writers explore topics around writing.
Got It Covered
By Jeffrey Pickett, Jesus Perez, Jamie Steidle
A weekly book club podcast about this month's (and next month's) new releases.
Der Gondelfahrer - Il Gondoliere
By Angelo Callipo
Ciao io leggo di tutto! Favole che ti hanno accompagnato dall'infanzia o racconti a te sconosciuti, ma anche frammenti, poesie, perfino preghiere, autori lontani nel tempo e contemporanei ti parleranno attraverso la mia voce. Ti piacerebbe ascoltarti? Mandami quello che scrivi e io lo leggerò per te. Non censuro niente. A parte, naturalmente, le volgarità gratuite, testi di propaganda ideologica o opere protette da copyright. Leggere a voce alta è un gesto antico, un gesto di incontro e di condivisione. Per questo il mio show si chiama Il Gondoliere (Der Gondelfahrer). La voce, proprio come un gondoliere, traghetta pensieri ed emozioni.
None of That: A Black Books Podcast
By James McAnespy
An episode-by-episode look into everyone's favourite bookshop. Each week new guests discuss their favourite quotes, characters and plots, and wider discussions on culture, wine and life. Hosted by James McAnespy
Andrew Luck Book Club
By WFYI 90.1 FM and HD1/HD2
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is as comfortable in the library as he is dodging a pass rush. His love of books even prompted him to start his own book club in 2016.
Keepin Up With The GeekBros
By We Be Geeks
Juancho and ViBE are the "GEEK BROS"! Providing their special brand of social commentary on all geek-tasic entertainment news, events, TV shows, movies and so much more!
John Wayne Lied to You
By John Wayne Comunale - Mocking Bird Network
John Wayne Comunale is a bizarro fiction writer and band leader of johnwayneisdead. Join him as he recounts his insane but real life adventures
By Gabriel Meyer
Books are Lighthouses on the Sea of Time. Three teenagers devoted to wisdom and camaraderie share deep thoughts, favorite books, and occasional shenanigans.
Lyt til nyt
By Sarah Kirstein
Til den nysgerrige lytter, der gerne vil overraskes med bidder af ny litteratur, der endnu ikke er udgivet. Hør en bid og hjælp efterfølgende forfatteren videre på Facebooksiden: Lyt til nyt.
University of Minnesota Bookstores Podcast
By University of Minnesota Bookstores
The University of Minnesota Bookstores hosts authors who talk about their recently released book(s).
Модель Для Сборки
"Модель Для Сборки" — культовая российская радиопередача, выходит в эфир с 1995 года. Самое известное радиошоу в сегменте авторских программ в Московском FM диапазоне и профильных интернет-ресурсах. "МДС" представляет собой литературно-музыкальный симбиоз, состоящий из лучших произведений зарубежной и российской литературы,современной прозы преимущественно фантастического жанра, в сопровождении музыкального ряда в стилях современной электроники, даун-темпо, эмбиента, трип-хопа и подобных музыкальных направлений. Фирменное звучание "Модели" достигается благодаря актерскому "профессиональному" голосу автора программы и бессменного чтеца Влада Коппа в сочетании с музыкальным вкусом опытных DJ's - Михаила Габовича и Андрея Эддисона, которые создадут правильную атмосферу для настоящих аудиогурманов. "Модель для Сборки" не имеет возрастных ограничений, противопоказаний и побочных эффектов. Незаметно присоединяйтесь! Задайте свой вопрос авторам "Модели для сборки". Крупнейшее сообщество, посвященное МДС.
The Animals Podcast
By Christopher Isherwood, Don Bachardy and Katherine Bucknell
Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, a celebrated novelist and a talented painter, were openly gay in conservative 1950s Hollywood. In private, they called themselves The Animals. Simon Callow and Alan Cumming read their love letters; Katherine Bucknell reveals secrets they kept even from their friends, a galaxy of star writers, artists, stage players and movie makers in L.A., London, and New York. The series is capped by a play the lovers wrote together, A Meeting by the River, starring Dominic West, Kyle Soller and Penelope Wilton, and directed by Anthony Page.
만화야 미안해
당당한 니트족 식샤 , 이첨지 , 아홉수의 만화 이야기
Book Wars Pod
By Chris Sedor; Kate Sedor; Kristen Sereci
Book Wars explores the Star Wars universe through its non-screen media: the canon novels, comics, and video games. Expect analysis on how all of these stories add to the movies we know and love, hosted by three big Star Wars nerds.
Booked All Night
By Jessica M Tuckerman & Magdalyn Ann
Late night discussion on YA books, our adventures writing them, and our absurdly strong opinions on which ones give us the most feels.
Alice In Brexitland
By Leavis Carroll
Alice In Brexitland by Leavis Carroll read by Julian-Rhind Tutt. Check out the new Alice In Brexitland podcast taken from the bestselling book. A perfect bedtime story or perhaps a nightmare you may never wake up from! Lying on a riverbank on a lazy summer’s afternoon – 23rd June 2016, to be precise – Alice spots a flustered-looking white rabbit called Dave calling for a referendum. Following him down a rabbit-hole, she emerges into a strange new land, where up is down, black is white, experts are fools and fools are experts... She meets such characters as the Corbynpillar, who sits on a toadstool smoking his hookah and being no help to anyone; Humpty Trumpty, perched on a wall he wants the Mexicans to pay for; the Cheshire Twat, who likes to disappear leaving only his grin, a pint, and the smell of scotch eggs remaining; and the terrifying Queen of Heartlessness, who’ll take off your head if you dare question her plan for Brexit. Will Alice ever be able to find anyone who speaks sense?
Stories of Akbar Birabal अकबर बीरबल की कहानियाँ
By Stories of Akbar Birabal अकबर बीरबल की कहानियाँ
Stories of Akbar Birabal अकबर बीरबल की कहानियाँ
Stories for Children and their Parents
By Jessica Laurel Kane
Entertaining, heartwarming stories written and performed by Jessica Laurel Kane. Visit for illustrations and more!
Red Flag Poetry - Use Your Words
In these conversations the editors of Red Flag Poetry get to sit down and talk to our poets and discuss a variety of topics.
《大红棺材铺》作者:乱世小松 演播:NJ_戰豪情
By NJ_戰豪情
By Jens Lapidus
Jens Lapidus specialskrivna novell för 3.
29 Gauge
Dustin Cinnamon is a junkie of 11 years, but there's a lot more to it than that. Through produced storytelling, we document Dustin's life, the people in it, and his attempt to write a book detailing his life as a Kentucky heroin junkie.
By NJ花妖
8號客棧的酒是詩,菜餚是故事,小吃是妙語,畫卷是散文,招牌是經典,掌櫃是花妖。 8號客棧,開在上古,開在彼岸,去留一無所系;不沾因果,不卜生死,不問姻緣,愛恨兩不相干。 我開了間8號客棧,只為撫慰你的心靈。
Pop Culture Palace Presents
By Pop Culture Palace
The official podcast for The Pop Culture Palace ( Comics, TV, movies, music and more!
FM38.1 琥珀台
By 進擊的鵬飛
《星际偶遇拉普达》伴着跳动的音符,与你在节目中放飞心情。 《动漫穿梭机》为你介绍最新最快的动漫资讯,播放精心挑选的动漫歌曲,与你畅游动漫世界 由于时间不便并不保证能经常更新,希望后续还会制作全新的节目
By Förlagspodden
Förlagspodden reflekterar över böcker och bokbranschen utifrån en förläggares perspektiv. Varför ser det ut som det gör? Finns det något intressant bakom kulisserna? Varför kommer just den här boken ut? Men inte den? Vilka böcker är intressanta just nu? Vad händer egentligen på ett förlag? Varför bråkar folk så mycket? Varför säger de en sak och gör en annan? Och egentligen allt annat från den här världen som kan intressera bokälskare och andra allmänt nyfikna människor. Högt och lågt och, i bästa mening, provokativt.
By Anne Fricke & Amy Day
We believe it is through our stories that we heal. Collectively. And individually, as well. Each season we deep-dive into a select community to hear their tales - in hopes that we may shed some new light of understanding in that given corner of the world. In this season, we start digging in our own backyards. Beneath the stereotypes and sensationalized portrayals of criminals, greed and environmental destruction - to the origins of Humboldt County’s marijuana culture: The back-to-the-landers, the activists, the families, the farmers, and the medicine makers. In a landscape that is rapidly shifting, we go back to the beginning. To see where we started. Where we’ve come thus far. And hopefully - shed some light on the path that’s yet to come. So join us. Pull up a chair. Pour a glass. And listen.
Story Goggles
The Story Goggles podcast, hosted jointly by Austin and Blake, is a podcast taking a closer look at why we love what we love in genre fiction across all mediums. Books, Movies, TV, and Games -- it's all about storytelling in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror! Austin is a writer and Blake is a film, game, and television critic.
Reading Public Library: Down The Block or Around The World
By Reading Public Library
The Reading Public Library will generate a library for the future by meeting the informational, educational, and recreational needs of library consumers today.
Página 21
By Formato 21 790AM
Reseñas de libros que invitan al auditorio a adentrarse en el mundo de la literatura.
Pull This Podcast
By Arch City Studio
Every two weeks, Brian and Mike lock lips with a microphone and give their quirky takes on comic books and the fans who love them. Silly, irreverent, and sometimes deep, the not-so-super duo are sure to take you on a ride through the world of Marvel, DC, Image and more.
Nerds & Real Talk
By Jason and Jen
Nerds & Real Talk, the place where we have fun with guests, getting to talk about their work, career, hobbies, fandoms and all other manner of topics. When we attend convention as press and get interviews they will here, along with panels we have at those conventions unless they are live podcasts, or specifically geared panels. We hope you enjoy.
[실검남] 실시간 검색어를 읽어주는 남자
By 강성구
실검남은 바쁜 현대인들에게 팟캐스트를 통해 그 주 이슈된 이야기를 들려드립니다.
By 江南村文化社
「万象」PHENOMENON 是一档由江南村文化社出品的播客,同时作为我们第二期杂志「the2hodgepodge」的重要组成部分。我们讨论世间万象,探讨「现象」背后的规则。访问我们的网站
No Bull Self-Publishing
By Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
Self-publishing troubles got you down? Need to know where to get started? Tried to learn but still need direction? Look no further! No Bull Self-Publishing has you covered. Learn everything you need to know about self-publishing with our free tutorials, highly informative blog, free mini-courses, and now this totally awesome podcast ;).
Comic Convo
By Blaise Hopkins
Two friends discussing the endless and enormous world of comics and everything they have to offer. Blaise and Chris dive into the storytelling aspects that comic books bring to the table including art, writing, entertainment, and more. They dive into how characters have been developed and adapted throughout the years as well as how they have been represented in different forms of media.
Le favole dentro la borsa
By Giuseppina D'Amato
Ogni sabato alle 10.00 a. m., presento un audio racconto inedito o una fiaba mai ascoltata prima, perché, come Mary Poppins, ho una borsa magica, e, se vi frugo dentro, trovo storie da leggere in famiglia o a scuola, e da ascoltare con leggerezza. Leggerezza non vuol dire superficialità, ma gioia, fantasia e un pizzico di riflessione. Voce narrante, Chiara Messina. Le favole dentro la borsa, Giuseppina D'Amato, Amazon KDP.
Mark Coggins
By Mark Coggins
Official iTunes feed of Free content, announcements and special offers provided here.
Classics Considered
By Marian H
Join me as I explore great authors, writing, and ideas on a voyage through classic literature.
Action And Adventure: The Hasbro Universe Podcast
By Daniel Adkins & Callum Tozer
From Cybertron to Microspace, the Action And Adventure Podcast covers the entire IDW Hasbro Universe! Every two weeks, we break down the latest issues of IDW Publishing's comics featuring Transformers, G.I. Joe, Rom the Space Knight, Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and more. Hosted by Daniel Adkins & Callum Tozer.
Books and More with Lenore
By Lenore is a feminist fiction writer Mama with a passion for books (fiction and non-fiction), positive change, and meaningful conversation.
Books and More with Lenore features an eclectic mix of authors, thinkers, truth tellers, seekers, and those who write to make us laugh. The goal: Meaningful conversation about books and the writing life. The vision: To talk about the life experiences that make each author unique and uncover the layers of meaning behind the words on the page. We ask: Why do writers write what they write? Can reading fiction change the way someone thinks? How do books help us understand the world and our experiences? What's the author's backstory?
Why We YA
By Why We YA
A podcast for readers.
WordFruit Podcast
By Word Fruit
Welcome to the Word Fruit Podcast. Each episode we bring you juicy, nutritious and sometimes exotic words to add flavour to your conversations. Come and visit us at:
Tomes & Talkies
By Kieran and Jaan and Three Girls Behind
Tomes & Talkies is a podcast by Kieran and Jaan, two budding novelists, where we talk about book to movie adaptions and if they work or not.
Special Agents: the 1930s FBI
By Brian Hunt
The 1930s was a tumultuous decade in law enforcement history. J. Edgar Hoover's "G-Men" FBI special agents hunted kidnappers, bank robbers, and murderers. Join my monthly podcast to learn more about this era and the men who risked their lives to bring the outlaws to justice.
The Tasmanian Writers’ Centre
By Tasmanian Writers Centre
The Tasmanian Writers Centre (TWC) supports the island's dynamic writing and reading culture by offering state-wide public events, professional development workshops, advocacy and promotion across all genres. Based at the Salamanca Arts Centre, the TWC is the primary conduit for assisting writers to establish their own literary practice and connection with readers.
Self Portrait
By Jianlam
Down to Fangirl
By Falon Ballard
Falon and Brianna explore all of their favorite fandoms from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to Disney and Broadway. If it's nerdy, we talk about it!
Twelve Angry Minutes
By HeadStuff
A podcast that explores anger as a source of creative inspiration. Every episode a different guest discusses something surprising that's making them angry for twelve minutes. Personal interviews, irrelevant fluff, and a look at the importance of anger as a tool for social change. Presented by journalist Roisin Agnew, Twelve Angry Minutes is a coproduction between Guts Magazine and HeadStuff.
Adapted: Books to Movies
By Book Circle Online
Love books? Love movies? Hosts Marisa Serafini and Phil Svitek love them both too... equally. So they decided to marry their love of both into a monthly dedicated series where they discuss books that have been adapted into movies.
Short Stories with Capt. Kirk
By Kirk Griffin
Each week Capt. Kirk reads a different short story sometimes sci-fi sometimes fantasy but always amazing. Sit back relax and enjoy the stories
Story Works Round Table | Conversations About Craft | Before You Can Be a Successful Author, You Hav...
By Alida Winternheimer
Each week, co-hosts, Alida Winternheimer, author and writing coach at Word Essential, Kathryn Arnold, emerging writer, & Robert Scanlon, author of the Blood Empire series, have conversations about the craft of writing fiction. They bring diverse experiences and talents to the table from both the traditional and indie worlds. Our goal is for each episode to be a fun, lively discussion of some aspect of story craft that enlightens, as well as entertains. Sometimes we have special guests. All episodes are available in video as well. Visit for videos, show notes, and more.
Ein Podcast über Geschichten, Charaktere, Welten und die Betrachtung von allen Seiten. Neue Folgen jeden zweiten Sonntag im Monat.
Inspired by a Song
By Jonathan Jacobs
In each episode, Jonathan E. Jacobs aka The Vintage DJ asks listeners to immerse themselves in a particular song to see where the music takes them in their imagination. Those impressions are collected, shared with the audience and eventually woven together by a guest writer to create a never-before-heard piece of narrative fiction... inspired by a song! The premiere (beta) episode is a little different in that the guest writer has created a narrative based upon his solo impressions of the song.
By Crimson Publications
Journey To The Gods
Shelf Help Podcast
By Connor Cullen & Taylor MacVittie
Publishing news, book reviews, and page to screen analysis. Join us and talk about all things book related.
Get Goosebumps!
By Cold Moon
Join Nik & Matt as we go through our Goosebumps library and discuss each book and episode, 25 years after R.L. Stine goosed his very first bump! Join the GBC (Goosebumps Book Club) and read along with us! Send your thoughts to [email protected]
Get Lit With Leza
By Leza Cantoral
I like to talk to cool ass writers. So chill with me, and Get Lit With Leza! This is a CLASH Media podcast.
Getting Lit
By Getting Lit
Long time friends Wendy and Ilana get lit in more ways than one in this vaguely romance, vaguely fantasy themed two person book club. Book themed cocktails, rants about romance tropes (It's not creepy if he's sexy), feminist readings, special guest stars, bodice rippers, vampires, dukes, robots who love, and more.
It's No Citizen Kane
By It's No Citizen Kane
Two best friends try to take themselves seriously as they analyze what's beneath the surface of the media usually considered trashy and beneath critical attention.