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The Design Files Talks

By The Design Files
The new podcast from Australia's most popular design blog.

Penny Podcasts

By Penny Podcasts
Syson Gallery present a programme of talks and downloadable podcasts investigating the provision of free access to education, debate and exchange for artists and the general public. Inspired by 18th Century coffee houses – often referred to as ‘Penny Universities’ – these spaces were considered critical forums for all members of society to exchange ideas, outside of the elite structures of university. In this spirit, Syson Gallery hosts a series of live talks from artists and educators, recor...

What Artists Listen To

What Artists Listen To : a podcast that explores the stories and soundtracks of female artists' lives.

Live Write Share

By Emma Mactaggart
Award winning children's author Emma Mactaggart has learned a lot in the past 13 years and wants to share it with you. Through Talking on Tuesday, Why on Wednesday and Finally Friday, Emma brings you everything from interviews to more instructional episodes, whilst keeping you motivated and committed to your end goal. Live Write Share is brought to you by Boogie Books, Child Writes and International Read To Me Day.

Mix Master Gio's Podcast

By Mix Master Gio
18 Year Old DJ Based in Trinidad & Tobago 96.1WeFm • OJO Coca-Cola Ambassador For Bookings- [email protected]

Oblivion Song

By Oblivion Song, Image Comics, Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, Comic Books, Comics, Books
OBLIVION SONG the PodcastA monthly podcast covering the new comic book from comic book writer Robert Kirkman famed writer of The Walking Dead with your hosts Joe and Rod from The Comic Cast podcast as well as Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers podcast.  Join us every month for a discussion about the book as well as speculation on where this book could take us.Follow us on Twitter: [email protected] decade ago 300,000 citizens of Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government ma...

Fisheye Connect Podcast

This podcast series is put together by Mike Moreland and his workers at Moreland Photography. In these episodes, Mike interviews many of the world's top photographers about their artistic style, discovering priceless tips for improving photography skills along the way. If you were looking for a place to hear about the ins and outs of photography, you have found it!

Make Do

By Make Do
Tiff Arment and Julia Skott talk about the joys and anxieties of art and making things.

Blissfully Writing Podcast

By Libby Broadbent: Writing
Blissfully Writing is a podcast about story, creativity and the process of Making. Perhaps you are a reader, a lover of fiction in all its forms, including audio books. Perhaps you are looking for a podcast that is pure story… an audio book that is lighthearted and easy to listen to as you commute, or walk, or relax. Season one offers the novel “Lily’s Valley”, read by the author, where you can listen to the novel from beginning to end, in 20 minute episodes, without commentary or interrupti...

UNDR_GRDS - A podcast for creative youth

UNDR_GRDS is more than just voice. We look to spark discussions with industry leading experts, creatives from different mediums and artists who are looking to make an impact. Whether that be through design, music, fashion or art.


By Iliana Menendez, Max Pedroso, Doraluz Saldarriaga
Welcome to DailyFlashTV+, our new original series powered by the men and women employed here that work behind the scenes. In our 1st inaugural episode, we hear from our producers and technicians as they share their opinion on the FIU Bridge Collapse , who also recently graduated from FIU as well. This tragedy is magnified, as our studio is in such close proximity to the zone.

Clothes on Characters » Costume Design

By Hilliary Kish
See a film through the costume designers contribution.


Just a couple of thick boys passionate about film and also love their own voice too much.

hello storyteller podcasts

By hello storyteller
Storytelling: moments in time, the things we don’t want to forget, details that are etched in our souls, our every day. Teaching. Artists who want to share their passion for telling the stories of their lives, so you can better tell the stories of yours. Sharing. A space and place to share your work, be inspired, motivated, supported and learn from one another. Community. A group for photographers run by photographers. We welcome you to this community. Welcome to Hello Storyteller Pod...

B: The Beginning After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The B: The Beginning After Show breaks down episodes of Netflix's B: The Beginning. Show Summary: Genius investigator Keith Flick rejoins the royal police force just as serial killer "B" emerges; mysterious youth Koku may be an ally -- or a target.

Relax, Mellow out and learn Watercolor

By Carol LaChiusa
Carol LaChiusa's Watercolor Workshop brings you a most unique set of videos that promise to deliver a combination of wonderful experiences. Relax, Mellow-out, or Learn to paint Watercolor as thousands have done over the last 40 years.

Capture Podcast

By Capture Podcast
Capture Podcast surveys the creative, sociocultural, and political concerns of local and international contemporary artists and designers. The podcast series is a collaboration between RMIT and NGV.

Ken Weingart Art Blog | Podcast

By Ken Weingart
Ken Weingart Art Blog | Podcast - Photography Music Cinema

Behind The Marquee | Ann Arbor District Library

By Ann Arbor District Library
The Michigan Theater Foundation's round-table discussion podcast that takes you behind the scenes of an independent Art House Cinema. Featuring discussions on what's new and interesting playing outside the megaplex theater, film festival roundups, and the general love of movies that drives us.

A History of Fashion

By Megan Swansen
take a weekly look into the lives of the artists throughout history who still influence fashion today.

Make It. A Talk Show from Adobe Creative Cloud

By Michelle Mahoney / Anchor
What does research have to do with design? Well, if you want your designs to be successful and functional, pretty much everything. Next, International Research Expert, Nancy Douyon, draws on her work with clients from Cisco, Google and now Uber, to chat with Paul and Brooke about how to create great design for every corner of the world.

Design Banter

By Kristie and Deb
So you want to hear all about interior design but you need it with a little spoon of down to earth? Design Banter is your place to get comfy, tune into the interiors forecasts, trends, biz tips and 'oh no' moments you can't find elsewhere.

Cortesnyc Livestream

By Christian Cortes
CortesNyc Livestream is a Bi-weekly podcast broadcasting out of New York. The hosts Cortes Nyc and Carla de Puerto Rico share their views about art, creativity and city life from a latino perspective.

Pushing two stops …

By Oliver Grimm / Anchor
Welcome to »Pushing two stops …« – ein Podcast von und über Filmfotografie. Über einige Erfolge, viele Misserfolge und unstillbare Träume, wenn es um's Gear geht. Hörermail: [email protected]

Quantum Rabbit

By Frankensound
Art, music, and the spaces in-between. A Frankensound podcast, Roly Skender tells true stories centered around his work as an audiovisual producer from a small village called Perth, on the west coast of Australia.

This Week's Heathcliff

By Dave Warth / Anchor
This Week's Heathcliff is a conversation about Heathcliff comics.

Tank on Fire

By Art Pennom
Learn to make YOUR aquarium beautiful with the Tank on Fire podcast. Join Art Pennom as he discusses the basics to saving money to advanced aquascaping techniques. Art is your daily guide to truly enjoying your aquarium.

Anime Pathway

By The IntrepidFable Network
Dan and the AP group review new anime individually and end with a group review of a well known older anime.

Nerdsplain It

By Nerdsplain Media
Music: "Superman" by Love Story in Blood Red We are creating something that will change the culture around “exclusive” fan communities. Eventually we would like to branch out to other fan communities, but as of right now the comic book community is plenty large enough to begin with. Our goal is to make it more inclusive, supportive, and non-judgmental. We are creating something that will allow newcomers a way to learn without being accused of not being a true fan or being excluded because ...

Weeb Trash Can Podcast

Just a group of friends gushing over anime!


By Jake / Anchor

Pop Watch

By Pop Watch team
Pop watch is a pop culture podcast covering movies, comic, board games and sometimes other things. Episodes are posted every two weeks.

Paper Cut Winnipeg

By Paper Cut Winnipeg
Paper Cut is a podcast dedicated to finding out what makes our local arts and culture scene tick. Evocative and inclusive, the show dives below the surface of arts and culture in Winnipeg. Hosts, Olivia Michalczuk and Jared Gauthier, meet with local musicians, artists, and industry professionals to learn about more than just the promotional details of their latest projects. They are more interested in the thoughts, ideas, and personalities of local creators, rather than the promotional deta...

Bleeding Cool Chatter: The Latest News & Rumors in TV, Film, Comics, and Games

By Bleeding Cool Chatter: The Latest News & Rumors in TV, Film, Comics, and Games
Hosted by Bleeding Cool's ranks of editors and writers covering all things genre and pop-culture related: reviews, scoops, and the latest news. We'll soon be getting into the convention and festival circuit and will be reporting from South by Southwest, WonderCon, CinemaCon, and PAX. If you have any suggestions, requests, tips, or dares, email us at [email protected]!

The Makers Grind

By Jordan Hawkins
Inspiring Conversations for the Creative Artist & Entrepreneur

World of Twitch

By Bergerbrush
A podcast where we discuss everything about Twitch and Streaming.

Robbin Milne

By Robbin Milne / Anchor
musing . . . muses . . . typical rambling . . .

Mastering Portrait Photography

By Mastering Portrait Photography
Tricks, tips, techniques and tantrums of a portrait photographer.

Aperture Priority

By Aperture Priority
Explore the Possibilities


By Sasha Mackie
Foxtel Arts’ new review program SCREEN sees the return of Australia’s favourite film critic Margaret Pomeranz alongside much loved actor and writer Graeme Blundell. This widely respected duo will be doing what they do best; critiquing cinema releases and premium TV dramas. Arguably, the combined knowledge of Pomeranz and Blundell regarding both the local and international entertainment industries is unmatched by any other program or publication in Australia.

Called Crazy

By Ariana Rector and Ashlyn Kittrell
Join us every other Wednesday to talk about mental health and how it affects your art, career, and overall quality of life. We want to give you the confidence to go after what you want, even if your anxiety tells you not to.

Piecing It Together – All Points West

By All Points West
A good movie is the result of a large number of people both in front of and behind the camera combining to create a piece of art… But what about the movies that came before that inspired those filmmakers to make the movie? On Piecing It Together we figure out what the clear (and not so clear) influences were that make up the movies we love.

Strip Search with London & Chianca

By London & Chianca
A podcast where “Pet Peeves” cartoonists Dave London and Pete Chianca interview cartooning professionals and talk comic strips: their history, classic comics, the current state of the industry, and comics to watch out for.

Tristan Bosworth's Podcast

By Tristan Bosworth
Test Podcast

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond

Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is a Pulp 2 Pixel Podcast where co-hosts Sean and Greg read and review every Marvel title to carry the Secret Wars name. From the original 12 issue series to the most recent line wide mega crossover, the hosts will explore the House of Ideas through the lens Secret Wars.

What Do You Wanna Watch?

By Explosion Network
Join Ashley Hobley and the crew every fortnight to discuss all the current news in TV, film and online media and be part of the discussion in ‘What’d We End Up Watching?’

Film Strippers

By Film Strippers
Film Strippers Podcast is dedicated to discussing films chosen by our viewers for a unique season theme each month! New episodes every Monday and Thursday for the first three weeks of every month.

Influence Radio

By Human Influence
We talk to your faves about how and why they do what they do

Escalation 1985 Podcast

By Peter Bell
Indie game developers talk about their game Escalation 1985. It's a game that asks: What would have happened if WW3 broke out in 1985?

Curious Mix

By WFYI 90.1 FM and HD1/HD2
Jill Ditmire hosts a weekly arts program showcasing a variety of local artists and their work. Hear from writers, painters, musicians and more as they discuss their art and what it means for their community.

Modern Art is Rubbish

By Modern Art is Rubbish
2 British guys guide you through the labyrinth that is the visual arts, whether modern, contemporary, renaissance art, or caveman creativity, nothing is off limits. With our tongue firmly in our cheek and some serious facts; for each episode we will pick an arty topic or artist to chat and banter about. Added to this mix is an occasional dash of art related stories that we come across. To get to know more go to our website: and please subscribe, thanks…...

Sound of Film

By Chris L / Anchor
A podcast about film industry experiences, stories, tutorials and general all around camera in your hands lifestyle talk.

Picture's Up

By Robert Machado
A podcast that explores artistry with creative professionals.

Maxwell's Magic Hour

By Maxwell McGee
Maxwell's Magic Hour Podcast is about the creative media world, and how it affects our everyday lives.

Armada Granger

Quatro mulheres falando sobre cultura pop pra lembrar que lugar de mulher é onde ela quiser. 💜 Episódios quinzenais!

Repeat Viewing - why people rewatch movies

By Kraig Rasmussen - comic book artist, illustrator, writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, storyteller
Repeat Viewing is a podcast exploring why people rewatch movies. Everybody does it. Everybody has favorites. Let's discuss it. Plus, new films, film news, trailers, commentaries and more! Hosted by artist-filmmakers and longtime friends, Kraig Rasmussen & Seamus Smith.


GATEWAY podcast follows Kaelen Bell, Ally Sigurdson, Josh Goossen, Kelsey Schaefer and Gabby Bruce as they discuss​ their favourite art throughout history.


By Quadrilado
Aqui vamos discutir tudo sobre o universo dos quadrinhos. Dentro e fora das páginas.

Boss Fight!

By Inverted Reality Games
Welcome to Boss Fight - the Podcast on Hard Mode! We are two guys that are deeply passionate about gaming, bringing you weekly discussions on the hottest topics in video games today!

Greenlight Garbage

By Greenlight Garbage
A movie podcast about the kind of garbage Hollywood should be making.

Teen Mom Time - Radar Online's Teen Mom Recaps

By Radar Online
Join us each week on Teen Mom Time to hear gossip about your favorite MTV franchise! From exclusive interviews to setting the record straight on rumors, tune in for the hottest tea on Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG!


By Cam Smith & Tony G
Blasting through Arnold's big screen arsenal, one shot at a time.

BlatherCast Comics

By BlatherCast Comics
A show with two guys sitting around talking about comics and anything else that tickles our fancy.

Kakegurui After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Kakegurui After Show breaks down episodes of Netflix's Kakegurui. Show Summary: Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is a Japanese manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura, which began serialization in Square Enix's Gangan Joker from 2014 and is licensed in English by Yen Press.

Shad and Chad's MovieCast

By Shad Chad
Two guys giving their opinions on Tv/Film.

Wanderings Podcast

By Pedro Bonatto
The Wanderings Podcast is a project by fine art and advertising photographer Pedro Bonatto, featuring interviews with artists, designers, scientists, filmmakers, authors and entrepreneurs who are creating inspiring work in a variety of fields. In informal conversations, Pedro explores topics that inspire his personal photography work, including history, mythology, science, fashion and world cultures.

Pass The F**king Popcorn: Movies, Television, & Industry News

By Zachary Mcbride
Your Source for all things Movies, Television, and Industry news. A Podcast about all things entertainment.

Two Artists Walk into a Bar

By Carol McQuaid
This weekly podcast features interviews with all types of artists; painters, film makers, songwriters, performing artists and more. When artists gather up at the end of the day, raise a glass and swap stories, interesting things happen. As a working artist, I do lots of traveling, teaching and art residencies, shacking up with groups of creatives for varying periods of time. One of the best parts of this crazy lifestyle is the conversation that happens once the brushes are cleaned and put a...


By alien sekula / Anchor
Art whizzing by your ear.

Andrea Eppolito | Weddings, Celebrations, Luxury, & Love

By Las Vegas Wedding Planner
Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito shares her thoughts on wedding planning, party planning, event design, and luxury lifestyle choices.

Dank Rares Blockchain Art Podcast

By Jason Bailey
Blockchain is changing the art world, Dank Rares gives you an insider's look into how. In this podcast, art researcher Jason Bailey interviews the most important people in CryptoArt so you can learn directly from these innovators. Dank Rares is produced by HyperFreedom Productions team led by Adrienne and Erin Burke-Moran.

Lore Party

By Lore Party Podcast Network
A podcast about our favorite video game universes and the stories they tell.

Overly Dedicated

By Claire Scherzinger
Podcast interviewing artists living in and around Canada.

Random Nobodies Podcast

By Random Nobodies
We're Nobodies with opinions about things.

Not Having It All

By Caris Rianne
Each week Caris and a guest co-host discuss working in the film industry and how to achieve gratitude despite not having it all. Along with reviews and commentary on recent film and TV releases.

Bloody Awesome Movie Podcast

By Bloody Awesome Movie Podcast
Matt Hudson from What I Watched Tonight and Jonathan Berk from have teamed up to do a new monthly podcast. Each month the guys will both watch four of the new releases and then get together to discuss their thoughts on those films. They’ll also touch on anything else they saw. Joins us on this transatlantic, cinematic team up.

Turn of the Screw Podcast

By Kaitlyn Alicia, Martha Iserman
A podcast covering art, history, folklore, the strange and the unusual. Each season we will take you through a geographical region and cover history, places, events and people of significance.


By Justin Prime / Anchor
A podcast for independent comic creators and artists. I'm in the same boat as you, figuring all this s**t out (I'm just saying it out loud). Listen for a detailed look into my process on a weekly basis, plus insight into mindset and creation, interviews and talks with other indy creators. And, just for fun - JP Reads, where I read rap songs word for word.

Feli Pixels Podcast

By Feli / Anchor
Bringing positive vibes and discussing art/photography with a philosophical and spiritual approach ·

Loosen Up Your Painting Podcast

By Malcolm Dewey / Anchor
Join visual artist Malcolm Dewey with tips and advice on how to improve your painting. For beginners to advanced you will learn new ways to grow your painting fun and enjoyment. Find out more at

LunchBox Media

By Alex Holt-Cohan
A podcast about animation and pop culture

Bonus Track Lite

By Bonus Track En Radio
Segmentos especiales de cada episodio de Bonus Track En Radio. Las entrevistas, los acústicos, y los especiales. Para que puedas disfrutar sin condimentos extras.

Space/Time Cinema Show

By Casey Cross
The Space/Time Cinema Show is a weekly podcast (sometimes more than weekly) that is all about the joy of film fandom and filmmaking. Each week we start by going over the most current news out of Hollywood - trailers, casting announcements, creative shakeups, box office, and more. We then highlight a particular film, perhaps a review of a current movie in theaters or a discussion of an undiscovered gem. Finally, we shift focus toward the filmmakers and creatives out there, and try to hit an in...

Art Attack w/ Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA

By Lizy Dastin, art historian, Justin BUA, artist
Art Attack with Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA is a new kind of art podcast—engaging, informed, accessible and raw. Join artist BUA and art historian Lizy as they debate topical artworld happenings, bringing their unique—often contradictory—perspectives to the conversation. BUA is an internationally distinguished painter, television personality, writer, entrepreneur and teacher. He is perhaps best known for his renderings of often-overlooked characters that define the urban landscape; for instan...

#TBT with Us Weekly

By Us Weekly
Each Thursday we’ll be throwing it back and diving deep into the Us Weekly archives, dusting off old issues to revisit some of the best bombshell stories, riveting feuds, and couplings we couldn’t tear our eyes off of.

Somerset House Studios

By Somerset House Studios
Somerset House Studios is a new experimental workspace in the centre of London connecting artists, makers and thinkers with audiences. The Studios are a platform for the development of new creative projects and collaboration, promoting work that pushes bold ideas, engages with urgent issues and pioneers new technologies.

The Gilligan's Island Podcast

Guy Hutchinson and Jon Eadler set sail on a mission to review ever episode of Gilligan's Island, drinking from coconuts along the way.

Watch With Us! - Us Weekly TV News and Interviews

By Us Weekly
Join us each week to hear more about your favorite TV shows and for the latest TV news! Get more TV news, interviews and recaps on and pick up a copy of Us Weekly on stands now!

Apple Brandy

By Nathan Baerreis
discussion and monologue about creativity, art, photography, and the natures of these things

Otafu Susume

By Anibros Creative
Recommendations for My Otaku Spouse – where Wes and Jenn recommend anime / manga / comics / movies etc to each other. Then discuss (and judge) each other’s suggestions.

Fujoshi Trash Talk

By Anibros Creative
Do you prefer to have the men in your life make out with each other rather than with you? Do you assume that, yes, those casually acquainted characters are really getting it on behind closed doors? Are you literally just a pile of trash? Then this is the podcast for you as we discuss the finer points of hot men making out with equally hot men.

Million Dollar Movies

By Dan Wilbur
Every week screenwriter Bob Schneider and comedian Dan Wilbur discuss a movie you've probably never seen.