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By Michelle Berkey
What if there was a podcast that helped you to grow into who you were meant to be by posing a question each week that helped you see yourself and your life in the light of possibility? What if there were follow up questions by email that helped apply that question to your life? Well, lucky you, that's exactly what we do!
By Christian Parkinson
The podcast for news and documentary filmmakers who want to improve their craft and have fun along the way. Hosted by Christian Parkinson, editor of
By Shane Ross
Stories from the edit bay. The bad clients, the disasters, the triumphs...the fun stuff.
A podcast about how to create meaningful documentary photographs
By Tom Bills
Whether you’ve been building guitars for a while or you’re just now planning to start your first one, The Art Of Lutherie is the premier source for guitar making techniques, tips, tricks, instruction, and much more to help you build better guitars. Master luthier Tom Bills shares years of experience building ultra high-end custom acoustic guitars in a laid back and easy to understand way. He takes you beyond step-by-step, focusing on helping you understand not just “HOW” but “WHY”, so you ca...
By Neel C
Learn food photography and food styling by listening to this podcast and learning from the experts in the industry.
By Robin Nystrom
The Web Series Podcast features in-depth conversations with the best web series creators on the planet. We discuss the craft of directing, producing and writing for the web.
By WaterFire Providence
A podcast about The Art of Placemaking Conference organized by WaterFire Providence in Providence, RI on November 7 and 8, 2013
By The Creative Outsiders
We are a collective of women storytellers. That aim for sisterhood through a community that provides professional development for emerging filmmakers.
By We Say Stuff
We love comic books! And this podcast is our way of expressing that love in a way that everyone who is fan of comics can appreciate. It doesn't matter if you've read comics your whole life or if you started yesterday, this podcast is for you!
By James White
Artist, designer, speaker and proud Canadian... James White is the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio. He travels the world speaking at various design and art events while making neon-infused artwork for personal projects and clients around the globe. These are his stories and advice.
By Secrets Behind The Comics Podcast
This is the podcast that gives you a deep dive behind the making of comics. Hosted by Marena Bronson and Greg Goldstein, Secrets Behind the Comics features in-depth discussions with some of the most interesting, important, and influential creators in the business… with stories both unique, and in many cases… little-known.
By Silviu Tolu
Inspirația ta săptămânală pentru succes, branding personal și creativitate!
By Jordyn Diane: Spoken Word Artist
Beyond the Art is a bi-weekly podcast where our host(s) sit down with amazing and passionate artists and get to know them beyond their creations. There are two segments to every episode - Past The Small Talk, where we ask strange or straightforward questions that wouldn't normally get asked, and the second half which is dedicated to learning about their journey so far, artistic or otherwise.
By Shakat Journal
Shākāst! The change podcast!
By Craig Rutherford
Lighting Nerds is a bi-monthly podcast that talks about the technology used in entertainment lighting, lighting industry news, hosts interviews with people in the field, and general banter about lighting.
By Michael Chovan-Dalton
thePhotoShow is a Podcast about Photographers and…
By Ken Jones - Disney Movie Addict) ( (Ken Jones - Disney Movie Addict)
The Disney Movie Review is your source for news and reviews on the latest news of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm movies. In addition to reviewing the latest Disney movie trailers and feature-length releases, we look at how the Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies are expressed in Disneyland, Disney World and the other Disney Parks around the globe. Sit back and relax because you've got the best seat in town!
By Unplanned Comedy Pods
Each week Jeff & Nico bring in a guest to talk about their favorite cartoon episode
By Stargate Pioneer
A Podcast dedicated to the Arrow TV series. Each week join hosts Chris Ferrell, Neil and Stargate Pioneer as they discuss the latest Arrow episode, other DC Comic book based television shows, DC movies and DC comics. They rate the villains in the show and run down all the Easter Eggs in each episodes. In the off weeks they get to have fun exploring the rest of the vast DC Comic Book related universe.
By Diabolu Frank
A podcast devoted to J'Onn J'Onzz, the Manhunter from Mars, a DC Comics hero created in 1955. The Martian Manhunter was a founding member of the Justice League of America, and has been featured in comics, animation, live action television, toys, and more. An underapreciated Alien Atlas deserves this discussion forum.
By Donny Salvo
The Sunday Comics Podcast is a bi-weekly round table comic book discussion podcast
By The Great Escape
Join Rich, Ben, Felek, Mark and Chrissey as we chat about the world of film, fiction and comics - as well as the latest developments from the world of The Great Escape! Breakout is a monthly podcast by The Great Escape, a collective of film-makers, writers and comic book creators.
By The Sinner Files
A podcast where we confess, debate and atone for our biggest cinematic sins.
By Bruce O. Hughes, Justin Wasson & Mike Adams II
The online home of Dayton Ohio's number four comic book artist.writer & The Break-Ins: Dayton Ohio's number two comic book podcast!
By メテオラシャワー
正しい電子書籍「STAR BOX」は、フリーの雑誌型電子書籍(PDF形式)です。さまざまな創作人が織りなす写真やイラスト、取材記事、小説、詩、エッセイなどなど、毎号上質なコンテンツ満載でお届け。お手持ちのPCやタブレット端末、スマートフォンから、先鋭的な新感覚をご堪能ください。
By HHWLOD Podcast Network
The Black Box is a two-time Parsec Nominated podcast that has comics & pop-culture media reviews, round table discussions & interviews with creators from all types of mediums. Tangents & comedy sometimes ensue. It is also home to Donny Salvo's Tales From The Attic and Jon Carroll's Carroll Chronicles.
By The Composite Creative
The Composite Creative Podcast brings you an ongoing weekly show where we discuss creative people and the creative process. Join Austin, Brandon, and Joe as they try to pin down the somewhat ellusive nature of creativity. #ARTHARD
By Pdexposures
The instant film photography podcast that discusses the love of everything instant. Join your hosts: Patrick J. Clarke, Jessica Reinhardt, Harrison, and Kat White as every other Tuesday they discuss the latest news, tips, and self-professed obsession for Polaroid, IMPOSSIBLE, Instax, New55, and Fuji Peel-Apart.
By Nat Gertler
A podcast aimed specifically at lovers of Peanuts books and the work of Charles M. Schulz, The AAUGH Blog Podcast is hosted by the AAUGH Blogger himself, Nat Gertler, award-winning author of books about Peanuts and possessor of The Reference Library, a collection of over over 1000 Peanuts books.
By The Cult Movie Show with Warren & Velvet
Lets Talk Cult Movies that are so bad, that they're good
By The SIC Show
Share - Inspire - Create A show for photographers by photographers.
By The Crit Crew
People like to say that video games are art but you never hear people reviewing them like it. Why do you think that is? Well it's probably because it's unnecessary and difficult to do but you better believe that won't stop us from trying.
By Masterpiece Productions
The Masterpiece is, of course, "The Greatest Film of All Time." A comedy/mockumentary that makes homage to CITIZEN KANE. Written & Directed by Steven Lifshey. With the Podcast, you can enjoy trailers, outtakes, great songs and sound clips from the movie.
By The Doorpost Podcast Project
The Doorpost Podcast Project is a weekly entertainment business podcast, hosted by Duane Barnhart, interviewing some of today’s most successful and inspiring Entertainment Entrepreneurs. It was Milton Berle who said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” We help our audience learn to build doors of opportunity. Each episode shines a spotlight on our featured guest as they share their journey of successes and failures, hard work and big breaks, lessons learned and the steps taken to tu...
By Bry Kotyk, Kyle Lees and Merk
A weekly podcast series hosted by three bald indie comic artists. Join us as we discuss, analyze and obsess over comic books and all things pop culture over a few beers.
By the AP Collection ([email protected]) Everyone has a story to tell. I'm here to collect.
By Skip Hunt
This podcast will evolve in many ways, but initially it will report from the road from the viewpoint of a photography and feature ambient sound recordings, impressions and Skip Hunt audiobook samples.
By Kel Kyle
The Mindful Eye is a community that believes we are much stronger when we work together. We are here to help and inspire each person in the pursuit of our passions, happiness and the unlimited potential of our dreams as photographers and as human beings. Our podcasts cover various topics related to photography, creativity, your approach to art and -- sometimes -- to life. So, curl up with a good podcast, or load it onto your iPod and hit the road.
By oilyfilms
A weekly video podcast from Victoria, British Columbia Canada, from the award-winning filmmaking team at oilyfilms. All short films, All styles, All low-budget, All independent. From experiments in frame manipulation to narratives, from stop-motion to live-action to weirdo-art-films. Made fresh every week. The content is not for everyone, but you will find some redeeming moments if you look around. Enjoy!.
By The Year 27 Group
The Year 27 Group is a monthly bl manga podcast with Caitlin, Cathy, and Natalie. Every month, we’ll read one short to medium-length bl story and talk about How It Makes Us Feel. We aim to be loving, judgmental, irreverent, and nonsensically emotional, just like our subject matter. Episodes will contain spoilers, explicit language, and adult concepts.
By Jonathan Beach
The Shot List is a weekly podcast show where we discuss movie news, rumors, and general nerdom.
By The Artist Rolls
The Artist Rolls is an arts interview program where the guests fill out a custom RPG-style character sheet describing their creative self. Fun, fast, and definitely different, The Artist Rolls gives you a fresh new perspective on creators and creating
By Paul Lyzun
Do you like to make things but you don't know what to do with them. Curious about what Art is and how you can make it a part of your life. Would you like to know what people are talking about when they look at art. I know I do. In each episode I will share conversations with professional creatives and find ways to develop my own creativity.
By Bettina Forget
The Belgo Report is a monthly podcast talking about visual arts in and around the Belgo Building, Montreal’s largest centre of visual arts and home of over 30 contemporary art galleries and artist’s studios. Every month host Bettina Forget chats with the artists, gallery owners, and curators who bring their amazing talent to the building, and gives you an in-depth behind-the-scenes look into Montreal’s contemporary art scene.
By WAMC Northeast Public Radio
The Creative Process is a discussion with artists about what goes on behind the scenes while they are making their work.
Podcast Resources for Artists and Art Enthusiasts
By Steve Michaels
A fun and informative movie review by guys who love guy movies! Doesn't matter if it's good, bad or ugly, if it has guns, explosions, aliens and hot babes, it will be on our list.
By Tony Curanaj
Suggested Donation is a podcast devoted to the arts in all forms. Hosted by two contemporary painters, Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff, the conversations provide an insight into the creative mind. By speaking with both traditional and non-traditional artists and craftsmen, curators and restorers, we create a dialog through which we discover common ground across disciplines and spaces united by a love of and deep devotion to skill.
By Nathan Marion
Abbey Arts presents exclusive live recordings from THE ROUND, a music & arts event held monthly in Seattle since 2005. The Round's home venue is Fremont Abbey Arts Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 venue for intimate concerts, literary & visual arts, storytelling with The Moth, modern dance, and more. Download new recordings including rare collaborations between musicians. Past performers at The Round include: Damien Jurado, Mary Lambert, Rosie Thomas, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, John Van...
By Warren Etheredge ([email protected] (Warren Etheredge))
Lewis Black confesses he would have fought in Vietnam if he could have spared Americans from Dat Phan.Amy Sedaris admits that at a cocktail party she'd rather host a serial rapist than a vegan. James Frey clarifies he is indifferent to celebrity; he just hopes his writing will allow his name to live beyond eternity. Veteran interviewer and pro-am funnyman Warren Etheredge coaxes stars and smart folks into sharing their darkest secrets and their funniest insights... on the record, on The Warre...
By Escapist Comics Podcast
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
By Brooke Musterman.
Half hour interviews with visual artists, museum curators, gallery owners and others interested in art from all over the world
By Alexander Art
Learn the fun, fast way to create beautiful oil paintings even if you have never picked up a paintbrush in your life!
By Daniel Huckfield
This podcast is about contemporary art
By Karen Poirier-Brode
The Creative Approach podcast is your home for conversations with creative people from all walks of life who have used their creativity to their advantage. We all have creativity inside of us, and getting in touch with it can provide you with an alternate solution to almost any problem you encounter. Join us to learn how to tap into your inner creativity!
By Sofia Saldanha
Wapping and its stories told through sound.
By Gonzalo Garcia
¿Te gustaría saber cómo dibujar cómics? ¿Quisieras aprender a escribir un guión de cómic? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre historieta, cómic y manga? Si te ves como un nerd que le gusta leer cómics y quiere aprender a dibujarlos, si te interesa conocer la historia del cómic e impresionar a tus amigos con la última herramienta para hacer color digital, este es tu podcast. Nuestro delirante objetivo es difundir la historieta, el manga y el cómic como herramienta educativa y ayudar a todos los luná...
By Wes Bowker
Wes Bowker hosts a new photography podcast focused on family, film, and creative process.
By Yewth
Yewth is an independent Australian publication and creative collective with a focus on local culture. We aim to connect the youth with quality content produced by creatives for creatives, and supporters from all respective scenes and walks of life.
By Wim Bals
Alles over schilderijen, kunst en de kunstwereld. Wim Bals brengt info en achtergrondinformatie via podcasts rond schilderijen die hij maakt. Daarnaast geeft hij ook praktische tips rond de aankoop van een schilderij en waar je op moet letten als je kunst in je interieur wil.
Building a foundation to have a better quality of life through wellness, art, the outdoors, living with intention, having kids & really digging into this one amazing life.
By James La Marre
One on one conversations between James La Marre and artists and writers working in, around, and through fields of digital technology.
By Daniel Arevalo & Anthony Flores
Two best friends (Daniel Arevalo and Anthony Flores) guiding you through the world of animation from a fan's perspective. Each episode highlights some of our favorite, and least favorite, animated movies or series that we think are worth talking about.
By Peter Rios
Philly livin'. Theatre doin'. Comics readin'. University professin'.
By Adorama Photography TV
If you’re looking for inspiration, this is the place for you.  Here you’ll get a chance to learn amazing photography and business skills from top creative professionals.  Renowned professional photographer, entrepreneur, and host, Tamara Lackey holds educational, and moving interviews with some of best in the business.  Watch as she explores inspiring stories, practical methods, and  valuable tips on how to transform creativity into a business. While photographers will enjoy this series, anyo...
By Mike Howard
jpeg2RAW is a podcast targeted at the photographer looking to improve their photos and have a general discussion about photography. We interview amazing photographers and others in the photo industry. In addition, we not only broadcast live each week (, but we allow our live listeners to interact with the gust by asking questions in our chat room. Come to our live show and see for yourself.
By Inspire the Muse
The Sparks to Life Podcast is a conversation and exploration into what it takes and what it really means to be creative. A discussion of tools, skills, resources, and stories behind projects and aspects of creativity to inspire and spark interest in a seemingly endless variety of topics.
By Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
CraftSanity is a place to escape the daily grind and renew your creative spirit through interviews with creative people.
By No Ship Network
After the announcement of a new installment of Twin Peaks in 2016, Steve and Em decided it was finally time to cover the show that first stole their hearts. First things first...THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! If you have not yet seen the series, you may want to sit this one out until you have seen it as a whole. Feedback is appreciated as usual. You can reach us through our contact page at our website at Thank you for listening!
By 佐藤大
FREEDOM,カウボーイビバップ,攻殻機動隊等の脚本家・佐藤大が 熱く且つダラダラ話す「FLOORnet」誌の人気連載がpodcast化!!
By Justin Holt
Not Afraid Of Grain Podcast is a photography podcast mostly talking about film photography. Although we will deal a bit with digital photography and where ever the conversation takes us. Not Afraid Of Grain is a weekly podcast with topics on shooting tips, shooting film, developing film, gear and much more. Justin Holt your host is a 35mm Film photographer who from time to time shoots medium format 6x6 and a small sprinkle of digital. Be apart of the community and submit your questions and su...
Make Mine Multiversity focuses on both the current Marvel product and classic Marvel stories. Host Kevin Gregory invites fellow Multiversity Comics ( contributors to join in on the conversation, and interviews Marvel creators.
By KTdabiggafigga
this podcast is comic books also movies, TV, and other pop culture things . I do spoil a lot so don't hate Fam
By Josh Roush and Mitch Cleaver
A weekly aural manifestation of fiery and righteous indignation on behalf of cinephiles and film fans everywhere. Filmmakers Mitch Cleaver and Dr. Josh Roush serve as your ushers of the entertainment world, championing underappreciated cinematic gems of yesteryear, as well as sharing news of the day and their own tales of life from the fringes of Hollyweird.
By Marc Arsenault
What mad forces compel comic artists to chain themselves to drawing tables day and night? altcomics tracks down cartoonists from all ends of the funny book business—graphic novels, comic strips, gag cartoons, web comics—and tries to find out what makes them tick. Your host is Marc Arsenault, proprietor of Silicon Valley’s Wow Cool shop and General Manager of the comics publisher Alternative Comics.
By Chuck Sipps
A podcast dedicated to the love of video games from a gamer unbound by party lines.
By Walter Witko
Panel to Panel is a comic podcast where the best comics come back the forefront. We will be discussing Marvel, DC, and many of the independent comics from the distant, and not so distant past.
By Garren
Your podcast for everything film and television. From directors to genres to theories, Reel Talk has everything your film-buff ears love. Featuring a new guest every month including professionals from the industry.
By Kris & Jes Clewell
We talk weddings, photography & current events.
By Olivier Robin, Jérémy Moriot et Maxime Bilodeau
Les chroniques des frères Actaire sont des pastilles culturelles hebdomadaires à CFAK, tournées minimalement à 50 % vers la bande-dessinée (le domaine de prédilection des frères), mais aussi vers la musique, les livres, le cinéma (et même parfois les animaux). Quatre frères Actaire seront généralement présents: Phil, Carr, Fred et Nitrob. Parce que la bande dessinée, c’est un domaine d’une incroyable diversité et qu'elle aborde un million de thématiques et le monde entier, avec humour ou sér...
By Arnaud Doeun
Découvrez maintenant (ou plus tard) de nouveaux concepts de vidéos ou d'idées recyclés, humoristiques OU pas!
By Oppih Productions, Radio Misfits
After a couple of decades covering great people, fun locations and cool events on television, NUDE HIPPO is now also a podcast. Featuring more in-depth interviews, from the TV segments, before it ends up on the cutting room floor.
By Gator Design Group
BEHIND THE: Design, BEHIND THE: Brand, BEHIND THE: Business, BEHIND THE: (insert topic here). The team at Gator Design Group takes a deep dive into all things business and design.
By Marissa Staniec
Welcome to Beyond The Mirror: A Dancer's Podcast. Hosted by Marissa Staniec, this podcast dives into the issues and struggles dancers face in the world today. Not everyone has access to big city life but, in this podcast she brings that community to you. She speaks to new industry professionals each episode discussing the topic at hand. What better way to hear from the best of the best in the dance world than hear it from professional dancers themselves. From topics that range from college ...
The CRTVCHURCH Podcast is the official podcast of CRTVCHURCH. Each week, we bring the latest trending topics in Christian creative culture and stories + interviews from prominent creators impacting the church and culture.
By Felicia Lo: Founder & Creative Director of SweetGeorgia Yarns
"Taking Back Friday" is all about carving out and prioritizing time and space for your creative self. Felicia Lo, founder and creative director of SweetGeorgia Yarns, explores this journey of making things in the fibre arts. From knitting and crochet to spinning, weaving, and dyeing, Felicia talks about the challenges and joys of creating with craft and colour.
By Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly is a photography news podcast covering the latest in science and technology. Dive into the details with educated opinions on the cutting edge.
By Photo Geek Weekly
Photo Geek Weekly is a photography news podcast covering the latest in science and technology. Dive into the details with educated opinions on the cutting edge.
By Liron Yanconsky: Artist, Creator and Author
My name is Liron and my goal is to become a prominent figure in the world of art and creativity. I want to inspire you to create with complete freedom and passion! (:
By Pablo Pasten Venegas
En este podcast hablaremos sobre fotografía desde una mirada un poco más amateur, especial para aquellos que tienen la fotografía como un pasatiempos.
By Pablo Pasten Venegas
Sunset Days es una serie de podcast que tratan sobre la organización de bodas desde el punto de vista de un fotógrafo de bodas.
By Infinite Topics
Welcome to Infinite Topics. A podcast where two Intrepid hosts discuss an infinite number of movie related topics. Twitter: @InfiniteTopics Email us questions or suggestions at: [email protected] Youtube Channel: Our Letterboxd Accounts: Jonah: Klay:
By By The Way
By the way did we mention this was a podcast? We may just be a bunch of professionals tossin a few back after a long week, but we bet you are too. Give us a listen! Or a watch. We'll be reviewing the best and worst content from our favorite streaming services, and a few games here and there. If you're in the mood for mindless convo, or just wanna get away from all the mess give us a listen.
By Scott David Gordon
The one and only podcast focused on interviewing the many artists, gallery owners, and curators that make up the Austin art scene. What can we learn from them to help our own endeavors to create and sell art and market ourselves?
By Jessica McDermott
Scenario is a podcast bringing you the hidden stories from behind the camera, hosted by Jessica McDermott.
By Jacob Titus
Pod.SB captures life in South Bend, a Rust Belt city on the move. Interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and people who get things done.
By Vernon Maxxwell
A quest to document 10,000 intimate conversations that move humanity forward by 1%.
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