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Three Bellybuttons Podcast

This podcast is produced and managed by two Melbourne artists, Siying Zhou (host), and Marcel Feillafé (sound composer/editor), In each episode, two guests are invited in and join the host to discuss current art exhibitions/events in Australia. The cover image is created by Emanuel Rodriguez-Chaves, painter/PhD candidate.

SPARK w/Lindsey Bailey

By mikewindy
Lindsey Bailey talks about her studio and teaching practices.

STAGES with Peter Eyers

By Peter R Eyers
STAGES is an opportunity for me to talk to a variety of people whose professional life is about connecting with an audience. I’ll be chatting to a series of creative artists and practitioners about their career, their process and what matters – to them. Some have made the arts a lifetime pursuit, some explain how their career became a happy accident … but all describe the challenges and demands – and ultimately celebrate why there’s no business like show business! I’ll talk to people from fr...

SPARK w/Jodi Hays

By mikewindy
Jodi Hays talks about her studio practice and her art gallery

SPARK w/Brandon J. Donahue

By mikewindy
Brandon J. Donahue talks about his love for airbrushing and scavenging for materials.

Here's An Idea!

By Cyanide & Happiness
The creators and writers of Cyanide & Happiness have one hour to pitch, write and record a new, original script for an animated short, or face dire consequences.

Film Universe

By Film Universe / Anchor
Welcome to Film Universe, where amazing things happen.


Docyouments Audiocast is a speaking space to express various narrations for people of color. listening is the new reading, providing content for our viewers to connect while they listen in on various topics, interviews, conversations & personal testimonies as journal entries.

Impara La Fotografia

By Fabrica Web Radio
Parliamo di fotografia ed impariamo in modo semplice veloce e divertente

The Secret Life of Weddings

By Lisa Mark
The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast is co-hosted by professional wedding photographers Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer. We feature unbelievable but true wedding stories sent in by listeners. To submit your story email us at [email protected] or visit our website at


By 宇文

The Young Ones

By The Young Ones
The Young Ones is a podcast about teen superhero teams and why we love them. Join Charlie and Mikey as we go through the publication histories of some of our favorite teams, while providing witty commentary and intriguing background info. Find us @youngonescast on Twitter.

The Anacrusic Podcast: Purposeful, Sequential, & Joyful Music Education

By Anne Mileski: Music Teacher, Curriculum Designer, and Blogger
Anne Mileski from engages in meaningful conversations about music and music education. Following the mantra "purposeful, sequential, joyful" each episode highlights different topics elementary music teachers face each and every day in their school classrooms. The Anacrusic Podcast is a chance to put your arm around another music teacher buddy and start discovering your most joyful music teacher heart.

The Cabinet Podcast

By Tim Gibson
A podcast experience about the creepy and weird experiences found in video games from the days of the arcade to modern game consoles. New episodes updated twice a month on Wednesdays starting from March 14, 2018.

jewelrytalkwithjewelrynerd's podcast

By N. Mogavero, G. Lester
The Jewelry Nerd, Nicholle, teams up with Gemologist/Appraiser Gary to examine all aspects of jewelry. We will examine history of jewelry and gems, styles, and historical trends. Of course, we'll have a lot of fun too!

"Straight Shuter" - Naughty But Nice Celebrity Dish

By Radar Online
Rob Shuter "Straight Shuter" brings to life his number omen celebrity gossip column in his own naughty but nice way. Get the exclusive celebrity scoop on all the stars you love before any of your friends on

Another Photography Podcast

By Raymond and Art
Ray and Art share their experiences with both DSLR and mirror less photography covering topics including landscapes, nightscapes and portraits.

Media Chat

By Jeremy Murray
The hope of this podcast is to be a book club but for TV and movies

Once Upon a Time in the Westworld

By Travis Pointer
"Sir Cussalott" Travis Pointer, Mara "The Shark" Watkins, and Jonny "Jums" Grutzius have a discussion about the most recent episode of the hit HBO show Westworld.

Giving Credit(s)

By Marcel Pérez
You've heard about writers, directors, actors, and even producers- but what about the gaffers, best boys, hair, and make up artists? Why don't we hear from location managers, prop masters, and foley artists who also work just as hard and in some cases longer hours than the people we always hear from. Giving Credit(s) is an interview podcast where I'll talk to fellow crew members in the film industry. We'll hear about what they do, what their lifestyle is, and what they love about the job. Y...

Exquises Esquisses

By Alexandre Soubrier
Pour ceux qui s'interrogent sur les métiers de la création et ceux qui les pratiquent. Alexandre Soubrier reçoit régulièrement un artiste qui vient parler de sa vie, de ses projets, de ses inspirations et de ses aspirations. Il exerce une activité qui nous fait rêver et nous explique comment il en a fait son métier.

Gotham Arcade

By Al and T
Two best friends loved comics and video games so much, and needed a chance to talk about them so bad, that they started a podcast for just that! Every other week Al will recommend a comic book and T will recommend a video game for the both to enjoy and discuss, usually with varying degrees of competency.

Our Reality: Lost in Space

By Fusion Mouse Productions
Get lost in space with us as we talk about our thoughts on the new Lost in Space Netflix series.

Get Spoiled

By Samantha Herman / Anchor
Why buy the ticket when you can get the recap for free? Do you often see a trailer for a movie and you want to know what happens without actually having to watch it? Then this is the place for you. Listen to Get Spoiled you will feel like you've seen the movie from A-Z.

The Dan Kennedy Podcast

By Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy is a visionary photographer, artist and entrepreneur. In this show  Dan and some of the world’s top photographers and creatives share stories designed to help you gain actionable insights and takeaways to become a better creative yourself...

El Gran Podcast Ilustrado

By El Gran Podcast Ilustrado
Esta emision de podcast tendrá como invitados a dibujantes, ilustradores, artistas plásticos, gente vinculada a la animación y al humor gráfico para que nos cuenten un poco de su universo y podamos entender y disfrutar mejor su obra. Además , habrá espacios de recomendación de documentales, música y películas vinculada a las artes visuales. "Todo lo que puedes imaginar es real"

Art Speaks Volumes

By Timothy Paul Brown
Art Speaks Volumes explores digital art as a medium of self expression, a tool for education, and a vehicle for connecting to the world.

Back To One

By Filmmaker Magazine
Back To One is a podcast about acting. In each episode, host Peter Rinaldi invites one working actor to do a deep dive into their unique process, psychology, and approach to the craft. No small talk, no celebrity stories, no inane banter—just the work.

Mind Museum

The mind museum is where you store the art that has inspired you in your life. In this podcast we interview all types of artists to see what's in theirs.

Sburban Classroom

Homestuck is an incredible webcomic that started in 2009, and "ended"(the ride never stops) in 2016. As more people become interested, some may be intimidated by the length and seemingly convoluted world mechanics That's where I come in! I've put... alot of time into learning about this multiverse, and want to share it with you! I want to provide a beginner's guide to Homestuck, so it's maybe not so daunting at first glance, and provide a jumping off point for you to make your own conclusion...

Shoot. Edit. Repeat. Podcast

By Christopher LaVan
A podcast about film industry experiences, on-set stories, tutorials, and general camera lifestyle talk.


O POCCAST é um podcast de entretenimento musical, televisivo e cinematográfico do blog

The Leica Travelogues

By Dominic Remane
Storyteller | Social Documentary Photographer | Visual Effects Supervisor currently working on History Vikings. Follow me as I discuss the images I've taken around the world and at home.

La Maison France Bleu - France Bleu Orléans

By France Bleu
La Maison France Bleu - France Bleu Orléans

Audio On Visual: Podcasting Visual Arts

By Audio On Visual: Podcasting Visual Arts
Audio on Visual is a podcast that hopes to bring you into the artist studio, whether that be a 1000 sq ft studio or a extra bedroom in a condo, to help you get to know the struggles, triumphs and day to day lives of people creating visual arts. Initially, the artists featured will be from my circle of friends and acquaintances, which are mostly Edmonton and Alberta based but I do have quite a few folks I know through social media spread out all over the world. I hope to feature some of them ...


Art & Music in the Valley

Faulty Projector

By Faulty Projector
A series of podcasts covering various cinematic themes and film rankings co-hosted by Dennis Routledge-Tizzard and Robert Beames.

VRside Chats: A 360/VR Podcast

By Daniel K. Hatton
Weekly fireside chats with independent 360/VR creators.


By CinemaBlend
HeroBlend is both CinemaBlend's oldest and newest podcast, originating as a video series launched back in January 2014 before becoming a Facebook Live broadcast in the fall of 2016. In this hour-long extension of the weekly show, hosts Eric Eisenberg and Adrienne Jones discuss and break down the latest news and events in the world of comic book movies and television, relating the material back to its source, to past adaptations, and to what may lie ahead in the future!

Film Photo Geeks

By Alex Hakimi and Laura King
Film photography will never be the same. Join Alex and Laura as they discuss film photography, geek out on cameras, and interview guests. Theme music Zaire '54 by the Eaters, used under Creative Commons license.

Pixel Cobra

By Marc-Olivier Thibault
Discussion entre photographes et gens qui oeuvrent dans le monde de l'image


By Nick Benson & Lou Capwell
Your favorite railroad photography podcast.

Lichen Lab Radio

By Level 2: Lichen Lab
Lichen Lab Radio is a thought-provoking inquiry into the role of art in society and the gallery that brings together perspectives on art, public engagement, cognitive psychology, and curation. What makes art engaging? Who has access to art? What can we learn from understanding the gallery as a social space? We work through these challenges with the help of many exceptional individuals who study and practice art in remarkable ways.

Wedding Photo Podcast

By DelToroPhoto
I get questions from photographers all the time about starting and running your own wedding photography business, in this podcast we will be having discussions with different wedding photographers to get their point of view and see how differently we all work to achieve the same thing.

Johnny Townsend's Horrid Movie Reviews

By Johnny Townsend
As most people know, Johnny Townsend is not a fan of horror movies. But, he is a fan of podcasting and improv. So, why shouldn't he start a new show in which he reviews horror movies based solely on the trailer? I mean, it only makes sense, right?

Senti che foto!

By Riccardo Bonuccelli / Anchor
Aneddoti, curiosità e amenità varie dall'esperienza diretta di un fotografo freelance.

The Colour Cycle

By Diversity Arts Australia
The latest Census statistics paint a picture of Australia that many of us already see on our streets - almost half of Australia’s population are first or second-generation migrants. But we don’t see this diversity when we go to the theatre, or visit an art gallery, or even when we watch TV at home. So what does it feel like if your culture is largely invisible? In this original podcast series by Diversity Arts Australia, we’ll ask this question of some of Australia’s leading culturally divers...

Acacia and The Void

By Acacia and the Void
Acacia and the Void is this weird rearview mirror with insights and some glare. We’ll try to go and see the darkness in new light together. We will always focus on what we can do to make the world and ourselves better, even if things look impossible. Just humor me! I think I know where we are heading and I’m a pretty good navigator. This is honest, sometime messy but I promise if you hang in there with me, we get there and it will be lovely! Wherever there is… I am a seasoned podcaster. I l...

The Dreaming

By Mote of Dust
Every week, Joe Fulgham and Sasja Smolders read through and discuss every scrap of delicious story in Neil Gaiman's classic "The Sandman" comic book series.

The Photo Report

By The Photo Report
The Photo Report focuses on the art and business of photography with interviews of top photographers.

Comicast Episode 37 -- An unique night, a perfect insightful story, Jiaying Zhang.

By Jiaying Zhang / Anchor
This podcast describes my initial ideas and thoughts about the significance of children's comics in its simplified style with comparison to other comics with the same style but expresses different emotions and themes.

Monday Motivation

By Tj Houston
Weekly motivation for photographers and entrepreneurs

The StuTalks Podcast

By StuTalks
Host Stu Wilson reviews the week's biggest new releases in Film.

Útvarp Töfrafjall

By Útvarp Töfrafjall
The Living Art Museum is a non-profit, artist run museum, founded in 1978 by a group of Icelandic artists.

Alles kann, nix muss!

By Moritz Schäfer & Jens Peters
Ein Podcast, in dem alles möglich ist. Im Zweifelsfall reden wir über Filme, Serien, unsere Arbeit oder das was uns bewegt. Alles kann, nix muss!

Mind To Make

By Jeremy Glenn
Mind to Make is a podcast that seeks to uncover the underlying motivations, intentions, processes and practices of creators. To further inspire creative and non-creative individuals alike to pursue, and to continue in the pursuit of creative work. By initiating communication with artists and exploring how and why they create, I hope to encourage others to endeavour in the creative process and better understand themselves, their peers and the world at large.


By This Is Real
"They say dreaming’s dead, that no one does it anymore. It’s not dead, it’s just been forgotten. Removed from our language. No one teaches it so no one knows it exists. The dreamer is banished to obscurity. Well I’m trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By dreaming every day." We are ‘professional dreamers’ constantly looking for ‘poetry in the darkness’. Creativity is the only way we know how to build connections and ‘connect the dots’. We try to provoke certain moments of re...


By Connor Hair
Post-theater going movie talks from cinema nerds and filmmakers.

Zirkus- und Theaterpädagogik

By Mark Kitzig
Dieser Podcast richtet sich an alle Pädagogen, Lehrer, Erzieher und Menschen, die sich für die Zirkus- und Theaterpädagogik interessieren. Es werden die Themen von Anfang an einfach, sachlich und Kompetent von Mark Kitzig erklärt. Ich beschäftige mich schon lange mit diesem Thema und suche den Austausch mit anderen Menschen darüber, genau so, wie ich auch gerne andere diese Art der Pädagogik näher bringen möchte. Denn das schöne an diesem Themen Feld ist, dass du es überall einsetzten kanns...

The Comics Agenda

By Rogues Portal
Discussion about comics, movies, entertainment news

The 3rd World Artist Podcast

By Rajendra Ramkallawan / Anchor
The 3rd Word Artist Podcast is a about the artistic Journey of Trinidadian Storyboard/Caricature Artist Rajendra Ramkallawan. Rajendra will talk about what he learns on his journey, tips for young artist and his overall experiences as a 3rd world artist.

Know a Nerd

By Nerd901
The Know a Nerd Podcast highlights interesting individuals in the 901 and beyond. Paul Schifani and Eric Bartolotta interview fantastic people in this show brought to you by Nerd901.

Artists for Artists

By Tyler Coombes / Anchor
Artists for Artists is an art podcast where artists discusses everything from technique to marketing to everyday problems artists face in today's world. We hope you find the information useful and feel inspired to continue your creative journey as an artist.

Creative at Night

By Ken Federico
Creative at night is a podcast for indipendent comic book artist who are not afraid to be vulnerable through their artworks.


By T.H. Ponders
Have you ever looked at art in a museum and felt lost and alone, but captured and curious? Accession is a weekly podcast where we find the bridges that help us connect with the art in museums. You can find out more at

It Could Be Wrestling

By Will Cooling
Will Cooling and Myles Nester look at the whacky world of professional wrestling. They'll be looking back at the latest developments in WWE and further afield. They may call it sports entertainment, but with some fresh thinking, it could be wrestling.

Podcast Áudios do Zap - Dilemas da Ivana

By Dilemas da Ivana
Esse é o Podcast Áudios do Zap do Dilemas da Ivana. Somos uma página de tirinhas de humor! Falamos sobre as besteiras da vida, trabalho, feminismo e muito mais :) Temos Face, Insta, Blog, lojinha virtual e veja só... ATÉ UM PODCAST!

Destructo Discourse

By Tyler Crowley
A Dragon Ball Z rewatch podcast, exploring every nook and cranny of the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Buu Saga

High On Paint Fumes

By Stephanie Lam
Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or isolated in your creative work? Do you wonder if other artists struggle with the same things you do? Artist and writer Stephanie Lam explores the psychological and practical issues that come from trying to create stuff. She takes insights, strategies, ideas and questions from a wide range of fields and condenses them into short episodes geared specifically to help artists grow as creators and evolve in their work.

Gallery Bonelli » Podcasts

By Gina Bonelli
Podcasts and blogcasts on art, art history and creative storytelling

Nick Uncaged

By Brian Leh, Christopher Leh, Brandan White
Nicolas Cage is a one-of-a-kind actor, but when did Nicolas Cage become THE Nicolas Cage? With a limited knowledge of filmmaking and an abundance of beer, Brian Leh, Chris Leh, and Brandan White comb through Nicolas Cage’s filmography with a complete disregard for character names and plot points in search of the greatest Nicolas Cage freakout. New episodes every Wednesday! Subscribe to the audio version: subscribe to the video version:


By Melodie Dubois
This podcast is about self-knowledge, self-remembering, self-transformation, the Enneagram, personality types and ego as seen through my eyes.

S&F's At the Movies

By Shaun Duke and Jen Zink
S&F's At the Movies is a monthly discussion podcast on new and classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror cinema. We cover everything from that newfangled Marvel movie to that critically acclaimed indie venture. If it's a good movie, we'll probably watch it. Most of the time, we're sober. Signal Boost is part of The Skiffy and Fanty Show podcast network. If you want to find out more about us and our other shows, go to

Educating Jeremy

By Educating Jeremy
Educating Jeremy is a movie podcast hosted by Jeremy from Podcasts We Listen To and Deana Marie from TwistedPhilly. Deana Marie (forces) asks Jeremy to watch movies he's never seen but she loves. They discuss what they liked about the films, what he didn't like and occasionally there's a throat punch reference somewhere in between. Jeremy and Deana Marie discuss all genres of movies - horror, science fiction, action, etc. If you love movies and hosts who have fun smack talking each other, ...

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Reviews & After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood after show breaks down episodes of Funimation's FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Show Summary: Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric search for the Philosopher's Stone, hoping to restore their bodies, which were lost when they attempted to use their alchemy skills to resurrect their deceased mother. Edward, who lost only limbs, joins the State Military, which gives him the freedom to continue the search as he tries to restore his brother, whose soul is teth...

Candid Conversations

By Onbironsekiz
Candid Conversations is the new podcast series in English produced by Onbironsekiz in collaboration with IKSV, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. Onbironsekiz is a storytelling podcast community from Istanbul. At each episode of Candid Conversations, Onur Akmehmet, co-founder of Onbironsekiz will have a guest from one of the IKSV events and will lead his guest into a conversation that is perhaps at once deep and unexpected.

Artist's Mead

By Olly Thwaite
The raw journey from amateur to professional artist, with all the good, bad, beautiful and ugly in between. Aiming to support, inspire, encourage, and add value to other artists' lives and their works.

Dj Greedo

By Robert Placido Anthony Gri
Ongoing Dj mix show with Video Turntablist Dj Greedo

Habitarium, le podcast de l'exposition

Habitarium est présenté à la Condition Publique de Roubaix jusqu'au 8 juillet 2018. Chaque semaine à partir du 12 avril, une oeuvre de l'exposition est décortiquée par la commissaire Lauranne Germond. Un podcast produit par, en partenariat avec la Condition Publique, à retrouver sur et sur les plateformes habituelles.

Movies Before & After

By Scruffy Audio Network
Do you get excited for a movie by its trailer only to be disappointed by it in the theater...or does it live up to hype and then some? Movies Before & After host Jimmy Holt talks about a movie before it is viewed and then after, obviously.

Freer Thinking Podcast

By Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Have you ever wondered how Buddhism and rock music relate? Do you think of an apocalypse when you gaze at a lush courtyard? Listen and learn to “think freer” about the Smithsonian’s museums of Asian art, our collections, and the big ideas they provoke.

Markus Freise – Kreativunternehmer

By Markus Freise
In meinem Podcast lese ich Euch meine liebsten Blog-Posts über Inspiration und ein inspiriertes und inspirierendes Leben vor. Nicht nur für Kreativunternehmer und -arbeiter, sondern auch im generellen für jeden.

Homemade Camera Podcast

By Graham Young
Graham and Nick talk about modifying and building cameras.

Bright Red Dot

By Bright Red Dot
We are an art historian and designer turned podcasters dedicated to providing an inclusive, public outlet for the discovery and contemplation of art. By expanding the conversation, we can render arts education accessible and art history representational.

My Creative Life by Nancy Miller

By Nancy Miller / Anchor
My name is Nancy Miller, and I'm an illustrator and teacher in Georgia. In 2017, I decided to further pursue my passion in art and design my own stationery line. I'm interested in other artists and how they stay motivated and keep passionate about their own work. How they sell and market themselves. How do you balance your home, creative, and work life. I will be documenting my own creative process in these podcasts.


By 创造力脑瑜伽
你好,我是唐托泥德,从九十年代开始,我的职业经历了平面设计师、广告创意总监、策展人、当代艺术画廊创办者,这些经验激发了我研究创新方法论《创造力脑瑜伽-文创精英灵感禅修课》:基于对大量杰出艺术家、设计家和商业精英创新案例的深入研究,并结合心理学、大脑神经科学的前沿成果,《创造力脑瑜伽》定位于将卓越创新者最激励人心的成长轶事、最颠覆性的创意亮点、最有价值的技巧心得提炼出来;并将分享独特的刻意练习方法,帮助艺术家、广告设计师、写作等文创人士提高创新能力。 《创造力脑瑜伽》的独特价值是:视野广博、脑洞大开、心灵成长。此栏目内容涉及的资料量广博而丰富,主要是英文版的、国内没有翻译的文创类精华书籍及采访、播客节目等,围绕艺术史、设计史及当代最前沿的创新探索。同时,作为一个当代艺术、设计实践者、同时具有策展和艺术批评的思辨性,我努力跳出常规,不拘一格,启发你突破自我、做出非凡的创意作品,探索日常生活中的奇迹和自我的无限潜力。

Take 2

By VHS Podcasts
General movie discussion from the guys that brought you Scream Speak.


By Saumon Rêveur
Venez suivre les aventures d'un jeune et de ces amies partie à la conquête du monde du travail avec pour seul bagage sont cerveaux et du café. Chaque semaine, je vais répondre aux questions existentielles sur ce monde obscures de la Start-up, la vie, les pandas roux et plein d'autres choses ! Alors, pourquoi pas entrer dans mon aventure

Making Comics

By 215 Ink
A podcast about making and publishing comics (and yes, reading comics). Your podcast hosts Keith (215 Ink, Kodoja) and Mike (215 Ink) talk with guests and cover a wide range of topics under the comic and graphic novel spectrum.

Frankly, I Love Movies

By Orion Valley Productions
Tune in every other Tuesday as host Josh Wahl, and his rotating panel of guests, go into detail about the history and production of a chosen film, offering an in depth critique and analysis. Be it a recent release, a cinematic masterpiece, or a cult classic, he'll watch and discuss it all because Frankly, he loves movies.

Rock and Iron Experience

By Stephen Andrews
We love adventure, we love to get better, stronger and faster. This Pod Cast is documents the journey of young filmmakers, athletes, and business owners as they push themselves passed their perceived limits. All while sharing the trials, tribulations, and lessons learned with the listener.

Roses Are Reddit

By Reddit Bachelor
The official Reddit Bachelor Podcast! Where we talk bachelor happenings and bring on real subreddit users!

The Creative Freelancer

By David Bracetty
Listen to the top photo and video creatives from around the country to share their story of how they got to where they are at in their career. We talk personal work, marketing, portfolios, gear, business, art and more...


By emeroo
Welcome to the emeroo podcast, a new branch of my fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Throughout this series I'll be chatting with the some incredibly artistic, visionary, inspirational people. Stay tuned to pick their brilliant brains and be inspired to get creative.

The Silver Screen Podcast

By Jared Boomer
This podcast focuses on movie reviews with an emphasis on movies that are receiving Oscar buzz or nominations for the Academy Awards.


By 高磊
说说自己成为摄影师的经历以及一些有趣的人和事。指出对摄影理解的误区。对什么是摄影,如何提升自己的摄影水平用现身说法给出建议。 通过与国际著名摄影节、国际摄影界权威人士和机构的合作,为严肃的摄影师提供深造、展示、推广的机会。

The Creative's Roundtable Podcast

By The Creatives Roundtable
A Podcast for Authentic Entrepreneurs. This podcast is hosted by Alora Rachelle of Alora Rachelle Photography & Cassie Tackett of Northern Native Photography. Follow along as we discuss the importance of being a genuine photographer as well as a thriving girl boss in the wedding industry.

The Furniture Crush Podcast

By Unknown
Introduction to the FURNITURE CRUSH podcast. This episode is all about addressing the most common asked question I get about painting furniture and that is what paint do you use? I go through some different types of paint that are on the market and what I use and don't use to paint furniture. So if you have a project and don't know where to start on selecting which type of paint to use, this podcast is for you!  website : 

PnBS Podcast

By Tyler Anders, Justin Espen
2 dudes on a quest to find the ultimate party. Little did they know, their whole life was the party and it was most righteous!