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By Julie Abels of Ridge Light Ranch | Artist and Art Curriculum Creator
Help for the Homeschool Art Teacher! Whether you accepted the title reluctantly or you're excited to take it on, being an art teacher can feel overwhelming. What should you teach and how should you teach it? Where will you find the supplies and the time to plan it all? Don't worry, you're in the right place. Welcome to the “Anyone Can Teach Art” podcast from Ridge Light Ranch. I am confident that, no matter what your background is, YOU can teach art! I’m Julie Abels, an artist and art cu...
By KCCK's Talking Pictures
Denny Lynch has seen more than 25,000 movies in his lifetime, and has the distinction of having written the very first Star Wars fan letter! Join Denny, Hollis Monroe, and co-hosts Monica Schmidt, Phil Brown, and Scott Chrisman for a weekly review of what's getting thumbs up and thumbs down.
By Andrea Whittemore
This podcast is all about breastfeeding. We will talk through what it’s like to breastfeed in public, and how the female body is portrayed and accepted in the public eye.
By Big Hairy Monster
The adventures of two painters who live and paint in Auckland, New Zealand. We work on paintings of famous people collaboratively. We talk about the process of painting, and sometimes gaming and film.
By Jess Peacock
Welcome Stephen King fans, horror buffs, and all Bloody Pirates to the Legacy of the Marsten House, a podcast dedicated to ‘salem’s Lot, King’s sophomore novel published in 1975. If you like Lore then you'll love what we have in store for you with this dark and cerebral podcast!
By Axiom
Den förspillda vreden är ett konstprojekt av och med konstnärsduon Axiom. Genom samtal undersöker vi den vrede vi ofta upplever som meningslös. Som tysta skrik, som att skrika så det inte hörs. Samtalen är en del av vår konstnärliga process inför ett gestaltat performanceverk kring förspilld vrede.
By Hannah Hethmon
Museums in Strange Places is a podcast about Icelandic museums and museum culture. Subscribe to Museums in Strange Places and you can expect fascinating conversations with Icelandic museum professionals, world class exhibitions, private museums in gas stations, an introduction to Icelanders (and their knack for storytelling), and a unique window into the inner workings of museums on this strange but wonderful little island. Get bonus material from each episode (photos, further reading, li...
By Wound & Stab
Teylor Smirl and John Holt ask you to read along as they explore books that challenge. We align our thinking with Kafka when he said “I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound or stab us. If the book we're reading doesn't wake us up with a blow to the head, what are we reading for?" Tune-in each week for a lively discussion of books followed by conversation with guests from all backgrounds who share their experiences and enrich the reading.
By AfterBuzz TV
The Gifted AfterBuzz TV AfterShow recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Fox's The Gifted. Join Michael Young, Stephanie Sabraw, Rick Hong, and Stephen Lemieux Show summary: Marvel expands its footprint on the television landscape with this new family adventure series about an ordinary suburban family whose lives change course forever when they discover their children have developed mutant powers. When the threat of a hostile government forces the family to go on the run to protect themse...
By Michael Meinhardt
Interviews with Photographers from around the World
By Matthew DesOrmeaux - Film & Digital photographer in Tampa Bay
A conversational podcast about all things photography, digital, film, lenses, bodies, gadgets, lighting, 35mm, 120, all medium format, large format, alternative processes, tech and the art of it all!
By vaycasey
a podcast about freelancing through the opinions and experiences of a current full-time freelancer.
By Sean McTiernan
The Wonder Of It All is a podcast about film hosted by Sean McTiernan.
By Edward Spiegel
Mind-blowing videos and electronic music formatted for AppleTV. Explore sights and sounds created with the cutting-edge graphics and music synthesizers designed by Eric Wenger, father of Bryce 3D. These videos turn your AppleTV into an art appliance. See our portable podcast for smaller versions of these videos formatted for computers, iPods and iPhones.
By Loyal Books
Logan Marshall's book "The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters" gives readers a first-hand account of the greatest sea disaster of all time straight from the survivors of the ill-fated sunken ship. Unlike many of the books about the Titanic that was written recently, Logan Marshall was fortunate that he was able to interview the survivors of the Titanic and access to all the important documents about the ship, including the diagrams, maps and actual photographs related to the disas...
By oilyfilms
do you ever wonder what happened to your old 8mm home movies?
By Mike Howard
jpeg2RAW is a podcast targeted at the photographer looking to improve their photos and have a general discussion about photography. We interview amazing photographers and others in the photo industry. In addition, we not only broadcast live each week (, but we allow our live listeners to interact with the gust by asking questions in our chat room. Come to our live show and see for yourself.
By John Swinimer
Podcast about tools for comic book makers and fans of makers
The QuackCast is a podcast hosted by the site's two administrators, skoolmunkee and ozoneocean. Each week the two hosts espouse on the latest featured comics, cool on-going events, and whatever hot topics of discussion are lighting up the forums. They'll also go off on random tangents about whatever they feel like. A great weekly audio companion to the site itself!
By Wes & Marcos
We, The Boxers, want people spending less time searching for what they want at the Redbox and more time watching what they want from the Redbox. Occasionally Good Movies - Consistently Great Conversation
By Rusty Gray: Animator, Artist, and Mentor
Rusty Gray from Rusty dives into the art of animation, how to learn the craft, and make a living as an animator in VFX, Feature, or Games. Through interviews with recent graduates of the best online schools (Animation Mentor, IAnimate, CG Tarian and Animschool) that have made it pro, you’ll discover the shortcuts to your dream job at Disney, Pixar, Weta, ILM or any studio. If its insight and inspiration you need this is your source. Animation workflows, animation schools, persona...
By Maximilian Rivera & Scott Tennant
We started at the very bottom of Rotten Tomatoes with a 0% film, and we're working our way to 100% Fresh, week-by-week.
By iCreateFlix Radio
Living the Creative Life- Bringing you artist, crafter, maker interviews and industry experts that inspire your creative muse across all artistic mediums
By Mike Seymour, Jason WIngrove
Your guide to digital cinema, filmmaking and cutting edge imaging.
By Dave Cass
Escape to a private tour of The Audio Art Gallery where each week an artist and one of his paintings will be described for you to enjoy.
By The Leith Gallery
Scottish contemporary artists discuss their art. For more information, visit our website
By The Unconventional Life
We are a group of like minded business creatives, individuals, families, who have come together to help people find their voice and identity for the sole purpose, to grow their business in a way that may be unconventional to their industry.
By WDAV Classical Public Radio
Interviews with artists, performers and community arts leaders.
By sonarlj
By 甜心电台
【甜心电台】一档2B文艺重口欢乐暗黑治愈系能文能武小清新的脱口秀节目。微信号TianXinFM 新浪微博@甜心电台FM
By 万字虎的漫画擂台
我是万字虎 我想在这里跟大家认认真真的聊聊漫画这事
By 喧勒个huāng
喧勒个huang 是由 新疆土话大百科 和 天山摇摆客 联合制作的节目,希望大家喜欢!
By 叶梓
By 忆听电台
我们用真切的情感,最震撼的电波,最真实的文字传递给所有用心在聆听忆听网络电台的小耳朵们。 QQ粉丝群:102348971 ||微信公众号:忆听 ||
By David Gallardo, Julien Edwards, Jazen Anderson, Youssef Grant
Four dudes in L.A. walking the fine line between "cool guy" and "nerd". Discussing movies, tv shows, and just about any geek pop culture that crosses their minds.
By Vincent BOUVAIS
Grâce à, développez vos idées créatives et concrétisez les de la prise de vue au photo montage... Ici vous trouverez tout le contenu nécessaire pour : - maîtriser votre appareil photo, - réaliser des photographies fortes et percutante, - Illustrer par des images vos idées et messages, - maîtriser la lumière, - maîtriser le logiciel Photoshop, - maîtriser le logiciel Lightroom, - maîtriser le logiciel Blender, - être capable de réaliser des photomontages, ...
By Little Grand Road
The team from Little Grand Road sit down with guests to discuss the newest film releases and if and why they're worth seeing.
A. J. Casey and Megan Mortis discuss Arts, Culture, and whatever is on their mind on the local radio show, JAM in Henderson. Now, Jam is available as a podcast!
By 禅之
By TaKiyah Wallace & Amber Cabral | Lemondrop Media
Brown Girls Do Ballet Founder, Takiyah Wallace and Board Chair, Amber Cabral, have met some talented people, especially women, doing interesting and amazing things to help elevate our communities.  In this podcast, Amber and Takiyah highlight the outstanding accomplishments and movements that are paving the way for future Brown Girls.
By Richard Flint Photography
Released semi regularly, the Richard Flint Photography audio podcast features photography news, website, multimedia and podcast links, details about upcoming exhibitions, photographic awards and much more. Around six podcasts are released each year including a number of podcast specials based in locations like Scotland. All of the weblinks for the digital content mentioned in the podcasts can be found on the dedicated podcast links page at
By Pete Mummert, Gerry Porter, and Tom Taylor
Celebrating the Indiana Jones movies one minute at a time.
八個星期,8花齊放。 8花齊放繼續秉承外判動畫計劃的精神,推動本土創意,支持獨立公司的動畫製作。 新一輯節目不單播放經外判計劃徵集的動畫,亦從其他渠道搜羅本地作品,更有大學同學的首次動畫作品。藉着提供一個播放平台,鼓勵動畫創作,令更多觀眾可以欣賞到本地動畫師花盡心力的製作。 動畫短片題材包羅萬有,有天馬行空的想像;對未來世界的預言;現實環境的反思;也有以各式隱喻去表述人類的情感世界。透過主持Anjo以他魔術師的法力,穿梭現實與動畫這個幻想世界之間。
今年 8花齊放 將繼續秉承香港電台外判節目計劃的精神,推動本土創意,支持獨立公司的動畫製作。 十多條動畫短片題材包羅萬有:從科幻到懷舊、由小品到史詩,都離不開小市民對香港生活環境的觸覺,有重拾舊夢的金魚街檔主、有堅定抗爭的流動小販、也有默默耕耘的搭棚工人... 多個作品已獲國際及本地動畫比賽獎項,包括 日本TBS DigiCon6大獎 、香港通訊及資訊科技獎 、台北國際數位內容設計比賽 等 節目邀來年青女插畫/動畫師 夢特嬌.全擔當主持人一職,以輕鬆及跳動手法,向市民大眾推廣及導讀這些優秀作品。
By William Lau: 香港Blogger及攝影師
來自攝影Blog WLcreative.com的William Lau為你講盡每週攝影新聞、掌握最新攝影科技知識,教授各種最潮的相機潮流。 無論你是專業攝影師或是業餘發燒友,用的是頂級旗艦或是入門手機,只要你對攝影有興趣,你都會喜歡這個節目,歡迎收聽攝影一週,WL為你吹盡相機, 光圈, 快門, ISO, 構圖水。
By Louis Vargas
The (art)Scene Podcast is a series of conversations with artists, gallery owners, museum professionals and anybody else with an art background but have gone on to do something completely different. We’ll cover not only their work, but other facets of their lives and the stories that come with them.
By Sam Bednarchik and Katie Walker
Join Sam and Katie as they deep dive into all kinds of cultural icons. Filmmakers, authors, musicians, artists, maybe even a wholly unproductive celebrity or two (who knows!), doesn't matter so long as we or our listeners are obsessed with them.
By The Angels - Kendra Abay and Marie Budimir
The Angels - Kendra Abay and Marie Budimir present 'News and Entertainment With a Twist'. Recorded live on J-Air 87.8FM Melbourne Australia
By HHWLOD Podcast Network
The Walking Dead TV Podcast is a show dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead television series. Join five members of the HHWLOD family as we discuss the events of each week's new episode.
By The Corner Booth
Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Animation Industry Be part of a LIVE discussion with stories and anecdotes from animators, producers, and artists who work, or have worked, on your favorite animated cartoons! Join: Larry Whitaker – Animator, Director, Writer, and Voice Actor at Warner Brothers, Disney, and Corner Stone…among others. Chance Raspberry - Animator and Character Layout Artist on The Simpsons and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Luis Escobar – Animator, Storyboard Arti...
By Steven Hulett
We strive to interview a broad cross-section of people in the cartoon industry, folks working on the theatrical and/or television side who have made big contributions to the art form.
By Joshua Jordan
If you love cartoons- This is the podcast for you! Let the UberNerd walk you through the decades of cartoony goodness and show you all the hidden fun inside!
By Matthew Szewczyk and Patrick McCrone
A Podcast devoted to eighties comic books, the best ten years in comic EVER! Marvel, DC, First, Eclipse, Now, Continuity, Malibu, Dark Horse, Blackthorne - we cover them all!
By DefenMedia Network
The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast™ Hold 322! 'Nuff Said.
By The Collection Shop
Ebony Visions by Thomas Blackshear "I always knew I wanted to create Ebony Visions'. As an artist who happens to be black, I had distinct ideas about what I would like to see in the line." The elegant compelling figurines he created for the collection are a blend of both Art Nouveau and African culture, which Thomas calls "Afro-Nouveau." - Thomas Blackshear Thomas Blackshear introduced Ebony Visions in April 1995 with the release of the first six Ebony Visions designs, The Storyteller, The P...
We talk about comics. We try to be informative, insightful, and funny. A lot of the time we use rude words.
By Loyal Books
Burroughs’ first published book, as well as the first book in the Barsoom series, A Princess of Mars is a science fiction novel following the adventures of the heroic John Carter, after he is mysteriously transported to the planet Mars where he meets its divided inhabitants. The novel is considered to be a seminal for the planetary romance, which is a sub-genre of science fantasy. Burroughs’ book has also inspired a number of well known science fiction writers during the beginning of the 20...
By Andrea K Haid
The Animation Workout digs into the nitty gritty of creating personal art projects, art, game and animation news, motivation, the process of creating animation, work and life balance and interviews with inspiring artists.
By Francisco Blas
The podcast itself will be dedicated to American graphic artist, James O'Barr's' work ,'The Crow,' as well as all avenues that the original graphic novel has been based on and succeeded by, which includes but not limited to; comic series films, novels, television, music inspired by, and any other type of medium that has been made accessible to fans of the character, comic and series.
By Award-winning crime novelist Matt Rees
The place for fans of crime fiction and thrillers. The Man of Twists and Turns is packed with “How to” tips on writing thrillers, behind the scenes looks at crime writing, and a FREE psychological novel podcast in serial form. Matt Rees is an award-winning writer of crime fiction, thrillers and historical fiction.
By Aaron Bergeron
Locked deep beneath The Museum is...The Museum's Shadow! Inside this secret, trapdoored cellar is an exhibition filled with artifacts, fossils and thick cobwebs. Some artifacts are brought into the light on Twitter: @museumsshadow
By Meadow Coldon
Tune in to the bi-weekly podcast for pattern and product reviews, enjoy wine and yarn pairings, learn about peculiar fiber art jargon, textile history and traditions from around the world and more! Join your host, an inquisitive, knitting archaeologist based in Reykjavik Iceland, in the endless joys and adventure that is fiber art, history and wine. Where can you find all this? Just follow The Woven Road!
By The Amazing Nerdcast
The podcast about comic books, movies, pop culture, and nerds. Each week the nerds take a look at current releases, titles and collected trades and give updates on pop culture news. Comic book fans talk about their favorite characters, story arcs, and the comic multiverse. If you're looking for the best comic book stories then look no further than The Amazing Nerdcast.
By Zach Heltzel
The complete oral history of Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) from A to Zenon! Hosted weekly by Zach Heltzel.
To thrive in today’s content-driven world, every company needs to start thinking like a media company. On The Content Engine, a branding and marketing-focused interview show, we reverse engineer the strategies, trends and tools that entrepreneurs & brands are employing to storytell more effectively and scale their own content empires. Hosted by Alex Murphy, Narrative Strategist and founder of Golden Arm Media, the show invites successful entrepreneurs, digital marketers and agency owners to r...
By dj Date Masamune
This 18+, NSFW, explicit podcast series will be absolutely dedicated to reviewing Yaoi & Bara manga for your entertainment & pleasure.
By Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston
From Hollywood, film composers Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston discuss news and opinions on the state of the media music business and issues relevant to film, television and video game composers, orchestrators and musicians.
By Magnum In Motion
Founded in New York, in 2004, Magnum In Motion is the multimedia digital studio of Magnum Photos. In Motion assembles visual narratives for online and offline platforms, including screenings in museums, festivals, and workshops, and soon, a DVD collection.
By Halftone Audio
Two huge DC Comics fans discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with varying viewpoints - good and bad. Mostly, we just geek out on DC lore. The People v Batman v Superman is hosted by Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper.
By RashPixel.FM
Subscribe to THE weekly podcast for movie people! Features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary hits, with ratings, rankings, and interviews.
By Jeff Yanc, Heather Lares, Rusty Boulet-Stephenson
Jeff Yanc, Heather Lares, and Rusty Boulet-Stephenson discuss film topics.
By Film Pigs
Welcome one and all to the Film Pigs Podcast! This show focuses on what the Pigs do best: extended complaining about the movies and the people who make them. Each episode is based on a theme chosen by that week’s host and will contain rants, features, bits, thoughtful discussion, and the finest audio effects that can be crammed into a MacBook.
By Major Spoilers Podcast Network
Zach learns about movies to become a better film maker.
By Apple
著名书法家王冬龄应邀为西湖 Apple Store 零售店的开幕挥毫创作,他的笔墨不仅抒写出杭州悠久的艺术文化之美,也为 Apple 在杭州的新篇章更添别韵。王冬龄认为,书法的线条要有生命力与美感,同时蕴藏一种大自然所赋予的神奇力量。在本次活动上,他也分享了对书法文化的理解与创作心得,并现场演绎书法的魅力著名书法家王冬龄应邀为西湖 Apple Store 零售店的开幕挥毫创作,他的笔墨不仅抒写出杭州悠久的艺术文化之美,也为 Apple 在杭州的新篇章更添别韵。王冬龄认为,书法的线条要有生命力与美感,同时蕴藏一种大自然所赋予的神奇力量。在本次活动上,他也分享了对书法文化的理解与创作心得,并现场演绎书法的魅力。
By 光环摄影美学
与你们一起分享专业的摄影教学、实用的摄影资源、最新的摄影资讯 等等有关摄影方面的东西。为你提炼精华的摄影知识和小技巧,用最短的时间把最实用的干货分享给你们。订阅微信公众号:Zenandchen 了解更多内容
By Apple
By The Finer Photo Podcast
Welcome to the Finer Photo Podcast! With over 10+ years of combined experience, your hosts Roy Dufek, and Roby Babcock roundtable weekly about the lastest in photography news, gear, techniques, trends, and philosophy. Engaging with listeners weekly, they strive to help all types of photographers from those just starting out to the seasoned, achieving the best results possible from their photography. Their light hearted humor, and amusing stories of adventures gone wrong provide people all aro...
By DVR Podcast Network
The Deuce DVR about HBO's drama The Deuce. Hosted by Mike Hull and Jason Bailey. Part of The DVR Podcast Network. Email us at [email protected] Twitter @TheDeuceDVR. Check us out at
By Daniel Quantz
A late-night conversation on the depths of storytelling and art in the shows we're watching now...with a sense of humor and a glass of whiskey (sometimes rum).
By Rough Edge Studios
Devin Crow, Sammy & Jason and guests discuss Anime, videogames, beer, food and whatever else comes to mind.
By Reid M. Petro
Reid chats with cool people about neat things.
By Waylight Creations
A peek into the world of making. A collection of interviews and knowledge from within the maker community.
By The Film Buds
Like Chris Hardwick and his imaginary friends before he blew up and married a supermodel -- tune in to hear Henry, Braden and Chloe talk movies new and old!
By Spainmedia Radio
De la mano de la revista L'Officiel Art, hablamos de arte desde todas sus perspectivas y con todos sus protagonistas. Con Merche Rodríguez.
By Jim Cantiello & Annie Barrett
Writer/producers Jim Cantiello and Annie Barrett used to stay up all night in NYC recapping American reality TV, for money. Now they sit around in L.A. talking about the British kind, for free! Welcome to THE PROVING DRAWER, the definitive “let’s do this now before the show drastically changes” podcast for #GBBO fans one and all. Are you as obsessed with Mary Berry’s jacket collection as we are? Dying to befriend Mel and Sue? Have recurring nightmares of Paul Hollywood boiling down your lif...
By John Jansen
A feature-length podcast celebrating the art and entertainment of cinema.
By Heath Armstrong | Create on Your Own Terms
I firmly believe that everyday is a bonus round. I create because I'm alive. I believe in the freedom of self, and that life is more than a miracle. I interview creative minds all around the world who live on their own terms- so that you and I may absorb the lessons and change the world. Live your life as if you had to live the same life all over again. In this show, I cover mindfulness, productivity, habits, creativity, living off the grid, quitting that miserable job, location independe...
By kojima
By 旅々プロジェクト
By 横浜美術館×KIQTAS(キクタス)
「ラジオ美術館」は“インタビューを通してアートに親しむ”コンセプトで展開する音声プログラム。 美術館やアートに関わる人々の生の声が主役です。 話し言葉だからこそ伝わる、ゲストやその仕事・作品の魅力を感じ取ってください。 この番組は、「アートに親しむ、アートを考える」横浜美術館塾の企画・制作により配信しています。 ☆番組ではアートや横浜美術館に対するみなさんからの疑問・質問を募集しています。専用メールアドレス「[email protected]」までお送りください。 【企画制作】横浜美術館塾 【インタビュアー/プロデューサー】早川洋平(KIQTAS) 【制作協力】和金HAJIME,江口拓人
By daniel
By cre8ive cutz
Learn all about creating your own die-cut designs using Make the Cut! software. No more buying expensive cartridges for your electronic cutter, now you can cut whatever you like! Great for scrapbooking, cardmaking and other paper crafts as well as home decorating and so much more! Make-the-Cut! is compatible with Cricut, Craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade and more.
By naka_chang
By The Short Boxers
The Short Box is Jacksonville FL's premier comic book and pop culture podcast. Created by Badr Milligan, Walter Gant, and Andrew Torres. The show is currently hosted by Badr alongside co-hosts: comedian Cesar Cordero, writer Adam Wollet, and artists Edmund Dansart and Ashley Lani-Hoye. The Short Box brings comics to the people, from the know-it-all gurus to the casual readers. The Short Boxers meet up on a weekly basis to review new and classic comic releases, movies, art, and everythi...
By 後藤隼平&ロクロウ
By 娱乐综合广播