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100 Creatives
By Sally Harris
Launched as part of #the100dayproject, 100 Creatives is a podcast on a mission to chat with one hundred creative folks about their work and what makes them tick. This show is for those who are obsessed with handmade and homemade, artists, writers, makers, creative entrepreneurs, savvy side hustlers, weekend warriors and those who just enjoy a good crafternoon. Hosted by Sally Harris. Fuelled by caffeine.
Queen Photographers Podcast
By Latoya Dixon Smith: CoFounder of the Queen Photographers
The Queen Photographers Podcasts brings tips, tools, resources, and shared stories by and for black and other women of color photographers. Our community aims to empower and equip African-American women photographers to develop sustainable businesses.
Talks In Fashion Podcast
By DeArcy Scott
My goal with the Talks In Fashion podcast is to bring you insights weekly through motivation and conversations with today's top fashion leaders including models, photographers, designers, influencers, executives, and more. We discuss where they are now, how they got there, and actionable ideas you can use to be successful in the fashion industry as well.
"Showrunners" is presented by INSIDER. We're interviewing the people who run and produce today's biggest television hits, and diving deep into how a show goes from script, to production, to your screen.
By 语桐听艺术
【art】次元门市部 【语桐听艺术】制作声音类的艺术播报,艺术家、展览、机构、项目、市场、收藏......另有知名艺术家推荐的书籍,并录制成有声书,做完整的学术脉络贴。
Artists On Art
By Metrick Podcasts
Talking about art with artists
Mormon Visual Culture
By Zion Art Society
Mormon Visual Culture looks into the most influential art and artists with intimate interviews with leading scholars, artists, and collectors.
Thoughts on Comics
By Thoughts on Comics
Join Damien and Julius on their journey of becoming professional comic book creators as they discuss both mainstream and indie comics, cosplay, and the start of their own company.
FiveWhoFans The Podcast
By FiveWhoFans
"Hello, You're listening to..." FiveWhoFans The Podcast, Join the team as they discuss a myriad of "Timey-Wimey" topics! Including, Doctor Who, Films, Cartoons and other general tittle tatter that takes their fancy! With occasional appearances from other FiveWhoFans members and guests. Enjoy the show!
Pausa para o Café
By Coffee Produtora
"Pausa para o café" é o Podcast da Coffee Produtora - empresa especializada em produção audiovisual e marketing digital. Este é o espaço para falar de assuntos de interesse geral da equipe, cultura, esprotes, video game, filmes... mas também é local de trabalho: trataremos de assuntos de marketing, mercado atual, produção visual, fotografia, vídeos e tudo mais. Aproveite este tempo e tire você também uma Pausa!
Papo de Fotógrafo
By Ana Cariane e Rafael Petrocco
O Papo de Fotógrafo é o maior podcast de fotografia do Brasil, com quase 1 milhão de downloads, o programa tem ouvintes de todos os níveis, fotógrafos profissionais, amadores e amantes da fotografia. O programa é uma mistura de podcast com bate-papo, com muita informação e diversão. Para ouvir essa mistura de fotografia e experiências, é só acessar o site ou assinar no seu aplicativo de podcast. Aproveite, puxe a cadeira, e acompanhe o Rafael Petrocco, Ana Cariane e seus convidados.
Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature
By Jordan West
Various Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature
The Felix Comic Art Podcast
By Felix Comic Art
The Felix Comic Art Podcast is the show dedicated to the world of original art and original art collecting. Hosted by Felix Lu, each episode will feature a special guest as we chat about the hobby. We'll talk to artists, writers, collectors, and more! For anyone who has an interest in comic art, this is the podcast for you.
F-Stop Collaborate and Listen
By Matt Payne
A landscape photography podcast by Matt Payne. This podcast contains interviews and casual conversations with some of the world's best landscape photographers. We discuss workflow, artistic vision, and share our love of the craft.
Radio Free Krypton
By Radio Free Krypton
Radio Free Krypton is the only comics radio show broadcast throughout the multiverse. Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.
PPN - Photo Podcast Network
By Scott Bourne & Marco Larousse
PPN - Photo Podcast Network is your podcast feed for different photography related topics. Each month we will cover inspiration, mirrorless photography, Q&A, gear, and other photography related topics. PPN is run by two experienced photographers: Scott Bourne (founder and show host) Marco Larousse (founder, producer and show host) You can get more information atthe site. Thank you for subscribing and listening!
PaintingLoft Podcast
By Scott Holloway, Jessica Perner
The PaintingLoft Podcast is about the "Dark Art" community. Exhibitions, Artists, Techniques, Ideas, Scandals & Crimes and all the things worth talking about in the realm the two host participate in. Jessica Perner (Ward) and Scott Holloway are both artists exhibiting their work globally in the field of art that doesn't truly have a title but is widely accepted as "Dark Art". It is also occasionally called Surrealism, Dark Surrealism, Lowbrow, Outsider, etc.
Multiple Threads
By James Mankiewicz, Tim Ryan
In each episode Tim and James chat about four t-shirts they love or hate and how they were made - until they get distracted talking about movies, music or anything else.
iFilmmaker Podcast
By Ariel Martinez
As I look forward I can still see I have a long way to go, but I look back and see many in my same position when I started. These are my career experiences as a filmmaker.
Forever Malone
By Will Malone
Born out of a photo project, The 365 is a show about creativity and consumption. In this podcast, we'll have conversations with creators about their work, what inspires them, and hear interesting stories in the process. Consumption is also very important to creativity, so we'll spend time talking about different books, movies, tv, etc.
Craft and Geek
By Coregeek and Jackie Craft
Hosted by Jackie from Jackie Craft Cosplay (and the SyFy TV show Cosplay Melee) and Eric from Coregeek Creations, two makers with love for all things creative, cosplay and geek life.
Fotografe Bem: Não apenas fotografe. Fotografe Bem.
By Sérgio Marino Ribeiro Neves Filho
Se Aristóteles tivesse uma DSLR, certamente diria: "Se aprende a fotografar fotografando, e se aprende a fotografar bem imitando os bons fotógrafos". Não dizem que o caminho se faz caminhando? Pois bem, a fotografia se faz fotografando. Mas antes de sair fotografando... Você já se perguntou sobre o que se trata a fotografia e o fotografar? Aqui e você encontrará um espaço para fazer seu próprio caminho fotografia adentro, o percorrendo a passos virtuosos. Há uma diferença entre fotografar e fotografar bem. Não fotografe. Fotografe Bem. Acesse para mais informações. Fotografebem.
The Studio - Danny Grant
By Danny Grant
This collection of interviews and conversations is designed to paint a realistic picture of what it looks like today to have a career as a representational painter. Everything is fair game as we discuss the ins and outs of having a successfull career as an artist.
Make Photography Great Again Podcast
By Make Photography Great Again Podcast
"Make Photography Great Again" is the result of hundreds of hours of conversation between two photographers & educators struggling with the state of the photographic industry. We have things to say. We hope you'll listen.
Healing Medicine Radio
By Healing Medicine Radio
Healing Medicine Radio features interviews with Tattooers.
By Loren Butchart
Brave Castle is a podcast dedicated to discussing the pursuit of creativity with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and multi perspective thinking. Makers, Builders, Artists, Writers, Thinkers and Adventurers. Anyone I have access to who use their short time in existence to plant their flag as high as they can on the mountain of success, what ever that may be. This podcast is to be long format discussions into the lives and ideas of people that I respect. People of thought and action. My interests lay all over and I collect weirdos as friends. This podcast is a place to show case them, their work and their unique perspectives of the world. Brave Castle is a spelunking mission into conversation.
INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERYのPodcastへようこそ! INDIES ART CLUB and GALLERYについてや美術のことなど続々配信予定!作品制作アドバイスから作品の見方まで幅広くお話します。また、当店でのイベント情報も配信して行きますのでよろしくお願いします!
Penseln, pennan och hjärtat - en dokumentär om Tove Jansson
By Moomin Characters
Vem var Tove Jansson bakom den mediala bilden av en vänlig barnboksförfattare med mjuk page och lika mjuk röst? – Ibland beskrivs hon som en sån där sockersöt muminmamma. - Nå det var hon ju ingalunda, konstaterar Sophia Jansson, Tove Janssons brorsdotter. Fortfarande så är det ju så att hon är mest känd som skaparen till muminböckerna och väldigt få vet om att hon skrev något annat alls, för att inte tala om att de inte vet att hon målade tavlor, gjorde en massa brukskonst, skrev romaner och noveller, fortsätter hon. Brorsdottern är en av de som ger sin syn på multikonstnären Tove Jansson i dokumentärserien Penseln, pennan och hjärtat, där lyssnaren får följa med Toves levnadsbana och de miljöer, människor och livsval som påverkade henne i åtta fristående avsnitt. Tove Jansson föddes i ett Finland som var en autonom del av det ryska kejsardömet, och hennes liv är på många sätt sammankopplat med den finska nationens historia. Varför blev till exempel det finska inbördeskriget en sådan nyckelhändelse för Tove, trots att hon själv var bara tre år gammal den ödesdigra blodiga vårvintern år 1918? Hur klarade Tove av vinter- och fortsättningskrigen, som höll på att ta kol på hennes kreativitet och hur hittade hon modet att kritisera Hitler och Stalin i satirteckningar som hade kunnat ge henne dödsstraff om andra världskriget hade fått ett annat slut? Vi bekantar oss bland annat med Toves bardomsparadis i den östnyländska skärgården och får höra berättelser från kulisserna i de legendariska muminpjäserna som gjorde succé runt om i Norden och banade väg för “muminsvenskan” i Sverige. Vi hör om hur hårt Tove fick kämpa för att bli accepterad i Finland och den osannolika historien om hur hon erövrade läsare från Kapstaden till London med hjälp av sin talang för serietecknande en viss brittisk gentleman med plommonstop och käpp. Dokumentärserien ger också en inblick i privatpersonen Toves liv och värderingar – bland annat hur det var att leva som homosexuell kvinna under en tid då samkönade relationer klassificerades som antingen brott eller en sjukdom. I serien hörs både akademiska experter, familjemedlemmar, vänner och Tove Jansson-älskare från Finland, Sverige och Storbritannien. Bland dem hörs komikern Mark Levengood, president Tarja Halonen, vännen och skådespelaren Birgitta Ulfsson, den brittiska barnboksförfattaren och filmskaparen Frank Cottrell Boyce, Jansson-forskarna Boel Westin och Tuula Karjalainen, musikern och journalisten Benny Törnroos, familjevänner från Toves sommarparadis i Pellinge och många fler.Produktion: Outhouse Media. Copyright - © Moomin Characters™ och Yleisradio.
Elixir VR
By Elixirvr
ELIXIR VR will be launching game engine based narrative experiences on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Daydream. We are also building in social, so friends can watch and experience Elixir VR content together! Follow our ups and downs along the way as we push toward completion of Foreverse: Season 1! Hear from the producers and cast about their experiences as early Virtual Reality content creators.
By Yugen Yah
Let's talk about filmmaking - Der Indiefilmtalk-Podcast möchte unsere Branche einwenig zusammenführen und mit verschiedenen Gästen, egal ob Regisseur, Schauspieler, Komponist, oder Produzent, über das Filmemachen reden.
Ruin My Childhood
By MDXpods
Mike and Kat watch cherished childhood TV shows and movies. They find out if watching these cherished titles ruin their childhood. Are some things better left in the past? Find out on Ruin My Childhood.
Pedro Ortega y el Arte
By Pedro Ortega y el Arte
Pedro Ortega es Ingeniero, Historiador del Arte, Doctor en Estética, Editor y Gestor Cultural. En este podcast en el que se publican sus conferencias, intervenciones en radio y televisión, así como entrevistas que ha realizado a distintas personalidades.
The Candid Frame
By This Week in Photo
The Candid Frame provides frank, insightful interviews with some of the industry's top established and emerging photographers. The show has featured guests including Jay Maisel, Joel Meyerowitz, Pete Turner, Lynn Goldsmith and Gerd Ludwig and enjoys a following among photo enthusiasts from all over the world.
Momo´s Podcast
By Blogozine Digital Artist Content & Publishing AB @ 2017
Momo is a well known celebrity stylist and hair dresser who lives a life full of glam and shine. But the road to his success was tough. Momo was born in Kuwait and moved to Sweden at a young age where he came to grow up and where he later also came out as a Gay man. Coming out as Gay had an unfortunate turn where he lost his entire family and feared for his life. Nevertheless, Momo has always been courageous – he chose to live a life true to himself and did what was right by coming out. You should tune in. The podcast by Momo is great entertainment and an important voice for the entire LGBT community as well as for anyone who likes the fab life. Important subjects are drafted with open hearts and no judgement, and he makes sure to spice it up a little extra with some beauty and style.
Series of First Impressions
By Joe Pimenta, Kel McDonald, & Kristen Gish
Getting started is hard. There will always be a few missteps along the way. Join 3 cartoonists, Joe Pimenta (, Kel McDonald (, and Kristen Gish ( as they talk about the first season of different TV Shows.
Der Fotografie Podcast
By Jörg Siegwarth
Der Fotografie Podcast dreht sich rund um Fotografieren, Ausrüstung, Meinungen und Interviews
Be More George – The Podcast of photography AWESOMENESS – Be More George
By Podcast – Be More George
Photography podcast talking through the issue no one else wants to talk about. Business! Every other episode also features an interview with a professional photographer. Get insight and inspiration to take your BUSINESS forward!
Scout & Birdie
By Scout & Birdie
Scout & Birdie is an online literary magazine, podcast, and live lit show. Each month, a group of artists create pieces exploring a theme. Scout & Birdie is hosted by Jennifer Kiehl and Anna Rose Wolfe.
Marital Games
By Adam & Cassie
Adam and Cassie are joined together in gaming matrimony. They are a married couple that consists of a life long gamer and a new-to-the-scene gamer. Join them as they discuss a different video game every episode and talk about their experience from their different perspectives. At the end of each week, they announce the next game they will discuss so you can play along at home!
KABEGIWA podcasts
By kabegiwa
KFAI's MinneCulture
KFAI's MinneCulture stories and concerts highlight Minnesota's arts and cultural heritage.
NLS In Podcast
By New Local Space Limited
Conversations with visual art practitioners presented by New Local Space (NLS) in Kingston, Jamaica
Un camino de Descubrimiento, de Aprendizaje y de Renovación a través del Cine.
Fleeting Media Podcast
By Fleeting Media
Fleeting is a label based in San Francisco. Each music release comes with a video and a podcast episode. Head to to watch our videos!
Art Connections
By Metrick Podcasts
Conversations between Drake students and renowned artists.
By Yin Mammoth
The ARTizm Podcast is about connecting with great artists on a deeper level, getting to know them and their work further. The connection with the artist and the audience is the most important aspect of the podcast.
Rote Liste Filmcast
By Marco Schimpfhauser
Im vergangenen Jahrtausend entwickelten sich Stop-Motion-Filme zu gigantischen Blockbustern. Heute geraten diese Werke immer mehr in Vergessenheit. "Rain Man", "Die unteren Zehntausend" oder "Cry Baby" findet man heute vergeblich auf Wunsch- und Watchlisten - zu unrecht. Denn die Wegbereiter der heutigen Publikumsmagneten dürfen nicht völlig vergessen werden. Holt die VHS-Recorder aus dem Keller und seid dabei.
Video Ga Ga
By Will O'Neil & Andrew Mortimer
Music Video Podcast with Will from ThisIs ReadyMade & Andrew from Belugatoons.
Spark of Madness
By Ben, Aaron, Matt, and Nick
Ben, Arron, Matt & Nick get together to discuss the latest movie, nostalgia, and life and world happenings.
How to Buy Artwork Fearlessly with Certainty
By Scott J. Menaul
In this podcast I give you the education and tools to remove the fear of buying artwork and give you the certainty in making the right artwork choices for your home or business.
East Coast Geek Squad Podcast
By Will Phoenix: Host of the East Coast Geek Squad Podcast
This podcast is dedicated to discussing and covering different areas of fandom in the entertainment industry such as movies/film, video games and gaming, anime, pro wrestling, Star Wars, SciFi, Fantasy, etc. We talk about current and upcoming events and topics as well as touch back on topics from the past. The East Coast Geek Squad Podcast, " Talking Entertainment, From The East Coast, To Anyone."
These Glamour Girls
By These Glamour Girls
These Glamour Girls is devoted to promoting the legacies of the great ladies of Classic Hollywood.
Reeling in the Years
By Model Citizens Media
Michael Ruiz and Logan Moore break down music on a year-by-year basis, and analyze the changes and trends in the medium over time. Each episode focuses on a random year throughout history so you never know what you're gonna get next.
Starving Artists PHX
By Tony Moschetti
Art lover Tony Moschetti sits down with local creatives actively trying to make their mark in the Phoenix arts scene. Join us as they share their inspirations, their struggles, and perhaps their French fries.
Photo Field Notes Podcast: Career Advice for Photographers
By Photo Field Notes Podcast
The Photo Field Notes Podcast is an interview series about the business of photography hosted by photographer Allie Siarto. Episodes feature business advice, real stories and career inspiration from professional photographers around the world.
PhotoApps Podcast (Audio only) by PhotoApps.Expert
By [email protected]
The PhotoApps Podcast is hosted by PhotoJoseph, dedicated to exploring photography apps on any platform. Join us as we interview and get live app demos from developers all over the world, from one-person operations to multi-billion dollar companies!
PhotoApps Podcast (HD Video) by PhotoApps.Expert
By [email protected]
The PhotoApps Podcast is hosted by PhotoJoseph, dedicated to exploring photography apps on any platform. Join us as we interview and get live app demos from developers all over the world, from one-person operations to multi-billion dollar companies!
PhotoApps Podcast (Full HD Video) by PhotoApps.Expert
By [email protected]
The PhotoApps Podcast is hosted by PhotoJoseph, dedicated to exploring photography apps on any platform. Join us as we interview and get live app demos from developers all over the world, from one-person operations to multi-billion dollar companies!
Blog Faire-de-la-Photo
By Michel Caumes
Apprendre la photo avec un pro. Tous les conseils, astuces et tutos dont vous avez besoin pour progresser rapidement.
Art Pod for the Curious & Brave
By Kacy Latham
Why do we make art? What do we do when we feel discouraged? How do we balance life, work and our passion to create? Is this a hobby or a profession? There will be talk of creating, promoting, and growing as a Whether you are a professional or beginner, self-taught or an art school student or alumni, I hope you will join me for a bit. I may not know all the answers but I am curious and determined to pursue this crazy dream of being a fine artist. My first season will be released this summer with 7 flagship episodes. We’ll see how it goes and then take it from there. My website is and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram under the same name. SEASON ONE, LAUNCHING THIS SPRING.
Milch oder Zucker ?
By Tanja Wesel & Dominik Neesen
Die fotografische Kaffeestunde präsentiert von Tanja Wesel & Dominik Neesen. Lockere Plaudereien über Fotografie und vieles mehr.
Olligrafie - Fotopodcast mit Oliver Reetz, Inspirierende Gespräche mit interessanten Berufsfotografe...
By ©Oliver Reetz
Olligrafie ist der Foto-Podcast für angehende sowie etablierte Berufsfotografen, die ihren Traum von der Berufsfotografie erfolgreich leben. Du suchst nach Motivation, Inspiration und Ideen zum Thema Berufsfotografie für maximalen Wert während deiner Zeit beim Sport, dem Weg zur Arbeit oder einer ruhigen Minute? Dann ist der Podcast von Oliver Reetz genau das Richtige für dich. Jede neue Folge präsentiert einen neuen Fotografen aus dem Fotobusiness, der seinen Weg zum Erfolg mit dir teilt. Komm mit zu den Geschichten der Erfolge und Misserfolge, den A-Ha Momenten, den Erkenntnissen, Tipps & Tricks und dem richtigen Mindset – Spar dir dein Lehrgeld und lebe erfolgreich den Traumjob Berufsfotograf.
Del cielo a las estrellas
By Red Podcast Fotógrafo Nocturno
Este es el podcast en el que hablaremos de la fotografía con telescopios, fotografía con drones, time lapse e hiperlaps, esperamos poder ayudaros a descubrir la fotografía con estos nuevos elementos. Podéis contactar conmigo en: @MaximoRedTweets [email protected]
Cultura Pop en 60 minutos. Música, entrevistas y conversaciones sobre temas diversos. Conducido por Evaristo Corona “Golfo” y Luli Serrano (Contra el Tiempo)
We The Creatives
By Weston Vitt
This is a podcast about creatives. The guests I have on the show will talk about who they are, what they do, why they do it, their inspirations and everything in between. I also want to have the normal conversations that are around us and that we're involved in each and every day. Each person is unique in their own creative way and I want to show that with each person I have on We The Creatives.
Showroom Hungary
By Klaudia Kosárkó
Interjúk magyar tervezőkkel divatról, designról és művészetről.
Camera Aspects
By Paul Griffiths and Michael Rammell
Weekly discussions about photography from two passionate street photographers. Gear, tips & tricks and our thoughts on the latest happenings in the world of photography
Art Praxis
By Brock Lownes
Art Praxis is an art history podcast that explores the connection between the practice of art and life
By Mickael Julliard
A podcast documenting the daily hustle of the Toronto people
In Residence: The Artpace Podcast
By Artpace San Antonio
In Residence is produced by Artpace San Antonio, a non-profit contemporary arts organization in San Antonio that offers residencies, educational programming, and public and community programs. In Residence explores the function of residencies in contemporary art. Each episode will feature a different artist, curator, collaborator, staff member, or interesting person about their role at Artpace and in the art world as a whole.
Eye, Heart & Soul
Easel Insight's Easel Talk
By Gábor Svagrik and Phil Starke
Artists and teachers, Gabor Svagrik and Phil Starke, take a look at the process of painting, discussing the pitfalls and solutions from their experiences. Each new episode is aimed to give artists tools to keep them moving forward, transforming their time in the studio and out in the field. Discussions will include tips, techniques, strategies for development, and a whole lot more. So join us as we talk about all things art. Visit to get the free download that comes with the episode.
By Cinegarage
Programa dedicado al análisis y crítica de la industria cinematográfica en diferentes ediciones. Conducido por Erick Estrada.
Art Routes SA
By Luis M Garza
Art Routes SA delivers conversational interviews with San Antonio based artist putting a spotlight on the San Antonio Art community by hearing from the artist themselves. The interviews will illuminate the artist backgrounds and inspirations and reveal the transitory nature of San Antonio's art community drawing in artists from across the nation and discuss the springboard and bounce back effect that happens often with SA's homegrown artist as they develop, hone and mature there practices.
Opposable Thumbs
By Rob Ray and Taylor Hokanson
We (Taylor Hokanson and Rob Ray) assign ourselves (and a guest) a new creative challenge every two weeks. We then talk about our discoveries, problems, solutions, failures and successes and.... try to steer clear of catastrophic shop accidents.
HyperLink sur Radio VL
By Radio VL
Hyperlink, votre cocktail de pop culture et de débats en tous genres, saupoudré d’actualités virtuelles et numériques ! Retrouvez Amaury et son équipe pour des tests en direct sur Twitch et Dailymotion, des critiques et des interviewes savoureuses !
Vinoth Varatharajan
By Vinoth Varatharajan
I discuss the current status of Tamil Cinema and it's lack of originality. By opening this conversation, I hope to demonstrate the future creatives the true meaning of craftsmanship.
Wishful Booking
By Liam McNulty
Longtime impassioned fans discuss the current WWE landscape focusing on what they would do different.
Pug Party Podcast
By by bun
The Pug Party Podcast — where art, creativity and writing go off the leash. Hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano.
Shoot First, Questions Later
By Shoot First, Questions Later
With William Patino and Cameron Sandercock, 'Shoot First, Questions Later' is an informative and mildly entertaining photography podcast with a RAW aussie flavour.
500 Bodas y algún Funeral
By Mandragora Fotógrafos
Lejos han quedado los posados simples y aburridos de no hace tanto tiempo. La fotografía de boda actual busca la naturalidad, la espontaneidad y plasmar de una manera mucho más actual lo que ocurre el día de la boda. Todo ello sin renunciar a una calidad estética que las parejas exigen debido a su cultura visual. En nuestro podcast hablamos sobre fotografía de boda desde un punto de vista real y cercano.
By 최첨지,안드로,장부장
예술과 문화를 즐기고 싶은 예술입문 초보들의 솔직한 예술기행.
자기만의 문장
By 박신우/강영호
‘어떻게 하면 나만의 관점으로 사진을 잘 찍을 수 있을까’를 고민하고 실현해 보는 사진 전문 팟캐스트입니다.
방구석 미술관
By 미술관 앞 남자
미술에 대해 듣도보도 못한 얘기를 가려 뽑아 방구석에서 뒹굴며 떠들어 보겠습니다. 방구석 미술관.
말하는 미술
By 말하는 미술
팟캐스트 [말하는 미술] [말하는 미술]은 약 4주 간격으로 업로드 되는 현대미술에 관한 방송입니다. 현대미술은 ‘본다’는 행위와 감각으로 동시대를 반영합니다. 현대미술의 감각은 시시각각 변하는 동시대의 흐름을 예민하게 포착하고 생생하게 그려냅니다. 우리는 현대미술을 통해 다양하고 복잡한 동시대의 사회와 문화를 진단하고 성찰합니다. 그래서 바라보고 느끼는 만큼 현대미술을 이해하고 사고하기란 쉽지 않습니다. [말하는 미술]은 동시대 미술과 여러분 사이의 이런 거리감을 좁히려 합니다. 눈과 귀를 기울여 현대미술의 현장에 다가서고 싶게 만들고, 그 생생한 실천에 관해 여러분과 함께 마디 마디 짚어가며, 현대미술을 통해 보이는 현실 뿐 아니라 보이지 않는 진실과 상상력에 관해 말로 나눠보고자 하는 시간입니다. [말하는 미술]은 활자와 이미지로도 여러분에게 다가섭니다. 페이스북 페이지와 네이버 포스트를 통해서 이 자리에서 대화를 나눈 작가들의 작품, 전시, 출판, 글을 전해드립니다. [말하는 미술]을 여러분의 검색어로 즐겨찾아보세요. [말하는 미술]은 언제나 청취자들의 눈과 귀, 아트 스페이스 풀의 도움, [말하는 미술] 운영진과 협력자 모두의 힘으로 만들어집니다. [말하는 미술]은2015년 4월 25일 1회 권병준 편으로 첫 업로드를 시작했습니다. 2015년 1회 권병준 편 : 4월 25일 업로드 2회 2014년 미술 전시 편 : 5월 16일 업로드 3회 최정화 편 : 6월 6일 업로드 4회 박찬경 편 : 6월 27일 업로드 5회 김용익 편: 7월 18일 업로드 6회 주재환 편: 8월 8일 업로드 7회 구동희 편: 8월 29일 업로드 8회 파트 타임 스위트 편: 9월 19일 업로드 9회 미술출판 편: 10월 10일 업로드 10회 리슨투더시티 편: 10월 24일 업로드 2016년 11회 2015년 미술총평_1부: 2016년 1월 9일 업로드 11회 2015년 미술총평_2부: 2016년 1월 23일 업로드 12회 백지숙 편: 2월 6일 업로드 13회 이영철 편: 3월 5일 업로드 14회 백현진 편/객원위원 : 맹지영: 4월 4일 업로드 15회 정은영 편/객원위원: 안소현: 5월 7일 업로드 16회 양아치 편/객원위원: 홍이지: 6월 17일 업로드 17회 미디어시티 특별1호: 9월 업로드 17회 미디어시티 특별2호: 2017년 1월 업로드 18회 노원희 편/객원위원 이영욱 [말하는미술]은 주변 작가와 미술인의 따뜻한 협력과 격려, 운영진 모두의 자발적 참여와 다양한 협력자들 그리고 [아트스페이스 풀]의 도움, 또한 관심있는 분들의 후원으로 만들어집니다. [말하는 미술]을 들으실 수 있는 경로 아이튠즈: 팟빵: 사운드클라우드: 페이스북 [말하는 미술] 네이버 포스트[말하는 미술] 연락처: [email protected]
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