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The Assignment Bureau Podcast
By The Assignment Bureau
Can creative assignments help solve people's problems? These true stories follow people who test out unusual methods to face challenges that have to do with love, dreams, or trying to make the world a more hospitable place. (Independent podcast.)
Who's Your Daddy?
By Roommates Media
Meet Debbie and Travis Beanstalk, your average, run of the mill mother-son combo on the search to find a new step-dad, hoping to turn their dynamic duo into a trio. Each week a new suitor will do their best to swoon Debbie and Travis in the hopes of joining the family. Will they ever find their happily ever after? Tune in each week to find out! Who's Your Daddy is a completely improvised podcast. If you like us, you can Venmo us! @whosyourdaddypodcast
By Hot Rockpile
There’s no way to plan for being alone. There’s no way to plan for what comes next. This is a story about what happens when the world goes dark, and everyone else is gone. - New episodes every other Wednesday
Operapolitan Podcast
By Operapolitan is a website committed to promoting the well-being of performing artists. We will discuss topics that bring comfort, inspiration, knowledge, and support to the opera community!
Original Sinn
By Original Sinn
Original Sinn is a sci-fi podcast written, directed, and produced by Luna Brekke and starring Weston McAloney. In it, linguistics professor David Hoyte is contracted by the U.S. government to translate the language of a captive alien. It is a story of conflicting values, of moral ambiguity, and of how the decisions we make create who we become. Episodes are released every Thursday from August 3rd, 2017 to October 26th, 2017.
Orson Scott Card's We Review Everything podcast
By Orson Scott Card and Rusty Humphries
Legendary author, Orson Scott Card and his friend, radio host and author Rusty Humphries, review everything from movies to toilet paper. It's a fun, insightful look at things that touch our lives.
Impromptu Fiction: With Lane and Friends
By Lane Lloyd
From the creator of the hit horror podcast SABLE, comes your new favorite improvisational writing podcast! Here on Impromptu Fiction, Lane and his guest of writers get together every week. They are given a simple writing prompt and from it, both Lane and his guest must write a short story. No one is allowed to edit or rewrite their stories. Once both are done, they come on the show and read their tales to each other for the very first time. It's silly, it's messy, but most importantly, it's fun, Welcome, to Impromptu Fiction
Super Artist with David Carus
By David Carus - Art Planet CEO & Bestselling Author
Super Artist with David Carus shines a light on artists in a major way. In every episode Art Planet Founder & CEO David Carus interviews an exceptional artist and takes listeners on a journey through their life. From early influences to big barriers and ultimate victories, each episode paints a picture of what it takes to be a creative force in the world.
Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast
By Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast
Internationally renowned klezmer trombonist Dan Blacksberg sits down for in-depth and informal conversations with musicians and other artists whose work has made them an integral part of the klezmer world. Listeners get to go behind the scenes of the lives and work of the individual artists, and the modern history of klezmer music. We'll talk about memorable moments in our artistic development, bring up wild performance stories, and ruminate what it's like to be connected to this international community that makes up the klezmer world.
Rewatch Podcast
By Golden Spiral Media
The Rewatch Podcast hosts are Cory, Tom and Nathan who revisit past TV shows and movies. Twitter: @RewatchPod Facebook:
Yarn Storytelling with Ryan & Jasmine
By Yarn Storytelling
Join your hosts Ryan Sim and Jasmine Fairbairn as we get to know each other and various special guests through our personal stories. Each episode will be centered, loosely, around certain themes determined by a feature story recorded at a Yarn Storytelling live event. We have a conversation, get you all prepped, then play you the story at the end of each episode.
Inglorious Artists
By Peter Hallin
On Inglorious Artists actor Peter Hallin talks to other actors, musicians, visual artists, directors and all other manners of show business and creative types. Some just starting out, trying to make it in their field or veterans deep into their creative journey but may not have made themselves known to the bigger public. Artists who are... Inglorious, you might say.
Behind Too Blondes
By Face Off Unlimited
Improvisation, Innovation, Unlimited Creativity
G.A.S.P.™ GraphicAudio Story Podcast
By GraphicAudio
G.A.S.P.™ will be bringing you ALL-NEW serialized episodes of a complete full-length story along with episodes that feature short-stories in our GraphicAudio® format.
Fear Of A Black Podcast
By Bail Bonds Media
Ray Grady and Brian Hooks present their 100% uncensored take on the world from the perspective of two powerful and hilarious black men who don't give a f*ck what you think.
Group Show
By 12ø
Group Show is a five episode podcast series by Caitlin Merrett King covering topics like work, collaboration and criticism. The podcast was conceived of as part of 12ø's S/S17 curatorial residency as an exploration into expanded curatorial practice. Each episode includes a mixture of interviews, sound commissions and regular features covering artist-led activity around the UK. An audio interpretation of the busy, messy, exciting squishing together that happens in group shows.
Hoofbeats in My Heart
By George Zarr
The adventures of Ruby Buckaroo, Bandit Queen of the Cowboys
Yes But Why Podcast
By Yes But Why Podcast
Yes But Why is a conversational podcast about creative people (but mostly comedians). Hosted by Amy Jordan, Wendell Smith and Patrick Neese. We interview performers at all points in their careers about why they chose this path, what drives them to keep going and what their aspirations for the future may be. And sometimes we just make jokes and laugh.
Les Deux You Remember This?
By Dara Laine
Les Deux You Remember This? is a comedic storytelling podcast about Hollywood in the early aughts. A time in history when Americans learned that with just a trust fund, a sex tape, and a dream, you too could become a star.
Geoff Embler Speaks With Interesting People
By Geoff Embler
Geoff Embler interviews comedians, reporters, political operatives, and other folks to find out who they are, what they do, and how they got there.
GLT Music Podcast
GLT's Music Director Jon Norton interviews big names and emerging talent from the music world as their travels take them into Central Illinois. Discover eclectic music spanning blues, rock, jazz, and more.
By Andy Keathley
Talking guitar with Andy Keathley and special guests. instagram/twitter/facebook: @guitarcastpod [email protected]
Guitar Goddess Radio with Ezina
By Ezina LeBlanc
Guitar Goddess is a show create by and about female guitarist. Each week we interview female guitarists and song writers as they share the stories behind their music, lessons learned on the road as well as showcase new material.
Every Sing
By Nancy Bos
The world of singing is so much more than we can easily grasp. In this podcast, Nancy Bos is joined by singers, scientists, educators, choral directors, audio engineers, and more, in conversations about what drives them. Every episode examines a different aspect of singing and digs down deep to expose the driving passion of the guest.
Fuse Chamber
By Fuse Chamber
A place for artists and entrepreneurs to build the elite skills you need to live the life you want. It's not about what winners do, it's about who they become. Learn the secrets that successful people know, but nobody will teach you in school. Come here for weekly inspiration, motivation and coaching so you can start living your life without compromise.
Festival City Podcast
By The List
Festival City is a podcast by The List from world capital of theatre and comedy, home to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. Hosted by theatre editor and critic Gareth K Vile, we welcome guest performers, directors and writers into The List's attic recording studio to talk theatre, comedy, dance and anything else that takes our fancy. As well as sharing the world of the Edinburgh Fringe with our far-flung listeners, we’ll be talking to arts programmers and curators around the world about their own festivals and institutions.
New Music Friday - PALA Sound Studio
Featuring original songs, productions, and collaborations by PALA (Dean Palya Jr) and various artists, this podcast brings you the newest tracks every week. With slick pop productions and fresh songwriting, PALA’s writing offers a unique perspective on the genre. Based in Los Angeles, CA and with roots in Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN, PALA is always excited to collaborate with writers and producers. Visit to learn more about this project or to contact PALA.
Back To The Money Bin:
By All Consuming Content
DuckTales is back Woohoo! "Back To The Money Bin" is fun, family friendly podcast that covers the DisneyXD reboot of DuckTales. Father/Daughter duo Justin & Ari host the show and promise fun for everyone that listens.
One Mind Radio
By The Holy Day
One Mind Radio bridges the worlds of Art & Logic, Creativity & Reason, Fact & Opinion by featuring prominent and growing artists, painters, actors, fashion designers, local business owners and entrepreneurs alike to get their hands-on take about what it means to pursue your goals, create a stable business or brand, and overall maintain your sanity!
Noise Complaints
By Lucas Reynolds, Mikhail Bagheri & Aedan Moeono
A weekly podcast with three unimpressive and slightly anti-social boys discussing Sydney's music scene
Not So Nashville
By AJ Cannon
For the unpaid giggers, the volunteer soundmen, the bedroom rockers, the DIY-ers, the home studio aficionados, the tech junkies, the gear nerds; this is your podcast. Come along with AJ Cannon on his adventure in the world of music from a small town musician's perspective. There will be plenty of ridiculous obstacles to overcome that are sure to be educational, humorous, and definitely relate-able to musicians regardless of where they stand in the music industry and there might just be a few tips and tricks to help you in your own career in music!
By Sveriges Radio
Udda platser. Udda existenser. Utanför Stockholm. Ansvarig utgivare: Louise Welander
Hew's Interviews
By Lachie Hewson
Join Lachie as he has in-depth conversations with Aussie actors, artists, performers and creatives. Discover what drives them, what influences them and how they got to where they are now.
Harry Strange TOS
By Tony Sarrecchia
Harry Strange is an award winning radio drama that tells the tale of a private investigator whose beat takes him into the supernatural. Harry's adventures bring him face-to-face with demons, succubi, vampires and all manner of 'unnatural' and the occasional 'natural' evil.
By Creatia Magazine
Every week the Creatia Crew gets together to discuss Game of Thrones.
By Phil_Goud
Au lendemain du défilé du 14 juillet, des mouvements militaires inhabituels sont repérés un peu partout en France. Le soir, la vidéo–confession d'un scientifique sème l'angoisse : une comète s'abattrait sur le pays de Galles dans 163 heures. Fiction participative qui s'est déroulée en temps réel du 15 au 22 juillet 2017. Les heures indiquées correspondent aux heures réelles des messages sur le répondeur. Consulter les remerciements à la fin pour avoir la liste des participants.
10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro
By Matthew Del Negro
Actor Matthew Del Negro (The Sopranos, The West Wing, Scandal) describes his career as being told "No" for a living. Here, he gets up close and personal with top-shelf folks from all walks of life about the 10,000 "No" s they've had to endure and struggles they've had to overcome on their journey to where they are today. Inspiring, raw, honest and funny, this podcast will help you see that the people you think have "got it made" put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you.
502cast's podcast
4 comedians trying to figure out what to do with this microphone sitting in front of them!
Origins with James Andrew Miller
By DGital Media
Origins, narrated, researched and interviewed by award-winning and best-selling author of the oral history books on ESPN, Saturday Night Live and CAA, the Creative Artist Agency, James Andrew Miller, will explore beginnings -- whether from the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, business, or even human relationships -- to explain how greatness starts and how critical happenings come to be. Listeners will hear firsthand from those who were "there at the start," who hatched The Great Ideas, or who arrived in time to turn those great ideas into formidable realities.Origins will strive to reveal the unexpected, the unpredicted, and those moments of luck and fate that no one sees, or saw, coming. These will include pivotal junctures, trapped doors and level jumps. This podcast series will chart the pedigree of success, celebrating entrepreneurship and examining the frustrations and nightmares that, suddenly or inevitably, occur along the way.Origins will be based on individual topics, played out in chapters -- a historic album, a groundbreaking television show, a company that altered the way we consume media, or even a couple whose romantic relationship garnered widespread curiosity.All of these compelling and entertaining subjects will in some way, have helped create the world we live in today.
Groundwater Podcast with Jonathan Brown
By Jonathan Brown: poet, rapper, podcaster
If you dig deep enough anywhere in the world, you'll hit water. The stuff we are all made of... The stuff the earth's surface is made of... People are the same way. If we dig deep enough into the personal, we discover the universal. Groundwater Podcast interviews creatives of all kinds, and together we look for the meaning of art.
Infinite Hex
By Jack Dean
A podcast where Jack plays the improvisational hexagon-based storytelling game Never Ending Stories with friends.
Writing Perspectives
By Steve Borley: Writer
Edinburgh-based writer Steve Borley interviews other writers - and people who work with writers - to learn from their experiences and insights.
Cupachino Podcast
By Chao Williams-Comedian Tino Romero-Comedian
Two comedians who tell stories from the heart, every week Tino and Chao go over life in its current state and life from both guys past. This podcast will be released weekly on Mondays. Cupachino is from the heart.
Cold Dog Soup
By Sean Magers, Matt Hankins, Matt Creel
Sean and the Matts read horrible poetry and make fun of each other.
Conversations From The Abyss
By Comedy Film Nerds
Conversations From The Abyss is a bi-weekly Anthology Podcast featuring conversations between two living things. Possibly. It was created and written by Chris Mancini and produced by Comedy Film Nerds. Music and Sound Design by David Schmidt, Acapella Audio. Shows will drop on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Daring Fables
By ParaFable
Daring Fables is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast by ParaFable. Starring Nicole Mericle as Ripley Pepperoni, Ingrid Nixie Greep as Dora Gonk, Sara-Renee Weatherby as Mara, and Shannen Michaelsen as your dungeon master.
By Quad House Media
Andrew interviews people. And Katie and Andrew talk.
Don't Call It Bollywood
By Margaret Redlich
I am a long time fan of Indian film, and my friend Dina and I go to the movies together every week and then fight all the way home about if it was a good film or not. This is a recording of our fights. Or, "lively discussions". For more thoughts from me, check out my blog
Don's 80
By Red Wall Productions
These are the performances and thoughts shared when a Black Man in America reaches 80
What's Your Story? from BHS
By Mark J. Davis
Everyone has a great personal story that should be told. Sophomores at Barrington High School in Rhode Island have participated in an annual project titled "What's Your Story?" Students share a brief personal narrative addressing a deep personal impact on their lives. The stories are developed through a pitch process, peer critiquing, and rehearsals. This podcast represents the culmination of the best stories, selected by their peers, told before a live audience without notes or edits. Each story is certain to entertain, captivate, and enlighten listeners. Please subscribe to hear additional episodes released each Wednesday. Share with your friends and be sure to leave us your comments to help us learn and grow!
Super Tough Improv
By Infinite Jest Comedy & Manfred Yon
Long-form improv comedy in short-form episodes. Montage, Armando, The Movie, we do it all. This aint your old man's improv podcast. A podcast on the Infinite Jest Comedy Network.
With Confetti In Our Hair: Celebrating The Artistry & Music Of Tom Waits
By James Abee and Bill Smith: Tom Waits fans
Bill and James go through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole as they explore the personal mythology of their deep bond around the artistry and music of Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan. Absurd, unexpected, off the wall and under the table, this is the podcast nobody was waiting for and everyone's been dreaming about, innocently. Featuring... in the center ring: itinerant theater director, bricoleur, and Fairy Podmother, Cheryl King; writer, thespian rain dog, and Fashion Fangod, Bruce Barton; along with a panoply of intrepid guests and "The Human Guinea Pig." Start the Party! Feel the Love.
Britten Sinfonia
By Britten Sinfonia
Britten Sinfonia is one of the world's most celebrated and pioneering ensembles. The orchestra is acclaimed for its virtuoso musicianship, an inspired approach to concert programming which makes bold, intelligent connections across 400 years of repertoire, and a versatility that is second to none.
Before The Cyborgs Podcast
By Before The Cyborgs
A discussion on everything movies, pop culture, and sports related. The Before The Cyborgs Podcast aims at capturing the state of pop culture and sports so that it can be studied by our future cyborg overlords. Tune in for lively debate, film analysis, hot takes that will inevitably be viewed as terrible in hindsight and other forms of tomfoolery from Nate the Cyborg and his friends
Beans And Taters Comedy Hour
By Beans & Taters
Two improv comedians do improv comedy about life. Visits from crazy neighbors (including Old Man Harry), the weekly Game Show Gripe, and more laughs.
Becky and the Good Hair
By Goodhair
Welcome! Sacramento based comedians Becky Lynn and Emma Haney bring you a weekly podcast filled with things around town, news and just basic b**** shiz.
BestTellers Podcast
By Besttellers
BestTellers Scenen finder du på Krusågade 27, Vesterbro, Danmarks professionelle fortællescene, med Europas bedste fortællere - for voksne og børn, torsdag og søndag!
By Kaitlyn Schott
A twenty-something named Olivia visits a town said to be filled with monsters
Word On Da Streetz Radio N Television Podcast
By Lamar "DJ 20/20" Gardner
Disc Jockey, Music Producer, Music Editor, Studio Engineer, Book Author, Music Publisher, Songwriter, Videographer, Video Editor, Photographer, CEO- 20 Sack Entertainment-ASCAP, Sole Proprietor Word On Da Streetz Radio And Television L.L.C, 20 Vids, I.X.L Graphix, Dexter'z Lab Studio's
SolShine Podcast
By Washentertainment
Professional musicians weigh in on issues that influence their career choices..
Aural Traditions Family - Family-friendly anthology of audio drama stories
By Aural Traditions
A selection of family-friendly stories culled from our regular Aural Traditions feed.
Abe's Ukulele Podcast Episode 1
By Abe's Ukulele Podcast Episode 1
In this episode I talk about what you can expect from this podcast, as well as my own beginnings with the instrument. I also talk a little bit about beginning to teach and what instruments are good to look out for when just starting out. I only cover everything briefly, since every topic can be talked about to no end. My vision for this podcast is to be short, fun, and informative.
Alex Jacob's Podcast
By Alex Jacob
We are the2brothers on YouTube.
Movie Show Matinee
By KSL Newsradio
Movie reviews and a little fun at both the listener and the hosts' expense.
Magic Magazine
By Marcel en Marjolein
Interviews over magie, kleinkunst, theater en verwante onderwerpen.
Making a Musical
By Matt Tamanini and Jennifer McHugh
On this series, Jennifer McHugh and Matt Tamanini explore how a new musical gets made. From idea to execution, they talk to the artists behind up-and-coming shows to share the always thrilling, and often heartbreaking, stories about the long, arduous process of getting a show on stage
Musicals Taught Me Everything I Know
By That's Not Canon Productions
A podcast by musical-lovers for musical-lovers. Together our hosts will mine their musical libraries in order to learn whatever it is that musicals have to teach!
Paris of the Plains
By Fountain City Frequency
The Paris of the Plains Podcast is dedicated to producing unheard audio stories from the people of Kansas City.
Party Bard
By Party Bard
Welcome to Party Bard! Shakespeare uber-nerds Molly Booth and Jack Rossiter-Munley like to talk about the Bard. A lot. And they are bringing their party to you! New episodes post every other Wednesday.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
By Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
A fortnightly podcast of speech and music, performed and curated by London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. With interviews with the people behind the music, information about upcoming concerts, and excerpts from the RPO's extensive back catalogue, this podcast is the easiest way to get inside one of the world's leading orchestras.
Mazan Movie Club
By Steve Mazan Host/Comedian/Writer
Dissecting, discussing, and debating (sometimes destroying?) the IMDB Top 100 Rated Movies list one at a time. Counting down to #1 Got an opinion? Join in! It's a Movie Club.
Michael Cassel Group Podcasts
By Michael Cassel Group
We take you behind the scenes as we chat with those that make our spectacular productions come to life.
Playing Dead
By Geeks of the Industry
DJ DogStarz delves into the history of The Grateful Dead with music and stories for you to enjoy
Misadventure by Death
By Jake Song
Misadventure by Death is an audio drama brought to you by Crossroad Stations Productions. Armed with nothing but his trusty recorder and a few dozen flashlights, Neil Hastbury-Rue takes up the mantle of groundskeeper at the definitely haunted, recently opened Harrison Shaw Manor Museum in the middle of the Virginian Appalachian mountains. Easy-peasy…right? Perhaps not. As Neil attempts to settle into his new home, he finds himself having to combat with supernatural shenanigans, a few less than savory fellow staff members, and good old Southern charm. What could possibly go wrong?
Missing Words Podcast
By Missing Words
Missing Words is hosted by Matt Pullman. Each episode will feature interviews with bands, artists, and authors discussing current affairs, history, and a variety of topics.
Toby Dylan ★ Poetry
By Toby Dylan
Spoken versions of my poetry
Reading Festival Podcast
By GetReading
A guide to music, food, where to camp, what to pack and everything else you need to know about Reading Festival 2017
Rebel & Muse
By Rebel And Muse
A yogini and a rocker fell in love. She inspired him with a passion for all things alive. Wandering with open eyes and an open heart, living free and loving hard. He inspired her with his strength and courage. To be unabashedly true to who we are, to live loud and explore, to inspire the world to live and love with his song. Together they imagined, designed, and created the life they wanted to live. Now they bring these offerings to you. Join us on this journey of life, love, music, and yoga.
Ridiculous Rock Record Reviews
By Aaron Martel rock metal reviews music
A podcast in which your host Aaron Martel picks a rock album (anything from soft rock to hard rock to heavy metal) and spends the episode talking about it and reviewing it. Informative, opinionated, and occasionally funny, the show highlights Aaron's genuine love (or hate) for the music discussed. Frequently guests ("co-pilots") co-host the show with Aaron. Are you not entertained? Rock on!
Two Fat Guys On The Internet's Podcast
By Two Fat Guys On The Internet
Two fat punks from the midwest who just wanna entertain the nice people!
Rodger show
By Ethan and Derrick
This podcast is about Rodger dealing with everyday thing witch turns into a nightmare. Enjoy
Rookery Bros
By Rookery Bros
A weekly podcast about the Gargoyles TV show!
Sam Greenfield's Podcast
By Sam
I discuss politics,social issues,culture,and family
Scene Play
By Tucker Lemos
Scene Play is a podcast about narrative and storytelling, about improvisation and character-building, about genius and inspiration. That is to say, Scene Play is a podcast about a bunch of college kids recording roleplaying games. Some of us do improv, or don't, and some of us have done this sort of thing before, while many of us haven't. Every several episodes will be a new game with a rotating cast of friends as we try to figure out how to best create stories in this strange and wonderful medium.
Thanks For Sitting In Podcast
By Thanks For Sitting In with Ricardo: Music, Culture, Motivation
A podcast for musicians and creatives that presents topics and insight from a different perspective. To present guests who have inspiring and beneficial stories to share. To motivate, educate and occasionally rant about the music scene and issues pertaining to musicians of all skill levels and experience. To be "Real".
That One Audition: TV & Film, Performing Arts, Education, Entrepreneurship
By Alyshia Ochse
Film/Television Actress, Producer, Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur Alyshia Ochse hosts an honest, humorous and inspirational podcast with your favorite on-screen storytellers and Hollywood influencers who reveal their most life changing audition tales as well as the survival skills they've collected along the way.
The Theatre of Tomorrow
By Travis McMaster & Mark Whitten
This is an anthology science-fiction audio drama. We spend hours developing and editing each episode for a rich and polished radio experience. A sentient ship stolen in the night! A private eye chases corruption on the moon! An interview with a man from the afterlife! Anything you can imagine is on stage at The Theatre of Tomorrow. Full seasons, and stand alone episodes with more coming every month!
This Exonian Life
By Nick Song
It's "This Exonian Life." I'm Nick Song. Each episode, we bring you the stories heard on and around Exeter's campus. We believe that everyone (yes, even you!) has a story to tell. The stories we put out range from interviews with accomplished assembly speakers, to the conversations held in a friend's dorm room in the middle of the night. "This Exonian Life" is unaffiliated with Phillips Exeter Academy and produced by Nick Song, Class of '18.
Shakespeare Sundays with Chop Bard
By Ehren Ziegler: Actor, Artist, Shakespeare enthusiast
Shakespeare Sundays with Chop Bard, is a practical, and enthusiastic exploration of William Shakespeare’s work. Each episode will take on a single subject taken from his words, lines, poetry, themes, or resources, in order to better understand them, and find out what use can be made of them.
Side Tracks with Rusty Pate
By Rusty Pate
"Side Tracks with Rusty Pate" is a pop culture/entertainment podcast that focuses on music, film, quality television, stand up comedy and video games.
Simon Time Trivia Show
By PFT Media
A trivia show for all, hosted by the best Trivia Master in Central Florida, possibly the world! Tease your brain and listen to contestants have theirs teased as well!
Smackin' It Raw
By Creatia Magazine
Matt Ridder, Eric Siekr, and Travis Pointer have a weekly discussion about the WWE and pro wrestling in general.
Stripped Down Life
By Jim Spencer
Uncensored discussion of the adult service industry (Erotic entertainment/strip clubs) by people who work in the industry
Shindig Productions
By Teg Evans
Each week we will introduce you to an upcoming artist and sample their music. Also we will be reviewing the best music venues in the Bluegrass.
2017–18 Season Preview
By San Francisco Opera
General Director Matthew Shilvock's introduction to the 2017–18 Season at San Francisco Opera.
My Favorite Show Tune
By Robbie Rozelle
Join host Robbie Rozelle as he talks with actors, directors, writers, and other show people in a deep dive into their favorite song from a musical.
LEARN Podcast
By J. Virginia
Robert tells a story.
Hero Radio: Stories Beyond The Music
By Melodic Connections
From the call to adventure, to the darkest moments of the abyss, to the triumphant return home, students from Melodic Connections use the story archetype of the hero’s journey to tell the stories of prominent musicians in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Musicians are interviewed by students at Melodic Connections, a music therapy studio for individuals with developmental disabilities, who use this podcast to journey with musicians they admire and make connections based on their shared love of music. Our students find common ground between their experiences in our community music therapy studio and the lives and stories of professional musicians. Whether you conduct a world class symphony, sing at a local hot spot, or are an avid music listener, this podcast will connect you with interesting musicians of all abilities.
Into the Mist: A Recap & Commentary of SpikeTV's The Mist
By Brad Munson and Cat Bentley-Scheick
Stephen King's THE MIST has be re-imagined by SpikeTV, and every week Brad & Cat give a scene-by-recap, some commentary and continuity, and some good-humored enhancements and arguments about this ground-breaking new version of King's classic novella.
Education Podcast Network
By @EduPodNet
The EPN supports the best in education podcasting and this feed features all our amazing education podcasts.