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2012 International Friendship Debate_

Sponsored by the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Kyushu University in cooperation with Kyushu University ESS. Conducted by Professor Narahiko INOUE


By The Lost ReliC ☥ / Anchor
the lost relics are recreating and nourishing the lost artifact of consciouness that is lacking presence today. Through Interview and podcast we will discuss topics like Music, Entrepreneuship, Spirituality, Kemetics, Self love and more

Sound Waves

By Patrick McDonnell / Anchor
A podcast by patrickm02L. Stories about Urbanism, Design, Government, and Tech. Daily happenings, things I looking into, deconstructions, and life in Anchorage.


By Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee
Where real life and romance intersects.

hello storyteller podcasts

By hello storyteller
Storytelling: moments in time, the things we don’t want to forget, details that are etched in our souls, our every day. Teaching. Artists who want to share their passion for telling the stories of their lives, so you can better tell the stories of yours. Sharing. A space and place to share your work, be inspired, motivated, supported and learn from one another. Community. A group for photographers run by photographers. We welcome you to this community. Welcome to Hello Storyteller Pod...

Ariel Sandoval

By Ariel Sandoval / Anchor
Welcome to the Ariel Sandoval podcast, where amazing things happen.

Dear Creative Director

By Aaron Morse / Anchor
Discussing the years of Graphic Design experience had, notable projects, interviews with other creatives and much more.

B: The Beginning After Show

By AfterBuzz TV
The B: The Beginning After Show breaks down episodes of Netflix's B: The Beginning. Show Summary: Genius investigator Keith Flick rejoins the royal police force just as serial killer "B" emerges; mysterious youth Koku may be an ally -- or a target.

Mary from Michigan

By Empire Podcasting System
A radio soap opera for today! Mary's mother is sick, her evil twin sister Julia is making her life miserable -- and all Mary wants is to find herself in today's changing world. From The Empire Podcasting System - we do radio drama right.

Abdel Hussein

By Abdel Hussein / Anchor
Welcome to the Abdel Hussein podcast, where amazing things happen.

Rebellion Brewing Podcast

By Matthew Barton / Anchor
This is the Rebellion Brewing Podcast. We want you to love craft beer as much as we do. Each week, your host Matthew Barton and guest taste and talk about beer, followed by an interview on topics ranging from beer, food, music, politics, wrestling, videogames and more.

Boss Ass Bitch Podcast

By Marta Cataniciu
Podcast by Marta Cataniciu


What if every person considered #love before their actions? What would our world look like?

Relax, Mellow out and learn Watercolor

By Carol LaChiusa
Carol LaChiusa's Watercolor Workshop brings you a most unique set of videos that promise to deliver a combination of wonderful experiences. Relax, Mellow-out, or Learn to paint Watercolor as thousands have done over the last 40 years.

Mary from Michigan

By Empire Podcasting System
Radio drama done right.

Top Growth with Deborah Penta

By PENTA Communications, Inc.
This entertaining and informative Podcast, produced by leading marketing firm, PENTA Communications, features interviews on numerous topics. Deborah Penta engages her guests in lively discussions and the episodes deliver provocative and compelling dialogue, with conversational formatting. Guests include CEOs, Global Experts, Best Selling Authors, Corporate Executives, Vice Presidents, Entrepreneurs, Top Political Figures, and Senior Level Managers from a myriad of industries.

Bloodandguts's podcast

By Kalen and Dave
Blood and guts is a podcast about food, restaurants the restaurant industry and food culture. Kalen and Dave have a combined 30 years in the restaurant industry doing everything from washing dishes to head chef and everything in between .

Jeremy St.Rebel at the jamminon Tiedye studio

By Jeremy St.Rebel / Anchor
Welcome to the Jeremy St.Rebel at the jamminon Tiedye studio podcast, where amazing things happen.

Something To Live For

By Alex Lawrance
Podcast by Alex Lawrance

Rodger That!

By NJAELYE / Anchor
Njaelye is bringing to you all that is popping about her life as a Navy Veteran and the many other avenues of greatness. Here comes good info, good conversation, and great memories. Don’t let another moment pass by without you joining this journey of transition, growth, laughter, and experiences!

Miles Lacoste

By Miles Lacoste / Anchor
📸Photographer 🎥Cinematographer 💉Registered Nurse🎸Lead Guitarist 🥇Award Winning Husband 😬😂 Let’s learn together 👉🎥🎬👇�

Drink & Learn Podcast

By Elizabeth Pearce
Join drinks historian Elizabeth Pearce and bartender extraordinaire Abigail Gullo as they discuss booze history and culture with a little drinking advice thrown in for good measure. Best way to learn, ever.

Not My Cup 'O TV

By Southern Blend Productions - Bella Cosper
Bella Cosper's brain was built for half hour comedy. On this show, she watches new genres to see if it's still Not My Cup o TV, or if she will Try a Second Cup.

Tattoo Culture

By Tattoo Culture / Anchor
Welcome to the tattoo podcast. Tattoo culture. Tattoo lifestyle and everything in between


By T Dupree / Anchor

Aztec + Friends Official Radio - Music Sense Podcast

Started as a series of the best selections & likes by Indian prodigy Dance Music DJ/Producer Aztec, involving the hottest dancefloor filler & killer music from around the world in varied genres. Also a special artist - from friends, foes & legends giving us a purely amazing guestmix - this is proudly shared under the name - 'Aztec + Friends Official Radio'. Intimately supported by a boutique talent management & event management firm from India, under the banner 'Music Sense'. ...

Eye On Horror

Eye on Horror features writers James Jay Edwards, Jonathan Correia, and Jacob Davison talking about all things horror.

Maddox Gallery

By Maddox Gallery
Maddox Gallery Podcast

YA Cafe

By Danielle Hall and Amanda Thrasher
Join us for a round-table discussion of a new title in Young Adult literature! We'll be joined by readers, teachers, librarians, authors, and media critics as we converse about these books. Even if you haven't read one of our titles yet, you'll be able to listen to the first half of each episode spoiler-free. Although we read a wide variety of books, we especially love those with diverse casts of characters and those that tackle a range of issues. We always look at books for their valuable re...


By Abby / Anchor
Welcome to the Abby podcast, where amazing things happen.

Kelly's Podcast

By Kelly Kam / Anchor
I share my everyday life! Google+ :

MotoFoodzie Podcast

By Moto Foodzie
I am the MotoFoodzie and love food. I am food blogger and home cook. I talk about everything food here - from tv shows, magazines, blogs, to restaurants, other foodies and masters of the food world.

Goody Greets

By Dianna Renee / Anchor
Meet the people behind the products! Goody Crate Founder and co-Founder, Dianna Renée, talks with the creators of some of the most up and coming food and health products on the market.

BluPrnt Podcast

By BluPrnt Podcast
Conversations with creatives about their work and their process. The BluPrnt is a narrative journey that inspires listeners to create. Weekly uploads every Thursday!

Brandon Greenlee

By Brandon Greenlee / Anchor
Doing big thaings and lovey life


By Adam Endick and Shanon Lea
Guy vs. Girl Eating their way through battles on a Quest to find the Best! Let the Forking Begin!


By BushMama / Anchor
A space where I share my mind and spirit

Indoor Kite's Presents: Pitch, Please!

By Indoor Kites
A zany script, except when it's improvised, comedy show about three writers who act out prospective pitches for their tyranical boss.


By Kahlil / Anchor
Welcome to the Kahlil podcast, where amazing things happen.


By Velody / Anchor
Improv Expert making poems and songs from the headlines of our lives

Chemtrail Air

By Chemtrail Air
Chemtrail Air with your hosts Rafferty Thompson and Seth Johnston. Recorded under cloudy skies in Portland, Oregon, USA.

WordofMouth Radio/Pod

By Shak & Kev / Anchor
Chopping up everything from sports to politics to Music. We discuss and express our opinions on history and today’s society


By Steve Hayes / Anchor
I'm going to cover Masters of the Universe starting with original series. I'll also discuss other MOTU related items, history, etc

Crabill Creek Outdoors' podcast

By Crabill Creek Outdooors
A group of regular guys sharing their passion for the outdoors.

Ken Weingart Art Blog | Podcast

By Ken Weingart
Ken Weingart Art Blog | Podcast - Photography Music Cinema


By Hillary Rea
Rashomon is a podcast where one family tells every side of the same story. Hosted by Hillary Rea.


By Matt / Anchor

By Joshua South
Improve your voice every day with these 5 minute lessons.

Ears Wide Open

By The Open Book
Poet and comic Anna Livesey In conversation with writers and bookpeople. Brace yourselves, world.

Shalom Live Stories

By Rob Kaldor
Shalom Live Stories includes a diverse range of speakers, both young adults (20’s and 30’s) and Gen X (40+), who each have 7 minutes to tell a personal, true story around a given theme. Storytellers are a mix of professional and amateur speakers, from the spectrum of the Jewish community and beyond, who have in common the willingness to be vulnerable in telling their story – live and without notes, at an intimate bar in Sydney. Here are some highlights from our SOLD OUT events from 2017, with...

Behind The Marquee | Ann Arbor District Library

By Ann Arbor District Library
The Michigan Theater Foundation's round-table discussion podcast that takes you behind the scenes of an independent Art House Cinema. Featuring discussions on what's new and interesting playing outside the megaplex theater, film festival roundups, and the general love of movies that drives us.

Turn Over Thursday

"Chatting with your local bands and artists" Auckland, New Zealand

Chan Ka Yan

By Chan Ka Yan / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Audio Fan Fic

By Nendoroid Charms / Anchor
Turning your favorite fan fiction into an audio experience.

Authorpreneur FM - Writing and Self Publishing Advice

By Amelia Hay
Authorpreneur FM is a virtual writing and business coach for fiction writers, hosted by Amelia D. Hay. The podcast will teach you how to develop a story idea, create compelling characters and outline your novel. Learn how to write your first draft, revise your story, self-publish, establish your author platform, and reach readers in less than fifteen minutes a day. Every Second Sunday Amelia releases a Behind the Scenes Podcast Diary (BTS) where she shares an honest account of her journey to ...

Rise Up! The Baker Podcast with Mark Dyck

By Mark Dyck: Baker and lover of bakeries
The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they created and the people they serve. Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.

Support Your Local Musician

By Joe Munroe
Spotlighting the local music scene in Northern New York. Interviews with the artists and music.

Armchair Cage Fighter

By Xavier Ramirez, Pete Schlegel
Just a couple of Armchair Cage Fighters talking all things MMA and everything in between.

Storybook Heroes

By Michael Sanders
A group of misfits take control of a group of well intentioned ragabonds for an adventure through a fantastic world full of peril and poop jokes. Improvised humor derived through live play role-playing games is what you came here looking for, right?

Le Réconfort des Lettres

By Marina Cristalle
Redécouvrir le plaisir de la lecture, des grands textes, et des grands auteurs, via ma chaîne Youtube. Abonnez-vous pour recevoir mes prochaines lectures.

Booked -N- Blessed Podcast

By Ebony and Lyrik London
Listen every Thursday as Ebony & Lyrik explore the hottest videos, classes, and trends; maintaining mental and physical health; and interview the most talented and knowledgeable in the dance industry. Send inquiries and questions to: [email protected] #bookednblessed

Radio Rumi

Radio Rumi is hosted by Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz at the University of Maryland. Keshavarz is author of award winning books including Reading Mystical Lyric: the Case of Jalal al-Din Rumi (USC Press,1998), Recite in the Name of the Red Rose (USC Press, 2006) and a book of literary analysis and social commentary titled Jasmine and Stars: Reading more than Lolita in Tehran (UNC Press, 2007). She has also published other books and numerous journal articles. Keshavarz is a published poet in Persian a...

Wedding Film School Podcast

By Kraig Adams
The official podcast of Wedding Film School, the world's largest online community of wedding filmmakers. Learn and be inspired by the best wedding filmmaking pros.

An Herbal Diary: Culinary Herbalism | Medicine Recipes

By Dina Ranade: Herbalist and Registered Dietitian
Explore the art and science of kitchen herbalism. Each episode delves into the fascinating world of botanical medicine - how it can enhance our lives and support our well-being. Build your own personal kitchen apothecary, a medicine cabinet stocked with all that is good for your families, friends and yourself.

Don't Play That Song Again

By Geralmigra
After meeting at a swinger’s party, Geri and Michael took Mariella Frostrup’s keys and drove off into the night. En route to Budleigh Salterton they discussed the space-time continuum which neatly led onto Eurovision. Here a joint passion sparked as they belted out “Ooh aah just a little bit” and they’ve never looked back. Now they live in an ABBA themed commune on Wogan Island making podcasts and working out how to one day return Mariella’s Ford Fiesta.


By Allison Moon
Artgasm is a podcast all about the intersections of art, media, and sex. Episodes feature interviews with working artists, sexuality professionals, and cultural critics. We talk about representations of sexuality in media and artworks that move the needle around the way we discuss and perceive sex. Host Allison Moon is a sex educator and writer. She's the author of four books including Girl Sex 101 and Bad Dyke.


By Jocelyn Kelley, Megan Kelley Hall, Kelley & Hall Literary Publicity, Publishing, Books, Writers
A fun and informative talk about the book world, including the publishing industry, book publicity, book deals, author interviews, books to movies and TV, the writing process and all things that have to do with the written word.

Filmed in Foney Glasses

By Southern Blend Productions: Bella Cosper
Bella Cosper watches film & TV with blind characters or subjects, and gives a first hand POV if it's Cool or if it's Cruel.

Van Sessions

By The Banyan Collective: Arts & Adventure Podcasting from Ogden, Utah
LIVE acoustic sets in a van down by the railroad tracks. #VanSessions is a podcast recorded during Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll in association with Ogden City Arts. Produced by Ian White of Miniature Planets and The Banyan Collective, musicians perform four songs along with candid conversation about the music industry, craft, and the arts.

Fashion Happy Hour With Blair and Stephanie

By Blair Sylvester / Anchor
Welcome to Fashion Happy Hour, a biweekly conversation about fashion. We have a lot to say and a lot of jokes to crack. So let's lighten up and talk about fashion.


By Philip Brown / Anchor
Krumo and ptsd

Simmons Here And Now

By Alex Simmons / Anchor
Where we'll talk about books, comics, film, conventions, and other creative arts and pop culture topics.


By Matthes Zimmermann & Andreas Jorns
BUNT - ein Mitschnitt der Ateliergespräche von Matthes Zimmermann & Andreas Jorns

A History of Fashion

By Megan Swansen
take a weekly look into the lives of the artists throughout history who still influence fashion today.

Sundowners Podcast

By Sundowners Podcast
Welcome to the Sundowners Podcast, a happy hour podcast that explores cocktails and mixology. We have zero experience in the art of bartending, only a deep appreciation, if not passion, for stocked bars and the intimate conversation from which they stem. We’re currently working through The Essential Cocktail Book by Megan Krigbaum, so join us as we explore new drinks and new adventures.

R & J Project

By Logan Andreyko / Anchor
This R and J podcast is about the language, theme, tone, and figurative language from our production "Julia Dies"

Make It. A Talk Show from Adobe Creative Cloud

By Michelle Mahoney / Anchor
What does research have to do with design? Well, if you want your designs to be successful and functional, pretty much everything. Next, International Research Expert, Nancy Douyon, draws on her work with clients from Cisco, Google and now Uber, to chat with Paul and Brooke about how to create great design for every corner of the world.

Taiya Vanover

By Taiya / Anchor
This is my podcast!

Renew the Arts Podcast

By Renew the Arts
Liberate Christian Creativity

Be The Serpent

A podcast of extremely deep literary merit

TAZbula Rasa

By Reid Groskreutz & Evan Blotner
Some folks like to read their favorite books, or watch their favorite movies once a year. We're into that but with one small exception, we can't stop listening to "The Adventure Zone: Balance". Join Reid and Evan as they consume and discuss each arc of the original "The Adventure Zone" campaign, once a year... forever? Who knows! I guess it depends how long we can avoid the *text is present but you can't really make it out*. Please join our adventuring party and delve into Balance with us o...

Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show

By Rockin' Eddy
Welcome to the Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show, bringing you the widest selection of oldies anywhere on our planet Earth. We play the very first golden age of American Rock n' Roll, the vast majority of songs predating the Beatles. On the show, you'll hear all the charted hits from and beyond the Top 40. All the hits and misses from the genres of Soul, Motown, Country, Doo-Wop, Folk and Rock and Roll. !

Rare Breed Podcast

By Julie Ahearn
The Rare Breed Podcast is a short-form, video profile of individuals that inspire the rest of us with their example. We draw from education, the arts, business, science, religion, the military, government and all corners of life in search of these thought leaders. Then we illuminate what makes them tick. We look for their spark and inspiration. The Rare Breed Podcast is a production of True Idea Productions, based in Monterey Bay, CA.

Weaver Radio

By Joe Workman & Greg Barchard
Show about web design with RapidWeaver hosted by Joe Workman and Greg Barchard.

Open Up The Wall

By Geoff Bowes
I had no choice. I had to write it all down. When I was in my 40's I went from showering in the morning before work, to showering in the evening after work. That's because I started a construction company, and I usually came home dirty. And happy. And astonished. And moved. By the people that I hired as well as the people that hired me. For years I kept notes on the extraordinary characters and bizarre circumstances that I found myself in, as I moved in and out of people's lives. I turned all...

Design Banter

By Kristie and Deb
So you want to hear all about interior design but you need it with a little spoon of down to earth? Design Banter is your place to get comfy, tune into the interiors forecasts, trends, biz tips and 'oh no' moments you can't find elsewhere.

Blue Light From A Phone In The Dark

Sounds for the restless. Stories, plays, poems and songs by Alex Rushfirth and Rosalie Gardner Counelis

Brewdog News Podcast

By Robert Cooper
Your fortnightly update on all the latest news, views, thoughts and reviews from the world of Brewdog and craft beer. Hosted by Robert Cooper and Bruce Cameron with special guest Peter Brown.

Radio Crystal Blue

By Dan Herman / Anchor
Freeform radio with music and news of indie/touring songwriters and bands.

Open Canvas

By Axel / Anchor
Open Canvas

Contoured and Confident Podcast

By Kirsten Tyrrel
The Contoured and Confident podcast is a show dedicated to revolutionizing the beauty industry- by changing the stories we tell ourselves about beauty. The host, Kirsten Tyrrel, is on a mission to help every woman see her beauty and the things that make her unique when she looks into the mirror. Let's stop changing the way we look to fit in- and enhance who we are to stand out!

The Story

By The Mission
The Story tells the unknown backstories of people who changed the world. Each episode is a mini-historical biography, and includes life lessons and actionable insights from the most courageous and successful people in history. You’ll get to walk a mile in their shoes, and the person’s identity is a mystery until the climax. Subscribe to The Story today!