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Arts Podcasts

Your weekly romp through the baffling and ever changing business of being both an artist and entrepreneur in the world's most popular genre. With your hosts Eliza Peake and Adrienne Bell.
Join Atlanta's 2018 Civic Innovation Entrepreneur, public safety advocate, and law enforcement video subject matter expert Felicia Edwards of MindfulDuty.com as she explores 21st century policing and the thin blue line between love and hate. ...
Inspirational, devotional, talk shows, messages, new, interviews and articles.
Dwelling inside the awkward situations of the person, love life, and the workforce. Not forgetting the gems that are dropped inside.
Are you a lover of mysteries, a seeker of the unknown? If so, welcome to Hidden: a podcast that takes a closer look at the shadowed fringes of our society. Join us every other Wednesday as we pull back the curtain to discuss all things cults, cryp...
Ramblings of a Designer is a weekly podcast where we discuss the latest graphic design news from around the web. Ramblings of a Designer is hosted by Adan Zepeda (@adanzepeda) and Terri Rodriguez-Hong (@flaxenink).
General Director Matthew Shilvock's introduction to the 2018–19 Season at San Francisco Opera.
A weekly show featuring all the latest in craft beer, along with top celebrities. Hosted by Gary Monterosso, Tara Nurin and John Couchoud.
Welcome to the Messy Success Podcast where Elizabeth Henson is helping Creative Dreamers and Over Achievers tackle business and life. She's your business bestie here to help you with all your big ideas and normalizing struggles we all share as cre...
The world's best comedy and book podcast- where comedian best friends Ben Bryant and CJ Willard open a random book to page 69 and goof on it.
A Short Stories Podcast
Liminal Worlds explores emerging trends, movements, ideas, and events related to the arts, culture, and society. I'll be doing book and movie reviews, commentary, and interviewing people about their works and projects.
Welcome to the Friends At The Falls Podcast, hosted by the band as we continue on our musical journey. Together, we've been friends our whole lives and our hope with this show is to bring everyone into the action and to give a little more insight ...
Simply put, Van-Go is a podcast in a van. 2 friends turned their former touring van into a mobile podcast studio complete with a video and an audio component. Van-Go is a vehicle to spread goodwill and good conversation across these modern airwa...
With new guests every episode, Byond Life is an enigmatic exploration into the world we live in. Covering topics from Entertainment, Lifestyle, News, Politics and everything in-between.
DJ and writer Paul Hanford sets out on a journey across Berlin and meets with people whose lives and loves weave in and out of the rich tapestry of music that spans across this incredible city. Along the way, you'll meet former Syrian refugees be...
Official podcast of Autistic. Episodes every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. https://manylink.co/@kaylons
Matthew Yonemura discusses his journey as a filmmaker.


By Datrie Allman, W!ZARD Radio Station, W!ZARD Studios
Listen to the latest episode of Datrie's radio show by downloading the weekly full replay. Send your comments/suggestions to [email protected]
Life Lines The Books Podcast is brought to you by the Brooklyn Writers Project and is co-hosted by Marina Aris and Diane Fener. Every week they bring you interviews with published and emerging writers. They also talk to literary ambassadors who ar...

The Gentlemen's Brotherhood Podcast : Manners | Etiquette | Civility

By Juan Sepúlveda. Artist, Podcaster and Public Speaker. Juan Sepúlveda is a Husband, Father, Kentucky Colonel, and .:Master of The Royal Secret:.
The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast seeks to inspire the modern man to continuously pursue excellence in all areas of his life. To lead by example by living life as a true gentleman. You have probably noticed that our society seems to be losing it...
Podcast by Susie Potter and Justin Morey

Ugly Cry

By Christopher Morse & Clay Kroh
A new podcast where two nerdy film fans watch movies that make them cry, and talk about why.
First soundcloud account with audio files to test an RSS feed.
In this podcast, Tanner, Lacy and Sug Billings over analyze books, share their views on modern society and discuss life’s purpose. Each episode will cover a different selected reading, but there’s no telling where it goes from there.

Improv Overdrive

By Nathan and Brian and other improvisers dicking around together
Co-hosts Nathan and Brian invite their improviser friends to make up dumb comedy in a dimly-lit room. You're invited, too. Drops Tuesdays.
What is success? How do we measure it? Why do we value it? Who's asking you all these questions? Come find answers to these and other silly things with people who run the gambit from "Successful" to "David Andrew Laws".

Killing All Artists

By Killing All Artists w/ P. Casey Telesk
Podcast by Killing All Artists w/ P. Casey Telesk
An Audio/Video Podcast exploring the art of Timelapse Media
Modern Essays Read By Modern Artists
Talking about photography, modeling, building a brand how to make the most out of your social media as a creative.
Field Recording Podcast.
The Drawing Matter Collection, based in Somerset, England, comprises several thousand architectural drawings and models, ranging from the sixteenth century to the present day. The collection has been assembled over the last twenty-five years and f...
Armageddon- poem/song I wrote
Telling U Stories: revealing short stories by Scottish author Andrew Murray Scott to entertain and intrigue.
The best of Kumzuk
The adventures of marriage and drinking as told by a couple together since high school, married since college and madcaps since birth.
Life, death and love ,hate . Opposites always make us learn about us
Keep up to date with new release single issues and trades, revisit classic storylines from Marvel, DC, Image and around the comic book world, and join the debate as the EE panel tries to decide how we're spending our hard-earned dollars on comics....
Interviews, essays, obstacles, solutions, humor, art, parenting, creating, staging, advocating, and more. A podcast for parents and caregivers in the performing arts. Visit and like our Facebook page: Facebook.com/paalperformingarts 🔥
From her perspective
Sonderville; a community of circumstance. Housing a nearly insignificant population of one hundred and fifty residents, Sonderville is an enigmatic suburb cloistered deep within the Auberdine Forest, with nothing but a single-track rail system ten...
Gabe Pacheco and Sami Hamarneh dive deep into the world of cinema, reviewing movies from various genres and break down what was going down when these movies came down.
Castle Rock is shaping up to be a fascinating show combining some of Stephen King's greatest works in the town of Castle Rock. Join us weekly after every episode as we discuss our detailed thoughts on the show as well as how certain elements and c...
Recorded in South Philadelphia, Dino Petaccio and Michael Kasper give local artists a chance to discuss and promote their work in weekly installments. New episode every Tuesday!
Welcome to the Nathan Woods Music podcast. Mostly just simple stripped down recordings of my songs
Podcast by Sabrina L. Greene
This show is our regular outlet to connect with creatives and delve into what it is that “forged” their path creatively and in life. We’re here to share our successes, trials and tribulations, update our fanbase on projects and LEARN from other cr...
Comic Book Cage Match! is a weekly comic book review featuring a married couple who are new enthusiasts of the genre. Each week we offer our reviews on two books and we'll crown a Supreme Champion of the Multiverse! (That's a thing right?) Join ...
Each month EQ Worship will release a new podcast featuring worship leaders Brandon Bee and Zach Lamberson. The podcast is designed to equip worship leaders and team members with tools to lead their people into a more intimate encounter with God. ...
Each episode, a group of comedians -some experienced roleplayers, some first timers- will take on an original D&D adventure in front of a live audience. Notes: they are playing 5e, but a lot of rules will get fudged Recorded at Orange Studios ...
Portuguese Sonic Flavor to the Digital World. Tosta Mista with Alvaro Costa is the first Portuguese music discovery radio show to target the International marketplace. Broadcast twice a month, Tosta Mista highlights some of the best artists in Por...
Covering the local craft beer scene in Jacksonville FL.
This podcast is hosted by Esmee LO. In this podcast I try and change lives with every episode. I want to inspire and share my creativity, but also my fears and worries with you. So tune in for my stories about creativity, but also my life.
“Not applicable” is a weekly podcast that highlights the people that create diversity in the creative industries. This podcast is about the deeply personal stories by creatives from varied backgrounds, families, and life paths. From virtual realit...
A twice weekly podcast that discusses comic book story arks one issue at a time. Marvel, DC, Indie, or any other publisher, The boys at page turners will discuss it all.
The quirky lovechild of writers Helen Herimbi and Mercia Tucker, this podcast sees them waxing lyrical about all things South African hip hop
The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya is a collaborative fan project to recreate the world of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya with the characters’ genders switched.
Helping Instructional Designers improve their eLearning narrations.
Situated at the bend of the River Liffey to the west of Dublin city, Chapelizod has a long and varied history thousands of years in the making. For this reason, we have created CHAP, the Chapelizod Heritage Association Podcast - a free audio tour ...
A show where we learn how to make dreams a reality
We have just been finding that all those dimly lit, out-of-the-way places are much less empty than we recall leaving them. Let's make some room and help our old knick-knacks find good home. It's time to get - IN THE ATTICS!
Game Master Timothy Reese leads a group of funny people into a land of danger, deception, and extreme friendship in Dungeons & Dragons. Not everything is trying to hurt them.
Read.Review.Dance | Reviews for Dance Competitions, Conventions, Events and Dancewear
Author of Beyond the Wasteland

Beers in the Bleachers

By Tony Amador, Mike Keys, Nik Marsiglio, Braden Jones
Welcome to Beers in the Bleachers, a sports podcast for the average fan: weekly beer reviews, sports talk, and if you stick around, life chats.
An archive of stories from this reality and other realities like it.
On August 23, 2017, the Apocalypse officially began. The remarkable thing is that only four people could fully witness the mass earthquakes, the widespread pestilence, the world war, and the universal famine that the literature suggests, because t...
Hooks of Horror releases every two weeks, challenging aspiring creative people to work off the given prompt and complete a project within 14 days. Whether that’s a written piece, poetry or even a role playing adventure or campaign is up to the lis...
Around the Craft Table Podcast is about movies, making movies & other stuff. Around The Craft Table is where indie filmmakers and creatives discuss the indie film industry. Our podcast features indie movie reviews, in depth postmortem analy...
This podcast focuses on advanced hand- and foottechnique
Welcome to Basic Cable! Where we watch TV indiscriminately, and are desperate to talk about it. We'll cover MTV reality, HBO dramas, and pretty much anything in between. Get in tough with us @basiccablepod on Twitter and [email protected]
Want to WRITE BETTER STORIES FASTER? Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, and David Wright are bestselling authors who produce over 2 million words of reader-pleasing fiction each year at their publishing company and story studio Sterling & Stone. In...
Lessons, games, and discussions for learning about and exploring the most fundamental concepts, skills, and elements that make up the inner mechanics of all types of music. It's sort of like an elementary school music class for grown-ups!
In the Self-Publish Strong podcast, USA Today bestselling author Andrea Pearson and her husband Nolan discuss popular (and some not-so-popular) movies, dissecting what they did right and wrong and how it can be applied to writing. They also share ...

The Prose and Poesy Podcast

By Ernesto Mora : Poet, Author and Voice Talent
ThePOEMHOME Prose and Poesy Podcast, hosted by Ernesto Mora features his readings of dark poetry, poem inspirations, deep poetry discussion sessions and promoting releases of his poetry ebooks.
Welcome to Running Through My Mind. Think of this as of my personnal journal documenting different ideas and information from current news and other sources that have retained my attention or solicited an inner monologue, and desire to know more, ...
You are witnessing the coldest and realest podcast in Buffalo! Tune into the show for social commentary on a broad range of topics ranging from relationships and music to local news and personal stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry, think and questi...
Oscillation is a show featuring conversations with people I find interesting in a minimally edited format.
Here we learn how wear our feelings as art, confidently. A journey of fashion and personal style.
Did you know that Bananas come in more than 10 colours? This podcast discovers why...?
Conscious Life Space's Conversations podcast invites guests to discuss various topics of interest in order to fulfill Conscious Life Space's mission. CLS is dedicated to helping its listeners and readers to live in greater harmony with their surr...
Real advice, real tough love from a full-time content creator that wants to take you beyond the strategy and training. If you want to succeed on YouTube, let's change your mindset.
Comedian Molly Socha invites her funny friends and comedy counterparts to cook a meal with her in her very small, Manhattan kitchen. They cook; they joke; they laugh; they drink; they celebrate life.
We them bois

Pop of the Culture

By Matt Morris, Natalie Morris, Evan Morris, Bennett Morris
The Morris family (Matt, Natalie, Evan, and Bennett) is ready to share their insights and interests in and around the world of movies, music, art, animation, literature, and probably a little bit of meme culture. We're likely to also reveal more a...
“Space, the final frontier.” That is, until we met other life forms. Now Earth has chosen one hero to go into space to meet at the intergalactic united meetings to represent all of our planet. However, taking along an old time friend to be launche...
A weekly Podcast that will not only review a feature film but discuss other aspects of the filmmaking world. Hosts & best friends; Matt Vietri & Arvil Prewitt have been working in the Feature Film & Television world for over 40 years c...
Floyd 1:18 takes on weekly current events centered around Music, Politics, and Culture. Week to week the show will feature guest hosts from several various fields in arts and entertainment as well as weekly guest to offer their unique point of vie...
Welcome to Scene One! The Podcast were two aspiring filmmakers take writing prompts and turn them into movie treatments!


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