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The Diarist Podcast

By Donna Barrow-Green
The Diarist is a serialized audio fiction podcast. In 15 episodes The Diarist immerses listeners into the 1950s world of Madison Avenue Advertising and leads them through the bizarre and often frightening inner worlds of the characters.   After completing Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Andrea Davies takes a position at a large New York Advertising firm, admittedly there to find a husband and secure a life as a well-to-do, country club socialite.Andrea becomes increasingly drawn into her ...

The Rose Hill Diaries

By James Weippert
The Rose Hill Diaries is a radio-drama style show following our narrator, Zedediah Stone, as he investigates the mysterious inner workings of the now-shuttered Rose Hill Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Zed thinks he knows what he's getting himself into, but not everything on the grounds of Rose Hill is what it seems...

黑质三部曲 魔法神刀【英文】

By 耗子英语故事陪读
留英博士纯正英语带您一起共读英语经典原版小说~ 耗子精心选的英语小说难度适中,适合正在学习英语的中小学生、大学生或想提高听力的任何人,虽然故事是儿童读物,但情节幽默有趣,适合所有年龄阶段,非常适合磨耳朵。 读故事纯属个人爱好,虽然有官方版本,但喜欢您能喜欢这个“平民版”,有任何疑问都欢迎留言交流 若想看更多英语读物推荐,详情请见微信公众号:抱着喵的耗子 如果你喜欢哈利波特,如果你喜欢指环王,那么,这是一套站在他们俩中间不可不读的第三个系列!这个系列没有哈利波特那么长,是个三部曲。如果你喜欢奇幻类的小说,或许能猜到:英国作家Phillip Pullman的 His Dark Materials,三部曲分别为: Northern Lights (1995年出版); The Subtle Knife (1997年出版); The Amber Spyglass (2000年出版)。

Good Morning Night Vale

By Night Vale Presents
Good Morning Night Vale is the official Welcome to Night Vale recap show, hosted by cast members Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, and Hal Lublin. Each week, our hosts do a deep dive into one episode of Welcome to Night Vale, starting with the very first episode from 2012. Episodes feature interviews with the cast and creators, revealing origin stories, behind-the-scenes trivia, and more never-before-heard information. Listeners are invited to share their thoughts, comments, and questio...

The Photogenic Podcast

By Bonnie RzM
Tips and tricks on how to look and feel amazing in front of the camera

책 소개 팟 북티셰

By 북티셰
북티셰는 책으로 빵을 굽고 행간에 일기를 쓰는 남자입니다. 책 소개글과 책의 일부를 읽습니다. 매일 책 여러 권을 시간에 맞춰 소개합니다. 긴 이야기보다 짧은 책읽기로 마음의 위안을 받고 지식을 얻을 수 있는 책 방송입니다. 에세이, 소설, 인문, 자기계발... 장르에 상관없이 당신을 위한 책을 준비하겠습니다. 그럼 글로 연극배우의 목소리로 책을 만날 수 있습니다. 한 시간에 한 권, 24시간 책 방송을 올리는 날이 올 때까지 쉬지 않겠습니다.


By 秋城之声

The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show

By Keith Blakemore-Noble
The Confidence Alchemist™ Radio Show is brought to you by the bow-tie wearing radio host, hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence Alchemist, phobia expert, and global speaker himself, Keith Blakemore-Noble. Always with the same aim – to Transform your Deepest Fears into your Greatest Strengths – some episodes will feature Keith discussing confidence-related topics with a variety of global guests, whilst in other episodes Keith will share useful information and helpful tips....

Bibliothèques anonymes

By Phangere
Petite ou grande, garnie ou accueillante, discrète ou imposante, une bibliothèque n'est pas qu'un amas de livres ; c'est aussi une trace de ce qu'on a été, de ce qu'on est aujourd'hui, de ce qu'on aimé, détesté, des personnes cotoyées, des souvenirs de goûts et dégoûts. Une bibliothèque, c'est aussi une histoire de fantômes : certains livres qui manquent à l'appel, perdu pour toujours ; d'autres inextricablement liés à sa famille, à ses amis, à ses amours. Des livres atteris ici par hasard, e...

Popcorn Addicts

By Kyle Schumann
Three best friends for 20 years, discuss movies and boil them down to find out what is good, what is bad and what is the truth.


By Teyuna Trynea Darris
A podcast featuring literature from the present and the past.


By Studio17TV
CRDROY RADIO a platform for Orlando creatives to link up and discuss about what goes on in the city and all mediums.

Le Trio de la culture

By CFAK 88,3 FM Radio universitaire
Chaque semaine, nos trois animatrices vont présenter/critiquer un livre, un film et un CD de musique.

The Cryptonaut Podcast

By The Cryptonaut Podcast. Bizarre tales from Cryptozoology, Ghosts, Monsters, The Occult, Paranormal Phenomenon, UFOs, Aliens and more!
Welcome to the Cryptonaut Podcast hosted by Marc Storrs, Chris Carnicelli and Rob Morphy. Exploring everything from Aliens, Cryptozoology, Cryptids, Ghosts, Monsters, The Occult, Paranormal Phenomenon, UFOs, Ufology and Unsolved Mysteries .... all while keeping a close eye on our reptilian overlords that dwell in the flat, hallow, robot infested Earth. This is the Cryptonaut Podcast.

A Decade With Mars

By [email protected] (Ella Good & Nicki Kent)
Artists Ella Good & Nicki Kent discuss the first year of their ten year project, about time, space and communities: A Decade With Mars.

קצת מהכל

By עמרי לחמן
פודקאסט על יצירה, תחביבים ועל איך לעזאזל מתמודדים…

The IoClothes Podcast : Fusing Tech & Textiles ™

By : Hosted by Ben S. Cooper
Released weekly on Mondays, the IoClothes Podcast is hosted by Ben S. Cooper. It features interviews with the thought-leaders and innovators across the smart apparel, footwear and textile industries. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes or however you listen to your podcasts.

RumbleFic: The Realtime Fiction Podcast

By RumbleFic
Get your boners ready, fiction fans: every week Lach and Tito build a story from (almost) scratch in 20 minutes or less. For these guys, fiction's a full-contact sport.

COFFEE CUP studios

By Cup - la Copy / Anchor
An entertainment Prodcast

Audio Art Life

By Benjamin Heffernan / Anchor
Visual fine art

Listen To The Dark

By David Blackwell
A podcast for dark, creepy, strange tales. Each episode, I read a classic short story of the weird and terrible, or present an original story. Then I mix in sound effects and original music for your enjoyment.

Speakerthoughts Audio W/ Kilam Tel Aviv

By Kilam T.A. / Anchor
Poems written and read by Kilam Tel Aviv

Patrick Stepanek’s Thoughts

By Patrick Stepanek / Anchor
Finance student learning about the planet, world of business & music industry.

Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature

By Jordan West
Various Letters Of A Rhetorical Nature

Truffle Podcast

By Truffle Podcast

30 Minutes

By Amanda Shauger
30 Minutes is a Tucson-based public affairs radio program featuring local, national and international guests and issues produced at 91.3 KXCI Community Radio. Since 2005, Producer/Host Amanda Shauger and other station contributors conduct interviews and record panel discussions on the arts, literature, social justice, on both timely and timeless topics.

Heavy with Hannah Jones

By WalesOnline
Journalist Hannah Jones has been overweight her entire life and has just had weight loss surgery. Her new podcast is a place for big and thin friends to tell their stories of incredible weight loss or how they found their happy, whatever size they may be. Brought to you by WalesOnline.

So Here's What Happened

By LaNeysha C. & Carolyn H.
A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things!Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don't hold back and get into it all.Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and rev...

Feministische Avantgarde Artist Talk

By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Sa, 18.11.2017 – So, 08.04.2018 ZKM_Lichthof 1+2   Das ZKM zeigt mit über 400 Kunstwerken aus der SAMMLUNG VERBUND in Wien, wie Künstlerinnen in den 1970er-Jahren zum ersten Mal ein eigenes Bild der Frau kollektiv neu kreierten. Zuletzt, im Frühjahr 2015, hat das ZKM im Rahmen des Karlsruher Festivals »Frauenperspektiven« das virtuelle Ausstellungsprogramm »Frauen Video Arbeiten« aus der ZKM-Videosammlung plus Leihgaben präsentiert. Die wichtige künstlerische Bewegung »Feministische Avantgard...

Vinnie Maichez Talk

By Vincent Gituto / Anchor
Life is a gift, and it offers each of us the privilege, the opportunity and the responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

Mr_Focus Chikamso

By Mr_Focus Chikamso / Anchor
My writings and poems

Dance Talk NYC

By 21kGaming / Anchor
Welcome to Dance Talk NYC!! This is a podcast to speak and guve information on New York hip-hop and urban dance culture. From events,battles,programs and more. I will be focusing heavily on what we do here in NY. Join me!

Pitched Industries Podcast

By Nick White
Pitched Industries Podcast aims to educate and inspire aspiring creatives through having insightful discussions with some of todays most influential creatives. We ask deep-seated questions about their lives, what they have learnt and their journey to get to where they are today.

Inside Out Group

By Michael Moore
Inside Out Group podcast is where we will be talking about church and leadership issues that arise in your local organization.

Toon Crunch

By Micah & Jon Risinger
Join two brothers as they muse on their favorite childhood cartoons and the tasty cereals they ate along the way.

Castle Rock Zone Podcast

By Golden Spiral Media
A fan podcast dedicated to the Hulu series, Castle Rock

Our Voices Our Lives' podcast

By wfjrFILMS, High Impact Multimedia
"Our Voices Our Lives." is a bi-weekly video podcast which features artists and entrepreneurs of color discussing a variety of topics ranging from their craft, the influence of community on their work to more personal matters such as the story of their first kiss.

Shalisa Marie

By Shalisa Marie / Anchor
Welcome to HMBLE Prod podcast, where we talk about anything and everything!

Amaan Malick

By Amaan Malick / Anchor
Welcome to the Amaan Malick podcast, where amazing things happen.


By OnlyJustLucy
'OnlyJustConversations' is a podcast hosted by Lucy (onlyjustlucy) which features incredible individuals, who are crushing life, creating content and using the internet to their advantage. These people have amazing stories to share.

Jammin' with Jayme

By Jayme Antonio Sejean / Anchor
THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT Human #B0085DD, known as Jayme, has escaped the Work Walls. He has found a sound wave recorder and is using it to express his opinions, feelings and regurgitate filthy thoughts and ideas. We must stop this madness at once before he influences the rest of the species. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS BABBLE AVOID THE JAM AT ALL COSTS you've been warned

Songs from the kitchen

By Andy Comley
Soulful, intimate listening, wherever you are

Sweet 16 presented by Loud And Quiet

By Loud And Quiet
Sweet 16 is a live podcast series from Loud And Quiet magazine. Recorded in front of a live audience, each episode features a different artists recalling that crucial year that we all endure, and sharing three songs that they couldn't live without back then.

OMONDI Presents: The Cutting Room Floor

A fashion podcast hosted by designer Recho Omondi discussing current events and interviews with industry insiders.

Quarter Life Crisis- I'm Not Psycho, Okay? Podcast

By Jenn Lee
"Quarter Life Crisis- I'm Not Psycho, Okay?" is a podcast created by Jennifer Lee, a millennial going through a quarter-life-crisis. Jenn spent almost three years living and working in NYC after graduating from college. During her time in NYC, she discovered a new passion, which would mean she would have to attend grad school to learn more. She is currently a second-year student at The New School/Parsons studying Media Management. However, she was forced to move back home with her parents due...

Chandana S

By Chandana S / Anchor
Hello everyone! I make podcasts in malayalam. You can discuss different topics ,questions and everything with me. We will have small game sections too. Hope you all enjoy

Viewing Angles

By Dan Leo & Robert Mecchi
The Only Movie Podcast


By Forsyth County Public Library
The official Forsyth County Public Library podcast for news, upcoming programs, and recommendations.

Hablemos de eso

By Chris Rosas / Anchor
Hola amigos quiero dedicar este podcast para hablar de cualquier tema, sobre carros,Android , San Diego California,la vida cotidiana. En fin cualquier tema del cual quieran hablar.

Lovely Neeksh kp

By Lovely Neeksh kp / Anchor

Chelsea Pottenger's Podcast

By Chelsea Pottenger
We work so hard, to earn money, so we can afford to do more of the things we love. Sometimes the price is just too high, to our health and to our relationships. Learn how to disarm stress, live more in the moment, recalibrate your brain and how to recharge your life. Do you have 10 minutes per day to increase your capacity for happiness? Join Chelsea Pottenger, an ex-corporate high flyer, and athlete who transformed her life after a severe adversity. Since her life re-boot, Chelsea is n...


By Podcast Aragón
Poesía, literatura, entrevistas, prosa, rapsodas, música ... de la mano de Luna Yop

Avinash Yadav

Welcome to the Avinash Yadav podcast, where amazing things happen.


By JKM / Anchor
- Art - Film - Books - Poetry - Writing - Quotes - Gaming - Philosophy - The human experience -

Okanagan Renaissance Man

By Jordan Blaskovits / Anchor
Interesting people doing interesting things in the beautiful Okanagan Valley

Aya Gray

By Aya Gray / Anchor
Welcome to the Aya Gray podcast, where amazing things happen.

Sigi's Podcast

Add a description here.

Scuzzy Lunchbox

By Spencer Wehnau / Anchor
Two guys, taking a car ride on the lunch break and talking about whatever.

Confessions of the Idiots

By Sam Petersen
Everyone wants to confess but not everybody wants to hear it. Each week Sam Petersen finds the best/strangest online confessions to read to great guests.

What Would Rachael Do?

By Rachael Anne / Anchor
Welcome to the What Would Rachael Do? podcast, where magical things happen! I will share and reflect and express my experiences as a human, a woman, a lesbian, a Jew, a dance therapist, and as a preschool teacher. Come along for a ride and learn with me!

An imperfect union

By Frank / Anchor
A Parents perspective:School Shootings

With a Side of Knowledge

By University of Notre Dame
A college campus is a destination for all kinds of interesting people, representing all kinds of research specialties and fields of expertise. With a Side of Knowledge, which is produced at the University of Notre Dame, invites some of these folks out to brunch—yes, we said brunch—for an informal, 30-minute conversation about their work. Some guests are members of the Notre Dame faculty, but many are visitors from elsewhere who have come to our campus to do anything from give a lecture or per...

Songs & Stories From Home: Audio

By Mark Pearson
As someone who has faith in the power of stories and songs – who believes in the might, magic, and mystery of loving and being loved – and who trusts that together songs sung, stories told, and love shared can lead us home – I’d like to welcome you to “Songs and Stories from Home.”

Creators Revival

By Kendol Mason / Anchor
Where we talk about all things Peak Performance, Imagination, Creativity, Marketing, Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media, Branding, Psychology, and Digital Strategy for Creative Professionals. This Podcast is brought to you by Kendol Mason, Creative Director and founder of Giftbox Creative in Atlanta Georgia.

Beat On The Street

By EDGE Podcast Network
Have you ever wondered what stars were like before they were stars? Hosts DJ Shawna and Jojo talk to up and coming musicians about their hustles, struggles, and triumphs in the music industry. DJ Shawna is a very successful DJ who has worked with the NBA, NCAA and Pridefest just to name a few. With 25 years of Program and Music Directing under her belt, Jojo has the pulse of the music scene down to a science.

Alberto y Raquel

By Alberto y Raquel / Anchor
Escritura, libros, descubrimientos. Y gatos (si ellos quieren). En español, por Alberto Chimal y Raquel Castro, escritores mexicanos. Contiene versiones en audio de videos transmitidos en vivo y algunos episodios especiales.

Songs & Stories From Home: Video

By Mark Pearson
As someone who has faith in the power of stories and songs – who believes in the might, magic, and mystery of loving and being loved – and who trusts that together songs sung, stories told, and love shared can lead us home – I’d like to welcome you to “Songs and Stories from Home.”


By 娓娓老师@语文社区
有趣的娓娓讲故事,走心的语文教育! 娓娓讲故事(中国神话故事、民间传说)——有趣的成长故事,走心的语文教育: 中国神话是我国上古时期的传统神话,不依托于任何宗教,反映了早期华夏儿女淳朴的思想以及古代人们对自然现象及社会生活的原始幻想,并通过超自然的形象和幻想的形式来表现的故事和传说,是“通过人民的幻想用一种不自觉的艺术方式加工的自然和社会形式本身”。 神话通过以神为主人公,它们包括各种自然神和神化了的英雄人物。神话的情节一般表现为变化、神力。神话的意义通常显示为对某种自然和社会现象的解释;有的表达了先民征服自然、变革社会的愿望。 【娓娓老师:小语资深教师、教学能手......; 全国现场课例比赛特等奖获得者; 省教学观摩活动特等奖获得者; 市大型活动及庆典晚会主持人......】 这是以亲子伴读为主题的免费学习社区! 拥有“娓娓学语文”“娓娓讲故事”“娓娓读拼音”三大名牌栏目! 除了跟名师学课文,还可以听故事、猜谜语、对对联、学成语...... 【在历史和文化故事中轻轻松松学语文】 2岁开始就可以听睡前亲子故事啦^_^ ——娓娓学语文开始啦!语文从未如此有趣!

The Fermented Beverage Podcast

By Hosted by Greg Hough - Beer, wine, and spirits interviews
The Fermented Beverage Podcast is a 5-day a week podcast that interviews the people and businesses that keep your bar stocked with beer, wine, and spirits.

El ruiseñor y la rosa

Oscar Wilde (Dublín, 1854 – París, 1900). Escritor y dramaturgo. Se distinguió por poseer un sentido del humor mordaz y crítico que gustaba de exponer los excesos de la sociedad victoriana. Escribió cuentos, novelas y teatro y entre sus títulos más reconocidos se pueden nombrar El príncipe feliz, El retrato de Dorian Gray, La importancia de llamarse Ernesto y Salomé. En 1895 fue condenado a dos años de prisión debido a que se le acusó de “indecente”. Una vez en libertad, se mudó a Francia,...

SNAP - Architettura Imperfetta

By Runtime Radio
Confessioni di un architetto informaticamente pericoloso. Diario di un freelance del settore della progettazione edile che cerca di raccontare le esperienze, le avventure, le delusioni della propria vita professionale. Senza alcuna pretesa di insegnamento, con un occhio di riguardo per gli strumenti informatici usati in ambito Apple, cerco di fermare i pensieri in questo podcast divulgativo per un confronto tra amici e colleghi.

T&C Talks

By Town & Country
T&C Talks features interviews, insights, and stories surrounding our core values including travel, jewelry, the Royals, philanthropy, scandal and culture.


By Anita and Lamont: Story tellers and podcaster
When someone wears a t-shirt, they are wearing it because it says something that means something to them. Each week Anita and Lamont will tell a story about a cool landmark, a particular hobby, job or other slice of life. With each story we will have an artist illustrate from the story that will be available on a t-shirt. We will periodically also have listener stories. We all have a story, what's yours?


By Michael Ebert-Hanke
Gespräche über Sprache & Text

Paiks Virtual Archive

By ZKM | Karlsruhe
Fri, 15.09.2017 ZKM_Lecture Hall Dr Hanna Hölling, lecturer in the History of Art and Material Studies at the University College London, will present her book »Paik's Virtual Archive« at ZKM on September 15, 2017.  In »Paik’s Virtual Archive, Hölling contemplates the identity of multimedia artworks by reconsidering the role of conservation in our understanding of what the artwork is and how it functions within and beyond a specific historical moment. In Hölling’s discussion of works by Nam J...

ISACS17 – Resonant Worlds: Sound, Art & Science

By ZKM|Karlsruhe
ISACS17 – Resonant Worlds: Sound, Art & Science Thu, 28.09.2017 – Sat, 30.09.2017 Cube, Lecture Hall, Media Lounge Under the chairmanship of Morten Søndergaard and Peter Weibel the conference »ISACS17: Resonant Worlds – Curating Sound, Art & Science« takes place at the ZKM from 28–30 September, 2017. The conference addresses and debates the resonant worlds of sound, art, science and curation. ISACS17 (re)investigates the intersections of sound, art and science from the perspective...

Inn Between

A fantasy-adventure between adventures, wherein five heroes encounter monsters, magic, fighting, and friendship in the conveniently located Goblin’s Head Inn.

Christmas in the City of Butchers

By David Butcher / Anchor
This Prohibition era southern Appalachian giallo, told by cricket journalist and eyewitness Benji Ogden, reveals a mammoth conspiracy of horror and intrigue. Hired by rivals to follow a bootlegging chemist, Benji unwittingly bumbles into a hypnotic empire, arriving in a phantom mining town, where it's always winter and alchemical experiments have faded the realms between reality and madness.

Just Tryna Keep The Lights On

Just Tryna Keep The Lights On is a Podcast about Music, Life and Industry... We are based in Colorado so we will feature not only main stream artists passing through but local up and coming acts as well as features on the industry changes here as a whole.

Writers for Freedom

By ZKM|Karlsruhe
Writers for Freedom The Global Fight for Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and is considered to be one of the most important indicators of democratic rule. Nevertheless, around 800 authors, journalists, editors and publishers worldwide are currently in fear of reprisals from exerting their right to free speech – they are being persecuted, threatened, placed under house arrest, imprisoned, tortured and even murdered. To make a definite stand against rogue regimes sil...


By David Adler
The living memoir of author Warren Adler. As novelist with 50 works and major movies including War of The Roses, Adler has a memory that takes him back to age 3.

Decorating Pages

By Kim Wannop
Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.

Fully & Completely

By Greg LeGros and Jamie Dew
Exploring the trajectory of one of Canada's greatest bands, The Tragically Hip, album by enigmatic album.

Granted Radio

By Granted Records
Discover new artists and new music with Granted Radio. Recorded at Granted Records studios featuring signed and unsigned artists.

2Girls1Gram Sessions

By 2Girls1Gram
Podcast by 2Girls1Gram


By Dominic Campbell / Anchor
News and entertainment

Vernascht & Verrissen

Der schonungslos ehrliche Kulinarik-Podcast mit Amelie Heinz und David Seitz

All Over SWFL

By Kevin Robbins
Join Kevin Robbins, Mortgage Planner at Cardinal Financial Company, LP as he enjoys "The Good Life" All Over SWFL including local eats, bars, live music and events plus he brings you some of the amazing people that make SW Florida what it is!


By giles dearl / Anchor
Random fun stuff

Underground Writing

By Matt Malyon
Underground Writing was founded in 2015. We conducted our first creative writing workshop on July 8, 2015 with four students in Skagit County Juvenile Detention. We are a literature-based creative writing program serving migrant, incarcerated, recovery, and other at-risk communities in Northern Washington through literary engagement and personal restoration. We facilitate generative encounters with literature spanning the tradition—from ancient texts to those written in our workshops. Ho...

Rds Ekanta Deep

By Rds Ekanta Deep / Anchor
Welcome to the Rds Ekanta Deep podcast, where amazing things happen.

Moretti Tv

By Moretti Tv / Anchor
Welcome to the Moretti Tv podcast, where amazing things happen.

Sivan Miller Fashion Photographer

By Sivan Miller Fashion Photographer / Anchor
Welcome to the international award winning 28 year old Fashion Photographers podcast who got found at the young age of 16 years old. I will be chatting about the fashion photography industry and my day to day life. The ups and the downs we all experience.


By Kristique / Anchor
Basically speak about things that happens in everyday life

Adulting from A Non Early Riser

By Lola / Anchor
Adulting. I'm an artist/entrepreneur, mother, wife and can't tell you a thing about this adult thing. I want to cover topics on balancing building this artistic practice and said adulting practices. Sex ( hard to have with kids lurking), relationships( hard to have the older I get), music (90s head through and THRU), pop culture, art, and the luxury of sleep will be covered.

Positive Bee

By India Anding / Anchor
Genuine little bee from Memphis,TN 💛 that buzzes around talking about various ways people can find their inner happiness , their true selfs and deliver some positive honey on these flowers that tend to slump .